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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Prologue

The Granolith. On Antar it had long been a religious symbol and a source of great power. Those who studied the Bible would say that it was similar to the Ark of the Covenant. Armies that marched carrying it were too powerful to overcome. Knowledge from the most ancient of civilizations across the universe was somehow embedded within it. Somehow it had been brought to Antar ages ago. No one really understood how it got there, but when prosperity visited Antar for a time, everyone believed that it was the Granolith's power that made it so. Legends and myths surrounding how the Granolith arrived on Antar would say that ancient gods had traveled from afar and brought the Granolith there as a gift to the people. The most eminent of these gods had been able to communicate with it by speaking directly to it and they could understand the whisperings of the device that were unintelligible to the peoples of Antar. These gods helped to further the Antarian civilization and they still remain a large part of the Antarian faith as well as the faiths of the other planets in the V-cluster.

No one had been capable of truly engaging the Granolith and understanding its power. There had been some progress in understanding some parts of the Granolith, but not a lot. So far, the Antarians had been able to use it for space travel and some weapon development. The religious faiths of the planets were all tied into the device and the civilizations all sought to be control of it. After countless generations had passed, and the five planets fell into discord over the possession of the Granolith, it was shunted around from planet to planet. The religious order was in disarray, and after centuries passed with no resolution to the conflict, the ones chosen to interface with the Granolith lost their limited ability to use it.

Most faiths held an ancient belief that one day, there would be a king who would bring much needed peace and prosperity to Antar and then to the entire cluster of planets. This arose from an ancient myth that spoke of a king of Antarian descent who was gifted with the voice of the most eminent of the ancient gods that brought the Granolith to Antar. The resistance on Antar, and those on the other five planets of the cluster all believed this king to be Zan. The legend surrounding Zan spoke of how he had been able to thwart the attempt to kill him completely fifty years ago, and he was revered like a demi-god on his planet.

Now, this ancient relic was back on Antar, in the hands of the man who had calculated so much to gain its power but miscalculated that he would be able to use it. It was useless to him, much like the heir that he had schemed so purposefully to obtain. Max … Zan the king was alive, not dead and his people knew that. Even though the masses on the five planets had become unsettled that this man held the Granolith, he knew that he would not be able to have true control until he had accomplished what he failed to do over fifty years ago. He was no closer to quelling the belief on the five planets that one day, Zan would return and fulfill his destiny as the one who would bring peace and prosperity to the region once again.

Only the highest priests and priestesses had been able to behold it, aside from Zan. Now, for the first time, this ancient device hummed at him; and he could hear its faint, unintelligible whisperings as he walked past it. It mocked him for his failure. The incessant whisperings could almost drive him insane. So, he locked it in the ancient temple of the highest heaven and visited it no more. He believed that if he was able to destroy Zan for good this time and control his heir, then the secrets of the Granolith would be his…

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter One

Max Evans woke with a start. He had been having the same recurring nightmare all week. He was running after Liz, but every time he got near her, she would get pushed out of his way… first by Kyle, then Tess, then his son. He knew that he wanted to be with Liz, but he felt as though their connection had waned. She seemed distant with him as well. They were together, but Liz was holding back from him. It seemed as if there was so much standing between them. With all of the confusion surrounding Tess' departure, he had been neglecting Liz. He tried to be there for her, and physically he was, but he knew that his heart was torn. He had a son. A son that he desperately wanted to rescue and he knew that his unborn son was on another planet with the one who had killed one of his closest friends.

Max thought deeply about what had happened to lead him to this point. Regretfully he thought about the night of the Gomez concert - the night that he caught Liz and Kyle in bed together. He now knew that Liz and Kyle had never slept together, but he did not understand what really happened that night. He knew that he had to find out. Liz was strangely distant about the subject and she kept saying that she did not want to discuss it yet. Liz was hiding something from him, but he couldn't understand what it could be. Ever since Alex died and Liz discovered the truth about his death, Liz had retreated into a shell that he could not seem to pull her out of. In fact, she had been looking shell-shocked ever since the day that Tess left.

Max shook himself out of his reverie. He had to find out what was bothering Liz - why she would not open up to him anymore. Them being together this way was almost worse than not being together at all.

It was a hot, sultry summer night and Max's tee shirt clung to his broad chest, damp with sweat. Glancing out of his room to make certain that everyone was asleep, he pulled on some sweatpants and a clean shirt and hopped out of the window. He no longer had his jeep, so he ran over to Liz's balcony. Climbing the escape, he thought about the last time he had stopped in on Liz so unexpectedly. He suppressed an inward shudder and moved swiftly. Unlocking Liz's door, he stepped into her room. "Liz…" he whispered, enthralled by her ethereal sleeping form. The moonlight cast a surreal glow over her features and Max noticed with pain that her face was tear-stained and her eyes were rather puffy. Dark circles lay under her eyes as well. He gently nudged her and then jumped back as her hand flew up instinctively to protect herself from what she perceived to be a hostile intruder. Still groggy, she stumbled backward a little as she realized that Max Evans was standing in her bedroom. Perplexed, she looked at him and rather limply sat back down on the bed. "You scared me Max. Wha - what were you thinking, coming in here like this in the middle of the night?"

"I'm sorry Liz. I didn't mean to scare you. I just… I couldn't sleep… I had to see you… touch you." Max brought his hand up to Liz's face and was hurt when she backed away ever so slightly. "Liz? What's wrong? I am so sorry for - for everything. I know I've hurt you badly… but I hoped we could try and work through this." Max's eyes were pleading with her to understand him again. To love him again.

Liz looked at him and felt a tearing pain in her heart. It was the same ache that had remained with her ever since that fateful night when Future Max came. The night her whole life changed. The night she set into motion events that she would regret for the rest of her life. Liz flashed back to the moment when her heart had been irrevocably shattered. She would never forget the look on Max's face when he saw them and he still didn't even know the reason why.

Thinking about the way everything turned out, Liz felt a pang of regret and pain. She had really changed the future. She had survived pushing Max into Tess' arms for the sake of the world, but she never imagined that Alex would die for the world's safety. She couldn't even get past the fact that even though she was the one who pushed Max into Tess' arms, she still didn't like it that he decided to really go there with Tess. The thought of the two of them together made her nauseous. But she also knew that it was partly because of her that Max moved more closely to Tess. At least now she didn't have to wait for that other shoe to drop anymore.

Looking at Max now, pleading with her to open up to him, she felt little gremlins run after every piece of her shattered heart and smash them to smithereens. A single tear rolled down her cheek. She looked at Max, wanting so much to share her pain with him, but fearing that he would somehow never understand. She wanted so much to tell him what had happened, to cry in his arms, to scream with frustration. She could never let him know… it was all her fault.

Max watched Liz's internal struggle. He wanted so much to wrap her in his arms and never let her go. "Liz… I can see you struggling. I want to help. Please let me help… " Liz looked up at him, this alien king, and tried to imagine what his reaction would be if he knew… Her lips formed the words, but no sound came out and then Max could stand it no longer. He went to her and wrapped his arms around her tightly. She was shaking and he couldn't seem to stop her. Her breathing had become labored and she seemed to be holding on to a thin thread of control. Max was at his wits' end. He was about to just try and kiss her senseless until he felt their connection slowly come to life. Maybe it was because Liz was concentrating so hard on keeping a lid on her emotions that he was able to form a connection with her at last. As soon as it was formed, however, he wished that he could stop the tidal wave of dark and despairing emotions that he had become engulfed in. Liz was a seething volcano of anger, guilt, shame and self-reproach. Liz whimpered as she became aware that Max was seeing into her being. She instinctively tried to pull away from him, but he only held her closer as he was bombarded with flashes.


Liz backing away from a man who looked strangely like him in fear; Liz crying that she couldn't do this anymore; Liz dancing with the look-a-like Max and then standing on her balcony alone.

Max stepped back, gasping, as Liz forcefully pulled out of his embrace. Liz looked up at him, pained, "Max… don- don't do that… again… please… I can't… you have to --- please leave. Please leave." Liz's voice cracked as she turned away from him. Max was utterly confused. He needed to understand. "Liz, you said that you and Kyle never slept together. I need to know. I have to know - why were you in bed together? And who is that guy who looks like me?" Liz's eyes widened in shock as she realized that Max had seen way too much. "Liz, you - you're in so much pain. Please let me help. I can't stand by and see you in so much pain. I can feel how hurt you are. I can sense your despair. I know how much you are hurting… Liz, I love you. Please… don't shut me out." Max's eyes had darkened and his voice had become thick and husky. Seeing Liz look so hurt was almost more than he could take. Instinctively he knew that there was something really wrong and he wanted to take away whatever it was.

Liz couldn't take it anymore. She sunk down on her bed and croaked out… "Alex… I - I killed him. It's my fault he's dead. It's my fault." The floodgates opened and her salty tears spilled over, blurring her sight. She buried her face in her hands and rocked herself back and forth. Max was by her side in an instant. "Liz… Tess killed Alex. You had nothing to do with that. If it hadn't been for you, we never would have even known that she had killed him. Why would you think this is your fault?" Liz winced at the mention of Tess' name. Max cradled his love in his arms and whispered, "Please tell me what happened. Let me help you."

Liz slowly stood up and walked out to the balcony. She grabbed a blanket and wrapped herself in it, even though the night was warm. Max followed her and sat in front of her as she positioned herself in her chair. "Max… I've wanted to tell you for so long… but… I just couldn't. And then when Alex died and I found out Tess killed him… I just couldn't… It's my fault…" Liz trailed off helplessly. Liz made up her mind to tell Max then and there. But suddenly, she heard Alex's voice reverberating in her head… "How could you? You changed the future. I'm dead and it is your fault. I never asked for any of this. I thought you were my friend… You think you can tell Max the truth? He'll know it's your fault too…" Horror-stricken, Liz looked behind Max and she swore that she could see Alex standing behind him. She jumped off of her chair and stammered that she was tired. "Please just let it go for now Max… I guess it's like the White Room was with you… sometimes you just can't talk about things…you know?" She knew it was a flimsy excuse and that he wasn't going to buy it, but still she begged Max to just go home, that she was just upset over Alex's death and that she just needed to sleep.

Max knew that Liz had just shut down on him again. It felt like every time she almost opened up, something would happen to make her clam up on him again. He was fighting a losing battle. From the flashes he got from her, he knew she was in deep pain and he was rather confused about the man in her flashes that looked like him (except he was older and he looked more rugged). Max needed answers, but he realized that he was not going to get them from Liz. He sighed inwardly and then backed down. He crossed the room to envelop Liz in what he hoped was a comforting hug and then he picked her up and carried her into her room and placed her in her bed, tucking her in. He sat there, watching her as she finally drifted off to sleep, deep in thought. He needed answers. And he only knew one way to get them: Maria.

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Two

Kyle looked at the room that had been his before the storm. The ugly girlie pink walls were still there and he was annoyed that all of Tess' things were still there as well. With a bunch of garbage bags he went through the room with a vengeance and threw every reminder of Tess into the bag. He was overcome with anger when he realized that he was dragging the garbage bags out of the house just as he had dragged Alex's body out of the house. In a rage he tossed the bags in the back of his car and headed for the dump. "Damn you Tess.... damn you!!. How could you betray us like that? We trusted you... I trusted you."

Jim watched as his son dragged the bags out to his car. He thought about going to help him but he realized that Kyle probably needed some alone time. This was the second time a woman had entered their lives and then left them, but this time there had been a horrible betrayal. He was hurt that the girl he had welcomed into his home had betrayed them all so horribly. She had started to become a member of the family and even though he was horrified at what she had done, he still could not hate her. Part of him was still in disbelief that she had actually killed Alex. But the other part knew that she had killed Alex and then mindwarped his own son into helping her dispose of the body.

Jim wondered if he or Kyle would ever be able to trust another woman completely again.


Max strode purposefully into the Crashdown. He was definitely going to get Maria to tell him what was going on with Liz. "Going somewhere Evans?" Max looked behind him to see Sean De Luca sitting in a booth with a soda. Max turned to look at him and then continued walking toward the back of the restaurant toward the kitchen. Sean jumped up and ran around Max, standing in his path.

"Move out of my way Sean," said Max, leveling him with a ferocious glare. Sean backed up slightly, but then quickly recovered.

"No, you stay out of my way Evans," retorted Sean. Max looked at Sean and then continued walking past him. "You know, she came to me about a week ago at 3 o'clock in the morning, Evans," Sean said to Max's retreating back. When Max stopped and turned to look at him, Sean continued, "She was all over me." Sean paused to take in Max's paled expression, "but then she stopped and claimed that you had just broken her heart. Isn't that what you're good at? How many times is that now? Maria claims that this isn't the first time you stomped on Liz's heart."

Max turned to directly face Sean and said tightly, "That is none of your business Sean."

Sean moved menacingly toward Max, who was looking at Sean with barely controlled anger, "Oh really? It seemed like when I first got here, she was trying to get over you then too. You had her hanging on a string where she couldn't even feel free to move on with her life, yet you could move on with yours. You had a nice racket going, man. I've gotta hand it to you."

Max's jaw clenched. He had to restrain himself from knocking Sean senseless.

"You blew it Evans. Don't think that I am just going to roll over and let you have free and clear access to blow Liz's heart to bits again."

"Who do you think you are, Sean? You have no idea who you're dealing with," Max said with quiet force.

"I'm the one who didn't break Liz's heart. She comes to me for comfort, not you. And I plan to keep it that way," Sean said warningly.

"If you think you can keep Liz and me apart, be my guest," said Max, more confidently than he felt.

"Just watch your back, Evans. One more slip-up, and I assure you I will be there to pick up the pieces of her heart." And with that, Sean turned and walked out of the Crashdown.

Seething with anger and rage, Max turned to walk toward the kitchen. The thing that bothered him the most was that Sean was mostly right. He had treated Liz badly. She had been the one to discover that Alex was murdered, by Tess no less and instead of helping her, he was sleeping with the enemy. Max mentally berated himself for his foolishness. How could I have been so stupid? he thought miserably. Liz had begged him to help her uncover what really happened and he had been so blind that he never even gave what she had discovered any credence until it was too late. He had slept with Tess and gotten her pregnant. And his relationship with Liz was in a complete shambles.


"Michael! Michael!! Can we talk a minute?" Michael groaned as Maria came trotting up to him in the Crashdown kitchen. "What's going on now?" he asked irritably. It was 10:30 at night and he wasn't up to one of Maria's talks. Ever since they had made love, she wanted to "talk" all the time. He didn't regret making love to her or letting her see him, but he didn't realize that this type of relationship could be so demanding. Maria was unfazed. "I wanted to know if we were having dinner at your place tomorrow night or if we were going out." Michael looked like a deer caught in the headlights as he realized that he had made plans to go play pool with Max and Kyle that night. "Uh... I sorta ... um... well..." Michael drifted off uncomfortably... "You made plans already?" Maria guessed. "Yeah... I uh... well... I didn't know we had plans tonight... I mean I didn't ask you -" Michael winced as a flash of indignation crossed Maria's face. He had insulted her without meaning to. He relaxed as the look on Maria's face softened. "That's alright... I think I need to check on Liz anyway. She has been really out of it lately. She's like the walking dead or something. I know she is hurt about Alex, but she is taking everything so hard."

Michael resumed cleaning up the kitchen and let Maria continue babbling about Liz. "Well I hope Miss scientist gets herself together soon. I mean, you aren't falling apart over Alex anymore are you?" He hadn't meant it to come out so sarcastically, but for some reason it did. Max had been on edge all week because of Liz's behavior and he didn't understand why she was taking Alex's death harder than everyone. It would make more sense for Maria or Izzy to be more upset about it, since they had been closer to Alex. As he looked at Maria's glare, he realized that he had stepped over the line. "God Michael. Alex was Liz's best friend, apart from me. Of COURSE she would be devastated over this. OF COURSE she would. Sometimes you can be so insensitive."

Maria walked off in a huff and nearly bowled Max over when he came through the doors leading into the kitchen. "MAX!! Watch where you're going!" Maria's nerves had been shot at the mention of Alex's name and she was trying to retreat to the bathroom for a little privacy, but Max caught her arm and implored, "Maria, I need to ask you some questions... about Liz." Glancing at Max's pleading expression, her nerves calmed down and she said soberly, "sure... uh... wait... why don't you ask Liz about Liz?" Max suppressed an inward groan and said plainly, "Because she shuts down everytime I ask her about this... But I think you know something and Liz is in so much pain... But she won't let me help her... I need your help so I can help her... It's almost like Liz is haunted by something..." Maria's eyes widen as she finally realizes what must be bothering Liz. She blames herself, thought Maria. Max noticed the flash of recognition in Maria's eyes and forged ahead on his fishing expedition. "I know she and Kyle never slept together, but I don't know why... Did they just change their minds? What happened?"

Maria was at a loss. She had just pieced together the reasons why Liz was so upset, but she wasn't sure if she should tell Max anything about it. It didn't seem right. But even she thought Liz was acting strangely out of character. She decided to just tell him as little as she could without totally betraying Liz's confidence about Future Max. "Well, you were just so adamant about being with Liz and she was convinced that you had your destiny with Tess ... She just couldn't seem to get you to accept your destiny and leave her be..." Max looked stunned. "Are you saying that Liz set me up?! She set it up so that I would catch her and Kyle in bed and think that... What -- WHY would she do that? I mean.... that doesn't make any sense!! That is not like Liz. She wouldn't do that of her own accord... it's too cruel... she would have to be desperate..." Maria looked at her alien friend with compassion. This must be so hard on him, she thought. Suddenly, Max remembered the flash of Liz sitting with the man who looked like him, but older, and crying that she couldn't do this anymore. A lightbulb goes off in his head and he remembers Liz watching him and Tess through the blinds that night in the Crashdown. Then he remembers thinking that he saw another figure standing with Liz, but when he got back there, Liz was alone. Was the same man there with her then? Who was he? Was he making her do something she didn't want to do? These thoughts he was having made him feel even more upset as he realized that someone or something had forced Liz into doing something she didn't want to do and that he had not been there to protect her. "Maria, was Liz forced into doing something by someone?"

Maria watched as Max struggled to put the remaining pieces together. Liz had told her everything about Future Max. At first, Maria was angry that Max (well, his future self) had placed so much responsibility on Liz. It was too much for one person to handle. In the back of her mind, she knew that Future Max died for all of them and to save the world. But she was angry because she knew that in that original timeline, Alex was alive. Now he was dead. And Liz blamed herself, because she had changed the future by setting up that nookie scene with her and Kyle to trick Max. As Maria thought about this, she became more and more angry about the pressures that she, Liz and the other humans had been forced to face because of the Royal Four. She was ANGRY that Alex was dead and even though present Max didn't have anything to do with it, she wanted so much to blame him. Instead, she decided to simply tell him everything.

"Yeah." Exhausted, Maria told Max everything she knew about Future Max and about why Liz did what she did. Max was stunned. He stumbled backward a little bit and slumped in the chair next to the bathroom. "How... how did she? I mean, are you sure he was from the future? How could she tell?"

Max listened in awe as Maria described how Future Max predicted events before they happened... like Max's mariachi stunt. Now Max understood the pain and despair that Liz was engulfed in. She had given up so much to save all of them, especially Michael and Isabel. "Why did he -- I mean, I -- why didn't I go to myself? Why did I go to Liz? That was too much on her..." Maria relayed the information about how both present Max and Future Max would have been destroyed if they came in contact with one another. "So it was all a lie to stop Tess from leaving? But she ended up betraying us anyway... and Alex..." Max began but was interrupted by Liz's soft voice coming from the stairway.

"Alex was killed because... because I changed the future... He would have been alive if I hadn't ... he was at our wed -- " Liz stopped abruptly and fled out the back door. Max tore after her trying to get her to listen to him, to talk to him. He grabbed her elbow as firmly as he could without hurting her and spun her to face him. "He was at our what Liz? Our wedding? I know everything Liz. I know that you gave up everything for all of us. I can't believe how strong you were... how could you be so strong? Liz, why didn't you tell me? We should have faced this together -- you and me... I should have been there to protect you... to help you... Oh God Liz... I love you so much... I can't stand it that you have been carrying this alone all this time ... and ... " Max's voice cracked and he started to run his hands through her hair and over the sides of her face. She was crying and he wanted so much to kiss her and hold and caress her until she stopped; until she could feel his love for her.

"If I hadn't changed the future... Alex would still be alive Max. It's my fault... Don't you see? I killed him!! I KILLED HIM!!" Liz broke down completely, sobbing. "Liz -- NO. This isn't your fault. This ISN'T your fault. Tess killed Alex. TESS did -- not you Liz... not you..." Max's voice was like a soft caress to her as he interspersed whisperings of "not you..." with plantings of soft kisses all over her face. Max's hands moved up to cup her face as he began to kiss her lips gently. Her cries became muted as she clung to him desperately. Max gently pulled her to him, holding her. They stood there in the alley behind the Crashdown for a long time. Max was startled when Liz finally spoke. "We eloped in the other timeline. We got married and everything was wonderful until the attack came." Max crushed his eyes shut as he remembered the vision of him and Liz just married he saw when they were in Las Vegas. So much had been lost, he thought. But he would never lose Liz again. Never. Somehow they would find a way to get past all of this and start over. He would figure out how to repair all the damage that had been done, both to Liz and to himself.

Maria and Michael had gone ahead and closed the restaurant and she was now focusing on Max and Liz. She was so glad that Liz had finally been able to get everything off her chest and confide in Max. Maria knew that Max was her rock and Liz was his. "You shoulda told me, Maria." Maria was startled to hear anger in Michael's voice. "Liz had future men showing up on her doorstep forcing her to do crazy things that screwed Max up completely... and ... I'm his second... I'm supposed to be the protector... I shoulda been told so I could do something." Maria looked at Michael pensively before answering, "Liz begged me not to tell anyone... She thought she was doing what was best for all of you... Apparently right before Future Max showed up, you -- you died in his arms. And Isabel... she died two weeks before that." Michael was shocked when he realized how much Liz had given up... to save ... them. He mentally kicked himself for his comments toward her earlier. He wondered if he would've given up so much to save Liz or Kyle or Alex. He was disappointed in himself when he couldn't come up with an immediate yes to his own question.

Outside, Max turned and led Liz up to her room. She looked tired and he didn't want to exhaust her. He knew the truth and he could feel Liz's emotions starting to level out. He kissed her softly as she went through the door and murmured that she should get some sleep. Inside her room, Liz slumped into her bed and fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow. She slept soundly for the first time in months. Max stood outside her door for a few minutes thinking. He couldn't believe the mess his life was in. At least he still had a chance with Liz. But he also had a son to think about. How could he take care of Liz AND his son at the same time? He loved Liz with all of his heart and soul, but because of his carelessness, he also had a son whose mother was the cause of Liz's pain over Alex. He had no idea how he would help him either. Max had never felt so helpless. He knew that Liz was suffering from her guilt over losing Alex, but eventually she would get over that. And get over it for what? To have to face the fact that he had impregnated Alex's murderer? Max's heart tore as he wondered if Liz's heart was big enough to accept him even with all of the horrible mistakes he'd made. He wondered if it was even fair to ask her to accept or even love him after everything he had done. Max couldn't escape the feeling that he had let Liz down in not one, but two lifetimes. In one he had forced her to give up everything that meant anything to her and it cost her one of her closest friends; and in the other, he had betrayed her with the person who had killed her friend. Even though Max knew that he and Liz were not together when he slept with Tess, it stung to realize that he had given his body to Tess and Liz had actually not given herself to Kyle. He had no idea how he could ever make that right.

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Three

Isabel dumped the last bucket of finger nail polish on her bed. She was in a frenzy, trying to organize and reorganize them until the order she imposed on them exerted some order in her own life. She had been trying so hard not to blame herself for what happened to Alex, but it was terribly difficult. She remembered that it had been her idea to let Alex in, even though she hadn't been the first to tell him. She thought, somewhat irrationally that if she had not brought that up, Alex wouldn't be alive. But I wouldn't have gotten to know him either, she thought miserably. Alex was the only person who saw past her icy exterior and tried to unleash her soft vulnerability. And how did she repay him?? Isabel started rearranging the polish by color now to try and calm down. She didn't notice that she had been rubbing one of the bottles sporadically until it exploded in her hand. Choking back her tears, Isabel sunk down on the floor by the bed and let the tears fall. She missed Alex. She really missed him. And she felt guilty. She felt guilty because she never really let herself see the kind of guy Alex was until after he came back from Sweden and he practically ignored her. He was becoming so intriguiging and that was the first time she had ever looked at him as anything more than a hopeless puppy. Now he was gone and she would never find out if there could have been something really wonderful there. He was gone. And she was alone.

Suddenly, Isabel heard the door downstairs slam shut and Max's footsteps as he bounded up the stairs to his room. Seeing her crumpled on the floor by the bed, he stopped and poked his head in her room tentatively. "Iz? Are you alright?" Max's eyes shifted to the finger nail polish and the mess from one of the bottles. Isabel looked up, and remembering the exploded bottle, waved her hand and cleaned up the mess. "It's nothing... nothing... I was just organizing my polish." Max, who was well aware of the compulsive habits that his sister turned to when things got to be too much for her, wasn't buying it. "We all miss Alex, Iz. You don't have to pretend that you don't. You are allowed to feel sad about it."

Isabel closed her mind to the thought that she deserved to let her grief out. "But, I was the one who decided to let him in... It's my fault. If he had never gotten involved with me or us, he would be okay... Plus, I was the one who brought Tess into the group at first. Don't you get it Max? It's my fault he's gone." Max couldn't believe it. Liz was beating herself up about the same thing and now Isabel? He couldn't understand why either of them was caught up in all of this guilt when it had been Tess who had killed him. He sighed inwardly and sat down on Isabel's bed. "Iz... It isn't your fault. Even if you hadn't told Alex, he would have figured things out anyway. He was always on Liz's and Maria's backs about what they were hiding. I think he would have moved heaven and earth until he figured things out. He was a good guy Iz, and he didn't deserve to die, but none of that is your fault. You have to believe that. Alex wouldn't want you to wallow in all of this guilt." Isabel looked at her brother. In her heart she knew he was right, but for some reason she couldn't get her mind to let go of the guilt.

Max sat there looking at his sister and then bent down to give her a hug. "Iz. There is something I have to tell you. I think it might help you with what you are going through if you talk to Liz. She is feeling really guilty about Alex's death too and -- " Max was interrupted when Isabel looked up sharply and said, "Liz? Why would she be feeling guilty? She didn't do anything wrong..." Max then explained all about Future Max to Isabel, whose eyes widened. Suddenly she remembered when she and Liz had connected to save Max from the dupes. For an instant, she had seen a flash of Future Max talking to Liz and Liz crying, but she had ignored the flash and chalked it up to the extreme stress both of them had been under. As she listened to Max, she was astounded at what Liz had given up for all of them, especially her and Michael. But she still didn't understand why Liz would be feeling guilty over that. Then Max explained that in that future timeline, Alex had lived. Then Isabel understood. Alex lived, but she and Michael had died. You could drive yourself crazy trying to figure out this future stuff, she thought. "I thought that maybe you and Liz could talk. Maybe you could help each other..." Max looked at his sister, hoping she would agree. He was relieved when she shook her head yes and moved to sit on her bed. "Yeah... yeah. I think I will talk to her Max. Maybe both of us will feel better. Thanks Max. Thanks for telling me." Max smiled at his sister, glad that he had been able to help a little.


Somewhere south of Roswell in a remote area... 3:00am

A flash of swirling light appears and gets brighter and brighter until it is gone, and a young man falls out of nowhere to the ground. He has sandy blond hair and piercing gray eyes. A slight grin steals across his face as he looks at his surroundings. "Roswell. Finally." Suddenly he wretches and throws up in a ditch by his feet. "Damn wormhole. Damn body. Humans are irrefutably weak. Why would the Royal Four be sent here and made into hybrids with this weak species?" Daecon pulled a device from his pocket that was similar to the pentagon device that Brody had. He turned it three times and it began emitting a small beep. He would close in on his target using this homing beacon. "It won't be long now," he thought. "I'm closing in on you Zan."

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Four

Roswell -- later that morning, Jim and Kyle's house...

"What do you mean, we're broke?" Kyle looked at his father incredulously. "Don't you have a pension or something? I can't get a job! What about wrestling and football?" Jim looked at his frustrated son. He knew this wasn't fair to either of them, but they had no money and until he found a new job, Kyle would have to work. "I'm sorry son, but I haven't found work yet and no one seems to be too eager to hire me back at the station. I have some odd jobs lined up, but you're going to have to get a part-time job." Kyle looked at his father in disgust. Then he bristled. If it hadn't been for those damn aliens he thought, none of this would have happened. In the back of his mind, he registered a tiny protest that said, "but Kyle, Max saved your life...". He pushed that thought out of his mind and reasoned that if it hadn't been for Max, he never would have been shot at all. Tess would never have come to stay with them, and he would have a life now... not this federal disaster of an existence. For once Kyle wished he had some powers so he could send Max and the rest of them into orbit.


"Max. Come in here son." Max's dad was sitting at his desk in the study. He looked at Max cryptically as Max nervously sat at the chair in front of his dad's desk. "We need to talk about your jeep. What happened to it again?" Max stifled a groan. This is not good. Thinking fast, he tried to remember the story he gave his parents about the jeep a month ago. They had bought his story then, luckily. "Well, Michael, Iz, Maria, Liz, Kyle and I were going out towards Hondo to pick up a TV that Michael bought from some guy out there. We stopped at a truck stop and went to grab some food. When we got out, the jeep was gone. That is when we called you and the police, remember? It was like 10:00 in the morning??" Max was glad that Liz had been thinking quickly enough to come up with a cover story for what had happened with the Jeep. Since it had been burned pretty badly and they realized that they couldn't repair it, they needed to come up with something... Philip Evans looked at his son and thought for a moment that he was lying. Something just wasn't right with him. Shaking his head, he looked down at a police report that had been faxed to him that morning. "The jeep was found at the bottom of a ravine, Max. It was torched. I'm sorry Max, it's been totalled. But there is some insurance money that we will get from it, although it is not much. I think we need to think about getting you another car. Your mother and I need our car and when school starts, you'll need some transportation." Max tried to look shocked at the news that the Jeep was torched. "Torched? You- you mean it was burned up?" He hated having to keep up this elaborate ruse, but what choice did he have? They would never accept the truth. "Well, I have some money saved up from working at the UFO center dad. Maybe we could pool the insurance money and my savings?" Philip shook his head, thinking it was a good idea, but he wanted his son to save his money for his future. "No. Your job money will stay in that savings account. It's for your future." Max felt horribly guilty about this. They had destroyed that Jeep and here his dad was, about to buy him another car. He started to protest, but his dad cut him off saying that they would go and look for another car today.


Maria looked at her array of scented oils. She was making a concoction to help Liz through her latest crisis when her mother knocked on her door. Maria? There's someone here to see you?? Maria followed her mother into the living room, where Michael was standing there with a bouquet of flowers. Utterly perplexed, but pleased, Maria took the flowers with a small "thank you". Michael was enjoying this new, speechless Maria and he ventured, "I thought I could take you to breakfast somewhere since we couldn't hang out tonight..." Inwardly, Maria melted. With a raised eyebrow Maria asked, "What are you up to Michael?" When he sighed exasperatedly, she smirked at him and then turned to her mother for approval. Her mom nodded and added that she should be back before too long because she still needed her help with those alien t-shirts. Maria nodded and happily followed Michael outside to his motorcycle. *****

Max and his dad arrived at the used car saleslot. Neither of them noticed a man in a gray sedan following them. Walking around the lot, Max noticed a charcoal gray suv. He thought it might make a decent substitute for the Jeep when his dad walked up behind him. Philip seemed to like this car too and they called a salesman over to start the negotiation process. When the deal was done and the only thing remaining was the paperwork, Max and his dad walked with the salesman to finish up. Daecon slipped out from behind the wheel of the sedan and deftly made his way to the suv that Max and his dad had picked out. Thinking this was his only chance, he bent down to look under the car. A salesman walked over to him and asked if he could help him. Thinking fast, Daecon responded that he was just looking at this suv and wanted to know the price on it. The salesman informed him that it had just been sold, but he had some others that were similar. Daecon smiled in what he hoped was a disappointed way and mumbled that he had only stopped because he saw this suv from the road and he liked it. Shaking the salesman's hand, he walked away just as Max and his dad walked up. Philip threw his son the keys and told him not to get any tickets. Max laughed for the first time in weeks and drove off in the suv, unaware of the device that Daecon had placed under the front grille.

Daecon watched as Zan pulled out of the saleslot. He decided against following him and instead decided to go back to the Evans' house and keep an eye on the sister, Vilaandra.


Isabel hung up the phone. Liz had been more than willing to meet with her, but her shift at the Crashdown wasn't over for another 5 hours. They promised to meet after her shift was over at 4:30 that afternoon. Isabel was relieved that she would have someone to talk things through with. She decided to clean her room again and maybe rearrange the furniture. Closing the blinds so she could use her powers without being observed, Isabel waved her hands and began clearing the floor. Clothes moved back up on their hangers, shoes flew back on their shelves in boxes and her accessories moved swiftly into place. Turning her attention on her furniture, she switched her bed so that it was in a corner (freeing up more space in her small but cozy room) and moved a chair and a small table in front of the window. Satisfied with her handiwork, she decided to shower again and change clothes.

Outside in his car, Daecon could sense the power radiating from the Evans house and he knew instinctively that Vilaandra was using her powers. Did she know he was out there? Was she gearing up for battle with him? Even though the story was that Vilaandra had betrayed her royal family over 50 years ago by siding with Khivar, Daecon wasn't entirely sure whose side Vilaandra was on now. A bounty hunter, Daecon had been sent to Earth through the newly developed wormhole to bring back the remaining royal 3, since Ava had failed to deliver them. Daecon wondered how Khivar had managed to get two women in Zan's life to betray Zan. In one lifetime, he had gotten Vilaandra, his own sister, to fall in love with him and betray everything and everyone she knew. In this lifetime, he had somehow managed to get Zan's bride, Ava, to betray him as well, even though the plan failed. It was Khivar's idea to use the human boy Alex to decode the book so that Ava could convince the others that they needed to go home. It was a lucky twist of fate that the boy died. A huge division sprang up between the aliens and their human friends. The Royal 4 became even more isolated from their human confidantes and they began warring amongst themselves. Daecon shook himself from his thoughts and watched carefully as Vilaandra walked out of the house and took one of the cars in the driveway into town. Watching carefully so he would not be detected, Daecon followed at a safe distance.


Liz was just finishing her shift when she heard the familiar tingle of the bell on the door of the diner. She looked up to see Isabel fidgeting with her purse and her keys. She looked nervous, thought Liz. "Isabel? Do you want some coke or something?" Liz was trying to make Isabel a little more comfortable. She knew it couldn't be easy for her to talk about Alex, anymore than it was for Liz to. Isabel sat down in one of the booths and replied, "You know, that -- that would be nice. Thanks Liz." Liz went behind the counter and fixed a cherry coke with lime. She watched with a sort of disgusted fascination as Isabel dumped a ton of Tobasco sauce into the drink. Even though she had seen that tons of times, she couldn't get used to it. "Max told me everything... about how -- how you did what you did -- to - to save us. All of us. Thanks Liz. I hope I would have done the same thing for you if I had been put in that position. I am so sorry about everything and I just wanted you to know that none of what happened later is your fault. If anything, it's mine..." Liz was shocked. Max had told her that Isabel was carrying guilt around too, but she had no idea that Isabel thought that she herself was responsible for Alex's death. "Isabel, maybe we should both stop blaming ourselves. It's not healthy and frankly, we should lay the blame were it belongs, at Tess' feet." Isabel looked up sharply at the mention of Tess' name. "May- maybe we -- we should...", she said uncertainly. Liz looked somewhat relieved. A part of her had been afraid that Isabel would blame her and she was glad that she didn't. The two looked at each other and both smiled. Suddenly a shadow crossed Isabel's face and she visibly tensed. "What? Isabel, what's wrong?" Liz looked alarmed. "Nothing... Well, I -- I mean... " Isabel sighed harshly. "I never got to confront Tess or anything. I mean, none of us did. Well, Max did, but I never got to say anything. She killed Alex and she just got off scott free. All she ever wanted was to go home and she got her wish. How is that fair? She should have had to pay!!" Isabel's voice rose and a few patrons glanced over at the booth that she and Liz were sitting in. "I understand your anger Isabel. But I don't think she really got away with much. Khivar was expecting her to deliver all of you to them. She failed. The only thing she has that is likely keeping her alive is the -- the baby..." Liz grimaced at the words as they left her mouth. "Who knows what Khivar will do to her once the baby is born? It may already be born..." Liz trailed off, feeling uncomfortable thinking about Tess. Isabel looked at Liz's expression. It must be killing her that Tess is pregnant with Max's child, she thought. "Liz... we don't have to talk about Tess. I know all of this must be so hard on you. I mean, I'm not sure if I could handle... well, handle things like you have. You really are a strong person. I am glad that you and my brother are working things out..." Liz smiled weakly at Isabel and then looked at her watch. "Oh!! Man, I totally forgot! I was supposed to meet Maria 15 minutes ago! I completely lost track of time... Isabel, I'm really sorry, but I really have to go. You know how Maria gets. She probably thinks something happened to me..." Isabel rose with Liz and shrugged it off. "'s okay. I'll... I'll just... uhm... " Isabel looked around hopelessly and Liz felt a pang of sympathy. "Why don't you come with us Isabel? We were only going to see a movie... Would you like to come?" Isabel visibly brightened. "That would be great... thanks... and I can drive too." Liz relaxed a little upon hearing that and they walked outside to the car. Neither of them noticed Daecon watching them intently.

Daecon recognized the dark-haired girl as Liz Parker. She was the main reason why it had taken Ava so long to cozy up to Zan, he thought. The Zan of this world, of Earth, had taken so strongly to this Liz person that the only reason Ava had been able to get close was because this human had rejected him. And even then, it still was only the death of his friend Alex that finally stripped Zan of his defences and he basically fell into Ava's waiting arms.

Liz and Isabel were intercepted by an irate Maria speeding up in her Jetta. Following close behind was Max in the suv that he got that morning. Mouths agape, Liz and Isabel looked at the shiny, gently used smoky gray colored suv that Max had parked in front of the now closed UFO center. Max stepped out sheepishly and zeroed in on Liz. He was arrested by her beauty. She was wearing the simplest of outfits, a simple red tank top with a pair of tailored shorts. Showing a lot of leg, she wore strappy sandals and her toenails were painted red to match her top. It was not a seductive ensemble at all, but Liz may as well have been wearing nothing. Red was definitely her color. It made her skin glow and that only added to the flushed look she had upon running out of the Crashdown with Isabel. Realizing that he was devouring her with his eyes, he blushed when Liz's gaze locked with his. She looked faintly abashed at the attention he had lavished on her and then looked at the suv he drove up in. Maria stopped her mini-tirade for a moment to gasp at the new addition to their caravan. "Wow. Nice car... can we torch my Jetta and maybe your dad will buy me another car?" Max smirked at her and then walked over to Liz, hugging her. He was so happy to see her looking happy. It had been so long since she had smiled at him like that and he reveled in the way her gaze held his so effortlessly. "Ugh... don't you two ever notice other people when you do that?" Isabel teased lightly. Even though it was hard for her to admit it, Liz made him supremely happy.

Max and Liz looked away from each other self-consciously. "Can we go now?" Maria whined. "The movie starts in like 30 minutes and I want to get popcorn and stuff. Plus I want to get a good seat." Isabel started walking towards the Jetta and Liz started to follow, but Max pulled her back towards him, getting a scathing look from Maria. "I'll give Liz a ride to the theater", said Max. "I promise to get her there in time for the movie." He handed Maria some cash and told her to buy Liz's ticket and leave it at the front window. Maria's eyes narrowed, but she took the cash and grumbled something about czechoslovakians before driving off with Isabel in the Jetta. "Max???" asked Liz, looking up at the boy who held her heart... who would always hold her heart. "I just wanted you to be the first one to ride in the suv," he said. Liz's heart lightened. He was still her Max. Even if... even if... she couldn't finish the thought. Max noticed the slight shadow that crossed her face and knew instinctively that even though she was doing better, she was still haunted by the events that had transpired over the past 9 months.

Max wanted nothing more than to erase the pain that she had been through durng that time. He pulled her closely to him and brought her face up to his and covered her mouth with his own. What began as the sweetest of kisses, quickly grew into a smoldering, heady experience as his tongue entered her parted lips and began to explore the deepest recesses of her dewy mouth. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that he was standing on a public street and that he needed to get Liz where she needed to go or Maria would kill him, but the euphoria he felt at kissing her like this again blocked out all common sense. Liz was trapped in her own sort of euphoria, but she felt conflicted as well. She wanted so much to just give in to Max completely, but she knew that she wasn't completely ready yet. She was about to pull away when she was hit with a wave of flashes from Max.


Max feeling despondent over Liz leaving that day in the cab; Max feeling out of control and grabbing her arm at school that day; Max's anger at himself for treating Liz poorly; Max feeling afraid of what Liz was asking Tess that day at Kyle's and his horrible treatment of her --


Liz was wondering what Max had been afraid of that day when she got a flash of Max and Tess lying in the observatory covered by Tess' coat. She felt Max's guilt and confusion over what had happened through their connection and it completely unnerved her. Liz made a strangled noise and wretched slightly as a painful gush of air escaped her lungs. Gasping, she pulled out of his embrace and looked away from him. Max could have kicked himself. He had been trying so hard to protect Liz from those images that he knew would only hurt her, but he didn't know how to suppress them. "Liz? I -- I'm sorry... I'm so sorry. I -- I wish I could just go back and change everything. But I can't. Please Liz. I know it probably isn't right for me to even ask this of you, but can we try and start over? Can we get past this together? Liz? Liz?" Liz looked at her red painted toenails. "Why don't we just head to the theater. Maria and Isabel must be looking for me by now." Seeing his crestfallen expression, she softened a little and added, "I just can't talk about this right now. I can't talk about us right now. It's - it's just happening too fast… I … I need … time…" Max looked at Liz and stroked her arm, "I'll give you all the time you need Liz. I don't - I don't want to rush you…" Then he led her to the door of the suv. As he turned to get in on the driver's side, he was interrupted by Brody. "We need to talk, Max. I expected you to be here today... at work." Max looked scared for a moment until he realized that he was off work that day and told Brody exactly that. Then he understood the look in Brody's eye and he realized that it wasn't Brody. It was Larek. "Larek?" Larek nodded. Max looked at Liz in the suv and then told Larek that he would have to wait until he dropped Liz off. It would only be about 15 minutes and he would be back and they would talk. Larek watched intently as Max drove off. Hurry Max, he thought. What I have to tell you is critical for your survival.

Daecon watched the entire exchange closely. He could tell that the human girl was bothered by Zan's relationship with Ava and that she was valiantly trying to fight back those negative feelings. He could sense how much Zan cared for this girl and as he thought about this, a plan began to hatch in his mind. But he would need help. A lot of help. And he knew exactly where to get it.

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Five

"Larek. Larek?" Max walked over to the tentative man sitting in a large chair in the main office. Larek looked up at his longtime friend, reincarnated. "What did you need to talk to me about?" Max asked, hoping that it was nothing serious. Larek motioned to the chair in front of him and Max sat down. "I have been in contact with your mother. There is trouble... real trouble. Khivar has hired an Antarian bountyhunter. His name is Daecon. He is very good. He has never failed to do his job. And he is on his way here... in fact, he may already be here. Khivar has given him many resources to do his job. You need to be very careful. Max... he will not stop until he has delivered all 3 of you to Khivar." Max slowly let out the breath that he hadn't realized he had been holding. He had expected something like this to happen ever since he found out that Tess' mission had been to deliver all of them to Khivar, along with his child.

"How do you know this?" Larek sighed. Brody's face looked very old all of a sudden. "Some Antarian elite special forces were able to infiltrate Khivar's regime. They discovered the information about Daecon and were able to send an encrypted signal before we lost permanent contact with them." Max looked up at Larek's mention of the word, 'permanent'. "What do you mean, permanent?" Larek gave Max a direct look that spoke volumes.

Another thought suddenly crossed Max's mind. "Larek?" Larek looked up at him intently. "What do you know of Tess and my son? Has - has he been born yet? Nacedo said alien pregnancies take about a month." Larek stood up and paced the room. "I do not know anything about your child, Max. But I will send out feelers to try and get some information for you. The special forces unit we had was mostly concerned with special reconnaisance. I would have to employ a different means to get information about Tess and the baby."

Disappointed, the young teenage king stood up, looking as though he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. He had no idea what to do. He decided that the first plan of action would have to be a meeting with everyone, including Jim and Kyle. Everyone needed to know what they were up against, and they needed to know now. "I am going to go and move the car so that it is not visible from the street. Then I will call everyone and tell them to meet here in shifts. Hopefully we have some time before this Daecon shows up and starts tailing us." Max went outside and moved his car and looked around nervously for any signs of any suspicious people. Seeing an empty street, he moved back inside and called everyone he could. Kyle, Jim and Michael were easy to reach, since they were supposed to hang out that night. He had to try and get Iz, Maria and Liz on their cellphones, but since they were in the movie, their phones were all turned off. Max nervously fidgeted with his cellphone, worried that something would happen to the three before he could reach them. He called a few more times and finally reached Izzy and told her of the meeting.

About an hour later, seven nervous people sat in the UFO center's backroom. Max had closed the center early and he used his keycard to let everyone in so that he could tell them what was going on. At the mention of the bountyhunter, Maria got up and went over to Michael, whose blood had run cold. He would be needed to protect everyone... how could he protect everyone? This Daecon was like a stalker in the night and he had no way of knowing when or where he would show up.

Isabel looked frightened... and alone. Instinctively, Kyle went over to her and put his hand on her shoulder to try to comfort her. "God... when does this end? When?? We aren't prepared for this at all! I don't know that much about my powers... do any of you??? What are we going to do when we become faced with this Daecon?" Max honestly didn't have any answers that he was certain of. All he knew was that he would not allow anything to happen to any of his friends. Liz had wrapped her arms around herself and she was swaying slightly on her feet. Max crossed the room, almost with no effort and swept her up in his arms. Liz had been so wrapped up in her own fears that she didn't even notice Max advancing toward her until his arms were around her and his lips had planted a light kiss on her forehead.

"What we aren't going to do is panic. We will make it through this. We are much stronger than we think. We defeated the skins before and we will defeat this latest threat. Plus, school starts in a couple of weeks, so we should be relatively safe during the day." Jim looked more than a little apprehensive. "Max... I know that you three can basically take care of yourselves, and I can watch out for Kyle, but what about Maria... and Liz?" Michael looked down at Maria... "I can take care of Maria... I'll just camp out on her floor for awhile." Everyone's eyes turned towards Liz. Max spoke up quickly and offered his protection, but Jim shook his head. "How would you explain that to your parents?" Liz nodded, "There is no way you can sleep on my floor Max. Your parents would probably figure out eventually that you were not in your room... Maybe Kyle could stay with me. Jim would know where he was and I think both of us would be able to fend off anyone. I mean, I can't think of any other way to do it." Max's hand clenched at Liz's back. He desperately wanted to be able to protect Liz, but she was right. But he hated the thought of Kyle spending the night in Liz's bedroom. He wanted to protect her. He didn't want Kyle anywhere near Liz. Suddenly, Liz's hand flew up to her face as if she remembered something. "Oh... I totally forgot... my little cousin is coming to stay with us tonight. She always sleeps in my room. She'll be gone tomorrow, so we can start the surveillance then... but tonight we'll just have to let it go." Max was relieved that Kyle would not be staying with Liz tonight, but he still didn't know what to do about watching Liz. Jim cleared his throat. "I'll keep an eye on Liz tonight. I can keep watch from a distance and call the sheriff if anything suspicious happens." That seemed to satisfy Max, who loosened his hold on Liz's waist. "Just let me get some stuff from home and I will meet you on her balcony." Jim and Max held a silent battle of wits before Max finally gave in.

When everyone was satisfied with the plan, they got up to leave. Michael went home with Maria and Kyle and Jim tailed Isabel home while Max walked Liz safely home. Max was nervously looking in all directions for any signs of intruders and his nervousness was rubbing off on Liz. Suddenly Max remembered that he and Liz still had yet to talk about their encounter earlier that evening. Max desperately wanted to talk about what Liz saw in the flashes, but he figured Liz would be too tired.

They had climbed the balcony escape and Liz was about to go in when she turned and looked him directly in the eye. "I don't know how well I am going to be able to handle the whole Tess and the baby thing Max. I have to admit, I am really hurt about that, but we weren't together and I can't hold you responsible for what you did when we were broken up. It's -- it's just hard to think that you ever loved her. I guess I am just reeling from the knowledge that you could feel for Tess what you felt for me."

At that, Max turned her face to his and grasped her head with both of his hands. "Liz... I never loved Tess the way I love you. I've never loved anyone the way I love you. I never will. I love you Liz. I've always loved you… from the day I first saw you. Please believe me." He then bent his head toward her and captured her lips with his. A single tear leaked from Liz's left eye and slid down her cheek. Max began to wipe her salty tears away with his finger and then he followed up with his mouth. His kisses were like a healing balm that began to ease the pain she felt deep in her heart. "I … can't leave you here like this... let me stay a little while longer Liz. Please. I want to feel you in my arms. I want to show you how much I love you. I know you need space, but I need you so much." Max had begun kissing down the column of her neck and Liz was having trouble breathing and thinking. There was a little voice that kept telling her that this was the man who had broken her heart, but another voice told her to let go and follow her heart.

When Max came up for air, she noticed that his incredible hazel eyes had darkened to a shade of deep amber and his breathing had become ragged. She felt a heat rising within her and when Max pulled her roughly against him as he crushed her mouth with his for another searing kiss, she felt weak with a need that she knew only he could fill. How had she lived these past months without being with him like this? He nibbled on her mouth and then sucked on her lower lip seductively before pulling away to gaze at her. Liz's head was thrown back and her lips were parted slightly. Her eyes were half closed and she looked drunk on… well… him. Max was utterly enthralled. He knew he had to stop soon, since Jim would be there any minute. Reluctantly, Max pulled away from Liz with a pitiful moan. But Liz was too far gone to stop and she clung to him, planting wild kisses all over his neck. When she splayed her hands underneath his shirt, she heard Max swear under his breath and struggle to regain some semblance of his composure. Happy that she was still able to drive Max over the edge, she was overcome with a strong desire to one-up Tess on everything she had ever done to Max. As the thought flashed in her mind, she blushed at the thought of what that would mean and backed away from Max slowly, licking her lips. A slight, "ahem" from the ladder alerted both of them to Jim's presence. He nodded and then pointed to an area within eyeshot of the balcony so Liz would know where he was, and then he left. Breathing heavily, she whispered, "Goodnight Max..." and backed into her bedroom, leaving a thoroughly overheated Max to run to his car so he could get home and take an extremely cold shower.


Daecon looked at his watch for the tenth time. He had the device under Zan's car, but he wanted more information on him, the other royals and their human supporters. He needed to get this meeting over as soon as possible, so that he could get back to his surveillance. Through the trees, he saw an attractive redhead walking directly towards him. He watched as the petite redhead made her way towards him. Contacting her had been extremely difficult, but once he convinced her that this would give her the chance to get her much desired revenge against their enemies she was only too willing. Daecon knew that Khivar was anxious to destroy Zan and the other two and so he convinced Khivar to help set up this little meeting. They met in a secluded area of the park. The human that Tess Harding had possessed flipped a curtain of red hair from in front of her face impatiently. "God I hate this planet. Let's get this meeting over with Daecon." Daecon looked at her quietly for a moment. He had a question that he was burning to ask. His sources on Antar claimed that there was suspicion about Tess. There were a lot of rumors about her since she had returned to Antar and shown loyalty to Khivar. "Sure. But I have a question first. What was with the scam about the baby not being able to survive on Earth? I mean, I know you guys are hybrids, but you are still human. The baby should have been fine. How did you get the others to believe that the baby was sick?" Daecon watched as Tess froze. She didn't know that I knew that, he thought. "How did you convince all of them that you were sick and that the baby was sick? They just took your word for it?" Tess looked down at her feet, trying to come up with a reasonable explanation. He was right. There was no reason why the baby would not be able to survive on Earth. "I mindwarped him. I had to get us off this planet to do my part of the deal and Max was making all of these plans to stay here. I knew he would never just leave on his own. I had to invent a reason to get him to leave. So I faked the baby's illness. I had to get off this damn planet." Daecon looked her over. "That's not all you faked is it? That's why you are so eager to help me. It isn't just about revenge is it? You aren't pregnant... are you? You aren't pregnant and so you need to extend your usefulness to Khivar so that you can stay alive." The look on Tess' face told him that he was right. But she was still resisting. Without warning, Daecon put both of his hands on the head of the human Tess had possessed and delved into Tess' subconscious. Essentially raping her of her memories, he extracted the information that he needed and roughly pushed her away from him. Daecon looked at her as if he had been bitten by a spider. He regarded her with cold indifference. "You - you are pregnant. But... the baby is not the true heir. What do you think you are playing at, Tess?"

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Six

Maria nervously fidgeted with the lock on her window. It had been completely unnerving to find out that they were all in danger -- again. "God Michael... when will this end? I am so tired of this. I-- I'm tired of looking over my shoulder every second, afraid to see what is coming. I just want a normal existence... a normal life." Maria turned and looked Michael directly in his eyes. "I'm scared Michael. I'm scared for all of us." Michael pulled Maria to him and held her close. His lips sought hers and he picked her up and carried her to the bed. He wanted to ease her fears. "Maria, I won't let anything happen to you... I promise." Maria looked up at him and pursed her lips together in that special Maria way. "But who is going to protect you Michael?"

Before Michael could answer, her bedroom door burst open and the light flicked on. Squinting from the glare of the light, Maria turned a dark shade of red when she realized that it was her cousin who had burst in on them. "I don't even want to know what you are doing, Maria. But, don't you have better taste in men than this guy? I mean, he would have to be a jerk, hanging with that Evans guy the way he does."

Maria stood up and went over to her door, closing it angrily. Michael gave Sean a calculated expression, "You don't know what you're talking about, De Luca. Get out of this room before I throw you out."

Sean laughed, "I don't think you're in a position to threaten me. All I have to do is yell to Aunt Amy about you being in here and you're history. But don't worry, I just came to tell you to give your friend a message: Stay away from Liz."

This time it was Michael who laughed, "Stay away from Liz? Who do you think you are? If you think you can keep Max Evans away from Liz, you are seriously fooling yourself."

Sean played his trump card, "There are rumors all over town that Max and Tess slept together and she left because she found out she was pregnant. You think Liz is going to stand for that?"

Maria pursed her lips together and looked at the floor. Michael had heard enough. He stood up and moved to remove Sean from her room. Sean backed off and left the room, but not before adding, "Liz is too good for that creep."


Max pulled into his driveway, taking care not to make too much noise. His encounter with Liz was still paramount in his mind. He had taken care to not be followed, but he was still nervous. He wanted to get into the shower quickly because what he had done with Liz was obvious to anyone who saw him. Unfortunately, his mother had other ideas. "Max! Where have you been? Izzy got home over an hour ago. Where were you?" Max was thankful that Liz had pulled his shirt out of his pants, because he still hadn't 'calmed down' yet. "I was... I was hanging with Michael and Kyle and then I went to see Liz. She and Izzy went to a movie together and I just wanted to make sure she got home alright." Diane Evans looked at her son suspiciously. "You walked her from the front of the Crashdown where Izzy was parked to her room? Couldn't the girl make it across the street by herself okay?" Inwardly, Diane thought that was very sweet of her son, but she would have to keep an eye on him. She didn't want him to produce any grandchildren just yet. "Go on upstairs Max... But, um... be careful, would you?" Max's eyes widened as he realized that his mother probably knew at least part of what he had been up to. "Oh... okay... Thanks mom. I'll just go take a shower now..." And he was up the stairs before Diane could think too much more about what he had been doing.


Tess looked up at Daecon with abject horror. Now that her mind had been essentially raped, she was tasting what she had dished out to Alex and all of the other people she had selfishly mindwarped. She couldn't believe that the house of cards she'd so carefully built was tumbling down around her. And for what? This bounty hunter was going to mean the death of her. She couldn't allow that to happen. She had to find a way to turn things back to her advantage. But for now she would just have to play along. Daecon continued with his ruthless interrogation. "Khivar doesn't know about this little twist, does he? The baby's due date hasn't passed on Antar yet, has it? Hybrid pregnancies last less than human pregnancies, but you still aren't due for another few months... So Khivar doesn't know anything yet. That due date is the only thing keeping you alive. Once you give birth, you are very disposable. Even if you don't know who the baby's father is, Khivar will know the truth when the baby is tested for the royal seal." Tess looked down at her hands. He was right. And she was trapped between a rock and a hard place. "What do you want me to do?" she asked. Daecon let a devious smile run across his face. He had her right where he needed her. She would have to do what he wanted. He would return the remaining royals to Khivar. And that would get him his bounty... in full.


Roswell -- the next morning... Sela Barnes' apartment

Daecon entered the apartment of the redhead that Tess had possessed. It wasn't much, but it was close to the center of town. Better yet, the redhead, Sela Barnes was the Vice Principal at Roswell High. She was perfectly positioned to get near the teens, hopefully without alarming or tipping them off. Tess listened intently as Daecon filled her in on the details of his plan. She had to admit, having an opportunity to fix things with Khivar was really compelling. But being able to screw Liz over in the process was an added incentive that was like icing on a very large cake. Liz had made her life on Earth a living hell. Max would never do so much as look her way with Liz around all the time. She honestly hated her. She hated her with a passion. He was my husband, she thought vengefully. I was his wife, not you. We belonged together. Now everything is ruined. And it is all your fault. She hated that Liz discovered that she had been the one who killed Alex. Not only did Liz have Max's heart, but she had figured Tess out before any of them.

It wasn't supposed to be this way, she thought mournfully. Tess thought about how everything had fallen apart. When Nikolas had her in the warehouse, he told her of the deal Nacedo made with them. At first Tess didn't believe it, but as Nikolas continued with the details, she started to realize the truth. Somehow Nacedo had changed his mind about the deal and that's why he was killed. Nikolas threatened to kill her then unless she cooperated. Tess reluctantly agreed, thinking she could outsmart him. Afterall, being forced to conceive Max's heir wasn't a bad thing. She rather looked forward to that. After Alex's death had isolated Max from almost everyone, especially Liz, she was getting closer to Max. The stars were aligning and she knew Max would be vulnerable, just as he had been when she showed up last year at that time. She knew she could get pregnant by Max, and then get all of them back to Antar. They would flee and overtake Khivar and then they would be together. All she had to do was get Max and the others away before they found out that she had killed Alex. But then Max kissed her and Tess had a flash of him kissing Liz moments earlier. She not only saw him kiss Liz, she felt his love for her. Then she realized that he had never come close to loving her like that. In her anger, she resolved to turn him over to Khivar. But Liz figured it out before she could get them all off the planet. Tess vowed to make her pay. And she vowed to make that payment as painful as possible. She wanted Liz to suffer as much as she had suffered.


Liz Parker sat bolt upright in her bed. Her alarm was going off. She groaned and fell back down on her bed. Her cousin was still sleeping peacefully on the trundle bed that she had pulled out for her. She rolled over and turned off the alarm. The self-defense class she had decided to take began at the local gym in less than thirty minutes. Liz was tired of having to look over her shoulder in fear all the time. She wanted to be able to defend herself if she needed to. This latest crisis had pushed her over the edge. She wasn't going to be helpless anymore. Liz pulled on a robe and stepped out onto the balcony to wave Jim off. She was grateful for his presence, even if she couldn't see him. She quickly dressed and left a note for her parents on their door. When she got downstairs to the Crashdown, she was startled to find Michael and Maria sitting in a booth, half asleep. "Where do you think you are going?" yawned Michael. Maria sleepily tried to stand but then slumped back down. "You guys, I'm just going down to the gym for a self-defense class. It's just down the street, you know?. Nothing is going to happen to me. Besides, the bounty hunter isn't looking for me... he's looking for you, Max and Isabel. I'll be fine. Plus, there are people out now. What could happen?" Neither Michael nor Maria could find anything really wrong about that, but they insisted on following Liz to her class and they wanted her to call them when she was on her way back.


Max headed to the UFO Center for his shift. He looked over at the Crashdown and couldn't resist stopping by to check on Liz. He had to see that she was okay with his own eyes, so when he got there and Michael and Maria said that she wasn't there, he panicked. "Where is she?" he asked. Maria filled him in on Liz's class at the gym and Max relaxed a little bit, but not much. He looked at his watch and figured that her class would get out in about five minutes. Maria sighed as Max sprinted out the door, knowing exactly where he was going.

When Max made it to the gym, he relaxed as he saw Liz coming out with the self defense instructor. Liz was apologizing profusely and trying to hold an ice pack to the man's head. It looked like someone had decked him. Max realized with amusement that Liz must have inadvertently hit the instructor. Suddenly the thought of anyone hurting her was pushed out of his mind. When Liz saw him, she gave him a pleading look and Max understood. He walked over to the instructor and helped hold on to the pack. His hand glowed briefly while Liz distracted the instructor by babbling on about how clumsy she was. Max winked at Liz who looked relieved, mouthed a "thank you" to Max and went into the bathroom to shower and change for her shift at the Crashdown. When she returned, Max admonished her lightly for going somewhere alone. She looked mildly amused and responded with a grin, "I was fine. See how I took out my instructor?" Max cut his eyes at her, "That's not funny Liz. Do you know what it would do to me if anything ever happened to you?" Liz sighed. She didn't mean to worry Max, or anyone, but she didn't want to be under lock and key all the time either. She looked up at Max and kissed him softly on the mouth, "I'm sorry Max. I didn't mean to make you worry about me. That's -- that's why I wanted to take the class. I want to be able to protect myself." Max sighed. He just wanted to be there for Liz. He wished that he didn't have to go to work then. He wanted to just stay with Liz.

When they got to the Crashdown, he bent to kiss her and then sprinted across the street to the UFO Center for work. He was so engrossed in watching her walk into the Crashdown that he didn't notice the steely-eyed man watching him from a booth inside the diner. Nor did he notice the redhead whose eyes were boring holes into the back of Liz's head walk into the Crashdown and sit at a booth.

Inside the Crashdown, Liz went about serving her customers and keeping Michael on his toes. At the end of her shift, she sat down to rest her feet. Overcome with a sudden queasiness, she went to the bathroom in the back and splashed water on her face. Then she looked up into the mirror and froze. Alex was standing behind her, howling in agony. Liz whipped around, but no one was there. Thinking that maybe she was just stressed out, she turned back around and wiped her face with a paper towel. When she looked in the mirror again, she saw Alex... this time covered in blood and writhing in pain. Liz spazzed and came flying out of the bathroom, right smack into Michael, who was carrying a bucket of dishes. Liz's nerves were completely shot as the dishes splattered to the floor. "LIZ!! Watch it!! What did you think you were doing?" yelled Michael angrily as he bent to clean up the mess. Clutching her chest, Liz breathlessly looked around wildly for any sign of Alex. Deciding that she was losing it, she stammered an apology to Michael and went back into the diner to collect her tips. She couldn't remove the panicked look completely from her face though, and one customer in general was rather pleased to see her looking so rattled. Sela Barnes, possessed by Tess stood up and smirked deviously at Liz's unknowing form and walked out of the diner. Her plan was working better than she had hoped.

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Seven

Maria looked at the mess her bottles of scented oils made when they hit the floor. She had been so nervous lately, jumping at her own shadow. Even though it had been weeks since Max had told them of the bounty hunter, she couldn't escape the feeling that something really bad was going to happen. Even though Liz had been more like herself, she looked horrible lately. She had dark circles under her eyes and her skin looked sallow and unhealthy. When Maria asked her what was wrong, Liz just shrugged and said that she had been having a few nightmares about Alex. They all had been under tremendous stress, waiting for this inevitable threat to make itself known. Maria had no idea if the threat was even there... sometimes she thought that maybe Max just imagined his conversation with Larek. "That's why I need to clean up this mess. I need to get a new stash of cedar oil. I have been way too nervous lately." School had started about one week ago and instead of calming her, it only made her more nervous. Maria tried to shake off the feeling of impending doom she was feeling and went to wipe up her mess.

Across town, Liz looked at her reflection in the mirror cautiously. She looked like the walking dead. She carefully applied some concealer under her eyes and tried to make her skin look better. She had not been sleeping very well because of her nightmares about Alex. Plus, she kept seeing him in the mirror and everytime she passed a mirror she would cringe. The visions were getting worse and worse. At first she could only see him howling in agony; now his unearthly screams accompanied the visions. Afraid that she might be losing her mind, Liz had started to read self-help books, but nothing seemed to help. Her nightmares largely involved looking into a pit of swirling rage, with Alex (covered in blood and gore) stretching his hands from the center of it, trying to grab on to Liz. When they finally touched, he would say, "You should be here instead of meeeeee", and pull her into the pit. Liz would normally wake up drenched in sweat and screaming. She knew that she couldn't keep lying to Max about what was really bothering her either. He looked worried everytime he saw her. She had convinced him that her appearance was only because she was a little stressed out due to school; or at least she thought she had convinced him. He was asking more and more questions by the day and she really hated that she was causing him so much anxiety. Liz looked at her reflection apprehensively again, afraid she might see Alex's spectre. Not having very much success with her makeup, Liz went and tried to get her homework together. Hopefully she could get through at least one day without falling apart.


"Mr. Evans... Can I see you a moment?" Max turned toward the Vice Principal standing near the principal's office. "Uh, sure Ms. Barnes." Max turned to follow Sela into the office. He sat down in front of her and watched as she sat down. Suddenly she felt her temples and moved for her purse. "Excuse me just a moment Max. I have a splitting headache... " Hands shaking, she tried to open the pill bottle, but failed. Max took them from her and opened them. "Thanks.", she said as she took two of them and relaxed in her chair. "I have been having even more migraines than lately. They came all of a sudden too." Clearing her throat, she continued. "Anyway, on to why I asked you to come in here..." Max looked at her expectantly. "Well, we have to nominate some students to represent us at an exhibit at the Meta-Chem laboratories. It is designed to encourage elementary school students to take an interest in science. Since you are so fond of science and your grades are top notch, we thought that we would nominate you. Well, you Sheri Drizees, George Cross and Liz Parker. Would you be interested? It mainly involves helping the head scientist with marshalling the students and answering their questions." Max breathed a sigh of relief. For some reason, the Vice Principal made him nervous when she just stopped him like that. I guess it's just my feeling that the other shoe is going to drop, thought Max, before he responded with a slight smile and a "yes."

Later that afternoon in Advanced Biology, Max asked if Liz had been notified about the Meta-Chem thing. When she didn't answer, Max put his hand in front of her face and tried to get her attention. When she still did not respond, Max began to get a little worried. Liz looked... catatonic. She was completely unresponsive. Max was just about to alert the teacher when Liz blinked and looked down at her notebook, trying to busy herself. I hope he didn't notice that, thought Liz. "Where did you go just then Liz? You were really out of it... I thought something might have been wrong..." Max looked concerned. Liz shook her head and tried to formulate some reasonable excuse. "Oh... I don't know... I just spaced out for a second. I was thinking about the inventory I have to do at the Crashdown tonight." She couldn't let him know that she had just had a vision of Alex standing behind the teacher, covered in blood and screaming his head off. God, what is happening to me? she thought miserably. "What were you saying before Max?" Max studied Liz intently, "I - I was asking if you had heard about the Meta-Chem thing. Vice Principal Barnes said that she was going to -" "Oh!! Yeah... I got a notice in first period today... I think it will be fun.", Liz interrupted before Max could finish his sentence. Watching Liz intently, he noticed the distraction radiating off of her. "Liz, what's wr -", he started but was interrupted by the school bell. "See you later Max," Liz said as she touched him on his arm. A split second, Liz was out the door running for the buses. Max looked after her, wondering what was going on with her... and then scampered out of the classroom trying to catch her... but she was gone.

When Max realized that Liz was gone, he decided to take a different tack. "Maria... What the hell is going on with Liz?" Max cornered Maria at her locker, trying to pump her for information about Liz, and failing. "I don't know Max. She's been really distracted lately and all the makeup in the world is not going to cover up those circles under her eyes. Although, truth be told, we ALL have been under tremendous stress lately. Gee, I wonder if maybe someone or thing is lurking out there stalking and threatening us..." Maria shot Max a menacing look for emphasis. "Otherwise, I dunno Max. I just think that she is really having a tough time about Alex. I think she's having nightmares. It's probably normal, although I don't have them. But then again, I never thought I was responsible for Alex's death either." Max looked pensive. "She just spaced out in class today... I'm really worried about her." Maria took this new information in stride, "I'm sure she'll be fine. Plus, if something were really wrong, she'd tell me. She told me about Future Max eventually. It's probably nothing major. Don't crowd her..." Maria slammed her locker shut and mumbled her goodbyes. Max stared at her retreating back and hoped that Maria was right and that there was nothing major going on with Liz.


Tess (as Sela) looked on as Max interrogated Maria about Liz. So Max is getting worried about his precious soulmate, she thought with a scowl. When I am done with her, he'll be more than worried. He'll be a wreck. And I will be able to deliver him and the other two to Khivar, and get off this God-forsaken planet. Somewhere in the recesses of her mind, Tess knew that Liz was not the source of her problems. Her problems stemmed from her own history. Her ancestry had set her up to be a Queen, and she was ill-equipped to handle an existence where she was not given everything she had been promised since she hatched. She had no other true purpose. And Liz was just in her way. It really wasn't completely personal. Liz just happened to be the one that Max loved above all others, and Tess couldn't stand it at all. That 'stupid bitch' had him wrapped around her finger. Liz had even tried to help Tess get with Max; she even tried to be nice to Tess. That classiness on the part of Liz just made Tess hate her more. Of course you can afford to be nice Liz, Tess thought scathingly, you already have everything. Anger boiled over in Tess and she couldn't see anything but her unreasonable hatred for Liz and what Liz represented to her. Denial. Denial of a life that should have been hers. Well, it would be hers... maybe not with Max, but she would have the royal title and everything that came with that. And if she had to go right through Liz to get it, she would do just that.

Looking down at the Meta-Chem student helper list... she knew just where to start.


I am running so late for my shift, Liz thought as she tried to pull her uniform on and hold a coke at the same time. But she was really having trouble getting her hands through the sleeves. Perplexed, Liz looked down at her hands. She was horrified to see that they were all stretched out and they looked like they had turned into mush. The coke can she was drinking from slid through them like sand slipping through an hourglass and fell to the floor with a clatter. Wide-eyed with fear and trepidation, Liz stared open-mouthed at her hands. Thinking that maybe she was having another vision, she shook her head wildly and closed her eyes. When she opened them, her hands were back to normal and the coke was spilling from the can on the carpet in her room. Now I know I am losing it, she thought irritably. Hands shaking, Liz picked up the can and threw it away. She tried to soak up the coke with a towel and then sat down on her bed staring at her hands. They started to glow right in front of her eyes and her fingernails started to grow by the inch as she sat there watching them. She felt herself stretch away from her hands until it felt like she was in some sort of stretched out tunnel with her body at the entrance and her hands at the exit. Her skin felt hot and prickly and she couldn't focus on anything. Her red toenails were too bright. The color was incredibly rich. It hurt her eyes to look at them, so she shut them. Her heart began beating erratically and she could hear the blood pumping through her arteries and veins. She started to whimper slightly when she began to hear people down in the Crashdown placing their orders as though she were standing right next to them. Panicking, she stood up and brought her too-long hands and fingernails up to cover her ears. She tried to calm herself down, thinking that she could make it stop if she was in a more stable state of mind. Her breath started to escape in unsteady gasps and she was about to just scream out when she heard a knock at her door. "Liz, honey? Your shift began 10 minutes ago. Are you coming down soon?" Nancy Parker knew her daughter was in there. Liz looked back at her hands. They were normal now. Everything seemed normal now. What was that? Liz thought sporadically. "Liz?" Going to open the door, Liz grabbed her headband, shuffled past her mother with a "Sorry, I spilled some coke and I was trying to clean it up," and bounded down the stairs to get started on her shift.


Daecon pulled his binoculars from his face. He had been watching the Parker girl for over a week now and Tess was really getting to her. But this was different. This time, even he saw what was freaking the human girl out. Her hands glowed and stretched out, among other strange things. Normally, when he saw her freak out, it was because Tess had mindwarped her. Only Liz could see whatever Tess had planted in her mind. Whatever Tess had planted there, it was driving Liz crazy. She tossed and turned in her sleep and she seemed to react explosively whenever she looked in a mirror. Daecon shook his head in bewilderment. No, this time, something else was going on. How could he see what was upsetting her if it was a mindwarp? Daecon swiftly left his surveillance perch and decided to contact Tess for some answers, if she even had any.


Isabel tried to finish up the Philosophy paper that she was working on. It was her first collegiate assignment and she wanted to do a good job. After the Tess debacle, she decided that she wanted to stay in Roswell to be closer to her brother and Michael. And now with the Daecon problem, she really thought it best that she stay close to home. Even though she hated having to stay in Roswell, she hated the thought of something happening to her brother or Michael even more. When she heard the doorbell ring, she tried to ignore it, hoping her mother would get the door. Max was over at Michael's, trying to work out contingency plans for when Daecon finally did strike, and her dad was working late. Then she realized that her mother was at a PTA meeting and wouldn't be home for a while. When the doorbell rang for a third time, she cursed and went to the door, flinging it open. "Liz... Come in. Max isn't here though." Isabel was faintly surprised that Liz didn't know where Max was. "Oh, um... actually, I -- I uh... I came to see you. I need your help Isabel."

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Eight

"Do you really think this plan will work, Max?" asked Michael. Max was concentrating on the pentagon device that Brody had used when he took him, Tess, Maria, Sean and Amy hostage. Max remembered with regret that that was the night his life changed. Healing Brody had opened up all of these memories about him and Tess, or rather Zan and Ava. As Max thought about it, he realized that he had no idea if those memories he recovered were in fact his, or if they were Brody's … or if they were even real. Since Tess obviously betrayed them all, he really couldn't say that all the memories she helped him retrieve were anything more than lies, weaved by a manipulative traitor. He never remembered her at all until after he healed Brody. Max reacted in shock when he remembered that Tess had tried to get into Brody's mind before he turned the Pentagon thing on. She had claimed that she couldn't get in, but in retrospect, Max realized that she could have easily lied. After all, Brody didn't start talking about Zan and Ava until after she 'failed' to get in. Max remembered how Tess kept saying that everything Brody said was true… "I know it is…", she'd said emphatically. Max spat out his next breath in disgust with himself for being such a fool. Those memories probably weren't his. Max felt used and violated. The feelings he thought he had for Tess had been based on all of those memories he had 'recovered'. "Maxwell… Maxwell… snap out of it. Are we doing this or what?" Michael was staring at Max. "I asked you if this would work? We need to get this done. Could you try and concentrate on this, your majesty?" Max looked up at the words 'your majesty' sharply. "Yeah Michael. Maybe we can use this to catch him off guard. I mean, if he cannot use his powers, then he isn't so dangerous to us. We could just take him down ourselves if we had to." Max glanced at Michael's unconvinced look. "But we won't use this unless we have no other choice. We probably need to think of something else to -".

"Think of something else for what?" interrupted Maria and Kyle, who had just come inside Michael's apartment.

Michael and Max looked at each other, annoyed at the interruption. "We were still brainstorming on a plan to defend ourselves against this Daecon character," said Michael and then went to the fridge for a cold drink.

"Max, who is watching Liz right now? Aren't you supposed to be protecting her? I mean, I know you pulled me off surveillance detail - although Buddha forgive me, I cannot imagine why - and asked my dad to look after her at night, but who is watching her now?" Kyle sneered his last few words to Max and leveled his gaze at him in the most menacing manner he could muster.

"She's still working her Crashdown shift," Max said, annoyed that Kyle was trying to make him look like he had somehow neglected Liz. "Michael and I were working on a plan to stop Daecon. Somehow I doubt Daecon is going to go after Liz in the middle of her shift at the Crashdown. Besides, Daecon is after us, not you guys." Max turned back to the ideas he and Michael had written down, trying to tune Kyle out.

Kyle walked around and started speaking to Max's left ear. "Tess was after you guys too, but she went right through both Alex and me to get to you. Did you ever think that maybe you should leave Liz alone? It seems to me that she only gets hurt by being around you. I know all about that Future Max thing. I know why she wanted to make you fall out of love with her. And I know that she feels responsible for Alex's death because you, 14 years from now, still don't know anything about being a good leader!".

Max grunted. First Sean and now Kyle had gone too far. Jumping up, he pinned Kyle to the wall by his shirt collar. "Oh, yeah, real good Evans… Is this why you died the first time?"

By this point, Michael had reached them and hauled a seething Max off of a sneering Kyle. "Valenti… I think you better leave. We don't have time for all of this … mess."

Kyle shrugged Michael's hand off his shoulder and went to face Max down. "You know your problem Evans? You don't think about anything but yourself. Oh woe is me… Tess left and took my baby with her… oh, woe is me, woe is me. You weren't the only one she betrayed. She mindwarped ME. And I have no clue whether my brain will eventually turn to mush. She wrecked my life too man! Not just yours! And Maria and Liz have lost their best friend because of her! We - YOU never should have trusted her! This is your damn fault Evans!" With that, Kyle left and shut the door with a deafening slam, with Michael following close behind.

Maria looked over at Max, who had slumped into the sofa. While she understood Kyle's frustration, he was being really unfair to Max. It wasn't as if he knew Tess was going to betray them, anymore than anyone else did. Looking at the alien king, Maria felt pity for him. He had no idea how to do what he needed to do. To find out suddenly that you are a king who lived once before and you are supposed to go back to your home someday and lead a revolt to free your people must be completely overwhelming.

"Max. No one blames you for what happened with Tess. None of us knew what she was capable of. Well, we knew her powers, but we never thought she was the enemy. We all trusted her. This isn't your fault." Maria laid a comforting hand on Max's knee.

"I was involved with her. I was the closest to her. Why couldn't I see what she was?" Suddenly the used and violated part of him surfaced. "She manipulated me. All of those memories… I don't even know if they were real. She tricked me. Damn, I feel so… so … violated." Max stood up and began pacing the room.

Maria was confused. What memories? "Max, what are you talking about?"

"After I healed Brody, I started remembering Tess and I - Ava and Zan. But now I'm not sure that those memories were real. After all, she was the one helping me retrieve them." Max looked completely miserable.

Maria tried to process what Max was telling her. "You - you mean Tess could have planted those memories to make you vulnerable? But, what about - what about last year when you kissed Tess in the rain and you knew something was wrong… when you knew that the visions you were having were really off?"

Maria had a good point. Struggling to remember the reason why, Max realized that he had been completely in love with Liz then… there were no barriers between them. "Maybe it was because of my love for Liz. Back then, I was certain of everything I felt for her. This time, I thought she had betrayed me with Kyle. I was still in love with her, but I couldn't focus on that love. I guess I wasn't really thinking straight. But… I just feel like I should've known!"

Maria nodded and then said miserably, "How are we supposed to fight someone who could manipulate your mind like that? If Daecon has similar powers, we could be in real trouble."

Max sighed and looked out the window as he realized that Maria was right.


"Valenti, you have got to calm down. This isn't Maxwell's fault. Tess fooled all of us. She made fools out of all of us. You don't hold the patent on it." Michael had caught up with Kyle who had jumped into his car.

Kyle sighed and looked at Michael directly. "I just wish I never trusted her. Aren't there any trustworthy women out there? My dad and I tried to give her a family and she betrayed us. Where's the justice in that?"

Michael stepped back as Kyle gunned his engine and sped off. Maybe he just needs some time, Michael thought.


"You want me to what???" exclaimed Isabel. "I want you to dreamwalk me, Isabel." Liz explained carefully. "You- you're the only other person who understands what I am going through. I just feel like I'm losing it or something. I just thought that maybe you could help. I have to figure out why I am having these visions and nightmares. Every time I turn around, I see Alex. It's completely destroying me Isabel." Liz went to the couch and unceremoniously plopped herself down on it. "I think I'm losing my mind, Isabel," she whispered, as if saying the words full out would confirm that she really was crazy. Isabel narrowed her eyes at Liz. "Have you told Max what's going on?" Liz clutched a throw pillow to her chest and glanced up at Isabel guiltily. "No, I - I can't. He worries about me enough, I don't want to add to it. I just thought that maybe you were having a bad time too… I guess you aren't, but maybe dreamwalking me will help anyway. Isabel… I'm really scared something is wrong with me." Isabel sat down next to her, "What do you mean, something is wrong with you?" Liz looked uncomfortable for a moment. "You don't have to tell me Liz, but you really look like you need to get this off your chest…" Liz stood up and began to pace the floor. She was close to wearing a hole in the carpet when she suddenly stopped and let out an exasperated sigh. "I've been having these… 'experiences'."

"Experiences?" asked a confused Isabel. "Yeah… well, episodes of som - something. I don't know what… It's weird. I don't know if it's the same thing as the visions I get with Alex or something different." Suddenly Liz remembered the conversation she had with Ava almost 8 months ago: When Max healed you, he changed you… "Oh my God…", gasped Liz. Instantly she pushed that thought deep into her subconscious. When she looked up at Isabel, it was as if the thought had never even occurred to her.

Isabel looked at Liz and began to get worried. "What is it Liz? What's wrong? You're starting to really scare me… You almost sound like Alex is haunting you or something…"

This seemed to alarm Liz even further and she turned to Isabel, determined to figure everything out. "This afternoon before my shift, I -"

"Liz! What are you doing here? Came by to see me? I was just about to go over to the Crashdown to get you. But I needed to drop off some stuff first." Max was standing in the doorway with a bunch of papers that he and Michael had been brainstorming on, looking at Liz and his sister. He was relieved to see Liz. He just wanted to bury himself in her and never come back up for air again. She was his balance and without her, everything just went wrong.

Liz looked like she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Remembering Liz's comment about not worrying Max, Isabel quickly came to the rescue. "Yeah, I don't think she can go more than a couple of hours without seeing you either. We were just talking about this jalepeno and m&m cookie recipe she concocted. We'll talk about that later, okay Liz?" Liz could have kissed Isabel. "Ye - yeah… that's good!! Thanks Isabel, I think you might be right about putting more tabasco in them…"

Max looked from Liz to his sister. There was definitely something going on that they were not telling him. When Isabel left the room, he turned to Liz. "Ok. You wanna tell me what that was all about? You really shouldn't have come here alone by yourself either…" Liz looked up at him coyly… "I was perfectly safe Max. And no, I don't think I do want to talk about what Isabel and I were discussing. There are, um… better things we could do with our time."

Max's breath caught in his throat as he looked at the way her velvet eyes dropped from his eyes to his mouth slowly and sensually. Slowly, she traced the outline of his lips with her index finger. Liz's intention was to make him forget about Tess for good. Somewhere in the back of her mind a little voice kept telling her that Max loved her for her and that she didn't really need to seduce him. Liz ignored the voice and continued. The unexpected touch sent a shiver down his spine, and he trembled visibly. Where was this coming from, he wondered, confused. He sensed something wasn't right with Liz, but he was also intrigued by this seductive side of her. Excited by his reaction, Liz moved her finger from his lips to his bare arm and slowly slid it down to his hand. Picking it up, she kept her eyes latched on his and brought his palm up to her lips. Max was completely unprepared for what happened next. Delicately, like a kitten, she flicked her tongue over the center of his palm. Max groaned aloud and jerked involuntarily. He stood and brought her against him roughly and ravaged her lips with his. As Liz dipped her head back and forth and in and out, her lips escaped his over and over again. Unable to keep his eyes off of her lips, Max's tongue whipped out, trying to taste her. He missed, but the act was so sexy to Liz that she instantly stopped moving, grabbed his head and pulled it towards hers. Their tongues wrestled together with a sultry heat that coursed through both of them. Feeling as though she could never get enough of him, Liz didn't protest when Max began to lead her from the living room to his bedroom. His lips never leaving hers, Max used his powers to seal the door behind him and he picked Liz up and placed her on his desk. Liz straddled her legs around his waist and tried to push herself against him. The contact at their cores made both of them gasp audibly. Liz threw her head back as Max placed a trail of burning kisses down the column of her neck. When he dropped his head lower and placed kisses all along the edge of her v-necked shirt, Liz moaned with pleasure. Max's hands were fisted in her shirt, which caused it to ride up, exposing her midsection. Feeling as though his desk was not big enough for what he really wanted - no needed to do, he picked her up and carried her to his bed. Liz was completely consumed by him, her eyes dark and heavy with the effects of his intoxicating kiss. Not wanting to remove his mouth from her body for long, Max only took in short draughts of air in between kisses. Liz had never felt like this before. Wherever Max kissed her, she felt white hot and on fire. When he took his thumb and rubbed it along her skin nearest her shorts waistband, Liz thought she would explode. How could something as simple as his touch make her feel as though she would spontaneously combust at any moment? No longer content with touching her tiny waist, Max slid down and held Liz by her waist and lowered his head to suckle and kiss the delicate flesh along her exposed abdomen. Normally, Liz would be in a fit of giggles, because she was ticklish, but with Max kissing and suckling the skin there, it was the most erotic sensation she had ever felt in her life and she arched off the bed and let out a low gutteral moan. Max, who was watching her reaction to his onslaught of kisses nearly lost it. Her primal reaction sent his pulse rate into orbit. Pulling her up against him, he searched out her mouth with his before she could make another sound. Both of them were completely unprepared for what happened next. All of a sudden, the connection between them opened with a vengeance. The images were fast and furious and extremely sensual:


Liz and Max in Michael's apartment before Maria interrupted them; Max kissing Liz at the concert where Maria and Alex were performing; their first kiss after the heat wave; Max sensuously caressing Liz's palm in Astronomy class; Liz crying out in ecstasy in the eraser room with Max…


Unable to control herself, Liz wrapped her legs around Max and began moving ever so slightly underneath him. Tearing his mouth from hers, Max gasped out a tortured , "Liz! Please don't… move like that, or…" Liz stopped her sinuous movements and focused her gaze on him. Slowly she became aware of where she was and what she was doing. She suddenly realized that she had thrown herself at Max, trying to make him forget Tess. Even though she knew deep down that he loved her, Liz was having trouble dealing with the fact that Tess had been his first. She had always thought that she would be his first. Through her haze, she realized that it was getting late and if they kept going she didn't think she would ever be able to stop, and she wasn't ready for this yet. She wanted to be able to be with Max without feeling like she was competing with Tess. Her heart was beating rapidly, and her breathing was ragged. Max sensed a change in Liz's demeanor through their connection. He studied her face to see if he could read her emotions more clearly. Her lips were swollen with Max's kisses, so she licked them. At seeing this, Max pulled her up and sat her on his desk and he crossed the room and sat on his bed. "I think I'd better take you home… This isn't exactly the way I would plan for us to uh… um…" Max broke off, suddenly shy about the subject. Liz blushed. "Maybe you should check yourself in the mirror… you look a little, well… ravaged." Liz turned a bright shade of red and playfully slapped her sexy boyfriend on the arm. "Fine… but it may take a little alien magic to clean me up… do you think you could be of service?" Max looked at her lips, thinking he would do anything if he could kiss and hold her like that again. "Definitely."

Liz smirked and went to check herself in the mirror. She instantly regretted it. There was Alex again, this time he had stretched his hands out of the mirror and he was attempting to pull Liz into the mirror with him. "Aaargh!!" gasped Liz, clutching at her throat and backing away from the mirror in abject fear. Concerned, Max turned to look at her and grabbed her arm. "Liz? What's wrong? What happened?" Liz stammered, "Noth - nothing… I just got dizzy and lightheaded for a second there. You certainly know how to put the - the moves on a girl Max." With that, she hurried out of his bedroom and down the stairs. Max narrowed his eyes after her in confused suspicion. There was something going on with Liz. Why wouldn't she talk about it to him?

He vowed silently to discover the truth behind Liz's distracted behavior.

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Nine

"Liz! Liz! Wait up!" Liz turned to find George Cross running behind her. What does he want, she thought curiously. "They changed the - not at Meta-Chem - UFO Center…" he managed to pant out. "Huh? George you are so not making any sense. What are you talking about? Wait a minute. Let's sit." Liz helped George to a bench so he could catch his breath. George continued on unfazed. "The science thing tonight… Meta -- Meta-Chem backed out but that space dude at the UFO Center said we could have it there. Ms. Barnes told me to tell you before you left today, but I forgot and I just remembered. I almost didn't - catch you. Whew!" Relieved that his message had bee delivered, he slumped against the wall behind the bench, suddenly exhausted. "She said we should get there early though to help set up." Liz nodded and then went to catch her bus so she could tell her mom what happened and get off her shift early.


Max smiled when he saw Liz coming across the street into the UFO Center. He had been thinking about her all day. He had to push away thoughts of taking her in his arms when she came through the door because Ms. Barnes was right by him. Instead, he just took her hand and led her over to the booth they were manning. It was a simple experiment that involved using three chemicals together. When you mixed two of the chemicals, they fused and formed a glow in the dark substance. When that is mixed with the third chemical in a very large graduated cylinder a glow in the dark foam is created that grows and overflows like toothpaste out of a tube. It was merely for show, but it would likely get the kids' attention and increase their interest in science. Nothing like volatile, explosive chemicals to draw kids to science like a moth to a flame.

After they had done their experiment numerous times to tumultuous applause, Maria showed up with some food for the participants. "Mr. Parker thought you guys might be hungry, so he sent this stuff over… free of charge." Even though the science exhibit was almost over, the volunteers had been there for over 3 hours.

Liz could have kissed Maria. She was starving. "Ms. Parker, before you eat your food, would you mind getting some more supplies for the exhibit from the storage room?" Her chemistry teacher would have to interrupt her, wouldn't he? Max stepped up, "I can get that Mr. Miller." "That is very nice of you Mr. Evans, but I need your help with something else. You guys can eat when you finish this. It will only take a minute." Disgruntled, Liz stalked off to the storage room to pick up the chemicals they needed to replace the ones they used. It was a really popular thing for the kids, thought Liz.

At the end of the corridor, she stopped, trying to remember which way the storage room was. "It's that way", said Maria, pointing to their left. "Maria? What are you still doing here? Your shift's not done yet is it?" Liz was startled but happy to see her friend. "I just thought you might need some help getting the stuff, chica." Maria turned the corner and led Liz into the storage room.

"Hey Maria? How do you know where the storage room is?" asked Liz. "This is where Max healed Brody when he was Larek," answered Maria as they went into the storage room and Liz began looking all over for the boxes with the stuff she needed. There was a tall metal shelving unit that was filled with boxes and boxes of fake alien stuff and one of the shelves in the center had apparently been cleared off to make room for the chemicals they needed. In the back of her mind, Liz thought about how unsafe that was and moved to pick up the tray with the chemicals on it.

Turning to ask Maria something about that day that Brody flipped out, she froze in fear as she saw the swirling vortex from her dream open up behind Maria and Alex's blood-stained hands reaching for Maria's arm. He was going to pull her in! "Maria!!" Liz cried as she threw out her hand toward Maria, who was completely oblivious to the vortex and looked rather frightened at Liz's weird outburst. Everything seemed to suddenly go into slow motion. Liz was stretching toward Maria, when suddenly a flash of light erupted from her hand. It missed Maria's head by inches and hit a cabinet full of boxes to the right of the storage room door. At the same time, the force of the power blast that erupted from Liz's hand threw Liz back against the wall, where her head snapped back against it.

Maria, who had seen the light come from Liz's hand, was on the floor, trying to regain her senses. Panicked, Liz struggled to get up and held on to the cabinet next to her to get her balance. Maria turned to look at Liz and with horror realized that her hands were glowing. "Liz… oh my God… What - " But before she could finish her sentence, Liz's hands, unbeknownst to her, had burned right through the metal shelving unit support and without warning the entire shelving unit came falling down on her. "Liz NOOOOOO!!! Oh my God!! Liz!!" screamed Maria. The trays of chemicals fell before the unit did and crashed to the floor. Instantly, a chemical reaction happened and between the hot metal shelving, Liz's glowing hand and the volatile chemicals, a fire began. A very smoky fire. The smoke completely blocked Maria's view of Liz as she backed against the door and tried to open it. "Oh no…" she gasped when she realized that it had locked behind her. "Oh my God, oh no…No!! No!! Please open, please open… OPEN UP!!" Maria frantically tugged on the very locked door and then tried to ram it open. She was panicking big time. Liz was under all of that stuff! And the smoke! "Oh my God… we're gonna die… Omigod!! Please let someone come looking for us… Please… Oh God…", she sobbed, tears streaming down her face. Her eyes teared up as she coughed out a "Liz! Liz! Are you alright? I can't open the door!! Oh my God I can't open the door!" There was now a full blown blaze blocking her path to Liz, who was trapped under the shelving unit and a ton of other boxes. The fire had set all of the boxes in the room closest to Liz ablaze and it had begun to melt the ceiling tiles too. Maria could barely see anything with all of the smoke. She grabbed a napkin from her purse to cover her mouth as she started banging on the door and coughing uncontrollably. She heard Liz cough a few times and thought with relief that her friend was still alive… for now. Looking to her right, she noticed a fire alarm button. Frantically she climbed over the shelving unit that Liz's power had brought down and pulled the alarm handle and then sighed with slight relief when the alarm went off and the sprinklers went off. But something was wrong… The sprinkler wasn't getting enough water down there. Maria gasped in horror when she realized that the sprinkler head was damaged… melted by Liz's power. Choking back a sob, Maria was overcome with despair and confusion. Where had that power come from? Eventually, the smoke was too much for her and she sunk down to the floor, trying to stay as low as possible. She kept banging on the door, hoping that someone would come looking for them before it was too late.

When Max heard the fire alarm go off, he knew something was wrong. He had finished moving more chairs for the kids to sit in for their experiment and he had drunk down the tobasco laced soda Maria had brought for him. Liz and Maria should have been back by then. When Michael came up to him asking where the hell Maria was ("How long does it take to drop off some sandwiches?"), Max got a very sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. He somehow knew Liz was in danger. He could feel her fear and her pain. He felt her life being sucked out of her little by little. Suddenly, he felt nothing at all. Unable to stop the panic from rising within him, he grabbed Michael's arm, "Michael, something's wrong. I can feel it. We have to get to that storage room."

"Oh no you don't Mr. Evans. You know what a fire alarm is. Get out. Both of you. Out. I mean it! The firemen are already on their way… help these kids out… right now! Hurry both of you!" Ms. Barnes had run up and heard Max's comment about the storage room.

"But Ms. Barnes, Liz and Maria - " Max began.

"Are probably outside waiting for both of you… Hurry up now!" Ms. Barnes was not interested in anything but getting everyone out.

Michael grabbed Max's hand and dragged him and a ton of kids outside, where he could hear the firetruck sirens off in the distance. They weren't going to get here in time, he thought desperately. "Michael, why did you do that? I have to find Liz. I have to - "

"Maxwell… what are you going to do? She wouldn't take no for an answer. But at least this way we can try and sneak back in and find them. We can get to them before …" Michael trailed off as a spasm of fear crossed his face.

This only increased Max's fear a hundred times over. He was certain that he had felt Liz earlier … and now there was nothing. Trying not to think about what that meant, he sprinted around the backside of the building and tried to figure out a way to get in. "Michael, do you think we could… push aside the molecules in this wall so we could squeeze in?" Michael appeared to mull it over. "What if the fire is right up against this wall, Maxwell?" Max said looked at him directly, "I have the shield. The fire shouldn't be able to get through to us." Michael looked at Max and then at the wall. Time was running out for Maria and Liz. "Okay… let's do it." Standing together, with Michael's hand on Max's shoulder, they concentrated and slowly a tear appeared in the wall in front of them. Thick, dense smoke leaped out and Max's shield sprang up as they walked through the wall, and into the smoke. The wall then closed up behind them. Inside the UFO Center, there was no fire, but the smoke made it almost impossible to see where they were going.

Slowly the two made their way toward the storage room. When they tried the handle, it was hot. Swallowing sickly, Max unlocked the door and used his powers to fling it open. He gasped when he saw what was left of the storage room. It was completely covered in debris. The shelving units had all fallen over and some of the boxes were still glowing like fireplace embers. There was a small fire in one of the corners of the room and the ceiling had caved in for most of the room.

Max's heart sank. He didn't hear Liz or Maria. When Michael coughed, Max thought he heard a muffled sound coming from his feet. Without thinking, he and Michael started flinging the debris away from the area that the sound had been coming from, toward the back of the wrecked room. Michael was relieved when he saw Maria crumpled at their feet and he picked her up and held her close to him. She was mumbling, going in and out on him and he tried to calm her down with a "shhhh… it's okay… I got you… I got you. Shhh…." Max was relieved to find Maria, but where was Liz? He looked at Maria and she seemed to be okay. She was trying to tell them something. She had started coughing uncontrollably and she was pointing frantically, with tears streaming down her cheeks. Max looked in the direction her finger was pointing and realized with a sickening lurch that she was pointing to the area that he and Michael had thrown all of the debris on. His blood turned to ice-water in his veins.

He saw a tiny arm and hand peeking out from underneath the debris, and his heart stopped.

"Liz… Liz?!?! Oh no…" he whispered hoarsely. "No… NOOOOO!!! Michael… Oh no! Help!! Help me get this - " Max's voice was choked with fear, " - get this off of her!!" Max was blindly throwing the debris and boxes off of Liz's body and he choked on his unshed tears when he realized that she had been crushed underneath the shelving unit that had fallen on her. "Holy crap", exclaimed Michael when he saw the shape Liz was in. He was just about to rip the shelving unit off of her when Max screamed, "Wait - STOP!! Don't!!" Max threw up his hand to ward Michael off and then continued, "It - It's cut into her stomach… She's blee - bleeding to death…" Maria legs gave out next to Michael, who caught her before she hit the floor. Thinking quickly, Max severed the bulk of the cabinet that had pierced Liz and then savagely threw the rest of the cabinet behind him, where it fell apart against the wall it hit. "I can't get a pulse Michael," Max moaned helplessly. " I can't… Oh God... Don't die on me!! Please don't die on me Liz…" With trembling hands, Max tried to form a connection, but Liz was unconscious. "I can't form a connection… I have to - Liz, you have to look at me… you have to look at me Liz…" There was so much blood. Max was losing control. Liz was dying right in front of him and he couldn't help her. Desperately, he whispered, "Liz, please wake up! Wake up … come back to me… Come back. You can't die… You can't die… Oh Liz - no… nooooooooo…" Max started crying with complete abandon over Liz's lifeless body. Maria's soft sobs emanated through the room and Michael stoically held her close to him. He had never seen Max look so tortured, so anguished.

When Liz slightly stirred and her eyelids fluttered lightly, Max cried out as feverish relief overtook him. He concentrated as hard as he could on Liz… on how her smile lit his day; on how she had brought so much love and joy into his life; on how she had made his life worth living. He thought of how much she had sacrificed for him and Michael and Isabel and his heart swelled with love for her. He would not lose her again… not like this. "Please wake up… I love you… I love you…", he whispered, his voice thick with emotion. When the connection finally opened, Max's energy was nearly spent. Gasping for breath, he kept his eyes on her until he had dissolved away the metal that had sliced into her. Slowly, he nudged her tissue molecules together and was relieved when her wound closed up completely healed. But she wasn't awake yet. He concentrated on her lungs and pushed the smoke molecules apart, trying to get her to breathe. Forgoing the connection, he covered her mouth with his and breathed every bit of love he felt for her into her lungs. Maria had dropped to her knees next to him and when she saw what he was doing, she alternated pushing Liz's chest lightly. Max was completely exhausted, but he kept working. He needed Liz like he needed air to breathe. She just couldn't die. She couldn't. He wouldn't let her. Maria was working frantically and when Liz coughed and then sucked in as much air as she could on her first breath, she fell back, relieved.

Max swept Liz up into his arms, his tears overflowing with relief as he cradled the most important thing in his life close to him, rocking her back and forth and saying her name over and over again. He was holding her so tightly that he was sure he must be crushing her and he kept pulling back to look at her and make sure that she was really alive. "Liz…" he said, his voice thick, "I thought - I thought I had lost you… Are you okay?"

"I'm okay Max. Thank you… for saving my life… again. All of you… thanks. Thanks so much." Liz started shaking a little and Max pulled her into his arms again. "Shhhh… shhhh… it's okay… Don't try to talk," he whispered lovingly. He began touching Liz everywhere; checking her body for any other injuries. Finding none, he focused his amber gaze on her chocolate eyes and kissed her passionately.

Feeling as though they should get out of there before they had to answer a bevy of questions, Michael cleared his throat. "We need to get outta here before those firemen come in here."

The two soulmates broke apart. Max helped Liz to her feet and they all left the same way they came in, with Max's energy shield surrounding all of them. Michael opened the wall in front of them and they all squeezed through. They went around the front of the building where Liz was greeted by her frantic parents. Assuring them that she was fine, she allowed herself to be led away from Max, who reluctantly watched her being fussed over by her parents.

Michael looked at Maria, who had stopped her coughing fits by then. "Are you alright?" he said as he hugged her closely to him and kissed her roughly. "I'm - I'm okay… I'm fine Michael. But Liz… Something really bad is happening to Liz. I think maybe we all need to go and talk. Tonight."

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Ten

Vice Principal Barnes looked down at all of the pills she had been taking. She had started to have one at the UFO Center, shortly before the fire alarm went off. She was relieved to be able to go home early and sleep it off. Her migraines had gotten so bad lately. She was afraid that she was getting worse, not better. Turning back to her computer, she read some information about auras. A small percentage of migraine sufferers, about 12%, suffered from having auras before and after the migraine. She carefully read the symptons and wondered why she was just now beginning to have the aura symptons. She had been suffering from migraine headaches since she was a small girl, and she had never experienced the aura effect before. Auras were 'experiences' before and after a migraine attack. The most severe form was to see a type of geometric pattern cross one's field of vision. The pattern that Sela was seeing looked like a castellated rooftop of a castle. Whenever Sela saw this, she knew a migraine was on its way and she tried to take her medication to make it less severe. But lately, she had been having blackouts… losing time.

As the castellated pattern began marching across her vision, Sela let out a small cry of helpless frustration and reached for her purse. This time, the migraine set upon her much faster, and she fell to the floor, unconscious. When the woman finally recovered and stood up, she was no longer Sela Barnes, but Tess Harding.

There was a knock on the door then, and Tess rose to answer it. It was Daecon. It's about time you answered my 'call'," he said dryly. "I have been waiting to talk to you for days now. I have a few more questions… about the human girl, Liz."


Isabel came flying into Michael's apartment. "Maria… are - are you alright? Michael called to tell me what happened. What an awful accident… How did it happen?"

Maria glanced up from the food she was trying to get down. She couldn't believe what had happened. If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn't have believed it. "I don't really know. Liz freaked out and then everything just went crazy…"

Michael sat down at the table next to Maria. "What do you mean she just 'freaked out'?"

Maria shifted uneasily in her seat. "She - she - it was like she saw something behind me and then she reached out to get me away from it… But, " Maria swallowed, thinking that her next statement would sound ludicrous.

"But what?" Isabel asked, thinking that this had something to do with Liz's dreamwalk request.

"But, when she reached out, this flash came out of her hand and hit the cabinet behind me…" Maria looked around, certain that they must think she was crazy.

"Wait, do you mean a flash as in an 'alien power blast' flash, or just a flash?" asked Michael.

Maria scoffed at him, "I don't know what kind of flash it was! It was a flash! Just a flash… Look, all I know is that Liz freaked out because she saw something behind me, then she reached out and a 'flash' burst from her hand and it took out the cabinet behind me. I'm the human remember? How do I know what kind of flash that was?" Maria tried to calm down, "Besides, when the flash happened, it threw Liz against the back wall. When we both got up, Liz was hol - holding the metal shelving nearest to her and her hand glowed and - and it all fell down. The chemicals fell and caught fire and the cabinet fell on her - and - and -- ". Maria broke off and fought to hold back her tears. The lump in her throat was making it difficult to speak.

Isabel listened thoughtfully to what Maria was saying. Liz had told her that she had had 'experiences'. She'd mentioned visions with Alex and nightmares, but nothing like what Maria was talking about. But then again, Liz had been interrupted by Max coming home right when she was about to talk about the experiences. "I think maybe I should try a dreamwalk on Liz and see what's going on with the nightmares she's been having." Isabel said.

Maria and Michael both looked at her. "What nightmares?" they said in unison.

"Liz came to me a while ago and said she had been having nightmares and visions about Alex. She thought that maybe I was having them too. Then she said she was having these 'experiences'. But after what you said about her hands glowing and the flash from her hand, I think there is really something weird going on." Isabel stopped to think about what she'd said. Suddenly, she remembered Liz connecting with her to astral project to save Max when he was in New York. Ava had said that Max changed her when he healed her. "I think Liz is changing…"

"Well, that's obvious… either that or I'm seeing things." said Maria.

"That wouldn't be unusual," said Kyle, who had just gotten there.

Seeing things… "So what about Alex?" asked Isabel.

"What about him?" answered Maria, confused.

"The nightmares about Alex. Is that the same as the changing thing?" Isabel was thinking aloud.

"I'm confused. What are you people talking about? What's this with changing? And what does Whitman have to do with this?" said Kyle. "Hey… I better not turn green or anything or Buddha help you…"

Isabel slapped Kyle on his arm. "I'm serious." "So am I," insisted Kyle. "Ugh… Kyle, can we get back to the point?" Isabel was getting irritated.

Before Kyle could respond, Max came in - without Liz. "Where's Liz? asked Kyle.

Max looked exhausted. "She's at home… asleep. Her parents made me leave."

"WHAT??!? Evans you really screwed up this time. First you change the girl, now you leave her alone by herself when she's messed up. What's wrong with you man?" Kyle was enraged.

"Kyle back off," snapped Maria. "If it hadn't been for Max tonight, Liz would've died."

"Wait a minute, Kyle. What do you mean I changed her?" asked Max.

"Max… you better sit down." Maria came over and patted Max on his arm. With a perplexed look, Max went over to sit on Michael's couch. Then Maria began to explain what happened in the storage room. Max's eyes widened in shock as he listened. "Are you sure, Maria? No… no… there has to be another explanation… there has to be." he asked.

Maria shook her head. "And that's not all Max," she continued, "Liz is having visions about Alex. She went to Isabel and asked her to dreamwalk her and - "

"Wait - Isabel? You knew about this? And you didn't tell me? Why would you keep something like that from me?" Max's frustration was slowly turning into anger.

"She didn't want you to know - and we weren't sure what was happening. I never got that far - you interrupted before she could tell me everything. The only thing she really told me was that she was having visions and nightmares about Alex. I didn't know about the changes she was going through though. But I think she was trying to tell me. She thought she was going crazy Max. That's why she didn't want to tell you. She knew you would go nuts worrying about her, and if it was nothing -- well… The only reason she came to me was because we had already talked about Alex. She thought I might be having nightmares too."

Max tried to stay calm. He was having a difficult time dealing with the possibility that his healing of her was causing her even more harm. Now he was panicked that Liz was home alone. And what did her visions with Alex have to do with anything? "So that's why she's been looking so tired and bad lately? This is why she's been so distracted? She's been having visions of Alex? Nightmares too? I wish she'd told me. I could have helped."

"How, Max?" asked Maria. "I'm not sure any of us could've helped with the visions. I mean, maybe Isabel could dreamwalk her to find out what's going on… but other than that… And speaking of which, what do those visions have to do with Liz changing? They don't seem related at all."

Kyle had heard enough, "So what do we do to actually help Liz for a change?"

Max looked over at Isabel, "I think we should try the dreamwalk, Isabel."


Tess looked at Daecon curiously. "What do you want to know about her?"

Daecon narrowed his eyes at Tess. He wasn't sure he could completely trust her. He decided to take a different tack. "Why does Za - Max care about her so much? What is it between them?"

Tess blanched. "How should I know? He just - just seemed drawn to her. Maybe it was because he saved her life almost 2 years ago. Isabel said that they had just seemed to instantly bond after that, even though Max didn't want to date the bitch at first. He thought it would put her precious little life in danger."

"How did he save her life?" asked Daecon, determined to collect as much information as possible.

"She got her stupid self shot and he healed her… Apparently, she was basically dead, but he brought her back. Although maybe I should thank her. That was the only way that Nacedo and I ever found them."

Daecon's eyes widened. He healed her?

"I wish he had just let her die. Maybe things would have been different," grumbled Tess.

Daecon looked at her suspiciously. Does she still have feelings for Max? he thought. "What do you mean, things would have been different?"

Aware that she had said too much, Tess tried to come up with something plausible to say. "It would have made my job a lot easier…" Tess looked away from Daecon and pretended to go into the kitchen to fix herself something to eat. What she didn't tell Daecon was that if Liz had not been in the picture, she would have had easy access to Max. He would have been hers a long time ago. She would have gladly gone against Khivar, if Max could've loved her like he loved Liz. And she almost did betray Khivar and tell Max everything… that is, until Max kissed her and she saw the flash of him kissing Liz. That was when she realized that he would never love her - that he would never love her the way she craved to be loved by him. "You kissed Liz," she had said. When Max didn't even try to defend himself, she had retorted, "Don't worry. You won't remember her where we're going." And it was true. He wouldn't remember her. Because he would be dead.

Deciding to change the subject back to the human girl, Daecon asked, "So what are you doing to the human girl?"

Tess looked at him mischieviously. "Simple. I'm mindwarping her. She was already really upset about Alex, and from what you said, she was blaming herself for his death. I don't know why she is blaming herself, but the seed was all I really needed. I just took her own fears and turned them against her. Occasionally I mindwarp her when she's dreaming too. Eventually her imagination takes over and she makes her dreams even worse than I could… she's freaking out on her own."

Daecon's suspicions rose. "What do you mean, she's freaking out on her own?"

Tess snorted. "She's beginning to think she is losing it… and jumping at her own shadow."

Daecon tried to read the former Queen. Maybe Tess doesn't know about the other weird things going on with the human girl. "So, that's it? Just some nightmares? Anything else?"

"What else would there be? She's freaked out Daecon. Isn't that enough?"

Daecon shrugged. Whatever was happening to the human girl apparently had nothing to do with Tess. "Whatever you are doing to the girl has produced some interesting side effects."

Tess doubled over and grabbed her head. "Uggh! I hate this body!"

Daecon backed away from her and asked her what was happening.

"This human… it's hard for me to hold on to her. I don't think I will be able to for much longer. I cannot keep doing this. I don't have the resources."

Daecon looked at her sharply and grabbed her arm, "You can't back out on me Tess. In case you haven't forgotten, I know your little secret. I could blow you out of the water with Khivar."

Tess stared him down and tried to look unconcerned, "I have allies here, Daecon. I can keep Khivar from finding anything out. I can mindwarp him into believing me. Besides, you are just bluffing."

Daecon shrugged, "Well, if you really want to take that chance, be my guest."

Tess looked up at him petulantly and Sela Barnes slid to the floor unconscious.

Daecon sighed. The bitch wanted to play hardball. He was more than happy to oblige her.


"Are you sure we should try this without asking Liz first, Max?" asked Isabel tentatively. She wanted to help Liz, especially after Liz had helped her. Liz had saved her life and helped her with her grief concerning Alex, so Isabel wanted to return the favor, but she didn't want to violate Liz.

She thought for a moment that she hadn't cared so much about Liz last year when she had dreamwalked her. Isabel bit back a groan and mentally chastised herself. So much had changed since then.

"She already asked you to dreamwalk her, Iz. I don't think we need to ask. Besides, we need to find out what's going on." Max looked at his sister earnestly, his eyes pleading with her to do this for him, for Liz.

"Hey, I think I can vouch for Liz here, " offered Maria. "If this has anything to do with that alien power blast that came out of her hand, or the glowing hand, I think she would want to know. I know I would."

Isabel sighed and looked at her hands. "Okay. I'll do it. But if anything ha - happens … "

Michael interrupted her before she could finish, "We'll pull you out of it, don't worry."

Isabel sighed and fingered the picture of Liz that Max pulled out of his wallet.

Isabel sucked in a breath as she was pulled into Liz's dream. She convulsed with shock when she saw what Liz was suffering through. It looked like hell. There was this swirling vortex of red and orange gases, with a black hole in the center. Liz was hovering at the outskirts of it.

Something was really wrong here, thought Isabel. But she couldn't put her finger on exactly what it was. A nervous chill traveled up her spine. Isabel turned back to the swirling vortex and made everything stop. Liz's dream was frozen. Trying desperately to think, she shut her eyes. Then it hit her. "Ohh!!!" she exclaimed as she woke up, shaking.

"What? What is it? What's wrong? What happened? Isabel, tell me wha - "

"Max, calm down and let her finish!" said Kyle, going over to sit with Isabel, who was still shaking visibly.

Isabel looked at Kyle gratefully, "She's having some awful dreams. It's like she visits hell or something every night. And Alex -" Isabel broke off, swallowing hard.

Maria's face paled. "She's dreaming about Alex?"

"Yeah. It's bad… really bad. God… Poor Liz," whispered Isabel.

Max gripped the back of the chair he was standing behind. His jaw clenched. It was taking everything in him to remain calm and not go running over to Liz. "What did you see Isabel?" Everyone in the room turned to look at him, surprised. He had the steely look of controlled rage on his face.

Isabel continued, "Well, it's like some vortex or something. This huge, massive vortex that swallows everything into its center. But, out of the center of the vortex… Al - Alex… Alex was at the center of the vortex, co - coverd in blood and muck and howling in agony. He was stretching for Liz, trying to pull her in. When he finally got hold of her, he screamed that it should be her in there, not him."

The back of the chair that Max held in his death grip snapped in two. "Damn," stated Michael. Everyone jumped and looked at Max, who ruefully repaired the chair and sat down in it, his face a solemn mask.

"That's when I froze the dream. Something didn't seem right to me."

Max let out the breath he had been holding, "What didn't seem right to you?"

Isabel turned to look at everyone. "Okay, this is hard to explain, so just be quiet until I finish, okay?" Everyone nodded. "Well," Isabel took a deep breath, "When I dreamwalk someone, I use a picture to hone in on their dreams. It makes it easier to find them. But, I also try to practice on my own, without - without pictures you know? I start by just going to sleep. When I get to the place between sleep and wakefulness, I can see them."

"See what - oh, sorry," said Maria as everyone glared at her for interrupting.

"The dream orbs. They're these balls of color and sound that look sort of like soap bubbles. I've just started to be able to match them up to the people they belong to; mostly by the sound they make. Once I get inside the dream, the sound is still there. It's like a fingerprint or something. Each orb gives off one pure note of music, and none of the notes are alike. That's how I knew… I knew… " Isabel trailed off, thinking that Max was going to really dislike what she said next.

Forging ahead, Isabel said carefully, "Liz's dream note. It was wrong. Last year, I - I dreamwalked her and, well, I know her note. It's a rich, soulful note. But just then, in her dream … there was this other note, this high pitched, eerie note. I just know that it's… wrong."

Michael felt a cold chill run down his back. Isabel seemed to be saying that … that … what was she saying? Whatever it was, he thought, it can't be good.

Max's eyes widened as he realized where Isabel was going with this. "Someone else was in the dream with her? Someone was controlling her dream, weren't they Isabel?"

Isabel nodded. Maria was unconvinced. "How do you know that you didn't go into someone else's dream by mistake?" Isabel scoffed. "Because I didn't. And besides, I know Liz's dream orb. Someone else was in that dream with her, and I would bet my life that they were causing these nightmares. Whoever is doing that is probably responsible for her visions too."

Michael took a step toward Max, "Well Maxwell, I guess we can confirm that Daecon is here."


"So, do you really think this Daecon is messing with Liz?" Kyle looked over at Isabel. He was giving her a ride home after she had dreamwalked Liz.

"I think so. Her dream was so … different. It didn't feel like it was coming from her. I'm sorry if I didn't explain it well enough."

"So, could what happened to Alex happen to Liz? I mean, if someone is messing with Liz's mind…" Kyle had difficulty finishing.

Isabel glanced at Kyle when he couldn't continue. She didn't have any answers. Kyle had a point though. What if Liz died just like Alex? They had no way of protecting her from this.

"It's too bad E.T. can't phone home," Kyle quipped. "You could ask about this…"

"Mm hmmm… yeah… we - omigod! Kyle!" yelled Isabel excitedly, startling Kyle and causing him to swerve off the road briefly. "That's it!! We can phone home Kyle!! We can ask Larek!"


Max climbed up the ladder to Liz's balcony, hoping her parents had gone to bed. It was rather late and the Crashdown was closed. He had told his parents that he was over at Kyle's working on a project due in the morning, so he wasn't expected back that night. He even told Jim about it so that he could cover for him if his parents ever inquired about it. Max was relieved when his mom didn't question him too much. He needed to be with Liz tonight. After Isabel dreamwalked her and he discovered what was lurking in Liz's dreams, Max didn't ever want to leave Liz's side.

When he got to her door, he used his powers to unlock it and step inside. Liz was fast asleep and for once, she was not tossing and turning. Isabel had been nice enough to go back modify Liz's nightmare so that she was dreaming about something good, like the time when they shared ice cream sundaes at the Crashdown with Alex and Isabel.

After sealing her bedroom door to ward off any unwanted intrusions, Max went to sit on her bed. He just wanted to make sure she was okay. If any other strange changes happened to her again that night, he would be there to make it all go away. He would keep her safe… or die trying.

Max ran his fingers through Liz's hair and caressed her skin with the back of his hand. He couldn't believe that he had almost lost her tonight. He loved her so much and he knew he would likely die if anything ever happen to her. He especially wouldn't be able to live with himself if anything happened to her because of him.

Lost in thought about what was happening to this girl that he loved so much, he didn't notice when Liz kittenishly curled up next to his hand and began nuzzling against it. She stirred slightly when he bent down to kiss her on her forehead, but soon lay still. There was no moonlight tonight, but he could still see her features perfectly. God she was beautiful.

He was gazing at her so intently that it took him a while to notice that she was actually gazing back up at him. "Hi," she murmured. "Hi," Max murmured and in response, he bent down to kiss her softly. Smiling contentedly, Liz stretched a little under the covers. "How long have you been here?" she asked.

"Not too long… I just had to see you… I needed to make sure you were alright. I almost lost you tonight. I was so scared Liz. I - I love you so much. When I saw you like that, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to bring you back…" Max broke off and swallowed hard. Liz reached up and put her arms around him to comfort him. "It's okay, Max… I'm okay. See? I - I'm fine."

Max pulled out of the embrace and looked her directly in her eye. When he spoke, his voice was rough with emotion, "Are you? Are you really Liz?"

Liz looked a little confused, "What do you mean?"

"Maria told me what happened in the storage room. And Isabel told us about the visions and dreams about Alex you've been having. Isabel dreamwalked you tonight." Max moved a little closer to Liz. "She told us what you've been dreaming about."

Liz looked uncomfortable for a moment. "Oh… "

"I know why you didn't tell me - what with the dreams, visions and the weird things happening to you, you must have felt like you were losing it or something. I understand, but please Liz… next time, tell me when something strange happens. I've learned that the strange stuff is almost always alien related." Max pulled Liz closer to him and wrapped his arms around her.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I thought I was going crazy and I thought you had enough on your mind, you know? … Daecon …" Liz kissed the part of his arm that was resting near her chin.

Max pursed his lips for a moment. "There's something I have to tell you about the dreams and visions Liz…", he said unevenly.

Liz turned to look at him with trepidation. "What?"

"When Isabel did the dreamwalk… well …" Max sighed in frustration. "What, Max?" asked Liz, alarmed. "She thinks that - she thinks that someone is messing with you. She says that the musical note your dream normally makes is off. She apparently dreamwalked you before now (Liz raised her eyebrow at that), and the note was different. It's almost as if someone was manipulating your dreams… So, they are likely causing the daydreams, er visions, too."

Liz swallowed. Of all the things… And what's this about notes in dreams? Shaking her head Liz countered, "That would explain the visions, but what about my hands glowing and the power blast today in the storage room? Could someone be doing that too?"

"I don't know," said Max honestly. "But I do know that we will find out and I am not going to let anything bad happen to you. Ever. I'd die before I let anything happen to you."

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I recently have gone through a lot of mess in my life and writing is the way I deal with it... well, writing Roswell is how I deal with it...

Now... on with the story!!!

TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Eleven

"Report," said the voice from the shadows.

"We have word that he is here, as we suspected. He has been watching the royals for about a month now. Our situation grows tenous," responded the man sitting in the chair across from the one cloaked in shadow.

"Don't you think I realize that?" the shadow man snapped. He was furious. Khivar was going to leave them on this shitty planet.

"What is happening with our former illustrious king?"

"He appears to be fine. He and the Earth girl have apparently resumed their relationship."

The shadowed man snorted. "No surprise there. I always told Tess she never had a chance."

"But she did succeed with him, sir… eventually. With the Antarian constellation directly overhead, Max was a victim of his own genetic engineering. Unfortunately, she failed at the other part of the plan."

The man in the shadows grunted. "She double-crossed us and deserted us on this God-forsaken hell hole. She believes that she has escaped us and Khivar's wrath. But she still needs to deliver the remaining royals to Khivar. He needs them dead to secure his position."

Nikolas turned to look at his counselor, "This is our last shot. We need to make it count. Bring me the bounty hunter. We need him as an ally, and he doesn't know it yet, but he needs us too."


Michael propped himself up on his elbow to look at the sleeping Maria. She looked so peaceful and calm while she slept, he thought wryly. It was almost hard to believe that she could be so volatile. He absolutely loved her passion and her fire because it matched his own. She challenged him and she constantly kept him on his toes. He especially valued that now, because he needed to figure out how to protect all of them. He was completely in love with Maria. And that frightened him, because he was afraid of losing her.

Michael thought back to when he had told Max that he shouldn't get in too deep into his life in Roswell. He sighed when he realized that he had gotten in as deeply as Max had. He had entrenched himself into his life in Roswell… put down roots. Now he was painfully aware of the danger of Daecon ripping those roots out completely.

Maria began shaking her head fitfully as she slept. Michael thought she was having a nightmare until she heard her moan, "No Michael… For the tenth time, the order was for fries, not onion rings." Michael suppressed a laugh. She even argued with him in her sleep.


"Isabel? What brings you by?" a startled Kyle asked as he opened the door. Isabel stepped inside and went over to the couch to sit. "I - uh, just wanted some company," she said, as she began fiddling with the buttons on her shirt. "I called earlier, but no one was home."

Kyle arched an eyebrow curiously. "I got a job after school… Do you want to talk about it?"

Isabel looked at her friend. How did he know her so well? "I guess I just feel like all of you are in danger because of - well, us. It feels like Alex all over again. We weren't able to save him, what if we can't help Liz? And why, why is this happening to her anyway?"

Kyle let out a long hiss of air. He had no idea why this was happening. "Well, it seems like Daecon knows that Max loves Liz and that going through her is his best shot at getting to him."

"Kyle, I have a really sick feeling about this. It's really wrong that Daecon is using something so personal to get to Liz. Max is having a really hard time with it too. I don't think he knows what to do. I told him about talking to Larek, but we have to wait a while. If we try to force it, Brody could be hurt."

"So there's nothing we can do?" he asked.

"Well, Max asked me to teach him how to dreamwalk. I think he believes he can somehow watch over Liz that way. He should be able to help her with the dreams too." Isabel seemed pleased that she could help somehow.

Kyle looked slightly relieved about this. Then, he looked over at Isabel as if he were trying to read her.

"So Isabel… do you ever think about… about Tess at all?" asked Kyle tentatively.

Isabel rolled her eyes. "Why would you ask me a question like that? The only time I think about Tess is when I'm imagining that I am repaying her for killing Alex."

Kyle blanched. He knew everyone basically hated what Tess did and he totally understood. But the truth was, Tess was carrying Max's child. Sooner or later they would be forced to face her.

"Do you think she'd ever come back here?" he asked.

"I hope not," snapped Isabel. "I think Liz and Maria would fight each other just to get the opportunity to wring Tess' neck - if it weren't for the baby. Now, if she had the baby already… well, all bets are off… for all of us."

Looking at Kyle's weird expression she added, "She betrayed all of us. Why would she come back here?"


Daecon looked around the deserted warehouse. He had been expecting something like this, so he wasn't surprised the other night when Nikolas' men had taken him for a 'little ride'. He wondered why it had taken them so long. "Hello Nikolas," he said caustically when the young man walked up to him sneering. "To what do I owe this honor?"

Nikolas looked him over indifferently. "I wouldn't be so smug if I were you, Daecon. You are about this close to being reduced to nothing."

Daecon looked unaffected by Nikolas' threat. "Oh, come now Nikolas. I know you need me… especially after Tess left here with your only way home. So why don't you just tell me what you want?"

Nikolas was a bit irked that his trump card had been pulled so early. "Well Daecon… Let me tell you a little story. It's about a general and his men. They were sent across the galaxy to do a job and they couldn't leave until they had finished it. We had a plan to capture all of the royals, but their protector reneged on the deal so we figured we had a better chance of finishing the deal if we only dealt with the girl."

So that's why they took out Nacedo, thought Daecon.

"The plan was for Tess to provide transportation back to Antar. When we 'kidnapped' her in New York, we reminded her of the plan to deliver the royals to Khivar, along with the heir. But we underestimated her feelings - er obsession, rather, for Max."

Nikolas turned to face Daecon, "We know you have been in contact with her. She is helping you somehow; feeding you information… You cannot trust her. She will betray you, just like she betrayed us. Deep down, she still wants Max and she will likely go through anyone to get him."

Deep down, Daecon knew the general was right. He could still sense that Tess wanted to be with Max and that she might do anything to get him if she thought she had a chance. Plus, she had grown tired of helping him. He needed to force her hand somehow. "So what made her decide to go ahead with the plan - that is, the plan, minus you guys as stowaways?"

Nikolas smirked. "Well, we did more than just talk to her when we had her in New York."

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Twelve

"This is so frustrating, Maxwell. I feel like I'm being watched all the time. I'm paranoid. How am I supposed to protect everyone like this?" Michael was in his apartment, pacing.

Max looked at his trusted friend and sighed. Michael had always been a nervous type, but with his new connection with Maria, he had grown even more protective. "We just have to stay calm Michael. Panicking isn't going to help us any."

Michael rolled his eyes at Max. "I know that Max. I just hate this feeling of being on edge all the time. I feel like a ticking time bomb. And we're just sitting ducks here too. Now that the Granolith is gone, we don't have anything to bargain with."

Michael's eyes widened as he looked like he had just hit upon an interesting thought, "And speaking of the Granolith, how is it that after everything it was built up to be, it turned out to be a one-time use transport?"

Max winced at the mention of the Granolith. It had been odd that the Granolith turned out to be a spaceship. It had been built up to be like the holy grail by the leaders at the summit, and now Max knew that it could be modified for time travel too. "I don't know Michael. And I don't know how to get answers either - other than going to Brody, er Larek."

Michael looked at Max as though this would be a good idea. "We need to do something Maxwell. We have to figure out how to not be so exposed. And we also need to find out if Larek can help with Liz."

Max didn't need any more convincing. He would set up a meeting with Larek as soon as possible.


"What exactly did you do to Tess in New York?" asked Daecon.

Nikolas got a faraway look on his face. He glanced over at Daecon's confused expression and smirked. Motioning for his counselor to continue with the story, Nikolas walked over and sat down.

His counselor continued with the story. "We never thought Tess had a chance to get Max to sleep with her. The human girl was always in the way. But we knew Tess would do anything to get to Max. So… we helped her along a bit. We thought of it as a nice insurance policy."

When Daecon didn't say anything, Arthur, the counselor, continued. "When we had her here in New York, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We took dna from Zan and then used a variation of it to insemminate Tess. Rath was only too happy to provide it as his and Lonnie's insurance for getting off this planet and back to Antar. It was basically artificial insemination with a timer. The pregnancy would not begin until exactly five months had passed. We gave her five months to win Max over and get pregnant with his child, although we knew it would not be possible for her to do it. We never told her about the procedure we performed on her."

Daecon's eyebrows rose. If Tess never knew about what Nikolas and the Skins did to her, then why would she question the baby's paternity? "But she did sleep with Za - uh, Max. So couldn't the baby be his?"

Nikolas let out an exasperated sigh and began pacing the room. Before Arthur could continue, he blurted out, "Because after she told us that she had been able to sleep with Max and that she thought she was pregnant, we realized that her loyalties were divided. We knew that we were going to have to make good on our little insurance policy."

As Arthur continued telling Daecon what happened, Nikolas drifted back to the day he met with Tess. She had been glowing with the knowledge that she was pregnant with Max's child… that she had won. She cared more about what it would do to Liz than anything.


"I cannot wait to see the look on Liz's face when Max and I tell her that we're … expecting."

Nikolas narrowed his eyes suspiciously at her, "Don't you have more pressing issues to deal with Tess?"

"What are you talking about, Nikolas? I'm pregnant with the heir… what do I have to worry about?" said an obviously pleased Tess.

"Ah… we still have a deal to finish. The plan hasn't changed. You are still expected to hold up your end of the deal," responded Nikolas matter of factly.

Tess' euphoria faded. What was that? thought Nikolas. Not for the first time, he wondered where her loyalties truly lay. It's a good thing, he thought, that we have that little 'insurance policy'.

"You weren't thinking of backing out on the deal, were you Tess?" he asked her pointedly.

Tess tried to look nonchalant and failed. "No, of - of course not. It's just that we still don't know how to work the granolith," she lied, hoping to buy more time.

"Well, just in case you were, there's something you need to know." As Nikolas told Tess about the insemination, she grew furious. "You idiot! I slept with him! I actually slept with him! Are you telling me that this - this isn't Max's baby?!?" Tess' lower lip began to tremble and she poked it out defiantly to stop the tremors.

"It doesn't matter that it isn't Max's. He will believe it is his child. So you just stick with the plan and everything will go smoothly," said Nikolas coldly. "We all just want to get off this planet, and I know that you are thinking of backing out on our plan. But mark my words Tess… if you double-cross me, I will make certain Max knows everything. Everything. Even if you make it off this planet, I'll make certain that Khivar finds out that you do not carry the heir because Zan does not carry the royal seal. You really have no other choice but to go along with everything. I'll make sure Khivar keeps you alive."

Tess stared at him, dumbfounded. She had been so close. So close to having everything. And that was gone. All because of a horrible twist of fate. If she had come out of her pod when Max and the others did, he never would have even looked at Liz, she thought. She never would have even considered this deal with Khivar, she told herself.

~end flashback~

Arthur was getting close to the end. "She thought that she'd finally convinced Max that his destiny was with her. We knew that we only had one trump card to play. That's when we told her about the insemination and the timer. We threatened to tell the royals everything if she didn't stick with the plan."

Daecon laughed. It was almost exactly what he was doing to her.

"So, the baby is Zan's, not Max's," said Daecon.

Arthur nodded. "And Tess was furious. We thought we had her, but instead she decided to keep up the ruse with the royals. She wanted Max. And she was pregnant, so she decided to just milk it for all it was worth. She cut us out. I think she was planning on betraying Khivar too."

This hit a sour note with Daecon. "So why would you jeopardize Tess bearing the heir? Wouldn't Khivar be after you if he ever found out?"

Nikolas scoffed. "Because Khivar never intended to use the heir. He was planning on killing all of them once Tess delivered them to him, including Tess. Khivar knew he could produce an heir with Isabel. He just needed to publicly execute Max, Michael and Tess."

Strangely enough, this made perfect sense. Khivar used Tess' desire to get close to Max! The heir part of the plan was a ruse. It was nothing but the big push to get Tess to go along with the plan. But Nikolas and Khivar underestimated her. "So, what was your fatal error then?" asked Daecon.

"We didn't know that the human boy had finished decoding the book. Apparently the human girl found the translation and gave it to the royals. We believe Tess simply decided to get out of dodge before we could catch up to her."


Liz worked on refilling the salt and pepper shakers in the diner. She had less than an hour left on her shift. Michael was at his apartment with Max, working on a plan to be ready for Daecon, when he struck. Or when he struck in the physical world, she thought ruefully.

Nodding at Jim Valenti, who was sitting in a booth not too far from her, she was just getting started on the sugar shakers when Sean walked in. He quickly found her in the almost empty diner and approached her tentatively.

"Hi," he said, searching her face for any signs that she had been happy to see him.

"Hi," she responded platonically. "I haven't seen you around here for a while."

Sean inclined his head toward her wryly, "Well, since that night… I figured you needed a little space. Although I wish I hadn't stayed away. I've seen you with Evans."

Liz sighed inwardly, "Yeah… well um. He - we … um - ,"

Sean rolled his eyes in clear sight of Liz, who looked as if she wasn't looking forward to a lecture. But Sean forged ahead, "Liz, don't you think you deserve better than Max? I mean, the rumor is that he slept with Tess and then she left town when she found out she was pregnant."

Liz dropped her eyes to the floor and shifted uncomfortably. "Sean, I - uh… "

Sean wasn't going to stop until he had convinced her, "See? You can't defend him. And what happens if Tess decides to come back to Roswell?"

Liz's eyes flashed momentarily and she said tightly, "I don't think she will be coming back here Sean. And even if she does… Max - Max loves me. He's not going to desert me for her and the baby."

Max, who had come in the back door of the diner, looked out from the swinging door at Sean with Liz. Frowning at them, he was about to announce himself until he heard Sean start in on Liz about Tess. "How do you know that Liz? This is the same guy who kissed Tess at the prom when YOU were his date! Why wouldn't he leave you for Tess and his child with her?"

"I trust Max, Sean," Liz said emphatically. "I trust him with my life. He isn't going to leave me again. I know he isn't - Tess or no Tess. Now excuse me."

"I can understand trusting your life to him. But can you honestly trust your heart with him?" Sean implored.

Liz stood up and turned to leave.

"Okay, okay. Wait a second. I'm sorry. That was uncalled for. I wanted to ask you if would go and see a movie with me. I miss hanging out with you. I was kindof hoping we could continue what we started that night … I know you wanted me…," Sean was not going to just go away. Max resisted the urge to go barging out there.

Liz looked at Sean with a dubious expression on her face and sighed. "Sean, I'm flattered. Really, I am, but what happened that night - I was hurt. I was hurt and I needed comfort. I am so grateful that you were there for me, but, I'm sorry. I never should have come to you like that. It was selfish of me. I - I can't offer you anything more than friendship. I am in love with Max. I know you don't like him, but I love him and I am committed to him."

"Are you sure he deserves your devotion Liz?" asked Sean.

"Yes," replied Liz more confidently than she felt. The conversation about Tess unsettled her.

Max cheered inwardly, but also kicked himself for laying the fact that he slept with Tess, the baby and that they were leaving on Liz -- all on the same night. She must have been a wreck. And still she didn't sleep with Sean. Somehow, she had managed to pull back. Max wondered what he had done to deserve Liz. He made a mental note to do something really special for her. He then he went and opened and closed the back door loudly. Then he came through the swinging doors and went over to kiss Liz, who looked happy, but nervous, to see him.

"Sean," he nodded in acknowledgment of the guy trying to steal Liz out from under him.

"Evans," responded Sean in an attempt to match Max's cool demeanor. Sean then got up and left the diner, leaving a strangely contemplative Liz with Max.


"So what do you want from me, exactly?" asked Daecon. Now that he knew most of the story, he was glad that he still seemed to be holding most of the cards. He was smiling slightly, and it annoyed Nikolas.

Shrugging off the off-putting smile of his potential ally, Nikolas got on with it. "We want to work with you. Whether you know it or not, you need our help. You may think you have Tess figured out, but she'll turn on you when it becomes convenient for her. The most predictable thing about Tess is that she wants Max. She only does things to forward herself to those ends. So when you fail to capture the remaining royals, Khivar will not think twice about leaving you to rot on the rock."

Daecon appeared to consider this. "And my bounty?" he asked.

"Will not be bothered by us. All we want is to get off this planet. To get home." Nikolas looked directly at Daecon. Had he been able to win him over with his claims about Tess? They were all true, granted, but would Daecon believe it? He knew that Daecon was a shrewd warrior and that he rarely failed. They needed him more than he needed them and he knew Daecon was aware of that.

"That sounds feasible." Daecon extended his hand and Nikolas and all of the other skins flew backward. "But as you can see, I don't really need your help." Daecon rose to leave and then turned back to look at the unconscious men. "But thanks for all the information."

posted on 18-Feb-2002 3:33:31 PM by Behrable dream
TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Thirteen

Liz stared at the sky. Dawn was breaking and it looked like the world was waking up. Her thoughts drifted back to the night Max was leaving and how her heart had broken. She thought that it had broken when she broke his heart, but after finding out that ultimately the plan that she and Future Max came up with worked, she was unable to take it. What she did sent him straight into Tess' arms. Liz laughed ruefully, knowing that Future Max would say that was the plan. Suddenly, she wondered why she couldn't have just told Max the truth and let him deal with Tess. Because Tess was about to leave Roswell anyway, came the unbidded thought. But Tess betrayed them anyway. Future Max couldn't have known that. And Alex died for it. Max then fell for Tess, since both she and Isabel had their own agendas. Knowing that she was somehow responsible for leading Max down that path didn't make it any easier.

Writing her feelings in her journal was the only way she could sort out what had been happening in her life. As the sun rose slowly, Liz could see its light reflected in the window of a building across from her balcony. It reminded her of the time she and Max had awoken together after they had found the orb. Liz wished they could go back to that time. She had felt like the only woman in the world to him at the time, and she missed that feeling. Now, even though Max did everything he could to convince her otherwise, she couldn't help feeling uncertain. And she hated it. She wanted to trust Max implicitly, but Tess was carrying his baby. How was she just going to just get over that?

Plus, there was all of this stuff about her changing and the fact that this Daecon might be responsible for her dreams and visions. But what about the other strange things happening to her? Was this just a continuation of what Ava had talked about? Had Max really changed her? Liz wasn't sure she was comfortable with that. She wanted things to go back to normal. She never thought that anything like this was even possible. What was she changing into?


"Is Max finished talking to Larek?" asked Michael impatiently. He was pacing up and down the corridor, outside of Body's office. Maria frowned at him and quipped, "Obviously not… or he would be in here with us, not Larek." Michael cut his eyes at her, "Obviously."

Kyle was also nervously pacing the room. He was having worries of his own. He was afraid that whatever was happening to Liz, could happen to him, although nothing had happened yet. He wondered how Liz could be changing, while he was fine.

When Max came back into the corridor he motioned for everyone to meet him at Michael's. He had a determined look on his face, and he didn't even stop to answer any questions. All he did was take Liz's hand and lead her out to his SUV. Wordlessly, the rest of the group followed.

He gently deposited Liz into the front seat and then drove to Michael's. Liz looked at him worriedly. "Max? What's wrong?"

Max's thoughts were disrupted by her voice. "Oh - Liz… sorry, I was just deep in thought. I think we may have a way to keep you safe. I was just thinking that I wish we could do this for Kyle and Maria too."

Liz was monumentally relieved. No more painful visions of Alex. No more sleepless nights, although Max's dreamwalking of her seemed to help with that anyway. The relief on her face showed and Max's heart swelled. He just wanted to keep her safe. And it looked like they had a good way of doing that. He placed her hand in his free one as he drove and squeezed it lovingly.

When they got inside Michael's place, he purposefully stalked about the room, looking restless. After everyone had assembled, he blurted, "Larek said to use the pentagon to keep Liz safe from Daecon. But that doesn't help the rest of you. If we still had the Granolith, Larek said we could have used it to duplicate the pentagon. He gave me the plans to make a crude one, but there is a part that we just don't have. We need a special crystal and I have no idea where to get one."

Everyone seemed relieved that Liz wouldn't be a target anymore. Maria's eyes lit up when Max started talking about crystals. "Crystal?" she asked. Max nodded. "Did he tell you about the crystal at all? About its properties?" she continued.

Liz groaned. "Maria… this isn't the time for your new age idealism. That stuff is just hocus pocus."

"Didn't you say that about aliens?" retorted Maria smugly.

"That was different, Maria," stated Liz petulantly.

"Guys? Can we table the New Age stuff until later?" asked Michael impatiently. "Why don't we focus on how to get this stuff for the pentagrams we build."

Max seemed to like this idea. "Maybe we should just gather all of the stuff we do have and think about the crystal later."

The group all expressed their compliance, except Kyle. "But what about Daecon himself? What's to stop him from coming after the rest of us humans? And how can you guys defend yourself if the pentagon is in use. You won't be able to use your powers at all."

Isabel nodded nervously, "He's right Max."

Max's brows furrowed as he responded, "We're still working on that angle." He and Michael's eyes locked as both of them thought back to this same discussion they had had weeks ago. They still hadn't figured all of this out yet.

"Well, I guess that's everything then." Max said, rising to his feet. The others started to leave, except for Maria, Liz and Max. He moved toward Liz, and handed her the pentagon. Liz looked at it nervously. "Don't worry. It won't hurt you at all. Just do me a favor and don't activate it until Michael, Isabel and I are not in the room," he smiled lopsidedly at her. Liz visibly relaxed. "Okay, Max," she sighed. "Show me how this works."

Max showed her how to turn the pentagon so that no alien could use his powers in her vicinity, and then felt relief wash over him as he realized that she would be safe. Liz looked up at him gratefully and said breathlessly, "Thank you Max. Thank you for caring so much about my well being." Max brought his hand up to her face and cupped the side of her neck with his palm and brushed her cheek with his thumb. "I will always care about your well being Liz. I would do anything to keep you safe." He was moving infinitesimally toward her face when they were interrupted by Maria, who was amazed at how the whole world seemed to just fall away for those two when they were together.

"Ahem," she cleared her throat teasingly. "You guys really do have that whole 'soulmate - look into my eyes' thing don't you?"

Liz rolled her eyes and glared at Maria, feigning annoyance. "Oh good grief Maria. Don't get me started on what you and Michael have got going…"

Max looked at his watch. It was getting late. He wanted to get Liz home. He would be able to sleep calmly for the first time in weeks. Even with there being an enemy still lurking out there, Max felt he would be less vulnerable to him with Liz safe from him. "Liz," he said softly. "Are you ready?"

Liz looked from Max to Maria. She needed to talk to her friend … alone. "Um, since there isn't any danger to me anymore, I was hoping that I could stay and talk with Maria a bit. You should go on without me. I'll be fine now."

Max looked slightly disappointed, but recovered quickly. Liz was right. There was little danger in letting her stay with Maria. He was certain Michael would make sure she got home alright. "Okay, let me just tell Michael to make sure he sees you home alright." Liz nodded and Max went over to discuss things with Michael. He returned shortly and pulled Liz to him for a gentle kiss. To keep things from getting out of hand, he pulled away reluctantly, much sooner than he would have liked. Liz smiled at him seductively and whispered in his ear, "Visit my dreams tonight, Max?" Max visibly stiffened and then struggled to hide his reaction from Maria. "Definitely," he said and nodding at both of them, left the apartment.

"So, Maria… there's something I need to talk to you about," said Liz.


"You're scared, aren't you?" asked Maria. Liz nodded slowly. "Yeah… I - I - I guess I just don't understand what's happening to me," she said anxiously. "It's like I'm changing, and I don't know how to control it. I almost hit you with that power blast that came out of my hand, Maria. What if I had killed you?"

Maria shivered a little. "But you didn't. I'm okay."

Liz rounded on her, "Only because Michael and Max got there in time. I hate this. I never know when something is going to happen. What if - what if I'm turning into an alien? I mean, I am glad Max saved my life, but - but I don't want - I don't want to …"

"Be like them?" said Maria softly, reaching over to touch Liz's arm and rub it soothingly.

Liz nodded almost imperceptibly. "I feel awful about this. I love Max… I love him and I don't care that he's an alien … but… I'm not prepared to become an alien too."

"It's okay, chica. I am not going to judge you. I definitely understand. I wouldn't want to be in your position either. But look on the bright side. Having powers could be a good thing. Maybe Max's healing of you had this effect for a reason. I know you think my interest in New Agey stuff is, well crazy, but I believe that there is a good reason for Max and you being brought together in this way."

Maria ignored the skeptical look crossing Liz's face and continued, "Have you ever thought that the reason Zan was killed on Antar was because there was no you there to begin with? He was betrayed by the people he thought were closest to him. Larek said that he had great plans for his worlds, but that he tried to change things too quickly. Zan wouldn't listen to those that said he was going too fast and he trusted the wrong people. And Max is no different. Max has a habit of not listening to people around him. Except you. Surely this side effect of you changing has some significance. It has to."

Liz looked at her friend incredulously. New Agey or not, Maria's words had the ring of truth to them. Sometimes she really underestimated her. "Do you really think that I'm the difference, Maria?"

"Well, think about it. Zan was a great king, but he failed. Why do you think they are trying to have a 'do-over'? But, if they did everything the same way again, wouldn't they fail again? Wouldn't something have to be different? Maybe that something is … you."

Liz looked like she was mulling this over. "I guess that could be true," she said unsurely.

"I think it is true Liz. Max trusted Tess and it was almost over. If it hadn't been for you, she would have gotten away with everything and it would all be over. Think about all of the good decisions Max has made with you around, and all of the bad decisions he made when you weren't. It's sooo obvious."

Liz winced involuntarily at the mention of Tess' name. Maria noticed this. "Are you still bothered about Tess?" she asked. Liz sighed and moved to the floor, sitting on her hands. "Yeah… I - I just keep thinking that I was - I was supposed to be his first. I know its unknown territory and all but - " Liz stopped as Maria pulled a face.

"It is unknown territory, isn't it Maria?" she asked, incredulous. Maria's expression told her that it wasn't. "Oh … my … God. Maria! You mean… you mean … you and Michael … " Liz trailed off meaningfully as Maria nodded. "Why didn't you TELL me? I can't believe you didn't TELL me!!"

Maria shushed her, "Shhh! Keep your voice down! I didn't say anything because I was worried about you. I thought you had enough to deal with. I - "

"Didn't think I would be able to handle your union with Michael after everything got so screwy with me and Max," sighed Liz resignedly. "Yeah," said Maria, dropping her gaze to the floor.

"How was it? I mean, really… was it great?"

"It was beyond great. I mean, I guess I wouldn't really know the difference anyway, but … I can't really describe it. It was just .. beyond." Maria couldn't contain her enthusiasm.

"That's - that's great Maria," said Liz, truly happy for her friend.

"Michael was so … wonderful. I almost forgot it was his first - " Maria stopped immediately when she realized what she'd said. "Oh, Liz - I - I forgot … I mean - "

"It's okay, Maria. Sean was trying to convince me that Max didn't deserve me - that he would eventually go back to Tess. That's how I felt all last year - like he was going to just wake up and say, oh, I remember Tess and I love her, not you. It was debilitating, living like that. And now with this whole baby thing… I feel like I'm right back where I was before. Afraid that he'll suddenly 'wake up' and somehow go back to her again, this time because of the baby. I just - I just wish that…" Liz fought to hold back the tears that were threatening to overwhelm her. She failed. "Why did this have to happen?" she whispered miserably through the tears that brimmed in her dark brown eyes.

"I don't know, chica," said Maria softly as she sat next to Liz and hugged her. "But I do know that if it hadn't happened, we probably never would have learned the truth about Tess. So, you won't be his first in that way, but you are his first in every other way. Max loves you. Anyone with half a brain can see that. When you two finally come together … trust me, it will be much more than what he had with that person-who-shall-not-be-named."

Liz laughed at the reference. "Thanks Maria. When did you stop being my wacky friend and get so intuitive?" she asked gratefully, hugging her friend through her tears. Finally, she felt the burden of that 'person-who-shall-not-be-named' lifted from her.

"What? I can't be intuitive and wacky?"

"So Maria," she began, straightening up, "Tell me about these crystals…"


"Why have you not delivered the remaining royals to me?" The human that Khivar possessed was very intimidating. Daecon looked him up and down and tried not to appear frightened in any way.

"Because I am trying to make sure I approach things correctly, so they do not escape me," he said diplomatically. "I never fail, Khivar. Don't worry, I will deliver them to you."

"You'd better, or I will simply leave you on that planet. Your only chance of getting home and receiving your bounty is to complete your mission," Khivar responded caustically.

Daecon was aware of this side of Khivar from his conversation with Nikolas. "You cannot trust Tess. Your general believes that she will betray you. Her heart still lies with Zan."

Khivar smirked. "Do you think you bring me information I do not already know? I realize that this … Tess … still longs to have Max, the true Zan. I am keeping her under close watch. I really don't need her; she was simply a means to an end."

Daecon nodded when he realized that Nikolas had been telling the truth. Khivar really didn't care about the heir at all. "Yes sir, I understand sir. I will not fail you."

When Khivar did not speak, Daecon remembered something else he had been meaning to talk to him about. "My lord, Tess said that Max healed this Earth girl when she was shot. Apparently she was basically dead, and he brought her back."

Khivar looked up at him sharply, "And this is important to me because?"

Daecon shook his head impatiently, "The prophecy - "

Khivar laughed, "Don't tell me you believe in fairytales. That is just myth and legend with no factual basis. It's nonsense. Just do your job and get your head out of the clouds."

With that, Khivar disposed of the body he had been possessing. Daecon bent to check his pulse. Whoever he was, he was dead. Khivar couldn't be bothered with protecting these humans he possessed.


Max was lying in his bed when he heard something stir outside his window. He grabbed the baseball bat by his bed and crept over to the window steathily. He exhaled when he saw Liz outside. "Liz. What are you doing out there?" he asked looking around. "Don't worry, I have the pentagram with me. I'm perfectly safe." She climbed inside and let him assist her this time. He remembered the time that she had steadfastly refused his assistance. As she made it over the threshold of the window this time, he pulled her in against him with one hand and he closed the window with the other, locking it. With her still against him, he went over and locked the door to his room and set her down. Liz's body dragged down the length of his slowly.

Max's breath tangled with hers, consummating their love, even though their bodies had not yet done so. Liz's gaze never left Max's face as he brought his hand up to cup her face. He bent down and kissed her slowly and sensuously. "Liz," he said roughly, his husky voice wrapping around her like velvet, "You shouldn't be out alone."

Liz pulled away from him. She had so much that she wanted to tell him and she needed to tell him now. "I'm sorry. I just - I just ha - had something to tell you and I couldn't wait."

"What is it?" he asked, his concern evident on his face.

Liz rushed to quell his fears. "Oh, it - it's nothing about Daecon or anything. It's about us… or me, rather."

Max's look of concern faded, but was replaced by a look of panic. His hazel eyes shimmered with slight fear. His mind flashed back to that conversation he overheard Liz having with Sean. Was she going to leave him for Sean?

Liz saw the look of fear cross his face and she hurried over to him. "Max, no… it's nothing bad. It's good. It's wonderful, actually."

Max was overcome with relief. "Oh… what is it, then?"

"I have been having some … problems dealing with what happened with you and Tess. I - I felt like I had lost something that I would never get back. And then there was everything that happened with Alex, and my - my changes. At first, I just decided to ignore it. But everytime I was with you, it felt like she was there too. And I hated it. Because it was rarely you that was thinking about her… it was more me. I was bringing her into it. I let Sean and all of the people who gossip at school get to me. And, I'm sorry. I know that you never gave me any reason to doubt you - but -"

"Liz. You don't have to say anything more - " Max moved over to Liz and enveloped her in his arms.

"Max, please let me finish. I - I really need to get this out. I - I've been holding back with you. This is so embarassing to admit, but part of the time, I am trying to wipe your mind free of all thoughts you may have about her, and the rest of the time, I am panicked that you will leave when or if you find her and the baby. So, I have been holding back from you when we are together - you know, together together."

Max was floored. That was why she had suddenly become this seductress part of the time and the other time she seemed conflicted? "I felt something was wrong, through our connection. I just didn't know exactly what. I'm sorry about all of this Liz. If I could go … back…"

Liz interrupted him and took his hands in hers, "No, Max. We can't go back. But at least this way, we know what Tess was really all about. And you, Michael and Isabel are safe and alive Max. You are here. And we didn't lose you. I am so happy about that. You are here and we have another chance together. I promise that I will not hold back from you again." Liz pulled his hands up to her lips and kissed them over and over.

Max melted. He loved this woman so much. "We have another chance because of you, Liz. You saved all of us from certain death. I should have listened to you about everything," Max paused, his voice shuddering with emotion. "But I promise you, I will never tune you out again just because you disagree with me. You are my balance. You are what keeps me sane. With you by my side, I know I can be the leader I was meant to be. I will never, ever leave you, Liz. Never. I love you."

The tears that had been threatening to spill over started coursing down Liz's cheeks. "I love you." Max pulled her to him and began kissing her tenderly all over her face. Liz was startled to discover that Max's face was as moist as hers. She had little time to ponder that because Max was practically devouring her with kisses. His tongue flicked across her lips lightly, demanding entrance to her mouth and she complied without resistance. They were both oblivious to anything but the passion simmering beneath the surface. Max broke away and began nibbling at her chin. Slowly he pulled her back and began working his way up to her ear. He flicked his tongue inside it hotly and Liz's legs wobbled beneath her as a tremor passed through her body. Max took in a shuddering breath to steady himself and resumed the onslaught on her ear. Liz was clutching him desperately and he pulled her against him. Her body arched against him as she gasped out his name. Max resumed kissing her mouth with tender savagery while the passion within him grew to a ferocious level. His hands tangled within her hair as he caressed the nape of her neck. This made the hairs on Liz's back stand up and it only added to her state of fierce arousal.

Liz felt like every cell in her body was fissing and popping with a bubbly heat. She couldn't control where her hands went and she knew that she needed to stop, but she couldn't not touch him. They fell on his bed and Liz started kissing every inch of skin that wasn't covered by clothing. Max drew in a ragged breath and cupped her hips more closely to his body. Liz gasped at the contact. Suddenly she was gripped with the desire to rip his shirt off his body. Her hands fumbled with the hem of his shirt and she was overcome with frustration when she couldn't get it off. Sensing what she wanted, Max rolled over and pinned her underneath him. Liz was completely unprepared for him with his shirt off. In her heightened state of arousal, her breath caught in her throat and she stopped kissing him to look at him. He was incredible. Her mouth was set in an expression of awe as the moonlight streamed in over him. Wide-eyed, she moved her hands over his chest and abdomen, exploring every finely sculptured inch of him. His skin was so soft, yet firm. She had never touched anything like his skin before. She had never felt so onfire before.

Suddenly, touching him wasn't enough. She pulled herself to a sitting position and pushed him back against the wall behind his bed. Max looked at her inquisitively as she lowered her head and dragged her lips across his chest. The unexpected touch sent a jolt of electricity through his body and he struggled to keep his restraint. He was hanging on a fragile thread of self-control and when Liz inadvertently dragged her teeth across his pectoral muscle, the thread completely snapped. He threw his head back and it bumped against the wall lightly. Dragging her face up to his, he plundered her mouth relentlessly, and moved his hand to the back of her v-necked top, where all of the buttons were. He pulled back to gain her permission and when she nodded, breathing heavily, his hands began working to undo the buttons. Thoroughly wishing that he could use his powers, he groped with the small buttons until her shirt come undone. Splaying his hands across the soft velvety flesh of her back, he began to caress every bit of her. Her shirt fell down to her elbows and he began to kiss and nibble on her exposed shoulder. Everywhere his mouth went, he left a trail of damp heat that went cold as he breathed on it. Liz fitfully clung to him and her nails dug into his chest with feral passion. Max pulled her top down completely and followed its path down her arm. When he got to her hand, he lifted it and in a completely seductive motion, flicked his tongue across it, as she had done to him. She threw her head back and he said huskily, "Now you know what you did to me." Pulling her top away from her wrists, he pulled her to him and bent down to kiss the flesh above her breasts. He leaned her back on his bed and ran his tongue along the skin just above the material of her bra. Liz stirred underneath him and instinctively moved up into him, bringing their lower bodies closer together. Max was overcome with a fresh wave of passion and he couldn't help answering with a slight thrust of his own. As he moved against her in a sensual rhythm, Liz wrapped her legs around his waist and drowned in the erotic sensations he was eliciting in her.

Both of them were completely unaware of everything else in the world as they became lost in each other. Liz could barely see through the haze of passion she was under. Max's eyes had darkened and she gasped when she saw the trail of glowing light that she left as she ran her finger down his arm. "Oh … " she gasped and looked up at Max, who was as confused as she was. A strange sound of triumph erupted from her mouth and she pulled Max's lips to hers and thrust her tongue into his mouth. His confusion forgotten in the fierce onslaught on his mouth by hers, Max wrapped her head in his hand and returned her kisses with equal ardor. Their connection opened up with a vengeance and neither of them were prepared for the deluge of passionate emotions pouring in from it. The open connection only seemed to heighten their responses to one another. Sinking into a sea of passionate quicksand, Liz couldn't control her voice, which was escaping from her mouth in cries of passion. Max covered her mouth with his to muffle the sounds, but Liz tore her lips from his and threw her head back as a wave of erotic pleasure overtook her and flashes began to explode behind her eyelids.


Two sister planets, one of them green, like Earth; The sister planet of the green one spinning sporadically on its axis; Standing on the green planet and seeing the sister planet explode; A group of four pyramidical images, one in front of the other, in decreasing sizes; the constellation of the five planets of the V-cluster visible through the rocky, drifting remains of the exploded planet. ~flash~

Max pulled away from kissing her to gaze at her in awe. She looked like she was floating. He was about to move back into her when he heard a knocking sound. Liz was jarred out of her dreamlike state by the sound too. Looking at each other and breathing heavily, they both turned toward the source of the sound. "Max? Are you okay in there, honey? I thought I heard something on my way to the kitchen…" It was his mother. Trying to catch his breath he stumbled over his words, "I - I'm fine. I was - I was having a - nightmare." Liz playfully slapped him on the arm for his use of the word 'nightmare' to describe what they had been doing. Max shrugged at her helplessly and moved to shove her beside the door while he went to open it. He rubbed his face in what he hoped was a sleepy manner and smiled sheepishly at his mother. Liz took her foot and rubbed it against the side of his leg that was not visible to his mom. Max felt his body jolt at the contact and tried to look normal. "Sorry about the commotion mom… I was probably making noises in my sleep." His mother seemed to buy it and walked back down to her bedroom.

Max closed the door and took in a long, slow breath. "Liz," he said, his voice still rough as Liz began moving back toward him seductively. Liz didn't stop moving. Max backed up against the door as Liz moved toward him and took her mouth in his before he could utter a word in protest. Trying to hold on to the restraint that had sprung up at his mother's interuption, he picked her up and sat her in the chair at his desk. "Liz," he said, kneeling before her. "I - we have to stop. I don't want to - to take you like this." Liz looked down at him, disappointed. "You don't want to make love to me?" Max looked at her and caressed her face with his thumb. When he spoke his voice was almost a whisper, "Of course I want to make love to you. I have wanted that for so long. So long. It's just that I want it to be more planned than this and I want to make sure we are both ready… There's so much going on right now, Liz. I don't want to have to look over my shoulder when we make love. I want to concentrate on you… only you." Liz seemed satiated with this explanation. "Okay."

Liz stood and walked over to put her shirt back on. Max took it from her and helped her into it. His hands shook slightly as he tried to button the buttons without touching her silky skin. "Do you think you could give me a ride home?" Liz asked quietly.

Max squeezed her shoulders gently. "Sure," he said, winking. "But I hope you don't mind if I just drop you off inside the Crashdown. If I go with you to your room, I may not be able to restrain myself."

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Fourteen

Roswell, near the old Granolith Chamber, 4:57am

Any passersby would say that an electrical storm was passing over. Unbeknownst to them, a wormhole had just opened up and dumped a young woman on the cold desert floor. Stumbling to her feet, she wretched in pain as she felt the life she carried within her slipping away. Seeing cars passing by on the road 100 yards from her, she began running, her body wracked with pain, ignoring the fact that she was alien and that no one could actually help her. "Nooooo…" she gasped, knowing her baby was dying. "no … oh no …"

She was almost to the road. She could make it. She wouldn't lose this child. It was the only thing that she had left after everything else she had been through. Tess' vision began to blur as the world started spinning around her. She collapsed in the sand, crying morosely.


Unintelligible whisperings… That was all she could make of the Granolith since returning to Antar. Khivar had been most displeased when he could not get any use out of it - other than more weapons of which they already had more than enough. He was no closer to discovering its secrets now than he had been with it still on Earth.

Tess pulled her cloak more firmly about her and walked toward the Empyrean Temple. She wanted to perform the ritual cleansing rite, hoping that it would assuage her guilt over killing Alex. She hated these human feelings. They got in the way of doing what she had to do. All they added was confusion. Mentally she replayed Alex's death in her mind. It was his fault really. If he had just stopped resisting so much, he wouldn't have died. She was trying to help him, to fix his mind, but he kept trying to keep her out. In the end, he killed himself. If he had only let her help him. He just wouldn't leave well enough alone. He would have gone to Max - and it would have been all over.

Nacedo had always approached the humans as though they were beneath him. He had told Tess that she was superior to them in every way. Then how could a mere human hold onto Max's heart so effectively? She knew she never really had a chance with Max. If only she could have gotten him back to Antar! She would have made certain that he loved her. If it hadn't been for that human, Max would have loved her. Mentally, Tess berated herself for leaving clues that Liz had been able to piece together. Liz had single-handedly stopped her ultimate plan from coming to fruition.

When Tess reached the foyer of the temple, a frail woman approached her. "You must not enter here," she whispered hoarsely and held up her hands to bar Tess' entrance. Tess looked at her with disdain and swept past her. "I don't believe you realize who I am. I can go anywhere I like," said Tess once she had gotten past the woman. The woman stood where she was and Tess continued on into the solarium of the temple. This room was at the very top of the temple and it was made of glass entirely. Four large crystals sat in the center of the room, with a bowl in the center of them. This bowl rested on two large hands that rose from the floor. The liquid in the bowl was supposed to have cleansing properties.

As Tess approached the bowl, she heard the disembodied voices of millions as though they were whispering directly in her ear, "You do not belong here!" Tess whirled around, frightened. There was no one in the temple, save her. Suddenly, the frail woman materialized in front of her. "Why have you come here? Your presence here is disingenuous."

A chill ran down Tess' spine. "I have come for the cleansing. What business is it of yours why I have come here?"

The woman advanced and Tess looked into her eyes, shrinking back in fear. The woman's eyes were like black holes, the edges surrounded in fire. "The cleansing will not cleanse what will not seek its own truth. And you are not prepared for the truth."

Tess' eyes widened. "What truth? Who are you?" she asked fearfully.

"Who or what I am is of little consequence to you." The woman looked at Tess with indifference, making her feel very insignificant. Tess stared at the woman, open-mouthed. "What truth?" she asked.

"You are not ready to accept the truth. You have already seen its birth and you refuse to accept it."

"What truth?" asked Tess again.

The frail woman's eyes suddenly went blank. "You are not ready for this truth. Its light will blind you."

Tess laughed. "This is ridiculous. You are nothing but a stupid old woman."

Tess cowered as the woman burst into flames and then a younger woman stood in her stead. "A stupid old woman? You have eyes but they see nothing!" Suddenly the bowl of liquid turned into a crystal sphere. "Come here and look into the sphere, if you are prepared to face the truth."

Tess hesitated. This woman scared her. She slowly approached the sphere and then stopped, fearing that whatever that sphere told her, it would be the end of her for good.

"You are afraid now? You do not wish to know the truth?" the woman taunted her.

"I am not afraid. This is nonsense. There is nothing to discover," scoffed Tess haughtily, turning to leave.

"Aah … You are not prepared for the truth then," the woman was openly mocking her.

Tess turned on her heel and approached the sphere of light. Inside was a swirling silvery gas. The woman approached Tess and picked up the sphere, dropping it. It broke into pieces and the gas escaped and split into a multitude of cacophonous colored gases. The sphere, once beautiful and luminescent, turned dark and black. The gases swirled around the woman as she picked up the broken black pieces. As Tess watched with wide-eyes, the colors merged into one bright white color and swirled around the sphere. The pieces began to swirl and move in a tornado-like fashion until the sphere had reformed itself, although it was still cracked. The gas was sucked inside the fractured sphere and the fractures burned a bright silvery color and vanished. The sphere grew bright and luminescent once again and then it suddenly pulsed with a shockwave so powerful and bright that Tess was knocked off her feet.

When she came to, she was locked outside of the temple, shivering. The frail woman reappeared in front of the closed doors to the temple. "What did that mean?" asked Tess. The woman looked right through her, "You already know. You just do not want to accept it."

Tess looked perplexed. She had never seen anything like that before. "No I don't know. I have never seen anything like that before. What did that have to do with me?"

"Nothing. And that is the truth you must face."


"Why???" she whined, angry with herself for the events which led up to this. That woman at the temple had only been the catalyst for her destruction. And what was that sphere? Tess had never seen anything like it before. Tess fervently wished that she had never gone to that temple and looked into that crystal sphere. She wished she had never listened to that woman. It set into motion events which ultimately resulted in her having to leave Antar and flee to Earth.

Traveling through a wormhole requires a special suit, to protect the traveler. There had been no time to prepare Tess for the experience and her baby was paying the ultimate price. Tess choked out a sob as she felt her baby dying within her. "Help … me - hel -", she whimpered pathetically. Clutching the dirt, she tried to pull herself up, but it was too late. She felt the telltale trickling seep down her leg. Her child. Her child was gone. And she had nothing, no one to help her … and nothing to lose.


"Wow. You look really happy Max," exclaimed Maria, as Max walked into the Crashdown. Max turned to give her a lopsided grin. "That would be because I am happy," he replied, sitting in his favorite booth in the corner. "Where's Liz?"

Maria looked at him inquisitively. Suddenly she went over and slid into the seat across from him. Max looked up at her, surprised. "Do I get personal service today?"

Maria frowned. "No… I wanted to talk to you about something."

Max's happy look faded. "Is something wrong?"

"Well, no… I mean, I hope not. I wanted to talk to you about Liz," said Maria cautiously.

"Is there something wrong with Liz?" asked Max.

"No… at least I hope not. And I intend to keep it that way," said Maria directly.

Max was taken aback slightly. "Should I be preparing a defense or - "

Maria huffed, "Not if you plan on treating Liz the way she deserves to be treated."

Sighing, Max looked down at the table. "Maria - " he began.

"Look Max. I believe that you love Liz. But I also know what she's been through in the last year. She's lost a lot loving you. I just want you to be sure that you aren't going to hurt her. Because if there is any chance that you are going to leave -" Maria paused to take a deep breath, "then you should just tell her and leave her be. Sean may not be perfect, but he doesn't have the baggage that you do."

Max looked slightly uncomfortable at the mention of Sean's name. "Maria, I don't plan on ever leaving Liz. No matter what. I love her and I realize that the mistakes she made and the ones I made in the past were all because we weren't together. I'm done with letting everything and everyone else determine my future. My future is Liz."

Maria was happy to hear this, but she needed to be sure. "But Max, what happens when you have to go back to Antar? What happens if your son needs you? Would you leave Liz?"

Max had been pondering this too and he didn't have any solid answers. "All I know is that whatever happens, Liz and I will make decisions together. Whatever we face, we will face together."

Maria sighed. "I guess that's the best you can promise right now, Max. Just promise me that you won't hurt Liz again. Never Max."

Max looked at her and said sincerely, "I promise Maria. I won't hurt her. I won't let her down again."

Maria stared him down, "You'd better not, Max. A woman scorned's got nothing on her bestfriend."


"Name an ancient technology that baffles archaeologists on how it was developed or built."

The class stared blankly at their teacher. Slowly, one of the students in the back of the room raised her hand. "What about the ancient pyramids? Archaeologists are still trying to figure out how they actually built them."

"Pyramids…" said Mr. Huevas, the mythology teacher. "Ok. Would anyone care to discuss the ancient civilizations who built pyramids?"

One of the students in the front row raised his hand, "The Egyptians built pyramids."

"What about the Mayans?" responded another student.

"Both excellent answers. Any other civilizations?" he asked.

Liz was lazily doodling a picture of the four pyramids in her dream when she heard Mr. Huevas ask about pyramids. Maria looked at what she was drawing and raised her eyebrows inquisitively.

No other students raised their hands. "Anyone else? Ms. DeLuca?"

Maria snapped her head up from Liz's doodling and stammered, "Co - could you repeat the question, please?"

Mr. Huevas sighed, "Name an ancient civilization who built pyramids - aside from the Mayans and the Egyptians."

Maria's face registered a blank look. "They already said my answers."

"The Chinese and the Native Americans," started Liz, "both built pyramidical structures."

Mr. Huevas shot Liz a penetrating look, "You are correct about the Chinese, Ms. Parker, but the Native Americans?"

Liz returned his look with one of her own, "There are pyramid ruins in Missouri. They were built by Native Americans in 1100 A.D. I can't remember the name of the tribe."

The class grew rather silent. Mr. Huevas didn't like to be challenged. "You are, quite right Ms. Parker, although we don't know a lot about that pyramid yet. It is a rather recent find."

"Mr. Huevas? There are some archaeologists who believe that there was one ancient civilization who taught people how to construct these pyramids. Is that true?" One of the students asked a question that many had wanted to ask.

"There is little evidence to support that theory," answered Mr. Huevas. "Besides, the pyramids all are used for different purposes. The Egyptians used theirs for burial, while the others seemed to use their pyramids as stairways to heaven. For example, the Mayans meant their pyramids to be sacrifice monuments to their gods. When a Mayan king died, they would perform human sacrifice at the flat top of the pyramid to release their king's spirit to the heavens, making him a god."

Liz raised her hand. "Ms. Parker?" questioned Mr. Huevas.

Liz cleared her throat, "Didn't the Egyptians do a similar thing? Aren't their pyramids supposed to be a gateway for their pharoahs' entrance into the god-world?"

"Where did you hear that, Ms. Parker?" asked Mr. Huevas.

Liz began, "Well, I was watching the Discovery Channel…" Someone in the class snickered. Liz ignored them. "And there was a special about the mysteries of the pyramids. They said the same thing about how archaeologists thought it was unlikely that the pyramids all had the same designer because they were used differently. American pyramids seemed to be used for sacrifice and getting closer to heaven and Egyptian pyramids seemed to be used for burial. But then they mapped out the pyramids in Africa and discovered that the great pyramid and the giza pyramids and the nubian pyramids all formed the constellation Orion, with the Nile River standing in for the Milky Way. The ancient Egyptians believed that Osiris, their god, was born in the constellation Orion. Each pyramid corresponded to a star in the Osiris constellation, with the Giza pyramids forming the belt. When they bury a pharoah in a pyramid, he is meant to go and become a god and reside with Osiris in his corresponding star in Orion. So, these pyramids do share a common purpose."

The entire class stopped snickering. That was amazing. The Egyptian pyramids in the shape of the constellation Orion?

"Brains and beauty, Parker," said Jude Decker, an attractive senior. Maria looked at him like he was a snake. She was even more surprised when Liz blushed.

Mr. Huevas rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "That is very interesting Ms. Parker. And I think it might make this next assignment more interesting. I'd like you to split up into groups of 3. That leaves 10 groups. Yesterday we discussed 10 ancient civilizations, some lost, with advanced technology. I have a basket of all of them and I would like you to send one representative from each group to select one."

Liz, Maria paired up immediately. They were startled when Jude muscled his way toward them. "Can I join your group?" he asked. Not seeing anyone else, Liz looked at Maria, who was too speechless to answer. Liz nodded and Jude sat down with them. Liz walked up to the front and selected a folded piece of paper. She sat down and unfolded it. Atlantis. "Awww.. I was so hoping to get the Mayans," she groaned.

"Aw come on… Atlantis… Doesn't that sound interesting?" Jude winked at her. Liz lowered her gaze nervously. Maria looked back and forth between them, her mouth agape. Was he hitting on Liz?

Mr. Huevas continued. "I would like for you to dig up as much information about these civilizations and compile a report. You should include as much information as possible. Some of you have pulled lost civilizations. These will require a different kind of research, as we don't completely understand what happened to them and there is a lot of myth surrounding them. Although this is a mythology class, most myths are actually built on some semblance of fact. You have 10 days to finish this project."


"You're becoming a permanent fixture here, Mr. Evans," said Liz's dad chidingly. "Oh. Mr. - Mr. Parker. I - I um, just came by to do some homework with Liz," Max was unusually nervous around Liz's dad after their encounter the other night.

"Well, as long as that's all you do with my daughter," responded Mr. Parker with a knowing wink. Max turned red and ducked into his usual booth, lowering his head. Jeff Parker chuckled at the young man's anxiety. Anxious was better than nonchalance as far as he was concerned.

Liz came down into the Crashdown, sensing Max before she actually got into the diner. Their eyes met as she entered through the kitchen. "Hi," she said, suddenly shy. "Hi," he responded as she slid into the seat across from him. Their hands met and he caressed her fingers lightly. Looking around to make sure her dad wasn't watching them, he brought her hand to his lips and kissed them softly. "I missed you," he said, his voice with an edge of huskiness. Liz's breath caught in her throat and she managed to get out a "Me too," before he took one of her fingers and dipped it into his tabasco laden cherry coke and then brought it up to his mouth. "Oh… " Liz emitted a soft mew. Max removed her finger from his mouth and then kissed the tip of it gently. "That's one hell of a hello Max," said Liz breathlessly.

Max smiled and then whispered conspiratorily, "It's taking everything in me not to try and seduce you right now." He took her palm and turned it up towards his mouth, grinning wickedly. Liz, remembering what that did to her, whipped her hand away from him and kicked him under the table. "Max … What has gotten into you?"

"I don't know Liz. I'm drawn to you, even more than usual."

Suddenly remembering her flashes from last night, Liz leaned in and whispered, "I - I had some really weird flashes last night, Max."

Brows furrowing, Max asked, "Like what, Liz?"

"I - I saw a planet exploding. It was next to this sister planet that looked a lot like Earth. It was like I was on the sister planet watching it explode. Then I saw the V-cluster through the debris of it." Liz's eyes widened as she remembered something else.

"What? Are you remembering something else?" asked Max.

"Well, I - I saw this, this pyramid thing."

"Pyramid thing? Aren't you guys talking about pyramids in mythology class?" smirked Max.

"I'm serious Max. I saw these pyramids. There were like, four of them. And they were all kind of placed one in front of the other in graduated sizes." Liz looked flustered that Max didn't believe her. "And you know the last time I had flashes like that it was for a reason. And this time, I made your skin glow, Max. That's got to mean something. What if this is something else happening so we find something? What if this is like what happened when we found the orb?"

Max had to admit that she had a point. What if this was something to do with his alien origins? He couldn't imagine what those pyramids had to do with him though. And a planet exploding? None of it made any sense.

"Liz, I think - " he began, but was interupted by a young man who slid into the booth next to Liz and placed his arm around her. "Hey Liz. When are we going to get started on that project on Atlantis?"

Liz removed Jude's arm and looked at him in exasperation. "Hi Jude. Listen, I was in the middle of talking to Max about something. You've met Max, haven't you? And I thought we were going to meet later tonight with Maria?"

His hopes of getting with Liz early to try and ask her out faded as he suddenly noticed the young, dark and brooding man sitting across from him. "Oh. Sorry man, I didn't see you there. Didn't mean to interrupt. Just wanted to make sure we got this assignment done." Jude shifted uncomfortably under Max's gaze. What's with him, he thought, taken aback. Max finally spoke. "What project are you working on Liz?"

"Project? Oh. It's just a paper due at the end of next week. Mr. Huevas split us up into groups. Jude and Maria are in my group."

Max nodded in acknowledgment. "Atlantis, huh Liz? Isn't that a little out there for you? I know Maria is into that kind of stuff, but isn't that touching on the New Agey stuff a bit too much for you?"

Liz laughed. "Yeah. I wanted to study the ancient Mayans, because at least we have real proof that they existed. Atlantis is just a myth. It's fantasy, you know?"

"But aren't most myths based in some type of reality, Liz?" Max leaned closer across the table, engaging Liz as though Jude was not there. Liz just nodded her head and smirked, "I suppose you could be right, Max."

"I guess it's a good thing that this is for a mythology assignment," said Jude dryly, uncomfortable at the way Liz and Max so effortlessly interacted. I may as well not even be here, he thought as he rose to leave. "See you later tonight Liz. Nice seeing you Max."

Liz nodded almost imperceptibly. Feeling superfluous, Jude left before taking one last glance at Max and Liz. He couldn't believe it. The rumors were true. Sean had been right when he told Jude that he didn't have a chance. Liz was obvoiusly still into this guy, even though he had gotten that other girl pregnant. He wondered what was so special about him that Liz would waste her time with him.


Later that night, Max was in his bed, thinking about Liz. He was also getting worried about this Daecon. Why hadn't he struck yet? It didn't make any sense at all. Max wondered what Daecon was up to. Was he working with the skins?

Max stood up and paced the room. The visions that Liz had gotten reminded him of the time that they had found the orb. It was almost as if he were being pulled to her by some incredible, invisible force. Perhaps there was something else out there that was calling him through Liz. Although he hated the thought that his strong desire for Liz could be because of anything other than the fact that he loved her, he was excited to discover what was potentially calling him through her.

Instinctively he reached for the phone, but then he remembered that Liz was working on her project with Maria and … Jude. For reasons that he couldn't explain, this Jude guy made him uncomfortable. Though Liz seemed oblivious, Jude definitely had eyes for Liz. Max wouldn't be surprised if Jude were working on the project just to get close to her. If Max were honest with himself, he would admit that he was … jealous.

Noticing something on the floor, Max bent to pick it up. It was a button from Liz's top. His thoughts drifted back to that night and to how close he came to making love to Liz. He had wanted to, but he just couldn't go there with Liz until he made certain that things were safe. He didn't want to have to think about anything bad happening when he made love to Liz. He wanted her to feel safe and he wanted to feel safe. He wanted it to be special - the most special night of his and her life.


Liz walked slowly through the library. She had not been to the library for the community college in quite some time and she had forgotten where the archaeology and historic section was. Finally reaching the small part of the library devoted to ancient history, she searched the shelves for the books she had pulled off the computerized card catalog. Maria was exploring the New Age aspect of Atlantis and Jude - well, Jude was probably watching the Disney Atlantis movie for clues.

Liz sighed. She had gone against her better judgement letting Jude join her and Maria for this assignment. He was just not the academic type. Class president, maybe, but was likely to be a liability. Liz decided that she would have to just pick up the slack. Deep in thought, she didn't notice someone coming out in front of her with a stack of books. "Oh!" she exclaimed as she bumped into the person and knocked all of her books out of her arm.

"I am so sorry!" she whispered fervently. "Let me help you out," Liz continued, picking up the books. She gasped aloud when she realized that the girl had almost all of the books that she had been searcing for. "Did you just get these off the shelf?" asked Liz.

"Yeah. Thanks for helping me," said the girl as she started toward a table.

"Wait - I mean … I - I'm doing a paper on Atlantis. You have almost all of the books that I was looking for." The girl looked at her and shrugged. "I'm sorry. I just love the myth of Atlantis. Don't you?"

This time it was Liz who shrugged. "Not really. I am just doing this for a paper. Were you going to check those out? Or were you going to sit and look through them? I thought maybe we could share. I could get what I need and make some copies and you could still check them out later if you wanted to."

The girl seemed to be considering this. "I guess that would work. These books are all very speculative anyway. Most are written by archaeologists who simply don't believe anything about Atlantis. Probably more up your alley. You seem more like a scientific type. Won't accept anything unless you can prove it, right?"

Liz was mildly amazed. "You got all that just by looking at me?"

The girl sat down. "Not really. It's just that this section doesn't really go into the New Agey aspects of Atlantis. Most of the stuff here is based on facts that we can prove. If you were more of a believing type, you'd be in the New Age section. There are tons of books about Atlantis there too."

Liz was impressed. "My name's Liz. And you are?"

"Serena. My name is Serena Huston."

Tess clawed her way up to the ruins of the Granolith Chamber. When the Granolith had taken off, it had melted almost everything, except the pod chamber. Tess found her way into the pod chamber and fell onto the floor, sobbing. She really had nothing now. She knew that she would never be able to get close to Max now. None of them would ever let her in. Not that she belonged anyway. Tess cried as she realized that her whole life had been for naught. She had spun this web of deception and she didn't even realize that she had been caught in a web since the day she came out of the pod.


The dreams were more insistent now. Tess could not control them, and sleep had become something to fear. She had even begun having these visions when she was wide awake. She couldn't control them and she didn't understand what was happening to her. Everything had started to fall apart after her visit to the temple.

One night she had a particularly bad dream. She saw hands that resembled the hands from the temple where the sphere was forming a beautiful silvery crystal. The crystal glowed with a luminescence that was so beautiful, Tess teared up a little. Suddenly, the hands threw the crystal down and it shattered. The light within the crystal escaped and then tried to get back into the crystal pieces, but they were dissolving into nothing. The light danced around the hands, almost in a pleading fashion, but the hands recessed into the ground like a withering root. The light had no where to go, nothing to shield it from the elements. Once a compact point, the light began to disperse and soon it was no more. Tess knew that the light had just … died.

When she awoke in a cold sweat, breathing sharply, she saw the frail woman sitting at the foot of her bed. Tess was startled, but quickly assumed her haughty demeanor. "What are you doing here? You have no right to come -" Tess became mute when the woman touched her arm. Almost instantly, she was swept into a memory, but it was not hers. It was someone else's.

She saw a room that she recognized as the throne room. Khivar was talking to … a wall? Tess strained to see what was on the wall. It looked like some sort of communication device. Tess did not recognize the face on the other end. "Has the switch been made?" Khivar asked impatiently. Whoever he was speaking to said sycophantically, "Yes milord. The switch has been made. I will become the royal four's protector now. Graeden will protect the decoys that were sent to throw your forces off. I convinced everyone that it would be safer this way. No one knows that I am the spy."

Khivar seemed pleased. "Unfortunately, you may not kill them immediately. They must be fully grown when I publicly execute them. Then I will need an heir to secure my position. You are certain the switch will not affect that?"

"No milord. Their biological programming is identical."

"Have you been able to switch the pods yet? You were able to swap the bride with her decoy?" Decoy? Tess thought, shocked. Then… then that must mean…

"Not yet, milord. But I will be able to do that when we land."

Khivar turned from the screen and it went blank.

"Why this planet? Why become hybrids with the humans?" whispered Khivar, pacing the room. "I must get that Granolith back. I cannot believe that they had been able to get it off the planet without my knowledge. I am so close to having everything. I will not let this 'second-coming' of Zan ruin everything."

When everything became cloudy, she closed her eyes. Then she was sitting on her bed with the frail woman. "Who are you?" asked Tess, with awe. "And - and since I aren't even part of the royal four - " Tess choked on those last words, "Why would you show me this? What do I have to do with any of this anymore?"

The woman looked at her with that characteristic stare that made Tess feel like she could see right through her. "It is not for you to know why. It is only for you to know that you must leave this world. You cannot stay here. It is no longer safe for you. Ultimately, Khivar was going to just kill all of you when you got here. But since you failed, he has simply been biding his time, until now. He has never cared about an heir. You must leave immediately."

Tess blanched. And this child isn't even the true king's, she thought ruefully. She looked carefully into the old woman's eyes. There was something in the way the woman's fiery eyes danced that told Tess that what she said was true. She had to leave. She had to flee the planet. Somehow she knew she would not live to see tomorrow if she didn't leave immediately. She hoped that she could convince Max and the others to help her.

Tess thought back to the memories she had seen. She was still reeling from the knowledge that she wasn't even one of the royal four. Nacedo had trained her knowingly all her life to be this queen, when she was not even one of them. She was just a pawn. A single tear escaped from Tess' eye. "Is - is that why they never accepted me? I was just - wrong to begin with? I can't believe this. It's not fair! I was doomed from the start."

"You were not doomed. You could have embraced your human side at any time. You could have chosen not to betray them. You were shown acceptance into the fold, much more than you deserved to be, but you still chose the path of wrong. Your choices define who you are, not your origins."


Tess crawled into a corner and thought about everything she had learned. The woman had told her that she had a deep seated hatred for one. She claimed that this hatred would ultimately destroy her. Tess suppressed a morbid laugh. How could she be anymore worse off than she was now? She had lost everything. There was no way she was going to just let them all get away with destroying her life. Her baby was gone. Horrible as though she had been, Tess thought she would have made a good mother. That baby was her only hold on Max and it was gone. Tess vowed to have her revenge and make them all pay. But she needed help. She couldn't do this all alone. "Daecon," she whispered maliciously.

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Yes, Tess is too self-involved to really understand or appreciate what the woman is trying to tell her... Some people have to learn things the hard way.

Atlantis... it does seem to fit, doesn't it???

Btw, the information about Atlantis can be easily found on the web... has a lot of info that I found useful... The great crystal, Edgar Cayce... all things I read about on the web. I have always loved the legend of Atlantis, and I love history too... especially that which is steeped in myth and legend...

There were too many parallels left by the writers *not* to see a connection to Atlantis...

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Fifteen

Liz looked up sharply. "Serena?" she asked, wide-eyed. The girl backed up slightly, nervous at Liz's reaction to her name. "Yeah, Serena Huston." Liz recovered, and stammered, "Oh … I - I have a close cousin named Serena. It's nice to meet you."

Serena motioned to the books in front of them. "Nice to meet you too. Why don't we get going on this… I have to leave pretty soon."

Liz nodded and the two of them began going through the information on Atlantis. There wasn't a ton of information there… mostly speculation. It was driving Liz insane. She sighed, exasperated. Serena looked at her and smirked. "Not having any luck?"

"Not really. It's just hard to separate the fact from fiction." Liz kicked her shoes off and rubbed her feet together.

Serena thoughtfully picked up one of the books and slid it over to Liz. "I think this one might be good."

Liz picked up the book and began flipping through it. "So, are you a student here?" she asked.

"Yeah. I am studying Computer Science. My minor is Astronomy though." Serena stifled a yawn.

"That's an interesting combination… You must be buried in Mathematical courses," commented Liz.

"Oh, you know it. If I never see another differential equation, it'll be too soon. Ugh. I hate it when this happens. One of the New Age books ended up over in this section." Serena looked thoroughly disgusted.

"How do you know it's a New Age book?" asked Liz inquisitively.

"Well, they are quoting Edgar Cayce. He is a Christian psychic or something and he claims to be a former Atlantean. This is New Age at its finest. He runs an institute for 'research' in Virginia," laughed Serena.

"Let me see that," asked Liz. "I could use a good laugh."

Serena handed her the book. Liz began flipping through it. She stopped when she saw an illustration of a long, thin crystal. It looked just like… Shaking her head she continued flipping until she came to an illustration of the Great Crystal as described by Edgar Cayce. She read with renewed interest:

The crystal was housed in a special building oval in shape, with a dome that could be rolled back, exposing the Crystal to the light of the sun, moon and stars at the most favourable time.

The interior of the building was lined with non-conducting metal or stone, similar to asbestos or bakelite, a thermosetting plastic. The Crystal itself, which Cayce also called the Tuaoi Stone, or Firestone, was huge in size, cylindrical in length, and prismatic in shape, cut with six sides. Atop the crystal was a moveable capstone, used to both concentrate incoming rays of energy, and to direct currents to various parts of the Atlantean countryside…

Liz was stunned. It sounded just like the Granolith chamber! How could this be? Liz continued reading excitedly.

…Toward the end of their existence, however the Atlanteans became greedier for more power, the operation of the Crystal was taken over by those of less spiritual fortitude, and the energies of the Great Crystal were tuned to higher and more destructive frequencies…Finally the crystal was tuned too high, activating volcanoes and melting moutains, ultimately causing the submergence of Atlantis and perhaps even the axis shift of the Earth itself …

Suddenly interested in learning more and more about Atlantis and where it might be, Liz continued reading. She found that there were many possible locations for Atlantis. And there were people who even claimed to have found its ruins. "Did you see the one about the guy who went diving and found this crystal sphere in some huge underwater pyramid near the Bahamas?" Serena interrupted Liz's thoughts. "What? Oh, not - not yet," said Liz distractedly and then turned the page.

She gasped. There, in the center of the page was a huge illustration of a sphere with four pyramids visible inside it. They looked exactly like the ones in my flashes, thought Liz. She flipped the page and read:

This is an illustration of the four pyramidical images visible in Dr. Brown's crystal sphere. Dr. Ray Brown, a naturopathic practitioner from Mesa, Arizona, went scuba diving with some friends near the Bari Islands in the Bahamas, close to a popular area known as the Tongue of the Ocean.

Apparently, Brown found a large pyramid structure and swam inside. Liz read further, although her scientific mind just seemed to rail at all of this because there was no proof. She was having trouble getting past the fact that the people who found out about Atlantis all seemed to be psychics, or naturopathic healers or spiritual channelers. Still she couldn't shake the feeling that this had something to do with Max and the others, due to her flashes. When she got to the section that explained the crystal sphere, Liz paused:

Brown's attention was drawn to a brassy metallic rod three inches in diameter hanging down from the apex of the center of the room and at its end was attached a many faceted red gem, which tapered to a point.

Directly below the rod and gem, sitting in the midle of the room, was a stand of carved stone topped by a stone plate with scrolled ends. On the plate there was a pair of carved metal bronze colored hands, life-sized, which appeared blackened and burned, as if having been subjected to tremendous heat.

Nestled in the hands, and situated four feet directly below the ceiling rod gem point, was a crystal sphere four inches in diameter.

Brown had been able to removed the sphere, but nothing else. Enthralled, Liz continued reading…

Deep inside the crystal form, one gazes upon three pyramidical images, on in front of the other, in decreasing sizes. Some people who enter a deep meditative state of consciousness are able to discern are able to discern a fourth pyramid, in the foreground of the other three.

Looking at the sphere from the side, the internal images dissolve into thousands of tiny fracture lines. Brown feels that these may prove to be electrical in nature, like some form of microscopic circuitry.

Liz couldn't believe what she'd found and she furiously took notes. Suddenly she had a thought. It had always seemed odd that Max's people chose Earth and humans as the other half of the hybrid. Why? Why had they done so? Liz wrote down the references of the books she had found. She scribbled some notes on the important concepts and decided to try her luck on the Internet at home.

"Thanks so much for letting me flip through these books. I think I have a lot of good leads. It was really nice meeting you. Maybe I'll see you around?" said Liz as she gathered her things together.

"It was nice meeting you too Liz. Don't let that New Agey stuff spook you," Serena smiled and waved as Liz left.


"You ever think that maybe Max is a little like Maximus in this movie? Can't you see him saying all of that, 'and I will have my revenge' stuff to Khivar when he goes back to take his throne?"

Maria, Kyle and Michael were watching Gladiator over at Maria's house. Actually, Michael and Kyle were watching the movie. Maria was trying to work on her project. Maria threw a pillow at him. "That's not even almost funny Kyle. Are you guys almost done watching this movie? I have a paper to work on. Liz is a very demanding project leader, you know."

"What is that project on anyway, Maria?" asked Kyle. "Shsssh," said Michael, waving his hand. "It's on Atlantis," said Maria excitedly. "Finally, a project about something I know about. A lot of the theories surrounding Atlantis come from New Age sources."

"Now you've done it Kyle," snapped Michael. "She'll never shut up about it now and I just got her to stop two hours ago. Any chance I can get you not to talk about this, Maria?"

"Sure Michael. You've got two chances. Slim… and none," retorted Maria.

"Oh come on Michael. This stuff is pretty cool. I looked into it a bit before I found Buddha," said Kyle earnestly. "I tried wearing crystals for a while, but it didn't work."

"What didn't work?" asked Maria.

"I still didn't get laid," said Kyle and he and Michael burst into laughter.

Maria smiled sarcastically and went back to reading about Atlantis. "I don't know Kyle, some of this is really interesting. Atlanteans apparantly used crystals for everything. They were practically the center of their society. Some claim that the Atlanteans were aliens and that's how they were so technologically advanced."

Michael snorted. "That's crazy."

Kyle looked at him out of the corner of his eye, "Look who's talkin'."


Daecon watched as the Parker girl made her way back into her room. She was obviously working on something, since she barely even took off her bookbag before sitting in front of the computer. He still thought that the best way to get to Max was through this girl. Lately though, she did not seem as upset and her nightmares seemed to have ceased. Since Tess wasn't helping him anymore, Daecon thought that could be the reason. The Parker girl must have figured out how to not have the nightmares or visions, or perhaps she just learned to deal with them. She hadn't been having those 'experiences' lately either.

Obviously, he would have to find another way to get to her. Daecon was convinced that this girl was important. Khivar may have counted her out, but he wouldn't. He knew what the prophecies and legends said. He had heard them growing up as a child. He had never given them any credence before, but if there was any chance… He had to find out. He decided it was time to stop watching and start doing.

"Daecon," said a voice behind him. Daecon whipped around. It was Tess. How had she found him so easily? "You need my help, and I need yours," she said.

"I thought you didn't want to bother with these humans anymore," said Daecon smugly.

Tess walked around to face him, "I changed my mind."

Daecon looked at her suspiciously, "I doubt that. I think you need me more than I need you. Besides. How could you possibly help me? Those kids will never let you in again."

"I have an easy way in. All I have to do is tell them that I am fleeing Khivar to protect my baby. Max would do anything to keep the baby safe," said Tess confidently. "Look, I have my own reasons for doing this and you have yours. Why don't we just leave it at that?"

Daecon narrowed his eyes at her. "No. We will not leave it at that. You cannot be trusted. I know how you double-crossed Nikolas and I know that you plan on betraying Khivar and me, as well, if you are given a chance. If we work together, it will be under my rules, not yours." Daecon stood up and stretched his legs before continuing. "So, why don't you tell me why you are here and why you are mindwarping me right now? I know that you would not be able to find me otherwise. Where are you, exactly? And why did you flee Antar and come here?"

The vision of Tess blanched. How did he know that? Did he know about the baby too?

Daecon smiled viciously. "It must have been something monumental to get you to leave Antar. I know that Khivar doesn't yet know that the baby is not the true king's child. Nikolas has assured me that he hasn't yet told him." Daecon nodded as fear registered on Tess' face. "Oh, yes. I have been in touch with Nikolas about you. He and his merry band of men came to see me some time ago."

He knew the truth then, thought Tess fearfully. He knew that the baby was the decoy Zan's, not Max's. But what else does he know? Does he know that I am really a decoy?

Daecon's eyebrow rose. "Thank you Tess. I'm sure that information about your true identity will come in handy in the future," he said, smiling deliberately. "I don't think I will be needing you afterall," he declared and waved his hand. The vision of Tess vanished. Daecon had thrown her out of his mind. Daecon smirked and continued observing Liz Parker. He brought his hand up to adjust the binoculars. The black crystal ring he wore sparkled strangely in the moonlight.

"Time to make a move," he said, leaving his surveillance post.


Searching on Google's search engine for leads on Atlantis, Liz came to a page at on possible locations for Atlantis. She couldn't help but notice that some people thought that extraterrestrials were responsible for the incredible technology that the Atlanteans were supposed to have. Her heart jumped into her throat when she read one of the theories for the location of Atlantis:

This is probably one of the most controversial theories about the location of Atlantis - outer space. Alan Alford makes the case that Atlantis was not an island, continent or any other terrestrial landform, but a planet circling our sun…This doomed planet may have been the home of the technologically advanced Atlanteans. Alford goes back to Atlantis' Egyptian roots and his interpretation of Egyptian legends to include a neighbor planet that blew up in some ancient era.

Liz considered this for a moment. Perhaps, she thought, the Atlanteans really were aliens and they were on the planet that exploded. Perhaps this planet was the sister planet of Earth, as some obscure Egyptian legends seemed to say. Maybe the Atlanteans moved to Earth then and that began the myths that the Egyptians seemed to have about how their gods moved to Earth. Suddenly, Liz flashed back to the special she had seen on the ancient pyramids. The Egyptians believed that their gods resided in the stars, and that Osiris, the god of Order resided in Orion's Belt. That's why their pyramids were built to plot out the constellation of Orion.

Suddenly, the V-cluster constellation visible through the debris of the exploded planet in her vision flashed in her mind momentarily. Liz felt a jolt of electricity flow through her. It had always seemed odd to her that the royal seal of Antar was in the V-shape. Liz thought it was unlikely that the five planets of Max's system would appear in that shape to the people of Antar. What if it was only visible that way from Earth? That would suggest that perhaps the people of Antar had been on Earth, first. What if the Atlanteans had fled to Earth right before the sister planet was destroyed and then traveled to Antar when it became apparent that their island was doomed? If that was the case, why had the sister planet exploded? Theorists claimed that it was a disastrous axis shift. That sort of made sense, if her vision of the planet spinning sporadically on its axis was true.

Liz thought she might be going nuts. But the Great Crystal that Edgar Cayce described and the room that housed it sounded exactly like the Granolith Chamber - well without the cone above it. This was all very compelling, but as a scientist, Liz needed more. She needed some way of proving this. She needed scientific proof. Liz pulled out her journal and made extensive notes. Then she hid her journal back in its usual hiding place. Then she went to her bed and brooded over what she'd discovered.


Kissing Liz. It was his favorite pastime and he was reveling in her right now. Liz moved her hand up to cup his face and weaved her fingers through his hair. Max felt an electric tingle go down his spine as Liz gently pushed his lips apart with her tongue. She pulled back and Max looked into her eyes. They were so deep and so brown that he … he fell through them? Max suddenly realized that he was dreaming, when he felt a tug at his navel. He was being swept along a long corridor, where the walls seemed to be made out of … stars, constellations. Then everything started to swirl around him and he felt himself getting dizzy and nauseus. He collapsed to the ground. When he at last looked up, he was standing in a room he didn't recognize.

The walls reached a height that he couldn't exactly see. They just seemed to go on forever. There were five walls in the room, with incredible arched windows that showed the night sky. He saw a V-shaped symbol that he recognized as the royal seal of Antar etched into the windows. Max gasped as he saw millions of stars through the window. He looked outside and he could see an incredible world laid out beneath the window. It looked like a great civilization. Pyramidical and obelisk shaped structures dominated the architectural buildings. Suddenly, though he realized that they had been there the whole time, he heard voices. Millions of voices whispering to him. They were cacophonous, and he could not understand a word of what they were saying.

As a beautiful, melodious music filled the room, a crystal ball started to float toward him. It was glowing with a luminescent light that was incredibly beautiful. Max was enthralled as the ball started to almost flutter around him like a butterfly. It seemed to be trying to communicate with him. Max held out his hand and the crystal fluttered down onto his hand, resting. The light dimmed, and Max could see something inside. Four pyramids, graduated in size appeared in the crystal's interior. Before his eyes, he saw Antarian writing light up with a fiery intensity across the face of the crystal and then disappear. Max could not believe that he was seeing what Liz had described to him. Almost as if the crystal knew that Max had recognized it, it rose and began moving away from him, beckoning him. Max followed the crystal. It led him to a solid wall and then suddenly vanished. Max blinked in surprise. It almost seemed as if it had gone through the wall. Max stretched out his hand. It went straight through the wall. Gathering his nerve, Max stepped through the wall and … awoke in his bed.

He stood and tried to write down everything that had happened in the dream. He didn't want to lose any details. He scribbled the words he saw flash across the face of the crystal, or at least what he could remember of them. He hoped they would be able to determine what the words meant. He thought it was telling that first Liz and now he had visions of those pyramids. And now there was a crystal ball associated with them. Max wanted to make sure that he put these pieces together. He was certain that those pyramids had something to do with his heritage and his purpose here. And he would do anything and everything to find out what it was.


I hppe you guys like the new part!! Please leave me feedback!! I wanna know if you think I am crazy or something...!! *happy*

-Behrable d
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areilya originally wrote:
Great part. I love the way your just throwing in a little bit of everything, but did you have to make the "act that shall not be named" real ?

Well, I decided that I wanted that to stand for now, because I know that people make mistakes... I want to show that even after horrendous mistakes, redemption is still possible... If all problems just magically went away, then we would never really learn anything, would we? *happy*

The atlantis connection is an interesting one. I'm curious to see where you go with it.

I love the myth of Atlantis, and after reading about the great crystal and some other things connected with Atlantis (they supposedly used crystals for everything... as you will see later in the story...) ...

So what are these legends that deacon keeps reffering to ?

Ooooooo... wish I could answer that for you, but you will see as you continue reading...

I hope tess leaves them alone, now that deacon won't help her. They diffently don't need to deal with her and her lies right now.

You know how resilient cockroaches are, now don't you? They always find a way to come back...

Can't wait for more.

I am so glad you like my story!!

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*Author's note: BLS40 asked me why Max and Liz are having the same flashes... Well, all I can say is that Liz's first non-forced experience with the "other-wordly" flashes happened in SH ... to find the orb. Let's just say that there *is* an important reason and that will become more clear in later chapters... BUT there is a REALLY DEEP reason that will be revealed in some chapters much much later on... So, that's all I can say for now... And it probably isn't what you'd think...

But is anyone willing to take a guess?

Anyway, here is Chapter 16 !! Enjoy!!!!

TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Sixteen

Khivar swept toward the temple walls in a fury. Tess had left the planet before he could carry out orders to execute her. She was unimportant, but she was a loose end. And loose ends had a way of coming back to haunt you.

When he entered through the temple doors, the High Priestess of appeared before him. "Have you come for cleansing today, Khivar?"

"Shouldn't you know why I have come, Phaeacia?" said Khivar snidely.

"Are you going to answer my question, Khivar?" asked Phaeacia, unscathed by his remark.

"I don't think so. I am - "

"Looking for one they call Tess," finished Phaeacia. "You will not find her here. And I agree. She is a loose end for you. But do you not have larger concerns?"

Khivar spun around to face her. "My concerns are no business of yours, priestess."

"How does it feel?" asked Phaeacia.

Khivar was tiring of this little cat and mouse game Phaeacia was playing. "I have business Phaeacia. Leave me."

"Your rule does not extend here! This is my domain and I will not allow you to sully it," said Phaeacia, her eyes flashing.

Khivar walked in a huff toward the Granolith Chamber. Phaeacia vanished and when he entered the Chamber, she was already in there. "Can you not just walk like a normal being instead of playing tricks?" he demanded angrily.

"Its power will never be yours. You are too blind to see it. You are too deaf to hear it," said Phaeacia, smiling condescendingly.

Khivar ignored her and strained to listen to the whisperings of the ancient relic. He had been so certain that if the true king Zan were to die, it would unleash the power of the Granolith to him. But now, all of the stories and legends that he had been trying to stamp out were coming back to haunt him. Even the bounty hunter he had hired was falling into the mire of myth.

As much as he wanted to discount these myths, he also didn't want any unpleasant surprises. So, he sent a scholar within his ranks to study all of the ancient myths and legends surrounding Zan. So far, all the myths about Zan came back to the one Khivar already knew of. There was a reference to an ancient power being reclaimed by Zan. Khivar surmised that this was the Granolith as all of the other legends stated it to be. The rebellious people of the V-cluster believed that Zan would be the one to speak with the voice of the gods who left the Granolith on Antar and also bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy. This myth was inscrypted on a crystal slab that was housed in the very temple that Khivar now stood in. The scholar had not found out anything that he did not already know. Khivar would have simply killed the scholar for his failure, but the problem was … the upper part of the slab was missing.

Khivar never believed in fairytales and myths. Pure fact was what had enabled him to get to where he was currently and he believed that pure fact would continue to serve him well. Not that he didn't like to use myth and deceit to spin things to his favor, but that was quite different from actually believing in fairytales. After all, once his rule became unchallenged, he would be able to rewrite the fairytales to suit him.

"You have no control over everything that was, that is and that will be," said the frail woman with the fiery eyes, interrupting Khivar's thoughts.

"Foolish woman, you know nothing," said Khivar, brushing off the uncomfortable feeling her comments gave him.

"Your trickery and cunning will ultimately bring you nothing that you desire. That which you do not understand has been unlocked," said the woman, fixing Khivar with a penetrating stare.

Khivar laughed outloud. "Even if I believed these paltry myths that you cling to, it does not matter. I have what the ancient power that Zan needs … "

Phaeacia simply looked at him and smiled enigmatically.

Khivar scoffed at her and swept out of the temple, gaining little from his visit… as usual.


"I think you were right about those pyramids, Liz," Max whispered to her in 4th period Advanced Biology. Liz looked up from the bacteria sample she was trying to identify. "Oh… yeah. Max. I think I may have found something out about those. We really should talk about it," Liz whispered back, hoping not to attract too much attention to themselves.

Max thought about the dream he had last night. How was it that Liz had been able to see those same pyramids? What was it about her that unlocked secrets of his past life? Was it their connection? Max remembered Michael's comment before about how maybe they found out about their home by connecting with humans. But Michael and Maria had not found out anything like that in all the time they had spent together, and if Izzy and Alex had, Alex never said so. What was it about him and Liz that opened this pandora's box of images and visions? Was it about him? Or was it her?

"Max. Max? Hello… Earth to Max," Liz was waving her hands in front of his face. Max shook his head and looked around dazedly. "Sorry. I was just thinking."

"Okay… why don't we meet after school in the Crashdown?" said Max.

Liz shifted uneasily. "Oh. I can't. I have to meet Maria and Jude for our project."

Max looked a little disappointed. "Okay… I guess we can just talk later then."

"Oh… I have to work at the Crashdown after that. I got my shift changed so I could work on the project."

Liz tried to ignore the slight rolling of Max's eyes and continued, "Maybe we should just meet tomorrow after school."

"I guess that's what we'll have to do," he conceded begrudgingly.


Liz looked at the note that had been stuck into her locker. It looked like Max wanted to meet with her afterall. She had been so sorry that she couldn't find time for him this evening. She knew he really wanted to talk to her. He seemed almost anxious. Maria looked at her knowingly when Liz read the note. Smirking, Maria told her to tell Max she said hi when she saw him.

Liz hurried along to the eraser room. She remembered the last time they had been there to make out. Liz blushed at the memory. Her parents had been soooo mad at her, but it had been worth it. Liz loved every moment of it, even if neither she nor Max really understood what was going on.

Slipping inside the eraser room during the class change, Liz was startled to find that it was dark. She looked around for the light switch and finding it, she flicked it up. Nothing happened. "Max?" She gasped with delight when a hand closed around her waist and whipped her around. Then a mouth closed over hers and panic crept up in her throat when she realized … it … wasn't … Max. She pulled back from whoever it was and gasped. It was Jude.

Liz stumbled back and slapped him. Hard. "What do you think you're doing?" she demanded. "You should leave. Max will be here any minute and if you value your life, you will be gone when he gets here." Jude gave her a look that chilled her to the bone. "Max won't be coming here. I sent you that note, not him."

"What? Wh -Why?" Liz sputtered.

"Because I wanted you all to myself," Jude said, advancing toward her. "I need to find out what makes you so special to Max Evans."


Max was rushing to his sixth period class when he bumped into Maria. "In a hurry, are we?" she was looking at him as though she knew a secret.

Max looked at her strangely, "Yeah, I am in a hurry. I'm going to be late for class."

"Oh… right. Class. It's okay Max. I already know," said Maria snidely.

Max turned to look at her more directly. "What are you talking about, Maria?"

Maria's knowing smile faded. "Weren't you going to meet Liz in the eraser room? She got a note in her locker that … said …"

Max's shocked expression caused Maria to trail off, scared. "You didn't send that note to Liz, did you?"

Max backed away from her slowly as he realized that Liz was in trouble. "Go find Michael, Maria. Go find Michael. Tell him to get to the eraser room. Now." Max took off at a sprint up the stairs to the eraser room, while Maria frantically went to look for Michael.


Liz looked at Jude as though he were nuts. "Have you lost your mind, Jude? Do you have any idea how crazy you sound? I'm leaving," Liz turned to go to the door, but Jude grabbed her arm. Suddenly, all of the self-defense lessons that she'd taken kicked in. She whirled around and kicked him in his family jewels. He doubled over and she pushed him down and went for the door. Jude held out his hand to stop her and the door just … locked? Fearfully, Liz turned back toward Jude and exclaimed, "How… how did you do that? This door doesn't lock when it closes. How did … "

Jude cut her off by coming at her again. He was all over her and she struggled to fight him off. When his attack resulted in Liz's shirt ripping open at its buttons, he stopped mauling her and grabbed her by the throat. "Jude … stop," she gasped, clutching at his arm, trying to get it off her throat. She was losing strength and she didn't understand what was happening. First he tries to kiss her, now he wants to kill her? Before she could ponder any longer, Jude hurled her across the room. Liz fell against the wall and tried to get up before he closed in on her again.

Jude lunged at her, his hands tightening around her throat. Liz broke his grip and then kicked him in his jaw head on. Jude stumbled back and Liz went racing for the door. Jude grabbed her leg, sending her flying to the floor. He pulled her up with her back to him and wrapped a cord around her neck. Liz made a gagging sound as she realized he was really trying to kill her. She scratched at his eyes and face, trying to injure him, but he was so strong. Nothing she did seemed to hurt him. Liz saw a shadow pass in front of the door and tried to make some noise, any noise. Her vision blurred and she began to pass out.

Suddenly, the door was flung open by an enraged Max, who set in on Jude like a wild animal. Jude held Liz in front of him like a shield, stopping Max in his tracks. Taking in Liz's dazed state and her ripped shirt, Max suppressed a howl of fury. "Let her go," said Max with deadly force. "Let her go, now." Jude suddenly looked down at Liz, worriedly. Then he slowly released her and fled the room. Liz slumped to the floor, taking in huge gulps of air. Max immediately went to Liz's side and helped her up. She was trying to catch her breath and stop shaking. "Max," was all she could say as Max hugged her tightly against him.

They were interrupted by a frantic Michael, with Maria close on his heels. "What happened?" he demanded, seeing Liz's torn shirt. "Jude attacked her," said Max grimly, his mouth taut. Maria gasped. Jude? That made absolutely no sense. "But that - that's crazy! Jude is such a nice guy! Why - why would he do something like that? And how did you fend him off as long as you did, Liz?"

Liz looked around at everyone with a strange expression. "I - I'm not sure that he was in his right mind," she stammered. "First he was all over me - " Liz tried to ignore the way Max's grip tightened almost painfully around her waist, " - and then he was choking me. And when I tried to get out - I guess my self defense classes worked - he locked the door … from over there." Liz pointed to a spot well away from the door. Everyone exchanged nervous glances. Liz made him sound like he was … an alien or something.


"Thanks for coming over, Sean," a nervous Jude let a confused Sean inside. "I didn't know who else I could talk to."

"Well, you said it was important, so I came by. You mentioned it had something to do with Liz? Jude, you need to get her out of your system. I just don't think she's going to leave Max Evans." Sean went and plopped himself down on Jude's couch.

"Yes. This is about Liz, but - just listen, Sean. And don't say anything until I finish. Okay?" When Sean nodded, Jude continued. "I left Liz a note in her locker to meet me in the eraser room at sixth period. I didn't sign it. I figured she would think Max left it."

"Why did you do that Jude? What did you think you would gain?" asked Sean.

"I told you NOT to interrupt me! Man! I'm trying to tell you what happened," cried Jude. "If you weren't my godbrother, I would smack you right about now."

"Chill out man. Just tell me what happened," said Sean, rolling his eyes.

"I made sure she got the note, but I don't know why. Then when she came in there, it was - it was like … it was like I didn't have control over anything anymore. It's like … I don't know!" Jude stood up, frustrated. "I remember attacking Liz. I ripped her shirt and I tossed her around the room like a rag doll. I - I know I'm not that strong. Look at me!! I can't even press more than 80 pounds at a time! But I flung Liz clear across the room!"

Sean stood to face him, "You hurt Liz? Why? Why would you do that? If you ever lay your hands on her again, I'll - "

Jude launched himself at Sean and hoisted him against the wall, "It wasn't me, okay!! It wasn't me! I'm telling you… I wasn't in control of my body! I could see everything that I was doing, but … but I couldn't stop it. But then Max came in and all of a sudden I had control again. I let Liz go and I ran away. That's when I called you."

Sean was about to hit Jude until he mentioned Max's name. Somehow it didn't sit right with him. "Wait. What do you mean you had control again when Max came in?"

"That's what I've been trying to tell you, man! Max came in and it was like I got lifted out of this weird fog! I had control of my body again. That's when I let go of Liz and I ran away."

Sean backed away from Jude slowly. Max Evans. Somehow everything always came back to him.


"So what do we do now, charge him with assault?" asked Michael. Everyone exchanged glances. It wasn't clear what they should do. From what Liz said, Jude flung her across the room like a rag doll and took two kicks to the head and still he kept coming. How was that possible?

"I think we need to find out what he is before we press charges," said Maria. "We?" exclaimed Liz. "I'm the one who was attacked here. Maybe this should be my decision." Liz folded her arms and looked at the rest of the group insolently.

Max went over to put his hands on her shoulders. "Of course it should be your decision Liz. But if he is an alien, we need to find out."

Liz whirled around to face him, "So how do you suppose we do that, Max? If he is an alien, he isn't going to just hand over some blood for us to analyze. Heck, even if he isn't an alien, he won't just hand over a blood sample."

Max squeezed her shoulders gently to calm her. "What we need is a plan. Maybe Michael and I should go and see him and use the pentagon just in case. We can prick him or something, and take some of his blood."

"Maybe I should talk to him," said Liz. Max did a double-take. "No. No way. I'm not letting you near that guy anymore."

"Max. He's in my study group. Plus, he's in like three of my classes! I don't think we can keep me from being near him. Unless we just press charges," said Liz in frustration.

"Well, we have to think of something," said Maria. "If he is an alien, then he is dangerous. We can't just trust him."

"I think we should all go and talk to him," said Liz. "I'd feel safe and he wouldn't feel like Max and Michael are hitmen or something."


The ride over to Jude's house in Max's SUV was rather quiet. "So what are we going to say when we get there?" asked Maria anxiously. No one answered. Liz just looked down at her hands nervously. Max and Michael just stared straight ahead.

Once they pulled into Jude's driveway, they saw Sean's bike parked in the driveway. "Great, my delinquent cousin is here," said Maria, rolling her eyes dramatically. Max turned to look at everyone, "Let's get this over with," he said and got out of the car. Liz hopped out and made a beeline for the door. "Wait," Max called out, grabbing Liz's arm. "Did you turn on the pentagon?" Liz looked at the car and nodded, "Let's go."

All of the teens went to the door. Liz rung the bell. Sean answered it and hugged Liz, getting a scathing look from Max. "I'm so glad you're okay. Jude told me what happened. You all should come in. He has something to tell you." Sean led everyone inside. Jude walked out and Liz walked over to him and slapped him. Max ran up to pull Liz away from him while Jude rubbed his jaw. "Look, I know that what happened today was wrong, but I - " Jude began, but Liz interrupted him. "Wrong? You attacked me today. You almost killed me!"

"Hey, hey. Let's all calm down. Let Jude explain. I think you in particular, Liz, should find this interesting," said Sean ambiguously. Michael and Max exchanged curious glances.

Jude began telling them about how he had set things up so Liz would meet him in the eraser room. Then he explained how it might sound crazy, but all of his actions were out of control. "I mean, I could see what I was doing, but it was like someone else was pulling all the strings." He looked at Liz pleadingly. "You saw how I flung you around. I took two kicks to the head and - and nothing! Look at me! You know I'm not that strong!"

Jude looked around the room at everyone. Sean was looking at Liz. Max was staring at him with anger or wariness, he couldn't be sure. Maria was pacing behind Liz with her shoulders hunched. "Look, I'm telling you the truth! You have to believe me! It wasn't until Max - "

"It wasn't until Max came in that you got your control back. Why is that Max? I should have known that this would have your name written all over it!" yelled Sean.

"What are you saying Sean?" cried Maria. "If Max hadn't gotten there when he did, your friend would have killed Liz!"

"Oh… Max the hero. The saint. What a load of crap. I know you have something to do with this Evans. Liz, I know Max has something to do with this! Just listen to me -- " said Sean.

"What is your problem Sean?" asked Michael in his most intimidating manner possible.

"Max has nothing… nothing to do with this, Sean. I know you don't like him. But Jude is the one who attacked Liz. Not Max," said Maria.

"Guys. Let's just calm down and think this through," said Liz calmly. Maria nodded. No one noticed Jude pick up a letter opener on the desk in the corner. He moved toward Max and pulled the letter opener out. "Max look out!" screamed Maria. Sean saw Jude with the letter opener and lunged at him. Jude fended him off with one arm and pushed him clear across the room before turning back to Max. Jude turned to look at him with a dead look in his eyes and plunged the letter opener into his own throat, falling onto Max.

"Oh! Oh my God," gasped Liz as Max fell to the floor and rolled Jude off of him.

"Call an ambulance!" yelled Sean, rushing over to Jude. Liz looked at Jude, stunned. Max backed away from both Sean and Jude, while Maria rushed to the phone. Liz jumped down from the couch and grabbed a throw pillow from the chair. She held it over Jude's neck to stem the blood flow. She looked up at Max and Max left to go to the door. "Where are you going, Evans?" yelled Sean, panicked. Max turned, "I have a first aid kit in the car. I was just going to get it."

Seemingly satisfied, Sean nodded and Max went out the door. Liz looked at Sean cautiously. "You shouldn't be here, should you? I - I mean, if the police asked what ha - happened, won't you get in trouble with your probation officer?" Sean paled. "I - I don't know. I didn't do anything though!" "Maybe you should leave though, just in case… I don't want you to get in any trouble for this Sean," said Liz sincerely. "I mean, I know you didn't do anything. We all saw him just stab himself. We can just say that Max and Michael came to drop Maria and I off for our study session with Jude and he just lost it. We won't have to mention you if you aren't here when the ambulance and the police get here."

Sean seemed to consider this. "Ok. Ok. Just please don't let anything happen to him. He's my friend… and I believe him. Something strange is going on Liz. And I have a feeling your boyfriend is right in the thick of it." Sean exited the house just as Max came in with the first aid kit. They glared at each other and Max went to sit near Liz. Liz removed the pillow and Max placed his hands over Jude's wound. Nothing happened. "Didn't you turn off the pentagon?" asked Liz. "Yeah. It's like something is blocking me. I can't get in. I can't make the connection." Max fell back against the couch, breathing heavily. "I can't help him," he said mournfully, his eyes registering pain that Jude could die and he couldn't help.

Maria stood by the window and watched for the ambulance. She was relieved when she saw it pull up behind Max's suv. "Thank God," she cried and flung the door open. The paramedics came rushing in and began to attend to Jude. Liz was still clutching the pillow with all of the blood on it. She moved to sit on the couch and watched with worried eyes as the EMTs worked on Jude. "I've got a faint pulse," said one of the men as they lifted Jude onto a stretcher and took him out to the ambulance. Liz left a note for Jude's parents on the front door.

Soon the police arrived and began questioning everyone. Liz had convinced all of them to leave Sean's name out of it. Their stories were basically the same, they just said Jude had flipped out and started yelling. Then he just stabbed himself in the neck. The police took the letter opener for evidence. All of the weary teens moved back outside to greet Jude's panic stricken parents. Maria told them what happened and offered to go to the hospital with them. They declined, thanking her, but asking her to just go home and get some sleep.

Outside the house, in his grey sedan, Daecon laughed ruefully at the scene. He couldn't have Jude tell them what happened. He wasn't sure what the young kid had told them, but he figured it couldn't be much. It's not like this kid knew anything to tell. To anyone he would just sound like a lunatic, justifying his behavior by saying, 'the devil made me do it'. Daecon rubbed a finger over his ring thoughtfully. The black crystal of the ring glowed with a purplish light as Daecon drove away.

Max dropped Michael and Maria off first and then took Liz home. Liz pulled out the pillow with Jude's blood on it. "We need to test this Max," she said and went to check the cells under the microscope. Max nodded and plopped himself on her bed. He couldn't understand what happened with his healing of Jude. Why couldn't he get in? he wondered. Liz checked the cells and turned to Max. "They're human cells Max. Take a look." Max rose to look at the blood cells. "Then what's going on with Jude?" asked Max, perplexed. "I don't know. Maybe he is just unstable. I mean, it doesn't really make sense to be kissing on someone one minute and then attacking them the next. I think he just lost it." Max's brows furrowed together. "But what about him locking the door, Liz?" Liz shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. Maybe I imagined that. I was pretty out of it. Maybe the door was locked already… I have no idea Max. Jude is human. He couldn't have locked that door."

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Seventeen

Max began his walk from Liz's balcony to his car. He was so tired that he just wanted to go home and get to sleep. "Evans," said a voice from the shadows. Max groaned and turned to face Sean, who stepped out from around the corner of the Crashdown.

"How's Jude?" he asked.

"He was stable the last time we checked," said Max, rubbing his eyes tiredly.

Sean narrowed his eyes at Max, "I know you're involved in what happened to Jude," he said. "Maybe his story is true; someone is controlling him. My bets are on you."

Max stared at Sean in disbelief. "You would believe anything if it connected me to something you thought Liz would leave me for," he said.

Sean closed in on Max, who was too tired to walk away from him just yet. "I'm watching you Evans. I'm gonna prove you had something to do with this, and when I do, Liz won't have anything more to do with you."

Max ignored Sean's ignorant comments and walked past him without saying anything. Sean was not deterred. "I'm on to you Max!" he yelled.

Daecon watched this exchange closely. He might be able to use this Sean person to find out more about the human girl. His plan with Jude didn't exactly get the results he was hoping for. He had hoped to scare her into going through another one of her 'experiences'. Perhaps using Sean to get to her by using Max might cause an 'incident'.

Daecon shook his head. He was getting distracted by his interest in the human girl's potential power. He still had a job to do and he needed to get it done. But this girl was an unknown. If she did have something special about her, he needed to know about it. He would not let it take him by surprise. That was why he was such an excellent bounty hunter. He knew his prey and everything associated with his prey.


It had been three days since Jude attacked her. And she couldn't get it out of her mind. She didn't understand why he would do such a thing. She and Maria had finished up the paper without Jude, who was still in the hospital. He had told the doctors about his 'theories' and they decided to hold him over for psychological evaluation. Apparently, Jude had had a history of compulsive behavior and the doctors thought that perhaps he was developing some sort of neurosis. Sean had been gracious enough to fill her in on the details he had, although he still obviously believed that Max was somehow responsible for this. Liz thought back to Agent Topolsky. Everyone thought she was crazy too, but in reality she was right about everything she said.

Liz sighed and looked at the essay that she and Maria had written. Suddenly, she remembered that she and Max had not been able to talk about Atlantis at all. She had been able to talk to Maria about it, but not very much. Maria seemed more into the crystal channeling information about Atlantis and how they seemed to be able to store a person's essence, his memories and experiences inside a crystal like some advanced type of computer storage device. Liz had had to stop Maria from getting too into this stuff because they couldn't put all of it into the report - especially if it was connected to Max and the others. It seemed ages ago when she connected Atlantis with Max's heritage. Determined to get this all out in the open, she called Max and told him to get everyone together. She only wanted to have to explain this once.


A few hours later, everyone was gathered at Michael's house. Kyle and Isabel had been filled in on what happened to Liz and how Jude had stabbed himself. Kyle touched Liz's shoulder and tried to convey his relief to her that she was okay. Liz squeezed his hand. Future Max had been right. Kyle was turning into a great guy.

After a few moments of everyone catching up, Liz cleared her throat. "Okay guys. There is something I need to tell you. I meant to do it sooner, but that whole thing with Jude… " Liz trailed off and took a deep breath. "Anyway, I found out something… something connected with the flashes I recently got from Max. I had a flash of a planet expoloding near what must have been Earth, and I could see the V-cluster constellation through the debris. It was like I was standing on Earth, looking at the planet explode."

Everyone except Max exchanged curious glances. "But that isn't all. Then I saw four pyramidical images too. They were all directly in front of the other, and graduated in size."

Isabel laughed. "Liz, what does this have to do with any of us? It sounds like a lucid dream or something… you can't believe this has something to do with us…"

Liz couldn't believe it. Was Isabel mocking her? Liz turned and looked at Isabel with impatience, "I'm not done yet. Jude… Maria and I were assigned a project on Atlantis. When I got into the research, I found out some really interesting stuff. This guy found a crystal sphere near the Bahamas at some underwater pyramid. He thinks it was part of the ruins of Atlantis. Look here, these are some of the notes I took of the crystal…" Everyone gathered to look at the illustration. Max was stunned. It sounded like and looked like the crystal sphere from his dream, complete with the hands holding it. "If you looked into it, you can see four pyramidical pyramids - well some people can see all four. Most see only three," Liz continued, her voice almost a whisper.

Max cleared his throat and spoke unevenly, "I think … Liz is … on to something. The other night … I - I had a dream about a crystal sphere. It was in this temple where the windows all had the royal seal of Antar etched on it. When I looked into it, I saw the four pyramids Liz described…"

Liz snapped her head up and looked at Max, stunned that he hadn't told her. "I meant to tell you the day that Jude … you know," Max said, seemingly reading her thoughts. "I didn't have a chance to tell you about it until now. In my dream," Max continued, "the sphere seemed atuned to me. It was like it was trying to guide me to something. But I don't know what. I woke up before I could find out."

Isabel shivered. This was just too weird, she thought. "So maybe this has something to do with us. But, this Brown guy found this sphere like 30 years ago. They did a movie on it, right? So maybe all of this is just your subconscious mind building up stuff in your head."

Liz considered this until another thought came to her. "I thought the same thing Isabel. But, before I even saw the information about the sphere, I read something from this Christian psychic - "

"Wait… wait a minute. Liz. You? Believing something as New Agey as a psychic? This does not compute…" Kyle interrupted.

Maria waved her hand impatiently at Kyle, "Just let her finish, Buddha boy. It'll all make sense in a minute."

"I know it sounds crazy. I know. And I only looked in this book for a joke. Serena - this girl at the library who is really into Atlantis - gave it to me for a laugh. We were both doing research on Atlantis and I was looking for more facts and this book was in the wrong section. She figured I was the scientific type and I would get a kick out of it. But when I opened it, I saw a section on crystals in Atlantis. There was one that looked just like the Granolith key. And then that psychic guy described this thing called the Tuaoi Stone or the Great Crystal and the special room it was in. It sounded just like the crystal at the base of the Granolith and the room sounded just like the Granolith Chamber. See? Look here… " Liz motioned for everyone to look at the book.

"I don't believe it," gasped Isabel in shock.

"And there's more," said Liz. "I don't think I can take anymore," said Kyle. Liz cut her eyes at him. "This exploded planet. Some people have the theory that the original Atlantis was a planet that exploded a long time ago. They think the original Atlanteans were extraterrestrials who fled their doomed planet and then came here. Maybe that was what my vision was about. And you gotta admit, this crystal sphere sounds important. I saw it in my vision and now Max is dreaming about it. There has to be a connection."

Suddenly, Max remembered something else from his dream. "There is a connection," he said. "In my dream … when I saw the crystal … It moved from the sculpted hands it was resting on and came to rest in my hand. After I saw the pyramids inside it, this writing flashed across the face of it. It was Antarian writing. At least I think it was."

Everyone looked at him. This was shocking. Really shocking. "I have a theory about this," said Liz thoughtfully.

Isabel huffed slightly. "Of course Miss Scientist would have a theory about this." Liz had theories about everything, thought Isabel.

"Isabel…?" admonished Max.

Isabel stopped abruptly when she realized that she had actually said something. "Oh… did I say that outloud?" Everyone just looked at her. "Sorry… long day." Deep down, Isabel chided herself. If she were honest with herself, Isabel would realize that her hostility toward Liz was based on her insecurity that it was Liz and not her or Michael who had discovered all of this. What was it about Liz that enabled her to find out all about them through her connection with Max? Why didn't she or Michael get those kinds of flashes?

Feeling a little bruised by Isabel's callous remark, Liz continued, while Max regarded his sister strangely. "It - it always seemed odd to me that the royal seal of Antar included the V-shape. Why is that? I mean, if you were on one of the planets in the V-cluster, it wouldn't look like a 'V' to you would it? I think it only looks like a V from Earth. So maybe some of the Antarians were here on Earth first. Maybe the Atlanteans left and went to Antar … I mean, they could see the five planets from Earth right? Perhaps they felt that this galaxy was unstable. First their planet is destroyed and they come to Earth. Then Atlantis is destroyed, so they leave. Maybe they thought all of Earth would be destroyed. I mean, there has to be a reason why you were sent back here and remade with human dna. Doesn't there?"

"I don't know," said Max honestly.

Michael was not convinced. "Are you trying to say that we are originally from Atlantis?"

Liz shrugged. "I don't know. Perhaps your people were already there and the Atlanteans came and … I don't know. The literature around here suggests that Atlanteans loved to share their knowledge. Perhaps they shared it with your people. How else do we explain the similarities? I mean, look at the Granolith. Your people regard it like it's the Holy Grail or - or the Ark of the Covenant. Maybe the some of the Atlanteans fled when their misuse of the Great Crystal began to destroy Atlantis on Earth. Maybe they gave it to your people. How should I know? I'm just trying to theorize here."

"We don't need theories, Liz. We need answers," snapped Isabel, seemingly beyond her control.

"God, WHAT is your problem Isabel? I haven't done anything to you and you are treating me like crap! Forgive me if I don't have all the answers. I'm just trying to make sense of the fragments I do have," Liz stood and stared Isabel down, even though Isabel towered over her.

"Yeah, but you have more fragments than any of us! Why?? Why should YOU be getting all of this information, while Michael and I get nothing? It's always you and Max!" Isabel stormed out of the room and Michael went after her.


"Isabel what is with you? You can't talk to Liz like that. She hasn't done anything to you," said Michael, confounded at Isabel's behavior.

"Oh really? Why don't I get any of these visions? It's always Liz! Liz, Liz, LIZ! Shouldn't it be me? I mean, I understand Max's visions, but Liz???" Isabel looked frustrated and conflicted.

"Liz gets those visions from her connection with Max, Isabel. She's getting them from him," said Michael.

"Oh yeah? Well then why doesn't Maria get them like that? Maria gets flashes from you now, but they aren't like Liz's. She never gets real information like Liz does. What makes Liz so damn special? I want to get some of the information she gets. It's my heritage, not hers!"

Michael just stared at her. Isabel seemed … jealous of Liz. "Isabel, are you - are you jealous of Liz?"

"No! No of course I'm not … I - It's just that … I don't know Michael. I mean, I hate feeling this way. I hate it. I - I know what Liz did to save all of us. I know that she gave up everything for you and me. I don't hate her at all. I just wish that I could see what she sees. I - I want to see parts of my heritage too… " Isabel broke off and tried not to cry.

This was too much for Michael and he pulled her to him hugging her and patting her back.

--- Inside, Max was worried about both Isabel and Liz. "Maybe I should go and check on her," he said to everyone as Liz started pacing back and forth, agitated. He instinctively reached out to comfort her. What was up with his sister?

Maria just looked outside at Michael and Isabel. Michael had wrapped his arms around Isabel. She knew that Michael and Isabel were more like brother and sister than anything, but the scene still unnerved her. She was relieved when they broke apart and moved to come back inside. "No, here they come. I think everything's alright," she said, the relief evident in her voice, but not for the reasons they thought.

Max visibly relaxed. "Good." But Liz regarded Isabel frostily and said nothing. She couldn't believe that Isabel was mad at her for something she had no control over.

Isabel noticed the look Liz gave her and mentally berated herself. She would have to apologize. "I - I'm sorry for the way I acted Liz. It wasn't really directed at you. It's just that - it's just that for once, I wish I could see the things you do."

Liz nodded, understanding now. Still, she was hurt by what Isabel had said and she couldn't keep the slight edge out of her voice, "It's okay. Why don't we just focus on what to do next?" Seeing Isabel's distraught look, Liz softened. "Really, Isabel. It's alright. I understand."

Isabel's face exuded relief and she smiled at Liz, relieved that the girl wasn't going to hold her temporary moment of insanity against her.

"So, what do we do now, Max?" asked Maria.

Why does everyone always ask me that? Max thought, slightly annoyed. "We need to find out where that crystal is," Max said. "Maybe if I can touch it, I'll get some flashes that will explain what's going on…"


"Unnh," grunted Max as he fell out of bed for the fifth time. He had been having the same dream over and over again. He was in the temple and he was following the crystal. But everytime he stretched through the wall, he woke up. Now, his stretching through the wall always resulted in him falling out of bed. It was almost as if he was stuck. He couldn't find out what was on the other side of that wall, but he really felt that it was extremely important.

Somehow he knew that if he got near that crystal, he would discover what was on the other end of the wall. He had to find that crystal. Having the same dreams over and over again was driving him crazy. Not to mention the bruises he got from falling out of bed.

Max got up, put a shirt on and walked to the kitchen to get a midnight snack. He was startled to find Isabel already in the kitchen, eating a large plate of cookies. "Hey, mom made those for all of us. You can't eat them all." Max made a grab for the plate and Isabel pulled it away just in the nick of time. "Sorry," she mumbled, her mouth full. Max was not going to be denied. He put out his hand and about five cookies flew off the plate into his hand. "That is so not fair," sighed Isabel, clutching the remaining cookies.

Max smirked and then remembered something. "What was all that with you and Liz today?"

Isabel took a deep breath and tried to avert her eyes from his questioning glare. "I - I don't know, Max. I just - It just really got to me that she gets to see all of this stuff about our heritage and I don't get to see anything. I mean, I would love - love to see our mother again. But, I get nothing. Nothing except … "

"Nothing except what?" asked Max.

"Nothing really… " said Isabel unconvincingly.

Max studied her for a moment and then said, "You know you can't talk to Liz like that Iz. She didn't deserve it. You are my sister and my family, but if you put me in a position where I am forced to choose between you two - you know I will have to choose Liz. I love her and I won't allow you to mistreat her. You must know that, Iz."

Isabel looked up at Max as though she had been scolded. "I'm sorry Max. I shouldn't have acted that way today. Liz didn't deserve any of it. And she did so much for you, me and Michael. I promise I won't mistreat her again. Really I won't."

"Alright young lady. But you behave yourself." Max looked at her, suddenly concerned. "What are you doing up Izzy?"

"I couldn't sleep. I keep having these dreams…" Isabel trailed off uncomfortably.

"Are - are they about our lives back on Antar?" Max asked hopefully.

"Well… sort of. I mean, you aren't - aren't actually in them. It - it's just Michael and me… and Khivar," said Isabel.

Max shifted uncomfortably. "I don't think I want to hear about these dreams. Perhaps you ought to discuss them with Michael, or Kyle or something."

Isabel smirked at him and then trotted off upstairs.


"Liz… Liz, " called Maria. Liz looked up from her desk to find Maria climbing through her window. "Hey… Did you find something?" asked Liz. "Yeah. I found out that the crystal is currently on tour, but my connection to the web kept getting screwy, so I don't know where it is right now. Can I get online here and look?"

"Sure," Liz said moving away from her seat so Maria could jump online. "I've been looking, but lately I have been so tired. The words and stuff just seemed to float across the page. You know how sometimes when you look at a word and you're so tired, it doesn't make sense to you anymore? Or when you look at the spelling and all of a sudden, you're like - 'why would that be spelled that way?' Maria. Maria? Are you listening to me?"

Maria was so engrossed in her search that she didn't hear Liz at all.

"Maria? I was talking, you know?" Liz moved over and put her hands in front of Maria's face. Maria, who had been searching for the crystal's tour schedule, had suddenly spaced out.

"Maria? Okay… What's wrong? What's Michael done now?"

At the mention of Michael's name, Maria suddenly snapped out of her trance. "Oh. Liz. S - sorry. I just - I was out of it just then…"

Liz wasn't buying that. Whenever Maria got so distracted, Michael was usually at the bottom of it. "I know you Maria. You might as well tell me what's going on."

Maria really didn't want to think about it. Ever since she saw Michael and Isabel locked together in that hug, she had been feeling uneasy. But she didn't want to make a bigger deal out of it than it was. She decided to ignore the gnawing feeling in the pit of her stomach and talk to Liz about it. "I was just thinking. How did you handle it when Max was being drawn to Tess? I mean, how did you deal with everything?"

Liz dropped the book she had started reading and looked up. Where was this coming from? "Well, I - I actually didn't handle that very well. I mean, I just kind of left him to it. I guess I just felt like I couldn't stand in the way of his destiny. But if I had to do it all over again, I would have stayed right by his side. I would have fought for him, you know? Because, like you said before… If something didn't change, wouldn't history just repeat itself again? So thinking back, I would just trust Max to know his own heart. Although that is hard anyway. I mean, all last year I felt like any moment, Max would come up to me and say, 'Sorry. I remember Tess and I love her not you.'" Liz looked at Maria's concerned expression. "I'm not helping you am I?"

Maria looked totally frustrated. "Well, I'm not even sure there's anything to worry about. I really don't have any real reason to think that - "

"What do you mean you don't have a real reason?" interrupted Liz.

"I mean, Michael hasn't given me any indication that he - that he wants to pursue his own destiny … but when he comforted her after her outburst at you - " Liz rolled her eyes, while Maria continued. "When he hugged her… I just felt this weird pang of uneasiness. I know I'm just being crazy."

"Yes. You are. Michael and Isabel are like brother and sister. You soooo don't have, like, anything to worry about. Besides, this situation is totally different. Tess was after Max. Isabel is not after Michael."

Maria smiled at Liz. "Thanks Liz. I think I just needed to hear that. I know I was just spazzing for nothing." Maria's eyes wandered back to the computer screen. "Omigod Liz! I found it!! I found the schedule!"

Liz jumped up and looked at the exhibit schedule for the crystal. It was going to be at the University in Las Cruces in two weeks.

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*Here is the next part!! Things start to really pick up here... I like fast paced stories... Now it's time to run with the story!!!

TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Eighteen

"Okay, now that we know where the crystal is, how do we all go to see it?" asked Michael.

"Yeah. This requires a plan. A good plan," said Kyle. Everyone turned to look at him. Kyle smirked. "What? I said we needed a good plan, but that doesn't mean I have one."

Maria rolled her eyes, "We could say we were going to Carlsbad Caverns."

"Why can't you just say that you're going to check out the University to see if we might go to school there?" asked Isabel. "I could say the same thing, since mom and dad probably don't expect me to stay in Roswell forever."

"Plus, we don't have to go for very long, right? We just need to get up there just for the crystal. I don't see why we can't just go and then come right back," said Liz hopefully.

"I don't know. I keep having the same dreams about this crystal over and over again. Everytime I get to a part that might be different, I wake up. It's like I'm stuck. I have to get to that crystal. Somehow I know it will help me get to the next part of my dream. But if we can't get to it during the day, we may have to come back at night or something," said Max. "We might need to spend the night. How are we going to explain that one?"

"Well then, why don't we just handle that one when we come to it? Our parents might not question us as long as we call and tell them something happened with one of the cars or something and that we have to stay over to see what the problem is," said Liz.

Everyone nodded their agreement.


"Mr. De Luca," said a voice behind Sean as he walked into the Crashdown. Sean turned to look behind him and saw a young man with steely grey eyes sitting in a booth. "Yeah?" he responded with a false show of bravado.

"I would like to talk to you about a friend of yours," the man said. "Special Agent Brown, FBI," said the man, pulling out a badge.

"What friend would that be?" asked Sean cautiously.

"Jude Decker. We've been informed of his situation. We think that he was … not acting of his own free will," continued Brown.

"I don't know what you're talking about," said Sean starting toward the stools at the counter.

"You should, Mr. De Luca. Otherwise, why would you have been at his house the night he stabbed himself?" The agent pointed to the seat across from him. "I would hate to have to tell the police or your probation officer that you were involved in any way. Especially when we believe we know who is responsible for what happened."

Sean's neck hairs stood up. "How - who is responsible for Jude's problem?"

Agent Brown lowered his voice to whisper, "Max Evans."


"Does everyone have the directions?" asked Max, standing outside the Crashdown.

"Yeah," answered Michael, getting into the Jetta. "I think we're all straight."

"Okay, so let's go! If we hurry we can hit the mall before we go to see the exhibit!" yelled Isabel excitedly, climbing into the back of the suv.

"Is shopping all women think about?" asked Kyle, moving to sit next to her.

"Of course not. We think about sex too," said Isabel deftly, enjoying Kyle's open mouthed response.

Liz rolled her eyes, jumping into the front seat. "Let's get going," she said.

Max laughed Kyle's and Isabel's antics and hopped into the front seat.

As the teens pulled out and hit the road, none of them noticed the small car following closely behind.


Sean's blood turned cold. "What did you say?"

The agent narrowed his eyes at Sean. "We've been doing surveillance on Mr. Evans for quite some time now. The X-File unit of the FBI has had a file on him for over a year."

"Wait a minute. You expect me to believe that there really is an X-File unit in the FBI? Isn't that just a tv show?" Sean looked at him in disbelief. He definitely thought Evans had something to do with Jude's issues, but X-Files?

"What better way to desensitize people to that unit than to show it on tv? If anyone talks about it, no one would ever believe them."

"So if you know what's going on with Max Evans, what do you want with me?" Sean asked nonchalantly.

"We need more evidence. We need you to keep an eye on him. We believe that he has … unusual capabilities," said Agent Brown.

"What - what kind of capabilities?" asked Sean nervously.

"We cannot divulge that information presently," answered the agent.

"Do you believe Max is dangerous?" asked Sean, taking a different tack.

The agent smiled enigmatically. "We had him at one of our military facilities for questioning and he escaped, killing some of our agents in the process. He involved the former sheriff of Roswell and Liz Parker in his escape. We believe that he has some sort of control over them. He is very dangerous."

As Sean processed that last bit of information about Max, the agent sat back and clasped his fingers together. His black crystal ring sparkled strangely … almost as strangely as the glint in Daecon's eye as he watched Sean struggle with the bogus information he had just given him.


"I didn't know we would have to sit through a lecture just to see this thing," said Kyle impatiently.

"Shhh…" whispered Maria, butting him with her elbow.

Dr. Kepler was talking about all of the experiences that people had had when they came in contact with the crystal. Maria couldn't help but notice that most of the people who had had these experiences were women. She also noticed that most of the audience consisted of women. Dr. Brown rose to talk a bit more about the history of Atlantis and about its mythology.

All of the teens listened intently to the lecture and then rose with the rest of the people to go and look at the crystal. Everyone was encouraged to touch the crystal because Dr. Brown wanted to see if anyone had any different reactions to the sphere than had already been recorded. Dr. Brown's associate, Mr. Kepler was subtly eyeing all of the young women that came up to touch the sphere. He was quite attractive, and he seemed to draw a lot of the attention, much to Dr. Brown's chagrin. There was obviously a strange sort of power struggle going on there.

"Maybe you shouldn't touch it Max," whispered Liz. "What if you have a flash or something crazy happens?"

Maria nudged her, "They'll just think he's like a super-psychic or something. It'll be okay. Trust me."

Maria went over to look at the crystal. She could see the three pyramids, but that was it. When Max went over to touch it, Maria held her breath. Nothing happened. Maria looked at Max and didn't notice anything strange at all. Either that, or Max was a good actor. Nothing registered on his face at all.

Max walked away from the sphere and went outside the room. Liz followed, after briefly touching the sphere. Maria ran out after them. When she got outside, she saw that Max had suddenly doubled over. He looked like he was in pain. He turned back toward the room and seemed to get his bearings back. Max then looked like he wanted to go back in, thought better of it and turned toward the parking lot. Liz helped him walk out to the suv, where Isabel and Kyle anxiously looked on.

"What happened? Did you get a flash?" Maria was like an annoying fly that no one could swat as she barraged them with questions.

"Maria, please," said Liz as she tried to help Max sit down.

"I had a flash… but it was only after I got out of the room," gasped Max unevenly. "I saw Antar. I don't know how I knew it was Antar, but I did. Then I saw that temple that was in my dream. It was like I was almost about to step through the wall, but then I felt this searing pain go through my head. When I turned back toward the room … it was like the crystal was calling me. But if I go back in there … I don't want to have to answer a lot of questions."

Michael looked back toward the building. "We need a plan to get that crystal," he said. "Maybe we should come back tonight, when everyone is gone."

"But, we don't know if they are keeping the crystal here," said Liz. "What if they are keeping it somewhere else?"

Isabel put on her best come hither smile. "Don't worry. I'll find out where they will be keeping it tonight," she said and sauntered off, obviously planning on using her feminine wiles to gather information about the nightly whereabouts of the sphere.

"Max," said Liz softly after Isabel left. "Are you alright? Can I do anything to help you with the pain?" she asked. Max shook his head. "I'm - I'm alright. The pain is fading." He touched his temple and grimaced slightly. "I just hope this doesn't happen everytime I come into contact with that sphere," he said grimly.

Liz smiled and pulled him to her, rubbing his nead tenderly.

Kyle held his hands together and brought them toward his mouth, "Liz. I think we need to come up with that cover story now for our parents. We should think about getting rooms to stay in tonight."

Maria nodded. "I think he's right. Especially if something happens with Max again. He might not be able to drive after this, although I know Isabel could drive. But if we have to stay later to get the crystal, then we really do need to stay over."

Liz started to add her approval, when Isabel came back out of the building. She looked like she was trying to remove a bunch of imaginary, creepy bugs off of her, when she bumped into a girl running out of the building. "Excuse me," she said, running down to them. "Ick. What a complete moron," she said as she got closer to the rest of the group. "I found out what where the crystal is going to be tonight," she said. "But unfortunately, only Liz, Maria and I will be able to be where it is. Dr. Brown's associate Dylan Kepler is hosting a party at a private home, showcasing the crystal. And he would only let me extend the invitation to my female friends."

Michael was not taking this lying down. "No. No way. Not gonna happen. We all have to go to this party. We have to. You guys can't pull this off by yourselves. You are going to need our help."

Maria turned to look at him. "Are you sure you aren't just jealous that you won't be able to go to the party with us?"

"Jealous? Who's jealous? And who said you were actually going to go?" retorted Michael snappishly.

"I think they should go," said Max from inside the suv. Everyone turned to look at him.

"Are you nuts, Max?" cried Michael. "I don't think this is a good idea. What if something goes wrong? What if they need us?"

"Michael," started Isabel. "I doubt there will even be much security there. This Kepler guy just sounds like he uses this crystal to pick up chicks. He has quite a cult following. All we need to do is switch the crystal with one we make ourselves…" Isabel picked up a rock and changed it to look just like the crystal, complete with the three pyramids visible from the inside.

"Whoa," exclaimed Kyle. "That's a handy talent. Can you do anything with, say, coal?"

Isabel just rolled her eyes at him. Liz turned away from tending to Max. "So what's the plan Isabel?"

Isabel turned to look at Maria and Liz with a gleam in her eye. "First," she said gleefully, "we go shopping."


"I don't know about this," exclaimed Liz as she looked at the stylist behind her. "Liz. Come on… She won't cut off much. She's just going to layer it a bit to give it more body. You won't even notice it much. You'll just have a lot more body and swing to your hair," said Maria, who had gotten hers trimmed off at the ends.

Liz sighed. After getting their brows done and their nails done, Isabel had insisted that they get their hair fixed up too. After all, they would have to look good tonight. And a bit older. Well, Maria and Liz would. Isabel had always looked rather mature for her age. She shook herself out of her thoughts. "Okay. Go for it," she said to the stylist, who was raving at Liz's long, dark and healthy locks. "And while you're at it, can I get a little color punch too?" The stylist looked like it was his birthday and Christmas all rolled into one and went off mumbling excitedly about lowlights and highlights.

When all was said and done, Isabel had cut her blonde locks about one inch and gotten it blown out into a nice swingy style, Maria had kept her long locks, but evened out the color a little bit, and Liz had a layered cut that was still nice and long, but it just seemed to move effortlessly and the light picked up the shiny brown color that the stylist added to her hair. When the light hit it, you could see shades of dark brown mixed with even richer brunette undertones. Liz's hair had a wonderful depth to it now.

When they got to the hotel room that the guys had booked for the night, they pulled out their purchases. Isabel had been gracious enough to 'modify' their limited cash, since neither girl had been expecting to have to buy anything like clothes that day. Liz and Maria called their parents to let them know that they had to stay over due to Max's car acting up and Isabel informed her and Max's parents to tell them about the suv's 'problems'.

The guys had been smart enough to get adjoining suites, so Isabel knocked on the shared door when she was ready and Michael let her in. She was wearing a black pantsuit with a cap-sleeved top that had a very deep zippered neckline. Underneath the top she wore a black push up bra that was just visible if you looked at the top from the right angle. Hanging on her neck was a lariat necklace that rested in her cleavage.

Michael took one look at her outfit and said mournfully, "I gotta bad feeling about this Maxwell." Isabel shrugged him off and went to check her makeup in their mirror.

Maria came in next and Michael had to resist the urge to cover her up with something. She had on low-slung, light-gold pants that molded to her body and a sparkly bronze colored halter top that tied in the back, leaving a lot of skin exposed underneath the tie. A cute dragon design was beaded and embroidered crawling up her right pantleg. Her long hair was blown straight, and it hung down her back invitingly. Her shoulders and back had been dusted with a gold iridescent powder and it made her glow. She had painted her lips an inviting brownish-berry color and a dab of gloss in the center of her lower lip gave her the perfect pout. Cute light-gold high-heeled sandals that matched her pants exactly peeked out from underneath the hip-slung pants. Even her toenails matched the bronze halter top she wore.

"Dang Maria," said Kyle, appreciating the her look. Michael gave Kyle a warning look and Kyle turned his attention back to the tv. "Max, look at Maria and your sister. We can't let them go out like this," he said to Max's back. Max was sitting in the chair by the window playing with one of the games on his palm pilot.

"Michael … We can't control what they wear," said Max, suppressing a laugh. Kyle joined in, "And why oh why would we ever want to?" and burst into laughter.

"You guys are so funny," said Maria, rolling her eyes.

"What is taking Liz so long?" exclaimed Maria and she went back over to the other room to check on her.

Isabel came back in after readjusting her makeup and Kyle whispered to Max, "Your sister is showing a lot of - "

Max groaned and closed his eyes, "I really don't need to hear that Kyle," he said, disgusted.

"What? I was gonna say, 'chutzpah'," he said unconvincingly.

"Just watch it okay? That's my sister you're talking about," said Max as he went back to playing his game.

Maria came back and plopped down on the bed. "Liz'll be out in a second. So, run the plan by me again, Isabel?"

Isabel sighed. She had told Maria the plan like, ten times already. "We go in. I cause a diversion in one of the other rooms by levitating one of the girls. When everyone goes to see her, you and Liz switch the crystal."

"Are you sure this will work? And why do you have to levitate someone for this diversion?" asked Maria anxiously.

"Of course it will. It's foolproof… and I chose to do the levitation bit because they're all a bunch of kooks that it will totally grab their atte - "

"Ok, I'm ready. Let's go you guys… " Liz interrupted Isabel when she walked in. Suddenly she noticed her sandal clasp was undone so she bent over to fix it. She didn't notice that the room had gone totally quiet until she looked up and shook her hair out of her face. Michael was gawking at her as if he were seeing her for the first time in his life. Kyle was practically drooling and Max looked like he was going to devour her where she stood.

And it was no wonder. Liz was wearing a semi-sheer black blouse with a bateau neckline and long bell sleeves, but the sleeves looked like they had been sliced through and instead of resting on her arm, they hung off her shoulders and fluttered at her sides, leaving her arms completely exposed. The off-the-arm sleeves hung lower than the slim a-line skirt that hovered almost a foot above her knees. Her legs seemed to just go on for ages and she wore tiny, strappy high-heeled sandals with black swarovski crystals littering the thin straps. Her eyes were smoky and sexy and her lips were done in a pale, pinkish nude gloss. Liz looked like she just stepped off the cover of Vogue.

"Holy - " began Michael.

"- Moly…" finished Kyle.

Max was rather speechless. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. She looked so … sexy. Liz's hair was just casually tossed about as if she had just spent hours being ravaged and he never knew her legs were that long and just how high were those heels and … Wait a minute… There was no way he was letting her out of there looking like that!

Liz blushed furiously at all the attention she was getting from Max, Michael and Kyle. "Oh," she said as she remembered that her purse was in the other room. When she turned to go and get it, everyone got a good view of the back of her outfit, what little there was of it. Her top was totally backless. The only thing across her back was a thin strand of tiny, miniscule crystals that crisscrossed a couple of times over her back and tied around her waist, leaving the ends dangling as long as her non-sleeves. That strand was the only thing keeping her top on her body.

Kyle almost fell off the couch completely. Max stumbled to his feet and Michael kept blinking as if he couldn't believe that the person who had just been standing there a second ago was Liz.

"Damn," said Kyle, getting a wary look from Michael and a scathing look from Max who gave him a gentle 'nudge' with his mind, sending Kyle careening off the couch. "Not funny Evans," called Kyle from the floor. "Neither is you ogling my girlfriend, Kyle," said Max as he raced after Liz in the other room. "She was mine first!" yelled Kyle, getting back up on the couch.

"Now who's all panicked about what you guys are wearing," said Michael snidely.

"So what the hell are we then, chopped liver?" exclaimed Maria, flustered. Isabel nodded enthusiastically at her side.

"Hey, don't blame us that you took a nice little bmw in for servicing and brought back a ferrari," said Kyle. "You guys were already like porsches so… "

"I think I've had enough of the car metaphors … " said Maria.

"I'll be fine Max," Liz was saying as she came back into the room with her purse. She turned to kiss him on his cheek, being careful not to mess up her makeup. "Really. We won't be gone long…"

"But, you're going to put on a jacket, right?" asked Max.

"Buh-bye Max," she said as she swept out the door.

"Don't wait up," said Isabel as she and Maria followed and closed the door behind them.

Max, Michael and Kyle all looked at each other. Kyle was the first to speak, "Did that just happen?"


"This is like, sooo crazy," cried Maria as they drove up to the mansion. "Look at all these women," exclaimed Liz. "I told you that Kepler guy was just using that crystal to get women," said Isabel, parking Max's suv. "Kyle would be in hog heaven," said Maria.

The girls hopped out and made their way into the mansion. A small black compact car pulled up behind them and the driver's eyes locked on to them with intense interest. The driver stepped out and walked inside. Before making it to the front door, the driver passed behind a tree. The girl who had bumped into Isabel at the University emerged from behind the tree and walked inside the mansion.

The mansion was beautiful. There was a huge staircase facing them when they entered the foyer and a young man approached with a tray of champagne. Isabel reached for the glass and Liz whispered in her ear, "You can't drink that." Isabel looked at her and then the drink. "Oh yes I can," she said and waved her hand over the glass, changing the champagne into non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice. She did the same for Liz and Maria.

Champagne glasses in hand, the ladies walked around the mansion looking for the crystal. It was in the salon on a pillow, surrounded by dazed looking women. "I'll bet they put something in this champagne," said Maria. "It may be a little difficult to get everyone out of here, when they all look so stoned," said Liz.

"We'll have to risk it," said Isabel. "We have to get that crystal and the only way to get them all out of here is to try that diversion. You guys stay here. I'll start the diversion with one of these girls…"

Liz and Maria nodded. Isabel found a corner of the room and focused her energies on one of the girls by the crystal. The girl rose in the air, eliciting gasps and screams from the ladies there… Then she levitated the girl across the room and out up the stairs. Everyone ran after her, squealing. Dylan Kepler watched with awe as the girl swept past him. Soon, the salon was empty and Liz and Maria started toward the crystal. 'Mistakenly' bumping up against the crystal, Liz caught it before it hit the ground and then slipped it into her purse and deftly switched it with the fake one Isabel made.

Suddenly the lights went out and everything went crazy. People were screaming and running into the salon and bumping into both Maria and Liz, who were trying to exit. Someone bumped into Liz and she was assailed by flashes of despair and rage. Violent images of death and mayhem flooded her mind and then, just as suddenly as they came, they stopped. Frightened, Liz spun around trying to see who had bumped into her. She was so busy looking for the person that she didn't notice her right hand glowing in front of her. "Liz! Your hand!" whispered Maria with a shriek. Liz suddenly looked at her hand and then shoved it behind behind her drawstring purse, trying to hide it.

Isabel found them and pulled them toward the door. "We have to get out of here," she said frantically. "Something's wrong… not right… I can feel it," she said, looking around nervously. The girls ran out toward the suv and jumped in. Isabel gunned the engine and tore out of the parking lot. In the distance, the lights of the mansion grounds flickered on and off as the power was restored.

The girl who had bumped into Isabel earlier that day moved back toward her car and studied the suv. She waved her hand over her face and Tess Harding got back into the driver's seat and looked at the suv's retreating rear lights. "Liz is developing powers?" she whispered to herself as she turned on the car and pulled out of the parking lot. "And it looks like she doesn't have any control over them." Tess smiled as a plan hatched in her mind. "It looks like it won't be as hard to do this as I thought," she said, driving off into the night.

Turning to face the road now that she was assured that they were not being followed, Liz finally spoke. "Someone was in there," said Liz. "I got these weird flashes. These really violent flashes," she said. She turned to look at Isabel. "How did you know something was wrong?" she asked. Isabel glanced at Liz and then the road. "I just got this weird feeling right before the lights went out," she said, slightly out of breath. "I have a bad feeling about this," said Maria. "I - I just bumped into someone in the commotion after the lights went out. That's when I got the flashes," continued Liz, looking scared.

Maria stared. "You bumped into someone? Could you see who it was?"

Liz shook her head, "No. I think it was a woman. I mean, it had to be, right? But those images, were so - so violent. They scared the life out of me."

posted on 28-Feb-2002 4:32:05 PM by Behrable dream
roswellluver originally wrote:
This being able to shapeshift is a major tactical advantage, Liz has to touch the guy to get the flashes and realize he's a baddie! They did get the crystal, right, or did Daecon steal it from Liz?? Thanks for wriitng!

Here in this part, I thought it was clear that Tess, and not Daecon was the alien Liz brushed up against:

"The girl who had bumped into Isabel earlier that day moved back toward her car and studied the suv. She waved her hand over her face and Tess Harding got back into the driver's seat and looked at the suv's retreating rear lights. "Liz is developing powers?" she whispered to herself as she turned on the car and pulled out of the parking lot. "And it looks like she doesn't have any control over them." Tess smiled as a plan hatched in her mind. "It looks like it won't be as hard to do this as I thought," she said, driving off into the night. "

Isabel, Maria and Liz are just speculating that Daecon shapeshifted into a female guest at the party... But it has been Tess, not Daecon, who has been following them...

Just wanted to clear that up... Sorry it wasn't more clear...

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Calico Cat,

Thank you so much for visiting!! I can't wait to hear what you have to say once you finish!!

-Behrable dream
posted on 28-Feb-2002 7:00:45 PM by Behrable dream
BLS40 originally wrote:
Wow, you're right the action is really kicking off now. So, I take it Liz got the crystal then? And those violent images came from the evil blonde one? Post more soon. This is a great story.

Thanks so much for you compliments... I tell ya, you and Calico Cat, Areilya, alienchica, lana_christiana, Kim_56Emotion, Jbehrbabe, abbs007, and roswellluva and everyone else that posts in here regularly really make this story worthwhile for me...

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**Author's note: Ok. Here is chapter nineteen. I just wanted to say that I am considering not continuing with this story. I feel discouraged by the scarce feedback. Is there something wrong with my storytelling?? Is it just not interesting?!?! Like I said, I love feedback and I would really appreciate getting more...

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Nineteen

Max was pacing the room. "Shouldn't they be back by now? What if something went wrong? Michael, you were right. We should have gone with them."

Kyle laughed at the once calm king. "Calm down Max. Boy, you are just so transparent, you know that? You were perfectly fine until Liz turned into a hottie…"

Max turned to look at Kyle with narrowed eyes and a smirk, "Must you refer to her as a hottie?"

Michael started flipping channels with the remote, "If the shoe fits…"

Max rolled his eyes and flounced back on the couch.

Michael stole a look at Kyle and suppressed a laugh. Then his expression grew serious. "Although, I think Max might be right. They really should have gotten back by now."


"So, could that bountyhunter be a shapeshifter? Or maybe he is a she?" said Liz. "I don't think I can get flashes from anyone but an alien. So it has to be him. There isn't anyone else, right?"

"Unless it was Nikolas and the skins," said Isabel.

"But I thought all the skins were destroyed when Tess did her 'firestarter' thingee," said Maria.

"Firestarter thingee?" said Isabel, while Maria shrugged. "Well, Nikolas was alive at the summit, so I think it is safe to say that he and some other skins survived. Besides, we can't trust that 'fire' thing from Tess anyway. She was a traitor, right?"

"Right," sighed Liz. "So, it could have been the skins, or it could have been Daecon."

"Or it could be anyone else. We don't know who all is down here. Khivar could have come back for all we know," said Maria.

"Oh that's a comforting thought," said Isabel wryly.

"Well whoever that was, I think we lost them," said Liz. "Do you think we'll be safe tonight in our rooms?"

Maria kept looking out the back window nervously. "Well, no one has been following us that I can tell. So, if we can just get back inside without anyone noticing, we should be okay… that is, unless they already know where we're staying."


"Hey Jude. How ya doin man?" asked Sean sitting next to Jude in his room at home.

Jude turned to look at his visitor. His eyes were glazed over. It was obvious that he had been drugged with a sedative. "I'm good man. My parents keep giving me these pills to help me sleep. But nothing works."

Suddenly, Jude looked around conspiratorily and grabbed Sean's arm. "No one believes me, Sean. I tried to tell them what happened," he whispered.

Sean looked at his godbrother. "I believe you Jude. And I am going to get you out of here. The guy who did this to you will pay. He will pay big time. I promise."

Jude smiled contentedly. "Thanks man. I knew you would come through for me."

Sean looked at Jude carefully. "Jude… Is there anything else you can tell me about what happened?"

"Voice in my head," he said. "The voice told me to attack Liz. I couldn't stop myself. I tried hard to stop, but I couldn't. The voice had complete control over me."

"Was it a male or female voice?" asked Sean.

"Male. Definitely a male voice," replied Jude.

"What happened when Max came in?" asked Sean. "What did the voices say then?"

"Nothing. They just stopped. That was when I was able to control myself again. I let Liz go and ran," answered Jude earnestly.

Sean looked at Jude and sighed, rubbing his face. He didn't have much to go on, but he had to find out everything there was to know about Max Evans. He would not stop until he had Max right where he wanted him … away from Liz Parker.


"Wait… did you hear that?" said Max, reaching for the mute button on the tv. Michael strained to hear what Max heard.

"I think they're back," he said, rushing to their adjoining door and throwing it open.

Isabel was the first one through it. "We got trouble," she said as she turned to go back in her room. Liz had gone over to sit in a chair and she had her head in her hands. Maria was sitting by the window and she kept peeking out as if she were looking for someone.

Michael followed and went to sit with Maria. "What - what's wrong? What happened?"

Kyle came in next, "Did you get the crystal?"

"Yeah we got the crystal… It's what happened after we got the crystal that worries me," said Isabel.

Max entered the room and went over to Liz. "What happened after you got the crystal?"

"Chaos," said Liz enigmatically as she sighed and crossed her legs, sitting in her chair with her head back against the wall. "Right after the I switched the crystals, the lights went out and in the commotion, someone brushed against me. I got - these really bad flashes. They completely freaked me out. Something alien was at that party tonight."

All the guys exchanged blank looks.

Max sat on the chair arm and put his arms around Liz, who was shivering slightly. "How do you know it was an alien, Liz?" he asked, rubbing her arms.

Liz leaned back into him, "Because I don't get flashes from humans… only … only aliens. Maybe Daecon followed us here. Maybe it was him."

"But wasn't that party all women?" asked Michael.

"Yeah, it was basically all women… but there were a few waiters," said Maria.

"I'm pretty sure I bumped into a woman," said Liz.

"So, either Daecon is a shapeshifter, or a woman to begin with, or there's another alien out there," said Max.

"Maybe this alien isn't hostile," said Kyle.

"I don't think so… " said Liz. "The flashes were so violent that it was like rage and anger were pouring off of whoever it was. If that isn't hostility, I don't know what is."

"We thought it could be Nikolas and the skins," said Isabel. "We can't really trust that they are all gone, can we?"

Max considered this. "I guess not."

Maria looked at Liz uncomfortably. "Liz," she said, pointing to her hand. Liz looked down. Clearly she didn't want to talk about that.

Max looked from Maria to Liz warily. "What? What is it you're not telling us?" he asked. He moved to sit directly in front of Liz. "Liz? What happened?"

Maria suddenly seemed very interested in talking to Michael in the other room. Taking the hint, Isabel dragged Kyle back to the other room too. "Wait… I wanna know… " Kyle's voice was drowned out when Isabel closed the door.

Max turned back towards Liz. "What happened that you aren't telling me, Liz?"


Michael closed the door and tossed a soda to Kyle. "So are you guys going to tell us what happened with Liz other than the flashes tonight?" he asked impatiently.

Maria went over and grabbed the other soda from him and opened it for herself. "She had another experience."

Kyle's gaze dropped to the floor and chewed the inside of his cheek. "Another one, huh?"

Maria nodded. "When the lights went out, her hands just started glowing… It was almost like emergency lighting or something, I dunno… "

Isabel looked at them curiously. "Wait a minute. The last time Liz had an experience, she was really scared. She said she saw Alex behind you trying to hurt you that day at the UFO Center."

"But that was just a vision, right?" said Michael.

"Yeah, but she thought Maria was in trouble. And then tonight, the lights go out and her hand starts glowing - not with heat, but with light, when Liz is really scared. Maybe that is what is triggering these 'episodes' with her. Maybe if we work with her or something… she will learn how to control her power," said Isabel thoughtfully.

"That's all well and good, but what are we going to do about the possible alien threat that was at the party tonight?" asked Michael.

"Maybe we should go in and ask Max and Liz what they think, but it would make sense to do some sort of sleeping in shifts..." said Maria.


Liz sighed and got up from the chair and walked over to the other side of the room. "When the lights went out… I was really scared. And then when I got those flashes… I think I freaked out. My - my hand started to glow. These changes almost always seem to happen when I am really scared, Max. I couldn't control it."

Max went to her and hugged her. "I'm so sorry that you are going through this. I wish I knew of a way to help you… Did anyone see you?"

"I don't think so. When Maria saw my hand, I hid it underneath my purse. Besides, the lights were out. If anyone saw my hand, they wouldn't be able to see me," said Liz.

Max nodded, relieved that no one had seen her. Then a thought occurred to him. "Did I tell you how incredible you look tonight?"

"No… actually, you were trying to cover me up, but thanks anyway," said Liz with a twinkle in her eye.

"Can you blame me for wanting to be the only guy to see you like this?" said Max.

"Michael and Kyle saw me too," said Liz.

"Yes and they have been severely reprimanded for - "

"For what? Max…" said Liz admonishingly.

"I - I didn't hurt anyone… I just - um, reminded them whose girl you were…" said Max innocently.

Liz chuckled. Suddenly, Max's look became far less playful. "You do look amazing. I think I'm glad that party was all women. If there had been any men there other than the waitstaff, you would have been surrounded by them all night. You never would have gotten the crystal. Plus, I wouldn't want a bunch of guys crawling all over you anyway," he said. Liz blushed and then remembered. "The crystal. I forgot to give you the crystal Max," she said and moved to get her purse. She had loosened the drawstring when Max pulled her back.

"I think the crystal can wait, Liz," he murmured as he brought her lips up to his. The kiss was tentative at first, but it grew more passionate as he wrapped his hands in her hair. The sensation of touching her bare skin was almost too much for him. "You are so sexy, Liz," he whispered hoarsely. "You have no idea how much I wanted to do this when I first saw you tonight." Liz was about to protest that everyone was still in the other room, when Max captured her mouth with his again. There was nothing sweet and gentle about his kiss this time. It was torrid and it scorched Liz's lips. Max's hands explored every inch of her exposed skin. His hands wandered down her skirt, lifting the hem as he sampled the skin underneath and left a trail of fire everywhere his hands touched. Liz felt Max pick her up and spread her legs around his waist. She locked her legs around him and he growled with pleasure. Liz felt an insatiable ache well up deep within her and she squeezed herself closer to him. Max groaned and moved them back so that her back was against the wall and he could press himself more firmly against her. His tongue lashed at her like a whip and she moaned with pleasure at the seductive attack.

Liz was bowled over by Max's passionate appetite. She had never seen him so … wild and untamed. If they didn't stop soon… That last thought was drowned out by the force of their connection opening up. Liz gaspd as she felt the monsoon of passionate emotions pouring from Max. All of a sudden flashes of the two of them in heated moments flashed behind Liz's eyelids… She realized with a flush that they were all fantasies that Max had had about her that very same night.


Max holding Liz in a passionate embrace; Liz with her legs wrapped around his waist; Max loosening the strand of crystals that held her blouse together; Max dissolving the crystals with his power, stripping her shirt off in frustration and devouring her skin with his hands and mouth; Liz tearing Max's shirt off and digging her nails into his flesh; Liz with her head thrown back against the wall biting her lower lip as Max kissed her intimately; Max thrusting against Liz causing her to cry out, "Oh … Oh God Max! Max!!"


"Max!" gasped Liz as he removed her from the wall and laid her down on the couch. Max's emotions were completely out of control. He knew he needed to stop but he wanted her so badly he could taste it. His hands hovered at the crystal strands of her top. He wanted nothing more than to rip it off of her completely. Both of them were startled when Liz's purse began to emit an eerie light. Max stared at the opening of her purse intently. The crystal inside was … glowing.

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Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback and welcome to my newest readers!!! Sorry it's taken me so long to update... I have been swamped!!

TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Twenty

Max pulled back from Liz to stare at the crystal. He went to remove it from her purse and it floated out and hovered in the air over his head. "Oh…" whispered Liz, still out of breath, as she looked at it in awe. Remembering his dream, Max held out his hand and the sphere slowly dropped into the palm of his hand. Liz walked over to stare at the crystal and she reacted with fascination when writing flashed across the front of it briefly. "It's beautiful," she said.

Max was transfixed by the sphere. He could hear millions of voices singing in the most amazing melody. It was almost as if he was being reunited with something that he had lost long ago. There was a hint of familiarity with the voices, but he was having trouble discerning any meaning from them. Suddenly, he was assailed with flashes that almost knocked him over. He fell back on the couch and tried to make sense of the images flashing before his eyes.


Large ships entering orbit around a planet; The beings from the ships look … human; The atmosphere around the planet changing slightly over time and the humanoid beings changing form to survive; The original inhabitants of the planet being saved from extinction by a great light that readjusted their bodies to match the new atmosphere; The erection of a structure that reached toward the heavens; A crystal slab falling to the ground and breaking in two; A light or essence emerging from the broken crystal slab; The essence morphing into a being consisting of nothing but pure light and looking out over the planet; The planet growing lush vegetation and animal life; Civilizations beginning to emerge - their faiths based on the being of light and those that came with it; The beings from the ship embracing their new brethren and leaving the planet leaving what appeared to be the Granolith in the temple Max now recognized as the one from his dream.


When Max fell back on the couch, Liz had to jump out of the way. He had suddenly gone catatonic and nothing she did seemed to help him come out of his trance. She shook him, suddenly becoming very afraid that Max would not wake up. She was about to go next door and get help when his eyes flickered and he shook his head. The crystal stopped glowing and lay in his hands, dormant.

"Max… thank goodness," she breathed in relief.

Max looked at her, an expression of wonder in his eyes. "Liz. It's amazing. I hear all of these incredible voices - I can't make out any meaning, but it - it's like the most beautiful music… the melody is the same as the one from my dream. But the flashes - I could almost understand what everything meant, but not quite."

"Wow… " said Liz. "I wish I could hear it too. But Max … when you were holding the crystal, you kind of spaced out there for a minute or two. I couldn't reach you. I was afraid you were never going to come out of it."

"I'm sorry I scared you. I was just … amazed. The images were so clear even if I didn't totally understand them," he said. "It is so frustrating to know that there is so much history from my heritage and I don't know any of it, really. I want to learn about my heritage so much," said Max, flustered.

"I know you do Max. Maybe this sphere will help," said Liz earnestly.

"How could it? If this were left on the island of Atlantis, then how could it tell me anything about Antar?"


"Haven't they been in there long enough?" exclaimed Isabel. "I want to know if Max got anything from that crystal. If he doesn't, maybe I will," she added.

"Maybe we should just go over there and see what's going on," said Maria.

"Better knock first," said Kyle with a smirk. "Especially with the way Liz is lookin' tonight."

"Do you think about anything else besides sex?" asked Isabel.

"Not if I can help it," said Kyle with a wink.

"Come on, let's just go over there," said Maria, heading for the door. She hesitated before going in and knocked loudly on the door to announce her entrance. Shielding her eyes, she said, "Are you guys decent in here?"

Liz sighed dramatically. "Of course we are, Maria."

Max looked at her with feigned woundedness, "Of course… ?"

Liz blushed and turned back to Maria. "What's up?"

Isabel rushed past Maria and went over to see the crystal. She looked at Max questioningly and then picked it up. From the look on her face, nothing of interest happened and she put it down, disappointed.

Michael noticed this and went over to try and touch it himself. When nothing happened, he sat next to Isabel, hugging her shoulders. "Hey… nothing happened for me either. Maybe it's only atuned to Max."

Maria tried to ignore Michael hugging Isabel and went to sit in a chair by the window. Nervously, she peeked out to see if there were any suspicious looking characters about. "So we were thinking about sleeping in shifts so that if whoever was at that party tonight comes after us, we won't be caught … well … sleeping."

Max nodded. "I think that's a good idea. Maybe we should have teams. One human and one of us should stay awake while the rest of you sleep for a while and then we can switch. It's already about midnight, so we only have about nine hours to worry about. Who wants to go first?"

Isabel practically jumped up. She was hoping to try and get some flashes from the crystal. "I'll go first," she said.

Kyle groaned. "I guess that means I'm on your team?"

Michael and Maria didn't even wait for Max's approval. A sly look passed between them and Maria ran to get her bag and followed him to the bedroom in the guys' suite. "G'nite guys," said Michael, "We'll take the last shift," he added, not waiting for approval.

"Well I guess that means we have the second shift, Max," said Liz looking up at him and stifling a yawn. Max looked at her tenderly. She really was tired. He grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom that the girls shared.

Isabel and Kyle shared a knowing look.

Liz went into the bathroom to get changed first. She came back out with her hair swept up in a knot and dressed in a tiny camisole top and boxers… Max couldn't help thinking about how she would look dressed only in one of his men's shirts. He grabbed her for a passionate kiss before heading into the bathroom to change himself.

"So how did you want to sleep - " Max was saying when he came out of the bathroom, but he stopped when he saw Liz. She looked like she had been waiting for Max to come out of the bathroom, but she zoinked out instead. She was laying over on her side and her hair had come undone, hanging in sheets across her face. Max couldn't suppress the grin that came to his face and he went over to pick her up and tuck her into the bed. He decided to take the other bed, since she wasn't awake to field any questions about their sleeping arrangements.

When their shift came in the form of Izzy knocking softly on the door, Max decided not to wake Liz and moved quietly to the door to tell her he was up. Izzy closed the door and left to sleep on the pullout couch in the common area of the suite and Max walked quietly over to the window and sat in the chair there watching Liz.

Liz was dreaming that she was walking through school when a hand pulled her into the eraser room. She was frightened at first, but then when she saw it was Max, she fell into his arms and kissed him amorously. Then suddenly, his face turned into Jude's and he began trying to choke her. He was sitting on her and she couldn't get him off. Max burst in the room and started toward Jude, but then they all heard the sounds of a baby crying. Max turned toward the sound and looked back at Liz sorrowfully. "Max, help… " she gasped, struggling for air. "He can't help you. He has to save his son," said Jude, who was not Jude anymore. It was Tess. "Nooooooo… " choked Liz, gagging. "Noooooo… Maaaaaax … heeeeeeeeeeeelp…"

Max noticed that Liz was sleeping fitfully now. Her head was tossing back and forth slightly and Max grew worried. He thought she might be dreaming about Alex so he went over to her bed and tried to comfort her. He knew she needed the sleep, so he didn't want to wake her, but nothing was helping. He gently nudged her, hoping she would come to, but she didn't. His actions only seemed to agitate her further. He moved to try and shake her awake when she suddenly jerked awake. "Aaaarh!" she cried and Max immediately tried to soothe her. She looked wildly around the room and then at Max in confusion and then slumped in his arms. "It's okay Liz, I'm here," he said soothingly and he pulled her to him in a hug, kissing her forehead. "Shhhh…" he said calmly, trying to help Liz get her breathing back under control. Liz's eyes darted around the room nervously. Tears began to sting her eyes as she realized that she had had a dream about Tess. She honestly thought she had gotten past her fears about Tess and the baby. In her heart of hearts she knew that she had. So why was this coming up now?

Telling Liz he would be right back, Max went to go and wake up Michael and Maria. He knocked on the door tentatively and then waited until Michael stumbled to the door. "You're up Michael," he said and trotted back over to Liz, who still looked scared. Max went to her, kissed her softly and then went back over to get in the other bed. Liz looked at him shyly. "Max? Would - would you sleep over here tonight? With - with me?"

Max swallowed hard and nodded. He would like nothing more. He crawled under the covers and Liz curled up next to him. In his wildest dreams, he never expected to be sleeping with Liz. The fantasies he had been having about being with her tonight hadn't quite gotten this far. Not being able to resist, he pulled her to him and kissed her softly on the lips. Liz purred contentedly and laid her head on his chest and drew her leg up to rest on his legs. Max froze. It was really lucky that Liz had fallen asleep. Max tried to relax his body's impulses and calm down. He concentrated on the sound of Liz's breathing and soon, he had fallen asleep.


Max woke to the sound of the alarm clock buzzing next to him. He waved his hand to turn it off and then remembered that the pentagon was on. Cursing, he moved slightly to slap it with his hand. He looked down, remembering who was in his arms. Liz stirred slightly and curled up even more tightly to him. He had never been quite so content. Waking up with Liz in bed was like the most incredible of benedictions to him. He trailed his finger down her shoulder line, slipping her camisole strap down in the process. Her skin was like the softest silk and he never tired of touching it. He drew lazy circles all around her skin and smiled slyly when her eyes fluttered open. Liz stretched like a kitten, her body arching toward him and exposing large areas of skin that Max eyed with rapt interest.

Resisting the urge to kiss every bit of exposed skin, he concentrated on greeting Liz properly. "Hi," he said with a smile. Liz gazed back up at him, "Hi." Stifling a yawn, Liz sat up until she was sitting over Max, whose head was still resting on the pillow. Max couldn't resist pulling her down to him for a good morning kiss.

The new layers of Liz's hair fell in shiny torrents over both of them. Max cupped the side of her face and pulled her even closer, if that was possible. His other hand wrapped around her back and slid underneath her camisole top. Max was startled to realize that Liz wasn't wearing a bra. At the touch of her skin, Max's resolve not to take things too far with Liz weakened considerably. Liz was also having difficulty thinking clearly. She knew that they needed to stop, and soon, because of who was next door, but she was enjoying the feel of his hands on her flesh far too much to consider anything but having him do much more than touch her.

Liz's arms were beginning to tire from holding herself up. As if sensing her discomfort, Max moved and positioned Liz so that she was straddling him. This new sensation elicited a soft moan from Liz when Max sat up to bring their bodies closer together. Wrapping his right hand in her hair, Max grabbed her lower lip with his mouth and tugged. His other hand traveled further up her back and slid around to her side.

When the tips of his fingers unexpectedly brushed against the side of her breast, Liz gasped and broke their passionate kiss. Max pulled his hands around and let them rest at her ribs underneath her camisole. Keeping his eyes locked on hers, he slid his hand further and further up, with Liz straining with anticipation. Her lips were parted erotically, and her gaze was heavy-lidded. Her lashes swept down to her chest as she watched Max's hands slowly inch up to her breasts.

Max hesitated and then looked to Liz for acquiescence. Liz nodded slowly and whispered, "Please Max." This was all the encouragement he needed. Rubbing her skin softly, Max continued to move his hands up toward her breast. When his thumb finally brushed against her left breast, Liz threw back her head and cried out, pushing herself closer to him. Max growled and threw her back on the bed, with his hands still on her. He lowered himself to her and began to passionately kiss the skin below her ribs. His tongue swept over her in a hot, whip-like fashion and Liz writhed beneath him restlessly. His hands continued to push her camisole up higher and higher, and his lips followed. Liz gasped out his name and he stopped momentarily to look up at her. Liz's eyes locked onto his and she was startled by the passion she saw resonating there. Max's hazel eyes had darkened to a dark shade of amber and the heat in them singed her skin everywhere he focused on her.

Max was mesmerized by Liz's reaction to his seduction of her. He wanted so much to just throw caution to the wind and he resumed his titillating kisses on her abdomen. His lips were mere centimeters from her breasts when he heard a knock at the door. Max froze and then pulled away from her. Liz groaned aloud and collapsed back onto the bed, severely disappointed at the interruption. "Are you guys up?" came Maria's voice through the door. Breathing too heavily to speak, Max was relieved when Liz called out, "Not quite. Max is still zonked out. Give me a second to wake him up."

Liz and Max waited with baited breath for Maria to respond. "Okay. But hurry up okay? I left something in there and we have to check out in less than two hours." Liz looked around wildly for anything belonging to Maria and gathered it up, shoving it to her through the door. "Just let us know when the bathroom is free, okay Maria?" asked Liz hurriedly, shutting the door before Maria could formulate an affirmative answer.

Turning to look at Max, Liz felt her skin flush. He just looked so amazingly sexy that she had trouble keeping her eyes off of him. He wasn't even wearing a shirt. How was she supposed to concentrate on anything with him looking at her like that? "Zonked out?" asked Max with a raised eyebrow. "Well, I had to come up with something." Max looked at her askew, "mmm hhmm…" he said clutching the pillow behind him and then in a cat-light motion, whipping it around to bring it crashing down on her head. Liz looked at him stunned and he laughed out loud at her expression. "I cannot believe you just did that," she said and grabbed for the other pillow. Soon a gregarious pillowfight ensued and it ended with Liz and Max wrapped in the bedclothes on the floor, laughing uncontrollably. Max grabbed her head and captured her lips with his. The kiss grew passionate and then…

Maria knocked on the door again. "Bathroom's open!" she yelled. Max collapsed with a groan onto Liz who stuck her tongue out in a forced sigh. "I get the feeling someone is trying to tell us something," she said sarcastically. "Maybe we should get up now. I have to wash and dry my hair." Max wished he could wash her hair for her… along with other parts of her. Clearing his throat, he moved off of her and pulled her to her feet. "Why don't you go ahead and take your shower first?" he suggested. Liz smiled at him and slowly walked off to take her shower.


The ride home was uneventful, except for the nervous glances behind them to make sure they were not being followed. Max dropped Liz and Kyle off and he and Isabel made their way home.

"So… I guess Liz told you about her latest 'episode'?" asked Isabel turning away from her window. Max nodded, not saying anything.

"What do you think about her flashes? Do you think it was Daecon?" she continued.

Max glanced over at his sister and then back at the road. "I don't know who it was. But I do know that we need to be really careful. Whoever it is might turn up at any moment. We have to be ready. I think we need to resume our training."

Isabel looked up sharply. "Resume our training? Where could we do that without bringing attention to ourselves?"

Max cut his eyes at her slightly. "What about the rock quarry? Where the Granolith was…"

Isabel nodded and then resumed her nervous staring out the window.


"So what do you suggest we do, Diane? We don't even know if any of this is true. We have to ask him," said Philip Evans anxiously. "I don't want to believe it either, but he has been acting strangely lately. This would explain so much."

Diane looked at her husband. She didn't want to believe any of this. She was not ready to accept anything like this. Not her son. "Maybe it would help things if we went ahead and just asked him outright."

Philip started to speak, but was interrupted by the sound of the front door slamming and Max and Isabel coming into the living room. "Hi mom, dad," said Max, going over to hug his mother. "Hey son. Your mother and I were just talking about you. Why don't you come and sit for a moment?"

Max looked at his parents uncomfortably. They both looked … odd. "What's up dad?"

"We need to - uh, talk to you, Max. About something important," answered Diane.

Max looked at his sister nervously. Isabel excused herself and went upstairs to her room. Max turned to face his parents with a nervous look on his face.

"Max. Someone came to visit us this morning and told us some very interesting information about you. I wish you had come to us about this yourself," declared Philip.

Max flushed all over his body. A nervous tingle ran up his spine. "What is this all about?"

Diane went to sit next to her son. Even if he was adopted, he was still her baby. "Is there something that you want to tell us, Max?"

Max looked back and forth between his parents. Did they know? Did they know he was an alien? What about Isabel? And Michael? He decided to try and skirt the issue. "I don't think so," he said.

Philip sighed and plopped a folder down in front of Max. Max hesitated and then opened it. Inside were pictures of him with … Tess, and some sort of medical report. Max gasped, stunned. It was a medical report of Tess, confirming her pregnancy. But there was no way Tess would have gone to see any doctor since finding out she was pregnant. And she wasn't even on Earth anymore. So where did this report come from? "Where … where did you get this?" he choked out.

Philip decided to cut to the chase. "What I want to know is if this child is yours. Did you have sex with this girl?"

Max was at a complete loss. He could not figure out how this had happened. "How - where d-did you g-get that?" he stuttered.

"Where I got it really doesn't matter. I want you to answer my question," demanded Philip.

Max sighed and look at his shoes. "Yes. Yes I slept with Tess and yes, she is pregnant with my child. But she left. She left with the baby and I didn't know what to do about it. I just … I just didn't know if it would be worth it to say anything, because she said she wasn't coming back here, ever. I just felt so stupid, for sleeping with her without protection. But I would have taken responsibility for this if she had stayed. I just … " Max trailed off uncertainly.

Diane and Philip looked at their son. Diane was shocked. She could not believe that her son was having sex and that he was about to be a father. She was not happy with this. She had always thought that if her son were having sex, that he was protecting himself. Now all of a sudden, she wondered if he was having sex with Liz now. Somehow she thought that was unlikely, given who Liz's parents were. But she would have to pay more attention to both of them from now on.

A sudden thought occurred to her. How on Earth was Liz dealing with the knowledge that Max had been with Tess and that Tess was pregnant with his child? Did she even know?

"Are you going to tell me where that came from?" asked Max, motioning toward the envelope.

Diane looked at Philip and nodded. Philip got up and went into his study. He came back out, followed by … Tess Harding.

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry - Chapter Twenty One

Max paled. He had to be looking at a ghost or a maybe he was having a nightmare. It couldn’t be Tess. She had gone back to Antar, hadn’t she?

“Hi, Max,” said Tess, emoting a rather forced smile.

Max didn’t say anything. He was too angry. How dare Tess tell his parents about this? Instantly, he felt at once manipulated and shocked. How was the baby surviving here? Max stared at Tess. He couldn’t believe she was here.

Diane and Philip looked from their son to the future mother of their grandchild. There was a lot of tension in the room and it grew by leaps and bounds when Isabel came down the stairs. Stunned, she stared at Tess with an expression that bordered on outright hatred and abject fear.

“Hi, Isabel,” said Tess expectantly.

Isabel didn’t say anything either. She just stared at Tess and then looked at Max nervously. “Tess, “ she managed to croak out with extreme difficulty.

Diane stared at her children. They were being blatantly rude and she didn’t understand any of it. She could kind of understand Max’s reaction, but she’d thought that Isabel and Tess had been good friends. What could have happened to make her react to Tess this way?

Philip cleared his throat. “We were just about to have dinner, Tess. Would you like to stay and eat with us?”

Tess was about to respond when Isabel spoke up quickly. “I – I have to go to the library. I have a paper due… and I really need to get started on it. I’m sorry. I’ll see you another time Tess and we’ll … catch up.”

Before anyone could say anything, Isabel bolted out the door. She was sorry to leave Max there like that, but she had to call everyone and tell them what happened. She also needed to get out of that house. She didn’t know how much longer she could have stood there playing nice to that murdering wench. Hands shaking, Isabel jumped in her mom’s saab and tore out of the driveway, headed for Michael’s.

Inside, Max grabbed his dad’s arm and pulled him into the study, closing the door. “Dad … “ he began, but Philip brushed him off. “What is going on with you Max? You were blatantly rude to that girl. Like it or not, she is pregnant with your child and you cannot treat her like dirt. You are going to have to make an effort to be nice to her. I’m sorry we just sprung this on you but she just showed up this morning and …”

Max sighed and went over to sit on the plush chair in the study. He put his head in his hands and took a deep breath. “I’d like to talk to Tess alone, dad. I need to set some things right with her. Can we have a little privacy?”

Philip nodded and went out to get Tess, who entered the study nervously.

Max waited for his dad to close the door and his footsteps became faint. “What are you doing here Tess? The baby cannot survive here,” he demanded.

Tess shifted a little bit. “I – I lied about that Max. I lied because I needed to get you back to Antar to appease Khivar. I – I didn’t have a choice! He was going to kill all of us. I thought if I could just get us all back to Antar then we might have a chance to – to overthrow him.”

“If that’s true Tess, why didn’t you TELL us the truth? We would have been more prepared to deal with Khivar if we had known the truth! And Alex needn’t have died,” whispered Max fiercely.

“I – I knew you wouldn’t believe me… I – I thought about telling you right before we left, but you kissed me and I got those flashes…” Tess started.

“And you saw me kissing Liz,” finished Max. “You were going to sell us up the river because you were jealous?” asked Max incredulously.

“No. I – I mean… I wasn’t going to sell you out … I just … when Liz came in and told you that I killed Alex…” said Tess.

“Wait a minute. You are defending yourself by saying that Liz prevented you from coming clean by telling us first?!?!?!! You have got to be kidding me. Tess, let’s get something straight. I can’t do anything to you – yet, because you are still carrying my son. So why don’t we just lay our cards out on the table. You sent Alex to Las Cruces to decode the book and when your mindwarp failed, you killed him. And then you mindwarped Kyle into helping you dispose of him. All because of this plan of yours and Khivar’s to get pregnant and go home. True?”

Tess swallowed, “Max – “

“Is that TRUE or not Tess?!” demanded Max angrily.

“It’s true,” admitted Tess weakly.

“So why didn’t you just ask Alex to decode the book for you? Why did you do that behind our backs?” asked Max. Max couldn’t believe he was having this conversation. He was very angry with Tess and he wanted to avenge Alex’s death. But he knew that he couldn’t. Tess had involved his parents. And that complicated things.

“Because I was mindwarped. When you found me in that warehouse in New York Max, they had mind-raped me, but I was mindwarped too. I didn’t realize it until after I got back to Antar. Khivar made it clear that he didn’t care about this baby at all. He just wanted you, Michael and Isabel. I was disposable. That is why I fled back here,” lied Tess.

Max stared at her disbelievingly. “We really have no way of proving you were mindwarped Tess. All we have is your word. And that doesn’t go very far.”

“Max,” Tess pleaded. “I want to be honest with you. I feel horrible about Alex’s death, but I didn’t mean for it to happen. If I could go back and change things I would, but I can’t.”

Max just looked at her blankly. Tess couldn’t read his expression at all.

“I want to be completely upfront and honest with you Max. I have a confession to make. There is another reason why I left Antar,” said Tess submissively.

“What?” asked Max alarmed. What had Tess done now?

“I came to warn you. Khivar sent someone here to capture you and take you back to – ,” started Tess.

“We know about Daecon already, Tess. And forgive me if I don’t honestly believe that you came all the way back here just to warn us,” spat Max disbelievingly.

Tess looked at the floor. This would be more difficult than she thought.

“Michael! Michael open up!!” Isabel was banging on Michael’s door fiercely. When Maria came to open it, she barged in, not bothering to say hello or anything. Instead she ran to Michael and gripped his arm fearfully. “She – she’s back!! She’s back… at our house… told parents… Max still there … Oh God I wanted to kill her… “

Isabel collapsed on Michael’s arm and started to sob uncontrollably with rage. “That … BITCH!!” she sputtered. “She killed Alex!! She killed Alex… “

Maria stared confusedly at Isabel. She couldn’t be talking about … no … she couldn’t be. “Isabel? Is – is …”

“TESS is at my HOUSE!” she wailed miserably. “She’s at my damn house with Max. What are we going to do? We can’t kill her can we? But she killed – she killed Alex!” Michael and Maria jumped as the vase next to Isabel exploded into shards of glass.

Maria went over and pulled Isabel to the couch. They both jumped when the phone rang. It was Max. “Get everyone over to the UFO Center in thirty minutes,” he said curtly and hung up.

Maria hung up the phone and relayed the message. “It looks like Hell just froze over,” she said grimly. “I never thought that murdering witch would ever come back here.”

Isabel went to the phone. “I’ll call Kyle and Jim. Maybe you guys should go and pick Liz up.”

Maria and Michael exchanged glances. This was not going to be pretty at all.

“Hey Maria,” called Liz as she placed some Galaxy Subs in front of her customers. Liz stopped. She didn’t like the look on Maria’s face. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

“Liz… We – we have to go over to the UFO Center. Something has come up. We need to be there in like twenty minutes. Can you get off?” Maria asked anxiously.

Liz looked around the diner. There was no way she’d be able to get off her shift early. It ended in an hour. Her dad called out from behind her, “I can not let Lizzie off early today, Maria. We’re too full.”

Maria threw a plaintive look at Liz and then sighed. It would have to wait. And she didn’t think Liz would be able to stand the news about Tess and not be at the meeting. “Okay. Just run over when your shift is up. Don’t forget the – you know.”

Liz gave her an inquisitive look and then nodded when she remembered that Maria was talking about the pentagon. She watched Maria go back to Michael who was wearing a stunned look. She couldn’t imagine what could have happened, unless it had something to do with the incident last night. Maybe they had found out that Daecon was at that party. Maybe they discovered that he was a shapeshifter or something.

Whatever had happened, it couldn’t be good. It couldn’t be good at all.

“Where are you going, Max?” asked his dad. Max turned to look at his dad and tried to come up with a reasonable explanation.

“Max wanted to go somewhere more private to talk. I think he wants to tell everyone else that I am here. I kindof left in a hurry and Isabel and the others are kindof mad at me. I deceived them about some things and I want to set everything right,” answered Tess for him.

Max took a deep breath. Cover stories and deception came just too easily for Tess, he thought. He couldn’t trust her at all. Suddenly a thought occurred to him. Liz, he thought. He needed to make sure that he spoke to Liz before she saw Tess. He didn’t want Liz to be surprised with Tess’ appearance like Isabel was. Wistfully he wished that Isabel was still here. Then he wouldn’t have to be alone in the suv with Tess.

“Just make sure you come back here. I think Tess should stay here until we figure everything out. Either that or we should let her stay with the Valenti’s again, if they will have her. Although, Diane would probably want her to stay here so she can keep an eye on her and the baby.”

“What??!?! Dad, you can’t mean that you want Tess to live here,” said Max incredulously.

“Not permanently. Just until we sort everything out,” said Max’s dad succinctly.

Max groaned inwardly. Not only had Tess managed to gain herself an easy entrance into his life, but she had ingratiated his parents. Max knew that this was the height of manipulation. Showing up to see his parents this way, with the pictures and the fake doctor’s records… Tess had calculated this very carefully. Nothing had changed at all. She was still as manipulative as ever and Max knew he could not afford to trust her.

Jeff Parker went into his daughter’s bedroom to find the cordless phone. Somehow it had ended up in Lizzie’s room. Her cordless probably died again, he thought. Listening for the page sounds, he located the phone on the floor next to her bedside table. Reaching for it, he knocked a strange thing off of the table. It was a pentagon shaped electronics device, probably a new game. These kids had such weird toys, he thought. He placed it back on her table, chuckling to himself and not noticing that it had a barely noticible hairline crack in the middle.

Sean walked toward the diner. Seeing Max pull up to the UFO Center, his eyes narrowed. He hadn’t found anything else on Max yet and he needed to get the dirt on him so that he could get Liz away from him. Squinting his eyes in the darkness, he saw Max get out and then he saw a petite blond girl get out on the passenger side. Sean stared in disbelief. Tess? What was she doing back here? he thought. A smile crept across his face as a thought occurred to him. It may not be necessary to get the goods on Evans after all, he thought. Tess would likely keep Max away from Liz for him.

Walking into the Crashdown, Sean brightened when he saw Liz. She looked different … in a really good way. Her hair was different … it was tousled all over her head and it fell in cascading sheets around her face. Her eyes looked dark and sultry. Sean had never seen her looking so utterly sexy. She had changed out of her Crashdown uniform and she was wearing tan bootleg pants and a black v-necked ¾ length sleeved top. Her sandals peeked out from underneath her outfit. Sean wasn’t a fashion maven by any stretch of the imagination, but he had listened to a Maria diatribe or two on clothes when she was on the phone with Liz. Liz was looking really good. Sean frowned slightly as he realized that this look was probably for Evans’ benefit. He brightened up a little bit when he decided that might be true now, but maybe not later. “Wow Liz,” he exclaimed. “You look … you look … wow,” he stammered.

Liz looked up when she saw Sean and blushed slightly. “Sean, hi,” she said, heading for the door. Sean followed her and rushed ahead to get the door for her. “Hey, where are you going?” he asked nervously. “Just over to the UFO Center to meet some friends,” replied Liz. Sean pursed his lips tightly. “What’s going on over there?” he asked curiously.

Liz shifted a little uncomfortably. “We – we’re getting together to plan a party for Isabel,” lied Liz. Sean didn’t notice, as he was caught up in his own war. “Liz, there is something you should – Let me ask you a question: Are you sure Max is faithful to you?”

Liz stopped walking and turned to look at Sean. “Haven’t we been here before Sean? Everytime I see you, you start in on me about Max. He is faithful to me. I have nothing to worry about.”

Sean sighed. Should he tell Liz about Tess, or let her find out on her own? She would obviously see her once she got there, and if it was bad, she would probably seek comfort with him, as she did before. Plus, the angrier with Max she became, the better. She would stay away from him and she would be safe. “Okay. Just – if you need me, I’m here. I will always be here for you Liz.”

Liz looked at Sean bewilderingly. What on Earth was he going on about now? she thought. Liz shook her head and continued on to the UFO Center, unaware that the pentagon was no longer functioning properly.

When she got to the main doors and opened them, she heard arguing coming from the main room where most of the exhibits were. Straining to hear what was being said, and not understanding why any of her friends would be arguing, she approached with veiled caution. It’s probably Max and Michael disagreeing on how to handle Daecon, she thought, until she heard that it was female voices screaming with rage. Hurrying down the stairs, she was completely unprepared for what she saw. Isabel was screaming at someone, but she couldn’t see who it was. Michael was trying to hold her back and Kyle was restraining Maria. Were they yelling at Max? No one had even noticed that she had entered the room. Then Isabel lunged and she gasped. It was Tess.

Liz felt like every cell in her body had just exploded with the force of a nuclear bomb. Now she could hear what Isabel was screaming … “You killed Alex!!! You killed Alex!!” resonated in her head over and over again. Raw, unbridled fury blinded her and Liz didn’t even know that she had lunged toward Tess until an arm grabbed her around her waist and pulled her back. It was Max. Liz looked up at him, shocked. Her brain had stopped working and she only knew two responses, flight or fight. Right now she wanted to fight and she shoved herself away from Max with more force than she knew she had and flung herself at Tess, who recoiled in fear. Pure unadulterated rage flowed through her and she was inches away from slapping Tess senseless when Max wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back. “Let me GO!!!” screamed Liz, “She killed Alex! I could KILL you TESS! AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!!”

Max dragged her as gently as he could over to the small conference room that Brody used and shut the door. “I didn’t have a chance to prepare you. I – I’m sorry. She just showed up – she told my parents everything. They know she’s pregnant,” he said miserably. “I thought you would be here earlier and Maria or I could tell you before you saw her. Then Maria told me you couldn’t get off work yet, and when Tess came in … all hell broke loose…” Max looked at her helplessly.

Liz just stared at him, her brain functions slowly returning. “What – how? How could the baby survive here? Isn’t that why you said you had to leave in the first place? What the hell is she doing here? How – why? Dammit!!” she cried furiously, slamming her fist onto the table and knocking some of its contents off. When they crashed to the floor, she shook with a fury and rage so powerful that it brought her to her knees. She collapsed onto the floor, crying.

Max went over to her and gathered her in his arms. She was as frustrated as he was and he didn’t know what to say or do. But he needed to tell her the truth … all of it. “Liz,” he began but he was interrupted by the sound of something exploding out in the main room. Liz and Max rushed to see what it was and they saw Isabel with her hand outstretched. She had obliterated the display of fake alien dolls behind Tess, and she stood there, shaking with a violent rage. “It’s lucky for you that you are carrying Max’s baby. If you weren’t, I would kill you where you stand. You killed Alex and one day you will pay for that. I promise you,” she said with deadly intent.

Max took a deep breath and tried to calm everyone down. “Look, I know this is really hard on everyone, but we need to try and stay calm. We can’t exactly turn her in for the murder of Alex can we? As far as the police are concerned, it was a suicide. We risk too much exposure and –“

“Whether you like it or not, I am carrying Max’s child. So anything you do to me, you do to his son,” Max was cut off by Tess, who looked around at the group smugly.

Liz saw red. “How do we even know that you are really pregnant? Obviously you mindwarped Max about the baby not being able to survive here and you killed Alex by mindwarping him to death – so tell me, Tess,” she spat angrily. “Why should we believe that you are even pregnant? Why should we believe anything that comes out of your lying mouth?!!”

Jim cleared his throat. “We could try an ultrasound… I know someone who could do an ultrasound and not ask any questions. She’s not really far enough along for the doctor to be able to really see anything if the baby looks … different, right?”

Max nodded uncomfortably. If worse came to worse, they could let Tess mindwarp the doctor if anything went wrong after Max and the others left the room and stayed with the pentagon.

The group seemed to think this was a good idea. “But – “ began Maria before she was quieted by a look that Liz tossed her way. Oh… right … The pentagon, she thought. “Are you sure the doctor won’t ask any questions?” Maria recovered quickly and Jim nodded at her.

“Then it sounds like a plan,” said Max.

“Wait a minute,” said Kyle who was concerned that Tess might perform a mindwarp to deceive them again. After all, she’d done it before. “How do we know you won’t mindwarp us again?”

“Because her mindwarp eventually breaks down,” said Liz quickly. “That’s how we caught you the last time, right Tess?” said Liz caustically.

Tess swallowed. This was going to be more difficult than she thought.

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Sorry this took so long to get out, but... here they are... two new chapters!!!

TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry – Chapter Twenty Two

Later that night, the group gathered at the clinic. Max, Liz and Jim had gone with Tess to determine if she was pregnant. Liz brought along the pentagon, unaware that it was no longer functioning correctly. When the sonogram showed that Tess was indeed pregnant, Tess smiled smugly and Liz turned away from the machine. She had been so hoping that Tess had been lying and since she had the pentagon turned on, she knew that was not the case. There was no way that she could be doing the mindwarp. The baby was real. And it looked quite human.

“I’ll tell the others,” she said shortly and left the room as quickly as she could. Liz wrapped her arms around herself and then flung her arms out as she took in a huge breath of air. She let it hiss out through her teeth and then she started toward the elevator. At least Max wouldn’t have to leave Earth for the baby, she thought with resignation. She was waiting for the elevator when arms wrapped around her from behind. Liz jumped slightly when she felt Max’s arms come around her and she leaned back into him. “I’m sorry,” he said softly and kissed the side of her temple. Liz turned and fixed him with a look of calm resolution.

“You don’t have to keep apologizing for this Max. I guess I knew we would have to deal with this someday. I didn’t think it would be today, but … “

“I know you wished she was lying about the baby. I guess I did too. I mean, I do eventually want to have a child, but … you were always who I wanted the mother to be,” he said sorrowfully.

Liz sighed. That was exactly what she had wanted. One day she did want to have Max’s child. But Tess had beaten her to it. Liz shook her head and focused on Max. “I know,” she said softly and hugged him.

They were interrupted by Tess and Jim. Reluctantly they broke apart, but not before Liz noticed the look of disapproval from Tess. Her temper shortening, Liz spoke tensely, “Is anything wrong, Tess?”

Tess looked away quickly and mumbled, “No. No – everything is fine.”

When they got off the elevator and went out to meet everyone else, Maria honed in on Liz. By the look on her face, she knew that Tess must really be pregnant. She didn’t have to ask. Apparently the rest of the group realized this fact as well, because no one said anything.

Liz just stood there, holding Max’s hand, trying to hold everything together. She didn’t want to let on that this was bothering her. Afterall, before Tess came back, it wasn’t as if she didn’t know that Max was going to be a father. But this was different, since Tess was here and she actually was going to have to face it head on. And she was going to have to let Tess know that she was not threatened by her or the baby.

“So what do we do now, Max?” asked Tess.

Isabel groaned. “Can you not say anything else? What do we do now, Max?” she said in a sing-song voice.

Tess glared at her. “Look. I know that you hate me, but I won’t let you talk to me like –“

“Like WHAT! Be glad I am just talking and not doing!” yelled Isabel. “Have you forgotten that you are a murderer Tess?”

“No, I have not forgotten that Isabel. How could I? You all won’t let me forget!” retorted Tess angrily.

“Would you rather we just toss you in a dungeon somewhere until the baby is born and THEN kill you Tess?” said Liz in a deadly serious voice.

Tess looked flustered. “No – no. I – I mean … OH!!” Tess doubled over, clutching her stomach.

Max looked concerned. “Are you – is the baby ok?” he asked. “Is anything wrong?” Tess relaxed a bit as the pains or whatever the problem was passed. “No… I – I’m fine. It’s probably just stress or something … but everything’s okay now.”

Maria rolled her eyes. “Oh please,” she mumbled under her breath. When Kyle nudged her, she just shuffled her feet and looked down. Stress my ass, she thought.

Liz stared at Tess, concealing her absolute disgust. How convenient, she thought. She wasn’t buying whatever Tess was selling.

Tess grabbed onto Max’s arm to steady herself and ignored the look of panic that flashed across his face. She was going to use this situation to the best of her ability. And she was rather enjoying Liz’s uncomfortable look anyway. She decided to go for the kill.

“So what about my living arrangements?” she asked. “Remember your parents want me to stay with you Max,” she said complacently.

Liz’s eyes popped and she looked at Max, stunned that he hadn’t prepared her for this little bombshell. Before she could say anything, Isabel lost it. “No. NO! There is no way in HELL you are staying at my house! No way!” Isabel’s eyes were bulging.

Max cast a nervous glance at Liz and tried to calm everyone. He hadn’t been able to tell Liz about that detail yet. “Let’s just try and stay calm. I think maybe we should try and keep the yelling and screaming to a minimum. It can’t be good for the baby.”

Liz’s teeth clenched and she heard Maria scoff next to her. Everyone grew silent. Isabel was staring at Tess, but her eyes betrayed her anger. Max sighed and tried to think. He knew that Isabel would not be able to handle it if Tess stayed at his house.

Michael noticed the look Isabel had on her face and made a suggestion. “Maybe Tess should stay at my apartment,” he said.

Both Isabel and Maria answered in shock, “What??!?!!”

Michael looked around in bewilderment. He thought that would be the best thing to do.

“No,” said Maria shortly. “No Michael. That will not work. I – no.”

Jim looked around at the group. They were stressed out enough. “Michael, that is a good idea,” he started. Everyone looked at him, shocked. “Except that I think Kyle should stay with you for a while. I’ll let Tess stay with me.”

Tess tried to hide her look of disappointment. Max glanced at Kyle, who looked relieved, yet worried and then pulled Jim over behind his suv. “Sheriff – Jim. I really appreciate that, but we don’t have another pentagon.” Max sighed. “Maybe we should just let Tess stay at my house until we can get another one made.”

Jim sighed in resignation. He did not want to let Tess stay with Max. “But you don’t have a pentagon either Max. I have an idea. Let Liz give me the pentagon and then have Isabel stay over with Liz. Isabel can dreamwalk her if things get crazy and she’ll be able to help Liz if anything else happens.”

Max appeared to consider this. He had to admit he really didn’t want Tess anywhere near him. But he also didn’t want to place Liz in any danger because he couldn’t handle Tess. Looking at Jim, he realized Jim had a point. “Okay,” he said simply.

Isabel looked absolutely relieved to be getting out of the house that night. She looked at Tess smugly, who seemed unaffected by the news. “Okay then,” Tess said falsely. “I guess I should just go with you then, Sher – I mean Jim.” Jim nodded grimly.

Max took the pentagon from Liz stealthily and slipped it to Jim without alerting Tess. Jim led her to the car and then turned to Tess. “I only want to say this one time, Tess. If you ever mindwarp my son or anyone else again – “

“I got it. I won’t do that to him anymore. I promise,” said Tess. Jim looked at her blankly and then got into the car. Tess followed and they left.

Liz looked at Max and got into the suv. She was too tired to speak anymore. Max followed silently. He wanted to talk to her about what he was feeling but he knew that now was not the time. He took her hand and rubbed it comfortingly when they were inside the suv. Liz looked up at Max gratefully and looked away, out the window. She could handle a few nightmares and visions. But she didn’t want Tess anywhere near Max.

Max lay in his bed, sleeping fitfully. The conversation he’d had with his parents had not gone very well. They were disappointed that he hadn’t used protection, that he hadn’t told them about Tess and they were even worried about Liz. When he told them that Liz knew, his mother asked him how she was dealing with all of this. Max had told her that she seemed to be okay. They had talked about it many times and she was fine, but now that Tess was actually here, he was a little worried about Liz also. He was so angry with Tess for bringing them into this. He had to admit it was a good strategy on her part, telling them first so he couldn’t hurt her. But he knew she couldn’t be trusted.

His mother’s maternal instincts had kicked into super-overdrive and she wanted nothing more than to move Tess in with them until the baby was born. Max could never allow that, but he did feel a pull toward the baby. His son. Whether he wanted to accept it or not, he was having a son – even if the mother was a murderer. Max thought back to the sonogram. His son.

Max turned to look at the ceiling and he saw a faint glow coming from his nightbag. He got up and opened the bag all the way and the crystal floated out. Max held his hand up and the crystal came down into it. When it touched his skin, Max heard the voices again, but they were cacophanous. They seemed completely out of sync. Suddenly the crystal turned dark red and seemed to short out. Then the crystal went dark.

Max stared at it and tried to touch it again. Getting no response, he put the crystal in a box in the bottom of his closet and covered it with a blanket. He crawled back into the bed and tried to get to sleep, but the strange reaction he got from the crystal bothered him.

“This can’t be easy for you, Liz,” said Isabel curtly.

Liz sighed. “It isn’t. But I can’t let Tess know that.”

Isabel nodded ruefully. “No, I don’t suppose you can. But, you know what Liz? Max – Max really does love you. He does. I never told anyone this, but… after he and Tess … you know … he was completely weirded out about it. Somehow I know that if it had been you … he probably never would have wanted to leave you and I seriously doubt he would have been looking quite so sick.”

Although she really hadn’t wanted to hear about the ‘morning after’, Liz was somewhat relieved to hear that Max hadn’t been ‘singing in the rain’ after his encounter with Tess. “Thanks for telling that, Isabel. I guess that does make me feel a little … little better,” said Liz as she pinched her fingers together.

“I am really sorry about how I reacted to the whole Atlantis thing,” said Isabel after a moment.

Liz shrugged and smiled. “Isabel, you don’t have to keep apologizing. I understand,” she said, getting some blankets for the trundle under her bed. “I’ll sleep on the trundle. You can have the bed,” she added.

“Well, if you insist,” said Isabel, hopping on top of the bed.

Liz smiled wryly at her easy acceptance of the sleeping arrangements.

“So how are you doing? A – about all of this Isabel?” asked Liz carefully.

Isabel looked down. “I’m okay. I’m fine, Liz,” she replied tersely.

Liz wasn’t fooled. “What you did to those dolls didn’t make it look like you were fine, Isabel.”

Isabel leaned her head back against the wall. “I – I lost control. Temporarily. It won’t happen again.”

Liz looked at her sympathetically. Isabel started shaking and then tears started rolling back down her cheeks. Liz went to sit next to her and tried to comfort her. “Just let it out, Isabel. It’ll help. Really it will.”

Isabel looked up at Liz gratefully. “Seeing her again just brought it all back. Everything. About how – how I treated Alex … everything.” Liz tried to soothe her, but Isabel just snapped her head up and exclaimed, “NO! I treated Alex like dirt! He was so wonderful to me, and I just never let him in completely. But he was the only one who saw me! He saw me. Not Isabel the popularity queen, or Isabel the ice princess … he saw me! And what did I ever do for him? Nothing! I still treated him like crap – because he just wasn’t cool enough for me. He didn’t fit my image! I didn’t like him more until everyone else started crawling all over him … I was too self-absorbed to see how wonderful he was…”

Isabel cried softly, while Liz tried to help her get it all out. Things like this were always better if you just got them all out. Liz remembered how much it had helped her to cry and share her pain with Maria. Maybe this would help Isabel too. Soon, Isabel’s tears subsided and she looked at Liz meekly.

“Thanks Liz. I really appreciate this. I do. But if you tell anyone about this – “ started Isabel.

“Consider this event wiped from my memory,” said Liz, her hand raised in a mock boy scout salute.

Isabel smiled and then looked down at her nails. “Max was right.”

Liz shot her a questioning look. “About what?”

“He was right to love you.”

Max was in that strange room again. The crystal ball was hovering in front of him, just as it had before. Max didn’t wait for the ball to go through the wall. He stepped through it… into the dream plane.

Dream plane?

Max looked around in confusion. He had never unconsciously entered the dream plane before. He saw the orbs floating around him and he tried to ascertain why he had been drawn here, instead of in that room. One orb in particular was following him around making melodius sounds. It was the same sound that the crystal made in his other dream; that it normally made when he touched it. It was almost as if he had been drawn here by the crystal! Max wondered why the crystal itself didn’t just give him flashes instead of reaching him through his dream. He turned and gazed at the orb, transfixed. It was unlike any of the other orbs. Its notes were many, not one. Its music was so engaging that Max could not resist stepping inside.

Everything in the orb became cloudy as he stepped through it. When everything cleared, he was in a strange temple. The ceiling above him was dome-shaped and it was constructed of glass. Under the ceiling, he saw four tall crystals with a pair of bronze hands coming out of the floor. The hands held a beautiful crystal sphere – the same sphere from his other dream; the same sphere that he now possessed. Max was drawn to this sphere and it pulled him across the room. The sphere began glowing and someone crossed the room and patted an expanse of solid brick wall.

Max, recognizing this part of the dream, stepped through the wall. Max gasped when he saw where he was … the Granolith Chamber? He saw a frail woman, who looked strangely familiar standing near the Granolith, except it wasn’t the Granolith… was it? It was different. The crystal beneath the cone had a capstone that was moving. The cone looked the same, but he could see two bronze colored hands descending from the base of the cone. As he gazed at the cone, an image of the Milky Way appeared there.

Max looked upon this scene with interest. The woman looked up sharply and her eyes became rimmed with fire as she gazed at Max. The look scared him, at first, until he saw a look of warm recognition in her eyes. She looked behind him and he noticed someone hurrying toward the Granolith. When Max turned back, it was as if the woman had never seen him.

“I have bad news,” said the man. “Zan was right. Khivar has managed to send a spy, a traitor on the ship carrying our beloved king and the other royals. He plans to betray them to Khivar when they are old enough for public execution. We have to find a way to warn our king or all is lost.”

The woman looked at the man tenderly. “You have done so much for him, Gandar. He would be so happy to call you friend once again. So much is unknown about how this all came about. All I know is that he knew somehow that something was going to happen and he took precautions. He no longer knew whom he could trust, so he decided to implement a contingency plan as well. He came to me before the storm and told me of his plans. There are two phases to this plan and he needed to use the power of the ancients to save them all. You could prove useful in the second phase of his plan.”

The woman looked at Gandar. Gandar shook his head. “You do not have to ask. I will go.” The woman nodded. “This is a noble sacrifice Gandar. But we must hurry!” said the woman, whose eyes began to flash and burn with an intensity that shocked Max. Gandar looked back at her and whispered, “I know. But this is more important than me. Zan is too important. He must not fail this time. All of Antar depends on him returning and reclaiming his throne.”

The woman slowly pulled out a diamond shaped crystal and held it up to Gandar, who touched his temple. He morphed into a yellow light and was sucked into the crystal. “Your sacrifice will not go unnoticed, Gandar. Your memory will live on. As will all of our memories.”

The woman placed Gandar’s crystal essence into the capstone of the prism shaped crystal. Max shivered with awe. He had no idea anything like that could be done. It wasn’t in the Destiny book translation. It wasn’t in there at all. Why? Why wasn’t this information available to him?

Suddenly, she saw the woman take her hand and touch the cone. Max stared intently at it and soon he realized he wasn’t seeing the Milky Way inside of it. Instead he saw Earth’s solar system. He gasped as he saw Jupiter, then Saturn. He instinctively knew that eventually he would see Earth inside the cone, and he was right. When the view of the cone rested on Earth for a time, it grew intensely bright and there was a flash. The machine, which Max was sure must be the Granolith, vanished. Max blinked. It was gone.

Tapestry – Chapter Twenty Three

Isabel rose and glanced at the clock. She had a class starting at 8:30 o’clock and it was after 7:00 already. Groaning, she ran into the shower with the towels that Liz had given her. She hurriedly showered and dressed and then stumbled down the stairs. Liz must have been on her way to school already.

On her way out of the Crashdown, she caught sight of Sean offering to give Liz a ride to school, and Liz declining. Watching carefully, she saw Sean grab Liz’s arm gently and say something to her. Liz looked at him disbelievingly and then she left. Isabel decided to get to the bottom of this. She knew how much Sean wanted to be with Liz, and how much he hated Max.

“What are you up to, Sean?” asked Isabel icily.

“Just trying to save Liz from more heartbreak at the hands of your brother and his baby’s mama,” answered Sean snarkily.

Isabel rolled her eyes. “What is that supposed to mean?”

Sean looked at her with a gleam in his eye. “I saw Max going into the UFO Center yesterday, with Tess. Tess is pregnant with Max’s kid, right?” Sean looked just too pleased with himself. “Anyway, I saw her and Max right before Liz was headed that way.”

Isabel’s nostrils flared. “Wait a minute. You saw Max and Tess go into the UFO Center together and you just let Liz walk in there unprepared? How could you do something so cruel? Didn’t you care about what that would do to Liz? Or were you just thinking about how devastated she would be so she would turn to you for comfort? That is just sick, De Luca.”

Sean looked at Isabel nonchalantly, “Would it have mattered if I had told her or not? Would Max be any less guilty of knocking Tess up? It’s better for Liz to hurt a little now than for her to hurt a lot later when Max eventually leaves her.”

Isabel slapped him. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. I cannot believe I am saying this, but Max will never stop loving Liz. He will never leave her. He would rather die first. You are way out of your league Sean. You’ll have a shot at Liz over Max’s dead body.” Isabel stalked out of the diner, leaving Sean staring after her.

“Well Isabel, if it comes to that, then that is what will be. So Max is willing to die before giving up Liz. I will be happy to oblige him if that is what it takes.”

“Oh, hi Tess. Max is still at school. Shouldn’t you be?” asked Diane Evans upon answering the door.

“Oh – uh, no … I mean, I would be, but I’m not enrolled here. I was in Washington with my uncle, but that didn’t work out … He wasn’t happy about the baby …“

Diane looked at her pensively. There was quite a lot she didn’t know about Tess, but since she was going to bear her first grandchild, she needed to get to know her. “Come on in and sit down, Tess.”

Tess swept past her and went to go and sit in the Evans’ living room. Looking at all of the pictures of Max and Isabel growing up, she felt a momentary pang of envy for both of them. She didn’t have time to wallow however, because Mrs. Evans soon joined her in the living room.

“So, what brings you by Tess?” asked Mrs. Evans directly.

“I – I don’t know really. I guess I just thought everything went so badly yesterday. I hated having to just show up like that, but I wasn’t sure if Max had told you anything or not, so … “ Tess trailed off deliberately.

“You just decided to show up with proof in hand and tell his parents? Tess, I don’t know what happened between you and Max, but Max said he already knew you were pregnant. Isn’t that true?” asked Diane directly.

Tess chewed the inside of her cheek. She hadn’t realized that Max told his parents that he already knew. She would have to tread more carefully. “Mrs. Evans, I realize that maybe I was hasty in how I handled this, but the reason I left Roswell in the first place was because I didn’t think Max would be there for me or the baby. I came back because I didn’t want to deny this child his father. I wanted him to be a part of Max’s life, and Max a part of his.”

“So you decided to come back here and force Max’s hand by coming to us first? That seems rather manipulative, don’t you think? Why didn’t you just try talking to him?” stated Diane.

“I didn’t mean to be manipulative. I just didn’t think that he would listen to me anymore after the way we left things.“

“Tess, do you love my son?” asked Diane.

Tess looked up at her directly. “Yes. I love Max more than anything. I want to be with him. I want to raise our son with him,” she answered.

“And what will you do if Max does not feel the same way?” asked Diane calmly.

“I – I don’t know. I won’t try to keep Max from his son, though,” Tess added quickly.

“Well let me be clear Tess. I don’t know what happened with you and Max. But I do know that before you, there was Liz. And then after you left, there was Liz. My son’s feelings for Liz Parker run extremely deep and I know she makes him very happy – “

“I can make him happ – “ interrupted Tess.

“Let me finish, Tess. Liz makes Max very happy. I am pretty sure that he loves her. And Liz knows about you and the baby and she has decided to stay with Max. I discussed this with Max last night. He has told me quite clearly that he will be a father to this child, but he does not want a relationship with you,” Diane took in Tess’ crestfallen expression. “I’m sorry, Tess. I apologize for being the bearer of bad news, but I think it would be best if you go into this with your eyes wide open. I don’t want you to have any illusions about you and Max.”

Tess nodded slowly. She had thought she would be able to convince Max’s mother to push her and Max together, but Diane was not going to participate. She considered mindwarping her, but she realized that she may not be able to hold it long enough and she didn’t want it to break down. If Max discovered that she had mindwarped his mother, he would take her apart, piece by piece. Tess sighed. She would have to take a different tack.

“I understand that Max loves Liz. But I know that Liz wishes this baby was a figment of my imagination. I don’t feel comfortable around her. But I guess I would feel the same way if I was in her shoes,” she said in a false sympathetic tone.

Diane inclined her head toward the petite blond girl. “I just want you to understand that you have no control over some things, and love is one of them. Whatever happens, you need to remain calm and do whatever is necessary to protect the baby. Nothing is more important than the baby.”

Tess nodded and stared at the floor. Too bad it’s too late for mine, she thought angrily.

“So how ya doin?” asked Michael when Kyle got back to the apartment after his work shift at the garage.

“I’m worried about my dad. Even with the pentagon there, I don’t trust Tess. I don’t trust her at all,” answered Kyle, throwing his stuff down.

Michael pursed his lips and rubbed his eyes. “Yeah. I don’t trust her either.”

“It feels just so unfair that we just have to sit here and do nothing to her. Because Max knocked her up, she gets away with murder.”

“Well, its not like we could really do much to her even if she wasn’t pregnant. What could we do? Alex’s death was ruled a suicide. And it is not as if she couldn’t get out of prison if we sent her up. It’s like we’re helpless here. Tess kills Alex and we can’t do anything about it,” said Michael, grabbing a Snapple out of the fridge.

Kyle went to the fridge to grab a Snapple for himself. “Buddha help me, if Tess hurts anyone else, I’ll her myself.”

Michael looked at Kyle askance. “Kyle, uh … I – I … Look, I know you liked Tess. Didn’t you want to date her at one point?”

Kyle looked straight ahead. “I did, but at the prom, we just decided to be friends. She started to feel more like my sister than a girlfriend. That makes it worse that she used me that way. She made me think Alex’s body was luggage. I – I actually dragged him into the car and threw him in – but I thought it was luggage.”

Both guys sat quietly for a while. Finally, after several minutes had passed. Michael tossed Kyle the game controller for the Playstation. “Wanna play some Tekken?”

Kyle grabbed the controller avidly. “So help me Buddha, I’m going to kick yo a – “

“Just pick a player and play, Valenti,” said Michael turning to the tv.

Max looked out of the window of the UFO Center nervously. He was hoping to catch Liz and talk with her about his dream. He saw her being cornered by Sean. Max gritted his teeth together and clenched his jaw. Sean just wouldn’t stop. Plus, Liz must be feeling rather vulnerable now, with Tess back.

Sighing, Max started across the street, just in time to hear Sean trying to convince Liz to leave him.

“Tess is back and she is having his baby Liz. Why would you want to stick around for that? You deserve so much better,” Sean was saying.

Liz looked at him, her expression strained. Max’s heart constricted. He hated to see that look of pain on Liz’s face. He wanted to do whatever he could to wipe it away. “Liz,” he said softly, clearing his throat.

Sean whipped around and looked Max directly in his face. But he said nothing. He just watched with a steely gaze as Max led Liz away towards his suv. “I wanted to talk to you about something,” he said. “I had a dream last night. I finally had the whole dream.”

It took Liz a moment to realize what Max was talking about. The dream? “Oh, the dream, right…” Max nodded intently and motioned for Liz to get inside the suv. Then he relayed the dream to Liz.

Liz’s eyes opened in wonder as he described the Granolith that he saw in his dream. If Max’s dream was correct, then it was sent after Zan and the others had already gone on their way towards Earth. “Max, do you know what this means? The Granolith is still here! Of course! That makes perfect sense. The book’s translation said that the granolith was a one-time use rocket, which makes no sense. Courtney wanted to use it to create a new husk, Nikolas wanted it, Khivar was desperate to have it and you said that Rath told you that it was like the Holy Grail or something… So how could it just be a one-time rocket?”

Max’s eyes narrowed as he thought. “Exactly. That mustn’t have been the granolith. But … wouldn’t that mean that the destiny book was tampered with? It said that the granolith was a one-time rocket. But that just cannot be true. Plus, this granolith looked different. It had a capstone over the crystal at the bottom – “

“A capstone? Max… the great crystal … of the Atlanteans… it had a capstone. And the place where the crystal was found … it had the whole bronze hands thing too. This is too much to just be a coincidence. It must mean something,” said Liz excitedly.

“But why? Why send a fake granolith here? Why an incomplete book?” asked Max, utterly baffled.

A sudden thought crossed Liz’s mind. “Wait a minute. In your dream, didn’t you say that Gandar overheard that Khivar sent a spy here? And the woman said that Zan knew that there was treachery around him and he took added precautions to protect himself. We don’t really know what happened back then. I mean, if Zan had known that Vilaandra had betrayed him would his plan have stayed the same?”

Max’s eyes widened as he pondered the implications. “What if Zan added precautions that only he knew about?”

Liz nodded in excitement. “From the dream you had, it almost sounds like he initiated the plan to resurrect all four of you well before you were killed. Almost anything could have happened in that time. Maybe he found out something else and that is why he didn’t know who he could trust. So he sent a fake Granolith and a fake book, and he kept the real Granolith safe with that woman you saw in your dream until they knew more.”

Max looked at Liz. Sometimes her ability to figure things out amazed him. She could piece together fragments and make them make sense. That was how she had figured out the mystery behind Alex’s death. And now she was piecing together his past. “You amaze me,” he said simply, awestruck.

Liz blushed. “So, does that sound feasible to you? Zan discovered that something was wrong so he had a backup plan? He sent a fake Granolith along with a fake book and maybe, somewhere on Earth is the real Granolith and book?”

Max nodded thoughtfully. “So, why haven’t I found the real Granolith before now?”

Liz shrugged. “I don’t know. And how is it that this crystal is helping you discover all of this? How is that possible?”

Max tried to remember more of his dream. He wanted answers, but his dream was becoming more and more elusive. He remembered about Gandar being sucked into the crystal and he told Liz. To his surprise, she laughed.

“Maria would love that. She read something similar about how the Atlanteans used crystals as sophisticated memory devices. Atlanteans would actually store their memories, experiences and even their existences into these crystals. Atlanteans used crystals for everything … even healing. But mostly, they were used for protection, or to ward off danger or deception. I know there is more, but I honestly don’t remember everything. I made a ton of notes in my journal though.”

Max smiled and then looked at her sideways. “That’s okay. I think all of this theorizing is giving me a headache anyway. But I really would like to look at your journal sometime.”

Liz laughed and then put her hand to his temples. “I’ll make you some copies. My journal is private, you know.” She began to massage them gently and Max sighed and gave himself over to her ministrations. She had a gentle touch that left him wishing that she could massage his entire body. As he relaxed in her care, he remembered the voices from his dream.

Liz moved more closely to him. “Maria thinks that the Atlanteans stored all of their knowledge in the great crystal. Maybe she’s right. The woman in your dream put Gandar’s crystal into the Granolith. If all people of Antar or even Atlantis put their existences into one of the crystals at the time of death, and then they were all placed into the great crystal – or granolith, then wouldn’t that make the granolith some sort of vessel for the consciousness of an entire race of beings?”

Isabel’s head drooped over her notebook. She was in a study cubicle at the library. She drifted off into sleep easily and found herself dreaming quickly. Looking around her, she heard screaming … lots of screaming. She turned to look toward the direction of the screaming and she couldn’t see anything clearly. Everything was moving so erratically. She couldn’t make out anything. All she could make out were impressions. She couldn’t even focus on them because they were blurred and jerky, if that makes sense.

Suddenly, her vision was able to focus on two figures that slowed down enough for her to understand them. As she strained to make them out, she realized that it was Rath and Vilaandra. She had been having the same dream over and over, but she could never make anything out other than that. Suddenly, the other images faded except for Rath and Vilaandra. Isabel strained to make out what they were saying to one another. She couldn’t. The only thing she could make out was a strong impression of passion. It was like an all encompassing inferno and she was overwhelmed by it. She had never felt anything so explosive before. It radiated off of the two of them in waves and swept over Isabel. The only time she came close to that was in the dreams she had with Michael.

She watched as Rath and Vilaandra both seemed to resonate with passion. They were practically consumed with one another and even though Isabel could not make out any beings, she could see that the impressions were merging so fiercely that she blushed and looked away. She had never really thought about Michael like that. He had always felt like a brother to her. She didn’t even feel anything for him until Tess showed up. But for the sake of Maria and Alex, she had pushed those emerging feelings of attraction deep down.

Suddenly, Rath and Vilaandra disappeared and Rath appeared in front of her. Except it wasn’t Rath. Or was it? It felt like Rath, only … there was something different about him. He grabbed her suddenly and kissed her and she felt the same heat that she had felt before radiating off of Rath and Vilaandra. Isabel felt her entire body light up at once as she gave in to the kiss. When she pulled back, she felt herself getting lost in the passion she was feeling. “Isabel…” he said roughly. “Isabel…”

“Isabel? Isabel?” Isabel jerked awake sharply. Kyle was standing over her, trying to wake her up. “What? Kyle… “ Isabel blushed as she realized that her face was flushed from the heat of her dream. She had never felt anything close to that before. The heat was intoxicating. Suddenly she couldn’t think about anything else. She wanted to feel that kind of passion again.

“Getting a lot of work done?” smirked Kyle, winking at her.

“I thought you were allergic to libraries Kyle,” said Isabel snarkily.

Kyle shrugged in that special way of his, and then moved to sit at the cubicle across from her. “I’m doing research on Buddha,” he said.

Isabel rolled her eyes. Figures, she thought. As Kyle poured over his many Buddhism books, Isabel thought about her dream. Had that been Rath? It seemed like him, but she wasn’t sure now. In the end, when whoever it had been kissed her, it felt like Rath, but she couldn’t be sure. She couldn’t be sure of anything. It was a just a dream. Or was it?

Daecon was getting tired of this waiting game. But he knew that he had to be prepared. He didn’t want to attack without figuring out this wildcard. Liz Parker. There was definitely something very unique about her.

Sitting in front of the pentagon device similar to the one he placed under Max’s suv, he turned it two times left, tapped it and then turned it back three times. A small holographic image appeared in front of him. It appeared to be some sort of database. He began traversing this database almost like one traverses the web, except he wasn’t touching the device at all. He searched through the information with his mind. When he got to the section he was looking for, he sighed.

This was the same information he had seem before. The legends were all the same. They spoke of a king who would one day reclaim the ancient power. Everyone knew the ancient power was the Granolith. Daecon decided to look at the original text. There was only one half of the myth available, since the crystal had been broken eons ago. He ran a program to translate the remaining crystal inscription in as many ways as possible. Over 200 different translations came up. Daecon sighed and rubbed his eyes. Human bodies were just too frail. He felt the need to rest, so he went to the bed in the room he had rented and laid down.

“Daecon,” said a voice. It was Tess. Daecon huffed and sat up gruffly. The ring was across the room, and he really didn’t feel like trying to force her out of his head. “What do you want Tess?” he asked gruffly.

Tess smiled and then said, “I’m in. I have gotten back into the group.”

Daecon rolled his eyes and sighed. “Yes. I have seen you with his parents. Very clever. But that doesn’t mean you are ‘in’ the group.”

Tess brushed off that last comment. “Yeah, well I have a few months to finish up my plan. I am perfectly positioned to help you. I know you have a special interest in the Parker girl. I can help you with that.”

Daecon’s eyebrow rose. Tess might prove useful afterall. “So how do you plan on accomplishing that?”

Tess decided to keep Daecon in the dark as much as possible. “I have my ways. I’ll be in touch.” Then she vanished.

Daecon sighed. He hoped Tess’ assistance would bring him closer to unraveling the mystery surrounding this human girl, Liz Parker. Until she came through, however, he would go ahead with his plans.

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

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Tapestry – Chapter Twenty Four

“Are you alright?” asked Max, looking into Liz’s eyes. She had been playing with her food for the last ten minutes. They were in the middle of dinner and they were going to see a movie afterwards.

Liz looked up, unaware that she had been quietly toying with her food. “What?”

“I asked if you were alright,” said Max. “You seem distracted.”

“I wonder why that is, Max,” replied Liz shortly, then instantly regretting it. Looking down at her food, she put down her fork and sighed. “I’m sorry. I’m just a little stressed out. I shouldn’t have snapped at you.”

“I know you have a lot on your mind, Liz. So do I. I just thought we could spend a little time together… try to escape … “

Liz sighed. “There is no escape Max. Tess is carrying your child. She’s here now. She isn’t on some other planet. She’s here. And she’s going to have that baby soon. What are we supposed to do then? We can’t just ignore this and ‘escape’. Your parents know about this.”

Max looked down. “She totally manipulated them. I cannot even believe I ever – “

At Liz’s expression, Max broke off. Liz pushed her plate away. “Maybe we should just go to the movie now.”

“Wait, Liz. I – I need to ask you something. Are – are you attracted to Sean?” Max looked at her directly.

“We don’t have enough problems already? You have to bring Sean into this too?” asked Liz, dismayed that Max would even go there.

“Liz. I know how much he has been pressuring you about – about Tess and the baby. Everytime I turn around, he’s there. He might as well be a shadow. And I know he wants you to leave me,” answered Max.

Liz sighed. “Yeah. Sean is like a shadow. He’s exactly to me what Tess was to you. I was attracted to him, but I love you. I had the opportunity to be with Sean and I still pulled back. Even when I thought you had left me forever … I still pulled back because I loved you and I didn’t want to settle for someone who wasn’t you just because I thought I couldn’t have you.”

Max was rightly quiet. He had never thought of what he did with Tess that way. But it was true. He had been so wrapped up in his own feelings that he wasn’t even thinking about what he was doing. He slept with Tess because she was there. She was there and she did everything he asked her to do. Liz and Isabel were both doing what was best for them and he was angry that he couldn’t control them. He had been feeling sorry for himself and so he slept with Tess when he should’ve pulled back.

“Liz, I … I don’t know what to say,” said Max softly.

“There’s nothing to say now. It’s done. Let’s just deal with it,” said Liz, rising from her chair.

As they exited the restaurant, Max pulled Liz closer to him. “I should have pulled back Liz. I should have. But I promise I will not let you down like that again. I love you too much.”

Liz felt herself being pulled into a hug with him. She knew deep down that Max loved her and that he would not intentionally hurt her. But now with Tess back, everything was just so complicated. “I know,” she said softly.

“But, can we just try and keep our distance from Tess for awhile? If I have to see her murderous face again, I can’t be held responsible for my actions,” she continued.

Max nodded and hugged her even closer. “I love you Liz,” he said fiercely.

“I love you too,” Liz murmured in response.

Tess watched the couple with interest. Liz could act like she was unbothered by the baby all she wanted to, but Tess could see that it was practically eating her alive. The problem was, there was no baby. She had to figure out a way around that problem or she was screwed. Completely screwed.

Max didn’t trust her at all. But he was connected to the ‘baby’. Tess had seen that ever since that day in the Granolith Chamber when Max had bonded with the baby. She would never forget that look on his face. He looked so enamoured of the fact that he was going to be a father. Remembering that moment, Tess almost forgot that she wasn’t pregnant. She almost forgot that Max did not love her. She almost forgot that the baby hadn’t even been his. And she almost forgot that she was running out of time.

But that realization soon hit her with a vengeance and she looked at Liz and Max with intense loathing. Seeing them walking toward the theatre, she decided to make her move. “Max,” she called from across the street. “Max,” she called again, finally getting his attention.

Max and Liz turned around. Tess studied Liz’s seriously annoyed expression and focused on Max again. “Can I talk to you for a moment? It’s important.”

Liz huffed silently under her breath. “We’re kind of busy Tess. We’re in a hurry too. Can’t this wait?”

Tess ignored Liz and turned to Max. “No, it can’t wait. It’s about the baby. We need to talk and decide a few things.”

Max sighed. Now was seriously not the time for this. He so did not want to have to deal with this right now. “Is something wrong with the baby?”

“No … it’s nothing like that. I just need to take a lamaze class. I wanted to get your schedule so I could set it up so you could come. The class starts tomorrow, so… Your mother recommended it for me and she thought it would be best if you came too.”

Liz’s hand tightened around Max’s hand. She was hating this, he thought miserably. But since his mother had recommended it, he wasn’t sure what he should do. He had gotten Tess pregnant and she was having his child. “What time is the class?” he asked.

Tess pulled out a schedule. “It starts tomorrow at 5:30. Can you make it?”

“Yeah,” said Max quietly. Tess walked away and Liz let go of his hand abruptly.

“I suppose she just had to tell you this tonight, while we were having a date? She was following us Max. She’s just as manipulative as ever. And now she’s using the baby to try and make me crazy. And you know what? It’s working,” she said, walking into the theatre.

“Hi Maria. Is – is Michael home?” asked Isabel, stepping inside the apartment. Maria stood back and let her pass with a low sigh. Isabel didn’t even bother to ask if she was interrupting anything… which she was…

Maria went back to cooking the Italian meal she was preparing for Michael. Isabel looked at the food setup and then turned to Maria. “Where’s Michael?”

“He went to the store to get some italian bread. We’re going to have dinner when he gets back,” replied Maria calmly. She wondered if Isabel was going to make a habit of ‘visiting’ like this.

“Oh. Oh – oops. I – I uh, had a dream that I wanted to talk to him about. I was wondering if he had anymore dreams about our other life,” said Isabel as she realized that she was interrupting a romantic dinner.

Maria’s anxiety grew when Isabel mentioned her dreams. “Are these dreams anything like the ones you had a year and a half ago?”

Isabel noticed the snappishness of Maria’s question, “No… not really. I mean, I don’t think so.”

Maria raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean, you don’t think so? They either are or are not, right?”

“It’s not that simple. I can barely make anything out in these dreams. I only get impressions from them. I think Rath is in the dream with Vilaandra, but I can’t really be sure. That’s why I wanted to talk to Michael. I was wondering if he had been having similar dreams,” answered Maria.

“Oh,” said Maria quietly, hoping that Michael was not having dreams about Vilaandra or Isabel or anyone but her. She was seriously not looking forward to going through anything like what Liz went through with Tess and Max.

“Dad? Dad are you home?” Kyle called out as he entered his home for the first time in almost a week.

“He’s not here,” answered Tess, coming out of the kitchen with a carving knife.

“What are you doing in there?” asked Kyle, eyeing the knife suspiciously.

“I’m making dinner, Kyle. Is there anything wrong with that?” answered Tess acidly.

“Not as long as you aren’t going to poison it,” Kyle answered sarcastically.

“How long are you going to be pissed at me Kyle?” asked Tess.

“A day longer than forever,” replied Kyle caustically. “You killed Alex Tess. You killed him and then you made me carry his body, thinking it was freakin luggage! And you have yet to really apologize to me for that. I’ll bet the only person you have even apologized to is Max, and we all know why that is.”

Tess rolled her eyes, “So this is about Max, Kyle?”

“No. This is about you and me. I treated you like a sister, like family. I gave you my room so you would feel more welcome here and you used me. You used me like some little insect that you squash when you are finished toying with it. Why did I ever let myself trust you, even for a second?” spat Kyle.

Tess looked at the floor. “I never meant to hurt you Kyle. None of this ever really had anything to do with you.”

“How can you say that Tess? What you did with Alex had every thing to do with me. Everything to do with Maria. Everything to do with Liz. Alex’s death has really hurt them and they never did anything to you. I never did anything to you. I was always here for you. Always,” said Kyle.

Tess walked back into the kitchen and put the knife down. “I know,” she said softly. She was hating this conversation. She never meant to hurt Kyle. He didn’t have anything to do with this. He was right. He had been there for her. Why couldn’t he understand that she didn’t think of him like she did the others? Why did he have to connect everything?

“You really don’t get it do you, Tess? You think that you can separate and compartmentalize all of these things. But you can’t. We were all this group and you destroyed that for selfish reasons. There really isn’t any excuse for that,” said Kyle pointedly.

“I’m sorry Kyle. I really am,” sighed Tess.

Kyle just looked at her. “I have to get some stuff out of my room. I’ll just be a second. If you have any girlie stuff hanging around, you might want to go in and get it if you don’t want me to see it.”

Tess put her hands on her hips. “Help yourself, Buddha boy.”

Kyle winced momentarily at the familiar nickname. “I’ll be right back.”

“So she was following you? Are you sure?” asked Maria, eating a spoonful of Haagen Daz white chocolate raspberry swirl ice cream.

“Oh, the timing of it was just too perfect. She managed to ruin the rest of our date and get Max roped into a lamaze class,” said Liz in annoyance.

“Wow, it’s just the invasion of the alien mantraps,” mumbled Maria.

“What are you talking about, Maria?” asked Liz, puzzled. Then she rolled her eyes. “You don’t mean Isabel? What happened now?”

Maria took a deep breath and reached for the ice cream. “She barged in last night asking to see Michael. Apparently she’s been having dreams and she thinks they are about Rath and Vilaandra.”

Liz raised her eyebrow. Maria noticed her expression and nearly choked. “See? See, even you think that means something!”

Liz shook her head. “Maria… I didn’t even say anything. I – “

“You don’t have to! I saw it on your face. Oh God… Isabel is going to go after Michael. I just know it. What have I got against her? She’s like a freakin bombshell!” Maria was going ballistic.

“Maria. Calm down. Did Isabel tell you about the dreams at all?” asked Liz slowly, hoping that if she spoke calmly and slowly, Maria would slip out of hyperdrive and resume functioning at a normal speed.

“She said she couldn’t really understand it completely. All she got were impressions, but she thought two of the impressions were Rath and Vilaandra. Ooooh, I just know this is bad…” moaned Maria.

Liz passed Maria a larger spoon with a huge helping of Haagen Daz on it. “Here. Calm down, Maria. Take two of these and call me in the morning.”

Maria looked up at Liz and laughed. Then she thought about it. Here she was going on about something that may not even be a problem, and Liz was dealing with the real deal. “I really shouldn’t be going on about this. I don’t even know if Isabel is even a threat. And I hate to think of her that way. I like her, you know? I mean, at first I didn’t, but now … she’s kind of like a bitchy sister or something. But anyway, I know Isabel is not Tess. I cannot imagine how you are dealing with this.”

“Actually, I don’t know how I am dealing with this. Right now, I am trying to exist in a state of denial, but Tess is making that hard. I still can’t believe her. Oh, what am I saying? This latest stunt is right up her alley,” said Liz.

“And that fake pain she had the other night? I cannot believe she even thinks she can fool us. It’s not as if anyone trusts her. And I know she must be wondering why her powers don’t work anymore,” said Maria sarcastically.

“Probably,” laughed Liz, enjoying the fact that Tess might be feeling confused as to why her powers were not working.

“I know this is hard for you Liz. But I know Max loves you. You guys will get through this. I know you will,” said Maria sincerely. “Now if only I can keep Michael from following his ‘destiny’.

Liz looked at Maria and laughed. “As if Michael ever did anything that he felt he was forced to do. He would so rebel. Maria, I don’t think you have a thing to worry about.”

“I hope you’re right, Liz. I really hope you are right.”

The voices again. Isabel looked around furiously for these voices. She thought she would find Khivar or even Rath, but everything was unfamiliar to her. There was no clarity and she could not make out anything as she had been able to in the past. A fine mist hung over everything, making it almost impossible to discern anything.

Suddenly, she saw a fountain emerge from the chaos. She saw two figures by the fountain, sitting on its edge and drawing swirls in the water. She recognized one of them as Vilaandra and the other appeared to be Rath, but she was unsure. It was the same impression she had of him before … like Rath, only different somehow. She could not put her finger on it, but she knew he was different. The two figures drew closely together and Isabel gasped as the familiar heat washed over her.

Then without warning, the two figures were surrounded by other menacing figures. One of them stepped closely to Vilaandra and touched her. A sick feeling washed over Isabel and she recoiled. When the figure pulled back, she knew instinctively that it had been Khivar. The menacing figures advanced on them and pulled Vilaandra away from her love. They took him and dragged him away from her. Khivar then came and pulled Vilaandra more closely to him and kissed her. Isabel wretched as Vilaandra pulled away and slapped Khivar before running away in tears.

Then a vision of Rath (was it Rath?) appeared in front of her. Isabel could not understand why this Rath didn’t really seem like Rath at all. Totally confused, she was unprepared for his kissing of her again. When the familiar heat washed over her again, she sighed and gave into it. When he pulled back, he mouthed something that Isabel could not understand. Even though she could not understand what he had said, it chilled her to the bone. It was as though he was trying to warn her, but Isabel couldn’t understand him. She tried desperately to comprehend, but he vanished, and she woke with a start, shivering.

Kyle went through his closet looking for some more clothes. It was also getting cold so he looked around for his letter jacket. He hurriedly threw clothes and knick-knacks into his bag. Being in the newly pink room was giving him the creeps. The memories of Alex dying in this room were paramount in his mind.

Trying to forget the painful memories, he put his hands over his ears and squeezed. But it was no use. He could hear Alex screaming for mercy from Tess, but she mindwarped him anyway:

“Alex, let me fix your mind… You’re not thinking straight!!” Tess had yelled.

“No … you can’t mindwarp me – NO!! NOoooooo!!” Alex had screamed.

Kyle rewatched the scene play over in his head until he saw himself dragging Alex’s body out of the house. He shuddered and then grabbed his bag. As he swept past his desk, he knocked some papers to the floor. Wishing to get out of his room now as quickly as he could, he hurriedly started to put the papers back on the desk haphazardly. When he reached down to grab the last of the papers, a colorful flyer caught his eye. He zeroed in on it and reached down to pick it up.

It wasn’t a flyer at all. It was a program for the crystal exhibit at Las Cruces.

Kyle gasped and turned as Tess entered the room, trying to hide the program. But he was too late. She had already seen it. Immediately Kyle looked at her incredulously. “You were the alien that Liz bumped into in Las Cruces.”

“Yes. Yes I was,” replied Tess.

Kyle didn’t believe a word of what Tess was saying. She was definitely up to something. “But those flashes Liz got… They were violent. Why don’t I believe that you had any good intentions for following us?” asked Kyle, fearful.

“Because you haven’t been properly persuaded,” responded Tess, advancing on Kyle.

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TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry – Chapter Twenty Five

“Did you see the flyer for the party at the UFO Center?” Maria asked Michael as he put up her order.

“Nope. Is there one?” he replied.

“Yes. Hello? The flyer for the party is on the windows of the diner… right outside. Can we go?” asked Maria. “Oh, wait a minute. Why am I asking?? You’ll be picking me up at 8 Spaceboy,” she finished, walking off with her order.

Michael just looked at her retreating back and mumbled, “Whatever.”

Maria turned, “What was that?”

“Nothing,” he grumbled, turning back toward the grill.

“Is my order up yet Michael? Table 5 has been waiting for those subs for like 20 minutes now,” exclaimed Liz.

“No. It is not up yet Liz. You see this doo hickey here? It’s a bell. When I ring it, I say ‘order up!’ and that’s when you little waitresses come running to see if it’s your order up,” responded Michael in a voice dripping with heavy sarcasm.

The sarcasm was not lost on Liz who gave Michael a withering look and then replied, “Bite me Michael. Bite me.”

Michael finished up the order he was working on and rang the bell, “Order up,” he said nastily and rolled his eyes as Liz snatched the baskets out of his hand.

“God Maria. Your boyfriend is as annoying as hell,” she sniped to Maria, who was headed back to the drinks machine.

“Yeah, well. You can’t have everything. I’ll take the hot sex on the platter though,” she grinned.

Liz smacked her on the arm and went to clear one of her tables. Maria came over to help her. “Don’t let him get to you. I think he’s just a little stressed about this whole Daecon thing. He and Max have been trying to figure out a way to deal with him and they haven’t really come up with anything. Plus, it’s nervewracking to know that he’s just lurking around, hiding in the bushes like a puma ready to attack.”

Liz glanced at Maria. She was right. This was nervewracking. Why hadn’t Daecon struck yet? What was taking him so long? “I wonder why Daecon hasn’t struck yet. I mean, he’s been here for a while, hasn’t he? At least, he was probably at that party. So why hasn’t he attacked yet? What is he waiting for?”

Liz glanced at her watch. It was getting late and it was almost time for her shift to be over. Michael was long gone, but Maria was still there, bussing a few tables. Liz hurried over to clean up one of her tables and looked up when the bell over the door tingled. Thinking that Max had come to see her, she turned toward the door. She frowned slightly when she realized that it was Sean.

“Hi Liz,” he said, moving to sit in one of the booths.

“Hi Sean. Can I get something for you?” she asked, pulling out her order pad.

“Just you on a platter,” said Sean mischieviously.

Liz sighed, exasperated. “Sean … “

“Sorry. Sorry. Why don’t you just bring me a coke?” he continued.

“Sure. Coming right up,” she winked at him jovially and went to grab him a coke.

When she came back, Sean was staring at her. “What?” she said, slightly unsettled by his steady gaze.

Sean continued to stare at her and then he looked away quickly and then back saying, “I was wondering if you wanted to go to the UFO Center party with me.”

Liz was taken aback. Why couldn’t Sean seem to get it that she was with Max? “Look Sean, you’re a really nice guy, but like I said before… I’m with Max. I can’t go to the party with you.”

“So where is Max right now Liz, huh? Where is he?” asked Sean pointedly.

“It doesn’t matter where he is. He is with me and I am with him,” replied Liz, who was beginning to tire of this repetitive conversation.

“He’s with Tess right now isn’t he? Some baby thing, right? I saw him with her before. They were going to some women’s center. How long are you just going to sit here and take this?” asked Sean hotly.

“Sean, this is really not your business. I don’t want to talk about this with you anymore,” said Liz, irritated.

“Look, just go to the party with me. You’ll have a good time. We’ll have a good time. And you won’t have to worry about my baby’s mama showing up to ruin your fun.”

“No Sean. I’m sorry – I – “ Liz moved to go back to the kitchen.

Sean was up in an instant, grabbing her arm. “Liz, please just think about it… Just think about going to the dance – “

“She said NO Sean,” a voice interrupted them. It belonged to a very irritated Max, who looked like he was on the verge of hitting Sean. His hands balled into fists and his jaw was clenched tightly.

Sean looked at Max. “I think Liz can speak for herself.”

“She already did, Sean. She said no. Maybe you need to have your hearing checked,” retorted Max with quiet fury.

Liz watched this scene with interest, but she saw the cook waving frantically at her, so she retreated to the kitchen.

“Whatever Max. Liz – “ he began but Max grabbed his arm and hauled him outside the diner.

Sean started poking Max in his chest, yelling, “Don’t you EVER put your hands on me again, Evans!”

“You keep your hands off of Liz and you won’t have to worry about that Sean,” said Max calmly.

“If Liz wants me to put my hands on her, then I will,” said Sean smugly. “And judging from how close you and your baby’s mama are getting over the baby, I’d say Liz will be wanting me to put my hands … all … over … her … body real soon.”

Max suppressed a howl of rage. Who did Sean think he was? He knew that Sean was trying to bait him, but he did not want to get into a fight over this. But Sean’s comments bothered him because he knew that Liz wasn’t completely comfortable about Tess and the baby.

“That got you didn’t it Evans? I know guys like you. You keep one girl around for kicks and the other around to look good to the family. But you don’t really care about either one. But don’t worry. When you screw up again, I’ll take good care of Liz. When I get my way with her, she won’t even be able to remember her own name, much less yours,” said Sean, trying to instigate a fight.

“You are way out of your league Sean. I would die first before I let you anywhere near Liz. Even if she weren’t with me, she deserves better than you,” said Max, turning back toward the diner.

Sean took this opportunity to try and take a swing at Max, who ducked just in time. Using his power stealthily, he made Sean lose his balance so that he fell onto the tables under the awning. Sean began cursing and yelling, and Max stood over him.

“Just stay away from Liz. I’m warning you Sean. As I said before, you have no idea who you’re dealing with,” said Max with an intense look, before turning to walk back into the diner, leaving Sean to pick himself up from amidst the fallen chairs and overturned table.

Isabel and Michael were out at the rock quarry practicing their powers. Isabel was having trouble controlling her energy bursts. The most she had ever done with her powers had been when she destroyed Congresswoman Whitaker and that had been almost a year ago. She couldn’t concentrate and being in such close proximity with Michael was unnerving. Everytime she looked at him, she felt a wave of heat pass over her. Isabel knew these heated waves were remnants of her dream, but it was unnerving to feel this way about Michael.

In her dream, she wasn’t even sure it was Rath she was dreaming about. But looking at Michael seemed to bring the dream into clear focus. Perhaps she had just been dreaming about Michael, not Rath. Maybe that is why he seemed like Rath only different. She was dreaming about Michael. That thought was even more unsettling. Isabel hadn’t really thought much about Michael like this since the first time she had had dreams about him, but now she couldn’t help wondering if they would generate the heat she had felt in her dream.

“Isabel? Isabel? You doin’ this or what?” asked Michael, annoyed. Isabel had just been standing there for the past ten minutes doing nothing. Michael had become bored blowing up rocks and he wanted to try something different. When she didn’t respond, he went to her and touched her arm. Immediately he was bombarded with flashes of a heated exchange between two beings he thought he recognized. The heat washed over him hotly and he pulled his arm away from Isabel unsteadily. Isabel jerked and looked at him startled.

“What was that Isabel?” he asked uncertainly.

Isabel was still shaking slightly from the force of the heat that had just washed over her. She turned and looked unsteadily into his eyes. “I don’t know…”

“You’re lying Isabel,” he said flatly.

“How do you know that, Michael. I said I didn’t know,” said Isabel cautiously.

“Because you aren’t snapping at me. Normally you would have bitten my head off just then… What’s going on?” he pressed.

“Nothing Michael. Let’s just drop it and get back to training. I have to get home to work on a project,” she responded, avoiding his eyes.

Michael looked at her with a smirk on his face. She was lying to him. Not that he really cared, but for some reason he felt she was lying because of him. He didn’t like that at all. Isabel was supposed to be like his sister. Why would she lie to him?

Liz came back into the locker room quietly. She needed to change clothes quickly so she could get started on her shift. As she neared the locker area, she heard some girls talking around the corner.

“I don’t even know why she is still with him,” said Pam Troy to a group of her lackies in the girls locker room.

“He is so gorgeous though, and you know… brainy Parker. She probably can’t get another guy, even if this one knocked up that blonde chick, you know… Tess,” said one of the lackies.

“What I don’t get is why she isn’t with that gorgeous Valenti guy,” said Pam.

“Well, it’s probably because she slept with him. You know how guys are. He was probably just using her to get some. It’s not like he would want to be with her for anything other than that,” laughed a particulary snarky lackey.

“Well, maybe he needed her for tutoring,” joked Pam.

“Well whatever. I just cannot believe that she is so desperate that she would stay with a guy who is having a baby with someone else. Oh well. He’s probably only with her because she puts out. I’ll bet when Tess has the baby, he’ll leave Liz to be with Tess. He was pretty tight with Tess last year. He probably only got with Liz because Tess left in the first place.”

“Well, I don’t know. Have you seen Max Evans with his shirt off? He is soooo hot! What does he see in Liz anyway? She is so … blah. There is nothing special about her at all!” exclaimed Pam.

“He has that whole mysterious, brooding quality about him. It is so sexy! I would love to be his toy for just like… one minute!”

“Sorry, that honor is reserved for me,” said Pam.

Maria came up behind Liz, who jumped, startled. Liz threw up a finger to her mouth and shushed her. Maria remained silent and listened to the girls gossip about Liz. Her anger flared and she was about to jump out and rip those girls a new one when Liz calmly stepped out herself.

“Hi ladies. Are you finished discussing my private life now?” she asked directly.

Pam was not about to be outdone by Liz. “Not quite. It is almost as interesting as The Bold and the Beautiful.”

“Really? Well, I’m sorry that your life is so empty and dull that you have to discuss my life to bring any excitement to it,” retorted Liz, more calmly than she felt.

Pam just rolled her eyes as she and her cronies left. As soon as they left and the door slammed behind them, Liz let out a primal scream of rage.

“I hate them. I hate this situation! I hate everything! Aaarrghh!!” she screamed with unrestrained fury. Maria jumped as the light fixture overhead blew out completely, throwing the locker room into darkness and sending a shower of static over Liz and Maria.

“Liz, you have GOT to get this power thing under control, or we are going to be in real trouble.”

Liz sighed in frustration. She had to get her emotions under control first, and that meant confronting Tess once and for all.

“So is everything set?” asked Daecon.

“It’s all set. Everything should happen Friday night at the party. Then we should be able to divide them all. This will be what breaks Liz and Max once and for all. I believe everyone will be split over this,” responded the Tess vision.

“So how long will it be before I have her?” asked Daecon.

“Not too long,” replied Tess assuredly. “So do you know what to do?”

Daecon nodded. It looked like Tess was going to be even more useful than he originally thought. He was finally ready to begin his systematic destruction and capture of Max Evans, Isabel Evans and Michael Guerin. All he needed was to test the human girl and he would be set. If she was who he thought she was, she would make a nice prize for Khivar, dead or alive. Daecon grinned as he thought about the bonus he could get along with his bounty for her capture.

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Hi everyone!! I decided to post two new chapters today, because... well, you deserve it!!

Keep in mind that I am a dreamer when you read this... It may be difficult for some of you (no, M&L do not break up), but the dialogue from Tess may be tough to stomach... Necessary evil...

Trust me when I say Tess will seriously get hers.

TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry – Chapter Twenty Six

“You aren’t very excited about this baby are you Max?” asked Tess warily. She knew this was a dumb question, but she wanted to make some sort of attempt at communication.

“I’m not going to lie to you Tess. I am not really ready to be a father,” answered Max honestly.

“And you think I’m ready to be a mother? I was supposed to be safe on Antar. Instead I had to flee back here and be among people who hate me. I cannot imagine what it is going to be like for my baby,” said Tess.

Max turned to look at the brochure on breathing exercises. “So when is this instructor going to get here?” he asked, changing the subject.

Tess sighed. “I want you to know that you really won’t have to do anything with the baby if you don’t want to. I was wrong to go to your parents, but I was afraid you would hurt me if I confronted you first. I’m sorry.”

Max was not really convinced. “Maybe we shouldn’t talk about my parents. That’s a sore subject for me. And I will be there for the baby, Tess. I’m already somewhat attached to my son, so I will be a father to him. But there can never be anything between us. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.”

Tess stared at the floor. She was sick and tired of Max reiterating that point. She was sick and tired of everyone reiterating that point. “I know Max. I know there will never be anything between us again. All I care about is the baby. I want to be a good mother, Max. I love this child. I love him. I know I was underhanded in my methods to get pregnant and I am deeply sorry for that, but I love this child. I would do anything to protect him.” Tess knew she was speaking mostly about the baby that she had lost, but everything she said about him was true. She did love him, and she would have done anything to protect him. She wished she could have another chance with her baby.

Max noticed the look that crossed Tess’ face. Somehow he knew that Tess meant what she said about being a good mother. He could almost feel the love she had for their child radiating off of her. Silently, Max kicked himself. This baby would know nothing about its conception circumstances. This baby wouldn’t know that his mother had been a murderer. Even though Max still wasn’t going to excuse Tess, he knew that he had to make the baby feel loved and welcomed.

He was going to be a father to this child. He wouldn’t let him grow up unsure of his origins or background. He wouldn’t have to spend his life behind a tree, watching life pass him by. Max was determined. His son would have a life. A full life.

When the class was finished, Max and Tess walked out to the parking lot. “We need to find out more about ourselves, Tess. I want my son to know everything about himself. I don’t want him to grow up like I did.”

Max stopped talking and turned to look Tess directly in the eye. “I need you to tell me everything you know about Antar. I want to be more prepared.”

Tess brightened. This was exactly what she wanted to hear from Max. “Do you want to try some more memory retrieval techniques?”

“No,” said Max abruptly. “No I don’t. We need a more factual way of getting information about Antar.”

At Tess’ crestfallen expression, he softened slightly. “Tess. I want to be able to trust you about our son. I want to be able to be honest where he is concerned, but right now I don’t trust you. Too much has happened for me to just blindly trust you again. I hope you can understand that,” he said sincerely.

Tess nodded. “I understand. I am working really hard on earning your trust, Max.”

When Max turned to go to the suv, Tess called out to him. “Max? What about – what happens when the baby is born? What happens to me then?”

Max shook his head. “I don’t know. I think we will decide as a group. You did commit a murder Tess. And you were involved in a plot to kill three of us. We can’t just forget that.”

Tess nodded and turned to get in her rental car. Max got into his suv and drove away. For the first time in a long time, he felt like he had had a semi-honest exchange with Tess, even if he still got the feeling that she wasn’t telling him something.

“So are you going to tell me what’s been bothering you Isabel?” asked an irritated Michael.

Isabel walked inside the apartment and sat down on the couch. They had just finished with another training session and Michael had been looking at her strangely the whole time. “Nope.”

“Isabel. Look. I know something is up. And I know it has something to do with me as well. So either you tell me, or I come up with more creative means of finding this out,” said Michael in response to Isabel’s curt answer.

“Michael NOTHING is wrong okay? Why can’t you just leave it alone? I am tired of having this conversation with you,” cried Isabel, beginning to get angry. Suddenly tired of sitting, Isabel rose and grabbed her coat. Michael grabbed her arm and swung her around to face him.

“Look Isabel. I know we don’t normally see eye to eye about things and you are rather like an annoying sister to me, but if something is bothering you – I want to know about it. It’s that whole protector thing kicking in…” Michael’s voice was a plaintive whisper.

At the sibling reference, Isabel stiffened. How could she tell Michael what she was dreaming about? She wasn’t even comfortable with it herself. After Maria’s reaction, she didn’t even want to see what Michael’s would be. Steeling herself, she plunged ahead.

“Michael … have you been having any dreams … about – about our past life on Antar?”

Michael thought about this for a moment. He couldn’t remember having any dreams about his past life at all. “No… Not that I can remember. Have you?”

Isabel nodded slowly. She didn’t trust her voice anymore.

“So what were they about?” asked Michael.

“Well … I – I’m not sure. I mean, I think Vilaandra was in it. She was – she was with someone,” stammered Isabel.

“Probably Khivar, right?” prompted Michael.

“No. I mean he was in it too, but he wasn’t who she was with. It was – it was Rath … I – I – I mean I think it was Rath,” continued Isabel. When Michael’s eyes shifted uncomfortably to the floor, Isabel hastily added, “I mean it seemed like Rath, only different. Somehow I know it isn’t Rath … but yet it still seems like him. I can’t explain it.”

“When – when you say ‘with’ Vilaandra, do you – do you mean – “ started Michael.

“They were very involved Michael. I felt the heat radiating off of them. It was really … “

Michael finished her thought for her, “ – intense.”

Isabel nodded. “How did you know that?”

“I got a flash when we were at the rock quarry. I could feel the heat washing over me. The only way to desribe that is ‘intense’,” answered Michael.

“Do you think that was – that was … us?” asked Isabel tentatively.

“I don’t know. I mean, you’re the one having the dreams. What do you think?”

“I have no idea Michael. And I don’t know how we’re supposed to figure this out either. In the other dreams we both had, it was clearly us. This is just not clear,” replied Isabel.

“Maybe we should try connecting. Maybe we can figure it out from a few flashes,” suggested Michael.

Isabel shivered inwardly. “Are you sure that’s a good idea? I’m not sure I want you poking around in my head.”

Michael shrugged. “It’s not like I want you poking around in mine, but if it tells us more about our past life, then we should at least consider it.”

Isabel sighed and dropped her head in her hands. After a few moments she looked up, determined. “Okay. Let’s try it.”

Michael and Isabel joined hands. In an instant they were connected. Both were hit with a barage of images that made no sense. The only thing that did was an amazing erotic and molten heat that flowed over both of them. Isabel was crushing Michael’s hands due to the force of the emotions flowing through her. It was the same heat from her dream, and she knew Michael must be feeling it too.

Abruptly, Michael pulled his hands away from Isabel and drew in a sharp breath. When Isabel snapped out of the connection, her face was inches from Michael’s. She lowered her gaze and tried to pull in a shaky breath. She was about to speak when she heard Maria gasp from the doorway. Jerking herself further away from Michael and rising to her feet, Isabel looked at Maria and then at Michael, who was still breathing heavily.

“Am I interrupting anything?” asked Maria, crossing her arms.

Isabel was feeling uncomfortable enough. “Nothing for you to worry about,” she said and grabbed her coat and swept out of the apartment, leaving Maria confused and bewildered.

Maria turned to look at Michael, who was still breathing heavily. She didn’t even want to think about what had been going on before she got there. She felt like she had interrupted a heavy makeout session or something. Which would be fine – if only it hadn’t been her boyfriend that she’d interrupted with someone else.

“Are you going to tell me what I just walked in on?” she asked curtly.

Michael stood and walked to her. He grabbed her and kissed her passionately. When the kiss broke, he looked into her eyes and said, “No. I’m not.”

“Liz. Liz!” called Kyle from outside her balcony window. Liz looked up from her desk. She was trying to study for an AP History exam she had tomorrow.

“Kyle,” she said. “What’s going on?”

Kyle looked at her meaningfully. “Maria told me what happened in the girls’ locker room. I just wanted to come by and talk about it.”

Liz sighed and resumed perusing her history notes. “It was nothing Kyle. I just lost control for a while.”

“Those girls were ragging on you about the whole Tess, Max and the baby thing. That is why you lost control, isn’t it?” asked Kyle.

“Probably. It – look. I just need to learn how to control my emotions, that’s all. I can keep this from happening again. I’ll be fine,” said Liz, trying to convince herself that she would, in fact be fine.

Kyle wasn’t buying it. “Are you sure? I mean, if you are changed now because of what Max did when he brought you back, won’t I go through the same thing?”

Liz’s head snapped up. “Kyle … I didn’t even think about that. I guess maybe this would be really unsettling for you too. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. But I would feel much better if you were able to figure out how to control this thing,” he said.

Liz rolled her eyes as she realized that this had come back around to her controlling this new power. “I suppose you have a theory about this?”

Kyle folded his arms in front of him. “I think that you have these episodes when your emotions are really heightened. Like when those girls were ragging on you. Or when you are really afraid. Your emotions kind of go out of control then, so maybe your power does too.”

Liz stared at him. Was Kyle Valenti actually making sense? He was! “That makes a whole lotta sense, Kyle. Why didn’t I think about that?”

“Probably because you are trying to ignore the fact that you are changing,” responded Kyle. “You wanna borrow a book about Buddha? That’s what got me through my near death experience.”

Liz smirked and then covered it up with a smile. “Um, no Kyle… but um… thank you.”

Kyle just shrugged. When he turned to leave, he got a glimpse of himself in the mirror. For some reason he felt like there was something he needed to tell Liz, but he couldn’t remember what it was. “You ever get the feeling that there is something really important you have to say, but you can’t remember what it is? I have something on the tip of my tongue, but I just cannot seem to spit it out.”

Liz nodded. “I get that all the time. It happens when I have too much on my mind. Don’t worry, it’ll come to you.”

Liz looked up again as she heard a noise on her balcony. It was probably Kyle, bringing her a book on Buddha. She sprang up and started toward her windown. “Kyle, I really don’t need a book on Buddha,” she called before realizing that it was Max who stood on her balcony.

“Oh, Max,” she said, climbing out onto the balcony.

“Hi,” he said with a smile.

“Hi,” she returned. “Is there something wrong?” she asked, noticing the look on his face.

“No. It’s just that I want to be able to find out more about my past. I need to know more about my heritage,” Max answered, careful not to mention that this sudden interest stemmed from his conversation with Tess.

Liz looked puzzled. “Why the sudden interest, Max? And anyway, didn’t the destiny book tell you almost everything?”

Max sighed. “I don’t know that any of that stuff in that book is true anymore, and I really need to know about my past.”

Liz looked at Max inquisitively. He seemed to have developed an intense interest in his past. “I thought Michael was always the one who wanted to know so much about your past.”

Averting his eyes from hers, Max said quietly, “I just want to know about my past. Is that so unusual?”

Liz glanced at his shifty expression. Then she glanced at her wall and caught sight of her clock. She sighed and pursed her lips together tautly. “Where are you coming from?”


“I asked you where you were coming from. Where were you before you came over here?” she asked again.

Max sighed as he realized that she knew where his sudden interest had come from. “I was – I was with Tess for the birthing class. We talked about the baby. We think it would be better for our son if he knew about his past from birth.”

Liz sighed and rolled her eyes. She was not liking this. And she was liking it even less that he was going to come and talk to her about this and leave certain important parts out of it. “Were you even going to tell me that – ever?”

“I wanted to… but I just didn’t want to make this uncomfortable for you. I know you wish the baby wasn’t … well, a reality,” said Max unevenly.

“Well, of course I wish that. Everytime I think about it, it reminds me of how messed up everything got. So, yeah, I do wish this baby and Tess would just disappear. But here they are and I am trying to deal with it. But it won’t help when you start having secret conversations with Tess and then hiding them from me,” exclaimed Liz.

Max was taken aback. “I was only doing that to protect you. I didn’t want to – I’m sorry… “ he said helplessly.

“Please stop apologizing. This is just how things are. Apologizing won’t make things any better right now,” snapped Liz, starting to feel frustrated.

Max was near the breaking point. “So what do you suggest I do, Liz? Whenever I talk about the baby, you get this look on your face. And I hate being the one who is causing it. So I thought it would be better to just avoid bringing it up altogether…”

“So you can discuss this with a murdering tramp, but you can’t discuss it with me?” snapped Liz.

“No! No… Liz, please let’s not fight,” pleaded Max, trying to regain control of the frustration starting to creep up.

“Fine,” said Liz, sitting on her chair.

Max went over to her and kissed the top of her head. “I know this is hard for you … “

“Hard for me, Max? You have NO idea! There are people gossiping about me at school – about how they don’t understand why you are with me. And then there are those that don’t get why I am with you. They seem to think that you and Tess will get together – it’s only a matter of time. They think that the only reason you are with me is because I ‘put out’. They believe Kyle dumped me because I ‘put out’ with him and once he got what he wanted, he left. I am TIRED of the gossip and the dirty looks and the staring. It is just so … so … so FRUSTRATING!! I – I can’t handle all of this! That stuff with Kyle wasn’t even true, but no one knows that. To everyone else, I look like a damn slut and you look like a stud! I don’t know what’s harder, dealing with Tess actually BEING here, or people believing that I’m some cheap whore!!” cried Liz as the string lights on her balcony all blew out, sending a shower of sparks over her head.

Max stared at the sparks and the burnt out lights. “Liz, you have to calm down. You always seem to have an episode when – “

Liz jumped up. “I know! I know MAX!! I know that when I get emotional, I lose control. I know!! But I’m not a damn robot! Sometimes I lose control and I guess THIS is one of those TIMES!!” Liz screamed in frustration and punched her fists to her side. A small burst of energy flew from her hand and hit the glass vase behind her, shattering it into dust. Liz and Max both covered their heads to shield themselves from the flying glass, which resembled pixie dust as it showered over them. Liz looked at the dust settle onto the ground and then at her hand.

Max was right. She was going to have to calm down. “I – I – “ Liz hastily sat down as Max relit her string lights to bring some light to the balcony. He moved to sit directly in front of her.

“Liz. We have to find a way to get this under control,” he said.

“I know. I know, you’re right. I’m just so overwhelmed by everything that’s going on… I can’t seem to get a handle on anything,” said Liz softly.

Max rose to his feet and kissed the top of her head. “We’ll figure it out… together.”

Liz sighed and leaned into him. “Was there something else you wanted to talk about, Max?”

Max thought about the crystal’s weird reaction to him the other night. “It can wait,” he replied softly, pulling her into a comforting embrace.

“Okay Maria… I’m here. Maria? Maria?” Liz poked her head through Maria’s window. Seeing Maria face down on her bed, she climbed in. “What’s the big emergency?”

Maria sat up, her face tear-stained.

“Oh, Maria. What happened?” asked Liz, concerned.

“I think Michael and Isabel … I think they are … going the way of destiny,” said Maria, choking back tears.

Liz put her arms around her friend. Their lives were such a mess. But she hadn’t seen any indication that Michael and Isabel wanted to go down that road. “Why would you think that Maria?”

“I went over to see Michael after work and when I got there, they were really involved. Liz, if I hadn’t gotten there when I did, I think that they would have started kissing or something,” moaned Maria.

Liz gasped. She couldn’t imagine that happening. There had to be an explanation. “I’m sure they weren’t going to do that… Maybe Isabel was just upset or something.”

Maria gave Liz a dead serious expression. “Their faces were like inches from each other when I walked in on them. After Isabel made a hasty exit, I asked Michael if he was going to explain and he said no. Then he kissed me. And it wasn’t like our normal kisses Liz. It almost felt like I got some of the benefit of the sexual tension that he had stored up for … her.”

Liz grimaced. It didn’t even bear thinking about. “If that is true, Michael is sooooo… wrong for using you like that. But how do you really know unless you ask him?”

“I did ask him and he won’t talk about it. I don’t know what to do. I hope that they aren’t going down that road. I mean, you and Max look like you are handling things alright, but – what?” Maria stopped when Liz pulled a face.

“Well, maybe Max and I aren’t quite as solid in our handling of this Tess situation… It is just harder than I thought it would be. But I do know that if we are going to handle it at all, we have to be honest with each other. You and Michael have to be honest with each other too,” said Liz.

“What if he won’t talk to me about it? What then?” asked Maria.

“You cannot let it get there. If he doesn’t want to discuss something this important with you, his girlfriend, then frankly I don’t think he deserves you. You deserve his honesty.”

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I hope you enjoy!!

TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

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Tapestry – Chapter Twenty Seven

Max stumbled back into his bedroom and plopped down on his bed. He hadn’t wanted his conversation with Liz to get so out of hand. He was trying to do what was best for his son, but he knew that Liz was conflicted about all of this, especially since Tess was back in Roswell.

He had no idea that she was the subject of all of that nasty gossip at school either. Max sighed as he thought about everything Liz had given up to save all of them. Most of the rumors were based on the setup of her and Kyle sleeping together. And now she was taking much flack for that. It really was unfair to her and there didn’t seem to be very much he could do about it either.

He also sensed a deep-seated animosity toward his son from Liz. He knew that she didn’t mean it personally toward his son, but more toward his son’s mother. It was only natural that she would feel threatened by him, but Max really had no idea how he would be able to resolve this issue with her. He wanted Liz to love his child too, even though he knew that would be asking a lot of her.

Max sighed as he realized how attached he had become to his son, who hadn’t even been born. Although he definitely wished that this had happened much later with Liz and not Tess, he did see this as an opportunity. He could ensure that his son grew up with the knowledge that he didn’t have. His son would not have to live part of his life behind trees.

Rubbing his eyes tiredly, he looked toward his closet and saw the sphere glowing. Freeing it from its hiding place, he watched as it hovered above him and then glided down into his outstretched hand. Then it glowed a dark crimson red color and shorted out again, but this time the short was accompanied by flashes. Max was startled to realize that the flashes were all moments he had already experienced.


Liz being shot in the Crashdown;

Max reacting when Liz told him about Valenti being on to him;

Max being captured by the FBI agents;

The Royal Four being surrounded by the skins;

Max trying to stop Brody from shooting Liz;

Liz being choked by Jude;

Sean taking a swing at him and missing;


He realized that these were all moments during which he had experienced some sort of danger, or he was afraid because someone else was experiencing danger. Max stared at the crystal. “What are you trying to tell me?” he whispered to it. The crystal was lifeless at this point. But Max couldn’t shake the ominous feeling that the crystal had conveyed to him.

He knew that part of his fears were based on Daecon’s presence in Roswell. It was unnerving that other than his possible appearance at the party in Las Cruces, Daecon had not made himself known to them at all. This bothered him a lot and he was nervous about it. He, Michael and Isabel had been training at the rock quarry in shifts to hone their powers and that settled him a little bit, but he also knew that to defeat Daecon, they would have to come up with something else besides parlour tricks.

As his thoughts drifted to their powers, Max thought about Liz. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to try and allow her to develop her powers, although the thought of Liz fighting with them scared him. He would never forgive himself if she died while trying to fight their battles with them. Max thought about the exploding vase on her balcony. But she did need to learn how to control what was happening to her. And he would definitely help her.

Max glanced at his clock. It read 1:30 am. Max yawned after seeing how late it was. He crawled into bed. He had a full day, because of the party at the UFO Center tomorrow night. Brody had a ton of things that he wanted Max to do so the place would be suitable to hold a party in. Most of it included heavy lifting.

He had hoped to actually meet Liz and take her to the party, but she had said that she would just meet him there, because she had to work a little later Friday night. Max secretly thought that she was still a little unsettled by all of the gossip and she wanted to make an entrance by herself. Plus, he would probably be working all the way up until the party himself, with just enough time to go home, shower and change. Wondering what Liz would wear, Max drifted off to sleep dreamily.

Liz looked with disgust at the pile of clothes on top of her bed. She couldn’t figure out what to wear. Everytime she put something on, she felt like she was trying too hard, or that she wasn’t trying hard enough. The comments those girls had made about her had really unnerved her and she wanted to just ignore them, but…

Liz stopped as she came upon a pair of high heeled sandals. She would definitely wear these. They were the same ones from the Las Cruces party. She loved the little crystal details on them.

Snarling, she turned her attention back to the pile of clothes on her bed. She wanted to look good, but she wanted to do it so she didn’t look like she was trying too hard. She had already done her hair the same way it had been done at the Las Cruces party, but the clothing problem was getting on her nerves. She was about to just stay home when she saw Maria coming in, already dressed.

“Where’s Michael?” she asked.

Maria shrugged. “He said I was taking too long to get ready, so he went on ahead. That’s fine though, you look like you need help.”

Liz smiled with relief. “I do… I do need help. You look great by the way.” And she did. Maria was wearing a short skirt with black boots and a cute cap sleeved top with a deep v-back.

“Thanks,” replied Maria. “So, do you want to wear pants or a skirt?”

“Pants I think. But I just don’t have anything to wear at all… Everything is so … blah…”

Maria walked over to Liz’s closet. She rummaged around for a minute and came out with a pair of dark indigo blue jean bootleg pants with a slim hipslung fit. At the bottom of one of the legs, there was a cute little dragon design embroidered in silver and crystals that crawled up the pant leg. The bootleg flare had a split him that allowed her ankles to peek through. They were similar to the ones Maria had worn in Las Cruces. The tags were still on them. “What about these?”

Liz grimaced. “I don’t know Maria. I mean, I liked them in the store, but … on me? I just don’t know… They were a little tight.”

“They are supposed to be chica. And with your body? Fuggettaboutit. Put them on while I find a suitable top for you,” instructed Maria, throwing the pants at Liz.

Liz grimaced as she caught the pants. “There is a matching top… It’s around here somewhere, but I don’t remember exactly where.” She couldn’t believe this. She had bought that outfit on a whim, when she was feeling particulary overt. Plus, Maria had been encouraging her to buy it. After she got it home, however, she just couldn’t bring herself to wear it. She had meant to give it to Maria, but she just hadn’t gotten around to it.

Maria found the matching top and threw it over to Liz. “You are going to look so incredible – again. Are you trying to turn into a hottie or something?”

Liz called from inside the bathroom, “Isn’t this too much, though Maria? I don’t want to look like I am trying so hard.”

“The only people who will care about that are Pam Troy and her lackies. Everyone else will just finally see what a knockout you are. Liz, what are you worried about? You looked awesome at that party in Las Cruces,” said Maria, reapplying her lipstick.

“I was sort of in character then Maria. Tonight is real though, you know?”

“Max will love it… although he would love it even if you showed up in rags… But at least now he will really have to give you his full attention, right?”

Liz sighed. “Yeah, I guess. How do I look?” she asked, stepping out of the bathroom.

“Ooooh… I knew I would love this outfit on you. Those pants are so cute and that top is adorable. Can I borrow it?”

Liz rolled her eyes and looked in the mirror. On top of the dragon embellished pants she wore a sleevelees deep v-necked top. The v-neck was scandalously low and Liz nervously pulled it up.

“Noooo stop that… Leave it like it is… that looks great on you Liz,” said Maria, slapping Liz’s hand away.

Liz stopped fidgeting and turned so she could see her back a little. The entire back of the top was made of a dark, sheer meshy material and because the pants hung so low, Liz was afraid she was showing way too much of her back. “Are you sure about this Maria?”

Maria grinned and helped Liz get her hair to behave. “I love this top… And you really look great in it Liz. This whole outfit is really working for you. And do the smoky thing with your eyes again. That looks great. Remember to just use a light, pale gloss for your lips though.”

“Yes, Auntie Maria,” said Liz sarcastically as she finished applying her makeup.

After Liz finished dressing and Maria was satisfied with her appearance, they both headed downstairs. They both got more looks from the customers than usual, who were obviously only used to seeing them in their waitressing uniforms.

“Are you sure these pants aren’t too tight, Maria?” asked Liz, her voice barely a whisper.

“Yes Liz. Yes. You look fine. Better than fine. Look at the way these guys are staring at you if you don’t believe me,” said an exasperated Maria.

Liz looked around nervously. Maria was right. She was getting an awful lot of attention. People were looking at her like they had never seen her before. She heard a lot of “Who’s the new girl?” and “Is that Liz Parker?” When she passed by Pam Troy and her group of lackies, she was pleasantly surprised to see that they were speechless.

Her enthusiasm waned however, when she got inside and Sean De Luca made his way over to her after Maria spotted Michael and trotted off to maul him.

“Hi Sean,” said Liz as Sean reached out and took her hand. He was rather speechless and when she turned around because she thought she saw Max, he stuttered when he saw her back.

“Wow Liz. You look incredible. I mean really, really incredible. You really look great!” Sean broke off as he realized that he was sounding lame. He motioned to the dancefloor and asked, “Would you like to dance?”

Liz looked uncomfortable for a moment. She didn’t see Max anywhere and she did want to dance. Maybe he wasn’t here yet, she thought. “Okay, sure,” she said.

Sean led Liz out to the dancefloor. It was a fast song, so she didn’t have to worry about him touching her too much. She reacted with surprise when it was clear how good a dancer Sean was. She had never seen him at a party, but he was a really good dancer. She watched with rapt fascination as he moved easily and effortlessly to the music. He pulled a few funny faces at her and she burst out laughing. As she did so, he took that opportunity to pull her close to him and swing her around the floor in circles.

When a line dance started, Liz and Sean joined in happily. She hated to admit it, but she was having a blast dancing with Sean, even though she couldn’t wait for Max to get there. She quickly learned the dance and soon she was doing it almost as well as Sean was. Of course, he was being a little too touchy feely with her on the dancefloor, but Liz was able to keep his advances at bay. Soon however, Liz realized that she was practically surrounded by guys from her school and Sean. She looked around wildly for Maria, but she couldn’t find her. She still hadn’t seen Max either.

Tess eyed the scene surreptitiously. She knew she liked Sean for a reason. He had jumped on Liz the moment she had gotten there, and Max was nowhere to be seen… yet. Tess nervously glanced at the stairway, hoping that Max would enter soon and see Sean trying to hang all over Liz.

She saw Daecon walk down the stairs to the delight of Pam and her friends. She had to admit that he wasn’t really all that hard on the eyes. His sandy hair and grey eyes were a striking and handsome combination. He focused his attention on her and Tess winked at him and tilted her head toward Liz and Sean. He nodded and made his way down the steps over toward the dancefloor.

She didn’t have to wait long. And much to her delight, she spotted Pam Troy and her friends hovering nearby. She couldn’t believe her luck when they started whispering and pointing at Liz and Sean. They were just loud enough that Tess knew Max could hear them. He hadn’t spotted Liz and Sean yet and when he turned to look at Pam and her friends, Tess knew that he had heard. He looked toward the dance floor and spotted Liz, with Sean trying his best to touch her everywhere he could. Even though Liz was being little miss perfect by fending off Sean’s advances, thought Tess nastily, it definitely was getting to Max to see her having so much fun. Tess moved closer so she could hear what Pam and her friends were saying.

“Oh my God!! Is that Liz Parker? God, could she be any closer to Sean?” asked one of them.

Pam smirked, “I think she was meeting him here. As soon as she got inside, she went to dance with him. He can really move too. I never noticed how fine he is. Why does Liz get all the good ones?”

One of Pam’s friends noticed Max and said snarkily, “I guess she finally got tired of Max parading around town with his pregnant ex-girlfriend.”

Max’s face was beginning to show signs of anger. He moved tentatively toward the dance floor and then stopped and turned toward Pam and her friends. Sean was really getting to him, thought Tess.

The music got louder and louder and suddenly a slow dance started. Sean pulled Liz toward him, and she pulled away shaking her head. Another guy approached and tried to dance with her and Liz began to work her way off the dance floor. She saw Max across the room and started over toward him, but she got sidetracked by a flock of couples advancing toward the dancefloor.

Tess saw her approach and moved over toward Max, who had looked away when the slow music came on. “Hey Max,” she said softly on purpose.

“What?” he asked. Tess had been speaking too quietly to hear her. Tess smiled and moved closely to him until she was somewhat pressed against him under the pretense of trying to let him hear her. “I said hey Max,” she repeated, louder this time. Max staggered back, feeling uncomfortable with the way she invaded his space and even more uncomfortable that Pam and her friends were onhand to witness the event.

Pam and her friends were practically drooling over this gossip worthy tidbit. They inched closer and closer until they were practically sharing the same air as Max and Tess. Tess was talking animatedly to Max about nothing and Liz slowly moved toward them. Max still hadn’t noticed Liz, but he was trying to get away from Tess. Apparently he knew better than to be caught standing this close to Tess where Liz could see them. He then saw Liz and started moving toward her. Tess wasn’t going to let him get away from her this easily. Clutching her stomach, she cried out and doubled over.

Max stopped and looked at her with concern. “Are you alright? Is it the baby?” he asked.

Tess saw the stunned and angry expression on Liz’s face and smiled inwardly. Just seeing how affected Liz was by this was enough to make her entire week. “It’s okay… I think he just kicked,” she said breathlessly as Max helped her over to a chair. Knowing instinctively that Tess was just faking to stay around Max longer, Liz moved up the stairs to where they were and stopped when she saw Max’s hand on Tess’ shoulder.

“Max,” said Liz loudly, causing him to jump nervously.

“Liz, I – I was looking for you earlier,” said Max unevenly. He knew this probably was not something Liz wanted to see.

Liz ignored the nosy stares from Pam and her gang, who had moved so that they could see this drama unfold. “Would you mind getting me something to drink?” she asked sweetly.

Max looked at Liz uncomfortably. He really didn’t want to leave Tess and Liz alone together. He knew it wouldn’t end well. He nodded slowly and as he passed her, he kissed her full on the mouth. Liz smiled warmly at him, but pulled away with a steely look of grim determination in her eyes.

When Max had moved around the corner to get her something to drink, Liz turned toward Tess who was now standing.

“We need to get something straight between us Tess,” said Liz with a steely glint in her eye.

Isabel walked into the party tentatively. She waved at Maria and Michael who were locked together near the dancefloor. She was afraid that it would be all high school students and she was right. Even though she was still the same age as the seniors, she felt so much older than they did. She looked around the room for signs of intelligent, post high school life and smiled appreciatively at a man she saw over by the drinks table.

Taking care not to look too desperate, she sidled over there and brushed past him as she reached over for the cups. The man looked at her and grabbed the cup from her, pouring the punch for her. He handed her the drink, his eyes never leaving hers. Isabel gasped at the expression she saw there. His eyes were a dark brown color and they seemed to say so much with just a look. When he raked his eyes over her, Isabel felt a heat build up in her and wash over her in waves. Suddenly feeling self-conscious, she turned away. The feeling reminded her of the one she had in her dreams. “E-excuse me,” she stammered and fled away from him.

The man followed and touched her arm. Isabel visibly shivered and turned back toward him. “Would you please not touch me? I – I don’t even know you,” she said unevenly.

The man just stared at her and the familiar heat from her dream washed over her. Shaking, she asked, “Do I know you?”

He winked roguishly and then walked away. Isabel was in shock. She felt like she did know him, but how could that be?

Suddenly someone brushed against her. Isabel blinked. She was standing at the drinks table, holding an empty cup. What the hell? she thought confusedly.

“Are you going to get a drink or just stand there?” asked a guy standing next to her.

Isabel looked around wildly. Had she just imagined all of that? “Oh … sorry… I spaced out for a second there,” she said lamely and finished filling her cup.

Michael watched this episode the moment he saw Isabel space out. He could tell that she was uncomfortable. Maria looked up at him and followed his gaze to Isabel.

“What is going on with you and Isabel?” she demanded.

“I’m not going to have this conversation with you right now Maria,” said Michael curtly and walked over to the drink table.

Maria stared at him with a pained expression and crossed her arms defiantly. She couldn’t believe this was happening. What was going on?

Kyle walked up to Maria after he saw her exchange with Michael. “You okay?”

Maria didn’t respond. She was too angry. “I thought you had an away game this week,” she said, trying to change the subject.

“No, tonight’s an off week. The week is away,” said Kyle, folding his arms and surveying the crowd. “Where’s Liz?”

Maria looked around for her friend. She didn’t see her. But she did see Michael going over to talk to Isabel. This just keeps getting better and better, she thought.

Tess moved closer to Liz and rolled her eyes. “I think I have everything straight,” she smirked.

Liz sighed and tried to approach this conversation calmly. “Look. I know you still have feelings for Max, and I don’t appreciate you trying to use this baby to cause trouble.”

Tess scoffed. “I don’t have to use this baby at all. Max will wake up soon and realize that he still loves me. Isn’t that why you are so threatened?”

Liz laughed. “If you think Max is going to leave me for you, you’ve really got your hair wrapped too tight.”

Tess started toward Liz who didn’t budge and inch. “Oh Please. Do you honestly think that Max is going to want to stay with you when he can be with me? You know he loved the sex, don’t you?” Tess lowered her voice to a whisper. “I don’t think he even remembered his name through most of it.”

Liz flinched slightly at the mention of the sex. Through clenched teeth she said, “Back off Tess. I know your little stunt earlier was just to keep Max from coming to me. You are so pathetic. Max doesn’t love you. He loves me and you know the only hold you have over him is this baby.”

Tess laughed. “Ask Max about our night together and I am sure you will see that the hold I have over him goes way farther than that.”

Liz snorted, and lowered her voice so that only Tess could hear her. “Please! You are nothing but a manipulative intergalactic tramp who manipulated a man into sleeping with her. You killed one of my best friends and you used that to get Max into the sack with you. You are the most pathetic and skanky heifer I have ever met.”

Tess reared back and slapped Liz. Liz stumbled back and felt her face. When she pulled her hand away there was blood on it. She stared at Tess, shocked. Tess smirked nastily at her and showed her the ring that she had turned under on her hand. Liz screamed with fury and brought her hand up to slap Tess and then remembered that she was pregnant. Turning away from Tess she started up the stairs until Tess hauled her back to the landing. Liz turned on her, her eyes stinging slightly from the pain on her cheek.

Seeing Liz standing in front of Tess, Sean smiled deviously. He knew this had to be difficult for Liz, but the sooner she figured out what a jerk Max was, the better. He saw Max heading back toward the two bickering ladies with a drink and moved to intercept him.

Purposefully striding toward Liz and Tess, Max was caught off guard by Sean blocking his path. Max stepped back with a look of supreme annoyance and tried to go around him. Sean blocked his path again.

“What do you want De Luca?” asked Max, extremely irritated.

“I want you to leave Liz alone. I know you saw her dancing with me. She was having fun, but of course as soon as she saw you and Tess, she stopped having fun,” said Sean scathingly.

Max suppressed a low growl. “Sean, back off. I really don’t need this right now. Liz asked me for a drink and – “

Max lips formed a scowl as Sean slapped the drink out of his hand. “Are you trying to pick a fight with me Sean?” he asked as clenched his hands at his side.

Sean didn’t answer. Instead he took a menacing step toward Max. Max stood perfectly still and looked down at Sean without flinching. Sean backed down, realizing that he wasn’t going to get a rise out of him. He decided to take a different tack.

“Why did you let Tess come here anyway Max? Having Liz all over you not enough? You had to have Tess here to grovel at your feet too?” Sean sneered.

Max was quietly fuming. He didn’t want to lose control with Sean. “I make it a point not to tell Liz or Tess what to do,” he said with deadly intent.

“What about Jude?” asked Sean. “What were you doing to him to get him to attack Liz like that so you could play hero?”

Max walked past him, “I’m not going to dignify that remark with a response.”

Sean grabbed his arm, “Don’t walk away from me Evans.”

Max turned and shoved Sean off of him. “Back off Sean,” he said, his teeth clenched.

Sean smirked and shoved him back and then advanced on him, throwing a punch. Max caught his fist with his hand and pushed Sean to the floor. Sean jumped up and jumped onto Max, throwing punches. Max rolled him over and punched him solidly in his jaw. He was about to punch Sean again when Michael grabbed his arm.

“Hey, Max! Stop, he’s not worth it! Besides, you’ve got bigger problems,” yelled Michael. He dragged Max over to the dancefloor area and pointed up at Liz and Tess who were yelling and screaming at each other with reckless abandon. Max saw Tess slap Liz hard in the face and he started toward them.

Maria saw the slap too and she moved to try and get closer to them.

Daecon watched the scene unfolding in front of him. Slowly he brought his hand up to his face and rubbed his ring thoughtfully with his thumb. He saw Maria and Max moving toward Liz and Tess, who were standing on the landing arguing.

He scanned the crowd and saw two guys arguing over a girl. Thinking they were likely targets, he moved his hands ever so slightly and they began fighting. The dance floor cleared and Maria was swept off to the side. Max and Michael turned to look at the commotion and saw Maria getting tossed around by the crowd. Then Daecon pulled out a pentagon device and made certain that Michael saw him turn it toward Maria.

“Maria!” yelled Michael frantically. He elbowed his way toward the screaming crowd and reached out for her arm. Max caught up with him and grabbed his elbow.

“Michael! What the hell is going on?” asked Max, looking up at Liz and Tess through the commotion worriedly. Luckily Isabel was fighting the crowd to get to both of them.

“That guy over there has a pentagon and he is pointing it at Maria. I think it’s Daecon,” said Michael in a panic. Max looked over to where Michael was pointing and saw the man with the pentagon pointing it menacingly at Maria, who was oblivious.

Michael had reached Maria by this point and he yelled at her to go and get Liz and Isabel out of here. Scared, Maria nodded and ran toward Liz, but there were so many people that she couldn’t get through. She turned and threw a helpless look at both Michael and Max, who were staring at the man with the pentagon device.

Max drew in an unsteady breath. He knew this man with the pentagon device was Daecon. He had finally decided to make himself known. He felt his energy level rise within him and the air around them started to crackle as both of their energies charged. Max cast a nervous look at Liz and Daecon smirked nastily at Liz and Tess. Max recognized the look and looked over at Liz with fear evident in his eyes.

Suddenly, Daecon sprinted toward the back room of the Center and Michael followed immediately. Max was on his heels as they careened around the corner and saw him go into a back room. Max mentally prepared himself to throw up the shield and he and Michael barged into the room, Michael with his hand up. When the door slammed behind them and locked, both of them turned and then looked at the dark room. It was completely empty.

“I thought – I thought Daecon came in here,” gasped Max, out of breath.

Michael nodded uncomfortably. “I know… I saw him come in here. I know I did.”

Max looked at the door warily. “We’ve got to get out of here. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Liz, Isabel, Tess and Maria are out there alone with Daecon.” He rushed over to the door and tried to open it. It wouldn’t budge. He tried his powers and nothing happened. “Michael,” said Max nervously.

Michael aimed a power blast at the door. Nothing happened. “The pentagon,“ stated Michael as Max started trying to force the door open. He approached the door and he was flung back by an invisible force field.

“What the hell?” said Michael, confused. How could this be happening? They couldn’t use their powers, but could Daecon use his?

“A trap,” said Max resolutely, suddenly fearful for Liz, his sister, Maria and his son, still outside … with Daecon.

The party was in complete chaos at this point. Maria and Isabel were frantically trying to get over to Liz and Tess, but it was difficult with so many people and the fight that was happening on the dance floor.

On the landing, Liz was still reeling from the fact that she had been slapped. “If you ever touch me again, I don’t care if you are in LABOR I will smack you into next week!” yelled Liz, losing her temper entirely.

Tess made a move to smack Liz again, but Liz was ready for her this time and she grabbed Tess’ arm and put it down by Tess’ side. “I said,” she seethed, “don’t ever touch me again, Tess. I know you are pregnant with Max’s son, but you are really pushing this TOO far.”

Tess was tired of playing games. Glancing around the landing to make sure everyone was out of earshot, she noticed that Pam and her gang had moved over to watch the fight on the dance floor.

“That’s right,” said Tess caustically. “I am pregnant with Max’s child and pretty soon he will realize that he wants me not you. If it weren’t for your interference in the first place, we would have been together a long time ago. He remembers me now. And soon we will be together.”

Liz had had just about enough of this. “Are you delusional? You killed Alex! Do you seriously think any of us, especially Max are just going to let you get away with that?!?!? Are you stupid or just clinically insane!”

Tess smirked. “Max and I had a talk. He forgives me about Alex.”

Liz shook her head. “You really are delusional. Max hates what you did. He would NEVER want to be with you. You are just – crazy!”

Tess realized she had hit a soft spot. “He said it wasn’t my fault that it happened and he understands that I wasn’t really going to betray them. We talked long and hard about our son the last time we were together. Max wants him to have his mother and father working to raise him. Face it Liz. You don’t belong in this picture!”

Liz just looked at her, so Tess continued. “You KNOW that Max and I would be together if I had been here the whole time. You know that and it is just tearing you up, isn’t it? You’ve only had him for this time because you got lucky. Max will never love you the way he loves me.”

Liz rolled her eyes. “You’re right Tess. Max will never love you the way he loves me. He doesn’t love you Tess. He never did. And if you were so destined for him, then why did Ava say that Zan never really loved her?”

Tess paled. “What?” she asked uncertainly.

“Ava said that Zan was always waiting for someone else to walk into his life. She knew she wasn’t right for Zan and he never really loved her. She told me that. Ava had way more sense than you ever will,” spat Liz angrily.

“You’re lying! Max and I were made for each other! We were supposed to go back and reclaim – ” screamed Tess.

“Oh SHUT UP TESS! Why do you think you all failed the first time? Obviously something went wrong then! What, did you betray all of them back then too and that’s why everything fell apart? Because I KNOW you did that here! They all DIED Tess. Maybe that was your fault too!! I know my best friend aside from Maria died because of you!”

“You BITCH!” screamed Tess, scratching Liz’s arm. Liz wrenched away from her but not before Tess smacked her again. Unable to fight back because Tess was pregnant, Liz stumbled back and screamed with anger and frustration. Tess grabbed for her arm and Liz forcefully tried to pull away. Without warning, she was assailed with flashes that she would never forget:


Max and Tess kissing outside the observatory;

Max and Tess removing each other’s clothing;

Max and Tess kissing passionately;

Max and Tess having sex on the observatory floor;


“No… stop,” gasped Liz, trying to wrench her arm free. Tess held on with a vice-like grip and Liz moaned in despair. She couldn’t stop the images flashing through her head no matter what she did and she knew that Tess was doing this on purpose. But suddenly, the horrible images changed and Liz received flashes that she didn’t understand at all.


A sphere of light. Inside was a swirling silvery gas. A woman approached and picked up the sphere, dropping it. It broke into pieces and the gas escaped and split into a multitude of cacophonous colored gases. The sphere, once beautiful and luminescent, turned dark and black. The gases swirled around the woman as she picked up the broken black pieces. The colors merged into one bright white color and swirled around the sphere. The pieces began to swirl and move in a tornado-like fashion until the sphere had reformed itself, although it was still cracked. The gas was sucked inside the fractured sphere and the fractures burned a bright silvery color and vanished. The sphere grew bright and luminescent once again and then it suddenly pulsed with a powerful and bright shockwave that washed over Liz in waves of heat.


Before she could react to the flashes, a burst of light erupted between them and the light over them blew out completely in a shower of sparks. Tess flew back away from her arm and fell down the steps. Liz gasped in horror as she herself was flung backwards. She tried to reach for Tess, but she was already too far out of her reach.

Maria and Isabel both gasped as they saw the flash before the lights went out over them and Tess fall down the stairs. Isabel rushed over to Tess, who was crumpled at the foot of the stairs. Maria rushed over to Liz who was shaking visibly.

“I – I – I … oh my God… I didn’t … how?” stuttered Liz, looking down at Tess’ crumpled form.

Maria turned Liz’s cheek to look at it. It was bruised badly and she had a vicious cut on it. “Oh my God, Liz… Did Tess do that?” she asked, but Liz wasn’t listening. She ran down the stairs and bent down by Tess, who was writhing in pain.

“You bitch,” Tess gasped. “My baby, you killed him!! I know you killed him… “ she sobbed as Liz’s stunned look became stricken.

“But I – I – I’m sorry! I don’t know what happened. I didn’t mean … “ stammered Liz helplessly. She honestly didn’t know what happened. All she remembered were the flashes she got from Tess and then Tess flying backwards. “Oh my God,” she gasped. It must have been her power that threw Tess backwards. Gripped with remorse, she bent down to try and help.

“Where’s Max? He can heal her right? He can … he can heal Tess and the baby, right? Where’s Max, Maria?? Where’s Max?” shrieked Liz.

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Tess will get hers. Don't worry. Just trust in Max and Liz. They'll get through this... afterall, as Grandma Claudia said, "if it isn't complicated, then you probably aren't soulmates." Or, something like that...

TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
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SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

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Tapestry – Chapter Twenty Eight

Isabel looked around. “I don’t know… but we can’t stay here. We need to get Tess out of here. There are too many people around. We should take her to Michael’s.”

Liz looked around. Isabel was right. There were too many people around and they were all whispering and pointing at her. She didn’t think the flash had been that noticible, but she saw some of them motioning and reenacting what happened. From their demonstrations to each other, it was clear that they blamed her for Tess’ fall. When she saw two uniformed police officers approach them, her knees buckled.

Oh no, she thought hopelessly. One of them approached Isabel and Tess. “What happened here?” one of them asked. “Is she hurt?”

One of the partygoers approached the officer. “The girl who fell and that girl over there were arguing and she pushed her down the stairs. I saw it.”

Someone else chimed in, “Me too. The girl who was pushed is pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby.”

Liz looked over at who had said that and she was stricken to find out that it was Pam Troy. Unable to speak, she looked at the police officer in fear. “Is that true, Miss?” he asked her.

Liz nodded, somewhat catatonically. She hadn’t pushed Tess, but her energy did. She was just as guilty as if she had pushed Tess down the stairs.

Maria saw the stricken look on Liz’s face and tried to take up for her friend. “It was an accident. They were arguing, but Liz didn’t push her down the stairs. Tess slapped her like twice. We all saw it!” Maria looked around frantically for some concurrence, but everyone remained silent. “Oh come on!” she yelled, shocked that these people were trying to sell Liz down the river. Of course she knew that Liz had not pushed Tess, but she saw the light burst and then the overhead fixture blowing out. The last time that happened, it had been because of Liz’s power.

Tess moved to get up and stumbled. Isabel, though she was hating having to touch her, was trying to help her outside. “My baby… “ she moaned. “She killed my baby…”

One of the police officers approached Liz and took her by the elbow. “You’re going to have to come with me Miss. We just need a statement.” Turning to the other officer, he continued, ”And call in an ambulance for – ”

“No!” called Isabel. “I – I mean, my uncle is her doctor. Let me call him and he can meet us at the clinic. We don’t need an ambulance.” This was getting out of hand, thought Isabel. Although she saw the flash between Liz and Tess, she also saw the way Tess had been smacking Liz around before and Liz had not struck back at all. She just didn’t think Liz would intentionally hurt Tess like that. But then again, Liz’s powers were not under her control either. Isabel flinched at the thought that Liz could have accidentally caused this. Poor Liz, she thought. As if she didn’t have enough problems. Max was really going to be devastated at the loss of his son too. He had grown somewhat attached to him already, even if he detested his mother.

“We will need to see the medical report for evidence later,” said one of the officers, still holding Liz’s arm.

“Evidence?” asked Maria, shocked. This could not be happening. The other officer looked at his partner in confusion also.

“Ken,” he started, but the other officer shot him a menacing look and he backed down.

“We have to take this girl here in for questioning, just in case she loses the baby,” replied the officer as he pulled Liz along outside.

Isabel looked up at the officers. “Are you arresting her?”

The more sympathetic officer turned to Isabel. “No. We just need to ask her a few questions. And I should really call an ambulance for - ”

But he was cut off by the other cop who was already pulling Liz away. The officer glanced at Isabel and Tess pointedly and shook his head at his partner, obviously disturbed by his behavior. Then he quickly hurried after him and Liz.

Isabel yelled after the officers, “That’s not legal, is it?” But they had already pulled Liz around the corner.

Maria frantically followed, but Liz stopped her. “Get Max,” she whispered, her voice on the edge of tears. “He can heal the baby,” she whimpered in a voice so low, Maria had trouble making it out. “Okay,” she mouthed, with a lump in her throat, running off in the direction she had seen Michael and Max go.

By this time, Kyle had seen the commotion surrounding Tess and Isabel and he hurried over to help. “What happened?”

Isabel looked up, grateful that Kyle was there, because he could hold Tess up better. “Tess – fell down the stairs. I think the baby’s in trouble. We need to get her out of here so Max can heal her.”

Kyle nodded and tried to assist Isabel in helping Tess up. She didn’t look good.

“Michael, we have to get out of here. Something is wrong, I know it. Something is really wrong. She’s in trouble,” said Max unevenly.

“Well, if you know how to break this force field then I am all ears,” sighed Michael in frustration, just as worried about Maria as Max was about Liz.

“Maybe if we concentrate like we did before with the wall when the fire happened, we can tear a hole in it,” said Max.

“It’s worth a try,” said Michael, concentrating.

After a good fifteen minutes of trying desperately to tear a hole in the forcefield, Max and Michael gave up. Max kicked the door angrily in frustration.

When they saw the door handle jiggle, both of them moved back, startled, as the door opened and Maria peered in.

Stunned, Michael demanded, “Maria! I thought I said – “

“I know, I know. But something has happened. We need you to come and help. There was an accident. Tess fell. We think the baby – Max we need you,” gasped Maria, out of breath.

Kyle, Isabel and Tess made their way outside and to the car. She buckled Tess in who was writhing in agony and sped off toward Michael’s. She pulled out her cellphone to call the sheriff.

“Sheriff? This is Isabel. We need your help. Tess – fell, and we think she is losing the baby. We need to see that doctor you know, I think. … What?? I don’t know. But we have to risk it. We’re going over to Michael’s now. Can you bring the doctor with you? … okay… let me ask.”

Isabel pulled the phone down and asked Tess, “Can you do a mindwarp if the doctor sees anything that she shouldn’t? Are you okay for that?”

Tess nodded weakly. Perfect, she thought. When they pulled up to Michael’s apartment, Isabel helped her out and led her inside. Tess doubled over and began screaming. Isabel gasped when she saw small dots of blood dropping on the linoleum.

“Oh my God…” she exclaimed, throwing Kyle a panicked look. Kyle didn’t look very calm himself. “I’ll go boil some water or something,” he said and scurried off to the kitchen.

Tess went into the bathroom and closed the door. Isabel could hear her wailing and crying from the other side. She knew it was too late for Max to help. Tess had lost the baby.

Max, Maria and Michael made their way back into the main room. The room was practically empty. Maria didn’t want to tell them what happened. She especially didn’t want Max to know that Liz was taken away by the police until after he healed Tess and the baby. Of course, she hadn’t counted on Sean demanding to know where Liz was.

“Where is she? I saw her being led away by those police officers! Where is she Evans?” he demanded.

Max threw a confused look at Sean. “What? What are you talking about Sean?”

Maria sighed. “Some people told the police that Liz pushed Tess down the stairs. They took her away for questioning.”

“What?” exploded Max. “Why didn’t you tell me that?!?!?!!” he asked Maria furiously.

“If you had been with her like you should have been, you might have already known that Evans,” yelled Sean, stalking off. He was obviously going to go after Liz.

Max started in that direction, but Maria stood in front of him. “Maria, what are you doing? I can’t just let Liz go through that alone!”

“I know Max, but Liz wants you to hurry to Tess to make sure the baby is okay. If there is something wrong, I know she wants you to fix it. She wants you to heal your son, if …” she broke off deliberately. “Liz would be really upset if you didn’t heal your son because of her.”

Max took a deep breath. It went against every instinct he had to not go to Liz, but he knew he had to try and save his son. “Let’s go,” he said, running in the direction of his suv.

Liz sat in the back of the cruiser on the way to the police station. Her mind had basically stopped working. She was terrified that she had actually killed an innocent baby. She hated Tess, but she didn’t wish for the baby to befall any harm.

A single tear ran down her cheek as she recalled what had happened tonight. She hadn’t even been able to spend any time with Max tonight. And now, if that baby didn’t make it, he would probably never want to talk to her again.

Liz could handle everyone else hating her, but being in this position again, where Max would hate her, was unbearable. He had basically hated her when he thought that she had slept with Kyle and now she had unintentionally killed his son. Liz knew from the moment Tess hit the floor that the baby would not make it. But she couldn’t figure out what had happened with her power. She had been working so hard to control her emotions and Tess just pushed her over the edge.

Liz knew that wasn’t fair. She had been giving as good as she got. And she gave so much that Tess had ended up crumpled at the bottom of the stairs.

Liz placed her hand on the window of the patrol car and tried to keep it together. She had no idea what she was going to do. She had no idea how she would ever face Max.

Isabel rushed to the door when the sheriff, er Jim, and the doctor knocked. She had already tucked Tess in and she looked at the sheriff resolutely.

“It’s too late. She lost the baby. Her cycle started,” she said, subdued. She definitely hated Tess, but she had never seen anyone look so stricken. Actually, Liz had looked stricken tonight too, but Tess… Isabel knew that even though Tess was a horrible person, she had really wanted this child.

The doctor went on to the bedroom to look in on Tess, who was still crying hysterically. Isabel and the sheriff sat in companiable silence for a long time, until Max, Maria and Michael barged in. “Where’s Tess?” demanded Max, short of breath. He had to save his son.

Isabel turned to look at him and Max froze. The look on her face … his son. Instinctively, Max knew that his son had died. “He’s gone … isn’t he?” asked Max. When Isabel nodded sadly, Max shut his eyes. True, this baby was definitely not planned, but it was his son afterall. The loss still hit him as such. Max sank down in a chair.

The doctor emerged from the bedroom after examining Tess. “I gave her some sleeping pills to help her sleep. She has indeed lost the baby, as you thought. I’m sorry.” The doctor gave all of them a meaningful look and left, closing the door softly behind her.

“Is anyone going to tell me what happened?” asked Max. “The last I saw, Liz and Tess were arguing.”

Maria sighed. “I don’t know Max. Tess slapped Liz again and grabbed her arms,” Max flinched at this, “and then Liz stumbled back and screamed out. Then I saw a flash and Tess flew down the stairs and Liz flew back against the wall. The overhead light blew out too…”

Max put his head in his hands. He couldn’t believe that this happened. Had Liz accidentally knocked Tess down those stairs with her power? Then he remembered the way Daecon had looked at Liz and Tess arguing. Somehow he knew Daecon had something to do with this. It had been no coincidence that he and Michael had been locked in that room for so long. It was just enough time for Daecon to ensure that he wouldn’t be able to save his son.

Slowly he rose, as he thought about Liz. He had to get to her. He had lost his son, but he wasn’t going to lose her to this too. Even if her power had done this, it wasn’t her fault. “Sheriff,” he called to Jim. “I need your help. They took Liz in for questioning and we need to get her out of there. I know she didn’t do this on purpose. It was an accident. Liz doesn’t know how to control her powers yet. I can’t leave her in there,” Max’s voice broke slightly and he headed out to his suv.

“I’m coming too,” called out Maria, running to the suv with Jim and Max.

“So how did Ms. Harding end up at the foot of the stairs?” asked the officer his partner referred to as Ken.

Liz didn’t respond. She didn’t know what to say. She knew she was responsible for Tess’ fall, but she was too scared to say anything. She looked up at the officer helplessly. “Well – “

“Don’t say anything Liz,” called Sean from the doorway. “Don’t say a word. They’ll just twist whatever you say.”

Ken sighed and turned to Liz. “We just want to know what happened. I know Liz is too nice to have intentionally harmed Tess. We just need to know what happened so we can clear this up and Ms. Parker can go home. And you don’t belong here,” he said pointing to Sean.

Sean huffed, apparently unconvinced. “Neither does she.”

Liz tried to debate her options, but she couldn’t think.

“Shouldn’t Liz at least have a lawyer or her parents here since she is a minor?” Sean asked.

“Well, she isn’t under arrest and since we only need a statement, I don’t think that will be necessary,” answered Ken.

“And what if Tess decides to press charges? How will that statement protect Liz? Tess hates Liz. Look at her cheek. Tess hit her. Obviously she wasn’t all that concerned about her own baby. She was the one starting the fighting with Liz. I know Liz didn’t push Tess. I know she didn’t. If anything, Liz would have been just trying to protect herself from Tess,” said Sean anxiously.

Ken nodded. “Your comments are noted Mr. De Luca. But I do need to hear from Liz. Liz? Do you have anything to add?”

Liz tried desperately to find her voice. When she spoke, the only thing that came out of her mouth was a squeak.

Sean went to sit next to her and she tried to pull it together. “I – I didn’t mean… It was an accident… I tried to grab for her but she was – I didn’t mean to … I don’t know what happened…”

“Liz stop. Don’t say anything else. You have rights. You don’t have to – “ Sean tried to reason with Liz, but she was too anxious to listen.

“That’s right, Liz. You don’t have to say anything else. Ken you know better,” said Sheriff Hanson loudly and angrily from the doorway. “This is not legal and her parents should have been here! What are you DOING?!?!”

Ken looked angry and flustered for a moment before regaining his composure. But Liz was already too afraid and guilt-ridden to be let off the hook.

“NO! Tess and I were struggling and she grabbed me. When I pulled my arm away – I don’t know what happened, she just fell back and tumbled down the stairs. I never meant – I – “ stammered Liz, on the verge of tears. “I’m so sorry.”

Hanson sighed. He wasn’t sure what to think. His deputies had told him that some eyewitnesses claimed that she pushed him. Perhaps they simply mistook a mutual struggle for something else. But questioning her like this when they didn’t even call an ambulance for the Harding girl was inexcusable. Liz’s parents could sue their pants off. “Okay Ms. Parker. You’re free to go. We’ll let you know if you need anything else.”

Liz stared at the sheriff. He was letting her go? Sean jumped up quickly and dragged Liz to her feet. “Let’s get out of here,” he said, rushing her out of the station.

He put her in the car and drove her home. When he pulled up in front of the Crashdown, he looked over at her worriedly. He couldn’t believe that Max hadn’t tried to come for her. Max was really proving that he was a jerk. He was probably with Tess. Liz still hadn’t moved and she had said nothing for the entire ride home.

“Liz? Are you alright?” he asked, concerned. “Your face looks pretty bad,” he said.

Liz shrugged. She didn’t care about any bruises or scratches on her face. She had killed an innocent baby. Or at least she thought he was dead. Max might have been able to save him.

“Do you want me to go in with you? Your parents might ask you a ton of questions… I could help you out,” he said earnestly.

Liz didn’t answer. She nodded almost imperceptibly and climbed out of the car. “Thanks Sean, for everything,” she said wearily and walked toward the café. Sean jumped out and tried to get the door for her.

“Do you feel like talking?” he asked.

Liz shook her head. “I just want to be alone right now,” she said in a hoarse whisper, her voice noticably strained.

Sean nodded, trying to keep his disappointment down as he watched Liz disappear into the diner. It didn’t matter, he told himself. From the way things were going with Max and Liz now, it was only a matter of time.

Maria, Max and Jim came barreling back up to Michael’s apartment.

“Did you get Liz?” asked Isabel worriedly.

“She was already gone when we got there. Your cousin apparently took her home,” said Jim.

“So they didn’t arrest her?” asked Michael.

“No. They just asked her a bunch of questions. Hanson said that Ken never should have brought her in for questioning without her parents and that the best he could do was let her go. But if Tess presses charges - ” replied Jim.

“She won’t be pressing any charges,” said Max flatly. “Excuse me.” Max went into the room where Tess was sleeping. She was awake and staring mindlessly into space. When she saw Max she sat up, running her hand through her hair.

Max looked at her sadly. She didn’t look good. His feelings regarding her were rather conflicted. He felt badly for the loss of their baby, but she had also killed Alex. Her slapping of Liz didn’t help either. “Tess,” he started, but Tess stopped him.

“My baby – our baby is DEAD Max. Dead because of Liz. Why didn’t any of you tell me that she was developing powers? She could have killed me too!” she shrieked, her voice on the edge of hysteria.

Max sighed. This was starting out badly. “Tess, I know you feel horrible about the loss of our son, but to blame Liz – “

“Who else should I blame Max? I know she hated me, but I never thought she would actually try to kill me,” she spat angrily.

“Liz did not try to kill you Tess. Both Maria and Isabel and I saw you slap Liz and Maria and Isabel saw you slap her again right before you fell,” retorted Max.

“What is that supposed to mean? Liz makes me fall and lose my baby and it’s my fault?” asked Tess, incredulous.

“That isn’t what I said Tess. I’m just making the point that you didn’t seem all that concerned about the baby when you were picking a fight with Liz and hitting her,” said Max, his temper becoming short.

“You’re blaming me when Liz pushed me down those stairs!” yelled Tess.

“It was an accident Tess,” said Max directly.

“Of course you would side with her. She killed your son, Max. And you are going to let her get away with that? She pushed me down those stairs with her power, yet she’s the victim in all of this?”

Max shook his head in despair. He wasn’t going to be able to reason with Tess. But he had to make certain that she did not press any charges. This needed to be kept contained. “Are you up for making a statement to Jim about this? Sheriff Hanson needs it for his file.”

Tess snapped her head up. “Sure. I want to press charges. Liz is going to pay for killing my baby.”

“No. Tess. That’s not going to happen. I am really, really sorry about what happened to our son. But this isn’t Liz’s fault. She cannot control her power and I will not let her sit in a jail cell for an accident. Yes, our son died, but we don’t have to destroy Liz’s life over this.”

Tess was not going to be dissuaded. “But – “

Max gave her a look of fierce intensity. “No. Tess. What happened with Liz was an accident and if you try to press charges, there will be no place on Earth for you to hide from me. This ends here. Don’t turn this into a personal vendetta.”

Tess cowered slightly under his gaze. Pressing charges against Liz was not going to win her any points with Max. Since the lights went out, no one could really see what happened anyway. Maria and Isabel could both testify that she had hit Liz twice and that she had grabbed Liz right before she fell. Realizing that pressing charges was a dead end, she relented. “Okay. Fine. But I don’t have to like it.”

Max nodded, relieved. “Do you need anything? Something to drink?”

Tess shook her head. “I just want to be alone if you don’t mind.”

Max rose and left the room. Tess stared after him with a look of hatred and anger. She should have known he would take Liz’s side. But it didn’t matter. There was more than one way to skin a cat. She had been wondering why the others had trusted her so easily and it finally came to her. They must be using the pentagon. Her powers only worked intermittently, so she surmised that the pentagon was damaged and it sometimes functioned properly and other times it was useless. Tess was glad that it had not been working tonight, or she never would have been able to pull off this ruse.

“So Daecon was at the party?” asked Maria.

Michael nodded. He got me and Max to go to the backroom and locked us in the storage room. It was a trap.”

“I guess we should all be grateful that no one was hurt,” said Maria.

“Well everyone except Tess and the baby, and that was because of – “ Kyle broke off.

“Because of Liz’s power… Just say it. It’s not like we can ignore that anymore,” said Michael. “She is going to have to learn to control it, or she’ll just expose us all.”

“That is really not fair Guerin,” said Kyle. “It’s not like Liz asked for any of this.”

“Look none of this is fair. Alex dying wasn’t fair. Tess losing the baby wasn’t fair. Liz being responsible for that is not fair. But we have to face facts… Liz is a problem,” stated Michael.

“Michael you are really being an ass,” said Isabel. “Blaming Liz isn’t going to solve anything.”

“Coddling her isn’t going to help either,” snapped Michael. “This should have been handled a long time ago anyway. Liz should have been learning to control her new power.”

Kyle just stared at Michael. How could he explain that it was unreasonable to expect Liz to be able to just control something that just started happening to her? “Yeah… right Michael. Like you were always able to control your power.”

Michael jumped up and started toward Kyle and Kyle hopped up, ready for a fight. Everyone’s emotions were running high due to the stress of Daecon attacking them and Tess’ loss of the baby.

“Everyone just calm down!” yelled Max, emerging from the bedroom. He looked haggard and tired, but his eyes burned with an intensity that dared any of them to utter another word. Wordlessly, Kyle and Michael both sat down. “This is not the time for us to be at each other’s throats. We have to pull together now more than ever.”

“I hope you aren’t including Tess in that togetherness,” spat Maria angrily. “Or are you?”

Max inhaled slowly. “I think we can talk about Tess later. We’ve got more important things to discuss. For starters, Daecon. I thought you had the pentagon tonight, Kyle?”

Kyle nodded. He did have the pentagon. And he remembered turning it on too. “I did have it. See?” He pulled it out and gave it to Max. Max examined it closely. There was a small hairline crack in the center of it.

Max concentrated on putting up his shield to test the pentagon. Nothing happened. He looked up at the group, confused. “So how did Daecon manage to use his powers tonight then? He locked Michael and I in that room. And how did Liz manage to use her power?”

Maria piped up, “Maybe Liz is immune to it because she’s human.”

Max stared at the pentagon, baffled. Maria’s explanation sounded reasonable, but he had no clue how Daecon had been able to use his powers. They were, literally, sitting ducks.

Then the light on the pentagon flickered and went out. Max tried his powers again. This time, they worked. “So this thing only works part of the time?” he barked. “We have to figure out another plan for Daecon.”

Suddenly a piercing sound erupted from outside. Everyone put their hands over their ears, trying to block out the pain. Max and Michael stumbled outside toward the source of the sound. Michael reached under the grill of Max’s suv and pulled out another pentagon device.

“How did that get there?” asked Kyle.

“Daecon must have planted it,” replied Michael.

The piercing sound stopped and Kyle, Isabel and Maria came out to investigate too. Suddenly, a holographic image appeared in from of all of them.

It was Daecon. A smirking, taunting Daecon. “So this is the legendary King of Antar,” he remarked snidely. “A pathetic teenage boy. Nikolas was right. If only your legions of supporters could see you now.”

Max simply stood silently, not uttering a word. Daecon continued. “Tonight was just for show. I just wanted to show you how easily I can destroy all of you. And I will destroy all of you. Although tonight had a little side benefit that I wasn’t expecting. So sorry about junior, Max. That girlfriend of yours sure is turning into a firecracker, isn’t she?”

Max stood absolutely still. He wasn’t going to let Daecon get to him. “What do you want Daecon?” he asked stoically.

“Nothing right now Max. I just wanted to drop in and say hello. You’ll be hearing from me soon… very soon.”

The image of Daecon vanished and the device disentegrated into dust, leaving the teenagers staring at the spot where it used to be. Isabel drew in a shaky breath and Maria looked scared.

Max cast a quick glance at the apartment and then another glance toward town. “I have to go and make sure Liz is alright. Daecon was focusing on her before and she’s vulnerable right now,” he said, hurrying to his suv. “You guys need to stay and look after Tess. I won’t be too long.”

“What about Daec – “ started Kyle, but Max had already sped off in the suv.

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You guys make me feel so great.

TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

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Tapestry – Chapter Twenty Nine

Liz dragged herself into the shower. The hot water cascaded down her face and body, soothing the hurt deep inside but not alleviating it. When it ran over her scratches and bruises, it stung, but Liz didn’t care. She deserved to feel this pain. She deserved to feel a lot worse. She knew now. Max hadn’t come to see her. Liz instinctively knew that was because he had been unable to save his son. He had been unable to save the baby that she had killed.

Her tears mixed in with the warm water and Liz leaned against the shower walls, shaking. She wished that she could wash away all of the memories of tonight, but all she could see was Tess lying at the foot of the stairs. Liz curled up in a ball at the base of the shower and shut her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she saw that her visions were returning. But now the images were even more frightening. Now Alex was holding a squalling infant, covered in blood. Liz was haunted by the sound of a baby crying. She shut her eyes and brought her hands to her head.

She stayed in that fetal position for such a long time that the water became ice cold. Not even noticing the temperature change, Liz was roused out of her thoughts when her father banged on her door. “Liz! You’ve been in that shower for 2 hours! Stop wasting all of that water! Go to bed, it’s almost 3:00am!”

Liz shivered violently. She had been chilled to the bone and her skin looked blue in some places. She hadn’t realized that she had been sitting in that shower for so long. Liz didn’t even bother drying off. She merely slipped on a robe and crawled into bed with her hair soaking wet.

Liz’s mind had started to process what happened earlier that night. She had not meant to send Tess flying down those stairs. Her power had gone completely out of control. What if it happened again? Liz couldn’t bear that. She didn’t want to take the chance that she would hurt anyone else. An innocent baby had already paid the price for her mistake. She could only imagine what would happen if she got angry with her parents, or Maria, or Max. True, Tess was only knocked backwards (though that was enough to harm the baby), but if her powers were triggered by even more emotional stress, there was no telling what she could do. The thing that scared Liz the most about all of this was that this seemed to be beyond her control. There didn’t seem to be anything she could do about it. And she hated that.

Having no control over something that basically was a part of her was nervewracking. It scared her beyond belief. She suddenly felt a pang of empathy for Max, Michael and Isabel. They had had to learn how to control their powers as young kids. Liz couldn’t imagine how that must have felt. And then when Michael had killed agent Pierce and Isabel had killed Whitaker… that must have been so difficult for them to face, but at least both of the deceased were definitely bad. Liz had taken the life of an innocent baby.

Why didn’t she just run away from Tess sooner? Why did she allow herself to be drawn into a stupid argument after Tess slapped her the first time? Liz knew the answer. She had had a bone to pick with Tess and she wanted to let her have it. She wanted to rub Tess’ nose in the fact that Max would never love her and that the baby was not going to change that. Liz cursed herself for being so stupid and petty. Even though it had been vicious of Tess to send flashes to Liz, practically violating her with those awful images, Liz thought she still could have stopped her power if she had really wanted to. If she hadn’t been so catty, Max’s son might still be alive.

Max climbed Liz’s balcony ladder slowly. When he reached her window, he tapped on it lightly. Liz wasn’t asleep, but she didn’t answer. She was just staring off into space, with her arms wrapped around herself. Her hair hung in wet clumps on her shoulders and back and Max was disturbed to see that she was shivering uncontrollably.

He tapped again and when she still didn’t answer, he unlocked her window with his powers and slipped inside her room. Powerlocking her bedroom door, he turned to look at her. “Liz,” he said softly. She still didn’t answer. He touched her face and withdrew his hand quickly. She was ice cold. No wonder she was shivering. Max cupped her face with his hands and focused. A warm heat began to spread throughout Liz’s body and soon her skin was flushed and lively again. As he watched her face flush, her scars and bruises became even more evident to him. Taking in a ragged breath, Max ran his thumb across her cheek and healed the ugly scars that Tess had left there.

Liz looked up at him, startled. “How long have you been in here?” she asked.

“I just came in about 5 minutes ago. Didn’t you hear me knocking on your window?” answered Max softly.

Liz shook her head slowly. Now that she was no longer shivering, she remembered the night’s events clearly again. She was almost angry that Max had warmed her up, even though she probably would have gone into shock if he hadn’t.

Max looked at her worriedly. He had never seen her looking like this before. She looked completely defeated and beaten. “Liz,” he said roughly, looking into her eyes. Liz looked up at him but turned away when she saw the pain in his eyes. The pain that she knew she must have placed there. Max touched her chin and turned her face back to his.

“Talk to me Liz,” he said huskily, his voice thick.

Liz just looked at him and then slowly lowered her eyes from his. There was nothing to say. She had killed his son. She opened her mouth and a sigh escaped her lips. Tears welled up in her eyes and a series of lumps formed in her throat. She couldn’t speak and she was actually having a difficult time breathing. She closed her mouth and drew in a shaky breath, laced with unshed tears. “I’m sorry … my fault…“ she stammered in a tortured whisper.

Max pulled her to him. He didn’t blame her for what happened. How could he? It was his fault that she was developing these powers. “This isn’t your fault. I’m sorry I didn’t get to the station in time. Maria told me you wanted me to try and save … my son.”

Liz pulled away from him. Max’s eyes had clouded over with tears. She reached up and wiped them away. She looked to him with pleading eyes, wishing for him to tell her that he had been able to save him. His sorrowful gaze told her that he had not. Liz closed her eyes and collapsed against him, choking back a sob. Max’s hand came up to cup the back of her head.

He held onto her tightly and they both gave in to their despair. Max, for the pain that Liz was going through and the loss of his son; Liz for the pain Max was going through over the loss of his son. “I’m sorry… “ whispered Liz over and over again. Max pulled back to look at her. “This is not your fault Liz. I should have taught you how to control your emerging powers. If anyone should be sorry, Liz, it’s me.”

Liz shook her head violently back and forth. “No… “ she managed to get out before the tears overtook her again.

Max pulled her to him tightly. “And don’t worry. Tess will not be pressing charges. I made certain of that.”

This only made Liz feel worse. “I deserve to go to jail. I killed an innocent baby,” she cried softly.

Max gripped her even tighter. “No. No Liz you don’t. This isn’t your fault.” He didn’t know how to convince her of this. He pulled her to him and kissed her passionately. Liz fell into the kiss and felt their connection open immediately. She felt the raw pain that Max felt and his fear that she would blame herself. She felt sorrow that his son was gone but she knew that he didn’t blame her. Max felt Liz’s unending despair that she had killed his son and her fear that Max would hate her. He felt her anger toward herself for not being able to control what was happening to her and he felt her guilt. The guilt was so strong and powerful that he almost couldn’t breathe.

Then something rather unexpected pushed its way through the connection and Max nearly stumbled back with the force of it.


A sphere of light. Inside was a swirling silvery gas. A woman approached and picked up the sphere, dropping it. It broke into pieces and the gas escaped and split into a multitude of cacophonous colored gases. The sphere, once beautiful and luminescent, turned dark and black. The gases swirled around the woman as she picked up the broken black pieces. The colors merged into one bright white color and swirled around the sphere. The pieces began to swirl and move in a tornado-like fashion until the sphere had reformed itself, although it was still cracked. The gas was sucked inside the fractured sphere and the fractures burned a bright silvery color and vanished. The sphere grew bright and luminescent once again and then it suddenly pulsed with a powerful and bright shockwave that washed over Max in waves of heat.


Before he had a chance to react to this, Max was hit with a violent rush of images that he never wanted Liz to see. He gasped as he saw images of him and Tess in the observatory. Where had Liz gotten those images from? It couldn’t have come from him, could it? He pulled out of the kiss and looked at her. Her eyes looked haunted. She looked angry and nauseous at the same time. “Liz,” he croaked out hoarsely. “How did you – where did you see –“

Liz looked down at her bed. “She wouldn’t let go… she just held on… I couldn’t break free and then it – it just happened. The flash of light and then she flew backwards,” Liz let out a small moan of despair. “I didn’t mean to… she just wouldn’t let go,” she gasped out, choking back a sob.

Max’s blood ran cold as he realized that Tess had violated Liz in an inexcusable way. It was almost as if she had been trying to push Liz to her breaking point. First hitting her and then finally assaulting her with images of him with her… Liz had been through too much because of him. He tipped her face up to his and kissed her tenderly. He thought of every loving moment the two of them had ever shared and he fed that to her through the connection. He sent his forgiveness, love and passion to her as his kisses became deeper and deeper, almost as if he were trying to kiss her soul.

Liz slumped with relief in Max’s arms as she realized that he didn’t blame her. She could handle everyone else hating her, but not him. She had barely been able to survive the last time she thought he hated her. Max sensed her relief and broke away to plant soft kisses all over her face.

“It’s going to be alright,” he said softly and kissed her tenderly.

Liz looked up at him gratefully. They clung to each other for what seemed like an eternity and finally Max pulled away. It was nearly 5:00am. “I love you,” he said earnestly and pulled back from her embrace.

“I love you too,” she managed.

Max sighed and looked at his watch again. “I’d better get home,” he said.

Liz nodded and allowed herself to be placed under the covers.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” said Max. Remembering Daecon, he added, “Just stay around people tomorrow, okay?”

When Liz responded with a perplexed look, Max responded, “Daecon was at the party tonight. It was his way of leaving a calling card. I just want you to be safe. The pentagon doesn’t stop him at all. If anything suspicious happens, you call me immediately. Okay?”

Liz nodded as Max kissed her on the head and then departed through her window.

She had a sick feeling that their problems were just beginning.

Kyle sat at the table in Michael’s apartment eating his lunch. He had taken Tess back to his house and helped her settle in. He still harbored resentment and mistrust towards her, but he really felt badly for her. She looked broken and bereft. It must have been really difficult to lose her baby, he thought. If only she hadn’t betrayed them all the previous spring, Kyle could almost fall back into feeling like she was his sister.

He didn’t have a lot to do that day, but he did have to report for work at the garage in a little while. He had spent most of his day trying to get Tess home and gathering some more stuff from his house. He wondered how long they would all have to live like this. Now that Tess was no longer pregnant, how did she fit in with them? Did she fit in at all? She had been involved in a plot to betray Max, Michael, Isabel and ultimately all of them, and she killed Alex in the process.

Plus, with the pentagon on the fritz, they had no way of knowing when she was or was not mindwarping them. Adding on to this point was the knowledge that the pentagon had seemed to be working earlier, yet Daecon had still been able to use his powers. Or perhaps it wasn’t working. There was no way to know, other than the fact that Max and Michael hadn’t been able to use their powers at the party.

As Kyle went into the bathroom to get himself cleaned up for work, he glanced in the mirror. At first he noticed a small sphere hovering behind him. He turned around, startled, but nothing was there. Thinking that he was seeing things, he continued to get ready. He had the vague, unsettled feeling that there was something he needed to remember, but he couldn’t figure it out. It was like there was something on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn’t spit it out.

Max was just waking up when he heard voices down in the kitchen. He pulled on a shirt and some jogging pants and hurried down for some lunch.

“Tess?” Max was startled to find Tess sitting in his kitchen, sharing a cup of coffee with his mother.

Tess nodded at Max, while Diane got up to hug her son. “Oh honey… I’m so sorry about the baby. Tess was just telling me about her fall. Why didn’t you tell us?”

Max was floored. “I – I didn’t have a chance. It was so late when I got home and I just woke up.” Max cast a nervous glance at Tess, who seemed remarkably composed compared to yesterday.

“So Tess … how did you fall? Did you slip? Forgive me if this is too painful for you dear,” prompted Diane.

Max looked at his mother and then back at Tess. Before he could stop her, Tess had already barged ahead with her explanation.

“I was arguing with someone. I got too involved in the argument and I lost my balance and reached for her arm. When she wrenched her arm away from me, I fell down the stairs,” said Tess, staring down at her coffee cup.

“How awful! And you lost the baby over this? Aren’t you going to press any charges?” asked Diane, glancing up at Max. “Max did you know about this? Whoever caused you to fall should be ashamed of herself. Did she know you were pregnant? Why wouldn’t she try to keep you from falling?”

Max didn’t know quite what he should say. “I don’t think Tess is telling you everything,” he said unevenly.

“Max thinks me losing the baby is my fault because it was Liz who caused me to fall,” said Tess to his mom.

“Max! How could you even think such a thing? Liz should have known better! I cannot believe you are defending her! You lost a son because of this!” exclaimed Diane.

Tess tried feebly to protest, “No… We were both involved in it. I’m sure Liz didn’t mean to push me down the stairs. It was an accident. Right Max?”

Max sighed and tried to control himself. “Mom it wasn’t Liz’s fault.” There was no point in trying to defend Liz right now with Tess playing the innocent victim. His mother would just think he was being mean. He made a note to talk to his mother about what really happened after Tess left. Judging from his mother’s expression, Max knew that she had bought into Tess’ story about Liz. He would have to talk to her about this situation soon.

When Tess had finished her coffee, Max stood and offered to drive her home. Tess tried to refuse, but Max’s mom wouldn’t hear of it. Max took Tess’ arm and firmly led her outside.

“What the hell was that Tess? What was all of that garbage you were spewing to my mother? I know you are angry about losing the baby, but Liz – “

“Liz, Liz Liz!! Is that ALL you ever think about? I wanted SOMEONE to know what she did to me. Your mom invited me over for breakfast and she wanted to know how the baby was. What else was I supposed to do? Lie??” cried Tess indignantly.

“Isn’t that what you always do? You didn’t lose your balance and then grab Liz’s arm! You slapped her and then you grabbed onto her arm and fed her flashes about the night we had sex! You were deliberately pushing her buttons, Tess! So stop playing the little victim!” exclaimed Max angrily. He was through playing along with her little pity-me game.

Tess’ eyes widened. She had forgotten about the flashes she gave Liz. So what? she thought. It wasn’t as if he knew that she had been intentionally trying to drive Liz to having an episode. “Why are you blaming me? I’m the one who fell! I’m the one who lost my baby!” she cried.

Max rolled his eyes. “Get in the car Tess,” he said through clenched teeth.

Tess huffed and got in the car. “It doesn’t matter how much you defend her Max. She killed my baby. That is a fact. Accidental or not, it’s a fact. So maybe instead of defending her, you ought to think about how to make her less dangerous before she takes another innocent life.”

Max just stared ahead. Even though it wasn’t a surprise that Tess was a manipulative person, he was still shocked at the evidence of that.

“So are you going to talk to me about Isabel or do I need to go and talk to her about what’s going on with you two?” asked Maria, looking directly in Michael’s eyes. “I saw the looks you were giving her at the party Michael, and I have to be honest. You are making me feel really uncomfortable.”

“Maria, there is nothing to tell,” said Michael in exasperation.

“That is bull, Michael. Bull. I came in here the other night and you were like inches away from her lips. Don’t tell me that I am imagining things, because I’m not,” insisted Maria.

“Look. You have nothing to worry about. Isabel is just remembering some things from her past. We were both just trying to figure out what her dreams mean. I don’t think it has anything to with me,” said Michael roughly.

Maria sighed. He was being so closed off about this. “Look Michael, either you tell me everything about this, or …”

“Or what? You gonna leave me? Is that it? Why do you have to know all about this?” demanded Michael angrily. “I stayed on this planet for you!”

Maria stiffened. “Is that going to be your argument whenever you regress into stupid boyfriend mode? You stayed for me?”

Michael didn’t respond.

Maria went on. “Because if this is what I get as a result of you ‘staying’ for me, then I don’t think I want it. I want you to talk to me about this Michael. It is making me seriously uncomfortable and I don’t want to go through what Liz went through.”

“This isn’t even about that Maria,” sighed Michael in exasperation. “Isabel is just having some intense dreams. Erotic dreams about her past, but we don’t think that it is us – or Vilaandra and Rath. We don’t even think it is about Khivar. We don’t know who it is, but Vilaandra had some intense feelings for him.”

“Oh,” said Maria in understatement.

“So do you think you can leave it alone already?” asked Michael.

Maria nodded, not knowing what to think about all of this.

Max stared at his homework. He was trying to finish his latin assignment. He rubbed his eyes tiredly. Why had he waited until the last minute to finish these translations? He yawned and stretched his arms out. Looking over at his bed, he decided to take a short nap. Just to get his bearings back.

Max looked at the crystal ball hovering before him. He was back in the temple on Antar. He looked around and tried to figure out what this particular dream meant. He was in another room of the temple. This one must have been on the top floor, because he could see the night sky overhead through the ceiling windows. There were four huge crystals in each corner of the room and when he looked at each of them, a slight shiver passed over him. There was a strange sense of familiarity here that he couldn’t put his finger on.

A glowing light called his attention to a sphere glowing in the middle of the room. He refocused on the sphere and watched as the woman from his other dream appeared and looked at him fondly. Her eyes flashed with fire momentarily and then went black. Max felt drawn to her, and he took a tentative step forward. The woman glided to meet him and looked upon him as though he were an old friend.

“Who are you?” asked Max, breathless with anticipation. Finally, he might get some answers.

The woman said nothing. She only smiled and pressed her finger to her lips. Max watched as the crystal sphere began floating towards her and suddenly, it dropped and shattered. The light within the crystal escaped and then tried to get back into the crystal pieces, but they were dissolving into nothing. The light danced around the woman, almost in a pleading fashion, but she vanished. The light had no where to go, nothing to shield it from the elements. Once a compact point, the light began to disperse and soon it was no more.

Max gasped with pain when the light dissipated. For some reason, he knew that the light was … him. The woman reappeared at his side. Max turned to look at her with fearful eyes. “Was that … me?”

The woman nodded. Max was getting frustrated. He already knew that he died before. So why show him this? Was there something pertinent to his death hidden in the imagery? Something he needed to know?

“What are you trying to tell me?” asked Max wearily.

The woman again was silent. This time she beckoned Max to aproach. When he did, the sphere suddenly reformed itself and hovered in front of him. Max moved to touch it and he was transported to the granolith in that very same temple that he had seen in his other dream.

Suddenly Max understood at least one thing. The crystal. It was the key to finding the other granolith. The true granolith.

Max awoke with a start in his bed. He glanced over at his closet instinctively and he saw the crystal glowing. He hopped up and fished the crystal out of its hiding place. It emerged, glowing brightly at him. For the first time, Max was not nervous or apprehensive about the crystal. He understood what the crystal was meant for. It was his guide. His guide to finding the true granolith.

Max held out his hand and the crystal dropped into his palm. He was startled when he didn’t receive any visions this time. Instead he heard voices. He couldn’t understand exactly what they were saying, but he understood the general meaning.

They were trying to warn him.

It had been the worst week ever for Liz. At school, she was the subject of even more vicious gossip. Her teachers were even looking at her strangely. Everyone thought that she had deliberately pushed Tess down those stairs. Pam Troy and her friends had seen to that. It was getting to the point where she tried to avoid being seen much at all. She tried to be invisible.

Maria noticed too and she tried hard to assure her friend that everyone was just being stupid, but Liz knew. Even Max had been looking preoccupied. He never came out and said that he was stressed out by the gossip, but she could tell that he was. He was on edge all the time, what with being worried about Daecon constantly, and Liz knew that he was worried about her lack of control over her powers.

They had been walking back to class after lunch was over and a rabid dog had come after them. Liz reacted in fear and before she knew it, she had sent a bolt of energy to the dog and almost killed it. Max’s reaction to her episode was of quiet anger. Liz knew that Max was disappointed that she still had not learned how to control her power.

Sighing, Liz continued with her cleaning routine. She always liked to clean when things got too crazy for her. As she went about dusting her shelves, she caught sight of Grandma Claudia’s journal. It was full of notes that she had been working on for her book. Liz wondered why she hadn’t even bothered to look in it yet. True, she had been trying to heal after Grandma Claudia died, but still. Liz put the journal down and finished her dusting.

She had started cleaning her bathroom when she heard a knock at her door. “Lizzie? Someone is here to see you,” called her mother through the door.

Wondering who would come to see her and not just come through the balcony, Liz went to the door and flung it open. Diane Evans was standing there with a grim expression on her face.

“Mrs. Evans,” she stammered, surprised to see her. “Come in.”

Diane entered Liz’s room and looked around. Liz had a place for everything; she appeared to be a very neat person. Her room was decorated in an eclectic style and it seemed very mature for a person Liz’s age. Shaking herself out of her thoughts, she turned to look at the girl that Max was so enamored with.

“I came to ask you to honestly tell me what happened last week at that party. I’m assuming that you know what I’m talking about?” Diane’s penetrating gaze went right through Liz.

Liz nodded slowly. She was very nervous talking about this with Max’s mother. She didn’t know what to say.

“Do you have anything to say about it?” asked Diane.

Liz sighed. “It was an accident,” she managed, with a huge lump in her throat.

“How was it an accident when Tess started to lose her balance and you pulled your arm away from her when she started to fall?” asked Diane loudly.

Liz stumbled back from the force of Diane’s accusation. “But I – I didn’t mean … “

“You let a pregnant girl fall down a flight of stairs Liz. I have never known you to be that type of person,” sighed Diane.

“I’m not… I didn’t intentionally let her fall. It was an accident. I tried to reach for her, but she was too far from me,” said Liz, trying to defend herself. “But I never should have let myself be drawn into an argument with her. There is too much baggage between us. I wish I had just walked away from her before things got out of hand.”

“Unfortunately, it is too late for regrets,” Diane wearily sat down on the edge of Liz’s bed.

A single tear slid down Liz’s cheek. She had been hearing this same argument all week. But hearing it from Max’s mother made things so much worse. She knew that she had killed that innocent baby and she hated herself for it. Even though she knew that Max didn’t blame her, it didn’t change the facts.

“You’re right. This is my fault. I caused Tess to fall. An innocent baby died because of me. I know this is my fault and I wish I could go back and change things. I am so sorry. I really am. I never meant for this to happen,” she said, her voice breaking.

Diane looked at Liz carefully. She wanted to believe Liz, but then again, she had seen Tess and how affected she was by this. Tess had really wanted this child and now, because of Liz, she was bereft. “I can see that you are sorry Liz. But that doesn’t change the facts. My grandson is gone now. He won’t be coming back and even your apologies cannot change that fact.”

“I don’t know what else to say, Mrs. Evans,” said Liz quietly.

Diane Evans stood and strode over to the door. She looked at Liz soberly. “I don’t either Liz. I don’t think there is much that you could say. Thank you for your honesty,” she said as she closed the door behind her.

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Okay you guys... I'm going to need you to TRUST me throughout the next two chapters. Okay...? Trust me... I AM a dreamer... I will not compromise the M/L bond... Ok?

Here is the next part... Just don't come after me... This chapter is necessary for the story...

TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry – Chapter Thirty

If he didn’t know how important his dreams were, Max would probably be tired of the same dreamscape night after night. He was in the temple again, on the top floor, looking at the crystal resting in the bronze hands he had seen earlier. The crystal suddenly dissolved, and the hands withered away. The remains blew away and soon it was as if neither had ever existed. Then the room began to shake with a ferocity that frightened him.

As Max watched with fearful eyes, the crystals in the corners of the room began to glow erratically. A black light engulfed them and angry currents of red crackled around them. One by one, the crystals shattered, until only remnants remained of their former selves. Looking around the room wildly, Max saw the woman approach him.

Time suddenly stood still. The room stopped shaking, the crystals stopped moving and everything was as quiet as night. As the woman approached him, he saw the crystal slab that he remembered from his other flashes that night in Las Cruces. She held it out to him, but as he reached for it, it fell to the ground and broke in two.

Max watched with awe as the crystal sphere that he had seen dissolve into nothing moments earlier, materialize in the center of the room. A powerful shockwave erupted from it and washed over Max in waves of heat. He was frightened at first, but as he tried to shield himself from the bright light of the sphere, he saw the four crystals in the four corners begin to repair themselves. Soon they were as they had always been, yet they seemed stronger somehow. Max didn’t know how he knew they were stronger, but they were.

When he awoke, sweating profusely in his bed and breathing sharply, his hands reached for the crystal. The flash he got chilled him to the bone. Danger.

“Are you sure this is the right thing to do, Liz?” asked Maria, helping Liz fold clothes and pack them into her suitcase.

“I don’t know what else to do Maria,” said Liz. “I killed that baby. And the other day I almost killed a dog. I’m out of control. I have to get out of Roswell.”

Kyle picked up her laptop and packed it into her carrying case. “How are you going to handle your schoolwork? You’ll be gone for 3 weeks.”

“I am getting my teachers to email me the assignments and reading. Hopefully I won’t fall behind. I just need to get out of here. Roswell is stifling me. The gossip and the vicious rumors, Max’s mom hating me… I feel suffocated,” sighed Liz, looking tired.

“What did you tell your parents?” asked Maria.

“I told them that I thought I was having a mental breakdown over what happened with Tess and the baby. It’s the truth. Of course, after my dad heard some of the restaurant patrons talking about how I killed an innocent baby, he decided that it would be good for me to get away for a while. Maybe this would all die down by then,” answered Liz wearily.

“Have you talked to Max about this?” asked Kyle. When Liz just looked at him, he gaped at her, open mouthed. “Tell me you told Max. You did tell Max about you leaving didn’t you?”

Liz shook her head slowly. Kyle threw up his hands, frustrated.

Maria stared at Liz. “Are you going to leave without telling him?”

Liz rubbed her eyes and went over to her desk. She pulled an envelope out with Max’s name on it. “I wrote him a letter. Would one of you give it to him?”

When Maria and Kyle looked at her like she was wrong for leaving like this, Liz defended her position. “If I try to say goodbye in person, I won’t leave. I have to do it this way, or I’ll stay and then everything will just get worse. Please help me do this. Please just be my friends.”

Kyle and Maria nodded miserably. “Okay chica,” sighed Maria, taking the letter from Liz.

“Can I talk to you Mom?” asked Max, walking into the kitchen while his mom was preparing dinner.

“Sure honey. Sit down… taste this,” said Diane, shoving a spoonful of something mysterious in his mouth. “Good?” she asked as Max struggled to get the food down so he could speak.

“That’s pretty good. What is it?” asked Max.

“I call it ‘fiesta casserole’,” said his mother proudly. “What did you want to talk about?”

“It’s about the baby and Liz. I think you got the wrong idea or impression about what happened with Tess and her fall,” started Max.

Diane looked startled. She hadn’t expected to be discussing this. Plus, she felt she had gotten things pretty accurately. “What makes you say that Max?”

“Tess left out a few things in her explanation. She didn’t lose her balance and then fall. She slapped Liz and when Liz tried to walk away from her, she grabbed Liz’s arm,” explained Max carefully.

Diane put down the spoon she was using to stir the corn she was cooking and sighed. She thought Max was simply trying to excuse Liz until she remembered seeing a big bruise on Liz’s arm. The blood rushed to her face as she realized that she had likely just raked Liz over the coals for something that may not have been her fault. Testing the waters, she asked, “What happened then?”

Seeing that he had her full attention, Max continued. “Apparently Tess started describing our – uh – ‘carnal’ relationship to Liz in full detail. When Liz wrenched her arm away, Tess lost her balance and fell down the stairs and Liz fell back against the wall.”

Diane’s heart sank. She had just badgered Liz over something that wasn’t even her fault. And the poor girl seemed to be blaming herself enough.

“Maria said that Liz tried to grab for Tess but she was too far out of reach. Isabel saw it too,” he finished, sitting back in his chair. “I wanted to set the record straight that day that Tess was here, but since she blames Liz, I didn’t want to look like the bad guy.”

Diane sighed and turned to look at her son. “Oh dear,” she sighed. “I think I just made a huge mistake.”

Max heard alarm bells clanging in his head. “What? What did you do?”

Diane looked at her son, ashamed. “I went to see Liz.”

“Did you give Max the letter yet?” asked Kyle when Maria walked into Michael’s apartment.

“No, I just got back from taking Liz to the airport. She had to be there like 4 hours in advance to get through all of the security … you know … the terrorist attacks. I can’t believe she’ll be gone for three weeks. That seems like forever,” answered Maria.

“Max is going to go nuts,” said Kyle.

“Yeah, I’m not looking forward to telling him that Liz is gone,” confessed Maria.

“Liz is gone?” asked Michael, coming in with a bag of groceries. “When did this happen?”

“Today. I just took her to the airport. She’s going to stay with her aunt in Florida,” replied Maria.

“Max is going to go nuts,” said Michael. “Why did Liz leave?”

“She blames herself for Tess’ fall and the loss of the baby. She said that she needs to get away from Roswell to get back in touch with herself,” said Kyle. “Kind of like when I found Buddha.”

“That wasn’t exactly safe, Maria. What if something happens to Liz in Florida?” asked Michael, concerned.

Maria and Kyle exchanged glances. They hadn’t even thought about that. “I guess we were just so wrapped up in what Liz was going through that we forgot about all of that. I’m sure she’ll be fine though. It’s not like Daecon is after her anyway. Right Michael?”

Michael sighed and pursed his lips. “Yeah…”

When Michael left to go to his bedroom, Kyle glanced at Maria. She seemed really tense. “What’s up with you and Michael?”

“Nothing really… nothing at all. Well, nothing I feel like discussing,” answered Maria evasively.

“Okaaaaay…” sighed Kyle going over to pop some popcorn in the microwave. He stood by the counter, drumming his fingers on the counter.

Maria rolled her eyes and looked at the magazine in her hand. “I already miss Liz.”

Kyle poured the popped corn into a big bowl and set it on the table between them. “Have some popcorn. Trying not to get it stuck in your teeth will keep your mind off Liz.”

Kyle sat in the chair and spread his palms on the table. Maria smirked at him. Michael came back into the kitchen and threw some Lean Cuisine into the microwave. The tension between him and Maria was palpable. Drumming his fingers on the table, he looked from Michael to Maria anxiously.

“So are you guys going to talk to each other, or just stare?” asked Kyle, losing patience.

“Well – “ Maria began but was distracted by the noise Kyle was making. “Would you please just stop that dru – “

Maria stopped in midsentence and stared at Kyle, who was tapping his fingers on the table. “Kyle … your fingers,” she said, trepidation filling her.

Kyle looked at her, perplexed. “What? … Oh … “ he said as he realized what she was talking about.

Michael was confused. “What? What’s wrong?

“Kyle’s been mindwarped … again,” said Maria resignedly.

“So what’s the big emergency?” asked Isabel.

“Yeah, what’s going on? Where’s Liz?” asked Max, barging through the screen door and dropping his duffel bag. Even though they were supposed to all meet up there later that evening to further discuss the Daecon situation, he was slightly caught off guard by the emergency.

Maria pulled a face of chagrin. She had forgotten all about the letter she needed to give him about Liz. Michael and Kyle just kind of looked at him warily, as if they were waiting for a bomb to go off.

Michael tried to help Kyle remember what he was mindwarped about and Maria went over to stand next to Max. She pulled him to the side and gave him the letter. Max took it from her warily, almost as if he were afraid to accept it. Finally getting over his apprehension, he tore open the letter and read it. It read:

Dear Max,

I just wanted you to know how much I love you. I will always love you, but right now I have to get away from Roswell. I am having a hard time living with myself lately after what happened with Tess and your son. I took an innocent life and I have to leave before I take another one. I have to get control over myself and my emotions so I can control whatever is happening to me.

Please don’t worry about me. I love you.


Max dropped his hands and put the letter in his pocket. He turned to Maria. “When did she leave? How did she leave?”

“By plane,” answered Maria. “Her flight leaves in like half an hour.”

“What flight?”

“Delta Comair Flight 2845 to Dallas and then to Atlanta and then to Tampa. Max – just let her go. I think she really needs some space. The whole baby thing really shook her up,” said Maria.

Max didn’t respond. He just sprinted out the door.

“He’s going after her,” said Maria knowingly.

Isabel nodded. “We can’t worry about Max and Liz right now. We need to know what Kyle knows.”

“It helped last time when Kyle looked in the mirror,” said Maria.

“Well, let’s try that,” said Isabel.

Kyle went over to the mirror and stared in it. He immediately began tapping his fingers. Isabel looked at him nervously. “Keep trying Kyle,” urged Maria. “I think the tapping of the fingers thing is a side effect of the mindwarp. It’s how Liz figured it out with Alex and Kyle last spring,” she whispered to Isabel as Kyle concentrated on remembering.

Kyle finally turned away from the mirror. “I remember. I was going through some stuff in my room a while ago after Tess moved back in and I found a program from that crystal exhibit. Tess was in Las Cruces when the crystal was there. She followed us there.”

Isabel’s eyes widened. “Liz’s flashes… That wasn’t Daecon! It was Tess!”

Max dragged himself back to his suv after missing Liz. It had taken him forever to get through security – less time than if he had had some luggage, but still it took a long time. He had sprinted full speed to Liz’s gate, only to find one of the airline personnel closing the door to the walkway. Max tried to get him to open it back up…

“Please. I have to find someone on the plane. Please, can you page her? It’s – it’s an emergency,” he panted, still out of breath.

“I’m sorry sir. The plane’s doors are already locked. I can’t help you,” responded the guy who had closed the doors.

“Please, isn’t there any way – “ started Max desperately.

“No. I’m sorry. I can’t help you!” he replied agitadedly and walked away.

Max considered grabbing him and hoisting him against the wall until he obliged, but he knew it was pointless. Liz was gone. And he would have to wait until she got to Florida to talk to her about everything that had happened. Slowly, he brought his fingers to his lips and kissed them, blowing the kiss toward the departing plane. Liz needed her space and he would give her that, but he would never give up on her. Never.

Max shook himself out of his thoughts. Now he had to get back to Michael’s and take care of this situation with Kyle. He had barreled out of there without the full story. He only hoped that it wouldn’t put him or any of the others in any more danger than they already were.

When he was almost back to town, Max’s only thought was on Liz. He just wanted her to be okay. He knew that she had to get away. He wished that she had at least said goodbye to him first, but he understood why she had not. She likely would have lost her resolve to leave if she had to face him. Flashes of Liz began moving through his mind with a ferocity that frightened him. Max had to pull over to the side of the road because he was teetering on the edge of losing control of the car. Suddenly, they stopped abruptly and Max’s mind went blank.

Max shivered inwardly. An eerie sensation swept over him and the hairs on the back of his neck bristled and stood on end. He had to get back to Michael’s apartment.

Something did not feel right.

Michael, Isabel, Kyle and Maria all stumbled back as a dark red light exploded from Max’s duffel and covered the room in a shockwave of rippling red light.

“What in Buddha’s name was that?” gasped out Kyle shakily.

Everyone exchanged nervous glances. Michael tentatively stepped over to Max’s duffel. He opened it, and the crystal inside buzzed out angrily. It glowed with an eerie black light and red electrical currents flowed around it erratically. It moved toward Michael and then toward Isabel.

Then the black light suddenly went out and the crystal dropped. Kyle caught it before it hit the ground.

“That was weird,” he said, looking around nervously.

“What happened?” asked Max wearily as he closed the door behind him. It was obvious to everyone by his weary expression that he had not been able to catch up with Liz before she left.

“Tess was in Las Cruces the night we got the crystal. She was at that party. Liz must have gotten those flashes from her, not Daecon. Kyle found out a while ago, but Tess mindwarped him,” answered Isabel.

Maria remembered Liz’s glowing hand right after the lights went out. “Omigod!! Liz’s power! Tess probably saw it. She knew about Liz’s power!”

Max’s blood ran cold. If Tess knew about Liz’s power, then … A sudden, frightening thought occurred to him. “Her fall … I knew something wasn’t right about that. I knew it!” yelled Max angrily.

Michael regarded Max with slight wariness. “What are you talking about?”

“The night of the fall,” began Max. “Tess pushed Liz into having an episode. I know it.”

“Not that I would put anything past Tess, but what makes you think that?” asked Isabel.

“She slapped her twice, and then she grabbed Liz. When she did, she forced flashes of the night we had – sex – onto Liz. I think Liz just reacted the only way she could to get away from her. But Tess pushed her to it. If she knew that Liz was developing powers, she probably knew exactly how to bring on an episode,” said Max fiercely.

Isabel huffed slightly. “What a bitch. And to think we let her in again!”

Max clenched his fists together. He couldn’t believe that he had almost been taken in again by Tess.

“We have to take care of her, Maxwell. She’s a threat. A big one. We can’t trust her to be upfront with us,” said Michael.

Max nodded. “I have an idea.” As he told everyone of his plan, they exchanged nervous looks. Maria suddenly snapped her head up “What about Liz? Do we tell her about this?”

Before Max could answer, Michael shifted uncomfortably. “There’s something else you need to know, Maxwell.”

As Michael and Max discussed the crystal’s strange behavior, Maria and Kyle were camped out on the couch watching Buffy.

“What do you think it means?” asked Michael.

Max fixed Michael with a penetrating stare. “I think it means we are in serious trouble.” Then he filled Michael in on the happenings of his dreams and his belief that the crystal was a guide and a beacon to finding the real granolith.

“The – the real granolith? Since when was there another granolith? Tess left with the granolith, remember?”

Max sucked in a breath as he realized that he had not yet told anyone but Liz about his theory of the granolith. As he relayed that information to Michael, his eyes grew big. “So … the real granolith was sent here after we had already been sent to Earth? Are you sure?”

Max shook his head slowly. “I don’t know anything for sure. But I know that the crystal is a guide, a beacon. If there is another granolith, that crystal will lead me straight to it.”

Michael asked the question that Max had been trying to avoid. “But what about the crystal’s behavior today? What did that mean?”

“I don’t know. I think it probably has something to do with Daecon, but I don’t know.”

“Woah… “ exclaimed Kyle, as he watched Buffy and Spike finally giving in to the sexual tension that had been building between them for over a year.

“Well, well…” added Maria, shocked at the way the house was falling down around the vampire and the slayer. Fighting back the urge to ask Max if his unholy dalliance with Tess included falling debris, Maria sighed and watched the end credits roll.

Hoping to see the new promotion for next week’s Buffy, Kyle swore silently under his breath when a news bulletin interrupted. Maria huffed slightly when she saw it. Both Kyle and Maria leaped off the couch and went into the kitchen to see how Max and Michael were. Isabel came from out of the bathroom and sat down. She sighed dusgustedly at the news bulletin flashing across her screen.

“God… they interrupt for the littlest things these days!” she vented, going to change the channel. Isabel really needed something mindless to focus on so she could get her mind off the stressful events of the past week. As she flipped, the bulletin seemed to be on every channel. “It’s on every channel,” she sighed, about to turn it off. When she heard the special report however, she stopped and her blood ran cold.

“We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news of a plane crash of Delta Comair flight 2845 in the northern part of Texas. The small plane, taking off from Roswell, New Mexico enroute to Dallas, started its mayday hail over an hour ago and then went off the air thirty minutes ago. It was found just over fifteen minutes ago in northern Texas…”

There were pictures of a fiery crash on the screen. Isabel put her hand to her mouth and tried to stifle a scream. “Maria … what – what was Liz’s flight number?“ she stammered, unable to stop the tremors starting to rack her body.

“Delta Comair 2845,” called Maria, grabbing a Snapple from the refridgerator.

Kyle walked back into the livingroom area to find Isabel sitting, stunned on the couch. “Were the new promos for Buffy that bad?” he joked, before Isabel turned a stricken face to him.

His brows furrowing, Kyle moved to sit next to her, “What’s wrong?”

Isabel turned to look at the tvscreen. Kyle followed her gaze and his voice caught in his throat and he choked back a gasp. Sensing something was wrong, Maria came back into the livingroom with her arms folded in front of her. When she saw the screen, she let out a small cry of pain and dropped the Snapple she had been drinking.

Michael looked up at her stricken expression. “Maria? What’s wrong?”

Max, his concentration broken, looked up to see what the disturbance was. He saw Michael walk over to Maria with a confounded expression and then glance at the tvscreen. Max decided that he had to see what had arrested everyone’s attention and he approached the tv.

Kyle just happened to glance over and see Max approaching, and he stood up to block his view of the television. Max eyed Kyle with confusion. “Max,” started Kyle, as Maria’s and Isabel’s sobs began to permeate the silence of the room. Max tried to get around Kyle, and Michael appeared to further impede him. Beginning to feel a rising panic in his gut, Max tried desperately to get around Kyle and Michael.

“What’s WRONG!” he yelled, panic setting in with tears of fear beginning to sting his eyes. He could see by the expressions on Maria’s and Isabel’s faces that something was seriously wrong.

Kyle tried to reason with him. “Max, wait – “ but he trailed off miserably. Slowly, he backed away and let Max pass him. Max immediately went to sit next to his sister, who was shaking uncontrollably. He turned to stare at the tv screen almost in slow motion, not wanting to see what it was that had seemingly devastated everyone.

“Again, flight 2845 out of Roswell, New Mexico and bound for Dallas, has crashed. So far, no survivors have been found. Sources say …”

No, it couldn’t be. It couldn’t be! Max felt his heart slam against his chest. The blood in his veins turned ice cold and he started shaking as he watched the remains of Liz’s plane burn into oblivion, destroying the one thing in this world that meant anything to him. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he heard a blood curdling noise. It got louder and louder until it filled his senses completely. What was that? he wondered. It was completely annoying. Max looked around the room at his friends. None of them moved. And the sound wasn’t coming from them. Max realized with a sudden jolt that the noise was coming from his own mouth. He sounded like a wounded animal. Soon, his tortured wail became a strangled sound as he tried to close his mouth. He moved toward the television and collapsed to his knees. Isabel was at his side in an instant. She tried desperately to get him to sit down on the couch, but Max just doubled over in front of the tv.

Maria’s legs had given out next to her, and Michael wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her up against him. Maria turned and sobbed into his chest.

Kyle stared at the television. First Alex and now Liz. He couldn’t believe this was happening again. Damn Tess. This was her fault. True, she wasn’t likely to be behind the plane exploding, but if she hadn’t set up Liz to feel responsible for the loss of a baby that probably didn’t even exist, Liz never would have gotten on that plane. She would be here with them, watching the special news report.

Max was still crouched on the floor when a faint humming noise made Isabel draw away from him. Suddenly, a bright light erupted from Max's hand and blasted the television to bits. The loud crash startled everyone and showered them with broken glass. Max sprang to his feet and a primal scream erupted from his mouth. The force of his scream and the powerful shockwave from it knocked everyone off their feet. Kyle looked around in awe at the force of Max’s powerful outburst. All of the pictures and knickknacks hanging on the walls fell off and the entire apartment shook with Max’s fury and intense pain. The walls cracked and plaster fell on all of them from the ceiling. He fell to his knees, his energy spent.

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I'm going to post two more chapters soon, because I don't want to torture you guys... I know the last chapter was probably difficult...

-Behrable dream

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Wow you guys...

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Here is the next part... I didn't want to keep you in too much suspense... But this should answer at least one of your questions...

TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

PLEASE give me a lot of feedback!! Good or bad!!

Tapestry – Chapter Thirty One

For a long time, no one spoke. The only sounds that could be heard were the faint, muffled sobs coming from both Maria and Isabel. Max seemed to be just merely existing. He had pulled himself to a sitting position as he brought his knees up to his chest and rested his head and arms on them. He was thinking about earlier that day when he had that rush of images about Liz and then they suddenly stopped. What he didn’t understand was why he didn’t know instinctively that Liz had died at that moment. He always thought that he would know if anything had happened to her. Certainly he would feel it more distinctly if she died.

Maria was in shock. Suddenly her body went limp and Michael realized with a sickening lurch that she had fainted. He picked her up and carried her to his room. He placed her on the bed and Kyle and Isabel came in to try and help him with her. Isabel looked from Maria to her brother worriedly and then went out to try to comfort her brother. Losing Liz must be his worst fear come true, she realized tearfully. And her death didn’t even seem to be alien related. A plane crash. Of all the things Liz had survived, to be taken this way just seemed so unfair.

Max was sitting on the floor, his eyes strangely bright. Isabel looked at him nervously. He looked completely unhinged. She of all people knew what he was feeling, but even she realized that the depth of her emotions for Alex hadn’t been like the depth of love Max had for Liz. She reached for his shoulder and when he suddenly rose to his feet, he startled her.

Max brushed himself off and went about repairing the damage to Michael’s apartment. He worked swiftly and silently. Then he turned to his sister. “I’ll kill her,” he said venomously.

Isabel felt a cold chill climb up her spine and then tingle back down again. “Max, what about the plan?”

“I don’t care about any plan. Liz is gone. She’s dead. I know Tess is largely responsible. First Alex and now Liz. She won’t get away with this,” spat Max.

“Max you can’t just go over and kill Tess. Don’t we still need her for information?” asked Isabel frantically.

Max had already started to move toward the door. Isabel power locked it and then stared him down defiantly. “I’m not going to let you go off half-cocked Max. We have to think this through!”

Max was through talking. He flung the door open with such force that it brought Michael and Kyle running out of the bedroom. Michael stared, open mouthed at the door frame. It was crumpled and deformed. The door had been ripped out of it by Max's power. “Maxwell what are you doing?”

Isabel sighed. “He’s going to go after Tess. I think he’s going to kill her.”

“Max, you can’t. I know you feel Tess is responsible for this, but stop and think about this!” yelled Michael.

“I’m done THINKING Michael!! Liz is gone!! DEAD! And I hold Tess fully responsible. She set Liz up at that party and Liz left, because it was the last straw for her. Tess has been playing us for fools and I am tired of letting her just get away with it!” Max lunged for his duffel bag and Michael grabbed the strap that was hanging and wrenched the bag from him. They struggled over the bag and it ripped, sending the crystal ball flying.

It floated out angrily, seemingly in tune with Max’s fiery emotions. It buzzed around the room and settled in front of Max. Max dropped the duffel bag and held out his hand. The crystal dropped in it and its bright white light turned dark red almost immediately and shorted out again.

Everyone stared at the crystal. “Why does it keep doing that?” said Max, almost to himself.

No one answered. Suddenly the crystal turned bright red again and Max was bombarded with a series of violent flashes. They flashed before him so furiously that he couldn’t actually see them. But he did get the message. It was the same message he had gotten before. Danger! But this time, the message was tempered with something else. Deception!

As he struggled to understand what the crystal was trying to tell him, Liz’s voice echoed through his head… Atlanteans used crystals for everything … even healing. But mostly, they were used for protection, or to ward off danger or deception.

Max groaned as he realized, finally, what the crystal had been trying to tell him for weeks. Tess had been manipulating them since she got here, playing them for fools. Suddenly, everything seemed to make a sick sort of sense. “Tess wasn’t pregnant,” he said simply and slumped into the couch, holding his head and releasing a heavy sigh.

Everyone looked at him, perplexed. No one seemed to believe him. “How – why do you say that?” stuttered Isabel.

“This crystal sphere… When Liz did her research about Atlantis, she found out – er, she and Maria found out that sometimes crystals were used to ward off danger or deception. I think it has been trying to warn me about Tess ever since she got here. After we came back from that clinic, it started glowing red and shorting out on me. Now that I think about it, it started doing that when Tess showed up,” explained Max.

“That must be why it did that thing earlier tonight. It knew about Liz already,” said Kyle slowly.

This seemed to satisfy almost everyone, except Maria.

“Well that explains the weirdness earlier, but what about Tess? We had the pentagon, remember? How did she get past that?” she asked uncertainly.

“The pentagon goes in and out. Tess could have been mindwarping us ever since she got here. We don’t know when the pentagon got damaged,” said Max.

“She definitely wasn’t pregnant then. I don’t see Tess deliberately trying to get Liz to toss her down a flight of stairs if she were really pregnant with your child,” said Maria.

“You mean she set all of this up just to pin the loss of a baby that didn’t exist on Liz? That’s sick,” said Michael.

“That’s Tess. I can’t believe you were ever married to her, even if it was a past life,” spat Isabel.

Max took in a ragged breath, laced with unshed tears. “I never should have let her back in. She used my responsibility to my son against me, and Liz is gone because of it.”

Maria sat down next to Max. “You can’t blame yourself for this Max. You know Liz wouldn’t want you to. We know who the culprit is. We just have to make certain she doesn’t get away with murder again.”

Max turned a teary-eyed gaze at Maria. He then focused on the floor, as tears blurred his vision. Struggling to speak, he simply nodded feebly. Maria slipped her arm over his shoulder and wept silently with him.

“So we stick with the plan then,” said Michael determinedly.

We stick with the plan until it is safe to kill her, thought Max vengefully.

Max and the others got out of their vehicles and walked slowly toward the Crashdown café. If Max had any doubt that Liz’s parents didn’t know, it was extinguished when he saw the closed sign. The diner wasn’t supposed to be closed for at least another hour.

Through the glass, they all could see Liz’s parents holding each other. Mr. Parker looked stoically calm, and Mrs. Parker was crying in his arms. Maria suppressed a sob and rapped on the glass lightly. Mr. Parker looked up at the glass and moved to open the door to let them all in.

As Max entered the café, he was hit with a wave of nostalgic memories of Liz. The diner was practically dripping with her aura. Suddenly the memory of Liz being shot here and his healing of her flashed through his mind. The force of the memory was like a kick in his gut, and he sucked in a breath to keep from crying out. Seeing Jeff and Nancy Parker rising to hug all of them, Max tried to hold back his tears. They both looked stricken, as if they had just seen hell itself on Earth. When Nancy Parker stopped in front of Max, she pulled him to her. Max stiffened and the tears that were shadowing his lower eyelids threatened to fall. He was, for lack of a better word, shell shocked.

“I know how much you loved my daughter Max. I’m so … so sorry,” she said, dissolving into tears as she hugged him. Max forgot about his feelings and hugged Liz’s mother to try to comfort her. In a sense, it was almost like comforting himself. He pulled away to try and tell her that he was sorry. He was sorry for ever getting Liz involved in his alien chaos.

But the only thing he could do was stare at her helplessly and fight back his tears in vain. His eyes flitted back and forth across Nancy Parker’s face, trying not to look at her pained eyes directly. He blinked furiously in an attempt to hold the tears back. A lump formed in the back of his throat and he tried desperately to fight it back down. Nancy stopped crying as she saw how hard this young man was fighting to keep it together. Liz had loved him so much and she could see why, just by looking at him.

Max was beside himself. In the back of his mind, he was frantically trying to process the fact that Liz was gone. But another part of him wanted proof. He didn’t want to accept that she was really gone. In that moment, he decided that Liz was not gone. Somehow, she had survived that accident. And he was going to prove it, he thought erratically. He didn’t know how, but he would definitely prove it.

The phone near the back of the diner rang and Jeff went to answer it. He came back with a very solemn face. Everyone turned to him. “They found some of Liz’s personal effects on the plane.” He ran a shaking hand over his face. “I – I guess I was kind of holding out some hope that she wasn’t on the plane, but … “

Everyone was silent. This seemed to have an air of finality. Maria covered her mouth with her hands and slumped into a booth. Isabel looked to the floor desperately, while Kyle seemed to be trying to disappear into the wall. Michael was bracing his hands on the counter and Max simply stood, alone, in the middle of the café, watching Jeff comfort Nancy and realizing that his last hope for Liz still being alive had slipped away from him.

The ride home was eerily quiet. Max drove wordlessly into the driveway and then stared at his front door. He didn’t want to go in. He also didn’t want to be alone in his room, with all of those memories of Liz closing in on him.

When he went in the front door, he found his parents laughing in the kitchen. He tried to pass them by as quietly as he could, but his mother saw him. “Max? Max, come in here for a minute,” she called.

Max groaned and trudged into the kitchen. Instantly his mother knew something was wrong. “Max? What happened? Did something else happen?”

Max was having difficulty speaking. He didn’t think he could actually say it. His mouth opened, but no sound came out. His face contorted with pain and he sat down at the table. Luckily, Isabel stopped by the kitchen and saw what was going on. When her mother fixed her with a perplexed look, Isabel sighed heavily.

“Liz was killed tonight in a plane crash,” she said as simply as she could.

Their parents were stunned. “That crash we saw on tv tonight… Liz was on that plane?” gasped Phillip. Max and Isabel nodded mutely.

Diane put a hand over her mouth. “Oh my God, how awful. Nancy must be out of her mind, Phillip. We have to go over there.”

Phillip looked at his wife and nodded. “I agree, but maybe we should stay with Max and Isabel a bit longer to make certain they are all right.”

“I’m fine,” said Max curtly, moving to go upstairs to his room.

“Max – “ began his mother.

“I’m fine!” he said loudly and then cursed himself for doing so. “I’m sorry. I’m just tired. Can I please be excused?”

His parents nodded and they watched, along with Isabel as he trudged upstairs to his room.

Tess calmly walked toward the Crashdown. She was hungry and she decided that this would be the perfect place to go. Liz was finally out of her hair – for good. She couldn’t believe her luck that Liz’s plane had crashed. An accident like that had been the most pleasant of surprises for her. Although she knew that Max would take Liz’s death rather hard, she thought that life was giving her just the break she needed. Maybe with Liz out of the picture, she could get closer to Max. She just needed to help him get over Liz and then get him to trust her again. The idea that Max may never want to trust her ever again because of Alex crossed her mind briefly, but she absolved herself of guilt as she usually did and pressed on.

Setting her up for the fall that killed her ‘son’ had been easy. Too easy. Liz had almost no control over her powers and Tess knew that she could push Liz into having an episode. That was the easy part. The hard part was manipulating Max’s mother into accusing Liz and spreading seeds of discord and doubt in the school. Tess’ ultimate goal was to drive Liz out of her mind so that she would be vulnerable to Daecon’s abduction of her. He was originally supposed to kidnap her at the police station, but Sean had shown up unexpectedly and foiled that plan.

Then, Liz had left unexpectedly and against all odds, her plane had crashed. Tess thought she had died and gone to heaven. Liz was gone and no one could pin any of that on her.

As she reached the café, she was disappointed to realize that it was closed. The family was in mourning. Tess huffed and decided to try the restaurant down the street.

Serena Huston tried to balance her groceries while she grabbed the newspaper on her stoop. Some dog had attacked it and chewed through a large part of it. She pushed her way into the apartment and plopped the bags on the counter. Going over to the trash, she pulled off the chewed pages of the newspaper and tried to salvage what she could. A section fell out and she bent to pick it up…

It was the obituaries. Serena suppressed a slight cry when she noticed the picture of the girl she met in the library some time back. Liz. Liz Parker. What happened to her? Serena read on. It appeared that she had perished in the plane crash that she had seen on tv the other night. The funeral was set for today in less than 2 hours.

Serena felt an odd tugging in her heart. She had only met this girl once, but something told her to go to the funeral. She wanted to meet Liz’s parents and pay her last respects.

White roses. Serena had never seen so many white roses in her life. The casket was covered in them, and a everyone carried a bunch of them to place over the casket as they walked up to say goodbye to Liz. As she watched everyone weep silently over the loss of Liz, a young girl approached the casket and began to sing. She fought to hold back the tears as she sang her mournful song. Eventually, it became too much for her and she broke off, struggled to regain her composure, and then finished the song, as a young man approached and wrapped her in his arms.

Liz must have loved white roses, thought Serena. She lowered her shades to look at the people who came to mourn Liz’s death. She saw two people who hugged each other tightly, sitting in the front row. Those must be Liz’s parents, she thought.

She spread her gaze around further and scanned the crowd. There was a small, close knit group of teens huddled together tightly. The two that included the girl who sang earlier were wrapped together tightly and the other three stood together stoically. One of them was a beautiful blond girl, tall and majestic in stature. The other was a shorter guy, but Serena could sense an inherent strength about him.

But Serena’s attention was arrested by the last of the threesome in particular, however, when he turned and looked directly into her eyes. She looked away as soon as she regained her faculties and drew in an uneven breath.

He was, for lack of a better word, incredible. His eyes were windows to his soul and she didn’t have to rely on her New Age knowledge to realize that there was something special about this particular young man. Even though his eyes had been shadowed with grief, Serena sensed a depth and power there that sent a shiver crawling up and down her spine.

When the services were over, Serena followed the caravan back to the café that Liz’s parents owned. All of the guests crammed into the small café, talking somberly. Serena hated funerals. Normally she avoided them. She couldn’t fathom what had convinced her to come here. As she walked toward Liz’s parents, she bumped into someone getting out of a booth.

“Excuse me,” she said and then gasped under her breath as she realized who she had bumped into. It was the guy with the soulful eyes.

“No problem,” he said and regarded her curiously. “Do I know you?”

Serena shook her head. “No… I – I just met Liz a while ago at the library. I happened to see her obituary, and I decided to come and pay my respects.”

The guy nodded. “Oh.” He started to move away from her and Serena reached out her hand.

“I’m Serena,” she said.

She thought she saw a flash of recognition cross his face before he blinked and took her hand. “I’m Max. Max Evans,” he answered and released her hand. “You met Liz in the library?”

Serena relaxed slightly. “Yes. I remember she was studying Atlantis,” Serena laughed slightly. “She hated anything to do with New Age stuff, and here she was, stuck doing a project on Atlantis of all things.”

Max smirked slightly. “Yeah. She really hated that project at first.”

Serena nodded and then found herself at a loss of what to say. “Well, I think I’ll go and speak to Liz’s parents.”

Max nodded and then looked after her as she walked away. Serena. His mind flashed back to when Liz told him about the Serena that she was supposed to have as a friend in the future. It seemed strange that now, after changing the future for Max, Michael and Isabel and the entire world, Liz had ended up sacrificing herself and Alex instead. And Liz never even got the chance to actually develop that friendship she was supposed to have with Serena.

As he watched Serena going over to talk to Liz’s parents, a shadow crossed in front of him and he was startled out of his thoughts.

“You sure do move fast Evans,” sneered Sean. “Liz is barely in the grave and you’re already moving on? At her funeral? I knew Liz was too good for you!”

Max sighed. He did not need this right now. Trying to explain things to Sean would only exacerbate this problem. “Not now, Sean.”

Something in Max’s tone made Sean stand down. “Fine,” he muttered, moving away from Max, whose teeth were clenched in barely controlled anger.

Max released a low sigh and looked toward the door through which Sean had exited. Somethings never change.

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Hey guys... So sorry I didn't post the other part last night... Had a bit of a mini-crisis here ...

But here it is!!

TITLE: Tapestry
AUTHOR: Behrable dream
RATING: Will vary, PG for now
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Roswell characters... just borrowing them...
SUMMARY: This is basically a story about our favorite teen's lives after Departure.

And you know how I love the feedback!! Good or bad!

Tapestry – Chapter Thirty Two

Liz Parker sat up groggily and clutched her head. She had a splitting headache. She glanced around the room, trying to remember how she got there and how long she had been there. She vaguely remembered being dragged in here some time ago, but her concept of day and night was impeded by the fact that her room had no natural light.

Slowly, her mind began to recollect what had happened to bring her here. She remembered being dropped off at the airport by Maria and convincing Maria not to come to the gate with her, because of all of the security. She checked her bags at the ticket counter and continued on to the gate.

She had stopped in the bathroom to freshen up a bit, because she had been tearing up at the thought of leaving Max, even for that short time. She didn’t understand how her life had gotten so out of control.

As she came out of the restroom, she saw two men in uniform standing outside the door eyeing her suspiciously. Deciding to just ignore them, Liz tried to simply walk past them until they both flipped out badges and asked her to come with them. “Why?” she asked nervously. Neither of them responded with anything other than a sigh.

Liz backed away slightly, until one of the men grabbed her by the arm and growled in her ear, “If you don’t want to get hurt, you’ll follow us.”

Liz looked at one of the men, frightened. He patted his holster lightly and then motioned for her to follow them. Liz followed, warily. When they approached an unmarked car outside the airport, alarm bells began going off in her head. She looked around for help frantically.

When help came in the form of someone bumping into both men, Liz took off running. She ran around the airport terminal and ended up in baggage handling. She ran around and dove into one of the luggage carts, and tried to cover herself. She saw the two men approaching and held her breath. But they zeroed in on her and pulled her out of the luggage cart, kicking and screaming.

Not for nothing had Liz been taking self-defense classes. When one of them grabbed her around her waist, she brought her elbow up sharply and knocked him back in his face. The other approached and Liz dropped him easily with a roundhouse kick. Then she ran, her mind screaming. Max!! she cried desperately with her mind.

She was almost to the terminal. If she could make it, maybe she would be able to get some help. Her hand closed on the back door of the terminal and she tugged. It was locked. Liz pulled furiously on it and then tried to run anywhere but there. But she was tripped from behind and she fell, hitting her head on something blunt on the ground. The world went pitch black, and Liz’s mind stopped calling for Max abruptly.

Now she was somewhere she didn’t recognize. She didn’t know how long she had been there, and she could feel the blood on her scalp from her head wound. Shakily, she tried to get to her feet and she felt the world spin and the ground rush up to meet her.

She stifled a sob as she felt nausea and then despair overwhelm her.

“Max, you have to bring yourself out of this,” said Isabel gently, trying to nudge him out of his thoughts. “We have to continue our plan with Tess.”

Max stood and paced in his room. He picked up the crystal, the destiny book, the healing stones and packed them into a small metal box. “No. No more, Isabel.”

Isabel looked at him in consternation. “No more? Max, we can’t just ignore Tess. She’s a loose cannon. We have to find out what she knows,” she said softly, trying not to anger him.

Max simply continued to pack everything alien related into the box. He used his powers to seal the edges of the box closed.

As he moved past Isabel, with the box in his duffle bag, she held out her arm to stop him. “Are you just going to ignore this? Ignore me? I’m your sister, Max. I’m still here, and so are Michael, Kyle and Maria. You can’t just give up now because Liz is gone. You know she wouldn’t want that.”

Max looked at her, his expression vacant. “All of this,” he motioned toward the alien artifacts in the metal box, “caused her death, Isabel. Hell, it’s the reason why I was such an ass to her and you, by the way, after Alex died. I’m letting go of it before it consumes me. You should too, before it completely destroys you.”

Isabel tried to maintain her composure. “Burying everything to do with who you are will not change who you are,” she said directly. “You are going to have to learn how to accept who you are, Max. All of you. Hating the alien side of you will not bring Liz back.”

Max looked at his sister wordlessly and moved past her with the box, leaving Isabel in the room alone.

“I see we have awakened,” said Daecon, entering the room with a tray of food for Liz.

Liz scurried into a ball on the other side of the room, trying to get as far away from this person as possible. “Where am I? Who are you?” she demanded.

Daecon smirked. “I think you know who I am. I went through a lot of trouble trying to find you, Ms. Parker.”

“Daecon,” she whispered fearfully. Daecon smiled, pleased at her frightened response. Her fear would make his task that much easier to complete.

Liz trembled as the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. “My – my friends will find me. They won’t stop until they find me. Max would never – “

Daecon laughed cruelly. “I think not,” he said taking out an alien device and pointing it at the wall. An image flashed onto the smooth surface of the wall and Liz saw a fiery crash. She strained to see what the point of this was and when she looked to Daecon confusedly, he smirked.

“That would be your plane, Liz. It crashed about an hour after it took off.”

Liz’s eyes widened in shock as the implication of that statement sunk in. “No,” she whispered hoarsely.

Daecon nodded. “No one will come looking for you Liz. They all believe you are dead. They had your funeral yesterday.”

Tears began cascading down Liz’s cheeks as she realized that everyone thought she was dead. Her heart tore as she thought about what her parents were likely going through and what Max and her friends were going through. Maria must be losing her mind, Liz thought sadly as she realized that Maria must think she had lost everyone. Then reality set in and she realized that no help would be forthcoming.

She was trapped.

“Did you make that plane crash, just to fake my death, or was it an accident?” Asking the question she probably didn’t really want an answer to, she braced herself for his response.

“It was a small price to pay for the rewards,” he responded cavalierly.

“You murdered all of those people just to fake my death?” she bit out the words, shocked.

“This way, I can make certain that your friends do not come looking for you, and it also weakens Zan, er Max. He’ll be ripe for the picking. I’ll have him back on Antar and in Khivar’s hands soon enough.”

Daecon left the cell and the door banged shut. Liz slumped and pulled her knees to her chest as she shook uncontrollably. The light that streamed in from the door shone on her crumpled form as she wept morosely.

An entire plane full of people had been destroyed, all to fake her death. And no one even knew she had never gotten on that plane.

For the first time ever, Maria’s scented oils failed to calm her. She seemed to merely exist, moving from moment to moment, trying to remember to breathe. As each moment passed, she wondered if she would ever be able to get to the point where she could have one second pass without missing Liz so much.

Her best friend. Gone. And this time, it wasn’t an alien entity who was responsible for her death. Oh, of course, Tess had set this up, but that plane crash looked to be a complete accident. Tess didn’t even know that Liz had left town. Maria didn’t think that it was within Tess’ reach to destroy a plane full of innocent people. Although, Maria hadn’t thought Tess was actually capable of killing Alex, but she had.

Still, the plane crash had been deemed an accident, and even though Max and the others had initially considered the possibility that it was not, they hadn’t been able to find anything yet to suggest otherwise. Maria sighed when she thought about Max. It hadn’t been long since her death and he was taking it so hard. He didn’t want to let any detail slip by him and he was completely obsessed with finding out what happened to Liz on that flight. No one knew how to help him either.

They had hit a dead end, trying to discover what had happened to the plane before its crash. The official report was that one of the engine casings had a hairline crack and this caused the engine to explode. The crack had apparently been there for quite some time, but no one had noticed it before. Maria shivered as she realized how easily the engineers and mechanics who worked on these planes could miss problems like this. But as she delved into other similar instances of plane crashes, she realized that poorly kept planes were more common than not.

So, Max had taken to avoiding all things alien, believing that if Liz weren’t so distraught over what happened to his nonexistent son, she never would have gotten on that plane. He was personally holding himself responsible and shutting everyone and everything else out. No one could reach him, not even his sister. He had all but abandoned their plan to try and gather more information from Tess, and it was making everyone nervous.

They needed their leader back, and Maria was unsure if Max would ever want to assume that position again.

Kyle drove up to the cemetary, hoping to catch a moment of peace at Liz’s grave. He had a large bouquet of white flowers for her. Their group had become even more fragmented since she’d passed away. Max was wallowing in self pity and neglecting his leadership duties. Even though Kyle normally didn’t like to acknowledge Max’s role as leader, he knew that something vital was missing in their group, besides Liz.

They no longer had any cohesion. Of course, Michael and Maria were still close, but Max and Isabel had reached an impasse and Kyle felt that he was rather unattached to all of them. They had never really been his close friends, even though he had been getting close to Isabel over the summer. But Liz had always been someone he could talk to; she had respected him when no one else did. Even though things hadn’t worked out for them, Liz had still been an important part of his life.

And he missed her.

But as he neared her grave, he saw someone had already beaten him to it. It was Max.

“Isabel… What are you doing here?” asked Maria warily.

Isabel noted the wariness in her voice and tried to speak in an unassuming manner. “I really need to talk to Michael about something. Is he home?”

Maria nodded and let Isabel in. Michael was sitting on the couch playing a video game. Isabel went and stood in front of the television. “Move Isabel. I’m almost to the last level in Tekken,” he growled.

Isabel switched the television off with her powers. Michael sighed, irritated. “What is so important that you couldn’t wait five minutes?”

“You need to assume the leadership role Michael. Max is – he’s just too wrapped up in his own grief to do anything about Daecon,” said Isabel.

Maria huffed slightly under her breath. How like Isabel to usurp her own brother when he wasn’t doing what she wanted him to do. “Maybe Max just needs a little time,” said Maria.

Michael nodded, agreeing with Maria. “I don’t think I should take over for Max. I think he will come out of this on his own. He just needs a little time to get over Liz’s death.”

Isabel sighed harshly. “He isn’t trying to get over it. He is trying to deny his own alienness. He thinks that is why Liz died. God, even in death she keeps him from doing right by us!”

Maria stood at this and crossed in front of Isabel. “You watch your damn mouth Isabel!”

Isabel fell back a step under Maria’s forceful outburst. Feeling contrite, she offered an apology. “I – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just that he is taking this so hard and he is trying to ignore who he is, like that would bring Liz back or something. If Daecon strikes now, we would be completely helpless to stop him.”

Michael pursed his lips together grimly. Isabel actually had a point. But going around Max wouldn’t solve anything. They still needed him. “I’ll talk to him. Maybe I can help him get through this,” he said, rising.

“You’re going now?” asked Maria.

“Yeah. The sooner the better,” he answered, walking out the door.

Isabel turned to follow him, but Maria grabbed her arm. “Wait. I need to talk to you about something.”

As Kyle got closer to the grave, he saw that Max was sitting motionless and staring at her tombstone. He clutched a handful of white roses and he was holding on to them for dear life. When he heard Kyle’s footsteps crunch on the leaves behind him, he turned suddenly and then slumped a bit when he saw who had interrupted him.

He turned back toward the grave silently and Kyle moved to sit beside him. He noticed the metal box next to Max and when he asked what it was, Max didn’t say anything at first.

After a few moments, Max sighed and spoke. “It’s me. Part of me. The part that killed Liz.”

Kyle sighed. Isabel had told him that Max was beating himself up about Liz’s death. Sometimes Max’s martyr act really got on his nerves. Here he was, with this incredible gift and he whines about it.

“Would you listen to yourself? You didn’t kill Liz, Max. And burying your alienness won’t bring her back either. Do you think Liz would want you to destroy yourself over this?” asked Kyle.

Max didn’t respond.

“Damnit Max! You are being so selfish! Don’t you know that Michael, Maria, and Isabel need you? And you are just wallowing! What would happen if Daecon came after any of them right now? You wouldn’t be any help to them at all! You may have a death wish now, Max, but I know none of us do. So snap out of it!” yelled Kyle angrily. He was tired of coddling Max. That’s all any of them ever did. But not this time. He wasn’t going to let Max just sink further into despair.

“Why do you care so much Kyle? I know you hate me for taking Liz from you,” said Max unevenly.

“Liz was never mine to keep, Max. She was always meant for you. Everyone can see that. And I wish I had seen that before, when Tess was here. Maybe things would be different. Maybe I would have told you about Liz and I – how that never happened. I guess I just assumed that you would always know.” Kyle stood back and let those words sink in.

Max looked up into the sky and sighed. “I should have known. But somehow, I lost faith Kyle. I lost faith in Liz, in us.”

“Everyone loses faith at some point Max.