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Title: Terms
Rating: Pg-13
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Liz Parker walked down a hall towards AP Biology while one of her friends, Maria DeLuca, kept her up to date on the most recent happenings at West Roswell High. "Did you hear the news?" Maria suddenly interrupted herself.

At a loss, Liz tried to backtrack her way through their conversation. Either this was a test on her part to see if she had been listening (she hadn't) or Maria had actually forgotten to add something to her monologue. "No," Liz began uncertainly. From Maria's look, "the news" hadn't had anything to do with their current conversation, it was just another piece of info floating around the school that Maria had deemed important. "What?"

"There's a new student," Maria said in a hushed whisper, leaning towards her in a secretive manner. She received a few stares from other students, as she resembled someone telling a deep dark secret, possibly having to do with murder.

"So?" Liz retorted. Maria was nice, but sometimes Liz had to wonder if it were possible that her friend was related to the school gossip, Pam Troy. Maria could sometimes choose the littlest occurrence and blow it up into a big deal. "We're always getting new students."

"I know," Maria loudly hissed loudly, any chance at secrecy gone. Her appearance, combined with the fact that anyone across the hall would be able to hear her "whispers," had drawn the attention of passerbys, and some had stopped to subtly make sure they hadn't forgotten their books or something else. It made Liz want to roll her eyes at how dramatic Maria was acting, but despite her oddities, the other girl could be a true friend when she was needed. "But this one's deaf," Maria concluded in an excited whisper.

Liz's back stiffened. "What's the matter with that?" she replied defensively.

Maria looked surprised for a moment before returning to her usual chipper self. "Nothing," she chirped. "But isn't it exciting? A real deaf person in our school!"

The older girl looked at her with an expression mixed with bemusement and disdain. "What's the big deal? He or she's just deaf, not Britney Spears."

"It had better not be Britney," Maria giggled. "The new student's a guy, Liz," she said, as though Liz should have known all along. "But I just want to see how the guy's going to be able to deal," she defended herself.

"He'll probably be able to read lips or have someone along to help him out," Liz explained. "I doubt he'd be coming here if that were an issue."

Maria bobbed her head up and down in agreement. "You're right. I think someone said something about him having a sister. She could be helping him out." She suddenly stopped in front of a classroom."This is where I get off, see you later," Maria said with a smile.

"Later, Maria," Liz responded, returning the smile. "Maybe I'll see you at lunch," she continued, as a bell rung, signaling she was going to be late.

"Definitely," said the blond exuberantly, flashing a grin. "Especially if you're sitting with Michael." Maria gave a wave and disappeared into the classroom.

Liz stifled a laugh as she walked briskly down the hallway, hoping she'd wouldn't be too late to her class. Maria had had a crush on one of Liz's two best friends for as long as she could remember. The poor girl's affliction with Michael Guerin had been the reason why she had made friends with Liz in the first place, which the brunette was fully aware of. Two years later they were still friends, and Michael had yet to even acknowledge Maria's flirtations.

Coming to her classroom, Liz walked past the teacher as the final bell rang and made her way to her seat. Giving a wave to her best friend, Alex Whitman, who sat on the other side of the room, she settled down at her partnerless desk and waited for the teacher to begin.

"Page 153," the woman up front announced, beginning to draw some diagram on the blackboard. Five minutes into her lecture, she was interrupted by a knock on the door. She received a student carrying a note, which she read to herself before addressing the class. "People, we have a new student. Let's welcome Maxwell Evans."

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Part Two

Liz looked up uninterested, in comparison to the rest of the class. Thanks to Pam Troy and Maria DeLuca, the "news," more rumor than anything else, had traveled through the entire school before fourth period. Now everyone wanted to know whether the new student was actually deaf, or whether it was just another high school fabrication.

In her opinion, the whole affair had been blown out of proportion. So he was deaf, what was the fuss about? Looking around the room, Liz could see that almost every classmate of hers was on the edge of his or her seat, just waiting to see what would happen. She caught Alex's eye and he gave a slight "Isn't this funny?" grin before turning his attention towards the outside, as he sat next to a window. Leaning back, Liz rolled her eyes at the mock-drama of the situation. The rumor had yet to be confirmed, and even if it was, Liz saw no reason for these people to be treating the Evans kid differently than any other new kid. High school.

"He doesn't look deaf," came a loud whisper from the cheerleader section. Liz had always wondered how they had managed to get into AP Bio.

"I know," agreed another. "Way too much of a hottie."

Everyone eyed Maxwell Evans as the teacher addressed him. "You have your books...good...The assignment's on the board, we just got started." She received a nod and continued, facing him. "Would you like to tell the class anything about yourself?"

Maxwell looked hesitantly towards the eager class, then gave quick, "Sure." Turning towards them, he began, "My name's Max, and I just moved here from Pennsylvania. My sister Isabel's also going here."

The class looked disappointed when he finished. He had heard what the teacher had said and he had talked normally; the rumors had obviously just been rumors. The class let out a bored sigh as they prepared to return to normality once more. "I knew he was too hot to be death," let out the cheerleader who had spoken before.

Maxwell, or Max, as he apparently preferred, didn't seem notice, and asked the teacher where he should sit. Liz had already begun to clear her stuff off the other half of her desk, seeing as it was the only empty seat in the room. Indeed, the next words the teacher spoke were "Why don't you sit next to Liz? She'll be able to help you out if you have any problems."

Liz had to admit, as Max Evans neared the desk, that the guy was handsome. Tall, dark brown eyes, brown hair- he wasn't hard on the eyes. Their eyes met and Max gave a shy smile before sitting down. Turning to her, he asked, "Your name is Liz?"

"Yeah," she answered. "Max or Maxwell?"

"Max," he answered.

Liz gave a nod and pointed to the blackboard where the in-class assignment was written and the teacher was pointing. "We'd better get started," she suggested. Max didn't seem to have noticed what she had said, instead paying intense attention to the teacher. The independence that Liz had had while partnerless was truly going to be missed. Now she would have to depend on someone else to do his share of the work, and for all Liz knew, Evans was a slacker.

"Hey," she elbowed him. "Evans." Another elbow. 'Finally,' she thought as Max turned his attention towards her. "We need to get started if we're going to finish this by the end of class," Liz informed him. Max nodded and flipped through his book to the experiment.

They worked on the experiment in silence for a while, but it wasn't long before Liz felt the stares on her and Evans. Out of the corner of her eye she was able to see nearly half of the class looking at her lab partner. 'Freaky.'

As the stares became more and more obvious, Liz began to feel sympathetic for Evans. He hadn't done anything to deserve this. Hell, even if he was deaf he hadn't done anything to deserve it. Now for the rest of his time at West Roswell he would probably be known as "Deaf Evans," or something along that lines.

Liz and Max moved through the simple experiment without much talking. After they had divided up the responsibilities, both moved to their own side and worked deftly on the project; Liz completing the experiment and Max recording the general observations. Once done, they both gathered up their belongings and sat in silence until the bell rang.

Liz was lost in her own thoughts when she felt someone tap her shoulder. She looked up to see Evans, who told her the bell had rung. "Thanks," she muttered as few remaining teenagers filed out the door. She began to follow them, Max behind her, when she turned suddenly.

"Look, Evans, I just want to apologize for the rest of them...Roswell is really dull, so when we get someone new everybody's really nosy about it," Liz said.

Max laughed softly. "Yeah, I noticed."

"It wasn't even really about you," she concluded. "There was just a rumor going around that the new student- a guy- was deaf," Liz explained with a shrug. "They just got all excited at the chance to meet someone deaf, God knows why."

Max looked away for a moment, though the whole time Liz had been speaking he hadn't met her eyes, instead opting for somewhere slightly above neckline. Liz hadn't noticed, having been looking round the room during her small speech, but had anyone else noticed his gaze, they might have hissed to Liz to check her top.

"Anyway," she continued, "I just wanted to apologize for them. The gossips started some rumor about you being deaf, and they can all be pretty immature when the mood fits them..." Liz trailed off.

"It's not a big deal," Max reassured her. "I've gotten used to it." Liz snapped her eyes to Max, favoring him to the Bunsen burner on one of the desks. It was then she noticed where his eyes were.

"Oh," Liz said, aware that her cheeks must be turning bright red by the second. "So," she asked distractedly, "Is this your lunch period?" She should have been paying better attention, Liz berated herself.

"It's okay, Liz." Max said, still facing her as he began to walk towards the door. "Don't feel bad. It's happened before."

With that Liz was left alone in the classroom, staring at the door Evans had just gone through. Ashamed and embarrassed, she sat down in one of the chairs for a moment. Then, taking a breath, she got up and headed for the door.

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Thanks to everyonce for their great feedback, it's really nice. I hope you guys are going to like where I'm going with the story, but we'll just have to see.

I haven't been giving any summaries, because I feel they give away the first few chapters of the story (which is usually as far as I post, due to lack of fb).

So, without further ado, here's the new part. Hope you enjoy, and thank you for the fabulous feedback!


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Part Three

"Move it Guerin," Liz grunted as she dropped down on a bench in the Quad.

"Aren't we cheerful today," the teenager noted as he moved to allow room for his friend at the table. "What got stuck up your ass?"

"Whitman eating lunch with us today?" Liz asked, ignoring the question. "In other words, am I eating now or waiting for him?"

Michael motioned to the sandwich he was halfway through already. "I'd go ahead. I passed him in the hall before coming here and he made some comment about Venus coming to earth." He rolled his eyes to show how stupid he thought the whole thing sounded and took another bite.

"You'd think," Liz commented, "That after the Pam Troy incident he might be the slightest bit crushed." She got out a sandwich from her back pack, made a face at it, and began to remove the plastic wrap. "I mean, only two weeks ago, that girl was leading him on, stopping only short of sex, before requesting ever-so-sweetly that he hack into the school's files and change her grades," Liz finished, picking apart her sandwich to see if it was still edible.

Michael nodded. "Most of us, yeah, but Whitman's got that whole optimism thing going for him." He watched as Liz suspiciously began to take a bite of her sandwich. "You know, if you bought a lunch here you wouldn't have to do that every day."

"Takes the fun out of it," she muttered. "Alex looks happy," Liz stated, referring to their friend sauntering across the Quad. "Hey Whitman."

"Parker," Alex returned.

"Mikey here says you've seen Heaven. Do tell?" Another suspicious bite.

Alex grinned dreamily as he sat down across from Liz. "She's tall, got long blond hair, brown eyes, and a nice-" he shared a knowing look with Michael at which their female friend rolled her eyes.

"Well, it's nice to know you're not superficial, Whitman," Liz replied sarcastically. The remaining sandwich was now being rewrapped in the plastic, it's next destination the trash.

"Cool it, Parker. She seems nice and smart, too. And will probably never even spare me a glance," he added self-depreciatively.

"What's the chic's name," Michael asked, adding the remains of his lunch to Liz's pile. "Assuming she's a new student.

"Isabel, I think. Isabel Evans." He glanced at Liz. "Remember the Max guy? He said his sister was starting here too." Liz looked away.

"Wasn't there some rumor about a new student being deaf?" Michael asked. "What's the word on that?"

"False," Alex answered. "Dude's totally normal." He shot a quick look at Liz, who was still staring off into space. "Not that it would be a problem..." Alex trailed off. "You okay Parker?"

Liz looked up, somewhat distractedly. "Yeah, fine. What were we talking about?"

"Max Evans and the Troy-DeLuca Web of Rumors," Michael told her. "Those girls can be so full of trash sometimes."

"Oh," Liz said glumly, putting her elbows on the table and resting her chin in her hands. "Confirm."

"Confirm?" Alex asked confused. "You're kidding, right? I couldn't tell anything." Michael looked even more confused than Alex, but said nothing, waiting to see how the conversation would play out.

"Yeah," Liz agreed with a sigh. "I couldn't either. He was reading my lips like there was no tomorrow. Though it does explain why I thought he was ignoring me at first." Alex nodded and waited for her to continue. She didn't.

"Does he have anyone helping him out?" Michael asked. Both of his friends shook their heads. "How's he gonna be able to deal with the work then? When the teacher turns to the board and all?"

Alex shrugged, Liz replied. "I don't know. I'm sure he's figured it out, though; maybe his sister will start helping him. It's not like he didn't know he was coming to a public school, he's gotta have something in mind."

"Maybe you could tutor him," Alex suggested tentatively. "You're already his lab partner, you could always help him out in the whatever other classes you guys must share."

Liz looked stung by Alex's words. She shook her head decisively and stood up, gathering her books and backpack. "Just let it go, Whitman, it's not going to happen," Liz replied dismissively before walking away.

"Shit," muttered Alex.

"You shouldn't have brought it up Whitman, you know that. It's nothing new," Michael lectured him.

"It's been five years," responded Alex. "She needs to get over it- move on."

"She has, Whitman, and you need to stop trying to shove her forward. She's not gonna get there any sooner that way." Michael eyed Alex as he snorted in disbelief.

"Look, Guerin, you're the one who started the shoving- you can't just drop it!"

"We were twelve, Whitman. She had just lost her best friend and she needed to stop concentrating on it- now you're just helping those memories resurface!"

Alex looked slightly taken aback, but he refused to give up. "She has a talent, Guerin-"

"Listen to yourself, Whitman," Michael interrupted in a hushed voice, looking around to make sure no one was listening, "You're making Parker out to be someone with ESP or special powers or something. She taught herself something that most people don't know. Anybody could easily learn it; so stop making such a big deal out of it. Why don't you teach yourself? Then you can tutor Evans. Otherwise, drop it, okay?"

Both stared at the other until Alex finally dropped his glare to the table. "Fine, Guerin. Have it your way, let Parker bury the stuff about Trish. It's not healthy, and you know it." With that he stood up and gathered his stuff together. With a curt nod to Michael, he headed off to his next period.

Michael sat there, thinking over what had happened. Parker needed closure and Whitman needed to stop forcing it down her throat. With a sigh, Michael swung his legs over the bench and prepared to start off for class, in hopes that he wouldn't be too late.

If anything else could go wrong that day, Michael would be surprised. Swinging his backpack over his shoulder, he got to his feet and cringed at the voice coming up behind him.

"Michael! Michael! Are you ignoring me? It's Maria!"

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hi, yay! lots of feedback! okay here's the deal- I've tried to post a new part each day of the week (that's only been 3 days so far, but eh) but I've decided that I'm going to be taking the weekends off.

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Anyways, I'll try to stop complaining. In conclusion, I have a new part all written, but it's going to have to wait till Monday to be posted. Otherwise, I wouldn't have a part for Mon and I'd be all messed up.

Thanks to everybody for their feedback, and I hope you like what's going to come. Luv yall!


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Hi people! thanx to the people who wished me luck at my meet- I thought I didn't score too well, but it was discovered at the end that one of the judges had messed up the scoring, so I'll never know..Anyway, here's the part of the message you guys care about- the newest part, albiet short, is up. please fb!


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Part Four

Liz walked down the hall, smiling and exchanging waves as she passed friends. It wasn't fair, she thought to herself. Alex never knew Trish. He can't understand. Suddenly she was pulled out of her thought when someone draped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her over to the side of the hall.

"Hey there, Gorgeous. What say you and me get together sometime for a little fun?" asked a suggestive voice.

"Hey, Valenti," Liz replied with a smile. "How's it going? I haven't seen you around too much. Football got you busy?"

"You know it, Parker. Us sports stars have it cut out for us," Kyle said with a dramatic sigh. They continued their walking, Kyle's arm still hanging over Liz's shoulder. "So, Parker," he started with a glance in his friend's direction. "I hear we've got ourselves a new student."

Liz stopped walking and turned to face him. "Kyle, if this is about Max Evans, Whitman's already tried. It's not going to-"

Kyle held up his hands. "Whoa, Parker, I was talking about Isabel Evans. I have no idea who you're talking about, but you should see that woman! Tall, blond, nice..." he trailed off, wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

"Yeah, so I've heard," Liz replied. "Good luck."

"I'm hurt," Kyle said, his hands over his heart in mock anguish. "I was just so planning to become her new best friend."

Liz raised her eyebrows in disbelief. "With benefits, I'm sure," she added for him. Kyle gave a grin that confirmed her suspicions. "Whatever," scoffed with a smirk.

"So what was it you wanted to tell me about a certain Max Evans?" Kyle asked as they started walking again.

"Don't you have a class now?" Liz countered, starting to get annoyed.

Kyle chuckled. "No, this is my free period, which you know, because in the past we've spent it hanging out together." He looked over at her superiorly, daring her to question him. "Max Evans?" he reminded Liz.

"Just a new student."

"And?" That couldn't be it. There was no reason she could be so peeved about talking about Max Evans if he was just a new student, Kyle mused. Maybe she had found her soulmate or whatever chicks dream about.

"And he's deaf," Liz finished.

Oh. "So what's the big deal?" Kyle asked hesitantly.

Liz looked at him in annoyance. "There is no big deal. Whitman suggested I tutor the kid, I said no, discussion over."

Kyle nodded, understanding where this was going. "And why not?" he pushed forward, waiting for the explosion.

They were outside now, and Liz headed for a bench, Kyle trailing behind her. "Because I don't want to, that's why," she explained, as though that covered everything.

"Because of Trish?"

Liz halted, her back straight, before twirling around to face Kyle. "Do not bring her into this Valenti!" she hissed, keeping her tone low and threatening. "It was the three of us; you, me, and Trish. You know just as much as I do. This is my choice, and I don't want to tutor Max." She sat down on the bench with a huff. "It isn't even about me helping some kid out with his school work. You want me to get closure, but the only way that's going to happen is if I get it on my own, okay?"

Kyle sat down quietly next to her. "You know I can only read sign language, Parker. And you're right," he consented, giving her arm a squeeze, "It's not about you helping out this Evans person, though it's always nice, it's about you being able to not freak whenever you come into contact with a deaf person. Yeah, you were a lot closer to Trish than I was, and I'm still dealing with it, but you've got to at least try to get on," Kyle concluded.

"We don't even know if he needs tutoring," Liz protested weakly.

"Yeah, but I bet if you at least offered it would get Whitman off your back."

Liz nodded in agreement. "I'll think about it," she allowed. "But that's not a promise, Valenti. Happy?"

"Always, Parker," Kyle answered with a grin. "I gotta go, I'm late for Trig."

Liz looked up at Kyle with surprise as he stood up. "I thought you had a free period," she said accusingly.

"Nah, I just cut Trig every now and then to hang out with you, Gorgeous," Kyle teased.

"I'm touched," she replied sarcastically. "Seriously, though, Kyle," she said with a small smile on her face as she stood up as well, "Thanks."

"Ah- Not the first-name, Parker!" Kyle yelped, acting scared. "I must have really gotten to you. Remind me to tone it down next time."

"You got it, Valenti," Liz replied with a smirk. "Go to your little math class now," she ordered. Kyle gave a grin and started off towards the school.

"See yah round, Parker," he shouted before heading inside. Liz gave a wave as he disappeared and sat back down on the bench, thinking about what to do.

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Part Five

Max Evans looked around the campus, lunch tray in hand, in search of his sister. His eyes landed on her, seated in the shade of a tree with her own lunch, waving to him. Max could see the other teens 'covertly' pointing at him and talking in what he could only suppose were hushed tones.

Ignoring the others, he sat down beside his sister. ((Hey)) she signed to him. ((How'd it go?))

"Nothing interesting," Max replied. "How was your day, Iz?"

((I've got a date for each night of the week,)) Isabel signed with a cheerful attitude. ((I was offered a spot in the "most sophisticated and admired clique" in Roswell)) she added.

Max grimaced at the sandwich he had bought for the cafeteria and offered it to his sister. "Did you accept?"
((Max, they didn't know the difference between Gucci and Prada. What do you think?)) Isabel signed before chucking the sandwich towards the nearest garbage can.

Her brother looked uncertain as to how to respond. "No?" he asked hesitantly.

((Obviously, Max,)) Isabel signed with a sigh. ((Sometimes you can be so dense. Anyway, Roswell seems like a pretty boring place, I mean, sure, where we lived in Pennsylvania wasn't exactly a hot spot or anything, but at least it had..)) she continued on, but Max had ceased to pay attention to his sister, now focused on the short blond that was steadily approaching them.

Once she was right in front of him, the girl squatted down to Max's level. "Hi," she said very slowly, enunciating each syllable carefully. "My name is Tess. Can you read my lips?" She smiled, apparently waiting for his response.

Max cast a bemused glance at Isabel, who had ceased her signing once she had noticed the newcomer. Returning his gaze to Tess, he nodded. At his affirmation, the girl lit into an exuberant smile which nearly took up her whole face. "Great," she continued, continuing to exaggerate each word. "You're Max, right?"

"Yeah," he nodded again, "That's me."

"Oh!" squealed Tess, looking over at Isabel. "He can talk?" she asked the other blond with surprise. Isabel rolled her eyes and grabbed a book from her purse, opening it to read. Tess looked annoyed, but turned back to Max with a flashy smile. "Are you a junior? she asked.

"Yeah, I'm seventeen." Max answered.

"Great!" Tess replied with a squeal. Then remembering who she was talking with, she said very slowly, "Oh, sorry. I forgot you were- you know- for a second. Could you understand me?" she added with curiosity.

"You don't have to speak so cautiously," Max informed her. "I can understand you when you speak normally.

"Really?" Tess seemed astonished. She made her best attempt to 'speak normally'. "I can't even tell you're deaf," she admitted. "How do you do that?"

"Read lips?" Max asked. "With practice," he answered when Tess nodded.

"Wow! That's amazing!" she turned to look over her shoulder, and Max followed her glance to see that someone was calling her over. Giving Max a kiss on the cheek, Tess explained, "I've gotta go, I'll see you later, okay Sweets?" Max just stared. With one last annoyed look for Isabel, Tess sauntered off.

Isabel put down her book with a exasperated sigh and turned towards her brother. ((Sweets?)) she signed with a saccharine-sweet smile.

Max rolled his eyes and signed back. ((You could've helped me out, you know.))

His sister smirked and patted his leg. ((What, and scare away a potential date?))

"God," Max said out loud. ((I hope not.))

((She's like that gerbil Bitsy I used to have.)) Isabel suddenly jerked her head in another direction and narrowed her eyes. Max looked in the same direction and saw a teenage guy, most likely a jock, standing a few feet away from them, laughing softly. "What do you want?" she demanded harshly, translating for her brother at the same time.

The jock ignored her question. "Yeah, gerbil's a pretty good description for Tess," he remarked.

Isabel's tone softened a little. "You sign?" she asked.

"Nah," the jock responded. "I just read it." Offering his hand to Max, he introduced himself. "Kyle Valenti." Max shook his hand, as did Isabel. "I hear you guys just started out here," Kyle said, speaking naturally.

Isabel looked suspiciously at him, and answered for them both. "We just moved to Roswell." Kyle nodded. "From Pennsylvania," she added.

"Never been there myself," Kyle admitted. Directing his question to Max, he asked, "You play any sports?" Max shook his head in the negative. "That's too bad," Kyle nodded. "We could really use you on the football team."

Isabel stood up suddenly, her face right in the other teenager's. "You know," she spat, no longer translating for Max, "You don't have pretend to be nice and interested in my deaf brother just to try to get in my pants. Get lost, Valenti." With that, she flounced back down on the ground, gathering up her things.

Kyle looked genuinely surprised. "What are you talking about?" he growled angerly at the blond. "What did I do wrong? And how self-centered are you to believe that the world revolves around you?" He looked in frustration at Max, willing the other guy to believe him. "I asked Max if he played sports, and I displayed disappointment when he said he didn't. What's your problem?" Isabel ignored him, looking away.

"Whatever," he went on. Turning back to Max he said, "See you 'round, Evans. Think about the football, okay?"

"I'll think about it," Max agreed. Kyle nodded and trudged off.

"What was that about, Isabel?" Max asked his sister once Kyle had left. Isabel ignored him and he repeated his question. Isabel muttered something that he couldn't read. "What?"

((I said,)) Isabel signed, turning to him, ((That he's just using you. Didn't you get that Max? It's so obvious he just wants to get in my pants.))

((Did it ever occur to you, Isabel,)) Max signed back, ((That maybe, just maybe, he was actually just saying 'hi' and introducing himself?)) When Isabel didn't respond, Max picked up his bookbag and stood up. "I'll see you after school," Max told her before stalking off.

Isabel looked after her brother as he left. Doesn't he understand that I'm trying to look out for him? Max always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, and he's going to get hurt that way.

Hearing the bell ring, Isabel stood up slowly, picking up her purse, and headed off for her next class

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Part Six

Max made it to his Calc. class early; the teacher was busy correcting papers at his desk, only a few other students were in the room. Going up to the teacher, Max introduced himself.

"Ah," the man replied with a glance at his new student. "Mr. Evans," he continued in a low voice, looking straight at Max, "I have been informed of your situation. I hope we won't have any problems." The man spoke in a tone that showed how much he disapproved of having to teach a handi-capped person, but Max could surmise as much from the teacher's body language.

"No," he replied, pausing to look at the name plate on the desk. "I hope not, Mr. Shreker." Mr. Shreker nodded and pointed towards an empty seat in the back, gesturing for him to take it.

In few minutes more people began to file into the classroom, many of them staring at Max as they passed. Max recognized a few of the from his earlier classes, but most of the faces were new to him. Taking the seat behind him was the girl who he had been lab partners with and who had apologized for her class's behavior. Max thought for a moment before remembering her name- Liz.

"Evans," she greeted him as she went by to take her seat.

"Parker," he returned. A group of girls, most probably the clique Isabel had mentioned, strolled lazily into the room and moved to take their seats across the room from him. Max realized one was the girl Tess when she turned in her chair towards him and slowly mouthed "hello." He gave a slight wave before directing his attention to the front of the room where Shreker was beginning to talk.

Mr. Shreker, it turned out, was the kind of teacher who talked out loud while drawing and pointing to things on the board. Max was trying his best to understand what was going on, but he was having a difficult time of it. Not about to let his frustration show, Max continued on with determination.

This was just like his second period class- he wasn't able to understand half of what was going on. The other class, World History with a Ms. Albright, was almost impossible because Ms. Albright seemed to have a habit of mumbling everything she said, which made lip-reading hopeless.

Max wasn't sure whether Mr. Shreker was aware of how tough he was making the class for him, but the teacher didn't really seem like the kind of person who would care either way. He caught Tess looking at him with sympathy more than once, but he tried to ignore her. That worked fine until she raised her hand to interrupt the teacher. Working hard to read her lips, Max made out, "Mr. Shreker, I think Max's having some trouble."

Max froze. Mr. Shreker froze. Max could feel his cheeks burning a bright red as the teacher icily replied, "Ms. Harding, it is my job as a teacher to give all of you an equal education. If Mr. Evans is having trouble with his work, I suggest that he get himself a tutor. That is the school's job, not mine." With that, the man returned to the board, continuing the lesson. Tess seemed thoughtful at this response, but Max didn't even notice, too busy trying to ignore the stares he was receiving from the rest of the class and return to his work.

It seemed like hours until the class ended and people began to leave the room. Max got up to join them, relieved to see Tess run out of the room without so much as a glance his way. Liz, however, did slide up next to and begin to walk down the hall alongside him. He looked at her, figuring she was planning to talk to him, and not wanting to miss what she said. Walking along in the silence, Max took the opportunity to really look at the girl for a moment.

She was pretty, with dark brown hair and umber eyes. Relatively short and small-chested, she carried herself with an air of self-confidence and sophistication, making up for what she lacked in matter. Max didn't peg her as a girly-girl, nor as a geek. Probably a tomboy at one point, he guessed. It wasn't love at first sight, but that certainly didn't mean Max couldn't appreciate a good-looking girl when he saw one.

Liz took a breath and looked up at the young man on her left. They locked eyes and she started speaking. "Sorry about earlier, Evans. You do a nice job of the lip reading," she added.

Max looked at her for a moment before nodding. "Thanks."

They both slowed down, coming to a halt against the wall. "You seem to have met Tess," she remarked, a teasing smile on her lips.

"Unfortunately, yes," Max replied, rolling his eyes.

"I think that's the general feeling of new students," Liz smirked. "She's a little bit much."

The hall was emptying out, but Max didn't care; he had a free period. "Yeah," Max answered, watching the last few stragglers running down the hall. "She seems to have gotten it in her mind to mother me or something." He paused for a moment. "Don't you have a class?"

"I'll survive. But trust me, she's gonna do a lot more than 'mother' you." Liz truly didn't mind if she missed her English class- today was just a day to work on the assignment that was due in two days and she had finished hers last week.

"I'm scared," Max joked.

"You should be," Liz replied in mock seriousness. "Anyway," she said, changing the subject before it got into an area she didn't want to discuss, "You think you're going to get a tutor? Mr. Shreker can be harsh, but you looked as though you were having some problems."

Max shifted his weight to the to the other foot. "I don't know," he paused. "My sister Isabel might be able to help, but we only have one class together. I guess I'll wait and see, you know?"

Liz nodded in understanding. "Right," she answered, fidgeting with her books, "I'll see you, Evans, okay?"

"Yeah." Max gave a wave as the other girl turned and started off down the hall.

Liz knocked softly one of the doors in the school's hallway. The Eraser Room was known as an area for horny teenage couples, but Liz just needed a space to think for the moment. Not hearing a response, she cautiously opened the door and sighed in relief when the closet proved empty.

She was still trying to erase the images from catching one of her best friends- Alex- and Pam Troy about to get it on. That had been the day before Pam had asked Alex to hack into the school's records. When Alex had refused, Pam had decided to move on to the next computer savvy student at the school. Needless to say, Liz currently held Pam at a lower point than ever before.

Returning to the present, Liz stepped inside the little room, flipped on the light switch, and locked the door. Once that was done, she sat down on a stack of chairs and brought her knees to her chest, resting her chin on her knees.


Liz sat with her best friend under the oak tree, both sipping from a Juicy-Juice carton. Liz had grape, Trish had cherry. On the ground lay an unopened apple juice box, in case Kyle came over.

((What do you want to be when you grow up?)) Liz signed lazily. Trish thought for a moment before lying down on her back.

((An astronaut. Or a teacher. Or a fireman,)) she signed back.

((Firewoman,)) Liz corrected her.

"Yeah," Trish sighed.


Liz wiped her nose on her sleeve, trying hard not to cry. If she went back to class with blotchy eyes, Kyle would be sure to notice and come after her. Or Michael or Alex would notice and send Kyle over to comfort her. He was the only one who came close to understanding.


"Girls can't play football," Kyle taunted them. Lately their friend had started to hang out with the older, "cool guys," and had recently been informed of cooties and the general disgust that boys held towards girls.

"Can too," Trish replied haltingly once Liz translated for her.

"No, you can't," Kyle reprimanded her firmly, receiving an appreciative nod from the older boys in his group. Girls needed to be put in their place.

Not needing a translation, Trish tackled Kyle and succeeded in stealing the football away from him. Then, with a quick signal to Liz to "go long," she began to run as Kyle chased her in circles. Finally deciding that Liz was far enough away, she made the perfect pass to Liz, who caught it beautifully.

Kyle looked at Trish in awe, and Liz gave him a smug look when she ran up with the ball. She tossed it to a boy in the group who caught it with a whistle. "Nice arm," the boy said to Trish. Liz signed as he spoke and Trish gave a small smile.

"Thanks," she said with a slight slur. One of the boys snickered.

"What are you laughing at?" Liz demanded fiercely. She began to move menacingly towards the boy.

"That tomboy can't even speak right," the older boy snorted. He never saw the little brunette coming. Liz dove for him and landed a fist right on his nose. He looked shocked for a moment, with a "did that little girl just hit me?" expression on his face, before tackling her. Trish threw herself into the fight, and another boy joined as well, the rest satisfied with observing the match.

Liz surfaced enough for Kyle to see her face. She never said anything, but it was clear what she was asking him. "Well, what are you going to do?" Another youngster was added to the pile.


Liz sighed when she heard the bell signaling the end of school. She hadn't realized she had been in the small closet so long, but now it was time to get back to life. After waiting an extra ten minutes to assure that the halls would be clear, Liz slowly got up to open the door. Stepping out into the hallway, she nearly tripped over a figure that was leaning against the wall.

"You didn't show up in English," Kyle said.

"I know," she answered softly, sinking down with her back against the wall until she rested on the ground. "I was busy."

Kyle nodded in understanding. "Thinking?"


"Tell me if this sounds corny, but I think Trish would have wanted you to help out this guy."

"It sounds corny."

Kyle gave a half laugh. "Okay, fine. But you know I'm right."

Neither one said anything for a few moments. "I talked to Evans earlier," Liz said abruptly. Kyle said nothing and waited. "He told me he wasn't sure whether he was going to request a tutor or not. Shreker was pretty hard on him, though." Kyle cursed. "Tess Harding seems to be getting attached to him. He should have a girlfriend by the end of the week."

"That will either help his reputation or Tess will treat him like an infant and people'll never get past the fact that he's deaf."

"Yup," Liz agreed. "You talked to his sister at all?" she asked, unintentionally changing the subject.

Kyle nodded. "Real bitch. Overprotective as hell."

"We were too," Liz reminded him.

"Yeah, but we also let Trish speak for herself. Isabel Evans wouldn't even accept the idea that I was actually interested in talking to Max."

"Hopefully she'll get over it," Liz remarked, "And realize that her brother- her twin, I guess- is old enough to act responsibly." Once again the conversation lulled and there was a comfortable silence.

"How adult do we sound?" Kyle joked. Liz just smiled and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Thanks, Kyle," she said softly.

Kyle patted her leg. "No problem."

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Hey everybody! Thanks to all of you wonderful people, I am basking in the glory of feedback! Wowee! In other words, thanks to everyone for their great feedback!

On a sadder note, I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to keep posting daily. I can see how much it's paid off, and I'm glad I've been able to up until this point, but I'm limited in my free time, and each part is taking longer to write. I've got school, a non-minimum wage job, sports, and my barely-existant social life. Pluz I'm trying to cram for three placement tests that it turns out I have half the amount of time I thought I did to study for. As you can see, I'm somewhat busy.

Sorry, I'll try to stop complaining. In conclusion, I'm not going to stop this fic as long as I'm getting feedback. At most, Terms will probably start becoming an every-other-day fic. Of course, I'm never going to get myself up to write each day unless I have people nagging at me (hint, hint).

Anyway, here's your new part. I've found it one of the more tiresome parts to write (at least the 1st 1/2) but maybe you'll feel differently. At any rate, please enjoy, and feel free to feedback

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Author's note in prev. message

Part Seven

((Hi, Max,)) Mrs. Evans signed to her son as he walked through the kitchen door. His sister stalked in a few seconds later, grabbed a coke out of the fridge, and stalked out without so much as a word to her mother. Diane Evans was confused, but centered her attention on Max instead. ((How did school go, Honey?))

Max left out a tired sigh and Diane could tell his day hadn't been easy. ((It was fine, Mom.)) She moved across the room to give him a quick hug, which he returned with a small smile. ((Nothing interesting happened.))

Diane nodded, not sure how accurate the information was, but deciding to let it go for the moment. ((Why did Isabel just go storming through?)) she asked.

((She's doing her mothering-thing again, Mom. She needs to have her own life and let me have mine,)) Max signed with frustration.

His mother patted his shoulder in understanding. ((I guess that means you don't want her to help you out in your classes?))

Max moved to a cabinet to get something to eat and spoke out loud. "I'm going to need some help, but Isabel and I only share one class; I don't want her as my tutor, and I don't want her to have to change her schedule, either. If she did tutor me, she'd be known as 'the deaf guy's sister,' not as Isabel Evans."

"Oh, Max," Diane assured her son, facing him so that he could read her lips, "I'm sure no one will think of you as 'the deaf guy'. Just give it sometime and let people get to know you."

((That'd be a lot easier if Isabel didn't bark at anyone who came within ten feet of me,)) Max signed with a wry smile.

"I know," Diane said, proud of her daughter for sticking up or her brother, but wishing she would tone it down a bit. ((Are you going to talk to the principal about a tutor?)) she asked, switching back to sign language.

((I guess so,)) Max answered, switching back as well. ((I'm okay in about half of my classes, but the rest are kind of tough. It'd be nice to have some help.)) He reached into the box of crackers he had retrieved from the cupboard and removed a handful. "It's so different from my old school- all of the teachers were so cautious there," Max explained. "Here, some of the teachers mumble and talk with their backs turned. I'm fine usually, but sometimes I get lost."

"I understand," Diane told him. "I just wish that there were a school like DeNardo's here. The closet school for hearing impaired kids is in Albuquerque, and I just don't think it would even be possible for you to attend there without living closer. And you did say that you wanted to give public school a try, Max," she reminded him.

((I know, Mom, and I do. It's just hard.))

"Okay, Sweetie. But don't forget to do something about a tutor, okay?"

((All right,)) Max agreed. ((I'll see you later,)) he signed, heading up to his bedroom.

Max collapsed on his bed, trying to ignore the vibrations coming through the wall from Isabel's room. She had to be playing her music really loudly for him to be able to feel them so distinctly.

Turning over, he thought about what they had left in Pennsylvania. DeNardo's, his private school; his friends; his teachers that were used to teaching deaf kids. His parents had offered to let him stay in Pennsylvania with a friend, but he needed his family, unlike how most teenagers thought. He had told them that he wanted to move to Roswell with the family, even if that meant going to a public school, but secretly he had been terrified at the idea.

And now his fears were realized. He had been pointed at and gossiped about, the teachers had no consideration for someone with his handi-caps, and Isabel was trying to shelter him. Yes, there had been a couple students, namely Liz Parker and Kyle Valenti, who had actually seemed genuinely interested in him as a person, but the majority were Tess's, fake and insincere, only saying hello to be able to up their popularity with the fact that they had talked to "the deaf guy."

To add to all of that, as much as he didn't want to admit it, he also needed an in-class tutor. He had hopes for the possibility that Valenti might actually be able to sign well enough to get a message across, but Max doubted the jock would have had time even if he was better at it than he had said. No, he would probably get stuck with some over-achieving geek who had decided to take up sign language over the summer.

Max was suddenly aware of Isabel tapping him on the shoulder. He sat up to look at her as she signed. ((That Tess girl called and asked to talk to you,)) she informed him.

Max stared at her blankly. ((What?)) he signed back. No one could possibly be stupid enough to phone a deaf person...did she say Tess? ((What did you tell her?))

Isabel sighed with exasperation, putting her hands on her hips in defiance before removing them to sign. ((Not that I'm your personal secretary, but I told her that she had the wrong number and to try back tomorrow.))

((Was that supposed to make any sense?)) Max asked with confusion.

With a snort, Isabel replied, ((It seemed to satisfy her. All she said was 'Ok, thanks' in that supersonic- high pitched voice of hers and hung up.))

((Thank you, I think, Isabel,)) Max told his sister, motioning for her to leave his room.

"Whatever," she mouthed, stalking out of the room. Max lay back down, happy to delay his homework as long as necessary. It didn't take long before he began to drift off, worn out from his strenuous day.


"Hello, Mr. Evans," greeted the vice-principal's secretary. "What can I do for you today?" The woman was one of the few adults at the school that could talk normally and still keep her head up for him to read her lips while she continued the work on her desk.

"I'd like to talk to Vice-Principal Donner, if that's all right. He said I could come any time during the day."

Ms. Paramant nodded, checking a note on her desk. "Of course, Hon," she agreed. Reaching over to her intercom, she buzzed the vice-principal. "Mr. Donner, Maxwell Evans is here to see you." Max could only assume that the man had told the secretary to send him in, because she gestured for him to enter the office.

"Max," the vice-principal welcomed him, speaking somewhat slowly, but not awkwardly. "How are you today?"

"I'm good, Mr. Donner." The man invited him to take a seat, so Max lowered himself into one of the hard chairs positioned in front of the desk. "I came to talk to you about a tutor, sir."

"Ah, yes. This is the in-class tutor, I assume?" he asked his student.

Max shook his head in affirmation. "Yes, Mr. Donner."

Mr. Donner smiled briefly and picked up a sheet of paper lying on his desk. "It just so happens that I had a very nice young lady come in this morning and volunteer to tutor you if the need arose. But before we get into that, Max, I'm curious as to what your experience has been with out teachers." He flexed his fingers after setting the paper back down. "Have any of them been difficult towards you? The school board and I are very happy to have you in our school, and we'd like to make it an enjoyable environment for you," he concluded.

"Some of them made sure I could see them at all times, and some of them- I don't think it really occurred to them that I couldn't understand what they were saying," Max explained, thinking back to Mr. Shreker.

The vice-principal nodded thoughtfully before picking up the piece of paper once more and looking over it. "Anyway, this young lady says that she is very apt in sign-language and is looking forward to helping you out." He looked up from reading. "She can meet you today in your Astronomy class; I believe she shares it with you, but we can always switch her class for more convenience. Is this all right with you?"

Max stood up. "It sounds great, Mr. Donner. Thank you for your help."

"No problem, son. You just come to me if you need anything else." They shook hands and Mr. Donner led Max out of his office. "I don't remember the girl's name, but I'll have Ms. Parament send a note to her class. Have a good day, Mr. Evans."

Max started down the hallway, happy to have the conversation over with. Entering his first period class, he handed the pass the secretary had given him to the teacher and took his seat. As the teacher droned on, he looked forward to his next class, Astro., with his new tutor. It would certainly make school easier, he realized.

Finally the bell had rung and Max was on his way towards Astronomy. Entering the classroom, the teacher, Miss Annette confronted him as soon as he stepped through the door. "Max Evans, correct?" she asked. When he nodded, she continued, "Great. I got the memo about you working with another student, so I arranged your desk together in the back. I hope it works out," she smiled. The Astronomy class had been one of the easiest for Max; Miss Annette had kept her head up during the entire lesson the previous day, and Max had had no trouble understanding her.

"I have a deaf niece," she confided to him in what he assumed was a low voice, "And though I never actually learned sign-language, I hope I have a pretty good idea of how to make this class easier for you." Giving him another smile, she pointed towards the back where there were two desks pushed together.

Max headed towards the desk, glad to be in the back row. It would make him feel like less of a show to his classmates when the girl signed to him. Taking his seat, Max relaxed in the chair and waited for the rest of the class to show up.

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Part Eight

As teenagers began to file into the room, Max waited patiently for someone to take the seat next to him. To his dismay, Max realized that Tess Harding was one of the his classmates. He inwardly groaned when Tess spotted him with a smile and headed towards him.

"Hi, Max!" she squealed, gracefully dropping into the chair next to him. "How's my favorite hottie?" Tess asked.

"Hi, Tess," Max responded placatingly. "No offense, but that seat's reserved." he told her gently, willing her to just get up and leave.

Tess smiled and winked. "For your tutor?" she guessed.

Did the whole school know? "Yeah," Max answered, surprised at how fast the news had traveled. "How'd you know?"

If it was possible, Tess's smile widened. "Because, silly, I'm your tutor!" Max just gaped at her, shocked. He tried to shut his wide opened mouth, but it wouldn't close. "That's right, Maxie! It's just you and me for the rest of the year!"

Finally, Max found himself able to make noise. "You-" he choked slightly, "You can sign?" he asked in astonishment.

"Well, I'm no Linda-"

"Linda?" Max interrupted the girl.

"You know, Sesame Street's Linda? The deaf lady?" Tess giggled as though it were so obvious.

Max nodded uncertainly "Right. Go on," he told her.

"Anyways, I'm totally not the Britney of sign or anything, but I'm more of a Christina Aguleria," Tess explained, in what must have made, at least to her, actual sense.

Max was completely confused, but he decided to humor her. "Uh huh." He moved to open his books to the place Miss Annette had written on the board. At least he didn't need much help in Astronomy, Max figured. Then Tess dropped the bombshell.

"And guess what?" Tess declared in an excited voice. "Mr. Donner said he'd have my schedule switched so that we can have all our classes together! Isn't that great!" she squealed for the second time during the period.

It was going to be a long hour....


Max stared his "tutor" as they walked out of class together. The second class so far. All of which Tess had been more hassle than help. He had been better off the previous day by himself. "So, Tess," he started, as they headed for the cafeteria, "How did you, umm, learn sign-language?" In other words, did someone with a club hand teach you?

"Oh," Tess casually replied, by now at least understanding that it helped Max for her to look at him when she talked, "I taught myself for fun over the summer. I was so proud," she told him.

"Yeah," Max said with an attempted smile, "that's great." They continued walking as Tess began to describe the social ranking of the school; the A-lists, the B-lists, and the would-be-C-lists, if they were on a list. Sometime during the discussion she managed to discretely slip her hand into his, a gesture that, although Max was sure he should be flattered at, it made him want to run away and hide.

Tess abruptly stopped and turned around, apparently looking for someone. Max figured she must have heard her name called out, and used the opportunity to remove his hand from Tess's grasp. Walking towards them was Liz Parker, headed straight for Tess. Max could easily read Liz's lips as she addressed the other girl.

"Tess! Hon, I've been looking all over for you!" By the bewildered look on the blonde's face, Max assumed the two didn't talk often- never would probably have been a better term. Liz though, wasn't about to let Tess get a word in. "I am so sorry to have to do this to you, but I just must talk to Max! You don't mind, do you? No," she answered herself, "Of course you don't, you've always been so nice like that. Thank you, Babe! Bye!" With a little wave, she dragged a bemused Max off around the corner.

Once out of Tess's line of vision, Liz turned to started to talk. "You looked like you were having fun," she commented dryly.

"I try," Max responded, a genuine smile beginning to appear on his face. "Thanks, by the way."

Liz grinned. "I try." Max elbowed her lightly and she bit back a laugh. "No biggie, I've must've saved Kyle a million times already. Still," Liz said thoughtfully, "Tess never seems to realize what I'm doing or even recognize me. Not that I care," she finished.

Max laughed softly. "Feel free to help me out any time," he implored. "I think Tess has decided me for her prey."

"I told you," Liz rebuked him. "But did you listen? No..."

"Yeah, well, I'll remember next time."

Liz nodded with mock seriousness. "Everybody else does. You got plans for lunch?" she asked as they continued to walk.

"First I have to find Isabel and then I have to talk to Mr. Denner about losing my tutor. Tess's sign vocab technically includes the ABC's, the weather, and different relatives. And you kind of have to know your vowels if you're going to spell everything out in words," he remarked wryly. Liz turned her head away suddenly, a depressed look covering her face. Max didn't notice, however, and continued. "I guess I'll see you later."

Liz glanced up. "Yeah," she said, snapping out of her mood, "I'll probably be eating with friends in the Quad if you want to join us."

Max smiled graciously and waved as he moved in the direction of his sister's locker. "That'd be great, Liz. Thanks."

"No problem, Evans. See you around." She gave a small smile and headed off in her own direction, hoping to catch Kyle for lunch. Liz suddenly halted, struck by a thought. She looped around in a different direction with a determined look across her face.

Max said hello to Ms. Parament as he walked into the office, and she immediately waved him int Mr. Donner's door with a smile. He hadn't been able to find Isabel, and he had been worried the vice-principal would be on lunch break.

Mr. Donner smiled at Max as he took a seat. "How's it going, Max?" he asked casually. "Having any problems?"

Max fidgeted uncomfortably. "The tutor you gave me..." he trailed off.

The vice-principal looked up from the work on his desk. "Yes?" he questioned. "Is something wrong with-" he checked a note lying amongst other papers, "-Miss Harding?"

"Well," Max started, "You see," he stuttered, "I guess what I'm trying to say is-'"

"Miss Harding isn't the help you hoped for?" Mr. Denner guessed. "That it?" Max nodded stiffly. "You're in luck, Max. It just so happens that another young lady came in and offered her services should they be needed. What do you say? Shall we give it another go?"

Max considered this option. He had come into the office prepared to tell the vice-principal that he was now convinced he would be able to do fine without help. Now he had the alternative choice of another tutor. Chances were, she was another Tess, just trying to up her up her social ranking by getting a piece of gossip on the "deaf guy." So far he had viciously attacked, in his opinion, by a Pam Troy, a Vicky DeLaney, and (though in a less seductive manor) a Maria DeLuca.

Max did not want to make his attempt at public school any more difficult than it already was, and getting stuck with one of those girls would make it just that. "Actually," he began, looking up at Mr. Donner, "I think I'm going to try and manage by myself for a while. I just wanted to let you know that I would need Tess' anymore. But thank you."

The vice-principal seemed to smile with understanding, and he held out his hand as Max stood up to leave. "That's fine, Max. If you do find you need help, though, don't hesitate to come back. This student really seems to know her stuff, and I think you'd find her more help than Miss Harding." They shook hands and Max began to head for the exit.

"I'll think about it, Mr. Donner. Thanks for your help," Max said appreciatively. He returned a smile to the secretary on his way out, and started off for the Quad. With any luck, Liz would still be there and Max would be able to hang out with her and her friends for the rest of the period.

Someone tapped him on the shoulder, causing Max to spin around. It was the very person he had been looking for. "You headed to lunch?" Liz asked him as they started to walk in the direction Max had been going.

"Yeah. You?" he asked, waiting for her response out of the corner of his eye.

Liz ran a finger through her hair before flipping it over her shoulder. "Same." They turned a corner, headed for the cafeteria.

"I thought that's where you were going twenty minutes ago," Max remarked casually, trying to make conversation.

Leading the way towards the lunch line, Liz grabbed two trays as she passed. "Don't have any of the meat specials- you never know what's in them," she informed him. In answer to his previous statement, she told him, "I had things to do. So," Liz continued, "You eating with us?"

Max nodded, picking out a meat-free sandwich. "If that's okay."

"I invited you, didn't I?" Liz retorted. "I wouldn't have if I wasn't for real." After they paid for their lunches, Liz lead the way over to a table where there were already seated two other teenagers. Liz punched one on the shoulder to get his attention. "Evans, these idiots are Alex Whitman and Michael Guerin. They put up with me, I put up with them- it's a lose/lose situation."

Max noticed Michael grumble something unreadable, but made no comment. Instead he took a seat on the bench Liz had waved him to and sat down. "Hey," the two greeted him at the same time.

"Hey," he returned.

Liz let out an exasperated sigh. "Guys," she muttered, as though they were the bane of the earth. "Whole sentences are always nice, you know," the only female at the table reminded them.

The other three exchanged a mix of amused and annoyed glances, complete with eye rolling, which Liz somehow managed to overlook. "Remind me to never eat lunch with any of you again," the brunette requested. "And Guerin?" she added, having unwrapped and picked disdainfully at her sandwich, "You were wrong. These are even grosser than my lunches."

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wow! feedback galore! now I feel all's the deal, guys- I've diagnosed myself with exhaustion and sleep deprivation. okay, so maybe it's not quite so severe, but I have stopped writing with capitals. I was going to write a whole new part today for everybody, but I was informed last night that for the next three weeks id be pulling a three hour shift on tuesdays. so now, im leaving at 1:30, getting back around 5, and then leaving for a piano lesson at 6:45. im tired.

however, this is no excuse for you guys not getting your new part, and so I'm promising that I will get up a new part tomorrow. I'll have the whole house to myself and I should have time in between frantically cramming for my tests in in four days. ive gotten to the point where im recording my french and math lessons, burning them on cds, and listening to them at night. I'm working with the whole subconscious thing.

anyways, terms is not being discontinued, just post-poned so that I dont have a nervous breakdown from working seven hours a week (I know that that doesn't sound like a lot to the rest of you, but I have school, too) studying for the test that's going to determine my fate, and gymnastics.

please try to put up with me! I love all of you! check back on Wed. bye!


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I just want to apologize to and thank everybody who's been reading this fic. I know that I broke the promise that I'd post on Wednesday (what, 4 days ago?) but I've really been all tied up in knots the past few days.

As it turned out, I did not have the house all to myself, resulting in that there was no time to write a new part. Then, on Thursday, I was cramming for the test I had coming up and at work. On Friday I was trying to relax to keep myself from getting sick (I think I've been coughed on too many times this week- little kids, sick friends, employer w/ bronchitis or something) and then I had to go to the class to teach me how to be a teacher. I got home at 8:30,at dinner, and realized that I had one more chapter to cram in before this morning. (As it happened, I didn't remember any of it anyway, but it seemed necessary at the time)

This morning I wake up, feeling like I was about to be sick, and not just from my nervousness about the test. I managed to get up, spend forever in the shower (and we're experiencing drought conditions, by the way) realize I have about 15 min. to get ready and everything, and leave for the school, only to get stuck behind a bus. Luckily, I got there on time, and sat down for my 3 hr test. Ugh.

When finished (and I truly believe I have no concept for English grammar, since I kept on marking everything "E) nothing wrong") I got home and turned on my comp to discover that...I have fans!!! Yay!!! I thought the day would never come! And nopt only do they exist, they didn't want me to get sick- which is where I think I'm headed.

Now that I've provided you guys with my life story, I want to apologize for not posting. I also am very sorry to announce- I don't have a new part written. And even worse, instead of sitting down and writing one right now, I'm going to take a nap, because if I did try for a new part right now, it would probably make no sense whatsoever. Also, after witing an essay about The American Dream, I'm not feeling very friendly with the whole writing process right now.

In conclusion (and I know you're all thinking 'If she could write this much, why not a new part?' but this is all mindless babble) I am extremely hopeful that I'll have a new part up on Monday, but I'm not promising anything. So please don't send any scathing hate hate bmails (I'm kidding, you guys are way to nice) if there's not a new part up by then. (What is with me and parenthesis today?) I should be under less pressure now that the tests are over, but now I need to return to my regular subjects as well. Of course, I'll try to make some room for Terms for y'all.



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h guys. I know this is starting to be more of a live journal than a fic, but I just wanted to mention something for all you people who are desperately craving the next part (that makes like, what, two of you?) guess whos got a 102 fever? Me! and so although I will try to work on a new part, there are no promises that it will be up by mon. sorry!

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Her creativity spurred by the responses to her less than thrilling AN, Cait returned the next day with a new part. Longer, though possibly less coherent due to her still-present fever, it was a part that had taken her over two hours to write, including the frequent grabs at the tissue box to suffice her runny nose. Sitting back in her chair, she realized there was nothing more she could do but wait for the messages that kept all the writers of the world writing...the feedback...

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*Noir AN on previous post

Part Nine

"So, Valenti," Liz started as the two walked down the street after school, "We studying tonight?"

Kyle gave her an apologetic grin before answering. "Sorry, Parker, but 'The Love Doctor''s got a date tonight. You'll just have to try to get by without me," he explained while giving her head an affectionate rub.

"You've got to be kidding me," she scoffed, patting down the hair her friend had messed up. "'The Love Doctor'? You need to get a life, Valenti."

"May I remind you," Kyle taunted Liz with a smirk, "That I am the one with a date this evening, while Miss Parker is desperately begging me to study with her tonight." She ducked, trying to avoid the head rub Kyle was threatening her with once more. "I think you've got it mixed up, Parker. Your life, or more like lack thereof, is the one in trouble, not mine."

Liz stuck out her tongue. "Whatever. Who's the lucky-" she faltered and snickered a bit at the word, "-girl?"

"You're just jealous," Kyle informed her. "But it's Pam," he confessed.

"Pam!" Liz shrieked, bursting into laughter. "Troy? God, Kyle, you sure know how to pick them!" Just as she had calmed down, she caught Kyle glaring at her, and started the whole process over again, nearly collapsing on the sidewalk. "I'm- I'm s-s-sor-r-y, V-v-a-l-e-n-nti, it's just, well," Liz decided to stop while she was ahead.

"Anyway, have fun," she concluded. "Try not to have to many meaningful conversations without me. I know that it'll be hard, what with Troy being the intellectual whiz that she is, but-" she never finished the sentence, though, instead breaking off into another fit of laughter.

"I'm glad you find this so amusing," Kyle growled at Liz, waiting for her to cease her chuckling.

"Oh, but I do," Liz assured him wholeheartedly. "You know, Valenti, I was afraid I'd be bored studying all by myself tonight, but this will keep me entertained for hours." Standing up straight in mock solemnness, she looked him straight in the eye and shook his hand fiercely. "I just want to thank you for all the good you've done. I never would have thought that you going out with Troy would have been so beneficial for me," Liz confessed. She broke into a wide grin, but managed to keep herself in line, holding back any more comments.

Kyle continued to glare as they started walking once more. "She's not that bad," Kyle defended himself more than his date. "She's actually pretty nice."

"Yeah, when she's not making catty remarks about the rest of the school," Liz snorted. "Tell me you're not doing this for anything but the great making out," she pleaded.

"Actually," Kyle replied, "It's for the great-"

"A simple 'yes' or 'no' would have been fine," Liz interrupted him. "I do not need to stay informed of my friend's sex lives."

Kyle grinned at her, starting to walk backwards in front of her. "Ah, how cute, lil' Virgin Parker all innocent and sweet." Liz neither made a reply nor met his eyes, beginning to speed up her pace. Kyle looked at her suspiciously. "You are a virgin, right Parker?" When she didn't answer him, her gaze still fixed straight ahead, Kyle's mouth hung open. "Parker? Parker?" he begged. "Please tell me my life-long best friend is still the naive, virtuous little girl she's always been?" Still no confirmation. "That's it," Kyle seethed, "Tell me who the bastard is. Was it Paulie? Rob? I'll fry him," the teenager threatened with a smack to his palm.

Liz looked up with a smirk. "I guess now you know how it feels to be aware of your best friend's sex life. Feeling good, Valenti?"

Kyle breathed a sigh of relief, closing his eyes for a moment to calm down. "You had me for a second there, Parker," he told her with his eyes still closed. Receiving no response from his brunette friend, Kyle opened his eyes slowly, unsure of what he would see. As it turned out, there was nothing to see. Nothing but Liz's figure running down the sidewalk towards home. Kyle paled a deathly white and took off behind his friend, yelling after her the whole way. "That was a joke, right Parker?"

"I gotta get ready for work," Liz called to Kyle as she burst through the Crashdown entrance. "You've got a date tonight, remember?" She started to back towards the "Employees Only" door when he ran into the cafe. Ignoring the attention she was drawing from the customers, Liz turned around with a squeal and sprinted into the back when Kyle continued to pursue her. Ducking around in an attempt to avoid the various waitresses moving about, she finally made it to the door to her apartment. "Go home!" she ordered him to no avail as he continued to chase her. On the other side of the door, she almost got it locked before it was pulled open by an evilly grinning Kyle.

With a failed endeavor at a noise slightly more sophisticated than a squeal, she thundered up the stairs, Kyle grabbing at her ankles. Once in the apartment, she didn't even try to lock the door, instead favoring her bedroom which, with its spring lock, would be quicker.

Liz slammed the door shut, clicked the lock, and collapsed on her bed with a sigh of relief. Seconds passed, then minutes, as she stared at the door apprehensively. Quietly, she crept over to the door and looked through the crack beneath the door. Nothing. No feet, noises, movement- nothing. Liz stood up slowly, puzzled. With as little noise as possible, she unclicked the lock. No noise. No Kyle barging into the room. She opened it an inch. Nothing. Completely perplexed, she creaked the door open all the way and stuck her head into the hall. Nothing.

"Watcha lookin' for?" a voice asked nonchalantly. Liz jumped a foot in the air before spinning around to see Kyle sprawled out on her bed.

I really need to remember to lock that window, she thought with a glare towards her balcony, fire escape and all. "Fuck you, Valenti," she muttered in annoyance.

"Oh, I'm wounded," Kyle said with a full blown grin. "But seriously, Parker, I believe we have something to discuss."

Liz shot a glance towards the wide open door, considering escape as one of her possibilities. Kyle, however, shot that option by suddenly grabbing her wrist and pulling her down on the bed with him. "I never knew you felt this way about me, Kyle," she told him sarcastically. Kyle just gave her an 'oh, please' look.

"You wish, Parker." He rolled over, though, widening the space between them.

Liz laughed. "You know you want me," she said over-dramatically, puffing out her chest and licking her now-pouted lips seductively.

Kyle just ignored her. "Don't change the subject," he reprimanded her. "I think it's time we had a talk."

"Are you sure you're the right person to be giving me a lecture on abstinence?" she asked with a roll of her eyes.

Brushing aside her comment, Kyle continued. "Those guys, all they want is your body. They could care less about you as a person. Only when you find the right guy-" he stopped to correct himself. "Only when you're married should you consummate your relationship with anyone."

"I guess we know who was the only one paying any attention in sex ed," Liz grumbled under her breath.

"This is what I got from over-hearing my aunt's talk with my teenage cousin." Then, with wide eyes, "You mean, you didn't pay attention in sex ed?"

Feeling bad for her best friend, who appeared to be about to have a heart attack at any minute, Liz reassured him. "Of course I did."

Kyle breathed a sigh of relief. "Then you haven't had sex?" he asked hopefully.

"It's my business!" Liz protested. "Just because I, along with the rest on West Roswell High, know that you lost your virginity with Cindy Martin last year in February does not mean that you should know when or if I lost mine!"

"'If?' Then you haven't!" Kyle deduced. He looked up at the ceiling and prayed, "Thank you."

"You don't believe in God," Liz reminded him dryly.

Kyle shot her a 100-watt smile. "There's no time like the present." Then, suddenly remembering something, "So you haven't had sex yet?" he asked to reassure himself. Liz simply played with the sheet on her bed. "Cause you know," he relented hesitantly, "You wouldn't be the only one in the room."

Liz didn't even move. "Right," she agreed in a tone that said she was only humoring him.


The umber haired head came up. "You're kidding me," Liz accused in suspicious disbelief. Kyle shook his head. "All those dates..," she trailed off, waiting for a response.

"Cindy and I made a deal," Kyle explained. "At the time, it looked good popularity-wise to both of us to lose our virginity in a one night stand." He shrugged. "After that, it was just rumors my dates started spreading. I never defended them and there were too many for anyone to question."

"I don't believe you," Liz said with wide eyes.

Kyle gestured flippantly with a hand. "It really doesn't matter. What matters is that you-" he lunged, pinning her down, "-are still sex-free." Getting no response, he began to tickle her. Laughing wickedly as she thrashed around, Kyle stopped to see if she would speak. Receiving no response, he continued his torture.

"I could always tell your dad about our little conversation," Kyle threatened at the second rest. Liz squirmed some more but stayed silent. "Fine," Kyle relented after five minutes. "I'll make you a deal."

Liz sat up hopefully, desperate for a respite. "Yeah, what?" she wheezed.

"You get a study partner to replace me tonight." She eyed him warily. There had to be a catch. Maria? Tess? One of the cheerleaders? "Max Evans," Kyle finished.

"Sure!" Liz agreed, eager to get rid of the agony of the tickles. She squirmed out from under him, making a dash for the school directory released earlier that week on her desk.

Isabel Evans grunted with annoyance as she reached for the phone. If this is Tess again... "Hello?" she answered.

"Is this Isabel?" a feminine voice came over the line.

"Yeah. Who's this?" the blond asked the unknown voice.

"Sorry," the person answered. "It's Liz Parker from West Roswell. I wanted to ask-"

"You realize you're the fourth person to call for Max today?" Isabel interrupted her. "You people need to get the picture."

"Called for Max?" The voice, Liz, snorted. "You must have been talking to the cheerleaders." she informed Isabel. "Maybe even a Tess Harding?"

Isabel was taken aback by the answer. "Yeah," she replied, a bit stunned.

"They might be pretty, but I think they've fallen on their heads a few too many times in practice, if you know what I mean." Isabel could hear laughter in the back ground. "But back to my original question," she continued, leaving no time for Isabel to respond, "Do you guys have instant messaging?"

Isabel nodded, then, remembering she was on the phone, quickly, "Yes."

"Great," Liz said happily. "Would you mind asking Max to get on for a sec? I wanted to ask him something."

"Okay," Isabel agreed, not arguing due to the fact that she was finally speaking to someone who seemed to have some sense. "What's your screenname?" she asked.

"Oww!" came the voice. Oww? What kind of a screenname is that? Isabel thought to herself. "Sorry," Liz's voice apologized. "Someone just hit me- Aurora Borealis. Thanks."

"Uh huh," Isabel said, suddenly unsure of the conversation. "I'll put him on in a few minutes."

"That'd be great, Isabel. Thanks." There was a pause of contemplation over the line. "I don't know if you've got plans already or not, Isabel, but if you'd like, we could hang out this weekend and I could show you the nonexistent highlights of Roswell," Liz offered.

Isabel answered uncertainly. "You don't have to-" she started, but was interrupted.

"Oh, I actually enjoy mocking Roswell, it's kinda fun," Liz explained. "But you don't have to if you don't want to. Just call and say you have plans to be sick or whatever on Saturday; it's no big deal."

Is this girl for real? Isabel asked herself in disbelief. Still, what if she was and not just trying to get to Max? "Sounds great," Isabel told her. "I'll put Max on the computer."

"Talk to you tomorrow then," Liz answered. "Thanks, Isabel."

"No problem, Liz. Bye,"


Isabel hung up the phone with a sigh. How was she supposed to know whether this Liz was serious or not? Taking a few seconds to ponder her options, Isabel finally stood up. Sticking her head into her brother's room, Isabel smiled when she found him bent over his desk, fast at work studying his school assignments.

Returning to her own bedroom, Isabel sat down in front of the computer. Starting it up and following with a click on the AIM icon, she made nine attempts logging on. About to give up, she sighed with relief when her tenth guess proved correct.

Across town, Liz Parker smiled when a new window popped up on her computer screen.

User "MXE" has sent you a message.
Would you like to accept it?

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Hi everybody! I'm a very bad author, I know. I left all of you guys sorry! all though, I did come to realize that I could just stop the fic and hope that everybody would just assume that I'd died...nah, I luv yall too much for that. anyways, here's your part, sorry it took so long!


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yikes! what happened? I posted on the 18th, but I guess I must have screwed up or something, because it never showed! I haven't been able to log on the past two days because the net's been down, so I wasn't able to check the post...yay for me...anyways, here's the new part:
posted on 20-Mar-2002 10:05:28 AM by caitquel

Part Nine

MXE: hi liz

Aurora Borealis: hey max. how's it going?

MXE: nothing new. u?

Aurora Borealis: same.

Aurora Borealis: I wanted to know if u wanted to get 2gether to study 2nite. valenti dumped me for a date and I'm partner-less.

Isabel sat back at her computer, thinking over the proposition. This was just great. Now when she told Liz no, it would probably come up sometime during a conversation between Max and Liz. She was stuck.

With that in mind, Isabel reasoned that she didn't have anything left to lose. If she was going to have an upset Max on her hands she might as well find out what the deal was with the Parker girl.

MXE: I don't know...what time?

Aurora Borealis: whenever. I'm free all night.

Isabel smiled triumphantly. What she had suspected all along was now obvious: Liz Parker just wanted to get in Max's pants. What else besides a pick-up line could "I'm free all night" possibly be?

MXE: so you want to get it on?

On the other side of Roswell, Liz Parker practically fell off her chair.

Aurora Borealis: xcuse me?

MXE: u know

No, she didn't know. Well, actually Liz had a good idea, but it just didn't make any sense.

Aurora Borealis: u ok max?

MXE: better than ever.

Aurora Borealis: right.

Aurora Borealis: so r we studying or what?

MXE: u know, liz, u dont have to use the word 'studying'. we're both adults.

Aurora Borealis: max, I've gotta go. I'll c u in school 2morrow.

MXE: I'll call u

Aurora Borealis: that's all right

MXE: we still on for 2nite?

User Aurora Borealis is not available.

Not bothering to close the dialog window, Isabel relaxed in her chair with a self-satisfied sigh. Liz Parker would probably be too embarrassed to confront Max anytime soon, and Max would be too confused to do anything about it. All in all, it had been surprisingly easy. The girls she had chased off in Pennsylvania had actually told her to bitch off. True, she had dealt with back there had been threatened face-to-face, so they had known who they were talking to, but still. And true, Isabel had originally been trying to figure out whether Liz was trying to get in Max's pants and not the other way around, but she had accomplished so much more this way.

Her thoughts interrupted by an annoying ringing in the background, accompanied by the flickering lights, Isabel reached across the desk to pick up her phone.

"Hello?" demanded an irritated Isabel. This was her time to gloat, not talk to more annoying Max's-girlfriend-wannabes.

"Hi, Isabel?" replied the voice. "It's Liz again. I was thinking maybe we shouldn't do the Saturday thing."

Smirking, Isabel drew upon all her acting skills to muster a concerned and disappointed tone. "Oh. I'm sorry to hear that, Liz. I was looking forward to this weekend," she lied. Obviously, Liz had been so humiliated by her conversation with 'Max', she didn't want to take the chance of running into him when she was hanging out with his sister. Isabel was nearly glowing with victory. "Can I ask what's wrong?"

"Actually, I was going to ask you the same thing," Liz countered.

"I'm sorry?" Isabel questioned hesitantly.

There was a sigh of exasperation over the line, followed by Liz's reply. "I'm coming over to ask Max something, so will you just tell him I'll be over in a few?"

"Sure, Liz." Isabel paused innocently. "But I thought you were talking to him over AIM. What happened?"

"Why are you asking me, Isabel?" Liz answered sarcastically. "I'm sure you've still got the transcripts. Figure it out yourself." There was a click, signaling the conversation had come to an end.

Isabel slowly placed the phone on its receiver and turned back to her computer. Frowning, she scrolled through the conversation. What had she done wrong? So she had been a little over the top- all guys were like that; Liz hadn't even known Max long enough to differentiate him from the rest of the hormonal jerks out there. Coming to the end of the dialog, Isabel froze.

MXE: I'll call u

Of all the times Isabel had ever wanted to hit herself and shout "duh!" this would be one of those moments. Now was not the time to panic, however. Isabel rushed out of her into the hallway, trying to think of a way to get out of this problem. Taking a minute to calm down, she stood still, reviewing her options. She could:

A) Flee
Not a choice. Isabel had never fled from a problem; she despised people who did.

B) Not answer the door
Possible, but with the door bell hooked up to the light switches around the house, Max would be suspicious.

C) Get rid of the problem
No, that doesn't sound drastic at all, Isabel mentally chided herself. 'Getting rid' of Liz definitely sounded psycho.

The blond decided to take advantage of the long hallway, starting to pace rapidly up and down the room. This continued for a few minutes before she suddenly halted. Idea C kept flowing through her mind and she had kept rejecting it, until something had occurred to Isabel. Sure, she couldn't get rid of Liz, but was that the only option?

Time running out, Isabel darted into her brother's room. With a tap on the back, she quickly had her brother's attention. ((You're going to the store.)) she signed.

"What?" Max asked turning back to his homework. Isabel grabbed his shoulder, forcing him to look at her.

((Mom called and said that she needs you to run out to the store and get something very important for dinner. Now.))

((And why can't you go?)) Max signed back with an irritated look on his face. Isabel almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

Pulling him up from his chair, grabbing his jacket off the bed and thrusting it in his arms, and giving him a push towards the door, Isabel signed back, ((Because she needs me to wait here for an important phone call.)) Isabel gave him a smirk that clearly stated 'I win, you lose.'

Max gave a sigh of resignation and nodded, heading out into the hallway and down the stairs with his sister on his heels. ((Thanks, Max. Bye,)) Isabel signed, giving him a kiss on the cheek before shoving him out the front door. Once she was sure he was completely out of the house, Isabel slammed the door shut with a sigh of relief. Now all she could do was pray Max and Liz didn't bump into each other on the street.

A knock sounded on the other side of the door causing Isabel to jump slightly. Her frustration with the day in general grew when she looked out to peephole to see none other than her brother. ((What is it?)) she signed hastily.

Max rolled his eyes at his sister's pissed-off mood. "What is it I'm getting?" he asked in a pained tone.

((Milk. Go.))

Max stared at her in disbelief. "That's the emergency?" He never received an answer though, having already had the door slammed in his face for the second time in the past minute. With a groan about women, Max set off for the grocery.

Five minutes later, Isabel was still standing next to the front door when another knock came. If this was Max again, Isabel told herself, this plan was so not going to work. Luckily, depending on which view you were looking at it from, the person who Isabel answered the door to was not her brother. Nor was it Liz Parker.

"Hi!," came the chipper greeting of Tess Harding. "Is Maxie around?"

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Hi, it's Cait. Sorry it's taken me this long, but this part was pracitcally torture to write. I don't think it came out as bad as it could have (great self confidence there) but I sat down possibly ten different times to get it out. Creative juices no flow. Thanks to everybody who fedback and bumped this fic.

Yeah, Isabel's being a real bitch, but I like her a lot, so she probably won't stay this way for much longer. Sadly, I like Tess in most AU fics, because you can make a really cool attitude out of her, but it just wasn't to be in Terms. Too bad, and I'm genuinely disappointed. Most fics she's this really cool person- maybe next time.

Thanks again, and the new part should be up in a few seconds. This time I'll check to make sure it gets up!


Anyways, it'll be up
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Part Ten

Max thrust his hands into his coat as he walked down the street on the way to the store. Isabel had certainly been acting strangely, but that wasn't what he was concerned about at the moment. There was a dance. On Friday. Most new kids might have been concerned about actually getting a date, but that wasn't Max's problem. Already he had received nearly twenty invitations, ranging from the cheerleaders to West Roswell's do-gooders, the group of teenagers convinced that they were doing a gold star act of goodness for the world by offering to take a deaf guy to a school dance.

Max had seriously considered not going at all, and had been looking forward to just spending some down time at home on Friday evening, but Isabel had destroyed any possibility of that. His sister had basically informed Max that if he didn't secure a date for the dance, she would take the matter into her own hands. Max hadn't remarked that he doubted she'd ever find anyone that matched up to her standards for him, but he'd wisely kept his mouth shut. Still, he was left with trying to find a date for Friday.

Most of the girls had been out of the question from the start, but the rest weren't his type either. Max knew Tess had been trying to find him, but he had done his best job of avoiding her, and was so far successful in eluding an invitation from the blond. On the bright side, she hadn't tried calling in the last couple of days, but that may have had something to do with Isabel repeatedly telling the girl she had reached the McDonald's of Roswell.

It was Wednesday, Max realized, and that left him only Thursday and Friday to get himself a date or face the wrath of Isabel. So many girls, so few with more than two brain cells to choose from...

Isabel was about to tear her hair out. This is my punishment, isn't it, God?, she asked silently. In the past five minutes she had gone from dreading the encounter with Liz Parker to praying the other woman would arrive.

Eyes darting around the room for something to knock herself unconscious with, Isabel dug her nails into her arm in a failing attempt to distract herself from the nasal voice screeching in her ears. True, Tess Harding was sitting on the sofa on the other side of the room, but that didn't mean- Isabel stopped, took a deep breath, and tried to smile. It didn't work.

Luckily for Isabel, Tess didn't seem to notice the lack of attention she held. More interested in talking about the older girl's brother, Tess simply went on and on on her monologue, stopping every now and then to receive a nod from her company.

Not able to take it any longer, Isabel abruptly stood up, actually causing the shorter blond to stop talking. "Tess, I've got to go hang mys- use the little girls' room," Isabel explained sweetly. "Would you mind waiting? Max should be back soon." She felt slightly sympathetic towards Max for leaving him with the cheerleader, but when it came to Tess, Isabel reasoned, it was every man for himself.

Liz walked at a brisk pace, anger emanating from her. She didn't understand Max's sister. It wasn't that she wasn't used to uncompromising- or just mean- people; rather, she had grown up surrounded by them, but Isabel Evans was a mystery to her. Sure, she and Kyle had been overprotective of Trish, but they hadn't dictated who her friends and what-not were. She had been nice, even gone so far as to invite the new girl out for the day, but the woman had just turned around and, for some reason, posed as her brother. And then, when Liz called her on it, she acted all innocent.

So now Liz was on her way to the Evans' house, the address which, after she had informed Isabel of her impending arrival, she spent ten minutes trying to find in the directory before realizing that she had torn out the 'E' page right before calling the Evans. Muttering obscenities, she had finally made her way out of the apartment and started off across town. It would figure that the Evans would choose to live as far away from the Crashdown as possible, however it did give her a chance to cool off.

Still, Liz could not for the life of her figure out Isabel's motives. It wasn't like she was even interested in Max, so the blond couldn't possibly be pulling the overprotective sibling act. Certainly "I wanted to know if u wanted to get 2gether to study 2nite," wasn't at all provocative. Maybe "I'm partner-less," could be open for misinterpretation, along with "I'm free all night," but the context of the discussion hadn't been much of a turn-on, until Isabel had begun to make blatant suggestions. And that wasn't her fault.

So absorbed in her thoughts was Liz that she didn't notice the person walking in front of her until bumping right into his back. Not even glancing up from the sidewalk, she passed by him mumbling a quick 'sorry.' A few moments later, though, Liz halted when she felt a tap on her shoulder accompanied by a soft 'hey, Liz.' Turning around, she came face to face to the start of this whole ordeal- Max Evans.

Max grinned from ear to ear as Liz Parker looked up at him. It was like heaven was sending him a signal. Here he was, desperately thinking of a way to solve the Friday dance problem, when an attractive, smart, and possibly the only girl at West Roswell that treated him like a normal person comes literally crashing into him. If that wasn't fate, Max didn't know what was.

"Hi, Evans," the brunette greeted him. A vague smile began to grace Liz's face, and although it looked sincere to Max, it was obvious she wasn't in a chipper mood. "What's up?"

Despite the irritation radiating off of Liz, which didn't seem to be directed at him, Max couldn't be knocked out of his sudden happiness. "Not much. You?"

"I was actually on my way to your house; I needed to talk to Isabel." She gave a heavy sigh, running a hand through her hair. "Where're you headed?"

Forgetting his errand completely, Max continued to smile down on her. "Same," he informed her. Not noticing the slightly disappointed look that crossed Liz's face for an instant, he went on. "Shall we go together?" he asked, jokingly offering his arm.

Liz nodded with a faint smile and slipped her arm through Max's. "I guess so," she agreed. After a few minutes of silently walking, Liz looked up at the man beside her hesitantly. Max caught her questioning gaze and waited for her to speak. "I know this is none of my business, Evans, but I was just wondering, mainly because you just seem so well adapted, and all-" she stopped herself, deciding to go instead for the straightforward method. "Have you been deaf all your life?"

The blush that covered Liz's face immediately after she had blurted out her question caused Max to chuckle, earning him a disapproving look from the woman next to him. It took him a second or two to stop the laughter, but Max finally calmed down enough to answer her question seriously. "I contracted mumps when I was ten," he explained. "I remember being able to hear, but after the first couple of months the transition wasn't that hard." Liz nodded in understanding. "My parents and the school in Pennsylvania really stressed being able to adapt in a non-deaf environment, which is why I'm getting along here."

Neither spoke much more for the next few minutes or so, Liz still absorbing the information, Max waiting for a reaction he finally realized he wasn't going to get. Having come to that conclusion, Max decided to break the silence by broaching a different subject. "So, how 'bout that dance on Friday?"

Liz looked up with a bored expression on her face. "There's a dance," she agreed, stating the obvious.

"Yeah," Max said. "You got a date yet?"

Suspiciously, Liz averted her eyes straight in front of her. He wasn't going to...was he? "No," she drawled out. After knowing him only a week, Liz already thought of Max as a friend. A good friend, but only a friend. That was fine for her.

"I've got all these cheerleaders trying to pounce on me," Max told her. So that was what this was about? He was bragging to her? She didn't have to listen to Kyle enough already? "But I can't find anybody that seems to have any brains whatsoever." Oh. That was his problem; Max needed her to set him up with somebody. "Isabel threatened that if I don't find myself a date for Friday she'd set me up herself. It's pure torture, you know. She's forcing me to go." Wait, Isabel was making Max got out on a date? Liz was confused. Maybe she had misconstrued the incident earlier. Still, matchmaker opportunities awaited her.

Liz gave a little hop and her smile brightened instantly. "I know the perfect person!" she exclaimed happily.

"Really?" Max asked with a raised eyebrow. This was going easier than he had thought.

Nodding exuberantly, Liz went on. "She's really sweet and nice and all, relatively smart, nice looks, and I know you'll love her!"

Max smiled in amusement. "And who would that be?" he asked, deciding to humor her.

"Maria DeLuca!" Liz announced gleefully.

Isabel gave a scream of joy when she heard noise coming from the front door. Tess gave her a strange look, but she could have seriously cared less. At this point all that was on her mind was Escape and Evade. The ten minutes she had spent locked up sitting on the bathroom counter had been sheer bliss compared to this, but when Tess had come knocking to check up on her she had been forced to return to the living room.

Bouncing off the couch and practically running for the door, Isabel ignored the indignant protests coming from Tess due to the fact that they had been "in the middle of a conversation." Max, Liz Parker- it no longer mattered to Isabel who was behind that door. As long as he or she had an IQ above that of a potato, the person would be greeted with open arms.

Flinging the door open, Isabel gave a delighted "hi!" and threw herself into her brother's arms. Pulling back, she let him know, "I love you."

Giving her a strange look, Max assured her, "I love you, too."

"What about me?" asked a sarcastic voice from behind Max. Isabel looked over his shoulders to find Liz Parker standing on her porch.

"Hi," Isabel greeted her. Liz said nothing. "I guess we need to talk, huh?" she asked the other woman.

Liz gave her an exasperated look. "Gee, you thin-"

"Hi, Maxie!" Tess squealed, coming up behind Isabel. "I've been waiting for you!"

Is it really possible, Liz wondered a moment later, That three groans could be emitted simultaneously ?

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Okay guys, I'm really sorry it took me so long to get this part out. It's just...the creative juices- they're flowing at a very slow rate. Anyway, here's your new part, chpt. 11. Hope y'all enjoy, it was rather painful. I'm hoping to end this fic in under 20 chpts, just so everybody is aware. I don't think I have the stamina to pour out writing like Cookieman1234 (Stacie...I think I got the # right) and to keep it as good a quality as hers. In other words, at the rate I'm going, this fic will probably end in around 3 yrs...Here's part 11!


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Part Eleven

Isabel attempted to restrain herself from giving Tess Harding a withering look. Liz, however, did not even try. "Max," Isabel began to carefully suggest to her older brother, "Why don't you take your guest-" Max smiled wide and graciously, "-while I spend some time with Liz, okay?" The smile was now gone from his face, replaced by a death glare. "After all," Isabel ground out, "I have been entertaining 'Tessie Dear' for almost a full half hour."

Liz's countenance softened in sympathy and she stepped into the conversation. "Max, Isabel and I will be done as soon as possible. Why don't you just go find a wall to bang your head against?" With a destructive tousle to Tess's hair, accompanied by a smirk on her face, Liz grabbed onto the Isabel's arm and let the taller girl lead her away to a more private area. On the way out her mug only widened at the faint "Why would we want to do that?" from the curly-haired blond they had left behind.

Five minutes later, Liz Parker and Isabel Evans were both seated tensely opposite each other in the Evans' living room. "So," Isabel started after a long period of silence. She halted, hoping for a reaction from the brunette. Getting none, she pressed on. "I guess you wanted to talk."

"Look, Isabel," Liz replied while rolling her eyes, "I don't know what your problem is. Maybe it's not me," she suggested, shrugging. "Maybe it's some kind of sibling war I missed out on by being an only child. But all I was doing was trying to get a study partner, and instead I get some over-protective older sister reading into my words way too much."

Looking up from her manicured nails for the first time since Liz had begun talking, Isabel sighed. "I was just having some fun," she responded in exasperation. "I'm stuck in this pathetic little town filled with boring, small-town people, so excuse me if I was bored and tried to find a way too entertain myself."

Liz stood up, a look of frustration clearly written on her face. "I'm not trying to be your friend anymore," she informed the other girl thinly. "And I don't want you to regulate who I can be friends with," Liz added. She paused as a thought crossed her mind. "You really think that sheltering Max from anything that could possibly go wrong is the answer, Isabel?" Liz asked curiously. "I'd think you'd want him to have a normal life."

"Of course I do," Isabel snapped. "Which is why-"

"Which is why you don't allow him to make friends, date, or have a life?" Liz finished for her.

Isabel's eyes flared in anger. "He can hang out with whoever he wants to-"

"After his sister had scared away anybody who might approach him?" the other girl broke in again. "C'mon, Isabel," Liz egged her on, "You'd rather die than see Max get hurt. So you make sure that that'll never happen by biting everybody's head off." Isabel remained silently seated on the sofa, her attention turned once again on her nails. "Leave me alone, Isabel," Liz warned.

"Or you'll what," Isabel dared her, "make me work at this town's ridiculous alien-themed restaurant and force me to wear antennae?"

Liz smirked. "I have a lot of connections on the cheerleading squad, Isabel. I must have nearly fifteen peppy, not-so-intelligently-spoken teens at my disposal, all of whom would be delighted to help West Roswell's Sunshine Committee greet one of our newest students," she explained, smiling wickedly. "But hey, they'd only be making sure you were never alone, kept up to date on the latest Roswell happenings- right down to who wore the green-striped Adidas sneakers with a pair of pink pants- and always spending your Friday nights with one of our sleaziest jocks!"

Isabel's condescending attitude faltered at that description, causing Liz to gaze down on her smugly. "Whatever," she answered, trying to brush off the other woman's remark. "They're just a bunch of girls."

"Of course," Liz nodded, with mock agreement. "Anyway, I never got the chance to talk to Max earlier, so I'll just send down Tess to you, all right, Isabel?"


"So, Max," Tess purred. Her target of seduction was seated across from her at the Evans' kitchen table, having carefully arranged her elbows on the table to optimize cleavage-visibility. Max gulped. "There's a dance on Friday, you know."

Max edged his chair back slowly from the table. He had to admit, the view was nice, but completely not worth it. "Yeah," he responded hesitantly. "So I heard."

"Well then maybe," Tess smiled, her finger toying expertly with her lip, "You've heard that little ol' me is without a date." She slid a hand across the table daintily, looking at him imploringly.

The teen scratched his nervously. "Not really."

Frowning, Tess withdrew her hand, folding it in her lap. Max breathed a sigh of relief, glad that the ordeal had come to an end. The next thing he knew, Tess Harding was sitting in his lap, her chest in his face. "It's all right with me if you play hard to get, Mr. Evans. It just makes it all the more fun." She licked his ear, causing Max to shiver with delight.

Wait. Delight? This wasn't what he wanted.

Tess hissed as she was pushed onto the floor unceremoniously. "Max!" she cried out in indignation, quickly springing to her feet. "Why would you do that?" she squealed. Gone was the seductress, replaced by the cheerleader.

"I, uh, I've gotta-"

"We were coming so far!" the blond protested. She flounced back to the chair where she had been sitting previously. A few minutes passed as Tess sulked, arms crossed, Max saying nothing. "Max?" she asked softly, waving her hand to make sure she had his attention. "I-I-I think I'd be able to forgive you, Sweetie," Tess said quickly. "You know," she added, "If you were to do something really nice for me." Max looked at her blankly, unsure of where she was going. "I'm free Friday," Tess continued to hint.

Max nodded in understanding, resulting Tess to break out into an enormous smile. "Look, Tess, I just don't think you get what I'm-"

"Oh!" Tess chortled happily, throwing her arms around him. "I just can't wait until the dance! I've got the most beautiful dress! Oh!" she continued. "And you can pick me up and we'll drive to the dance and it'll be so cool and-"

"Am I interrupting something?"

Tess drew herself off of her victim, as she, and thereby causing Max as well, turned to look at the interruption, both appreciated and not, to find Isabel standing in the kitchen doorway, looking as though she were about to explode.

"Like I was saying, Tess," Max hurried on, "I'm really sorry, but I've already got a date."

Tess narrowed her eyes, but refused to remove herself from her latest object-of-affection's lap. "Oh yeah?" she asked skeptically. "Who?"

Max truly hoped that the woman in front of him wasn't able to catch the deer-in-the-headlights look he knew he was wearing, but realized the chances were pretty slim. He sighed and waited for life as he knew it to end.

"Liz Parker," he saw hands signing quickly. Those hands- he knew those hands. Those hands were- Isabel's! Isabel's? Max looked up in bewilderment to match the hands to the signer. Sure enough, his sister stood there, a guilty expression across her face.

"Really?" both he and Tess asked together. Tess shifted to look at him suspiciously. "Right, I mean," he amended.

Tess's eyes began to tear rapidly as she dabbed at them with the hem of her already short shirt, revealing an undecent portion of her midriff and more. "But what we had," she sniffed, finally standing up, "it was beautiful...we could have been something wonderful-" The short blond was cut off as the reason for her dismay's sister latched onto her arm and proceeded to drag her towards the door. "Just remember," Max managed to read as she was being shoved out the door, "I'll always love you, Mr. Evans!" With that, the door was forced shut and the curtains closed.



Both siblings began to talk at once, then stopped, sharing weak smiles and allowing the obvious subjects to drop.

"So where's Liz?" Max asked after a pause.

Isabel sunk into a chair before answering. "She left." Seeing Max's disappointment, she added, "But she said she'd talk to you tomorrow morning."

Max nodded in comprehension. "So what'd you two need to discuss?" he inquired.

"She was catching me up to speed with one of my classes," Isabel sighed. "History."

Her brother focused intently on her mouth. "Does she have any idea about what you told Tess?"

Isabel watched him curiously, wondering what his response would be. "She will," she told Max. His eyes shot up to meet hers and he glared at her. "It's not that big a deal Max," Isabel continued impatiently. "Besides, you're friends; it's not a bum deal or anything."

"Still..," he protested.

"Max!" Isabel snapped. "This is me, your over-protective sister, setting you up! Be grateful for a change!" With that, she stood up and marched out of the room. Continuing to stomp her feet, if only for the strong vibrations the action created, Isabel made her way up the stairs towards her bedroom. Once inside, lying on her bed, she allowed the smile to spread across her face.

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Hi, everybody. I just want to thank everybody who's posted feedback and made sure I didn't completely fall off the page.

I'm not exactly sure whether I'm going to discontinue this or not. It's not that I specifically don't wan't to continue it- I have an idea of where I want it to go- or lack of interest- this is the most fed-back-to'ed story I've written- or even that I'm that I'm experiencing writer's block; the fact is, I'm just too lazy.

I know, that's not what you want to hear, so I'm seriously going to try to make an effort at writing a new part soon. I think one of the things that's scaring me the most is that I won't be able to come up with a good (and soon) ending, and it'll result in either a short, choppy finish, or a forever-dangling end.

At any rate, I wanted to let you all know that I'm not dead, I do appreciate all the feedback (very much so!) and that there's a very high chance that you'll get a new part in the next, say, millenium. Thanks to everybody!


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hi guys, io just wanted to let yall know that I was about to post a new aprt, buit then found out that theres a tornadpo warning for my area. gotta spritnt for the basement. luv yall

posted on 28-Jun-2002 9:56:56 AM by caitquel
Aww, I feel so loved...even I know you guys only want me safe for my fic! As it turned out, everything's fine, he tornado didn't hit around my county as was predicted 'possible'; we only had a few trees taken down around town and on my street, so thankfully it wasn't as bad as the last one (one tornado and two tornado warnings in some five or so NJ. Does that sound strange?)

Anyways, since I can use the order to "turn of (my) computer and go down and watch the weather channel" as my excuse for breaking my train of thought last night, I will (use it as an excuse).

I have a nice, free weekend coming up guys, that I plan to use solely for this part. If I don't come up with one by Monday, I give you all permission to send me threatening bmails. And after that, it's off to standardized tests, so it'll be aori...auri...aourivoir(?) for a while.

I'm so lazy. My french book is right next to me on he floor and I don't have the energy to pick it up and look for the correct spelling...

Thanks again to everybody who posted; luv y'all!

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Here's the new part...but first, I really want to thank everybody who's posted over the past 1 to 2 months. You guys are the nicest peoeple out there; thanks.

Thanks so much to the wonderful people, mentioned and unmentioned, who have been reading Terms so consistently, and to those of you who bugged me unrelentlessly for a new part. (amazingly enough, I never received a single hate b-mail...) This one's for all of you:

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applebybehr- you've been there from the very beginning, gracie. thanks for keeping me going

mandyhanford- 14 times after just one update, damn! I think you are the sole reason I've never fallen off past the sixth page, mandy. not only that, but you've posted on each page at least twice!

soppysophs, krazykitti- you guys have been steadily after every post. thanks, guys

lilevee- the new part's here, okay? you can start posting your fics again, please!

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imititable- ok, I'm sorry I've made you ansty. please try to find it in your heart to forgive me?

calina- I don't remembering you posting on this fic before part 11 (bad memory, though) but those 5 posts certainly left me feeling good!

aznroswell anglgrl- you've been posting since part two, and, unbelievably, you're still reading

scifinut111- I love those insightful little posts

*Most especially to gracie and mandy*

Whatever happened to Lucy?

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Please, everyone read the note above- It's very important to me.

Part Twelve

"So anyways, I told Max I thought he should take Maria to the dance tomorrow night," Liz recounted to her usual lunch group. Max had mentioned during Homeroom that he had to eat lunch with his sister that day, so that left Michael, Alex, Kyle, and Liz around the table. "Don't you think she'd be perfect for him?" she asked, directing her question to Kyle and Alex, a smile flickering across her face.

Both looked up from the sandwiches they had been chowing down on to catch the mischievous glint in her eyes, accompanied with a tilt of the head towards their other friend. Nodding exuberantly, Alex voiced his agreement. "Definitely. I bet they'd go great together!" Succeeding in pulling up a dreamy look on his face, Alex continued, "Maria is such a babe- Max'd be a fool to ignore her."

Kyle grinned widely as Michael proceeded to glare at Alex before addressing the topic. "I dunno," Michael commented in a pseudo-casual tone. "I just don't think they'd look good together."After taking another bite from his sandwich, he fell silent, daring anyone to speak against him.

"That's funny," Liz commented. "Maria seemed pretty excited about it." She smirked when Michael choked on his lunch. "Oh, wait," she corrected herself, "My bad- that was Mya Ansari and Rob Paterson."

Everyone stifled snickers at Michael's attempt to cover his reaction, muttering "Damn chicken bones."

Kyle shot a glance to Liz, whose nod encouraged him to go for it. "It'll be really nice to get Maria off your back for a change, huh Michael?"

Their table was enveloped with silence for a moment. "Yeah, great," Michael finally replied in a rather distracted manner. "I gotta go," he informed them as he stood up, gathering the textbooks he had with him. "Calc. homework," he finished, before hurrying off.

The remaining three burst into laughter once their friend was out of sight. "Poor baby," Liz finally got out amidst her chuckles.

"Liz!" called out a voice, quickly followed by the period bell shrieking out its warning. The owner of the name slowed as she turned around a corner, then waited for the other person to catch up. A hand landed on Liz's shoulder, halting her movements all together. "Can we talk for a sec?" the person requested.

Turning around, Liz found herself facing none other than Isabel Evans, wearing a very determined expression. "Look-" Liz began.

"There's a problem," Isabel interrupted her. Rolling her eyes, she added, "With Max." Pausing for dramatic effect, she barely restrained the smirk about to cross her face when the other girl's bored look changed to one of concern and interest.

Liz slowly started walking again, not terribly thrilled about already being late to her Bio. class, but also concerned for her friend. "What's the matter?" she asked, sparing a glance at Isabel as she moved along.

The blond gathered up all her acting skills that she had practiced and perfected on her father over the years, well aware of the effect they always caused. "Max," she started to explain, gradually allowing tears to well up in her eyes, "is so upset," a blink, and one tear rushed down her cheek, "because of," a light choke of concern was emitted, "the dance tonight." Isabel took a moment to 'regain her composure.'

"And why is that?" Liz asked skeptically, rummaging through one of her folders for the previous night's homework.

Taking advantage of the shorter girl's distraction, Isabel rolled her eyes excessively. "But he doesn't," small sniff, "have a date," she continued sadly. "And it's a new school, and new people that he doesn't know, and you know he's deaf, and I know you can't imagine what that's like, and it's so hard for him, and he doesn't want other people to feel bad, and I just want him to have a good life andhighschool'ssoimportantandIfeelsobad,don'tyou,andIwishIcoulddosomethingtomakehislifebetter-" Isabel waited impatiently for her rambling to be interrupted; she was running out of breath and didn't know how long she could continue her spiel. Finally, Liz held up her hand for the other girl to stop.

"But I told Max I'd set him up with Maria DeLuca," she confusedly informed her friend's sister.

Isabel sighed with exasperation, forgetting the part she was trying to play for a split-second, causing Liz to eye her suspiciously. "I know," Isabel admitted innocently, "But I think he's scared to go out with someone he doesn't know. He won't say anything about it, but I can tell he doesn't want to go anymore."

"So what you're telling me is that you've changed your mind about forcing Max to go to the dance and he doesn't need me to set him up with Maria any more?" the brunette asked, hoping to figure out where the conversation was going.

There was a break in the discussion as Isabel tried in desperation to think of where Liz could have gotten that nugget of information. "Did Max tell you that?" she laughed in a relaxed manner. "That I was actually forcing him to go to a dance?" She laughed again lightly to show how ridiculous an idea she thought it was.

"Umm, yeah," Liz answered, bored.

"Well of course I didn't," the taller girl smiled widely. "Why would I do that?" Not getting an answer, she moved on, dismissing the issue entirely. "It doesn't really matter, anyway," Isabel informed her. "What matters is that Max is comfortable on his date, with a person that he knows and," adding the clincher, "likes."

When Liz flinched at the last word, Isabel knew she had the other girl. It was obvious by her body language that she had been affected by the statement. It only added to the matter that Max's friend had been distracted enough to walk around the school hallways in circles more than three times already.

Now, however, she stopped walking. "Hold up, Isabel and let me try to get this whole thing straight." Isabel nearly jumped up and down in glee, knowing she had the other girl. Hooker, line, and stinker. Well, something like that- it wasn't like she ever fished.

Liz drew herself up, somehow managing to look Isabel straight in the eyes without standing on tiptoe. "So what you're saying, Isabel, is that when you first met me you thought he could do much better. But now," she continued, "that you've seen the other options, you've decided that you'll settle for me because it's too late to take back your threat for Max to go to the dance without losing some of your power over him." Liz smirked, admiring the scheming of it all. "Is that all? Not too shabby," she commented when Isabel nodded feebly in response.

"So you'll help me out?" Isabel asked, having recovered from the other girl's observation and getting down to business.

Liz laughed sincerely before answering. "Not a chance in hell. But good luck with your next victim." With that, she left Isabel to stare at her back as she headed off to her last class of the day.

Max looked up as his friend slid into the seat next to him during American Government. With no clue as to how she had managed to avoid detection after sneaking into a class fifteen minutes late, he decided he didn't want to know. "Hey," he mouthed in greeting.

Liz smiled back, then pointed at the book they were supposed to be reading. "What page?" she whispered. Max tilted up the page so she could see the number. "Thanks," she said.

Quickly, while he still had her attention, Max grabbed the paper he was taking notes on and scrawled on the back, "Can we talk later?"

Finishing the note, Liz looked at him questioningly, but nodded in agreement. They shared another tight smile and each turned back to the lesson to study.

"What's up, Evans?" Liz asked as they walked out of the class together. "Let me guess," she suggested with a grin. "You want to know if I talked to Maria yet, don't you?"

Max gulped, trying to think of a tactful way to hint to his friend that going out with Maria DeLuca would be a horrible, boring, and excruciatingly annoying experience equivalent to taking a vacation in hell. If only there were a polite way to put it...

"I don't wanna go."

Liz blinked. "Excuse me?"

Maybe that wasn't the best way to go, Max considered. "What I mean," he restarted, "Is that I'm not sure Maria and I would be the best match. Plus," he offered, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a folded scrap of notebook paper, "I found this placed in one of my books."

With a raised eyebrow, Liz reached out to take the note from her friend. Slowly, she unfolded it, unsure of what to expect.

Stay away from Maria DeLuca! Or else!!!

Grinning, Liz refolded the sheet and tucked it into one of her own books. "This'll make a good topic of discussion at lunch tomorrow," she commented, a pretty good idea of who had sent the note already formed in her head.


"Yeah," Liz agreed, leaving Max as confused as she had been earlier that day in another conversation. "How 'bout this for a solution: Don't go."

Max leaned against one of the lockers, staring at the girl in front of him. "In case you've forgotten, Isabel will have a contract out on my head if I don't show up at the dance." He banged his head once or twice against the metal door before wincing in delayed pain.

"Look, Max, just blow the dance off. Tell Isabel you're going or whatever, but...don't. It's not that hard, hon." Liz then hooked a finger under Max's chin and pulled his face close to hers. "And don't bang your head against the locker," she proceeded to reprimand him. "You'll get a bump."

"Sorry," Max muttered sarcastically. "Besides, it won't work."

Liz rolled her eyes and leaned back against the locker next to him, turning her head so he could still read her lips. "So tell her you're going out with someone, and then get that person to agree to 'cancel' at the last minute or lose the tickets or something," she brainstormed.

"Right," Max humored her. "You free tomorrow night?"

Offering a sympathetic smile, Liz apologetically responded, "I already promised Whitman I'd be his 'date' and hang out with him. Something about 'not wanting to look like a pathetic loser'."

"Alex?" Max asked.

Liz banged her head against the lockers gently. "I know. My reply was, 'You? A pathetic loser? Never!' He didn't buy it, though, so I'm spoken for."

"Don't bang your head, Liz." Max said quietly. "You'll get a bump."

Liz smirked. "Thanks for the advice, Evans. I'll keep it in mind."

Max raised a hand a tugged gently at the brunette's earlobe, pulling her off of the metal surface. "Not if you give yourself brain damage, first," he insisted, earning a twinkle in her eyes in return.

"I gotta jet," Liz excused herself, giving Max a friendly peck on the cheek. "Pray you never have to serve greasy food to horny teenage guys dressed in teal way too short clothing and wearing antennae," she sighed.

"Horny teenage guys dressed in teal way too short clothing and wearing antennae?" Max asked. "This I've got to see."

"Forget it, Evans," the young woman laughed. "I give up."

Smothering a laugh of his own, Max gave her a squeeze on the shoulder before she headed off.

With a wave Liz disappeared out of sight.

Once he could no longer see his friend, Max squatted down on the floor and began rummaging through his backpack, finally finding what he was looking for. Digging out a pen as well, Max held the sheet of paper against the wall and began to write.

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double click

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First, I'd like to get your attention by announcing that I have a new part almost ready. I've made a minimum of 3 pages per part, and so far this one has just been writing itself; I've already got more than two pages finished. It's going to center on Liz's relationship with Trish, and what happened to their friendship.

Just think- more feedback= the sooner I post!

Well, I'll probably post part 13 within the week anyway, but fb's still nice.

Hey guys, I have a question:

I'm considering showing this story to other non-Roswell-affiliated people, and I'd like to take out the whole Roswell aspect. This, of course, means that I have to think of original names for all of the characters. So far, I have-


I need names for:

anyone else I've forgotten

+Last Names

If anyone has any ideas, I'd really love to hear them!

Thank you!


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how's this for feedback incentive:

I've got a new part- 5 pages(!)- all ready to go. Extremely long for me, but I really tried on that part. It's going through my editing process (spell check, grammer check, actual-coherent-plot check) but it should be ready by tomorrow. And- feedback is always a good thing!

Also, I asked earlier if anybody had alter names for characters. Thank you to everybody who suggested names; I took a lot of them and switched people, but all the help was really appreciated. Here's what I ended up with:

Liz--->Raven Guevara
Maxwell--->Matthew Nolan
Trish--->Trish Baeyer
Maria--->Chrissy ?Greene?
Isabel--->Taylor Nolan
Kyle Valenti--->Mark Cho
Michael Guerin--->Zach ?D'Amico?
Alex Whitman--->Ryan ?Szarro?
Tess Harding--->Tamie Peters
Pam Troy--->Terrance Dawson
Nancy&Jeff Parker--->Virginia&Ed Guevara
Diane&Phillip Evans--->Susan&Jim Nolan

I know whatch'all thinkin- when's she gonna stop this plethora of nonsense messages? Well, that one's simple: when I get more feedback from all the people who read Terms but have never left fb. If I can't force you, I might as well annoy you!


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Alright, I admit it- I'm a pushover (see Inimitable's post at the top of this page) But I do want this new part out. Even if you guys don't care for it as much, this was the most interesting part for me to write, save maybe the first. And I owe it all to you guys and's non-stop video play!

Thanks to:

miss_Roswell (2x)
aZNroSweLl anglgrl (3x)
Pixie (3x)
Araxie HRH
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Part Thirteen

//((Trish, c'mon, we're gonna be late!))

((Relax, Liz- It's called 'fashionably late',)) the redhead claimed, leaning down to slip on a pair of leather sandals with stars down the straps. ((How do these look?)) she continued, signing as she studied herself in the mirror.

Grabbing her friend's arm, Liz spun the other girl around to face her. ((Just as nice as the first twenty pairs!)) Barely concealing a grin, she flounced down in a nearby chair, aware she still had her fashion consultee's attention. ((Why does your mom buy you so many clothes anyway? Your closet is like a Gucci or Prada store.))

Shifting over to talking so that she could dig through the aforementioned closet for a decent top, Trish revealed the reason for the abundance of designer labels inside. "I know how to play my mom, that's why. Here!" she exclaimed, finally coming across the perfect tank top. Pulling off the shirt she had previously been wearing, she replaced it with the new white one and returned to standing in front of the mirror to try to adjust the blue paisley skirt she had on.

With a poke on the shoulder, Liz returned her friend to the conversation. ((Yeah?))

"It's like how you get Nancy to take you and Kyle to concerts in Albuquerque by reminding her that you're suffering under Jeff's taste in music," Trish informed her best friend, referring to Mr. Parker's obsession with the Age of Disco. She had been told many times by the two Parker woman that she wasn't missing anything by not being able to listen to Jeff's records from the 70's.

Liz shoved some of the clothes strewn across the bed onto the floor to make a place to sit, no longer satisfied with the chair, and flopped down on her stomach. ((She buys you clothing because of music from the 70's?)) she signed with an amused expression on her face.

((Yeah, Liz. That makes sense,)) replied with a giggle. Silenced enveloped the room for a minute as she dove under the bed in a search for a strappy white purse from Spiegal. Crawling backwards, Trish finally appeared again, along with the purse. ((All I have to do is ask her to try to explain what sounds are like,)) she signed back. ((Easy as taking a pacifier from a baby))

((Candy, Trish,)) Liz corrected her, going about applying eyeshadow, courtesy of Mrs. Baeyer. Her best friend's mom had taken the girls to one of the multiple makeup counters at the mall that week, and now both Trish and Liz owned enough LancĂ´me products to last them well into their twenties.

"No thanks," Trish replied coming over to touch up her makeup. "I just ate."

Scrutinizing her own appearance in the mirror, Liz nodded her head in approval and waited, still stretched out languidly on the bed. ((You ready yet?)) she asked restlessly a few minutes later as Trish fiddled with a tube of lip gloss.

Dropping the gloss into her purse, Trish nodded. ((I hate it when you get impatient,)) she commented to her friend. ((Your signing gets all sloppy,)) she noted with disdain. Liz simply rolled her eyes and stood up to straighten out her burgundy peasant-style dress.

"Liz, are you two ready to go yet?" Mrs. Baeyer called up from the first floor. Over the years, the Baeyer household had basically come to include Liz, just as the Parker household had Trish, and they had gradually perfected the system of communication amongst the occupants. Liz signed the message on to Trish while picking out a purse from Trish's collection to match her dress. Trish only sighed in exasperation at her mother and grabbed her friend's arm, leading her downstairs.

Liz awoke with a start. Sitting up in her bed, she swung her legs over the edge and just sat there for a moment, letting them dangle in the air. After several blinks, she pushed herself off the bed, padding over to her bathroom.

She stood in front of the mirror for some lost minutes, not really looking at anything, her mind completely blank. Finally snapping out of it, Liz leaned down over the sink and splashed cold water over her face repeatedly, trying to get rid of the memories threatening to cloud her mind.

Deciding that trying to fall back to sleep would be fruitless, Liz grabbed a jacket and slipped her feet into the first pair of shoes she tripped over. With no destination in mind, the girl pushed open her fire-escape window, stepped out onto the balcony, and began to make her way down the ladder

Once on the ground, there was nothing left to do but start walking.

//((You girls all ready?)) Patty Baeyer asked her children cheerfully. Liz Parker may not have been her actual daughter, but it was hard to remember at times. ((I'm so proud of you both,)) she smiled, as one eye began to look suspiciously moist. ((You two are so grownup,)) Patty continued, looking around the room for a box of tissues. ((Just yesterday you two were playing in the sandbox, and now look at you- twelve and off to your first semi-formal.)) She sighed contentedly, followed by a hug to each girl.

Liz and Trish exchanged a look, resulting in smothered giggles. Mrs. Baeyer didn't seem to notice, however, and continued to smile while her tearing eyes threatened to mess up her mascara. ((Is Kyle going to be meeting you two at the dance?)) she questioned, not having seen the third member of her borrowed family recently.

Liz rolled her eyes as Trish explained, ((Kyle,)) whose name she stressed as an inferior, ((is going through a 'stage' requiring him to attend each and every dance this year with a date.)) She waved a hand in the air following this revelation, demonstrating how absurd she thought the whole ordeal was.

((Apparently,)) Liz added, ((going with friends is no longer the 'cool thing' to do.))

Trish's mother simply smiled knowingly and squeezed each girl's hand. ((Don't sweat,)) she signed in response. ((He'll outgrow it, and then you can all hang out at the dances again.))

((We hang out at the dances,)) Trish specified.

((He just has to go 'with' a date,)) Liz finished. "It's an inconvenience," she sniffed, tilting her head towards Trish so that the other girl could read her lips.

Mrs. Baeyer smiled at the two. ((Well, as long as you're all still friends.))

((Of course!)) Trish and Liz signed simultaneously. Like a date could ever come between true friends!

Liz swatted at the tears streaming down her cheeks. She didn't need these thoughts; they hurt. But they wouldn't go away. Frustrated with herself, Liz broke into a run, needing to feel as though she were actually doing something.

//The two pre-teens arrived at the dance nearly half an hour late, but neither seemed to notice. Although the theme of the dance may have been slightly cheesy- The Spring Bunny Hop- and none of the sixth-graders were yet at the stage where opposite gender dancing was socially acceptable, the idea of getting dressed up was enough to thrill many of the girls.

((I won't be home, guys,)) Mrs. Baeyer reminded them, ((so you're going to have to walk home, okay?)) With no more than a nod and a quick "Bye, Mom," Trish and Liz hopped out of the car and fled for the school gym before they could go through another "My little girls are growing up so fast!" episode, which they had had to suffer through the whole ride over.

Once inside, they were immediately spotted by Kyle, who hadn't hesitated to rush over and join the group. "Some dance, huh?" the only member of the trio with a date asked after tapping both of his friends on the shoulders. He rolled his eyes along with the comment to illustrate his sarcasm.

"It's so cool," Trish sighed back sincerely. Liz only shrugged, apparently not as thrilled as the redhead beside her to be at the dance. In all actuality, she would prefer to be playing one-on-one with one of her more sports-inclined pals at the moment, but compromises had to be made sometimes.

"Not enjoying yourself?" Kyle guessed. Although the three had been friends for as long as they could remember, Kyle had never managed to pick up on signing, no matter how many hours he spent in front of the television copying Linda's hand motions on Sesame Street. The best he had ever gotten was being able to read ASL. Therefore, when Kyle decided to join Liz and Trish, the latter switched over to vocal communication, if with a slight slur.

"Have you ever been forced into a pair of 4-inch backless stilletos by your supposed best friend?" Liz shot back. Kyle shook his head and grinned, causing Liz to continue, "Thought not."

Trish turned her attention towards the dance floor. "Well they look great," she cajoled the other girl. "Now let's dance!" With that, she hooked her arm through Liz's and pulled her towards an uncrowded area. Liz caught only a pitying glance from Kyle before he disappeared out of sight.

An hour later, Liz was sitting on the floor in a secluded corner of the gym, happily chatting away with Kyle. Both thrilled to have someone they were comfortable enough to simply chill with at a semi-formal, they were startled when in the middle of a discussion concerning the Lakers' previous season they were interrupted by the sound of footsteps running towards them accompanied by a desperate "Liz! Kyle! Come here!" Just as the footsteps were about to pass the two, both shot out a hand to catch their friend as she hurried by.

A startled squeal came out of Trish as Liz's hand made contact with her skin, then became a sigh of relief when she saw who it was. ((What's wrong?)) Liz signed quickly, making her best attempt to translate for Kyle in case he wasn't keeping up.

((Kevin Richards,)) Trish spelled out, naming one of the seventh grader. She didn't wait for a response from Liz and continued frantically. ((He-)) she faltered for a moment, then regained her ability to sign.

((Are your hands shaking?)) Liz interrupted her, unable to tell as the hands were signing so quickly.

Trish spared a glance, then nodded before starting over. ((Kevin, he, he, he-)) once more, she paused, signing the word repeatedly, seemingly unable to get past it.

Kyle set an arm around her shoulder comfortingly, which she snuggled into. Tilting her chin up gently, he managed to get Trish to look up and then began to speak very slowly. "Trish," he asked soothingly, "What did Kevin do?" Even as he spoke the boy's name, his eyes hardened, as he thought of ways to make the enemy pay for what ever he had done to his best friend.

((He touched-touched my-my-my chest,)) Trish managed to sign while sobbing furiously.

((He cupped your breasts?)) Liz inquired, wanting to make certain she had the right story before she informed Kyle of the situation.

Trish nodded, adding ((And then, then he-he squeezed my-my-my butt.)) Liz gently grasped her friend's hands, folding them into her own to smother the equivalent of a stutter. Enveloping the girl into a hug, Liz rocked back and forth with her, trying to calm her down.

Kyle, who had waited patiently until now, questioned Liz. "What did Richards do?" he demanded. Liz related the situation quietly. "Take her home," Kyle ordered, already looking around the gym for the offender.

Liz nodded hesitantly, then caught Kyle's shoulder as he started to walk away. "Don't get yourself in trouble," she advised him. "We should go to an adult instead," she pleaded.

Trish chose that moment to speak up from Liz's hair. "I just wanna go home," she murmured in a barely discernible voice.

"You hear that?" Kyle defended himself. "She just wants to go home, Liz. Tell Mrs. Baeyer when you get home; she'll deal with the grownups."

Liz shrugged, defeated and wanting to get Trish home herself. "Fine." She released her grip on Kyle, but added, "Give me a call tonight."

"Yeah," Kyle agreed, and headed off.

Liz delicately lifted Trish's head up and stroked the girl's cheek to get her to open her eyes. ((C'mon, Trish,)) she signed once her friend was looking at her. ((You ready to go home?)) Trish nodded almost imperceptibly, causing Liz to smile sadly. Wrapping their arms around each other, the two best friends started off on the walk home.

Liz stood stalk still, unaware of how she had ended up at this place. The tears had stopped now, and she felt void of emotions as she stared at the intersection. The lonely young woman started walking once again, a better idea of where she was headed now formed in her head.

((You better now?)) Liz signed to her friend, along with a shoulder hug.

((Yes,)) Trish replied, reciprocating the hug with one of her own.

The brunette slowed down her pace, wanting to be able to look Trish in the eyes as she asked her question. ((You sure?))

((I'm good,)) Trish insisted, never breaking eye contact, already certain what the question would be.

Liz looked down, wanting something to distract her from the stuffy feeling surrounding the two. Gratefully, she eyed the uncomfortable shoes that had been causing her grief all night. Speeding up to keep with Trish's pace, she hopped along as she tried to remove the footwear. After a few moments, she held them up in relief and continued the trek barefoot, glad that she had chosen not to wear nylons that evening.

Trish nodded at the shoes in appreciation, but decided to take the easier way out herself. Leaning down, she paused to unstrap her own pumps. Not hearing Trish stop, Liz kept on walking before turning around after several moments of silence to find her friend fiddling with one of the buckle straps a few houses back.

Liz waited a second or two longer for Trish to finish up, before she ears perked up to a familiar sound. It was then that she realized that Trish was kneeled down in the middle of one of the streets connected to a four-way crossing. Already able to see the headlights, Liz broke out at a run, desperately needing her friend to look up and see the car heading towards her. Having spent so many years playing, signing, and hanging out with Trish, she didn't even waste the time to call out the girl's name.

In the time Liz was running, it became clear to her; she wasn't going to get there in time. The car wasn't slowing down. Liz slid to a halt and remained frozen in fear at the edge of the street as she watched the scene unfold before her.

Trish did look up. But not soon enough.

With a short cry, the dark haired girl sank onto the curb, unable to watch her friend fly up and ricochet off the windshield. No breaks squealed, no person jumped out of the car to help, no hysterical driver berated herself over her carelessness. The car drove on.

The girl was dead. Liz could see that. No one could be lying on the ground with their neck at such an impossible angle and still be alive. Trish was dead. Trish was gone. Trish dead. Trish gone. Dead. Gone. Dead. Gone.

Liz sat silently on the curb, waiting for someone to come.

Liz knocked on the door, a glance her watch confirming that it was early morning. Another knock, harder this time. Finally she could hear someone moving inside the house. "Who is it?" came a groggy voice from behind the wooden door.

"It's Liz," she answered softly, unsure of whether the person had heard her. Eventually the door was opened a crack, and Liz smiled hesitantly at the face staring out at her. "Hi, Mrs. Baeyers."

Patty Baeyers studied her guest for a moment. The door was forced shut suddenly, leaving Liz feeling uncomfortable. Sounds of a dead bolt being undone were all she heard before the door was reopened. "Oh, Sweetie," the woman murmured. Seconds passed, the two just looking at each other. Patty stepped forward then, welcoming her pseudo-daughter home in a warm embrace.

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I swear there's someone out there against me! *We all know it's you, God. I'm sorry I did you-know-what you-know-where you-know-when. Make me better, please?*

I used to never get sick- I was that healthy girl you hated because she was never sick- and now look at me! Sick twice in something like three months. The horror!

Anyway, I'm hoping to get to my writing as soon as I regain the 25% hearing loss I'm suffering now due to my ear infection- nasty word, don't you think?

In the mean time, I decided to work on something that doesn't require my entire hearing (I know what you're thinking- since when does writing require hearing?...don't ask) So, I admired my new red streaked hair I got done on Wed. (my sister has yet to notice...) ate some ice cream, learned a new word (bumfuzzled! It means befuddled or confused. Who saw that one coming?) and played around with my psp7 workshop...creating this:


What do you guys think? Does it suck? I used it as a distraction from my heart pounding in my ear, so I don't think my opinion really counts...

Thanks for the feedback, everybody!


Now I'm off to try and catch myself up on The Denial Game...It's one of my three favorite fics, but I swear, there are so many pages of feedback I have to set a whole afternoon aside to actually find the parts I've missed!

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I have to admit that I don't have a new part to give you; I don't even have half a part. I'm really going to try to start working on one in the time I have left before school starts, so hopefully there should be something to give you within the next two weeks. Among sports, a new school complete with tons of summer homework, a job&volunteer job and the gerneral craziness of my life, I've been having trouble getting myself to sit down and get anything done besides an essay on Catcher in the Rye, but I really want to get something out.

Basically, now that all the stories I really enjoyed are slowly coming to an end- "I'm Sorry, Liz," "What's So Great About Normal," and another one that I can't remember (I think it starts with a D...Dad is in jail after killing her mom, Uncle Ed shows up with silver contacts, and the white van is stalking Liz- It's a great story, go read it!)- Terms is basically my only link to the fanfiction world left...sad, but true.

OOO!!!-The Denial Game-!!!OOO go read it~LiLeVeE rocks...

In conclusion, read The Denial Game, look for an update here soon, and thank you so much to everbody who has been posting here without fail- specifically mandyhanford.

Thanks everybody, and I'm sorry it's taken so long!


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Okay guys...It's me- I know, shocks of disbelief and even dismay- here's my little story:

~start highschool
~realize that, wow, there's a lot of work
~grades start to slip during second trimester
~2 term papers due within a month and within two days of eachother
~have no idea what the connection between our constitution and that of the Iroquois Nation's is
~logs onto RF and discovers that, wow again, people still want more of Terms

So here's the summary: I apologize to everyody who's been waiting so long for a part and I thank everybody who's been replying since my last part- 13 chpts and 90 pages has gotta be my record. Thank you especially to everybody who has been posting and bumping since the very beginning and to those kind people who have sent me bmails in an attempt to cajole me into finishing my fic. By the way, tallguy, it's only been about nine months, not an entire year...

To all the people who have flamed me because I haven't finished, umm...right...

Here's the part y'all want to hear:

I will start writing again. Sadly, I do not have a part ready to go or half-finished or anything like that. I have a paragraph. I have one month until my two term papers are due, and one I haven't even started yet (yes, the Native Americans one...) All I'm asking is for two months: then I give you permission to flame me as much as you want.


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