The End of the World
Name: Zoey T. (roswells_angel)
Summary: A new character enters the groups’ lives and things become very complicated very fast...
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell, it’s characters, yada, yada...
Category: M & L
Rating: R (involves suicide attempts, etc.)
Author’s Note: Angel Thomas is a character of my own creation, based on two of my best friends, Ziah and Rachelle, and me, so no one’s allowed to use her without permission, unless it’s just a fanfic, otherwise LEAVE HER BE!!! Thanx! I hope you like this fic! Feedback, please. Post EOTW (about 3 wks. later).
Part 1: The Dream
She stood on the edge of the cliff, her dark brown hair whipping around her face in the wind.
He stood about one hundred yards away, his bare feet sinking into the cool desert sand.
Though she had her back to him, he could tell she was crying through their ever-present connection.
As he tried to determine why, he saw her kneel down next to the black book bag at her feet. his eyes widened when they fell upon the knife, its razor-sharp edge gleaming in the moonlight.
She once again stood up and stared up at the clear sky. He began toward her, but stopped when she began to speak, his heart clenching with surprise, dread, pain, and sorrow.
“I love you, Max!” Liz Parker yelled at the stars, bringing the knife to her wrist and pressing the sharp edge into her delicate skin. She bit her bottom lip as a thin red line appeared on her wrist and began to roll down her arm.
“I love you, too,” Max Evans murmured, taking another step toward her.
Liz didn’t seem to have heard him. She continued to stare at the dark sky above.
“I love you, and I can’t do it anymore!” Another line of blood appeared on Liz’s arm. “I can’t deal with pushing you away anymore. You won’t listen to what I say, or pay attention to what you see with your own eyes. I’ll obviously have to die before you’ll go to Tess.” Another red line of blood. “And if that’s what I have to do to save you and the others,” she cried as she raised the knife again, “then so be it.” And she flung the knife down toward her wrist.
“LIZ!!!” Max screamed, rushing toward her as she began to collapse to the ground.
And then there was nothing but black.

Part 2: The Realization
Max’s eyes snapped open. He sat up and stared around his room, taking in the clothes on the floor and his disorderly desk. He groggily stretched his arms over his head, trying to figure out why he’d woken so early.
Then the memory of the dream forced its way into Max’s sleep-fogged mind. He was immediately wide awake, his body once again breaking out in a cold sweat.
What was with that dream? He’d had some very messed up dreams, but never one where Liz, nor anybody else, was trying to kill themselves. Why would he start now?
Then it hit him. He’d been in Liz’s dream. That’s what it was. And she’d been upset. Very upset. But that didn’t make sense; she was happy. Happy without him.
Max felt his stomach clench painfully. The memory of seeing her in bed with Kyle Valenti was still fresh in his mind, no matter how hard he tried to block it out. She loved Kyle now, not him.
But that didn’t make sense, either. She’d said she loved him and that she was doing what she was to save him and the rest of the group. But what was she doing? And why?
Max shook his head, not knowing the answers and still to sleepy to really think about it.
Standing, Max walked to the door and down the hall. A shower would help him wake up and think. And once he was finished, he was going to go confront Liz about what he’d seen.

Part 3: The Visitor
Liz sat straight up in bed, sobs escaping her lips and tears rolling down her cheeks. That was the third time this week! She was tired of watching her self-inflicted death.
She knew it was some kind of premonition, but she refused to think about it. It was too big, too complicated, too close to home.
Shaking her head, Liz got out of bed and started toward her bathroom. As she passed her window, she noticed someone on her balcony. Doubling back, she found that it was a thin, curly-brown-haired girl.
The girl was asleep on the lounge chair where Liz usually wrote in her journal. Sleep made her look as serene and innocent as a five-year-old, but in body she looked about sixteen.
As Liz watched, the girl stirred. Her lashes fluttered, and, rolling toward the window where Liz stood, she opened a pair of blue-gray eyes.
Looking up, the girl looked up and seemed startled to see Liz, but she quickly recovered. Rising, the girl walked steadily to the window, her blue duffle bag in tow.
Liz, without thinking twice, pushed open the window. The two girls regarded each other curiously, looking each other over.
Liz noticed the other girl as taller than her, about 5’8”, and that she was wearing only a tattered pair of jeans and a navy blue sweater over a baby-blue baby tee.
Finally, Liz spoke. “Who... who are you?” she asked quietly, dropping her eyes for a moment before once again pinning them on the uncomfortable teen on the other side of the windowsill.
“The name’s Angel. Angel Thomas. I needed someplace to stay and I was pretty sure you wouldn’t notice if I crashed on your balcony for the night, but,” Angel shrugged, “I guess I was wrong.”
Liz stared at Angel for another moment, the spoke again, her words tumbling over each other. “How old are you? Where did you come from? Why aren’t you sleeping in your bed at your own home?” Liz blurted in a single breath.
Angel took her time answering. “I’m sixteen and a half, I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, and I don’t have a home to sleep in.” Angel sighed. “At least, not anymore.”
Liz immediately regretted her blurting when she saw the younger girl’s eyes cloud over with pain. “Hey! I have an idea,” she said, deciding she needed to give normal life a chance, no matter what was going on in her life at the moment. “How about if you stay here with me for a while and work in the Cafe until you have enough money to get your own place?” Liz suggested, a small smile coming to her lips. “It may take some major persuasion, but I’m sure my parents won’t mind too much.”
Angel’s eyes widened slightly, the clouds leaving her eyes. “You’d do that for me, even though you don’t even know me?” Liz nodded. “Alright. That sounds great!” Angel did a tuck jump, then blushed. “Sorry,” she apologized. “Looks like my cheerleader tendencies are coming back.”
“No problem,” Liz replied, once again looking Angel over. Usually she wouldn’t trust strangers of any kind, but Angel seemed different somehow. Liz felt like she’d known her forever....
Liz shook her head, trying to focus her mind on a way to get her parents to let Angel stay instead of on why she was doing this.
“C’mon,” Liz insisted, a grin breaking across her face. “We’ve got some negotiating to do.”
And with that, the girls left the room.