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Author’s Note: All previous parts are reposted on the repost board. If you need to read any you can find them there. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get this next part out, but I was away on vacation as some of you may recall, and then this whole thing with changing the boards, and school starting, I haven’t had much time to write. I still really don’t. I’m supposed to be doing a paper right now, but I’m doing this instead…oh well. I’ll do the paper after. I hope you all enjoy this, and thank you for your patience with the long wait. Jenn *tongue*

Fic Cover by Lolita Bherbuns

Part 36:

Liz sat down next to Maria and gave her hand a gentle squeeze. Maria smiled at her best friend and pulled her close for a hug. The two of them had been through so much together and they were more like sisters then friends. Maria didn’t know what she would do without this petite woman sitting next to her.
“How are you holding up sweetie?” Liz asked her.
“I’m fine. I feel great, but Michael is restricting me from everything. He is afraid I am going to break, which is understandable since I almost died a couple of days ago but let me just tell you this, if he thinks I’m going to just sit inside this apartment for the next eight months he’s got another thing coming to him,” Maria confided in her best friend.
Isabel laughed having heard Maria’s answer from her seat across from them. “So he’s already driving you nuts huh?”
“Oh yeah beyond nuts. I have a doctor’s appointment in a few days so I’m hoping that once the doctor says it’s ok for me to be out he won’t be on this you aren’t allowed to go anywhere kick. I’m pregnant, I’m not in invalid,” she said.
“Give him some time sweetie. He almost just lost you and that’s a tough thing to get past. He’ll loosen up I know he will. The two of you will be back to your normal selves in no time,” Liz told her.
“Yeah that’s right. He’ll be driving you nuts in other ways,” Isabel said wiggling her eyebrows.
Maria just blushed and laughed along with her friends. This is definitely what she needed. Her two best friends helping to cheer her up and bring her back to life. She was going to miss Isabel terribly when she and Alex returned home, but she’d still have Liz. But what was she going to do when Liz went to visit Max in a month? She’d be alone once again. Maybe she’d ask her mom to come back for those two weeks to keep her company.
“Get out of my kitchen. You naughty boys, you know you aren’t allowed to have a taste until it’s all finished, and no you can’t know what kind of pie I baked, now scoot!” Amy yelled from the kitchen causing the girls to erupt with laughter.
The three men came out shamed faced with blushes painting their cheeks. It was the cutest thing they all had ever seen, their loves being reprimanded and blushing.
Michael bent down in front of Maria to see how she was doing. He smiled up at her and once she told him she was just fine he sat on the floor and rested his head on her leg. She absentmindedly stroked her fingers through his hair causing the others to sigh.
“All right boys and girls, dinner’s done,” Amy called from the kitchen.
The boys jumped up and started to run for the table but caught themselves and walked back to their women and helped them up. Michael was about to carry Maria to the table but she was having none of that.
“Michael Guerin! I can walk for crying out loud, I’m not crippled, I’m pregnant!” she yelled.
“I know I was just trying to…” Michael began.
“Just trying to what? Be helpful? Well then just help me stand up and hold my hand to the table, I don’t need to be carried,” she told him.
“Ok, ok, I get it. I’m sorry,” he said holding on to her hand and walking over to the table. “It’s just that the picture of you lying there helpless is still so fresh in my mind and I can’t get it out, I’m sorry.”
“No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled it’s just that I feel suffocated, and it’s not your fault. You can’t help the way you feel, and I do find it endearing it’s just you have to take a little tiny step back and let me breathe,” she told him.
“I’ll try, I promise,” he vowed to her.
“That’s all I’m asking,” she said giving him a kiss as he held out her chair for her.
Amy brought out he lasagna and placed it on the table. She went back into the kitchen and came back moments later with some garlic bread and salad. The guys waited for her to sit down before even attempting to go near the food. They didn’t want to be yelled at again.
“Michael why don’t you give out the pieces, it is your home and all,” Amy told him.
“Are you sure? I mean you cooked it, I don’t mind if you want to serve it,” he told her.
“No, you go right ahead. I don’t mind,” she told him.
“Well all right then,” he said grabbing the knife and cutting the lasagna into pieces. Everyone passed the plates down and around the table. Maria was the first to get a piece and then Amy sitting next to her daughter, then Isabel, Alex, Max, Liz and then himself. Once everyone had a piece they all dug in and ate up.
Liz took one bite and was blown away. She had never eaten Amy’s food before since she didn’t grow up with the rest of them so she didn’t know what she was in for but she was more then amazed at how wonderful it tasted. It was so good in fact that she had two heaping plate-fulls.
Both Maria and Michael looked at her when she got up for some more. “What?” Liz asked.
“Nothing I guess, but you never eat this much,” Maria pointed out.
“I can’t help it, the food is just so good! I love it, and well, I’m really hungry too,” she said.
“I wonder why that is?” Alex said with a teasing voice and a wiggle of his eyebrow.
Liz blushed and Isabel slapped him in the arm. “Alex, don’t tease,” she told him.
“I have no problems with you wanting more, eat as much as you like sweetie, just save some room for desert,” Amy said.
“I will,” Liz promised her.
When everyone was done Liz and Isabel cleared up the table and did the dishes. Isabel dried while Liz washed and they were finished in no time. The two of them joined the others as soon as they were finished. Liz went to sit next to Max but he grabbed her hand and pulled her onto his lap. She giggled and landed with a slight thud.
They watched a movie letting their food digest a little bit to make room for desert. After the movie was over Amy went back into the kitchen to warm up the pie. When it was done she called everyone back to the table and handed out the plates.
“Oh wow! Men in Blackberry pie!” Alex exclaimed.
“Huh?” Liz asked.
“It’s blackberry pie. Amy’s most famous desert, she always made it at the Crashdown, but there it was called Men in Blackberry pie since it was an alien themed restaurant,” Max explained.
“Oh I get it,” Liz said taking a bite of the pie. “Oh my goodness, this is just sinful,” she said.
Amy laughed, “Thank you.”
“Mmmhmm,” was all Liz replied taking another bite.
After desert the guys cleaned up while the girls discussed a time for the baby shower and they agreed on two months hence. That way Liz was back from New Mexico and everyone had plenty of time to take off from work.
They all stayed a little while longer and then headed home. Alex and Isabel were leaving in the morning so they said good-bye to everyone and Max was leaving in two days. He needed to get back to work so he could finish his duties and get to Arizona that much sooner. Both he and Liz were upset about his leaving but there was nothing they could do, and Liz would be out in a month.

The next two days flew by for Max and Liz and before they knew it it was time for Max to go. Liz, Michael, and Maria were waiting at the gate to say good-bye. His plane was due to board in about ten minutes so they had a little bit of time left. Liz was holding on to him at the waist while his arms were around her shoulders holding her close. She was trying to hold back the tears but it was impossibly hard. Good-byes were never easy for her but to be saying good-bye to her heart was almost impossible.
Max had tears in his eyes too but he was desperately trying to hold them back, to be strong for Liz, but he was failing and a few stray drops fell from his eyes. It pained both Maria and Michael to see their friends like this but it would all be over soon. Hopefully in three months Max would be able to finish his studies and move to Arizona and they could be happy. Max confessed to Michael that he was really worried about leaving Liz here with Kyle still walking around, but he was sure the psycho wouldn’t do anything to Liz, it was him he was after, but he made Michael promise to watch out for Liz just in case. Michael of course promised he’d do everything in his power to help out.
The boarding call broke everyone from their thoughts and it was a sullen group who said good-bye. Maria walked up to Max and gave him a hug telling him to take care of himself. He promised that he would and he told her to take care of herself and that precious baby. She told him that she would and that both Michael and Liz would be there to make sure she does. He laughed at her world and gave her a sisterly kiss on the cheek.
Next Michael walked up to his best friend. They hugged not caring if they didn’t look manly. They were pretty much brothers so screw everyone else. That was their motto.
“Remember what you promised me,” Max whispered to Michael.
“I won’t forget. Take care of yourself,” Michael said.
“I will,” Max replied turning to Liz.
She had tears streaming down her face. She couldn’t explain why this was so hard on her, it wasn’t like they had never said good-bye before, but she just couldn’t stop the tears.
Max pulled her close to him wrapping his arms around her waist. She in turn clung to him wrapping her arms around his neck. They looked every part the lovers saying good-bye to one another and some of the other passengers had tears in their eyes just watching them.
Max leaned down and kissed her lips. The kiss started out gentle but ended up very passionate. Neither cared what kind of display they were putting on they were going to miss one another for the whole month they were to be apart and this was the last kiss either was going to give the other until that time. They both wanted to make sure it counted.
“I love you,” Max told her.
“I love you too,” Liz replied.
She gave him one last kiss and then walked out of his embrace. If she didn’t she knew she would never be able to. He understood this and smiled at her before picking up his carryon bag and heading towards the gate. Michael, Maria, and Liz hung around until his plane left the gate and was no longer in sight. Then they all piled in the SUV and headed back home.


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Author's Note: I know I said that when I was done with the next part of Things Change, which I did, (it was on page 3 last time I saw it!) I was going to post Fighting For Our Lives, but I was sitting at school and the only story I could remember where I felt of at was this one, so you get a new part to this! If anyone needs the previous parts let me know and I'll email you a copy! Thanks! Jenn *tongue*

Part 37:

Liz walked around her apartment feeling lost and
alone. It’s only been two weeks since Max left but it
feels like and eternity. It’s amazing and yet scary
at the same time how much of a factor Max is in her
life, and yet, she wouldn’t want it any other way.
Something on the couch caught her eye and she walked
over to investigate it.
Sitting on the back of the couch was a gray
sweatshirt. Liz picked it up and looked at it. UNM
was written in bold letters across the front and Liz’s
eyes filled with tears. This was one of Max’s
sweatshirts. He must have forgotten it was on the
back of the couch when he started packing to go home.
Liz brought the garment up to her nose and inhaled. A
faint smile crossed her lips as she breathed in Max’s
sent. It wasn’t anything that could be described; it
was just so Max. Clean, and masculine, with a faint
hint of fabric softener.
Liz missed Max’s smell. Hell she missed everything
about him. Yes, they have talked everyday since he’s
been back in New Mexico, but it wasn’t the same. She
missed his touches, and his kisses. She just missed
having him in the same room as her and being able to
see him in the mornings.
Her rumbling stomach broke her out of her funk
temporally. She hadn’t realized how hungry she truly
was until this moment. She hadn’t been eating very
well lately and she blamed it on her being sad and
lonely. She walked to the kitchen and looked through
the fridge. She had some cold spaghetti sauce in
there, which she could heat up and some pasta in the
cabinet so she set about getting dinner started. She
needed to cheer herself up because Max was calling in
about a half-hour. He always called her on Sunday to
give her his schedule for the week so they could work
out a calling schedule. Most times they didn’t stay
on the phone for too long because Max was beyond tired
but they tried.
Max had been taking as many hours as he possibly
could without killing himself. He needed to make sure
he stayed up on his class work but he just wanted to
finish and get back to Liz. She had taken up too much
of his heart that he could hardly believe it. She was
his life and as soon as they could be together he was
going to make sure she knew that.
He was never one to splurge on things when he was
younger. He never really went on any crazy vacations
like Maria and Michael did, and he didn’t really have
a girlfriend to spend loads of money on like Alex did
for Isabel so he saved all his money. Yes, sometimes
he would splurge and go on vacations with Alex,
Isabel, Michael, Maria, and Tess, but that was very
rare. He had enough money to get a bigger apartment
when he moved to Arizona, with enough left over to buy
Liz a really beautiful ring. He wasn’t expecting them
to get married right away; hell they’ve only known one
another for a few months, but he just wanted Liz to
know that he always wanted her in his life.
Max made his way to the break room so he could call
Liz. He’s been working most of the day and this was
his dinner break. Things in the ER had finally slowed
down enough for him to get away. He was just grateful
that it was perfectly on schedule. He didn’t want Liz
to think he wasn’t calling. It’s happened once or
twice when the ER got so crazy he couldn’t give her a
call for hours and hours, and she got worried and
upset. He couldn’t figure it out though. She knows
that even when things get crazy he calls, granted a
little late but he calls. Lately she’s been getting
upset over little things and it was starting to scare
him. He knew she was depressed, Maria and Michael
have both told him, and he’s confided in them that
he’s depressed too, but trying hard to get through
these next couple of months so that he can make it to
Arizona that much sooner. He missed Liz like crazy
but all the ridiculous hours that he’s been working
have all been for her. So that they could be together
that much sooner.
Liz was putting her dish into the sink when her phone
rang startling her. She almost dropped the plate into
the sink but managed to catch it at the last second.
Once she placed it in the sink she practically ran
over to the phone.
“Hello?” she answered on the second ring.
“Hey beautiful,” Max replied.
“Max!” Liz exclaimed happily.
“Well, yeah, who did you think it was? You knew that
I was going to be calling you at this time,” he
“Yeah I know, but I wasn’t sure if things had gotten
all crazy over there. I mean it is Friday night and a
full moon to boot. You know all the crazies are out
making the hospitals that much more busy,” she told
“Yeah I know, we’ve had our share of crazies all day
but my shift will be over before it starts to get too
late. I get out of here at 8:30 tonight, and let me
just tell you I cannot wait,” he told her.
“I can imagine. I miss you so much,” she told him
not being able to keep it in any longer.
“I know, I miss you so much too, but in a few weeks
you’ll be here and we’ll be together,” he assured her.
“I know but a week and a half seems too far. Oh, you
left your UNM sweatshirt here. It was on the back of
the couch,” she told him.
“Really? I was wondering where it went. I’ve been
looking for that, it’s my favorite shirt,” he said.
“Yeah, I’ll bring it to New Mexico with me when I
land there,” she replied.
“That’s fine. God, I can’t wait for you to get
here,” he told her.
“I know, I feel like we’ve been away from one another
for years instead of two weeks,” she said.
“Yeah it has felt like and eternity hasn’t it?” he
“Definitely,” she replied.
“I love you,” he told her.
“I love you too,” she told him back.
“I’ve got to go my dinner shift is almost over and I
need to make sure I eat a little something. Did you
eat today?” he asked knowing her appetite has changed
a bit.
“Yes, I did. I made spaghetti and I ate the whole
thing,” she assured him.
“Good. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I love you,” he
“I love you too. Good night Max,” she told him with
tears in her voice.
“Night Liz,” he replied not really sure what to do.
He hates to her the tears in her voice. It breaks his
heart every time he hears them, and it’s been
happening more and more lately.
Max dials another number while heating up some food
he brought in the microwave.
“Hello?” a male voice answered.
“Hey Michael. Um, is Maria there?” Max asked.
“Yeah hold on a sec. Maria! Max is on the phone,”
he yelled. “So how are you buddy?”
“I’m ok, missing Liz like crazy, but ok,” Max said to
“Yeah, I can imagine, she’s been missing you like
crazy too. Sometimes we’ll all be sitting here and
she’ll just burst into tears for no reason,” Michael
told him.
“That doesn’t surprise me, she sounded like she was
going to cry when we hung up the phone. I really miss
her and it’s killing me that she’s so upset. I can’t
figure out what it is though. I mean it’s not like we
don’t talk or anything so I can’t figure it out,” Max
said frustrated.
“I can’t say I understand what you’re going through
because I don’t, but I’m always here to listen if you
need me to,” Michael told him.
“Thanks man,” Max replied.
“Hey girlfriend,” Maria said into the phone. The
sound of Michael hanging up his extension can be heard
over the phone.
“Hey Maria. I have a huge favor to ask of you,” Max
“Ok shoot,” she told him.
“Could you maybe spend the weekend with Liz. I know
Michael might not like this idea, but I don’t want her
to be alone. I won’t be able to talk to her until
Sunday and I know she is going to be really depressed
tomorrow because of that, and I don’t want her alone.
She needs someone to cheer her up,” he said.
“Yeah, I’ll go over there as soon as we get off the
phone. She’s been really depressed lately and I can’t
wait until she comes to visit you. Hopefully that
will bring her out of her funk,” Maria said.
“Yeah I hope so. Thanks so much Maria. I’ve got to
run my break is over. I’ll talk to you soon,” he
“Not a problem Max. Talk to you soon,” Maria said
packing a bag.
Maria hangs up the phone and finishes throwing stuff
into her bag. She had a feeling that Max was going to
ask her to stay with this the moment Michael told her
that he was on the phone.
“You’re spending the weekend with Liz huh?” Michael
asked from the doorway.
“Yeah,” Maria answered running into the bathroom to
get her toothbrush and face soap.
“I’ll stop by tomorrow with dinner and some movies
and we can all hang out for a bit before I come home
to this cold lonely apartment,” he told her.
“Thanks Michael, that’s really sweet of you,” she
“It’s no thing. You know Liz is like my sister and
it’s killing me that she’s so upset. See if you can
get her to talk and tell you why she’s almost
suicidal,” Michael said.
“I wouldn’t go that far Michael, but I’ll ask her,”
Maria said. “I’ll really worried about her too. This
isn’t like Liz.”
“I know. Now go over there and cheer up your best
friend,” Michael says playfully swatting Maria’s
“Yes sir,” she said laughing.

“I’m coming, I’m coming. Jeez hold your horses,” Liz
said walking to the door.
She opens the door and gasps in surprise when Maria
is standing on the other side. “Maria!” she
“Hey chica, I know you’ve been down and I thought a
girls weekend would do the trick,” Maria said.
“Max called you and asked you to come cheer me up
didn’t he?” Liz asked.
“Well, yeah, but I was thinking about having a girls
weekend anyway, before he called. I know you’ve been
depressed lately and I wanted to try to make you feel
better,” Maria said.
“I know I have and thank you. I love you all so much
for caring. Jeez, I can’t believe I’m making you
stand in the hallway. Come in here before you strain
yourself holding that stuff,” Liz said taking her bag
away from her.
“Please Liz, I only packed a few things, and I’m
pregnant not an invalid,” she said.
“I know. Anyway, I can’t figure out why I’m so
depressed. I mean it’s not like we’ve been separated
before, but for some reason I can’t get out of this
funk,” Liz said.
“Yeah and the not eating hasn’t helped either. Did
you eat dinner tonight?” Maria asked.
“Yeah I had spaghetti. Max asked me that too. You
guys are just too much. So what do you want to do?”
Liz asked.
The girls stayed up all night watching movies and
gossiping. Liz temporally forgot about Max not being
with her and enjoyed her time with Maria. It was nice
having her at the apartment. Being alone these past
two weeks was torture for Liz and having a constant
companion has been great.
It was about 6:30 in the morning and Liz couldn’t
sleep anymore. She’d been dreaming about Max and when
she rolled over and realized he wasn’t there she woke
up instantly. She quietly got out of bed and walked
to the kitchen. She still had the spare bed in the
room and she didn’t want to wake up Maria. Liz poured
a glass of orange juice and took a sip.
The moment she swallowed the juice she felt sick.
She ran for the bathroom and plopped in front of the
toilet. “Well, this is new,” she mumbled to herself
after she finished getting rid of everything in her
Maria knocked on the door hesitantly. “Uh, Liz. Are
you ok?” Maria asked.
“Yeah, I think so. My stomach just isn’t feeling too
well,” Liz told her. “I think I’ll be all right.”
Liz swished her mouth out with water trying to get
rid of that nasty taste and walked out into the living
room. She plopped down on the couch next to Maria.
They started talking about the baby and what Maria
wanted as gifts.
Isabel and Liz were going to get together for a day
while Max worked to put together the baby shower and
they both wanted to know what Maria wanted so they
knew what to get.
Michael stopped by later on that day with food as
promised. Liz’s mouth started to water as soon as she
smelled the food and they all sat down to eat. Liz
ate all her food and the rest of Maria’s when she said
she didn’t want any more. Maria looked at Liz
“I guess my stomach is feeling better,” Liz said.
“Yeah, I guess,” Maria said.
They finished dinner and watched some movies. Liz
made some popcorn and they had a blast. She was
enjoying these moments together. It made her feel
more normal, but in the back of her mind she just kept
thinking how much more perfect this would be if Max
were only there. Michael left at 10:30 saying he’s
see them both on Sunday for lunch. Maria kissed him
as he walked out the door telling him that she loved
him. Liz sighed missing the fact that Max wasn’t able
to call her that night.
The girls went to bed early since they were both
pretty beat and Liz had a restless night. Every time
she closed her eyes she saw Max. Not that this was a
bad thing, but she missed him so much that seeing him
in her dreams hurt because she’d wake up and he
wouldn’t be there.
Liz sobbed into her pillow until she finally drifted
off to sleep. Maria sighed as soon as she knew Liz
was asleep and thought that this next week and a half
better fly. Liz needed to see Max. She needed him to
hold her in his arms and kiss her and tell her
everything was going to work out. That’s what she
These were the thoughts Maria was thinking as she
drifted off to sleep. She slept through the night but
the sound of retching woke her up for the second day
in a row. She jumped out of bed and ran towards the
“Liz sweetie, I’m coming in,” Maria said.
“It’s open,” Liz groaned.
Maria opened the door to see Liz with her head
resting against the side of the toilet looking like
she was about to empty her stomach again.
“Have you gone to the bathroom yet today?” Maria
“No, why?” Liz asked.
“Because you can’t. Not yet anyway. Now lets go to
the store,” Maria said dragging Liz off the floor.
They walked into the drug store and Maria walked
straight to the pregnancy test section. She pulled
two off the shelves and handed them to Liz. Liz
looked at the tests and then to Maria’s face.
“What are we getting these for?” Liz asked her.
“Well, they way you’ve not been eating for most of
the day and then bingeing at night, and the moodiness,
and the retching in the mornings, well I put two and
two together and I think you may be pregnant,” Maria
said. “Now pay for those and let’s get back to the
apartment so you can take them.”
Liz paid for the tests and she and Maria hurried back
to her apartment. Liz ran straight for the bathroom
and read the directions to both tests. She did what
she had to do and then placed them on the toilet top
and walked back to the living room.
She and Maria waited the two minutes and they both
ran to the bathroom. Liz picked up one test and Maria
picked up the other. They both turned to one another
and Maria smiled.
Liz looked panicked. “What does that one say?” she
“It’s a yes, what’s that one say?” she asked.
“It’s a yes too!” she exclaimed crying. “Oh God!
How did this happen! I’m on the pill. I just don’t
get it.”
“Well sometimes these things happen,” Maria said.
“Well I see this. Oh God! How am I going to tell
Max? I can’t just tell him over the phone, but if I
wait until I go out here he’ll be so upset that I
didn’t tell him sooner,” Liz said.
“Then I guess you’ll have to fly out there sooner
then expected. You’ve got two weeks vacation saved up
don’t you?” Maria asked.
“Yeah,” Liz said not following.
“Well, take them both and get yourself a flight out
tomorrow!” Maria exclaimed.
“You’re right. I can do this. Thank you Maria,” Liz
said hugging her best friend.
“No problem sweetie. What are best friends for?” she
“Please don’t tell Michael yet. I don’t want him to
know before Max. As soon as I tell Max, I’ll call you
and you can tell Michael,” Liz said.
“I promise I won’t say a word,” Maria said crossing
her heart.


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Note: This is going out to Shorty828! You keep bumping my fic…which makes me extremely happy…that doesn't happen to often for me…and since you asked for a new part so you could see Max’s reaction…I’m going to give it to you! So sweetie…this parts for you! Thanks for being so supportive…this goes to everyone…it makes me happy and proud that you enjoy reading my work! Jenn *tongue*

Part 38:

The next day had Liz running all over like a chicken with its head cut off. She had so much to get done and not enough time to do it in. Maria, being the saint that she is, was helping Liz get things together. Maria booked Liz’s plane tickets while Liz ran to school to teach her last two classes. The next week was finals and she had already talked to the head of her department. They were going to get a proctor for her classes so she could go and take care of this situation.
She was slightly distracted while teaching today and all her students knew it but they smiled and tried to follow Liz during the lesson.
“Miss Parker? Is everything all right?” Sally one of her students asked.
“Huh? Oh yeah. Sorry I’ve got a lot on my mind. Ok, we need to finish covering all this material because I won’t be here for your exams. I know you should all have this down pat, as no one is failing my class but I just feel guilty for not being here,” Liz said.
“Where are you going Miss Parker?” Dylan asked.
“I have to go to Albuquerque. There is a family situation I need to take care of right away,” was all Liz would tell them.
The rest of the day went smoothly for Liz. She just put everything but her students to the back of her mind and managed to not space out anymore while teaching. After her classes were finished she ran back to her office and grabbed her exams. Each one was in a folder with the day and time of the class on it so the proctor would know which exam to give to each class. She was very nervous about leaving something this important in someone else’s hands, but she really had no choice. She needed to tell Max and she couldn’t wait a moment longer.
On her way home all she kept thinking about was how Max was going to take the news. Would he be surprised, well that’s stupid, of course he’ll be surprised. Will he be happy or upset? Will he feel trapped?
“UGH!” she groaned out in frustration. She really needed to stop thinking all those things or else she was going to go insane.
Liz raced into her apartment and grabbed the suitcase she and Maria packed the night before. They had both decided that Liz should have everything packed so that she could just come home grab her stuff and get to the airport. She double-checked her carryon bag to make sure that she hadn’t forgotten anything while she waited for Michael and Maria to show up.
Twenty minutes later her bell rang and Liz grabbed her bags and walked to the door. Michael took her bags for her and loaded them into the trunk while Liz climbed into the car. She and Maria were talking when he climbed into the driver’s seat.
“So what’s the big rush? Why can’t you wait until next week to see Max?” Michael asked.
“It’s a bit complicated and a very long story. I don’t have the time or the energy to share this with you right now Michael, I’m sorry. I promise that when I come back I’ll tell you everything. Or I’ll let Maria tell you since she knows the whole story, but just not right now. It’s too long,” Liz said sighing.
“All right. I won’t push the subject. I know better. I’ll just wait until you are ready to tell me whatever is going on. You know though, if you need anything you can always come to me,” he told her.
“I know Michael. You’ve always been like a brother to me, and Maria’s like a sister. You two are like the siblings I never had and that means a lot to me. Thank you or always being here whenever I need you,” Liz tells him.
“It ain’t no thang!” Michael said causing Liz and Maria to laugh. “What?” he asked trying not to smile.
“Michael, you are just too crazy,” Liz told him. “That’s why I love you so much.”
“Thanks sweetie. You know I love ya too,” he said.
They made it to the airport with about forty minutes to spare so they just sat around for a little bit. Liz made sure she went to the bathroom before getting onto the plane. Even though it wasn’t a long flight she just wanted to take care of everything. Besides she hated plane bathrooms, they were too small and they creped her out. There were too much like bus bathrooms and those were smelly and disgusting.
Her flight number was called to board the plane and Liz picked up her carryon bag and gave her friends a hug good-bye. Maria was close to tears, a lot of it had to do with her hormones but she was also near tears because she was so excited for her two best friends. She knew Max was going to be excited he was ready to be a father, and she knew Liz would rise to the occasion of being a mom. In fact Maria knew Liz would make a great mom, and she knew that both her friends were very much in love and that their relationship was forever. You could just see it when they looked at one another. She always knew that when Max would fall in love it would be one of those really, really deep loves. He and Liz have one of those soul-sharing loves, and when they look at one another everything around them disappears and it looks like they are looking into one another’s souls. It’s an amazing thing to watch.
“Bye you guys. I’ll be back in two weeks. I love you,” Liz said walking towards the gate.
“See you in a few weeks Liz. Take good care of my best friend,” Michael said.
“I love you too babe. Have a great time,” Maria called.
Liz turned back and smiled at her friends before walking down the hallway to the plane. Maria booked her great seats. She was sitting in first class which excited her beyond belief because the first class seats were the comfy leather seats. Liz found her chair and settled down placing her carryon under her seat and buckling her seat belt. Once everyone was on the plane and seated they started taxing to the runway. They had to sit for a few minutes because they needed clearance from the tower but within ten minutes they were off and up in the air.
Liz tried to calm her racing mind down but nothing would work. She couldn’t sleep, which she so desperately wanted to do, and she couldn’t blank out her mind, so she just sat there thinking about everything. She knew why she couldn’t relax and that was because she was worried about how Max was going to react. She had no doubt that he loves her as much as she loves him, but she was afraid he was going to be upset because it was too early for them to have a baby. They haven’t been going out for all that long and now they are going to be parents, Liz just wasn’t sure if he’d be excited about that or really angry. Then there is also the fact that she was supposed to be protected. She had told him that, and she was. She did take the pill but as they say it’s not 100% effective and Max must have had some really strong swimmers because one of them got through all that protection.
Before she knew it the plane was landing and she needed to go and face the music. She was excited and scared all at the same time and it was a very strange feeling. ‘I wonder if Max is going to be happy to see me here this early,’ Liz thought to herself. She walked down to the baggage claim and waited for her suitcase to come around on the belt. It wasn’t a long wait which was nice because her bag was one of the first to come out. She lugged it off the belt and walked to the exit. She needed to get a cab and find Max so she could rest. She was really tired from the pregnancy and all the stress of the day and all she wanted to do was nap.
There were taxi’s lined up all over the place outside and she was grateful for that. She walked up to one and the driver got out and put her things in the trunk while she climbed inside. The driver, after putting everything in the trunk, sat in the driver’s seat.
“County Hospital please,” Liz told him.
He nodded his head and they were off. This ride was much nicer then the plane ride. She was too nervous to think about anything so her mind was just blank for once and she reveled in the feeling. It was only a ten-minute ride to the hospital and the cab driver stopped outside the main entrance. He got out and helped Liz with her bags. She thanked him and paid him the money plus a nice tip. He thanked her and drove off.
Liz picked up her stuff and headed into the hospital. She had no idea where Max could be so she took a deep breath to calm her nerves and walked to the main desk. She waited patiently for the woman to notice her.
“Can I help you?” the lady asked.
“Yes, I’m looking for a Med Student. His name is Max Evans,” Liz told the woman.
“He’s on rounds in the ER today. If you go down that hallway over there on the left to the end and then make a right you’ll come to the ER waiting room. They can tell you exactly where he is or page him for you,” she said.
“Thank you,” Liz said walking in the direction the woman told her to go. She followed the directions and came to a waiting room. It was really busy and she knew ER’s were she remembered how it was when Maria was in the hospital. She gained a new respect for Max’s work then, but even more so now.
“Excuse me can you tell me where I can find Max Evans?” Liz asked the girl at the desk.
“Um, he’s doing rounds with the head of the ER right now. He should be done in about ten minutes. I’ll page him after that,” the girl said. “You can just take a seat over there.”
“Thanks,” Liz said walking to the seats. She sat down tried to wait patiently for Max. She zoned out thinking about everything that had happened over the past three weeks trying to figure out why she hadn’t realized that she was pregnant before yesterday. She couldn’t come up with anything besides the fact that she was depressed because she missed Max so much.
“Liz?” Max called but she didn’t hear him as she was so lost in thought. He walked over to her and knelt down in front of her. “Liz,” he said softly touching her cheek.
She jumped in her seat and snapped out of her thoughts. When her eyes focused there was Max kneeling down in front of her and all she could do was smile. He smiled back and pulled her into a hug.
“What are you doing here? You weren’t supposed to come until next week,” he asked.
“I know but something came up and I really needed to talk to you in person,” she told him. “But that can wait because what I really need is a nap and I don’t know where your apartment is, nor do I have a key so I had to stop here first.”
“Ok, I’ve got a break coming up so I’ll take it now and drive you to my place. I should be home by eight tonight. We’ll go out to dinner and then talk what do you say?” he said.
“That’s fine with me,” she told him. She knew she was chickening out and she should tell him right now, but in her mind this just wasn’t the place. She didn’t want to tell him that she was having his child while he was at work.
Max took his break and drove Liz back to his apartment. It was fairly clean but he wasn’t expecting her until next week so it wasn’t 100% perfect and he was slightly embarrassed about it. Liz told him not to worry about anything she wasn’t going to hold it against him. Please he saw her apartment when it looked like a bomb went off in it. She hadn’t had a chance to clean it when Maria got hurt since she was at the hospital with Michael so he got to see it at it’s worst, well so did Alex and Isabel but at that moment she didn’t care, all that mattered was Maria’s safety.
Max helped Liz get settled into the apartment and gave her a quick kiss good-bye before heading back to the hospital. He couldn’t believe she was actually there. Liz, were there, and early. It made him smile. He couldn’t wait for tonight. He had really big plans!
The day wouldn’t move fast enough for Max. He kept looking at the clock and glaring at it when it hadn’t really moved. His friend Marc noticed this and couldn’t resist anymore. He had to ask Max what was going on.
“Hey Max, what’s up man, you’ve been glaring at the clock for the past two hours,” Marc asked.
“Yeah I know sorry. Its just Liz came early. She’s got something to tell me and she’s at my apartment right now. I just want the time to fly so I can get to her,” Max told him.
“Ah, I understand. Well you’re supposed to get off at eight right?” Marc asked.
“Yeah, fifteen more minutes and I can leave this hell,” Max said.
“It’s only fifteen minutes, you can make that up at any time. Go home to your woman. I can’t stand to see you glaring at the clock. Just go home,” Marc told him laughing.
“Thanks Marc, I owe you one,” Max told him.
“I know you do. Now get!” Marc said pushing him towards the break room.
Max didn’t need to be told again. He ran to the break room and grabbed his stuff. Then practically ran to his car and sped home. He just needed to see Liz. He walked into his apartment and he could smell her vanilla shower gel, and smiled. This was going to be a sweet week.
“Liz? I’m home,” Max said walking though the door.
“I’m in the room getting ready,” she called to him.
He walked into his room and the sight of Liz in nothing but her slip almost did him in. He swallowed hard and took a deep breath to calm his racing heart. He had to get himself under control or he was going to just attack her right then and there. He walked up to her and kissed her shoulder.
“Hi,” he whispered.
“Hey,” she whispered back. She loved these moments. “I wasn’t sure where we were going to go so I didn’t get dressed yet. I didn’t want to put anything really nice on if we were going causal.”
“Yeah, just causal. There’s a cute little place called Maggie’s a few blocks away and I thought you might like it. It’s really a nice place and they’ve got good food too,” he told her. “I’m just going to jump in the shower so I don’t smell like hospital. I’ll be out in a few minutes.”
He grabbed a pair of boxers and a towel and went into the bathroom. He was done in about five minutes. Liz was dressed and putting on makeup when he walked back into the room. Liz’s breath caught in her throat and her pulse sped up at the sight of Max in just boxers, with his chest glistening with water. He looked amazing, and she was tempted to lick the water off his chest. She manages to control herself turns back to the mirror to finish getting ready.
Once they are both done they head out to dinner. It was a nice quiet evening. They fell back into rhythm with one another almost as if they haven’t been apart for the past three weeks. Maggie came to the table to get their orders and she admired the handsome young man. He’s been in here a lot in the past three weeks looking very sad but right now with this young woman he’s happier then can be. She smiled at them enjoying their happiness.
They ate their dinner in silence, but it was comfortable silence. Max held Liz’s hand for most of the meal. They both got pasta so they didn’t need to cut anything and that made it easier for Max to hold her hand. He couldn’t help it, he just needed to feel her skin against his. It’s been way to long since he was able to touch her and he didn’t want to stop at all during the time she was here.
“How long are you staying for?” Max asked her as they were walking back to the car.
“Two weeks. I had two weeks vacation, so I took them both,” she told him. ‘Tell him now you dope, this is the perfect time,’ she argued with herself.
“That’s great! I was a little nervous because I don’t have off until next week, and if you were only here for this week that would suck because I’d have to work. But next week we have all day every day together,” he said.
Liz smiled at him. He was so cute when he was excited. She just fell more and more in love with him every day. They made it back to the apartment in no time flat. Once they were through the door Max’s lips captured Liz’s and she was powerless to resist him. He always had that kind of power over her, one little kiss and she’d agree to anything.
Max walked them to the room and slowly unzippered her dress. “Did I tell you how beautiful you looked tonight?” Max asked.
“No,” Liz murmured against his lips.
“Well you shined brighter then any star in the sky,” he whispered before capturing her lips again.
Liz moaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer to her. He didn’t need to be asked twice, he slipped the dress straps down her arms causing her to momentarily let go and then wrapped his arms around her waist pulling them as close as they could get to one another.
He laid her gently down on the bed discarding all his clothing except his boxers. They were both in their underwear lying on the bed kissing and caressing one another. All too soon their petting started to get heavier and more urgent. They lost the rest of their clothing throwing them somewhere across the room neither one really caring at the moment.
Max positioned himself over Liz. He kisses her deeply reaching for the bedside table. He opens the drawer and pulls out a box. He opens the box and pulls out a ring. He clasps the ring in his hand pulling back from Liz’s lips. Her breathing is ragged and she looks ravished and beautiful. Max can’t help but smile at the sight in front of him. He’s a little nervous about what he’s going to do not really sure if she’d agree but he had to try.
Max held on to Liz’s hand while kissing her for a few minutes. He didn’t want her suspicious, not yet anyway. If he just grabbed her hand and did when he wanted to do at the last minute she would know he was up to something so he held her hand while kissing her for a little while. He kissed her lips, her neck, her eyes, her nose, anywhere he could reach without letting go of her hand.
“Please Max, I need you so much,” she whispered in his ear.
Max let out a groan and kissed her passionately. He positioned himself at her entrance and at the same time positioned the ring on her left ring finger. As he plunged into her he slipped the ring on her finger. Liz cried out in pleasure as Max entered her fully, and in the back recesses of her mind she was vaguely aware of something on her finger but at the moment all she could think about was the fact that Max was right where he belonged. He let go of her hand kissing the palm before brushing the hair off her face.
She wrapped her arms around his neck hugging him close to her. She opened her eyes and noticed something glistening on her finger. She unwrapped her arms from around Max pushing him slightly back and resting her hands on his shoulders. She gasped in surprise at the ring on her finger. Sitting on the ring finger of her left hand was a heart shaped diamond with two emerald stars flanking it on either side. She had tears of joy streaming down her face as her eyes met Max’s.
Max just nodded his head at Liz, and she smiled. “Yes,” she whispered. Max let out a 100-watt grin and kissed her deeply. They made slow passionate love, basking in the joy of being engaged. Max carried Liz to new heights as she did to him and once they were spent Max pulled Liz against his side. She laid her hand on his chest and lightly grazed her fingers over his chest while admiring her ring.
“Max, there is something I need to tell you,” she said.
“Ok, what’s up?” he asked.
Liz sat up wrapping her arms around her knees. Her self-consciousness coming back full force. She was still really nervous about what Max was going to say. Yes, he just proposed to her, but that didn’t mean he was ready to be a father yet.
“Liz? Baby, what’s wrong?” he asked her wrapping his arms around her and turning her to face him.
“Nothing, it’s just, this is really big news and I’m really scared of what your reaction is going to be,” she told him.
“Liz, I love you. Nothing you have to tell me will change that,” he assured her.
‘I’m not so sure about that,’ she thought to herself. “Well the thing is, yesterday Maria and I found out something really special and important,” Liz said.
“Really? And what would special and important thing be?” he asked.
“Well, it’s the fact that I’m pregnant,” she whispered.
‘Did I just hear her right?’ Max asked himself. “Pregnant?” he asked barely in a whisper.
Liz nodded her head, new tears streaming down her cheeks. ‘I knew it, surprised, but I can’t tell if it’s a good surprise or a bad surprise,’ she thought.
“We’re going to have a baby?” Max asked.
“Yes,” Liz said.
“Holy crap no way! This is great news!” Max exclaimed.


I have to thank AvengingAngelIQ for the proposal scene. It was her idea to have Max propose that way and I do have to agree it worked out perfectly! Thanks!

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Note: This part is going out to Shorty828, and AvengingAngelIQ. Thank you guys for always begging for new parts…if it wasn’t for you this fic would be sitting on my desk not getting updated like all my other ones. You two are the best!

Part 39:

Max just laid on the bed holding Liz close to him while she slept. He couldn’t fall asleep though two many thoughts were running through his head. He was going to be a father; those words just kept running around in his mind keeping him awake. From the moment he first heard Liz’s voice he knew that he wanted her to be the mother of his children he just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. Not that he really minded, he loved Liz with all his heart and he was beyond excited that in nine months he was going to have a son or daughter to spoil.
‘Well, not really spoil too much, I don’t want my child to be like Isabel,’ he thought. ‘Who am I kidding, Isabel isn’t really all that spoiled, and knowing me and my soft spot my child is going to be ten times worse then Isabel.’
That thought alone made him smile. He couldn’t help but wonder what their child was going to look like. Of course he or she would have beautiful dark hair, he just prayed that his child didn’t inherit his big ears. He always hated his ears; they were huge, well he felt that they were anyway.
He couldn’t help but wonder if the baby would have Liz’s dark brown eyes, or his hazel ones. The image of a beautiful little girl with Liz’s long dark brown hair and his hazel eyes flashed across his mind bringing an even bigger smile to his face. ‘Our children are going to be so beautiful,’ he thought.
Still not being able to sleep Max decided that he needed to get up and do something. Maybe if he exercised or something he would tire himself out enough to actually get some sleep. He eased out of bed making sure not to wake up Liz. He was tempted to call his parents and tell them the news not only of the baby but also of his engagement to Liz. He knew that they might think they were a little young for this, but they would definitely be happy for them both.
He shut the door quietly and walked into the living room. He sat down on the couch and tried to figure out what to do. The first thing he thought about doing was jumping for joy but he needed to burn some energy. He sat down on the floor and started doing sit-ups since he couldn’t figure out what else to do. He felt like going for a run but he didn’t want to leave Liz alone in the house.
The sit-ups were doing wonders for him. He was blowing off much needed energy and he just hoped that he would soon be able to get to sleep. After doing about 70 sit-ups’ he switched to push-ups.
Max was so busy with his exercising that he didn’t notice Liz sitting on the recliner watching him. She couldn’t help the smile on her face as she watched him work out. The way the muscles tightened up under his skin made her wet. He was definitely a fine man and she knew she was the luckiest woman on the face of the Earth to be marrying him.
Max jumped up off the floor intent on trying to get some sleep. He’d been exercising for a good hour and a half and it was time to try again. When he looked up he jumped back in surprise at seeing Liz sitting in the chair in nothing but his T-shirt. He couldn’t help thinking how amazingly beautiful she looked in his clothing.
“Liz? What are you doing up?” he asked.
“I realized that you weren’t in bed I guess. I rolled over and you weren’t there so I went in search of you and I found you doing push-ups on the living room floor. Why may I ask are you exercising at just about two in the morning?” Liz asked him.
“Well, I couldn’t sleep. All these thoughts about you and the baby were running through my head. I was too excited to sleep and I needed to work off some energy. I thought about going for a run but I didn’t want to leave you here by yourself so I opted for sit ups and push ups,” he told her.
“Oh, I see,” she said laughing lightly.
“Well, I wanted to call my parents too and tell them the news but it was too late to do that,” he confessed.
“I have to tell my parents too, and they will definitely have to meet you since they haven’t yet. I wonder how they are going to react to this?” Liz said absentmindedly.
“I’m sure they will be excited for you,” Max said.
“I hope so,” Liz replied.
“Come on lets go back to bed. We’ll worry about that later,” Max said holding out his hand to Liz.
She gladly accepted his hand and together they walked into the room and climbed into bed. Liz snuggled into Max’s side with her left hand on his chest. The engagement ring he gave her reflected the moonlight causing it to sparkle and Liz fell back to sleep with a contented smile on her face.
The sound of Liz’s even breathing slowly lured Max to sleep. He wrapped his arms around Liz a little tighter in his sleep. His subconscious just wanted to make sure that she was really there and that this all wasn’t just a dream. Liz sighed in her sleep enjoying the warmth from Max’s body. This was the best sleep the two of them have had in three weeks.
Liz woke up the next morning and stretched her muscles. When she opened her eyes she almost freaked out not realizing where she was. The events of the previous night seemed like a dream to her and she wasn’t sure if it really happened. She looked around the room and noticed a picture on the bedside table. It was a picture of Max and Isabel from a couple of years ago, or at least she assumed a couple of years ago. They both pretty much looked the same, only slightly younger.
Liz reached for the picture with her left hand and gasped as the sun reflected off the engagement ring. The events from the night before played over in her mind. The lovemaking, the proposal, the announcement that she was pregnant, Max’s reaction, finding him in the living room exercising, the whole night actually, and all she could do was smile. A few stray happy tears escaped her eyes as she thought about everything. Max asked her to marry him, she accepted. He was beyond happy that they were having a child, and that made her entire world seem brighter. Now the only thing standing in her way was her parent's. She loved them dearly but she wasn’t sure how they were going to take this news.
Max walked into the bedroom carrying a tray full of breakfast food when he notices Liz’s tears.
“Liz, honey? What’s the matter?” he asked.
“Oh,” sniffle. “Nothing actually. It’s just everything that happened last night finally processed in my head and I am just so happy I don’t know what to do with myself,” she told him.
“Are you sure that’s it?” he asked.
“I’m positive,” she said. “Well, I’m a little nervous about telling my parents,” she confessed.
“That’s understandable. I’m sure they didn’t even know we were dating, since you don’t seem to talk to them all that much, but as I’ve said before, it will all work out, and I’m sure they will be excited for us,” he assured her. “Speaking of parents, what do you say we call mine?”
“I say we better because I need to tell someone. And then we have to call Isabel and Alex. Oh, is that for me?” she asked pointing to the breakfast.
“Yes it is. I totally forgot I was bringing it to you,” he laughed setting the tray down on the bed.
“Thank you so much, I’m starving,” Liz replied picking up a fork and digging into the scrambled eggs.
Max picked up the phone and dialed his parent’s number. He pressed the speakerphone button so that Liz could hear the conversation too and so she could also speak to his parent’s. His mom and dad loved Liz so much he just knew that they were going to be beyond excited for them.
“Hello?” a sleepy voice answered.
“Mom?” Max asked.
“Max honey is that you?” his mom asked.
“Yeah, look I’m sorry did I wake you?” he replied.
“No, I was up, just lying in bed being lazy,” she said. “So what’s up?”
“Well, actually there is something I need to tell you and dad. Is he there?” Max asked.
“Yeah hold on a minute. PHILIP!” she yelled.
Liz giggled. “That’s going to be us one day,” she said.
“Is that Liz?” his mom asked.
“Yes it is. Hello Mrs. Evans,” Liz replied.
“Hello sweetie. How are you?” Diane asked.
“I’m doing well actually. How are you?” Liz asked.
“I’m fine. Ok, Max dad is here tell us the news,” Diane said excitedly.
“Well, I asked Liz to marry me and she said yes!” Max exclaimed.
“Really? That’s great sweetie. We don’t have to tell you how excited we are, nor do we have to tell you how much we love Liz so this is great news,” his mom said.
“Congratulations you guys,” his dad added.
“Thanks, but that’s not all the news,” Max said beginning to get nervous. He wiped his sweaty hands on the bed sheets and took a deep breath.
“What else do you have to tell us?” his dad asked.
“Well, the fact of the matter is, that um, well, I’m pregnant,” Liz said in a small voice.
“Pregnant?” Diane asked.
“Really?” Philip questioned.
“Yeah,” both Max and Liz answered.
“I’m going to be a grandmother. Oh Philip, did you hear that! We’re going to be grandparents,” Diane exclaimed.
“Yes I did. This is wonderful news as well. Congrats,” Philip said.
“Thanks mom, dad. You have no idea how much your support means to us,” Max told his parents.
“Like we wouldn’t support you two. We love you both, and as long as you’re happy, we’re happy,” Philip said.
“I hate to cut this short but we have to call Iz and Alex too. I just hope she’s as excited as you guys are. I mean she’s going to have two pregnant bridesmaids in her wedding,” Max teased.
“She’ll be beyond excited. Ever since Maria found out she was pregnant all she’s talked about was wanting to be an aunt,” Diane said.
Max and Liz laughed at this. “I can just picture her saying that too. Not that she wants to be a mom, well not yet anyway, but an aunt that I can see. That way she can give the kid back once it gets to be too much for her,” Liz said laughing.
“I know, that’s my Isabel for you, but she’s the best,” Philip said.
“I know she is and I love her to pieces,” Liz replied.
“Well, we’ll let you two go so you can make your other phone calls. We’ll talk to you later,” Diane said.
“Ok mom. I love you. Love you too dad,” Max said.
“We love you too Max,” they both replied.
“Bye Mr. & Mrs. Evans,” Liz said.
“Bye sweetie,” they replied.
Max hung up the phone and then dialed Isabel’s number. He just hoped that she was already awake because a grumpy Isabel is not what he was in the mood to deal with this morning.
“Hello?” Alex asked.
“Hey Alex, it’s Max. Is Isabel around? I’ve got something to tell her,” Max said.
“Yeah, she’s just finishing getting dressed hold on,” Alex said.
Alex handed the phone to Isabel after she finished buttoning her blouse.
“Hello?” Isabel said.
“Izzy! Guess what?” Max asked.
“What?” she questioned.
“Liz and I are engaged,” Max told her.
“Really? Wow! That’s great. Alex honey Max and Liz are going to be getting married,” she said.
“Cool! Congrats Man!” Alex yelled from across the room.
“Thanks. But we also have other news. You and Alex are going to be an aunt and uncle too,” Max said.
“WHAT! NO WAY!” Isabel exclaimed.
“What’s up?” Alex asked coming over to Isabel.
“Liz is pregnant too! This is so awesome!” she said.
“Wow really! Way to go you guys. How exciting. Did you propose before or after you found out?” Alex asked.
Isabel smacked his chest for that question. “Ouch! What was that for?” he asked.
“How could you ask that?” she asked him.
“It was just a question. I knew he was going to ask her, I just didn’t know when. I was with him when he bought the ring,” Alex said. “I was just curious which came first.”
“I proposed first,” Max said.
“He proposed first,” Isabel told him.
“Good!” Alex exclaimed. “So get off the phone with us and celebrate for now, but tonight we are so going out to dinner,” Alex said.
“Definitely. I get off at six. I have a short shift today, thank God because I don’t think I could be away for that long. We’ll see you two tonight,” Max said.
“Ok, bye Max. Tell Liz I’m excited for her,” Isabel said.
“Thanks Isabel,” Liz replied.
“Oh, I didn’t realize you were listening in. Congratulations,” she said.
“Thank you. I’ll see you tonight,” Liz said.
“Yeah, tonight. Bye,” Isabel said hanging up the phone.
Max hung up and turned to Liz. He gave her a good morning kiss before climbing out of bed.
“I hate to run out, but my shift starts in twenty minutes. I’ll be home by six. The numbers where you can reach me are actually by the phone, so if you need me call. I’ll come home for lunch and stuff so you aren’t alone all day. This bites, I wish I didn’t have to work,” he said.
“Max, I knew you had to work when I flew out. I came out a week early remember. Don’t worry about it. I’ll hold off calling my parents until tonight. I don’t want to do it without you being here,” she told him.
“Ok, I’ll see you at lunch,” he told her.
“Ok,” she replied.
Max leaned down and gave her a kiss good-bye. Then ran to the door and grabbed his keys. He knew that if he didn’t beat a hasty retreat he’d never leave. Liz sighed as he closed the door and tried to figure out what she was going to do with herself. She came to two conclusions. The first was that she needed to shower and the second was she needed to call Maria and tell her the news, and then let her know she could fill Michael in on everything.


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Part 40:

After Max left for work Liz wasn’t sure what to do with herself. She wasn’t sure where anything was but she’d figure it out. A small smile spread across her face as she looked at her engagement ring. She still couldn’t believe that she was getting married it was unreal.
“So what do you say we take a shower?” Liz asked her unborn child. “Yeah I think so too. Come on.”
Liz opened the cabinet door by the bathroom and smiled as she found the towels. Grabbing two she walked into the bathroom while stripping her clothes. After a nice, long, hot shower she felt ready to face the world.
“I’ve got to call Maria,” Liz said aloud jumping off the couch grabbing the cordless phone. She punched in Maria’s cell phone number and waited for her to answer. “Come on Maria pick up,” Liz mumbled.
“Hello?” a very out of breath Maria said.
“Hey! Are you all right? What were you doing? Did I interrupt anything?” Liz asked.
“Sista calm down, breathe. He he. I forgot my phone in the house and I just ran back in here to get it, that’s all. I’m going to be late for work but who cares,” Maria explained. “So what’s up?”
“I’ve got major news. Oh by the way you can tell Michael about the baby now,” Liz said.
“News! Big News! Spill it girl,” Maria exclaimed excitedly.
“Ok, ok. Jeez, keep your shirt on. Max asked me to marry him,” Liz said. “And I’ve accepted.”
“Did he! Liz, I’m so excited for you. Did he ask you before or after you two talked about the baby?” Maria asked. “Not that I doubt he wanted to marry you but I’m just curious.”
“He asked me before, and Maria it was so romantic,” Liz said.
The girls talked for about another half hour. It was mostly Liz filling Maria in on how Max proposed, and it actually took the whole half hour to get the story out because Maria kept interrupting. She thought the whole thing was so sweet and romantic, very much how she would have expected Max to propose.
“Ok, Maria, I’m going to run so that I can figure out what to make for lunch. Max is coming home for lunch and I want to make him something,” Liz said.
“You my dear are just too cute. Give Max and hug and a kiss for me and tell him I said congratulations. Michael is going to be so excited, I can’t wait to tell him,” Maria said.
“I love you Ria, I’ll talk to you later,” Liz said hanging up the phone after Maria said her goodbyes.
Liz searched around the kitchen trying to find the right thing but nothing Max had jumped out screaming make me so she didn’t know what to do. ‘I’ve still got plenty of time before Max gets home, maybe there’s a market I can walk to. Although how will I get back into the apartment?’ she thought to herself.
She walked over to the door trying to figure out what to do when a note on the table caught her eye. “Max left me a note,” she whispered.
Liz, I’m leaving you the key, just in case you get sick of being inside, I know I would especially if there was no one to keep me company. Feel free to roam around, but don’t go too far, I don’t want to have a heart attack if you aren’t here when I get home. Feel free to call anyone you want, I’ll be home by 12:30 for lunch. I love you.
Love Max.

She smiled at the note thinking Max must be a mind reader. Now at least she knew that she’d be able to get back into the apartment. She grabbed her jacket and Max’s key and headed out the door. Her spirits were soaring, and she couldn’t contain the smile on her face.
“Hi, how are you?” a perky blonde asked from across the hall.
“Hi, I’m good how are you?” Liz asked politely.
“I’m doing good. So you must be Max’s infamous girlfriend. All the ladies in this building were very upset when they found out he was taken. He and I’ve been friends ever since I moved in here like two years ago,” the lady said.
“That’s cool. So Max actually talks about me?” Liz asked. “Oh and it’s fiancée now.”
“Oh gosh he talks about you all the time. Your name’s Liz right?” she asked.
“Yeah. I’m sorry that was rude of me, not telling you my name,” Liz said.
“Please, I’m even ruder, I know your name and you don’t even know mine. I’m Colette,” she said.
“It’s nice to meet you Colette,” Liz said. “Actually, I’ve got a question that I know you’ll be able to answer. Where’s the closest super market. I’m going to make lunch for Max, but I don’t like what he’s got in here and he doesn’t want me to go too far. He’s worried about me.”
“Well, I was headed there myself. How about I drive you and we can get to know one another better,” Colette said.
“I’d like that very much,” Liz replied following Colette to her car.
Colette was petite like Liz, but she had long red hair, which was braided, and deep blue eyes. She was beautiful and Liz was trying to figure out how Max hadn’t fallen for her.
“So you’ve known Max for two years huh?” Liz asked not really knowing what to say.
“Yeah, he helped me move in actually. My boyfriend got paged to work and he had to leave so Max offered to help me carry stuff into the apartment,” Colette said.
‘Well that explains the why Max never got with her,’ Liz thought.
They each grabbed a carriage and walked around the store picking up stuff as they went. As they walked down the cake isle Liz couldn’t help herself, she picked up a box of yellow food cake and threw it in her basket along with chocolate icing. She had a craving for cake, and she was sure Max wouldn’t mind eating some too. She knew about his sweet tooth.
Liz picked up some angle hair pasta, fresh shrimp, and some garlic. She was going to make some shrimp scampi. She invited Colette over for lunch but she declined saying her boyfriend was going to be coming home for lunch but they agreed to have lunch together the following day. After they picked up everything they needed they paid and headed back to the apartment complex.
Liz opened the door to Max’s apartment after saying good-bye to Colette and began to fix lunch. She started by getting everything for the cake ready. She was really craving that cake and who was she to deny her body what it was craving. Her thinking was the baby wanted some cake, so he or she will definitely get some cake.
Thinking about the baby made Liz smile until she realized that Max wouldn’t be there for all the doctor’s appointments that made her sad. She started making the shrimp scampi trying to take her mind off of the baby situation. Yet, as hard as she tried that nagging voice in the back of her mind just wouldn’t let it go. It kept saying ‘how can you just let Max miss out on all of this stuff? He’s going to be so disappointed when he can’t see the very first picture of his child.’
““I’ll just have to fix that won’t I baby?” Liz said. “We can’t have daddy missing all our appointments, he would be really sad.”
She hadn’t heard the door open or Max walk in, as she was too preoccupied with cooking and her thoughts. “I wonder what I can do. Oh, I got it. Ha, you’ll be really proud of mommy, sweetie. This semester is just about over. All I’ve got to do is grade my finals, which shouldn’t take too long. Then I can take the next semester off, you know take a sabbatical and move here with daddy, so we can be together. Of course I’ll miss Michael and Maria terribly but we’ll both get to be with daddy,” she said.
“That sounds good to me,” Max said making his presence known.
“Max! You scared me,” Liz yelled.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you but you seemed so lost in thought I hated to interrupt you,” he said.
“You really wouldn’t mind my moving in here?” Liz asked him.
She dished some pasta and shrimp on to two plates and took them to the table. She took the cake out of the oven before sitting down at the table.
“No, I would love for you to move in here until I’m finished with my residency. But I’m still avid on moving to Phoenix when I’m done,” he said.
“That’s good because I love teaching at my college and I would hate to leave there. Besides Maria and Michael are there,” Liz replied.
“Yeah I know. I miss them so much, and I can’t wait to move there so I’m close to them again. That and my parents live in Arizona, and Izzy and Alex are moving out there after they get married. This is really good,” Max said.
“Thanks. Colette and I went shopping. She’s really nice. We’re going out to lunch tomorrow,” Liz said.
“Ah, you’ve met Cole huh? She’s a cool chick. I work with her boyfriend. Mark, he’s a great guy. You’ll have to meet him. Actually I think he’s over there right now,” Max said starting to get up.
“Ah, yeah he is. Colette told me, but I don’t think they are going to want to be bothered. I know I don’t want to be bothered. I love these moments together, when it’s just us,” she said stopping him. “Do you want some cake?”
“Cake? Ooh, what kind of cake?” He asked rushing towards the kitchen making Liz laugh.
“Yellow cake with chocolate icing. The baby and I had a craving today, so I bought some,” Liz said.
“Yeah, I’d love some,” Max said kissing her lips softly.
“Good, I was hoping you’d help me eat it,” Liz said feeding him a bite.
He took the piece of cake from her fork and ate it up. It was delicious and he licked the little bit of frosting off his lip causing Liz to groan. He just didn’t realize the power he had over her.
They shared two pieces of cake, and stopped for kisses in between each bite. By the time they were done with the cake Max had to go back to work. He promised to be home by 5:30 and gave Liz a lingering kiss at the door. They were still lip-locked when Mark, and Colette walked out the door.
Mark cleared his throat trying to get Max’s attention. Max groaned and broke away from Liz’s lips.
“So who’s this?” Mark asked his friend.
“Mark, this is my fiancée Liz. Liz this is my friend Mark,” Max said.
“It’s nice to meet you,” Liz said extending her hand.
Mark shook her hand, “It’s nice to finally meet you too. Maxie boy here talks about you all the time.”
Liz blushed. “Yeah, well, ah, let’s go. I want to get back to the hospital as soon as possible so I can come home that much faster,” Max said kissing Liz one more time.
“Bye, have a nice day,” Liz called. “I love you.”
“I love you too!” Max exclaimed running down the stairs behind Mark.
“You guys are just too cute,” Colette said. “Why don’t you come over and we can have some tea and talk some more. I have a feeling I’m going to be seeing lots more of you.”
“All right. Let me just grab the key. I’ll be right there,” Liz said turning back to the apartment. She ran to the kitchen to make sure everything was turned off, then picked up the key and headed across the hall.


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Part 41:

Liz rushed back into the apartment. She and Colette spent much of the day together getting to know one another. Liz learned that Colette was an English professor at the local college and she also preformed in the local theater. The woman was amazing. She and Mark had been dating for about six years now and they were very much in love, but neither one wanted to take it to the next step. They both figured why mess with a good thing since they were both happy and no one objected to their being together they didn’t need to get married. In their hearts they were husband and wife.
Liz had lost track of time while sitting over there getting to know her new friend so she only had about a half hour before Max got home and she wanted to be pretty much done before he walked in. She had no idea where they were going for dinner but she wanted to look nice so she pulled out her long black skirt and a red silk blouse. She had a feeling Isabel and Alex would end up taking them someplace really nice to celebrate.
After she picked out her clothes she jumped in the shower and washed her hair. She wasn’t exactly sure how she was going to do it but it needed to be washed again so it could be managed. After the shower she jumped out and dried off. Then she donned her slip and rushed back to the bathroom to do her hair and makeup.
While she was in the bathroom Max walked though the door. He was about to yell and let her know he was home when he realized everything was really quite. He wasn’t sure if she was sleeping or not so he kept quite not wanting to disturb her. He walked to his room and noticed her clothes on the bed and a small smile came to his face.
He had totally forgotten about dinner with Alex and Isabel so he rushed to his closet to find something to wear. He pulled out a pair of black Dockers and a hunter green button down shirt and a black sports coat. He knew his sister and she’s want to go someplace fancy so he wasn’t taking any chances. If the place was sort of casual he’d lose the coat.
Max walked towards the bathroom so he could take a shower and stopped at the door. The sight before him took his breath away. Liz was standing in front of the mirror in nothing but a slip putting on her makeup. She looked like a vision and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.
He moved his weight to his other foot trying to get more comfortable. The movement caught Liz’s eye and her head snapped up. She gasped in surprise not realizing Max was home.
“Max! You scared me. I didn’t hear you come in,” she said.
“I figured as much. I’m sorry I scared you. You look beautiful,” he told her.
“Please I’m not even dressed yet and my makeup’s not done,” Liz scoffed.
“You don’t need makeup you are beautiful without it,” he confessed.
“I think you’re biased,” she told him.
“Probably. Well, I’m gonna get a drink. Finish up with your makeup so I can take a shower,” he said walking into the room.
Max gave Liz a kiss hello and she melted into his embrace. “Mmm, I’ve missed this. It’s been a long day,” he said.
“I know what you mean. Colette is really nice though. I would have been finished getting ready if I hadn’t lost track of time while I was over there,” Liz confessed.
“So you and Colette are getting along? That’s great!” Max exclaimed. “We usually go out a lot, Colette, Mark, and I. So when you move here you’ll come too, obviously and then Colette won’t be the only girl.”
“She’s great. I learned a lot about her today. But go get your drink and stop distracting me or I’ll never get done and Izzy will be mad for having to wait,” she said.
Max gave her one more quick kiss before leaving the bathroom. Liz finished her makeup and headed to the room to get dressed. The minute she vacated the bathroom Max jumped into the shower. Liz saw his clothes on the bed and smiled. She knew he’d look so handsome in those colors; dark colors seemed to fit Max.
When he was done with his shower Liz walked back into the bathroom to do her hair. She decided on a loose French braid leaving pieces falling out around her face. Once she was done she walked into the living room to wait for Max. He came out of the room a few minutes later all dressed and ready.
“You look gorgeous,” he told her.
She blushed. “Thank you.”
They didn’t have to wait long for Alex and Isabel. About five minutes later there was a knock at the door. Max got up to answer it and was almost knocked over by the force of his sister’s hug.
“I’m so happy for you guys. So when are you going to get married?” she asked.
“We haven’t actually set a date yet. I’m still basking in the engagement,” Liz confessed.
“That’s fine, Maria and Michael haven’t set a date yet either. I think you both should have a double wedding,” Isabel exclaimed.
“I’ll have to talk to Maria about that but I really like the idea,” Liz said.
All of a sudden a stomach growled causing everyone to laugh. Liz blushed a little bit slightly embarrassed that it was her.
“I’m sorry guys. I guess I didn’t realize how hungry I was. Um, can we get something to eat now?” she asked.
“Yes we can. I’m sorry, I totally forgot about your condition and how you’d be slightly more hungry then the rest of us,” Isabel said.
They walked out of the apartment arm in arm and headed to Max’s SUV. They piled in and Isabel told Max to go to that fancy Italian restaurant that was down the block from the hospital. Max just smiled and shook his head. He definitely knew his sister and he was beyond happy for the outfit he picked out.
They made it to the restaurant in no time flat and were seated immediately since Izzy had made reservations that morning. They ordered and enjoyed themselves. They talked about Izzy and Alex’s wedding, the baby, and how excited everyone was. Well almost everyone since they didn’t know Michael’s thoughts on the matter yet.
The car ride back to the apartment was a quiet one, and Alex and Isabel left shortly after getting back since they had a bit of a drive ahead of them. Liz was getting nervous again since she really needed to call her parents and give them the news. She wasn’t sure how they’d take it and that frightened her.
“Liz honey, are you ok?” Max asked her walking up and wrapping his arms around her waist.
“I’m just a little nervous about calling my parents. It’s about 10 there so they should still be up,” she said. “Will you please hold my hand?”
“Of course I will. I’ll be by your side the whole time, I promise,” he told her.
Liz gave him a shaky smile and picked up the phone. She dialed her parent’s number and held her breath hoping for the best.
“Hello?” her mother answered.
“Mom? It’s Liz,” Liz said. ‘Like she didn’t know it was me when I said mom,’ she thought.
“Lizzy! Oh Lizzy! How are you?” Nancy asked.
“I’m doing pretty good mom. Is dad around? I’ve got something to tell you both,” Liz said.
“Sure thing sweetie hold on a second,” her mom said. “Jeff, come here dear Lizzy’s on the phone!”
Liz heard footsteps running towards the phone and smiled. Her parents were always excited when she called which wasn’t often because of her busy schedule. She really wished they’d move out to Arizona so that they could be close to one another, but they haven’t decided yet. Maybe this news will help them make that decision.
“Hello sweetie,” her dad said.
“Hi daddy. I’ve got some news for you and mom,” Liz told him.
“Is everything all right sweetie, you sound really nervous,” her mom said.
“I am nervous. I’m afraid to tell you this,” Liz confessed. She felt Max give her hand a gentle squeeze letting her know she was doing great. She smiled at him and kissed the back of his hand.
“You can tell us anything sweetie you know that,” her mom said trying to calm her daughters fears.
“God, I hope so,” Liz mumbled. “Well the thing of it is, um, well, I’m engaged.”
“TO WHO?” her mom exclaimed.
“His name is Max Evans. He is a really good friend of Michael and Maria’s and we met about two months ago. It was love at first hearing,” Liz said laughing.
“Um, love at first hearing? You’re going to have to explain that one honey,” her dad said.
“Well I was at Maria’s one day and Max called. I answered the phone because she was busy and from the first moment I heard his voice I know he was the one. He felt the same way when he heard my voice,” Liz explained.
“Oh, well we’re excited for you sweetie. Of course we’ll want to meet him and everything,” her mother told her.
“I know mom. I’m thinking about maybe next week. We’ve both got off and I really think you should meet him,” Liz said. “Um, but there’s more. You see I’m pregnant too.”
“WHAT!” her father yelled. “Is that why you are getting married?” he asked angrily.
“No daddy, that’s not why we are getting married. Max asked me before he knew I was pregnant,” Liz told her dad.
“Well then that’s different. Ok, we’ll be looking forward to meeting him next week,” her dad told her.
Liz breathed a sigh of relief. Her parents took it a lot better then she expected. It wasn’t that her parents were mean or wanted her to not be happy, it was just that she was their only child and sometimes it was difficult letting go of that. She remembered the huge fight they got into when she wanted to go to school all the way in Arizona, but that is a different story.
“I love you guys. I’ll see you soon,” Liz said.
“We love you too sweetie. Tell Max we look forward to meeting him,” her mom said.
“I will. Good night,” Liz replied.
“Sweet dreams dear,” her dad said. “Good night.”
Liz hung up the phone and turned into Max’s embrace. She just needed to feel his warmth and strength. He gave her his love, comfort, and anything else she needed.
“So how’d they take it?” he asked.
“A lot better then I expected, but we are going to Florida next week. I hope you don’t mind. They just really want to meet you,” Liz told him.
“I don’t mind. I could use a sort of tropical vacation,” he told her.
She smiled at him placing light kisses on his lips. He held her close to him and deepened the kiss causing them both to moan.


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Part 42:

The week flew for both Max and Liz, which they both enjoyed very much. It was so lonely for Liz when Max was working and since Colette wasn’t home much because of school Liz had nothing to do.