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******Alex and Isabel*****


I was kind of really nervous about his date with Alex. I ran my fingers nervously through my long blond hair. Alex looked over at me and smiled. He looks just as nervous as I am, which I found to be a really good thing. I hated being the only nervous one when I am out on a date. Alex slowly reached over and held my hand as we stepped out into the boat. The boat was white and in blue letters it read love boat 4. Alex and I had our own little room on the boat. I wish Alex and I was actually fully alone, but that damn cameraman at the corner of the room, is really ruining things for me. I really tried my best to ignore him, but it was more then just a little difficult to see the big fat man in the corner. I focused on the food in front of Alex and me; turkey sandwiches in the shape of hearts. I grabbed one and slowly bit into it. “Isabel, you look really ravishing today. I am very happy that we are going to be spending the day together.” I smile sweetly at Alex. I am happy that he was the one who spoke first, if he didn’t speak this whole date would be just one really silent one.
“I am very happy that we are on this date too. You are the only guy on this show that I want to be on a date with.” This time Alex is the one who wore a huge sweet smile on his face. I saw him trying to hold it back, but that only made his smile even bigger. I could not help but laugh at it. Alex then leaned over to me and kissed me softly on the lips. Something came over me and I deepened the kiss, but Alex quickly pulls away. It both startles and shocks me. “Alex, did I do something wrong?” Am I a horrible kisser? Do I have bad breath? I could have sworn I ate a tic-tac earlier.
“No, you did not do anything wrong. This all just isn’t right. Even though Maria…did all those things with Max, it just doesn’t seem right for me to kiss you. Maria and I are still boy friend and girl friend. And you are still Michael’s girl friend. So technically we are cheating on the people we love.”
“Do you think that they are saying the very same thing at this moment?” I asked that in an almost too angry tone. I should not be mad at all Alex is just being a faithful boyfriend. I should be all over that, saying what a great guy he is. But I want Alex, I want to kiss him and hold him!
“No, I doubt that they are even thinking it. But at least you and I can show some decency and respect.”
“I am so sorry Alex. I did not mean to say it like that.” Alex rested his strong hand on my shoulder.
“It is okay, Isabel. You are only worried that Michael might be unfaithful to you. But do not worry about it. If he does anything with anyone, then he is a complete idiot. Because you are the most beautiful and wonderful girl.” I felt my cheeks beginning to heat up. Alex gave me a shy smile. I doubt that I can go through with this date with out kissing him again. Alex is just too sweet to me.
“Thank you Alex. Maria would be an idiot too if she does anything else with anyone. If you were my boyfriend, I wouldn’t even let you out of my site. I will have you super glued to me.”
“But if we hadn’t met on this island, would you even of given me a second glance?” At first I laughed at Alex’s comment, but when Alex did not laugh with me, I knew that he was serious about his question to me.
“Of course I would give you a second glance. I would probably be giving you a third and fourth one too. You are physically attractive and you have a really great personality. I would be all over you.” I said while I ran my fingers over his cheek. His skin is so smooth and soft.
“I would go out with you in a heart beat.” That was so sweet of him to say. But would he only date me because of the way I look?
“I am feeling a little hot. Do you want to go for a swim?” Alex shook his head yes and took of his shirt and pants. He wore this cute little black swim shorts with Scooby Doo on them. I stripped down to my black and white checkered bikini. Alex tried not to stare at my body, but he only looked away a second at a time. The captain stopped the boat and we jumped into the water. The cameraman started to go on a little rowboat to follow us in the water. “How fast can you swim?”
“I can swim pretty fast, why?” I grabbed Alex’s hand and pulled him under the warm water. At first he tried to pull away from me out of instincts, but then he decided to just follow my lead I am sure that the cameraman tried to go after us, but we were long gone by the time the row boat hit the water. Alex and I made it to shore. Do you know how good it feels to have the cameras off of you? It feels so wonderful! “Isabel, are you insane?” Alex is soaking wet and breathless. I just laughed at him and the entire situation. It was all just too funny.
“YES, I AM INSANE!” I screamed. I then pulled Alex close to me and kissed him. I was surprised when he kissed me back and deepened the kiss by sliding his tongue into my mouth. I really thought that this was pure bliss. Alex’s mouth is so warm and inviting, and his tongue felt so good against mine.
“God Isabel, I have never felt this way about anyone in my life. You are wonderful, beautiful, and you are just perfect.” He said while touching my cheek.
“We are going to be in so much trouble when they find us. But to tell you the truth, I really do not care.” I yelled. I began to laugh and for once I really felt like I was free. We began to kiss again and we didn’t even hear the boat come to shore.
“Isabel, Alex, what were you two thinking!?” Alex and I turned around to see a not so happy Bob.
“We were just having a little bit of fun. It is hard to have fun when the damn camera man is in the same room…and following us around all the time.”
Isabel, we do have the contract that you signed. I have decided that I will let this one slid, but the next time you will not be so lucky. This date is over, you two get on the boat.”
“But our date barely started! I don’t want it to…”
“On the boat, now!” Bob screamed.
“Come on Isabel, just listen to him.” I just sighed. I held Alex’s arm and went on the boat. We went back to the main island. I just went into my room and fell asleep. I could not believe that Bob had found us so soon. I wonder how he managed to do that? (Michael And Liz TBC???)

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**********Michael and Liz**********


I was happy that Liz and I were going on this date together. Liz is beautiful and so very sweet. But it seems like her and Max have something major going on. I guess that I am going to have to prove that I am the better man. I like Maria a lot, but she seems to be just a little bit too wild for me. Liz walks up to me and links her arm in me and gave me that killer smile of hers. She had such a sexy smile; I could not help but smile back. I do not think any guy could help but smile back at Liz. This girl can be a major heart breaker if she wanted to be. “Partying all day, it sounds like it will be lots of fun.” Liz said to me. I could only shake my head to agree with her. Bob led us to the helicopter. I sat closely to Liz, and she slid her hand into mine and gave it a little squeeze. I had a warm feeling take over my body when she held my hand. Never before have I had a warm feeling like this.
“I am sure that we are going to enjoy ourselves.” I said as I squeezed her hand back. She rested her head on my shoulder, and my heart began to beat faster and faster. We were silent on the helicopter ride to the main island. I was way to busy memorizing her smell to actually speak to her. She smelt like strawberries and cream. The helicopter landed and I helped Liz off by sliding my arm around her bare waist and sliding her slowly to the ground…her skin is so smooth.
“You are going to have to teach me a few dance moves Michael, I am not exactly the best dancer in the world.” She says slightly embarrassed.
“I am sure that you are just being modest, Liz.” I said while holding her closer to me. I can make Liz forget all about Max Evans. Tonight will be the best night of our lives. We stepped into a club. The music was on full blast. I could barely hear myself talking to Liz. “Do you want something to drink?”
“What did you say?” Liz shouts. Maybe this will not be the most romantic night of our lives, but hopefully I will at least get a kiss. I brought my lips to Liz’s ear, and her whole body stiffens. I am seeing that she likes what I am doing.
“I asked you if you would like a drink.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and then put her lips to my ear…I liked it a lot.
“I would love to have a drink.” Liz then laced her fingers in mine and led me to the bar. “I would like a virgin strawberry daiquiri.”
“I would like to have a dry martini.” The bartender handed us our drinks and I handed him our money. Liz took a sip and she almost spit the whole thing out. My heart stopped for a minute. “What is the matter Liz?” Her face is full of disgust.
“This is not a virgin daiquiri...they put alcohol in it. Oh well, I guess that one drink won’t hurt me.” She said while laughing and finishing her drink. She was already finished and I only took two sips out of my martini. She shouldn’t of drunk that so fast. “Michael, I want to dance.” Liz said as she wrapped her small arms around my waist. I put down my drink. I would much rather dance with Liz, then drink. Liz pulled me to the dance floor and grinded her body against mine. Liz’s arms were around my neck and one of her legs was in-between mine. I felt myself getting a little hard from Liz’s closeness. Liz gave me a small, shy smile. Did she notice that I was getting an erection? I felt myself slowly turning red. Liz gave me a kiss on the cheek and I turned even redder. “It is okay Michael.” She said as she continued dancing with me…getting dangerously close to me. Purposely rubbing her heat over my hardness. What is this woman doing to me? She is driving me insane! We both are breathing hard now. It was hot in here…or are we just hot for each other.
“Liz, do you want to step outside for just a minute?” she shook her head yes, while taking my hand and leading me outside. As soon as we stepped outside Liz wraps her arms around my neck and begins to kiss me roughly. I kissed her back and slowly lick her bottom lip. She opened her mouth to let my tongue enter. My hands roamed her body. Now I know for sure that we were just hot for each other. Liz pushed me up against the wall and shoved her tongue even deeper in my mouth. She pulled away and we both were panting. Wow, this girl is beyond amazing.
“Maybe…we should go get something to eat now.” She said breathlessly. I just shook my head, not knowing if I could speak yet.
“...Yeah…we should…grab a bite to eat.” I looked down at my watch. We only had an hour of our date left. After dancing and making out…it sure did go by really fast. We went in a small diner and I grabbed a steak sandwich, french fries, and a sprite. Liz ordered a garden salad, with a non-sweetened ice tea.
“This has been really great Michael.”
“You can say that again. I would not spending the whole week alone with you.” Liz began to blush, wow she is hot when she blushes.
“Yeah, we would have fun…a lot of fun.” I held Liz’s hand and rubbed her knuckles with my thumb. She smiled sweetly at me. The rest of our date went great. We ate, talked, and kissed. I was really sad when our date was finally over.(TBC?????? Maria/Max)

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