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Royalty Hidden

Author: Mandy aka Jbehrbabe
Category: M/L with everyone else.
Rating: Everything.
disclaimer: Dont own a damn thing.

Liz is going through changes in the present time and she is about to discover that the connection she shares with Max goes beyond this world and this lifetime. She will struggle to figure out where she fits in life.

Authors note: I edited this first part big time so re-read the begining of part one so you know what's going on.


"I deserve the goddamn truth!" Liz shouted at the man dressed in all black on her bowcany. He gritted his teeth. "You cant handle the truth!" He hissed out. Liz threw her hands in the air. "You come here and tell me that I lived on Antar and you expect me to settle with that?" Her breathing was hard and her eye's looked wild. She pulled on her hair clearly going insane from all the weird things that happened lately. "I want to remember my other life. Tess said something about you showing her how to remember her past. I want to remember mine."

Nasado shook his head. Liz lifted her hand, a bolt of bright purple light shot out of her hand, nearly hitting Nasado if he wouldn't have moved his head. He gasped.

She stood with her feet placed far apart. Her eye's came as black as the sky. He trembled, remembering how strong she use to be on Antar. Nobody messed with her there. "You either make me remember or I will kill you!" Liz said seriously. Nasado's eye's widened. "You wouldn't dare!" He said incrediably.

Liz laughed hard. "No? Why not? Everyone thinks your dead anyways. Plus I never really like you anyways." Liz growled out, her eyes growing darker by the second. Nasado trembled and he knew Liz could sense his fear just like a dog could. It was one of her powers she didn't even know she had.

Nasado raised his hand. "I'll do it but dont blame me if you die." Nasado said. Liz sat down on her lounge chair. Nasado approached her. He knew he could only handle retaining so much memory at one time so he planned on making her overdose on her own memories. More or less frying her brain. If she woke up he would be one sorry son of a bitch.

Liz closed her eyes like he instructed. Nasado touched her head and concentrated on opening that section of her brain. The section that held all her memories that Calzar implanted in her head. Some were her actual memories that she had on her own but Calzar also had it arranged that she remembered important time periods out of his life also. He groaned, trying to make her remember everything at once. It would kill her for sure. She wasn't far through her changing process so she wasn't that strong...yet. Liz gasped and fell backwards onto her chair. Nasado grinned. It had worked. She wouldn't be alive to protect the king. He climbed down her bowcany and dissapeared down the alley.

Liz's head spun before everything went black. Everything was in blackness for a few seconds until light started to happen behind her eyelids. Her heart beat slowed down. She started to remember...

Calzar walked swiftly down the long white corridor. His white jacket blowing behind his long strides. He pushed through the double doors. "What was so important that you had to call me at this time of the hour?" Calzar bellowed. He loved his job. Really he did, but he never got called in at this un-godly hour. "Zar, I believe we found another planet." Nasado said from where he sat at the data base. Calzar's bad mood changed ammediatly. "Did you inform the king?" Nasado shook his shaggy head. "We just stumbled across it on our routine space check." Every night one scientist had to sit in this bright room and watch over the planet. The gaurds surrounding the palace walls also did but the best equipement was found in the Science Departement Building. It was the least they could do. They were stupid to think they were the only living things out there. "No sign of Kivar and his warrior ships correct?" Calzar asked Nasado. Nasado lowered his eyes. "No sir. Clear as day."

Calzar approached the window infront of Nasado. Usually all they saw was stars and astroids. "That's amazing." Calzar breathed out, looking at the blue and green dot way out in space. He assumed Nasado ran all the routine tests to make sure it really was a planet. "Do you want me to inform the King?" Calzar waved him off. "I will do it. Trust me you do not want to be the one to wake him at this hour." Nasado made a grunting noice as he stood up. "Very well. I'm going to go check on the clones." Nasado left the room and Calzar picked up the phone and dialed out. He had to answer questions for security and then the King's phone rang.

"Your majesty this is Calzar."
"Well hello Calzar. Haven't heard from you in awhile."
"Yes I know. Nasado discovered a planet earlier when he did routine checking."
"Nasado who?"
"He's a good friend. He's a level below me." King Zander made a noice.
"Let's meet tomorrow. Bring that boy of yours."

Before Calzar could say anything else the phone went dead. He hung it up and took some stills of the planet to show the king tomorrow. He wanted to ask if Nasado could come since he was the one that spotted the green and blue dot. Nasado rubbed his tired eyes and shut down the scope. The guards would cover the atmosphere for the rest of the night. He needed to get home and get some rest if he wanted to think clearly with the King tomorrow. The king had expectations and he didn't plan on loosing his job because he was too tired for his brain to think correctly. He got excited, wondering what Zander would suggest they do about this new planet.

Calzar flick the lights off with the snap of his fingers and pressed his hand against the hand reader outside the door. His hand glowed a orange color before the doors clamped shut, effectively locking them. He whisled as he made his way outside the bulding.

The powerful colors in the sky attracted his attention yet again. They had been one of the reason why he became a scientist to begin with. He made his way down the path and slipped into his house. Everything was quite. She slipped his white coat off and hung it on the rack. He made his way down the hall and pushed a door open with his foot. A smile formed on his lips when he took in the appearace of his only son. He leaned over the bed and kissed his head. "Dream of things to come, Rath." He pulled the covers higher up over his tiny arms and left the room quitely.

He made his way down the hall to the room he shared with his mate. He stripped and climbed into bed. She cuddled up against his side and he smiled. He tried with all his might to fall asleep but it would not come. All he could think about was that planet. He was certain this project would change his life forever. If only he knew exactly how true that really was.

What did you think? It dont make much sense now but I just wanted to see what you guys thought before I continued on.

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This is like the Antarian's discovering Earth for the first time. You will understand it more as I go on.

Part 1 A

Calzar pulled himself out of bed and made his way to the shower. Today was a very important day. He had meetings with the king all the time but this one seamed to top the others. He had grown up with Zander and sometimes he slipped and just called him Zander. That wasn't aloud of coarse and the people that heard him say the King by his name gasped, thinking he was about to be hanged. He laughed to himself. Silly Aleins, he thought. He held a high rank amoung his fellow aliens. He was a well respected scientist who started out just as poor as half of the popularity. It helped some that his best friend was the King of Antar but he didn't like to use the "King Card" as Zander called it. He made his way to the top all on his own. Zander on the other hand grew up being a prince and when his father died in a small battle he was forced to carry the planet on his shoulders at the age of twelve. It was a sad time. Things looked glooming but Zander changed all that. He gave the people hope to move on with their lifes.

"Rath you better be up." Calzar yelled down the hall. He heard the springs of Raths bed making noices. " Stop bouncing on your bed. You remember what happened last time?" The noise stopped and Rath tore into the bathroom, his spiky hair all over the place. "Are we going to go see Zan today?" He asked, hopefully. Calzar scratched his head. "I dont know. I was thinking about it." He teased. Rath jumped on his leg. "Dad dont lie. Mom told me about your meeting in the palace today." Calzar combed what hair he had. "That's true but I never said you were going. The last time I took you I remember you and Zan blasted out one of the palace walls." Rath growled. "I told you we were shooting at bad alien's!" Calzan rubbed his back. "Go get dressed. We have to leave soon."

Rath tore back down the hall. "Brush your mop!" Calzar yelled after him. Calzar kissed Jermerz's cheek on his way out of the door. Rath followed close behind him already getting his clothes dirty in the red mud. The walk to the palace wasn't far and he enjoyed the fresh air. It wasn't like he had any other choice than to walk. They had the technology to fly around space but they didn't have anything to make traveling on land any easier. Rath ran past him and jumped into a bush, screaming something about power blasting evil aliens. He shook his head, begining to think his son had gone off the deep end. Rath crawled out of the bushes. He had little twigs tangled in his hair. "Did you brush you hair?" Rath ruffled his hair. "Yes dad." He said, clearly annoyed.

They reached the palace walls. They stood atleast fifty feet in the air. The gate slid open and they walked through. "Now this is the life!" Rath said. Calzar plucked some twigs out of Rath's hair and he bounced away, glaring at his dad. "RATH!" came a yell. "Zan, the man!" Rath yelled, running as fast as his little legs would carry him. Rath dripped over a rock rigth before they reached each other and Rath flew right into Zan. They fell to the ground laughing. "Pigs." Said a little girl with long blonde hair. The thought of rolling on the ground did not please the princess.

Zander walked out with his crown on his head. He had a big cape with jewels attached to it. They shook hands and walked to the waiting table. The settled in and got right to it.
"Nasado found it late last night. He called me in to show it to me." He handed the still shots he took to Zander. His eye's widened when he looked at them. "It's so tiny." Calzar laughed. "It's not really that tiny. It's just that it's so far away." He explained. Zander nodded. "We should check this planet out for recources." Calzar understood. Antar was always in a trouble. They couldnt grow anything because the sun rays never made it through the thick colorful clouds that circled the planet. "How would you suggest we do that?" Calzar asked, growing more excited.

"Take that thing you created. It is the only transpot we have and it's not like we take trips anyways." Calzar grinned. "You mean the Granolith?" Zander nodded. "That's what I said." Calzar hid his laugh. "If there is anything living on that planet bring it back here. I want it examined." Calzar nodded. "And when you get back I have to speak to you about something very important." Before Calzar could actually talk to his friend he was led back inside the palace. He missed his friend. He wondered what was so importnant?

He looked up at the sky and smiled. He was going to that other planet. He needed to decide who would be coming with him.


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Here's another one.

Part 1B

"Dad I dont want to leave yet. We just got here!" Rath said in tears. "Let him stay please?" Zan spoke up. He saw the same tears in Zan's eyes. It must suck being a prince, Calzar thought. Zan never got to leave the palace walls because if Kivar wanted to hurt anyone more than the king himself it would be the heir to the throne. Calzar spotted the bulky guards not standing far away. They have been watching Zan from the very instant he was born. "I'm very sorry but you both know you cant stay." Calzar said. Zan nodded in defeat and put his "nothing hurts me" wall back up. Rath rubbed at his nose. Calzar ruffled Zan's neatly trimmed hair before leaving. He felt bad leaving Zan there with no one to play with. He had all the gadgets all the kids would ever want but what fun is in having something you cant share with someone else.

They returned home and found Jermerz cooking her famous meal. Over dinner Calzar couldn't hold his news in anymore. "I'm taking a trip." Jermerz smiled. "Really where to?" Calzar grinned. "To another planet." Her eye's widened. "Is that safe? What if their is another species there? A species that find us threatening?" Calzar rubbed her shoulder. "I have it planned that we land there at night. It shouldn't cause much attention. We will only be there a day." She nodded. "But what if you look different then them?" Calzar grinned and explained his idea.

"So how we doing this?" Nasado asked. Calzar placed the crystal rod into the granolith and let it "heat up" for take off. "I set it up so we land on that planet at night. We dont want to cause much attention to ourselves." Nasado nodded. "Great idea. We dont need anymore enemies." Calzar laughed at the way Nasado said that. "Now there is a possiblility that their are creatures on that planet. We are taking samples of everthing they have there. We only have a day so spent your time wisely."

After great consideration Calzar choose Nasado because he was the only other Antarian that had his same special gifts. Most of the population could do small things. Rath had one of the extreme powers of blasting energy out of his palm. Zan had the same power but it wasn't as strong. Zander on the other hand had the same powers as the 'regular' Antarians had. They could do simple things like heat things. Some Antarians were known for moving things with thier mind. Calzar was the only Antarian in history to have all those powers combined. He and Nasado were the only one's that could change their form. That's why he picked Nasado to tag along. If they did come across another race they could warp into a form like them. They were called "shapeshifters".

"Ready?" Nasado nodded. They both placed there palms on the granolith. Calzar felt like he was being pricked with needles and then they both stood inside. The granolith took off from the room and blasted through the thick colorful clouds. He held his eye's closed as the granolith spinned round and round. When you stood inside it looked like there was no walls. He could see stars flying by. He saw the blue and green dot turn into something so big he was slightly afriad. He gasped when they hit something that made the whole granolith catch on fire. The flames went out quickly. He saw land approaching and he closed his eyes. They hit the ground hard, both unconcious. They had landed on that other planet.

Calzar coughed. Everything was so dark. He pressed the bottom inside and a hissing noise filled the inner space. The door opened. "Nasado are you alright?" Nasado coughed. "I'm good. That some some landing." Calzar nodded. "I'm sorry. I would have changed the setting if I known there was so much gravity here." Nasado waved him off. They stepped out of the Granolith and looked around. Calzar looked down at the ground and crinkled his nose. "Intresting. Look at this color." He scrapped some dirt off the ground and put it in a tube to study when they got home. "There's nothing here but ground." Nasado said. "Let's look around some more." They walked through what they didn't know was a desert. "Look at the sky. It's completely dark." It looked so much different from their home. They could actually see the stars here. Calzar loved the place. Nasado on the other hand didn't look to happy. Calzar snapped still shots around every corner. "Oh look!" Nasado said. Calzar ran over where Nasado stood. He looked on the ground and notiiced the scaily creature. "It looks like a rope that moves. This place is weird." Nasado said. Calzar bent over to pick the creature up but it hissed at him. They both jumped back in fear. Nasado raised his hand and before he could stop him he blasted the creature. "Nasado, it would have been nice if we took it home alive!" Calzar said. "It was going to attack us!" Calzar rolled his eyes. "How big is it and how big are we?" He pointed out. Nasado groaned and walked off. Calzar picked up the dead creature and stuck it in his pouch.


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This is the shortest part but it holds some answers that will come later.


Nasado and Calzar treaked along the rocky hills, finding little species all over the place. "What is that? It looks like one of our statues." They both stared at the bright lights coming from the "statue" They approached and looked into the light coming from a square box. "Zar, it's hollow!" Nasado said. They saw a much bigger being walk through the room and they both gasped and ducked below the window. "It looks kind of like us." Nasado said. Their skin was much paler than that being. "I'm going to knock it out. We have gotten enough samples. I will carry it back to the ship and return home. Go "heat up" the granolith while I get this monster." Calzar nodded and trecked back to the ship after telling Nasado not to kill it.

Nasado waited till Calzar was gone before crawling through the window. The creature with long dark hair sat on a couch. He stood their until "it" looked up and spotted him. It screamed and tried running. Nasado flicked his wrist with a angry look on his face. It flew across the room and smashed into a wall. He smiled and then jumped when he heard a noise behind him. There stood a little creature. "Mommy! Mommy!" tears streamed down it's face. Kivar smiled. He walked to the shocked thing and lifted it by it's neck. He pressed the squirming creature against the wall and pressed his hand against it's tiny chest. It's eyes grew large as heat poured into his body. It started screaming but Nasado didn't hear anything. He just wanted the freak of nature to shut up. The little thing finally stopped moving and he let it drop to the floor with a thud. He burned a hole through the fabric of it's shirt, leaving a glowing hand print.

He walked calmy over where the other creature layed. He temped killing it too but Calzar would not be happy. He picked it up over his shoulder and walked out of the building. He treaked the long distance to the granolith and finally spotted Calzar standing just outside. They pressed their hands to the smooth surface and were sucked in. Nasado dropped the thing on the floor carelessly when the granolith took off for home. Calzar bent down and inspected the beautiful creature. It had long brown hair. From the breasts he saw he guessed it was a female. Suddenly it stirred. Deep brown eye's met dead eyes. It gasped and jumped up. "Where am I!" It yelled. Nasado made a fist. Calzar took a step towards it. It backed up farther, hitting a invisable wall. "Where's my son?" It turned angry eyes to Nasado. "What did you do to my son!" It yelled. "I am a human being and I will not be treated this way!" It yelled again.

Calzar didn't understand what it meant. He could understand what it was saying because earlier that day they ran into another "human being" and Nasado swiped memories from it. Nasado then transfered them to Calzar so he could understand. He had told Nasado to take the human being back where he got it. "What is it talking about? Did you see another human being in there with her? Nasado rolled his eyes. "No." Calzar looked at Nasado strangly. "Knock her out." The human being shuttered as Nasado approached her. Calzar waited for the flash of light that Nasado would shoot out of his hand and knock it out. It was safe and it didn't hurt for all her knew. He watched horrified as Nasado raised his hand and back handed the human. It flew sideways and landed not far from Calzar's feet. "WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!" Calzar yelled. "You told me too." Nasado said before leaning back against the wall. They would soon be landing on Antar. They had abducted a human being.

I will start adding some from the present time on earth soon. Just not yet. That's if you still want me to continue?

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Dare2BeADreamer originally wrote:
This is really intriguing so far! Please continue! I'm wondering if this woman, who reminds me of Liz with the dark eyes and dark hair and beauty, is Liz's mom. Does this human mate with one of the aliens and Liz is born on Antar too? *happy* I know I'm guessing, but you did say Liz had lived before. ;) Please continue! I really am enjoying this so far. *happy*

Good guess;)
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I will be updating this a little later today.*happy* That's if you want me to continue? I havent got much FB so I might just stop it here and find another way to write my idea's that catch more people's attention. Do you really want me to continue?
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Jen C originally wrote:
I have been sick for the last few days and just found this story. I really think that you have a good idea here. You probably aren't getting a lot of feedback yet due to the fact that there isn't a lot of Liz and the guys yet. I know that I came in expecting there to be more of them from the beginning. Not be thrown into a history lesson. Please don't take this the wrong way. I totally like the story. I was just trying to give you a maybe as to why not many have left feedback. I can't wait for more.

*happy* I'm thinking the same thing. Now I wish I would have started it with more present stuff. Maybe I will edit my first post again and add some of the stuff Liz went through. Like how she ran into Nasado. I was going to post that next but I will just add it at the begining. Thanks for the FB! and your opinion.*happy*