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Hi all, I wanted to thank you guys for being so patient while I was away and I also come behring news. Ive started work on another fic called Inhibition. If you like this then you'll like the new one, lots of M/L nookie!
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Part fourteen (Teaser to next big part I’ve been writing)

A smile spread across Tess’s face as she surveyed her naked form in her mirror. A plan had been forming in her mind for a few weeks now, there was no way in hell she was going to lose her king to some pathetic snivelling human. Her hand drifted over the small swirling mark on her hip, his mark of possession from her previous life recreated in her new body. Nasedo had spent a long time explaining what to expect from her body and the others when she found them, one thing had stuck in her mind.

The awakening.

When Antarian males reached maturity they underwent a change known as the awakening. Once started the awakening could not be reversed. It began as simple sexual desire to urge the male to mate with his chosen and complete his transition into manhood, if not satisfied the desire grew and grew until it consumed the male. The repressed beast half of Antarian DNA would take hold and the male would be forced to attack the female. It had been a great crisis on Antar if something had happened to the chosen female and the rite could not be completed, the only female the male could mate with was his chosen. The male would be left as a violent child, aggressive towards anyone who crossed him. But if the rite was completed the pair were bonded for life and a great celebration was held.

She hated for it to come to this but if Max was going to be so stubborn she really had no choice. Her fingers traced the small mark, her ticket back to the throne. She already bore the mark so therefore she was technically already his chosen, she would just have to give things a bit of a jump start. She had even gone on the pill, condoms would just void the act. Max would have to be naked inside of her at the end.


Across Town
Liz’s fingers traced the small mark on her hip trying to figure out where the hell it had came from when it hit her.

(Struggling to escape Liz found Max’s hands only tightened. A sharp pain prodded one of her hips as she twisted. ‘Mine!’ snarled Max against her throat.)

‘Oh my God’ she mumbled.

Part Fourteen B

Images of Liz twisting beneath him tore through Max’s subconscious mind, torturing him with her warmth as he desperately sought release within her. But his peak evaded him as she slipped from his reach whenever he neared it. Growling out his frustration he reached for her again only to find himself in an empty bed. Liz’s bed.

His searching eyes uncovered a note lying on the pillow next to him, opening it he read.

‘Dear Max
Didn’t have the heart to wake you. I’m at a doctor’s appointment and then I have English class at noon. My parents are away on business for a while so help yourself to anything in the kitchen. Later on maybe we can finish what we started yesterday.

Until tonight…
Looking at the clock on Liz’s wall he realized it was already 4 in the afternoon.

‘Jesus, I must have slept right through’ he muttered.
Sniffing at his armpit he wrinkled his nose in disgust. He’d have to get a change of clothes and a shower ASAP which meant he’d have to go home. Glancing down at the note again he smiled.

‘Tonight’ He crushed the paper in his hand as he scrambled out of bed, already buzzing with anticipation.

Liz studied the small white pills as she read the instructions. 4 more days and she would be protected. Able to have Max naked inside of her safely. She had left him curled up in bed this morning, fast asleep, utterly exhausted by the looks of it. He hadn’t even shown up for any classes today which just wasn’t like him.

A smile traced its way across her features as she thought about her little plan for tonight. Looking at her watch she checked the time, 4.30, that gave her enough time to get a shower and a change of clothes. She dropped the small box of pills on her bag with the packet of condoms she had bought. Tonight…

Max clambered up towards Liz’s window, his heart pounding wildly in his chest. He was so hard with anticipation that he could almost feel his zipper leaving a mark. He checked his watch, 7.00, she should be home by now. Peering through the glass, Max frowned, there were no lights on in the little apartment which meant she wasn’t home.

Suddenly something caught his eye. There was scrawled writing on her mirror in lipstick.

Next to that was a silky thong hung up so he could see it. She wasn’t wearing underwear. Max heard himself swear under his breath as he turned and took off towards the jeep at a run. He knew exactly where she would be.

Winding his way through the masses of people Max drove himself towards Liz’s presence feeling emotions pouring from her. He could feel her heart racing, arousal flowing through her veins as she beckoned him towards her.

‘Tonight tonight tonight tonight’ the word pounded through his head with every rapid pace of his heart. Mentally he reached out to her, pressing his hands across her breasts, loving the way she arched into him. Pushing people out of his path he tore his way to her, feeling his skin burn as he neared.

A cool hand drifting across the back of his neck stopped him dead in his tracks, soft creamy skin brushing gently against grainy male skin. Max’s breath caught as he reached out his mind to determine who this woman was. Liz?

A small blond curly head came into his line of view.

‘Tess!’ he cursed.

Her psychic touch trailed down the side of his face as a slow smile crossed hers. As she strolled in his direction, confident of her impending victory, Max spotted a wave of midnight hair over her shoulder.

Liz was standing on a podium a few feet behind Tess swinging her body to the music. She was clad in her tight knee high leather boots and a matching skirt that rode low on her hips and high in her thighs. Her top was red and formed a deep V on her front and back, hanging low enough to show her belly button. Max was rock hard, lust tearing his civility to shreds as he strode through the crowd towards his mate.

Tess noted the hard look of arousal on Max’s face and prepared herself to be ravished only to find herself roughly shoved out of his path, landing on her ass on the floor. Horrified she turned to see him tear Liz down from the podium and crush her to him in one liquid movement. Unable to find words to express her anger she simply opened and closed her mouth as she watched him grind Liz’s body against his own and ravage her mouth. Without preamble he scooped her up and stalked towards the exit to the parking lot. As he lifted Liz into his arms Tess caught a glimpse of a small tattoo on her hip.

‘It couldn’t be!’ she stuttered ‘He wouldn’t dare!’ sitting on the floor and feeling like an idiot.
‘Godammit!’ she screamed.

Max had bearly gotten to the jeep before his willpower gave in. Winding Liz’s legs around his waist he rubbed his aching flesh against hers, feeling her juices soak the front of his jeans.

‘I cant wait Liz, it has to be now’ his voice was hoarse as he thrust urgently towards her, pressing her against the side of the jeep so the friction would be greater. Forcing her top to the side he latched his mouth onto her breast, biting down on the puckered nipple. Liz’s hips bucked at the action and her cry rang out in the empty parking lot.

‘Max, home, we have to get home’ she begged, ‘I've got condoms there’

‘I don’t think I’ll make it’ he choked, scrabbling for the door handle and tumbling them into the back seat.

Her nails raked down his back leaving trails of fire on his skin and he hissed, undulating his hips frantically against hers as his body neared release. Liz couldn’t catch her breath, Max’s jeans were rubbing her clit perfectly as he pounded against her. His mouth bit down on her shoulder and she cried out suddenly overcome with an orgasm.

Max froze, his body screaming, he couldn’t hold it any longer. Feeling the fist pulse of his climax he struggled not to pull open his fly and force his throbbing cock into Liz’s contracting walls.

He shook as his body covered the insides of his pants with endless streams of cum, waiting for his heartbeat to slow.

Liz murmured beneath him and shifted a little, mumbling again about getting home. Max almost sobbed when he felt his body harden again, desire quickly rising to fever pitch again.
‘Liz, I’ve got to have you’ he groaned into her neck, feeling her surprise at his hardening member. ‘I’ve got to, I can’t help it’

Stumbling off her Max clambered into the front seat and turned on the engine. His knuckles turned white as he gripped the steering wheel. Turning the jeep out of the car park he floored the accelerator and sped off in the direction of the Crashdown.

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Im just finishing up part 15 and I should have it up by monday night GMT but first I would like to dedicate my writing to someone special.
There was a man in my life who has lifted me, he cared for me and strengthened me when I thought my sickness would overcome me. He encouraged he with his beliefs and comforted me when I was in pain. He never judged me and for these things I will owe him my gratitude as long as I live. He lost the fight against cancer a few days ago but his words still hold me strong.
Thank you Allen.

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Sorry this part is short but I promise I will post a new longer part soon.

Part Fifteen.

Liz’s heart was thumping wildly at the thought of finally having Max fully inside her, her juices streaming down her thighs as she watched him grit his teeth with the effort of control. Unconsciously she spread her legs and began carefully massaging her clit, only realizing what she was doing when his sharp intake of breath rang out in the car.

‘God Liz…’ she could see his eyes in the mirror narrowed to slits as he watched her gently rub herself. Smiling at the rush of power she felt, Liz spread her legs wider and slowly inserted a single finger into her depths. Max’s breath rang out harshly in the car as he surveyed the flood of liquid that followed her finger as it came out again. Liz reached down and pulled her lower lips apart, giving him a wonderful view and laughing when the car swerved slightly.

Max was painfully hard once again, pulling open his fly he wrapped a hand around his swollen cock, pulling lightly at the skin and groaning as drops of precum covered his hand. He glanced in the mirror again and almost screamed at the sight. Liz’s head was thrown back, the smile long gone as she pounded two fingers deep inside of herself, gasping his name.

‘Almost there, almost there…’ He muttered to try and distract himself from the pulses of pleasure trying to push him over the edge.

Liz suddenly cried out from the back seat as she hit a sensitive spot inside of her dripping hole and Max swore loudly at the Crashdown sign appearing far down the street and the sight of his love arching and trembling less than 2 feet away from him.
The jeep screeched to a halt outside of the Crashdown and Max tore out of his door, stalking to Liz’s side and ripping the door open. Dragging her across the seat and out of the car he crushed her dazed mouth to his.

Liz shreiked in shock as cold metal hit the bare cheeks of her ass when Max hiked up her tiny skirt and backed her up against the jeep.

‘Max! Inside! Now!’

Max could feel all the tendons in his neck standing out as he thrust himself forcefully inside of Liz, only stopping as he heard her mumble in his ear, ‘No Max inside the café’

Turning, he stumbled forward, crashing through the front doors and into the café.

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Part Sixteen

Max stumbled through the doors of the darkened café bearly registering the fact that they were alone. His entire world had narrowed down to two points of extreme pleasure, where Liz had latched her mouth on to his neck and was lapping franticly at his skin and where he was buried deeply inside of her and she was squeezing him with all her might.

He staggered blindly as he tried to use Liz’s weight to lift her and thrust upwards into her but her legs were firmly wrapped around his waist, grinding herself down on him. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders as she mumbled the word ‘upstairs’ against his skin over and over. Max’s knees began to give out with the sensations coursing through him so he groped his way towards one of the small booths, knocking all the coverings to the floor so he could lay Liz on her back.

Dangerously close to another orgasm Liz gripped Max’s ass, a thought of how she’d been dying to do that since forever, and forced his as deeply inside of her as he would go. Max felt his eyes bulge when Liz squeezed his ass and arched hard into him, one thought burned into his mind. They had to finish this tonight.

Trying again to lift Liz up he turned and found himself slamming her back against the counter so he could use more leverage to move inside of her.

‘Mine’ he gasped against her skin ‘I love you Liz’

Fumbling his way through the back doors towards the stairs and listening to the reciprocal words of love being whispered in his ear he started the longest climb of his life. The strawberry scent of her hair wrapped around his senses, stirring his heart and body more than he thought possible.

Suddenly Max felt his foot slip from under him and he tumbled forward, catching Liz with his arms he looked up into her eyes. Shocked from the sudden friction Liz teetered on the brink for a few seconds until Max’s heated eyes clashed with hers and surprise showed in them at the desire in hers, she opened her mouth in a silent cry of pleasure as she came around him.

Max’s surprise turned to a surge of lust as all hell broke loose, loosing his control he closed his eyes and…


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