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Title: Movements in Still Life
Author: Trinity
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: UPN owns Roswell, the characters, and situations. Title is from the BT CD. No infringement intended. Nothing is mine.
Summary: Post Panacea. Liz is still in Vermont, Maria is with her and Max is alive and well in Clayton’s body.
Category: Liz/Max and other CC’s.
Authors Notes: This is going to be very confusing, at first, but all will be cleared up much later.

One year, five months and twelve days.

Twelve thousand three hundred and sixty hours, fifteen minutes and twenty-nine seconds.

It was the closest estimate a person could do when she was locked up in a cage with their watch acting as the only calendar available.

For the past year and half the prisoner’s captor had fed, clothed, and cared for her. Once every few hours a masculine voice would come over the loud speaker. He would talk with her, trying to ease the over-all discomfort and fear that she had.

Other times a feminine voice came on. It was familiar, but the girl didn’t know where to place it. Just as she didn’t know where the masculine voice came from, it still seemed recognizable.

But she never saw anyone.

At some points she knew she was being drugged.

But never once did they mistreat her. They never operated on her. They never hurt her. They never even came in to see her. For all she knew they were just holding her in the nicely furnished room she now occupied.

Her clothing was comfortable and she had a variety to choose from. She had everything from dresses to jeans to sweatpants. They also provided her with a variety of sleep wear.

There was a shower, a bathroom, a kitchenette, a bedroom and a living room with a television, which happened to get many if not all of the channels, though some were blocked out. She was also given music to listen to and books to read.

Every day she was served three meals that were fresh and tasted quite nice. They also gave her snacks and dessert.

During her first week or so in the cell she had been unwilling to speak. But one day she had gotten the courage to ask for something more to eat. And to her surprise, she had gotten in.

To add to her captors’ generosity, they had even changed the color of her walls upon hearing her complain about seeing white all the time. They even color coordinated her surroundings so that it matched and looked pleasing to the eye.

All in all she was treated very well.

But it confused her as to why she was being held. Usually when someone was kidnapped they were mistreated, experimented on, and the likes. But so far there had been nothing but kind and generous treatment.

So what was going on?


“Anything new today?” The woman asked as she walked into the small compound. Standing in front of the double-sided mirror she carefully watched the young woman on the other side.

It brought a smile to her face to see herself at such a young age, but it pained her to be doing this. At least she hoped that their prisoner was comfortable. She had done everything in her power to make her younger self as comfortable as possible.

“Nope. We talked a little today, but she didn’t say much. I think she’s becoming depressed,” the young man commented. He too hated seeing their prisoner like this, but he reasoned that it was better this way then having her living out in the real world. They were saving her from going through a bunch of pain and heartache.

At least he hoped they were.

“Well what do you expect? She’s been in there for over a year. I’d hate to be locked up too,” the woman retorted. She was slightly agitated, but it was only for the young woman. She hated doing this, but her partner was right. It was for the best.

“You are her, so you are being locked up!” The man reminded her jovially. Though all humor died as they watched their young prisoner mope around the cell they had so lavishly fashioned for her. “Maybe we could give her some pizza tonight… or maybe some food from Senior Chows. Whenever we give her that she seems to respond well.”

“Fine, I’ll go pick some up,” the woman sighed. She had already gone out today and she hated having to go out again.

“Hey, don’t do that. At least you get to go out. I’m almost in the same boat as she is,” the man responded sternly, reminding the woman of just how lucky she was to be able to go out into the world.

“I know, but I hate deceiving everyone. Sometimes I wish we could just let her go and let her deal with things. But then I know that if we did that she would be suffering a lot more then she is in here. So it’s like the lesser of two evils, only I’m bearing both of the evils because not only am I holding myself prisoner, but I’m also outright lying to everyone around me.” For a moment the man looked at her wondering what she had just said. As her words sunk in and formed into coherent sentences he sighed and pulled her into a hug.

“Hey, you’re not evil. You’re only doing what is right for you, which I must say is good because god knows you never did it before,” the man insisted lightly as he embraced his long time friend.

“I know, but we can’t keep this up for much longer. We’re going to have to release her- or I mean me- soon. I’ll start making plans to return her to Roswell, but I need you to secure someplace where you can stay as well” the woman said suddenly. She pulled out of her friend embrace and returned to her watchful gaze of herself.

Sometimes it was nice to see herself looking so innocent.

“Wait one minute. You can’t seriously return her to Roswell. She’ll be completely disoriented. Nothing will make sense to her and… and what did you mean about me going back?” The man turned a careful eye to his long time friend.

“She doesn’t know anything that has happened over the last year. If we tried to explain everything and then released her she would go into shock. Which is why I’m sending you back with her. You will act as stabilizer, a support, of sorts. By having someone familiar she won’t completely freak out,” the woman explained.

“That’s impossible though. How can I go back with her when everyone thinks…”

”Who said anything about anyone else seeing you? As I was saying you will secure a house somewhere outside of Roswell. Make sure its close enough so that she can get there, but far enough away so that no one will be the wiser to your location. Also, make sure you stay out of view because if anyone sees you it cause complications,” the woman instructed. All the while the man nodded and jotted down a few notes.

“This won’t work. If we release her back into Roswell she’ll go catatonic and…”

“But if you are with her then she won’t,” the woman reminded him.

“She doesn’t even know who I am! I’m just a voice over a speaker to her,” the man said angrily. He hated doing this. “Beside, why would she trust me? I’ve been holding her in this prison for over a year now.”

“We won’t let her know it was you.”

“And why are you releasing her now? Tess will be returning soon with Max’s son and…”

“And she will be so out of it that nothing will matter except for trying to figure out what happened and why. That’s where you come in. I want you to occupy her time and make sure she stays away from Max and the others. Help her in her search to find out the truth,” the woman instructed. She smiled at her younger self. Hopefully everything would turn out well. “And in the end Max Evans’ will be the furthest thing from her mind.”

At least she hoped that was what would happen.

That, and hopefully their future wouldn’t turn out quite as grim as it originally had.

Okay, so it happened again. That awful thing called writers block overcame me. I was trying to work on She's the One, China Doll, Pyramid of Pain, and No Ordinary Love, but nothing was coming to me.

Now, if you don't like this I will just throw it out. BUT for now its what you get.

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Chapter 2

Sand flew up hitting the back of her legs as her bare feet hit the hard desert ground with each step she took. Rocks ground into her feet. Cactuses scratched her legs. Animals snatched out at her, trying to grab what they believed to be their next prey. She ran blindly through the trees, bushes, and other obstacles that stood in her way.

But she continued running.

After over a year and a half locked up in that cell she had finally escaped. The guards had gone to move her. It was a normal and usual occurrence.

However, unbeknownst to them, she had hidden one of the steak knives they had given her in her room. When an opportunity presented itself, she made her move.

She had threatened to kill herself, to kill them. To kill everyone as long as it meant she wasn’t locked up anymore. Death was better than living her life in a cell.

For eighteen months, two days and twenty-nine minutes she had lived in one cell after another. While she was never harmed, she hated what they had reduced her to.

Whoever they were.

But now she was free. The guards hadn’t put up much a fight. And she had fled.

She had run.

She had run as far as she could and even then she continued to. She didn’t care that she was in her bathrobe. She didn’t care that her body was fatigued from the drugs they had given her. She didn’t care that her feet were being torn apart by the ground beneath her.

At least there was ground beneath her feet.

It was the small thing she relished the most: the smell of the air and earth around her, the ground beneath her feet, the moon, stars, clouds, and anything and everything that reminded her of the life which now surrounded her.

While the people at the compound had not harmed nor tortured her, they had kept her from the little things in life.

She often wondered what her parents thought. Did they know that she had been kidnapped or did they think that she had simply taken off, never wanting to see them or anyone else again? Either way she missed them dearly. She missed everyone.

Well, not everyone.

Over the year and a half that had passed she couldn’t help but wonder if Max and Tess had embraced each other and their destiny. They had nothing standing in their way. She had been held captive, against her own will, and was positive that Max wouldn’t wait for her.

Not when he had his wife by his side, ready and waiting.

And Maria and Alex.

She missed them both so much. What had become of them? Was Alex still the quarky science and computer geek she knew him to be? Was Maria still the music-star that she always was?

Often when she thought about her parents she thought of Alex and Maria. They were like her brother and sister. Had they missed her? Had they searched for her, knowing that she would never simply take off.

Or maybe the captors had somehow made her disappearance look like a murder. At one point she knew they had taken some blood. Maybe they had used it to throw off the polices’ search. If there even was a police search.

She could feel her feet giving way. They ached and she was positive that there was blood coming from them.

But she had to keep going. She had to get as far away as possible.

With that thought fresh in her mind, her eyes darted to the landscape before her. She could just make out a roadway up ahead. The distance was hard to determine, but at least she could see it.

Using all the strength she left, she forced herself forward, unwilling to succumb to the drugs and the effects that came with them. No, she would not yield to them.

Just as she could feel her lungs collapsing and her feet sagging behind her, she reached the roadway. It was dark and desolate causing her to cry out in agony and pain.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. She didn’t even know where she was.

Her whole body was shutting down as she continued to force her body to reach the roadway. It was right in front of her. But everything inside of her was screaming for her to stop. She needed to rest. She needed to stop.

But more importantly she needed to get away.

Just as her body gave out she reached the actual pavement of the roadway. As soon as her feet hit the hard pavement she could feel her whole body lurching forward. It was the first time she had felt asphalt under her feet in over a year.

As her body fell to the ground she heard and saw the truck coming straight toward her. Her eyes grew wide as saucers as she fought to get up, praying that the driver would stop in time.

He was honking his horn in warning, but as hard as she tried she couldn’t pull her body up. She strived to roll over, but she was too worn out, too tired, and to scared to do anything.

And in the end, before she blacked out, the last thing she saw were the headlights of the truck as they grew closer and closer.


“She what! How could you let this happen?” The woman screamed in anger. The guards all ducked their heads in shame. They could tell she was angry.

“Which way did she go?” The woman’s partner asked, equally as crossly. He couldn’t believe that these morons had let their prisoner go. This was bad. This was beyond bad.

Originally they had planned to release her in a safe destination. Someplace where she couldn’t hurt herself or anyone else. And someplace where he could talk and befriend her. That way she wouldn’t be quite as hysterical as she would if she were simply placed back in her home.

Only now their plan was ruined.

“There was nothing we could do. She threatened to harm or even kill herself,” one of the guards answered. They had been ordered to not harm the prisoner. If they did they would be harmed far worse.

“Ok, if I know our subject then she will be heading toward Roswell, New Mexico. I want road blocks set up in every direction up to fifty miles out,” the woman instructed irritably. Sometimes she wondered why she had trusted these men to do this job. She knew she should have hired outside workers.

“And if she isn’t…”

“There is no, isn’t. She will be heading towards Roswell, New Mexico. She will be returning to her family. And we can’t have that,” the man responded, answering the agents question without even hearing it.

“Now stop asking questions and get a move on! And if you find, don’t harm her. I want her brought back to base 15,” the woman explained carefully, letting each and every agent and soldier know that she meant business.

With a quick nod and salute the soldiers and agents dispersed.

“What are we going to do? She’s drugged up, probably hysterical, and not even remotely ready to face the world. And if she reaches Roswell before we do then we’re screwed. You know she’ll go to Valenti and tell him everything,” the man snapped after everyone was gone except the woman.

“We have nothing to worry about. She won’t make it back to Roswell. And even if she did, we have damage control. No one has been the wiser that she has been gone. Beside, she doesn’t know a thing. Valenti isn’t even sheriff, so that won’t matter. And if she did go to the sheriff they would find the drugs in her and…”

“And throw her in jail for doing drugs! That’s just great.” The man threw his arms up in the air as he huffed and started walking toward his car. He couldn’t believe his partner sometimes. And he certainly couldn’t believe what they were doing.

“Alex! That isn’t fair!”

“No, Liz, none of this is fair! We aren’t god and we can’t pretend to be him,” Alex retorted angrily. Seeing the anguish in his friend’s eyes, he softened his features and stopped in original thoughts. “I know you wanted to save yourself from all the heartache that Max caused you, but Liz, you still hurt her-you. For the last year and a half you and I have been holding yourself in a cell.”

“Now wait one minute- we always made sure she was comfortable,” Liz protested.

“But she was still being held against her will. She’s lost and confused and doesn’t even know why she was being held prisoner. For all she knew it was one of Pierce’s men holding her, waiting to get revenge on her for what Michael did,” Alex reminded her. He could see the tears welling up in Liz’s eyes and it tore at his heart. “I know you thought you were doing what was best, but Liz, sometimes you just have to suffer through the worst to get the best.”

“She-I would have lost you. Alex, you are like my brother. You keep me grounded. And knowing that you were alive and well was the only thing that kept me alive when the other you died. I don’t even want to know what would have happened to her- I mean me- had I known you really were dead,” Liz cried. As soon as Alex opened his arms, she flung herself against him. It hurt her.

In the last year and a half she had experienced things that she believed no one should have to go through. Only, she had gone through them twice.

The first time it had been real. And this time it had merely been a play for everyone around her. She knew her lines so all she had to do was act.

“To go through what I did, I think she would have died. When I really lost you I felt a piece of me die as well. And to add the insult of Max and Tess…”

“But she still has to deal with it,” Alex reminded her.

“No. No, she doesn’t. Not as long as you are there, acting as her only means of support,” Liz insisted. Her eyes pleaded with Alex’s to understand. “No one will believe her. That’s where you come in. You play the sympathetic ear. You say that you believe her and promise to help her find out what happened. Max, Michael and Kyle will be too busy helping Tess to even notice.”

“And Maria?” Alex queried. He missed Maria.

“You can’t let her see you, otherwise everything will be ruined. Alex, everything has to go as planned. You help Liz- I mean, me- get back on her-my- feet until Max and Tess have returned to Antar, then you take off,” Liz explained. She and Alex had discussed the plan on numerous occasions, but sometimes even she had to hear it again to make sure it was true and right.

“And then what, Liz? I leave and hide for the rest of my life? What? Because at this point I don’t know,” Alex lamented. He hated this whole thing and the only reason he had agreed was because it was to help Liz. Though sometimes he wasn’t sure this counted as helping her.

“Then we return to the future…”

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Chapter 3

Faintly the world came to life. Sounds were a bit easier for her to register, but through her eyelids she could see a bright, almost blinding light.

The hum of the road beneath her was the first sound she really heard. Every few minutes she would hear a stray horn or music. At other points she would hear a loud thud. Other times she would hear a deafening beep followed by a string of words she couldn’t quite comprehend due to the static overtone.

When she attempted to open her eyes she was blinded by the brightness. Her pupils dilated drastically causing her to shut her eyes jerkily.

A groan slipped through her lips as her brain started to react to everything around her. Her whole body ached. Her head hurt. Her feet and lungs felt like they were on fire. And the rest of her body was freezing.

“Eh, you wake?” Fear coursed through the girl at the sound of the gruff, masculine voice. She had thought she had gotten away. She had prayed she had gotten away. But now it looked as though she had failed.

As soon as she tried to speak she found that her throat was parched, making it impossible to speak.

“Ere ya go,” the man spoke in a heavy Texan accent. He handed her a small flask of water. It was all he had and she readily accepted it.

They had never hurt her before, why would they start now?

After taking a few sips and forcing the liquid down her throat she found that she could finally get a few words to slip out of her vocal chords.

“Ya ooke?” His voice loud and it reverberated in her head causing her headache to intensify.

“Wh-wh… where am I?” The girl croaked. She could hardly even recognize her own voice. This caused her to wonder how long she had been out. Usually when they moved her they would give her some drug or another, causing her to black out and forget anything and everything. Often those black outs would last for three or more days.

“So ya cen speak,” the driver laughed, a big, hearty laugh. It scared her. “Whas yer name?”

“Oh god,” the girl clutched at her stomach as a tidal wave of nausea assaulted her. She tried to fight back the bile rising in her throat, but found it impossible. However, before she could vomit all over her surroundings she found a bag stuck in front of her. She quickly grabbed it and retched inside it. She could practically feel her stomach dislodging itself and rising up her throat, along with anything else that was left.

“That there wes a good one! Yee-haw!”

As soon as the words left his mouth the girl relaxed visibly. The guards and agents had never spoken in that manner. And at that revelation she forced her eyes open.

What she found scared her, but at the same time, it made her intensely happy.

She had gotten away. But to where?


Keeping a fair distance behind the truck, Alex drove carefully down the highway. There weren’t very many cars on the road, but he didn’t want to be spotted, especially because he had been trailing the truck for over two thousand miles thus far.

It hadn’t been hard to find Liz. After finding out the main direction in which she had run, Alex had then used the tracking device to give him an exact point as he had driven. It had taken him a little over an hour.

That was when he had seen the truck. After finding the driver he had paid the man to pick Liz up and bring her all the way down to Utah. The driver had eagerly agreed without any questions, especially with the money Alex was paying him.

As instructed Earl, the trucker, had picked Liz up. He hadn’t expected her to pass out for two days. He had stopped and asked Alex what he should do, and in response Alex had told him to pull over at the next motel. There they had stayed for a day. Alex remained with Liz watching over her and making sure that all her vitals were okay. All the while the trucker had slept in his room, waiting for his new employer to give him further instructions.

But now Alex wondered how Liz would react to seeing him in Utah. The other Liz, of two time lines ago had told him to tell this Liz that he was visiting one of his cousins. It was a legit excuse and one that he knew Liz would believe.

Of course she would probably be too distraught to even notice or care why he was even in Utah.

From Utah he would find another person he trusted to pick Liz up. Again he would follow, being careful not to be seen, but making sure that Liz was all right all along. The other Liz had instructed him to let Liz reach Roswell and react as she pleased. The drugs would still be traceable, but they had already set up to have one of their own doctors check her out and say that someone drugged her on her way back from Vermont- probably slipped something in her drink on the plane while she was going to the bathroom.

Afterwards, when everyone else turned away from Liz, unwilling to believe her, that was when Alex would make his move. He would be her friend and listen to her, giving her to encouragement that she needed, while occupying her time.

Together they would “find out” what had happened to her. All the while Max would be off with Tess and his son, running from the law. At least, that was what the other Liz had told him. In his time line Liz and Max had gotten married in Las Vegas at an Elvis Wedding chapel. The world had also ended fourteen years later.

And in the end, once she was so confused by all the clues they would drop for her, and once Max, Michael, Isabel, Jesse, Kyle and Tess were gone, he would leave as well. He would leave without a trace and return to his original time line while Liz returned to her own.

Alex just prayed that this time both Liz and the world could have a peaceful and long life.

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Ok, I think some people are confused. She's the One and China Doll weren't discontinued because of the fact that they didn't receieve feedback, I just couldn't write anymore of them. I tried to, but its too tasking and I want to concentrate on this and a few other of my older/newer fics.

The following fics will be continued: As Lovely as You, Pyramid of Pain, No Ordinary Love, and Movements in Still Life.