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Author's Note: For people who just started to read this, Coming Back For You is the sequel to this story below, Leaving You . Please read this One-Part-Story before you scroll down and read the sequel. Trust me! Read it! It's really good! *happy* Feedback Please? *happy*

Leaving You Part 1/1

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: What if Future Max never came? Will Liz leave Max? Alex never died!
Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!

Part 1
Liz's POV

I have been bombarded. Bombarded with the fact that Tess is Max's wife. Zan's Wife. Tess is his destiny. He's to be with her. Yet he's with me. He won't let me go. He loves me... I have this feeling inside of me. It speaks to me.

Leave him... He's not your destiny... He's Tess's...

I had to leave him... He needed to be with Tess. I knew he did. His mother said so at that cave. I hate her. I hate her for her. I hate her for being Max's destiny. I hate her for being Max's wife. I hate her for being the queen of Antar. I hate her for coming into my life. Into Roswell. I hate her... I wanted her gone. I needed her gone.

Everything was going great. Max and I were together. Everything was fine. Then she came. Barging into our lives. Into my life. Into our relationship. Why did she have to come?

I sometimes I wish I could be Max's destiny. His wife. His queen. But sometimes I also wish that he never healed me. Then I would be dead. Happy in heaven.

But then I would never know love. I would never experience it. I would never know what it's like to be with Max Evans. To kiss him. To hug him. To talk to him. To just be near him. I would've never known.

Amazing... How Max Evans changed my life with his hands. I sometimes still have a flash of myself getting shot run through my mind. A flash of Max running up to me. Healing me. Looking at me with love and pain and fright in his amber eyes. I remember the pain as the bullet lodged into my stomach. Blood flowing out of my petite body. Amazing how things changed so fast.

I held my leather journal in my tiny hands. The pages were wrinkled and once wet. Wet from all my tears. I poured out all my emotions and thoughts into this book. I would write in here everyday... Just like my Grandma... I run my fingers down the journal's leather cover. It's been with me every since I got shot.

I slowly open it. The pages making a slight crack sounds.

It's September 24th, I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. But then the really amazing thing happened. I came to life.

I flip through the pages. Making my way to a blank page. I slowly uncap the pen and placed the tip of my fresh new white page. The smell of paper and leather filled the air. I began to write. Write what I was feeling now. What I was thinking now. But it wasn't a journal entry. It was a letter. Letter to Max Evans...

I wipe my eyes as tears smudged the ink. I wipe the running ink with my sleeve. My fingers throbbed with pain. I ignored it. I had to finish this by today. I scribbled my name and closed it, placing a kiss on the cover of the journal. I left the journal on my bed with a note on top of it.

To Max Evans...

I open my parent's door. Taking one last look at them. I'm never coming back. I will miss them. I watch them cuddled up together. Breathing quietly. I walked slowly to them. I kissed them on their cheeks. They move, opening their eyes.

"Liz?"said my dad, waking up.

"Hey..."I said.

My mom squinted her eyes. I kissed them again on their cheeks, hugging them. I held back the tears. If they saw it, They would know that something was up.

"I love you guys..."

"Lizzy? What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong... Just wanted to tell you that I love you guys"

"Oh honey... I love you too"said my mom.

"And I love you too"said my dad.

"Go back to sleep..."I said, forcing a smile on my tight dry lips.

They smile at me one last time and went back to sleep. My mom buries her head into my dad's neck. Shielding her face. My dad hugs my mom with a smile on his face. I slowly went downstairs. I grabbed my jacket, leaving home. Leaving Roswell forever. I will miss my parents. Miss this place. Miss my friends. Miss my life here in Roswell. Miss Max.

I grabbed my stuff and left. Walking away. Running away. I hailed for a cab.

"The airport please..."

He nods and drives off. I roll down the window. I plop my arms against the rim and leaned my head against it. The wind blowing at my face. Blowing my hair. Making it fly everywhere. I took one last look at Roswell. I took in one last smell of Roswell.

Good-bye Roswell...

Max's POV

Liz's father drove to the desert, searching for me. He found me sitting by the lake. I was out, thinking. Thinking of a way to get Liz back into my life. For her to be with me. He put his hand on my shoulder and handed me a book. I ran my fingers on the cover, feeling the leather material under my fingers. I looked at him.

"What is it?"

He bites his lip and looks at me. Is that pain and sadness in his eyes I see? What's wrong? What's happening? What's going on? What...? He turned around and drove away in his car. What is this? I opened the book. It wasn't a book. It was a journal.

Liz's journal.

Why would Mr.Parker give this to me? I don't need this... I don't want this... I stood up, now leaning against my jeep. I began to read. Sometimes walking back and forth and sometimes leaning against the jeep.

After reading, I reached the last page. I looked at the sky. The sun was setting. Beautiful colors began to emerge. Blue. Pink. Purple. Red. Orange.Yellow. So many colors... I took a full breath of air.

I felt Liz's pain through her writing. Her suffering. Her sadness. Her fright. Her love. He happiness. I felt everything. What was going on? Why do I need this? Why am I reading this? This is private. It's was Liz's private secret thoughts. Private secret feelings. I looked at the sun set one last time and began to read the last page.

Dear Max,
If you're reading this, I'm already gone. Gone where? Just somewhere... You know, I never really showed how much I love you. I do. From the bottom of my heart. I love you more than life itself. I know we had our ups and downs and yet we stayed together. Because we loved each other so much.

Every since we saw that message from your mom at the cave, Things between us changed. You found out that you had a destiny. A destiny to be king. A destiny to free your people. A destiny with Tess.

I know you say you don't love her. But I know you do. You just never tried because I was there. There in your life. Keeping you from fulfilling your destiny. I was standing in the way of your path. So I left you at the cave, leaving you. Breaking up. I knew you were in pain. I was too. It was the hardest thing I had ever done in my whole life. To love someone and leave them. Leave them for another person.

I love you. I will forever. I won't forget you. Forget your touch. Forget your kiss. Forget your voice. Forget our love. Forget you. I won't. You were my first true love and you will always remain my first true love. Nothing will change that... I know you say you can't live without me. That I mean everything to you. I feel the same way. But something's aren't just meant to be. You should know that...

Now, I am doing another hard thing in my life. Doing you a favor. I'm leaving Roswell. I'm never coming back. Don't expect me back. Don't try to find me. You won't find me. Just be with Tess. You have no idea how hard it is for me to say that. What I want to say is you to be with me forever. But we both know that won't happen. Not when Tess is still here. Still your destiny.

I know we just started to become friends again. But sometimes you try to get back with me. Trying and never giving up. Well, I'm giving up on us. I just can't take this anymore. I can't take the pain anymore. My heart is broken. Shattered into little pieces. It can't be shattered anymore. It can't be broken anymore. I can't take it. I think if I get hurt next time, I might die. My heart hurts bad enough and I don't need anymore.

I need happiness in my life. I don't need the FBI in my life. I don't need Aliens in my life. I don't need all this fucking things in my life. I just want to be a normal teenage girl. A normal girl living her normal life. I want to fall in love again. I want to break up. I wanted to get married. I want to have children. I want to live in a house with white picket fence with my children. I want a dog too. I want what every girl dreams about. The perfect life.

I am thankful that you saved my life. That you kept me from dying that day in the Crashdown. But sometimes I'm not thankful. Sometimes I just wish you would've let me die. If I did, I wouldn't have to feel all this pain just to be with you. I would be in heaven somewhere. Living the perfect heaven life. But I am thankful... Thank you for saving my life.

You saved my life. I am thankful. But that was a long time ago. I will always be thankful that you saved me. But it's time for us to move on. Time for me to move on. What's done is done. I want out. I don't mean to bail on you guys when you still have enemies around you. But I just... I just want to live. I don't want to be scared out of my mind. I don't want to be captured and tortured. I don't want to be questioned. I don't want to be dead. Not now. Not yet.

You made me see things differently in life when you saved me. You gave me a second chance to live. A second chance... Now I am taking another chance. Another chance to live happily and have friends that won't be in danger. That I won't be in danger. That my children won't be danger. I don't need this life. I'm supposed to live another life. Without this on my shoulders.

Look, I love you more than you will ever know. I... Just be... Just forget about me and move on. Be with Tess. Like I said before, You will always be my first true love and nothing will ever change that. Nothing... Good-bye Max.

Elizabeth Parker

I felt the world fade before my eyes. Liz's words slowly blurred before my eyes. I felt stinging in my eyes. My body numb. Tears slid down my face. I crumbled to the ground. The journal dropping from my hands to the dusty sandy ground. I stared at the sunset, hugging my knees to my chest. My body shivered. My cries seem to echoed.

I move my eyes and stopped at the journal. The wind was flipping the pages of the journal. The sky was turning black. Stars appearing out of the sky. The sun disappearing. I just stayed like that. On the floor. With the wind flipping the pages. It made small flap sounds. The pages turning from the front to the back. And back to the front. My body shook violently as I cried more and more.

She was gone... Liz was gone... My love was gone... My soulmate was gone... She's gone from my life... Gone from me forever... Gone... Gone...

Damn you Tess! Why did you come into my life! Why! How could I ever fall in love with a person like her...!

Liz... Come back to me... Come back... I love you... I want you in my life. But she was gone. Gone... She's on her way to start a new life. She doesn't want me in her life. She wants me out of her life. She wants me to forget her. I could never forget her. She said she was doing me a favor. She wasn't... She's killing me instead...

"Liz... I love you... Come back to me... I love you!"

I fell to the ground, laying there like a mindless zombie. I'm dead now. Dead inside. I want Liz to come back. I just want her to be in my life. We don't have to be a couple. We could be friends. I just... I would just like to at least have her in my life then not have her in my life at all...

I will never forget her. She was my first true love. I was hers... How can you forget the one you love? I loved her ever since I stepped off the bus and saw her in 3rd grade. You can't... I can't... I refuse to forget her... I refused to... Never... Ever...

Elizabeth Parker, You destroyed my heart. But I still love you... I will always love you... Forever and Ever...

The End!
Feedback Please?

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Author's Notes:
Hi people! *happy* I am thinking about making a sequel for Leaving You.

Question is: Should I make it into another One Parter Sequel or You want Parts?

When I hear your opinions if it's a One Parter or Parts, I will write up a new part as quickly as I can.

As some of you know, I'm the author of You Make Me Happy.
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I'm still going to write that and this one too.

Leaving You will stay a one parter! The sequel is still unsure!

Thank you for your time! *happy*

*~Kylie a.k.a. Little Liz~* *bounce*

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Hey guys. Long time no talk right? *happy* Sorry about that. I got held up in writing new parts to You Make Me Happy. I've fixed and wrote Part 1 to the Sequel of Leaving You...

Do you want a sneek peek of the sequel to my story Leaving You? I'm still not sure about the title... Do you have any suggestions? *happy* Below is a sneek peek of Part 1.

Sneek Peek of Part 1


I'm flying.... I'm dead... I'm going to see heaven...

Then I am dropped.


"Michael! He's not getting up!"

"Wait, He will..."


"Michael! Stop it! He's going to die! You're killing him!"


"He's only killing himself Isabel!"




I know... Too short. LOL. xP I won't start to post the sequel parts until I finish writing You Make Me Happy which is almost done.

I might start posting in 3-5 weeks. I'll try to hurry up and post it ok? I'll give you a Sneek Peek of Part 2 when I come around and finish it! *happy*

Reply to this note please! *happy* I still want to know if you people still want to read the sequel to this cause if not, I won't write and post the sequel. Bye Bye! *happy*

Any questions? Just ask....

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Coming Back For You Part 1

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 1
Max's POV

"Max... Please get out of bed"

I don't respond. My eyes glued to the ceiling.

The songs of Counting Crows filled the room. Bouncing off each wall and back. Back to my ears.

I laid still. Still like the mindless zombie I was. The same as if I was still at the desert that day.

That horrible day. That sad day. The day I died... Outside and Inside... Body and Mind...

The door clicks open. Footsteps echoes. Mixing together with the music.

"He's still not moving?"

I hear Isabel clean up my room. Her hands softly picking up the dust that formed into webs in my room.

"No... He does this everyday! He's been doing this for the last three months Michael!"

Three months? Was it that long? Was I still alive?

I thought it was 5 years... No, Longer than that.... I thought I was dead....


I don't respond. I never respond to them. I just lay in my bed all day, staring up into space. No... Staring up at my ceiling....

"That's it Maxwell! Isabel, Run the bathtub!"

Isabel's heels click against the tile floor. I felt Michael's warm large hands on my body. I'm lifted up.

I'm flying.... I'm dead... I'm going to see heaven...

Then I am dropped.

Am I not going to see heaven? Maybe hell? Yes, Hell... I don't care where I go... I'm dead already... Why I-....

I feel gravity pulling me down. No, Was that Michael's hand? I drown. My body slick. My face pulled down. I hold my breath.

1 .... 2 .... 3 .... 4 ....

My face turns blue. My lungs screams for air. My fingers bended back. It burns. My lungs burns....

5 .... 6 .... 7 .... 8 ....

"Michael! He's not getting up!"

"Wait, He will..."

9 .... 10 .... 11.... 12 ....

My body slowly seems to float up. Michael's hand pushes me down. His hand burning into my chest.

"Michael! Stop it! He's going to die! You're killing him!"

13 .... 14 .... 15 .... 16 ....

I hear her screams from below.... Below this world....

Is this how the fish feels like? How the whales? The sharks? All the water animals?

I hear the rustling from below.... I hear them talking from under the water.... Under this place.... This place where I can die....

"He's only killing himself Isabel!"

17 .... 18 .... 19 .... 20 ....

My lungs burn. It feels like it exploded. My nose screams to breathe in something. My mouth threatening to open. My fingers bended back more, cracking.


21 .... 22 .... 23 .... 24 ....

My eyes tear up. Then their washed away by the water. My body forming goosebumps. The water pounding and washing against my body.

Michael's hand keeps me down. His nails digging into my chest. It burns. I know it burns. My body is numb now. I know how it feels. It burns.

25 .... 26 .... 27 .... 28 ....

My eyes slowly close. I feel the world slipping from my fingers. My life leaving my body. My spirit struggling to fly out of my body. Am I seeing my spirit? Why am I so blue?


My eyes clamp shut. My lips turning blue. My fingers slowly uncurl. My body strength weakening....

29 .... 30 .... 31 .... 32 ....

Then my eyes and mouth burst open. The oxygen forms into bubbles, rising to the top quickly. My brown eyes glows and looks at the world from below. It shakes and glows from my eyes.

"AHHH!"screams Isabel.

Michael's hand disappears from my chest, now only pulling me up. Is that Isabel's hands too?

I hear the Counting Crow songs again. I slowly breathe in the oxygen. My chest slowly rising. My heart beating slightly. It's starting to come alive again. I don't gasp for air. I breathe normally as if nothing happened.

The water running down my hair and face. The water splashes. Why did they lift me up? I want to die... Nothing's here for me... I have nothing to lose... Not anymore... I have nothing in life for me... Nothing that is a reason for me to stay... To live...


I can't move my eyes. It's glued in it's place. My eyes are not longer in my control. My eyes are dead yet I still see.

"Michael... He's been like this... Ever since... Ever since Liz left..."

My eyes move slightly at the name.

I can't stand to hear the name. I can't stand to say the name. I can't stand to see the name. I can't stand to write the name. I can't stand the name...


I spit at the name.

"Did he just spit?"

"Oh my god! He spited!"

Did I spit? I didn't even realize it... Is my tongue working? Is my mouth opened? My throat is dry and rough like sandpaper. So is my skin. My skin cracks slightly.

"Isabel... He spitted at the name Liz"

I spit again. My dry cracked lips pinches together, turning white. My eyes burst into flames with anger. My fingers bend again.

"Oh...."says Isabel, understanding.

I feel their hands on my body, lifting me up out of the water.

No... I want to stay here... In that place... Under the water... I want to live in the water.... Where I lay down below... And stare up into the world... Where there's no pain down there.... No words.... No sounds.... Nothing....

The water slides away from my body.

Just like Liz sliding away from you....

No.... Liz didn't leave me... She's still here... Here in Roswell. She's with me. She never left me. Never! I refuse to believe it! I refuse to! I refuse too... It's too hard to face the truth. I don't want to live with the knowledge that Liz is gone. That she left. Left because of me.

I feel my eyes sting again. Only this time there was more pain. More tears. My dry eyes slowly to moisten up again.

"Is that a tear? He's crying...."

I felt a rough tissue wipe them away. Then my hands quickly snapped up. Grabbing Isabel's smooth skinny wrist. I moved....

"OH!"yells Isabel, scared.

"NO....!"I growl.

My eyes glare into hers. My eyes bursting into flames of anger again. Then it's all gone. My hand dropped back down to my side. Into it's original state. My eyes slowly move back into it's original position.

I was alive for a second....

Now I am dead again....

Should I Continue? Sorry, it look so long. I just finished my other fanfic, You Make Me Happy. No Feedback, No Story.

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Coming Back For You Part 2

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 2
Liz's POV

"Beth.... Don't make me kick you out of bed"

Kick me? Hell, I'll kick you.... Wait, I can't even move. I'm dead.

"What Eileen?"

"You're going to be late for party!"

What party? I'm in no mood for a party.... I just want to lie here and be sad.

"Fuck party..."

"Wow... Goodie Two Shoe Beth Parker cursing?"

Stupid bitch.... Can you understand that I need time alone? This is the same date I left Max. The day I left my life. The day I left everything. The day Liz Parker died. The day Beth Parker was born.

I feel Eileen kick me gentely in my legs.


She stops and stares at me with widen eyes. Her mouth drops open like she had lava in her mouth.

"You have to get out of bed... You mope and wallow all day long!"

She flicks her hair and leaves. I bury my head into my soft green pillow. How did I make it through this long without contacting anyone in Roswell? Without Max? I have this feeling in my gut. A Regret feeling...

I regret leaving Max.

But it was the thing to do. It was the right thing to do.... Right? If I went back now, I would just be standing in the way of Destiny right now. I can't go back... I just can't... I probably see him with Tess.

Him kissing Tess. Him talking to Tess. Him touching Tess. Max and Tess together. Just him and Tess....

I have a haunting dream everynight. It starts with Max talking to me. I normally would smile at his voice. But not anymore. His voice brings me tears. His voice kills me.

You don't understand.... I love his voice... His voice brings me great joy... Just listening to his voice.... His voice doesn't bring me tears. It's what he's saying.

He laughs at me. Saying... Oh god... Saying... Why's this so hard?

I can't even stand what he says to me. To hurt me. To make me cry. To make me want to crumble and die. Right there. Right at that moment.

I feel the wind against my body. It pushes my hair and dress. Making them fly. The green leaves seem to dance around me. The trees singing. The clouds forming cute shapes like a heart or a star.

A smile formed on my face. I felt him. His presence. It's warm and soft. Like home. He would speak to me. The wind carries his voice to me. It sings to me.


"Max...."I whisper back.

Out of the blue, he appears. With a smile on his face. His arms wide open. My feet runs to him. I want to run into his arms. To feel home. To feel him around me. To just feel him. Smell him. Touch him. Then he uses his powers, forming a shield. I fall, hurt.

"Max?"I ask, confused.

"You think I want you? I don't want you!"

I crumble to the ground.

"I don't understand...."

"You did do me a favor Parker! You showed me my destiny! My true love! I can't believe all those wasted years with you! Tess is everything I need and I don't need you!"

I watch Tess appear out of nowhere. Her arms slowly slipping around his strong waist. He turns his head, looking into her eyes with a smile.

That's how he looked at me.

But now he was look at Tess... I watch them embrace and kiss like there was no tomorrow.

That's how we use to kiss.

"I love you Tess Hardling... Would you marry me?"said Max, getting on his knees.

Tess looks at me with such evil and smiles.

"What have I done?"I would say quietly.

I hate my dreams. I hate to dream this dream. I hate this. I hate to sleep. Sleep only brings me more pain. I can't handle it anymore.... I hate sleep so much.... That would explain the dark black bags under my eyes.

I want to pull the plug... Yes, Suicide. It's better to be dead than alive. Alive.... When I'm alive, I feel nothing but pain. Dead.... You feel nothing. Like the bible says... In eternal life there is no death, sickness, enemy, evil or sin.

God says suicide is a sin. Fuck that.... I don't know what to believe in anymore. God says there are no such thing as aliens. People say if there are, They are from Satan.

Max from Satan? Isabel from Satan? Michael from Satan? Tess from Satan? Ok, Tess from Satan is true. But that's another thing.

Jeez.... I want to pull the plug. But yet I can't. Something is holding me back. Holding me back from killing myself. From ending my life. Liz sucks for me now.

I left Roswell to want to live a happy normal life. To break-up. To be in love. To have children. To live in a house with a white picket fence. Now look at me....

I have none of those things. I haven't dated. I haven't had any children. I don't live in a house but in a dorm with no white picket fence. I left Roswell to live like a normal happy girl. Happy? Am I happy now? Fuck No! I am a sad messed up wallowing girl.

I left Roswell for nothing. But I can't go back. I promised myself I wouldn't go back to Roswell. I wouldn't. I'm not going to break down. I won't crack. I won't.

Will I?

I move my wet red eyes. The journal. No, Not the same journal. A different one. It screams at me to write in it. I grab it, My arm cracking. I flip it open. This is all too

"Journal Entry #1. I'm Beth Parker. I am now officially a runaway. I ran away from my problems and life. Ran away to start a new life. Where I am unknown. Where I am Beth Parker. Where there are no FBI's. Where there are no danger. Where I am a question mark. [ ? ] Where I can be a new girl in a new town that I have never seen or heard before.

Here's a quick profile of me. Beth Parker. 109 pounds. Yes, 109 pounds. I lost a lot of weight ever since I ran away. Brown eyes. Which now there is no life in them anymore. Brown hair. Dull dry damaged hair. Petite. Short, Small body, and most important... Small breasts. Smart. I was one of the top kids in my old high school. Goodie Two Shoes. I follow the rules. Bad Ass. I break the rules. In jail once. I robbed a store. Knew the Sheriff. Dated his son and had a connection to get out of something bad. Wear clothes that cover my body. I hate showing my cleavage... What? I don't even have breasts. What is there to show?

This is me. Beth Parker.

I stare at the sloppy handwriting. I recognize that handwriting. It's Liz Parker's. NO! It's Beth Parker's. Beth Parker. That's me. You call me Beth and I won't answer. I won't recognize that name. But that is my new name. Beth Parker. I flip the white lined page.

"Journal Entry #2. I'm Beth Parker and I miss him. I truely do. I love him. I left him. I broke his heart. I miss him so much. My heart aches with pain. I seem to feel hungry anymore. All I think about is him. 24-7! Whatever I do or see or hear, I think of him. Almost everything reminds me of him. No.... Everything does remind me of him. I saw a bottle of Tabasco sauce at my job. I'm a waitress. Ain't that ironic?

I see alien costumes for Halloween. I see jeans. I see sweaters. I see neckalaces. All those things connect to him. Everything connects to him. Even condoms! He has one in the back of his pocket in his wallet. I'm a obsessive freak! But what can I say? I love him....

I gotta start to eat. I'm 100 pounds now. I lost 9 pounds. Lost 9 pounds in a week. Is that even possible? No, it's not. But I did. I made a world record....

I'm 97 pounds now. Talk about skinny! I'm a skinny freak now. There is no fat in my body now. It looks like my bones are sucking the fat all up until they reach just nothing but plain skin. Woah.... Deja Vu. I skip through some pages and stopped.

"Journal Entry #16. I'm Beth Parker. A guy asked me out. His name is Brad. He's a nice guy. Nice. Cute. Gentlemen. Smart. Brunette. Challenge. And defiently not a Class Clown. Woah! Deja Vu again. Too many deja vu's. Here's our conversation.

Brad [ B ]: Hey Beth!

I kept walking. Still not recognizing the name Beth.

B: Beth!

I stop and turn around. Finally remembering Beth is my name. My new name. Beth Parker. That's me. Yep. I'm Bath Parker. Not Elizabeth Parker. Not Liz Parker. Just Beth Parker.

Beth [ L ]: Oh sorry.... Hey Brad right?

B: Right... Yeah... Hey, I was wondering if you would like to.... Um.... If you would like to go out with me sometimes?

L: Oh... Look Brad, Your a nice guy and all but I'm.... I'm just not in the mood for a committed relationship right now....

B: Oh...

L: Maybe we could just be fri-

B: Friends....

L: Right....

B: I understand... I get it... Ok um.... Bye Beth. See you around campus.

L: Bye Brad....

Then he just left. I just stood there, wanting to kick myself. He was the exact guy I wanted. But he reminded me too much of him. You know... Him.... Damn! I fucking leave him and he's still in my life somehow, messing it all up! Arg.....

I felt guilty that day. I broke his poor heart. I knew he liked me. He would stare at me in class. Just like.... Oh god... Even Brad reminds me of him!

I feel my eyes water up. I try to hold them back but I can't. They flow like a waterfall. Non-stop and forever running. Lay me in a tub and I would drown myself. Or I could just do it the easy way. Run the water and drown myself.

I flip to a fresh new page. I run my fingers down the page like I did with my old journal. That was with him now. That belonged to him now.

"Journal Entry #21. I'm Beth Parker and here I wallow. Wallow everyday. Just lie in bed and mope around. Tissues seem to like flow out of the trash can than me throwing them in. Tissues box seem to fly to me. They seem to sense me crying. I do that everyday. I'm a water faucet. My body liquid must be low. I cry everyday. Every hour. Every minute. Every second. 24-7 you can say.

I'm 97 pounds. I have been eating. Like one bite of a pizza. I stopped drinking water. I can't stop drinking coke and coffee. I must be addicted to the caffine. It keeps me up all night. Not that I want to sleep. I try to go on life without sleep. The black bags under my eyes grow bigger each day. It's a sack now. It hangs like the breasts of a 90 year old woman. But without the nipples and the bags are black. It sags down.

I would hear my stomach growl. I ignore it. I don't eat. It goes away in a minute or two. If it hurts... Well, Here comes the Tylenol train! I have to go now.... The water is leaking now... Well, You know what I mean... Water as in my eyes leaking with tears. Fuck. Bye.

Nothing goes on in my life. It's boring. It's hell. It's been hell ever since I left. Ugh.... I can't stand myself. I can't stand life. My mind literally screams at me with words. Words like.... Like....

Knife. Water. Rope. Pills. Drugs.

It screams these things at me. It tries to help me kill myself.

I hear Maria's voice in my head sometimes. She says that I'm stronger than I think.

Am I? Stronger than I think? I hope so. I hope so....

I wonder what Max is doing right now. What he's feeling right now. What he's wearing right now. What's he saying right now. What he smells like right now. I wonder....

I have to stop thinking about him. If I don't, I will never move on. I will always mope and wallow. Oh yeah... I thought wallowing would make you fat. I just keep getting skinny. I'm going to die of starvation or dehydration or suicide.

Starvation. - Just don't eat anything.

Dehydration. - Just don't drink any fluids.

Suicide. - Kill yourself. Knife. Drugs. Water. Rope. Anything sharp or Anything that will kill you.

Nice choices.... What are the choices again? Oh yes....




Which one will it be?

Thanks for the feedback for Part 1! *happy* Now it's that time again! Should I Continue? Feedback Please?

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Coming Back For You Part 3

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Note: In Season Two of Roswell in Episode Skin & Bones, The part where Max visits a Psychologist... That never happened in this story ok? *happy*

Part 3
Max's POV

Let me die. Please let me die. Just let me die. Just let me rot here in my bed. Leave me alone and let me die in peace.

No, I will never be in peace. Until I have Liz back in my life.


I want to cringe. But I can't. I stay still.

"Max? It's me Tess"

My body is a temple. No. My body is a lifeless dead body.

"Speak to me"

I need to speak. No I don't. No one can force me. I haven't talked ever since she left. Why should I talk now?

"Max... Would you just stop this already? Liz is gone! LIZ IS GONE! She left you for god sakes! She doesn't want you anymore. She left for the sake of us. She knew we had a destiny. She left so we could fulfill our destiny. Why can't you move on like she has? WHY?"

Her screams don't affect me. Her words don't affect me. When she talks... All I hear is Blah Blah Blah Blah!

"You need to get on with life"said Tess, touching my face and then my chest.

My hands snap up and I sit up.


Isabel and Michael both come into my room quickly. I drop back down onto the bed, going back to what I was doing before. What I was doing for these three months.

"Tess... I think you should leave"said Isabel.

Yeah, Leave Tess! Get out of here. Get out of Roswell. Get out of my life. Go back to Antar.

"I will not leave my husband here!"

Husband? Shit.

"Tess! Isabel's right! You should leave! Max will only get worse with you here. With you near him. You are the reason why Li-... Why she left."

"Michael! Say her name! Liz! Liz! LIZ!"

I sat back up and slapped her. She gasps and holds her cheek. She stands up and I follow. Is that dust coming off my body?

"Don't you say her name like it's nothing!"

I slammed her against the wall. Michael holds me back.

Thank you Michael.

If he hadn't held me back, I think... I think I might have killed her. Killed her with my own two bare hands.

"Get out of here you bitch!"

"I will not Max! Liz moved out! You have to move on! I am your wife whether you like it or not!"

"I don't like it! I don't want you to be my wife! Nor my destiny! Liz is my destiny! She is my wife! My love! My true soulmate! My everything! You were the one who came crashing into our lives! You mindwarped me! You made me think of nasty thoughts! Me and You together! Kissing! Touching! Sex! I don't want you! Can't you see that? I don't want you and I don't want to move on!"

I feel my legs weakening. I haven't eaten. My body is weak. I'm so skinny. I'm losing my muscles. I'm becoming a skinny geek. A weakling. I crumble to the floor. Michael and Isabel catch me.


They slowly lean me against the wall. Why couldn't you move me back to my bed? I try to calm down and breathe.

"Max, Careful..."said Isabel.

"I haven't seen him move or talk this much since... you know"said Michael to Isabel.

Isabel nods with a worried look in her face and eyes. Her lips tighten, turning white.

"Max... Why don't you come downstairs and eat?"

I slowly nod my head. They lift me up, helping me down the stairs to the table. They cook me pancakes, steak, and brings me fruits and milk.

I felt my body shut down again. My eyes turning back to dead.

"Max... Not now... You were just getting better a few minutes ago"said Isabel.

Too late. I lost control of my body. Isabel fed me the food. Michael used his powers to clean my body without actually using water and removing my clothes. I don't stink anymore.

Tess walks down the stairs and into the kitchen as if nothing has happened.

"Bitch"I said while chewing my apple.

She stared at me as if I was ok. I'm not ok.

I want Liz back. She's alive. She's out there somewhere. Somewhere... Living the life she wanted. Love. Children. A house with a white picket fence.

That day she left, I read her journal to me over and over again. I memorized the whole journal. I remember all the lines. I remember everything. I didn't leave out a single word. Not even a "A" or a "The" or a "Or" or etc. I know everything by heart. Because Liz is my heart. This is her writing. This is her. This is another way of how I can remember her.

Another way of her.


Liz Parker.

The door clicks open.

"Isabel? Max?"

"Michael! We can't let my mom and dad see Max like this!"hissed Isabel.

"They see him like this everyday!"

"But he was in bed and he looked like he was sleeping"

Too late. Dad and Mom walks in and sees me.

"Max... I finally see you and You're not in bed"

Haha... What a fool... No... Make that fools. I don't respond.


Shut your mouth mom. My face is emotionless. My eyes gave nothing away.

"Philip... I'm worried about Max. He doesn't respond nor talk. He doesn't eat. He looks like hell!"cries Nancy.

Jeez mom... Don't get your knickers in a twist. She kneels in front of me.

"Max... Are you ok? Are you on drugs? Are you depressed? Are you in a money crisis? Whatever it is, We can help honey"

Get Liz back. If you want to help me, Get Liz back to me.


I stare at her like she's crazy.

"That's it Max... You leave me no choice! You don't respond to your mother nor your sister and your friends nor me! You are going to see a Psychologist!" yelled my dad.

Do they have a bed for me to lay in?

They literally kick me into the car. Jeez... Don't be so mean. They shove me into a building and into some dude's office.

"Hello Max. Mind if I call you Max?"

No respond.

"Ok... I feel as if you've buried something. Your parents are concerned about you, Max...deeply concerned. Max, I want you to know that however unique you think your problems may be, there are millions of teenagers out there going through exactly what you're going through right now. Let me assure you, this is all normal teenage stuff. Can you try and tell me what's been going on?"

I stare at him like he's crazy. I wonder how many same fucking speech he gave to his patients? Why am I here?

"Well, I guess the natural place to start is...that I'm an alien...a hybrid, actually. You know, human DNA mixed with alien DNA...that kind of thing. Oh, I almost forgot. My sister Isabel and our friend Michael are also a little green around the gills. We didn't know where we came from, who sent us, or why. For the past 10 years, we've been aging much like humans, but clearly there are differences. From the beginning we had the instinct to keep this to ourselves, to hide in plain sight. Then one day last fall, everything changed. The 6 of us were connected by the secret we shared. There was also Tess, a hybrid like us...part human, part alien. And then there was Nasedo. He's a shapeshifter...which means he can take on any human form, a skill that could really come in handy since there were people out there who would do anything to find us. "

I stare at the gray marble floor. I'm so bored here. Why am I talking to this freak who acts like he cares about my fucking problems?

"Oh yeah, Did I tell you? Liz, the girl I healed, left me. She just left me a letter in her journal. She just left me. She went somewhere. I don't know where. She said she wanted to get away from me and all this danger. She wanted to be a normal teenage girl. Funny thing is if she wanted to be normal, She should've stopped me from saving her that day at the Crashdown. She has no idea how much I love her and how much she killed me when she just left like that. Now Mr. Whatever Your Name Is.... Can you tell me that all teenagers have this same problem?"

"Max? Max! Max, don't you have anything to say? Anything at all?"

My head snaps up. Wasn't I talking? Oh... It was all in my head. I don't respond to him.

I am a wall.

I am a brick wall.

I am a brick wall that was covered in concrete.

I am a brick wall that was covered in concrete and wallpaper.

I am a brick wall that was covered in concrete and black wallpaper.

I am a brick wall that was covered in concrete and black wallpaper that says "I Will Tell No One" .

I am a brick wall that was covered in concrete and black wallpaper that says "I Will Tell No One" and "I Love Liz Parker and Want Her Back" .

Fuck this...

I am just a plain wall.

I am a wall.

I hear his watch beep. He smiles and helps me out of the couch.

Can I stay here and die here?

He leads me outside. I slowly sit down on a worn out chair that was losing it's color.

"Mr. and Mrs. Evans?"

"Yes?"said Diane, getting up.

"He's not talking"

"What? He's not talking at home anyways"

"Have you thought about-"

His voice faded out.

My life's gotta change. I gotta forget about Liz.

Woah.... Where the fuck did that come from?

Forget about Liz. Start a new life. Be stronger. Be a wall. Be just like Michael before everything got out of hand.

Should I?


Is this the devil talking?


Is this me talking?


So I should forget about Liz?


Yes. Yes... Yes.... I let out a small smirk.

Like I can forget about Liz Parker. My love. My first love. My true love. My first kiss. My first girlfriend. Yeah, I can just forget about her. I resist the urge to roll my eyes.

Should I continue? Feedback Please? Good, Bad, or Tips. Anything! Just Feedback Please?

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Coming Back For You Part 4

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me! I also don't own anything of the book "Learning To Swim" by Ann Turner.
Part 4
Liz's POV

Ugh.... I lay here in my cold bed in my dark scary room. Reading a poem from a book. Learning to Swim by Ann Turner. It's a sad book. I read a certain poem over and over again. Over and Over again. The way I feel is in this poem. Well, almost.....

I have a knife
in my hand, slicing
beef on the willowware
plate, and I cut harder,
faster, thinking it
is your pink neck
under my blade
and I am cutting you into little pieces
that I will bury
in the meadow
when there is no moon
and no stars.

I don't actually want to kill Max. But sometimes I do. I would always think that if he hadn't saved me, I would not suffer like this. I could've been in heaven. Maybe even as an angel. Maybe see God. Maybe experience heaven.

I hate this. I slowly walk to the bathroom. Feeling the damn cold tiles under my hot feet. The floor's sticky. It clings to my feet. I stare at myself in the mirror.

Black bags. Skinny. Ugly. Dull.

I reach out for the knob. I slowly turn it. The sound of water echoes into my ears. I placed my hand under the running faucet. I let it stay there. My hand turns cold. Numb. I could cut it and not feel anything for a second or two.

I slowly cupped my hands, bending my back. My face near the running water. I let the water fill my cupped hands, splashing the cold numbing water onto my hot sweaty face. I turn back the knob. Wiping my face on an old towel. The colors faded. It wasn't soft anymore. It was hard. The edges were broken.

I walk back out and fell onto the bed. My pillows jumping. My blanket jumping. My dolls jumping. My science book falls to the ground with a loud thud. That's the sound. That could be the sound of me falling on the floor.

I slowly reach my hand out, hoping to find Max there. Wanting to feel him. Wanting to smell him. Wanting him.

I sometimes hate him. I sometimes love him.

I retrieve my hand back, clutching it to my chest. I want to feel Max's lip on my temple. On my lips. On my neck. On my body. I want to feel Max's hands in my hair. On my face. On my body. On my legs. Everywhere. I want the whole Max package deal now. Later, I will hate him for doing this to my life. I gave up so much for him. So much. Too much.

I am tempted to call Maria. To ask her what she was doing. How life was going for her. The most important of all... Is to apologize. For not contacting her. For not telling her. For leaving her.

I want to call Alex and do the same. I want to call everybody else except Max and Tess.


I hate her. She destroyed my life. My true destiny. My relationship with Max. She destroyed us. This was all her fault. I hate her. Why did she have to come to Earth? I have dreams sometimes. Of killing her.

I stare at the rock. It seemed to rise up. Never stopping. Till it reached the sky. The dark blue sky. With sparkling stars. The rising moon. The clouds drifting away. I placed my hand on the top rock. Closing my eyes. Hoping it will work. I hear rumbling. I opened my eyes. It worked. The cave door opened.

I slowly walked in. My heels clicking against the unusual floor. Colors seemed to dance everywhere. It was a blue-ish silver-ish color floor. The walls were the same. I walked inside. Feeling the stuffy air trying to pull me down to the floor. To this cold metal-like floor.

I gripped the metal bat in my tight hand. The cold slowly disappearing. Replacing it with heat from my hand. I walk and then stop. I see the pods. The hybrid pods. The green outer layer protecting them from coming out. The yellowish greenish liquid inside the pod. Making these royal four's hair and body float.

I slowly brought my other hand, that one gripping the bat. I swung it back and slammed it. Nothing happens. No crack. Only a loud sound. I raised it back and brought it down harder than the first time.


The green layer cracks. I see a small red light go off on top of this pod. I raised it again, bringing it down harder. I did this nonstop. Without stopping for air. Ignoring my body whose in pain. I hit it over and over again. I need to break it. I need to kill it. Another crack echoed.


The crack grew bigger. I brought it down one last time, finally listening to my body. The layer broke. The liquid pouring out. It ran past my shoes. In search of finding more ground to wet. The small 6 year old body slumped out. It hit the cold metal-like ground with a thud. The blonde curls bounced.

I reach out a hand to touch the body. I rubbed my hand up and down it's white pale arm. Then the eyes opened. I stumble back a step. It stared at me with it's cold blue icy eyes. It stared at me in confusion. It stood up and took a step towards me. Reaching out for me with it's tiny hands. It wants me to hug it. No... It's not that innocent.


I brought the bat down on it.

Crack. Bang. Crack. Bang. Crack.

The body fell to the ground. It's chest rising up and down. The eyes staring at me. With fury. With anger. I brought the bat back down on it. It stopped moving. Stopped shaking. Stopped looking at me. Stopped breathing. It's eyes closed. It's chest stopped moving. It's fists uncurled. Leaving an open hand. As if asking for something.

The sounds of bones cracking echoed. Running. Bouncing. In this room.

It didn't deserve to live. It needed to die. I finally stopped hitting it with the bat. Blood flowed out of the tiny body just like the liquid before. Only this time, The blood was more thicker. It ran past my shoes again. I walked. Leaving bloody footprints behind.

I dropped the bat on the floor with a clang. I bent down. Touching the blood with my hand. It's warm blood flowed like a thick syrup water. It covered most of my hand. My hair clung to my face in sweat. My sweat soaking my clothes. Revealing myself.

The blood called out to me. Screaming at me. It said I was a murderer. That I killed the Queen of Antar. That I killed someone important. It seemed to haunt me. Scaring me. I stand my ground. Nothing could get past my wall. Except when it came to Max.

I slowly walked and slumped down. Running my hand across the outer layer of Max's pod. Blood smeared it a bit.

"No... No... No.... No!"

I wiped my bloody hands on my pants. I used my sweater sleeve to wipe the blood smears on Max's pod. Blood blocked him. I couldn't see him with all this blood. I wiped and wiped. Then it was better. I was able to see him. Blood was still there but better than before. He floated in there peaceful. He looked like to be sleeping. I brought my lips to the layer, kissing it. Some of the blood landing on my lips. I wiped the blood away.

"I love you Max.... I did this for your own sake.... For us...."

I leaned my head against the pod. I would do anything to have this relationship work between Max and I. I would do anything. Anything.

You know what I just did?

I killed Tess.....

I would wake up sweating. Burning. I would look at my hand. I thought I would see red blood on it. But it was only the shadow of my head or hair. I couldn't tell if it was red or black.

The dreams still haunt me. Still scream at me. Confronting me. The blood would form into it. It would stare at me again and reach out towards me. Then I would have the whole dream again. I would hit it with my metal bit. Hit it over and over again. Till it was dead. Till I saw blood. Till it was gone. Gone from my scared brown eyes.

Sorry it took me so long! I was going to post yesterday but my Mom dragged me to one of my church member's house to eat dinner. :( I'm going to post the next part by this Wednesday and Thursday! Should I continue? Feedback Please! *happy*

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Coming Back For You Part 5

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 5
Max's POV

I'm up. Out of bed. I need to shave. I grab the razor. Shake the shaving cream can. Apply. Shave. I hear the tiny sounds of my hair getting cut off.


I ignore Isabel. I gentlely place the razor down and wash off my cream. Then I flinged my hand. Cutting my wrist by accident. I stare at the blood. Slowly flooding out. It slides around my wrist and slowly drips to the floor.

The bloody red blood staining the eggshell titles.

The razor clangs to the ground. I touch the blood, rubbing it between my fingers. I run under the faucet. The transparent water turns red. Like that Mummy movie. All liquid turned into blood. This feels good.


I close it and dabbed my towel on my wounded wrist. I open the door and walk past Isabel. She grabs my wrist. I wince in pain.

"Why is there blood on the floor? Oh my god! What happened to your wrist?"

I roughly pull my wrist back, holding it. I push her out of my room and locked the door. Knowing that she will use her powers to come in, I melted the lock. She bangs against the door.

"Max! Let me in!"


I strip my old clothes off and got into new fresh clothes. I opened the window and got into my jeep. Driving off.

"MMMMMAAAAXXXX!"screams Isabel as she ran.

Trying to the jeep. I ignored her. I drove off. The engine roaring. The speed. Faster and Faster. No knowing where I was going. Just driving. Getting away from here. From this hell hole.

I feel the wind whip my hair from side to side. My clothes flapping against my body. My eyes squinted as the wind hit me. My eyes dry. My mouth dry. My ears red. My hands cold.

I see dirt flying past and through my jeep. It seemed to want to suck me into it's dust tornado. I look up into the darkening sky for a brief moment. The moon was out. Trying to shine through the clouds.

I was going to change. I don't know how I will survive without her touch. Without her scent. Without her love. Without her. I needed to forget about her.

I don't want to.

But I have to. She ruined my life. She left me here. Leaving me to start a new life. Without me.

If she moves on, Why don't I?

Forget her?

Why wallow for her?

Cry and long?

Why wait for her?

To come back?

Break my heart?

Why should she come back?

When she has her new life?

Her new love?

Her children?

Her house?

With a white picket fence?

Without danger?

Without me?

Then out of the blue, a black van ran into the side of my jeep. Glass flying. Parts of the car flies into the air. Dropping to the ground with clangs. I was pushed off the highway and there I was inside the jeep. Trying to get it into control.

The jeep rolled and flew into the air. It smacked down onto the desert floor. With a loud crash. More parts flying. Wheels rolling off. Dust surrounding the jeep and me. Lights appeared out of nowhere. Running across the floor to the jeep. The glass was broken in. A metal sledgehammer brought down onto the jeep.

They knew I was here. They were trying to get me.

Study me.

Hurt me.

Exterminate me.

I felt blood flowing out of my head. Mouth. Body. I coughed. More blood came. It rupted out of my mouth like a volcanoe. I wheezed for air. Gasping. My lungs not getting enough air.

I look up.

Why was I sent here?

Why wasn't I home?

Why was I put on Earth?

To be hurt like this?

To be treated like this?

To be a fake human boy?

When I'm a king?

Ruler of a planet.

Ruler of Antar.

I tried moving. No use. My body was numb. Pain soared through my body. I tried to scream. No use. I couldn't talk. My vocal cords seemed to be sliced off. I heard distance voices. They slowly began to fade away. My eyesight blurred. Everything disappearing from my eyes. My senses shut off.

The last thing I saw was moon and the coming stars before I blacked out.

Should I continue?

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Hey guys. I would like to thank and dedicate this part to:

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*Muahz!* and *Huggiez*

On with the fanfic! *happy*

Coming Back For You Part 6

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 6
Liz's POV

There I was sitting on my bed, reading the newspaper. I haven't done this in a while. It's time to catch up to some news. To know that people suffer out there too. Besides me. Knowing that they suffer like me. But not exactly like me....

Deaths. Robbery. Runaways. Accidents. Rape. Abuse. Suffer.

I hold up my cup of coffee to my mouth and then it was dropped to the floor. With a loud BAM!

Glass shattered. Coffee splattered.

Coffee ran past my feet. Just like that dream. I quickly lift up my legs. Resting it on the bed. I don't want my feet to get wet. To burn. Steam rised into the air, disappearing. Like magic...

I looked at the newspaper's headlines again. My eyes running through the text. I was not mistaken. What I was reading what true. Wasn't a lie. It was there. I ran my fingers through the text. Through the picture.

It wasn't a dream. I shake my head. Closed my eyes. Pinched my arm. I open them and saw the same headlines.

The day I decide to read the newspaper.... This happens.

Teenage boy dies in a mysterious and horrible accident.
Outside of Roswell, in the desert, was found a young teenage boy dead in his jeep. The jeep exploded into flames. Firefighterss came to the scene, putting out the extreme fire. Police haven't been able to identify the young man. The body was badly burned and scarred. The police thinks the boy must've been drunk and must've collided with another car. The other car hasn't been found or identified yet. The crime scene has-

I couldn't read anymore of it. It was too horrible. I felt bile rising once again. I looked at the picture. That was his's jeep. Max's jeep. He's dead. Max's dead. I ran my fingertips around the picture. Tears stinged my eyes.

Max lived in Roswell.

That's Max's jeep.

Max was a young teenage boy.

I spent the whole day in my bed, crying over his death. Crying just like when I left him. I turned to my desk. Opening a drawer. I took out a picture frame. I stared at the picture of Max that I had of him. It was the only picture I had of him. I never took it out until now.

I cried hard and banged my fists against the wooden floor. My hands red. Splinters prick my skin. I laid down on the cold dirty floor, clutching Max's picture to my chest. It burned.

He was dead. It repeated in my mind. Over and over again.

Max's dead. Max's dead. Max's dead. Max's dead. Max's dead. Max's dead. Max's dead. Max's dead. Max's dead. Max's dead. Max's dead. Max's dead. Max's dead. Max's dead.

Over and over again. Screaming in my head. Crying in my head. Haunting me in my head. I now truely regret leaving him. I do now. I now wished I never left.

We could've worked things out.

I would be happy.

I would be in love.

I would be able to be with him.

I never told him how much I loved him. I told him I loved him. But never how much. I never told him why I-..... Oh god.... I stood up, walking to my bed. My footsteps banged against the floor. I crumbled down onto the bed.

Crying my eyes out. Crying my heart out. Crying till I could cry no more. Till there were no more tears. Till there was pain. Just pain. Only pain.

A week later....

I want to go to Max's funeral. Even if it meant showing me. To the people I left. Even if it meant to go back to Roswell. To expose myself. I needed to go. I needed to do this. I had to. I stood up. My sleeping legs coming back alive. Slowly coming back from the dead.

I packed my stuff. Getting the last ticket back to Roswell. I was going back.

Be strong Parker.

It was time to come back. I promised myself never to come back. Come back to Roswell. Never to see them. Ever again. It was time to break that promise.

This was more important than the alien's destiny.

More important....


The question is.....

Why would a newspaper here have a Roswell story in it?

Was someone trying to tell me something?

Was someone trying to do this to make me come back to Roswell?

Was someone trying to contact me?

How would a newspaper here have a Roswell news in it?



I promise there will be happy Max and Liz later in this fanfic! Please just keep reading! *happy* Feedback Please?

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Coming Back For You Part 7

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: Pretend the episode in season one, "The White Room", never happened! Agent Pierce never played a deputy. ENJOY! *happy*
Part 7
Max's POV

I tried to move. My body in pain. I struggle but I just fall back down. I heard footsteps. Clicking and Clanging. I opened my eyes. I wince. Blinding white light. I squint my eyes. Too bright.

"So this is the alien...."

What? Alien? What was this place?

"I thought he would put up a fight! But apparently no.... Just a simple car crash to bring an alien down..... Too easy!"

I look around. Everywhere was white. White walls. White light. White floor. White. Just plain white. I look at the man. He was in a white suit from head to toe. He camflouged with the walls. Floor. Everywhere. The only thing I saw that wasn't white was his eyes.

"Now we don't need precautions now do we Max?"

He took off the mask and the white body bag-like. He was in a black suit now. He threw the goggles to the ground. I jump at the loud sound, echoing. I looked at myself. Blood on my hospital-like clothes. Blood on the floor. Blood everywhere.

"How do you feel Max?"

Horrible. I didn't respond to him. I just stared at his cold face. The same cold blue ice eyes as Tess's. He wasn't the evil alien was he? Khivar? He claps his hands. The sound pounding into my gentle wounded ears. More people in white came in. They scramble towards me.

Where did they come from? Where was the door? Who are these people? Why am I here?

They picked me up and laid me onto a bed with restraints. I struggled but then cried out in pain. My body shocked with pain.

"Uh Uh... Don't even try"he said, shocking me.

"Who... Are... You?"I struggled out.

"Pierce..... Agent Pierce"

Pierce? The name doesn't ring a bell. His face doesn't ring a bell. FBI.....

"Where am I?"

"You're in the white room"

"Why am I here?"

He smirks at me. His evil eyes burned holes into my eyes. He stares at me with a unreadable face. His lips pinched together, turning white. His knuckles white too. The evil smirk grew into a large evil smile. His hands on the side of my head.

"You will see.... You will see...."

He laughs into my face, leaving. Where did he go? Was he a ghost? An alien like me? How did he disappear? How?

Where am I?

The men in white started to stick needles into my body. Piercing my skin. I watch my blood flow into the tubes and into a pouch. Suddenly, the blood stopped. A large needle pierced my arm. More pain than the other tiny needles.

The liquid was green. The man pushed in the liquid. Flowing through my bloodstream. My vision started to blur. Dance. As if I was spinning and spinning. Never stopping. Just spinning in a circle. Not knowing when to stop. Then it just stopped with a halt.

He pulled my eyelids down. There I blacked out once again.

Sorry for the short part. Next part will be long, I promise! I will try to post a New part everyday ok? *happy* Should I continue? No Feedback, No Story!

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Coming Back For You Part 8

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 8
Liz's POV

I stepped foot out of the Roswell airport. The dusty smell returning to me.

Nothing's changed. Or has it?

My hand slowly reached up into the air. As if I was raising my hand to ask a teacher something. I hailed for a cab. I got in. The old smell of the stinky cab nearly made me want to vomit my guts out.

"Wherre to Misss?"

"Crashdown Café"

There was something familiar about his voice. His face. This cab. Is that even possible? I looked at his driver's license.

"Oh my god...."I whispered under my breath.

"Arre ya ook Misss?"

His accent deep. This man was the same man who took me away from Roswell. The one who drove me to the airport.

Oh god...

Why is the past coming back?

Coming back to me?

Why is the past haunting me?

Scaring me?


Max. Then cab. Then airport. Then airplane. Then Max again. Then cab again.


"I'm fine"

The cab stopped eight minutes later.

"Thhat will be $5.80"

I paid him and got out. Grabbing my stuff out of the old dirty trunk. I looked at the Crashdown. They still had the same lights and logo. I carried my lugguage and went inside. The aroma of food filled my senses. Nothing's changed here. The same worned out booths. The same old menus. The same old painting of Aliens, Cow, and UFOs. The same.

I sat down in a booth. Feeling the spring under my butt. My lugguage on the other side of the booth. I looked at the menu. The plastic filled with holes. The table chipped. The paint peeling.

"Welcome to the Crashdown. How may I help you?"

That voice. I remember that voice. The scent of cedar oil and spice covered the aroma of food.

"Maria...."I whispered.

"That's the name on the tag"

"Maria Rose DeLuca"

"How did you know my full name?"

I looked up and brushed my hair away. She stared at me. Then I jumped and winced. A scream erupted from her ruby pouty lips. Her hair bounced. Her hands covered her mouth. Her eyes widen, looking like they will pop out of her eye sockets.


Then a large male figure covered Maria.

"What did you do to her?"

I looked up. Past the chest and to the face.



Maria pushed Michael roughly to the side. She hugged me and I did the same. We hugged each other till we couldn't breathe. Till we desperatly needed air. Then she pulled back and ran to the backroom, crying.

I stood up, ready to go after her. But Michael grabbed my arm, stopping me.

"Let go of me!"

"Why did you come back?"


"Why did you come back? Why are you here?"

"...... I'm here for Max's funeral......"

"How did you know about his ......?"

"I read it in a newspaper"

I yanked my arm away from his strong tight grasp. Running towards the backroom. Leaving him. Leaving my stuff.

I found Maria sitting on the couch. Crying her eyes out. Just like I did. When I left. When I thought about Max. When I found out Max died. Just like I did....

"I can't forgive you...."

"I know"

"How could you leave like that? Without saying a word? Just vanishing into thin air? Like you never existed?"

"I don't know...."

"You could've at least told me! YOUR BEST FRIEND!"

I winced.

"Why have you come back? Why are you here?"

Her brown eyes burned into mine.

"Did you come back here because you were feeling guilty? So you can have us forgive you? So you can move on with life? Feeling not guilty? SO YOU CAN SLEEP BETTER?!?"

"NO! NO! NO! I came back for Max's funeral"

"Oh so that's it? You go to his funeral and then leave again? Just leave? Coming back into our lives and leaving again?!?"

My lower lips quivered.


Each scream, Each truth she said, hit me in the gut. I did this to him. I killed him.

"I left because of their destiny! They needed to be with their destined mate!"


"How do you know Michael loves you Maria? Maybe he does. But how do you know that maybe deep down inside them that they love their destined mate just like the past? And that they're denying it because their afraid? HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT THEIR PEOPLE WON'T COME BACK FOR THEM AND HAVE THEM GET MARRIED JUST LIKE THE PAST? THEN FALL OUT OF LOVE WITH US AND FORGET US?!?"

"They won't.... I know Michael and he won't.... I thought you loved Max!"



I wanted to crumble to ground and die. I wanted to run away and go back to my new life. To my new home.

"Maria? What's with all that screaming?"

Our heads snapped towards the staircase.

"...... Dad ....."


Then his hand went to his heart. His breathe shortened. He sits down on the stairs. In pain. His face scrunched up. Sweat forming.


"Mr. Parker!"screamed Maria.

She grabbed a bottle from his shirt pocket. I watched him take it, calming down.

"What's wrong with him?"I asked, walking towards them.

"Ever since you left, He had a heart attack"

Oh god. I felt disgusted with myself. I was the cause of it. Of the heart attack. I caused him to get like this. It was my fault. All my fault. I wasn't even here to take care of him. To help him through this.

"Is that really you?"

"Yes daddy"

"Oh my baby has come home!"

He got up as if nothing as happened and hugged me. I cried happily. Happy tears running down my face. It's been too long since I hugged my dad. He smells the same. Fresh and Aftershave like he just got out of bathroom.

He hugged me tightly as I did him. Our hands turned white. We hugged each other like Maria and I hugged a little white ago only more.... No words can describe it.

"Where's momma?"

His arms loosened around me.

"Daddy, Where's mom?"

"I'm so sorry honey... She died two months ago"

No.... No... NO! She can't be dead! She could've died! Oh god.... I wasn't here for my own mom's funeral! And I come back for Max's?

No.... No.... No.... No!

I crumble to the ground, crying. This time... It wasn't happy tears. It was sad tears.

"No... I'm so sorry daddy! I'm so sorry! So sorry!"

"It's ok.... It's ok honey"

My cries were muffled by my dad burying my face into his old chest. His hair was thin and gone. His eyes told a sad story. Black bags darkened under his eyes. His skin loose.

"I'm so sorry!"

"Shhhhh..... It's not your fault... It's ok"

"I-I'm so s-sorry"I cried into his chest.


We just sat on the ground, crying. He rocked me back and forth. Just like he used to do when I was little. When I was sad. When I was happy. When I was sleeping. When I was in pain. He rocked me all my life. He said comforting things into my ear as he rocked me.

Just like Max. Max rocked me. Comforted me. Told me things to calm me down.

"Shhh.... It's ok.... It's going to be ok"

"So sorry....."I whispered.

We just sat there. Rocking back and forth.

*sniffles* I cried in my own story.... *wipes tears* Should I continue?

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Coming Back For You Part 9

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: Pretend the episode in season one, "The White Room", never happened! Agent Pierce never played a deputy. Also pretend that the episode in season one, "Destiny" never happened! Actually only the scene with the orbs. Instead of the orbs telling the royal four's true destiny. Tess reads it from the Alien book. ENJOY! *happy*
Part 9
Max's POV

I found myself strapped to a chair. Needles in my arm. Patches on my chest. I keep hearing clicking and clicking. The sounds of the light flickering.

"Good morning Max"

I whip my head from side to side. Wanting to look at Agent Pierce. He's nowhere to be seen. He must be talking from the PA system.

"Where am I?"I croaked out.

My throat sore from all the screaming I've done. They tortured me. They screamed at me. They pumped me full with their drugs.

"Someplace where no one can find you"

Someplace where no one can find me..... Where?

"But it doesn't matter now, Does it? Your family and friends think you're dead"

Dead? How? What happened?

"How? Why am I here?"

"Let's say your jeep was totally damaged and they found your body on the highway and that’s what I want to try to find out"

Find out what you son of a bitch?

"You’ve made a mistake"

"I don’t think so. I know what you are, and now, you’re going to tell me everything"

"I’m Max Evans. I live at sixty-twenty-five Murray Lane"

"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. What is the name of your home planet?"

More clicking..... I heard a small buzz. The chair vibrated. I saw small lights flicker and flash.

"E-Earth"I stuttered, looking at the chair in panick.

"All right. Hard way"

The buzzing got louder. Louder and louder.


Then it hit me. It literally hit me. A small amount of electric. It surged through my body. Traveling and tingling down my spine.


I screamed as another blast of electricity hit me.

"What is the name of your home planet!"

"Fuck you...."I spit as blood flowed out of my mouth.

A small evil laugh.


I jump, biting my lips. Blood pouring from the bites.


"Go to hell....."

Click. Click. Click. Click.

Each more clicks brings more pain. It surges through my body. Running through the veins. I jump, screaming. Blood flowed down my lips, down my chest, and onto my pants. Pooling at my crotch area.

"Why won't you tell me? Do you have a death wish?"

"Yes...."I croaked out.

"Yes? Yes?!? FINE!"

Click. Click. Click. Click.

"You know Max... I'm having very fun clicking here!"



"Ready to talk now?"

"........ Never ........"

Click. Whizz. Click. Whizz. Click. Whizz. Click.

I felt my body go numb. Feel lifeless. I felt myself drowning. Drowning deeper and deeper into hell. Then I felt hotness. As if fire was burning me. Burning me till I was all black and ash. Till I turned into gray ash. Just laid there, looking like dust. Laid there, waiting for someone to scope me up and dump me into a bin.


I lift my hanging head up to look. There he stood with a weird machine. It looked like those helmets you put on to play those games by moving your head and body.

"You made me come to this Max.... You could've prevented this... This is an VR risor, Don't worry... This one won't hurt you physically"

I hung my head back down as if I had died there. He strapped the helmet to my head. More buzzing and beeping sounds. I watched him come close to me so his leg was pressed up against the metal chair. I grabbed him. My wrist roughly up against the cuffs. I closed my eyes, trying to use my powers to break his leg.

Then he smacked my hand away as if it was nothing. I felt so weak. My hand didn't try to move back into a comfortable position. It just hung painfully. I could feel my lips crack and dry. My throat begging for water.

"Don’t even try. Don’t even try to use your abilities, Max. The serum we injected you with - very effective in suppressing the neurotransmitters in your cerebral cortex. Experiments on the alien in the forties taught us that that’s where most of your powers come from"

Alien in the forties? What was he talking about? Could it be about Nasado?

"That’s not your real weakness, though, is it? You know, I’ve been going about this the wrong way the whole time. It’s not that you’re part alien: it’s that you’re part human.

"You have feelings"

Picture of Michael appears...

How? What? How did he get a picture of Michael? I thought they only thought I was the alien.


Picture of Isabel appears...

Isabel.... Oh sister Isabel....

"Friendship. Too bad Alex died"

Picture of Maria and Alex appears...

Oh Alex.... I'm so sorry... For your death... For Tess... For getting your life screwed up... For everything. Oh Maria. My friend....


Picture of Liz smiling appears...

Picture of a bloody dead Liz appears...

Liz... No... No! Liz! She can't be dead! Noooooooo!


"Trick photography Max!"


"Max... Max! Computer rigged. Virtual reality, Max. It's not real. It's not real. We didn't kill her. We didn't kill her. I just wanted to show you what can happen. What will happen...."

"........ You're evil........"

"I'm evil? I'm risking my life to save my country, my planet from being conlonized by alien life... Bye you. Tell me where the other one is"

"The other what?"

I watch him take out a silver metal-like orb. The orb... THE ORB! How did he get it? Damn it Michael!

"We found this in the crash. We have spent fifty years looking for the other one, and we know you have it. It took a little persuading, but Topolsky told us. Tell me where it is. Tell me.

So it wasn't Michael. There's two of them? Impossible...

"Ok..... I’m going to give you a choice, Max. You can either tell me where the other orb is, or you can tell me which one of your friends you want me to kill first. Hmm? And you have ten seconds"


A time appeared on the corner of the screen. The time running.


"You don't have the guts too"I growled.


"Oh I do! I enjoy to kill your kind!"


"You never killed us before so how should you know?"


"Fine.... Maybe I won't kill your kind but another kind"


"What other kind?"


"Maybe I’ll start with Liz."



No... Not Liz. Especially not Liz! NO!

I watched as a image of Liz dead and bloody. Her head being lifted up by a gloved hand tugging on her beautiful hair. Blood drying on her cheek. Her closes torn.


"Maybe I'll kidnap her as she's walking to school. She's not bad looking you know Max. She's a pretty thing. You got good taste in women. Maybe I'll rape her first and then have my men kill her"

His breath brushed against my ear. That sick bastard.....

"Maybe I'll tape record her screaming my name in pleasure. Make her forget you. I can almost her scream my voice. I can almost see her face all full of pleasure. Can you hear her Maxwell? Can you?"

He clenches my neck, cutitng off my air supply.

"Mmmmm..... Oh god yes.... Pierce! Harder Pierce! Give it to me hard! Oh god.... Oh yes.... There it is! Pierce.... Pierce.... PIERCE! OH FUCK GOD YES! PIERCE!"he screams into my ear, imitating as Liz.

"Then after I'm done fucking her, I'll get my men. Maybe they will have some fun with her after me. Then they can cut her hair. Slit her throat. Cut her body up. Slashing. Left and Right. Not leaving one untouched skin. Can you hear her scream Max? Scream in pain right after her virginity was taken away from her?"

"AHHHHHHHHHH! HELP ME! AHHHHHHHH!"screams Pierce as he imitates Liz again.


"Ok, stop it! Stop! I’ll tell you where it is, just don’t hurt Liz"I gasp out, closing my eyes.


The timer stopped. He moves his hand away from neck. I gasp for air. My face flushed.

"Huh. You do have feelings. Just like us. Whatever you are, you better tell me the truth for Liz’s sake"he said, blowing his breath on my face.

He smiles evily. Then I spat my spit at his face. It clings to his cheek and then sliding down slowly like a leech. He moves away and clenches my neck again.

"Keep rebelling like that.... I'll be sure to give photos of Liz dead"he said, walking away.

I felt the cold wind hit me.


Ow... My heart hurts now. I think it's because of the horrid image of Max being tortured in my mind.... Or it's just gas... Should I continue? No Feedback, No Story!

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Coming Back For You Part 10

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 10
Liz's POV

I stood there, staring at the tomestone for hours. I still couldn't believe it. My mother was dead. Mom..... I crumbled to the ground, landing on my knees. My knees dented the grassy soil ground.

"Hi mom...."

Once I got these words out, Tears had already began pouring out.

"It's me, Lizzy. I came back. Haha. I'm fine and I'm in college now. I... um.... I'm so sorry. I love you"I cried as I placed my lips to the picture of her.

I ran my fingers down the picture and words. I laid besides the grave. I stare at the darkening sky. I pulled out the flowers in my schoolbag and placed it on the ground.


I looked up.

"It's getting late"

I looked at the tomestone again and then left with Maria.

"Where are you living now?"



We just walked and walked back to the crashdown. She wrapped her arms around me as I broke down. Everything is a mess. It is. It truely is. I hear Maria's cell ring. She moves her arm and answers it.

"Hello? Oh hey.... She's here.... She's fine.... Tomorrow ok? No... No... NO! Bye"

"Who was that?"I silently said.

"Alex and Kyle"

"Oh, how are they?"

"Happy that you're back but angry"

"They should be"

"They'll forgive you"

"Will they?"

"I think I did already so they will too"

I smile at Maria's comforting words.

"Thanks Maria"

"Sure chica"

My life is such a mess. I come back and I am told all these things. Max is dead. My dad has heart problems. My mom's dead. I'm losing everybody slowly. I brought this on myself. By my leaving Roswell, Everything changed. Nothing's been the same without me. I ruined everything.

The day I left, I told my parents that I loved them. That's all they had of me. Me saying that last I love you words to them. That's all they had to know that I loved them. Even though I said I hated them and cursed out at them. That's all they had.

Max was different. I told him that but it was in a letter. It wasn't like hug or a kiss like I gave my parents. I gave him a letter because I couldn't face him. I knew if I saw him, I might've not left Roswell. I might've stayed and watch everything get worse. I don't know now.

Maybe if I stayed, Things wouldn't be this worse. But what if I stayed and everything was more worse? Than now?

I wish I could just go back in time and change it. To see how it would be like if I had stayed.

Would Max and I be together?

Would my dad not have heart problems?

Would my mom still be alive?

Would my friends still be my bestest friends?

Will Max be alive?

Will Max be alive.... I bet he hated me for leaving. But I bet he still loved me. Loved me with all his heart. I feel the sting of tears filling my dry eyes. My nose getting heavy as it was stuffy. My eyes slowly turned red and then the tears came, slowly sliding down my face.

I love you Max. I hope you know that. I told you I did but it was just a letter. I should've told you I love you in person.

I love you. Know that....

I will always love you.

Because you are my first love.

You were my everything.

You saved me.

I love you Max Evans....

I'm gonna post the next part tmorrow when I get around finishing it ok? Should I continue? Feedback would be appreciated! *happy*

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Sorry! I was gonna post this yesterday but the board was so slow for me that I could barely go into the board! But now it's better and here's the new part! This part will take a huge turn but M/L will still be together! *happy*

Coming Back For You Part 11

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 11
Max's POV

I lay on the floor like a dead fish. My body pounded with pain. My head screamed at me to get help. I can't move. I'm chained to the floor. All I heard was humming of the white lights. Then I heard doors click open and shut closed.

"Good morning"

I just stared at the ceiling.

"Not talking eh?"said Pierce as he took out a taser.

He presses it against my back. The cool metal brushes against my spine.

Zzzzzzz........ ZAP!

My body jumps. Nothing comes out of my mouth. I feel as if someone cut off my vocal cords. Now only blood is coming out of my mouth.

"Scream Max! I want to hear you scream! Scream in pain!"


I clench my teeth so hard that they feel like my teeth will all fall out. I started to sweat as pain coursed through my body.


"Scream Maxwell! SCREAM!"

Then he pressed the taser against my chest right where my heart should be positioned.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"I screamed out.




I felt the energy hit my heart. As if I was dying and they used the machine to hit my heart to bring me back.



Then from there, I blacked out.

6 hours later....

I woke up. My body in pain once again. I felt my heart beat slow. Slower than normal. It beated as if it would stop in a minute. I tried to breathe. My nose and mouth wouldn't respond to me.

"Ready to talk now? Hello Max"

"Die you fucking bastard"

"Ouch.... Such harsh words. I'm hurt"

Let me go. Please. Let me be free. I want to go home. I want to go back to my family and friends. Let me go.

I heard a snap from his big dry fingers. I felt gloved hands lifting up my dead weight. They strapped me to another metal chair.

No. Please no. Not another one. No.

I felt a black strap go across my forehead and locked behind my head. I couldn't move. They took these clippers and clipped my eyelids.

I couldn't blink. Let me blink. It stings. It hurts. Let me blink. I try to blink but the clips tugged painfully. I felt my eyeballs drying. Tears streamed my face.

I saw a bright blue light appear from behind me. A white screen appeared, sliding down the wall. I heard a dark music. Almost brainwashing.

Pictures of Michael, Isabel, Alex, Tess, Nasado, Jim, Kyle, Maria, and Liz appear on the screen. Then a deep growling voice spoke.

"Kill.... Kill.... Kill...."

A rush of images began to appear on the screen. A projecter was behind me.

"Kill... Kill... Kill...."

No. What are they doing to me? Why is this playing?

"Like my video?"said Pierce, hissing into my ear.

His fingernails dugged into my arms, leaving red marks.

"Aliens are bad.... They are evil.... They want to hurt us... Kill us.... Annihilate us...."

What the fuck is going on. My eyes hurt. I can't look anywhere else. I could only look at this screen.

"Kill Michael.... Kill Isabel.... Kill Tess.... Kill Alex.... Kill Maria.... Kill Nasado... Kill Kyle..... Kill Jim.... KILL LIZ!"

"NOOOOOOOOO!"I screamed.

"Shut up Maxwell!"growled Pierce as he banged his fist against my chest.

I coughed in pain. Blood oozed out of my mouth like goo.


I was forced to sit there for hours. The video playing over again. The text playing over and over again.

The colors. The music. The voice. The images.

"Kill.... Kill.... Kill...."

They all stuck to my brain. To my mind.

"Kill.... Kill.... Kill...."

I wanted to scream in boredom and in frightness.

"Aliens are bad.... They are evil.... They want to hurt us... Kill us.... Annihilate us...."

They kept playing it over. My eyes stopped hurting. It remained dry. My throat dry as a sandpaper.

"Kill Michael.... Kill Isabel.... Kill Tess.... Kill Alex.... Kill Maria.... Kill Nasado... Kill Kyle..... Kill Jim.... KILL LIZ!"

I didn't respond. I just watched with fascination now.

After another hour, they finally closed it. The colors were gone. The music was gone. The text was gone. The voice was gone. It was gone. But it still played in my mind.

Sounds of footsteps pounded into my ear.

"Who do you have to kill?"asked Pierce, staring at me with his ice blue eyes.

I looked up and looked at his face. An evil smile appeared.

"The Aliens"

"Who else do you have to kill?"

"The humans"

Then Pierce's evil cackle filled the room. Bouncing off the walls.

"Perfect......"he whispered as he pat my shoulder.

OMG! What happened to Max? What will happen to Max? Why did Pierce play this video? What's going to happen to the rest of the aliens and humans? Feedback would be appreciated!

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This part is dedicated to:

roswelluver, behrstars, AvengingAngelIQ, roswelllover, Lucky Star, Juliette, Strawberry Shortcake, Pixie, Igoral, Sherrelle, ILYMEFOEVER, and limegreenlight.

Coming Back For You Part 12

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 12
Liz's POV

I laid there as if I was dead. Oh Max. I wiped the tears that threatened to fall.

"You can't keep crying over him"

"And why the hell not?"I growled.

Maria glared at me. I'm such a mess. I don't care about anything anymore. She doesn't know my pain.

"You have to get over him! He's dead! D-E-A-D!"

"RIA! How would you know what I'm going through? Is Michael dead? IS HE!"I screamed as tears ran down my face.

She stared at me. Her lips pinched together tightly, slowly turning white. I don't mean to yell at her. But she doesn't know what I'm going through or feeling. She has no right to tell me how to feel or what to do. No right.

"I'm going to take a bath"I said as I grabbed my clothes.

I dumped the stuff on the bathroom and turned on the water. I slowly undressed as I stared at myself in the mirror. I looked horrible.

How can anyone even recognize me?

I had black bags under my dull dead red eyes. My nose looked like Rudolph's nose. My hair knotty and oily. My body dirty with dirt and pores clogged. Yuck.

I slipped into the hot steaming tub. I could feel my body fresh and clean already. I slipped down under the water. I use to do this. Whenever I was in trouble or there was pain. I would lierally almost drown myself. I would look up and thought how life would be under the water.

I did this to get away. Get away from all my problems. Get away from everything in my life. I just want to feel peace. Calm. Love. There's no evil down here. Nothing bad. Just calming relaxing water. I stayed like that for a couple of more seconds.

Max's eyes and mouth opened at the same time. Bubbles rising to the surface of the water.


Max's yells echoed.


Max being dunked into a tub of ice.

Max being examined and cut open.


Max screaming as he was being eletricuted.


Then I stood up, screaming. The oxygen filling my deflated burning lungs. My gasps echoed throughout the bathroom. What the hell was that?

Then I felt pressure on my head. I was being pushed down into the water. I struggled to get up. To breathe. I fought back but there was nothing to fight back. I waved my arms in the air like a lunatic to save myself. There was nothing pushing me down.

Then why can't I get up? Why am I drowning? Am I doing this myself? Am I going crazy?

It's not me. It's something. Something's here. But what? Where? Who?

Then it lifts me up. My head smacking against the tile walls. It's hands choked me. It's nails dugged into my neck, leaving red nail marks.

"DIE!"it growled.

I saw a flash of Max, hurting me. He was doing this. How? How? Then I jerked awake. I coughed and felt water gush out of my mouth. Did I fall asleep while being under the water? I'm scared. I quickly get out of the tub, pulling the stopper at the bottom.

I turned on the faucet to my sink, splashing my hot face with cold water. I then looked up at the mirror, noticing the water sliding down my face, down my neck, and disappearing between my tiny breasts.

Then I gasped and screamed in horror. There I stared, screaming. Red nail marks on my neck....

Should I continue?

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This part is dedicated to:

Flora, Juliette, Igoral (twice), Angel eyes, Dia, AvengingAngelIQ,
roswellluver, Lucky Star, and to the others I missed!

Coming Back For You Part 13

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 13
Max's POV

I stared at him. Stupid asshole. Who the hell do you think you are talking to? I'm the key to your mission. To your plan.

"Who will kill them?"

I will. You keep asking me these idiotic questions.

"How will you kill them?"

With my powers and weapons. How else will I kill them?

"Who will you kill?"

The aliens and humans. They're the reason for this mission.


They are a threat to Earth. Blah blah blah. Another planet wants to take over and kill us all.


Pathetic. And I thought the secret government were smarter. But I guess they're actually really stupid.

"Don't forget to kill Liz"

Liz. That name has haunted me ever since I could remember. Actually I can't remember. I don't remember how I got here. All I remember is this man calling me Evans and telling me all this shit about aliens and powers. Then I was a alien sent here to save humans.


Scream at me. I won't flinch. Hit me. I'll hit back harder. Touch me. I'll kick your ass. Talk to me. I'll ignore you.

"Shut up Pierce.... Can't you see I'm working on killing them already? Shut up"

He shuts up, glaring at me with his blue icy eyes. I get up, patting the dust off my agent clothes. Basically it's like a tux.

"While you were blabbering away, I.... Well, let's say, astral projected to one of the members and just freaked them out"

When I do that, I can see their faces. But not this one. I couldn't see her face. I knew it was a her. I smelled strawberries and her skin was soft like a baby's bottom. I couldn't see. All I saw was a haze or fog. Something was covering her face. I tried to clear my mind and used all my powers to see her face. No luck. All I got was scent and touch.

"Good work Evans"

I simply nod and walked out of the planning room. I walked into the field and prepared for my training. I felt something hit me. Breaking my jacket in the back. I took off my jacket and threw it to the ground in fury. I lift up my hands.

BOOM! Michael's head is blown off. I know their names. I seem to know them deeper than what Pierce tells me about them. I would sleep at night and wake up with flashes of a life I don't remember. Or maybe just haunting dreams. That must be it.

Another BOOM! Isabel's legs are blown off.

A gunshot is fired. I ducked quickly, missing it. BOOM! Kyle's gun is blown to smitherins and his arms are on fire.

BOOM! BOOM! Alex has a hole in his chest and Maria's heart is flying in the air.

As I was about to raise my hand, I saw the girl. Her gun raises. I stopped. Her gun goes off and the bullet grazes me in my arm. I quickly placed pressure on the wound and stared at the cardboard picture. Blood seeping out of my body and sliding down my leg, staining my black pants. It seemed so real. Is this Liz? I've never seen her picture till today. The rest I've seen.

"Evans. You've blown the cardboard to pieces. BUT! You left this one to stay alive! And maybe manage to get away! Her bullet even wounded you! What do you have to say for yourself? HUH?!?"yelled Agent Lake.

"Go fuck a horse"I muttered under my breath.

"What did you say?"

"I said How's your wife?"I said, smiling.

My voice spoke with a tint of evil and a tint of sweetness. I then walked away. What the hell was that? I never ever missed. But I didn't try to kill or destroy this one. Why? What's so special about her?

There will be happy M/L! Trust me! Keep reading please? So should I continue?

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Coming Back For You Part 14

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 14
Liz's POV

I stared at the red marks.

I splashed my hot face with cold water to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

I washed the mirror to see if there wasn't any red dirt or dust or red anything!

I washed my neck to see if it was just a dirty mark like lipstick or something.

It was still there.

It was a mark that was slowly fading.

What the hell is going on?

How did I get this mark?


Liz being choked by an invisible thing.

Red nail marks appearing on Liz's neck.

Liz's neck squeezed and looked smaller.

Liz being drowned in her bathtub.

My head throbbed with pain.


Liz's head being thrown against the tile wall.

Oh god..... Am I going crazy? Or is there something trying to kill me? Is something actually trying to kill me?

Is it Max?

I saw him. I swear I saw him. He had cold raging eyes. Fire seemed to spark in his eyes. The anger on his face. The pain. He had a scrunched face. He was red. His eyes bulged. His bottom lip had a crack. Dried blood was visible. His hair was messy and dull. His skin dry. Oh god. Could it be? Could he still be alive? Was his death a fake? Did he disappear? Did he make it out of the crash? If he was alive, Where is he now?

I stared at myself in the mirror. Tears running. I felt as if I couldn't breathe. I started to gasp as if someone was choking me again.

"Liz?"said Maria, knocking on the door.

I jumped and gasped while staring at the door, touching my neck softly. It was burning. It was red. It hurt.

"Liz? Are you ok?"said Maria, concerned.

I then looked at the tub. Bubbles had gone. Water had splashed to the ground. The carpet soaked. The faucet dripping. Then something caught my eyes. I dropped to my knees, moving towards the tub. I touched the tile wall where my head was smacked against.


I touched it. It was wet and slippery. I rubbed it between my index and thumb. It smuged and seeped into my fingerprint lines. I looked at it as if I had never seen anything like it.


Whose's blood was it? I slowly reached up, moving my wet hair aside. I rubbed my head and withdrawn my hand. I stared at it. It was covered in blood. My palm had a glob of blood. It slowly ran down my wrist and dripped into the water, slowly fading into nothing.

My blood...


I gripped onto the towel rack for support. I slowly slid to the ground, feeling the coldness against my goosebump skin.

"Michael! Alex! Liz isn't responding!"

"Liz, Honey?"said Alex.

More banging on the door.

I closed my eyes. I felt a warm wetness under my head. I felt it pouring out as if it was pouring into a cup.

Then the door was broken. Michael had used his powers to break the middle of the door. Wood went flying.

"Liz..."said Maria, rushing to my side.

Then my eyes closed completely. I was gone from there.

Sorry for this part being so so short! :( Nice part will be longer ok? *happy* Should I continue? Feedback would be appreciated!

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Just a bump/Author's Note! What happen to all the feedback? Is no one reading this anymore? Should I stop writing? Cause it doesn't seem that a lot of people are reading this fanfic. *sad* If you want me to continue, Feedback Please? It would be appreciated greatly! *happy*
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Coming Back For You Part 15

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 15
Max's POV

I'm Evans. Just Evans. First name, Unknown. Birth place, Outer space. 19 years old, On the path of being 20. Secret FBI Agent for a secret government. Covering up Alien information and damages. Killing any threats to the humans. Mission, To kill all harmful Aliens and any human who knows the aliens or has anything to do with them.

I remember waking up in a white room. I knew I was suppose to be scared but I wasn't. I felt calm and angry. The next thing I knew was I was being dressed and told that I was a secret agent on a mission to save humanity. It seemed like a good mission.

I spent days here, learning all I would need to know. How to survive mother nature. How to build a bomb and detenate one. How to fight. How to speak other languages. I became so smart that I could figure out the answer to any questions you ask me. Go ahead. Ask me. Give it a try. Oh that's your question? You lost. I won.

"When are you going to attack?"

I took the time, planning a plan. I needed the right time to attack. To hit them all in their weakest point. It took many men. It took many training. I remember working from morning to night. Non-stop, 24/7. It was hard but it was for the good of all mankind.

"Not now. That's all I know. Maybe two weeks later"

"Why so late?"

I looked up at Pierce. He had a sly smile on his face.

Agent Pierce. First name, Unknown. Birth place, Earth. 26-32 years old. Head FBI Agent for a secret government. Gets people to cover up all alien related. Kills whoever he must. Mission, To wipe out all aliens.

"I need them to think I was struggling. I need them to think I was captured by you guys. I need them to think I broke out and walked my way back to Roswell in the hot desert"

"Why? What good will this do?"

For the head of the FBI, He's not that smart. I should be head. I would've done a better job than he has ever done. His work is sloppy. His work is crappy. I do better. I would win an award for saving humanity and he won't. All he does is order people around to things himself. He rarely even tries to do things himself. Someone is always doing things for him and he takes the credit.

"They will feel sad and bad for me. They will have sympathy. I could do bad things to one of the members and the member would tell the others. But the others won't believe the member because why would I be bad after what I've gone through? They would never suspect me being bad. Understand dumb ass?"

I watch him glare at me. His hand raises his stick, ready to struck me with it. I lift my hand up, snatching the stick in mid-air. I gripped the stick hard and roughly pulled it out of his grip. I pretended to want to struck him. He raises his arms in the air, covering his head.

"Don't hit me... Ever!"

He looks at me with a shocked face. He's so trying to make me leave, Isn't he? Well, I'm not going anywhere. I'm gonna stay here and take his job.... Then I could be given a medal for saving Earth. Saving mankind. Pierce sighs and walks away in defeat.

I walked out of the office room and into the hallway.

"Good morning Agent Evans"said Agent Burns, following me.

I nodded my head and half smiled. I grabbed a pot of coffee and poured it into the foam cup. I stirred it even though I didn't ass sugar or milk. Yum, Black coffee....

Agent Burns. First name, Unknown. Birth place, Earth. 20-24 years old. Secret FBI Agent for a secret government. New on the job. Best Friend of mine. Same mission as mine.

"You so know Pierce wants to kick your ass right?"

"Of course. He tried hitting me with his pathetic stick"

He laughed, nearly spilling his coffee on the clean white marble floor. I pat him on the shoulder, chuckling. I drank my coffee as I walked down the hallways. Our footsteps echoing. We came up to a gate and placed our hands on the scanner.

"This sucks.... I mean I love this job and all but I hate all this security"

"If I didn't work here and was their enemy, Watch me sneak in here even though they had all these stupid high-tech security"I said, entering my code number.

"Agent Evans! I've got the files you wanted"said Agent Topolsky, running up to me.

Agent Topolsky. First name, Unknown. Birth place, Earth. 30-34 years old. Secret FBI Agent for a secret government. Helping FBI Agents get information. Mission, To study the Alien's feeling, way of thinking, and the way of life. Staged a fake fire death at a mental hospital.

"Good work Topolsky... Now let's see what important info you dugged up"

I opened the file and began to skim the text. The folder and paper felt rough against my hands. Pictures and text everywhere. Stamps and postage. I looked at the profile.

Name: Elizabeth Parker
Age: 19 years old
Height: 5'7
Birth Place: Roswell, New Mexico

Parents, Nancy Parker and Jeff Parker, own the Crashdown Café. Best Friends of Maria DeLuca and Alex Whiteman. Friends of Michael Guerin and Isabel Evans. Hates Tess Hardling and Nasado. Shot at the café and was healed by one of the aliens. Bullet no where to be found.....

And the information just dragged on. I looked at her picture. She was crying, lying down besides a tombstone. She looked so sad. The tears clearly showed. Her red nose, red eyes, and red ears. She must've been cold. Why do I care? Wait, Isabel Evans? I'm called Evans. She wouldn't happen to be related to me, Would she? I shaked myself back to reality. If she was, She would be working with me. Silly mind.

"Run along Topolsky. When I need you, I will whistle"

Yeah, So I was a mean guy. Hey, That's who I am. This is what I have to do to be head of this agency. I watch Burns sip his coffee and then chucks it into a bin. I drank my hot coffee quickly and chucked it.

"What's that file about?"

"Nothing.... Just some information on the Aliens"

"Oh...."he said, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

I closed the file and walked into the sleeping room. This room was like a room for people to sleep in. Bunk beds were everywhere. It almost felt like an army camp. I placed the file inside my pillow case, making sure no one steals it. I stripped down to my wife beater and boxers. I jumped into bed and slept the day away.

OK, Max is evil now. Do you know the whole brainwashing thing? It brainwashed him, ok? Max and Liz will be together because the category above does say "M/L" rite? *happy* Should I continue?

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Coming Back For You Part 16

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 16
Liz's POV

A month later....

"Journal Entry # 76. I'm Liz Parker and Ever since that scary day, I've been very jumpy and scared. Something tried to attack me and that something was Max. Or just looked like Max, a shapeshifter. Michael and Isabel healed me with their powers combined together. My skull had nearly cracked. Tess didn't want to try to save me. All she kept saying was 'Oh, She's human! She doesn't mean a thing!'. Stupid bitch.

A month passed. Isabel's parents soon found out about the Aliens. Isabel couldn't lie anymore and everyday had changed since Max's death. Oh Max. I still love you and I still haven't moved on. I can't. I can sometimes think I feel you still out there, alive.

I know it sounds crazy but it's true. I sometimes felt him and I would just smile as if he was there with me right there. I an't move on. I just can't. I still love him. My love never once lowered or faded. It remained strong. Strong like when I first fell in love with him.

I sometimes dream that Max was alive. No more Max and Tess dreams. Now, It's just Max and I. Max and Liz dreams. No more sad painful dreams. Now, It's just happy dreams. Just happy dreams. But their just dreams. Their not real. It's just a fantasy that I wish to be true. I wish so very much to be true. So very very much!

My dad's condition got better. He seems more happy now. Alex and Isabel are slowly starting to date again. They had a big fight before I came and weren't really speaking to each other. Maria had lost her virginity two weeks ago to Michael. Everything's changed so rapidly. It feels like time is flying past us and we're unable to stop it. I feel like I just keep spinning and spinning and can never stop. Never ever."

I tapped the pen against the paper and then I jumped. A couple of loud knocks on the door. I closed the journal and hid it under my bed. I went downstairs. My stairs creaking as I took a step down. More loud knocks.

"Hold on! I'm coming.... I'm coming... Hold your horses!"

I whipped open the door, angry that the person didn't have patience. Then I stared at the man at my door. His head was hung down. His body seemed to be scarred with cuts and needles. His hair messy and uncombed. His skin peeling off. Dirt and grime was on his body and clothes. His clothes torn.

"Are you homeless? Would you like some food?"I asked, feeling sorry for this man.

Then his head snapped up. His eyes gleamed. His lips tightened and there was a small smile. I gasped as I took a better look at his dirty face. Oh my god. What happened to him? Where has he been? Why isn't he dead?

"Max?"I said in confusion.

I didn't trust my own eyes. They were playing tricks on me just like they had played me months ago... I reached out my hand and softly touched his face. I hear him hiss in pain. I felt the scars and bumps on his face.

"Liz....."he said, staring into my eyes.

He grabs my hands and places a soft kiss on the palm of each. I then gasped, realizing he was real and not a figment of my imagination. Oh lord....



Oh my god! They finally met again! Ok, I'm so sorry for the short part! I wanted to leave a cliffhanger and..... Well, My parents are once again fighting, My mom's always crying, I got tests and projects in school that counts for my graduation, and I've been extremly tired from practicing for my graduation. So sorry. I'll try to get the next part out by Monday or Tuesday! Should I continue? No feedback, No story. Remember, This is going to be a happy ML fanfic!

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LEL, behritall4me, Asabetha, Lucky Star, roswellluver, Eccentric One, AvengingAngelIQ, Angel eyes, Igoral, katmcken, RosWool, and Juliette.

Responses to:

EVERYONE - There is no Zan! He died from that truck thing by Rath and Lonnie. Patience is a virtue! Lol, Thanks for the bumps and feedback! I know, It takes me a while to get a new part out. With all my problems in life, It's kinda hard to keep up. Sorry, I will try to get the next part out by this Friday or Saturday! *happy*

Asabetha - It is Max. You will find out more later in the story.

Eccentric One - The scars and stuff are too look real like he was actually tortured when he was in the hands of the FBI. It is not Zan or a shapeshifter. It is actually Max. You will find out more later on in the story. Sorry if it was confusing. I didn't mean to have it that way.

behritall4me - OMG girl! Hehe.... Thanks for the feedback. I would never leave you guys hanging like that! It's not my style. I would never leave a story incomplete except one of my really old fanfics called "Waiting For The Aliens". (That story is from like 1998 or 1999) Here's the new part! Remember: Patience is a virtue!

Well, On with the story! Feedback would be appreciated!

Coming Back For You Part 17

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: NC-17 (Kinda, I think)
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 17 - NC-17 (Kinda, I think)
Max's POV

I had took needles and scapels and shot and cut myself, knowing that they will leave a scar. My plan was completed. It would take a while before it is completed and I will have the Aliens and Humans in the white rooms. I had dressed myself in rags and actually walked to Roswell in the hot desert sky. I think I actually saw a mirage.

I slowly dragged myself onto Liz's door and knocked. I knocked and knocked. Then the door flew open. She stood there in her PJ's.

"Are you homeless? Would you like some food?"she said with concern.

I lifted my head up, showing her me. Recongnize me. Do you remember me? It's me. The guy you guys know. The guy who you all thought was dead.

"Max?"she said.

She touched my face and then said my name again. I felt a eletricity run through my body. I grabbed her soft hands and kissed them. Her skin felt like a baby's bottom. Woah, Deja Vu. I poked my nose against her skin and smelled. Strawberries. This was the one I couldn't see. The one I attacked when I astral projected.

"Max......"she said in happiness.

"Liz........"I said.

She took me into her arms and pulled me into the café.

"Oh Max...... I knew you were still alive... I just knew it. I could feel you. Oh god Max.... I love you so much"

I wonder how far this Max and her took their relationship. First Base? Second Base? Third Base? Homerun?

"I-I love you"I lied, pulling her petite strawberry-smelling body against mine.

I could feel her breasts against my hard chest. Her arms around my neck. She felt so warm. I felt like I was home. NO! I have a mission. What am I thinking? Am I going crazy? My god....

She then started to cry. I pulled back and wiped her tears with my thumb. I kissed her temple and hugged her again.

"Don't cry baby...... I'm here.... Don't cry.... I'm here now...."

"I know but I still can't believe you're here..... I stil loved you for so long.... I dreamed of you coming back to me. I dreamed of you holding me once again. I dreamed of me saying sorry to you"

I smiled and drew her face to mine. Then our lips fused together. Our tongues clashing. I held her tightly as if it was life or death. I felt her sweetness. Her aroma surrounded me. I felt her fingers playing with my hair and then her hands slid down my arms and squeezed my muscles.

Oh god. Her hands on me felt like fire. I lifted her up on the counter and moved between her legs. I pulled her closer to me so her heat was against my manhood. I heard her gasp as she pulled her lips away. I nibbled down to her neck and sucked her sweet soft skin. I felt her hands running up and down my chest. Yes....

I brushed the side of her soft breasts and squeezed them oh so lightly. She grips onto my hair, fusing our lips together once again. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I pulled her off the counter and pushed her onto the booth tables. Her legs untangled from my waist. I leaned down, still standing up. I ravished her, leaving her breathless.

"Oh Max..... Uh..... Yes.... Max..... Max..... Oh god! That feels s-so g-good"she moaned.

I rubbed my manhood against her heat through the clothes. I heard her moans increase in volume. I gripped her tiny hips as I grounded myself into her. I felt her slowly grind back as I grinded into her. Oh shit... I felt my body stiffen and so did hers. Then we both came at the same time, seeing stars. I pulled back slightly enough to see her face. She was sweaty and out of breath.

"I-I love you"I said, kissing her sweet red lips.

"I love you too.... Forever"she whispered into my ear with a small shocked look on her face.

I softly collasped on top of her, trying not to squish her.

This is kinda NC-17, right? I know.... Short once again. I'm so sorry! Um, Part 18 will be a bit longer than this. *happy* Sorry if this part sucked. I ain't good with NC-17! Feedback Please! No Feedback, No Story!

Part 18 will be out on either Friday or Saturday!

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Eccentric One, Igoral, behritall4me (twice!), roswellluver, AvengingAngelIQ, Lucky Star, and RosWool.

Responses to:
EVERYONE - Thanks for your feedback! I feel so loved! Thanks for your bumps! Kisses and Hugs to everyone! :-D

Eccentric One - Your question was does Max have any clue he is Max or he's pretending to be him. Agent Evans doesn't remember because of Pierce's brainwashing. Agent Evans only know that he look like Max and not know he is Max. He thinks he's just a look alike. You know, How sometimes a person can look like someone else and they are not related? That's what Agent Evans think.

behritall4me - Wow chica! You made two posts and all in one part! I thank you for that. *happy* Michael, Max, and Isabel are aliens. Liz, Maria, Alex, and Kyle are human. I am thinking about making Liz an alien too but that is unsure yet. Now Tess.... I totally forgot about her. Ooops.... hehe. Tess is still in Roswell but I don't mention her much because she's not really important to this story. The gang doesn't hang with her because they hate her. She is in this story.

Lucky Star - Thanks. I'll try not to be so hard on myself. *happy*

Well, On with the Story! Feedback would be appreciated!

Coming Back For You Part 18

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 18
Liz's POV

"I-I love you"I said, kissing her sweet red lips.

Hearing those words from him..... It made my heart swell. I felt like dancing for joy. I stared at him. His messy hair. Puffy lips. A hickey on his neck. Oh god. I was falling in love with him all over again.

"I love you too.... Forever"she whispered into my ear.

I meant them. Now that I found him, I will never leave him. Never. No matter what. He gets off of me and helps me off the table.

"You're really here"I said, caressing his tired unshaved face.

"You have no idea how long I waited for this..... It's been too long"

He led upstairs to my bedroom, sitting down. I hugged him again. I didn't want to let him go. I'm afraid if I do, I will lose him again. This is my second chance. I will not ruin it. I won't.

"I..... We thought you were d-dead"I stuttered out.

I can't bear to say the horrible word. It's too..... No word can describe it. I started to cry again. I thought I lost him forever. I thought that I could never tell him how I felt about him. Or show him my love. Or ever hear him. Or see him. I thought he was totally gone.

"I know.... I know"

"How do you know?"I asked, confused.

"W-Well, There was a car crash in the desert that night. The FBI was the cause of it. They captured me while I was unconcious and took me to their secret headquarters. Thats where they tortured and studied me. A man named Pierce, Agent Pierce, was the boss of the entire operation. Oh god Liz. I-It was so scary there. They cut me up and stuck needles into me. They forced me to k-kill"

Tears formed in my dry eyes, stinging. He had this pained look on his face as if all that he was saying was flashing through his mind like a movie. Oh Max.......

"Then a month passed and I escaped. I had befriended an agent and he helped me out of there. And now I'm here with you. I was so scared. I c-cried everynight, hoping... No.... Wishing that I could come back. I thought about my friends. Thinking that I would never see them again. But most of all.... I would never get a chance to see y-you. I know you left me. But you are what kept me a-alive. I d-dreamed about you comforting me. I dreamed about you coming back to me. I dreamed about you. I love you L-Liz. Please stay with me. Give me a second chance. I love you so much it hurts. Please Liz....."he begged, crying.

"Max..... I love you too. I will never let them take you again. Never. You're safe here with me...... Shhh..... Shhh......."I said, as I comforted him.

He burried his face into my shoulder and I held him.

"Shh..... Shhh....... It's ok..... It's gonna be ok..... I'm here..... Shhh......"I whispered.

He cried louder and I cried with him. I kissed his forehead, feeling the warmth from him burn my lips. I felt his arms wrap around my waist, bringing me towards him. We slowly laid back.

The mattress bounced softly and adjusted to our body heat. Max's cries soon ceased. A few coughs and sniffs echoed. I felt his arms loosen and his head hits the pillow with a bounce.

Poor Max. He suffered so much. I took in the scars. The not healed wounds. The punctured skin. The dry blood. The beard forming. His quite long messy hair. His worn raggy clothes. His broken sneakers.

I moved away, staring at him. He was really here. I wasn't seeing things. He was here. I quickly called Maria. I had to. I told her to call a meeting. A important meeting. I shall tell them. Tell them that..... Max is alive.

Max's POV

She's quite gullable, Isn't she? I closed my eyes and calmed my breathing, pretending I fell asleep. I heard her talk to that girl.... What's her name? Oh yes....

Maria Rose DeLuca. Occupation, Waitress for the Crashdown Café. Martial Status, Dating Michael Guerin. Mother, Amy DeLuca. Father, Unknown. Birth place, Roswell.

Liz called for a important meeting. Yes Liz. Call them over here. Call them so I can suck them up into my trap. I will tell them my sad painful story. I will cry and stutter. I will stare at everything like I have never seen them before. I will tell them all these lies. Wrapping them with webs of lies.

Lying is one of the best qualities I have. Anyone can believe me. It's not that hard. Just act it like you're doing a part from a movie or TV show.

I can just see them all in the White Room. I can hear the screams. The cries. The sound of them eletricuted. The sound of gunshots. The sound of falling to the ground. The sound of water splashing. I can see and hear them so clearly.

I heard her leave and the door closed with a click. I quickly shot up off the bed.

"Now where is her journal?"I asked, whispering.

I looked through her bags and drawers. Nothing. I wanted to tear this room apear but I can't. Of course Liz will notice when she comes back, finding her room smashed to pieces. I then looked at her balcony and looked away.

Then I felt something prickling. My hair standing up. I walked towards the balcony, feeling the brick wall. Then a brick moved. Moving it, I see a small space. There laid a book.


Not bad for a girl, hiding her secrets. If I didn't feel this feeling, I would've never known that this journal was there. I heard footsteps and commotion. I quickly place the brick back and threw the journal to the next building's roof. It flew and landed with a loud thud like a gunshot.

I quickly went back into her room. I heard the doorknob turn, squeaking. I quickly jumped into the air and landed on the bed, bouncing. I steadied myself and returned back to my sleeping position.

"Oh my god..... It's really him. It's Max"

"I still don't believe it. Isabel, he could be a shapeshifter!"

"Michael! Look at him! I know you can tell if he's a shapeshifter or not!"

They must be Isabel and Michael.

Isabel Evans. Occupation, None. Martial Status, Dating Alex Charles Whiteman. Mother, Nancy Evans. Father, Philip Evans. Birth place, Roswell. Was found in the desert by an adoption man on the highway near Fraiser Wood.

Michael Guerin. Occupation, Cook at the Crashdown Café. Martial Status, Dating Maria Rose DeLuca. Mother, Unknown. Father, Unknown. Foster dad, Hank Guerin. Disappeared mysteriously, Presumed to be dead. Birth place, Roswell. Was also found in the desert by a trucker on the highway far from Frasier Wood.

Isabel's easy to fool. But Michael.... He's smart. He knows when something is up or something bad is going to happen. He might be a bit harder to fool. Or to lie too. Not bad for a couple of Exterestrials.

I hear the door click close. Their footsteps fading and their voices. I sighed, thinking this is gonna be a long week or month. I don't know how long this will last. Two weeks the most. Anymore than that, It's a dead case. I just hope in two weeks, They can trust me and accept me that I wasn't dead.

I hope so. I can't have this case dead. I need to do this. For the sake of all humankind. For the sake of this planet. From being colonized by the likes of them.

Liz's POV

I know it must be so hard for them to accept that Max is alive. That he never died. That he was captured by the FBI. That they did nothing to try to save him. But they didn't know. They felt as if this was their fault. It's not. They didn't know Max was captured. They thought he was dead. I thought he was dead too.

But they felt hurt. Hurt that Max came to me first and not them. Hurt that a month passed by with them trying to have fun when Max was out there, being studied and experiemented on. They were ready to fall over a cliff.

"Liz, Are you sure that's Max?"asked Michael, running his figners through his hair.

"Of course I'm sure! Why wouldn't I be? I think I can tell him apart from a shapeshifter!"I yelled at him.

"Are you extra positive it's Max? You can tell him apart? I highly doubt that! You couldn't tell Max apart from Nasado!"

I gasped. How dare he brought that up.

"I never been kidnapped by a shapeshifter before! That was my first time!"

"First time! After that, You never experienced it ever again! This is only you're second time!"


"But what does your gut say?"

My gut? My gut? What does my gut say? Oh no.... Oh god no.... It can't be..... But it is.....

"My gut says it is Max but not exactly him"I said, feeling ashamed with myself.

Then Michael scoffed at me and punched the wall. Puncturing the wall, leaving a large hole. I stared at my feet, feeling the hot tears running down my face. Then the backdoor swung open.

"Liz? Why are you crying?"said Max with a sad look on his face.

We all stood up, still in shock seeing him alive.

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Teaser: Next Part (Part 19) will NC-17! :-D

Part 19 will be out either Wednesday or Thursday! If I finish it earlier, I will try to post it earlier!

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Thanks to:
JaneLane, LEL, Eccentric One, roswellluver, AvengingAngelIQ, Angel eyes, Juliette, Igoral, Lucky Star (twice), behritall4me, mpls muse, Jules, and not_of_this_earth

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Lucky Star - Thanks for the bump! *happy*

Jules - Max is pretending. He was brainwashed by Pierce so he doesn't remember a thing. Yet....

Well, On With The Story! *happy*

Coming Back For You Part 19

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 19 - NC-17
Max's POV

I swung open the backdoor. I felt like ripping these stupid clothes off and wearing my suit. See, Now that's comfortable! I want to go back to the headquarters so I can frighten Agent Pierce. I want to pretend to beat him with his little stick. I want to be cruel to Agent Topolsky. I want to hang with Burns. I hate Roswell. Hot, Sticky, and filled with E.T.'s. Why couldn't those brats live in Seattle?

I walked into the room and saw Liz crying. She had this guilty look on her face. What the hell is going on? I should've came down earlier. I should've hid and listened to what they were talking about. Most likely, It's about me. I'm right, Aren't I?

"Liz? Why are you crying?"I said with a sad look.

I'm such a good actor. I could probabely get a role in a movie or TV. They stood up with their mouths gaping open. Then I watched as Isabel run towards me, hugging me. Ugh, I hate hugging. I hugged her tightly as if I missed her so much.

"Oh god Max...... I missed you so much... When I thought I lost you, I-I......"she stuttered.

I just hugged her, not responding. Then I felt another pair of arm hug me and then another and another until the whole gang was hugging me. I feel like we're in a Barney show. Yuck.

"I'm happy to be back..... T-To be back with you guys"I whispered.

Liz's POV

"Journal Entry #26. I'm Liz Parker and Max is back. What do I mean by back? He's back from the dead. He never died actually. He was captured by the FBI. Labeled as an experiment. Forced to kill. Tortured. Threatened. When I look at him, I can see the pain in his eyes without seeing them for myself. I know him well enough. When he came back, the first thing we did was make-out and beyond. Not beyond like sex beyond. Like touching, orgasm beyond. We did it on one of the booth tables. I never felt anything like it in my life before. What's weird is before all this shit, When Max and I use to make-out, I saw things. Flashes. Of us together. Of stars. Of his planet. Of his feelings. But when Max and I touched each other, really touched each other, I saw nothing. It was as if he closed off our connection, afraid to let me see. But see what exactly? I remember Max letting me see all his pain. But not this. What is he hiding? What is he afraid to show me? Has he done something bad? Does he have such a big secret he can't even trust me with it? What is it? That is what I'm determined to find out.....

Max's POV

I finally escaped from all the hugging and the kissing. I have got to take a bath to wash off all the Alien's saliva. It feels like poison against my skin. I waited till everybody went to sleep and then I sneaked out of Liz's room. If anybody was following or watching me, I pretended to walk around Roswell, pretending to look at things like I never looked at before. I circled around the block twice. No one is following or watching me.

I stand next to a library door, waving my hand over the lock. I moved inside quickly, burning out the cameras. I pulled up a seat and logged onto the computer. Going to the secret FBI website.

Welcome to 'Get It On' !

They should really find another cover website. Jeez... A sex website? That's really smart, NOT! I clicked on a small box that you can't even see. Then a FBI website popped up.

Username: Vulgar_Evans
Password: ******


Logged on......

"Welcome Agent"said female computer voice.

I connected into the chatroom and found several Agents there.

Members: Vim_Burns , Vulgar_Evans
Time: 4:06am

Vim_Burns: Hello Evans

Vulgar_Evans: Hello Burns. Tell Pierce not to interfer.... I need time to complete the

Vim_Burns: Tell him yourself.

Foe_Pierce: Hello Agent Evans.

Vulgar_Evans: Pierce. So were you hiding like the pathetic human you are?

Foe_Pierce: ...... We don't have time.

Vulgar_Evans: Trying to avoid the subject? Sissy. We have time. I need time!

Foe_Pierce: I'm giving you only 1 week. No more time.

[ Foe_Pierce signed off ]

Vulgar_Evans: Burns, I need you to help me dig up some old files.... Look up for
information on the 1947 crash pronto.

Vim_Burns: I will leave the information by the old radio tower on Highway 42.

[ Vim_Burns signed off ]

[ Vulgar_Evans signed off ]

I crack my knuckles, leaning back against the hard wooden chair. Pierce, Such a namby-pamby! Then I felt the hair on my neck stand up. I just sat there, knowing someone was behind me.

"Don't move"said a voice, sticking a gun to the back of my head.

I smirk. I quickly turn around, grabbing his gun and snapping his wrist in the process. I stood up, smashing my elbow into his face. He slumps to the ground with a broken nose, unconscious. I stare at the body for a moment. Not a bad size for a human. But he still can't fight me. I'm too fast. I'm too smart. I'm too strong....

I drop the gun onto the floor, making the fingerprints disappear. I walk out of there, fixing the cameras. I leave there without a trace. Walking back towards the Crashdown.

Liz's POV

I heard his soft footsteps on the ladder. He jumped over and sneaked into the room through the opened window. I peek my eyes open and watched him take off his shoes and new fresh clothes. There he stood in his wifebeater and boxers. The sun and moon glowing on him. Then I saw his body stiffen.

"If you knew I was out, Why don't you ask me where I was?"he said roughly.

He knew I was awake. He knew I was watching him. He knew. But how? I felt alarm run through my mind. I felt scared. I never felt scared when I'm with Max. Never.....

He turned around, hovering over me. I could feel his hot breath on my cheek. His body weight plopped on top of my petite body. Then I felt his lips crash onto mine. He stroked his tongue against mine slowly. I felt all alarm disappear as I felt each kiss. He moved under the blanket with me, His hand grazing against my bottom. He then pinched it. I jumped, accidently pushing my head against his raging erection. I broke the kiss, having to ask him.

"Where did you go?"I breathed out.

He captured my lips once again as if he was trying to stop me from asking him any questions. He ran his fingers through my hair and then gripped it, bringing my head back. I tried to supress the moan that was threatening to erupt from my lips. His hot kisses marked me as his. He lifted my legs and rubbed crudely against me.

"Ahhh......."I softly cried out.

His tongue flicked at the hollow spot of my throat. His fingers lightly trailed up and down my legs. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel my wetness seep through my thong. God, What is he doing to me? I gasp once again as I felt his fingers gentlely brush against my wetness. He smirked and pressed his thumb against my clit through the material. I buckled, lifting my waist into the air.

How did Max learn to do this? Oh fuck.... He rubbed a couple of times, receiving shivers from me. I whimpered like a lost puppy as I felt his fingers disappear. It was quickly replaced with his erection through his boxers. He fiercely pounded against me, grunting into my hair. I clutched to his shoulders, feeling his chest slid against my breast. I was sure there would be bruises there.

He cupped my bottom, bringing me closer to him.

"MAX.... I-I.... UH..... MAX!"I screamed out as he pounded and pounded.

"LIZ! OH DAMN.... YES.... UH...."

We both then screamed with each other's names on our lips as we saw stars and planets flash before our eyes.

Do you like the NC-17? I'm sorry if it's not good, I'm not a very good NC-17 writer. But I try. *happy* Feedback would be appreciated! No Feedback, No Story!

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Responses to:
EVERYONE - Thank you for the feedback! I'm gonna cry now in happiness. *cries* hehe.... *happy*

behritall4me and Lucky Star - Actually, the last line was just a line like they blacked out. Sorry if it confused anyone. That wasn't a flash. It was just a saying that they blacked out. "Max" was rough, that's how "Max" is. I don't mind if he was rough with me! hehe..... xP

roswellluver That guy at the library was a security guard. *happy*

Lucky Star Patience girl! haha......

Starlight - I'm here chica. I've been told that I was going to move to Connecticut and go on a small vacation to Hong Kong and I have tests coming up this week so my life's pretty hectic right now. I'll try to write faster and post sooner ok? :D

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Coming Back For You Part 20

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!

Part 20
Liz's POV

I fell asleep after that extraordinary moment. Actually, I don't recall falling asleep. I think I passed out. I stirred slowly and turned around, finding Max sleep with a peaceful look on his face. Amazing how we could feel what we felt last night and not actually cement. I brushed my fingers against his soft cheek. His eyes fluttered. I then laid my hand on his cheek, smiling. I had Max. Max is alive. I felt happy thoughts run through my mind. I haven't been this happy for a very long time.

Then I saw his lips turn white while they pinched together tightly. His hand quickly shot up to mine, grasping it tightly. His body quickly crushed mine, burying me deep into my bed. His other hand snaked out and brought my lips to meet his. I felt him growl like an animal.

"M-M-Max....."I gasped out as I broke the kiss, feeling him drag his kisses down to my neck.

He flicked his tongue against the hollow spot at my throat. Then I felt his touch turn gentle. He touched me like a porcelin doll. I felt his hands grip my waist while my hands roam freely around his back.

I pulled away from him, staring into his eyes. Is that.....? Was that love I saw in his eyes? It was. His eyes quickly turned emotionless. I kissed him gentlely on the lips. Then I felt the connection.

"LIZZZZ! Get away from him! Get away! Run! Run Liz!"screamed Max as he was tied to a chair in a white room.

"M-Max?"I stuttered out as I felt dizzy.

The pressure in this room was too great. Everything was so blurry. I couldn't breathe. The air was so thick. I stumbled my way around the room, only hearing Max's voice.

"Get away from him! He's not who you-"

"SHUT UP!"yelled a voice as a loud WHACK echoed.

"LIZ!"yelled Max.

"MAX!"I screamed, searching for him.

Then I felt something hard whip at my back and I was kicked out.

End Of Flash

I gasped violently, pushing Max off of me. I slowly touched my back and felt an imprint. I hissed in pain.

"Liz?"said Max, touching my arm and rubbing his fingers against my cheek.

I looked at him and felt scared. What the hell was that?

"Liz? What's wrong?"he asked in confusion.

Then a quick flash appeared through my mind. A screaming bleeding Max. Then I started to scream........

Max's POV

She started to scream on top of her lungs. I had to shush her up before her dad finds me here. Her dad doesn't know. I quickly clamped my hand over her opened screaming mouth.

"Liz.... Liz.... Shhh.... What's wrong? What happened?"

Her eyes moved back and forth quickly as if looking for escape. What did I do? WHat did I do to make her scream? Move away from me? Did she see something? Did she know that I was.... FBI? She then stopped screaming, her body slumping in exhaustion.

Her body heating up, covered in sweat. Her face pale. Her lips dry and cracked. Her hair stuck to her face. Her hands cold. Her eyes dead. I carried her back to her bed, examing her body. Then I saw her shirt slashed in the back. I healed her back and the fixed the shirt. I then left to go downstairs, getting some ice and water.

Liz's POV

I slowly found my mind back, trying to breathe. Trying not to hypervenilate. I started to think about the flash. Why is Max strapped into a chair, screaming? Who was huring him? I had so many questions. What is happening to me? I had felt my back in pain. I had felt my back get whipped. I felt it.... I didn't imagine it. Could the flash been a memory from when he was captured by the FBI? Was it the past or the future flash?

The important question was.... Who was Max referring to when he said he ?

Max's POV

Something was wrong. But what? Liz looked like she had seen a ghost. She saw something. Something important. Maybe important enough to blow my cover. But what did she see? I'm going to find out even if it means killing her.

Thanks for the feedback guys! I'm so sorry for such a crappy part. My family life sucks! Feedback would be appreciated!

Part 21 will be out on either Saturday or Sunday!

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LEL - Liz isn't going to tell them yet because she's not sure if it was a past or future flash. If Liz thought it was a past flash, She wouldn't tell them because they don't want them to go through the pain of knowing Max's torture. If future flash, Well she doesn't know. She will tell them when she is sure! *happy*

Angel eyes - Where are you going? *happy* I'm going to Hong Kong on July 1st and coming back in like 3 or 4 weeks. HAVE A GREAT SUMMER! *happy*

Angelalien - You will now later in the story who "he" is. The other question I can't answer because if I do, I will have to give away some of the story line!

mpls muse - Real Max is trapped.

Now the new chapter! Feedback will be appreciated!

Coming Back For You Part 21

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 21
Liz's POV

I still can not get over that horrible flash but was it a dream? Or was it real? I know it was real but it almost felt as if it was a dream. I'm just confusing myself right now.

"Liz?"asked Maria, snapping me out of my deep thoughts.


"Uh, You just grabbed the burger off the grill"

I looked at my hands and saw the steaming meat. Then I dropped it to the ground with a small yelp of pain. I ran towards the sink, cooling my hand with the icy water.

"Are you ok, chica?"she answered, looking at me with concern.

"I'm just fine.... I'm just tired"

She kissed me on my forehead and left to get orders from the customers. I wince at the pain. The red circle mark imprinted onto my skin slowly fades but stings. I look up at Michael. He stares at me with a confused face. I walked past him and then stopping to see the backdoor open. In came Max. He smiled at me, hugged me, and kissed me.

"Well hi to you too!"I giggled out.

He kisses my cheek, burying his face into my hair, muffling a "Hi". His arms wrapped around my waist, bringing me close to him. I stared into eyes, smiling from ear to ear. He then kissed me lightly on the lips again and again.

"Oh get a room!"shouted Michael as he watched us with a raised eyebrow.

Max glared at him and then looked back at me.

"Are you free later tonight?"

"Yes, What did you have in mind?"I breathed out.



"Movies.... Um, Kate and Leopard? No? Uh, Moulin Rouge?"he said, grinning.

I laughed and pinched his cheeks softly. He looked so cute.

"How about both?"

"I'll get the videos"

"I'll set up the room"I said, wiggling my eyebrows.

Then I felt his hand graze against my butt, making me jump with a squeal. He then fused his lips with mine, exploring.

"Please get a room"said Maria, walking into the backroom with Isabel.

"The sight of them makes me wanna gag"said Isabel, flicking her hair back.

I rolled my eyes, giving him a light kiss and shoving him out the door.

"I have work. See you later tonight Max"


And then he was gone. Maria came up to me, putting her arm over my shoulders. Isabel grabbed an ice cream carton and three spoons. It was that time again. Girl Talk.......

Max's POV




I got them in my hands now. Now for the fun part. Now for the action. My plan is half completed. Slowly, I will get the FBI here, taking one alien at a time. Am I good or what? Actually, Am I evil or what? Soon, I can have Pierce's job and I can watch these stupid aliens suffer. Coming to Earth to take over. Like that will ever happen!

I walked to a payphone, dialing a number that was no need for a quarter. It rings softly. My hands start to sweat around the phone.

"FBI. State your name and password"

"Agent Evans. VE123073"

"...... Confirmed...... Where do you wish to connect to Agent Evans?"


"...... Please wait......"


"Evans here"

"Evans. Do you have any good news?"

"Yes, You lost your cock and You're not a man anymore"I said harshly.

"..... Evans......."he growled.

I laughed into the phone like a Evil maniac. How I love annoying Pierce. I hate him. I hate him with all my soul. I wouldn't even mind if he was dead. All I need is a hitman but to save me all the trouble and money, I can do it myself. But I can't.... The other agents would surely be out to get me if I do kill him.

"They are in the palm of my hands"

"Good work Evans"

"And what have you done lately? Eating donuts and drinking coffee? Beating someone with your pathetic stick? Got beat up? Fucking some slut that probablely you had to pay for?"


Dumb pansie. He hanged up on me. So I guess I defeated him in this round of fighting.

Max - 101. Pierce - 0.

Liz's POV

Max came a few hours later, greeting me with chocolate, flowers, and the tape.

"I come bearing gifts"he said, kissing me.

He can't stop kissing me, Can he? I grabbed the flowers, putting them in water. I grabbed the chocolate and led Max upstairs to watch the movies. It started out ok. Movies started. Chocolate was opened to eat. Cuddled up in bed together under the blankets. How can this possiblely be any more perfect?

Sorry for the short part! I just wanted to sure some M/L scenes. *happy* Should I continue? Feedback would be appreciated!

Does anyone know why I chose "VE123073" as Agent Evan's password? Let's see if you guys know this small trivia! *happy*

Part 22 will be out on either Saturday or Sunday!

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Thanks to:
LEL, Apathygirl666, not_of_this_earth, roswellluver, AvengingAngelIQ, Lucky Star, and Eccentric One

Responses to:
EVERYONE - "VE123073" means: VE is Vulgar Evans. 123073 is 12/30/73 (December 30th, 1973) also known as Jason Behr's birthday! *happy* For VE, It could also mean "Very Erotic", Thanks to Eccentric One, Kara. hehe..... *happy* Oh yeah, I'm sorry if later in this story, You will find me rushing it. I'm leaving to Hong Kong on July 1st and I will want to end this before I leave so you people don't have to wait two whole months for my to come back and finish writing it! Feedback would be appreciated! *happy*

LEL - It was relaly nothing. She just felt the hotness. It wasn't really burned or anything and Max doesn't know about it.

not_of_this_earth - I'm sorry for the short part. I'll try to write more but it's hectic over here. I got the whole Graduation rehearsal and all these family stuff. My counsler even wrote a letter to my father, asking him if he was willing to come up to the school to talk about my depressed problems. I'm sorry, I'll try to write a longer part next time.

Eccentric One - You got it right! Very Erotic? I didn't even think of that one! Haha.... I was thinking his screename, Vulgar Evans. But Very Erotic works too! *happy* I'm sorry, You don't win anything. Unfortunately, I'm in a money crisis so I can't afford anything. Not even new clothes! :(

Now on with the story! *happy* Feedback Please?

Coming Back For You Part 22

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Part 22
Max's POV

I drove to the Highway 42 near the radio tower. I stopped the engine, walking out. There laid a file with a rock on top of it. Grabbing it and flipping through the old and new pages. Newspaper clippings, Reports, Pictures, Artifacts, and etc. They were all here. I smile, folding it in half and sticking it into jeans of the back. I pulled my shirt over it and left, driving back to Roswell. Liz should be expecting me right about now.

I step on the gas, probably breaking the speed limit. Then I felt my cell phone vibrate and ring at the same time. I grabbed it and clicked it on.


".... Max.... Where are you?"

"Hey babe.... I'm almost there. Just give me at least 5 minutes ok?"

"Ok. Love you"

"And I you too"

Click. Then I saw a motorcycle appear. Michael Guerin. Shit, Did he see? I stopped and he drove in front of the car, stopping.

"Michael, What a suprise!"

"Max.... What were you doing there? At the same place where we found the Orb?"

"Oh well, I thought that I must have missed something back there"

"You haven't gone there in months and just suddenly you come back? Did you hear something while you were captured?"

"No"I said a little too quickly.

Shit. Michael is on case. I'm just gonna take him right here, right now. No one would even really care if he was missing for a couple of days. I mean, He's always on the run! Running away from his problems and especially on love. Pathetic. I guess Aliens do have emotions.

"What's weird is you were a wreck when Liz left. You didn't speak or eat. Didn't even bath! Then you drive off to the desert one day and got yourself in a accident. Then police finds the jeep totally burned and what's funny is they found a body. Couldn't identify it but same height and same body type. Then you come back mysteriously after all these depressing months and you say you were captured by the FBI. I can believe that but you aren't Max. You changed. Actually, You didn't change. It's like you got a whole new personality. A whole new Max. So I started to think...."

Oh, Thinking is not good. I knew Pierce's work was sloppy. Once I finish my mission here, I'm going to kill Pierce once and for all! Break his arm, Legs, and then snap his little puny neck. I want to see him scream. Beg for mercy. I want to see him in pain. I smirk quickly but then got rid of it on my face.

"So I started to think that maybe you aren't Max. Maybe you are just an agent sent to look like Max. Maybe surgery? But that couldn't be because you have powers. So another thought sent me thinking and this one could be true. You are a shapeshifter. You were one of Khivar or Nicholas's evil little soliders. You shapeshifted into looking like Max. Come back thinking you can get information and give it to them. So tell me, Which one of these are true?"

He stood there with a proud look on his face. Stupid Guerin. Does he really think he can take me? Does he really think he's smarter than me? Well, he's not. He's nothing but a punk who has welfare! *No offense to other people!*

"Nice theories but neither are true"I said, deciding to come out into the open.

I walk around him, circling him over and over again. He watches me with eagle eyes. I then laughed like the evil bad guy I was and smirked.

"You see Spaceboy... You are right about one thing. I ain't Max. But I ain't a shapeshifter either. I work for the FBI. I look like Max because I was born this way. Cool huh? I came here to destroy your people, your kind. I came here to kill you. I'm going to destroy all the ones you love. All your friends. All your family. Everyone you know. And guess who's the lucky person that's going to get tortured right now?"I said, looking at my watch.

I tapped my watch, staring down on him. I know who he's thinking of right now.

"You are smart Michael but foolish. You're thinking an agent has Maria? Maybe I should send one right now. Just with one click of a button and I got an agent there in seconds. Maybe I won't kill her first. Maybe I'll have the agent mess around with her. Think about it. Maria having sex with an agent. But that's not what's gonna really tick you off. What's gonna tick you off is she will enjoy it. Imagine her ruby red lips around a cock bigger than yours. Imagine a cock plunging into her. Imagine her screaming the agent's name and not yours. Imagine that. But I'm not that dumb. I'm not gonna attack someone else when you, here, know my little secret. No, Not Maria who's gonna get tortured today. IT WILL BE YOU!"I said, screaming my last sentence.

He lunged for me but I moved past him, smashing my elbow into his gut. I sent my fist up his chin, knocking his feet off the ground so he fell. I then sat on top of his back, holding his hands together. I tied them along with his feet.

"Now that I got you, Maybe I will get Maria next. But you know what will be fun, I won't call an agent to get her. I'm going to get her myself. I'm going to make all her fantasies come true. She's not bad looking, you know. You got great taste. I'm gonna enjoy her!"I growled into his ear, laughing.


I moved off of his back, lifted him up, and threw him into my car. He struggled, kicking and screaming for help. I smirk, making a U-Turn to drive to the FBI headquarters. Then I saw a picture of Liz flash through my mind. I quickly used my powers and Michael was surrounded by a bubble that was sound proof. It was like a jail cage but you couldn't hear or get out of unless I turn it off.


"Call Liz Parker"

The cell begins to dial and then ring.


"Liz baby, I can't come. Sorry, Something came up. Michael went on one of his crazy rides. He said that there were FBI around the desert. I went to go get him. Don't worry, We'll go out another time"

"Oh Jeez, Do you need me or anybody?"

"No, it's ok babe. Gotta go love"

"Bye Max"

Click. Michael stopped struggling and stared at me with fury in his eyes. If they could shoot rays out of their eyes, I would be dead already. But they can't so HA!

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Thanks to:
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Responses to:
EVERYONE - Hey guys. I was going to post this tmorrow but I felt bad making you guys wait. Sorry if this part is crappy. I'm having a bit of Writer's Block!

mpls muse - Don't hang your head in shame just because you didn't know VE123073. Many people didn't get it. Don't worry. *happy*

Eccentric One - You went to Hong Kong before? Are you chinese? 15 years?!? Wow. I know exactly what you mean. I go to Hong Kong every 2 years. Kangaroo Pub? I don't even know what that is. Either that or I don't remember. Or I never saw it before. Kangeroo Meat Pie? hehe.... *happy*

not_of_this_earth - No, Don't die! Then who will give me feedback? Haha... I'll finish this before I leave. I'll try ok? I'll work my ass off to finish writing this. *happy*

You know the drill.... On with the story! *happy*

Coming Back For You Part 23

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!

Part 23
Liz's POV

Why did Max cancel on me? I know it's because of the Alien business but he should know I'm part of it too! I really wanted to go hang with me. I got nothing to do. Maria is blabbering away about how Michael sucks in romance and I should be happy that Max is romantic. I smirk.

"Liz, Have you been listening to me?"

"Y-Yeah...."I said, snapping out of it.

"What did I just say then?"

Oh crap. I began to look around frantically and then it came to me.

"You said Michael needs to learn from Max on how to be romantic?"I said, hoping I was correct.

She eyes me and then smiles. She hugs me and gives me 'I was joking chica' smile. I laughed, pulling my knees to my chest.

Max's POV

"So what are you going to do with me now?"he growled.

"No need to growl Michael. Just relax"I said, smiling.

"I swear to God, You better not hurt Maria!"

"Well, I can't quite promise you that. If she gets in the way which I know she will, She will be hurt. But you knowing my secret changes all my plans and I can't let that happen. All my plans have to go exactly the way I planned it. They have to.... So be happy Michael for what I'm about to do"

"What are you going to do? Don't touch Maria! TELL ME! What are you going to-"said Michael.

I cut him off by waving my hands over him and then his body went limp. I closed the bubble and drove back to Michael's place.

Liz's POV

"Hey guys"

"Hey Alex"said I and Maria in a chorus.

"Haven't seen you in a while. Been hanging out with Isabel?"I said, eyeing him.

A large smile appeared on his face. Then he started to laugh, grabbing my hands and started to jump around with me.

"Wow, Something great must've happened!"

"She kissed me...."

"Um, Old news?"said Maria.

"Well, Everytime she kisses me, It's good news! It's great news!"he said, putting on a dreamy face.

I laughed at his dreamy look. He is so whipped....

Max's POV

I laid him back on his bed, placing the blanket over him. Sweet Dreams Guerin. You won't remember a thing. I wave my hand over his head to have in sleeping state. What did I just to do Guerin, Foster Boy? I erased his memory of knowing my secret. When he got smart and knew, I was thinking maybe I could change the plans but I can't. It would jepordize everything. It may even blow my cover.

Questions would come up. Like "Where's Michael?", "Does the FBI have him?", "Who was the last person to see him?", "Does anybody know what he was doing?" Then they would say "Let's try to rescue Guerin".

Damn this fucking sucks. If you looked at this mission from another person's point of view like Agent Burns. You would say "That's a easy mission" but really it's not. It takes time to plan. Takes time to lure them into your trap. Takes time to somehow get them all in one place where we can lock down easily without anyone else in Roswell knowing what's going. It takes time.

Yes, this is my first mission but I'm damn good at it! I was born to do this job. Hell, I was born to take over Pierce's job! I was born to be the leader. Be the leader of the FBI Special Unit....

I'm going to succeed in this mission. I'm going to take Pierce's job. I'm going to win a medal for saving Earth from being colonized by Aliens. I'm going to be the boss, the leader of the FBI Special Unit. I'm going to be the main man.

I'm the man. Just remember that......

Liz's POV

I watch Maria and Alex sing together, holding my hairbrush. They're dancing and prancing around. Jumping on my bed, Jumping to the ground, Running around, and Falling. I laugh as I watch them behave like little kids. We use to play like this when we were little but back then, we couldn't sing.

Trust me, We had really high-pitched off-keyed voices.

It was scary when you heard us. I swear to God, the glass would shatter! Now we have experience so we can sing! Maria grabs my hand and sticks the hairbrush to my face. I grab it and join in, swinging my body and flinging my hair everywhere.

"LIZ! Blah.... Ek.... You are flinging your.... Ugh.... hair into my mou-!"he spits out.

I stop, mouthing a apology to him, and then started to sing again, giggling.

Max's POV

I had drove back to the Crashdown, going up the stairs, and heard music flowing from Liz's room. I stood there and smiled. I watch them from the door, singing and dancing. I wanted to laugh.

But you know what? I wasn't really watching them. I was watching Liz. Her lips moving. Her tongue licking her lips. Her hair flowing around her. Her body moving to the music. Her breasts bouncing. Her eyes twinkling with happiness. Her little cute butt shaking around. I smiled and watched her. She's so beautiful.

Then in my head, I heard the sound of a record being stopped and a glass exploding into pieces. Beautiful? Oh fuck, What's wrong with me?

"Hey...."I said, not wanting to see me first.

They turn around and says Hi in a chorus, grabbing my hand and sticking the hairbrush into my face. I nod my head No.

"Come on Max.... I want to hear you sing"


"Come on Max... For me please?"says Liz, batting her eyelashes.

I smile ear to ear and cup her face, pressing my lips against hers. Her hands lays over mine in surprise. I hear Maria and Alex quietly leave and close the door. Music still playing. I held her close to my body, feeling her warmth.

Her breasts against my chest were torture. Her legs rubbing against mine sent shocks through my whole entire body. Her sweet tongue seeked out for mine, moving closer to me. I pushed her up against the wall and rubbed against her, breaking the kiss. She gasped as I brought my warm kisses down to her soft sweet neck.

I slowly rubbed my hands against her breast, feeling her nipple harden. I pinched it through the shirt and cupped her breast. They fit in my hands perfectly as if she was made for me. NO! No, She's not made for me. She's not my soulmate. Soulmate? Where the hell did I come up with this world?

Her hands slid under my t-shirt, feeling my hard chest. She then removed her hands from me and took her shirt off, exposing her black training bra. I cupped it caressing them as if they were so fragile and precious.

I lifted her up into my arms, her legs wrapping around my waist, and laid her down on her bed with me on top.

"I love you Max...."she breathes out as she gave me a quick kiss.

"I love you Liz"I said, tugging at her jeans.

Do you know what's weird?

What scares me to death?

Those 3 little words.

Those 3 romantic words.

I Love You.

When I said them to Liz, What's weird was I meant them.....

OMG! I'm sorry to stop there when they were about to get busy! hehe.... Feedback Please?

Next part will posted on either Thursday or Friday!

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Responses to:
EVERYONE - Oh my god! Tmorrow is my Graduation! I'm so scared and happy! *happy*

behritall4me - Is that a good thing of making you think Max would ever be like that? I'm keeping you guys on your toes? Cool! I didn't even know that! Haha...

Eccentric One - Kowloon? I'll see if they have Kangeroo Pub there. *happy* Sheraton is kind of popular there right? There's a Sheraton in Flusing, NY. *happy* Max bothered with the threats because he wasn't really thinking. He forgot about the plan and he was just pissed. Max and Liz are not fully intimate yet. Not yet. xP

not_of_this_earth - I love leaving you people hanging!

Tally-Ho! Um, Never mind. On with the story! *happy*

Coming Back For You Part 24

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!

Part 24
Max's POV

I laid there, thinking. Stars were still out. The sun was slowly rising. The moon ready to disappear. I know I have a mission that was to capture the aliens and human. But I'm getting it on with one of my subjects. This is so wrong.

I look at Liz who was sleeping peacefully. I brushed her hair away from her face and caressed her cheek. Then her lips kissed my hand and she murmered. Smiling, I went back to thinking once again.

I have these feelings. These strong feelings I can't explain. It's almost as if I know what they mean and what they are but I don't know. It's on the tip of my tongue but I can't quite get it out. This is trying me nuts!

Sliding off the bed slowly, I walk towards the windows, looking up at the night sky. Then I felt my head spin. My body aching and shaking. Everything was blurry. Everything seemed to hurt my eyes. The light. I crouched down to the ground, holding my head. Everything. The pain. It was great. It seemed to want to take control but take control of what?

I silently screamed mentally and physically. I pushed my fingers into my head, hoping the pain would stop. Then I stood up to Liz's mirror, still in great pain.

"Get away from her"

"No.... I will capture her"

"I won't allow it"

"You won't be here to stop me"

"I will always be here to stop you"


"Don't ha me. Even if it weren't for me, You would've fell in love with her anyways"

"No, I don't love her"

"Yes, You do!"

"Yes, I do... But I have a mission and I will never turn my back on my country"

"Country Fountry.... Get through your head. You are me. You are the king of a planet named Antar. You're an alien"

"No... I may love her but I'm no alien. I'm no king of a planet. I'm a human in love"

"Just keep saying that"

I growled into the mirror. Am I going crazy? Am I? There was no one in the room. There was only me and Liz. But Liz is sleeping. Only person left is me. Only me. Just me. Me.... I watch him response. Even though I can't see him, that's not what scares me.

What scares me is when he's speaking, I'm speaking. My lips move as he spoke. He's inside of my head. He's me....

Oh bloody hell!

Liz's POV

Journal Entry # 27. I'm Liz Parker and I feel different. Not different because Max and I took it half way to the next level but emotionally different. Remember when Michael asked me what did my gut say about Max? I said It wasn't exactly Max but it was him. What did I mean by that? Even though I said it, I don't get it. What did it mean? Why was Michael to suspicious? Shouldn't he be happy that Max wasn't dead than investigating him? What's going on here?

I know Max isn't a shapeshifter. But how do I explain that flash? But it was a far more different flash than the one I had with Nasado. Nasado was dark, cold, and murderious. Max's flash were scary and warning. As if something was telling me to stay away from Max. But what? And most importantly, Why?

I love Max Evans. I truely do. But these questions boggle in my head everyday, making me suspicious of Max myself, Just like Michael. I know I promised that I was going to stay with Max no matter what. That this time I will stay forever by his side. No, I'm not changing my mind. I promised and I'm not going to back out. But this is too much for me. So many questions unanswered. So many problems unsolved. So many things going on in my life that I can't take anymore. It's slowly driving me off the cliff of insanity. But I will stay sane. Try to keep my cool. But I can't.

My father has heart problems. I'm not as close to Maria and Alex as we use to be. Max was pronounced dead but was never really dead. Instead he was captured and tortured by the FBI. Michael's mysterious investigasions and the days he's been missing. Tess's sudden disappearence and making a appearence once a week. Nasado's disappearence and appearence also.

My life is such an adventure. I guess it's why I started this journal in the first place. Writing down the pain and the happiness in my life. In my changed life. Hoping someone one day will find this and read this, knowing exactly how it felt to go through this kind of life. But it's dangerous to write all these things in here. The FBI can easily take this and just like that, They will be exposed. But I have to write it all down. For memories....

I need to sort all these problems out and soon..... Something bad is going to happen. I don't know when or how but all I know is my whole body is feeling a bad vibe. Either I'm correct or I need to stop listening to Maria about vibes.

Max's POV

I woke, shifting towards Liz. My hand snaked out to pull her to me but theer was nothing but thin air. My eyes popped open in alarm. My heart raced. She wasn't in bed. I got up and walked into the bathroom. Empty. I went outside into the hallway. Empty.

"Liz?"I said, racing down the stairs.

Then there I saw her standing, humming to a song while she cooked. I felt my heart calm down, My breath caught up with me. She stood there humming, wearing my t-shirt. She looked so cute. She danced around with a wooden spoon in her hands.

"If you want to I can save you... I can take you away from here..... So lonely inside... So busy out there... And all you wanted was somebody who cared"she sang along, shaking her cute little butt.

I walked up to her quietly and grabbed her butt, pulling her towards me. She gasped, dropping the spoon to the ground with a loud clang! I felt her rub against my penis. God what this woman does to me!

"Mmm.... So that's where my shirt went"I teased, kising her neck.

My fingers went to the shirt and unbuttoned the first three. I stuck my hands inside, rubbing against her breast. Her arm went around my neck, the other gripped onto my waist. Then I felt my hand sting with as a reflex made me withdraw my hand. She turned around with a evil smile.

"Not now Mister... Keep your hands to yourself!"she said, waving her little finger in my face.

I grabbed it and sucked it into my mouth. Her mouth opened in awe and her tongue licked her lips. I then removed her fingers, pressing my lips against her neck. She went to grab my hair to pull me closer but then I moved away.

"Not now Missy.... Keep your hands to yourself" I said, teasing.

I moved away from her fully. She then yelled at me, cursing and stamping her feet. I laughed and went back to her.

"You're so mean"

"Me mean? Never! You Missy are mean!"

"Nuh huh!"

"Uh huh!"

"Nuh huh!"

"Uh huh!"

Then she crossed her arms and pouted. She's so cute! I pinch her cheeks.

"So cute!"

"EEK! hehe...."she shouts, giggling.

I lift her up onto the counter, kissing her beautiful sweet strawberry lips. Then her hands went to grab for my growing erection. Thank the gods who gave me this woman....

Liz's POV

I laid on the counter with Max besides me. I stared at his face, smiling. What amazes me is that Max loved me since he first saw me in 3rd grade. I've noticed him but we weren't close. If he hadn't saved me, I would've never fell in love with him. It's fate. I love him and nothing's going to change that.

"Max?"I whispered.

"Mmmm?"he moans.

"Let's go out"I said, sitting up.

He grunts and sits up, rubbing his eyes. I grab his hand and drag him upstairs to change. He murmers and stumbles on his way up. I roll my eyes at him.

Max's POV

So we're walking around Roswell. Nothing fun. Boring Boring Boring. But I'm with Liz.

What the hell do I think I'm doing? Am I in love? Why am I feeling these feelings for her? What is wrong with me? God, I should be making up a plan on how to capture these Aliens and the humans. To find out information. And what do I do? I fall in love with one of the humans. Great, Wait till Burns hear this. Mostly Pierce. He will probably be happy and cackling.

And last night. What happened? Who was that? Why is this happening to me?

I pushed the thoughts aside and tried to be happy. Happy. I really wanted to scoff right there. I'm walking down the streets of Roswell, arm arund Liz's shoulder, smiling. If only Burns can see me now.....

Then something terriblely wrong happened.....

I suck at cliffhangers. Is that even one? Oh well, Feedback Please!

Next chapter will be posted on either Saturday or Sunday. It may be a really long part or short part! xP

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EVERYONE - Why did I get so little feedback? Is it because you hate the way I wrote it or you hate what's the outcome? I'm sorry. :( You might be more happy in the next part! Trust me?

Now to the new chapter. *happy*

Coming Back For You Part 25

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Beta-Read: Jodi (LizEvans51⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!

Previously from Part 24...
Max's POV

So we're walking around Roswell. Nothing fun. Boring Boring Boring. But I'm with Liz.

What the hell do I think I'm doing? Am I in love? Why am I feeling these feelings for her? What is wrong with me? God, I should be making up a plan on how to capture these Aliens and the humans. To find out information. And what do I do? I fall in love with one of the humans. Great, Wait till Burns hear this. Mostly Pierce. He will probably be happy and cackling.

And last night. What happened? Who was that? Why is this happening to me?

I pushed the thoughts aside and tried to be happy. Happy. I really wanted to scoff right there. I'm walking down the streets of Roswell, arm arund Liz's shoulder, smiling. If only Burns can see me now.....

Then something terriblely wrong happened.....

Part 25
Max's POV

Then something terriblely wrong happened.....

I saw the group running. Something was up. I don't know what happened or how they were all together but they were running for their lives.

"RUN, RUN, RUN!" Screamed Michael.

He doesn't remember what I did to him. Grabbing Liz's hand, we started to run.

Men in black suits with guns in their hands ran toward us, firing their weapons. Their bullets were aimed right at Liz. Their faces told me to get out of the way so they can do their job. But instead, I pushed Liz in front of me so I was in the back. One of their bullets hit my arm. Screaming in pain like a monster, I grabbed the gun from my holster that I had on my leg and began to fire back. They looked at me with confusion.

Aiming carefully, I took a shot at one and Bull's Eye! Haven been shot right in the chest, he fell to the ground. Bleeding and shaking.


"MAX! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Screamed Isabel, her eyes alarmed.

I threw the keys to my car to Michael. The gun was still in my hand and blood was running down my arm. My chest was heaving up and down, my lungs gasping and expanding for more air. My legs were tired and in pain so much that they felt like they were bleeding.


I started to run towards the Agents. The group running around the corner, disappearing. They stopped, staring at me with confusion and anger. Anger for killing an agent, maybe even one of their friends. Confusion for why I ran with the enemies and killed one of the agents.


"I'm sorry. I can't let you jepordize this for me"

I grabbed the agent's gun, holding two guns in my hands. I shot them both in the head. They looked at me and slowly fell to the ground, blood pooling around their bodies, flooding towards me. I stard at their pale cold bodies and kneeled down, blood flowing around my shoes. I closed their eyes and pated their shoulders.

"I'm sorry..."

Liz's POV

Where the hell is Max? I can't believe he tried to lose the agents. I can't believe he would put his life in that kind of danger. Shouldn't he be with us right now? Shouldn't he know what he's doing to me right now?

I'm scared out of my mind! My body feels numb. My brain dead. My mind kept saying Max is dead but somewhere in my body, my gut, I know he's alive. We stood outside the Pod Chamber, waiting for Max.

Daylight soon turned into Darkness.

The sun fell and the moon rose.

Stars began to twinkle and shine brightly like the bright gases they were.

A wolf began howling at the moon.

Sounds of crickets grew loudly.

The wind began to pick up.

Hot turned into cold.

"Where are you Max?" I whispered into the windy air, wrapping my arms around myself.

Max's POV


I didn't care if spit flew into his face. I wanted to know why. WHY! I grabbed him by the collar, pulling him up to my face. I wanted to kill him right now with the gun on his desk.


"What I was trying to do was speed it up. Obviously, You weren't doing anything!" He said, almost too calmly.

"I was doing something! I was trying to get into the group. Trying to win some of their trust back! Trying to slowly trap them into my web!"



"See? You are whipped Evans. You fell in love with the enemy"

"Fuck off!" I screamed into his face, punching him.

He fell to the ground with a smirk on his face. Oh, how I wanted to erase that smirk off his face with violence.

"Fine, Prove it! Tell me where they are and help me get them"

I stared at him, knowing I had no choice. He would kill me and then them.... including Liz. I closed my eyes, my adam's apple bobbing up and down as I swallowed. My hands were clenched and my feet stood firm on the ground. My lips pressed together then I opened my eyes and nodded.

Liz's POV

I sat on the dusty ground, leaning against the rock. Max, Where are you? Oh God please, don't let him be captured by the FBI. Oh God, please protect him. Then a large van appeared.


Everyone stood up, smiling, thinking it was Max. It was him. He was sitting in the driver's seat with a large frown. His face tried to tell us something but what? Something shined behind him. What the-.... OH DEAR GOD!

The back door opened, Max still in the driver's seat. Ten men stood with guns in their hands, and aimed carefully at us. The red dots pointed at our heads. They grabbed us and cuffed us.

"Get inside you scums!" One of them shouted.

"How could you Max?" Said Michael.

Max got out of the van, walking up to Michael. He waved his hand over his head and Michael's eyes widen.


What's going on? Why is Max doing this? What did he do to Michael? What happened? He walked up to me, his jaws clenching.

"I'm sorry"


"It's Evans. Agent Evans"He said, staring at me with a emotionless face.

"No... No... NO! MAX!" I screamed as the agents threw us into the van.

He got into the driver's seat, driving off to the secret location of the FBI.

I know. This was the suckiest part I ever wrote. I wrote it in like 3:00 in the morning and had Jodi beta-read this for me. I'm so tired. I had my Graduation on Friday. My parents was fighting. I was fighting with my brother. So basically I had a bad day and I really wasn't in the mood for writing. Sorry, I'll try to write a better part next time. Feedback Please?

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Coming Back For You
Author's Note:

Hey people. I know, I'm suppose to post a new part today. I am so sorry but I can't. Why? Because I've been hanging with my best guy friend that I like and today... er... I think Yesterday too? We became a couple! *happy* He's my first boyfriend! *happy* I'm so sorry. I didn't even write the part yet. I'll try to write it as soon as I can. I'm going have to end it soon so sorry!

Next part will be posted on either Thursday or Friday!

Sorry once again. Bye!

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Responses to:
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Eccentric One - Max and Liz went from lying down on bed together being hot and heavy to Liz being asleep becuase that was a time gap. I chose to skip the sex (No, they didn't go all the way yet) because I just didn't feel like writing it. Wow, Thanks for your long feedback!

NATEVANS - Wow, Twelve Years? Aww... *happy*

Now on with the story!

Coming Back For You Part 26

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!

Author's Note: The italic dialouge in the last POV is Max, The Good Max!

Part 26
Max's POV

I woke up. Sweating and Panting. I could feel my wife beater stick to my back like a second skin. My body wet with little sweat beads. My chest heaved up and down. My lungs expanded as big as it can to breathe as much air in.

Was that all a dream? Or did that really happen?

It was all real. It happened. But I felt as if I didn't believe it had happened.

I walk into the bathroom and began to strip. Walking into the cold running water, I rest my palms against the tile wall. The waters ran and fell down my body. The heat slowly disappearing from me, Only leaving cold goosebumps and shivers from me.

I stand there for a couple of more minutes and then shut the water off. Grabbing my towel, wrapping it around my waist, I step out. The water ran down my legs, pooling on the floor.

"Sir?"his voice echoed.

"I'm sorry. I can't let you jepordize this for me"said Max, closing his eyes from a brief moment.

He grabs the agent's gun and pointed it at their head. Their eyes widened in horror. Their face gone pale. They began to move their hands to stop me but Max was too fast. He pulled the trigger.


The loud sound of a bullet being fired.


Another bullet fired.

Max stares at the agents dead next to his feet. The bottom of his shoes covered in blood. They shook violently and stared into the sky. Then they stopped. He kneeled down and closed their eyes, not feeling sad or guilty but just emotionless.

"I'm sorry..."

He then walked away, leaving bloody footprints behind him.

End of Flash

I stared at the water around my feet and moved away quickly, feeling disgusted. My adam's apple bobbed up and down. Drying myself off, I grabbed my clothes, walking out of my small room. The cold air of the FBI hit me, making me cringe. The smell of the agents made me want to hurl my guts out.

"Nice work Evans"said Burns as he drank his coffee.

"Thanks Burns"

"You ok man?"he said, putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Fine... Have you ever wanted out?"


"Yeah, Like out of the FBI business"

"Of course man but you know we can't just leave. If we want to leave, The only way is Death"

I sighed. I smiled and walked away, leaving Burns in question. My shoes made loud tapping noise against the marble floor. I heard sounds of pounding and screaming. I closed my eyes, still walking, hearing the noise around me. They were filled with sadness, pain, and anger. I then stood in front of a glass room and watched as they glared at me.

Liz's POV

I feel so betrayed. Michael was right. It wasn't Max. It was Agent Evans pretending to be Max. How could I have been so blind? Max would never take me so roughly. Max would never be so mysterious. Max would always ask for my help in the alien business. I am such a fool. Such a fool.... They must hate me now.

I grinned in sadness. When Agent Evans said he loved me, They felt so real. But I guess they were just a lie, along with the rest of his fake sad story. Bastard....

I looked up and there he was, standing. I wanted to flick him the middle finger but I couldn't. He was Max. I know it. He can't be a shapeshifter. If he was, He would've went back to his original form already. He can't be Zan. He's dead. He can't be someone who looked like him. Even if there was someone who looked like him, I doubt that every little and large detail or the exactly the same as Max's. This has to be Max. It's him. Just somewhere inside him.

I walked up to him, the glass walls blocking us. I stared at him with love, anger, and sadness. My lips twitched. My hands curled into fists and uncurled. My eyes glared. My teeth clenched together.

"Liz, Get away from that betrayer"said Maria, growling her words.

I ignored her, staring at Max. I pressed my hands against the glass wall. He stared at me and his eyes flicked to my hand. He licks his lips and his eyes rolls in a circle. Then he slowly brought his hand up.

Max's POV

I pressed my hand on the glass wall where her hand was. I felt the heat from her hand vibrate to my hand. Her eyes closed and smiled. I closed my eyes and remained emotionless. Then I was hit by a sudden shock.

"AHHHH!"I screamed, croaching to the ground, clutching to my head.

I screamed as I felt the powerful surge run through my body.

"NO!"I yelled.

I felt Liz's presence shift away from me. She was walking away from me, frightened. She's wondering what happened to me. What's happening.... What's going on.....

"You bastard"

"Go away..."I whispered.

"You know you love her"

"I do"

"If you love her, Free her and the others too"

"Pierce will have my head if I do"

"Do you want Liz to die?!?"


"Save her and them. You're their only hope"







"No, Tomorrow"

Then silence. I looked up. Their faces tried to hide the concern for me and just stared at me in wonder. I'm the betrayer. Then I slowly got up and then screamed as I felt another powerful power.

"AHHHHHHHHH!"I screamed, falling to the ground.

Clutching to my head, my body rocking back and forth violently. I shook like I was having a seizure. Screams lefts my lips, Tears ran down my eyes.


"My body! My body! Give it back to me! My body! Get away from them! Give me back my body you son of a bitch! My body! AHHH!"



Then I felt my body turn over completely. My body and head banging against the floor like a maniac was pounding me to the ground. Each blow sent extreme pain throughout my body. My screams became louder, filling the quiet hallways. Then I saw men in black suits run towards me, lifting me up, and throwing me to a doctor. They injected me with a serum that made me calm down and fall asleep.

"AHHH! Ah.... AH!.... AH! Ah.... AH! Ugh...."

Then I feel asleep.

Thanks for the feedback people! *happy* Sorry for such a short part. Maybe two or three more chapters and then it's the end. I'm leaving on July 1st so I gotta get working. Sorry if this part was kinda confusing. Feedback Please?

Next chapter will be posted tmorrow (?)

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Jodi, Andrea, rollergal20, and PrincessRoswell - Thanks for beta-reading my fanfic. I really appreciate it! *Kissies* and *Huggies*! *big*

Now on with the story!

Coming Back For You Part 27

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Beta-Read: Jodi (LizEvans51⊕, Andrea (NewYork4Lonnie⊕,
rollergal20⊕, PrincessRoswell⊕

Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!

Part 27
Liz's POV

We all wondered what had happened. One minute he seemed like Max and the next, he just started to go crazy. His screams still haunt me. He was talking, mumbling these sentences that made no sense.

Go away... I do... Pierce will have my head if I do... No.... No... Ok... No tomorrow...

Then the screaming began. His head was between his knees, he was rocking back and forth. His yells echoed throughout the whole building. Everything seemed to happen so fast. Agents started to crowd around him, blocking him from our view. Then the screaming stopped. It just stopped and he was carried away from the cell.

"Alex, I'm scared"whispered Isabel, hiding her face in Alex's neck.

"I know.... I know... It's going to be ok. Don't be scared, I'm here"he said, running his hands up and down her cold arms.

I look from them and back out, wishing to be free.

Max's POV

Waking up with straps on my body, preventing me from getting up or moving, I yell out for help. I struggled, still trying to get someone to come get me out but the chains rattled and the straps tightened on my body. I felt as if I couldn't breathe. I felt like the walls were closing in on me.

"Is anybody there? Get me out of here!"I screamed for help, but it was no use.

I was in the white room. The white room.... The white room.... The white room... This room gave me the heebie jeebies. It felt all so familiar. All of the sudden, the flashes came pounding through my head quickly, tearing me up in pain. The flashes played to me like a movie...

Max reading the letter Liz had given him when she left.

Max being pushed down under water by Michael.

Max screaming at Tess.

Max in a car accident and being dragged away by the FBI.

Max being tortured in the White Room.

Max being electricuted.

Max being brainwashed.


End of Flash

I quickly stood up, my eyes widen like they never did before. Oh my God, What have I done? I've been brainwashed....


"Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill.... Aliens are bad. They are evil. They want to hurt us. Kill us. Annihilate us. Kill Michael. Kill Isabel. Kill Tess. Kill Alex. Kill Maria. Kill Nasado. Kill Kyle. Kill Jim. KILL LIZ!"I recited perfectly.

Oh dear God.... What have I done? How could I do that? Damn Pierce! I yell harder for people to come get me out. I stare at the wall where the two way mirror (?) should be. I long and hard silently asking who ever was on the other side to come to me.

Minutes passed.....


"BURNS! Get me out of here!"

"I have direct orders from Pierce not to let you out!"

"Damn it Burns! It's me Evans! Fuck, I'm your friend!"

"I can't-"

"Are you going to let that damn pansy tell you what to do? Yes, He's the commander but come on here... It's Evans, it's Me!"

"Look Evans, You don't know much about me. I have a family out there and I can't let anything-"

"Nothing will happen to them! If you let me go, I'll try my best to shut this damn thing down and you can go back to your family unharmed"

"No use.... They think I'm dead"

"Surprise them"Max offered.

"Evans, I-"

"BURNS!"I pleaded with him, to let me free.

He stared at me uncomfortably and then sighed. He removed the straps and helped me off the bed.

"You promise?"

"I promise. Now help me shut this operation down"

He nods, closing his eyes. I changed quickly into my suit and grabbed my gun. Together we walked out of the room, clutching our guns. Voices echoed, I hid while Burns walked confidently to the gate. Placing his hand on the scanner, the machine checked his fingerprints.

"Fingerprints Match. Welcome Agent Burns"the computer said.

He walked through with me walking quickly behind him. We started running, quickly we entered our codes to open the door to where my friends were being held.

"Access Denied"the computer said as it flashed the words on the screen.

"What? I know my code wouldn't be working but why not yours?"

"I'll enter it again"

The soft beeps echoed. While I watched Burn's finger press down on the numbers. Then a loud horn sounded. Red lights were flashing everywhere.

"DAMN IT! Pierce had to of seen you help me leave and denied your code!"

Burn's eyes widen in horror. I grabbed his gun and walked to the glass wall. Their eyes flickered towards me. Holding the guns up to the glass, they began to scream, thinking I was going to kill them. Michael, Maria, Isabel, Alex, Kyle, and Liz huddled together, holding on tightly to one another.

Opening fire, the bullets bounce off the glass but successfully cracked the glass. Dropping the guns, I rammed my body into the glass. I felt my shoulder explode in pain from the impact. I struggled, still banging my body against the cracked glass.

Damn it, Pierce must've taped the glass together from the inside. Burns appeared with a knife. Wedging the knife between the spaces, he pierced through. Cutting the tape as fast as he could. He withdraws the knife and I rip it down, the glass shattering to the ground.

"BURNS, EVANS! STOP!"yelled an agent as I ran inside.

"We have to get out of here!"

"How can we trust you?"asked Michael.

"You're just going to have to trust me...."

"It's a trick Michael!"said Isabel.

"Look, Do you want to stay here and die or Live?"I asked.

They looked at each other quickly and stood up. As Burns was leading them out, more agents were on our trail. Following and shooting at us.

"DAMN IT EVANS!"screamed Pierce as he began to shoot at me.

Grabbing a gun from Burns, I began to shoot back, blocking Liz with my body from any harm. Not looking, I just opened fire. A bullet flew into Pierce's shoulder, cracking his bone. Blood flowed freely out of his body, soaking his clothes and covering him in blood.

The gates to freedom were quickly closing, the loud sound of the gates clicking. Michael, Isabel, Maria, Kyle, Alex, and Burns went through. The gates were closing quickly. I pushed Liz through the small gap, causing her to fall on the other side. The doors closed and I was shut out. I slammed against the gates with the gun in my hand. No use.

"MAX!"yelled Liz.


Then they ran, leaving me here with the agents on their way. Quickly I began to look from side to side, trying to find escape or a way to shut down this operation. If there was even a way to shut it down.....

It's not my best part, I know. Sorry. I have one more day before I leave to Hong Kong. (July 1st) Feedback Please?

Next two chapters will be posted tmorrow (?)

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Eccentric One - The next two parts will end the story. Tmorrow I will post the last chapter. Part 29 will be posted in half an hour! *happy*

Now on with the story! *happy*

Coming Back For You Part 28

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!

Previously from Part 27
Max's POV

The gates to freedom were quickly closing, the loud sound of the gates clicking. Michael, Isabel, Maria, Kyle, Alex, and Burns went through. The gates were closing quickly. I pushed Liz through the small gap, causing her to fall on the other side. The doors closed and I was shut out. I slammed against the gates with the gun in my hand. No use.

"MAX!"yelled Liz.


Then they ran, leaving me here with the agents on their way. Quickly I began to look from side to side, trying to find escape or a way to shut down this operation. If there was even a way to shut it down.....

Part 28
Liz's POV

One year later....

I flip open my journal, turning the old yellow pages with my messy handwritings that told memories of my life. Sighing in sadness, I flip to that entry that left a mark on my life forever. Running my fingers down the page as I had done a while back, I held the sides of the journal, feeling it's hardness even after all these years. CLosing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I opened them and began to read.

Journal Entry # 30. I'm Liz Parker and today we are free. Yesterday, we were captured by the FBI and today we escaped. With the help of Max Evans. No, With the help of Agent Evans. Yes, Agent Evans. Max wasn't Max afetr all. Actually, He was Max but not techinally him. Max was Agent Evans, a FBI Agent undercover, trying to expose us and capture us. To study the aliens and to kill us from knowing the truth about them.

Being in the white room showed me how it felt for the past aliens to be there. Everywhere was white. Not one color except for our clothes. Staring at the walls made it seem as if they were closing in on me. Sometimes I wondered if I was gonna go crazy in that room. Maybe it was meant to make you go crazy. There was a small humming but no sounds unless one of us had moved. The lights stayed strong, not flickering once. The room was sealed so tightly and disguised from us that we weren't able to find a door to escape. Once and a while, One of the walls would move, literally move! It would rise up and disappear and we would see this glass wall. You could see everything in the hallway that was happening there.

Max had came. Walking up to him, I placed my hand on the glass. He did the same. Then I saw him scream, muttering words that made no sense. He was a mad man. Before I knew it, he was being taken away by the FBI. The next day, the day we were free, Max and an agent, I think his name was Burns or Furns, helped us escape. First trying to enter their codes to let us free but that only had set off the alarms. Then trying to shatter the glass wall by shooting at it with guns. But that wasn't a success. No, the glass wall wasn't bullet proof. It had some kind of tape from the inside of the white room that held the glass pieces together. We were still trapped. Then the agent appeared with a knife, cutitng through. I remember watching Max rip it down savagely. Watching him do that turned me on but it wasn't time to go sex crazy. It was time to go free.

We ran towards the closing gates that led to our freedom. Max had pushed me through the door before it closed. The gate scraped against my arm and I fell to the ground. The door closed with Max on the other side. I remember yelling for him but he yelled back, telling me to leave and that he will be ok. Kyle and Alex picked me up off the ground and pulled me along, running free. I don't know why but that moment felt to me as the last time I would ever see Max again....

That was the last time I saw Max ever again. A year has passed as you know and Max isn't back. He hasn't came back once. There was no contact once from him. Nothing to tell us he was alive. I remember the conversation we had about Max a month later after we escaped.....

Flash - A month later after the Escape
"Max's dead"said Michael.

"No, He's not!"I said.

"Yes, He is! Look, If he was, He would make some kind of contact with us!"he yelled.

"P-Please don't say that M-Michael"stuttered Isabel as her eyes began to fill with tears.

"Michael, We have to keep believing he's alive somewhere out there!"said Alex, comforting a sobbing Isabel.

"Look for all we know, He could be a prisoner of the FBI!"

"Then if he is, Let's save him!"I said.

"No Liz! If we try, We'll just get caught ourselves"said Maria.

"Thanks 'Ria"said Michael, half smiling at Maria.

Maria half smiled back, staring at me. I wanted to glare at her, yell at her, punch her lights out, and whatever mean thing to her. They have to keep believing. I know Max is still alive! I can still feel him. How? Our connection....

End of Flash

Gripping onto the pen in my hands, I opened to a new fresh half-white and half-yellow entry. Cracking my fingers and stretching my arms and legs, I held the pen point to the paper, leaving a glob of ink. Shivering, I began to write.

Journal Entry # 96. I'm Liz Parker and today was the day myself and the gang left that horrible facility, leaving Max Evans behind. Max Evans... Or Agent Evans? There were two people that we knew in the same body. Two different personalities as some call it. We still don't know what happened to him. What made Max into Agent Evans. What happened to him when we escaped? Many questions are still unanswered. I still try to believe Max was alive. He had to be.

Sometimes I wonder what Agent Evans did, Was that Max breaking through or was that himself, Agent Evans? He told me he loved me. He somewhat made love to me. He touched me like Max would touch me. If it was Max breaking through, I'm glad he broke through because me but why didn't he tell me what was going on? If it was Agent Evans, I'm glad that he loved me with or without Max's influence. Maria would tell me from time to time that it was me who saved them. Max's or Agent Evans's love for me saved us.

Sometimes I am a baby. I would whine, cry, scream, and do anything childish because I want Max. I just want him back. I left him once, I came back for him (?), I promised myself that I would never leave him, and then he leaves me. I wish he would come back for me. If he was still alive. NO! I would not think that way. I must stay positive! But staying positive for one year after the escape is very hard. One year is a long time....

I drop the pen and the journal to the wooden ground with a loud thud. Tears running softly against my face. My lips dry. I run my fingers through my hair, feeling the waves of sadness and depression run over me. I hide my journal and stuff the pen into my pen cup, putting on my uniform. Walking downstairs, I am hit with the aroma of Crashdown Café food. Yummy. I grab a plate and dropped it off at Table 5.

"Hey Liz"

"Hey Maria"

"You ok? You don't look so well"

"I'm fine"

Walking away from her, I walk to a customer who had just walked in and sat down. His face hidden under his cap, His jeans old and ready to rip. His black shirt fading. His face tired and worn. I walk up to him, admiring his body. I snap myself out of it, feeling guilty for thinking that way when I'm with Max. The Max Evans whose missing. I frown.

"Welcome to the Crashdown. How may I help you?"

Then he lifted his head up. His face slowly coming into view. Then I gasped, clutching to the pad and pen in my hands. I felt my body go on fire, heating up. My eyes widen. I began to breathe deeply and loudly. Then his strong hands snatched my quivering arm.

"Meet me at the Pod Chamber tonight. Come alone!"he said softly.

Then I gasped loudly as I felt his other hand graze my face. I closed my eyes and opened them again, gasping. He was gone. Was he actually there or was that a figment of my imagination? I look at the door. It wasn't swinging. Dropping the pad and the pen, I ran outside. Looking both ways. Nothing. I placed my hand over my heart in fright and in hope. I smiled and cried. That man..... That man.... He was....

He was Max.

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Here is Chapter 29. Enjoy! Conclusion out tmorrow! *happy*

Coming Back For You Part 29

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!

Previously from Part 28
Liz's POV

I walk to a customer who had just walked in and sat down. His face hidden under his cap, His jeans old and ready to rip. His black shirt fading. His face tired and worn. I walk up to him, admiring his body. I snap myself out of it, feeling guilty for thinking that way when I'm with Max. The Max Evans whose missing. I frown.

"Welcome to the Crashdown. How may I help you?"

Then he lifted his head up. His face slowly coming into view. Then I gasped, clutching to the pad and pen in my hands. I felt my body go on fire, heating up. My eyes widen. I began to breathe deeply and loudly. Then his strong hands snatched my quivering arm.

"Meet me at the Pod Chamber tonight. Come alone!"he said softly.

Then I gasped loudly as I felt his other hand graze my face. I closed my eyes and opened them again, gasping. He was gone. Was he actually there or was that a figment of my imagination? I look at the door. It wasn't swinging. Dropping the pad and the pen, I ran outside. Looking both ways. Nothing. I placed my hand over my heart in fright and in hope. I smiled and cried. That man..... That man.... He was....

He was Max.

Part 29
Liz's POV

"I'll be home late so don't wait up!"I yelled.

"Where you're going?"asked Maria.

"To meet my lover"I whispered low enough so Maria couldn't hear.

Then I was out the door, in my car, starting the engine, and driving off quickly.

"Meet me at the Pod Chamber tonight. Come alone!"

His voice rang in my head over and over again. Never leaving but never annoying. I drove quickly, probablely breaking every speed limit known to man! I could see the moon rising up high and the sun drowning low. It was a beautiful sunset for a nice hot day.

I watched the sand slowly fly around my car as the taillights made the night bright for me. I roll down the windows, hoping to get some fresh cool air.

Seeing the Pod Chamber, I got out of the car, shutting the engine but leaving the keys in the car. Running up quickly to the Pod Chamber, I look around for him. No sight of him. I turn around and around, hoping he was here. But he wasn't.

Nothing but sand and rocks. Well, behind the rocks the Pod Chamber but that doesn't matter. He wasn't here. He was a figment of my imagination. I laugh at myself silently for being so stupid.

"Get over it Parker. He's dead"I cursed.

I wanted to believe he was alive so badly but I guess I was wrong. He's dead. Gone from this world. Gone from me.

But I swear to God, it felt so real. It felt as if he was actually there at the Crashdown, speaking to me and touching me.

Am I going crazy? Am I?

I shake my head from side to side, mumbling angry words along my way back to the car. Kicking dirt and stones, I open the door. Sititng down pissed, I turn the keys, hearing the engine turn on.

I pushed the stick to drive and was about to press on the pedal until I heard footsteps and someone leaning against the car on the opposite side of me. I look to the side and smiled.

"You weren't really going to leave me out here like this, Are you?"he said.

I know it's short but tmorrow it's worth it! Feedback Please?

Conclustion will be posted tmorrow! *happy*

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Thanks to my Beta-Readers:
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EVERYONE - I'm not evil or sadist! I just love leaving Cliffhangers. When I come back from my vacation, I expect to see a lot of feedback! :-P I'm sorry if some of you don't like how it turned out. I got writer's block in the last minute. Sorry! Have a great summer everybody! *happy*

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Now so on with the story! Here is the conclusion! *happy*

Coming Back For You Part 30

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Beta-Read: Jodi (LizEvans51⊕

Category: M/L
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to Leaving You. Read some more to find out more.............
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!

Previously from Part 29
Liz's POV

Kicking dirt and stones, I open the door. Sitting down pissed, I turn the keys, hearing the engine turn on.

I pushed the stick to drive and was about to press on the pedal until I heard footsteps and someone leaning against the car on the opposite side of me. I look to the side and smiled.

"You weren't really going to leave me out here like this, Are you?"he said.

Part 30
Liz's POV

"You weren't really going to leave me out here like this, Are you?"he said.

I jumped out of my car, running to him and hugging him. He was real! It wasn't my mind playing tricks on me! He was really here! He was alive!


"Shh.... I love you Liz. I love you so much"

"I love you too.... I love you too...."I whispered into his ear.

He picked me up, his lips crashing onto mine. I never felt this happy in my whole life before. Never. Never ever!

Max's POV

Liz hugged me while I drove back to the Crashdown. So many painful memories but they were all gone now. Now they are replaced with beautiful happy memories of me and Liz together. I managed to make it out of the FBI safely, destroying it completely. No more secret government work. I burned every file relating to Aliens and the 1947 crash. Everything. I, No, We were finally free to live as humans. We can live like how we lived before I saved Liz Parker's life. Finally, I am free.

Liz's POV

He was here. He really was here. I was still hugging him when we walked into the Crashdown. He smelled good. But then a BIG question popped into my mind. Why didn't I think first?!?

Was it Max or Agent Evans?

Too late, we had already walked in. His arm around me. I watched everyone's face turn from happy to fear. They all stood up with Michael raising his hand at Max.

"Liz, Is he Max or Agent Evans?"he said, growling.

"I-I.... I don't know"I said, moving away from him.

Stupid Stupid Stupid! I should've asked him!

Max's POV

Should've known that this would happen. I mean after what I did to them, Who wouldn't right? I just smile and grab a seat, sitting down. Am I friend or am I foe? Am I Max or am I Agent Evans? Which am I? Mmmmm....

What a tough-fy...

Liz's POV

I watch the slick and sly look on his face, his smile big, his pearly whites showing. He crossed his legs and just looked at us with amusement.

"Oh dear god no... He's Agent Evans"

"No no no my dear.... I'm Max Evans"he said, grinning at me.

"Prove it"said Maria, grabbing a gun from the counter and pointing it right at me.

Damn it Maria.... She's always bringing out the guns. I want to slap myself for thinking the corniest thing ever!

Max's POV

Interesting... 'Ria got guts.

"I suggest you put the gun down before I have to use my great king powers on you"

She raisies her eyebrow and takes a quick look at Michael.

"Did Agent Evans know he was king?"

Finally, Michael was actually speechless. Where's the comeback? The diss? Ok, I gotta stop thinking like Agent Evans. Haha....

"I'm Max. Jeez, People!"

I knew of course this would happen. I stood up and walked over to Maria with the gun.

"Shoot me if you don't believe me"

"W-W-What?"stuttered Maria.

"Shoot me if you don't believe me. If I'm not Max, Shoot me. Go ahead"

"U-Uh.... M-Michael? Hummina Hummina Hummina"she whispered.

She's gotta stop listening to Alex.

"Ok, If I'm not Agent Evans, I wouldn't know that I or Max, if you want, was a sad puppy just laying around in bed depressed because Liz, my soulmate, left me so I could be with Tess. Eww, what a ugly gerbil! Come on girlfriend.... It's me!"I said, cringing.

"Ok, it's Max!"said Maria, quickly.

"Huh? How do you know?"I asked.

I'm not so sure who I am anyways. Half Max and Half Agent Evans? But good Agent Evans!

"Max hated Tess. Agent Evans doesn't know that! And Max and I were girlfriends"

"Right...."I mouthed.

Then they all hugged me. Ok, I'm confused!

Liz's POV

A few months later....

Maria was just being weird but I hugged Max anyways. Wait, Girlfriends? How come that doesn't sound right? Oh well. I have Max. Actually we all have Max.... All is well. Everything is back to normal. About four months later, Maria proposed to Michael. Yes, MARIA proposed to Michael! They're getting married next month. Alex and Isabel are still going steady but I think Alex is going to propose soon, I mean I did see him at a Ring store! Kyle.... Well, he just found the woman of his dreams last week. Her name is Courtney. Blond hair, a inch shorter than Kyle, blue eyes, and big breasts. I'm sorry but that just reminds me of Tess. But hey, if Kyle loves her, then she's okay! Nasado and Tess disappeared. I dunno where they went. Yeah, eventually Max and I did tie the knot. I remember how Max proposed to me just like it was yesterday.

"Do you love me Liz?"

"Of course I love you. Why?"

"A trick I learned from Superman. Let's see if it really works"

He grabbed a coal from my barbecue and then used his powers. Then he rubbed something in his hand with his shirt, kneeling down on his knee, showing me a huge diamond in his fingers.

"Liz, When I look in your eyes, I don't feel angry or deprived for saving your life, making the FBI come after us. I feel like the luckies half human on the planet because you made me feel like a human. You're pure, you're true, and you're real and right now that seems like the only thing that's important and it is. I want to be with you Liz, forever. Liz Parker, Will you marry me?"he proposed.

I was shocked by his whole speech, by his whole proposal. I was touched and in that moment, I felt happier than I ever was in my whole entire life! Even when Max came back after being missing for one whole year.

"Yes"I said, kneeling down with him.

Kissing him softly, he spoke.

"After graduation"

"Ok"I whispered, pressing my lips against his.

End of Flash

Thank you Superman! After that, it was nothing but happiness in Roswell.... For us anyways. I can't believe this is the last page of this journal. All memories about what had happened to my life from that very day Max Evans saved my life, September 19th, to this very day. Well, I'll never stop writing in journals. I'll just start a new one. Why? You never know what will happen in life when you're married to an Alien King, Sister to an Alien Princess, Somewhat Sister-In Law to an Alien Second in Command, and Pregnant with the next Alien heir... I'm Liz Evans and I'm happy.

The End
Thus the end.... Hope you enjoyed reading it as I did writing it! This is not the last story I'm writing! If there are still people writing about Roswell, I will be back on my feet writing about it. If not, I might actually try to contact some book publishers about maybe publishing a story of mine anywhere. Newspapers, Magazines, Book, and etc. In the meantime, I'm gonna write a huge story in my notebook while I'm on vacation. I'm leaving in a few hours! Good-Bye people! Have a great summer and vacation! *happy* *Kissies* and *Huggies* to all! Feedback Please?