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Author: Roswell Chick101

Title: Keep us away

Category: M/L M/M A/I V/A L/J S/K

Summary: this was a challenge
the challeng gives the story away

Disclaimer: I own nothing and I am in no way connected to Roswell

She looked at her self from the mirror in her room she was in a laying position but she could more less see herself .she knew she was going to die but she had unfinished business. She was a widow with a 12 year old girl. She had one true love that was not her husband .So she did the only thing thinkable she summoned one of her maids to get a phone. She was going to call him; she was going to call Phillip Evans. And ask one thing of him and that was to take her daughter once she passed and love and cherish her. Of course he had a son young Max and Sara expected Liz and he would get along fine. She dialed the number by memory



Maid: Hello? Evans residence

Sara: Hello may I speak to Phillip Evans please?

Maid: Yes Madam one second

Maid: Sir someone must speak too you.

Phillip: thank you

Phillip: hello?

Sara: hello Phillip it’s me Sara…..

Phillip :( awe struck) Sa … Sa. . . Sara?

Sara: Phillip comes too me I need you’re help we have little time.

Phillip: of course I’ll come … be there tomorrow

Sara: ok bye Phillip (barely above a whisper) Love you

Sara: Samantha go get my daughter

Samantha: yes ma’am

Liz: yes mother?

Sara: sweetie…my darling . . .

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Summary: this was a challenge
I use to watch Novellas (Spanish Soaps) a lot and there was this one call Nunca te Olvidare (I'll never forget you). If you seen it then you know about it's about.
Putting Max and Liz in the main roles:
nope it gives it away

Disclaimer: I own nothing and I am in no way connected to Roswell

Liz POV (partly)

My mothers dying leaving me here –no that’s not true she says when she passes I’m going with uncle Phillip I’ve seen him like 5 times were not too close so any way I’m kind of accepting this in a way at least she told me and let me take it-Who am I kidding I feel like hitting something and hard! getting out stress (tears cloud her vision) Who leaves there child in a world that is so big and what about the manor what happens to it ?this is my home! *She sits and cries for hours*

The next day

Phillip is there talking softly to sara

Sara: so you’ll take her?

Phillip: as if she were my own

Sara: thank you

Phillip: . . . oh Sara. …I love you

Sara: I love you too

6 months later

Liz: she’s passed Uncle Phillip (over the phone)

Phillip: no

Liz: yes the funeral is in a few days

Phillip: are you ok? (Tears In his voice)

Liz: no

Phillip: I’ll be there tonight

Liz: ok see you then um . .. sob …she um has a letter. . .for you too read

Phillip: sob …ok um who’s there with you now sweetie?

Liz: Um Veronica, Andrew, Lindsay and Joe.

Phillip: your friends?

Liz: uh huh

Phillip: I’ll be there you can count on me

Liz: I will bye

Phillip: (sad sigh) bye

Phillip: Sara my love why?

Diane: Phillip we must go hurry we have our son’s party to attend
Phillip: Diane I must go to Liz Sara has passed and I promised Sara

Diane; well I’m sorry Sara has passed but we hardly talked and Liz is not our daughter she can stay at the church you can leave in a few days.

Phillip: no I must go now

Diane: Phillip!

Max: Mom Dad why are you fighting it’s my birthday

Diane: yes Phillip tell your son you will not be joining us at the ball or in California for his birthday

Max: you’re not coming? His lip trembling

Phillip knew these years were the most important in building a relationship with his son so defeated he said they would go.

Diane: good now get ready so we can leave

Andrew: Liz he’ll be here any minute

Liz: yeah

Veronica: so you want to spend the night at my house we’ll invite Lindsay you won’t be alone

Liz: that would be nice

Andrew: hey you can’t have the girls and not the boys

Joe: yeah!

They all laughed

Liz: I bet he’s just sad and going slower than usual I mean why else would he miss the funeral ?

Veronica: yeah he could have had car trouble .

Liz: yea

2 weeks later

Phillip: Hi Liz

Liz: don’t talk to me

Phillip: look I know what I said things. . .just got complicated

Liz: you missed the funeral

Phillip: I know and I can’t tell you how sorry I am

Liz: lets just. . Not talk about it . .lets go. . Please

Phillip: ok sweetie

Liz: and don’t call me sweetie

Phillip: ok


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OMG I used to watch that novela. It was really great. I specially liked it when they were young. So are you going to do it like it was or are you going to make some changes?

this was a challenge but everyone be warned that this may not turn out exactly like the novella but it's M/L
more by sat. by 10:00 my mountin time*bounce**angel**bounce**angel*

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where do you want Liz to be from?
Seattle California or El Paso

Where do you want Max to be form?
Seattle California or El Paso

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Part 2 (the Journey)

Phillips POV

The ride over was silent and I expected that much there so much hurt in this little
Girls eyes yet somehow she seems mature beyond her years it baffles me .

Phillip: Liz ,swe –um well I have a little boy about 13 he will be thrilled to meet you and he has a Best Friend Michael who has a sister that’s very spunky and nice but there are not too many girls her age.

Liz: Great but I have friends . . . they .. . we . . Can I come visit them sometime?

Phillip: of course

The ride too Seattle

Was not as long as she expected when she arrived Phillip showed her too her room and told her that Diane and Max were gone for the day.
Liz took this opportunity to make this room her castle she pulled out all her books, stickers, journals, and her clothes and rearranged her room to perfection. she noted that there was a balcony in her room and went to check it out she could hardly believe this was all for her. She was eager to meet Diane and Max she was going to live here right? and even though she didn’t notice at the time somehow with the help from everyone and that car ride she in a way came to terms with her mothers death she knew it would still hurt but it would all get better in time.

Diane: Were Home!

Phillip: good diane she’s here

Diane: who’s here?

Phillip: Liz

Diane: Why is she here?

Phillip: because I told Sara I would watch for her

Diane: why. . .she is not yours. . .

Phillip: I did it out of kindness and love

Diane: she’ll be trouble

Phillip: no she won’t

Max was racing to his room to call Michael Kyle and Alex to tell them about the Baseball game later in the day they were going to Cream Sean, Grant , Nicolas and Doug Shellow.

He was about to dial when he heard an angelic laugh one that sounded like the angels singing he got up and slowly made his way too the hallway to find this creature that had with only a laugh already stolen all thoughts of the baseball game.

He heard where it was coming form and reached for the door handle turning it slowly

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Heres part 2
hope you like it I was wondering if anyone wanted to be my betta reader and if anyone has a suggestion I will probably use them and give you credit so just put them in your post
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Title: keep us away
By: Roswell_chick101
Part 3

As he opened the door the most beautiful sight he had ever seen had come into his view and he just stood there .That is until she noticed him

Liz: Pulled out of her laughter while playing with the little kitten that started to purr at her feet while she was outside then she saw a boy maybe a year older maybe two years older than her just looking in then she said hi I’m Liz

Max: *his thoughts* don’t just stand there you dope say something! I . . .I .. .
He looks up for a second wondering what to say to her he currently forgot his name, mal. Mas, mad, maw --

Liz: Are you Max?

Max:*my angel speaks to me what’d she say . . . max!*that’s the name

Liz: are you okay?

Max: now she thinks you’re a weirdo great going Evans! Yes! He blurted out I mean yes my name is Max

Liz: thought so *gosh those eyes I could just . . .drown In them*Um did you need something?

Max: no I . . . who are you?

Liz: no one told you?

Max: what?

Liz: my Mom died and your Dad said he would take care me

Max: I’m sorry about your Mom

She looked down and shook her head slightly

Max: how old are you ?

Liz: I’m 13 next month you?

Max: I’m 13 going to turn 14 in 3 months

Liz: oh

Max: so tell me about yourself

Liz: uh I love to write and read um I want to be a biologist and-totally embarrassed that she rambled on to max.

Max: enjoyed to hear his angel talk to him but then he realized she stopped why did you stop?

Liz: oh just what about you?

Max: I love to play baseball and I like to spend time with my friends .

Liz: so do you like living in Seattle?

Max: its ok I mean sometimes I get tired of being in the same place

Liz: me too

Max felt like he had known Liz for years she had long soft brown hair and she was petite and very slender he almost felt like scooping her up in his arms and never let her go .

Max: um have you seen the house I could show-

Diane: Max honey do you want to go play with Alex and Mich-

Max: actually I wanted to show Liz around

Diane didn’t like this not at all she knew Liz was just going to wiggle her way into everyone hearts and she couldn’t have that she already hated Sara and didn’t want that demon child in her home or near her son and she was going to make sure of that.

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Part 3 by Sunday

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Author: Roswell Chick101

Title: Keep us away

Category: M/L M/M A/I V/A L/J S/K

Summary: this was a challenge
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Part 4
Max turned 15 and Liz 14 ½ and the pain got better. Over the last few months Max and Liz started to do everything together and on occasion Phillip would find Liz snuggled up to Max in bed .Once he told Diane he knew it was a mistake to see that woman’s rage . . . was just . . . overwhelming and scary .Then Diane said that we should send Max to Live with Clara and George and their daughter Tess saying it would be good to show him new parts of the world. Diane loved Clara and Tess and thought Tess was the ideal girl for her son Clara agreed so they made plans without telling anyone to bring Max up there till he was 17 she would drop the bomb today.

(Outside) Max and Liz lay in the grass its overcast and they enjoy the wind.

Liz: Max?

Max: yes

Liz: I’m I your sister now or what?

Max: well do you want to be my sister?

Liz: I don’t know

Max: do you want me to be my brother?

Liz: no not really

Max: *how do you tell the girl you’re in love with that you love her*well we could be friends

Liz: best friends

Max:*with a grin* and you know what best friends do don’t you?

Liz: *eyes closed* what

Max: *gently gets up and picks her up quickly* This! *starts twirling her around*

Liz: Max! giggle Stop giggle

Max: or what?

Liz: I’ll kiss you! He instantly stopped and looked in to her eyes and they both like it was natural leaned in and Max’s arms went around his shoulders and Max put his arms around her waist and as soon as they made contact they knew it was right they were about to deepen the kiss when they heard Diane calling

Diane: Max can I see you for a minute

Max groaned and Liz giggled

Max: wow (breathless)

Liz: yeah

Then Max smiled and said he would see her later and he walked into the house happy and content for the last time.

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Part 4 soon
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Dear Journal: It's been 4 days since Max and I's first kiss ,it's also been 3 day's since Max left to go live with Tess and Her family I didn't come out of my room that day I could'nt behr to see him although ,every time I look at a picture of him or someone say's his name My lips tingle as if I can still feel his Lips on me.The kiss was like nothing I have ever experienced it was-

Phillip: Hi, swe-Liz

Liz: hi Phillip

Phillip: how are you?

Liz: I miss Max

Phillip: me too

Liz: I.. I.. Its none of my buisness

Phillip: no by all means

Liz: well I was just wondering why Max has brown eyes and You have blue ones...

Phillip: I knew this would come up sonner or later you see Max is not my son Diane made a mistake and we stayed together for max

Liz: does Max know?

Phillip: no he.. please don't say anything

Liz: can you do that to him

Phillip: this way he has a father that cares for him you will understand when you're older

Liz: if you say so he's not my br brother right?

Phillip: no no of course not

Liz: so you never came back because you married to Diane ?

Phillip : yes, It was a big mistake

Liz: No it wasn't

Phillip: why?

Liz: because max and I would have never met

Phillip: I do beleive you are smitten with Max

Liz: well now that I know its ok I don't feel guilty

Phillip just chuckled

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It had been 6 months since Max went to live with the Hardings and Max would call Liz once a week in his alloted time and would profess his love for her and she would let him know how much he missed him and they would dream about Christmas the upcoming holiday was the only time he was gonna get to come back to Seattle and spend time with Liz he always told her he was counting the minutes till they could be together It was now at 9 days ....

Clara: George ,I've been thinking Max is just overly smitten with this ...oh whats her name...Liz so I think its a good idea to send Tess with Max so there basically never seperated and well we should send them early like tommorow

George: okay dear

Back in Seattle

Liz: um ...Uncle phillip (its what they agreed on)

Phillip: yes

Liz:well, can some of my friends...come for christmas?

Phillip: why...Yes they can

Liz: are you sure?

Phillip: yes I'm sure

Liz went strait for the phone and dialed a familiar number

Kelly: hello?

Liz: hey ,its me

Kelly: hey we were just talking about you were all here having the monthly sleep over

Liz: cool I was hoping I would catch you all together my uncle said if you all wanted too you can come down for Christmas in 4

Kelly: I think you have 3 definate yes' and 2 no's

Liz: who said no?

Kelly: um,erik and michlle

Liz: so you ,Veronia, Lindsay, Joe and Zack are coming

Kelly: yep...girl this gonna be so much fun!1

Liz: ok so heres everything you need to know....

At the Hardings

George: Tess Max could you get down here please

Max: oh great what do they want know?

Tess: yes Dad

Max: yeah?

George:well look I have a big surprise ...Tess you're going with Max to Seattle

Max:( in his head)NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this can't be happening that little B**** will ruin it for me and Liz

Tess: yes it will be great Max

Max: yea great .... a blast*a real hoot*

George: oh and you Go tommorow

Tess: I'm gonna go pack

Max: Um ..I can I have an extra call home *I have to warn Liz and Talk to Liz and hear her voice*

George: I beleive thats not a good idea

Max: yea whatever

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Hi guy's I know this it's been a long time but I'm out of school now and can focus on my fics.

next part~~~~~~

Max and Tess were in the car heading home Tess was chattering away about nothing really.All Max was doing was ithcing to see Liz to feel her hair wrapped in his fingers and-

Tess: Max so you think

Max: don't know

Liz was looking up at the ceiling there was still 3 days till her friends were supposed to come and she already tried calling Max but she got no answer she started thinking they needed to invest in a couple cell-phones sure phillip would help us with that

meanwhile down stairs

Diane: Max Tess! welcome back

Tess: hi miss Evans

Diane: Max son give me a hug

Max: still uneasy around her gave her a small no emotion hug

wheres Liz he asked

Diane: oh she's ...probably in her room
Tess come will visit

Tess: sure I'll see you later Max

Max didn't hear her cauase he was half way up the stairs
he didn't bother knocking even thought the door was open he slowly made his way to her bed her eyes were closed he gently leaned down and brought his lips to her soft cheek she then opened her eyes looked at him and sighed

Liz: my mind is just playing a trick

Max: no it's not

Liz: Ha in my mind you always say that

Max: I bet I don't do this

he quiclky swooped down to her lips the kiss started out soft and innocence but turned into passion and wanting a soft moan escaped her lips he then pulled her into his arms and held her

Liz: max you're back