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Title: Anonymous
Category: Kyle/Isabel
Disclaimer: Sadly, I own nothing but this story. The song is "Anonymous" by Garth Brooks. The characters belong to–well, you know. . .
Summary: A few months after Departure. Everything that has happened in the series is true. This is a 3 part series, one for Kyle and Isabel, one for Michael and Maria, and one for Max and Liz. At the other place I posted this, feedback was great, and I ended up writing a whole story to go along with it, so these first 3 kind of act as the prologue. If you like it, let me know, I will post the other 3 and then the story.


Kyle is in his room, laying on the bed. His radio is softly playing music .

It was really going to happen. After these past two and a half years. After all we had been through together. After everything we had all seen and done. After all the preparations we made for this day, I was still hugely unprepared.

Isabel had become a big part of my life. When Alex died and Tess left, Liz turned to Max. Maria to Michael. Naturally, there was only me for Isabel to turn to. But it turned out okay. She was a big part of my life now. She's like my best friend. It seems weird. The Ice Queen and The Jock. But it's cool. We're friends. Aren't we?. . .We have to be. I can never tell her how I really feel. I can't risk losing what we have.

Well I wrote our names a thousand times,
Just to see yours sitting next to mine
Sent you flowers card unsigned. . .Anonymous.

Isabel is sitting in the floor of her bedroom, legs crossed. Music softly playing.

I can't believe we are actually going home. Home. What is home? Isn't that where your heart is? This day has come too soon. All the preparing in the world couldn't have gotten me prepared. Am I strong enough to do this? Can I leave my perfect little house and parents? Can I leave the world I have grown up in? Can I leave all my plans for my future? Can I leave. . .Kyle?

Kyle. How I wish I could tell him what I feel for him. He always tell me I am his best friend and that he wouldn't have it any other way. I can't tell him. This is the way he wants it. What would I ever do without him? How could I have ever gotten through these past few months without him? He gave me a shoulder to lean on. A friend to depend on. A person to love again. After Alex. Loving Kyle just slipped up on me. Never meant to happen, but before I knew it, I was gone. It seems so right. So natural. So Forever.

In days to come like days that passed
My heart beats for you always has
Though you know me only as. . . anonymous.

Kyle's Thoughts
How can I continue to live my perfect life without her. Isabel. The One . I sometimes wonder why It took me so long to realize. Maybe I knew it along. Maybe I was just to scared to admit to my feelings. We will see them off tomorrow. Liz, Maria, and I will say goodbye to Max, Michael, and Isabel. The three people in our lives that have seemed to make all the events of the past two years worthwhile. How long will I love her? How long will I go to sleep thinking of her and wake up seeing her smile in my head? I know. Isabel will by my dream for the rest of my life.

In dreams at night I carry your books for your
And when I rise a flame for you
Always too shy to carry the whole thing through

Outside the Granolith chamber.

Isabel's thoughts
It's happening. We are leaving. We are all here on the cliff. Saying our goodbyes. Liz in Max's arms. Both of them are crying softly. Maria and Michael look the same. I turned around and looked at Kyle. Then I just grabbed him and held on tight. I closed my eyes and try to stop my tears from falling. Not because I don't want him to see me cry. He's seen me before. But it's because I'm afraid if he sees me, He'll figure out the real reason I am crying. Not because I am leaving my best friend, but because I am leaving the man I love. He tells me its okay. That not even different worlds can change our friendship and that I will always be the dearest friend he has ever had. That I would always be in my heart. Now it is time to go.

Kyle's thoughts
She's leaving. She is just out of my reach. I feel my eyes filling up with tears. My Isabel. I may never see her again. She is walking away. Max holding one hand, Michael holding the other. She looks over her shoulder and smiles one more time. For me. Maybe I can tell her. That I love her. That I always have. That I will be waiting for her in this Maybe I should. What have I got to lose? Yes, No? Maybe. Now it's too late. She's inside. Now she will never know. Goodbye, Isabel.

Isabel's thoughts
One last look. Over My shoulder. He's smiling back. For me. This is my chance. It's now or never. I could tell him before time runs out. Now Isabel! Tell him you love him. But wait, what will he say? What if. . . It's too late now. I'm inside. The door is shut. Now He will never know. He'll never know that He is the one who has kept me going the past few months. He will Never know how much he means to me. He will never know that I will never find anyone like him. Not in this world or the next. Goodbye, Kyle.

Like the light from an eternal flame
Burns for one without a name My love forever will remain. . .Anonymous.


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Whoa!! I forgot all about this fic! Thanks for the bump, Stacey!! Here is part 2 of the 3 part prologue. The story that follows is called "Destiny Always Comes with A Price."

If I get any FB whatsoever, then I'll post it. Even if it's just you, Stacey!! *wink*

Anyways, here goes.

Maria and Michael are sitting on the couch in Michael's living room. Music softly plays in the back ground.

He's leaving. Michael is really going this time. Last time he stayed. For me. This time he is going. For me. Because we both know what will happen if he doesn't go. They will need him this time. But I need him too. How will I make it? It took me so long to get him to feel the same way about me that I did for him. My feelings were stronger. At first. But now I know he loves me. I know that I love him. But the worst feeling of all. I don't know how I will make it without him. I wish that I could stop time. I finally have everything I have ever wanted. And now I am going to lose it.

I could stay awake, just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile while you are sleeping, while you're far away and dreaming.
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender, I could stay lost in this moment forever.
Every moment spent with you is a moment I'll treasure.


It's really going to happen. We are leaving. Tomorrow. How can I leave her. My Maria. My calm in the middle of the storm. She never gave up on me. Even when I had given up on her. Given up on everything else in my life. She waited for me. She was the one I could always count on to be there for me. She knew where I belonged. Even before I knew. She loved me. Even before I loved her. I am glad she did though. If Maria had never loved me and tried so hard, I would have never loved her. Then I wouldn't feel the way I do right now, in this moment. . . Happy.

I don't want to close my eyes, I don't want to fall asleep,
Cause I'd miss you baby , and I don't wanna miss a thing.
Cause even when I dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do,
I'd still miss you baby, and I don't wanna miss a thing.

How could he be leaving. It wasn't supposed to happen this way. After the last time we said our goodbyes, we were supposed to be okay. We were supposed to make it. How could this be happening. Tomorrow I will be losing the only person I have ever loved. After all the work I put into this relationship, why was it ending so suddenly? I can feel my heart breaking. I can see the pain of everything I am feeling in Michael's eyes. My world is going to crumble on me tomorrow morning. While Michael will just be getting back to his world. A world without me.

Lying close to you feeling your heart beating,
And I'm wondering what you're dreaming.
Wondering if its me your seeing.

I can't stand to see the hurt in her eyes. I wish there was something I could do for her. Make it all go away. How will I ever make it without her to fall back on? Sure, there is always Max and Isabel, but it won't be the same. Maria is my strength. All my life, I have been able to resist and walk away from anyone else that has ever crossed my path. But not Maria. Somehow, she made it through. She broke down my walls and carved herself a path. Straight to my heart. And tomorrow, I'm going to lose her. This moment is all we will have. For the rest of our lives.

Then I kiss your eyes and Thank God We're together,
I just want to stay with you in this moment forever, forever and ever.

Morning. At the Granolith chamber. Michael and Maria are saying their final goodbyes.

How am I going to make it through this? How can I say goodbye to Michael? How can I let him go? How can I give up the one person in my life that has ever really mattered?. I don't think I am as strong as Liz. I know what can happen in he doesn't go. But I don't think I can handle it. I can't stay here without Michael. He is leaving. Walking away, holding Isabel's hand. His head is down, and I know it's because he doesn't want me to see him cry. He wants to be strong. For Me. One last look. At his face. At his smile. The door is closed. He is gone forever. Goodbye, Spaceboy.

It's here. Maybe I am not as strong as Maxwell thinks I am. I can't leave Maria. I can't leave her behind in a world by herself. I can't go on to a world by myself. She has been there through the worst to push me on. To hold me up. How can I make it, knowing I will never see this beautiful face again? It's almost time. I am walking toward the door, holding Isabel's hand. I have to put my head down. I can't let her see me cry. I have to be strong. For her. One last look. At her eyes. Her smile. Her. The door is closed. We are separated now. Forever. Goodbye, my love.

I just want to hold you close, feel your heart so close to mine
And just stay here in this moment for all the rest of time. . .
Cause I'd miss you baby, and I don't wanna miss a thing

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Max and Liz are on Liz's balcony, sitting in the same lawn chair, and wrapped up in the same blanket. Liz's head is resting on Max's chest.

Tomorrow is the day that Isabel, Michael and myself have in a way, hoped for all our lives. But, it was in fact, also, a day we hoped would never come. I want to go home. But I don't want to do it at the cost of losing Liz. I want to find my son. But I don't want to do it at the cost of giving her up. My sanity. My rock. My calm in the middle of the storm. How can I leave her behind? How can it be possible that these are our last moments together? How can I leave here everything that I have ever wanted in life? I mean, sure, we've had our ups, and we have definitely had our downs, but that's what has made us strong. How will I ever be able to be a King when my strength will be in another world?

As I watch you move, across the moonlit room,
There's so much tenderness in your loving.
Tomorrow I must leave, the dawn knows no reprieve,
God give me strength when I am leaving.

It's really going to happen. He's leaving. After all we have been through, after everything we have fought for, Max is leaving. With Isabel. With Michael. Without me. He's going home. I will never see him again. How can this be our last night together? There is so much I want to say to him. So much I want to show him. I never told him the real reason I pushed him towards Tess. I never told him that through it all, I never stopped loving him. Tonight will be our last moments together. A few last moments of bittersweet happiness to last us a lifetime. I hope I can be strong enough when the moment comes

Tonight I need your sweet caress,
Hold me in the darkness.
Tonight you calm my restlessness,
You relieve my sadness.

I know the sound of her voice. I know the pitch of her laugh. I know the deep brown of her eyes, the brightness of her smile, the gentleness in her heart. And it's breaking mine. To know that tomorrow, these memories will be all I have left of my precious Liz Parker. After everything I have been through. All the battles we have fought. All the pain we have had to bear, the thought of losing Liz hurts worse than anything ever has before. All the pain my body has ever felt is nothing compared to this. I am supposed to be strong. I am supposed to be able to handle defeat. But it wasn't suppose to hurt this much.

As we move to embrace,
tears run down your face.
I whisper words of love so softly.
I can't believe he pain, it's driving me insane
Without your touch, life will be lonely.

How can life be so cruel? After everything we have been through. How can destiny itself have allowed Max and I to change ours, only to have it ripped away in a heartbeat?
After all we have come through, Max and I are together. We made it. We beat the odds. Why can't giving Max up once be enough? Why does my heart have to break all over again? The pains is too much to bear. If only Tess had been different. If she had been our friend. She would not have betrayed us. And she would still be here. Then we could all fight together. And there would be no reason for Max to have to go home. Why can't someone somewhere just stay happy forever?

Tonight I need your sweet caress,
Hold me in the darkness. Tonight you calm my restlessness,
You relieve my sadness.

It's time. I have to leave. Liz is looking into my eyes. I see so much love. So much passion. So much heartbreak. Did I do this to her? Was our time together worth causing her so much pain? Liz Parker has been a part of my life since before I was even a part of hers. Now she will no longer be in my world. Much less my life. Only in my memories. Only every time I close my eyes. Only every time I wake up and every time I go to sleep. I have to kiss her one last time. Feel her arms around me one last time. Tell her I love her one last time. It's happening. I'm walking, with Isabel and Michael. My knees are weak. I can't feel my legs. I'm inside now. I turn for one last look. She is so beautiful. The door is shut. She's gone. Forever. My knees won't hold me up, and I drop to the floor. I can't see. I can't breathe. I can't think. I am going home to fight as a king for my planet. But I am leaving my heart and soul here. With my sweet Liz Parker. I love you Liz, always. And Goodbye.

So raise your hands to heaven and pray,
That we'll be back together someday.

He's leaving. The only person I have ever loved. The only person I will ever love. The missing piece to the puzzle of my life. The one that made everything make sense. Now my life will never be complete. My heart will never be whole. My future will never be happy. Not without Max Evans. He is going to another world. A world where I can't follow him. I am looking into his eyes one last time. Holding him one last time. Kissing him one last time. But this time, there are no flashes. Nothing of what is to come, or what has already passed. But we are both too heartbroken to notice. Now he's walking away. Using Isabel for support. Just as I am using Maria. She has to hold my up because my legs won't work. He's inside now. I need one last look. Turn around Max! Please. And then he does. And I see everything I am feeling reflected in his eyes. The love, the passion, the heartbreak. My fairy tale love is leaving me. Forever. The door is shut now. I can't breathe. Then I realize it. My Fairy tale isn't a fairy tale at all. Because I have found my Once upon a time. But in truth, with Max Evans gone, I would never find my Happily ever after. I love you Max Evans. And Goodbye.

So raise your hands to heaven and pray,
That we'll be back together someday.

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Okay. I posted the story on another thread, so if you want to read it, here it is.