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Title: Where The Road Leads
Category: All, Au, No Aliens-all humans
Summary: Liz, Maria, Tess, and Isabel are Best Friends,. They take a roadtrip, but shortly after they leave, they come across some unexpected companions. Liz and Michael are brother and sister, as are Isabel and Max.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story. The characters are not mine, and never will be. I am not that lucky.

"SHH!!" Liz said, giggling uncontrollably. "If we wake them up, then that's it!"

"Okay, quiet it is," Maria said. She turned around to the two girls following her down the stairs that led into the living room of the Parker condominium. She put her finger to her mouth and mocked Liz. "Shhh!!" she said.

Tess and Isabel looked at Maria and covered their mouths to keep from breaking out into laughter. The girls barely made it down the stairs, through the living room, and into the kitchen before they bursted into another fit of laughter. Liz shut the kitchen door, and the girls started checking their bags in between giggles.

"Snack Bag?" Maria asked. That was Maria. Always worried about the food.

"Check," ansered Tess. "Complete with Cheetos, Hershey's Bars, Twinkies, Carrot Sticks, and M & M's."

"First Aid Kit?" Liz asked. That was Liz, always the practical one.

"In my backpack," Isabel answered. "Although I am seriously hoping we will never need it."

"Yeah, well, when it's Maria's turn to drive, it will surely come in handy. Let's not forget what happened to the Jetta," Liz said.

"Hey! That was not my fault," Maria said in self defense. "And I am a very good driver, for your information."

"Yeah, when my brother isn't standing across the street providing the perfect distraction," Liz replied.

Maria blushed. Her crush on Michael Guerin Parker was a well known fact, and had been for the last two years. Michael had been adopted by the Parkers when he was five years old, and Maria had fallen in love with him the first time she ever saw him. That had been years ago, but her crush had not become public knowledge until a game of Truth or Dare at a party two years ago. Since then, she had been teased mercilessly about it.

"Your brother," Maria replied, "is an oaf."

"Her brother," Isabel piped in, "is and oaf who doesn't know a good thing when he sees one."

Maria smiled. "Thanks, Iz"

"No Prob," she replied.

The girls went about checking bags, and securing last minute items they would need for their trip. It had only been 2 days since Graduation, but the girls wanted to spend their whole summer together before college. They were all going to the same college, but wanted to travel before they headed out into what they considered the beginning of their adulthood. The four had been best friends since they were toddlers. Their parents were friends also, but no bond had come even close to the one the girls shared. Except maybe the one shared between the boys in their lives. Michael, and Isabel's brother, Max Evans, hung out with Maria's cousin , Alex Whitman, and their other best friend, Kyle Valenti.

The girls' and boys' paths crossed often, but the two groups tried to steer clear of the boys. Since all of their parents had been friends since high school, it was almost impossible to stay away from each other. But whenever they did get together, it was almost like a warzone. The boys and girls were constantly arguing over something, or hurling insults and sexist comments at each other. The boys found it amusing, and the girls found it annoying. Deep down, they all really were friends, but if you were on the outside looking in, you would never have noticed.

That is why the girls had left the boys out of their plans. They knew that the boys would never have let the girls go off by themselves. They would have found some off the wall excuse to take a trip of their own- in the same direction as the girls, of course. They also knew their parents would never agree, so the girls decided to leave early in the morning, putting a note on the kitchen counter. With a final run through of a packing list, the girls each signed the letter, and headed out the front door.

"I've got shotgun first!" Maria said.

"Here, Maria," Tess said handing her a black book full of CD's. "No roadtrip is complete without traveling music."

"All right girls!! Here We Go!!" Isabel shouted.

They all climbed into Liz's Blue Mustang convertible she had gotten for graduation, and headed out into the world, on the trip of a life time.

Two hours later when the Parkers woke up, they found a note, read it, and immediately made phone calls to three more sets of parents.

Dear Moms and Dads,

Don't be worried when you can't find us. We are okay. We just decided that we needed this summer together. We needed to get out and see the world before we settle back into school. Sorry we couldn't tell you, but we knew you would have never let us leave. We are going to drive to California. Don't be go off the deep end . We have been saving for this trip since the beginning of Sophomore year. We have plenty of money, and everything we are going to need. And don't get the boys into trouble. They didn't know. We made sure not to tell them. We know they would have ended up tagging along, and this is our trip. Our last summer as teenagers. We want to make it count. It is going to be something we will remember for the rest of our lives. We will call you to let you know we are okay. Please don't be mad. We have the whole thing planned out, and if we need help, we will call. We love you all.

Your daughters,
Liz Parker
Tess Harding
Isabel Evans
Maria Deluca

Okay guys, got this idea. Had to write it down before I lost it. If you want me to continue, I will. Just let me know.

PS I love to read Feedback!! (hint,hint!)*big*

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"Okay, we need some music," Liz said, ten minutes into the trip.

"Maria Deluca, DJ extraordinaire, at your service, mam," Maria said, opening the black book of CD's.

"Tess, these are mine! How did you get these?! " Maria exclaimed.

"I know," Tess said, " I took the liberty of taking the best CD's from all of our collections to make the ultimate collection. But don't get your panties in a wad. I put our names on them so we would know whose was whose."

Maria flipped through the book. It had been made to hold 60 cd's and their booklets, but Tess had left out the booklets, and put cd's in both sides. That made 120 cd's. She did notice that there were some good cd's in it, and she couldn't help but smile. Everything was there. From Marvin Gaye to Bryan Adams to Garth Brooks to Britney Spears.

"Well, I guess it's okay. At least you did pick the good ones. So, what shall it be ladies?" Maria asked.

"Something loud," Tess said.

"Something fast," Isabel said.

"Something we can sing with," piped in Liz.

"Right," Maria said, flipping through the pages. "All righty, girls. Your requests are my command," she said pushing a CD into the player.

In a few seconds, the radio was turned up, and the girls were happily singing along.

This ain't a song for the broken hearted

Tess was in the back seat, playing air guitar, and Isabel had the drums. Maria had both arms in the air, dancing like a crazy woman. Liz was driving, hear head bobbing with the music, a smile planted on her lips. When the chorus came on, all four girls sang at the top of their lungs.

It's my life, It's now or never,
I ain't gonna live forever,
I just wanna live while I'm alive.

"Wooohoooo!" Maria hollered. "California, here we come!" The girls had been in North Carolina all their lives, and were more than excited to be getting out.

The girls had made it about halfway through the CD when Isabel hollered over the music.

"Uh, Liz, what is the speed limit here?"

"55, I think, why?"

"Because," Isabel answered. "There's a cop behind us. You're being pulled."

Liz glanced at her speedometer. 61. ‘Great' she thought. Not even out of the county yet, and already being pulled. She slowed the car down, and pulled off onto the shoulder. Maria turned down the radio, as the car coasted to a stop.

Liz looked to her left as the officer approached her car.

"Morning, ladies," he said, tipping his hat.

A chorus of ‘Good Morning, Officer' came from the car's occupants.

"M'am," he said, looking at Liz, or at least that's what it looked like. All she could see was her reflection in his sunglasses. "Were you aware that the speed limit here is 55?"

"Yes sir, I am," Liz replied nervously. "I just didn't realize I was going as fast as I was."

"Can I see your license and registration, please," he said.

"Of course," Liz replied. She reached into her purse to get her license while Maria opened the glove box. Liz handed both items to the officer.

"Hmmph. Elizabeth Parker. From Fayetteville. Any relation to Jeff Parker? That owns that little restaraunt on Main St?"

Liz cleared her throat. "Yes sir. He's my father."

"Well, I'll tell you what, little lady. I went to school with Jeff Parker. And he has given me a free meal a time or two. I'm gonna let you off with a warning." He handed her back her license and registration. "You just promise me this won't happen again."

"I promise, officer," Liz said, a releived grin spreading across her face.

"You just tell him Hank Johnson says Hello."

"Yes sir!" Liz said. With that , the officer climbed back into his patrol car, and drove off.

"Whew!" Liz sighed. "That was a close one."

"Now," Isabel said, "shall we try again?"

"This time, let's follow the speed limit, Earnhardt!" Tess said.

"Happily," Liz said.

Three hours down the road, 4 counties, and 5 CD's later, Liz took an exit off the freeway and pulled into a convenience store.

"I need a bathroom break," she told the other girls.

"Me too!" Maria said.

"And I need to stretch my legs," said Isabel.

"Good. ‘Cause my butt hurts and I need to stand up," said Tess.

The girls went in the store and formed a line at the bathroom. One by one they went in, and one by one, they came out.

"I need some bubblegum," Maria said.

Liz and Maria headed to the candy aisle, while Tess and Isabel were distracted by a plasitc display holding colored sunglasses.

"Hey girls!" Maria asked the others. "Watermelon, Grape, Original, or Tangerine Tornado?"

Isabel made a face at the last suggestion. "Definitely not Tangerine," she said.

"Good. We'll buy one of each of the other three." Maria headed up to the counter, Isabel hot on her heels.

Maria put the gum down, and Isabel laid four pairs of sunglasses down. There were four different colors, blue, red, green, and black, with fake rhinestones on the frames. She looked at Isabel. "Those are horrible!"

"Maria," Tess said. "They are fun. Half the fun of having them is that they are ugly. What's a roadtrip with no sunglasses?"

Maria thought for a minute. ‘Didn't Thelma and Louise have sunglasses?' she thought. ‘They also died at the end.' she remembered. But they did look like fun.

"All right, but I get the red ones," Maria relented.

"It's a deal!" Isabel said, smiling.

The four girls headed towards the door when the chime sounded, signaling that someone else had walked in. All four girls stopped mid-stride.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Maria said her hands on her hips, fire in her eyes.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

Maria tapped her foot, and glared at the door. Just when things were getting good, she thought.

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"Well hey there, darling. Glad to see you too."

At the sound of the voice, Liz froze. She hated that voice. It belonged to none other than Sean Deluca, Maria's delinquent cousin. He had stayed in Fayetteville briefly, last year. He had had a thing for Liz, and one night, he tried to make his move. There had been a party, and he had tracked Liz down outside. When she was alone, he tried to make a move on her, and she resisted. He tried to attack her, force himself on her, and Liz had frozen in fear. She couldn't even fight back. It was like she was paralyzed. Michael and Max had happened to walk up on them, and Michael had all but beat Sean to smithereens. He and Max threatened Sean's life, and the next day, Sean left Fayetteville. Liz knew

But now, there were clearly not in Fayetteville. Sean looked around. And they were clearly alone.
Sean walked in, followed by three boys that looked as rough as he did. Sean walked over to Liz, who was still standing at the counter, hands frozen in mid air, where she had been picking up the sunglasses they had bought. He stepped up close to her, close enough to smell her hair.

"Hey Lizzie, baby. Miss me?"

Liz started shaking.

The other girls were dead still, as each of Sean's friends had taken up residence by one of the girls. The girls were afraid to move, knowing what Sean and his friends were capable of. Inside, Maria was seething with anger.

"Sean, if you so much as-"

"Ah huh-huh," Sean said, turning in Maria's direction. "You, dear cousin, need to stay out of this." He turned back to Liz, and put one hand in her hair. Liz closed her eyes, and tried to will herself to run. But nothing happened.

Sean grabbed Liz by the shoulders and turned her to face him. She put her head down, and he put his fingers on her chin, and tilted her face up to meet his.

"I asked you a question, Liz. Did you miss me?"

Sean didn't notice the bell over the door ringing, and the small store fill with four more people.

"I'll answer that for her," A male voice said.

Liz sighed in relief, and realized she had been holding her breath. She knew that voice too.

"Let her go Deluca, and call off your goons. Or I'll rearrange your face. Just like last time. Only this time, I don't think I'll be able to stop at your face."

Sean took a deep breath, and reluctantly stepped back. "Michael, my buddy," he said faking a smile. "And Alex too. How ya doin, Cuz?" he said.

"I think you better leave, Sean," Alex said quietly. They were related, but Alex and Kyle had never gotten along. The incident with Liz had just fueled Alex's hatred for the boy.

Sean looked around. True, they both had the same number of guys with them, but he and his friends were clearly on the losing end. Besides, he hadn't forgotten what Michael was capable of.

"Fine. We were leaving anyway. Didn't have what we wanted."

Sean started to leave, and his friends went out the door first. Before he left, Sean looked at Liz. "Bye Liz, honey. Hope to see ya soon."

Michael stepped towards Sean, but Max stopped him.

As soon as Sean was gone, Liz started crying. Michael went over to Liz and she collapsed in her arms. The eight teenagers went outside and stood for a minute, trying to regain their composure. When Liz realized what had happened, Liz pushed Michael away and put her hands on her hips.

"Michael Guerin Parker! What are you doing here?" Liz said.

"Well, the guys and I figured something was up with you four, cause you have been so secretive lately. I was at Max's house this morning, and we saw that Isabel had taken her parents luggage. So we hightailed it back to the condo, and what do we see, but you four packing up your car. So we called Alex and Kyle, and decided we needed a vacation. Didn't even have to leave a note. You left one for us. Snuck in after you left, made a few changes, and signed our names. Voila! Now it's a co-ed roadtrip."

Liz's eyes danced with anger. The other four girls were seething as well.

"You are not going with us!" Isabel declared.

"Oh contraire, sister dear. We are going with you. All the way to good ol California." Max said, a sly smile on his lips. Isabel was furious. How could they do this? It was supposed to be just the girls. One last trip to see the world before college. Now it was ruined.

"I am calling Dad. Right Now!" Isabel stomped off towards the payphone. Max crossed his arms over his chest and smiled. She wouldn't do it.

Halfway to the phone, Isabel stopped. She realized that her parents were probably still asleep. And that they were still only a couple hours away from home. They had decided not to call their parents until they were at least out of state.

"Aaaghh!!" Isabel screamed. The fact that she couldn't call made her even madder.

The girls and the guys argued for several minutes. Finally, the girls realized that they were fighting a losing battle. They started back to Liz's car, and the guys started back to Max's Jeep.

Max grabbed Liz by the arm.

"Are you okay?" Max asked her.

Liz looked up, ready to be mad at Max too. But when she looked into his amber eyes, and saw they were filled with concern, she smiled, and her anger mysteriously vanished.

"Yeah Max. I'm fine. I'm okay."

Max smiled, and reached up to put a stray piece of hair behind her ear. "You sure?" he asked.

"Yeah. I'm sure." Liz turned and walked to the car, handing the keys to Maria. She didn't feel like driving.

Liz got in the back seat, and as soon as they were on the highway, the boys were behind them. Liz closed her eyes. Her crush and Max Evans was the one thing she never shared with the other girls. Max was the popular guy in school, the one all the girls threw themselves at. That was so not her type. If the girls knew, they would never let her hear the end of it. No one knew, and that was how she wanted it. The crush had come on little by little. Max had always just been there. He was her brother's best friend, after all. He was constantly around. One day she found herself daydreaming about him, and that's when she realized her crush. But he had come to think of Liz as his sister also. And she knew that. It always disappointed her to see that Max still thought of her as a sister. Not as a girl. But she decided she was going to change that

Liz looked back, and saw Max's Jeep, his face at the wheel. He was smiling, and Kyle and Michael were dancing in the back of the Jeep.

‘Hmm.' Lz thought. ‘Maybe having Max on this trip won't be so bad after all.'


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Hey everyone! First off, let me say thanks for the Feedback. I thrive on it, and it's the only reason I keep writing my stories. I love to read everyone's reactions.

Just for you guys, here is Chapter 3.



Somewhere in Tennessee, Liz woke up. She vaguely remembered something about Sean Deluca, a convenience store, and Michael and the boys coming to the rescue, not to mention crashing their roadtrip. She thought it had been a bad dream. Just to make sure, she looked behind her. No carlights anywhere close. Yep. It was all a dream. She raised up to say something, when she saw it. The headlights of the Mustang clearly illuminated the back of Max's Jeep in front. Great . It wasn't a dream afterall. Liz groaned out loud.

"Well hey there, Sleeping Beauty," Tess said from beside her.

"Where are we?" Asked Liz.

"We are in Tennessee," Isabel answered. "Pigeon Forge, to be exact," she said pointing to a bulletin board on the roadside, "home of the Dollywood amusement park."

Tess giggled. " I can't believe they gave Dolly Parton her own amusement park! How unfair is that?"

"What a waste of space!" Maria agreed.

Liz looked at her watch and almost panicked. 11:37 PM. And she hadn't ever called home. "You guys, I have got to call my parents," Liz said, hurriedly.

"Already taken care of, chica." said Maria. "We stopped once we were across stated lines, and we all called. Michael called for you. You slept right through it."

Liz smiled, grateful that she hadn't had to make the call. "Did they freak?"

"Nope, they were surprised, and a little miffed we didn't tell them," Isabel said, "and then they actually gave us the old ‘be careful, there's a lot of crazy people out there' speech. All the parents pretty much acted the same way."

"Oh yeah," Tess added. "We have to stay with the boys, or they will call the highway patrol to bring us back home. They figure 4 girls will be safer traveling cross country with 4 sports crazy, junk food eatin, cartoon watchin', just out of high school boys in tow."

The other girls laughed, at Tess's description of the boys.

"Well, it's not so bad, I guess they do come in handy," Maria said, referring to the Sean ordeal.

"Well, the Parentals all trust us anyway. It's not like we've ever given them a reason not to," Tess said.

"Yeah," Liz remarked. "That's because they don't know about the time you snuck out and gave Nicholas Grant's brand new red convertible a paint job."

Tess giggled at the memory. "Well, he shouldn't have cheated on me with that tramp, Courtney," she said, feigning and innocent look. "Besides, I thought those blue polka dots brought out his eyes."

"By the way," Isabel said. "He had to have known that was you. How come he never told anybody?"

"He knew. But remember that time the Coach's house got toilet papered and his car got egged?"


"Well, guess who videotaped the whole thing?"
"You didn't!" Maria and Liz said at the same time, between their laughter.

"Yeah, we were still dating at the tme, and the boys wanted a little trophy. Looks like I'm the one who got the prize!" All four girls erupted into laughter.


"No way, man!" Michael exclaimed. "Wayne is way cooler than Garth!"

"Nah uh!" Kyle said, arguing his case. "Wayne had to wear those dorky glasses all the time."

"But Wayne always got the chick! Remember when he busted in on that wedding and ran away with the bride?" Michael asked.

"She only went with him because she knew she would get to hang out with Garth. She liked brown headed dudes."
"I give up!" Michael said. "You are impossible." Then he turned to Max. "He's impossible."

"Yeah," said Alex. "That coming from someone who just spent the better part of two hours arguing with him about the pros and cons of two fictional movie characters."

Kyle mocked a hurt face and put his hand over his heart. "You mean, Wayne and Garth aren't real?" he asked.

Michael, Max and Alex cracked up laughing.

"Hey guys, look!" Kyle said pointing to the side of the road.

"Yeah, Kyle, they have those on the interstate. It's called a road sign," Michael said.

Kyle hit him on the arm. "No, you goof! There's a Days Inn at the next exit. I don't know about you guys, but I am ready to get out of this car. And we can stay there for the night."

"Kyle," Michael said. "Doesn't Buddha have some law about inflicting assault on your fellow man? Cause I think you just broke it."

"What about the girls?" Max asked, turning around to make sure they were still there.

"Well, the parents said we all have to stay together, or they'll send the cavalry after us. So, if we stop and get a room, they will too."

"Uh, guys, Isabel and I might need our own room," Alex said. This time it was Max who punched Alex in the arm.

"Oww, man! I was just kidding!" Alex said. After a slight pause, he spoke again, a smirk on his face. "But your sister is one hot babe! Do you know how many times I have dreamed about grabbing her and just laying a big wet one right on her lips?"

"Aww man! C'mon! That was way over the sharing line! I did not need to hear that. It's my sister you're talking about! That's just wrong." Max said.

"Hey! We're here," Michael said.

"Good, I need to stretch my legs," Kyle said.

"And I need to find Max's sister and get her to my hotel room," Alex said.

"That's it, man," Max said, jumping over the side of the jeep and running after Alex.

When the girls stopped, they saw Max chasing Alex around the Jeep.

"Oh! He is not my brother!" Isabel said.

"Well, I guess this is where we stay for the night," Tess said.

Liz jumped out and ran after Kyle and Michael, who were heading into the office.

"Where ya goin, Liz?" Maria called after her.

Liz turned and walked backwards at the same time she was answering Maria's question. "They are hormonally active teenage boys. I want to make sure they do get TWO rooms!"

"Good idea," Tess said to Maria. Then she looked at Max still chasing Alex around the Parking lot. "Although, I'm not to sure it's their hormones we need to worry about. It's their maturity levels."

Liz, Michael, and Kyle walked out of the office and over to where Maria, Isabel and Tess were standing.

"We got 127," Liz said, holding up a key.

"And we got 128. The adjoining one," Michael said.

"And I suppose that's so you guys can protect us from all the crazy people out there?" Isabel asked.

"We did it once, we'll do it again," Max said, as he and Alex walked up to the group.
"Okay, enought talk. I am way too tired to just stand here and yap," Maria said. She grabbed the key out of Liz's hand, her suitcase out of the trunk, and started walking towards the room.

"Wait for me!" said Tess, following suit.

A few steps from the car, Maria turned and dangled the key in the air. "Hey, Mikey G, wanna stay with me?" she asked.

"Not a chance, Deluca." Michael said, a smile playing across his lips. He would never tell the guys, but he thought that Maria's crush on him was pretty cute. Actually, he thought that Maria was pretty cute herself.

"Oh well," Maria said, shrugging her shoulders. "It was worth a shot."

Isabel rolled her eyes and got her suitcase, following Maria and Tess. Liz followed them, and the boys headed off to their room. It had been a long day, and all eight teenagers were ready for some rest.


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Wow!! Thanks for all the feedback, guys. I love it when I get responses. I am so glad ya'll like this story. (sorry about the ya'll. I'm a Southern Girl!!) I never got to take a roadtrip, and always wanted to. So I am living out my fantasies through my story. If anyone has any ideas about where the kids can stop off, or visit on the way to CA from NC, B-Mail me and let me know. I already have some ideas, but I am open to suggestions. Just don't post em. We'll keep em a secret!

Thanks again for the FB!! Here's the next part.



Later on that night, Liz couldn't sleep, so she got out of bed, threw on some clothes, and headed down to the pool. Maria couldn't sleep either, so she got up and followed Liz outside. They were standing at the edge of the pool, talking quietly when two people grabbed them from behind.

"Nice night for a swim, ladies?" one said to Liz.

"Don't you dare," Liz said sternly.

"It would be pretty funny," said the other one, close to Maria's ear.

"Yeah," she replied. "And hazardous to your health."

Max and Michael started laughing, and let got of Liz and Maria.

"What's wrong? Couldn't sleep?" Michael asked the two girls.

"Yeah," Liz said. "I guess we're just too wired up. Too excited."

The four teenagers stood at the edge of the pool, talking and laughing quietly.

"So, did you guys really think you would do this trip on your own?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, we would have, too. How did you guys know anyway?" Maria asked.

"You girls have been way to nice to us for the past week or so. Figured ya'll were up to something," Max said.

"When you all planned your little sleepover at our house, we really knew something was up," Michael said.

"We all crashed at the Evans' and got up early in the morning to come find you guys. Saw yall packing, hightailed it back to Max's to get our bags, came back to see the note, and here we are. Caught you in the act." He looked at Max. "Guess our snooping paid off."

"You are so sneaky, Michael," Liz said.

"Well, I guess it kinda runs in the family."

Liz hit Michael, and he grabbed her. They started to wrestle, and Maria frowned. "You guys, it's like 3 in the morning!! And you all want to have a wrestling match?"

Liz and Michael stopped and looked at Maria and Max. Then they looked at each other and winked. Suddenly, Liz lunged for Max, and Michael grabbed Maria. It was on. They ran around the pool chasing and fighting each other. They were laughing and screaming so much, they didn't notice the manager walking up.

"Hey," he said. "You kids aren't supposed to be here. The pool closed at 11:00 pm."

Michael, Maria, Max, and Liz stopped running and stopped at the edge of the pool, right in front of the manager.

"Yes sir," Michael said, trying unsuccessfully to hid a smile. "But we aren't swimming."

Maria, Liz and Max couldn't hold it any longer. They erupted into laughter.

"Look," the manager said sternly, "You kids have 10 minutes. Then back to your rooms."

"Yes sir!" Maria said. She lifted her hand to her forehead and saluted the manager.

He scowled at her, then turned around and walked away.

"Well," Liz said, "I guess we better go." She smiled nervously, at noone in particular, and was surprised to see Max smiling back.

"Hey," he said to the two girls. "You guys wanna mix up tomorrow? I am not sure I can take another whole day of Kyle and his Buddha-isms."

"Yeah," And If I hear one more of Alex's scientific facts about anything, I'll be forced to choke him."

Liz and Maria shrugged. "Sure," Liz answered. "We're all going the same place anyway."

"Great, we'll just put two girls and two guys in each car," Max said.

"It's settled, then. Liz and I will ride with you two. We'll put Buddha boy and Bill Nye, the Science guy in the car with Tess and Isabel. See you guys in the morning," Maria said as she grabbed Liz's hand.

"Good night, Maria," Michael called out.

"Well, well, Mikey G. I do thin you are beginning to soften up a bit."

"I said, good night," Michael told her, a smile playing across her lips.

Liz and Maria started to walk away. "Hey, Liz, you thinking what I'm thinking?" Maria whispered.

Liz looked over at Maria, mischief in her eyes. "Let's get em!" she whispered back.

"Hey guys," Maria said, as they walked back towards Max and Michael still standing at the edge of the pool.
"Yeah?" Max and Michael answered in unison.

"It IS a great night for a swim," Maria said.

Before they could defend themselves, Michael and Max were pushed into the pool with a loud splash.

"OOHHH!! You two are so gonna get it!!" Michael hollered at Liz and Maria's retreating backs.

When they got back to the room, Maria and Liz were still laughing. They stopped so Maria could fish the room key out of her pocket.

"That was a nice move, by the way," Liz said.

"Yeah, well, they were gonna push us in, we just beat them to it."

"I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about you so conveniently volunteering us to be in the same car with my brother and Max tomorrow."

"I was doing you a favor too, you know."

"What are you talking about?"

"Like you haven't been fantasizing about getting in a car and driving off with Max Evans for the past year."

"Whatever, Maria."

"Liz, it is so obvious. I see you get lost in those adorable amber eyes of his everytime he walks in a room. And you always get that same goofy grin on your face that I know I get when I am around Michael. You can't fool me."

Liz looked inside the room, which Maria had now opened, to make sure that Tess and Isabel were still sleeping. She reached over and pulled the door partly shut again.

"Okay," she said. "I admit it. I've got the hots for Max. How do you know? I haven't told anyone!"

"We have known each other forever, Liz Parker. You can't hide anything from me."

"Maria, if you tell anybody, I'll-"

"Relax Liz. Your secrets safe with me."


Maria and Liz turned their head when they heard a noise at the far end of the hall. They both snickered when they saw a fully clothed, soaking wet Michael and Max heading in their direction. When they boys saw them, they started to run for the girls.

"Maria! Go!" Liz said.

Maria jerked open the door, and her and Liz jumped inside and shut it behind them. Liz looked out of the peephole just in time to see Michael and Max stop in front of the door. Michael stepped up to the door, and Liz saw a giant eyeball peering back at her through the small hole.

"Watch your backs, you two," Max said through the door. "It's on now." Michael and Max turned around and headed next door for some dry clothes and some sleep.

"Now come on. You and me have to look pretty good for those boys in the morning. We have some work to do, chica," Maria whispered, as she headed to her bed.

"What are you talking about, Maria?"

"You never know, Liz. This roadtrip may just change our lives."

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Around 8:30 in the morning, the girls got a wake up call from the boys.

"Hello?" Isabel answered, her voice thick with sleep.

"Rise and shine, ladies," Kyle said.

He is way to perky, Isabel thought. "Ugh. What time is it?"

"8:27 to be exact."

"Go back to bed, Kyle."

"Isabel, we have to be checked out by 11:30. I know how girls are. Ya'll will be lucky to get out of there by that time. If ya'll want to pay for another night in that room, then sleep away. If not, you better light a fire under your butt and get movin."

"Fine, I'm up," Isabel said, hanging up without another word.

"Well!" Kyle huffed. "Try to do the girl a favor, and that's the thanks I get."

"She hang up on you?" Alex asked.


"Don't take it personal, man. She does it to me all the time."

"Yeah, well I was calling her to do her a favor. Not to tell her how luscious her lips are."

"Hey!" Alex said in his own defense. "I never do that." After a slight pause, he remarked, "I call to tell her how luscious her legs are."

"You are so lucky Evans didn't hear you say that," Michael remarked coming out of the bathroom. "So, we going or what? I mean, we don't want to miss the free continental breakfast, whatever that is, do we?"

"I'm going," Kyle said, already halfway out the door. "Who cares what it is. If it's got the words ‘free' and ‘breakfast' in it, count me in."

"Good point," Alex agreed. "Guys, you think we should wake Max?" he asked, gesturing towards the lump visible under the covers in Max's bed.

"Nah," Michael said, shutting the door. "He needs all the beauty sleep he can get."

"Another good point," Alex said.

At 10:45, someone knocked on the door, and Tess opened it.

"You guys ready yet?" Max asked.

Michael looked at his watch. "We called you guys over two hours ago. What are you all doing in there?"

"Michael, there are four teenage girls, and one bathroom. You guys wanna travel with normal looking girls, or the monsters that we are when we get up in the mornings?"

"Fine, we'll be at the cars. And ya'll have 45 minutes to check out!"

Half an hour later, the girls trudged over to the cars, suitcases in tow. Liz threw her suitcase in the trunk of her car, Maria following her lead. Then she held up her keys. "Which one of you is driving?" she asked Tess and Isabel.

"I will," Tess said.

Liz threw her the keys. "Be careful with my car, and if you get any ideas, remember, I will only be one vehicle away.

"What?" Isabel said.

"Oh yeah. Forgot to mention. Me and Maria are going to be in the Jeep with Michael and your brother. You two will be with Kyle and Alex."

"NO, I refuse to spend the whole day in a car with those two," Isabel said.

"Relax, Isabel. They aren't that bad. It'll be fun. We have to mix up a little. If we don't we will all be sick of each other in no time," Maria said.

"Easy for you to say. You get to ride in the car with the object of your infatuation."

Maria smiled. "Exactly."

Isabel groaned. She climbed into the back seat, seeing as to how Kyle and Tess were already settled into the front. Alex climbed in after her.

"Hey Beautiful," he said.

"Yeah," Isabel grumbled.

"Your friendly greetings need work."

Isabel scowled at him. And put on her sunglasses. ‘This is going to be fun'

At the Jeep, Maria made sure that Liz sat in the front seat. After all, with Max driving, it forced Michael to be in the back with her.

Max and Michael climbed in.

"Maria, if you try to make a move on me, I'm warning you, I bite back."

"Well, I am warning you. I might just like you biting back."

Michael smiled, in spite of himself. Maria had spent the last two years chasing after him. It was just now that he realized little by little, that she was finally getting to him.

"Hey, you two better behave back there!" Max said. "And I better not hear any strange noises, or I am pulling over."

"Can it, Evans. Just keep your eyes on the road." Michael remembered the looks he saw pass between Max and Liz the previous night, and added as an after thought. "And off of my sister."

"Michael!" Liz said.


Liz turned around and gave him a look that guaranteed if looks could kill, he wouldn't stand a chance.

Michael stuck his tongue out at her.

"I wonder if it's true that if you slap someone on the back while they are making an ugly face, their face will get stuck like that forever."

Maria took Liz's cue and slapped Michael on the back. He turned around and frowned at her.

"Nope," Maria answered. "Their faces don't stay. They just get uglier."

Liz laughed, and Michael frowned even more.

"Right about now, Buddha Boy and Bill Nye aren't looking so bad," he remarked.

"I thought you said you couldn't stand another whole day with him," Liz said.

"Yeah, well, it might be better then riding with Sister Dearest and her sidekick."

"I resent that remark!" Maria said. "I am nobody's sidekick. And I am sure that Alex got pretty tired of riding with someone who likes to swim in all his clothes."

"Hey!" Michael remarked. "I'll make the jokes in this family, and speaking of that little late night swim, don't let your guard down, cause when you do, I'll be right there waiting."

"Don't count on it. You couldn't take me anyway."

Liz laughed and turned her attention back to the road.

"They sound like a married couple," Max remarked.

"Yeah, well, don't give Maria any ideas. They probably would be married if it were up to her. He's the reason she hasn't had a steady boyfriend in the past two years."

"What about you? Why don't you have a boyfriend? A cute girl like you should have no problem getting a guy."

Liz was sure Max could see the blush creeping across her face when she heard him say she was cute. It took all she had not to smile.

"Well, I guess it's just hard to find the right one, but I have dated a few guys in the past. Some good. Some bad. What about you?"

"Oh, I don't date guys," Max replied.

Liz giggled at his response. "You know what I mean."

"Like you said. I guess it's just hard to find the right one."

"C'mon, guys, we have been listening to N'Sync for like the past two hours. Can't we listen to something else? This is giving me a headache," Kyle said.

"Hey, Kyle, want some cheese with that whine?" Isabel asked.

Alex stifled a laugh.

"Ha ha, Princess. Why don't we put in some Kid Rock for two hours and see how you feel?"

"Why don't we not. Kid Rock cannot be classified as music," Alex piped in.

Isabel gave him a grateful look. Maybe he wasn't so bad after all.

"Why don't we put in something everyone can listen to? How about this one." He handed the CD up to Kyle.

Isabel looked to see what it was. Oh Yeah. He was definitely growing on her.

"Lifehouse?" Kyle said, disappointment evident in his voice.

"It's either that, or my other N'Sync CD," Tess said. "Don't forget. Driver has final say."

"Since when?"

"Since I was driving."

Kyle knew he was in a losing situation. Arguing with Tess and Isabel was useless. They always got their way.

"Fine." Kyle ejected the current CD and contemplated throwing it out of the side of the car. But then he'd have to suffer the wrath Of Tess Harding. Sure, she was cute, but she had a fiery side he wasn't sure he was ready for. He put in the Lifehouse Cd. He leaned his head back on the seat. He snuck at look at Tess. Forget cute. The girl was gorgeous. He blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and the loose pieces were flying around in the wind.

‘Oh yeah, Baby' he thought. ‘By the end of this trip, My single days will be over!'


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Around 5 ‘o clock, Max exited the interstate. He slowed down to check the mirror to make sure Tess was still behind him. When he saw her exit, he went on again.

"Where ya' goin?" Liz asked.

"I'm dyin to stand up. And I'm tired of driving. Saw a bulletin board back there for one of those strip malls. Figured we needed a break."

"Is there a restaurant there? Because I am starved," Maria piped up from the back seat.

"Why don't you tell us something new?" Michael asked.

"And why don't you keep your mouth shut?" Maria asked.

"Because, it's much too fun picking on you with it."

"Well, I can think of other things I'd rather see you doing with it," she replied, winking at him.

Liz smiled when Michael shut up. If anyone could shut her brother up, it was Maria.

Max looked at Liz and rolled his eyes. "You know," he whispered, "I wish they'd get it over with and get together already. Wouldn't those two make an interesting couple!"

Forty five minutes later, everyone was at McDonald's and was done eating, but noone wanted to lget back in the cars yet, so they decided to stay and meet back at the cars at 7:00.

Isabel went to the bookstore, and her attention was drawn by a small crowd gathering near the front of the store. She stood on her tiptoes and tried to see what was over there, but to no avail.

"Curious George, are we today?"

Isabel turned around and saw who was addressing her. "Go away, Alex."

"You'll have to do better than that."

"Go away NOW Alex!"

"Still not good enough."

"I thought I was going to get away from you for a couple of hours. Why do you always hang around me? Why do you always call me? Why do you never take my hints?"

"Because. Underneath that icy exterior you show everyone except the other girls, I see the real Isabel Evans. And I happen to like her."

Isabel was surprised at Alex's answer. He wasn't all that bad, sometimes. But others, he was just like one of those gnats you keep swatting at, but never goes away. She picked up a book and tried to look interested in it, but her attention was once again drawn to the small crowd at the front of the store.

"It's Nicholas Sparks," Alex said.

Isabel rolled her eyes. "What is?"

"That's who's over there. He came in, people recognized him, so now he's signing a few autographs."

"The Nicholas Sparks? As in Message in a Bottle and A Walk to Remember Nicholas Sparks?"

"Yep. That's the one."

"And you know this because. . . "

"I already talked to him."

Isabel's surprise showed in the look she gave Alex.

"He's a friend of my family's," he told her.

"Yeah. Alex Whitman. Family friends with Nicholas Sparks."

"He's from North Carolina, you know. His family's summer cottage is next door to ours."

Isabel saw his expression, and realized he wasn't lying.

"Ohmigosh!! Alex! You know Nicholas Sparks? He is my favorite author ever. He's such a great writer. Oh yeah, and he's-"

"Do you want to meet him?"

Isabel stopped talking and looked at Alex, wideyed. "You mean I could meet him?"

"Sure. Here. I bought you a book to get signed too." Alex handed Isabel a copy of A Walk To Remember.

Isabel took the book and smiled sheepishly at Alex. She felt a bit guilty about being so rude to him. He was always doing nice things for her, and she was always blowing him off. "Thank you," she said.

Alex smiled, and ushered Isabel over to the small crowd which was starting to disperse. When Nicholas looked around, he saw Alex and held out his hand.

"Alex, it was great seeing you again. Tell you parent's I said hello, will you?"

"Sure. But I want you to meet a friend of mine. Isabel Evans, this is Nicholas Sparks."

He held out his hand to Isabel, and she took it in hers. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Sparks, I am a big fan of yours."

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you too, Miss Evans. Any friend of a Whitman is a friend of mine."

"Could you sign this for me?" Isabel asked, handing him the book.

"Sure. So, what are you two doing in Tennessee? "

"We are taking a trip. To California," Alex answered.

Nicholas looked up from the book and raised an eyebrow, glancing from Alex, to Isabel, and back to Alex. It went unnoticed by Isabel, who was too mesmerized to catch it, but Alex notciced.

"Oh, I mean, there are eight of us, four girls, and four guys. After High school roadtrip, that kind of thing," Alex explained.

Nicholas smiled, and handed the book to Isabel. "Here you go, Miss Evans. Thank you for reading my books." Then he turned to Alex. "Well, son, I have to go. It was great seeing you. And nice meeting you." Isabel was too busy reading what he had written in her book to notice the wink that he gave Alex. Or the proud smile Alex gave him back.

At 7:00, everyone met back at the cars.

"Here," Max said, handing Tess a walkie talkie.

"What's this?" she asked?

"Walkie Talkies. One to stay in Liz's car, one to stay in the Jeep. They have a 5-mile radius. In case we get lost, or separated, we can talk to each other."

"Cool," Tess said. She handed it to Isabel. "You can drive now. I'm tired," she told her. Isabel took the walkie talkie, and threw it in the car.

"Wait!!" Liz said. Noone get in. She pointed at the McDonald's where they had eaten. "Everyone go over there to the bench with the Ronald McDonald statue. I want to take a picture."

The girls showed their enthusiasm, and the guys groaned. "C'mon, you guys. We have to take pictures. We have to have some to show people when we get home," Tess said.

The guys relented, and headed to the bench. Isabel had asked a woman leaving the restaurant to take the picture, and she handed her a camera.

The statue was sitting on the bench, so Tess sat down on it's knee. Kyle sat next to it, and put his arm around it. Isabel sat down on Kyle's knee. Maria sat down next to Kyle, and Alex sat down next to him. Michael, Liz and Max went to stand behind the bench.

"Okay, everyone smile," the lady said.

Everyone smiled, and the lady took the picture. Then she snapped another one, just to make sure. She couldn't help but notice how happy everyone looked. It was a great picture. One she was sure they would all remember.

Back at the cars, everyone was piling in. Isabel climbed in the driver's seat of Liz's car, and Alex got in the passenger side.

"Guess it's just you and me, huh?" He said.

She smiled. Maybe it was time to get to know him. "Yeah," she said. "It is."

"Here, man, your turn," Max said, throwing Michael the keys. "Just don't fall asleep."

Michael climbed in, and Maria plopped down in the passenger seat beside him. "No chance of that," he replied.

"Hey, Max needs a break. And I'm tired of riding in the back. Time for a switch," Maria said.

Michael nor Max caught the winks exchanged between Liz and Maria as Liz and Max got into the back, and Michael drove out of the parking lot, Isabel following close behind.
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Tess had her head back against the seat, and was staring up at the stars as the cool night breeze swept over her. Isabel and Alex were chatting happily in the front seat. When a song came on the radio that she liked, she started to hum along. She was singing to herself when she felt someone watching her. She looked at Kyle, and he was giving her this goofy grin. Next thing she knew, he was kissing her. She had just started to kiss him back, had her hands intertwined behind his neck when-

Tess jerked her head up, and was surprised to see she was sleeping. ‘Ohmigosh!' She thought. ‘ I was dreaming about Kyle! What is wrong with me!?' She raise her head up even more, and was mortified to find she had fallen asleep- with her head on Kyle's shoulder. ‘Great. Not only am I dreaming about the guy, now I'm falling asleep on him.'

She had started to raise up, when Kyle whispered in her ear. "What's wrong?"

Tess jumped, not expecting him to be awake. "Nothings wrong. Why would anything be wrong?"

"Well, you just jumped up so suddenly-"

"Oh yeah. About your shoulder. I'm sorry I didn't mean to fall asleep. I must have just slipped over," Tess said, somewhat embarassed.

"It's okay. I just woke up myself. You looked so cute sleeping, I didn't want to wake you up."

Tess was sure she was blushing furiously. She straightened up and leaned up to the front seat.

"What's up guys?"

"Hey! Your'e awake," Isabel said. "Sleep well?"

"Yeah. I was pretty tired."

"Hey guys, are you all ready to stop yet? It's really late, and I want to get a good nights sleep," Isabel asked.

"Sure," Alex said. "Where is Michael stopping at?"

"I don't know. We can ask him though, grab that walkie talkie."

"I've got it," Kyle said. "Must have slipped through the seats."

Kyle picked up the walkie talkie and talked into it.

"Um, Hello, is anyone out there? Mayday, Mayday, we have an emergency."

He got no answer.

"Okay, not really, but I've always wanted to say that," he said, into the walkie talkie again.

"What do you want, Valenti?" Michael's voice said.

"Cool! It works!" Kyle told the others. Isabel rolled her eyes. "Yeah, We were wonderin if we could stop soon. We all wanna get a good night's sleep."

"Sure. Why not. I'll make it to the next motel."

An hour later, all eight teenagers were sitting in the same hotel room. They had once again gotten adjoining rooms, but now that they were there, noone was sleep. Everyone was too wired up, because they had all stopped at a little 24 hour ice cream shop in the hotel lobby and gotten ice cream on their way up.

"Soooo . . ." Liz said. "I am way to tired to sleep."

"Yeah. Me too," Tess said.

"Let's do something fun," Max said. "I feel like I need a good laugh."

"Well, if you want a good laugh, just ask Michael for some of his pick up lines." Liz said.

"Hey!" Michael said. He picked up the nearest pillow and threw it at her. "I am the master of pick-up lines."

"Says who?" Liz asked, giggling.

"Says the girls I've used them on. It's a guy thing."

"Care to prove it, Romeo?" Maria asked.

"My Pleasure." He walked over to Maria, took her hand, looked into her eyes, and said "I hope you have a library card, because I'm checking you out."

Max busted out laughing, and Michael frowned.

"All right, Maxwell, got a better one?"

Max hesitated for a second, then shrugged his shoulders. "Sure." He walked over to Maria, grabbed her hand, and started to speak when Maria interrupted him.

"Not on me, silly. Try Liz."

Maria could have sworn she saw Max blush, but if he did, he hid it really well. He shrugged again, and walked over to Liz. He sat down beside her and put his arm around her.

"Hey Baby, cupid called. He says to tell you he needs my heart back."

Liz cracked a smile. "Oh, Max, that was really bad," she said as she started to laugh.

"Fine. I'll try again. Was your father an alien? Cause there is nothing else like you on earth."

This caused Liz to laugh even harder. Kyle and Alex started snickeing. "All right, Whitman. If mine are so funny, let's hear yours," Max challenged.

"No, I don't think so," Alex said.

"What's the matter? Don't have any?" Michael asked.

"It's not that, it's just that-"

"Then it's settled. Let's hear the ones you've got. We can't leave Isabel and Tess out. You and Valenti can try your best on them."

Alex relented and walked over to Isabel.

"Excuse me," he said. "Do you have a band-aid?"

Alex paused and waited for Isabel to answer.

"Umm . .No?" she said.

"That's too bad. Cause I scraped my knee when I fell for you."

Isabel tried not to smile, but when she heard Max and Michael snicker, she lost it. She doubled over in laughter, and Tess joined in.

"My turn. I ain't scared," said Kyle.

Kyle walked over to Tess, and she tried to put a serious look on her face. He knelt down in front of her, and said "If you were a burger at McDonald's, they'd call you McBeautiful."

At this, the whole room busted out laughing.

"Kyle, that's horrible! Tell me you have never used that one," Tess said in between laughter.

Kyle was laughing now too. "Only once. On Pam Troy. Thank goodness it didn't work!"

"Hey! We got the raw end of this deal. How about us hearing your pickup lines?" Kyle asked the girls. He reached behind him and grabbed a soda from the bedside table.

Tess was the first to volunteer. "Okay. They can't be any worse than yours." She thought for a moment, then looked Kyle dead in the eyes.

"How about breakfast?" she said. "Should I call you or nudge you?"

Kyle all but choked on a mouth full of coca cola.

"Well," Tess said smiling. "Guess that ones a keeper."

Isabel laughed at Kyle's reaction. Then she looked at Alex.

"Are you from Tennesee?" she asked, "Cause your'e the only 10 I see!"

Alex winced, and mocked a pain to the chest. "And you thought mine was bad," he said, in between his laughter.

Liz looked at Max, and everyone got quiet while she thought for a minute. She reached out and grabbed Max's arms. "Baby, if you were words on a page, you're what they would call FINE PRINT!"

Maria was sure she saw it this time. Max Evans was blushing.

Then Maria looked at Michael, and got real close to his face.

Knowing about Maria's crush on Michael, everyone stopped laughing long enough to hear what she was going to say.

"I'm wearing Revlon Colourstay Lipstick. Want to help me test the claim that it won't kiss off?" she said in a sultry voice.

‘This is it, Guerin,' Michael thought. ‘Go in for the kill.'

Then, right there, in front of everyone, Michael said "Sure," and pulled Maria into a kiss.

And for once, it was the other way around. Michael Guerin shut Maria Deluca up.
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See ya'll soon, and Pray for my Mom!!

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At first, Maria was too shocked to react. She stayed frozen as if she didn't know what to do. When her eyes finally focused, and she saw nothing but Michael's closed eyes in front of here face, it hit her. ‘Michael is kissing me! Michael the one I have been fantasizing about since I was like 5 years old! What am I doing?!'

When Maria was able to grasp the situation at hand, she realized this was her chance. She closed her eyes and put her arms around his neck. Then she opened her mouth and kissed him back.

Liz got up quietly and went to the door. She opened it , and paused only long enough to turn around to the others. She put a finger to her lips and motioned for them to follow her. One by one, they tore their shocked faces from Michael and Maria and headed out the door.

When they finally came up for air, Michael nor Maria knew what to say. It was one of those awkward moments where you know you need to say something, but everything seems like the wrong thing to say. So they just sat there and stared at each other.

Michael inhaled deeply, when he realized what had just happened.

"Oh, Maria! I'm sorry, I just- I mean–"


"Umm . . . I think I need to go," Michael said, heading towards the door.

Just as he reached the door, Maria jumped up and placed herself in between Michael and the door.

"Uh-uh Parker! You are not getting away from me this time!" Maria grabbed Michael and pulled his lips down to hers. Michael put his arms around Maria's waist, and she had her arms wrapped around his shoulders. This time they both had their eyes closed, and they were both deeply involved with the kiss. They finally pulled away, and looked at each other.

"So, uh. . .what happens now?" Maria asked sheepishly.

"I don't know. I guess things are gonna change between us. Wait. I mean I guess things have changed between us."
"Yeah. I'd say," Maria said. She let go of Michael and walked over to the bed and sat down. Michael followed her and sat down beside her.

"Michael, I-"

"Shh," he said, putting a finger against her lips. "Let's not ruin this with too much talking. What happened just now was what we both were feeling. Let's just enjoy this thing that's happening between us. But whatever it is, let's take it slow. Not get too serious too fast."

"Yeah, okay. Let's just see where it takes us."

"So, shall we go find the others?"

Maria smiled. "Yeah," she said, getting up off the bed.

Michael grabbed her arm and pulled her back to the bed. "Wait, just one more?" He started to kiss her.

"Michael," Maria giggled, "I thought you said we were gonna take it slow?"

"We will," he said. "I promise."

This time, when he leaned in to kiss her, he moved in very slowly. So slow that Maria thought his lips would never reach hers. So slow, that she almost went crazy waiting for him to reach her. He finally did, and it was the slowest, most tender kiss either one of them had ever experienced. They pulled apart, and got up, hand in hand, and headed out the door.

As Liz shut the door behind her, she broke out into a huge grin.

"What are you smiling about?" Tess asked.

"I knew he liked her. Those two were made for each other," Liz said.

"I can't believe he just kissed her! Right in front of everyone!" Isabel said.

"Yeah! Michael! That's my man!" Kyle said. Max and Alex started hooping and hollering, and gave Kyle a high five.

"I can't believe he fell for it! Michael Guerin Parker, and I quote, ‘Master of all pickup lines,' fell for one himself," Alex said.

The more they walked, the group found themselves in the hotel gardens.

"Oooohhh! I love gardens! Let's take a walk," Tess exclaimed.

"Sounds great," Isabel agreed. She turned around to the others. "Guys?"

"You guys go ahead, Isabel," Liz said. "I'm kinda tired. I'll just hang out here and do some stargazing."

"Oh c'mon Liz, it'll be fun!" Tess said.

"No, My legs are tired. I just need to rest for a while. I'll just wait for you guys to come back," Liz said.

"Elizabeth Parker! You cannot stay here! We are in a strange place, and a girl should not be her all by herself at night," Isabel scolded.

"Fine, if you don't go, then I'm not-"

"No, it's okay Alex. You can go. I'll stay with her. I didn't really feel like walking either," Max said.

Tess and Isabel looked at each other and grinned. Alex just shrugged his shoulders. "Sure man," he said following the others down the path. "See ya on the way back."

Max walked over the bench that Liz was sitting on, and sat down beside her.

"Thanks," she said.

"No problem. I really needed to just sit down, anyways. In something that doesn't have 4 wheels and a dashboard."

Liz smiled at him, then looked up at the sky. "Wow, look at the stars. It's so clear tonight. The sky's beautiful."

Max tried looking at the sky, but it was useless. He couldn't take his eyes off Liz. He had never noticed how pretty she was before. Actually, come to think of it, until that day at the convenience store, when he wanted to attack Sean, he had never even noticed her at all. But tonight, she looked absolutely beautiful. He wondered why he had never noticed it before. Her hair was hanging loose, and it's long silky strands all but glowed in the moonlight. Max felt and odd sensation creeping into his chest. It was almost uncomfortable, but at the same time, it was oddly warm and comforting.

Liz was staring up at the sky, and she got that tingling sensation on the back of her neck that told her someone was watching her. She closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling it gave her. She knew it was Max, and just knowing that he was watching her gave her a small glimmer of hope that someday maybe he would be able to see her as something more than a friend. The thought of Max possibly having feelings for her made her shiver involuntarily.

"Are you cold?" Max asked.

"Yeah, I guess I am," she said, wrapping her arms around herself. Max stood up and took his jacket off. "Here," he said.

"Thanks." She leaned up to put the jacked on, but instead, Max leaned over her and put one arm around her back to drape the jacked over her shoulders. She thought that he seemed to let his arm linger there just a little longer than necessary, but she brushed it off as being her imagination.

When Max looked at her again, he felt himself shiver. The sight of Liz in his jacket affected him in the weirdest way. He felt his pulse start to race, and his heart beat faster. Just being this close to her was making him feel things he had never felt before. That's when he realized that somewhere, somehow, his feelings for Liz Parker had changed. He had always thought of her as a little sister. But the feelings he had for her now, were feelings no brother has for a sister.

Out of the corner of her eye, Liz saw Max shiver. She looked at him and started to pull the jacket off. "Max, if you're cold, then you keep the jacket. It is yours."

He put his hand on her shoulder to stop her. "No, Liz," he said. "You keep the jacket."

"But you were shivering, you-"

He cut her off. "Liz, it wasn't the cold that was making me shiver."

"Oh," she said simply. She looked at him, and knew it was a mistake. His dark amber eyes were swimming with emotion. And it was all for her.

Max was looking at Liz, and he felt like he couldn't move. He was transfixed by her. And the fact that she was staring back at him with her big brown eyes didn't help any.

He reached up hesitantly and brushed her cheek with his hand. When she closed her eyes, it just encouraged him more. He closed his eyes and moved in closer. She put her hand on his other arm, and moved in to meet him. They were about 5 centimeters apart, when it happened.


Max and Liz jumped apart. Liz blushed furiously, and turned around to find the source of the voice. She saw Maria and Michael walking up one of the garden paths, hand in hand. The what's going on look that Liz gave Maria looked exactly like the one that Maria gave back. Maria stifled a giggle, and Michael asked what was so funny.

"Look at them. They jumped apart the minute they saw us. Look at Liz, her face is flushed, and Max looks like he just got caught. We interrupted something here, and it wasn't just talking," Maria whispered.

Michael's face fell, and he frowned at the thought of Max with his sister. He let go of Maria and stomped over to where Max and Liz were still sitting.

"Maxwell, we need to have a talk," he said angrily.

"Michael, what's wrong?"

"Now! Maxwell!"


"Liz, this is between Me and Maxwell, okay?" Michael said, cutting her off.

Liz sighed, and she and Maria watched an angry Michael stomp off, his hand firmly attached to Max's shirt.
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Okay guys. I'm gonna be gone for the weekend, so I won't get anything out. But, I'm gonna try and get two parts out today. Hope ya'll like.



Somewhere down the garden path, Tess and Isabel stopped to look at a garden pond and the waterlilies that were floating on the surface. Kyle and Alex kept walking, and the girls never noticed.

When Tess turned around to say something to them, she was surprised to see they weren't there.

"Isabel, where are the boys at?"

"They were just right-" She cut herself off when she turned around and saw they weren't there.

"Kyle! Alex!" Tess called. No answer.

"Alex! Where are you? Kyle!" Isabel hollered. She felt a slight sense of panic start to sweep over her.

Isabel grabbed Tess's hand. "C'mon, Tess. We are going back the way we came. I don't like this one bit." Isabel was on the verge of tears. She hated being lost. Once, when she was 10, her parents had taken her, Max, Michael, and Liz to an amusement park. They were supposed to stay together, but somehow, she had gotten separated from the group, and she walked around crying for 2 hours until a security guard found her and took her back to where her parents were waiting. Ever since then, she had a fear of getting lost. The fact that she and Tess were in a strange place, alone, late at night, surrounded by trees, shrubs, and flowers of all different sizes didn't sit well with her. It was a very uncomfortable place for two girls to be alone in. She made a mental note to let Kyle and Alex have it when she saw them.

Isabel and Tess froze when they heard a twig snap behind them. They looked at each other, eyes wide with fear, and took off running in the opposite direction without looking back to see what the noise was.

"AAAAGGGH!" Tess and Isabel screamed when they ran into a body. Instinctively, they turned around and ran into someone else.

"AAAGHH!" they screamed again. They both stopped short when they realized their ‘attackers' were doubled over in laughter.

If they had been cartoon characters, you would have seen their faces turn red and smoke coming from their ears. The girls stood poised and ready to with their hands on their hips and fire in their eyes. Kyle and Alex were standing side by side now, laughing so hard that their sides hurt.

Isabel reached down and picked up the first thin she could find. A pinecone the size of a grapefruit. She launched it in Alex's direction, and it hit him just above his ear.

"Oww!" he said, the laughter gone from his voice.

Kyle started laughing even harder before he was cut short by a pinecone of equal size hitting square in the chest.

"Aww! C'mon! We were just messing around!" he said, rubbing the spot on his chest where the pinecone had found its mark.

"Alex Whitman, you are so dead!" Alex's eyes widened as Isabel came after him, and he knew he better run for dear life. He turned around, and saw Isabel hot on his heels.

Kyle thought he heard Tess growl, and he turned to look at her.

"Alex!! Wait for me!" Kyle hollered. He took off running just before Tess reached him.

Kyle easily overtook Isabel, and was running right next to Alex.

Maria and Liz turned just in time to see a terrified looking Kyle and Alex come running at top speed in their direction.

"Hi guys!" Alex said.

"Bye Guys!" said Kyle.

Maria was about to ask what happened when she turned to see a very angry Tess and Isabel come running from the same direction the boys had come from. A slow smile spread across her face.

Liz started to giggle. "They must have really done it!" she said to Maria.

"Yeah, they must have," Maria said. Then she turned and hollered at Isabel and Tess just before they disappeared inside the hotel "You get ‘em girls!"

After watching their friends fly past their eyes, Maria and Liz sat down to talk.

"So, what was that all about?" Liz asked Maria.

"What was what all about?"

"You and my brother, holding hands like you were an item or something."

"Well, let's just say maybe my persistence has paid off," Maria said, with a mischevous smile on her face.

"Maria!" Liz exclaimed. "Tell me what happened.! Don't forget, I saw you two stuck to each others lips when we were back in the room."

"Okay, I'll tell you, but then you tell me what was going on between you and Max Evans."

"Okay Maria. Deal"

"Well, after he kissed me, Michael and I had a little talk. We're gonna see what happens with this thing between us. You know, take it slow. See what comes of it."

Liz knew that Maria was happy. She had a permanent grin glued to her face. It was the grin that none other than Michael could put on her face, and tonight, it was especially bright.

Liz reached out and hugged Maria. "I'm so happy for you! Just think of how much fun it's going to be with you dating my brother!"

Maria hugged Liz back, then gave her a funny look.

"Okay, Liz. Your turn. Spill."

Liz looked sheepishly at Maria. "What?" she asked.

"C'mon Liz! When Michael and I walked up, you and Max were so nervous, I would have thought you were doing something illegal!"

"Okay, okay. Nothing happened, if you must know."

"Why not?!" Maria asked. "You had the perfect opportunity! Haven't I taught you any better than that?"

"Maria! Nothing happened because we were very rudely interrupted!"

Maria inhaled deeply. "You mean, me and Michael-"

"Yes Maria. And I could have killed you!! He was gonna kiss me!"

Maria started laughing at Liz's frustrated expression.

"Maria! It's not funny!"

"Oh, poor baby, I know it's not. I just can't help it. The thought of us interrupting you two. Max must have nearly died of embarrassment!"

Liz and Maria decided to walk to find Max and Michael. They wanted to make sure that Michael was acting rationally, and that Max was still alive.

"What the heck was going on back there?" Michael asked angrily as soon as they got away from the girls.

"Michael, let go of my shirt."

Michael let go of Max's shirt, but the anger was still very much obvious.

"Well?" Michael asked.

"What?" Max asked in return.

"What was going on back there? With you and Liz."

"Nothing, Michael. Nothing okay."

"Well, it didn't look like nothing to me."

"Well it was, Michael. It was nothing. At least it was after we got interrupted."

"Maxwell, what do you think you are doing with here? She's my sister, for goodness sake!"

"Michael, relax. You're having fun with Maria, why can't I have some with Liz?"

Michael realized that Max was right. "But that's different. Liz is my sister. I don't want to see her hurt."

"Michael, it's me you're talking to. Max. Your best friend, remember. I wouldn't hurt Liz. Not only because she's Liz, but because I'd be afraid you'd kick my butt."

Michael smiled. "And don't you forget it," he said. "Look man, If it's anybody, I'm glad it's you. I know you, and I know you'll treat her right, if anything happens between you two."

"Michael, I have always thought about Liz as my sister. You know that. But lately, I realized that I don't think of her as a sister anymore. She's like- well, I mean- How do you think of Maria?"

Michael thought for a minute. "I'm not sure yet. It's all so new. It's kinda like whenever she's around, I get this tingly feeling in my body. Like my body is happy when she's around. I just wanna smile at her, stare at her all day. I mean, I like her. A lot."

"Well, that's the way I feel about Liz. I'm not gonna hurt her, Michael. I care about her. I will make sure that doesn't get hurt."

"Thanks Max. I'm sorry I flew off the handle like that. It's just that she's my sister. I have to watch out for her, you know."

"I know man. It's okay. I forgive you."



"Does this mean I have to hug you now?"

"Ewww! No man! That would so ruin our image!"

Michael and Max were laughing when Maria and Liz found them.

"Everything okay with you two? I mean, everybody in one piece?" Liz asked.

Maria went over to Michael, and he took her hand. Max looked at Liz and smiled. "Yeah," he said. "Everything's fine."

Liz couldn't help but smile back.
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Okay, guys. Here's my second part for tonight, since I will be gone all weekend. This is the revenge part.

Don't you all worry. The part you have all been waiting for (The Max and Liz kiss, of course!) is coming up. It won't be the next part, but I promise you, it's worth waiting for, cause it's already written.

Have fun, see ya'll in a couple of days.



Michael and Max walked Liz and Maria back to their room. Before the girls could even get the door open, a still very angry Isabel threw it open.

"OMG! Where have you guys been?" She said.

"We were out side, why, what's wrong?" Liz said.

"Alex and Kyle are so dead. We can't think of a way to get them back. And now they have locked themselves in their room."

"Isabel, calm down. What did they do?"

"Nothing, except nearly give us heart attacks!" Tess hollered from the back ground. Then she got up and went to the door. Seeing Max and Michael standing there with Maria and Liz, she got a great idea.

"Guys, come in here. I just got a great idea. Michael, Max, we need you too."

Michael and Max looked at each other and shrugged. Max knew better then to talk to back to Isabel when she was angry. And he definitely knew better than to talk back to 2 angry girls at the same time.

"So, What's up?" Michael asked.

"Here's the deal," Tess said shutting the door. She looked at Max and Michael. "Do Kyle and Alex sleep in their boxers?"

Max and Michael looked at each other. "I think so, But I'm not sure."

Tess got an evil smile on her face. "Great."

The next morning, at 7:30 all the bags except for Alex's and Kyle's were packed in the cars. Their two bags were sitting on the ground, next to Max's jeep. Tess and Isabel went back into the hotel and used the elevator to go to the boys room.

"Ready?" Tess asked.


Tess took out her cell phone and dialed the number to the boy's hotel room.

"Hello?" Alex answered groggily.

"Alex! Where are you? Get up! There's fire! You have to get out! Hurry!"

Isabel took a whistle out of her pocket and blew it, and started banging on the boys door.

"Alex! Everyones evacuating! Get out now! Hurry up! Meet us downstairs."

Tess hung up the phone

Alex was suddenly wide awake.

"Kyle! Kyle! Wake up! There's a fire! We have to get out!"

Kyle jumped up out of bed and started to look around for his pants. He couldn't find them anywhere. Alex couldn't find his either, so he tried to look for his bag. He looked for the room key, and it was gone too. In his haste, he thought he must have stuck them somewhere last night, and he just didn't remember where..

Knock, knock, knock! "Fire! Evacuate! Use the stairs!" Isabel said, disguising her voice to sound like a man.
Then she and Tess got in the elevator.

"C'mon, man, we gotta go!" Kyle said.

"But, I can't find my pants!"

"Me neither. But it's 7:00 in the morning. Everyone is going to be in pajamas. Come on, before we get stuck up here!"

Kyle threw open the door, and he and Alex took off running towards the elevator.

"No!" Kyle said. "The stairs! The man said to use the stairs."

Kyle and Alex ran to the stair exit and started to run the 3 flights down. Kyle thought it was odd that noone else was running, but he thought maybe they had slept so late, that everyone else was already out. After all, Tess and the others were downstairs already.

When they got to the bottom of the stairs, Kyle threw open the lobby door, and ran out, Alex right behind them. In the middle of the lobby, Kyle stopped short, and his face turned blood red.
There they were, in the middle of the hotel lobby, clad in nothing but Boxer's. He didn't even have boxers on. He realized he had slept in nothing but his briefs, and ran out without putting any pants on. Alex looked around, and felt the color creeping onto his face. Not only was there no fire, but every single person in the hotel lobby was fully dressed, and staring open mouthed at him and Kyle.

"Oh boys!" Isabel said, giggling.

Kyle and Alex turned around.


Isabel snapped a picture.

"OH, no they didn't!" Kyle said.

Just as Isabel and Tess took off running, Kyle and Alex ran after them. Kyle bumped into an elderly old lady, and she hit him over the head with her purse.

"You pervert!" she said.

"Oww!" Kyle said, holding up his arms to defend himself. He looked over on one of the hotel tables and grabbed two magazines. He held one in front of himself, and one in the back. Then he continued running after Tess and Isabel.

When Tess and Isabel ran out the front door of the hotel, they were laughing hysterically. Then ran over to the cars, and waited. When the doors opened again, out came Alex and Kyle, Alex in boxers, and Kyle in underwear and magazines.

Everyone lost it.

Kyle and Alex ran to the cars, and stopped when they saw everyone laughing at them.

"Awww man! Where's our clothes?" Alex said.

"Hmmm . . .I'm not sure," Isabel said, then she looked at Tess. "You seen ‘em?"

"Nope," Tess managed to say.

Kyle and Alex were standing in the parking lot, hopping up and down, begging for their clothes.

A car full of teenage girls drove by and honked at them. "Hey Baby!" one of the girls hollered.

That made everyone else laugh even harder. Isabel was laughing so hard that she was crying.

By this time, Kyle and Alex were beet-red from embarrassment.

"C'mon, you guys, Please!" Kyle said.

Noone said anything, just kept on laughing.

"Okay, you got us back, now please give us our clothes!" Alex whined. He looked like he was about to cry, so Isabel took pity on him.

She stopped laughing long enough to talk to him.

"Okay. Say ‘I will never scare Tess and Isabel again'" she said.

Kyle and Alex looked at each other, but neither one said anything.

"Fine. I guess you guys can travel in that." Isabel turned around the get in the car, but Alex spoke up.

"Okay, fine, fine , I'll say it. ‘I will never scare Tess and Isabel again.'"

Isabel looked at Kyle. When Kyle didn't say anything, Alex reached over and punched him.

"Fine. ‘I will never scare Tess and Isabel again.'. You happy?"

"Very!" Tess said smugly.

Max handed Tess and Isabel Alex and Michael's bags, and the whole group started laughing as they watched Kyle and Alex run back into the hotel.

"Man!" Michael said to Maria, Max, and Liz, all 4 of whom were grabbing onto the side of the car for support. "Remind me never to mess with Tess and Isabel."

The others silently agreed.
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Sorry this is so short. I am extremely busy today, but I wanted to post something. This is sort of a hint of what the next couple chapters will be about. And all you dreamers, just hang tight. The Max and Liz part you have all been waiting for is on the way! And you WON'T be sorry!!




Three hours later the group was back on the road again. They had decided to put all the girls back in Liz's car, and the guys back in Max's jeep. Tess and Isabel were still gloating over getting back at Kyle and Alex. Kyle and Alex were still brooding about being caught with their pants down.

"I have never laughed so hard in my life!" Liz said to the others.

"Yeah, well, they deserved it. I nearly died of fright when they jumped out at us like that. Hmmmph. Teach them to mess with us again," Tess said.

"It couldn't have been that bad," Liz said.

"Liz," said Maria. "You're talking to someone who had nightmares after watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."

Isabel snickered at Tess.

"Hey!" Tess said, in an effort to defend herself. "I can't help it if little orange men freak me out!"

"Okay, how about we change the conversation," Maria said. "Any ideas?"

"Yeah, I've got one," Isabel said. "How about Michael?"

"Oooh! My favorite subject," Maria said, a sly smile playing across her lips.

"Yeah, well, are you gonna tell us, or make us beg?" Isabel asked.

"Begging would be nice," Maria told her.


"Okay, okay, what do you want to know?"

"Everything, of course!" Tess said.

"Like what?"

"Like what happened after we left the room," Tess said.

"Well, after you left we had a little talk. After all the mushy stuff, of course," Maria said with a giggle.

"So, tell em what you told me about," Liz said.

"Liz! Shh! It's my story. I'll tell it."

Maria turned around from the passenger seat and looked at Tess and Isabel. She pushed her sunglasses down her nose and looked at the girls over the top of the rhinestones.

"So, ya'll wanna hear what we talked about?"

"Duh!" said Tess.

"Well, we talked about us."

Isabel raise and eyebrow. "So, you and Michael are an ‘us' now?"

"Yep, at least for a while. We're gonna see how it goes."

"Maria's got a boyfriend, Maria's got a boyfriend," Tess said.

"Oh, that's cute Tess. Wanna pull on my pigtails too?" Maria said, somewhat embarrassed.

"Why Maria Deluca," Liz said, "I do believe you're blushing."

"Well, maybe I am," Maria said. "Love makes you do funny things."

"You know," Kyle said. "We have been on the road for what, like three days now? We really need some more food. I was gonna make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast, but guess what, there's no more peanut butter, and there's no more jelly. I had to settle for a ghetto jam sandwich."

"A ghetto jam sandwich?" Michael questioned.

"Yeah. Two pieces of white bread JAMMED together."

Max started laughing at Kyle. "Is that all you ever think about Kyle, food?"

"No it's not, Max," Kyle said. After thinking for a moment, he said "Sometimes I think about Tess Harding."

"Hah! Valenti's got the hots for Tess!" Alex said.

"Hey! I didn't say that. I just said I think about her sometimes. I don't have the hots for her."

"Yeah right. And I don't have the hots for Isabel."

"Alex-" Max started.

"Huh uh- Evans. Don't say a word. It's just like you and my sister. Give the guy a chance," Michael said.

Alex raised up to speak to Max. "Wait a minute. Something happen between you and Liz? Are you holding out on us?"

"No, nothing happened. Because Michael has impeccable timing. Couldn't have been worse."

"Wait a minute," Kyle said. "So, Michael already jumped Maria, Max almost made a move on Liz, Isabel is in love with Isabel, and I wanna be more than friends with Tess. This roadtrip could be very beneficial to us all."

"Hah!! So you admit it. You do have the hots for Tess," Alex exclaimed.

"Alex, if you tease me about this, I will personally make sure Isabel hates your guts."

"Fine, fine, I'll be quiet. But you know, why did we wait so long? I mean we have known these girls all our lives. Why did we wait until now to notice them?" Alex asked.

"Because," Max said. "We're idiots.

"Speak for yourself! Hey, guys, where are we anyway?" Michael asked.

"We are in Arkansas. The sign said it was ‘The Land of Opportunity," Max answered.

"That it is, guys," Kyle said. "And I am taking personally making sure that we take advantage of the ‘opportunity'."

"What are you talking about Kyle," Michael asked.

"Let's just say that I know what I want. And I am going to get her," Kyle said.

"Yeah, I think you forgot one little detail. She is kinda ill with you at the moment. You know, you did almost give her and Isabel a heart attack," Max answered.

"Yeah, well, Ill make her forget about that soon enough," Kyle remarked.

"And how do you plan to do that?" Michael asked.

"Easy. When I turn on that famous Valenti charm, no girl can resist."

Michael looked at Max and rolled his eyes. "I have a feeling that this roadtrip is about to get very interesting!"
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As soon as they ended up on the back country roads, Max kept his eye out for a place to stop and eat. They were all hungry and needed to get out and stretch their legs. Besides, he was afraid of what would happen if he deprived Kyle of food for much longer. Max spotted a small diner on the side of the road. The sign simply said "Mom and Pop's". Max thought it looked like something right out of an old 50's movie, but it looked kinda cool. He pulled off the road and parked.

"Oh! How cute is this place!" Tess exclaimed.

"This is so cool!" Isabel remarked.

As soon as they walked in, Isabel and Tess headed to the bathroom. Liz and Maria went in and sat down on opposite sides of the same booth. When Michael and Max walked in, Michael looked around and saw Maria and Liz sitting at the booth.

"Maxwell, my man, this is our lucky day," he said, motioning for Max to follow him.

Halfway to the booth, Michael turned around and put his hand on Max's shoulder. "Just remember," he whispered. "You get something started with Liz, fine. But don't forget that I know where you live."

Max smiled. "Take a chill pill, Michael."

Michael slid into the booth next to Maria. Maria looked at him and smiled. "Hey good lookin'," she said. Michael leaned over and kissed Maria on the cheek, surprising them both. He hadn't intended to do that, and she hadn't expected it.

Max sat down next to Liz. "Hey," he said.

"Hey Max," she said. She looked at him and turned away shyly. They hadn't really talked since the night before at the hotel when they had been interrupted. Both of them had thought about what didn't happen every spare minute. They were both extremely embarrased and nervous around each other, but deep down, each one of them couldn't wait until they were alone to see what would happen.

Tess and Isabel walked out and groaned when they saw the only two empty seats were next to Alex and Kyle.

"Great, Tweedledee and Tweedledum. This should be an interesting meal," Isabel said, as she and Tess stopped to look at an old fashioned jukebox sitting in the corner.

"Aww, c'mon, they're not that bad. Kyle's kinda cute, actually," Tess told her friend. She turned around to look at Kyle, and he was smiling right at her. She batted her eyelashes and smiled flirtatiously and waved at him.

"Tess, are you serious? Or are you just leading the poor boy on?"

"I'd kinda like to get to know him, I guess. But right now I'm just kinda checking him out. Seeing what he's all about. Testing the waters, so to speak."

"Well, let's go eat. I am starved."

After they were done eating, Max, Alex, and Kyle went outside to play some football. They wanted to take advantage of the nice weather, and they were all itching to let out some energy. Michael stayed inside to order his second helping of desert. The girls stayed inside too, not wanting to go out and ‘play' with the boys. Tess and Isabel moved to the booth with Michael, Liz, and Maria, and Liz took a chair at the end of the table.

"So, ya'll see that sign for that ghost town that's supposed to be on up the road?" Michael asked.

"What sign?" Liz asked.

"It said something like ‘Ghost Town ahead, Twin Hollow, or something. Said it's been there since like 1850 or something."

"Actually, it's 1867. Been here all my life, never been near the place. That's 57 years. The town has been abandoned since the early 1900's. But I'm a big scaredy cat. All the weird stories I heard about that place kept me away.," the waitress said, setting down another hot fudge sundae in front of Michael. She turned around and walked away.

"So, ya'll wanna go see it?" Michael asked.

"We are not going to some so-called ghost town just to see some abandoned buildings.."

"Maria," Michael said, "We wouldn't be looking for buildings. We would be looking for the ghosts, of course."

"Michael, tell me you do not really believe in ghosts," Maria said, shaking her head.

"I do. I have friends who know people who have seen ghosts. I absoulutely positively do believe in ghosts."

Maria gave Michael a funny look, then turned to get the other girls reactions. She looked from Tess, to Isabel, to Liz, and none of them said anything. They just grinned at her. Watching Michael and Maria argue was the best free entertainment around. Maria sighed when she couldn't get a reaction out of them, so she turned back to Michael.

"Ha! You believe in ghosts. I suppose next you're gonna tell me there are aliens in New Mexico?" she said.

"Yep, sure are," he said. "Landed in Roswell in 1947."

"Yeah, sure Spaceboy, and I am the heir to the Microsoft fortune."

"Fine if you don't believe me, we'll just go to the ghost town and see."

"No we will not."

"Yes we will."

"We won't."

"Maria, I am the man. I say we go, so we go."

Maria reached out and slapped the back of Michael's neck, causing him to yelp out. Liz, Isabel, and Tess erupted into laughter. Michael shot them a dirty look, and they all three stopped laughing, but couldn't stop snickering under their breath. He looked back at Maria, and she was seething.

"I know you did not just break out that Macho battle of the sexes stuff on me," she said.

"Well, I can't help it if we ARE the stronger sex."

Maria raised her hand and prepared to strike. "Michael Guerin Parker, you take that back right now!" she said in a demanding voice.

"Not a chance," he said, grabbing Maria's wrist to prevent her from hitting him again.

Maria tried to wrestle free, but couldn't. "Fine. We'll settle this right now. We'll play for it. If You win, you walk to every table in this diner and tell people your name and that you think women are the stronger sex. And we stay away from that abandoned tourist trap they call a ghost town."

"Fine. But if I win, you do the same thing, telling them you think women are the weaker sex, and we go to the ghost town."


Michael released Maria's hand. "What do we play? Like cards or something?"

"No. Spoons."

Michael looked at Liz when she snickered.

"What in the world is spoons?" Michael asked.

"It's easy," Maria said, picking up a spoon off the table. " You take the handle of the spoon, and hold in your teeth. Then, I lean down and you hit me on the head with it as hard as you can, just using your mouth. Then it's my turn. First one to give up when their head hurts loses."

Michael laughed. This was going to be so easy. He knew that it was impossible to hit someone that hard with just a spoon in your mouth. But he was an athletic guy. He was sure he could get Maria to give up first. "Fine, your'e on."

"Okay, you trade places with Isabel, so we can sit across from each other. Liz will help you, Isabel will help me."

Michael got up from the table to trade places with Isabel. He never saw Isabel slip a spoon into Liz's hand. He sat down across from Maria, and Liz went to stand behind him. Isabel stood behind Maria. Liz put her hands on Michael shoulders and started to massage them. Isabel did the same for Maria. Maria told Michael he could go first. She gave him a spoon, and he took it in his mouth. Maria leaned her head down.

"C'mon Michael, you can do it!" Liz said.

Michael leaned over Maria's head and hit her as hard as he could. He was suprised then the spoon gave, and he was unable to hit her very hard. It just confirmed his suspicions, though that she wouldn't be able to hit him hard at all.

"That was good, Michael," Maria said. "But now, it's my turn."

Michael put his head down, and Maria stood up so she could reach across the table. "Here goes, she said, placing the spoon in her mouth. She reached over to the back of Michael's head, and acted like she was going to hit him with the spoon in her mouth. Instead, Liz pulled the spoon from behind her and popped Michael on the back of the head with it. Hard. Maria sat back down.

"Oww! That hurt!" Michael said. "Okay, you're getting it this time." Maria put her head down and reached over the hit Maria again. When he did, he was sure he had hit her harder. She just smiled.

"My turn again. Head down, Spaceboy," she said. Maria reached up to hit him, and again Liz pulled out the hidden spoon and popped him with it. Michael looked up at Maria, his brow furrowed in concentration. He went again. Still, he couldn't seem to hit her as hard as she was hitting him. He did not want to lost this. He let her go again. After she went, his head was beginning to hurt. After 24rounds of Michael hitting Maria, and what Michael thought was Maria hitting him, he couldn't take it anymore. His head was throbbing. He was forced to give up. Maria smiled at him smugly.

"You know what to do," she said.

Michael groaned and got up from the booth. He was glad the other guys were outside and wouldn't see him.

"Wait!" Maria said. Michael stopped, thinking Maria was going to save him. Instead, she walked outside and called Max, Kyle, and Alex in. "There is something I want you guys to see," she said.

Michael felt like he was going to choke. Not only did he dread what he was about to do, but now the other guys would be able to tease him about it. He walked over to the first table, which was full of teenage girls. "Hi," he said. "My name is Michael. And I would just like to say that I think women are the stronger sex." The girls erupted into laughter, and Michael turned beet red. He walked to the next table and told the couple that was sitting there the same thing. The woman laughed at him, and the man just sat there. The next table had for construction workers sitting at it. When he told the, they all looked at him and cracked up. "Yeah, sure pansy pants," one of them said. Michael was sure that the color of his face was giving the coca-cola can on their table some rival competition. He sneaked a look over to his friends, and immediately wished he hadn't. All of them were doubled over in laughter.

Thirteen tables, five hours, and countless jokes later, the two vehicles pulled into the hotel where they would stay for the night. And Michael was still being teased by Alex, Max, and Kyle. Not only because of what he had been forced to say, but also because Maria had gotten the better of him.

As he climbed out of the car, Michael sighed. Surely, he would get some sleep tonight. After the day he'd had, he definitely needed some rest.
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Howdy guys!

First off, thanks for all the wonderful feedback. It makes my day to see you guys enjoying my story. I am glad to hear it makes ya'll laugh. It didn't start out as being a funny story, but it just ended up that way. It's how me and my friends are, there is never a dull moment when we are all together.

Just wanted to say I'm shooting for today for the next part. work is extremely busy, and I am soo tired. But I wanna keep you guys reading, so I am going to try really hard to get the next part out today.

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Later on that night, Liz woke up and found herself unable to get back to sleep. She turned over to ask Maria if she wanted to go for a walk, but found Maria was already gone. She smiled slightly, knowing that if she checked the boys room, a certain hard-headed male subject would also be missing in action. She never thought she'd see the day when her brother would go weak in the knees at the thought of a girl. But lately, she had seen it happen more than once in the same day. He hadn't even gotten mad at her yesterday for what she made him do at the diner. She had done it. Maria had broken down Michael's bad attitude and had won him over. But that didn't really surprise her. Maria had a way of talking herself into just about anything. Granted, she had been trying to talk herself into the world of Michael Parker, but at least she had done it.

As she got dressed, Liz silently berated herself. If she had been as bold as Maria, she would be right where she wanted with Max. She would have taken advantage of the moment the other night, and kissed him, regardless of who was watching. Oh well. There was still a whole summer to go. She would still have her chance.

Liz was leaving the room, and was surprised to see Tess gone too. She wondered if Tess was out by herself. As she left the room, Liz couldn't decide where to go. She finally decided to go the pool, which was open 24 hours as long as you were over 16. She was fully dressed, but just wanted to go and sit. She stopped by the little shop in hotel and bought a magazine, and headed for the pool. As she rounded the corner, Liz was surprised to hear splashing. She frowned, hoping that she was going to be alone. But when the pool came into view, her frown quickly changed into something much more pleasant.

Max Evans was swimming laps in hotel pool. Sure, she couldn't see his eyes, but she could see his face whenever it came up out of the water. She could see the muscles in him arm contracting everytime he moved them. She found herself standing next to the pool watching, with a very noticeable smile on her face.

At that moment, Max stopped swimming and popped his head up over the water. He had felt like someone was watching him and he was right.

"Hey," he said. A slight smile formed on his lips. It was good to know that Liz had been watching him. He smiled even wider when he saw her blush.

"Hey," she said, a bit embarassed at being caught. Her face turned blood red.

"Kyle Valenti! What are you doing??"

Kyle whirled around and put his finger to his lips. "Tess, hush up!" He motioned for Tess to come closer, and she looked throught the bushes that he was standing behind.

"I knew she liked him! Me and Isabel figured as much. Wou" Tess said.

"Yeah, well, it's no secret with the guys. Max spilled the beans about him having the hots for Liz."

"When did he-"

Tess was silenced by a hand covering her mouth. "Now if you wanna stay, you have to promise to be quiet. But if you wanna talk, you have to leave." Kyle took his hand off of Tess's mouth.

"Of course I wanna stay, Me and Isabel have been waiting for this like forever."

"Fine. Watch and Listen."

"So, you wanna go for a swim?" Max asked.

"I don't think so. I only came down here to read." Liz held up her magazine to make her point. She was wondering if she was able to hide the nervousness in her voice.

"Please. It's always more fun with a friend," Max pleaded.

"No. I don't want to," Liz replied.

"And Max Evans steps to the plate and swings. Strike One!" Kyle whispered.

Tess rolled her eyes. Great. Just what she needed. Kyle witty comments. These could ruin a very romantic moment.

"Well then. How about I come out and we can umm . . sit and talk?" Max asked.

"No." Liz wasn't sure she could handle herself if she saw Max come out of that water with only his swimming trunks on.

"It'll be fun. Maybe we'll take a walk or something."

"No, Max. I'll go you stay. You're not even dressed to walk around."

"He swings and he misses again!!" Kyle whispered.

Tess rolled her eyes again. "Do you have to do that?"

Kyle shrugged his shoulders. "I like it when you get mad."

"Fine then. I'll go to my room and get dressed. Then we can take walk. Go get some coffee or something."

"No, Max. I'm going. You stay." Liz tunred to walk away.

"And he strikes out!" Kyle said.

Tess narrowed her eyes and looked at him. "Now I know where they took all the boys when they took the girls out to learn how to be sensitive and caring."


"They took you to the gym to teach you how to apply sports metaphors to everyday life."

"Ha ha, Harding. That's funny. Did I ever tell you how cute you are when you get frustrated like that?"

"Shut up Kyle."

Kyle snickered. He was so close to girl of his dreams now, that he could smell her hair. But she was kinda upset with him at the moment. He was sure gonna have his work cut out with this one.

"Wait! Liz, before you go, can you at least hand me my towel?"

Liz stopped and looked at Max for a moment, contemplating whether to help him out or turn and run before she was unable to.

"Please, Liz?"

Liz looked in his eyes and found herself getting lost in them. She shook her head and put her magazine down, hurrying over the chair where Max had thrown his towel. She picked it up and walked over to the side of the pool, and handed it to Max. She gasped when he grabbed her wrist.

"Oh and Liz?" he said, a wicked smile appearing on his lips.

"Yeah?" she asked her eyes wide.

"It's payback time." With that, Max Evans pulled Liz Parker into the swimming pool. Clothes and all. In a few seconds, her head broke the surface of the water, and a smile broke out on her face.

Kyle and Tess caught their breath waiting to see what would happen when Liz broke the surface. They both sighed when she smiled.

"That's it Liz! Take one for the team!" Tess whispered.

Kyle looked at Tess. "Ah-hah." he said.

Tess shrugged her shoulders. "What? I can't help it if it's contagious."

And with that, Kyle couldn't stand it any longer. He grabbed Tess by the shoulders, turned her around, and kissed her on the lips. And finally, Tess Harding fell for that famous Valenti charm.

"Oh, Max. You are so gonna get it."

Liz lunged for Max, but he jumped out of the way. She lunged again, and just missed him by an inch. They were both laughing now, and fighting like little kids. She lunged for him once again, but this time, he went under her and came up behind her, grabbing her around her waist. She tried to twist free, but was unable to do so. She instead found herself twisted to face him. Both of them were laughing, but after a few seconds, the laughter died down. All they could do was stare at each other. Liz couldn't help but think how good Max looked with his hair all wet and uncombed. Max couldn't help but think how beautiful Liz was. And he had her in his arms, with no interruptions in sight.

Liz felt her heart speed up. She felt Max's breathing get heavier. Max reached his hand up out of the water and brushed a piece of hair from her cheek. He felt he shiver, and instinctively pulled her closer to him. He wanted to kiss her so bad, but he didn't want to scare her. He searched her eyes, and found them swimming with emotion. He felt her arms go around his neck, and he needed no other encouragement. He brought his lips down to hers, and did what he had wanted to do for the past two days. He kissed his best friends sister. And it was nothing like he expected it to be.

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Glad ya'll liked the last part. I knew I better get Max and Liz together soon, or you guys were gonna get too ansy!! Hello to the new readers. Glad to hear you like my story. Never got to take a roadtrip of my own, so I'll live out my dream trip through this fic. Enjoy!




Max had thought that kissing Liz would make his heart beat a little faster, but he was way off target. It made his heart start beat at a pace that he was sure had to be measured on an entirely different scale. Kissing Liz was nothing near what he expected it to be. It was so much more. He had kissed a few girls before, but how come none of their kisses had been like this? How come he never realized what was missing until now? He berated himself for the umpteenth time in the past two days about why he had never noticed Liz before. But now he had, and he felt like he never wanted to let her go.

Liz felt like she had never felt before. Max was kissing her, and she felt like she was flying, and wished she never had to come down. She could feel his lips on hers, softly and tenderly, and thought she surely would have fainted from the sheer ecstasy of his kiss had it not been for his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. She had waited so long for Max to see her as more than a friend, and now here he was, kissing her. She was aware of so many sensations in her body that she had never felt before. Aware of so many parts of her that she hadn't even known could feel. It felt like she was tingling from her head to her toe, and it was all because of Max.

When Max and Liz finally pulled away, he leaned his forehead against hers and closed his eyes. The air around them was sizzling with an electricity that all but sparkled.

"You have no idea how long I have waited for that," Liz whispered.

Max opened his eyes. She had liked him for a long time? How come he had never noticed? He smiled at her, and kissed her softly again. "So, it's kinda late. Maybe we should go."

"Yeah, maybe we should." Liz reluctantly let go of Max and swam to the ladder, climbing out of the pool. Max followed her out. She stood on the side of the pool, shivering.

"Oh, wait one second," Max said. He ran around the corner and was back in a few seconds, with a towel around his shoulders. He had a second on in his hands, an oversized beach towel, and wrapped it around Liz's shoulders.

"Thanks," she said, smiling shyly at him. She couldn't stop shivering, but she couldn't figure out if it was because she was cold, or because she was so close to Max.

"C'mon," he said, putting his arm around her. "Let's get you to your room before you get sick," Max said. Liz leaned against his shoulder, and let him lead her away from the pool.

Tess was so surprised that she didn't know what to do. Sure, she liked Kyle, but was she ready for this? When she felt her body start to tingle, she put her hands on his face, and kissed him back. Who cared if she was ready or not? If his kissed could make her feel so alive, then she was willing to take a chance.

Kyle's mind was racing a mile a minute. What in the heck was he doing? One minute, he was watching Tess, and the next minute he was kissing her. It was like his body acted without asking him first. He hadn't thought. But who cares. Kissing Tess was everything he had dreamed of. It's like one of those kisses where everything disappears except for the two people involved. And he just hoped he wouldn't get slapped for it afterwards.

"Hhmm hmmm."

Tess and Kyle jumped apart, at the sound of someone clearing their throat. They looked up into the faces of a very amused Liz and Max.

"So, how long have you two been lip wrestling back here?" Max asked. Liz giggled at Tess's flustered expression.

"Not long. We were just watching you guys." With that remark, Tess's hand flew to her mouth and Kyle's head spun around to stare at her, his mouth open wide.

Max and Liz looked at each other, partly amused, partly embarrassed, but both of them to happy to care.

"Way to go, Tess," Kyle thought.

"Sorry! I can't help it if my foot likes to live in my mouth sometimes," she said.

"Yeah. Remind me of that before I ever kiss you again."

"Yeah, well maybe you should warn me next time."

"Oh, so you want there to be a next time."

"Hey- you are the one who said to remind before it happens again."



"Shutup." Kyle grabbed Tess again, and kissed her. It was deep and passionate, and long.Then he got up and walked away, leaving a breathless, shocked Tess Harding staring after him.

When they got to the girls room, Max turned to Liz and pulled her close to him. She rested her head in the crook of his neck, and sighed. Finally, Max pulled her away from him. He looked into her eyes, and felt himself go weak in the knees. Man, she was beautiful!

"Good night, Liz," Max said.

"Goodnight, Max," Then she reached up and kissed Max on the cheek.

She turned to open the door, and had her hand on the doorknob when Max grabbed her by the shoulders. He put his hands on her cheeks, and pulled her mouth to meet his. He kissed her, and felt her go limp in his arms. Pleased with the effect his kiss had on her, Max let her go.

"That," he said opening the door for her, " was a goodnight kiss."

Liz shut the door behind her and put her head against the back of it. She sighed, and headed for bed.

Tess was watching Kyle walk away from her, and didn't know whether to scream or cry. Suddenly, she wanted to hit him. She got up, fuming, and ran after him. What was the meaning of that? One minute they were kissing, then they were talking, then kissing again, and now he just walks away? He was not going to get away with that.

"Kyle Valenti, noone walks away from me like that!" Tess said when she caught him.

"Oh yeah, how come?" Kyle asked, one eyebrow raised in curiousity. She really was cute when she was mad.

Tess had her hands on her hips, and was ready to attack Kyle. She didn't know what to say, so she did the only thing that she could think of. She grabbed Kyle and kissed him like he had never been kissed before. He was so surprised, he was frozen. He had expected her to be mad, not to kiss him.

Tess let go of Kyle, and took her lips from his. Then, so close to his face that their lips were almost still touching, she whispered in a low voice, "Because, I'll do the walking away!"

This time, It was Kyle who was left staring after Tess.
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When Liz woke up in the morning, it was around 6:00 and she saw that Tess had just crawled out of bed herself. She waited for Tess to get out of the shower before she climbed in herself. When she gout out of the shower, she stepped to the large mirror in the back of the room to finish getting ready. She was humming to herself and couldn't keep a smile off of her face. When Tess came to stand next to her, she noticed that Tess had the same goofy grin on her face.

"What are you so happy about?" Liz whispered, careful not to wake up Maria and Isabel.

"Same reason you're so happy, I suppose," Tess said.

"You mean, you kissed Max too?" Liz asked, giggling.

Tess started laughing and covered her mouth. She snuck a look at Maria and Isabel to make sure she hadn't woken them up. She and Liz caught their breath when Maria turned over and muttered something in her sleep. They definitely did not want to wake Maria up. If you woke Maria up too early, she came up swinging. And 6:30 am was too early.

"We better be quiet, or we'll have to face the wrath of Hurricane Deluca," Tess whispered.

"Yeah, and we don't want to interrupt Isabel's beauty sleep either," Liz said.

"Hey, let's go get Kyle and Max and make them take us to breakfast. I saw a little café around the corner. Looked pretty cool," Tess said.

"Okay, but how we gonna get em without waking up Michael and Alex?" Liz asked.

Tess held up a key and dangled it in front of Liz.

"Tess! Did you steal that?"

"No! Kyle dropped it last night, so I picked it up. Thought it might come in handy sometime. Looks like I was right," she said, a smile creeping onto her lips.

Ten minutes later, Tess and Liz were standing outside the boys room. Tess used the key and opened the door quietly. They walked into the room, trying to figure out which bodies belonged to Kyle and Max. They looked at each other and shrugged, and headed for the first body they saw. Sprawled underneath a blanket on the pull-out couch bed. Tess lifted the cover carefully, and almost cracked up when she saw Alex underneath. His arms were wrapped tightly around his pillow, and his mouth was wide open. As she dropped the blanket, Alex turned over and hugged the pillow tighter.

"Mmm, Isabel, I mmm . ." Alex mumbled, tossing on the bed.

Liz and Tess looked at each other and would have burst out in laughter, and would have, but they both froze when an arm came around each of their heads and clamped around their mouths.

"Now, what do we have here? I know you girls aren't spying on us are you?"

Liz and Tess tried to squirm free, but the arms that were around them held their heads firmly in place. Finally, at the same time, Liz and Tess elbowed whoever it was holding them hostage. They heard a grunt as they turned to see Max doubled over holding his side. Or sides, rather.

"Max! What are you doing!?" Liz whispered loudly. You scared me half to death.

Tess looked at Liz. "Is everyone out to scare the daylights out of me or what?"

"Hey!" Max whispered, "you two are the ones who snuck in here. What are you doing anyway?"

"We were coming to see if you and Kyle wanted to take us to breakfast," Lis asked, a slight frown on her face. She was worried that Max was really hurt.

"Yeah, sure, just give me a few minutes to finish getting dressed. And wake him up," Max said, pointing to Kyle. He winked at Liz, then headed off to the bathroom to finish getting ready.

Tess and Liz walked over to where Max pointed to make sure it was Kyle. When they were sure it was, Tess leaned down close to his ear.

"Kyyyle," Tess whispered. Kyle muttered and turned over. Liz and Tess giggled.

"Kyyyyle," she said again, "Time to get up."

"Mmmm. . .Just 5 more minutes, mom. 5 More," Kyle said, in his sleep. Liz and Tess started laughing, and Tess put her finger to her lips to signal to Liz to be quiet.

"But Kyle, your midterm is today," Tess barely said before she started giggling again.

Kyle shot straight up in bed. "I didn't study!" he said. When he saw Liz and Tess standing in front of him, he was disoriented for a second. He couldn't tell where he was at, or when he was at. He could have sworn his mother was waking up, but his mother was nowhere around. He narrowed his eyes at Liz and Tess when he finally realized what happened.

"You two are not funny!" Kyle said.

"Shut up, Valenti, some people are trying to sleep," Michael said without moving his body.

Tess threw a pillow at Kyle. "Get out of bed, you and Max are taking me and Liz to breakfast. We'll be waiting outside."

"What? Who said?" Kyle asked.

Liz looked at Kyle over her shoulder on her way out the door. "Are you hungry or not?"

Kyle threw up his arms. "Fine. I'll be out in a minute."

When Kyle walked outside and saw Liz, Max, and Tess waiting for her.

Max looked at his watch. "Bout time, pretty boy," Max said as they started to walk towards the corner. "You're worse than a girl. I thought we were gonna starve to death!"

Kyle grabbed Max and pinched his cheeks. "Yeah, well, we can't all be as adorable as you are, Evans," he said before running ahead.

"That's nasty man, take that back," Max said, running after him.

"How old are they again?" Tess asked.

"I thought they were 17," Liz responded.

"And I have always told you that you and thinking can be dangerous," a male voice said from behind.

Liz and Tess turned around to see Michael with his arm around Maria, and Isabel and Alex following behind.

"Hey! You guys are up!" Liz said.

"Yeah, not by choice," Maria said, crossing her arms.

"Kyle woke us up, and we called these two to wake them up," Michael paused and looked at Maria. "It was practically an act of Congress to get this one up," he said.

"Did you get hit? Cuz' this early in the morning she comes up with a vengeance," Tess said.

"No. We called. I figured it was safer that way," Alex said.

Maria lifted her leg to kick him, and Alex nearly dodged her.

Isabel started laughing, and Alex gave her a funny look.

"What?" she said.


After the boys treated the girls to breakfast, everyone went back to their rooms to get their things packed.

"Umm, guys, you all wanna switch again?" Maria asked when everyone was outside.

The group voiced their agreement and everyone decided who would ride with who. It was decided that Liz, Max, Maria, and Michael would go in Liz's car and the other four would take Max's Jeep.

"Alright, Whitman," Max said. "Just remember, I am bigger than you. Treat Bob with some respect. He's special."

"Bob?" Alex asked.

"The Jeep, Alex," Max said.

"You named your Jeep Bob?"

"Shh, you'll hurt his feelings."

Alex turned around and looked at Isabel.

"Don't ask me. When we were little, I used to tell everyone he was adopted."

Everyone climbed into their cars, and started on the way.

As Liz drove out, she caught Maria's eye in the rearview mirror and winked. They had talked about it earlier. How the whole group was dividing into 4 couples. Yep, Maria was right. This roadtrip was definitely going to change some lives.


What happens when you combine a game of Truth or Dare, a trendy nightclub, and a talent show?

Wait for the next Chapter of Where the Road Leads to find out! *big**wink**big**wink*
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Guys, hey to all the new readers! I want to respond to all the FB, and I will, but I am work, and I figured I better go ahead and get this out. Here ya go!



By 7:30 that night, everyone was already settled into their hotel rooms. It had rained all day long, and everyone had been cranky and uncomfortable all day. They decided to go ahead and stop for the night. Noone could sleep, so they once again found themselves all in the same room. Maria suggested a game of Truth or Dare, and the boys protested. They argued that it was a ‘girlie' game and that guys don't play it. Being Maria, she knew exactly which buttons to push. She accused them of being insecure in their manhood and too chicken to play with. Needless to say, in a few seconds, the boys had agreed not only to play the game, but to go first.

Maria smiled smugly at them. "Truth or Dare?"

"Truth," Michael said.

The girls whispered into each others ears. Now was their chance go find out whatever they wanted about the boys they had known all their lives.

"How old you were when you had your first kiss

The boys groaned, and tried to think of a way out of answering the question. When they realized they couldn't, Kyle decided to answer first.

"I was 13, and it was with Pam Troy."

Tess immediately felt a little bubbling in her stomach. She didn't know why the thought of Kyle kissing Pam made her feel so weird. Pam was kind of like a doorknob. Everybody had a turn. She was sure that at least half of the boys at school had been with her. She wanted to know if kiss was all they did, but she was too chicken to ask. She looked at Michael, who was next to Kyle and waited for his answer.

Michael rolled his eyes. "I was 12. And it was with Pam Troy."

The girls snickered. Man! That girl really did get around!

The girls looked at Max, who was staring at his feet, and blushing right down to the tips of his ears. "C'mon Max. We ain't getting any younger," Maria said. Liz was holding her breath, anxious to see what he was going to say.

Max let out a long sigh. "I was 13."

"And. . ." Maria said.

"And it was with Pam Troy, at a party, okay."

At this, the girls couldn't hold it in. They started giggling, and Alex thought he could get out of answering this one.

"Okay, girls. Truth or Dare?" he said over the giggles.

"Nah uh, Whitman. Your turn", Tess said. "You are not getting away from this one." The girls stopped giggling and looked at Alex. For their own sake, the other three guys had their fingers crossed about what Alex was about to say. They all hoped his answer would be different.

"Fine, I was 14. And it was with a girl at summer camp."

"Name, please," Isabel said.

"I'm not sure I remember her name."

"Alex, tell the truth. When you lie, your nose twitches. And it's having quite the little twitch fest right now," Liz said. "All those years of being on of your best friends' little sister has paid off. I know you."

"Fine. It was Pam Troy, okay?!"

The guys groaned, and the girls couldn't hold it any longer. They doubled over in laughter, which made the guys so embarassed it hurt.

"You mean all 4 of you had your first kiss with the same girl? That is funniest thing I have ever heard," Maria said in between laughs.

"C'mon, you guys. We were young. She was willing. We were at an experimental stage," Max said. "Now let's finish the game. Truth or Dare?"

The girls were still laughing, and they guys started to get impatient. "Truth or Dare?" Max asked. louder. The girls still ignored him.

Michael put his fingers in his mouth and whistled the loudest whistle any of them had ever heard. The girls jumped, and immediately stopped laughing. They all looked at him,. Waiting for him to say something.

"Truth or Dare?" he said.

The girls looked at each other, still giggling somewhat, and Maria answered him. "Truth."

The boys put their heads together, and Tess had to giggle again. "Hey, don't they look like a football team, discussing their next play?" she whispered. The girls started giggling again, prompting Kyle to stick his head up long enough to give them a dirty look.

"Okay," Alex said, lifting his head. "We want to know how many guys you've kissed. And who was the first."

"Fine. 4. And the first one was Harrison John."
"Harrison John!" Michael exclaimed. "As in tall, lanky, dork Harrison John?"

"Yep. And don't get all huffed up over nothing. It was Spin the Bottle, probably at the same party Max was locking lips with Pam."

Liz frowned when Michael frowned. She knew exactly how he felt at the thought of Maria kissing someone else. Maria punched her in the side, for her to answer.

"Oh. Umm. Okay. 3. And the first was Doug Shellow," Liz said.

"You kissed Doug Shellow? Isn't he older than us?" Isabel said, a grossed out look on her face.

"Only by a year," Liz said. She snuck a look at Max, who was staring at his feet once again.

"Tess?" she said.

"Okay. 3. And the first was Scout Calhoun."

"Prep," Isabel said.

"Fine. Your answer?" Maria asked.

"4. And it was Bryce Johnson."

Michael was about to say something, and Isabel shut him up with a glance her eyes. "Truth or Dare?" she asked him.

"We're game. Dare," Michael said.

Isabel smiled, and turned to whisper something to the other girls. They all smiled, and Isabel turned back around. "We dare you," she said, moving her finger back and forth in front of the boys, "to enter the talent show we saw advertised on the billboard for that Mojoe's club around the corner."

"You have got to be kidding!" Michael and Max said, almost in unison.


"What kind of a dare is that?" Kyle asked. Alex was quiet. If need be, he didn't mind entering a talent contest. He could always play a song on his guitar.

"The kind you'll take. Unless, of course, you're chicken," Maria said. She put her hands under her arms and flapped them like wings, making chicken noises. Michael took the bait.

"Fine. We never back down from a dare. But what if we win?"

Once again, Maria turned around to the other girls, and they whispered back and forth to each other. Then she turned to the guys. "If you win, then we will come back here, slip into something a little more comfortable, and we'll give you a little prize from us."

One hour later, the girls were dressed and sitting at one of the tables in the club. They were laughing and talking, waiting for the talent show to begin. The boys had gone in the back door, to register and sign up for the show. The prize was anything off the menu for everyone in your party, and the girls couldn't wait to see what the guys had planned.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me," Alex said. "Do you guys know what kind of talent show
we just entered?" he asked, holding up a flyer to the other boys.

"Oh! There is no way I am entering this!" Kyle said.

Michael walked over to Kyle. "Kyle, man. Think of what we get if we win? Hmm? They said it had to wait until we get back to the rooms. We will never see these people again. They live in another state. And tomorrow, we will be out of this state. Who cares if we have to dress up a little. The prize will be worth it, right?"

Kyle thought for a minute. Michael was right. The thought of Tess in ‘something comfortable' definitely would be worth it. "Fine. But I am not leading," Kyle said.

Thirty minutes later, the girls were quiet as they waited for the talent show to begin. The announcer stepped onto the stage. "Ladies and Gentlemen, let's begin Mojoe's first ever Britney Spears Talent show, with a group of guys-yep - you heard me- guys, the only guys in the show to be exact, all the way from North Carolina. Here is Michael, Max, Kyle, and Alex singing "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

Maria, Liz, Isabel, and Tess looked at each other and started laughing. This was going to be better than they thought. They didn't know what kind of talent show this was going to be. But it was definitely going to be a fun one. They looked up as the curtain opened, revealing what looked like 4 girls, in the dark. When the lights came on, the girls busted out laughing. Michael was wearing a black miniskirt, a pink tube top, and a blonde wig. Max had on purple flair pants and a white shirt, with a short brown wig. Alex was wearing black pants and a black camisole with a turqouise blue feather boa around his neck. Kyle was wearing a blue sequined skirt with a sheer white shirt. But he had drawn the line at a wig.

When the music started, the boys stood there frozen at all the people watching them. Everyone was screaming at them to dance, but none of them moved a muscle. Michael glared at the girls, still rolling in lau ghter. Finally, his ego getting the best of him, and not wanting to be out done by Maria, Michael started to sway back and forth and hum with the music. The cheering and catcalls got even louder. Max and Alex joined in, finally followed by Kyle. At first, it was just swaying, but as the crowd got louder, the boys got braver. The girls watching laughed so hard that Isabel had to wipe the tears from her cheek. When Max and Michael broke out into the Roger Rabbit and the MC Hammer dance routines, the crowd lost it. Two women from the bar got up and tucked dollar bills into the waistband of their clothes. That's when Kyle got into it. He ran down off the stage, and tried to pull Tess up with him. She wouldn't go, so he picked her up, hoisted her over his shoulder, and took her on stage. Liz, Isabel and Maria laughed even harder at the mortified look on Tess's face. That's when the other guys came down. All the girls in the club were screaming, hoping they would come for them, but they went to grab the other three girls. Fearing they would get hoisted in the air and dragged with them, they went on stage and Maria grabbed the mic. She sang the last couple of choruses, while everyone behind her danced. The club announcer grabbed Isabel's camera from her and took pictures. Two hours later, after eating all the free food they could get in return for winning, the group was heading back to the hotel.

"Oh mi gosh!" Isabel said, still laughing. "I have never seen anything so ridiculous in my whole life! I never thought I would see the day when my brother wore girl clothes. Where did you guys get those things anyway?"

"We begged some of their waitress for some clothes," Michael said. "We really wanted our prize. The one from you four, that is," he clarified.

Once in the room, Maria made each of the guys sit in a different chair while she and the other girls went to change into something more comfortable.

When the girls came in, they all had on bathrobes, with their hands behind their backs.

"So, boys," Isabel said, winking at Alex. "How do you all feel about a lap dance?"

The boys squirmed in their chairs, all of them too afraid to speak. They each had their eyes on the girl standing in front of them.

"G-g- good. Lap dances are-" Kyle paused to swallow the lump forming in his chest. "G-good. Good."

"Well, glad to hear that," Tess said.

Liz walked up to Max, Maria to Michael, Tess to Kyle, and Isabel to Alex. They got real close to their faces, and each of the boys held their breath, waiting to see what happened.

"Because, we don't do lap dances." Liz finished. Then she kissed Max on the cheek and put five dollars into his sweaty hands. Each of the girls did the same, then they turned to run back into their own rooms, already being seized with a fit of laughter.

Maria stuck her head out of the door before she closed it. "Oh yeah. And congatulations, boys," she said. Then she closed the door, leaving four very confused, very disappointed young men behind.

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hehe. . .I know. They girls are kind mean to the guys. Guess the guys need to get em back, huh? Anybody have any ideas? Wanna help me with my story? B-Mail me an idea if you have one, and we can make sure the guys get the girls back. But you can help me decide how. I can't think! Please just give me some ideas, and I wll make sure the guys get their revenge. Enjoy this part!!


Climbing into vehicles the next day, the boys still hadn't said one word to the girls. They were still brooding about being tricked the night before. They were more than a little upset at first about having to dress up in girls clothes and sing like Britney Spears only to find that the prize they thought they were getting was actually about as far away as night is from day then what they actually got. In all actuality, what was really getting to the boys was that once again, the girls had gotten the best of them. And no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't stay mad. Deep down each one of them couldn't wait to get back to the girl that had somehow managed to turn his life upside down in a matter of a couple days. Even Alex, who hadn't quite melted Isabel's shell yet. But he had at least made a friend in her. And to him, that was just the beginning.

An hour down the road, with Maria and Michael in the front and Liz and Max in the back, the only two people talking in the car were Liz and Maria. But after a while, Max and Michael eventually joined in the conversation.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Spaceboy," Maria told Michael.

"Were you guys really mad at us?" Liz asked them.

"No," Max said. "We weren't and no matter how hard we tried, we didn't get mad. And thats what makes us hate you girls. The fact that we like you so much." Realizing his thoughts had come out as words, Max looked at Liz for her reaction.

Liz was smiling the biggest smile she had ever flashed at Max. This was the closest he had ever come to admitting he liked her. The thought made her want to jump for joy. Max saw the look on her face, and smiled back. He winked at her, and slid his hand across the back seat to take hers in his own.

Michael turned around to say something to Max, and he froze. Liz and Max were staring at each other, with their hands clasped tightly together. Michael turned back around and Maria could see him stiffen from the corner of her eye.

"What's wrong?" she whispered.

"Max. He's holding her hand," Michael whispered back.


"And what? He can't hold her hand. She's Lizzibean. I have to protect her."

"You hold my hand," Maria told Michael, all the while keeping her eyes on the road.

"Well that's different."


"Well, we-." Michael paused, unsure of what to say. He took a deep breath and tried again. "I mean, that's because you-" Michael paused again. "I mean we-"
Michael stopped and took a deep breath. He wasn't sure how he felt about seeing Liz and Max together. I mean sure, he had told Max it was okay, but he didn't know he'd react this way when he saw it for himself.

"Michael," Maria said softly. "You're little Lizziebean is a big girl. She knows what she's doing. Let her be happy. We are."

Michael looked at Maria. "Yeah, I guess you're right. It'll just take some getting used to, that's all."

Maria smiled at him and took her free hand and put it over his. She smiled at him, and he smiled back.

"Alex Whitman! How long are you going to give me the silent treatment?" Isabel asked, her hands on her hips. "Tess has tried to get Kyle to talk to her for the last 20 minutes, and he's already started talking. I better hear you soon!"

Alex didn't budge, and made no move to talk to Isabel. He wanted her to squirm a little. He was amused that the fact he wouldn't talk to her made such and impact on Isabel. He was finally getting to her. Drop by drop, her icy facade was melting.

"If you don't speak right this minute, I am never going to speak to you again!"

Ten minutes later, Alex still hadn't talked. "Fine," Isabel said. "If that's how you want it. I am going to use Bob's CB and find me a trucker to talk to." Isabel leaned up to reach between Kyle and Tess to grab the CB radio on the dash.

"Isabel, those truckers are sickos."

"Aha!" Isabel said. "Got ya talking." Isabel smiled triumphantly and Alex rolled his eyes. How did this girl manage to always get him?

"I knew you couldn't last long," Isabel told Alex.

"And what makes you so sure of that?"

"Easy. I'm too cute."

"And you know that how?"

"You told me," Isabel said.

Alex stopped talking and looked tapped Kyle on the shoulder. "A little help here, Kyle."

"No, man. I heard you. You did say she was cute."

"Thanks, Kyle. Thanks for your help."
"Anytime, Alex. Just ask," Kyle said.





"Guys, guys, come one! What is this, Kindergarten?" Tess asked.

"Well, he started it!" Kyle said.

"Did not!"



"Hey!" Isabel shouted. "You guys wanna stop throwing those things around before someone gets hurt?"

Ten minutes later and countless names later, Tess picked up her walkie talkie. After hearing Kyle call Alex a Bighead, and Alex calling Kyle a bubblebutt, she had had enough.

"Hello? Guys? Can you hear me?" she said, frustrated.

"Welcome to Taco Bell. May I take your order?" Michael's voice said from the walkie talkie.

"Can it, Michael. I'm pulling over," Tess said.

"What's wrong?" Michael asked.

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see ya'll soon

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"Hello? Guys? Can you hear me?" she said, frustrated.

"Welcome to Taco Bell. May I take your order?" Michael's voice said from the walkie talkie.

"Can it, Michael. I'm pulling over," Tess said.

"What's wrong?" Michael asked.


Tess and Isabel walked up to Michael and started to explain what the problem was.

"If you don't do something with Frick and Frack here, I am going to go crazy," Tess said.

"And I won't be far behind her. And trust me. That WILL NOT be fun for anybody!" Isabel said.

Isabel and Tess started talking to Michael. Kyle and Alex walked up to Michael to try and defend themselves. Everybody's hands were flying every which way, and they were all talking at once. Max, Liz, and Maria stood back and watched the scene with amusement.

Unable to understand anything, Michael put two fingers in his mouth and whistled so loud that someone in a passing car honked their horn when they went by. "Okay," he said. "I don't want to know what happened. I don't care what happened. But we are splitting you two up!" Michael said.

They put Kyle and Tess in the car with Max and Liz, and put Isabel and Alex with Michael and Maria. The rest of the trip was uneventful until they stopped at a rest stop at the Oklahoma state line to use the bathroom and eat a late lunch at around 2:00.

After everyone was done eating, Isabel and the other girls were admiring the beautiful scenery around them. Isabel had a great idea for a picture and told the others to go and get the boys. Isabel had spotted five police officers sitting at a nearby table. She assumed they were either there for lunch, or that they worked the rest area security. What she was really after was their horses. They were reluctant at first, but after she flashed them the smile that had helped her gain her beauty queen status in high school, they agreed to let her use them for her picture.

The officers led the horses to the sign in front of the rest area that read "Welcome to Oklahoma, The Sooner State". Pitching her idea to the others, the boys eagerly jumped on the horses. Michael and Max were avid riders, and Alex and Kyle rode sometimes. Liz and Isabel jumped up, Isabel behind Alex and Liz behind Max.

Liz smiled and shyly put her arms around Max's waist. Instinctively, he leaned his head back and she laid her head on his shoulder. The motion surprised them both, but when Liz's head snapped up and saw the smile in Max's eyes, she laid it back down. Isabel motioned for Maria and Tess to climb up behind Michael and Kyle, and Maria stepped up to get on the horse Michael was sitting on.

"Uh, I don't think so," Tess said. "I don't get along well with horses," she said.

"Oh, Tess! Come on! It's for the picture. One minute, that's all," Isabel whined.

Tess started to stammer, and back away from the horses. "Umm, noo, I uh- I think I'll just stand for the picture."

"What's wrong, Tess, you scared?" Michael teased. He turned his horse in her direction, startling her, and as she stepped back, she lost her footing and landed flat on her butt. Michael bursted out in laughter, causing Maria to give him a dirty look. She hopped of the horse, and bent down to help her friend out.

"Come on, Tess," she said, sneaking a look at Michael. "I believe it was Aladdin who said ‘It's not everyday you see a horse with two rear ends."

The police officer standing closest to Michael snickered, and the whole group burst out laughing at Michael. It took a lot to embarrass him, but Maria always knew exactly how to do it.

"I am not getting on one of those things," Tess said.

"Tess, suck it up. It will only take a minute," Michael said.

Maria looked at Michael and put her hands on her hips. "Michael Guerin Parker, you apologize to her right this instant!"

Michael didn't say a word, just looked around at the other people.

"Michael!" Maria said, stomping her foot impatiently.

"Fine. I'm sorry," he mumbled under his breath.

The cop standing next to Michael chuckled again, and Michael gave him a funny look.

"Got one of those little spitfires at home my self. Been with her 14 years," he told Michael. "And I'm guessing she's yours."

"Yeah. Does it ever get any easier?" Michael asked.

This time the cop laughed out loud. "No son, afraid not. It just gets to be more fun."

Michael groaned, and the officer spoke again.

"But you know," he said, nodding in Maria's direction. "I wouldn't trade her for the world."

Michael nodded, knowing exactly what the officer meant.

When Tess refused to get on the horse, one of the other officers rolled his police motorcycle up in front of the group. Tess sat on the motorcycle, and Isabel talked Kyle into getting off his horse and sitting on the bike with Tess. When they all put on their sunglasses and smiled, one of the officers took a picture.

Causing quite a scene, people started to gather to watch the picture being taken. Once they climbed down from the horses, young girls started to giggle and wave at the boys. Liz couldn't help but laugh when she overheard two of them talking. They had mistaken Max for some actor that played on a show about teenage aliens. When they ran up to Max giggling and smiling, they asked for his autograph. He tried to explain who he was, but they insisted he sign their books. He winked at Liz and took the books from their hands to write. "To my fans. Thanks for loving me as much as I do, Truly, Kyle Valenti." Max showed Liz, and they laughed at his note. The rest of the way to the hotel, Tess and Kyle tried unsuccessfully to get Liz and Max to tell them what was so funny.

An hour after they checked into the hotel, the whole group headed down to the club in the bottom floor of the hotel. The minute they stepped into the door, everyone stopped. There was a round dance floor in the middle of the room surrounded by a ring of tables and chairs that was in turn surrounded by a larger ring shaped dance floors. There were horse saddles and cowboy hats suspended from the ceiling with colored lights thrown up on them.

Maria laughed. "Only in Oklahoma would they have a country dance club names ‘Misfits' in the bottom of a hotel!"

"All right!" Kyle exclaimed. "Let's go dance!" he said, grabbing Tess and leading out into a sea of cowboy hats and denim.

"But I can't do these dances!" Tess said.

"It's okay. My dad's band plays places like this all the time. I can teach you."

"Okay," Tess said hesitantly. "It does look kinda fun."

In a matter of a few minutes, the rest of the group was on the floor trying to do the two step. Maria's mom was dating Kyle's dad, and she often went to see his band play, dragging Maria and Liz with her. They knew some of the dances and wanted to teach Max and Michael. Isabel nor Alex knew the dances, but everyone was having so much fun that they decided they would watch and learn.

A half hour later, Max and Liz, and Isabel and Alex came off the floor laughing and out of breath. They sat down at a table and ordered sodas from the waitress. Ten minutes later, Kyle and Tess joined them.

"Where's Michael and Maria?" Liz asked.

"Well, last time I saw them, Maria was still trying to teach him how to two-step," Kyle said.

A few minutes later, a very frustrated Maria and a confused looking Michael joined the table. "You know," Maria said. "I didn't think you could to the two-step in five steps. But my dance partner here can't seem to do it any other way."

"Hey, I can't help it if country-dancing is not one of my talents!" Michael said. "I am gifted in other areas."

"Yeah sure. Name one," Max said, laughing at the two.
Michael leaned his head to the side, and heard a slow song come on. "Okay. Slow dancing." He turned to Maria and held his hand out to her. "Care to help my prove my point?"

Maria smiled and took his hand. It wasn't the most romantic dance offer she had ever had, but it was certainly a start. Especially for Michael. Michael led Maria to floor. Once they got there, he wrapped his arms around her waist, and she put her arms around his neck. Both of them closed their eyes, immensely enjoying the feeling of being so close to the other one.

I can stand with the weight of the world on my shoulders
I can fight a way the toughest of the tough
I can laugh in the face of all my insecurities
Anytime, anywhere, anything I'm strong enough

"Liz Parker, may I have this dance?" Max asked Liz, holding out his hand.

"Of course you can," Liz said. Liz followed Max to the floor. When they reached the middle, Max put one hand around her waist, and held her other hand in his, out to the side. She smiled, and pulled her hand out of his to rest on his chest. She put her other arm around his neck, and rested her head on his shoulder. He put his other hand on her back. Max closed his eyes. He was amazed at the way Liz seemed to fit so perfectly in his arms. It was almost like she was made to fit there.

Cuz when your holdin me like this
I'm carelessly lost in your touch
I'm completely defenseless
Baby, its almost too much
I'm helplessly, hopelessly breathlessly, falling in love

In a few minutes, Alex and Isabel and Kyle and Tess were on the floor. Kyle and Tess were dancing just as close as the other two couples. They kept giggling and whispering in each other's ears. They both knew how deep their feelings for each other were starting to get.

So the consequence do what it will to us
I don't care
Let stars stand as witness to it all
Say the word and tonight I will follow you anywhere
I just can't pretend anymore
I'm too sturdy to fall

Isabel and Alex were dancing slightly farther apart than Alex would have chosen. He tried to pull her closer, but she pushed him away. She looked up at him and the hurt in his eyes made her throat tighten. He was used to being pushed away by her, but it still hurt. And tonight, they were having such a good time, he hadn't expected it. Slowly, she put her arms around his shoulders and stepped right up next to him. Hesitantly, he put his arms around her waist.

"I'm sorry," Alex she whispered.

"Isabel, I- I keep trying with you. And I keep getting close, only to find you've stepped farther away. Why won't you let me get close?"

"Alex, I- I just- I don't know how to handle you."

"I need to know Isabel. I can't keep doing this. I care about you. A lot, and you know that. But it's like I'm running this race, and the finish line keeps getting farther and farther away. I can't keep running, Isabel."

Isabel didn't say anything for a minute, then she started to talk. Tears were welling up in her eyes as she spoke. "Alex, I have trusted guys who said they loved me before, and I have woken up the next morning alone. I made some changes in my life. I am not like that anymore. I just can't be hurt again. I can't."

Alex pulled away from Isabel and looked her in the eyes. "Isabel, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not."

Isabel saw the care and concern in Alex's eyes and the last of her resolve melted away. She knew he was telling the truth. "I know," she whispered. Then she made all of his dreams come true, when she closed her eyes and kissed him.

I am not afraid
I am not afraid
Cuz when your holdin me like this
I'm carelessly lost in your touch
I'm completely defenseless
Baby, its almost too much
I'm helplessly, hopelessly breathlessly, falling in love

"Look," Liz whispered in Max's ear. Max turned around to see his sister and Alex wrapped in each other's arms. "It's about time," Liz whispered.

Max turned back to look at her. "Looks like Whitman's got the right idea," he said. And he tipped his lips down to meet hers.

The moment Max's lips touched Liz's, Max knew it was hopeless. He was a goner. His feelings for Liz Parker had changed to a depth that he wasn't aware was possible. She consumed his every thought, and it was like he couldn't remember what it was like before they got together. He had fallen head over heals in love with her.
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If you get bored in the meantime, tell me what you guys think about my new fic. I have only posted the prologue so far. This one will be way different from WTRL.

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When the song was over, Max kissed Liz's cheek. A fast song started, and Liz gave Max a funny look, so he took her hand and led her off the dance floor.

"Look," said Max pointing to a corner. "Wanna go shoot some pool?"

"I have never played pool before. Don't know how," Liz said.

Max feigned shock. "You have never played pool before? What a deprived child you must have been! Come on. I'll teach you."

"Well, I don't know," Liz said.

"Come on, Liz. It'll be fun. Besides. All these cowboys are starting to make goo-goo eyes at you. I can't have no cowboy making eyes at my girl," Max said.

Liz raised an eyebrow. "Your girl?"

"Yeah, well, I just figured..."

"I like the way that sounds," Liz said.

Max smiled his hundred watt smile. "Me too," he said. They headed over to the pool tables to have some fun.

"Come on, let's go sit down," Michael said.

"No!" Maria said. "Let's dance some more," she said.

"Maria, I am not dancing anymore. The dancing I've done already has been enough."

"Michael! Please! We're having so much fun!"

"No. Now come on. I'm done." Michael grabbed her hand, but Maria pulled it away from his grip.

"Fine," she said defiantly. "I'm standing right here until I find some single cowboy to dance with." Maria crossed her arms and put her foot down.

"No you're not," Michael said.

"Am so," Maria said. "And look, there's a single cowboy coming our way right this minute."

"Well then, Maria. I guess that just leaves me one choice, then," Michael said, smiling.

"You'll dance with me?" Maria said, her eyes lighting up.

"Nope. Not even close." Michael said. Then he reached down and grabbed Maria by the waist, hoisting her up over his shoulders, he headed off the dance floor. Maria was kicking and screaming, her fists pounding on Michaels back. When he didn't put her down, she reached down and pinched his butt as hard as she could. She promptly landed on the floor at Michael's feet with a loud thud.

Isabel and Alex were standing off to the side, watching Maria and Michael in amusement. Alex was standing slightly off behind Isabel, his arm securely around her waist. Isabel had her camera ready, prepared to catch the Kodak moment that she was sure was coming up. When Michael dropped Maria on the floor, Alex started laughing, and Isabel took her picture.

Tess and Kyle were still dancing. They were having too much fun to stop. Kyle knew exactly what he was doing, and Tess was learning quickly. Isabel snapped a picture of them too, before Alex talked her into dancing again.

After three games of pool, Liz still barely knew how to hold the pool stick. Max couldn't stop laughing at Liz trying to shoot, and Liz was getting frustrated at herself. When Liz turned around and wasn't watching where she was going, her pool stick knocked the cowboy hat off of the guy playing pool next to them. That's when Max decided it was time to stop.

"What do you say we just go sit down and get some soda's," Max said.

"That sounds great. All this not learning how to play pool has got me thirsty."

When they got back to the table, Liz sat down while Max headed off to get them some drinks.

Liz was watching her friends laughing and having a good time, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around, and her eyes lit up.


"Well, if it isn't my little cousin Elizabeth! I thought that was you! What are you doing here?"

Liz jumped out of her seat and gave her cousin a hug. "Well, first of all, I am not little anymore, it's Liz now, and I am here with all my friends. We are on our way to California. Little roadtrip after graduation."

"You mean, Aunt Nancy let you go all the way across the country for a little roadtrip! She's gotten soft in her old age."

"Nah. Not by myself. We are all here. Maria, Isabel, Tess. Michael and the guys are here too. They totally crashed our trip, but then mom and dad said that they wouldn't let us go unless the boys went with us. For some odd reason, they think that if any trouble comes up, the four stooges will be able to protect us."

Brody laughed. "Well, come on, cuz, let's dance."

Liz looked towards the bar, where Max was still waiting in line to buy their drinks. "Sure," she said. "But I'm warning you, it might get dangerous."

"Nonsense. Brody Davis laughs in the face of danger!"

Liz and Brody headed out to the dance floor. They weren't even halfway around the floor when someone slapped Brody in the back. Brody turned around ready to be mad, but smiled instead.

"Michael! My man! How's it goin?"

"Great," Michael said. "How ya been, Brody? Good to see ya."

"It's been great. How about you?"

Micheal gestured to Maria who had threatened death to him after dropping her unless he danced with her. "It's great. Got me a girl, and life is good!"

Brody laughed, and went back to dancing with Liz. Liz stopped and covered her mouth when her foot came down hard on top of Brody's.

"Oh my goodness, I am so sorry!"

"That's okay," Brody said. " I walk on the bottom, you can have the top."

Liz laughed, and leaned up to kiss Brody on the cheek. "It's been a long time, Brody. Glad to see you," She said, laughing.

When Max got to the table, Liz wasn't there. He looked back up to the pool tables, but she wasn't there either. He started to look around, but saw something that stopped him. Liz was on the dance floor, dancing with another guy. And she was even kissing him on the cheek! Max felt his heart fall to floor. What was she doing? Here he was, head over heels in love with the girl, and she was out on the dance floor, all over some guy. He knew that she was too good to be true. He watched her dance and laugh with the other guy. He watched until he couldn't take it anymore. He put the drinks on the table and ran out the front door, the tears forming in his eyes.

"Hey, Brody. Let's go back to the table. I want you to meet the new guy in my life."

"What's this? Is there a twinkle in little Liz Parker's eye? Now I do have to meet the reason for this new sparkle."

Liz turned towards the table just in time to see Max running out the front door. Confused, she told Brody to wait for a minute, and ran after Max to see where he was going.

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After a half hour of searching, Liz had found Max nowhere. Confused and wondering why he had run so suddenly, she had gone to get help from her friends to look for him. The group had looked everywhere, but eventually it had been Liz that found him. He was sitting in the indoor pool house, quiet and brooding about something.

"Max?" Liz said hesitantly, approaching him. When he didn't answer her, she walked up to where he was sitting and sat down beside him.

"Go away," he muttered.

"Max, what's wrong?" she asked. She was hurt when Max still didn't answer her. She put her arm on his and Max's head jerked around to face her. She looked to his eyes for an answer, but she didn't see anything. Not love, not fear, not anger, not sadness. And she felt the tears well up in her eyes.

"I said go away, Liz. I want you to leave. I don't want you to touch me. I don't want you to talk to me. I don't even want you to be around me. GO!" He said.

Shocked, and hurt, Liz stood up. She looked back at Max and turned to run out the door. The tears fell from her eyes as she ran out the door and bumped right into someone else.

"Whoa!! Where's the fire? I mean you just- Liz what's wrong?" Maria was about to make a joke when she saw the hurt etched on her friends face.

"I want to go home, Maria. I want to go back to North Carolina." Liz sobbed.

"Liz, calm down. What's wrong? Did you find Max?"

"He hates me Maria. And I don't even know what I did. But he looked at me just now and- I just I have to go."

Maria was going to go after Liz, but decided to go in and see what was wrong first. When she walked in the poolhouse, she had to stifle a laugh. Max was sitting on the ground, frowning, throwing jellybeans into the kiddie pool one by one.

"I'm pretty sure that's against house rules," Maria said. Max didn't even look at her. She walked over to him and sat down right in front of him, blocking his aim to the kiddie pool.

"Move Maria. You're blocking my aim."

"Not gonna do it, Evans."

"Fine. I'll do it with you there." Max picked up a jellybean and threw it straight at Maria. It hit her in the forehead, and she flinched. She looked at Max and narrowed her eyes.

"Max Evans, there better be a good explanation for your foul mood. And if there's not, then I'm about to give you something to be foul about. Now start talking, buddy. And I mean now."

"Fine. You wanna know what's wrong with me? Liz. She has another guy. Another guy!! I mean, here I am so in love with this girl that I can't think straight, and she just moves right on like it's nothing." Max threw his hands in the air in defeat.

"Max, what are you talking about?"

"In Misfits. She found some other dude and was way too friendly with him then I would have liked. She was all over the dude."

"Max, Liz was not all over some dude. I think you're seeing things."

"Yeah? Then who was that guy she was dancing with? That blonde spiky hair, earring, the one that she kissed on the cheek. Did I imagine him?"

"Oh, Max. You saw that?"

"Well, you don't sound suprised. Guess she would have told you about her other boyfriend. You know all her secrets."

"Yeah. I do. Including the one that she has had this major thing for you for like ever."

"Well, she sure has a funny way of showing it."

"Max, has Michael or Liz ever told you about their cousin Brody?"

"What in the world does a cousin have to do with this? I'm having a very sensitive moment here."

"Well, it just so happens that their cousin is here. And he was just downstairs in that club. Dancing with Liz."

Max brought his eyes up to meet Marias. "What?" He asked.

"Yep, that's right Casanova. That guy that was downstairs with Liz was her cousin."

"But I thought- I mean I saw him- Oh no. What did I do?"

"Max, you are such a drama queen! You hightailed it out of there without even waiting to see what was going on! And they say women are hard to understand!"

"Maria. What did I just do? I can't believe this! I am such a jerk. I was so mean to her!"

"Max, if there is one thing you need to know, it is that if you can think of the right thing to say, you will be able to explain this to Liz. And you better take her something."

"Maria, I feel so stupid. I need to go find her." Max stood up and started to walk away. On impulse, he turned around and bent down to kiss Maria on the cheek. "Thanks, Maria. I owe you one."

"You better believe you do. And there is a drugstore on the third floor."

"Thanks." Max ran out the door, and just as he reached the door, he turned to Maria with a confused look. "Umm, Maria, what do I need a drugstore for?"

Maria shook her head. "Because they have flowers, Einstein."

"Right." Max turned and ran to go fix things with Liz.

Maria chuckled as she turned around the pick up the jellybeans that Max had left floating in the pool.

Isabel and Alex walked into the poolhouse and saw Maria picking jellybeans out of the pool.

"Okay, so we just saw Max run by us. And now you are picking jellybeans out of the kiddie pool. Should I even ask?" Alex said.

"Long story. Boy has hard head, jumps to conclusion, makes fool of himself with girl, and now he has to fix it."

Alex looked confused, and Isabel chuckled. "I hate it when that happens!"

"Well, you two just gonna stand there or you gonna help me get this things before the water changes colors?"

Alex and Isabel both bent down to help Maria.

Minutes later, Max went inside his hotel room and headed for the door that joined their room to the girls room. On his way to the room, he had come across Tess, Kyle and Michael still looking for him and had made them promise to stay out of the room for a minute. Fearing Michael' wrath, he had told them he had a surprise for Liz.

Max reached the door and eased it open. The room was silent, but the door to the balcony was open. He walked into the room and stepped out the balcony door. What he saw made his heart lurch into his throat. Liz was sitting on a lounge chair, her knees up to her chest crying softly. Max could have kicked himself for making her cry.

Liz had racked her brain trying to think of why Max would have been so mad at her. She had come up emptyhanded. She wondered if Max had suddenly regretted starting something with her. She couldn't stop herself from crying, so she had gone to the balcony for some peace and quiet. When she heard a noise she looked up at the door and was surprised to see Max standing there. She didn't say anything for a moment, she just looked at him.

Finally, Liz opened her mouth to speak, but her voice barely came out a whisper. "Max, If I did anything to-"

Max crossed the distance between them and sat down and the side of the chair where she was sitting.

"Okay, Just let me talk. This is my fault. I'm a guy. I do things before I think. And when I saw you with some other guy downstairs, I almost lost it. So I ran. And then when you found me I was so mad at you. And hurt. But then I talked to Maria and she said he was just your cousin. Liz, I am so sorry. I don't know what to say. I am so stupid!"

"Max, you thought I was with someone else?"

"Yeah, I know. I jumped to conclusions."

"Max, if you don't trust me, then whatever it is we have here won't work," Liz said.

Max reached up and brushed the tear from Liz's cheek with his thumb.

"Liz, I do trust you. I just- For so long, you have been my best friends little sister. You've been like my little sister."

"Well, Max, I'm not."

"Yeah, I found that out in the pool the other day, didn't I. Look. You are all grown up now. And you grew into this beautiful person that care a lot about. I'm sorry. I know this will take some getting used to. I should have waited for an explanation. It's just that Loving you kind of snuck up on me. I wasn't prepared for how it would make me feel. I'm sorry. I promise to never freak on you again. Just give me another chance, Liz. Please."

Liz looked at Max and felt like bursting with happiness. Max had just said he loved her!! She looked down at Max's hand. "Are those for me?"

Max grinned sheepishly he had completely forgotten he brought her roses. White ones. "Yeah. I bought them downstairs." He handed them to her and watched her breathe in their scent.

"So, what was it you said about me sneaking up on you?" Liz asked nervously.

"Just that. That you snuck up on me."

"Is that all?"

Max swallowed a lump It was now or never. The moment that could make or break his summer.
"I said loving you snuck up on me. It did. And I do."

"Do what?" Liz asked, smiling.

"I love you," Max said hoarsely, waiting for her reaction.

Liz flung herself into Max's arms and kissed him. "I love you too, Max Evans."

The two were still outside wrapped in each others arms and had fallen asleep by the time their friends came back into the room.
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Lucky Star originally wrote:

Is Mikey going to be peeved when he sees them asleep together??

I'll never tell. . .hehe . . .Guess you'll have to wait for CH 21!
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The first one to walk in the room was Isabel, closely followed by Alex. Instead of walking to their rooms, the boys were going to walk through the girls room and into their own. When she looked through the balcony door, which Max and Liz had left open, her hand flew to her mouth. Turning around, she shut the door in Michael's face.

"What did you do that for?" Alex asked.

"Look!" Isabel whispered, pointing at Max and Liz. "What if Michael sees them! Believe it or not, I love my brother too much for him to die!"

"Isabel, don't be rediculous!" Alex whispered back.

"Okay Fine. I love Liz too much for her to die!"

"Hey! Let us in there Isabel! What are you doing?" Michael hollered pounding on the door.

"Umm....yeah..just a minute. Our room isn't uh...decent!" Isabel hollered back.

"Yeah right. Well how come Whitman can come in?" Michael hollered back.

Isabel looked at Alex and kissed him on the cheek. Then she opened the door and pushed him out. "Stall!" she whispered.

When the door was shut, Isabel rushed out to the balcony and shook Max and Liz awake.

"Okay, you two lovebirds, up!" Isabel said.

Max and Liz woke up, and stared at Isabel surprised and still half asleep.

"Come one, you two! Now! Michael is right outside that door! What if he comes in and freaks when he sees you two sleeping here!"

"Isabel, if he gets mad, he'll get over it," Liz said.

"This is Michael we are talking about here. Mr. ‘I am way too overprotective of my sister' Michael!" Isabel said.

Out in the hallway, Alex was trying to keep his friends out of the room.

"Alex, what are you and Isabel up to?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah. Well, uh, like she said. The room isn't decent. There's like," Alex paused, not sure what to say. "Oh yeah, like girl underwear laying all over the place," he finished. "You know, like bras and stuff."

"Yeah. And you don't want to be in there?" Kyle asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Okay. Good point," Alex said. "But-"

"That is our room!" Maria said. "And I want in!"

Maria pushed past Alex and opened the door, storming in the room with Michael, Tess, Kyle and Alex in tow. When Michael saw Liz and Max still untangling themselves from each other, he got a funny look on his face. He turned to see if Maria was watching him, and she was. She waited to see if he was going to say something. When he frowned and turned to go in his own room, Maria smiled. She had told Michael when he saw Liz and Max kissing on the dance floor at Misfits that if he insisted on keeping Max and Liz under supervision, then she was going to do the same to Michael and herself. When he asked what she meant, she had told him that she wasn't going to allow Michael to do anything with her that he wouldn't let Max and Liz do. Michael had tried to argue, but Maria had shot down every point he had made. With a scowl on his face, Michael had reluctantly agreed to leave the two alone. Now, Maria was pleased to see he was sticking to his word.

45 minutes later, the boys were in their room and the girls in theirs, and everyone was sleeping peacefully.

At 8:00 the next morning, Tess, Isabel and Maria were sitting at the table in their room eating cereal they had ordered from room service. They were all in their pajams, and chatting happily, except for Maria. The other girls had to practically drag her out of bed, and she still was not in a happy mood for being woken up so early. When the bathroom door opened, all three girls looked up to see Liz come walking through, fully dressed, humming a happy melody to herself.

"Who put sunshine in your cornflakes?" Maria grumbled.

"Safe bet it was my brother," Isabel said, giggling.

"Well, don't let it shine over here," Maria said. "It is way to early to be perky."

Liz walked up to Maria and pinched her cheeks. "Oh, did somebody det up on the wong side a da bed?" Liz asked, imitating her best child voice.

Maria scowled at Liz and picked up a handful of dry cereal and threw it in Liz's face. Liz laughed it off and went right back to humming her tune.

"Liz, what is that song you are humming? It is kind of annoying," Tess asked.

Liz looked at the girls and picked up a pillow from one of the beds and started to dance around the table, singing to anyone listening.

"Ten minutes ago I saw you,
I looked up when you came through the door,
My head started reeling,
it gave me the feeling,
the room had no ceiling or floor.
Ten minutes ago I saw you,
we murmured our how do you do's,
I wanted to ring out the bells and
to fling out my arms and
to sing out the news,
I have found-"

"Oh, girl, you have sooo got it bad!" Tess said, cutting her off. Then she turned to Maria and Isabel. " First she is dancing around at 8 in the morning singing the love song from Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. Next thing you know she'll be buying Bride's magazines and making us try on ugly purple dresses with big bows across the butt."

"Umm, no. I will not be in her wedding if I have to wear anything with anything across the butt. Mine is bad enough already. I don't need something accentuating it," Maria said.

"Really, though. Purple bridesmaids dresses are so out anyway. That was way last year," Isabel said.

"You guys, don't get carried away. I am not getting married anytime soon," Liz said.

"Yeah, right. I'll bet you are and Max are married within the next year. Or at least engaged," Tess said.

"Well, don't go breaking out your money just yet. Cause I'll bet you that you are crazy. I just got out of High School, for goodness sake!" Liz said.

"Yeah, sure," Tess said, unphased by Liz's protests.

Liz rolled her eyes and turned around to head out the door.

"Where are you going?" Isabel asked.

Liz turned around and winked at Tess. "I'm going to meet my future husband for breakfast," she said.

"What did I tell you?" Tess said to Isabel and Maria.

Liz stuck her head back in the door before she shut it. "Oh yeah," she said. "And you guys need to get a move on. After all, you have a wedding to plan." She laughed at her friends, then was out the door.

"Really, have you ever seen anything so sickening in your whole life?" Maria said.

"Actually, I have. See, I know this girl who chased after the same boy for like over 10 years. Followed him around all the time. Used to beat up other little girls for swinging next to him on the playground. She was best friend's with his sister. And she used to go over to her house just to-"

Maria held up her hand to stop Isabel mid-sentence. "Okay, point well taken. I'm going to take my shower now." Maria got up and left Tess and Isabel giggling at the breakfast table.
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Max came out of the bathroom drying his hair with a towel and whistling happily.

"Hey! Somebody put that bird out of its misery and kill it," Kyle grumbled, still half asleep.

"Fuuny, Valenti," Max said. "I can't help it if I happen to be in a good mood."

"You know Kyle," Alex said, already waking up. "I think cupid paid our buddy Max over there a little visit last night. Shot him with a love arrow."

"Alex, that is just plain wrong. He's a little fat man in a diaper. He is not shooting me with anything," Max said.

"Hey! Leave Buddha out of this! You might hurt Kyle's feelings.," Michael said.

"Hey! I heard that!" Kyle said, now fully awake.

"Don't you guys know that we are supposed to sleep late during vacation. At least until like 9:00 or something. It's like a law or a rule," Michael said. "And nobody can sleep late with you three bozos yapping away like that."

"Michael, why don't you just get up and get dressed. You'll feel a lot better. Take a walk. Enjoy the great weather outside."

Alex looked out of the window with a confused look, then back at Max. "Uhh, Max, I hate to rain on your parade, no pun intended, but it's pouring out there. And you call that enjoyable weather?"

"It's great, isn't it?" Max said, pulling his shirt over his head and running his fingers through his hair.

"Oh man. He's done it. Bit the big one," Kyle said.

"Done what? Gone Crazy?" Michael asked.

"Nope. Fallen in love," Kyle remarked.

Alex and Michael both looked at Max to wait for his reaction.

"What?" he said. "I can't help it."

Alex started singing ‘Another One Bites the Dust', and for some odd reason, Michael felt sick to his stomach.

"Just don't go all sensitive on us, Evans. My heart wouldn't be able to handle it." Alex said.
"What is that supposed to mean?" Max asked

"It means don't start doing crazy stuff, like singing songs from Cinderella in the shower or doodling little hearts all over everything."

"Alex. I am a guy. I don't doodle. And I don't sing songs from Cinderella in the shower." Max said, setting his friend straight. Then after a slight pause, he added "I sing songs from Beauty and the Beast."

"Beauty and the Beast?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, you know, ‘Tale as old as time, True as it can be, barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly. Just a little change, small to say the least, both a little-" Max's singing was cut short.

"Maxwell. I don't know what's more disturbing. The fact that you practically just admitted that you are in love with my sister, or the fact that you actually know the words to that song," Michael said, interrupting him.

"Hey! I grew up with Isabel. I even know the dialogue to that Christmas movie about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Not by choice. By force." Max said, defending himself.

"I bet you cried when the Beast turned into a man at the end too, didn't you?" Kyle asked.

"No I did not. And you guys can not honestly tell me that You have never seen a Disney movie before," Max said.

"I've seen Toy Story. Oh yeah, and Aladdin," Alex said. "But that's only cause Aladdin is my hero. I wanna be just like him when I grow up."

"Oh yeah?" Michael questioned. "And how's that?"

"Lucky. I mean the dude started out as a poor kid on the streets and ended up marrying a princess and becoming like the richest dude. I'm alrready on my way there," Alex said.

"How so?"

"Easy. I already have my princess," Alex told Max. Now it was Max that felt sick on his stomach.

"Man! I am so hungry. Where's the number for room service?" Kyle asked.

"Check the phone. Should have like a button you can push or something. Kyle checked the phone and there were no buttons on it. Then he checked the table underneath the phone for a directory, a brochure, anything that would lead to him to food. When he came up empty handed, he turned to Max.

"Hey Evans- where you going? You headed to eat?"

"Yes I am Kyle. And no you can't come. I'm meeting Liz."
"Aww man! I'm gonna starve here. Let me go please!!!!" Kyle said.

"No. Just me and Liz." Max said. "It's a couple thing."

As soon as Max walked out the door, Kyle looked at Alex and Michael.

"You guys thinking what I'm thinking?" he said.

"You mean you think?" Alex asked, faking surprise. Kyle picked up his pillow and threw it at Alex.

"What I meant was you guys wanna-"

"Crash?" Michael said, reading Kyle's mind.


"No, Kyle. We are not crashing Max and Liz's breakfast," Michael said.

This time, Alex's surprise was real. "What is this? Michael Guerin Parker, opting NOT to interfere in his sisters love life?"

"Look. I had a talk with Maria last night, okay. If it was me and Maria, and you guys crashed our breakfast, then I would be so ill at you two. Lets give Max and Liz the same respect, Okay?" Michael said.

"Well, well. I do believe this roadtrip has changed some people for the best already," Alex remarked.

Kyle, who had started looking for a room service number again hollered from the corner. "Yes!! I found it!!" he jumped up and down and landed on his stomach on the bed, a room service menu spread out before him. "Breakfast, here I come!" he yelled before he picked up the phone.

Michael and Alex couldn't help but laugh.

"Yeah, it has, Alex. But then again, it has kept some people exactly the same."

Michael and Alex listened as Kyle ordered his breakfast.

"Four eggs, scrambled. One order of sasuage, two orders of bacon, an order of toast, and uuhhh-an order of pancakes. With strawberries and whpped cream. Right. Room 315."

Kyle hung up the phone and Michael looked at Alex. "I am kind of hungry, now that I think about it."

"Me too," Alex said. "Sounds good to me."

Kyle looked at his friends, and raised an eyebrow. " I sure hope you two don't think you're getting any of that," he said.

"C'mon Valenti. Are you gonna eat all that?" Alex asked.

"I certainly am. I am a growing boy, after all."

"First of all, Kyle. If you are a still a growing boy, then we are all in trouble. And second of all, if you keep eating like that, then we are gonna have to roll you all the way to California, cause you won't be able to fit in the cars," Michael said. "So get back on the phone, order a couple more orders of pancakes and some a couple more eggs, and quit complaining."

Kyle huffed, but picked up the phone and ordered what Michael said. He was sure he could have eaten it all, but he didn't need these two making fun of him all day for eating a lot. He couldn't help it if he liked food. I mean, after all, who didn't?

Three hours later, the group had packed, checked out, and was ready to go. Once again,. Max, Liz, Michael and Maria took the Jeep, while Tess, Kyle, Alex and Isabel took Liz's car. They all climbed into their cars and pulled out onto the road. Next stop- TEXAS!!
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"Hey! I've got one!" Liz said. Bob's occupants, as everyone now called Max's Jeep, were trying to outdo each other with jokes.

"Please. Let us hear it. Because Michael here is eating so many Laffy Taffy's trying to find a good joke, that I am afraid if he eats much more, I'll be kissing a big strawberry flavored taffy square tonight!" Maria said.

"Maria, I'm not going to turn into a strawberry Laffy Taffy. I've only eaten the banana ones," Michael said.

"Well, any ways," Liz said, turning in her seat to face the back. "No offense, anyone, okay? So here goes. What do you call a blonde with half a brain?"

When noone answered, Liz laughed. "Gifted. Get it?"

Max laughed at Liz's joke, but Michael and Maria just looked at each other.

"Oh, Liz, I have one now. Why are blonde jokes so short?" Maria said.

"I don't know," Liz said.

"So brunettes can understand them." This time, Michael and Maria burst out laughing. Max had to laugh too when he saw the funny look Liz had on her face.

"I don't get it," she said, after some thought.

"Nevermind, Liz. It's okay," Maria said.

Liz couldn't figure out why everyone was laughing.

Meanwhile, back in Liz's car, which Kyle had affectionately dubbed ‘Lola', Tess, Kyle, Isabel and Alex had spend the better part of the last hour reminiscing about past summer vacations.

"Oh! Remember the time that we made that slip ‘n slide by tying those old shower curtains together and putting a sprinkler on ‘em and using dish detergent to make em slippery?" Tess asked.

"Please. No. That brings back baaaad memories," Alex said.

"I don't," Kyle said.

"I do," Isabel said, giggling. "Isn't that when Alex slid right off the end and skinned his butt on the sidewalk?" She laughed harder when she saw Alex pat his rear end as if it still hurt.

"I had to lay on my stomach for two days, cause it hurt so much to sit down. And I won't even go into how I had to use the bathroom! That was miserable!" Alex whined.
Isabel reached over and tousled his hair. "Awww, poor baby," she said.
"Oh!!" Kyle said, "I do remember that! My dad grounded for two days because I slapped him in the butt with a wet towel when he was laying down, and it made Alex cry. Man, that was classic!" He started to laugh so hard his face turned red.

"Oh yeah, you think it's funny Kyle? Well what about that time we all went skating on the Fourth of July, and you were skating through the snack bar too busy watching Kari Sutton that you didn't even notice her mother until you bumped into her and made her spill nacho cheese all over her clothes? Remember how you had to skate around the rest of the day with a coca cola stain in a very awkard place because your dad wasn't home to come get you early?"

"Hey! That was not funny. She never spoke to me again, and I still haven't gotten over the fact that she never went out with me." Tess frowned at Kyle, and Kyle reached over and put his arm around her. "Until now," he added. Tess smiled happily and settled herself into Kyle's embrace.

By 7:00 that night, everyone was sitting around in their hotel rooms wondering where to go. Kyle made a suggestion.

"Why don't we go to the sports bar I saw on the way here, it's like 15 minutes back."

"Kyle." Isabel said. "We spent all last night in a sew of denim and sawdust. Texas is the cowboy capital of the world. Didn't we see enough cowboys in Oklahoma?"

"Isabel, how many cowboys have you seen since we got here?" Max asked, taking his friends side.

"Well, there was that Cactus Joe lookin dude at the service station. Then there was that big monster truck with 4 cowboys in it. There was one in the parking lot picking up trash, there was one in the-" Maria was cut short.

"Maria," Tess said. "That wasn't a cowboy, that was a cowgirl."

"Nahah!! Did you see her arms? Huge!"

"Okay, but she had a very large chest, and a leather mini skirt on. If that was a cowboy, her name was Chynna."

"Ewww! That is so gross," Isabel said.

"Any ways, Kyle said. Wanna go?"

One hour later, everyone was at the sports club, playing pool. They had two tables side by side, and were playing teams. Max and Liz were playing Alex and Isabel. Maria and Michael were playing Tess and Kyle. A while later, an argument broke out between Kyle and Michael. It had lasted 20 minutes, and despite Maria's attempts to halt their snide comments and rude remarks, both of them swore that they were stronger than the other. They couldn't decide, so they arm wrestled for the title. When four arm wrestling matches ended in draws, Maria had an idea.
"Hey, Arnold and Sylvester. You guys wanna settle your little Battle of the Brawn once and for all?" she asked, hands on her hips.

Michael and Kyle looked at each other, smirks on their faces.

"It ain't no battle," Michael said.

"Yeah. Cause I've already won the war," Kyle remarked.

Michael busted out laughing and Maria rolled her eyes at the two. By this time, their friend had quit their pool game and come to watch the show. When Maria had an idea, it was usually something fun to watch.

"All right you two," Maria said, grabbing Kyle's ear with one hand, and Michael's ear with the other. "You two are coming with me." The two boys had no choice but to follow her. Not knowing what was going on, the remaining 5 went to sit at their table and get something to eat. They figured Maria and the boys would be back soon enough, most likely with Kyle and Michael wishing they had never argued in the first place.

Five minutes later, Maria came to the table without Michael and Kyle. She was grinning from ear to ear and could hardly keep herself from giggling out loud.

"What's so funny?" Isabel asked.

"You'll see."

Ladies and Gentlemen.
If you would please direct your attention to the back of the building. We have two people with a score to settle. And what better way to settle it then with a good old Fat Daddy's tradition! Please welcome our contenders, Michael and Kyle. Boys, have at it!

The group turned got up and moved to the back of the building where a large area had been set aside and covered with tumbling mats. From one corner, a spotlight came on, and out of a door came Michael and Kyle. Simultaneously, their 6 friends erupted into laughter as the crowd roared and cheered. Michael and Kyle had on sumo-wrestling suits that had been padded and layered to make them look like they weighed 500 lbs. The suits were so fat that only the boys' hand stuck out of the holes where the arms were supposed to by. They were complete with thongs and black hair wigs pulled into a ponytail on the top of their heads. Both of them looked completely mortified.

When the bell rang, Kyle and Michael just stood there, faces turning redder than a beet, neither one sure of what to do. Their friends laughed even harder when Kyle made a disgusted face as if he had just peed in is pants.

"Hey- you two ladies gonna fight or just stand there all scared?" a man hollered from the audience.

Michael and Kyle looked at each other once more, but neither one moved. Finally Maria stood up and cupped her hands over her mouth.
"If you two don't go at it and settle this, we will put in some rollerskates and tie you to the bumpers. You can walk the rest of way to California!!"

"She means Roll the rest of the way!" Tess added. Isabel and Liz were laughing so hard their sides hurt. Not wanting to miss the Kodak moment set before her, Isabel whipped out her camera and took a picture.

After the crowd laughed and hollered at them for a few minutes, Kyle and Michael got the idea. Kyle waddled over to Michael and nudged him with his belly. Michael nudged back. They went on nudging and pushing and punching as best they could. Six minutes later, Kyle nudged Michael so hard that they both went tumbling backwards. And no matter how hard they tried, which way they rolled, or how they positioned themselves, they couldn't get up.

"Help!" Michael hollered.

"We've fallen and we can't get up!" Kyle said.

When their friends came out onto the floor to help them up, they made Michael and Kyle promise to declare their Battle of The Brawn a draw. Both of them were happy to oblige.
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As soon as they got to their room, the girls went their way and the boys went theirs. Kyle and Michael were still embarassed but had been able to join in on the laughing.

"Man, remind me never to not listen to Maria again!" Kyle said. "That was the most embarrassing thing I have ever done."

"Or not done," Alex said. "You two didn't actually do much of anything but roll around on the floor."

"Yeah, and I am going to watch what you two eat from now on," Max said. "Because if that's what you will look like when you are fat, then I want no part of it."

"Eww!! That was just gross. The thought of a 300 hundred pound Kyle in a thong turns my stomach," Alex said.

"Yeah, well look at it this way. It could be worse," Kyle said.

"Oh yeah, how," Max asked.

"It could be a 300 pound Michael in a thong."

Within seconds, Kyle was knocked to the floor when a pillow came flying across the room and knocked him in the side of the head. Kyle looked up over the edge of the bed to see who it was, and when he saw Michael smirking at him, he narrowed his eyes.

"That's it, Guerin. You're gonna get it." When Kyle reached onto the bed and grabbed his pillow, Max and Alex looked at each other, eyes wide. Without a moment to spare, they both took a diving leap to opposite sides of the bed in time to dodge Kyle as he practically flew through the air headed in Michael's direction.

"Oh my goodness! That was the funniest thing I have seen yet! I have always wanted to see someone fight in those things since I saw them on MTV, but seeing Michael and Kyle in them was ten times better then I ever thought!" Tess said. She was still laughing, and was laying across her bed.

As Isabel was putting her camera away, Liz asked her about it. "Isabel, you and that camera have been attached at the hip since we left Fayetteville. What's up with it?"

"It's a secret. If I tell you, I have to kill you."

"Ha ha. Very funny."

"Well, I do know one thing. Isabel has captured some great moments with that thing. I want copies of everything," Maria said.

"Well, I will tell you guys what I'm doing if you-"

Isabel stopped when she heard a muffled scream come from next door followed by a loud thump. Maria had made it to the door when they heard more bumping noises. "What in the world?" Maria said. She opened the door joining the boys room to theirs when she was hit face first with a flying pillow.

Michael and Alex looked at Maria over the back of the couch across from the door. Max was peeking out over the side of one of the beds, and Kyle was crouched next to the nightstand.

"Uh Oh," Michael said.

Without a word, Maria turned back to her room and the girls inside. "Those boys are history."

"What are you doing? What's wrong?" Liz asked.

"I'm getting my pillow. And those boys better watch out. Because they just bombed me with a flying pillow, and now they've done it. And if you guys wanna help, grab a pillow. Cause in a few seconds, feathers will be flying, and heads will be rolling."

Isabel, Tess and Liz looked at each other, then broke into huge grins. They all grabbed pillows and went running into the boys room.

Maria got to Kyle first. Tess got to Max. Isabel and Liz reached Michael and Alex. Then it was on. By the time the pillow fight was over, the boys room was covered in feathers, and there were no more pillows to be found in either room. Everyone stood there looking at the huge mess they had just created.

"Well, looks like you boys have some cleaning up to do," Tess said.

"We have some cleaning up to do?" Alex asked. "You girls came storming up in our room and attacked us. You have some cleaning up to do."

"No I will not clean this mess up!" Maria said. "You boys started it. When I opened that door-"

"Hey, kids, relax. We'll clean it up together," Isabel said. "Kyle, Michael, you two go to the maids room and get a vaccuum. Liz, Tess, you two go to the front desk and ask for more pillows. Tell them ours are gone."

"What if we get in trouble? What if they call the Police cause we killed their pillows?" Liz asked, wideyed.

"Liz, honey, relax," Maria said. "We destoryed some pillows. Not wrote the screenplay for Glitter. They aren't gonna call the cops. The most they will do is not give us back our room deposit."

Tess and Liz went downstairs to ask for more pillows. Waiting on their friends to return, Max, Isabel, Alex, and Maria started picking up various pieces of furniture that had been knocked over in their fight. Within the next hour, they had the room completely spotless, and clean. Max and Liz had settled into the oversized chair at the end of the bed. Liz was fast asleep on, her head resting on Max's chest, and he wasn't far behind her. Kyle and Tess had sat on the couch, practically on top of each other, and were whispering into each others ears. Michael and Maria were lying across one of the beds, Michaels arm slung possesively over Maria, both of them sleeping soundly. Alex and Isabel were half laying, half sitting against the headboard on the other bed, whispering to each other while their eyelids drooped.

The next morning, when everyone woke up, they were surprised to all be in one room. They had all fallen asleep and noone had woken up until now. Hastily, the girls left the room and went to their own to shower and get dressed for the day.

An hour later, everyone headed out to the cars. Without even asking, everyone simply climbed into a vehicle. Max, Liz, Michael and Maria went int Max's Jeep, and the other four got into Liz's car. As they pulled onto the highway, each person thought about the day ahead of them. If it was anything like the trip had been so far, they wondered what adventure awaited them next.
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Okay, guys. A little bit of seriousness amidst all the fun. I wanted to show how much everyone has grown in their relationships with each other in this part and the next. Hate to leave ya hangin, but I will get the next part out as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!



As they were driving down the road, Liz noticed a sign for a campground. She realized how much fun she had had camping when she was a little girl. She thought it would be fun to go camping now with all her friends. Of course they hadn't come prepared, but the campground would be able to rent them some tents for the night. She asked Max, Michael and Maria what they thought, and they all said it sounded like fun. Michael got on the walkie talkie and asked the others in Liz's car if they wanted to go camping. Everyone was up for it except for Isabel. She wasn't too hip on spending the night with no shower. After Michael promised her that they would get a site near the bathroom and shower building, Isabel reluctantly agreed.

Just after dusk, the group was settling into their campsite. They had rented two deluxe sized tents, one for the girls and one for they guys. The guys had insisted on setting up their own tent, while the girls set theirs up. After ten minutes, the girls sat down next to their tent to watch the boys fight with theirs. After an hour, and something in the middle of their campsite that resembled a giant deflated beach ball, the guys asked the girls to help them. Ten minutes later, the guys stood aside, jaws on the ground as the girls put the finishing touches on their tent.

Everyone ate sandwiches and chips for dinner, then headed off in twos to do their own things.

Max and Liz had decided to take a walk. Hand in hand, they walked to the lake in the middle of the campsite. They found a pier and walked to the end of it where Max sat down against a support post, and Liz sat down between his legs. Max wrapped his arms around Liz, and they sat there, staring out at the water, basking in the feel of being in the other one's arms.

Tess and Kyle were going to take a walk, when Kyle saw some kids playing flag football near a big fire. Getting sucked in, it wasn't long before Kyle was right in the middle of them having just as much fun as the ten year olds. Tess couldn't help but watch and smile. She sat down with all the mothers who were watching the kids play.

Alex and Isabel and Maria and Michael had stayed at the campsite. Maria and Michael were sitting on a log near the fire roasting marshmallows, Alex and Isabel were sitting across from them. Each couple was engaged in quiet conversation with each other.

"So, Alex if you could have one dream for the future come true, what would it be?" Isabel said.

"Well, I have a lot of dreams. I want to be a rich and famous computer guru someday. I want to own a Dodge Viper, strictly for show, of course. I want to have my own company. Have people do the work for me. Lots of things. I can't pick just one."

"Sure you can," Isabel said.

"I can't. Why don't you tell me yours?" Alex said. "What one dream would you have come true in your future?"

"Mine would be the same as every other little girls dream. I wanna live happily ever after with my Prince Charming."

"Sounds like a good dream to me."

"Your turn."

"I told you. I can't pick just one."

"Sure you can. Okay. Close your eyes."

Alex gave Isabel a funny look, then closed his his eyes.

Isabel leaned up and whispered in Alex's ear. "Think about your future. The first thing you see is the dream that means the most."

Isabel watched as Alex smiled at whatever image he was seeing in his mind. She wondered what it was.

Alex opened his eyes, and the look he gave Isabel was one of pure adoration. Isabel felt a flutter in her stomach.

"Well, what did you see?" she asked.

"I saw a house. White picket fence, Suv in the driveway, shutters on the windows. The works. There was all those Fisher Price kiddie toys strewn over the yard, my kids running around playing."

"Sounds like a great dream, Alex," Isabel said.

"Yeah, but you wanna know the best part?" Alex asked quietly.

Isabel could only nod at him, and put her head down so Alex wouldn't see the tears well in here eyes. She was so happy, she was crying.

"The best part is that the girl standing in the doorway," Alex said, then took a breath. He put his hand under Isabel's chin and turned her face up to look at him. "Was you," he finished.

Isabel smiled, and shivered as Alex reached up to wipe a tear from her cheek.

"Isabel Evans, I love you. I have loved you since the day I met you. It took me years to break down your wall. And you don't have to say anything, because when you are ready to say it, I'll still be here," Alex said.

"I don't have to wait," Isabel whispered. "I love you too, Alex Whitman."

Alex had waited all his life to hear those three words from Isabel. He sighed, as he felt the tears welling up in his own eyes, then bent his head to kiss the girl of his dreams.

"That is so disgusting!" Michael said to Maria. "You have to eat the marshmallow before it turns black. If you don't then all you taste is burnt marshmallow."

"Well, I like my marshmallows crispy. So I'm weird. Sue me."

"You are way to cute to sue," Michael said, kissing the end of Maria's nose.

"Aww, Michael! Why'd you have to do that?"

"What? What did I do?" Michael asked innocently. He wasn't sure what it was he had done.

"I was like, all ready to argue with you about the fundamentals of roasting marshmallows, and you go all soft on me!"

"Aww, poor baby!" Michael leaned over and kissed Maria on the cheek. They turned in time to see Tess and Kyle come walking up to them, with Max and Liz not far behind.

While everyone else was cleaning up and getting ready to go to bed, Maria had to go to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, everyone froze when the silence was split by an ear splitting scream.

Without hesitation, Michael jumped up and ran in the direction Maria had gone. "Maria!" he hollered.

When Michael saw Maria, he felt all the breath being sucked out of his body. She was lying on the ground, her eyes closed, and she wasn't moving a muscle.

"Maria!" Michael fell to his knees and put his hands on Maria's face. "Maria! Wake up, please wake up!" Michael was rubbing her cheeks, and shaking her, but she wasn't waking up.

He turned around when he heard a whimper behind him. His friends were there, and Liz had seen Maria lying on the ground. Her hand was covering her mouth, and she started to sway, like she was going to faint when Max put his arm around her to steady her.

"What happened!" Kyle asked.

"I don't know. But she's unconscious. Quick, find a phone, get a doctor, ambulance, something," Michael said.

Isabel leaned down and took Maria's hand in her own.

"Maria, sweety, can you hear me?" she asked. When Maria didn't answer, Isabel started crying quietly.

From behind them, a man came through the woods. " I heard a scream. You kids okay?" he asked.

"Please," Tess said, running to the man. "Our friend is hurt, we need your help."

"We need a phone, can you tell us where on is?" Alex asked.

The man reached in his pocket. "I have a cell phone right here, I'll call."

The man dialed 911, and twenty minutes later, Michael climbed into the back of the ambulance and his friends piled into the cars to follow Maria to the nurses building on the campgrounds.
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LXC originally wrote:
Nice story but a bit too much male bashing. Whatever happen to the equality of the sexes?

Sorry if I offended anyone. That wasn't my intentions. I have nothing against the male species (Unless it happens to be a certain ex-boyfriend member of mine...). For me, it was just easier to imagine the guys getting into funny situations then it was to imagine the girls. To me, the Roswell guys seem much more gullible than the girls. But I love them all, really I do!! Don't hate me!

My apologies to anyone out their who seems offended by my um...portrayal of the guys in this story. I didn't intend it to turn out as male bashing.
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All righty, guys. I have quite a bit of work to do, so I don't think I will be able to post tonight. But if I don't then you'll get a new part tomorrow, alrighty?!

So sorry to leave ya'll hangin, but I gotta make living somehow, right?*wink**wink*
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All righty. Here it is. What really happened to Maria?


Sitting in the clinic waiting room 45 minutes later, everyone was getting antsy. Noone would tell them anything about Maria, and they were all worried to death. When Michael put his head between his hands and choked back a sob, Tess got up and walked down the hallway. She couldn't take it anymore. Kyle had gone to find a doctor to see if they could tell them anything yet, so Alex went after Tess to see if she was okay.

He found her sitting in the floor, with her legs up to her chin.

"Hey, how ya doin?" Alex asked, sitting down next to her.

"Alex, what if she's not okay? What if something really bad is wrong?" Tess said between her tears.

"Shh," Alex said, putting his arm around her and pulling her close. "It's okay, Tess. She's gonna be fine, just fine."

"But Alex, I'm so scared."

"I am too Tess, but we've all prayed for her, we are all here to support her, and she's gonna be fine."

Tess looked at Alex, and forced a smile. Two weeks ago, if someone had told her that she would be comforted by Alex Whitman, she would have laughed in their face. Two weeks ago, her best friends consisted of Liz, Maria, and Isabel. Kyle, Alex, Max, and Michael, whom the girls had known all their lives, were nothing but mere acquaintances. The few instances where they had been forced to endure each others company, the time had been passed with catty remarks, spiteful glances, and conversations that lasted all of five minutes. The two groups had never made any real effort to become real friends. But now, after having been with them non-stop since they left North Carolina, Tess realized that her group of best friends had doubled in size. Now they couldn't any longer be ‘the girls'. Now they would have to be called something else. Because now their ‘group' of friends included four boys whom they had know all their lives, but had just recently managed to work their way into their hearts.

Tess reached over and gave Alex a hug. "Thanks, Alex," she said. Then she stood up and offered him her hand. "Now let's go back to our friends," she said. "They need us right now."

Alex smiled, and took Tess's hand. They walked into the waiting room, just in time to see Kyle come back with the doctor.

"Doctor, how is she?" Michael asked, jumping up.

"She's gonna be fine. She'll have a killer headache for a couple days, but after that, she'll be back to her normal self."

Michael smiled. He was surprised that for the first time ever, he couldn't wait until Maria was back to her smart-mouthed, wise-cracking, independent self. "Can we see her?" he asked.

"Sure," the doctor said. "We are waiting on some medicine for her. After that, she'll be good to go and she can leave."

"Thanks," Michael said. He headed out the door and into Maria's room, everyone else right behind him.

"Oh, you guys, you have so got to get me out of here. First of all, my nurse, she looks like Pamela Lee on drugs. She has like big fake boobs, and her nurse's uniform if you call it that, leaves not much to the imagination. And my doctor? His stethoscope has a cowboy hat on it and a little eyes and nose painted on. This place is way weird!"

Michael smiled. Yep. His old Maria was coming back.

"Maria, what happened?" Liz said, rushing up to her bedside. Tess and Isabel were close behind, and they all started talking at once. They all three began talking, using hand motions, and making lots of noise all at the same time.

The boys hung back for a minute and didn't walk up right away. Once Michael saw she was okay, he was fine with letting the girls talk for a minute.

"Hey," Kyle whispered, watching the girls his arms on his chest. "Do you think they really understand what each other is saying?"

"I know I don't. And I've lived with one my whole life," Max said.

"It's like a whole different language," Alex whispered.

"Hey, what if they are talking about us?" Michael said.

All four guys turned to look at the girls with questioning looks on their faces.

Maria saw them and had to laugh. The girls turned around, and started laughing too. All four boys stood at the end of Maria's bed, arms crossed on their chests, looking as if they were extremely confused. The girls laughter caused the boys to look even more baffled. Maria was about to say something when the nurse walked in the room. All the rooms occupants turned to look at the nurse Maria had described.

She was exactly right. The nurse was tall, with blonde-hair that looked like it had so much hairspray in it you could knock on it. Her boobs were all but busting out over the top of the neckline of her white smock, which looked like it had been made to fit a ten year old child, not a woman.

When she saw the boys in the room, she smiled at them. Walking over to Maria's bed, she leaned over to hand her a bottle of medicine, making sure she bent over so that the boys would be staring straight at her back side. Maria gave her a dirty look, and the nurse only smirked. Turning around to walk to the other side of the bed, she winked at Max and smiled. She walked to a table, and handed Maria some papers to sign and give to the doctor on her way out. Walking back past Max, she stopped right in front of him.

"So, you're kind of cute," she said. Max was so surprised, he didn't know what to say. He was mainly trying not to laugh, remember how well Maria's description of the nurse fit. Maria watched as Liz's jaw dropped to the ground. That woman was hitting on her boyfriend!

Seeing Liz wasn't going to say anything, Maria spoke. "Um, excuse me, Pamela Lee, I don't care if I do have a headache from down under, if you hit on my friend's boyfriend, I am going to be forced to come over there and wipe that ugly little, lip-stick smeared smirk right of your face."

The nurse turned to look at Maria, shocked at her outburst. When the boys started laughing, the nurse huffed and left the room.

"Well, I guess we don't have to ask how long it's gonna take Maria to be back to her old self again, huh?" Kyle said.

"So, you gonna tell us what happened to you?" Isabel asked.

"It's so stupid. I feel so dumb," Maria said.

"Come on, tell us," Tess said.

"Well, I was walking to the bathroom, and suddenly, huge bug flew at me and was in my face. I screamed and tried to swat it away, but I must have lost my footing and fell. I guess I hit my head. Silly, huh?" she asked.

"It's not silly, Maria. IT was an accident. They happen. You had us all worried, though."

"Sorry, guys, I really am," Maria said.

"Maria! You don't have anything to be sorry about. We are just all glad you are okay," Alex said. He walked over and kissed Maria on the cheek. Max did the same, followed by Kyle.

"Aww, don't tell me you guys grew hearts!" Maria joked.

"Yeah, I know. Who knew it was possible," Michael said, walking over and kissing Maria on the lips. "Glad to have you back, sweetie,"he finished.

Within the hour, everyone was back at the campsite. Michael and Maria were sitting at the fire, talking softly. Michael was sitting with his legs out in front of him, Maria sitting between them with her head against his chest. Their friends were already in their tents.

"You really scared me back there, Deluca," he said. "I don't know what I would have done if something serious had happened."

"Well, it's nice to know you care," she said.

"Maria, of course I care. A lot. Sometimes I just don't know how to say it. It's just, you know, like, difficult for me."

"It's okay, Spaceboy. Cause I love you anyway," she said, turning to kiss him softly. "Now I'm tired. I want to go bed."

Michael helped her up and walked her to the front of the girls tent. He was amazed at his luck. Here was the most beautiful girl he had ever know, and she loved him. He was sure deep down inside, that he loved her too, but he just couldn't get the words to come out. He had never said them before, and it was hard. He made a mental note to work on it. He wanted to tell Maria just how strongly he felt about her.

"Good night," he said, kissing her yet again.

"Good night, Michael," Maria said. She watched him walk toward the tent then turned to climb in her own.

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All righty, girls. This part is all guy!! hehe....Hope you don't mind.



Waking up the next day, Maria decided that her headache was still throbbing. It was off an on, but she asked if they could wait one more day to start back out on the road. She was sure being in a car all day would not help her at all. Everyone agreed.

After breakfast, the boys went to the lake to take a swim, and the girls headed to the shower house to clean up and dress for the day.

"Kyllllleee!" Michael said, after his head broke the surface of the water, just after diving in. "I thought you said this water was great? It's like, 10 degrees!" he said.

"Stop whining, Parker," Kyle said. "It's not that cold. It'll get warm in a minute, besides, if Whitman can handle it, I know you can."

"Hey! And what's that supposed to mean, Kyle?" Alex asked, a few feet away, neck deep in water.

"It means, that it's easier to do this to you than it is to Michael," Max said, coming up behind Alex, placing his hands on his head, and dunking him under the water.

Max took off swimming in the other direction, and as soon as Alex broke the surface, he went after him. Michael and Kyle took one look at each other and went swimming after their friends.

Twenty minutes later, the boys were standing on the pier, drying their hair with towels.

"Hey, you guys wanna do something really cool?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, sure, like what? Skydiving or waterskiing, or something?" Kyle asked.

"Nope. Let's go shopping."

Max, Michael, and Kyle looked at Alex, their faces frozen in surprise. "You said, fun, didn't you," asked Michael.

"Shopping is a girl sport," Max added.

"C'mon, I wanna go buys some flowers or something for Maria. But I'm gonna get Isabel a present too, while I'm at it," Alex said.

"Flowers? For what?" Kyle said.

"Because it's sweet, and because I love her."

"You love Maria?" Michael asked, confused.

"No, Michael. Maria is sweet. I love Isabel."

"And you have to get her a present, because...?" Kyle asked.

"Because girls like that kind of stuff, Kyle. All the mushy, romantic stuff," Max said. Then he turned to Alex. "I'll go with you. And I'll buy Liz something too."

"Fine, fine, I'll go too," Kyle and Michael said.

They headed back to the campground to get dressed.

"Hey! Where ya'll goin?" Tess asked as she and the girls came up on the boys all dressed and waiting.

"Well, we figured since Maria doesn't feel like driving all day, and we're pretty sure you girls don't wanna take the ten mile Nature Hike, that we might go shopping," Max said.

"Ooh, my favorite sport," Isabel said. "I'm game."

A chorus of "me too's" came from the girls. They all piled in the cars, and headed out to the shopping mall that the campground attendant had told them how to find.

Getting out at the mall, Liz asked how they were going to split up.

"Uh, how about the boys and the girls?" Alex asked.

The girls shrugged, and agreed. After kissing their boyfriends goodbye, the girls headed into the mall. The boys headed in, and went to the first department store they could find.

As soon as they found the women's department, all four boys stood at the entrance, frozen. Not a one of them knew where to go.

"Okay, what now?" Kyle asked. "As far as I'm concerned, this is uncharted territory."

"Yeah, me too," Max said. "I have never been in the women's department before," Max said.

"Hey! How come their department is bigger than ours?" Michael asked.

"Uhhh, Alex, I don't think this was a good idea," Kyle said.

"Yeah, me either, let's go," Michael said, turning to walk out.

"Hey guys, wait!" Alex said. "C'mon, we are about to do the one thing that will prove us as men, and that's buy a gift for our girlfriends. It's like, a-a rite of passage, or something. You know, like riding a bike without training wheels, or tying a necktie. We can do this! We are men, ummmm-" Alex stopped, trying to figure out what to say next.

"Hear us roar?" Max asked.

"Exaclty, Grrrrrr!" Alex said.

Kyle, Max, and Michael looked at each other, and laughed. "All right, I'm buying Maria something, but I am not buying it here, this place is scary," Kyle said.

"Okay, fine. It's a deal," Alex said.

Fifteen minutes later, Kyle and Michael had ended up in the electronics section of the store.

"I got it!" Kyle said, picking up a box and heading around the corner to show it to Michael. "I found the perfect gift for Tess!" Grinning, he held his prize up for Michael to see.

"A Playstation? You want to buy Tess a Playstation?" Michael asked. "No, no, no, Kyle, You don't want to buy her a Playstation," Michael said, directing Kyle back around the corner. Finding his destination, he stopped and picked up another box. "You want to buy her a Playstation 2!"

"All right!" Kyle said, switching boxes.

"Oh no, you don't," Alex said. "You guys better change departments. You're slacking off. Max already found a gift, and so did I."

"Uh, not fair! What are ya'll getting?" Kyle asked, trying to resist Alex taking the box from him.

"He found a bracelet, with like, little colored rocks on it. Blue. Liz's favorite color. I got Isabel a special edition of the new Nicholas Sparks book, with her name engraved on the cover, and an inscription written inside."

"Man, why didn't I think of that?" Michael said.

"Cause you and I are the rejects," Kyle said.

"Speak for yourself. I'm gonna go find the gift of all gifts!" Michael said, with a newfound determination.

Forty five minutes later, Michael and Kyle walked up to Alex and Max, who were waiting for them in the food court.

"Uh oh. Here they are. And look at Michael's grin. I hope that's a good grin," Max said.

"Well, what did you guys get?" Alex asked. "The suspense is killing me."

"Ta da!" Kyle said. He pulled out a blue wide-brimmed hat, with matching sunglasses and a scarf. The hat had a ribbon around the cap part that had bright yellow flowers on it. The sunglasses had little yellow flowers where the ear pieces met the frames, and the scarf was the same material as the ribbon.

Alex and Max looked at it and smiled. "I'm impressed," Alex said.

"Yeah, you're turn, Michael. And it better be good, considering if it's not, Maria will have your head."

"Okay, here it is. Michael reached into this bag and pulled out a watch.

Alex and Max looked at each other and back at Michael. "Michael, she already has a watch."

Michael's smile didn't budge. "Well, not one that says this," he said, showing them the inscription. It's time I said I Love You, Michael.

Max and Alex and Kyle all smiled and looked at each other. "Guys, we have survived our first ever trip to buy presents for our girlfriends. Holidays can only get easier from here!" Alex said.

The boys went to have their presents gift-wrapped, then headed out to the parking lot to meet the girls.
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you came!! WooHoo!!

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Aww, that was too sweet. Can I have one of them??


Sure, but I have dibs on Kyle!
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And I so remember you telling Lizzibean that you used her nickname for this fic...hehe

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now I'm off to sleep...cause I think sleeping is what normal people do at 3am and I thought I'd give it a try.

First off, I plan to use Lizziebean again later on. There is going to be a little bro-sis talk coming up....

Thanks for the compliments, and I feel honored that you liked my story!

And last, but not least, about the normal people could try sleeping, but then again, we aren't normal, are we????
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After waiting for 15 minutes after their pre-arranged time, the girls still had not shown up back in the parking lot.

"Man, they better hurry up, because I am starving," Kyle said.

"Yeah, tell us something that we don't already know," Michael said.

"You guys can't tell me you are not hungry," Kyle said, in defense of himself.

"Well, I am," Alex said. "Why don't we run and get something while we wait for the girls?"

"No, what if we miss them?" Max asked. "We should wait a few more minutes."

Kyle groaned. "Do you know what I would give right now for a big, juicy steak?"

"Hey," Michael said. "Why don't we wait for the girls to come back, then we'll just go get some steaks, take them back to the campground, have a barbeque. We'll cook for the girls, then give them their presents."

"Sounds cool to me," Max said.

"Yeah, me too, as long as you don't cook," he said, pointing a finger at Michael.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Michael asked.

"It's supposed to mean that I like to chew my steak, not crunch it," Kyle said.

"Ha ha, that's very funny Valenti, I'll have you know that I cooked in my parent's restaraunt for-"

"Hey! I hope you guys are hungry, because I am starving!" Maria said, walking up to the car, handing Michael her bags.

The other girls followed, and walked up to the group.

"So, what'd you guys buy?" Liz asked Max.

"Well, we got Maria these for starters," he said, pulling a bouquet of flowers from behind his back.

"Wow, I am impressed," Maria said.

"How's your headache?" Michael asked rubbing the top of her head.

"It's better. I can hardly feel it," she answered.

"Yeah, but we can," Tess said. "She hasn't stopped talking since we got into that mall."

Michael chuckled and kissed the top of Maria's head. "Well, at least we know she's okay."

"So, you guys wanna stop and get some steaks, then we'll go back and throw em on the grill?"

"Sure, sounds good to me," Isabel said. "Just don't let my brother cook."

"Isabel!" Max said.

"Max. I have lived with you for 18 years. I have had your cooking, and I'd rather not endure that trauma again."

Kyle laughed. "Well, guess it's up to me and Alex, then."

"I don't care who cooks, just as long as we get food," Liz said.

The girls put their bags in Liz's car, and everyone piled in.

A couple hours later, the steaks were cooked, and everyone had eaten. Once more, the group divided into couples. The girls had noticed the boys with their bags, and had tried unsuccessfully to get them to tell them what they were.

"So, Max, are you gonna tell me what's in that bag, or you just gonna hug it all night long?" Liz asked.

"Well, I was thinking of hugging it all night long. It does look kind of snuggly," Max said, smiling.

"Well, that's fine then. I guess I'll go find someone else to hug, then," Liz said, getting up from her seat.

Max reached up and grabbed Liz's arm, pulling her onto his lap. "Well, I guess I could give up my bag for you. You are a lot prettier, after all." Liz smiled, and Max kissed her. He handed her the bag. "It's for you."

"You got me a present?" Liz asked. "For what?"

"Because I love you, that's why."

"Aww," Liz said, kissing Max's cheek. Max watched as Liz opened the bag.

When she opened the box that the bracelet was in, she caught her breath.

"Max, it's beautiful," she said. "Will you put it on me?" Max smiled as he put the bracelet around Liz's small wrist.

"Thank you, Max. I love you."

"I love you too, Liz."

"Kyle, you are fidgeting like a bug in a rug, what is up with you?" Tess asked.

"Nothing. I just, here." Kyle thrust the bag in Tess's direction. He was extremely nervous. He couldn't help but wonder if she would like her gift. Suddenly, he had a horrible notion that his gift was stupid. ‘Maybe I should have gotten her jewelry, like Max got Liz,' he thought. ‘I mean, after all, all girls like jewelry, right? Or the Playstation. What if I got her something she's gonna totally hate?' Kyle had the unmistakable urge to run, but realized it was too late. Tess was already looking into the bag and opening her gift.

Kyle winced and closed his eyes when he heard Tess squeal. She hated it!

"How do I look?" Tess asked.

Kyle opened his eyes hesitantly. For a moment, he felt his breath catch in his throat. Tess was sitting there in front of him with the hat on her head, the scarf around her neck, and the sunglasses perched on her nose. She had her head thrown back, and her hand behind her head in a movie-star like pose.

"You-you l-l- You look beautiful, Tess." Kyle was in awe at her, and his words came out barely a whisper. He could barely see her eyes through the dark lenses on the glasses, but he could tell she was surprised. "Do you like it?"

"Kyle! I love it! My mother used to have one when I was little, a wide brimmed hat just like this, and I used to dress up in it, and now I have one of my very own!" Tess smiled at Kyle, and put her hands on either side of his face. "Thank you, Kyle," she whispered. She didn't give him a chance to respond, instead she surprised him when she covered his lips with her own.

"So, you guys have been awfully secretive tonight," Isabel told Alex.

"Wanna let me in on all the hush-hush?"

"Let me think, hmmm....Do I wanna tell Isabel...." Alex put his hand up to his chin and pretended to be in deep thought.

"Alex!" Isabel said, hitting him playfully on the arm.

"Hey! Abuse the boyfriend, and you get no present!"

"You got me a present?" Isabel's eyes sparkled. "Oooh!! What is it, what is it?"

"Here. See for yourself."

Isabel took the gift from Alex and stopped to stare at it when she saw what it was. Tears sprang to her eyes. Never before had she gotten such a thoughtful gift from a guy before.

"Alex, I don't know what to say," she said.

"Well, do you like it?"

"I love it! This is the best present anyone's ever given me."

"Well, nothing but the best for my girl."

"How did I ever get so lucky?" Isabel asked.

Alex put his finger under Isabel's chin and turned her face up to look at him. "Isabel, sweetheart, I'm the lucky one." As Alex kissed her lips, Isabel closed her eyes and melted into his arms.

"So, when I open this, is anything going to bite me?" Maria asked. She had been staring at the box Michael handed her for the last five minutes. Truth was, she was shocked that he had gotten her a present. It was so–not Michael.

"Nope," Michael said.

"Nothing's gonna jump out at me? It's not like, one of those fake popcorn cans with the springy snakes inside?"

Michael laughed. "Guess again."

"Well, I guess I'll just have to open it."

Maria took a deep breath and opened the box. When she pulled out the watch, she was kind of dissapointed. She already had a watch. And it worked perfectly. "Thanks, Micahel," she said.

Michael smiled, knowing she was dissapointed. "Read it," he said.

"Okay, 6:12," she said.

"No, not that. Read the inscription."

Maria read the inscription, and jumped into Michael's arms.

"Michael Guerin Parker, I love you, you know that?" she asked.

"Maria, I love you too."

Maria kissed Michael, and suddenly, forgot everything around her. Even her headache.
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The next morning, Liz woke up before everyone. She got up and went outside, and sat down on a chair and made a small fire. She was watching it build up heat when someone came over and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around. It was Michael.

"Hey," Liz said.

"Hey Lizzibean," Michael said. He sat down on a chair, pulling it close to Liz. "Why are you up so early?" Michael asked.

"Couldn't sleep. I'm just too excited, I guess. Oh! Look what Max bought me," she said, holding her wrist out for Michael to see.

"I knew about that. We went shopping together, remember?" Michael said, smiling. He was glad to see his sister so happy.

"Michael, are you okay with this? I mean, with me and Max. Does it bother you?"

"Well, it did at first, but I see how happy he makes you. He's my best friend. He's a good guy. I couldn't ask for any better person for my little Lizziebean," he said, ruffling her hair. "Besides, I already told him. If he hurts you, I know where he lives. I'll climb right through his window and he'll never know what hit him. But I know I'll never have to make that journey. He really cares about you."

"Good. I'm glad you're okay with it. I mean, even if you weren't It wouldn't have mattered."

"Getting quite feisty, aren't we. Have you been spending too much time around Maria?"

"Maybe I should ask you the same question."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"That means that she has got you so whooped!"

"She does not," Michael said, trying to sound surprised.

"Does too."

"Does not."

"Does too, and I know a song to prove it."

"Oh yeah, let's hear it."

"Okay." Liz took a deep breath and started to sing. ‘Micheal was a wild one, when he was younger, everybody told Maria he'd be hard to tame."

"Liz, don't even finish that song!"Michael lunged for Liz, but she got up and ran around the fire.

Liz continued her song. "Full of himself, said sir to nobody, but you ought to see him come running when she calls his name. Aaaahhhh!" Liz stopped singing her version of the song and ran when Michael came after her again.

"Help!! Help!" Liz ran screaming.

"Take that back! I do not come running when she calls my name!"

Liz stopped running long enough to turn and make faces at Michael. "Yeah, you don't just run, you run and fly," she said. Giggling, she turned to run from him, but he made a leap towards her and caught her in his arms. He lifted her up over his shoulder, and she was still screaming. He took her to a mud puddle underneath a tree, and held her threateningly over top of it.

"Take it back. Say ‘I'm sorry Michael, I take it back, and I'll never tease you again."

"No!! Ahhhhhh! Let me go!! Help!"Liz screamed, in between fits of laughter.

"Nope, not til you say it," Michael said, laughing so hard, he almost did drop her.

"Michael Guerin Parker, you let her down right this instant!"

Michael stopped dangling Liz when he heard Maria's voice. Liz put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing at her brother out loud. Michael turned around to see Maria standing behind him, her hands on her hips.

"That is a perfectly good shirt she has on, and mud will ruin it!" Maria said.

Michael groaned and let Liz down. Liz started to walk away, but couldn't resist. "Now, fly, spaceboy," she said, then took of running towards the tents.

"What was that all about?" Maria asked.

"Oh, just a little brother sister chat," Michael answered.

"Well, come on, Mr. Brother-Sister chat," Maria said, taking his hand in hers. "We have to pack up tents and get on the road. We're gonna stop in New Mexico."

"New Mexico? For what?" Michael asked.

"I wanna see the alien town. Roswell."

"I thought you didn't believe in aliens," Michael said, smirking at her.

"Well, I don't, but someone I love does, and that's enough for me to want to see it."

Michael stopped and kissed her lips gently. "Well, then, little green men, here we come!"

Getting back to the tents, Maria and Michael saw everyone already up and moving about. They pitched in to help pack up the cars. It took them 4 hours to get the cars packed up, everyone kept getting distracted.

Liz and Max wandered off down to the lake, and Tess and Kyle went after them. Alex and Isabel kept getting into pinecone fights, and Michael and Maria kept getting into fights, period. Once, they even lost Kyle and Michael, and found them having a watergun fight with some of the children staying in the campground. Maria and Tess made them go change clothes, because theirs' were all muddy. Finally, four hours later, everyone was back on the road.

Tess and Kyle were in the front of Max's Jeep, and Kyle couldn't keep the big smile of his face when he would glance at Tess. She had on the hat and matching set he had given her, and she looked like a movie star. Alex and Isabel had already snuggled close to each other, and were reading parts of her new book.

In Liz's car, Maria and Liz were talking a mile a minute, showing off their presents from Max and Michael, that the boys couldn't get a word in edgewise. They tried, but it was useless, so finally they just stopped trying to talk and just watched the road speed by.


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"Are we there yet?"

"No, Max we're not," Maria said. "And you are starting to act like a 5 year old. If you ask me that one more time, I'm going to have to pull over, pull your pants down, and spank you."

Liz and Maria cracked up laughing. Michael and Max both responded at the same time, Max answering, "NO, Maria I don't think so," and Michaels response being a very loud and excited "What!" Maria and Liz just cracked up and laughed even louder.

"Really, guys, how long is it before we get there?" Liz asked.

"Shouldn't be much longer. Haven't you seen all those signs about aliens up ahead? Roswell isn't that far now."

"Why are we going there again?" Max asked.

"Because, I just want to see. Haven't you ever seen that TV show about those alien kids in High School? It's great. It all started when this girl named Shiri got shot, and this alien named Jason who had been diggin' her for like ever was there, and he healed her, and left this wacky silver handprint on her stomach, and then the sheriff got suspicious, and then Jason had to tell Shiri his secret, and then she had to tell her best friend, who is really cool might I add, and then they all became like this little army unit, and then they had to fight the government, and bad aliens and stuff. IT's a really great show. I mean, I don't believe in Aliens and all, but if they looked like the guys on that show, HELLO! I'd help ET phone home anytime he wanted!"

"Hey! I think I've seen that show before! Wasn't that the one where they just graduated, and then somebody got married, and they went on a trip or something?" Liz asked.

"Yeah, in that old blue van?"

"That's the one! That show was good. I'm gonna start watching it now."

"Well, chica, you are about 3 years too late. Some dorkwad decided it wasn't getting good enough ratings, so they canceled it. The one you saw was the final episode."

"Well, that sucks."

"Yeah, tell me about it. Now what am I gonna watch on Tuesday nights?"

"Hey, girls," Michael said. "How about we talk about something everyone can enjoy."

"Yeah," Max said. "Like baseball. Can you believe the Braves? Are they having a crappy season or what?"

"I know, man. They can't hit. Can't throw. Can't catch. I'll be a fan even through the rocky years, but this is ridiculous!"

"I know," Liz said. "If they don't make a touchdown in one of their next games, I'm gonna quit watching."

This time, it was Max and Michael who cracked up laughing. "Lizziebean," Michael said. "I was a Braves fan when I came out. But I'll tell you what. If the Braves make a touchdown in their next game, I'LL quit watching!"

Maria burst out laughing.

Liz frowned. "What?"

"Liz-touchdowns-are-in-football-and-the-Braves-play-baseball," Maria said, having to pause to laugh between each word.

"Well, I can't help it if I don't know my sports. I'm a girl for goodness sake." Then Liz smiled cheesily. "But at least I can tell you exactly what color nail polish to but to go with your outfit, the company that makes it, and how much it will cost you."

Max leaned over and kissed the top of Liz's head, still laughing at her. "And that's why we all love you," He said. Then he bent down to whisper in her ear where only she could hear. "Especially me."

Liz turned to Max and smiled. Now who could be mad at anyone for laughing at you when he had a smile like that?

"Oh yeah, well you are one Taco short of a Mexican dinner!" Kyle said.

"Well, you have all your dogs in a pen, but ain't all of em' barkin!" Alex retorted.

"Well, you are a few Chicken Mcnuggets short of a Happy Meal!"

"Well, you are definitely not the brightest bulb in the chandelier!"

"And you are by no means the ripest banana in the bunch."

"Oh yeah, Kyle, well, you ain't the sharpest crayon in the box."

"You guys are so funny," Isabel said, holding her sides, aching from laughter. "Especially you, Kyle. Did you notice that even when you are joking around all you think about is food!"

"Well, it works, don't it? I always have a good comeback. Care to try me yourself?" Kyle asked.

"Oh no. I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person, Kyle. You and Alex are on your own. Unless Tess wants to play."

"No, Isabel. I think I'll sit this one out with you."

"C'mon, you guys," Alex said. "I was just about to break out with ‘You're so stupid, I told you it was chili outside and you took a bowl and spoon out with you."

Tess cracked up laughing. "If you two don't stop, I am gonna have to pull over just so I can drive straight!"

"Well, what else are we gonna do? I mean, we are on our way to Roswell, friggin New Mexico! Maria's got us chasin little green men around!" Kyle said.

"Is that really why we're going?" Isabel asked.

"Either that, or she really wants to prove to Michael that they don't exist," Alex answered.

"C'mon you guys. Get in the spirit. It'll be fun. Aliens or now. How many of our friends back home can say they've been to the Alien Capital of the world? Not a one. What are roadtrips for anyways? To see the world!" Tess answered.

"Fine." Alex said. "And if we're lucky, maybe Kyle will get abducted."

"No chance, Whitman. Aliens want smart people. Geeks and stuff. They wanna suck out your brains and experiment on em. They're taking you."

Isabel rolled her eyes and picked up her walkie talkie.

"Hey, guys, can you hear me?" she said.

A second later, she heard Michael's voice. "Yeah, Iz. What's up?"

"Can you tell Maria that when we get to Roswell that if she sees any of her little green men friends running around, me and Tess have two specimens we want to offer for their benenfit? We'll even drive them to the space ship."

Michael started laughing, and was relaying the message to Maria when Kyle came on the radio. He had wrestled the radio away from Isabel to talk back.

"Michael! You tell them me and Alex and me aren't gettin on no UFO!"

Isabel and Tess started laughing.

"Kyle Valenti! Is that fear I hear in your voice?" Isabel asked.

"No, Isabel it's not. It's amusement. I want to along with your little game. So you can have some fun."

Alex sighed. "Why do we always get stuck together? I don't think the four of us have had one intelligent conversation this whole roadtrip."

"Alex," Kyle said. "We have too. Remember when we talked about which ones were better, Oreo's or Chips Ahoy? Not just anyone can argue about cookies for two hours, and still come up with a draw."

Tess and Isabel giggled as Alex rolled his eyes at his friend.

"Finally!" Kyle said pointing to a roadsign with a metallic spaceship that had a waving alien sticking out of the top of it.

"Roswell, here we come!"

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"Hey, Spaceboy, wake up," Maria said. "We've landed."

Michael opened his eyes and groaned. "Where exactly did we lan-. Wait a minute, did you just say landed?"

Liz giggled from the back seat. "Yes Michael. We're in Roswell."

"Yeah, I think we might find a way to send you back to your planet, Parker." Max said.

Michael groaned again and turned to get out of the vehicle.

"Maria! We're in a parking lot!"

"Yeah, well, we're in a parking lot in Roswell. I want to walk around. You know, like be a tourist, see some sights, find some Marvins."

Liz raised her eyebrow. "Marvins?"

"Yeah. You know, Marvin the Martian. I wanna find some Martians. Some Marvins."

"Who's Marvin," Isabel asked, coming up from the other car.

"Aparrently, he's a martian, and Maria wants to find him," Michael said.

"Well, that's great. So why did we stop in a parking lot?" Isabel asked.

"Well, apparently, again, Maria thinks the best way to find Marvin is to tour Roswell. On FOOT!"

"Hey, you know what?" Maria said, tapping Michael on the shoulder. "You stay here if you want. But I'm going to have some fun." She turned to walk away, but turned around to add a final word. "On FOOT!"

Michael looked at Alex and Isabel, and rolled his eyes, then turned to walk after Maria.

"Maria! Wait!" he called out.

Tess and Kyle came up. "Trouble in Paradise?" Kyle asked, nodding at Maria and Michael.

"Just another day in the drama that is Maria and Michael," Liz said.

They turned off the follow Maria and Michael down the streets.

After walking for twenty minutes, Maria stopped, a frown plastered on her face.

"What's wrong?" Tess asked.

"We've walked for twenty minutes. I wanted to see some space stuff. You know, UFO's, little green men, but so far nothing. So far, Roswell is just..."

"Normal?" Alex interjected.

"Yeah," Maria said. "Normal. It's dissapointing!"

"Well, don't put on your sad face yet," Michael said. "Look." Michael lifted his arm and pointed to something over Maria's shouder.

Maria turned and her eyes lit up. Straight ahead was a building with posters in the windows, and flashing lights above that read "UFO CENTER."

"All right!" Maria squealed. She grabbed Michaels' hand. "Let's go!"

When they walked in and looked around them, Michael put a hand over his mouth in an effort to stifle the giggle threatening to make its way out. He didn't want to ruin Maria's good mood. He almost made it, but failed miserably after he heard Max and Liz snickering behind him.

They were standing in the middle of a huge, cylinder shaped room, obviously made to look like someone's idea of the inside of a UFO. The walls were metallic silver, with funny looking symbols and writing on the wall. They had been painted with a glow in the dark paint, and black lights had been thrown on them to make them appear to glow. On the wall directly across from them was a chamber-looking thing with a small computer console stainding in front of it.

To Michael, it looked like the transport device from Star Trek.

Kyle must have read Michael's thoughts. "Beam me up, Scotty," he whispered. Tess had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

To their right, were more computer consoles. Their were chairs positioned in front of them, facing a large, fake window that was made as if you were looking at planet earth when you looked into it. But the thing that made them giggle the most was the exhibit in the middle of the room.

There was a tall podium like structure positioned directly underneath a bright spotlight. On the table was a green body with long slender arms and 4 fingers on each hand. Part of it was covered with a sheet. Spilling from what appeared to be its abdomen were long pieces of spring shaped plastic, and balloons to be its internal organs. There were two mannequins dressed in surgical scubs standing as if they were operating on the body.

Alex walked over to it and looked closely. He turned and motioned to Maria.

"Well, this might be the closest you'll ever get to your little green men," she said.

Maria stepped forward cautiously. "Is it gross?"

Michael snickered. Maria Deluca was a tough chick. She could handle any situation thrown at her with confidence and spunk, and could put even the biggest and meanest of bullies in their places. But when it came to blood and gore, Maria turned to a puddle of frightened mush. She could handle mean and rude, but blood and guts didn't mix well with her.

"If it's all bloody, I'll pass," she said.

"Maria, it's plastic and rubber," Michael said. "It can't be gross."

Maria walked over and peered cautiously over Alex's shoulder.

Alex reached over and picked up part of the alien intestine and turned to face Maria.

"Eww! Gross! I have alien guts on me! Help!"

Maria, thinking she was going to get slimed by alien blood, freaked out. She lifted her hands in the air, and ran out the door, screaming, pushing past her friends on her way out.

Everyone erupted into laughter. Tess grabbed Liz and leaned into her shoulder to avoid falling over. Isabel and Max fell against the wall, Kyle slumped to the floor, and Michael grabbed his sides and doubled over in laughter. Alex was waving the alien intestine in the air, laughing out loud and holding his stomach.

When their laughter died down and they had wiped the tears from their eyes, Michael and Alex went to go find Maria. As soon as they stepped outside, the stopped. Maria was standing in front of them, arms crossed over her chest. She was tapping her foot on the ground, and the color on her cheeks was a deep fiery red.

"Uh oh," Michael whispered to Alex. "You better run for cover. She's gonna blow!"

"That was very funny, Alex," Maria said sarcastically.

"Maria, listen," Alex said. "I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist. It was too perfect of an opportunity. Please forgive me?" he asked, taking Maria's hand and giving her his best puppy-dog look.

"Well, maybe," Maria said. She wasn't really mad, but she wouldn't tell Alex that. "Okay, fine. But ask me on your knees."

Alex contemplated it, but had a better idea when he looked behind her. "I have a better idea, how about I buy you dinner, instead?"

Maria realized just how hungry she was. It was already after 2, and she hadn't had lunch yet.

"Okay, it's a deal," she said. She smiled and Alex knew he was homefree. "So, where we eatin?"

Alex turned her around. "Cool place!" she said.

They waited for their friends to come out, then headed across the street. Maria, Michael, Isabel, and Alex walked in front, arms linked together to form a line. Kyle and Tess were next, hands clasped, heads together, still giggling about the look on Maria's 00:03face when she ran from Alex.

Max and Liz were next, arms around each other. As they neared the restaraunt, Max looked up at the marquee.

"Hmm," Max whispered in Liz's ear, causing her to giggle. "The Crashdown Café. Now, this should be interesting!"
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"Whoa!" This place is so cool!" Maria stopped just inside the door of the Crashdown Café. After stopping for several minutes to rant and rave about the UFO that was crashing into the outside of the building, Maria went inside and her friends followed her in.

Maria couldn't help but smile. There were aliens everywhere! On the murals, on the doors, on the counters, on the walls, on the waitresses. There was a mural on the wall with spaceships, aliens, and space stuff painted all over it.

"What an awesome place!" Alex exclaimed.

"Well, Alex sure knows how to pick em," Liz said, walking in with Tess, Kyle, and Max. "This place looks like fun."

"There's cows on the walls!" Tess said. "What kind of a wall painting is that?"

"Tess," Maria said. "We just walked into a place where there are aliens everywhere, and a spaceship flying across the milkshake machine, and you think they're weird because there's a cow on the wall?"

Michael chuckled at Maria, then spoke up. "I'm starved. Let's eat," he said.

Michael and Maria sat down at a booth, and Kyle and Tess sat with them. At the booth behind them, Liz and Max sat down across from Alex and Isabel. Everyone grabbed a menu and searched for something to eat.

"Look at this stuff," Isabel said. "Smallville Salad, Galaxy Sub, Orbit Rings. I feel like I am in that Space Pizza place in Toy Story."

Liz giggled. "Man! We need a place like this in Fayetteville. What do you say I talk mom and dad into turning the diner into an alien themed restaraunt?" Liz asked.

"I'd say they'll probably put pictures of Alf and Mork from Ork on the wall," Max said.

"Hey," Kyle said, turning around to get a word into their conversation. "They could just put pictures of Michael on the wall."

"Haha Valenti," Michael said.

"Oh. Nevermind," Kyle said. "That would scare away the customers."

"Hi, I'm Courtney, your waitress. What can I get for you guys?" A blonde headed waitress with a very tight uniform on came to Maria's table. Maria scowled at her when she saw the girl smile at Michael.

When everyone had ordered, they were all talking about the restauraunt and waiting for their food. Maria, Michael and Kyle ordered Galaxy Melts, and Tess tried to order the Smallville Salad. But Maria wouldn't let her, claiming that Smallville was evil because it had kicked her favorite TV show to a different network. So, Tess ended up ordering the Sigourney Weaver. Max and Isabel orders Will Smith burgers, and Liz ordered a Galaxy Melt, and Alex ordered a Sigourney Weaver.

"Those uniforms are absolutely hideous!" Isabel said.

"I know," said Liz. "I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those. I mean, that big silver alien head is bad enough, but those antenna!"

"I think the antenna are kind of cute," Max said.

"You would, Yoda Jr." Isabel said.

"Hey! Leave my ears out of this. You know what they say about a man with big ears?" Max asked.

"No, what?" Isabel asked.

"The bigger a man's ears, the bigger his.....heart."

Alex started laughing. "Oh man! You do not even want to know what I thought you were going to say."

Alex, Liz, and Isabel looked at Max, who was turning red all the way to the tips of his ears. They all laughed at him as he squirmed in his seat and turned even a deeper shade of red.

"Psst, Miss, can you come here?" Maria said to one of the watiresses passing by. "Miss, um I would like to know, have you lived here all your life?"

"My name's Ava. Parents own the place, and been here since I was born. How can I help you?"

"Well, see, my friend here," she said, patting Michael on the back wants to know if you know any, you know," Maria leaned in closer to the girls and whispered the last word, "aliens."

Ava leaned in towards Maria to answer. "Not a one. Unless you coung Jose, our cook. The guys a total cornball, and sometimes I wonder if he really is from the Final Frontier."

"Aww, c'mon, I won't tell anyone," Maria said.

Ava looked around her, and reached into her pocket, and pulled out a black and white picture. "Okay. Here. You can look at this. My grandmother got it when she saw the crash in ‘47. You can see it, but don't tell anyone. I'll be right back to get it."

"I told you guys!" Maria said. "There are aliens! Look at this! Proof."

Ava laughed and walked away. Then she came back and asked if anyone would like to order dessert. Everyone at Max and Liz's table declined. Kyle and Michael grabbed menus and looked at the dessert.

"Our ice cream machine is broken, so I'm afraid all we have is Men in Black berry pie."

"I have never had black berry pie, is it good?" Kyle asked.

"I suppose so. If you like black berries."

"Well, I'll take one."

When the pie came, Kyle took one bite, and almost gagged. The pie was awful! Michael didn't believe him, so he tried a bite, and gagged too. It tasted like rotten bananas!

"Man!" Kyle said. "Now I know why they call it Men in black berry pie. So you can forget you ever tasted it." Kyle was talking and drinking water, wiping his tongue off with a napkin at the same time.

"Why do you say that?" Tess asked, confused.

"I'll show you." Kyle took the sunglasses off the top of Tess's head, put them on, and lifted up a clean fork. He turned to look at Michael.

"Folks, look at this blinking red light and directly at the light." Kyle said, holding up the fork. "On the count of three, you will remember nothing. You will never remember tasting that pie, and life as you know it will go back to normal."

Tess started giggling, and Maria rolled her eyes. When the waitress came to clean their dishes, Maria frowned again when she saw her smile at Michael. She wasn't going to say anything, until she saw the waitress wink at Michael.

"Um, excuse, me, miss," Maria said. "Do you like your teeth?"

"Uh....yeah, I guess, why?" Courtney asked.

"Well, it's just that if you don't stop flirting with my boyfriend, I'm going to knock them down your throat. So if you'd like to keep them, I suggest you just take these dishes and get back to work." Maria looked at the girl, and gave her a sweetly sarcastic smile before she stomped off into the back room.

After they finished eating, everyone went to the front of the store to buy souvenirs. The boys each bought bright green blow up alien dolls, and the girls all bought a pair of the silver antennae that the waitresses had on. Max had convinced them that the antennae were one of a kind, and that they would make great halloween costumes.

Then everyone went outside and had their picture taken underneath the Crashdown spaceship. The girls put on their antenna, and the boys blew the aliens up and put them on their shoulders. They got a cop passing by on the sidewalk to take their pictures. Maria jumped on the chance to ask him some questions.

"Soo, Officer....uh....Hanson," she said, looking at his name tags. "Since you are the law around here, I was wondering....has anything....strange ever happened here? You know, like weird visitors to town, funny things going haywire, stuff like that."

The police officer chuckled. Tourists- they're all the same. "Mam," he said. "This is Roswell. If we want weird, we watch the X-Files."

"I don't want weird. If I wanted that, I could watch my boyfriend and his friends try to carry on a conversation. What I want is aliens. Little green men. People who can wave their hand and change their hair color. Are there any around?"

"Afraid not, miss," He said. "And even if they are, they're doing a darn good job at hiding!"

Maria frowned and went back to her friends. They all walked and talked and laughed on their way back to the cars, except for Maria. As they crossed the state line into Arizona, she was still pouting because she hadn't found any Marvins in Roswell.

Next Chapter, Arizona!

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Allrighty, guys, I am going to try my bestest to get a part out today. I have alot of work to do, but you know, what's work when theres fanfic to be written*wink*

Anways, send your good energy vibes my way, and we'll see what happens!
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"That is not true, Liz!"

"Michael, it is too! You itched for like a whole week because you used the whole bottle of Mr. Bubble. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen!" Liz was laughing so hard she could hardly talk, and she was holding her sides, doubled over in the front seat. Max, and Liz were in the front seat, and Maria and Michael were in the back. They were in Max's jeep, and Kyle, Tess, Alex, and Kyle were following in Liz's car. The had just crossed over into Arizona, and were giddy with excitement that there was only one state left between them and California.

"Liz, you better shut up. Or I'm gonna tell Max about that time you got locked outside in your underwear and had to sit in Sparky's doghouse until we came home so you wouldn't get rained on!"

At this, Max, Michael and Maria busted out laughing, and Liz turned a deep crimson red.

"Do tell, Parker. Do tell," Max said from the driver's seat.

"Well, Liz was about ten. Mom and Dad had come to pick me up from football camp, and Liz had talked them into letting her stay home by herself. They were only going to be gone for an hour. Well, little Lizzie decided she wanted to feed the dog, and she went out in nothing but her underwear and a t shirt. But she forgot to unlock the door first!"

Michael paused to finish laughing and catch his breath. "While she was outside, it started pouring down rain, and the only shelter she could find was the doghouse. So she threw Sparky out!"

"Okay, Michael. I won't tell Maria how you walked like you had a stick up your butt for a week if you stop talking right now!"

Michael held out his hand, still laughing. "Deal."

"Oh man, you guys are too funny," Max said.

"What about you, Max. You have any childhood horror stories living with Isabel?" Maria asked.

"I'll tell you one if you promise not to tell Isabel I told. She'll nag me to death for spilling the beans."

"Deal," Maria said.

"Well, you know how Isabel has always had her heart set on being like, a famous model or movie star or something, right? Well, one time, she had this bright idea that she wanted her hair bleached blonde. So, what did she do? She put peroxide on it! Her hair turned out bright orange, and she freaked. Mom was so mad she made Izzy wear it like that to school for the rest of the week."

"I don't remember that," Michael said.

"Oh migosh! I do!" Maria said. "Izzy told us it was because she had auditioned for some kind of commercial, and that everyone in the commercial had a different color of hair."

"I can't believe you believed her!" Max said.

"We believed her, but that doesn't mean we didn't laugh."

"What about you, Maria?" Liz asked.

"I don't have any siblings."

"But you have Alex. He's your cousin, and you two have always been close. Surely you have a story or two about him."

Maria thought for a minute, then her eyes lit up. "Okay. You know how smart Alex is and stuff, right? Well, when we were younger, he was always making these inventions and things. When he saw the Goonies, that little oriental inventor kid was like, his hero. So, he had this big idea to make one of those things with the boxing glove on the end of it that the boy had in the movie."

"You mean the one he hid under his jacket?" Michael asked.

Maria shook her head. "Well anyways, he wanted to use it on Jared Johnson, cause he was always bullying him. So, he made the silly thing and put it under his coat for school one day. Well, that day, Alex got called to the principal's office, because he was winning some kind of award."

"What happened?" Max asked.

"Well, let's just say that it went off a little early, and Uncle Charles had to go out and buy the principal a new pair of glasses."

"Oh No! He hit the principal?"

Maria shook her head. "And he cried for three days because he thought he was going to get thrown out of school."

After ten more minutes of giggling and laughing at each others, childhood stories, Maria started to wonder what her friends in the other car were talking about.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me!" Kyle aid. "I was so way past Vicky Delaney in like, the fifth grade!"

"You were not! I remember when I found you crying under the bleachers after she started going out with Jared Johnson! You tried to tell me your allergies were bothering you," Alex said.

"Hey! I did not cry! My allergies do bother me. I'm allergic to pollen."

"Kyle! It was December! There was no pollen!"

"Yeah, well, I just had something in my eye And you can't tell me you never cry over anything."

"Yeah, maybe I did when I was like 5, but you were 15, for goodness sake!" Alex said.

"Kyle, honey, it's okay," Tess said, trying not to giggle. "I like a man who's not afraid to show his sensitive side."

Kyle smiled at Tess and smirked at Alex with a look that said ‘Ha!'.

"Me to," said Isabel. "It's actually very sexy."

Alex perked up when he heard Isabel say this. " I cried once, too. Last year when I watched the Wedding Planner."

Isabel snuck a look to Alex, then in the rearview mirror at Tess who was staring at the back of Alex's head, her hand thrown over her mouth to keep herself from laughing. Suddenly, when they head Kyle snickering, they couldn't help it and busted out laughing,.

"Alex, my man," Kyle said, reaching up to pat his friend on the shoulder, "Dude, that is something I'd keep to myself if I were you."

Isabel and Tess laughed, and Alex crossed his arms over his chest.

"Fine. Fine. See if I ever show my sensitivity again," Alex said.

"Aww, poor Baby," Isabel said. "It's okay, we're just teasing."

"Yeah, Alex," Kyle said. "We love you anyway, Crybaby."

Kyle promptly shut up when a cd case from the front seat was hurled in his direction, missing his nose by an inch.

"Oh, listen!" Isabel said, turning up the radio.

This is it, folks and folkettes. Right now when I get caller number 9, you will win the big Lifehouse concert package. That's right. The guys are gonna be here at the Paladium tonight. Caller number nine wins the ultimate Package from WROS Tickets for you and 9 of your closest friends to go to the concert. That's right, 10ickets in all! What a treat! So right now. Caller number nine, t 555-1ROS. That's right. 555-1765.

"Ooh, oh! Tess, dial, dial that number!" Isabel said.

Tess reached for her cell phone and dialed the number.

"It's busy!"

"Dial again, hurry," Isabel said, beating on the side of the steering wheel.

Hurriedly, Tess disconnected her cell phone and dialed again.

"Shhhhhh!! It's ringing," Tess said, waving her arms at her friends.

Hello, WROS radio, who's this?

"Uh, Tess. Tess Harding."

Well, Tess, Tess Harding. You are caller number nine!

"AaaahhH!" Tess screamed. "I won, I won! I won!"

I'll tell you what, Tess. If you can name me three songs off of their current album, I'll throw in a limo to and from the concert for your whole party.

"Oh, okay, I know this. Um, Hanging by a Moment, Um...Breathing, and ummmm oh man! I can't think- uhhh....Oh! Okay, wait. Everything!"

Congratulations again, you just scored yourself a limo!

Isabel screamed in the front seat, and Kyle and Alex gave each other highfives.. The announcer giggled to himself as he heard Tess and her friends celebrating.

Congratulations, and hang on the line for a minute while I get your information

"Okey dokey!" Tess said.

Five minutes later, Tess picked up her walkie talkie.

"Guys, we need to find a hotel, pronto!"

"Tess," Liz's voice said. "We weren't going to stay here overnight, remember?"

Tess pushed the button on her walkie talkie. "Liz, We are staying here. And tonight, we are arriving at the lifehouse concert they're having here in a limo!"

Tess giggled as she heard Maria's voice over the walkie talkie screaming and hollering.

Tonight was going to be lots of fun.

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I wish I had the time to take a roadtrip! The closest I'm going to get is when I fly to California next summer to spend a couple weeks with my aunt and uncle.

You'll have to let me know what kinds of adventures you get into on your road trip!!
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hehe, I know. I can't go to a Lifehouse concert, so I'll live my wishes out through them.

who knows....maybe someone special in our group will get serenaded or something.

*insert dreamy sigh here* A girl can dream.....
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Sambub, there is a little surprise in here for you. You'll know when you read it....and just wait until you see who the limo driver is. going to be.......

guys, this part turned out longer than I expected. my fingers just kept typing and typing. THe next part will be the actual concert. See you guys there!!



Maria, Isabel, Liz, and Tess were ushered to a table in the hotel restaurant. The boys had disappeared earlier in the day, right after they had all gone to the radio station to pick up the tickets and get the details on the Lifehouse concert. Max had come to their room, acting really weird, and told the girls that he and the boys were going out for a while, but that they would be back in time for the concert. The girls had asked, but Max wouldn't tell them where they were going. Maria assumed that they were upset they had won tickets to a Lifehouse concert and not a Britney concert and that they were going to go play basketball, blow off some steam.

They overheard the conversation taking place at the next table.
So, you two are honeymooning, huh?

The young girl smiled excitedly. And nodded her head, thrusting her hand out to show the waittress. "We just got married this morning."

Well, congratulations. And I'll tell you what, the meal is on the house.

"That is so nice!" the girl said. "Greg, we're getting a wedding dinner!" the girl said, obviously excited and happy, as the waitress walked away.

"Heather, stop squealing, you're gonna hurt the waitresses ears," the man said, smiling widely at his new wife.

"I can't help it, Greg. I'm just like, floating here! And to think! Lifehouse is staying in this very same hotel! I wish we would have known. We could have bought tickets!"

"So, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Maria leaned over and asked the other girls.

"Let's hope not," Liz said. "Cause thinking like you usually gets us into trouble."

"Funy, Liz. But seriously, We have ten tickets. We only need eight. What do you say?" Maria said, gesturing towards the young couple seated behind them. Tess giggled, and Isabel smiled, as Maria got up and walked to their table.

"Here," she said, handing them the two extra tickets. "A wedding present. From us to you." Maria went on as the girl started to speak. "Don't argue. We have extras. We can't waste them."

The girl got up, and gave Maria a hug. "This is the best wedding present yet! And my name is Heather. This is my husband, Greg."

"Well, you two enjoy the show. Have a great time, and a wonderful marriage," Maria said, walking away.

"That is so cute!" Liz said, watching the young couple together. "I can't wait until I get married. They look so in love!"

"Yeah, well, the pots up to50 bucks now," Tess said.

"What pot?"

Tess's hand flew to her mouth as Isabel reached over and slapped her wrist. "She wasn't supposed to know about that!"

"What pot?" Liz asked again, getting highly suspicious.

"Well, Liz, you remember that little discussion we had that day when we were talking about you and Max, and the ugly purple bridesmaids dresses? Well, we kinda started a pot. We all have dates picked. As to when Max is gonna pop the question."

"You guys are impossible."

"Oh please!" Isabel said. "My brother is like a little puppy dog. He hangs on your every word and follows you everywhere! It's sickening."

"You guys are exaggerating way too much. But, speaking of Max," Liz said, looking at her watch. "Those boys have been gone a while. The concert is in less than three hours. I wonder where they are."

"Oh my gosh!! Pinch me! Pinche me!" Maria squealed.

"Maria! What's wrong?"

"You guys, am I like, hallucinating or something? Because I could have sworn I just saw Jason Wade and that Rick Wooley or Woolsten or Woolham, or whatever his name is, from Lifehouse."

"Maria, his name is Woolstenhulme, and OH MY GOODNESS! Pinche me too!"

Liz and Isabel turned to look in the direction that Maria and Tess were staring, and found themselves staring straight at 2/3 of Lifehouse.

"Come on," Maria said. "We are so going over there!"

"Maria! No!" Liz said.

"Let them eat!" Isabel pitched in.

"Well, I'm going. Stay here," Maria said.

"Wait for me!" Tess replied.

"Fine! We're coming! we're coming!"

Walking up the table Maria stopped so suddenly that Tess ran into her back. Both girls stood staring at the two boys, until Jason spoke.

"Can I help you ladies?"

"Yes. I just want to say that I am like, a huge fan, and I am so nervous right now, cause I just won tickets, I just never thought I'd actually meet you. But, then we're like, eating over there, and you walked in, and then I had to come over, and my friends wanted to come with me, and we came over here, and here we are, and we're like, talking to you, and your'e Lifehouse! And this is so cool and I think I need some cedar oil." Maria turned around and started to dig in her purse.

Chuckling slightly, Jason raised up. "Nice to meet you. I'm Jason and this here is Rick. Glad you guys are fans. What's your name?"

"My names Laria Demuca. I mean Demaria Luca" Maria shook her head, then took a deep breath. "I mean Maria. Maria Deluca. Nice to meet you."

"And I'm Tess Harding. These are our friends, Isabel Evans, and Liz Parker."

Jason and Rick looked at each other. "Liz Parker. Hmm..."

"What?" Liz asked. Why were they looking at her so weird?

"Well, ladies, I'll tell you what. I'm leaving some backstage passes at the stage entrance why don't you come to our meet and greet? We love to meet dedicated fans," Jason said.

"I don't think so," Liz said. She could have sworn she saw Jason smile at her. Max would die! "I have a boyfriend. We all do."

"Well, then, we'll leave passes for them too," Rick said, grinning. "Now, If you ladies don't mind. We have a concert shortly, and we need to eat. It was nice meeting you."

Maria shook her head, and on impulse, grabbed the camera from Isabel's purse and asked if she could get a picture. They obliged, and she sat down while Isabel took a picture.

Liz turned around in time to see the boys coming in the front of the restaurant. She went over to them, and grabbed Max's hand. Tess walked over, and Kyle threw his arm around her.

"Where's Maria?" Michael asked.

"And Isabel?" Alex added.

"Oh. They're chillin with Lifehouse over their in the corner," Liz answered

Alex giggled. "No, Liz, really where are they?"

"Yes, Alex, really," Tess said, taking his face and turning it towards the booth where Maria and Isabel were. "They are in the corner chilling with Lifehouse."

Max suddenly started fidgeting. "Hey, Tess, can you go get them?" Max asked.


"Because, we need to get ready," Michael said. "And we know how long it takes girls to get ready. We only have two and a half hours before the limo is here. We can't be late."

"Fine, I'll get ‘em," Tess said.

Tess went and got her friends, and they headed up to their rooms to get ready.
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Lil Blu Bubble originally wrote:
omg!! laugh2 Isla!! I married Greg?! yelrotflmao I almost choked on my Cherry know after I almost fell on the floor laughinglaugh2

Thanks for including me in the fic how cute was that! They gave me and Greg the extra tickets. I loved it...hehe.

So does everyone think I'm in love with Greg...loluhoh

No, silly. Everyone doesn't think you are in love with Greg. I just needed a name. I was gonna use another guy, but decided to make him the limo driver instead. Wait until you see who that is!
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hehe....and here I was thinking I could surprise you. Maybe I'll switch it around.....

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Hey guys!!

I'm gonna try my best to get the new part out tomorrow. I am swamped, and have a lot of work to do, but you know I can't resist writing this story. Especially when it involves Lifehouse.....
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"I'm coming in. I hope you guys are decent." Maria didn't wait for an answer, just pushed open the door.

"Well, it wouldn't have mattered if we weren't, you didn't wait for an answer," Alex said.

"All right. Major emergency. We are so out of hairspray. Can one of you lend us some?"

"What makes you think we use hairspray?" Max asked.

"Michael's spiked hair doesn't spike all by itself. It's got to have help. I know at least he has some," Maria said.

"You can use it," Michael said, coming out of the bathroom, buttoning his shirt with one hand, tossing Maria a can of hairspray with the other.

"What is that?" Maria asked, disgusted.

"What is what?" Michael asked.

"That. What you are wearing. What is it?"

"It's a shirt. My favorite Metallica dress shirt."

"Michael, that is not a dress shirt. It's a piece of cloth with Metallica printed on it like 5 million times. You can't wear that."

"Why not?"

"Well, for one thing, We are going to a LIFEHOUSE concert. And for another thing, that thing has holes in it!"

"These holes are made with love and care and are only there to show that I love the shirt and want to wear it all the time."

"Well, it's ugly. Wear the blue one."

"I'm not."

"Well, then wear the red one."

"I'm wearing this one."

"I don't want you to wear that one."
"Well, this ain't Burger King. You can't have it your way."

"Ooohhhh. I see," Maria said. "I think that's my cue to leave."

Michael knew he had made Maria mad.


"It's okay."


"You don't want to wear the blue shirt. I understand."

"Maria, wait. I'll-"

"Don't worry about it, Michael." Maria waved her hand and stalked out of the room.

"Great. Now I'll be in the doghouse all night."

"Dude. She said it was okay. Chill."

"Kyle, you obviously don't know much about Maria. When she says It's okay, it means it's not. When she says she understands, it means she doesn't. When she say's its fine, it means you better stick your head between your legs and kiss your sorry butt goodbye. I am so with the dogs."

"I'll come visit you, man," Max said, slapping Michael on the shoulder. "Cause I'm going to have fun tonight."

"Of all the hearts in all the boys in all of the world, why in world did she have to win mine?"

Alex stood up to follow Max out the door. "You're just lucky, Michael. She's special, and you got lucky."

Michael mumbled to himself as Kyle left, and he ran back into the bathroom to change his shirt. To the blue one.

"Hey," Liz said, answering the door. She gave Max a quick kiss on the lips, then went to finish putting on her shoes. All the girls had decided to wear dress pants, and Liz and Maria both had on black pants, Liz in a shiny red shirt and Maria in a pale green one. Isabel had on white pants with a blue shirt, and Tess had on brown pants with a beige shirt. The girls had all bought matching shirts, just different colors in a boutique next door, and they wore them with pants they already had.

"Ready?" Max asked.

"I think so. Just let me get them."

Liz walked into the next room and came out followed by Isabel, Tess, and Kyle.

"We have to stop by the room and get Michael. I think he's in there licking his wounds," Alex said.

"Let me guess. He tried to wear the Metallica shirt," Liz said.

"How'd you know?"

"I'm his sister. I haven't lived with him all these years for nothing."

Stopping by the room, Max opened the door, and turned to wrap his arms around Liz. Tess and Kyle had gone to the elevator and were sitting on a bench, Alex and Isabel had followed and were standing in front of them. Maria had followed Max and Liz.

"You look great," he said.

"You don't look so bad, yourself," Liz said, sweeping her eyes over Max's black pants and button green polo shirt.

"I think I'm gonna have to kiss you."

"No argument here," Liz said, as Max's lips captured hers.

"Oh, for goodness sake. You two are going to give me a toothache. I'll get Michael myself."

Maria pushed open the door. "Michael, we are leaving . You coming or not?" She was still angry at Michael having snapped at her, and her voice showed it. She was just trying to help him, and he hadn't appreciated it.

Michael stepped out of the bathroom, and Maria supressed a smile. He was wearing the blue shirt.

"Good. Your're ready," she said, turning to go back out the door.

Michael ran over to her and grabbed her arm. "Like my shirt."

Maria looked at Michael nonchalantly. "It's nice."

"It's nice?"

"Yeah. Nice."

"Maria, I'm sorry."

"Sure you are," she said, turning to face him. "Now apologize."

"Huh?" Michael asked, confused.

Maria giggled. Why in the world was it so impossible for her to stay mad at him? "It's okay, Spaceboy," she said, kissing him. "Now lets go, before our limo gives up on us."

Walking out the door, Maria saw Max and Liz, still kissing.

"Hey you two, come up for air. And c'mon. We're already late."

Max and Liz pulled apart, and followed Maria and Michael to the elevator.

"Oh mi gosh!! This is so cool!" Alex said when they stepped outside and saw the limo out front. It was a black stretch limo, and the driver was standing outside waiting for them.

They walked up to him, and he took off his hat, revealing a head of red hair. The man had a mustache and freckles, and the group couldn't help but notice how friendly he looked.. "My name's Grimwulf. I'll be your driver for tonight."

"Grimwulf? Is that some kind of codename or something?" Alex winced when Isabel slapped him on the arm.

Grimwulf chuckled, and opened the door. "Actually, my names Dhamon. But all my friends call me Grimmy. And if you need anything," he said, before he shut the door. " Just push the button."

The ride to the concert took about 25 minutes, and the whole time everyone was playing with the buttons and gadgets they had found in the limo. When they arrived at their destination, the girls jumped out and practically ran to the backstage door. The told the security guy their names, and sure enough, there were eight passes waiting for them.

The girls passed a pass to their boyfriends, and slipped their own around their necks.

Glancing between each other, the boys couldn't help but smirk. Those girls were in for more than they knew.
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Lil Blu Bubble originally wrote:

HEY! *tsk, tsk* nono

You tricked me!!! I thought the driver would have been Chance! Never in a million years would have guessed it be Thank *goodness* he wasn't the one I got married

Hehe...Sambub, you know me too well. It was going to be Chance, but when you said you knew who it was, I couldn't let you not be surprised! I knew if I switched it to Grimmy, I'd fool ya good!
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As the concert was ready to start, the group was ushered to the front row, where the radio station had reserved their seats.

Sitting down, Liz had a firm hold on Max's hand. During the meet and greet and the whole time they were backstage, Liz couldn't shake the feeling that the members of Lifehouse were staring at her. It had made her strangely uncomfortable, and as soon as she had the chance, she had firmly attached herself to Max's side.

Maria waved at Heather and Greg as she slid in, noticing the couple she had given the extra tickets to.

"Oh my gosh, this is so cool," Tess said.

"I know, we can reach out and touch them if we wanted to," Isabel remarked, reaching her arm out to touch the stage to emphasize her point.

"Just what I always wanted to do. Touch Lifehouse," Kyle muttered.

"Awww, is somebody getting jealous?" Tess asked, pinching Kyle's cheeks. "Nope. Cause at least I know who you're going home with."

"Don't be too sure. There might be an after party," Tess said. Kyle frowned and Tess giggled.

"Kidding, Kyle. Just kidding."

"Hey, shhhh!! Everyone quiet," Maria said as the lights dimmed. "It's starting."

A hush went over the audience as the lights dimmed and the first few chords of "Breathing" came over the speakers. That's when the ear splitting yelling began.

Thirty minutes later, Jason announced that they were going to pull someone out of the audience to sing their next song to. Max quietly excused himself to go to the bathroom, and he made his way down the aisle.

As the lights dimmed and colored lights were thrown on the audience, Jason walked from side to side of the stage as he prepared to pick someone to sing to. Every single girl within twenty feet of the stage was screaming, waving hands in the air hoping to be picked. Stopping in front of Liz, he reached his hand out to her. She stepped back, and shook her head no. No way was she going on stage with this guy, after he had flirted with her right in front of Max.

Liz kept refusing, but was suddenly lifted up by Michael and placed on the stage.

"I've got a great idea," Jason said. "Why don't we sing to more than one girl?" He paused while the audience roared their approval. Once again, he, along with the other two members of the group walked back and forth deciding on someone to pick. After a second, the all stopped and picked a girl from the audience. Who could have guessed?

Maria, Tess, and Isabel were the next three lucky girls. Silently, Liz was relieved. She had been afraid Max would get mad when he came in and saw her on stage, being serenaded by the same guy that had hit on her while she was backstage. At least with her friends on stage, it didn't seem so obvious that she had been picked.

Stepping back from the girls, the Lifehouse guys began whispering back and forth. Nodding their heads, they looked back to the audience. "You know," Sergio Andrade said to his bandmates. "I think we need a little break. A minute or two for a breather."

"I think so too," Jason said.

"Why don't we bring our special sruprise out to pass the time. You guys want to see a surprise?" Rick said, turning to the audience. He smiled when they once again roared their approval.

"Lifehouse fans, let me introduce Max," Jason said.

Liz's mouth hit the floor when she saw Max stride onto the stage, microphone in hand, grinning from ear to ear.

"What is he doing?" Liz whispered to her friends.

"Oh my gosh. He better not embarrass me!" Isabel said.

"I think he's gonna do just the opposite," Maria whispered.

Max walked over to Liz and kissed her, drawing a few whoops from the audience.

Stunned, Liz's breathing became rapid. "Max, what in the world is going on?" Liz whispered. Max said nothing, just smiled back at Liz.

When Max dropped to one knee, Liz's hand flew to her mouth, and the audience grew deathly quiet, save for a few awww's and some muffled sobs. Liz blinked as her eyes teared up.

"Liz Parker," Max said into the microphone, his voice barely shaking with nervousness. "I have known you most of my life. But it took me the last two weeks to realize something. And that's how much I love you."

Liz covered her face with her hands, and started to cry.

Max reached up and pulled her hands away, wiping her tears with his thumb. "You have completely turned my world upside down. I laugh a lot more now. I smile a lot more now. I haven't been mad at someone since we left home. And it's all because of you."

He paused as Liz reached up to wipe more tears from her face. He snuck a look behind her, where he saw Maria, Tess, and Liz with their arms around each other, tears streaming down their faces. Behind them, Michael, Alex and Kyle had been helped up the other side of the the stage, but the girls hadn't noticed, their eyes intently fixed on Max and Liz. Smiling, he looked back at Liz. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small velvet box. Momentarily pausing, Max was trying to figure out how to open the box and hold the microphone at the same time. He smiled gratefully when Jason came over and took the microphone from him, holding out in front of him so his hands would be free.

Carefully, Max opened the box and Liz gasped. "I don't have much to offer you. I'm not rich, or famous. I don't have gold and diamonds and a lot of money. But everything I have is yours, if you'll have me. So, here, in front of our closest friends," he said, motioning behind her. "And 10,000 people we've never met before, I want to ask you. Elizabeth Parker, will you marry me?"

Max fought the urge to cover his ears as an earth shattering cheer sprung up from all around him. Max stood up when Liz didn't answer. "Liz?" he asked.

If possible, the audience go louder when Liz threw her arms around Max's neck.

"I-can't-talk," Liz said, sucking in breath between her sobs.

Max chuckled, and pulled away from her. "Is that a yes?"

Liz shook her head frantically. "Y-y-yes," she managed to get out. Max whooped, and picked Liz up into a bear hug, twirling her around. He stopped long enough to take her hand and slip the ring onto her small finger. Immediately, they were both attacked by their friends, the girls hugging Max and Liz, they guys hugging Liz and shaking Max's hand and slapping his back in congratulations.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen. There you have it. The very first ever Lifehouse proposal," Rick said, motioning to the group of friends."

"Well, what do you say we let ‘em dance?" Sergio asked.

The crowd roared again, as the band took their places.

"Miss Parker, may I have this dance?" Max asked, holding his hand out to Liz.

Liz smiled, momentarily lifting her hand out in front of her to look at her ring. "Well, I don't see a problem with that," she said, laying her hand in his.

"I love you, Liz, always," Max whispered.

"I love you too, Max. I love you too."

Michael and Maria grabbed each other, and stepped up next to them, Kyle and Tess and Alex and Isabel quickly following suit.

find me here,
speak to me,
I want to feel you,
I need to hear you
you are the light
that is leading me
to the place where
I find peace again
you are the strength
that keeps me walking
you are the hope
that keeps me trusting
you are the life to my soul
you are my purpose
you are everything
and how can I
stand here with you
and not be moved by you
would you tell me
how could it be
any better than this
you calm the storms
you give me rest
you hold me in your hands
you won't let me fall
you still my heart
and you take my breath away
would you take me in
would you take me deeper now
'cause you're all I want
you are all I need
you are everything

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hehe..Gracie you're so funny...Your FB always makes me giggle.
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Guys, thanks for all the bumps and feedback....It makes my day! and it's the only reason I keep writing.
ParkerEvans, sorry this was a little more than five minutes, but.....


"Your brother," Tess said to Isabel, "is like, the most romantic guy ever! Proposing like that! I just wanna like, scream, or something!"

"You have been screaming for the last two hours. And what's so romantic about it? I tried to get him to just give it to her and buy her a pizza or something."

"And your brother," Isabel said to Liz, "Is seriously depriving a village somewhere of their idiot!"

"Hey!" Michael said in defense of himself. "I told him to buy one with extra cheese!" Michael shut up when Maria slapped the back of his head.

"All right Spaceboy, zip it. You are dangerously close to ruining a very special night!"

"Fine. But I still don't see what the big deal is."

"Awwww, it's okay, Michael," Tess said. "You can be romantic too. Like that watch you bought Maria with that great inscription. I mean, it could have been worse. You could have gotten her a Playstation."

Michael and Kyle exchanged looks, and Michael decided to keep quiet for the time being.

Everyone was in the limo on the way to find somewhere to eat. After the concert was over, the guys from Lifehouse had congratulated Max and Liz. On the way back out to the car, they had been stopped by almost everyone they passed by. The girls had all asked to see Liz's ring and gushed about how lucky she was to have Max, while all the guys slapped Max on the back and congratulated him.

"How did you ever get away with it?" Liz asked Max, her eyes still sparkling, her hand still holding tight to Max's.

"We went this morning. But I had to call home first. I wanted to ask your parents."

Liz looked at Max, her eyes wide. "What did they say?" she asked, her voice slightly hushed.

"They were like not surprised at all! Your mom said that she knew you and me were going to make a great couple. She said her and my mom hoped we would get together when we were like, in diapers and bottles. Then she was like, all crying in my ear and stuff."

Liz giggled.

"Yeah, well, you are so not my friend anymore, Max," Alex said.

"What?" Max asked.

"Yeah, like, when I get ready to propose," he said. "I'm gonna have to top yours, or Tess will disown me forever," Kyle said matter-of-factly. It didn't seem to surprise either Tess or Kyle when he voiced his intentions. "I'm gonna have to like get a 90 karat ring or something."

"You think you have it bad?" Alex asked. "I'm dating the Christmas Nazi. I'm dating the girl who's had her wedding planned since she was, like, 5. She's probably even planned my proposal!" Alex said.

"I have not," Isabel piped in. "Only the engagement party."

Alex groaned, and Isabel smiled brightly.

Everyone looked towards the front of the limo when the glass separating them from the driver was rolled down.

"Hey, you guys, there's and IHOP down the road. Wanna stop there?"

"If they have food, I'm there," Alex said.

"Yeah, me too," Kyle said.

Alex turned to the Grimmy, and told him to stop at IHOP.

Twenty minutes later, the waiter came over to take everyone's order.

"I'm Chance, and I'll be your waiter. Can I take your orders?" he asked.

Kyle ordered Steak and Eggs, as did Michael and Maria. Tess ordered the southwestern omelette, Isabel ordered eggs and Bacon, and Alex ordered Pancakes and Sausage.

"Can I have those chocolate chips smiley face pancakes, please?" Liz asked.

"Me too," said Max.

"I'm sorry, those are only for children under 12," Chance said.

"Please," said Liz. "I love chocolate chip pancakes."

"Sorry," Chance said.

Liz frowned, and looked back down at her menu.

"Hey, buddy, look," Maria said, raising up to grab Chance's arm. "This here is my best friend Liz. And this here is my boyfriend's best friend, Max." She picked up Liz's left hand and showed Chance her ring. "Max just did the most awesomest thing and proposed to her in front of ten thousand people, on stage with Lifehouse. Liz had a crush on him for like ever before he finally got a clue, so come on. Give us a break. We're having a celebration here," she said. "Let the happy couple eat the happy pancakes, OK?"

Chance looked back and forth between Max and Liz and Maria, then looked over his shoulder to make sure noone was watching. He winked at them, then looked at his order book.

"Two happy face pancakes it is," he said.

"Dude, thanks," Maria said.

"Hey, I like to see people having a good time," Chance said, then he disappeared around the corner.

"Hey, guys, wanna hear a joke?" Michael asked.

"It better be good," Tess said.

"Okay. Did you hear about the man who jumped down a man hole?"

Everyone looked around the table and noone said anything.

"He commited sewer-cide!" Michael said, then laughed out loud at himself.

Everyone groaned.

"Michael doesn't need an audience," Max said. "He laughs at his own jokes."

"All right, hand em over," Maria said, holding her hand out.

"What?" Michael asked.

"The Laffy Taffys," Maria said.

"I don't know what are talking about," Michael said smugly.

"Michael Guerin Parker, hand over those Laffy Taffy's right this minute! If I hear one more of those awful jokes on this trip, I swear, you will walk all the way back to North Carolina," Maria said loudly.

"Fine," Michael huffed. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a handful of Laffy Taffys.

Kyle and Alex snickered.

"You know," Alex said to Kyle. "I think we wre both wrong."

"About what?" Kyle asked.

"I think Michael's the one who's got it the worst!"

"I heard that Alex Whitman!" Maria said. She picked up a handful of the Laffy Taffys and threw them at Alex and Kyle.

When the food came, everyone started to eat.

"Here," Max said, pouring some syrup over Liz's pancakes.

"Oh, that is so sickening," Maria said.

"What?" Liz and Max asked simultaneously.

"You guys have been engaged for like, hours, and you are acting like a married couple already."

"Yeah, well, at least they aren't making out at the table," Isabel said.

"That can be arranged," Max said, tipping Liz's face toward him and kissing her softly.

"Guys, please, I'm gonna throw up," Kyle said, raising his arms.

"Kyle, please, I'm trying to eat," Isabel said.

"What?" Kyle asked innocently. "At least I didn't say blow chunks!"

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Isabel said, jumping up and running towards the bathroom.

"Nice one," Liz said, hitting Kyle on the head and jumping up to run and check on Isabel.

"What?" Kyle asked.

Two hours later, everyone was back at the hotel, sleeping soundly, preparing for the next day of traveling.
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Okey Dokey. This fic is drawing to a close, now that they've reaced their destination. What I want to know is do you guys want a sequel? I mean, it would just be a fun story. About what happens later in their lives. It could tell about the wedding or weddings....

If you guys would be interested, let me know. I'll see what I can do.




The next day, in the Jeep on the way to California, Max and Kyle were involved in a heavy argument about their favorite artists.

"No way! They don't even compare!"

"Kyle, there is no possible way that you can truly think that. You have no case. I mean, my guy, his imagery was out of this world. His artistic talent was one of a kind," Max said.

"Whatever, Maxwell. He's like an amateur compared to my guy. Mine like, set a precedent for all that came after him."

"How do you figure?"

"Look at any of his pictures. They're so real, so vivid, so alive. Tell me your guy can do that with his drawings."

"He can. Just wait until we get a paper tomorrow. I'll show you."

"Umm, guys," Tess said, interrupting. "Bill Keane and Hal Ketchum are comic strip artists. How in the world can you argue about their artistic talent? They draw cartoons, for goodness sake!"

Max put his hand mockingly against his heart. "Tess, that hurts. Hal Ketchum is my hero!"

Liz looked at Tess and giggled. "I keep forgetting how old they are."

"Me too. But look at it this way. When you are old and gray, and all your kids have packed up and moved away, and you," she said, pointing between Liz and Max, "are all alone. At least you'll always have Dennis the Menace."

"At least I have something to look forward to," Liz said. "Got anymore advice?"

"I do," Kyle said, "But mine's for Max."

"Well, come on, Ann Landers. Let's hear it," Max said

"Okay. One line what will always get you out of trouble. You don't want to argue, use it. You don't want her to get mad, use it. You want to keep her from getting mad use it."

"What's that?"

"Yes Dear, whatever you say," Kyle said. "My dad uses it on Maria's mom all the time. Works like a charm."

"I'm the one who has to worry," Max said. "I have to eat what Liz cooks for the rest of my life."

"For your information, Max Evans, I am a good cook," Liz said.

Max smiled. "Yes dear. Whatever you say."

Tess giggled, and Kyle slapped Max on the back. "That's my man."

"I know someone who learned to cook from Diane Evans isn't making fun of my culinary skills," Liz said.

"Hey! My mom's not that bad," Max said.

"I can't believe you are making fun of you future mother-in-law's cooking," Tess said to Liz.

"Me neither, my feelings are hurt," Max said.

"Max don't even try it. You hate your mother's cooking. Last time I stayed over with Isabel, you tried to feed your fritatta to the dog. He wouldn't even eat it."

"Max, man she's got a point," Kyle said. "I've had her fritatta," Kyle said.

Max couldn't help but chuckle. "It is awful, isn't it," he asked.

"I've never had her fritatta," Tess remarked.

"Don't worry," Max said. "You aren't missing anything."

Back in Liz's car, it was Isabel and Maria doing all the talking.

"I can't believe you had a crush on Chris Pavlos!"

"Why not?" Isabel asked.

"He was so funny looking. He definitely had a Roman nose."

"Maria, he was Greek, he didn't have a Roman nose." Isabel said.

"Oh yes he did," Maria said, making gestures towards her nose. "It was ROAMIN' all over his face."

Michael and Alex cracked up, and Isabel rolled her eyes.

"He wasn't that bad," Isabel argued.

"Isabel, sweetheart," Michael said. "I hate to burst your bubble. But it was that bad. Last time I saw a nose like that, there was an elephant attached."

"Can we please not discuss my girlfriend's past love interests?"

"Oh, don't worry," Isabel said, leaning over and kissing Alex on the cheek. "He's history. I only have one love interest now."

Alex smiled, and kissed Isabel on the lips.

"Oh man," Michael said. "Can you two just quit? I don't need to see you two make out. I'm young and impressionable."

"Whatever," Alex said. He turned to Isabel. "This coming from someone who got us kicked out of the IHOP in the last city for making out with his girlfriend under the table."

"We were not making out," Maria said. "We were...we...we were just..."

"Looking for Maria's contact," Michael said.

"Yeah. Looking for my contact," Maria added.

Isabel giggled. "Nice try. Maria doesn't even wear contacts, Michael."

Michael narrowed his eyes and smirked at Isabel. "Fine. I don't care. So we were making out. At least we had enough courtesy to do it in private."

"Michael. Underneath a table in a busy IHOP is hardly private," Alex countered.

"Whatever. Who cares?" Michael asked.

"They almost called the cops!" Isabel said.

"Yeah, well, they didn't," Maria said. "Like you've never done anything embarassing like that before."

"I haven't!" Isabel said.

"Let me think," Maria said, putting her finger on her temple and pretending to think hard. "Oh yeah," she said, pointing her finger in the air. "I seem to remember that time you got caught by Kyle's dad in your parents car. I remember he didn't even tell your parents because he thought it was so funny. You called me and went on and on about how embarassed you were!"

"What did she do?" Alex asked.

"Sheriff Valenti caught her driving around the block backwards. He asked her what she was doing, and she told him she had taken her parents car out without permission and she was afraid she, was afraid they would notice the mileage."

"And?" Michael asked.

Maria was giggling so hard, she couldn't even speak, so she held her hand up to tell them to hold on.

"I thought driving backwards would take the miles off the odometer, okay," Isabel said. "Happy now?" she asked Maria.

Maria was still laughing so hard she could only nod at the expression on Isabel's face.

"Shes-never-seen-Ferris-Bueller's-Day-Off!" Maria said, having to pause to giggle between words.

Michael and Alex started laughing too, and soon Isabel joined in. They were still laughing, and didn't notice when they followed Max's Jeep straight past the "Welcome to California" sign.
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Pookie, IHOP is a restaurant found across the US.

It stands for International House Of Pancakes.

They have everything from pancakes to burgers, and are usually open 24 hours a day.
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Sorry, to say, but I will be gone for a week. My sister is getting married, and people are coming from across the country to take over my house—AAAHHHHH!!! I am the maid of honor, so I have lots of jobs to do. So, I'll be out for a week, but I will be thinking of you all. And I'll have a part ready when I come back. But don't forget...a bump or two wouldn't hurt. I wouldn't want my story to fall off the board. You guys have fun, and I hope this holds you for a while....

Oh yeah. And there will be another part to this story. I'll bump this thread with news about the sequel, so don't unsubscribe!


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All righty guys. This is it. The last Chapter. Then there is an epilogue. But sorry to say, you have to wait a week! Hope you guys enjoy.





"Oh my goodness!" Maria squealed. "Look! Look! That is so cool! I can't believe it! Quick, Isabel, hand me the camera."

Michael turned to look in the direction Maria was pointing. "What is it?" Michael asked.

"A palm tree!" Maria squealed. She was bouncing up and down and clapping her hands.

"Maria," Isabel said. "If a palm tree has got you that worked up, then it better be covered in gold," she said sarcastically.

Maria rolled her eyes. "Isabel, you know I love your witty sarcasm, but excuse me for getting excited. It's just that I've never seen a Palm Tree before."

"Maria, they have palm trees everywhere at South Beach back home."

"Max, potted plants at a tropical themed dance club don't count. They aren't even real."

"Those aren't real?" Kyle asked. "That's why the coconuts didn't come off when I shook it!"

Max laughed, and Tess and Maria looked at him funny.

"What?" Kyle asked. "I had never tasted fresh coconut before, and I was trying to get one free."

At that remark, everyone laughed.

Everyone was walking down the beach, couples hand in hand. They had just checked into their hotel, showered, and changed into beach clothes. At Maria's insistance, they had checked into a hotel called "The Crown Reef". She had seen a picture of it in a Travel Brochure, and had said that it glowed purple at night. She insisted on staying in a hotel that glowed in the dark.

It was just getting dark, and the sun was already setting over the ocean. They decided to do nothing on this first night in California, since they were all so tired of being on the road for so long.

"Man! This is so cool," Liz said, stopping to look out at the ocean. She smiled as Max came up behind her and snaked his arms around her waist, planting a kiss on her cheek.

"You act like you've never seen the ocean before," he said.

"We do have one in North Carolina, you know," Tess said, walking up next to them, Kyle's hand clasped securely in hers.

"I know that," Liz said. "But that's the Pacific Ocean. This is the Atlantic. It's different."

Isabel laughed. "Liz, we live near the Atlantic. this is the Pacific," she said.

Liz rolled her eyes, and Max giggled. "Whatever. So I'm big on science, not geography."

"You're so smart, Miss ‘I am the only person in the whole school to get an A in Mr. Ross's world geography class," Michael said, putting his arm on Isabel's shoulders.

"Hey! Hands off the Evans girl," Alex said, walking up behind Isabel and Michael.

"Sure thing," Michael said, holding his hands up in the air. "Please don't beat me up."

"I'll let this one slide," Alex said.

"Good," Maria told him. "Because I wouldn't want this gorgeous face ruined," Maria said, pinching Michael's cheeks.

"Please!! He couldn't do any damage to my face!"

"Hey ‘Mikey G,'" Kyle said, imitating Maria's name for her boyfriend. "Remember what happened last time me and you had an arguement?"

Michael shook his head.

"Big ,plastic flubby suits and size 58 thongs ring a bell?" Liz asked.

Michael groaned. "All right. Fine. No more arguments from me."

Maria giggled when Michael sat down in the sand and pulled her down to sit between his legs.

"Hey guys," Liz asked. "Did you ever think we'd make it?"

"I knew we'd make it," Isabel said. "Eventually."

"But who knew it would be so much fun?" Kyle asked.

"Were you guys mad that we crashed your trip?" Alex asked.

All the girls shook their heads, and Maria answered. "We wanted to be. We have been planning this trip since, like the beginning of high school."

"And it was supposed to be girls only," Tess said.

"But?" Michael asked.

"But, we're glad you came," Liz said. "I mean, if you hadn't, who knows what would have happened with Sean at the convenience store. I mean, of all people to run into!"

Max tightened his grip around Liz's waist, and pulled her even closer to him, tucking her head underneath his chin. She leaned back into his chest, and sighed.

"That guy's a freak," Maria said. "I am ashamed to say that he is related to me."

"Enough about freaks, and psycho cousins," Tess said.

"I for one am glad we crashed," Kyle said. "I mean, if we hadn't where would we be now?"

"Single," Alex said.

Everyone giggled, and Alex beamed from ear to ear.

"So you came on this trip to get yourself a girl?" Isabel asked.

"Yep. Looks like I did it too," Alex replied.

Isabel put both of her arms around his waist and leaned her head on his shoulder. "Looks like you did."

"Hey guys," Liz asked suddenly. "Who won the pot?"

Maria, Isabel and Tess exchanged glances.

"What pot?" Max asked.

Liz looked at Isabel. "Why don't you tell your brother what pot?"

Isabel looked up and gave Max her best puppy dog look. "Well, we, meaning, me, Tess, and Maria, kinda sort of had this bet going..."

"What kind of bet?" Max asked.

"Well, we just...we kind of...It was just..."

"We had a bet on how long it would take you to pop the question to Liz," Maria blurted out.

"Way to break it gently, Maria," Tess said.

"You mean, you guys knew he would ask her?" Kyle asked. "We didn't even know until he made us go ring shopping with him."

Isabel shrugged.

"Please! Those two were like a happily ever after waiting to happen," Maria said.

"So, to answer my question. Who won the pot?"

"I did, of course," Maria said. "When the guys went AWOL, and were acting all weird the day of the concert, I knew something was up. And then Max kept checking on something in his pocket, and I put two and two together. Are you mad?" Maria asked.

Max grinned. "Nope. I'm engaged to my dream girl. How could I be mad?"

"You guys, look," Tess said.

Everyone turned to look at where Tess was pointing, and they all relaxed. By now, everyone was sitting on the ground, staring out at the ocean. The sun was setting on the horizon, and it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. The sun was a bright orange color, and the sky behind it was hot pink, streaked with purple and turquoise blue. The ocean looked like a swirling sea of pink and orange.

The eight of them watched, as the sky and the ocean continued to change into every color imaginable. Content just to be with each other, in California, finally, at the end of the road.
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Hey Guys!!!

I'm back, and now I have one less person living at home, and now two rooms to keep clean. Ahhh!!

The wedding was extremely stressful, but boatloads of fun. Who would have known my sister and her husband knew so many single guys? Good thing I came single! hehehe........

Anyways. I hope you guys don't hate me, but I decided to cut out the epilogue. Looks like the last chapter will be the end of the story. I was going to cut straight ahead a little bit, but I figured that what I had planned would go better to start out the sequel. Which brings me to a question.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I could name the sequel? I haven't the slightest idea. I could really use some suggestions. Post em, and I'll see if any jump out at me.

And thanks for the bumps while I'm away. Don't forget about this thread yet, though. I'm going to update it and post a link to the sequel when I start it.

Thanks again!

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OKEY DOKEY. Had an idea. Tell me what you guys think.

I thought I could name it "Where the Sidewalk Ends". you know, like the silly poem book by Shel Silverstein....Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout would not take the garbage out... I know you guys remember that one! It would be good title for an ending, but not too serious or sad sounding.

So, let me know what you think.....
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Okay. I have most of the first part of Where The Sidewalk Ends written. Remember how I was going to write an epilogue for this? Well I revised what I had and made it into the first chapter for this story.

I just don't have it finished yet. I have just been so caught up in Chasing Arizona, and have been extremely busy lately, that I haven't had a chance to finish. But I promise I will try my bestest to get the first part up tomorrow. How can I not with loyal readers like you guys? Thanks for all the bumps!!

And see you in part one of Where The Sidewalkd Ends!! And just so you know, when I do post, if you are subscribed to this thread, I'll post a link you so you guys can find it.

posted on 27-Jul-2002 2:41:36 AM by ISLANDGIRL5

I did it! Posted the first part to the sequel.

Find it here....

Where The Sidewalk Ends

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