Title: Wanting More
Author: Kat :A.K.A. SweetCherryKat:
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Rating: PG-13+
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Summary: Listen, I really suck at these, so I'm just gonna give ya the basics: AU, no aliens, M/L are best friends… there ya go.
Category: Max/Liz
Author's Notes: Ok, this is one of my first M/L fics I've ever posted… be gentle now ok? Thank ya!

Liz Parker had a huge crush on Max Evans for as long as she could remember, only one problem stood in the way- they were best friends. They used to take bathes together for Christ's sake! To some it might seem to be a good thing to be friends, but Max and Liz were incredibly close…it was kind of a draw back. That's why Liz thought she would never stand the chance to date Max Evans, so she had no choice but to keep her love for Max a secret.

On this particular afternoon Liz sat in Max's room at his desk reading her biology book, waiting for him to get home. She was leaning back and rocking on the chairs two legs when Max came bursting into the room, startling her. The next thing Liz knew she was on the floor, eyes wide.

"Ok, that HURT!" Liz cried out glaring at Max.

Max rushed over to help her a smirk covering his face. He held out his hand and Liz gratefully took it. Max enjoyed the feel of her hand in his a second longer. If only she knew how he felt about her…but he couldn't just tell her that he was in love with her- they were best friends! Max thought back to when they were younger and they dressed up as Wendy and Peter Pan for Halloween…there were just too many memories. That's just one of the reasons Max thought it would never happen, the other was that he thought she wouldn't want him- oh how wrong he was.

"How'd you get in here anyway?"

"You're mom let me in…she loves me ya know!" Liz replied.

"She has for 16 years Liz," ::And so have I:: Max thought.

"I thought we could study!" Liz said cheerfully as she held up her biology book. Max walked over to Liz and lay his hands on her shoulders-

"Liz, its Friday! For the love of GOD no studying!"

Liz sighed- "You're no fun!" She said as she threw a pillow at him. Max caught it. "You suck! You couldn't even let me hit you with a pillow, Mr. Football!"

"Hey it's not MY fault I'm gifted!" Max tried to say with a serious face, but ended up cracking up. That's right, Max was a football player, the captain to be more exact. Another reason Liz thought Max would never want her…he could have any girl in school.

"Speaking of Football," Max began, "Are you going to Rob's party?"

"I was thinking about it, but I'm not really sure though…" Liz replied. The real reason she didn't want to go was because when Max wasn't around the other football players would harass her, hitting on her. They had even cornered her a couple of times…luckily Max would walk up, but he didn't seem to know what they were doing.

"You have to go," Max said, " I mean, if you don't, Maria will kill me if you decide not to show… Listen I'll even drive you- is 7 ok?"

"Yeah 7 should be fine…," Liz said distractedly. She just hoped that the other Football players wouldn't try anything, especially if they were drunk.

:: Later that night in the Jeep ::

Max couldn't stop stealing glanced over at Liz. She was wearing a cute orange and red summer dress that hooked around her neck with a hook…the dress made her tan glow. Her hair hung down her back in ringlets, lips glossy.
Max didn't look too shabby himself in his khakis and dark blue pullover. Topped with his favorite leather jacket, the one Liz got him a few years back for his birthday. Tonight was the night that max wanted to make a move on Liz, and maybe…just maybe, he would tell her how he feels. That was if he didn't turn into a coward.

:: The Party ::

Max and Liz entered the party only to run into Pam Troy.

"Mmm, why hello there Max, " She pretty much moaned out. She was barely wearing anything. Liz had to roll her eyes.

"Oh…hi Pam," Max responded want to just get away from her.

"Dance with me." She commanded, as she grabbed a-hold of him.

Max untangled himself from her and backed away. "Uh…maybe later…" Pam walked off drunk-like. Max shuddered and looked at Liz, then they both starting cracking up.

"Are you thirsty?" Max asked Liz. She nodded and Max went off in search of sodas while Liz hunted down her friends. It was no surprise to see them wrapped up in each other. Michael, Max's best friend was all over his girlfriend, and Liz's best friend, Maria. Alex and Max's sister Isabel were in their own little world in deep conversation. Liz only wished that Max and her could someday be like that.

That's when Liz felt it. She felt like someone was right behind her. Thinking it was Max she turned around with a smile on her face. But it quickly faded when she saw the five drunken football players behind her, grinning like idiots. Liz suddenly grew very afraid, she had no idea what they were going to do with her.

:: Come ON Max, come to my rescue! :: Liz thought desperately.

"Why, if it isn't little Lizzie Parker." One of the jocks in front said. He seemed to be the leader. Liz recalled that his name was Nick Mason, the quarter back.

"What do you want?" Liz asked coldly.

"Now, is that anyway to talk to the quarter back of West Roswell High?" Nick said with a smirk.

"No, that's just how I talk to all scum bags like you!"

Nick suddenly got an evil gleam in his eyes. "Lizzie, why don't you come with us…" Nick said as he grabbed her arm and dragged her out in the backyard with no one else around but his football followers. "Now Lizzie, you always seem to get away from us but not tonight, tonight we're gonna have a real good time." Said Nick mischievously.

You could hear his group make noises of approval. A small sob escaped Liz's lips.

"Don't be afraid Little Lizzie." Nick said as he reached out his hand unhooking her dress.

:: Inside the Party ::

Max was searching for Liz, sodas in hand, she seemed to have disappeared.

::How am I gonna make a tell her that I love her, if I cant even find her…" Max wondered.

He went up to Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Alex.

"Hey guys- you seen Liz?" Max asked hurriedly.

"OOOlala! Is my Max actually going to get some balls and make a move on Liz?" Michael asked with a smirk.

"If I can find her…" Max said grinning from ear to ear.

"Oh my GOD! Liz will be sooo happy!" Squealed Maria.

"Why?" asked Max curiously.

"Oh…um…nothing! Just go and find her already!" Maria said with a 100-watt smile.

Max took off through the crowds of people. He was rushing by when something caught his eye through the kitchen window in the backyard- a group of football players gathered around something. They were hooting and yelling words of encouragement.

Max had an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach as he made his way out into the yard. As he got closer one of the football players turned around and called out to the others-

"Hey guys, it's the captain! The captain should most certainly have a piece of this action!" The other players must have agreed because they moved back to let him in. He looked down to see a girl, he couldn't make out who it was- her hair was covering her face.

Her bra was barely on, her dress was pulled down to her knees and her baby blue underwear were pushed down on one side. He then looked back down at the dress and flash backed to earlier that evening- Liz had been wearing that dress. She then looked up and his suspicions were confirmed.

Her brows were knitted in anger and yet there was a look of helplessness and fear in her eyes, as the tears streamed down her cheeks as she tried to cover her exposed flesh. Max shoved the guys away as he made his way to Liz and gathered her in his strong arms. She was shaking.

Max hurried through the party with Liz in his arms getting questioning stares. As he passed Michael, Maria, Alex, and Isabel, Maria cried out-

"Oh my GOD! Lizzie!" But Liz couldn't talk her eyes looked so far away.

"What happened?" Alex said with anger, his fists clenched at his sides.

"Isabel, Liz is staying with me tonight- call Jeff and Nancy tell them she's staying with you. Maria you're coming with me. Alex, Michael, if you really want to help, go kick the football players asses outback!" Max commanded.

Maria followed him outside to his jeep. He handed her the keys and told her to drive, as he got in the backseat with Liz on his lap.
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