Tittle:Diamond Destiny
Couples: M/L w/ some M/M and I/A
AU early 1900's I guess
Rating: PG for now R later
Disclaimer: I don't own anything... execpt what is given to Elizabeh.
Summary: Liz is born an orphan and adopted by the Parkers. Something is given to her that is very important to shaping her future.
Notes: Flashback Dream "said out loud" 'thought'
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A scream tore from her throat as another contraction came to it's climax. ‘ It wasn’t supposed to be this way,’ Patricia thought. ‘He was going to be here, be able to hold her… love her… and now…’ The next contractions rippled through her, each one more intense then the last. Tears streamed down her face, their moisture going unnoticed as the rain continued to fall around her. She clutched her one possession to her chest, as if the book she carried was the most important thing to her. All at once, her previous thoughts vanished as the need to find shelter for her and her baby took president. It was so hard to see as the storm blew rain and debris at her from all directions. She turned her head wildly from side to side as she stumbled forward, each time praying that she would find some sort of refuge. Suddenly, as if someone had heard her prayer, a light appeared in the distance. Taking it one step at a time Patricia dragged herself towards it, thinking of nothing but her baby’s safety. She finally reached the gates of a large manor. She stopped for a moment to rest herself, before using what little strength she had to push open the immense gate. After a few tries she managed to open the gate a bit and slip into the grounds of the estate. The world was starting to spin even more and her head became so unbearably heavy that she found herself loosing the battle to keep going. She finally made it to the door where the light had been coming from, but she could go no further. Lightening flashed in the distance as she threw herself at the door in a desperate attempt to get in. She managed to hit the door with a loud thud before collapsing and finally dropping her beloved book.

“ Now who could that be, out in this storm?” Jessica thought. She considered not answering it since the master of the house was not home and she was not expecting company. But the thought of anyone out at night in this weather was enough to push all doubt away. Cautiously opening the door, it took all of her will power not to let out a scream at the sight she saw. There, on the doorstep, was girl. She was facing the door and the light from inside illuminated her tiny body. If she had not been obviously pregnant there would have been nothing to her build at all. Her eyes were red and puffy, as if she had being crying herself to sleep for sometime. Her dark straight hair was wet and sticking to the sides of her face. But even soaking wet and obviously malnourished, there was something about her face, even now she was breathtaking. Once the shock wore off Jessica tried to pull the poor girl inside. “Paul! Call the doctor quick and help me get her upstairs!” In all of her years living and then working at Parker manor taking care of the children Jessica Whitman had never seen such a sick girl. With much care Jessica and her husband Paul carried the lost girl upstairs. After the doctor had delivered the baby he somberly added that he didn’t think the mother would make it through the night, and the baby probably wouldn’t fair much better.

As she sat at the mystery girl’s bedside Jessica’s mind wandered. A baby girl had been born on this stormy night, five days before Christmas. Although one would never guess it from the unseasonably warm weather they were having. Well it was lucky for the baby, if this rain had been snow she doubted that they would have made it this far. Just how far had mother and child come? She had no idea. The women had no form of identification, her clothes were slightly unique but nothing she hadn’t seen before in the neighboring areas. Jessica felt much compassion for the woman who was still such a girl herself, she was probably only a little younger than she was; but the girl was so tiny. She was thin yes, but she also had a small frame and her long hair just made the rest of her seem smaller in comparison. Jessica sat with her all night. Her heart went out to this dark-haired beauty who would never get to hold her little girl.
At the first rays of daybreak, Jessica stirred thinking she heard a voice. ‘But that’s impossible,’ she thought. ‘There’s only one person who could be talking, and surely she did not make it through the night.’ Jessica rushed to the bed. She was alive!

Her head was pounding and why was it so hard to breathe? As Patricia slowly opened her eyes her memory cleared slightly. “My baby. Where’s Elizabeth?” Suddenly her baby was in her arms. It got even harder to draw air into her lungs, but Patricia fought to live; ‘Let me just look at her once,’ she thought. Slowly, she gathered enough strength to shift her head so that she could see her baby’s face. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. “Oh Elizabeth. I love you so much. Your father wanted to be here, but I bet you he’s watching over us right now.” The tears she had been holding back flowed freely now. But those soon stopped when her feeling of awe was replaced by the realization that she would not be here much longer. With desperation in her voice she said what needed to be said, her daughter’s future depended on it. “She must have it, you will make sure of that won’t you?” Jessica looked towards Paul, the utter confusion she felt written across her face. “Give who what?” “Give Elizabeth… give Elizabeth…” “Give Elizabeth what?”, Jessica prompted, in hopes of getting an answer sooner. Patricia looked towards the women who had cared for her and with a look of determination in her eye she uttered the last word she could, “This.” And with that she used the last of her strength to lift her right hand and place it in the women’s. The hand soon went limp in Jessica’s. Paul looked at his watch, “Time of death, 6:52am.”

*~* Chapter 1 *~*

Christmas and New Years had come and gone, but Jessica still thought about that stormy night, not so long ago. That night had changed her life.
‘Just breathe and think Jessica, breathe and think. Give Elizabeth this. What did she mean? It was her last wish so it must be very important. Who is Elizabeth? It must be the baby, yes she had used that name moments before when she was talking to the baby girl. How did she know the baby had been a girl? No one had told her and there is no way to know for sure. But that’s not important now Jessica, think; what could I give the baby.’ Jessica then remembered the weight in her hand and looked down. ‘She put her hand in mine, but how can I give the baby her hand?’ Jessica placed the hand back down on the bed. This was a lot for her to deal with right now. She was so tired, if she looked half as bad as Paul did; they both needed some rest. She would be no good to her cause if she was not rested. “Come on Paul lets get some sleep and then we can decide what to do with the mother and child.” “Thank God the baby made it through the night, I think she’s going to be ok now,” Paul said, obviously relieved.
Paul had woken up a few hours later. Jessica was still asleep. She looked so peaceful he couldn’t bring himself to wake her. He kept the curtains drawn and made his way into the room that contained the lost girl’s body. ‘ Well we have to find out what she meant, but at least we know what to name the baby. The name seems to fit her well. I better prepare the body for the burial.’ Paul walked in the room and opened the curtains, letting the morning light flood the small room. This particular room was always very lit up in the morning because its one huge window faced the east and the rising sun. He turned towards the bed and something caught his eye. Could this be what she meant to give to Elizabeth? Paul ran to get Jessica.
‘Could that be what she meant? Could it? Jessica could think of nothing else as she made her way towards the guest room.’ “This is it Paul! This is what she was talking about, this is the hand she gave to me and here it is. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.” “Well it was dark in here; I just saw it because the sun hit it.”
Jessica bent down to get a closer look at the object that was so important to this girl; she had used her last breath to alert them to it’s existence. There, on her second to last finger was a ring. Jessica had never seen anything like it. Nine diamonds came down to form a V, which complimented the girl’s long slender finger. The band, which could not be seen at the front of her finger, was made of gold. The ring was small, delicate and beautiful… just like its wearer. Paul stared at the ring in his wife’s hand. “Its absolutely beautiful…” “… and it’s Elizabeth’s,” Jessica finished.

*~* Chapter 2 *~*

It was Christmas time again. You could smell it in the air at Parker Manor. Jessica loved this time of the year. But her heart had never been as light ever since that stormy night, two years ago, when one life had been given to her and another taken away.
At the time Elizabeth was born the Parkers had been away; the Parker family owned the large estate. Mr. and Mrs. Parker had taken their one-year-old daughter Maria and gone to South America for the winter, sighting that their daughter was too young to endure a New York winter. As ridiculous as this sounded to Jessica, she, Paul and their three year old son Alex were happy to have the house for themselves from the end of November until the beginning of April that year. But their relaxing few months were anything but once Elizabeth was born. While taking care of a baby is a lot of work, Elizabeth was a happy baby and she was loved dearly. Even Alex tried to help out as much as a three year old could. No, the extra stress was added on when Jessica and Paul tried to locate the baby’s family so that she might be returned.
At first the task seemed impossible, since the only thing the mother had on her was a ring. They tried asking around if anyone knew of such a ring being worn by someone, but no one did.
They almost gave up hope, until one day when Jessica was sweeping the steps leading up to the main door of the house. As she was sweeping she uncovered a crimson colored leather bound book that had been covered with leaves, so as not visible to anyone who didn’t know it was there. Jessica picked up the book, and upon later examination discovered that it had belonged to Elizabeth’s mother.
Her name had been Patricia Vanessa Mayfair, her last name changed to Vitello when she married and she was only 19 at the time of her death. The book was obviously a diary of Patricias that she had been keeping since she was 15. The diary told of how her family lived in England but Patricia had come here with her husband Carmelo when they were both 17. Although the diary was an insight into the kind of person that Patricia was and the kind of life she led, it was also rather cryptic when it was talking about Elizabeth’s ring. The ring and it changing Patricia’s life was talked about frequently, but never very clearly. Jessica tried to make sense out of it to Paul. “Well apparently Patricia’s grandmother, Kerri used the ring as her mother had instructed her to do. But Patricia’s mother, Krystyn, did not. Patricia wrote about how her mother did not use the ring, and forbid her to use it as well. She also writes how her mother is not like her or her grandmother, that she is money hungry and doesn’t care about anyone but herself.” “Does it say how Patricia used the ring? She must have used it somehow if she wore it and considered it important,” Paul asked. “It might, but the rest of it is in Italian. She talked about learning the language her husband’s family spoke and then all of a sudden that’s all she was writing in. And its not even regular Italian, it’s a rarely used dialect. I don’t know what to do.”
‘Poor Patricia,’ Jessica thought ‘ she was so unhappy with her family. I wish I could read what she wrote in Italian, that’s most of the writing.’ Suddenly a thought occurred to Jessica. ‘If she was so unhappy with her family, then why should I send Elizabeth to them?’ But she had already made her decision. No one but her and Paul would ever know that Elizabeth had a family out there. Jessica would do everything in her power to keep her away from what Patricia ran from. She just knew the Parkers would take pity on the small orphan and raise her as their own. She didn’t know how to explain it, but Jessica knew she doing the right thing for the little girl who had so quickly stolen her heart.

*~* Chapter 3 *~*

“Elizabeth Vanessa Parker and Maria Rose Parker! You get yourselves in the house right this instant!” Green eyes quickly met their brown counterparts as Maria and Liz exchanged horrified glances. At the ages of 9 and 10 they already knew that when someone uses your full name, it can only mean trouble. “Sorry, Alexander Paul Whitman,” Maria exclaimed using her best grownup voice. “Me and Liz. I mean, I mean Liz and I must return home now. I have a feeling we’re wanted.” With Alex and Liz still giggling Maria started to run towards the house. Liz turned towards Alex, unlike Maria Liz was shy and didn’t have too many friends, so her time spent with Alex was always hard to turn away from. “I’ll see you later right Alex?” “Sure. I’ll come over and we can take our walk.” Just then they heard Maria call out, “Come on Liz your going to loose the race!” Liz started to run to catch up with Maria, the ring hanging from a chain around her neck bounced as she moved. “Bye Alex!” and with that she was gone.
Alex turned to walk back to his house. His parents had saved up enough money and last year they bought their own house on the plot of land next to the Parker’s. Although Alex was happy his house was bigger now, he was also sad to leave Liz and Maria. But it was in walking distance so it wasn’t too bad. As he looked around and started the walk home, he realized why Liz and Maria had been called back so forcefully. It was so dark he almost couldn’t see. His mom was going to mad this time! Alex broke out into a run and made it home faster than he ever had. But that still wasn’t good enough, his parents had wanted him home early today because his dad’s friend was moving into the old house at the edge of the Parker’s property. Apparently he had two children, twins, both 2 years younger than Alex. ‘ I have to remember their names! Mom told them to me this morning and told me not to forget so that when I meet them I know what to call them. There was something weird about their names too. But I just can’t seem to remember. Why does this always happen to me? I can never remember anything. I was supposed to come home early… I forgot. I was supposed to remember their names… I forgot. Now I’m babbling.’ He sighed. “Note to self, cut down on the Maria time,” he mumbled as he walked in the door.
“Ah, there he is,” Jessica said. “I’m sorry, I guess I lost track of the time. It’s getting dark so much earlier now that it’s almost summer time you know.” Alex smiled his widest smile, to his surprise his father smiled back saying that it was ok. “Philip, I would like you to meet our son Alex. Alex this is Philip Evans, he is the father of the twins we were telling you about.” ‘Well he doesn’t sound mad at all. Yay! I won’t get in trouble!’ “It’s very nice to meet you Mr. Evans.” Relieved that he wasn’t going to be punished and having met the other adult in the room, Alex now looked around the room to see if the twins were there. Sensing Alex was looking for his children, Philip Evans decided to help him out. “If your looking for who I think you are, their outside looking around.” “Why don’t you go outside and play for a little while, but not too long. The Evans have had a long trip and they will be wanting to get to their new house to get a good nights rest.” “Ok, thanks mom.” ‘I wonder if I’ll be able to tell them apart,’ Alex thought.


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