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I'm sorry that I haven't posted any new additions in such a long time. Roswell has been such a disappointment, that I've found it nearly impossible to get into my fanfict again. I've started writing again, and promise to conclude the story. Here is part 37 for those still interested. :-) For those who don't remember the story it is on the repost board #13.

Thanks as always to those who take the time to read my story, and a special thanks to those who are kind enough to leave feed back.

SUMMARY: Max, Liz, Isabel, Michael, Maria, Kyle, Alex and Tess leave Roswell for spring break in Las Vegas, where something totally unexpected happens. If you want to learn more, keep on reading.


A quick run down of the players in the story:

Max = King Zan
Liz = Queen Deanna
Isabel = Princess Vilandra
Maria = Lady Issella
Michael = Lord Rath
Commander Hyksos, head of the high guards/ royal body guards, and one of Zan's trusted advisors.
Neferset, leader of the resistance/rebellion. The Royal mother of King Zan and Princess Vilandra.
High Priestess Khentkaues, priestess of Antar. Best friend to her royal highness, former queen Neferset
Tess Harding = Lady Avana, cousin to Kivar.
Kivar, declared himself king of Antar, once friend of King Zan



Her royal highness, Queen mother Neferset, flanked by two fierce looking high guards, entered the space traffic control tower. "At ease." She waved a hand, silently ordering the uniformed men and women who had jumped to attention to resume their positions. She walked over to Admiral Raneferef. "Anything to report?" She questioned the tall, dark haired man who stood behind a long row of chairs set in the middle of the room. In those chairs sat space traffic controllers who scrutinized their screens in minute detail. Checking out every space ship that approached Antar before deciding whether or not to grant them entrance to the planet.

Raneferef bowed in respect. "Nothing concerning the royal family, your royal highness." He quickly scanned the information on the palm PC that his assistant handed him, affixed his signature to the document and handed it to his assistant. "But we have been very busy today." Ever since word had spread throughout the star system about the return of the king and queen of Antar, the planet had been inundated with requests from other worlds to allow their delegates to land to pay their respects.

"Hmm." She muttered, forcing back a scream of frustration. This waiting was killing her. What was taking them so long?

"A ship has entered our star system." A voice called out. Neferset and Admiral Raneferef quickly moved toward that voice. Silence spread out throughout the room as the occupants held their collective breaths.

"Global shield?" Questioned Neferset.

"Are up and at maximum." Replied lieutenant Alexander.

"Are you able to communicate with the ship?" Questioned the Admiral.

"They are not responding to our hail." The lieutenant pressed several buttons on the console.

"How about visual?"

"Faintly." He replied. "It is partially hidden behind the planet Hermopolis.

"Is it the battleship Sekhem?" Neferset's heart raced as she waited for confirmation.

"We are being hailed." He responded instead.

"Put them through." Ordered Raneferef.

"SHEN 1369 SOBEK. 3099." A voice called out. "SHEN 1369 SOBEK. 3099."

"It's them." Neferset said hoarsely as she unconsciously squeezed the admiral Raneferef's arm.

"This is the battleship Sekhem." Captain Semerkhet's face appeared on the viewing screen. The usually stoic captain had a huge grin on his face. Forgetting protocol and procedure, he simply said. "We are home."

Neferset closed her eyes and savored the feelings that those three simple words brought with them. The ordeal was finally over. Her children were home.

Forcing himself to act normal in the face of such monumental occasion, the guard punched information into the computer in front of him verifying the code given. "Credentials checked."

Loud cheers erupted in the room as people jumped out of their chairs hugging each other.

"By the gods! What in the...?" A guard stared in shock at the screen she stood in front of. "Your royal highness! Admiral Raneferef!" She cried out urgently as she sank back in her chair, frantically pressing buttons on her console.

"What is it lieutenant?" Neferset walked over to stand next to lieutenant Suva.

"The global shield just went down." She reported. Silence filled the room as her words were heard.


The celebrating space controllers quickly returned to their seats.

"Get it back up!" Ordered Raneferef who took the empty seat next to Suva.

"I can't. Something took over the control."

"We are getting energy readings off the chart Admiral Raneferef!" Cried out another space traffic controller.

"Something just enveloped the planet." Reported a despondent Suva.

"By the gods! Haven't we suffered enough?!" Neferset gestured for Suva to move out of the way, and quickly planted herself in the seat that Suva had just vacated. "Any reports from the planet?" She said as she pressed buttons on the console changing to a different screen.

"We are getting reports of a beams of gold lights shooting throughout the planet." Reported Lieutenant commander Theban from his position on the other side of the room. "It's as if we are under attack."

The room became deathly silent as the occupants of the room took in the information. Had Kivar left a booby trap of some sort to destroy them? Could the fates be this cruel?


Zan and Deanna's living quarters

Zan sat at his desk staring at the pictures of Antar on his computer screen, even though the scenes were already seared on his brain. His insides twisted in one giant knot. It tore him up to see his people and world in pain. So much lost, so much destruction because of a mad man's greed.

"Zan?" Deanna called out as she walked into the couples's living quarters.

He ordered the computer to shut down and got up from his chair. "Yes, my love?" He forced back his dark thoughts and flashed her a wide grin as he walked over to her.

Not fooled for one moment by his act, Deanna put her arms around his waist and hugged him.
"We can do this."

Zan hugged her tighter to him and pressed a kiss on top her head. Silently thanking her for her strength and faith.

A ring sounded, interrupting the couple. Zan sighed and moved away from Deanna, he pressed a button on the panel on the wall, turning the privacy mode off. "Yes?" He called out.

A translucent image of Captain Semerkhet's face appeared in the middle of the room.
"Your majesty we may have trouble." He reported.


"As we approached Antar a golden light appeared out of no where and encased the planet."

"News from the planet?"

"Dead silence for several minutes, then we were ordered to land at Mount Buhen."

"The indoor landing bay at the military base." Deanna said softly. "Was a reason given?"

"None your majesty."

"Computer get me my mother on the line." Zan ordered the computer.

"Unable to comply, no incoming message being accepted on Antar." Said the disembodied computer voice.

"Damn it!" Zan walked quickly behind his desk and sat. He rapidly pressed several buttons, hoping to contact his mother via their private channel. "Nothing!" he slammed a hand on the desk in frustration. "What in the name of all the gods is going down there?!"

A bell rang. "Enter." Called out Deanna.

Hyksos and Rath entered the room. "All communications to Antar is down." Reported Hyksos.

"We know." Deanna sighed and went to stand near Zan.

"Zan, at this time I am advising that we move away from Antar."


"An unknown light encases the planet for several minutes, communication goes down, we are ordered to land at an impenetrable fortress miles away from no where, and then communication goes back down again. Something is up."

"Do you think it is a trap of some sort?" Asked Rath.

"I don't know." He said truthfully. "But I rather be safe then sorry.

"Aside from the lost of communication and where we are ordered to land, is there any other sign to lead you to believe that we might be in danger?"


"We are landing."

Hyksos gritted his teeth. "Zan, you owe it to your people and your planet to survive. We should land on a planet of one of our allies until we can determine what is going on."

"Run away with my tail firmly between my legs." Zan laughed humorlessly.

"Zan." Hyksos sighed.

"No, my friend. I am through running and hiding." Zan stood up from his chair and observed the people gathered before it, his family and friends. "It is my people down there, my world. I want back what is mine."

Hyksos dragged in a breath. "Zan."

"I've made my decision." Zan cut him off.

Swallowing his curses, saving them for later when he was alone, Hyksos inclined his head. "Yes, your majesty."

"Captain you are cleared to proceed home." Rath said to Captain Semerkhet.'s image.

"Yes, my lord." The captain's image disappeared.

Hyksos turned toward the door, barking orders to the computer as he walked out. "Computer, have all my lieutenants meet me in the briefing room immediately. Priority one."



"Your majesty, we've landed." Said Semerkhet. "We are ready to disembark whenever you are."

"Thank you, Captain." Zan nodded and pushed away from the desk, as Deanna walked out of their sleeping chambers.

It was time. Zan and Deanna looked over at each other, checking to make sure that everything was in place as they prepared to leave their quarters and join their friends and adopted families.

Zan was dressed completely in black, the only color was supplied by the gold and red insignia of the intertwining royal cobra and hawk over his heart. Deanna was dressed similarly, except her outfit was red, a gold diadem with the symbol of the royal hawk and cobra also encircled her head. They nodded their approval at each other and walked out their quarters. The ten high guards that had been waiting in front of their door, encircled the couple. The group reached the departure waiting room, and entered.

"It is time." Zan said to the occupants of the room.

Melissa, Nancy, John, and Jeff stared silently at one another, no one knowing what to say as a chapter in their lives ended, and another one was about to begin. It was now time to live the decision they had made.



With a gentle thud, the battleship Sekhem landed in the landing bay. The retractable ceiling quickly closed behind them. The emergency doors opened and a large group of armed guards swarmed out, some dropping to their knees weapons held high, others spread throughout the massive room blocking all exits as they scanned the room, while others searched the occupants. A hush fell in the room as the group of waiting officials froze in place, none daring to move. All knowing that the high guards were ruthless when it came to protecting the royal family. Their motto was to shot first and ask questions later.

Her royal highness, Queen mother Neferset stepped away from her own guards so that she could be seen. "Everything is alright."

The high guards ignored her words, and did not stop until they were assured that that was indeed the case. Once convinced that there was no threat, the high guards contacted the ship telling them that it was okay for the passengers to disembark.

Soon afterwards, the immense door of the battle ship swung open on its hinge. A hush fell upon the waiting group as they waited for a glimpse of the king and queen of Antar. Her royal highness, Neferset, and high officials stood at the head of the red carpet that had been set out for the disembarking passengers. The stairs drop out to the ground, signaling that the people on board were about to descend

Captain Semerkhet and two of his lieutenants began the procession. Five high guards followed with John, Melissa, Nancy, Jeff, and Amy. High guards dressed in red and black leather, neutralizers strapped to their belts and shield gauntlets strapped to their arms preceded the foster parents. The small group of trusted officials who had made the trip to earth to retrieve the royal family followed. High Priestess Khentkaues came next. The royal party stepped slowly. Lord Rath and Lady Issella followed. Another group of high guards followed. These were commander Hyksos' highest ranking lieutenants. Immediately after them was Princess Vilandra.

Vilandra was followed by King Zan and Queen Deanna. Bringing up the rear was Commander Hyksos and two of his captains. Clapping could be heard as each member of the procession stepped down the stairs and walked down the red carpet. The clapping became deafening as Zan and Deanna appeared in the doorway. The couple slowly made their way down the stairs and to the waiting dignitaries. Introductions were made and pleasantries exchanged. Finally it was time to leave. Leaving the dignitaries behind, the group exited the building to find several vehicles awaiting them. All bore the gold and red insignia of the intertwining royal cobra and hawk on the doors, announcing to everyone that the vehicles belonged to the royal family. John, Melissa, Nancy, Jeff, and Amy craned their necks, anxious to get their first glimpse of the alien world they had just landed on, they were soon disappointed. There was nothing to see except the front of the building they had just exited to the right of them, and a huge steel like wall which prevented them from seeing anything else. They tried not to gawk at the vehicles in front of them. While called airo-barges, they did not resemble boats in anyway, instead they looked like sleeker, flatter, remodeled limousines of earth.

Seated in the plush interior of the airo-barge, John, Melissa, Nancy, Jeff, and Amy watched in amazement as the vehicle took flight, and sped off towards the steel fencing that surrounded the fortress. Two huge steel doors swung open as they reached them, and without a pause their vehicle flew out into the late afternoon sun.
"Was that woman really suppose to be Zan and Vilandra's mother?" Asked Melissa Evans as she thought of the woman they had just met. The tall, statuesque blonde with her long hair pulled back in a ponytail, red leather pants and vest, set off with a long train like robe, did not look like she was old enough to be anyone's mother. "She barely looked out of her teens." Inserted Nancy Parker.
"Jeez, don't these people age?" Muttered Amy Deluca.

For security reasons the royal family were divided, Zan, Deanna, Hyksos, Neferset and two high guards rode in one vehicle; while Vilandra, Issella, and Rath rode in another.

"Mother what is going on?" Zan asked the moment their vehicle flew out the gate.

Zan did not want to hear that. "Our ship saw a light of some sort enshroud the planet, then communication went down. How could nothing have happened mother?"

But Neferset refused to answer any questions, no matter how hard Zan and Deanna pressed. A heavy silence filled the vehicle as the group traveled to their destination. They had been traveling for several minutes, when a loud noise erupted, startling the occupants of the vehicle. The noise grew louder and louder the closer they got. The air-barge lowered, the two cars filled with high guards which sandwiched the vehicle containing the royal couple, also lowered, hovering above ground, the cars swept past the line of people who had gathered.

"Our people are welcoming us home." Zan's voice was unsteady as he said the words, Deanna swallowed a lump in her throat. So touched and moved by the display of love that greeted them, it was a while before they noticed the buildings that they passed. Zan tensed and sat up straighter as he stared out of his window, Deanna and Hyksos also sat forward. The buildings, dwellings and roads they passed were perfect. Standing straight and tall with no marks on any of them, totally unlike the scenes that they had witnessed via the computers on board the ship. What was going on?

"What in the name of the gods is going on here?" Zan said in a strangled voice.

"Your wish." A voice said in the car. Zan dragged his eyes from the window to find that the high guard that had been seating across from him morphed into Osiris. His jaw dropped open, and for a moment he could not utter one word, no matter how hard he tried. He could only stare in wonder at the scene before him.

"He loves to shock people. " The other guard chuckled as she morphed into Isis.

"My lord. Goddess Isis." Zan finally crocked out.

The other occupants finally picked up their jaws from the floor, and inclined their heads in a show of respect.

"The light enveloping the planet, that was you?" Asked Zan.

"Yes." Osiris confirmed. "You are man after my own heart Zan. You always put your people before yourself. That is a rarity."

Zan shifted uncomfortably in his seat and blushed, embarrassed at such praise.

Osiris grinned. "All is at it was before Kivar betrayed you multiplied by tenfold." He reported.

"I don't know what to say." Zan voice was filled with wonder. "How can we possibly thank you?"

"Take care of Antar, and be the rulers that I know that you are." He turned to include Deanna in his gaze. "That is all the thanks that I need or want. " Osiris and Isis started to fade away.

"Wait!" Cried out Deanna. "Will we see you again?"

They reappeared. "We will be back for the wedding." He teased. "We are invited aren't we?"

"Of course you are." Deanna gulped, gods invited to their wedding? As if a state wedding wasn't nerve racking enough.

"My Lord, what will you do now that you are no longer confined to the underworld?" Neferset was the only occupant in the vehicle who hadn't been surprised at Osiris and Isis' presence. The moment she had realized that Antar was not being attacked, but being repaired, she had known that the gods were involved.

Osiris chuckled. "Do a little bit exploring." Upon that final note, the god and goddess disappeared.

Zan turned moist eyes to Deanna, the ordeal was finally over, they were home and their people and world were safe. Deanna's heart flipped over at the look of joy in Zan's eyes. He was whole again. She reached over and clasped the hand that laid on the seat between her. Zan smiled at her, squeezed her hand gently, and ordered the top down on their airo-barge. As they drove between the people that lined their route as far as the eye could see, the royal couple smiled and waved.

With tears of joy rolling down their cheeks Issella and Vilandra took in the scene playing out before them. Rath's eyes also shone suspiciously as he took in everything.

The earth visitors watched in awe at the scene outside their windows. Tall topaz colored stone and marble buildings all toped with topaz crystals, spiraled to the sky. Moving walkways wound their way from building to building. Gardens of brilliant colored flowers and trees were spread throughout pools of blue water. Men and women, clad in beautiful and unusual clothing standing on streets of topaz crystal cheered and waved as their procession made its way down the streets.

They were definitely not in Kansas anymore.

TO BE CONTINUED.......................

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In wonder, the earth visitors watched as their traveling vehicle crossed a bridge and left the city behind. They passed through what would be called the suburban in their homeland. Majestic homes were cradled among hill tops, shaded by trees and carpeted with grass and flowers. Like the occupants of the city, people lined the crystal paved streets, cheering and waving at their procession made its way between them.

"We've entered the palace grounds." High Priestess Khentkaues seating across from John, Jeff, Nancy, Amy, and Melissa informed them.

They craned their necks outside their windows, eager for the first glimpse of the place they would be calling home.

Khentkaues fought down her amusement. "We have a while yet to go before we actually reach the palace."

"What do you mean?" Nancy inquired.

"Palace Esete, named after the first queen of Antar, sits on over eighty-thousand hectares."

"200,000 acres" Gulped John.

"312.5 miles" Melissa said a the same time

"Why would anyone need that much space." Sputtered Nancy.

"Palace Esete is not only a palace. It is a compound that also contains various temples, lodgings for the priests and priestess of the temples, as well as government buildings and assorted storehouses.

Jaws dropping to their feet, the earth group stared in silent wonder as they flew.

They passed by countless of buildings, through a line of free-standing, three-dimensional white marble statues of gods and goddesses; lakes and gardens spaced throughout. They went through an avenue of ram-headed sphinxes which led to various white marbled temples dedicated to various deities such as Amen-Ra, king of the gods; Osiris, Lord of the underworld; the god Aker, the double lion god, the guardian of the sunrise and sunset; god Osiris, King of the Dead; goddess Maat, the Goddess of Truth; goddess Isis, the great mother-goddess; goddess Wadjet, the defender of the crown; and the goddess Nekhebet, motherly protectress of the Kings and Queens of Antar, scattered throughout the area.

"Palace Esete." Khentkaues said to the foster parents.

The air-barges lowered, and headed through the opened front gates of the palace, passing by the throng of people who had gathered to see the returning monarchs, as well as reporters and cameras whose job it was to record this historic day.

The wheels unfurled from beneath the air-barges. The vehicles lowered, and with a slight thump, the air-barges touched the ground underneath it, and grounded to a halt. Liveried servants rushed out to open the doors. John, Jeff, Nancy, Amy, and Melissa were the last to disembark. They gawked as they alighted their vehicle. The castle gave new meaning to the word huge. Built by the first king of Antar, the massive white marble rectangular shaped building, consisting of high defensive walls topped with towers, spread out as far as the eye could see. The towers were topped with amber crystal cornice that stretched far into the sky. The magnificent banners with the intertwining royal cobra and hawk floated in the calm winds. Nothing was taken from the magnificent surroundings as the castle was made part of the mountain that it sat upon. The rows of tall windows which peppered throughout the front of the castle reflected the afternoon suns. As the group moved closer to the building they were able to see fine craftsmanship of the castle. The marble columns in the front and the doorway were engraved with gold hieroglyphics. John, Jeff, Nancy, Amy, and Melissa were awed by beauty of the Antarian castle.

"I can't believe that anything this beautiful actually exist." Melissa breathed reverently.

"It's like we stepped into a fairytale." Amy dared not blink, afraid that if she closed her eyes for even a second, the palace would disappear and she would awake to find this all a dream.

"Someone pinch me, so that I can be sure this isn't a dream." Said Nancy

They followed the procession led by the royal family and strode through the palace and into their new life.

High guards boxed the royal family in, preventing them from being jostled by the eager crowd as they made their way towards the palace doors. The doors swung open to the sound of trumpets. Standing straight and tall, looking neither left nor right, Zan and Deanna entered the palace, walked through the maze of corridors, through a covered courtyard of amber crystal, through a hypostyle hall with gigantic columns until they finally reached the throne room.

Slowly, methodically, Deanna and Zan paced down the aisle lined on both sides of people of all shapes, sizes, color and manner of dress, to claim what was theirs. They stepped up the golden steps to the dias and stood before the thrones, facing the crowd below. Neferset and Vilandra walked up the stairs, Neferset to stand next to Zan and Vilandra next to Deanna. The room was so quite that one could hear if a pin dropped.

High Priestess Khentkaues, with two priestess trailing behind her, each carrying a glass container in which sat the crowns of Antar, approached the dias. The ruby and white diamond double crowns, on which appeared the symbol of the royal cobra, the defender of the crown and the royal hawk sparkled.

Khentkaues stepped forward and began a prayer, invoking blessings and expressing gratitude for the return of the royal family of Antar.

When the prayers ended, Neferset motioned one of the priestess to her. Arms raised, the young priestess, knelt before the dais, Neferset walked down the steps, and removed the crown from its container. Zan lowered his head, and his mother placed the double crown upon his head. "His supreme majesty King Zan, the second, supreme ruler of Antar."

Vilandra motioned the other priestess to her, she reached in and removed the other crown. Vilandra placed the crown upon Deanna's head. "Her supreme majesty Queen Deanna, the first, supreme ruler of Antar." As one Deanna and Zan sat down on the throne. As if some signal had been given, the crowd began to clap as one, as they welcomed the King and Antar home.

Zan held up a hand, silently ordering the crowd to silence. "People of Antar, we thank you for your loyalty, and faith in us. Lord Osiris has blessed Antar by restoring our planet to its former glory. We shall not disappoint him, and we will prove to him that his faith in us is merited. Like RA, Antar and it's people have risen and triumphed over its enemies, and Maet, peace and order has come to our planet." Clapping started again. Again Zan held up a hand for silence. "This is a new era for Antar and the Lycopolis star system." He looked intently at the representative from Bari, Cabrus, Deverra and Enki. "It is time that the five ruling planets lead instead of fighting amongst themselves. We are stronger together, than apart." The group responded with a great round of applause, and shouts of approval. Zan smiled at the crowd before him, then his face darkened. "Before we can move towards our future we have some unfinished business to conclude. Bring the prisoners." He ordered.

Several of the high guards appeared in the throne room, in between them stood a shackled Avana and Ptolemy, their hands .hands encased in Yambonian steel, preventing them from using their powers.

Eyes dark with anger, Zan turned his attention to the two people before him. "Lady Avana, cousin to Kivar, and once trusted friend of the royal family, you and your cousin conspired against the crown. By your hand princess Vilandra was killed. On your head is the blood of countless people who were sacrificed in your zeal for power. Such are your crimes that no mercy can be shown."

He turned his gaze on Ptolemy. " Ptolemy, hired assassin. Right hand man to Kivar, who plotted to obtain the throne Antar. By your Lord Zan was murdered. By your hand or orders Antarians were murdered." Zan paused to regard Ptolemy. "No mercy can be shown." A deathly silence filled the room as all the occupants held their collective breaths as they wanted for the judgment.

His eyes dark and filled with fury, Zan passed his judgment on Avana and Ptolemy. "For your crimes against the people of Antar, for your crimes against the crown, you are hereby sentenced to death via live burial. Your names shall be stricken from all Antarian records. No child shall ever be named Avana, nor Ptolemy." His eyes cold, and devoid of feeling, Zan watched as Avana collapsed and started wailing as her fate was handed down to her. Like most evil people, Avana proved to be weak when faced with her own mortality. The high guards led her away. Head held high Ptolemy, stood tall, saying nothing, silently cursing the day he agreed to join forces with Kivar and Avana. His only consolation was that both Kivar and Avana would be suffering right along with him in the Realm of Suffering. He too was led away.

Many in crowd shivered in horror at hearing the sentence, buried alive, slowly asphyxiating, but all watching concurred with the King's judgment. The weights of their crimes justified the sentence.

Deanna watched as Avana and Ptolemy were led away, once they disappeared she turned to face the crowd. "People of Antar, we have suffered together, now is the time we celebrate together. Today is declared a day of thanksgiving. A banquet will be held tonight to celebrate our new future. Every man, woman and child is ordered to drink, eat and be merry." The applause was deafening, and many in the crowd were crying in relief and joy. Deanna smiled as she waited for the applause to end. "Be happy Antar for we are united and whole again."

"So it is written, so it will be done." The royal scribe said as he recorded the King and Queen's words.

Zan got up and held out a hand for Deanna, she took it and together the stepped off the dias to begin the their future.


By: Sapphire99 a.k.a LIFEISFUNNY

Author's note: As always, a big thanks to those who read my story and a special thank you to those who leave feedback. :-) Feedback lets me know I'm not only writing this story for myself. :-) Thanks.

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In Zan and Deanna's Quarters

"Mother has gone to visit our foster parents." Vilandra marched into Zan and Deanna's quarters, Hyksos trailing behind her.

"And you didn't stop her?" Issella shot up from the couch where she sat with Rath.

"What was I suppose to do Issella, seat on her?" Snapped Vilandra.

"If all else failed, yes." Issella barked back.

Vilandra throw her a dirty look.

"Children, children" Zan called out before the situation could escalate. "I'm sure everything is fine."

Deanna and Issella threw him an incredulous.

"Zan, the gods know I love your mother, but she can be a pretty...uhm..." Deanna searched for a tactful word to describe the former queen. Neferset was a force to be reckoned with on Antar. Immeasurable help to you if she was in your corner, an enemy to be feared if she wasn't. "Intimidating person." She finally choose a word.

"That's certainly an understatement." Issella muttered under her breath. She was still half terrified of Neferset.

Zan threw back his head and laughed. "I know that mother can be a bit unnerving at times, but she has one of the biggest hearts that I know. She would never do anything to harm our foster parents." Zan sighed at the anxious looks on Deanna and Issella's face. "Since we are all dressed for the banquet, why don't we go see for ourselves how everyone is faring."

Palace Esete, Jeff, Nancy, Amy, John, and Melissa suite of rooms

All round the room, Jeff, Nancy, Amy, John, and Melissa resplendent in their evening finery, sat in various stage of repose in the sitting room of the suite that they had been given, as they tried to assimilate all that they had heard and seen that day..

Bare feet propped in Jeff's lap, Nancy slowly sipped her drink. "I still get chills whenever I picture that crown being placed on top of Liz's, I mean, Deanna's head." She shook her head. "It is going to take some time getting use to this." She took another sip of her drink. "Liz being Deanna, and a queen of an entire world."

"Our son being the king of a world." Sighed Melissa as she absently rubbed the back of John's neck as she spoke to him. "And our daughter a princess."

"I only have to deal with mine being a lady of the court." Amy laughed ruefully from her reclining position on the couch. " I can't get use to all the bowing and scraping." She turned her head to face the other occupants in the room. "I guest now I have an idea how the British people feel."

A bing sounded at the door.

"Who the hell could that be?" Amy looked about the room.

"Only one way to find out." John got up from the couch. "Who is it?" He called out as searched for a door handle on the door.

"Neferset." Called out a voice.

Nancy, Jeff, Melissa and Amy all jumped up from their seats. "Oh damn." Cried out Nancy as her remaining drink spilled on her outfit. She rubbed furiously at the stain. "This isn't the way I wanted to meet the warrior princess."

John froze. "Ah... one moment." He threw a desperate look at his fellow occupants. "Does anyone remember how this damn door opens?" He whispered.

Melissa ran a hand through her hair, and desperately ran her hands down her clothes, trying to shake loose some of the wrinkles that had formed on her clothes. She swore. How does one deal with a former queen who not only was the biological mother of your adopted children, but a freaking warrior who had fought to liberate her world from a tyrant?

"I think you have to press a button or something." Said Amy.

"I think you just call out *open*." Said Jeff. No sooner did he say the word open, and the door slid open revealing the nervous fivesome to the curious gaze of the people who stood on the other side of the door.

"I figured that we'd take the initiative and introduce ourselves."Said Neferset as she led the way into the room.

"Ah, that's nice." Melissa muttered as she studied the strangers who now filled the room.

"If we wait for our children to do it, it will take forever." Neferset smiled and motioned to the group of people who stood beside her. "May I introduce you to Lord Anuket Tutan and Lady Nora Tutan." Neferset gestured with a hand towards a tall man with dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes, and a petite dark haired woman with dark chocolate colored eyes. "These are Deanna's parents." She walked over to where Nancy and Jeff Parker stood and took each by the hand and pulled them with her. "Nancy and Jeff Parker, Deanna's foster parents." Neferset moved back to give the foursome privacy, as she moved over to Amy.

"It is an honor and pleasure to meet you." Lady Nora stepped over to Nancy and clasped both of Nancy's hands in hers.

"Likewise." Said a nervous Nancy.

"Thank you for taking such good care of Deanna." Nora let go of Nancy's hands and pulled her into a hug. "Thank you so much." She whispered tearfully.

"It was our pleasure." Nancy returned the hug. "It was a joy having her in our lives."

Anuket and Jeff turned away from their wives and faced each other."Thank you." They said in unison. They laughed, breaking the ice as they shook hands.

"Let me take care of that for you." Nora pointed to the stain on Nancy's dress.

"I'd really appreciate it." Nancy brightened.

Nora waved a hand at the stain causing the mark to disappear instantly.

"Greetings." A tall, willowy strawberry blonde woman stepped toward Amy. "I am Lady Benitta Henen-Su, Issella is my daughter." She took Amy's hands in hers and brought it to her heart. "My eternal gratitude for the love you gave her." Benitta let go of Amy's hand and gestured toward the tall sandy blonde haired man beside her. "This is my husband and Issella's father, Lord Thomas Henen-Su."

"We are forever indebted to you." Thomas kissed both of Amy's cheeks.

"As am I." Amy sighed in relief. This was going a hell of a lot better than she had thought it would.

"I guess I should start off by giving my name." Neferset stood before John and Melissa Evans. "Her royal supreme highness, Princess Neferset Semerkhet Khasekhemwy the first, former queen of Antar." She grinned. "A mouthful, I know."

"You got that right." Melissa said before she could help herself. "I can't believe I just said that."

Neferset threw back her head and laughed. She threw her arms around Melissa and hugged her. Melissa stood stunned for a moment, not knowing what to do. "Thank the gods for you." Whispered Neferset.

Melissa loosened up and tentatively returned the hug. "Thank you." Breathed Melissa.

Neferset pulled away and held Melissa's hands in hers. "When goddess Bast revealed my children's fate to me, I thought that I was going to lose my mind." She unconsciously tightened her hold on Melissa's hands. "For days all I did was seat in my room and stare at their video image. I lost my husband, and now was being asked to give up my children." Tears rolled silently down her cheeks as she remembered that fateful day. "I wanted to crawl somewhere and die. But I couldn't do that. I had to be strong." She let go of Melissa's hands and wiped the tears off her face, as she forced back the memories. "I prayed that the people who would be called upon to care for them would take good care of them." She took Melissa and John's hands in her hands. "My prayers were more than answered when they were given into your charge." She smiled mistily at them. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"You don't have to thank us." John said hoarsely, touched by the warmth he saw in Neferset's eyes. "It was a joy having them in our lives."

"They were a blessing." Melissa echoed her husband's words.

"Even when they were going through the terrible teen years?" Teased Neferset.

"I have to get back to you on that one." Joked Melissa.

The threesome hugged each other in joy and gratitude.

The room was soon filled with laughter and tears as the Antarians and Earthlings got to know one another, and reminisced about the children that had all brought them here.

A bing sounded interrupting the celebrating occupants.

"Open." Called out Amy.

All eyes turned as the door to the suite opened.

Zan, Deanna, Vilandra, Hyksos, Rath and Issella entered the sitting room and studied the occupants.

"Is everything alright?" Quizzed Deanna.

"Everything is great." Nancy beamed from the couch that she and Lady Nora shared.

"Why wouldn't it be?" Asked Nora

"Ah, no reason." Stammered Issella.

"I think they were afraid that we would stumble without their wisdom." Neferset cast a quick knowing glance at the group.

Issella smiled sheepishly.

"Don't worry, us old folks know how to behave." Neferset put her arms around Zan and Vilandra and kissed each on the cheek. "Let the celebration begin." She moved way from the pair and took a crystal glass from a serving tray.

The others in the room followed suit.

"To new beginnings." Zan raised his glass in a toast.

"And new friends." Neferset said as she too raised her glass.

The group spent next hour enjoying each other.


Zan, Vilandra and Neferset stood in a corner to get some privacy.

"Thank you mother for making them feel welcome." Said Zan.

"I could never do anything less, these extraordinary people have earned my eternal gratitude and loyalty for taking care of my family for me." She said hoarsely.

"Are we okay?" Neferset searched her children's eyes. This was the first opportunity that they really had to talk about what had happened so long ago. Her part in the prophesy.

"We understand mother." Zan said huskily. "We know that you had no choice."

Neferset stared beseechingly at Vilandra. "Forgive me." She croaked. Throughout the past ten cycles, all she could see when she closed her eyes at night was the pain, anger and disappointment in Vilandra's eyes when she had learned about her fate. "Please." She begged.

"Oh mother." Vilandra drew her mother into her arms. "Of course I forgive you. You did what you had to do for the good of our people and our world." She kissed her mother's cheeks. "I love you mom. Always and forever."

"And I love you too." Neferset hugged her tighter. "Both of you." She held out a hand to Zan, he clasped it firmly. She silently thank the gods for the return of her family.

The door opened silently, a liveried servant, bowed and announced the arrival of the guests.

"Come, Melissa and John, we will lead the way to the ballroom." Neferset put an arm around each of them. Lady Benitta and Lord Thomas escorted Amy. Lord Anuket took Nancy's arm; and Lady Nora took Jeff's arm. Arms linked, Issella and Rath, followed. Bringing up the rear were a beaming Vilandra, with Hyksos glued to her side, and a laughing Zan and Deanna. The high guards standing outside the room, fell behind the royal couple.


Within minutes of the arrival of the royal family, guests began filling the mammoth, high ceiling, many pillared golden ballroom. Women curtsied gracefully and men bowed as they paid homage to the royal family. As each guest passed through the receiving line, Nancy, Jeff, John, Melissa and Amy were formally introduced. Before long, their heads spun with all the names and faces they were introduced to.

After what seemed like hours, the last guests were finally greeted. Zan and Deanna looking resplendent with their royal garbs, led the way to the formal dinning room for the first leg of the festivities.

The royal family, followed by high dignitaries and representatives of the other planets of the Lycopolis star system mounted the platform they would dine and sat facing the gathered crowd below. Below was a sea of smaller tables filled with lords, ladies, government officials and non-noble men and women who chosen as representatives from each country, state, city, town and village of Antar. Zan signaled for the meal to begin. Servants brought platters of food, wine and drinks, until the tables were overflowing, while musicians played in the background.

There were endless toasts to the king, queen, princess, king mother, earthly visitors and good people of Antar. Deanna glanced at Zan who sat beside her. She saw the man near him whisper something to him, and heard him laugh. Her heart leapt at the joy and peace she saw on his face. He was whole again, this king of hers. He was once again where he was born to be. She said a silent thank you to the gods for their blessing. Without glancing her way, Zan felt Deanna's gaze on him, he reached for the small hand that rested on the table, and clasped it in his. Their hands remained entwined throughout the entire meal. The simple touch, a silent testimony to their connection to one another.

After dinner and a brief respite in which people freshened up, the group gathered once again in the ballroom. While musicians played in the background, Zan and Deanna and the rest of the royal family circulated through the throng, graciously inclining their heads, bestowing smiles and exchanging words with the gathered crowd. Finally the time came for the first dance of the evening. Zan with Deanna on his arm led the way to the center of the ballroom. Zan pulled Deanna into his arm, the music and words flowed around them as they moved as one.


Lost in the song and each other, the couple forgot about the watching crowd as the words seeped into their souls.

"Do you remember?" Zan asked softly.
"Yes." Deanna traced the line of his jaw, as memories came flooding back.
"I had taken my horse out for a ride and lost track of the time. By the time I arrived home, the ball being given in your honor was in full swing. I dropped Senbi off at the stable, and slipped off to the beach."

Zan smiled softly down at Deanna and gently traced her features with his fingertips, as if a blind, trying to memorize her features.


Deanna smile up at him and kissed the hand tracing her face.

"Perugina was my last stop in my visit of the Eastern countries. I was tired and after greeting my host and hostess, I got Rath and my sister to cover for me and snuck out to the beach. I stood on a rock and stared at the sea, admiring the ocean, and envying the freedom of the ocean animals."

"And then I saw you." Zan smiled down at her as they turned to music. "A beautiful sea nymph. The breeze off the ocean causing your hair to fly all about, and water lapping at your bare feet."

A smile touched Deanna's lips, and her eyes lit and remembered. "I remember turning from the ocean and our eyes locking. My heart started beating so fast that I thought that it was going to leap out of my chest. I stood rooted to the spot and simply gawked at you."

Hands entwined, their bodies swayed to the seductive tune.


"I saw you shiver and walked up to you and offered you my jacket." Zan chuckled. "I held out my jacket to you, you backed away shaking your head so vigorously that I was surprised that it didn't fly off your shoulder in protest of the abuse."

"I was stunned to be standing face to face with the king of Antar." Deanna playfully hit him on the shoulder as she defended herself.

"I couldn't take my eyes off you." He said huskily, his voice hoarse with emotion. " I felt as if someone had punched me in my solar plexus, and I couldn't breathe." Zan pulled Deanna closer, his eyes loving and warm. "I knew then that my life would never be the same again, that I had met my soul's mate."

"Oh Zan." Deanna whispered, drowning in him. Memories poured through her, the first shared look, their first touch, their first kiss, leaving her weak. How she loved this man of hers. "I love you so much."

"And I you." He said unsteadily. "With all my heart and soul.


The pair continued to move. Each turn, each movement, each touch, revealing the love and passion they had for one another. No one joined the pair on the dance floor, as the crowd stood mesmerized by the royal couple. No one looking at the couple could doubt the love, affection and commitment between the pair.

TO BE CONTINUED............

Song used: "The first time ever I saw your face" by Roberta Flack

By: Sapphire99 a.k.a LIFEISFUNNY

Author's note: As always, thank you to those who read my story, and a special thanks to those who leave feedback. :-)

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