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Title: Kalila
Author: Nicole
Rating: Varies throughout parts.
Disclaimer: Roswell isn't mine.
Summary: The reason for the war between Kivar and Zan.
Category: Z/K
Note: Case you haven't noticed, I've changed my name to dream*angel 'cause it's so much more fun, but it's still me, promise.

First of all, character list:

Main Characters:
Liz is Kalila (means "well-loved")
Max is Zan (means "one who protects mankind")
Kivar (means "intelligent")

Secondary Characters:
Maria is Ria (means "graceful")
Michael is Rath (means "quick and agile wolf")
Isabel is Vilandra (means "light sky")
Nicholas is Niko (means "those who conquer")
Tess is Ava (means "spring")
Tynan (means "dark")
Ariann (means "full of grace and mercy")
Alex is Lexus (means "helper")
Kyle is Kayl (means "one who is handsome")

Minor Characters:
Thane (means “king’s follower”)
Serena (means “calm”)
Ryley (means “courageous”)
Maxim (means “superior”)
Kathana (means "pure")
Larak (means "one who is crowned")
Sero (means "blue-eyed ruler")
Hannar (means "merciful")
Courtney is Cora (means “maiden”)
Nasedo is Nero (means “swimmer”)
Vanessa is Vanea (means “white wave”)
Ida is Idelle (means “industrious”)

KALILA Prologue

He rode his Gem horse through the dusty streets of the Zion province. It was the last of the eight provinces the new Emperor of Paerhna had to visit. His journeys to the previous seven had been most rewarding. He had succeeded in gaining support for the rebellion against Antar from the governors.

He had also managed to re-establish the traditional wife-giving ceremony, and had seven of the most exquisite specimens of femininity available already on their way back to his palace, to form a harem.

Now he was on his way to see Thane, governor of Zion. He had heard the man was fair and just, but weak. He would be easily persuaded to join the uprising. He might also be persuaded to provide adequate mounts for Paerhna’s warriors, seeing as Zion had the largest supply of Gems in the universe. Yes, Kivar thought, this province would be highly profitable.

He glanced lazily around the crowded market area, not noticing the lowly people rushing to get out of his way. His violet gaze skittered over small shops and loud merchants, and came to a sudden stop on a pair of girls.

One was fairly tall, possibly seventeen, with light brown hair that was almost a dark, dirty blond, and dark gray eyes. She was pretty, he supposed, but he bypassed her immediately. She was nothing compared to the vision beside her.

He felt a tightening in his loins as he watched the petite girl avidly. She was gorgeous. Utter perfection. Dark, rich, lustrous brown hair fell to her mid-back, deep brown eyes glittered in the sunlight, full lips begged to be kissed…But she looked so young.

He decided her age was of no consequence. Maturity would come, and he would be there every step of the way, molding her into the perfect companion, the perfect wife…

The perfect Queen.

He turned to the escort Thane had provided. “Who is that?” he demanded, pointing to the girl.

He followed the direction the Emperor’s finger was aimed at and saw the two girls. He figured Kivar was asking about Serena, the province’s beauty. He paused a moment to admire the long clean lines and ripe curves of the older girl, before answering Kivar.

“That is Serena and her sister. They’re the governor’s daughters,” he paused, then added, “Sweet girls, best in the province.” He nodded, secure in the knowledge that he had helped his Emperor.

“Really?” Kivar said, though it really wasn’t a question, “That’s interesting.”

He prodded his horse faster and the guard had to scramble to catch up, wondering the whole time why the Emperor looked so speculative.

“Do you understand my point of view, Governor Thane?”

“Yes, your Imperial Highness,” he responded eagerly, “Those Antarians need to be shown what for! I’d be honored to participate in disposing of that smug Tynan.”

Kivar smiled at him, and Thane began to feel that thrill of pride in serving his Emperor. He hadn’t had that feeling since becoming governor ten years ago. He fully admired the new ruler and was extremely pleased to be included in these plans of his.

“I thank you for your support Thane. But I’m sure you realize that as a new leader, I’ll need certain…reassurances, from the provinces.”

“Reassurances?” Thane questioned uneasily. What sort of reassurances was he talking about?

“Oh, don’t worry, nothing big,” Kivar said smoothly, assuaging the governor’s fears. Thane began to relax slightly, but tensed back up at the Emperor’s next words: “They’re just in exchange for protection.”

“Protection?” he asked guardedly.

“It’s a large world, war can sometimes…blur the lines between friend and foe. Personal guards stationed around could prevent a misidentification or an ill-fated incident,” he leaned forward, “Are you catching my drift Governor?”

“Y-yes, your Highness.” He cleared his throat, “What would reassure you of Zion’s loyalty?” Kivar smiled.

“That’s really, very easy. I simply wish to take possession of your daughter, Serena. She will become one of my wives, join the harem at the palace. I assure you, she will have the best of everything: food, lodgings, clothing, whatever her heart desires.”

Serena, Thane thought dully. This might not bode well for Zion. “I’m afraid that is quite impossible, sir, Serena is already betrothed.”

“Betrothed?” the Emperor frowned deeply, unnerving the governor.

“Yes, to a lord on Vaina. It would not be wise to break the intended marriage.” He sincerely hoped the Emperor would not push the issue. The up-coming nuptials would form a good alliance that, if Kivar’s plan did not succeed, might be useful.

“Well,” Kivar’s voice was dripping with fake sympathy, “That is unfortunate for you. Isn’t it governor?”

He felt his eyes widen in distress as the Emperor rose to leave. This would not do. He could not afford to alienate his ruler. “Wait,” he called, nearly frantic. Kivar turned, iced amethyst eyes watching him impatiently.


“Mayhap…Mayhap we could strike a different bargain?” he suggested desperately.

He raised an eyebrow at the plea. “Very well,” he offered, “What do you have in mind?”

Thane thought quickly. “Wha-what if you took my second daughter instead.”

The intrigue in the purple eyes faded. “Is that it? From what I’ve seen, you’re other daughter is not worth my time.”

He gritted his teeth at the insult, but knew he couldn’t afford to offend the Emperor. “I’ll add a hundred Gems to sweeten the deal.”

Kivar appeared to contemplate the addition. He looked to be on the verge of saying ‘no’, but he couldn’t fool Thane. The governor knew that the horses were going to be needed. There was no way Kivar wouldn’t accept the gift of one hundred Gems, if he did, it would end up doing more harm than good.

“Very well. I’ll expect the horses along with the girl in two weeks. Good-day governor, it was a pleasure doing business with you.” He gave a fake smile and swept out the door, leaving behind a very stressed Thane.

“What have I done?” he asked himself wearily, picturing his small daughter in the arms of a man like that. He rose from his seat, a man with an unwanted burden, and prepared himself for carrying out the distasteful task.

He would have to tell his beloved child of her fate.

Kivar descended out to the gates of the palace in a foul mood. Today was the day that chit came from Zion. Imagine the nerve of that governor to even THINK a substitute would take the place of his dark-haired desire. Like he would even touch the dirty-haired sister! Although, the horses would serve him well. That, at least, was something.

He vaguely heard the guardians announcing his presence to the caravan from Zion, but the one thing that brought him from the dark depression was the sound of a low musical inquiry. He looked up, and stood stock still, hoping beyond hope that the sight before him was not a hallucination. Turns out it wasn’t.

The tiny brunette before him was very, very real. He wondered if the betrothal had fallen through or if Thane had just changed his mind. But it didn’t matter, he had his beauty, and that was what counted.

She curtseyed deeply, cleared her throat, and looked him straight in the eye. He found himself enveloped in the darkness. “Your Imperial Majesty,” she began, the speech obviously rehearsed, “My father, the Governor of Zion, Thane, has asked me to convey his deepest apologies that my sister, Serena, was unable to comply with his Majesty’s request. He asks instead that you be kind enough to accept the gift of myself, his youngest daughter, and the one hundred Gem horses agreed upon previously. My father humbly begs forgiveness and, in no way, wishes to displease his ruler. Thank you.” She curtseyed again.

He smiled, finding her completely enchanting, and stepped forward. “My dear, I am happy to accept your father’s offer, and I would like to welcome you to your new home.” He extended his arm, reveling in the warmth she gave off as she took it, and proceeded to lead her into the palace.

“I don’t believe you’ve told me your name, little one?” he said gently. He looked at her sideways, watching as a blush overtook smooth cheeks.

“I am called Kalila, your Highness.”


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History Lesson: The Five Planet Alliance consists of the five inhabited planets in the Whirlwind Galaxy. Dagon is headed by Larak, Vaina by Sero, Claren by Hannar, Gorganin by Kathana, and Antar by King Tynan, to be succeeded by Crown Prince Zan. Antar is split into two portions; that of rich, fertile lands, and that of desert land. The desert portion is known as Paerhna, and is ruled over by Emperor Kivar (but Kivar is subject to Tynan). In Paerhna, there are eight governors, one for each of the divided provinces (to make sure Kivar doesn't have total power, but, there's a catch...). The Paerhnians are fed up with the Antarians, they want the good land, and stable environment, and they certainly do not want to put up with the overbearing Tynan as head of the planet.

The Emperor Kivar of Paerhna was on his usual rounds of the palace grounds, all the while plotting an attack on the neighboring kingdom of Antar. Paerhna was a desert kingdom, and the resources were all going into military and defense. Antar was rich, in resources as well as wealth, and Kivar wanted it.

He also had a fierce desire for the Princess Vilandra, but that was easily sated. However, at the thought of the beautiful blond warrior princess, also came thought of his wives. he decided to take a break at his royal harem before continuing on to the city.

He entered quietly, watching as each of his most treasured possessions went about their daily activities. He had eight wives, every one the most alluring in their respective provinces. They had been given as gifts to their Emperor by each province's governor in return for protection once the wars started, as they most certainly would.

One was bathing, water dripping down luscious curves, two were primping in front of gilded mirrors, two more were pampering each other, doing hair and nails, another was dancing, while the seventh clapped delightedly and selected more fruit from the dish beside her. He looked around for his eighth and most-beloved wife.

She was sitting on a windowsill, watching the last of the suns set. The colors caressing her face, making her glow. he sighed, loving to watch her. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted Vilandra, and that was saying something.

But he had never touched her.

Kalila was young, only fourteen when she had first come to stay a year ago. He had fallen in love with her then, but had been afraid to tell her. He didn't want to scare her, so he merely spent as much time as possible in her presence, trying to make her comfortable with the idea of being married to him. He took her on long walks, asked her opinions on certain matters, and held intelligent, philosophical discussions with her. She was so serious and intense, and yet carefree and innocent at the same time. It was a stunning combination. She was the one person he valued more than himself. When he became King, she would rule beside him as Queen...

His daydreams were interrupted by excited whispers. Six of his wives gathered around him, chattering on and on about how he never came to visit anymore. The one bathing, Ria, gave him a sultry smile and wink as she stepped from the gigantic tub. She was another one he didn't touch, she was too feisty. He liked to be in control, and she didn't allow for it.

Kalila turned from the window and gave him a small smile, but it was obvious her mind was elsewhere. He felt a flash of jealousy for whatever had her attention, and gently disengaged himself from the clinging women to make his way toward her. He heard disgruntled mutterings from the background, but pushed them aside.

"What is so fascinating, little one?" he asked softly.

"The world," she replied, her voice equally as soft. "There is so much to be seen, and I have only been here in Paerhna. There are other kingdoms, other planets...There is a whole universe to explore, and I can do nothing about it." Her big brown eyes were filled with sadness. Something he had never wanted her to feel.

"We have been invited to a Summit in Antar. It is not much more than here, but it is the most I can do at this time. Would you like to come?"

It would be good for her to see more of the planet she would one day rule. She could not see all of the universe, he couldn't bear it if she were too far from him, but perhaps this trip would placate her.

"Yes!" she exclaimed, then, remembering decorum, lowered her voice, "Yes, I would like that very much." She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. Then, blushing, she slid away and hurried to help Ria dress. He stared after her, a dreamy smile playing about his lips.

He had Kalila, and soon he would have all of Antar.


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She was in love. There was no doubt about it, she was lost the moment she set eyes upon it.

Antar. She had heard tales about it, mostly those of embittered traders, but nothing had prepared her for the real thing. The land was lush and fertile, and so green, she had never seen so much green...

She gave a small sigh of delight, which seem to capture his Imperial Highnesses' attention.

"It is beautiful, is it not?" She blushed at Kivar's question.

"I have never seen such beauty," she breathed, but then, afraid of offending him she added, "But Paerhna is still lovely, and it is-" She broke off at his chuckle.

"Do not worry of offending little one, I know Paerhna does not compare, but Antar is not the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." He was staring at her intently, and she again flushed. She did not understand his kindness toward her. His other wives were so much more gorgeous, especially Ria, but he never seemed to spend as much time with them. It was actually putting her in the bad graces of the other women...

Ria always laughed at that. She was Kalila's only friend in the harem. The bright, vivacious eighteen-year-old, with her flashing green eyes and long blond hair, Kalila had yet to figure out why she would chose to adopt a small, unwordly fifteen year old, but she wasn't complaining. Ria had told her stories every night when she first came, dispelling the homesickness for her small province of Zion, and still she stood up for her. Ria was the fire, and Kalila was the heart, and together they were an unbeatable team. Ria said the other wives were jealous, perhaps that's why they had started to shun them...

"Take the Gem Horses for instance," Kivar pointed out. She brought her full attention back to her Emperor, ashamed that she had let her mind wander while he was talking.

"Yes," she agreed hastily, "They are very beautiful." She glanced down at her own Gem, Ember. The mare's hide rippled gold to a deep, brick red with each step, like a flame flickering...

The Gem Horses were Paerhna's only real claim to fame. The horses were a rarity among the five planets. They could be found only in the Midlands of Paerhna, their colors reflecting each possible shade of the rainbow, ranging from red to black in the most glorifying arrangements. To see them from a distance was to see a veritable treasure chest of jewels, thereby receiving their name... The horses were wanted everywhere that was inhabited, but were only granted to a select few.

Ria pulled her own Esmeralda next to Kalila, "You wish to see beauty? Look before you." She pulled up, gasping in awe at the sight of the city before her, and did not notice Ria and Kivar exchange glances over her dark brown head. Ria's amused, Kivar's worried.

A large palace loomed over the surrounding area, giving off an air of protection and divine inspiration. The city itself was bustling with activity, people calling out greetings, haggling over prices...She glanced to and fro in wonderment, she had never seen so many people! Ria laughed at her and Kalila looked at her sheepishly.

"What?" she asked defensively.

"Nothing, little one," Ria responded, using Kalila's nickname, "I just cannot wait to see your reaction to the inside of the palace. But do not worry, I will help you pick your eyes and jaw off the polished marble floor." Kalila glared at her friend and then started to giggle.

"Shush, we're here!" one of the others hissed. Kalila quieted immediately, suitably chastised, but Ria kept on giggling and stuck her tongue out at the wife.

"Emperor Kivar! We are so pleased to welcome you to the capital!" The voice was seductive, designed to melt hearts. Kalila peered curiously at the owner.

A woman, no more than twenty, with dark blond hair, twinkling brown eyes, and a perfect smile. "The Princess Vilandra," Ria informed her as Kivar dismounted and kissed the lady's hand, exchanging pleasantries. "They're having an affair."

Kalila looked up at Ria, startled, and then looked back to the two lovers. Vilandra was beautiful, Kivar was naturally attracted to such, and he himself was quite handsome. His hair a bleached blond from the sun, eyes a vivid violet, an Emperor...Yes, they were a perfect pair.

She sighed longingly, wanting someone to love.

"Come, let the footmen take your horses, rooms have been arranged for your use, I will escort you myself." The Princess hooked her arm into Kivar's and began leading him away. The harem followed dutifully.

Kalila was a trifle dismayed at herself, her jaw did drop at the sheer loveliness of this paradise, and Ria, of course, laughed at her.

"Hurry, little one," she urged, "We must prepare for dinner."

"I am hurrying," Kalila argued, pulling on the dark red outfit. She moved to help Ria fasten her sheer green veil, and then Ria returned the favor.

As she snapped the last gold clip into the masses of silky hair, Ria pointed out lightly, "The Prince is to be at the dinner, I've heard tell he's the most handsome man in all the known universe. Comparable even to the god Eros himself!"

"Ria!" Kalila gasped, scandalized, "That's sacrilegious! Besides, no man can be that beautiful."

"We'll see, little one, we'll see."


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Small note: the table is round, so everyone can look into each other's eyes. I think I got that from the Camelot myths, but whatever, no infringement and all that...King Tynan is at what could be considered the "head" of the table, Zan is to his right, Ariann to the left. Vilandra after Ari, Kivar after Lonnie, followed by Kalila, Ria, 1st wife, 2nd wife, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, all the way to Rath, who is next to Zan.

The Crown Prince Zan of Antar followed his father and mother to the dining hall. His best friend and second in command, Rath, walking beside him. His sister was already with their guests.

Guests. He felt like laughing. The Paerhnians were neither guests nor friends, but had to be treated as such. His father had explained the matter in detail.

This Summit was to end in an agreement between Kivar and Tynan to stop the raiding on the border. Kivar would have to keep better tabs on his people, or a war would break out, and war was something that could not be afforded.

"Oh!" The small group came to an abrupt halt in front of the entrance to the hall.

"What is the matter Mother?" The High Queen Ariann turned to her son and his friend.

"Yes, Ariann," the king said impatiently, "What is it?"

"Hush, Tynan, this is a matter of etiquette. Boys, the Emperor has brought with him an entourage, including his wives. Now I realize that the concept of multiple marriages is intriguing as well as..." she paused, searching for the right word, "...odd, but it happens. Each of the eight women will be joining us for dinner. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT look any one of them in the eye. You will be given the girl as a gift. As tempting as it sounds, and as beautiful as the girls may be... Don't do it! UNDERSTAND?"

"Yes, Mother." "Yes, Majesty." The young men responded in unison.

She nodded in satisfaction and gestured for the herald to announce them. The room before them fell silent as they entered, and presented to his eyes was the enemy of his people.


Zan inclined his head slightly in acknowledgement to the bow. He sat in his designated seat next to his father and Rath, and studied the man across from him closely.

Kivar was fairly tall, white-blond hair, and piercing purple eyes. He seemed to be always smiling, but it never reached his eyes. The man gave off an air of easiness, cloaking a devious mind.

He would have to be watched.

His eyes swept over the table, not meeting the gaze of the women, except his sister's, but she was not paying attention to him. All of it, in fact, was focused on the spider beside her. He frowned, not liking the implications. He did not wish to distrust Vilandra. She was his confidant. He told her things he couldn't even tell Rath, he didn't want that camaraderie to disappear into a tangled web of lies...

The table count registered. Two people, two wives, were missing. And by the quick glances and small frown on Kivar's face, this worried him. But the expression cleared instantly into a soft smile, a real smile, as girlish giggles were heard from the halls.

He relaxed immediately as soon as he heard her sweet laughter, his worry at her disappearance was starting to show through, and weakness in front of an enemy wasn't condoned.

The door opened quietly, and in sauntered the unrepentant Ria and a meek Kalila. He drew in a breath sharply at the sight of his beloved, and consciously willed himself back under control. He could not betray himself now.

But she was so lovely. The silk outfit clung to curves, and the gauzy red floated dreamily about her, making her skin glow. The gold jewelry chimed softly as she moved, emphasizing her grace...

"Where have you been?" he demanded, directing his attention on the green-clad Ria. Kalila must have read his displeasure, because she stepped forward quickly.

"It was my fault, your Highness," she stated in that breathy, earnest voice of her, "I was overwhelmed by everything, and took longer than necessary to dress. Ria stayed behind to help me, she isn't to blame. Honest."

He couldn't help but give in, and he felt his face soften. "See that it does not happen again." He rose, holding out the chair for her, which she sat in gratefully, eyes downcast. Ria just plopped down and winked at him, her sassiness never quenched. He re-seated himself, only to look up in alarm at Kalila's gasp.

She had been amazed by the sheer beauty and power in Antar so far, staring wide-eyed at nearly everything, but he had never heard such an awed sound come from her. And, as he found out the reason, he wished he never had.

Kalila was staring straight at Zan, and he was staring right back.


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By Eros! she thought, No man can be that beautiful! But he was. She had no idea who he was, but she knew he was the most handsome man in the universe.

She could see well-defined muscles hidden beneath a loose shirt, strong shoulders, thick black hair, straight nose, sensual lips, and soulful golden-brown eyes. Oh Eros, those eyes...

Kalila quickly realized her blunder. She was looking into a man’s eyes. A man who was definitely not Kivar. She trained her eyes on the golden plateware in front of her, praying no one had seen her staring.

But how could they not? It was so blatantly obvious, and someone had seen. Kivar’s next words recognized all her fears.

“Do you find my wife very fascinating, Commander Rath?” She looked at her husband fearfully, and then realized he was not addressing her god, but the spiky-haired man next to him. She had not noticed him before.

“Well…Well…” The man called Rath stuttered, “She’s um, she’s very…lovely.” He finished lamely. Kalila couldn’t help a small smile as he turned red.

“Lovely,” Ria whispered in her ear, sounding a bit offended, “I’m more than lovely. You think he’d at least use spectacularly beautiful, but he obviously doesn’t have that extensive of a vocabulary.”

“Ria,” Kalila scolded softly, glancing around to make sure no one had heard. They hadn’t. Everyone was focused on the conversation between Ria’s admirer and Kivar, except…

He was looking at her!

Kalila felt her heart speed up, and her body started to heat up…She wanted to drown in those eyes…

But she couldn’t. She would not shame Kivar, no matter how much she wanted to be with Zan. That had to be who he was, the Crown Prince of Antar, if the other man was the second-in-command…And he fit Ria’s description perfectly…No! Kivar had been kind to her, he deserved her loyalty, so…She averted her eyes.

“Please accept her as a gift.”

“Oh. Oh no, I couldn’t possibly deprive you of-“

“Nonsense,” Kivar waved away his protests, “She will be replaced as soon as we return to Paerhna.” He glanced at her, his purple eyes apologizing softly for the loss of her best friend.

“The Commander would be pleased to accept your offer, Kivar.” The queen’s tone held gracious acceptance, warmth toward her guest, a welcoming to Ria, and a warning directed at Rath.

“Yes, um, delighted,” he agreed, a bit reluctantly, but catching the queen’s reason for accepting. Kalila caught it, too. Ariann wished to avoid any confrontations that could lead to more serious problems at a later date. She was a true queen, so she accepted the unwanted offer for the reckless second.

“Ria, take your place beside your husband. We will perform the bonding ceremony after dinner.”

“Yes, Highness,” Ria, in an un-Ria-like manner, meekly replied.

Kalila stared at her friend in confusion. Ria squeezed her hand gently, looking at her in sympathy, and glided over to her new seat. Her eyes followed, she was at a loss.

Shifting slightly away from the other wife as she sat down, she felt a hand on hers. Kalila turned her head in surprise. Kivar was looking at her again, eyes silently begging her forgiveness.

She moved her hand from under his and went back to studying her plate, furious with his decision. She had lost her only friend. Now who was she to tell her secrets to? The other wives? She couldn’t, they detested her. Kalila felt tears well up and she met Ria’s gaze in helpless rage…

He couldn't stop watching at her. Try as he might, he just could not take his eyes off of her.

It didn't help that she was also sneaking glances at him. He felt caught in the dark depths of her eyes, freeing himself only when she looked away or Rath elbowed him.

He could hardly believe Kivar was taking no notice, when even someone who was definitely not the sharpest wit in the world did. It was unbelievable really.

He looked up again, meeting her stare for stare, but she diverted her eyes once more. He felt another sharp jab to his stomach, and decided it might be in his best interest, health wise, not to direct his eyes towards her.

Although, that might be exceedingly difficult, he thought, catching himself before his gaze landed on her yet again.

In fact, it might be well nigh impossible.

The ceremony was short, but she could feel his eyes on her the whole time. The intensity burning through her. She couldn't help it, she looked over at him. Zan’s golden-brown eyes widened, and he glanced away quickly, following his family to their quarters.

She shivered with the new sensations he had bestowed upon her. She didn’t know what was happening to her, but all her thoughts were of him as she flung herself onto her bed with a dreamy sigh. She didn’t even see Kivar speaking with the head wife, and glancing toward her every so often.

Turning over on her side, she opened her mouth to tell Ria of the feelings she was experiencing, of the fire running through her blood, threatening to melt her. Then she realized Ria was no longer in the harem.

She was all alone.


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She followed him obediently, being the perfect wife. Or, at least pretending to be.

A smirk crossed raspberry lips as she sized him up. He was tall, muscles in all the right places, and his ass…

She was determined to have fun tonight. She hadn’t been with a man in two years! Kivar hadn’t appreciated it when she turned into a nympho. The man was too much of a control freak to attempt something new.

But thinking of Kivar brought her thoughts round to Kalila. The poor girl. Ria hoped she’d stay strong with only those annoying old hens as company. Maybe the new girl would take pity on the shy little one. Maybe the new girl would also take Kivar’s attention away.

She frowned, Kivar had ignored the goings-ons between Kalila and the Prince, focusing instead on her. That, of course, could be expected. Kivar wasn’t fond of her, and he absolutely adored Kalila… But to ignore tradition…

It could only mean one thing. Kivar was going to step up his courtship of her young charge.

The frown turned into a grimace at this. Kalila was only fifteen. She had left her province before she had a chance to discover the wonders of the male species. She had spent the past year in the harem, away from any males, except for Kivar’s occasional visit. She had no idea how to please a man. She was too innocent to understand what would happen.

Thoughts of Kalila came to a screeching halt as her new husband opened a door. He wasn’t looking at her, so she slowly stepped past him and into a large sitting room. She peered around, observing two more doors. One leading to a bathing room, and the other to a bedroom.

She headed to the bedroom.

Ria observed with pleasure a huge bed. A naughty grin crossed her face. It had better have a firm mattress. She erased the grin at the sound of him clearing his throat. Turning, she kept her gaze to the floor in a coy manner.

“Um…” he gulped, and started turning red. “Y…you can have the bed.” She nodded and sat down on the fluffy comforter. “I’m going to sleep on the couch.”

That wouldn’t do. Oh no, not at all. She wasn’t going to put up with NOT having his full lips on hers, or his big hands all over her body. Denying herself that would be too cruel. She needed a way to make him come to bed. Thinking quickly, she formulated a plan.

“But, my lord, the couch looked so uncomfortable. Wouldn’t you rather sleep in your bed?”

"Oh, um...But you're in it." Ria wanted to scream. Did the guy not get the point?!

"That would be the point, my lord. It's our wedding night. There are certain...things, a man should expect on his wedding night. No?"

"Oh." He turned even redder, and just sort of stared at her, speechless. She felt like smiling. He was just so cute! "But I hardly know you!" he burst out, "How can you want to do...I mean, with someone you don't...With me?"

Ria bit her bottom lip and fiddled with a catch of thread on the comforter. She looked up at him shyly from beneath lowered lashes.

"My lord, I am your wife. My main duty is to please you." She forced some tears. "If...If you do not want me. If I am not desirable to you, please tell me, and I will bother you no longer." She bowed her head and let the tears drip down her cheeks.

"No! It's not that," he said, coming closer to her. She held back a smirk. Guys just couldn't stand to see women cry.

"Than what?" She lifted her tear-streaked face to his unhappy one. He sighed and sat down next to her on the bed, placing a comforting arm around her shoulders. She leaned into him, resting her head on his shoulder, then she tilted her chin upwards.

"It'd be weird."

"Oh," she breathed quietly, the air expelled flitting across his cheek. He looked down at her in surprise, lips millimeters from her own, further implementing her plan.

"Yeah, so I'm just gonna go..." He trailed off, still staring at down at her, not moving.

"Will you kiss me goodnight?" she ventured. He nodded slightly, and brushed his lips against hers. The kiss was meant to be brief, but she wouldn't release him.

She kept the kiss going, and just when she was starting to give up, he began to reciprocate. Finally! she thought, smiling slightly against his lips. She deepened it, her tongue crashing against his, she pulled his into her mouth, and then began to pull away. He gave a slight groan of protest, and she knew she had him.

The attack came unexpectedly. One minute he was sitting, lip-locked with the golden-haired seductress, and the next thing he knew...

He was lying flat on his back, with her hovering over him. Her kisses came harder, became demanding. He no longer had any doubts about taking her and making her his own. The one thing he'd been wanting to do since he laid eyes on her.

He hadn't meant to do it. The queen's orders were strict, and he meant to follow them, he really did, but her fire-filled green eyes were something he couldn't resist. Then suddenly, BOOM, he was married.

And the green-eyed spitfire was straddling him, hands frantically ripping off his clothing. Of course, his hands were equally busy.

Her alabaster skin was soft underneath his fingertips, her soft moans were music to his ears, and he pulled her head down for a kiss. Apparently, she didn't agree with that.

She tore her lips from his, giving a low growl, as if to scold him, and trailed open-mouthed kisses down his neck. Her puffy lips and hot tongue made their way down his chest, over his abs, and down...

His hips bucked upward suddenly, against his will, and a laugh was her response. He took one look at her cocky smile, and realized that she'd planned this. Planned on making him lose control! The little...He'd show her who was boss...

Pleasure flared up, and the thought disissipated. She had taken him in her without his knowledge! He groaned loudly at the feel of her silken walls tightening around him as she began to ride him. He watched her, straddled over him, pale skin a rosy pink color, eyes shut tightly in ecstasy, and then his eyes rolled back as more pleasure coursed through his body.

His hands cupped her breasts, marveling at the feel, and moved down to grasp her hips, pumping her faster. And then he realized what was happening.

He'd been with a lot of women, including Vilandra, who was definitely a tough act to follow, but none of them had made him feel this way. He was beginning to feel complete, in a way he'd never known before. The girl was taking him over.

Rath growled, and twisted her beneath him, pounding into her harder, increasing their pace. No woman got the better of him, not even this one. He felt her clamp down on him, and he released into her, repeating her name over and over against her neck as she screamed his name.

She buried her nose into his neck, and he could feel her smile. "Wow," she murmured.

"Yeah," he agreed. He reached down and pulled the covers up over their sweat-soaked bodies. He spooned her sleeping form against his, and started to nod off himself, one thought reverberating...

He liked being married.


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