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Title: Inhibition
Author: Anne H
E-mail: naught_e_blonde⊕
Rating: NC-17 (do I write anything else?)
Category: Max/Liz
Spoilers: Nothing we haven’t already seen in season 2.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Roswell characters, if I did I would be making Max do much naughtier things than this.
Summary: Be honest, what would you do with a horny and slightly drunken Max Evans? My version follows.
Authors notes: This is the second of my cheeky little Roswell fluff fics. If you liked Frustration then you’ll like this too.

Part One

‘What is it?’ His eyes narrowed as he sniffed the drink suspiciously and eyed a grinning Maria.

‘Just cherry coke, I’ve even put in a load of Tabasco sauce for you’. Maria’s brow creased in mock anger. ‘You wouldn’t turn down something I’ve made especially for you girlfriend?’

Sighing, Max tipped the drink to his lips and took a sip, enjoying the spicy taste flowing down his throat. Maria watched avidly as he swallowed, her smile spreading back across her face to massive proportions. The Get Liz And Max Back Together Without Them Knowing It Plan was underway. Maria had enlisted Michael’s help but so far his only suggestion was to come up with a shorter code name so she had taken it upon herself to do the work.

Max had been pretty miserable all summer ever since the whole ‘Tess is your destiny’ deal and Liz walking away with the idea that she was doing the right thing stuck in her head. Then she had left for three months for science summer camp, saying she needed space and not giving Max a chance to defend himself. Holding official ‘Girlfriend’ status, Maria had felt it was her duty to cheer the poor boy up.

First came the problem of getting him out of his room and perhaps to open the curtains. Then trying to get him to shower was next. Though the tasks were difficult and smelled rather unpleasant Maria struggled and achieved all. It was hard for Max to open up to her in the beginning but within a few weeks he was sobbing on her shoulder with his broken heart on his sleeve. And now the slow recovery began.

Liz wasn’t much better. She had ran all the way back from the pod chamber and Maria had found her an hour later, curled up on her bed like a child with tear tracks drying on her sleeping face. Inconsolable, she had refused to move for four days, only finally rising to throw her clothing in a bag and leave. It was like she knew Max had never left her window for all of those four days. Maria had noticed the movement on the first day and had taken pity on him, bringing him blankets and food that he never ate. She was also the one to witness the look on his face when he found out Liz was gone. Watching his slumped shoulders as he walked away she decided on the spot that those two needed her help. And so began the plan.

Now Liz was back and in no better state than when she left by Maria’s reckoning. She held herself lucky that Max wasn’t yet strong enough to walk into the Crashdown, Liz wouldn’t be able to handle it. Her hands shook as she worked, her smile never quite reached her eyes, and once when someone from school mentioned his name she dropped a tray of glasses, smashing them on the floor. Maria’s own heart had broken at that point, seeing her best friend in the world trying so hard to clean up the broken glass while fighting the tears chasing down her paled cheeks, slowing killing herself with sadness.

And now here she was sitting in the Evans’s living room, having just given Max a large cherry coke dowsed with Tabasco sauce. And a liberal amount of rum. With a pinch of gin. And whatever else she could lay her hands on. Which led us to the matching large cheeky grin slowly spreading across Max’s features. Tonight was the night.

‘Lets go Max’ whooped Maria, quite please with herself so far. Grabbing Max’s hand she dragged him outside t the jetta and bundled him inside. Once inside Max found the seat belt intensely amusing and began laughing uncontrollably as Maria buckled him in.

‘Where are we going?’ he slurred.

Taking her time she formed her answer slowly as Max nodded his head at every syllable, ‘We. Are. Going. To. See. Liz’

‘Lizzzzz’ he purred rolling the sound off his tongue, ‘I miss Lizzzz, will she be mad when she sees me?’ He pouted in Maria’s direction as they pulled out of his street.

‘You’ll know what to do’ she giggled thinking about trying this on Michael to loosen him up a bit. Then again, she cringed as Max began singing loudly and off tune. With any luck Max and Liz would be back together by the end of the night. She wasn’t being bad, they just needed a little push in the right direction, that’s all. And that’s exactly what she did, pulling up in front of the Crashdown she leaned across Max, opened the door and gave him a little push in the right direction.

‘Lizzzzz’ he growled heading straight towards her bedroom with a purpose, leaving Maria smiling in the car. Plan in motion.

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Part Two

Liz was curled up in a ball under her quilt, pressing her arms tightly to her stomach to try and stop the ache she felt spreading through her ribcage. She was dying slowly and painfully. Countless times she had found herself standing in her bathroom with a bottle of painkillers clutched in her hand but something always held her back. She loved him. The spark that burned inside her chest seemed to burn brighter for the loss of him, torturing her as everything around it died, leaving only a desperate need for him. Besides the connection was still there, bearly registering in the back of her mind, but it was there. She could still feel the emotions from Max, tugging just slightly at her attention, if she swallowed those painkillers one by one he would feel it and come to her. Maybe that’s why it was so tempting. The connection would die with time if she left it well alone, ignored it as hard as it was. After she had run home from the pod chamber she had simply fallen asleep from sheer exhaustion but when she awoke Maria was there, bathing her head with a wet towel and murmuring words of friendship. He was there too, though unseen she could feel the grief slicing at his heart, and she tried to ignore it. Four days the battle went on until she could no longer stand it, so she slipped away as he slept with his head against her windowpane and she hadn’t seen him since.

She supposed he was with Tess tonight. That’s why the sensations coming through were stronger. Expectation, pleasure, arousal. Love. Although she should be glad he was happy she wasn’t. She wanted to spit in Tess’s gerbil face to let her know exactly how happy she was, that would make her feel a little better. She couldn’t help the small smile that crossed her face at the picture of Tess huffing and puffing with her face turning red. Yeah that would definitely feel better. Sighing to herself she tried to block out the sweet sensations tugging at her consciousness, causing a mental picture of Max naked. Only it wasn’t Tess he was pinning to the bed, it was her. A sharp twist in her womb accompanied by a sharp stab in her heart.

Sometimes she could almost feel him with her when she lay here at night. His spicy scent, the gentle scrape of his afternoon stubble against her shoulder, the tickle of his breath on her cheek. The sweetest dreams imaginable that left her even more broken when she woke and realized it wasn’t real. Just like this moment as she pictured him slipping silently through her window and pulling it shut behind him then closing her bedroom door and melting the lock. Smiling softly she watched her dream-Max stroll confidently towards her.

‘My Liz, I’ve missed you so much.’ He whispered. Liz lifted her arms to welcome him home, purring with contentment in her little dream world. Max slid into bed next to her as she wrapped her arms around him and snuggled into his neck. His hands grazed her bare stomach and she felt his breath catch as he registered her state of undress.

‘Max…’ she breathed as his head lowered to hers, lips gently grazing hers. A small frown crossed her face as she smelled alcohol on his breath. Max couldn’t drink, he was a…

‘Oh my God!’ Liz cried shooting bolt upright in her bed. ‘This isn’t a dream!’

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