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Raging Gerbil - part 1

The blonde woman sauntered through the caferteria looking for her target.She waswearing a lether skirt ,a black boob tube top and a purple jacket.She walked over to a table,lent down and puckered her lips.Kyle moved forward and connected his lips to hers.He could taste her strawbehry lipstick. She finally pulled back and smiled gently.
"Hi Babe" Kyle smoothly said.
"Hi" Tess said as she walked over to a table and sat down. She stared at Max and Liz in disgust, they were sitting on top of the table kissing passionately.
"Can you guys get a room?"
She said nearly throwing up. They stood up, hand in hand and walked out.
"Well, I can have some fun of my own".she said with a big grin on her face. She stood up, dropped her coat and crossed over to Kyle. She pulled him up, pushed his lips on hers and shoved him on top of the table. She pushed all the trays off and hopped on top of him.
Meanwhile in the Eraser Room Max and Liz were heating up the room. Max pushed himself up against the beautiful Liz and kissed her wildly.
"Oh Max" She screamed in delight. She pushed onto the floor as she ripped open his shirt. His muscles were revealed, She ran her hand down his chest. Suddenly the door flew open and there stood Tess and Kyle.

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Part 2[/1]
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Liz's head swung up and stared at Tess and Kyle.
"Well Well, we'll have to go to the next floor!" said Kyle getting attentively angry. They slammed the door and walked off.
Liz looked down and they connected their lips together. Max pulled away and started to suck her neck. He stood up and dropped his shirt to the floor. Liz stood up and pushed her body closer
to Max. She suddenly pushed even closer
and started to suck on his bottom lip.
That night Liz heard something from the bottom of her balcony. She looked down and saw Max.
"Can I come up?" he asked with a childish smile.
"Sure!" She said, giving in to temptation. He pulled himself up and climbed to to the top. When he got there he kissed her and gave her a red box in shape of a heart, She pulled the ribbon and pulled the lid to reveal strawbehry cream hearts.
"My favourite" She shouted s she grabbed two and placed the box on a small wooden table. She put one in her mouth and sucked. Then she placed one in his mouth and he chewed. He placed his hand on her face and cupped her cheek.

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part 3

Liz hopped on to her bed and layed still waiting for Max to join her.

"Come on!" She said as she sat up swinging herhair in her face.

"I can't, can't do this". He said as he
ran to the ladder and climbed down.

It was raining by now, it dripped down Max.

It was freezing cold rain and it swung in the air.

It stung like needles as it pierced his body.

He saw Tess in the corner of a wall crying.

She had rain dripping down he cheek.

"Tess are you ok?" He asked her walking closer to her.

"Kyle. He, he broke up with me!" She stared at the sky and cried louder.

He sat next to her and started to rub her knees.

"Are you ok? you must be freezing, take my coat".

He took his coat off and wrapped it around her.

She looked up into his face.

The both had rain dripping down their faces.

They got closer and closer until they finally kissed. (AN: Don't worry this is a M/L fic)

He pushed her down and started to undo his shirt, but he waved his hand in the
air and made a glowing sphere.

Suddenly they were both laying on Max's bed.

He took off his shirt and unwrapped Tess from his coat and unbuttoned her shirt.

He ragged it away from her body.

And undone her bra to release her breasts.

He cupped them and slowly started sucking on them.

He looked at her and pulled down to her


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