Author JasonBfan
Disclaimer: I don't own anything Roswell related or the songs.
Summary: Liz is in her 80's looking back on her life..I'll explain who she is writing to later in the story...
Rating*tongue*G maybe higher later, I'll give plenty of notice beforehand
Note:This is based on Roswell's Pilot episode, but I want to go a different direction so it will be kind of alternate dimension, hopefully no Tess, I don't like her sorry. I really would like to know if you guys have any ideas, I have plenty of things planned for this story, but I can always fit more in if you like. The song I'm using at the beginning of each chapter is "Everyday I love you" by Boyzone (I love those Irish boybands hehe)
Feedback: I want bad feedback especially, I tend to ramble so if there is something you don't like or understand, please say so, and this is my first story so I expect tons of mistakes.
Dedications: Alysha, for helping me sort through all my ideas and get started with this.

I still need a title so all suggestions would be very appreciated.

~I don't know, but I believe
That some things were meant to be
And that you make a better me
Every day I love you~

It's September 29th. I'm Liz Parker and 72 years ago I died, for the first time that is, and I'm about to take my second journey, but from this one I won't be back. It's okay though, I'm at peace with dying, in fact it couldn't come soon enough, I'll be joining my one true love wherever he is. Heaven possibly? He is, after all an angel. He saved me from the day I was shot until the day he died and still...

Let me start from the beginning..

When I was 16, I had my whole life mapped out..I would graduate from West Roswell High with a 4.0 and go on to Harvard to study Molecular Biology with the hope of one day heading up that deapartment, but since when do things ever go exactly as planned right? It seems my destiny wasn't at Harvard, it was with an alien on another planet. It sounds weird, but it's true.

I was working at my family's restaraunt, The Crashdown Cafe, on September 19th 1999, I remember the day so clearly, like it was just yesterday. Max was at his usual table with his best friend Michael Guerin, and my best friend, Maria was waiting on the table of two men who in five minutes were going to change my life forever. The men, who Maria described as lookalikes of Beavis and Butthead, began arguing over money, one of them took out a gun and while they were struggling, it fired and I got shot. The next thing I remember is Max telling me to look into his eyes (not a problem), he had the most beautiful, soulful eyes... oops I'm digressing, back to the story. So anyway, Max healed me and then asked me to lie about it. That's when the adventure of my life began.