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This is my first fic like this so please give me feedback! Thanks you.

Chapter one

Max look at himself in the mirror. "Damn me! I'm hot. The chicks will be crawling all over me to night."

Max drug himself away from his entrancing reflection in the mirror reluctantly. A velvety darkness was falling and the city's nightclubs were beginning to throb with the pulsing beats of seductive music. He could feel them calling irresistably to him. It was time to go on the prowl. Somewhere their was a new woman just waiting to be targeted with his magnetic amber eyes and once
she was it would only be a matter of time before she'd totally loose control. Then he could feel be her tiny hands exactly where he wanted them.

"Hey Maxwel, you cuming? The chicks our waiting for us and I dont want to miss out on my chance of getting a nice peice of ass tonite." Michael called out from Max's bedroom doorway. He was dressed in his usual baggy
jeans and wore a light blue mechanic's shirt. He was tapping his fingers impatiently against the doorframe, waiting for Max to answer him.

"Oh yeah, Im ready." Max answered, giving himself one last final adoring stare. He smiled to himself and then turned away, The two men headed out for the night on the town. A night that two lucky young babes would never forget.

Max's eye fell on the flaxen-haired waterfall just beside him. More precisely, a lucious waterfall of golden honey, that seemed to ache for his hands. He adjusted his jacket, patting down the pocket for some Altoids. Bad alien breath just wouldn't do tonight, no way. Flax-Hair turned toward him, her creamy breasts heaving slightly at the sight of him. This is how it always went, he thought with some measure of satisfaction. Now for the

"Watch and learn Mike. See how the master operates." said Max as he began to move ever closer to his chosen prey. He saw Flax-Hair's limpid blue pools widen as he flexed bulging biceps underneath the sleeves of his clinging black turtleneck. He noticed the rhythym of
her breathing begin to accelerate to match the tempo of the pulsing bass. He knew that even more would pulse before the night came to it's inevitable conclusion. As he stopped in front of her he reached out to losely drape his arm around Flax-Hair's bear shoulders while simultaneously running his heated amber gaze over every inch of her voluptuous body. By her instinctive response he knew that passion would rein and he congratulated himself with a silent, but harty "Damn I'm good!" He leaned closer and as his warm breath tickled her ear uttered the line that had never failed him. "I knew
the moment that I laid my eyes on you that I was looking at my destiny."

"What's your name sweet thing?" Max continued. He was
already anticipating the expression that he was going
to see on her face later that night after he had treated her to a session with his hot alien bod.

Just as flaxen-hair was opening her mouth to reply,
Max felt himself stumble. Someone had bumped into him
from behind, making him appear a little less than completely cool.

Turning, a snarl on his face, he felt his eyes widen
in horror. Because standing there, staring at him in
astonishment, was none other than Liz Parker.

"Master my ass!" thought Michael as he watched the unfolding disaster from his seat across the room at the bar. From his ringside seat he could plainly see the panic stricken play of emotions wash over Max's Adonis face when he realized that he was between Liz and a hard place.

Running his hand through his spiky hair, Michael lifted his cherry coke to his smirking lips and leaned back to watch the fireworks that were about to knock Max the alien alleycat flat on his ass.

"Hey," Max muttered, his gaze sweeping her tiny body before meeting her chocolate eyes. "You never cum here, Liz."

The dark waterfall of Liz's hair cascaded over her shoulder as she tossed her head angrily. "Yeah, and now I know why, Max. This is you're territory. Bye the way, miss," she directed her speech to the flaxen-haired beauty on his muscular arm, "you aren't special. He'll use you and dump you, just like all the rest of them."

Max felt his anger build as the golden honey at his side moved away, sniffing disdainfully. He rounded on Liz. "You had no right to say anything to her! You called it off, remember?" His amber eyes flashed with fury and he grabbed her arm. Sparks shot through both of them at the contact.

"Oh, my," Liz breathed involuntarily, intensely aware all of a sudden that his hard muscles were huge as he hauled her against his buff body.

"That's right babe." Max growled. "And you're going
to be screaming by the time I'm done with you."

He was amazed when Liz managed to free herself. "Now
Max. You're all hot and bothered because I broke up
with you. But you know that it wouldn't have been at
all fair to keep all that hot alien sex to myself."
She turned and smiled at flaxen-hair, who was watching
them both, unsure what strange world she had stepped
into here.

"We haven't HAD hot alien sex yet." Max complained.

"You just need more practice first. Who said I haven't
had it? Maybe it just wasn't with you?" With that she
slank away towards Michael, who was sitting at the
bar, a pleased expression on his face.

Michael stared at Max when he stalked towards the bar,
draggin Liz by her arm.

"Hey Mikey G," Liz pouted as Max saddled them up to
the bar.

"S'up." Michael knocked back his fruity beverage much
to the annoyance of Max and the amazement of Liz.

"What do you think you doin, Michael," Max screeched,
watching while Liz continues making goo-goo eyes at
his best friend. "Liz is my girlfiend. You don't go
sticking your craw in another man's pie, man. Even
you gots to know that."

"I like Michael's craw," Liz cooly cooed, removing
herself from the bar stool beside Max and attaching
herself firmly to Michael's lap. Steam flew from
Max's ears and he involuntarily clinched his fists.

"This ain't gonna work," he said as he sucker punched
Michael in the nose, causing Michael to flip backwards
out his chair and grab Liz before she fell too.
Pulling her against his ragingly flexed pectoral
muscles, he smiled a full face smile for her. "Where
was we," he asked, leaning in for a kiss from Liz's
lucious pouty lips.

Michael leaped to his feet and grabbed Max by the arm, a snarl on his lips. "Yo, Maxwell, you hit me over a chick? What is up with you, man?"

"Liz is mine," Max growled, pulling her out of the way and leaning menacingly at Michael.

Liz's eyebrows rose to meet her chocolate hairline, her eyes bulging in disbelief. "I don't know what you cave aliens think you're doing, but I am not property," she announced. Still, she couldn't help but notice how there macho behavior had turned her traitorous body on.
Moisture was already pooling between her thighs as she watched the to aliens flex their muscles.

"Look, Maxwell," Michael announced, trying to soothe the kinky king with his voice. "You're so money, baby. Why do you need this little human," he paused a moment, rubbing his face. "I'm only taking your left
overs, man."

Max puffed his chest out, narrowing his eyes like a cat. "I like what you're saying, Mikey."

Liz huffed with a stomp of her tiny foot, before shoving Max hard in the chest, sending him staggering into the nearest barstool. In the background, she noticed the blonde bombshell from before hovering, as if waiting for her moment.

"Listen, sweetie, there's only room for one human at this party. Bug off!"

Blondie wrinkled her nose in confusion, wondering what the hell kind of porn video she'd stumbled upon. "And that would make you what? Buffy?"

"No, dear," Liz announced with a confident flip of her waterfall. "That would make me Lizzie the Alien Player Slayer."

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Thank you for all the kind words. Um, couple people asked about Micheal? It's M/L fic, it's ok. I think this part answers those questions. It's kinda short, sorry!

Chapter two

And with that Lizzie turned back to her hot alien men. The two studs were fighting over her again and she liked it. There was no denying the raw lust she felt when she looked at them, glistening in the disco lit room.

She took a confident step back toward them when she finally heard there conversation.

“No, your right. You should take her” He threw his amber eyes at her. “She doesn’t put out anyway. And a stud like me can get any chick in this room.”

Liz stomped her small foot, placing her hands on her volumptious hips and glaring at him with her chocolate eyes. “Oh yeah? You really think you can do better than this?’ she asked, with a wiggle of her eyebrow. “Go ahead. And I’ll even pick one out for you.”

She scanned the crowds confident that she was going to have him begging for her by the end of the nite. Pointing one well-maincured finger toward the center
of the room, she smiled smugly. “How about her?”

"Nice choice!" Michael complemented her. His interest was peaked by the woman with the long golden hare that Liz pointed at, her lush hips swaying to the heavy beat. Max wasn't complaining about the challenge, either.

"You coulda picked someone hard, Liz," he drawled, already imagining the petite blonde in his bed. Annoyingly, her gorgous shape kept morphing into a petite brunette's in his mind, but he pushed that away and moved towards the dancing woman.

"Hey sugar. Wanna partner?" Max asked smothly, standing behind her and swaying in the same rhythym. Wordlessly the blonde woman baked up, moulding her hips against his and continuing to bop to the music. Max was in heaven.

Max and the buxom blond undulated to the beat for several long, hard minutes. The proximity of her warm flesh was spurring Max's ardor to new lengths. Just as he was about to suggest a change of venue, his partner opened her cherry mouth. Suddenly Max's images of
heaven turned into a firey hell.

He glared at Liz over the blonde's head because she
must have knew what she was fosting on him.

Blondie's voice sounded like braking glace. "The
name's Teresa." She said. "And I luv the turtleneck."

But Max did not hear her cool compliment of his
carefully chosen ensemble.

"Damn ya Liz." Max thought to himself. "I can play
tuffer than you."

He scowled when he saw Michael's hand inching up Liz's
waste across the pulsatting lites of the bar.

Grabbing Teresa by the hands, he pulled her towards
him and dipped her into a passionate kiss. He sweared
to himself when he seemed uncapable of giving her

IT was all Liz's fault. She was distracting him!

It seems he will have to go farther. Grabbing the
black leather jacket he had asked Isabel to recreate
after the other one had been eaten in the White Room -
damn that Pierce, messing with a player's wardrobe! -
he murrrmmered in Teresa's ear. "Lets get out of her

"So wear we going?" Teresa asked Max seductively as he drove his car through the blackened streets of Roswell.

"Someplace special just for you baby." Max purred, throwing Teresa one of his patented player winks.

Teresa licked her lips and lowered her hand down her breasts and rested it on her inner thigh . "Well I hope it doesn't take to long cause I need you Maxie."

"Just a little bit farther." Max answered taking her hand in his own.

After driving a little bit farther Max pulled his car into a parking spot in front of the Roswell Observatory.

"Get ready to see the stars baby." Max said before grabbing Teresa and taking her inside.

"Go faster, Michael!" Liz exclaimed, swatting his arm.

"Ow! I'm already speeding, Liz. Don't get your panties in a knot, I know where their going," he said smugly. "Besides, if you didn't want Max runnin off with someone else you shouldn'ta pretended to be sleeping with me."

His motor bike pulled up to the parking lot by the Roswell Observatory, both of them seeing Max's car there. Max's empty car. Where was Max and the bimbo?

Liz looked at Michael disgustedly. "I can't believe Max is trying this again. When is the "master" going to master the fact that an observatory is used at night? How many warnings for public indecency will it take before he realizes that this isn't his brightest idea?"

Michael snorted in agreement. Ole Maxwell definitely had his dim bulb moments and being in the dark seemed to increase both there likelihood and his faith in the power of his manhood.

Following Liz as she began striding to the Observatory entrance Michael's tawny eyes began to gleam with mischief. He was dieing to see what was going on behind door # 1 this time.

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Thank you all for your feedback! I glad you're enjoying it. This part answers a little more questions. Watcher Tara, I hope you are less confused after!

Chapter three

Max confidentally pushed open the doors to the observatory and ushered the awestruck Teresa inside. She looked around in awe at the huge metallic cylander protruding through the roof of the observatory and said, "My god, what is that thing?"

Max puffed out his chest importantly and said, "That's a "telescope," using his fingers to make the quote marks " " in the air. It was nice to be the smart one for a change. Damn that Liz. "I told you to get ready to see some stars baby." Hauling her pliant body against his so
that his arousal poked meaningfully into her belly, he said, "I have another one in my pocket just for you for later."

Smacking him lightly on him firm, muscled arm, she giggled, a noise more grateing than fingernails on the chalkboard. "Shut up, I meant that" she said, pointing to a small device sticking off the side of the telescope. "Isn't that an Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space

"Huh?" Max asked stupidly before catching himself. On no! Not another science nut! Clearing his throat, he said, "Um, yeah. Yeah, that's exactly what it is." He grinned, his glowing eyes twinkling devilishly, "So, let's look at the stars, then I'll show you some real stars."

Getting in line behind the 50 or so people milling around the rear of the telescope, Max continued his seduction. "There's just something about looking at the heavenly bodies up close like you can do with a
strong 'scope." He was standing in front of her, overwhelming her with his proximity, and the smell of his manly body oils. (No smelly perfume for Max the Player. The oils, he'd found, rub off on the chicks better so that his scent stuck to them for days.)

Teresa was starting to feel a little light headed for all that direct contact with Max's muscular hest. The leather jacket he was wearing rubbed against her bosoms, stimulating them. Looking down at the look
of need on her face, he kissed her hungrily, his tongue dueling wetly with hers, until they were both breathing harshly. Finally, he seductively whispered, "There's all kinds of thing about exploring the Heavens I like, baby. There's the milky way…" His large hands cupped her heaving bosoms as he spoke. "Then there's Venus…" Grabbing her hips firmly, he pushed his erection against the growing wetness at her center. "And if I get really lucky, there's always my favorite: Uranus."

Teresa fainted dead away.

Max scooped up Teresa's limp form from off the Observatory floor, pleased with himself over what he had done. He looked hungrily over her pliable body resting in his arms and smiled, thinking of all the things he could do
with her right at this moment. This was how he liked his woman; limp and unconcious.

Max felt his manhood grow to new lengths and knew what needed to be done. He looked around the room, noticing a few concerned looks from others. He flashed them one of his patented player smiles, the kind that made people turn to putty and moved through the room, Teresa in his arms.

Outside the observatory, Liz frowned in constipation. The Player had struck again. Enough was enough, he had to be stopped.

Liz motioned Michael closer to where she hid in the bushes. "Michael," she hissed, loudly and he lumbered toward her. "Look! Inside the observatory!"

"Damn, hes smooth!" Michael exclaimed in glowing appreciation, leaning closer toward the window to observe the Master's moves. Liz slugged him hard and said, "Listen, we're not hear so you can study his moves. We're here to Slay the Player."

"Oh, baby, talk dirty to me like that some more," he growled, reaching his arms around her so that they collapsed into a heap on the ground. Liz need him hard in the grone, and he cryed out loudly. "You going to help
me or just be a player wannabe?"

Michael sighed, and leaned up on his knees to gaze inside the observatory again. He saw Max cradling Teresa seductively within his arms. "Well, there
is one thing I could do," he answered, tapping his index finger to his temple. "A possibility."

"Yes?" Liz asked, joining him hopefully at the window.

"The healing stones. They weren't intended for this purpose, but..."

"Oh, please," she moaned. "I do not want another alien talking to me about some device's intended or unintended purpose." Too many memories of Fmax's
granolith came to mind, and the image of that erect cone only led her mind to other immediate dimensions.

"Alright," he agreed. "But what we can do is suround the observatory with them, and they'll zap his Player Power. He'll be completely immoblized, so long as..." Michael coughed akwardly.

"So long as what, Michael?" Liz asked, growing suspicious indeed.

"Well, we activate them while he's...uh, activated."

Liz's eyes narrowed like a cat's. "I see," she answered with a knowing nod. "We'll cut his power at the source, then," she smiled, feeling quite like Dr. Evil. "So to speak."

"Kablam, no more power source," MIchael agreed with a harty nod.

"Oooh, I think I like it," Liz purred, rubbing her hands together in an ultra-evilicious manner, just as she watched Max cart the crumpled Teresa to a darkened corner of the main observatory room.

While Liz waited for Michael to return with the healing stones her mind turned to her first time with Max at the Observatory.

She couldn't believe how niave she had been. When the famous Max Evans had invited her to come and see the stars she had actually thought that he was talking astrology.

But when he started spouting the line about heavenly bodies she realized that what he was really intersted in was human anatomy. When his left hand has started to head south just as his right one started to head north she knew that she was in immanent danger of alien probing.

If the group of visiting Swedish astronomers hadn't entered to use the telescope she might have actually had sex with Max on the floor of a public building. What a humiliating memry that would have been. Not even the grating voiced Teresa deserved that sort of treatment. She couldn't wait to give Max a whole new meaning for
being caught in flagrante dedickto.

The thud of Michael's Doc Martens on the path behind her drug Liz from her Max-induced reverie. She whirled to face him causing her long chocolate strands to caress her flushed cheeks.

Slightly embarrassed to be caught thinking of Max's hands romeing her nubile flesh, Liz brusquelyasked, "Why are you back so soon? I told you to go get the stones."

Michael deaftly avoided the insult with a cutting, "Who do you think you're dealing with? Sean Deluca? I did go get the stones."

He opened his large, masculine hands to show the five healing stones balanced within.

"But you were only gone for two minutes Michael. Unless you hybrids are adding superspeed to your list of powers, how did you get them so quickly?"

"I had them stored on my bike" replied Michael. "They really increase that feeling of throbbing power between my legs plus you never know when you're going to need to get your rocks off."

Liz restrained from commenting and took two of the stones from Michael's hands. She needed some action to get her mind off, well, getting some action.

"So, you go that way and I'll go this way. Is it ok to have them outside?"

"Yeah, except that one of them has to get close to Max. Like touching distance," Michael said nervously.

"Meaning one of us too has to touch Max while he's—while he's—" Liz couldn't finish the sentense.

"You up for it, Parker?" he snered.

"Well I'm sure YOU are Spaceboy but I think I'll handle Max," she said decicively.

Meanwile, in the observatory, Max had laid Teresa gently on the floor and had began to take his sexy lether jacket off. He laid it even more gently on the floor, making sure that it would'nt get dirty. Loosing one such amazing coat had been difficult enough. Twice! Inacceptable!
Next, off came his black MI turtleneck, the better to accept the mission to seduce as many inaware young floozies as possible.

His favorite jeans were last. And, so, there he stood, in all his alien kingk glory, in nary a thread other than his alien-themed boxers (thank YOU Brodie - that last shipment at the UFO Museum had ro-ocked!) and his entirely appropriate black socks.

Because a kingk never takes off his socks. Not even in seduction.

Or so he had learned in the very helpful Secrets of the Alien Players, Volume 2, Page 385 - who says Nasedo's silvery books weren't helpful?

Grinning, in anticipation, he knew it was time to roll up his sleeves and get to the dirty part. It was time to do the Deed. Make the beast with too backs. Hot alien Sex, baby, here he comes!

Just as he leaned over the overly luscious form of... what was her name again? Did it matter? get busy, Max was stopped by a hand on his should. A familiar voice rang out with authority, "Here. What's happening here?"

Max turned around to face the overbearing security guard who worked the night shifts at teh Observatory. The man's eyes widened in surprise. "You again! What kind of sicko are you? I told you not to come back here again. That was your final warning. I'm calling the police."

Before Max could react, he was hurtling his burly body through the crowded observation room.

Well, damn. That puts a kink in the kingk's rod, Max thought. Then he eye'd the titties layed out before him like a all you can eat buffet and decided the Player wasn't about to back down now. He came here
for a reason, to prove that he was Da Man, and dammit, that's what he was going to do. He'd show that Liz Parker that he could perform even under pressur. He had no doubt that she and this girl were friends or whatever. It was probably why Liz pointed her out to him. She
wanted a blow by blow accounting later since she was too cold to do any blowing herself. He'd have to be sure to give... um, damn it what IS her NAME? ...this girl plenty of hickeys, the glowing kind so she'd have lots of visual aides to help the girltalk along.

Returning to the task at hand, he was stopped again, this time by a voice as sweet as angels cumming from a bitch sent from hell to torment him.

"Having troubles, Maxie boy?" Liz asked, peering over his
shoulder. "Awe, did you put her to sleep already with you boring moves."

"What are you doing here, liz? Cum to watch?"

"Something like that," she answered sweetly, fingering the healing stone behind her back. The others were all in place and Michael was at the windwo a waiting her signal to activate them. By the looks of things, Teresa was out of the game, so Liz was going to have to step
in if she wanted to take this Player off the field - permanently.

Straddling his lap, she told him, "Look, I don't want to fight with you anymore. You're a big loser and not worth my time, but you're cute too, so let's make up."

"Ok." Dam! He was Da Man! He knew it. He knew she would cum crawling back to him. Once you've tasted the sweet Tabasco of Max Evan's lips, there's no going back. Plus, there was the Jacket, and the Black Turtleneck, and the SOCKS! No one can resist the whole package, man. He was too sexy to resist.

Liz smirked before allowing him to kiss her. Everything was going perfectly to plan.

Now for the hard part. She hoped she was up for this... She reached a hand in his shorts.

"SHIT! Your hand's cold."

Well, duh, she'd been ouside for the last ten minutes staring in the window at him. And apparently it wasn't as hard as she'd thought it'd be, she grinned malisiously.

"That's right, baby. Cold like the ice cubes I'm going to run all over your body when we get back to your place. You'll like that, right, baby?"

"Oh, baby."

As he proved he was defiantely up for anything she might want, she discovered a small flaw in the plan. The problem was that Liz liked where her hand was way too much. She wanted to like his body everywhere. Why did he have to be so sexy? Stay strong, Liz, you can do this.

Looking over to the window, she gave Micahel a short nod to tell him to be ready.

Max didn't know it yet, but his Playing days were nearly over.