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Rating: NC-17
Category: Max and Liz. Who else exists?
Summary: Max and Michael are gay and it's no secret. Liz Parker wants a taste of Max Evans anyways. Can she make him straight? Pun most definetly intended.;)

Note: Max and Michael are gay but I'm not writing anything UC. So if your afriad your gonna see some Mi/M sex sceen then forget it cause It's not in this fic.

Part 1

Liz Parker practically skipped to the gym. Today was the day Max Evans was gonna be hers. She could hardly wait. Most people were repulsed by what Max and Michael openly addmitted. They are 100% gay. Well thats what everyone thinks. Everyone but her. Maybe, it was just hopeful thinking but she could have sworn she caught Max giving her a heated look about a week ago. Maria said she was just in denial. She had a school girl crush on him since the third grade. Just because he is gay isn't going to get in her way. She only wanted to have her way with him once. If he wanted more than great. If not then she hoped she could deal with that.

Liz spotted Max's jeep in the parking lot and ran faster to the entrance. More time to watch the greek God. By the time she was inside she allready worked up a sweat. Sweat trailed down between her soft perky breasts. Her hard nipples dancing across the tight fabric of her red sports braw as she ran. Her elastic shorts matched her top.

She hoped to watch Max and Michael work out together like always. But, Michael was no where in site. Was that a sign or what? Calm down, Parker. Dont get yourself all worked up yet! Liz gulped. Hot air swirled around her as she got closer and closer. She could smell him.

"Hey Max." Liz rocked back and forth on the heels on her sneakers. She waited for Max to finish his bench presses. The tempeture shot up twenty degree's as she watched Max pump his arms up and down. He kept grunting. Giving it his all. She wanted to hear him grunt under different circumstances. Liz thought wickedly. Her eyes glazed over as she got caught in the flex of his monsterous pecks. Sweat ran along the creases that his six pack stomach created. Her smoldering eyes moved lower and she had the thought of licking his thin happy trail. The rest on his chest completely hairless except for that. With a long groan he used the rest of his strength to put the barbel back on the rack. Max then smiled at her.

"Sup?" He asked as he busied himself with wiping the sweat off his chest and legs. All he had on is a pair of short dark blue shorts.

"Well actually I was hoping you would escort me to Lisa Smith's party tonight." He always took her to the parties when she had no one else. Being best buds gave her that privilage. Liz watched as he just slipped to the floor into a full blown out strattle. Jesus Christ! Holly fuck! She could have sworn she came then and there.

"Sure I'd love to. What about Valenti?" He asked as he continued stretching. Liz couldn't concentrate. What did he just say? Liz moaned softly when he bent forward, still in the strattle and rested his chest and nose flat to the floor. She could do the same thing after being a dancer and gymnast since she was three. Seeing Max do it just hit something low in her stomach. I bet he's great in bed! Her mind screamed.

Max looked up at her with a raised eyebrow. "Well?" Liz flushed from being caught drooling over him. Max smirked. He couldn't stop his eyes from looking her over. He seen her this naked before. Hell he even helped her get her body into the shape it is today. Today she just looked so appealing. He was beyond confused at this point. Girls never turned him on. Yet, Liz made his head spin.

"Me and kyle broke up. I caught him cheating on me." Max's smile dissapeared.

"I'm so sorry." Liz shook her head. "Dont be sorry. He's a lowsy fuck anyways." Max jerked his face up to her and noticed the small grin.

"Your evil!" Liz just grinned and watched him stand up. He was done for the day.

"So do you want me to spot you?" Max asked

Part 2

Max studied her tanned toned legs. He pictured them wrapped around his waist while he... Max shook his head. He shouldnt be thinking that way. He never had a girl wrap her legs around him. Hell he never even fucked a girl before. He was allittle tempted. It was no secret Liz wanted him sexually. She touched him every chance she got. The scary part was he was starting to like it.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

For most of the morning Max spotted Liz on the weights. Everytime she bent over she popped out. Giving him a very nice veiw of her creamy flesh. It was routine for her to practically fall out. It happened everytime. Usually he didn't really pay attention but now he couldn't get his eyes away from her creamy mounds. Now he gave her reasons to bend over to get a peak of her goodies. What the hell was wrong with him? He could clearly see her nipples through the fabric and he pictured sucking them into his mouth. Making her scream in delight.

He spotted her on the bench weights and she groaned with every upwards push. Max felt himself stiffen and get hard. God I want to fuck her. He wanted to make her groan and moan. What! No you dont! You have a boyfriend. I really need to stop smoking the crack! Liz licked her lips when she saw his erection right in front of her face. She licked her lips and Max groaned this time. He saw her tongue peek out and he knew she was looking at his crouch. He moved closer to grab the barbell from around her throat because she got sidetracked and lost her concentration.

He bent to pick it up and he could feel her warm, harsh breathing on his cock. He felt it jerk and he quickly put the bar back on the rack.

"Wanna get out of here?"

"Yeah sure. Let's go shower first."

They both took off in different directions to shower quickly and get on with the fun stuff.

When Max walked outside he saw Liz sitting on the hood of his black jeep, her legs swinging. Max smirked. He felt alittle nervous. If he went through with this everything would change. He considered himself gay for so long. What if he actually enjoyed this and wanted more? It scared him to death because either way his life was about to change drastically.

Liz hopped in the jeep and threw her stuff in the back. Max did the same with his bag before getting in the drivers seat. Liz rubbed her thighs together, trying to ease the ache. He always looks great after a shower. Hell he ALWAYS looks perfect.

She felt a little bad about taking Mike's man but it's just not right for them to be screwing anyways. Plus Michael is one of those guys that have rainbows on everything he owns. It's one thing to admit to being gay. It's another to actually brag about being gay. She wasn't sure but Michael started acting more and more like a girl everyday. She swore she saw him with eyeliner and blush on one day. Maria is the one that denies her Mikey G is a walking talking she-he. What? Is he like the woman of the relationship? Oh and the way he walks... Liz shook her head. She had more important people to think about.

Max threw the jeep into gear and peeled out of the parking lot. Instead of going left to Liz's house he went right.

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Part 3

Liz played with the edge of her short black skirt. Her light pink tank top hugged her curves. She didn't bother to put a bra on because the straps being to thin. To finish her outfit she wore a pair of comfortable pink sandles that showed off her pink toe nails.

They drove around for awhile. The wind flying her silky long hair dried it quickly and she threw it into a pony tail to keep it out of her face. They talked about school and Liz told Max the story about catching Kyle fucking Vickie Delanie. In her bed no less. Then they went out to eat and Max told Liz about Michael. It got dark fast. Max pulled into the empty parking lot at the park. He could bearly see her face. If not for the distant street light we wouldnt see her at all.

He licked his lips. After spending all day with her he admitted to himself that he wanted her physically. Now he had to get over his embarrassment and see how she felt. Liz saw the look on Max's face when he turned towards her. Before Max could say anything Liz was in his lap, facing him. He groaned when her lips closed over his and she thrusted her tongue deeply into his mouth.

Liz moaned and started rocking her hips on his hard cock. Max groaned loudly, slidding his hand up her thigh. He gulped hard when his fingers touched her wet heat. Damn no panties. He wasn't expecting that! Two fingers plunged inside her and he never needed someone so bad in his life. Not even Michael he realized.

Liz rocked against his hand, moaning his name over and over. Her dreams finally coming true. Liz quickly pulled his shirt over his head before attacking his lips again. She smiled inside when she left him start thrusting his hips. She was so afriad he would stop.

"Oh...God...Please dont stop! Dont...ever stop!" Liz reached for his zipper and quickly lowered it. Max lifted his hips, giving Liz room to pull them down. She sat back down and her warm ass cheeks met his hot thighs. A new feeling to him. This time Max grabbed her hair and kissed her. He became the aggressor. He pulled her top over her head and then her skirt followed. He closed his hot mouth over her mounds, sucking and nipping at her eraser tip nipples. He sucked as much flesh into his mouth as he could. Her moaning driving him beyond the brink.

After they both worked the condom on Liz looked him deeply in the eyes.
"Max are you sure about this? I dont want you to regret this..."

Before Liz could continue Max shuved his tongue back into her mouth. He was so turned on he actually shook with sexual frustration. He nipped at her ear before saying "Ride me, Liz." in that deep sexy voice. Liz shivered at the sound of his voice.

Liz placed him at her opening and slowly sunk down onto him. God he's huge! Liz thought hotly. Max kept his eyes closed, just taking in the different feelings. So much better. How could he have missed this?

Liz held onto his shoulders. Max held her hips and helped her start a rythem. her legs pumped her body up and down on top of him. Soon they were at a pace that was driving them both crazy.

Her sweaty body slid across his as they picked up pace. Max started thrusting his hips up as hard as he could. Michael would never let him fuck him this fucking hard. Their bodies smacked together as they climbed to that mind blowing place. Liz's moans came out in gasps as Max pushed her higher and higher. Max licked his lips and latched onto a tit that bounced in his face. Liz made a keening noice and moved faster if possible. His hands on her hips burned her skin. She always loved his hands.

"Oh...oh...God!....God!...Maaaaaxx....Yes!...Yes! right there." Max shifted his penetration slightly and that's all it took to send her flying. Max clenched his teeth as her tight walls got even tighter if possible and throbbed.

"Yes...God...Liiiiiizzz" He moaned as he shot his seed deep inside her. He kept jerking against her until he was spent. Max pulled Liz close. Crushing her body to him. He kissed her slick forhead.

"I want you..." Liz laughed. She felt beyond happy.

"You just had me."

"No. I want you for forever." Liz felt her eyes fill with tears.

"You dont know how happy I am to hear that!"

"So...was it better than...well you know."

"Way better. I mean the way you tightened around me when you came was"

Liz started laughing.

Part 4

After they got dressed they sat there holding eachother. Max ran his hand through her hair. Liz stroked his thigh.

"What about Michael?" Liz asked.

"Hey dont worry. I will tell him next time we talk."

Liz nodded against his chest. She placed a kiss on his pec. She saw the time on the dashboard.

"Hey you still wanna go to Lisa's party?"

Max kissed her on the cheek. He started the jeep and pulled out onto traffic. He held her hand the whole time. He couldnt stop touching her for the life of him. His thumb stroked the sensitive skin between her thumb and index finger.

He couldnt stop looking at her. She looked like she was glowing and he was sure the big grin on his face was huge. He got laid! Not just any laid but he had pussy. Max thought about what he just was thinking and busted up laughing.

"Whats so funny?"

"Nothing." He couldnt stop laughing. What a idiot he was. First thing Liz isnt just pussy. She's more than that.

"What? tell me!" Liz said. She never saw Max so carefree.

"I had sex with a WOMAN a few minutes ago."

Liz rolled her eyes, laughing.

"Yeah I know. I was there!" Liz said laughing.

"Well yeah but it just so...unreal! I mean. I'm not gay!"

"Well...actually your bi-" before Liz could continue Max covered her lips with a finger.

"Shhh! Just humor me!" His eyes shined.

The look on his face made her laugh so hard she almost pissed her pants.

They arrived at the party a few minutes later. Max helped her out of the jeep and when his hand met her naked tush his eyes bugged out of his head.

"Liz, your not wearing any panties!"

"Yeah your hands are cold as ice!" Liz said wiggling in his arms.

Max put her down. "Just dont bend over." He made sure her behind was covered.

Max wrapped his jacket around her and Liz snuggled into his scent. He wrapped a arm around her shoulder and she wrapped hers around his waist. They walked up the front lawn when suddenly someone pulled Max into a feirce hug. Before Max could stop him he left a wet one on Max's lips. Max was surprised by how fast he jumped away and how repulsed he was about it. He wiped his mouth with his hand.

Liz wrapped her arm around Max again. Waiting to see whats was gonna go down.

Michael looked at Max confused. Then he noticed how Liz stood with her arms around him. Is she glaring at me? His eyes almost fell out of his head when Max turned Liz in his arms and laid one hell of kiss on her lips. Liz held onto the labels of his leather jacket as the earth shifted. Her legs let out and Max wrapped her in his strong protective arms.

Not only was Michael confused but, so was everyone else there. Then there was cheering and clapping. Michael felt the bile rise in his throat. How could he do this to him? Sure he cheated on Max many times because lately Max was never in the mood. Michael ripped Liz out of Max's arms ruffly and pulled her hot body away.

When Liz was suddenly pulled away Max was still in 'Max and Liz land.' He wanted her again. He couldnt hide the buldge in his pants. Max looked up slowly and saw that Michael also noticed. Finally Michael met his eyes.

Max looked at Liz quickly, giving her a sexy grin before looking at Michael. He licked his lips. Still breathing heavy from the kiss, he talked as well as he could.

"See what she does to me?" Max asked in a husky voice. He looked at Liz again. Her lips all swollen and cheeks flushed. She licked her lips after looking at his erection. Max groaned loadly when he caught onto what she wanted to do to a certain body part.

Michael heard Max groan. He also noticed the way Max's eyes turned blacker and blacker with arousal the longer he looked at Liz. Liz pulled herself out of his arms and ran for Max. Max caught her in his arms. She wrapped her legs around him and Max slid his hands under her skirt. Liz moaned when his now warm hands cupped her naked ass cheeks.

Michael almost died when Max slid his hands up her skirt. The fabric bunched at his wrists and soon Michael got to see something he wished he didnt. Max squeezed her ass and winked at Michael. Michael narrowed his eyes.

"You want her more than me?" He put his hand on his hip and leaned on his left leg like most girls do. Thats when Liz started laughing.

Michael wore a pair of tight red cotton pants with a black button shirt. She knew for a fact he had on blush and eyeliner. Definetly a he-she.

"Yes. She is what I want. She's a REAL woman. Not a wannabe."

"Fine" Michael huffed and quickly left. He had other men that appreciated him.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah." Max answered simply. He then noticed she was still in his arms. He walked right back to the jeep.

"Where we going?" Liz asked.

"My bed is calling our names."

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Part 5

Michael walked down main street with a beer can in each hand. Lost deep in thought he poured some out of each can, making trail behind him.

He said before that he didn't care that Max didn't want to be with him as in a relationship. That was true. Now he feared he lost his bestfriend. They had done everything together since they were little. Michael discovered he was gay before Max thought he was.

When he told Max he was gay Max just laughed it off and passed him a beer. Michael tried telling him again but either Max was to drunk to care or seriously thought Michael himself was drunk or kidding.

Just to prove to him Michael had leaned over and kissed him. "See! I swear I am."

Max had glared at him and cleaned off his mouth. Michael was sure Max was going to attack him any second. Not the way he wanted though.

Then surprisingly Max smiled. He has said that it was ok just as long as he did'nt do that again. Michael didn't try anything again till about 4 months later.

One thing led to another and it just happened.

Max pulled up his house. He grabbed his keys and took Liz's hand when she met him in front of the jeep. Max slowly stoped when he got to the door.

Liz knew what he as thinking so she stood there and let him think.

"My mom's gonna think hell froze over."

"Why? Cause you brought me?"

"Yeah, First of all Michael is the only person I ever bring over and two your a girl. Three your my girlfriend. Mom's gonna passout."

"What will your dad think?"

"He's gonna say welcome to the real world." Max said laughing. Liz giggled too and leaned in to kiss him. Just as her lips laid on his the front door flew open.

"Max I thought I heard-" His mother's mouth fell open. Liz scrunched up her nose in embarrasment before slowy moving back to her original position.

"Hello Mrs. Evans." Liz said trying to start a conversation.

"PHILLIP!!!" Diane yelled causing Max and Liz to jump.

"Here we go." Max said in Liz's ear. They smiled at eachother.
Michael was kicked out of his thoughts when he heard a horn. He almost jumped out of his skin when suddenly a car was speeding straight for him. He was like a deer caught in headlights.

The driver slammed on the brakes and stoped right before they connected.

Michael was blinded from the headlights but he let his breath out. He heard a door slam and then she was right him his face. Looking VERY VERY mad.

Before he could stop her she swung and landed a right hook to his eye. He was allready unstable so he sunk to the ground. The last thing he heard was her voice.


Then everything went black in Michael's world.

Part 6

Max and Liz sat on the couch holding hands. Diane sat on a chair staring at them with a big smile. Liz flushed and looked away. Max coughed, getting uncomfortable from his parents inspection. Diane frowned and looked at Liz very carefully. "Mom stop looking at her like that." Max said, feeling the anxiety coming off Liz in waves. "So she really is a she." She said, still looking for something. Liz laughed. "Yes I have a virgina." Phillip laughed. "And Max has a penis so those two work together." Max's cheeks turned bright red.

"Well Liz you must stay over for dinner. I'm trusting you have more manners than Michael?" Diane said, getting up from the chair. Liz nodded. "Can I help you with anything?" Diane waved her off but Liz followed her in the kitchen anyways.

Once Liz left the room Phillip sat down with Max. "So how does it feel to swing with the real boys? Or havent you joined the league yet?" Max raised his eyebrows in confusion. Phillip did a little bump dance. "You know what I'm talking about!" He kept swinging his arms and thrusting his hips. "Dad, stop that before someone see's you!" Max hissed out. If his dad performed that very way then he had a clue as to way Diane was always up laughing in the middle of the night. Max got tired of watching his dad dance around the livingroom so he fled into the kitchen. Liz was laughing so hard tears streamed down her face.

"Mom you better go save dad before he pulls a muscle or something." Max looked over his shoulder into the livingroom. Max wondered if his dad was at the Crashdown when Alex did his strip dance because he was doing the same silly dance. Although if he started striping Max planned on getting the hose. Diane laughed. "He's dancing again?" Max blushed. "If that's what you wanna call it..."

Once his mom left the room Max approached Liz. She was whiping her tears away. "What's so funny?" Liz took a deep breath but then started laughing when she looked at him. "Oh no! What did she tell you?" Liz took another calming breath. " when you caught-" Max put his hand over her mouth, not wanting her to say it. He knew what it was about. "Mmm, I cant imagin you having sex with Michael. I mean I have pictured it because it's no secret know." She did a little "ewww" dance. "I dont know what I was thinking." And he really didn't. "I have always been attracted to you." Max told her. Liz arched her eyebrow. "Really cause I tried to get your attention." Max laughed. "I just thought you liked streaking down my street." Liz's eye's widened. "YOU SAW ME!" Max nodded and Liz covered her face with her hands. "Maria dared me to do it. It was like two in the morning." Max nodded again. "Yeah, Michael saw you too. I must say I enjoyed watching your tits bounce." Liz let a little sound. "Oh God let me die." Liz said misserably. Max wrapped his arms around her. "Hey I enjoyed it." Liz smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Kiss me you sexy thang!" Max laughed and lowered his head. As soon as their lips touched there was a flash of light. They looked in that direction and found his mom standing there with a camera in hand.

Michael slowly awoke. He didn't know where he was. He was laying on someone's bed. He saw posters of backdoor boys and NStink on the walls. There were some naked guys to so he really enjoyed that. Maybe Max re-did his room? No he's straight, fudge packer, his mind screamed. Michael groaned and sat up. His vision blurred. All he remember was headlights and someone yelling bad words at him. He couldn't remember if it was a guy or girl. He went to rub his stomach like he always did and found he didn't have a shirt on. His eye's opened wide, finding himself completely naked.

"Maria!" She closed the door. "You puked all over yourself." She explained for taking his clothes off. "Well couldn't of you covered me up or something?" Maria rolled her eyes. "Michael dont worry about your package. I have seen smaller." She laughed. "Really I have." He knew she was insulting his manhood and for some reason it really bothered him. "Where the hell are my clothes?" He wanted to get out of this place as soon as he could. "They are in the washer. You can wear my clothes. I mean your gay so maybe your a crossdresser too." Michael growled. "You are so damn annoying." He bellowed. "Calm down!" Maria hissed. "NO!"

"Michael shut up or I'm gonna kiss you." Maria said knowing it would work. Michael grinned. "You dont have the balls." Before Michael could do anything she jumped on him. He yelled before her lips pressed against his. He struggled under her but she wouldn't move. She bit his lips and he opened his mouth and yelped. Maria thrusted her tongue into his mouth and moaned. He grabbed for her head, trying to pull her away. He found himself kissing her back. Maria pulled away with a big grin. "It was just a kiss." Michael said. Maria got off the bed and slowy pulled all her clothes off until she stood naked in front of him. Maria grinned evily when she saw he got hard. "And this will be just sex." She said before jumping into his open arms.

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Part 7

Maria grinded against Michael and he fought the urge to plunge into her depths. He pushed her out of his arms and jumped from the bed. Maria fell on the floor. She picked herself up off the floor and if looks could kill he was sure he would be six feet under. Maria, I'm gay!" He said, not sure who he was trying to convince more. She pointed at his cock. "You say that but Mini Michael is saying something else." Michael tried to control himself and Maria pouted when his cock deflated. "You are such a tease!" She ripped her clothes back on and pushed him into her bathroom.

He found his clothes all over the floor. He pulled them on and charged out of her room. He ran into a hard figure. He looked into the most beautiful eye's he ever saw. "Hey Sean." Michael said, grinning. His eyes raked over Sean's body causing Sean to get all flustered. "What do you think your doing?" He raged. "Oh nothing." Michael said innocently. "Nothing my ass!" He growled. Michael winked at him before walking out the front door. Sean opened Maria's door. "Who the hell was that gay fucker?" Maria shuved her shoulders. "Why did he pinch your ass or something?" Maria said. Sean gave her the finger. "Why was he wearing makeup?" Sean asked before he left. "Cause he's a girlie-boy."

Max escorted Liz up the stairs to his room. Liz watched Max's thighs flex through his tight jeans as she climbed up the steps behind him. Her eye's went to his ass and she licked her lips. She reached out and patted his butt. Max jumped, unprepaired for that. "Ouch!" He jumped higher when she pinched his butt. "Get that ass of yours moving before I rape you on these steps." Liz said. Max turned his head and looked down at her. "Is that a threat?" She shook her head. "No it's a promise." Max charged up the steps with Liz in hot persuit.

Liz slammed the door behind her and looked at Max through lowered lids. Max flopped backwards on the bed and held his arms out. Liz flicked the light off and ran to the bed through the darkness. She jumped on the bed, finding just the smooth blanket. Maaaaax." She whined. "Where are you?" That little bastard jumped out the bed after she turned the light out. She gasped when he jumped on top of her.

"Um, your skin is so soft." Max breathed while pulling her top over her head for the second time that night. He ran his hands up her belly and cupped her mounds from underneith. She made a hissing noise when he pinched and twisted her nipples. She moved seductively under him. He sat up on his knee's, strattling her thighs. His hands roams all over her heated skin. She arched her back everytime he brushed his hands over her nipples. His hands slid up her sides to her under arms. He pushed her arms upwards and ran his hands all the way up her arms until he laced his fingers with hers above her head.

He moved back farther so he could lean down and kiss her. His tongue dipped into her belly button and she moaned. He moved farther up, running his tongue along the underneith of her breasts, driving her crazy. Finally he pulled a nipple into his mouth and she moaned loudly. God Max. That feels amazing." She breathed out. He sucked and tuggled, her cries of pleasure urging him on. Finally he pulled away and let her hands go. She pulled his shirt over his head in a hurry.

Her hands trailed down his chest until she reached the buldge in his pants. She squeezed gently and he jumped. She tore at his pants and he kicked them off. She wasted no time reaching into his boxers. Her hand closed over his cock and he groaned. Liz flipped them over so his cock was in her face. He felt her hot breath tickle his penis. Her tongue ran along the underside of the base. He grunted and held onto her hips as she worked his straining cock in and out of her hot mouth.

He smelt her arousal. He tore her panties aside and smiled against her pussy when she screamed out in delight, sending vibrations from the tip of his cock all the way to his balls. His tongue reached out, not sure what to do. She pushed her hips down, frustrated that she could only feel his hot breath. His lips closed over hers and she cried out again when he flicked his tongue quickly. He licked his lips, loving the taste. He pulled her hips down more firmly and pressed his tongue into her tight hole. She jerked, her teeth scrapping gently against his shaft. He flicked her clit with his tongue. He started thrusting his hips up everytime she took him into her mouth, her nose burried in his pubic hair before she pulled back up. She took all of him with every thrust of his hips. Her moaning driving him crazy. He bit and sucked on her lips. He felt her contracting around his lips so he pulled away and flipped her over.

Liz gasped, suddenly finding herself on her back. Max climbed between her legs, spreading them wide and drove into her. Liz arched her back, going nearly insane. They rocked together, moaning and groaning. Sweat trickled down his back. Her tongue invading his mouth over and over again. He felt her walls tighten before she arched her head back, crying out his name. He shuttered and exploded inside her. He fell on top of her. He kissed her forhead and pulled out, resting on her side. They slipped under the covers and cuddled together. It didn't take long before they fell asleep.


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Gaby7tvm originally wrote:
This is so great!!!!!!
But I have a question Max is bisexual or straight????*wink*
I Hope that you answer me...
I'm glad that you are back


That's a good question. He likes girls more than boys but he had sex with a guy. That would make him bisexual. Or maybe all that sex with Michael was moments of insanity and he really is straight. LOL Whatever way you want to look at it.
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Part 8

Isabel rolled over and slammed her hand down on the alarm clock. She missed and hit her glass of water. She yelled out when the contents landed on her. Her eye's opened wide and she practically jumped out of bed. "Damn...mother fucker...piece of shit." She said to herself. She picked up her still beeping alarm clock and threw it against the wall in her fit of anger. She stormed into the bathroom, ripping her soaked nightgown over her head. She threw it into the hamper harder than she should have. Her hand ended up smacking the hamper, effectively knocking it over. She cursed some more and kicked it. "OUCH!" She yelled, bouncing around on one foot while she nursed her for sure broken toe.

She picked her toothbrush up, pasted it and shuved it into her mouth. She hit her sore tooth and almost bounced off the walls in pain. She brushed her teeth gently after that, reminding herself to tell her mom to set up a appointment with the family dentist. She stripped her underwear off and jumped into the shower.

Diane woke up with a start. She looked at Phillip and smiled. She got up and put her robe over her naked body before making her way into the kitchen to start breakfast. On her way there she stopped at Max's door and opened it quietly. She grinned when she saw Liz laying on top of Max, her back completly behr. She slapped her hand on her knee and made her way downstairs. She started the eggs and bacon and set the table for five instead of four. She turned on the sink and heard Isabel yell to turn the damn water off. Nothing like a cold shower to get you going in the morning, Diane thought.

Isabel dressed quickly and as she headed down the hall to the steps she noticed Max's door was open. She figured she would ask if she could copy his history homework cause she didn't do it and it was due today. She walked right in. "Max could you...AHHH HOLLY FUCK BALLS!" Isabel screamed. Both Max and Liz jumped two feet in the air, wide awake. Liz jumped up thinking there was a fire or something. She didn't expect to be standing in front of Isabel butt naked. "AHHH" Liz screamed jumping back on a dazed Max. She ripped the covers from him in her haste to cover herself. Isabel saw Max's family jews and turned her head away. "For the love of God!" She said, marching out of the room. Could her day get any worse?

Isabel got downstairs without falling down the steps. She made sure of that. She walked into the kitchen and took her seat at the table. Diane plopped her bacon and eggs on her plate with all the oil and fat that came with it. Isabel looked at the liguid covering the bottom of her plate in disgust. "Do you think that maybe you could cook the eggs and bacon seperately?" Isabel asked. Diane put her hands on her hips. "The day you start cooking then you can complain. Plus the fat is the best part." Diane said, dumping grease with bacon and eggs on each plate. "I just squeezed that orange juice too."

Max pulled Liz down the hall. He took a quick shower after Isabel woke them up. "Max, I cant look at your sister ever again!" Max laughed. "She didn't see much." Max pointed out. Liz nodded. "Thanks for the pep talk." She pouted and he kissed her lips. Max pulled her down the steps and into the kitchen. Liz looked everywhere but Isabel.

Diane grabbed Liz and placed her in the chair. Liz looked at the food in front fo her. She grabbed her fork and started eating. Her mother cooked the same way. Max pulled out his seat and sat next to her. He started eating too. Isabel watched them stuff their faces. "Isabela Maria Evans, eat that right now!" Diane said from where she sat. "Isabela?" Liz said, holding her laughter back. Isabel grinned fakely. "Shut up naked girl." Liz blushed. Diane patted Liz's shoulder. "No need to get embarrassed. Isabela is just jealous that she dont have a hunki boyfriend like you." She winked at Max. "MOM!" Isabel yelled. Diane started laughing. "You are too easy to pick on." She said.

"Max when did you start liking girls?" Isabel asked Max. Max rolled his eye's. "Dunno. I have liked Liz for awhile." Isabel swallowed the food in her mouth. "Then why Michael?" Max dropped his fork and looked at his watch. "We have to go if Liz wants enough time to shower before school." Max said. Liz loved that Max thought about what she needed. They walked outside. "Your mom is a riot!" Liz said, fastening her seat belt. Max laughed. "You kinda get use to it." He pulled out of the driveway and headed to Liz's house.


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Part 9

Liz climbed up her latter to her bowcany with Max right behind her. Max followed Liz through her window. "Nice room." He said looking around at all the pictures she had framed. They talked while Liz ran around her room gathering clothes for school before she got her shower. She walked into the bathroom but left the door wide open. Max watched from her bed as she stripped her clothes off and threw them into the hamper. He heard her brushing her teeth and then the shower came on.

Max stood up and walked around Liz's room, inspecting it closer. He was surprised to find that she didn't have any boybands or posters at all on her walls. She had paintings all over the place. She had a rack full of books. "Roswell High" She had the whole series. He never read them because he wasn't really into science fiction. She had her computer sitting on her desk. He noticed that her screen saver flashed from picture to picture. All of them taken of him. He grinned. She had tons of awards taped on her walls from grade school and up. Student of the month five times.

Liz stepped out of the shower. She dressed quickly and blow dried her hair. She applied some makeup and she stepped into her room and found Max exactly where she left him.

Max looked at Liz when she walked out of the bathroom. She wore a pair of khaki pants that rode low on her hips, showing her lower belly. They hugged her hips and thighs but gratually got wider down her leg. They were not would you would call flares. More like wide legs. He felt his cock stir to life. The white tank top she wore was so thin he could see the outline of her bra through it because of how tanned her skin was. It had a deep bowed neck so he could see all the cleavage she was sporting. He had to admit that the bra she wore was a turn on. It really pushed her mounds of flesh up. She didn't have a necklace on because she never wore them. She likes to mix her clothes with a sporty look yet trendy. "Are you going to wear that top? He didn't mind that she did but he just knew a teacher would say something about it. "Yeah."

Liz picked up her dark blue long sleeved annabell duster and pulled it on. It didn't have any buttons just a tie around the waist. Which, she tied not to tight, just so it held it closed. It hung down to her knee's. Liz did a little spin. "What do you think?" Max grinned. "I think we better leave before I strip you naked." Liz laughed. She grabbed her green, blue, and white jansport bookbag and threw it over her shoulders. Max followed her down the latter. She threw her bag in the back of his jeep and jumped inside.

Even after their ride with the top down her hair was flawless when they arrived at school. Her hair rained down to the middle of her back. It was all different lengths because she got it layered so it framed her face, long bangs. Max grabbed both of their bookbags and Liz met him on his side. They laced their fingers together and walked up the steps to enter the building.

They walked through the doors and everyone looked at them. Liz rolled her eyes and waved at everybody. Max laughed at the look on her face. "There's he-she." Liz said. Max turned to where she was pointing. He spotted Michael staring at them. He smiled slightly and looked away. Max frowned. It kind of sucked not having Michael around to hang out with. He didn't miss the sex just their friendship. Liz pulled on his hand and he followed her down the hall. A few people clapped and whistled. Max blushed at all the attention. He noticed a few girls giving him hungry looks. Max walked Liz to her class and kissed her lips before taking off for his classroom.

Liz walked into her classroom with a huge smile on her face. She use to think about Max as a hot body but now she was starting to think more about their relationship. She walked down her isle and jerked suddenly when someone grabbed her bookbag. Liz spun around and glared at Kyle. "What the hell do you want?" Liz hissed. Kyle smiled. "I wanted to see if me and you could..." Liz laughed. "Never again. I'm with Max now." She said with a big smile. Kyle frowned. "Max Evans? He's gay!" Liz's eye's lit up. "Not anymore. I made him straight...litterally." Kyle gasped and Liz pulled herself out of Kyle's grip. She walked to the back of the room and took her seat.

"Hey Mikey G." Liz said when Michael sat down beside her. "G" being short for "girl". Michael eye's looked even darker when he looked at her because of the eyeliner. "Man stealer." Liz laughed. "When are you going to stop wearing makeup?" Liz asked quietly because the teacher started talking. "When you grow a dick." Michael said crossing his legs. "Yeah well, If I had a dick Id tell you to suck it!" Liz said. Michael laughed softly and rolled his eye's. Liz remembered something and bent down to get into her bookbag that sat by her desk. She opened the pouch. "Thanks for the lipstick." Liz said, pulling the cap off. She wasn't really going to wear it. Who wears purple lip stick? Michael eye's grew big. "Hey that's mine!" Michael hissed. Liz grinned. "Well I found it so now it's mine." Liz stuck it back into her bookbag. "Where did you find that?" Liz grinned. "Under Max's pillow." Michael's eye's got bigger. "That means you were in his bed." He said. "Duh! All night too." Michael swore under his breath.

Liz pulled the lipstick back out and placed it on his desk when the bell rang. He looked up at her. "Thanks." Liz grinned and tightened her hold on the straps of her bookbag. "Your welcome." Michael watched her walk down the isle and out of the room.


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Part 10

"I can never find that girl anymore!" Maria complained to Isabel. "She and Max are in a world of their own." Isabel said. Maria nodded. "I understand that, but does she have to stick up his ass all the time?" It had been two weeks since they became a couple. Isabel raised an amused eyebrow. "Isabel, your nasty!" Maria gagged. "I wouldn't be surprised if Liz hasn't ripped out a dildo on Max yet." Maria threw her bun at Isabel, hitting her in the head. "That's fucking disgusting!"

"What's fucking disgusting?" Michael asked, placing his tray down on the table. "We are just talking about how over the past week Liz and Max are like attached to the hip." Michael stuffed fries in his mouth. Isabel and Maria continued to talk about several rumors going around school.

Maria jumped when she felt a hand slide up her thigh. She looked at Michael and her eye's widened when he gave her a evil grin. "We have to go." Maria said, pulling Michael out of his chair. He managed to snatch his burger before Maria pulled him away from the table. They ran down the hall while Michael stuffed his face. Maria pushed him in the closent. She shut the door behind them. Michael licked his fingers. Maria jumped into his arms, attacking his mouth.

Maria tore at his pants and sighed when they dropped to the floor. Michael lifted her up and pressed her against the door. She guided him to her opening. "Maybe we shouldnt...Ohhh GOD!" Michael yelled when she impaled herself. "Holly shit." He swore. Maria giggled and soon they were fucking against the door, making a banging noise with every thrust. Michael groaned when Maria convulsed around him.

He put her on the ground and stormed out of the eraser room. I'm gay goddamn it, he screamed silently at himself. He noticed that lunch must of ended because the halls were filled up. He spotted Kyle giving him a weird look. Michael walked past him and swung his hand back, smacking Kyle so hard on the ass that he almost fell over. "Gotta get me some!" Michael said, still walking in the other direction. Kyle grabbed onto the nearest person. He grabbed Pam's shirt by accident and when he fell he took her shirt with him. Everyone gasped and he heard Pam scream. She cupped her breasts and ran down the hall, completely topless. Kyle rubbed his ass. "Damn fudgepackers!" He groaned, taking one of his buddies hands to get up.

Michael stood in his room putting eyeliner on. He just got out of the shower. He stood in front of his long mirror looking at himself. All he had on was a towel tied around his waste. He was on a mission. He planned to go to the gay bar and pick up the first guy he saw. "I'm sooo gay." He told himself. Michael put gell into his hair, pointing pieces into tips. He flexed his muscles and went to go get dressed.

Michael walked into the gay club. "The first guy I see, the first guy I see." He said over and over again. A big fat hairy guy jumped into his path. "Hey bitch, wanna go to my place?" Michael swallowed hard. He walked past Mr. Umpalompa. "Second guy I see, second guy I see." He corrected himself. He spotted a tall guy sitting at the bar. "Perfect." He said. Michael strutted up to the bar. He leaned in close. "If I said you had a hot bod, would you hold it against me?" He said, using his favorite line. The guy grinned. He grabbed Michael's hand and pulled Michael out of the club.

"I'm never like this." The guy said. Michael walked beside Alex thinking how easy this would be. "Me either." Michael lied. They stopped in front of Alex's house. "Do you want to come in?" Michael pretended to think about it. "Alright, I guess." Alex opened the gate and they walked up the sidewalk to the front door.

Michael had no idea what he was in for.


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Part 11

"I cant believe we are watching this." Liz said sitting beside Max on his bed, their backs against the wall. Max laughed. "Why are you so embarrassed?" He asked, turning to look at her. He peeled her hands away from her flushed face. She shrugged her shoulders and jumped when the lady on the TV yelled something about spanking. Max grabbed the remote and shut the TV off. "If I knew it would bother you that much..." Liz's eye's widened. "It's not that." She shook her head trying to clear it. "We look like that when we do it."

"Your much hotter than her." Max corrected. Liz blushed and smacked him on the arm. "Stop humoring me. Did you see that girls tits!" She held her hands way out in front of her chest. "Have you seen your tits!" Liz raised her eyebrow looking at him like he grew another head. "What I mean is did you see how that guy was like slamming into her and they didn't move a inch. There is nothing grosser than fake tits." Liz had to agree there. "Can we do something else?" Max nodded. "You name it." Liz smiled and jumped on Max, knocking him back on the pillows. Max's chest rumbled as he laughed. She ripped at his clothes and Max helped. "Parker, you are going to be the death of me." Max groaned out before he impaled her on his cock. She moaned and said, "What a way to go."

Michael followed Alex upstairs to his room. For some reason he felt really really nervous. Pull yourself together, he told himself. He walked into Alex's room. "You stay right here. I will be right back." Michael nodded and sat on the edge of the bed. He looked around and started snapping his fingers to the song playing in his head. He pulled his shirt over his head and waited with not much patience.

He looked his chest over and frowned when he found a single hair around his nipple. His big fingers struggled to get ahold of it and when he did get it he yanked it out. He kicked his foot on the floor in pain and bounced on the bed biting his lip. He rubbed at his poor nipple.

His eyes teared up and he thought it was worse than the titty twister Max gave him one time. "Fucking bitch." He said, talking to his nipple. It stung and he bent his head down trying to lick his nipple. Maybe that would make it feel better. He stuck his tongue out as far as he could and almost screamed in frustration when it was less than a inch away. He looked at the door and quickly spit a honker on his chest. He had more spit in his mouth than he thought and he swore when it streamed down his chest. He freaked out looking for something to wipe it off but the damn room was spotless. A thought lit up in his head and he dropped down to his knee's and turned so he could whipe it off on the bed. He rubbed his chest on the bed as he rocked and noticed that it made his nipple feel better too. He heard a throat clear behind him and he jumped to his feet. His face was red as a tomatto.

Alex raised a eyebrow. "Starting without me?" Michael scratched his head. He didnt want to tell him that he just put spit all over his bed so he went along with it. "Uh, actually just practicing." He blushed and Alex grinned. "Good cause Maria deserves the best." Michael's head snapped up. Maria walked out of the middle of no where wearing nothing at all. Alex smacked her ass and Maria yelped. "Have a good time kids." He teased and quickly shut the door and locked it. Michael charged for the door and fought with the door knob. "You bastard!" He yelled and Maria giggled from behind him.

He turned around he couldn't stop his cock from twitching. "Damn you Maria!" She rolled her eyes and sat down on the bed with her legs spread wide open. He swallowed hard. "Well what should we do?" Maria asked smugly. Michael glared. "Your a bitch you know that right?" She nodded. "And you love it." She placed her hands behind her head and leaned back on the bed. "Is he ever going to let us out of here?" Michael asked. Maria nodded. "Yeah but not until I'm screaming in pleasure." Michael swore. "How about you fake it and I will give you twenty bucks." Maria laughed. "Pleeeease! I'm not screaming until you give me a real reason to scream."

"You are such a bitch!"

"Dont I know it!"

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Okay here's part 12

"Is Isabel here?" Alex stood on the doorstep outside of the Evan's home. Mrs. Evan's stood in the doorway leaning against the door like she was posing for a dirty magazine. Alex pulled at the collar of his shirt feeling a little anxious. "Isabel? Oh Isabel!"

She seemed to jump out of whatever fantasy she was in and quickly ushered Alex in the house. "She's up in her room. No banging on the walls. Max and Liz did enough of that earlier," she said with a glint in her eyes. Alex coughed and his cheeks turned red. He turned for the steps and almost tripped over his own feet in his hurry to get away from Isabel's mom. He ran upstairs and quickly ran into Isabel's room. He leaned against the door with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes and almost fell over.


"Maria I'm not having sex with you."

That was the topic of conversation in the hot room. Maria just shrugged her naked shoulders and grinned at him. He made a growling noise in frustration and started pacing around in the room like a caged tiger. Maria watched his every move with curiousity. "Micheal is there really that big of a difference between a ass and a pussy?" Maria proped herself up on her elbows and rubbed her thighs together. "Yes there's a difference!" His voice was loud and angry and Maria found herself even wetter than before. "How? I mean, they are both holes." Maria bit her lip and really thought about it. "They both give you pleasure."

Maria looked up at Michael and found him staring at her with frustration written all over his face. "I like ass okay!" Maria grinned. I got him, she thought. "Well, I'm not one to like ass but you could give mine a...poke if you want." Her voice sounded huskey and the word "poke" rang loud in Michael's ears. His nostrals flared and he clenched his fists. He watched as Maria turned over on her hands and knee's.

His breathing picked up when she pushed her fine ass up in the air. He saw the wetness between her legs and his balls quivered. She turned her head to look at him and raised a eyebrow. "Well?"



Max looked down at the naked goddess laying in his arms. She laid on her side with her bent leg over his hips and her head resting on his chest. Her tiny fingers drew paterns on his abs. Max ran his fingers through her silky hair and kissed her forhead.

The room was bathed in darkness as cool air blew in from the open window. She seemed to be thinking and then she spoke. "Do you miss Michael?" Her voice was bearly a whisper. He turned over and pushed Liz on her back so he could see her face below his. "What made you think something like that?" he asked softly. She rolled her eyes and smiled softly. But he could see the doubt in her eyes. "I know your with me but I didn't give you much of a choice. I practically threw myself on you." Max reached up and brushed her hair off her flushed face. "I guess I just feel bad for treating Michael the way I did. I should appologize."

Before Max knew what was happening her tiny body slipped out from under his and she started pulling her clothes on. Her breasts jumped and swayed as she bounced around his room trying to get her tight pants on. He groaned. "Now?" He looked down at his arousal and then back up at her. "Yes now." Max groaned and rolled off the bed. "We dont even know where he is," he pointed out. "Maybe Isabel knows," Liz said as she pulled her top over her head.

Hmm is there a possibility that Liz could get to Michael before Maria makes him give in? And what if Isabel and Alex are doing something in the next room? Just something to think about until I come back.;)

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