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Author: nirvana
Category: Max and Liz
Rating: PG 13 to NC 17 (?)
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Summary: Alternate Universe. Just read it, its old I only got around to typing it now

Part 1

"How could you do this to me?!?! I trusted you, and you just went ahead and did what you did?!?! Why? All I've ever done was love you! I took care of you! I always treated you right, and this is how you repay me...I...I just have no words to describe my feelings towards you, Bob," Max Evans hissed to the engine of his jeep. (Bob)

Max quickly plastered on a fake smile and pushed the hood back down harder than necessary. Then he faced his, as he liked to call them, 'flavor of the week'. The girl that he dated for a week, two weeks at the most. Today was the last day that he felt he needed to keep going out with this Tess thi...girl, but now that his ever so trusty jeep stalled on this deserted desert road in New Mexico, she just might think that he had planned this escapade...romantically. When in truth it was the last thing on his mind. He wanted to drop this dumb bimbo like a hot potato, he only went out with her because of all the great lengths she went through to get him, at first it was flattering, now she was downright possessive claiming that destiny planned for them to spend the rest of their lives together...I think not! Besides he still wanted to play the field.

Tess looked up at him, a girly smile etched on her made-up face, and high pitched giggles escaped her mouth as she twirled a lock of her bleached blonde hair on a finger. She tried to look coy yet seductive, he held in a laugh and a roll of his eyes when her finger got stuck in the tangle of curls. Then lightbulb he remembered how his twin sister, Isabel, usually forgot her cellular phone in the glove compartment. He quickly walked to the passenger side of the jeep, where Tess also happened to be sitting, and tried to reach into the glove compartment. However Tess misread his actions and immediately closed her eyes and puckered her lips in hopes of a heated makeout session. Max tried not to run away, and quickly grabbed the phone and moved away.

"I was just getting the phone to call the mechanic," he said innocently, as if he had no idea of her motives.

"Oh," she pouted, "but Max, we could easily use this accident to our advan..." she stopped short when Max held up a finger to shush her. Again, a pout, he turned away so he could finally roll his eyes...twice.

'God,' he thought 'girls are only good for making out with, that and their bodies,' he thought wickedly. Finally the mechanic picked up.

"'CRASHDOWN garage' speaking," a teenage boy said into the phone "what's the problem?" he recited, boredom creeping out of his voice

"uh, my car broke down a few miles after highway 285, could you please send a mechanic down, the name's Evans, and..." he trailed off as he felt Tess' hands snake around his waist and scratch his abs with her acrylic nails "send one immediately!" he choked out while trying to wriggle away.

"Yeah whatever," said the boy, and he hung up on Max.

'Oh Lord it's gonna be a long night,' thought Max. He could have easily been enticed by Tess' advances, but the more he did, the harder it would be to get rid of her. Besides that, he was really starting to get annoyed by her.

----- ----- -----

"LIZARD," Michael Parker called his twin sister.

"Don't call me that Mikey," Liz Parker warned her long haired brother, as she came down to the garage portion of their house, from upstairs where the Parker's new apartment lay. Their father had just purchased this garage as a family business in Roswell, New Mexico.

"Oh yeah, what'ya gonna do to me if I do...Lizard?" Michael asked with a smirk.

"Oh you asked for it, brother!" she laughed and launched herself at her brother. they tumbled to the floor and quickly she attacked his ticklish spots. Michael rolled on the floor gasping for air, trying to get away, but she wouldn't let go.

"What's my name! she demanded, laughing maniacaly

"Lizard...*gasp* Lizard...Elizabeth...damn...let *gasp* go" he choked, tears rolling off his cheecks.

"Oh, Elizabeth, now, huh?" she tickled him harder, "try again Mikey!"

"Liz...LizLizLizLiz...let go...can't breathe..."

"Yaha! I AM VICTORIOUS!" she crowed. "So why'd you call me?" she asked, and looked down at her wheezing brother. She grinned

"Call...highway 285...stranded, Evans...I hate you, gonna get you back...must catch breath..." he wheezed

"On my way Mikey" she said, and as she walked by him she ruffled his golden brown hair. He glared at her retreating back.

----- ----- -----
45 minutes later

Max saw headlights in the distance. "Finally," he muttered and straightened from his position of slouching on Bob's engine. He'd told Tess, he'd keep a lookout for the mechanic, when she offered to stay with him he quickly told her that it was too cold. She mentioned that he could keep her warm, and he tossed of something about the wind messing her hair. She stayed in the jeep after that, but continuosly whined about everything from then on. He was so close to taking his belt and gagging her.

A newly bought towtruck, painted with a CRASHDOWN logo stopped in front of Bob.

Max turned towards it, and watched as a baggy, jumper clad leg stepped out followed by another. The torso and face covered by the truck door and a backwards baseball cap. He turned back to Bob and popped open the hood, and slowly turned around again, to talk to the mechanic. After that everything became slow motion for Max. The door to the truck slammed shut, and the body of a goddess faced away from him. Long, silky chestnut hair, streaked with blue fell from a backwards Nike cap. A tiny torso clad in a blue tanktop, which ended at her waist, right above her belly button. Her jumpers rode low on her hips, showing off a large portion of smooth skin. She turned around, hair swishing with her movements. Then the angels sang, and a light from heaven shone and illuminated her face for only Max to see. Beautiful. No other words to describe her, beautiful. He never used that word to describe a girl other than his mother and sister, but she was so beautiful. So he just stared at her.

And miracle of miracle she was staring right back at him. After a while, her face scrunched up, and she asked, while pointing to her face, "What? Do I have a booger?" And the spell weaved on his heart, though still present was momentarilly broken.

And both failed to see the death glare that a pair of cold ice blue eyes gave to Liz, as she watched the scene with jealousy from the backseat of a jeep called Bob.
----- ----- -----


"I just found out there's no such thing as the real world...just a lie you have to rise above"

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