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Title: Wishful Thinking
Author: RoswellQueen
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Rating: NC-17 Like right away
Disclaimer: None of the roswell characters are mine.
Category: UC
Spoilers: None really, few things about season 3.
Dedication: I want to thank Carol for reading this, rereading it, reading it again then helping me post it. You rock gurl!! I also want to thank Bri for reading it and giving me input.
Feedback: is welcome and appreciated! This is the first pic I have posted, and my first NC-17 so please be kind, but honest.

Part One

You’re watching me from across the room. Not sure what I am doing while you are watching, but you are watching just the same. Your eyes intently set on me, watching my every move. I become self-conscience, aware of my every movement. Moving a bit slower as to make the moment last longer. I look up and suddenly you are beside me. My breath escapes me as you continue to look at me, study me. I stand there, unable, unwilling to move.

Your hand slowly, tentatively makes it way to my hair, softly tucking it behind my ear, your fingers lightly running through it. I close my eyes at the feel of your hands on me, my heart rate quickening as I feel you step even closer to me. My eyes open slowly and find you standing directly in front of me, your lips no more than inches from my own. I have never wanted anything more than I want you at that moment. I stand, transfixed by you, awaiting your next move. You move your hand to the back of my neck, the feel of your fingers on my skin cause goosebumps to form on every inch of me. I part my lips slightly, in anticipation of what is to come. You move in slowly, your lips brushing softly against mine, before finally capturing my lips with yours. I bring my hand up to your shoulder, and step in closer to you, pressing myself against you as your tongue softly slips into my mouth. I accept it readily, wrapping my tongue around yours, tasting the sweetness of your mouth. Slowly your mouth moves down my neck, your hands undoing the top buttons of my shirt. Sucking, nibbling softly on the delicate skin of my neck, eliciting a moan from deep inside me. I tilt my head to the side, giving you full access to my neck, as your hands push the shirt away from my shoulders, kissing the newly exposed skin.

Your eyes find mine again, filled with want and need. “Are you sure?” You ask quietly, as your fingers continue to undo my shirt. Unable to speak I simply nod yes. Your mouth finds mine again, kissing me passionately as you move me toward the couch. I lean back into the couch as your mouth starts kissing my neck, my shoulders, moving towards my breasts. You free my breasts from the restraints of my bra, your hand softly caressing the left one, rolling the nipple between your thumb and forefinger as your mouth kisses the other, your lips sucking and gently nibbling on my now erect nipple, lighting a fire deep within me. I gasp with pleasure as you continue to pay attention to each of my nipples in turn, my hands finding their way to your hair. I bite my bottom lip as your mouth now travels farther south, licking and kissing the skin of my stomach as your hands work their way up under my skirt.

Your now kneeling in front of me, a smile crossing your lips as you inch my skirt upward, your hands running across the soft skin of my legs. Your lips caressing the inside of my thighs, brings a moan of pleasure from my lips. I move down on the couch a little, bringing my hips closer to you, lifting my hips slightly so that you can remove my underwear. Your tongue dances along the inside of my thighs, teasing me taunting me, before finally making it’s way to its destination. A gasp is heard from my parted lips as you dart your tongue across my clit, into the folds of me. The sheer sensations of pleasure sweeps through me as you continue to kiss, and lick my most private regions. My moaning begging you for more as you send me over the edge into a mind numbing orgasm, continuing to lick and probe until my breathing as returned to normal and all that can be heard is the continuous moaning you bring forth.

You pull away slightly, a smile upon your face as you see the state you have left me in. I grab you by the collar of your shirt, pulling you toward me, kissing you with everything I have, wanting you to want me as I do you. I lift your shirt over your head, throwing it to the side, running my hands softly down your chest, undoing your pants and pushing them off with your help. Your all ready erect member standing to attention. I change positions with you, sitting you on the couch, positioning myself on top of you. Kissing you as I grind against you, teasing us both. I look at your face, seeing the passion there I know you want me too. I smile as I position your cock just on the rim of me, hesitating slightly before bringing the full length of you into me. We both moan in pleasure at the feel of each other. I grab onto the back of the couch pushing you fully into me before raising up again, reveling in the feeling of having you deep inside me. My movements start to quicken as the excitement builds inside me, your lips finding my nipples again, sucking and biting gently in-between your own moans of pleasure. Our muscles start to tighten as I feel the climax coming near, and then finally washing over me. I shudder and shake slightly, screaming out in pleasure as you cum with me, gripping onto my waist, pulling yourself flush against me.

As always I wake up, perspiration glistening on my forehead. Frustrated at the fact that it had only been a dream, that it would never, could never, be reality. Making my way to the shower I try to push the dream from my mind reminding myself that it isn’t possible, we can’t be together. But somehow, the dream always creeps back into my mind. Plays havoc with my senses makes me want you more with every passing day.

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Thanks to all of you who responded, sorry it took me so long to continue.


Trapped, that’s what I am, trapped in a life I never wanted, nor asked for. Forced to live up to everyone’s preconceived notions of not only who I was, but also who I am and who I will be. Pigeon holed into an existence that threatened to smother me. It’s not that I am completely unhappy with my life, on the contrary, for the most part I am very happy. I have a family who loves me, friends that would do anything for me, a boyfriend that adores me. But I am still missing something, there is a part of me that just feels so empty, so smothered.

“I’m not going to Harvard.” I announce, throwing the acceptance letter on the counter in front of my father. “I’ve changed my mind.” He looks at me shocked, “But Liz, your entire life you have wanted to go there.” “No Dad, my entire life you have wanted me to go there.” I sighed a little, stirring my soda with my straw. He picks up the letter, studying it for a moment. “I just don’t understand, you have worked so hard, and now you just want to throw it away?” I push myself away from the counter. “I’m not throwing anything away Daddy, I just want to take a different path.” He studies my face, “You’re just confused, you’ll change your mind.” I shrug my shoulders, “we’ll see.”

“So you are not going to Harvard then?” Max leaned against the car, obviously relieved by my decision, but concerned at the same time. That was Max in a nutshell, nothing but contradiction. “No, I don’t think so anyway. I don’t know, I feel so confused sometimes.” He walks over to me, giving me a slight smile, pulling me to him. I leaned his against chest, trying to be happy to be there. But the dream keeps nawing at me, pulling at me. Whoever is in that dream, I can't get them out of my mind.