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summary: Max and Liz are half friends half enemies both with secret fantasies of the other. When rumours about them having sex start to be the talk of the school they decide to play along with it.

Part One

Don't you hate those smarmy barstads that think they are all that. Try going being Science partners with one ever since 9th grade!!! This smarmy git, that probably enjoys nothing mare than a sweaty changing room full of young naked boys- wait that's my fantasy any way -, is Max Evans.

Doesn't the name Max Evans just oozes confidence with just those three syllables you can tell he is sexy and he knows it. The thing I don't like about Max is the fact he gets every girl he wants he makes the female gender look pathetic I mean so what if he has the best body I have ever seen and the most gorgeous eyes that have ever existed that is not the point. The point is that he knows it, and takes advantage of it. There are probably two girls in the whole of Roswell High that Max Evans can't shag that is my self because I will not lower myself that far, and his twin sister Isabelle Evans who is just the same as Max. Between them they have probably fucked more people than the rest of the sophomore year put together.

The thing is most days I enjoy Max being in class. Even though we hate each other we have a pretty good laugh. He may be a womanising jerk but he is really witty and some of the things he comes out with are hilarious. If he wasn't so up his own ass and Mr-I've-fucked-the-whole-of-US I may even want to go out with him. He’s one of those guys who are great mates but terrible boyfriends.

So any way the reason I didn't want to see him today was because the biggest rumour going around school at the moment is that him and me are fucking every chance we get. You see Paul, Woodcraft saw Max leave my apartment at seven in morning the other day and he told some one who told someone and at the moment everyone thinks we are having an sordid affair and I really want to be as far away from Max as possible until these rumours are replaced by some tart apparently being pregnant.

"Hey Lizzy honey," Max said sitting next to be at a lab table the whole class looked at him so did I. what the fuck did he think he was doing trying to get people to think we really are going out.

"Oh sugar lump what’s wrong?" Max asked I was too shocked to speak," are you too tired from last night?" I gasped and as did the rest of my bio class. Max winked at me, and I decided to play along.

"No honny bunny just shocked at how gorgeous you are looking but I've seen you look better, those clothes do nothing for you they look better off you," I said I couldn't believe what I was saying I could see that Max nearly burst out laughing.

“Be quieter my dear Lizzywizzy, there could be rumours about us and people could find out about the baby," Max said this time I nearly burst out laughing Max was looking around the room

"Oh sorry Maxiewaxie, it's just I'm so excited I mean you and me looking after our baby it kinda makes me horny," I said sliding my hand up Max's bicep GOD ITS HUGE!!!!

"As interesting as what turns you on Miss Parker would you mind keeping it too yourself until you are in a quieter area like detention after school today," Mr Denier said walking in I blushed a beetroot colour and Max burst out laughing

"Glad you find it so amusing seeing as you will be joining her Mr Evans," It was my time to laugh at Max's face such a Kodak moment.

"So after that very interesting insight into Mr Evans and Miss Parker's personal life will you please turn to page 112,"


Can you believe I have detention Mr Denier didn't even hear what I said he gave me detention for laughing ! That has to be so not allowed. It was pretty funny though the things me and Lizzy said to each other.

You know how long I have tried to get into Lizzy's pants? Too long. I mean she a fucking goddess and I can't even talk to it with anyone because she happens to be Michael's adopted sister how fucking great is that. It means Michael's been telling her what a prat I am with girls so she's never going to let me fuck her. You see me and Michael are great mates but he would kill me if he knew half the time when I fuck a girl I'm thinking of his sister. She just does it for me, you know the way some guys like busy blondes I like brunettes who are slim and classy. Problem is classy chicks aren't as easy as tarts. But I’m always up for a challenge but when your challenge has been going on ever since you had your first fantasy of a woman naked.

When Michael told me of the rumours my first thing I did was laugh. Laugh my fucking head off. I may know that girls tend to like me the fact is Liz Parker has too much pride to ever be with me. I think she may even secretly like me other than our weird friendship but she would NEVER EVER act on it - my dreams don't count.

So I guessed Liz would probably send out a bulletin saying I would never ever be with Max Evans even if he was the last man on earth and we had to repopulate Earth. When Michael told me she hadn’t said anything I came up with the idea to have a joke I never thought she would go alone with it I thought it would freak her out. But it didn't she played along and it was cool. Maybe we could carry it on how funny would it be if the whole school thought me and Liz where an item. Another thing about me and Lizzy is that we both like to trick people including her brother and my best friend. Michael is really protective of little Lizzy so if we make him think we're shagging that will so totally get him back for that last trick he played on me which is way too embarrassing to think about.

Okay Maxwell you have a plan talk to Liz after class take her to the eraser room or something and pay back on Michael shall begin.

So I’m walking down the hall trying to ignore everyone who is whispering about my pregnancy I’ve already had 13 people come up to me ( who I have never met before ) ask when I’m due! God some people are so fucking gullible. Any way back to me walking so I walk past the eraser room when suddenly I feel some one pull me into the eraser room.
"Hey what the hell- Oh it’s you," I said after seeing that it was Max," What are you doing you could hurt the baby."
"You have to admit that was pretty good idea of mine," Max said proudly
“What ever but do you think you could now stop the rumours it’s embarrassing people think I’m attracted to you," I joke Max smiles.
“Well before we tell people the truth I was thinking maybe we could have a little fun," Max said I’m worried that smile on his face is scary.
"Max we had fun in Bio now I want to not be the school’s gossip," I told him
“Well I was thinking of having a little fun with your darlin’ brother," Max said
"What’s Michael got to do with any of this," I asked confused
"Well I know I have a er reputation with the ladies, and Michael knows me better than anyone so he knows I can sometimes treat women a little well a little erm sometimes a bit-"
"I think the words you’re looking for is like a piece of shit," I said
"Yeah whatever, anyway think of every time Michael has embarrassed you, been annoying and ruined your life,"
“Yep that’s not hard," I say I love Michael but god sometimes I could really kill him.
"And know think what it would do to him if he thought that you and I were having sex," Max said and I smiled. Michael would fucking FREAK!
"I think I like your idea Evans," I told him.
"And I’m sure you heard about Michael’s latest trick on me," Max said and I burst out laughing that was so funny especially when he- wait Max is talking. " And I’m sure I remember the last trick he played on you," Max said that shut me up.
"Okay so we make like we’re going out?" I ask
"Yep so I’m sorry Parker but you and me are going to have to spend quality time together," Max lent over a whispered in my ear.
"Well we can’t leave here looking like this," I said
"What do you mean?" Max asked confused
"Well if we leave looking like this it’s going to look like we talked and we don’t want people to think we came into the eraser room to talk," I said the eraser room is the make-out place for the school.
"Wow I like doing business with you Lizzy you are tres smart," Max said
"Oh stop you’ll make me blush," I said sarcastically as I rustled Max’s hair I then undo another one of his buttons. He then messed up my top so it looks like it’s been moved. Then flicks my hair. He then puts his finger on my lips and smudges some lipstick.
"Come here and I’ll put some lipstick on you," I say
"I’m pretending that I’m shaggin you not entering the drag queen Competition," Max said taking a step away from me.
"I meant on your neck so it looks like I kissed you," I said and took a step closer to him.
"Er, Lizzy how are you going to get it there?" Max asked
"With my lips," I say ," now will you stop moving."
"Okay go on," Max said
I bring my lips to his neck and make sure I smudge my lipstick.
"Now common Lizzy lets go," Max then takes my hand and leads me out the hall goes silent when we exit the eraser room.
I look across the hall and there I see him. Michael and he looks like mad. Mission accomplished.
This day really rocks Lizzy has just kissed me on the neck, Michael is getting what he deserves and I got an A in Bio.
Lizzy and I and Lizzy go out onto the quad and we sit down at a table.
"Well people certainly noticed did you see Michael?" Liz asked excitedly.
"Yeah God that was funny," I said
"Yeah Oh know what am I going to tell Maria?" She asked Maria is her weird friend who is always sniffing stuff.
"Tell her you gave into the love you have always had for the gorgeous Max Evans and you are fucking him because he is definitely the best in bed in the whole state of New Mexico," I said
"Get over your self Max and if I hear one word about you bragging about me in the changing rooms I will cut off your balls cut them up into little pieces and put them in the food at the Crashdown," Liz threaterns wow Never piss her off EVER again.
"Okay never eating at Crashdown again," I said
"So we’re clear no being a barstad behind my back and no fucking other girls,"
"What we aren’t married," I say how unbelievable is she! We aren’t even dating and she’s not letting me have any fun next she’ll be saying that I can’t drink or hang out with guys.
"Fine then we’re broken up," Liz said what is this girls problem.
"Lizzy, Lizzy calm down but I need something to er relieve myself so if I can’t get it from other girls I’ll have to get it from you," I say
"On second thought you can fuck everyone you want," Liz said crossing he arms.
"Parker are you okay?" I ask
"No look Max we have to pretend to be together and I have a reputation which is already looking really really really bad because I have to pretend to fuck you and I don’t want to look worse because you can’t keep your dick in your pants," Liz whispered.
"Fine fine I wont fuck anyone," What did I say that for what am I going to do! It’s not like I’m going to get any out of Liz and I do NOT want to not have any sex with anyone because of Michael.
"Good glad we understand each other," Liz said smiling. God her smile is sexy what I wouldn’t give you throw her on the table and have sex to her right there.
"Evans," I hear and I turn around to see a very very angry Michael.
"Hey Guerin heard the happy news about me and Liz?" I ask as I put my arm around Liz and smile up at him trying not to laugh, Michael’s face is too fucking funny.
"No I heard the news about you and Liz I didn’t hear anything happy unless syou two are just playing along and you don’t really have her lipstick all over your neck,"
"Oh crap, look Michael me and Max just couldn’t deny our feelings towards each other any more," Liz said and I smiled.
"But Liz you hate Max," Michael said
"Excuse me my girlfriend hates me?" I ask
"No she doesn’t," Liz said
"I don’t believe you you’re ment to be my best friend," Michael said and then walked off.
"God I didn’t think he would be too touchy," Liz said
"Yeah you would think he was your father not your brother," I muttered.
"Maybe this anit such a good idea?" Liz asked damn it the girls having doubts .
"Look Liz it wont last long just a bit so we get our own bakc on him, he would do the same to you,"
"What pretend to sleep with you," Liz joked
"Shut up Parker," I said smiling
"You know we haven’t kised in public," Liz said smiling. It knocked the smile right of my face.
"You want to kiss me?" I asked
"No," I breathed a sigh of relief," but we should." And the shocked look goes back on.
"So go on kiss me," Liz said
"Now?" I asked looking around.
"Yeah now,"
"Bur er but are you sure?"
"Yes common max scared that I wont enjoy it?" She said
"Fine," I said and grabbed her and kissed her full on the lips. I ran my tongue along her bottmon lip to ask for entrance. She gave it to me and I massaged her tongue with my own. God is she the best kisser in the whole fucking world. God not Sandra, Kelly, Mandy , Julie , Judy , Claire or any of the others could compare to this. Wow she is fucking brill-
"Ehem Mr Evans and Miss Parker you know how I feel about public displays of affecion, I’m afraid Detention," Mr Garding interupts my thoughts and me and Liz. We look at each other. We had just started this thing and we all ready have two detentions because of it. God if she weren’t so hot I wouldn’t bother.
Part three
Crap my mom is going to kill me if she finds out I have two detentions because of Max and here I am doing the first one. Max keeps looking at me and everytime I catch him he looks away. Weird.
Anyway Maria caugth up with me and I had to tell her everything did I mention I can never keep a secret from maria wait you lot don’t even know who Maria is. Maria DeLuka is my best friend in the whole universe. She’s like my rock which is quite weird because she’s probably one of the most well I don’t actually have a word for Maria she’s well Maria. Any way maria also hates my wonderful brother, it’s funny how many people want to annoy him anyway she’s now promised to help us and I’ve been trying top catch Max’s eye and tell him this but no Mr Weird is like ignoring me.
"Okay you two you can go now I’ll see you tomorrow," Mr Denier said. Max stood up and packed his bag.
"What’s up with you?" I asked and walked up to him when Mr Denier left.
"Nothing it’s just I don’t want another detention because of Michael."
"Okay so you want to come back to mine Michael’s going to be there and we could you know rub it in," I said smiling.
"Go on then Parker are your ‘rent going to be there?" He asked
"Nope they’re away for the week remember," I said
"Oh yeah you know that could really work for us we could get him to walk in on us looking like we’re at it," Max said wow I really like that idea and it aint the bit where Michael catches us. I mean the thought of me and Max having sex really turns me on.
"Good idea Mr Evans now one question," I say
"Yeah anything Parker," Max says and walks with me too the car park.
"How long is this thing going to last?" I asked
"Dunno until Michael cracks," Max said
"We don’t want to put him in a mental institution just freak him out a little," I told Max
"Yeah but you know Michael and when something he doesn’t like something he first bottles it up and then he cracks and we just need to make sure it is in a very very public place," Max told me
"Well I told Maria she can help us," I said
"yeah well if anyone can help us annoy Michael Maria DeLuka can," Max joked I was not amused.
"Are you calling my best friend annoying?" I ask
"No I’m just saying her and Michael aren’t exactly the of best friends," Max said and climbed into his jeep. I stood there not knowing what to do. Max started the engine. "What are you doing get in the car."
"Are you sure?" I asked
"You’re my supposed girlfriend and we’re going to your house and you have no car with you so it wouldn’t be very clever for you to call some other friend to give you a lift," Max said and I realised it would be stupid.
"It’s weird thinking that you’re my boyfriend," I say as we drive out of the school.
“Thanks," Max said
“No it’s just I remember when we used to have slumber parties and stuff like that and discus boys I would always say the three boys in our class I would never go out with would be Michael because of the obvious fact that he’s my brother, Kyle Valenti because he annoyed the hell out of me and you because you were too smarmy for your own good."
"Thanks the only girl I ever said that I would never date was Isabelle becasue she’s my sister," Max said
"Yeah and that’s about the only girl who haven’t," I said
"Hey I’ll have you know I don’t think I‘ve ever had a girlfriend," Max said
"That’s not something to be proud of and the fact that you’ve shagged nearly the entire female population of Roswell and something to be proud of either," I said
“I think it is," Max said. What a barstad he thinks he is sooooooo sexy, so it may be true but he shouldn’t know that.
“You’re a git you know that?" I ask
"Yeah I do," max said and I looked at him surprised that the first thing I thing he has ever said about him self that hasn’t been positive.
“Well it’s good you know that," I said
“Mmm what shall we do tonight?" Max asked
“How about a movie and then you come back and you tell you’re parents you’re staying at Michael’s and sleep on the floor," I said
“Hey why do I sleep on the floor," Max asked
“Because this whole thing was your idea," I said
"So you know we could shar e a bed," Max said
"Okay but only if you’re hands stay in view," I warned
"God you know I’m not obsessed with sex," Max said and I gave him a yeah right look. " Well not completely."
"You don’t want to know how many times I’ve heard girld brag that you had fallen in love with them," I told him.
"What I’ve nevert fallen in love with anyone and never told anyone that I had," Max said
"Yeah well what you don’t realise that is every girel you fuck thinks they’re the person who will make you faithful," I said as he parker outside the Crashdown.
"You want to go through front or aback?" Max asked me.
"Front but straight upstairs," I said aand got out of Max’s jeep.
So in we walked hand in hand giggleing together and ignoring the stares we got.
"God Max it’s only been a day and I already feel as if I’m in a fish bowl," I said as I closed my bedroom day
“People always look at you anyway,” max said and jumped onto my bed.
“Do you mind?” I asked.
“Nope,” I said and I pushed him off my bed. He fell with a thud and then looked up.
“What the fuck was that for?” Max asked as I sat down on my bed.
“What? Me? I didn’t do anything,” I said smiling sweetly.
“Oh you’re dead Parker,” max said. He then grinned and jumped back onto the bed. He started tickling me and I started squealing in protest. He didn’t stop and soon he was sitting on top of me pinning me down. I stopped laughing and so did he as we realised what position we were in. We stayed like that breathing heavily him on top of me. He brought his head towards mine and his lips where nearly on mine when damn my brother.
“Liz what the hell-“ Michael stopped when he saw me and Max. He froze and then quickly went back out of my room.
“Wow couldn’t have planned that better if we tried,” Max said as he rolled off me.
“Do you think I should go after him?” I asked.
“No if Michael caught you with any other boyfriend you would try and avoid Michael,” Max said.
“How do you know what I would do?” I asked him.
“Liz we’ve known each other all our lives I think I know how you act by now.”
“Fine if you know me so well what’s my favourite film?” I asked.
“Do we really have to spend this evening talking?” Max asked.
“What are you implying that we do?” I asked angry.
“Get your mind out of the gutter Parker I was thinking watching some movies maybe if Michael comes in we can make out a little,” max said with an irritating grin on his face.
“Fine, Common sweetie pie, by the way I thinking you are enjoying this just a bit too much,” I told him as I took his hand and led him out of my room. Michael was in the kitchen eating some cereal looking upset. For a minute I felt sorry for him but then remember the time he showed Jamie Brooks (who I had the biggest crush on ever) the picture of me when I had just woken up with a hangover and was puking.
“Hey Michael,” I said pretending to be nervous.
“Oh hi parker, we were going to watch some movies you want to join us,” max asked wrapping his arms around me. I thought Michael would say yes because he would think if he stayed we couldn’t get up to anything that bad.
“Okay,” Michael said hesitantly. He then went and sat on the big sofa. Max sat in the arm chair and pulled me down on top of him.
“Max I have to put the video in silly,” I said trying to push him of me.
“I want you here with me,” max said pouting. I looked at a mirror which showed Michael’s face. He looked like her was about to barf. I smiled.
“I’ll be back in a sec,” I said and then kissed Max on the lips. Oh God here comes that feeling. Why does he make me feel so light headed. I get off his lap and then go and look at the films we have.
“Okay so we have Braveheart, American Pie or titanic,” I said.
“Anthing but Titanic,” Michael said and I laughed.
“What about American Pie?” I asked.
“Sounds good,” Max said so I put it in the machine. I then went back to max’s lap. You have no idea how weird it is to sit on Max Evans’ lap. I leaned on him and he started to stroke my hair. God this is so freaky.
About half way through the film I feel something on my neck. Oh my God it’s Max’s lips! You have no idea what he is doing to me. I hate thjis why am I feeling exceited about max kissing me. He’s just a guy who I’m pretending to love. God I don’t know how long I’m going to have to pretend for if max keeps this up. I discreetly look at Michael who looks like he’s going to burst. Oh well if he’s that mad we wont have to keeps this charade up for long might as well make the most of it. I turn around and then lift Max’s head so I can kiss him. Oh god Max’s kisses are going to kill me. We’re really getting passionate here when Michael turnas the lights on gets up and then slams his door as he goes into his room. I look at Max trying not to laugh because Michael could hear us. He covers my mouth with his hands but he looks like he wants to laugh as well.
“Do you want to go downstairs?” I whisper in his ear.
“Yeah,” he says and then after switching the TV off we leave my apartment.
As soon as we reach downstairs we both burst out laughing.
“Did you see his face?” Max asked laughing.
“I know that was classic.” I say and we enter the café holding hands still laughing. We see a group of mutual friends at a booth so we both head over there.
“Hey guiys,” I say and then sit down. All our other friends loom at each other.
“Hey Max, Liz,” Sarah McPhail said, “ so it’s true?”
“Yeah ma and Max realised that we’re in love with each other,” I said.
“I knew it,” Kyle Valenti then said.
“Knew what?” max asked him.
“Well all of us knew it, it was completely obvious that you two liked each other, you were always checking out each others butts or something. Whenh he said that I started choking on the fry I had just ate.
“What?” Max asked.
“yeah and remember that time when you told me that you had a crush on Max but you would ask him out because he had kissed Tess Hardng and you hated Tess.” When Sarah said that I noticed a huge grin on Max’s face.
“So you’ve always like me have you Parker?” Max asked with his annoying smary barstadly smirk on his annoying smary barstadly (gorgeous) face. God I knew I hated this plan and all I could sdo was sit there as all my friends told Max all the comments I had said about him like saying he had a great body or the greatest hair. And while all my friends were saying this I could practically see max’s head growing bigger and bigger.


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authors note: Okay thank you for the fb and thanks to the poepl who told me hown to do this. You're the best.

On another note I just want to say I'm from the Uk and don't know all the American sayings so sorry. And also Winnie the Pooh is a charecter in a childrens book and I think it was made into a TV show. Anyway it's this bear thing and a kids thing in England. That was for all people who don't know who he is. You're probably really confused but just read and sorry its not very good.

Part Four
This has to be the best day of my life. I have just been told about how Lizzy parker has had a crush on me all this time! I have to say she is a pretty good actress, I mean I really thought she hated me. Okay she probably still hates me but she wants me! Hah this is so cool.
I am sitting here at the moment with the biggest grin on my face and Liz who I have my arm round is sinking lower and lower into her seat.
“Yeah well Liz isn’t the only one who had feelings that they kept hidden, I mean do you remember that time when Max got really really drunk and started going on about how much he liked Liz and he even said that he didn’t just want in her pants and that he looked her personality.” Okay that wiped the smile off my face. I didn’t really say that, god I don’t remember that I hate alcohol.
I feel Liz rise higher in her seat and see a grin replace the embarrassed look that had been there. Oh shit I hate this plan why the hell did I think this would be a good idea. Oh god when this ends the whole school is going to know I like Lizzy’s personality. My reputation will be ruined.
“Really that’s so sweet, please tell more,” Liz said smirking.
“Oh I don’t think we need to know more,” I said faking a smile.
“What we haven’t even told you about the song,” Jerry Kleen said.
“Song?” Liz asked.
“Yeah max started to sing this song he made up God it was so funny it went…” As my friends start to humiliate me I can tell you my people to kill list was growing longer and longer.
God this is so fucking funny. I can’t believe it. Max likes me. Max actually likes me not just my rack. God and that song. I have never laughed so hard god I’m so going to get max drunk and try and get him to give me a performance. Talking of max he looks pissed ahh poor sweet heart (can you hear my sarcasm).
“Hey I have to go I’ll see you guys later,” Jessica Reynolds said and when she left there was only me, Max and Alex Whitman left.
“I think I’ll leave you two lovebirds to it,” Alex said and then he left leaving me and Max alone. Okay how awkward is this? I decide to do what I can only do with Max. Take the piss.
“So do I get a performance?” I asked grinning she glared at me and took a sip of his drink (shame there’s no alcohol in it).
“Only if you repeat what Jessie said, what was it something about the best body you had ever seen?” Max asked. Damn him why can’t he just be humiliated and not say anything.
“So what I used to think you had an okay body,” I said, I can’t believe I am making Max’s ego grow even bigger (I didn’t even think it was possible).
“Used to? Jessie said that you said it two weeks ago. Wow you change your mind very quickly,£2 max said obviously not believing me. Okay so he’s right he does have the best body very but he’s not meant to know that. And he’s definitely not meant to know I think he has the best body ever!
“Look max okay I may like your body, I might like your whole look but what I don’t like is the fact you are so up your self. The fact you think you’re the best when you’re not. You might have the look but that’s where it ends because inside you are nothing! And I would rather date a pineapple than you and the one and only reason I am doing this is because Michael put my named Winnie the Pooh panties up on the flag pole and many other things. So please don’t think I enjoy having to put up with your tongue down my throat,” I said quietly in Max’s ear and then kissed him on the cheek and got up and went upstairs. I wasn’t surprised that Max didn’t follow me.
I actually didn’t know how max would react after that, I mean I was kind of wrong Max isn’t that bad but he can’t know that. It just pisses me off so much that all the girls just fall at his feet and he can’t just walk over people. I am sick of having to listen to girls cry their eyes out because max fucking Evans doesn’t care about how many girl’s hearts he breaks just as long as she goes down on him. Well I aint going down on him anytime soon well not until he realise what a jerk he’s been and serenades to me. I actually laugh at that thought I mean could you imagine Max Evans singing to me!!!! I would like wet my self laughing if he did.
I go and sit down on the couch in the living room and then wonder what to do. I could finish watching American Pie or I could ring Maria up and talk to her. I decide on the later and then reach for the phone.
“Hello,” Amy DeLuka, Maria’s mom says when she answers the phone.
“Hey Amy, Is Maria in?” I asked. I have been friends with Maria for years and years and Amy is like my second Mother.
“Sure Liz, I’ll just get her she told me about you and max Evans,” Amy said laughing. I smile thinking about how many times have I bitched about Max at Maria’s house.
“What did she tell you?” I asked not knowing whether Maria had told her the truth or just said that me and Evans were sating.
“That you and Max Evans are trying to pay your brother back by pretending to date.”
“Mom is that Liz?” I heard Maria ask in the background.
“Yeah honey, well I’ll see you Liz,” Amy said and then she handed the phone to my best friend. I move into my room to make sure Michael can’t hear me.
“Liz, how are things with you and Big Head?” Maria asked and I laughed. I always laugh at Maria’s name for max. Fits him very well, especially at the moment.
“Not to good to cut a longish story short we went down to talk with some friends, those wonderful friends told Max about me you know liking Max’s look-“

“Oh God his head must be HUGE!” Maria interrupted sounding shocked and I laughed.
“Yeah it w3as until they told me about how max likes me,” I said smiling I still can’t believe max likes me, as in ME the person not me the body.
“Everyone knows max wants in you pants though,” Maria said.
“No apparently he got drunk once and started saying he like my personality and then he sang this song, Oh god it went
If I were a King
I would like to sing
For my precious Queen
Who wouldn’t be a bean.
It would be Lizzy P
Who is as beautiful as can be
I love her warm heart
Her car that isn’t a cart
She’s the nicest person around.
her voice is the nicest sound,” I burst out laughing at the end. Maria had started laughing at the beginning.
“Oh God I would pay to have seen Max’s face.”
“I know classic,” I said.
“So Max really likes you that’s so cool maybe this thing will carry on after you’ve destroyed Michael, Oh by the way I saw him earlier and rubbed it in it was so much fun,” Maria said and I laughed.
“Something between me and max? Never anyway if he did like me he doesn’t anymore,” I said probably I shouldn’t be3 so upset about that but we were kinda have fun together.
“why not what’s changed?” Maria asked.
“Well I told him he was completely up him self and I would rather date a pineapple than him,” I told her.
“A pineapple?” Maria asked laughing, “Where did you get a pineapple from?”
“I don’t know, it was just the thing that came out of my mouth,” I said.
“So do you like Max or what?” I asked.
“I don’t know, I mean we have a really good time together and I’m attracted to him but God when he starts sporting stuff about how everyone’s loves him it just really really pisses me off and I remember how many girls’ hearts he’s broken do not cared about and I hate him,” I said confused.
“Maybe you should tell him that because he obviously likes you,” Maria said.
“No way could you ever imagine me and max talking about our feelings?” I asked.
“No,” Maria said truthfully and I laughed. God who would have thought all this would happen in the space of one day?

Can I say ouch? God she would rather date a pineapple? At least I don’t have pricks. I might be a prick sometimes but I don’t have them. OH I can’t believe she knows I like her and then basically told me she wouldn’t date me if I was the last person on earth because she’s got her pineapples. Well I have to say that hurt I mean I thought she was starting to like me, how wrong could I be. I should really stop these feelings for her. Oh crap I hate this. Should I go up there? I mean we’re meant to be dating and I’m down here and she’s up there. What will people think? Okay I will go up there. I said and then stand up. Then I get an idea okay Lizzy may not like me but I can make her laugh. I might just stop into the nearest shop. If she wants a pineapple. She’s going to get a pineapple.


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authors note: Thank you all for your feedback. once again sorry if you don't understnad some of the words just ask me. I did try to use american words (like son of a bitch, no-one in England EVER says that)

This part is quite short because I haven't had much time to write. I'll try and post part six soon.


I juts got off the phone with Maria when I heard the doorbell go. I got off my bed to go and answer the door. I opened the door and burst out laughing. There stood max Evans with his arms outstretched with a pineapple in it. It looked really cute standing there.

“How about both?” he asked and I laughed even harder.

“Max, I don’t even like pinapples,” I said laughing.

“If you don’t like them then why would you want to date one?” He asked as I let him in. I realised that the pineapple was Max’s weird way of saying sorry.

“I don’t like you either,” I joked and I gestured for him to sit down on the couch. He laughed.

“Good point,” He said and after I put my pineapple on the kitchen table I sat down next to him. He put his arm on the back of the couch and faced me.

“So am I forgiven?” He asked.

“You didn’t actually do much, I just got stressy,” I said, God what is happening to me, I’m saying Max wasn’t at fault!

“No change there then,” Max joked and I hit him.

“Meanie,” I said sticking my tongue out at him. Oh God could I be more obvious half an hour ago I was telling him I’ld rather date a pineapple and now I’m flirting with him!!!! I hate the max makes me do that. Barstad!

“You know you love me,” He said smiling.

“The only person who loves Max Evans is Max Evans,” I said and max laughed.

“You really have issues with me being full of myself don’t you.”

“I only comment on the things that are shoved into my face,” I said.

“WHAT THE HELL IS HE SHOVING IN YOUR FACE?!” Michael boomed I jumped up. Max looked as shocked as I was. At first I was wondering what the hell was wrong him. Then I realised he much be thinking max was putting a certain part of his anatomy in my face.

“Oh my god Parker, you scared the crap out of me,” Max said.

“You get the hell away from my sister,” Michael growled and I was actually a bit scared at Michael’s attitude, you would think he was my father.

“Oh grow up Michael she aint your property,” Max said giving one of those you’re-so-pathetic-and-I’m-so-much-better-than-you kooks. I know all about those looks, I master in those looks.

“Well at least I care about her,” Michael said.

“And what makes you think I don’t care about her?”

“Oh common you juts think of her as a sex object,” Michael growled.

“No I don’t I happen to really care about your sister,” max said, you know he’s a good liar I nearly believed him.

“ALRIGHT SHUT IT!” I scream deciding I’ve had enough they look at me scared. “SIT!” I yell and they both sit down.

“Okay listen to me, Michale I am dating Max so deal with it, stop being so overprotective you’re not dad and Max I can fight my own batt;es I don’t need a knight-in-shining-armour. Now apoligise.

“I’m sorry Liz,” Max said

“Yeah Liz sorry,” Michael said looking at his shoes.

“Not to me you idiots to each other,” I exclaimed rolling my eyes how stupid can men be!

“No way am I apologising to that arrogant son of a bitch,” Michael said and then stormed out of the room. God how many times can one person storm away in one day!!!

“My best friend just called me a son of a bitch,” Max said looking shocked.

“That’s because you are one,” I said and Max stuck his tongue out at me. “Do you wanna watch a movie?” I asked.

“Yeah go on,” Max said and then we settled on the couch his arm around me. Okay with the way Michael’s going he aint going to lst long so I might as well take advantage of Max while I can. Deciding this I snuggle close to Max and as the film continues I feel my eyelids dropping.


I yawn as the credits roll by on the screen at the end on the film. I look down at Lizzy and notice she’s asleep. OMG she’s actually looks sweet when she’s asleep. Who would have ever thought it, Lizzy Parker would EVER look sweet! This is way to funny. But the problem is she doesn’t just look sweet she looks drop dead gorgeous. I love the way she her lips are turned up slightly at the sides and the way her soft brown locks lie on her shoulders surrounding her GORGEOUS face. OH God I just thought of Liz’s locks!!! I’m so totally screwed. I can’t even move because she’s lieing on top of me well not comepletely I wouldn’t mind it if she was though.
I was about to wake her when I thought Oh God if Lizzy gets grumpy when she’s wide awake what’s she going to be like when she has just woken up!!! Oh my God!!!! That would be like really evil!!!

Oh God she’s stirring is she going to wake out and then be evil and mean?

Oh no, this is not a good time. I thought why does it always happen to you when you really don’t want it to. It can be really embarrassing I mean my leg falling asleep is like evil when you have a goddess lying on top of you. I try to shake my leg without her waking but fail and stirs and then opens her eyes.

She looks really sweet like that Oh what would I give to just kiss her sweet lips.

“Hey,” She says quietly.


“What time is it?” She asked. I looked up at the clock.

“Ten,” I told her and she then yawned and then got off me.

“Where’s my darling brother?”

“Hasn’t left his room,” I told her then shaking my leg trying to get rid of those damn pins and needles.

“Oh God Mom and Dad are going to be pleased when they find out we’ve had a fight,” Liz said.

“When do they get back?” I asked.

“Tomorrow,” Liz said she put her head on the arm rest of the couch and then put her feet on me.

“If you expect me to give you a foot rub you better forget it,” I told her.

“I’m not looking for a foot rub, my feet are fine, I’m looking for a bed but seeing as I don’t have one, you’ll have to do," She said closing her eyes.

“Why are you so tired?” I asked moving her feet off me and then went into the kitchen looking for something to eat. That has to be the best thing about the Parker’s they always have the nicest food here. I love Mrs Parker.
“You know that English essay?” She asked not moving for her couch or opening her eyes.

“Yeah,” I told her smiling at how sweet she looked when she rubbed her nose.

“Well I was ill when we were told about that and nobody mentioned it to me until yesterday so I had to spend all of last night writing it out to hand it in 1st period,” She said.

“Poor you that took me two weeks to write,” I told her.

“What are you doing?” She asked looking up.

“Getting something to at do you want me to get you something?” I asked as I made a sandwich.

“You do realise that I live here and not you?” She asked.

“Yeah but you’re busy sleeping,” I told her,

“I’m not sleeping at the moment.”

“Just go to sleep Lizzy, I was thinking of going to have a talk with your darlin’ brother.”

“Do you think that’s such a good idea?” Liz asked

“What me and Michael are best mates you know, I may want to piss him off but I don’t want to completely destroy our friendship,” I told her.

“Yeah that’s not what I’m worried about, I know what a smooth talker you are, what if you go in there make Michael feel better then he wont ever crack and you and me will have to pretend to love each other forever,” Lizzy said.

“You think I’m a smooth talker?” I asked grinning, a cushion came flying towards my head but I dodged it.

“Shut up Evans you know that if it wasn’t for Michael I would NEVER kiss you,” Liz told me she’s so mean!!! I dio have feelings girl!

“Yeah and you think I would be in a relationship if I had a choice especiallyu one where I can’t even get a good fuck,” I said. If she wants to be mean to her, I will just retaliate.

“I just can’t wait until Michael cracks in a public place and then we can humiliate him by telling him that it was all a set up to make him pissed,” Lizzy said.

“Yeah well you know how stupidly over protective Michael is he’ll crack by tomorrow lunch time probably.”

“We’ll have to do something tomorrow lunch to make him crack,” Lizzy said.

“Yeah we’ll have to think about it,” I say taking a bite out of my sandwich. What will bring Michael down?????

I don’t believe those barstads. He’s meant to be my fucking best friend and she’s my sister!!! They are only tricking me; I should have known I mean Evans and Liz. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!! I guess you’re wondering how I know what those idiots are planning. Well I was hungry actually I’m still hungry kind of got distracted. So I went quietly out of my bedroom not wanting Max or Liz to see me when I heard them talking about how this was just a trick to make me crack and humiliate me. Well I’m going to have to humiliate them, I just haven’t decided how but it’s going to be evil, nasty and most important, embarrassing for the both of them.

I have to say there are pretty good actors I really thought they really liked each other. You know I wouldn’t have expected this from Liz Max definitely bu8t Liz, I really most have done evil things to her if she’s dating Max Evans to spite me.

Well well Little sister you are going to wish you never tried to trick me.


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authors note: okay this part is different to the others. I kinda realised that max, Liz and michael were the onyl ones that were in the story so I put a bit in from the others. This part isn't that funny btw, well I don't think it is.

Thanks you all 4 fb.

Part SIX

So here I am sitting at the Parker’s kitchen table holding hands with Liz eating breakfast waiting for Michael to come out of his bedroom.
“When is your damn brother getting out here?” I whisper quietly.
“I don’t know, maybe he’s run away because he so distressed about us being together,” Liz joked. I didn’t laugh.
“if this thing is still going on by tonight you wanna see a movie?” I ask. OMG I’m asking Lizzy out on a date.
“Yeah as long as we don’t see the new arnie film,” She agreed.
“Well you better not drag me to some cr4ap chick flick.”
“But darling if we go and see a chick flick we’ll be able to snuggle,” Lizzy said and I laughed

“Maybe we should go to one of those really old films that no-one ever goes to and we can do a bit more than snuggling,” I said raising my eyebrows.

”Not a chance in hell,” Lizzy told me. We both looked up when we heard the frount door open. Shit her parents are back.

”Max, it’s nice seeing you here,” Mrs Parker said as she and her husband enter their apartment.

”Hey Mrs P, Mr P. did you enjoy your trip?” I ask suddenly aware that I’m standing her with nothing but some boxers on.
“Yeah it was good. Come here Liz and give your olf dad a hug,” Mr parker said and then Liz hugged her father. She hugged her mother after that.

”So Max where’s Michael?” Mr Parker asked me.

”He’s in his room he was still sleeping when I woke up,” I lied.

”Oh well would you be a star max and go and wake him up?” Mrs Parker asked me and I quickly nodded and ran to Michael’s room.

”Dude you’ve got to help me,” I asid as I closed the door behind me.

”Max,” Michael said frowning.

”Yes that’s my name and I am your best friend, your parents just got back and I need you to cover for me and Liz,” I said. What am I doing Michael will never agree to this. He’s hating me right now.

”Oh you mean lie to my own parents about what you and Liz were doing really loudly last night?” Michael asked glaring at me.

”If you don’t I’ll tell you’re parents you aint a virgin,” I try blackmail it’s my best way of getting out of this hole.

”Yeah and I’ll tell my parents you aint a virgin either and you’re dating my sister,” Michael said. Damn it he has more on me. I can just imagine Mr Parker throwing me off Liz’s balcony if he knew about some of the stuff I have done.

”Oh common Michael, you’re my best friend, I know you’re upset about me and Liz but please I know you’re dad owns a shot gun, don’t let them know I wasn’t in here last night,” I beg. Michale is standing there smiling. Barstad.

”Whatever,” Michael said and then left his room. Was that a yes? Well it better be or I’ll tell his parents he does drugs. Okay he doesn’t but they’d trust me right????

”Hey son,” Mr parker said when Michael entered the room with me following Michael.
“Mom, Dad,” Michael said and then st down at the table and poured hiself some cornflakes.

”So what’s been going on while we’ve been away?” Mrs parker asked. Me and Lizzy exchanged a look wondering whether Michael will tell her parents about us.

”max and Liz are now dating,” Michael says through his cornflakes.

”Michael don’t speak with your mouth fu- What?” mrs Parker said she looked shocked.

”Yeah they got together yesterday,” Michael said. Have I mentioned how much I want to kill him. Barstad.

”really?” Mrs Parker asked looking between me and Liz.

”Yeah,” Liz said blushing.

”Hah I was right,” Mr Parker said.

”Right about what?” Michael asked.

”I always told your mother that Liz and Max liked each other.” I smiled when he said that but I could practically see the steam coming out of Michael’s ears. Revenge is sweet my sear friend.


Okay embarrassing or what! Michael telling mom and dad while max was topless that we are dating! Can I just say OH MY GOD MAX TOPLESS!!! I thought I had dies and gone to heaven where the most gorgeous man in the world was sleeping next to me in the BED! TOPLESS! I really hate Max why does he have to be so drop dead gorgeous??? Actually why does he have to be such a jerk it would be fine if he was gorgeous and a nice person.

But back to what I am doing at this moment. I am spending as long as I can in the shower because I know when I got out I will have to go through what Max is probably going through at the moment. Millions of questions from my parents. Mom will ask me embarrassing stuff like have I know that I like him forever and dad will ask embarrassing stuff like if we’ve had sex last yet. Can I say EWWWWWWW I hate it when my parents mention sex, it’s so creepy. I don’t want to know, I happen to like the stalk theory.

I turn the shower off then wrapp a towel round me and walk into my room where Max is lying on my bed.

”max what the hell are you doing here you nearly gave me a heart attack.”

”I missed you sweetie,” he said sarcasticallybut I just tightened my grip on my towel. God |I would die if he saw me naked.

”yeah well will you please go and miss me in anther room, I neeed to get dressed,” I tell him.
“Can’t I stay and watch?” He asked with a cheeky grin on his face. Sex-crazed jerk.

”No you can’t get out,” I tell him and start swatting him with a rolled up magazine.

”okay okay, keep your hair on I’ll see you in a moment sweetie pie,” he said and then before I could hit him again he ran out of my room.

I manage to get dressed quite quickly, because last night I could sleep so I had planned out what I was going wear for the next three years!
“max you ready to go?” I ask as I leave my room.

”Sure, I’ll see you later Mr and Mrs Parker,” he asid and then got up from the kitchen table. I said goodbye to my parents.

”Hey babe you are looking fantastic,” Max said to me I tried not to grin at his compliment.

”Babe?” I ask raising my eyebrows at him.

”What I’m trying new names on you,” max said.

”Oooo I could do that too, what about annoying barstad,” I said grinning up at him.

”I said new, Lizzypie,” max said and I laughed. Maybe this thing with max wouldn’t be too bad. But I can tell you I can’t wait until. Lunch.

Okay I have to tell you, I am actually in favour of this fake thing between Max and Liz maybe it might make them realise that they belong to each other! You see I am Liz’s best friend in the whole entire universe, but I am also friends with Max. Well secret friends, if Liz knew I was good friends with Max she would kill me and the same with max and Michael. Err Michael Parker, he’s such an annoying full of himself, chauvinistic, sex obsessed JERK!. You know Liz once tried to tell me I was hot for him. I mean how funny is that? Me wanting Michael Parker! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! So he might have a gorgeous body and he might help little old ladies across the road but he is still a barstad. But anyway back to me and Max. You see I went to this summer camp thing when I was thirteen very embarrassing because it was for kids who were having trouble socialising, yes I know I went through some issues when I was 13 my dad left and stuff but who else is there a certain max Evans. We basically told the other one what had happened to them to make them so quiet and he’s the reason I’m so loud now. He really helped me and he is the nicest guy in the world once you get past the whole must fuck girls thing.

But me and Max decided that it would be our little secret. No-one else had gone through what we had gone through so we would be private friends. You know if Liz is busy I’ll hang out with Max. Or if I want guy advice I’ll ask Max. If I feel upset about my dad I’ll also go and see Max.

So with me being friends with both Liz and max I know that the two of them BELONG together. They both love the same music, the same films, the same TV programmes and they DEFINITELY have the same sense of humour. They are perfect for each other and I am fed up of them not being together, so I happen to think that this little pay back on Michael will be the perfect time for the two for them to realise that they should be completely in love!

So even though I told Liz I would try and help them make Michael break, I’m not going to do that. Aren’t I a bad girl. I am going to try and be very very nice to Michael (it’s gonna be very very hard) and make him realise that Liz and max fucking isn’t that bad. I just hope when max and Liz have three perfect kids and a perfect marriage they’ll remember how much I gave up for their happiness. I mean who am I now going to use as my verbal punch bag???

Oh my God what is Donna Arrington wearing??? So last season!!! OH MY GOD IT’S TRUE!!! My brother has a girlfriend and not just any girlfriend but Elizabeth Parker. I give it one more day before he says something sexist and she realises that she was right all alone and he is a the barstad everyone thinks he is. I still haven’t forgiven him for last week when I was having a sleepover with Halley Murdock he ended up fucking Halley all night. The barstad is always stealing my fun and where as Max thinks I’m a disgrace to the family she thinks max is a fucking saint. If she knew what he got up to half the time when he was meant to be at Michael’s. Actually from what it looks like he was really at Michael’s house last night. What I can’t get is why Liz is going out with him. She’s the bitch that has always put him down. I may not be Max’s biggest fan but he is my brother and I should be the only one that puts him down!!!

Oh crap here comes Sarah Mitchell. Oh my God she’s wearing the same dress that I was wearing last Monday. That bitch is going down. Nobody copies Isabel Evans and gets away with it.


What is wrong with me why do I always fall for the worst possible people I mean my music teacher last year and this year Isabel Evans. I think this year's choice is even worse at least my music teacher was nice person she may have looked like a cows behind but she was really nice. But Isabel she’s gorgeous but Satan in disguise.

She once put a guy in hospital you know? He said she was wearing the most unstylish shoes and she hit him. Broke his jaw as well. So why the hell do I want to be with her. You’re probably thinking because you’re a guy and she’s hot, but that’s not it. I’ve never even liked blondes before; it’s always been red heads. But there’s something about her, something mysterious, something gorgeous. But hey I like my jaw just the way it is, perfectly fine so I don’t think I will pursue my new love.


You have no idea how hard it was to not punch max when he slid his hand up Liz’s skirt on the way to school. Mom and Dad said it was stupid for the three of us to go in two cars when we were all going to the same place so we had to go together. And of course I had to drive, while max and Liz make out in the back. I keep telling myself that they’re acting but God they’re so God damn believable!

I have to say well done to max though. He knew this would push my buttons and It sure as hell has. All I need to do is think up something really really bad. But I think at the moment the worst thing I could do is make them stay together. I mean I know how much Liz hates Max okay Max probably does enjoy having his tongue down my sister’s throat but I can’t annoy both max and Liz at the same time. So I am going to be the loving brother pretend like I don’t care, like I’m happy for them while all the time I’ll be plotting how to destroy them. Oh revenge is sweet.

What I need to do now is- Oh god it’s Maria DeLuka, if there was an Olympic for fastest talker she would definitely get the gold.

”hey Michael,” She said smiling sweetly she also said it slowly she wants something I can tell.

”DeLuka,” I said eyeing her suspiciously.

”What?” She asked looking confused.

”Why are you so cheery?” I asked.

”I’m always cheery Michael you know that,” She said with a grin. Okay she’s scaring me.

”Yeah to the whole school except me,” I told her.

”Look I just think it’s time we bury the rift that is between us, I would really like to be friends,” Maria said.

”Friends?” I ask.

”Yes friends so will you walk me to class?” She asked.

”Walk you to class?”

”Yes walk me to class and will you stop repeating everything I say?” She asked annoyed.

”Still wanna be friends?” I ask.

”Yes now common. Oh and my car is in the shop so will you drop me off at the mall alter, Oh actually you can come shopping with me, Oh we’ll have so much fun we can go into…”

There it is. Maria-I-talk-more-in-one-minute-than-normal-people-do-in-a-year-Deluka planning on ragging me, Michael Parker on a shopping trip. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!


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authors note: Hey everyone! Thanks for the fb. Sorry it's taken so long to reply blame my damn school. Anyway heres the next part.
“So what was it like sleeping in the same bed and Mr Evans? Did he kiss you, did he press his bare chest up to you and then you had wild animal sex all night?” Maria asked when she came up to me as I left my biology classroom ready to go and work out my plan with max to make Michael crack (it’s lunch).

”Maria calm down girl, we did not have sex all night,” I said rolling my eyes. Maria is way to happy I mean common it’s like eight in the morning.

”Common Liz tell me all about it? I got your text message saying he had come round an apologised and something about a pineapple but you did tell me like anything else,” Maria said.

”Well the pineapple thing was that you know I told you I said I would rather date a pineapple than him, well he came round with his big I’m sorry eyes holding this pineapple and he said I deserved both,” I said.

”Wow that’s romantic,” Maria said sarcastically and I hit her.

”Why would Max want to be romantic with me?” I asked turning away from Maria.

”Because he’s in love with you,” Maria said and I fake laughed.

”Shut up Maria, the only thing max is in love with is his reflection,” I said.

”Well I think he likes you wait-“

”Yeah and you also think that Freddie Prince Jr is good looking,” I said interrupting my best friend.

”If you would let me finish I would remind you about how Max sang a certain song about you,” Maria said and I smiled at the memory of that song. I burst out laughing.

”Maria, Max was drunk when he sang that he doesn’t mean anything from it.”

”Liz why don’t you want him to like you?” Maria asked me.

”What do you mean?” I asked.

”Normal people would be thrilled to have someone tell them that Max Evans loves them,” Maria told me.

”What’s so great about normal?” I said and then walked off.


AHHHH that girl can be so annoying sometimes; she and Max would be perfect together. Speak of the devil.

”Max!” I call out to my secret best friend. He looks at me and then rolls his eyes. What is that meant to mean. Barstad.

”Hey Maria look I really have to go do something.” Max said looking distracted.

”Do what?” I asked putting my hands on my hips.

”Err I have to go… pee!” He said

”Pee?” I asked sceptically.

”Yes so will you please move out of my way before I wet myself,” Max says. I raise an eyebrow.

”I don’t give a damn whether you have to go save the world I want to talk to you about something,” I said,” And you shouldn’t lie to your friends Max Evans.”

”Fine Maria if you must know it’s to do with that you know thing between me and Lizzy,” Max said.

”What about it?” I asked.

“We have a plan on how to make Michael burst,” Max said smiling. OH CRAP!!! All ready but I haven’t spoken to Michael yet.

”What?” I ask.

”Well what’s going to happen is me and Liz are going to start fighting in the middle of the quad and then when everyone is watching, Michael is in that everybody, Liz is going to say something like I can’t believe you slept with someone else while we’re were dating, and then she’ll forgive me,” Max said smiling.


”And Michael will burst,” Max said.


”Because if he thinks Liz is just being used he’ll just blow up,” Max said frowning.

”How exactly will Michael get humiliated?” I asked.

”Well he’ll start yelling and screaming and look stupid,” Max said.

”He’ll probably just punch you,” I said.

”Well what do you suppose we do?” Max asked folding his arms.

“Do the same thing but do it in a public place like the mall in a few days,” I told him.

”Why in a few days?”

”Well you have to make sure that Michael is really really mad with you two.” I lied.

”Makes sense,” Max said.

”Yeah well that’s me so why don’t you go find Liz and tell her change of plan,” I said then went off to look for Michael.

I finally find him coming out of the Men’s so I go up to him.

”Michael I need to talk to you,” I said then grabbed his arm and started walking towards the car park.

”What the hell do you think you’re doing?” He asked me.

”We’re going for a drive,” I said stopping next to his car well his and Liz’s.


”I need to tell you something,” I said.

”About?” He asked.

”Max and Liz’s Charade,” I said. Then put my hand to my mouth. Oops I wasn’t meant to tell him that until we were far far away from the school.

”Fine,” he said and then unlocked the car. What! I basically just told him his siter and max aren’t going out and he acted like he didn’t care! Maybe he just didn’t hear it, or maybe he’s so stupid that he doesn’t know what a charade is. It’s probably that.


I turn off the engine when we reach the desert and turn to look at Maria.

”Okay tell me,” I said.

”Okay well by the way the only reason I’m telling you this is because I don’t agree with it and I think it’s cruel, but this Max and Liz thing is fake,” She said she then closed her eys expecting my to start screaming and shouting.

”I know,” I said and she looked shocked.

”yeah right, you’re just saying that so you don’t look stupid, well stupider,” Maria said.

”I’m not I heard them last night say it was all for show and it was fake.” I told her.

”Why haven’t you told them you know them?” Maria asked me confused.

”Oh common you know Liz and Max and at the moment the best punishment I can give them at the moment is make them stay together,” I said, I noticed her smile. “What’s that for?”

”What for?”

”That smile?”

”I was just thinking that’s a good idea I mean common Max and Liz together,” She said and then laughed.

”Yeah, I didn’t really believe it,” I lied and she raised her eyebrow.

”Yeah right Parker,” She said. God she’s annoying.


”Hey gorgeous,” I said as I came up to Lizzy and wrapped my arms around her and Alex.

”Hey,” She said and turned around to kiss me.

”You okay?” I asked holding her hands in mine.

”Great what about you?” She asked.

I leant over to whisper in her ear, “Don’t fight.” She giggled pretending I had said something funny.

”Ugh you guys are so sickly,” Alex said rolling his eyes.

”Nothing wrong with showing that we like each other,” I said as the three of us sat down at a table.

”Oh yeah I thought I should tell you some people think that the only reason you two are together is to try and make you even more popular and get more attention,” Alex told us.

”What! What a load of rubbish why would we date for attention!” Lizzy exclaimed sounding VERY annoyed. Everyone who was outside looked at us.

”Look it’s just people who are jealous who are saying it most people are saying how obvious it was that you two would get together and think you’re a really sweet couple.”

We’re a sweet couple! Cool, God I’m glad Maria’s not here she would just start going on about how we’re made for each other. Ever since we’ve been friends, Maria’s been trying to get me to ask Liz out. I don’t know why she is so for me and Liz going out but it’s probably one of MANY reasons why I’ve never asked her before.

”So are you two going to the party at the old soap factory?” Alex asked taking a bite out of his sandwich.

”Yeah I think so,” I said looking at Lizzy and she nodded.

”Of course,” She said smiling up at me and I bent down to kiss her. I love doing that!

”Cool,” Alex said.

”You going stag?” I asked him feeding Lizzy some yoghurt.

”Yeah,” He said and blushed.

”What’s that blush for Whitman?” Lizzy asked taking a chip form me.

”Blush what blush?” Alex asked.

”The one on your face right now,” I said smiling.

”I’m not blushing it’s just hot,” Alex said.

”it’s Roswell, it’s hot for 365 days a year but you Mr Whitman do not walk around like a tomato 365,” Lizzy said.

”She’s right dude you have a crush on someone.”

”I don’t have a crush on anyone,” Alex lied, well I think he lied and I’m always right (joke).

”Yeah and me and Max are going out to get more popular,” Liz said laughing.

”I don’t like anyone so drop it will you,” Alex said sounding annoyed. Touchy.

”Okay Alex calm down,” Lizzy said looking at me with raised eyebrows.

”MAX!” I hear the screech otherwise know as my sister.

”Isabel,” I said looking at her. She glared at Lizzy. How dare she glare at my girlfriend. Wait I did not just call Lizzy my girlfriend. Oh Crap I’m so screwed.

”You didn’t come home last night,” She said with a raised eyebrow looking at Lizzy who was just glaring back at Isabel. Did I mention that Isabel and Lizzy don’t get on?

”Yeah I was at Michael’s,” I said she finally looked at me.

”I needed to talk to you,” Isabel said.

”About?” I asked.

”Look Max can I just talk to you?” She asked.

”Talk away,” I said. She didn’t answer me with words, she just pulled me off Liz and dragged me away from the table.

”What the hell are you doing?” I asked.

”Dad rang.” Just those two words nearly made me puke.


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posted on 11-Mar-2002 12:39:31 PM by miss_Roswell
Hey all I just want to let you all know that Max and Isabel live with their mom and not their dad, they haven't seen their dad for years. Just thought you should know that. Okay thanks.
posted on 4-Apr-2002 7:32:00 AM by miss_Roswell

Okay People I know I haven't posted for WEEKS but I'm having a complete block at the moment can't think of anything to wirte I did have a plan for how this story was going to go but now I'm not too sure it'll work. So that's why I haven't posted anything for ages.

Bye bye thanks for all the feedback I love you people.