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Title: Small Town
Author: ChrissyP47
Disclaimer: I don't own any of it.
Catagory: M/L M/M A/I K/Chrissy AU
Rating: Eventually NC-17
Summary: Liz is spending the summer with her best friend, Maria, from college and helping Maria plan her wedding. What Liz doesn't realize is that stepping into Roswell is like stepping into a whole new world and some people don't want her to be there.

*Author's Note*

Yes, yes another one by me. I'm not really sure about this one exactly so I thought I would give it a shot and see what you guys think.

Oh and a personal note, Chrissy is not me. My name actually isn't Chrissy, Chrissy is the name of a character I rped once so when I was looking for a character name for the girl Kyle is dating that's what came to me. Sigh... I wish I was dating Kyle. *drools*

Part 1

Liz Parker stared idly at the clock. Her flight was in 4 hours and she couldn’t be more excited. She never really took vacations, except when she would visit her adopted parents every other summer during college. They didn’t really want to see her, but at least Liz made an appearance to make them think she was grateful that they took her in when she was little.

Now as the clocked ticked by she wished class would end. This was her third semester teaching biology at Boston College and she loved teaching. Wasn’t her first choice, she wanted to be a microbiologist at Las Cruces, but she was working towards that. Right now she was a teacher and always enjoyed class. It never seemed long enough to her, until today.

The class was trying to finish up their finals in their allotted amount of time. Liz had to keep from smiling as she watched the faces of her students. Most of them looked like they were trying to squeeze every bit of information from the semester out of the backs of their heads. A few looked like they were going to fall asleep in their desk. That’s what they get for trying to cram the night before the final though.

Liz looked at the clock again. It was almost like a joke, in a few hours she would be in Roswell, New Mexico for the summer. When her best friend from college, Maria Deluca, had asked her to stay with her for the summer Liz had been hesitant. Not that she didn’t want to visit Maria, it was just Liz knew that Maria lived with a lot of people. Maria use to talk about it when they were in school, that when she went back home it would be to live with her boyfriend, now fiancé, and the rest of his so called family. They all lived in this big ranch right outside of Roswell.

Now that Liz thought back on it she realized how right Maria was. She needed a change of scenery. More importantly, a vacation. Liz needed a break from her life of books and work. That’s all she seemed to do, she didn’t date anymore, not that she dated much in high school, but it had been a long while since Liz just cut back and had fun. This was her chance and in of all places it was going to be Roswell, New Mexico: Home of the little green men.

“Ms. Parker?” Liz was brought out of her own little world at the sound of one of her student’s voices.

“Yes Erin?” Liz asked.

“I’m done with my final.” Erin said handing Liz the final. Liz really liked Erin. Erin was planning on majoring in Microbiology and was going to be Liz’s TA next year.

“Thank you Erin. Have a good summer and I’ll see you next semester.” Liz smiled at Erin and Erin smiled at her.

After Erin left Liz passed the final off to her TA now. It was nice having a TA, the TA’s final was to grade the finals so that meant Liz could leave early and not have to worry about grading any final papers. She loved teaching a little too much at times.

Again, Liz’s eyes drifted to the clock.

Will this class ever end?

“Gotta hot date?”

Liz looked up to see her most disruptive student, Brian, standing in front of her.

Liz gave him a ‘maybe’ look at took his final from him.

“Now that’s no fair Ms. P. I thought you were in love with me?” Brian said in his joking voice.

“I’m sorry Brian, but you know my heart belongs to Brad Pitt.” Liz responded glancing over the final and then handing it to her TA.

“Now what does old Brad have that I don’t have?” Brian asked stepping back and posing for her.

“A cute butt!” One of Liz’s female students yelled from the back and a few giggles were heard from others girls in the class.

Liz had to keep herself from laughing as she got the class quiet again and Brian left.

Liz looked at the clock again.

Only 20 more minutes of class left. This has to be the slowest day of my entire life.


“Michael Guerin get you ass down here now! We’re gonna be late!” Maria yelled standing at the stairwell. Everything was set. Liz’s flight was going to get in, in about an hour and then Maria planned on showing her best friend the time of her life. And of course, she planned on having Liz help her plan her wedding, which was at the end of July. Only one problem with all of this. Ok, two problems. Michael wasn’t rushing down the stairs and Max was against Liz coming.

“Michael running late?” Alex asked walking past her.

“Yes.” Maria responded. “MICHAEL!” Maria screamed at the top of her lungs and Alex had to cover his ears.

“I’m coming!” Michael shouted back as he hopped down the stairs. One shoe on, one shoe off.

Maria grabbed him before he had a chance to get the other shoe on and started dragging him to the doorway. Only to be stopped by Max, who was standing in front of the door.

“Oh no you don’t your highness. I’m running late and I already got approval. You are the only person in the city of Roswell who doesn’t want Liz staying here. You are just slightly out numbered now out of my way.” ‘Hurricane’ Deluca pushed past Max and jumped into the front seat of the Jetta, taking off in lighting speed to make it to the airport.

Max just stood watching them with his brother-in-law Alex.

“Look Max. I know you don’t like it when strangers come to Roswell, but there’s nothing to worry about. We checked everything out. It’s Maria’s wedding, you’ve got to give it a rest.” Alex said watching Max’s expression.

“I know its Maria’s wedding and I know tourists come to Roswell all the time, but none of them stay in the house. We’ve never had to worry about it before. There is definitely something to worry about now.” Max said with a determined tone to his voice.

“Max. You worry too much. Liz will be here for a few months to help plan the wedding and then attend the wedding. Then she’ll go back to Boston and the rest of us will get on with our lives like nothing has changed. You need to stop worrying and make the best of it or Maria is going to go postal on you.” Alex said with a grin and Max laughed with him as they walked into the kitchen.

Max’s sister Isabel and Alex’s wife was in there making dinner.

“What is so funny?” Isabel asked as the guys walked in and sat down.

“I was just warning Max that if he isn’t nice to Liz, Maria is going to attack him.” Alex responded kissing Isabel on the cheek and then sitting at the table. Max proceeded to sit next to Alex.

Isabel smiled at this as she went back to cooking the pot roast.

“You know he’s right though. Max, you’ve been fighting this for the past 2 months. Why don’t you just let it be?” Isabel asked, still looking at the food.

“I’m not going to do anything, but if something goes wrong. Or if she starts poking into things that she isn’t suppose to then she has to go. I’m not risking everything on some stranger.” Max said getting very serious.

“I know Max.” Was all Isabel responded.

After a moment Isabel turned around to look at both the men.

“I’m going to change. Alex watch the dinner and Max.” She turned to look at her brother.

“Please be nice to Liz. It’s means a lot to Maria and Michael and you know, it means a lot to the rest of us. It’ll be kind of nice to have someone here who doesn’t know everything about you and watching your every move to make sure you don’t slip up. Just give her a chance.” Isabel smiled at Max and then headed over to her and Alex’s room to change into something nicer.

Alex got up and starting looking into one of the pots Isabel was cooking.

“Ewww… green beans again. She is addicted to them.” Max half listened as Alex went on about Isabel’s cooking and eating habits. All Max could think about was this girl. This teacher from Boston. She was a stranger, someone from the outside coming in. Max didn’t like that one bit, but there was something else. Somewhere on the inside he felt a bit of hope.


Well? What do you think? Good, bad, whatever, just leave some feedback.

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*Author's Note*

Wow! That was a bigger response than I was expecting. I'm glad everyone likes the start of it. The first few parts are a little slow and a little short, but I promise it gets better as things being to unfold.

Things are going to be a little confusing, but it will all pan out once Liz starts talking to the others and finding out more about them.

Part 2

Maria sat in the terminal with Michael. Liz’s plane was 20 minutes late which was lucky for them considering they had been running late.

“When was the last time you saw Liz?” Maria asked Michael.

“I think it was your sophomore year in college. Back when she was dating Sean.” Michael said looking out the window, just to see her plane pull up.

“Eww. God I hated Sean. He was an ass. You know she never dated anyone after him.” Maria paused for a moment as her and Michael stood up, the doors of the gate opening.

“Don’t even think it. Whatever you’re thinking.”

“I wasn’t thinking anything.” Maria said innocently.

Michael gave her an ‘I know you better than that’ look.

“Ok. So maybe I was. I was just thinking you know, Liz hasn’t been with anyone since Sean and everyone knows that Max has been single since Tess and-” Michael quickly cut her off.

“Maria, as much as I agree with you. No. Max is way too high strung and you know how aggravated he already is with Liz coming. You try and play match maker and he’s going to blow a fuse.” Michael said knowingly watching all the people exit off the plane.

“Yeah I know.” Maria added somewhat defeated. “Doesn’t mean I can’t try.” Before Michael could respond Liz walked through the door.

“Lizzie!” Maria practically knocked every person near by over as she ran to Liz and hugged her.

“Oh Maria. I missed you so much.” Liz said hugging Maria tighter.

“Here Michael.” Maria grabbed Liz’s carry-on bag and thrust it at him.

“Hi Liz. It’s nice to see you again.” Michael said taking the bag.

“It’s good to see you too and I can take that bag if you want.” Liz said quickly and politely walking arm and arm with Maria down the terminal.

“Don’t worry about.” Michael said as he led the way towards baggage.

“Let’s get you’re things and get back to the house. I am so excited for you to meet everyone. We’re going to have so much fun this summer and just think. I’m getting married. Michael!” Maria was babbling and acting like a giddy school girl again.

“What Maria?” Michael asked as he rolled his eyes. Lucky for him she didn’t see that.

“UFOnics is having Karaoke night tonight. We have to go.” Maria proceeded to explain to Liz that UFOnics was the local dance club and one of her favorite places to go.

After they got her bags and were safely in the car Maria brought it up again.

“We have to go. I will not be happy if we don’t. I love going. We’ll get dressed to kill, get trashed and dance till we drop. Plus, I get to sing.” Maria said waving her arms around to get her point across.

“I don’t know Maria. Me and partying just don’t go together.” Liz said from the back seat.

“And that’s exactly why we have to go. Look we’ll eat whatever Isabel decided to cook, get dressed and then go. I’m sure Kyle is going with Chrissy. They go like practically every night.”

“Who’s Chrissy?” Liz asked.

“Ok. Let me give you the full explanation right now so you know who everyone is.”

“Oh boy.” Michael said under his breath, but Maria heard him and hit him upside the head.

“Anyway, the house belongs to Max and Isabel’s parents. It’s like this gorgeous ranch house that’s been in their family for years. Now, Michael has been friends with them since forever, so after high school when Max and Isabel decided to move in there, Michael went with them. Alex eventually married Isabel so he moved in. Then when I left college I moved in with them and then finally, Kyle who is Alex’s cousin hit like rock bottom. He was the biggest ass and things just were not going right. He had this horrible break up with this girl that I guess he really did care for.” Maria took in a big breath. “That’s beside the point.”

“Could you get to the point? She asked about Chrissy, not our life stories.”

“You want to get hit again Guerin.” Michael mumbled something again, but focused on the road.

“So anyway, he wanted to start over after this chick he was dating in New York ran off with most of his money. He came back to Roswell and moved in with us. He got this great job working with Max and Isabel’s dad. He does all this law stuff with them. So to the point.”

“Finally.” Michael cut in.

“He started dating Chrissy and she is like the sweetest girl ever and completely changed him. He’s not a jerk anymore.”

Liz just stared at Maria in shock. She was entering a world she knew nothing about, this was what Maria’s life was like, she probably knew every story about every person in this small town and Liz was starting to have second thoughts.

Liz spent the rest of the drive looking out the window at the vast desert around her. These people she was going to be staying with were doing something she only dreamed of. They were living. They had formed this close family that Liz had yearned to have her entire life.

“What about Max?” Liz asked filling the silence.

“What about him?” Maria asked back.

“Well, from what I gathered everyone in the house is either engaged, married or dating. What about him?”

“He’s as single as they come.” Maria said with a huge grin. Liz never saw the look cross Maria’s face, but Michael did and knew that look. Maria already had the plan laid out and Michael knew that either Max and Liz were going to be together, or Max was going to be very pissed off and none of them would ever see Liz set foot in Roswell ever again.


“Max get down here! They’re back!” Isabel yelled upstairs.

There was no response.

“You want me to go get him.” Kyle asked with Chrissy standing next to him.

“Give him a minute. He doesn’t come down then you have permission to kill him.” Isabel said looking out the window.

“Give him a break Iz.” Alex said coming up behind her. “This is weird for him, I mean most of us have seen life outside of Roswell and know what people on the outside are like. Max has never left New Mexico and the farthest he got was Las Cruces for those four years of college. He just doesn’t understand.”

“I know. I know. But this means a lot to Maria. Doesn’t he see that?” Isabel responded.

“Just give him some time.” Alex smiled at her and they look took a deep breath as they saw Liz get out of the car.


Max sat on his bed looking out the window. He had known they were there before Isabel had screamed up to him. He’d spent the last 20 minutes debating on whether or not he wanted to even go down stairs and meet this Liz. Fears of Maria killing him where what made him change his clothes and he was just about to go down stairs when he saw her get out of the car.

Never in his life had Max seen anyone like her. Even from two floors up he could see how beautiful she was. Shoulder length brown hair that looked so soft, all Max wanted to do was touch it.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” Max asked himself, but he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“MAX! If you aren’t down here by the time they get in here Maria was going to kill you.”

Max heard his sister yell to him, but he couldn’t move. He was fixated on the girl, even when he lost sight of her as he assumed she entered the house. How was he going to survive with her under his roof for the rest of the summer?


“Well this is it?” Maria said leaning against the car. Liz finally climbed out and couldn’t help but stare at the beauty of the house. It looked more like a log cabin in mansion form. Liz had never seen anything like it.

She was still looking at the house while Michael brought her bags inside. It was Maria grabbing her arm that finally got Liz moving.

“This was a mistake.” Liz whispered to herself, but it was too late now. She was already inside with four complete strangers standing in front of her.

“Oh my god, this is so exciting for me. Ok, Liz let me introduce you, this is Isabel and her husband Alex.” Maria said trying to speak slowly.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Isabel said extending her hand out for Liz to shake. Liz immediately thought Isabel was beautiful. She looked like a model, not someone you would find in a small town like Roswell.

“Nice to meet you too.” Liz finally said. After that the stringy man standing next to her held out his hand. Obviously Alex.

“Yeah, welcome to Roswell.” He said.

“Thank you.” Liz said with a smile.

“Ok, and then these two are Kyle and Chrissy.”

They then went through the traditional greetings. Liz thought that Kyle looked like your typical high school jock, but he seemed nice. Chrissy was very down to earth. Beautiful, but not like Isabel beautiful. She had redish brown hair and seemed a little naïve in many ways.

“Where is he?” Maria asked and everyone went quiet and looked away. Liz had heard that tone out of Maria once. She had used it on Sean, but Liz didn’t want to dwell on that memory on the moment.

“I think he’s still getting ready.” Chrissy said, faking a smile.

“Yeah. I’m sure. If you’ll excuse me Liz.” Maria was just about to head off up stairs, with a look that could kill in her eyes, but then a man came walking down the stairs.

Liz’s breath caught in her throat as she saw him. She could only assume he was Max and to her he looked perfect. He had those deep soulful amber eyes that you only read about in the cheesy romance novels Maria made her read. Liz wasn’t sure she was going to be able to stand much longer considering he was looking at her, just the same way she was looking at him.

“Wow Max, you decided to join us.” Maria said breaking the connection.

Max turned to Maria like he had no idea who she was.

“Ummm… yeah. Sorry Maria, I ummm…”

“You what?”

Liz couldn’t have cared less what had taken him so long to come down, he was here now and his voice was making her fall further.

“I couldn’t find something.” He quickly said.

“What?” Maria challenged.

“How about dinner? Liz I want to hear all about Boston.” Isabel cut in and grabbed Liz by the arm taking her into the large dinner room that was all set for dinner.

Everyone headed into the kitchen and it just left Max and Maria standing in the hallway.

“You Bastard.” Maria spat at him.

“Maria, I came down stairs. If I was really going to be an ass I wouldn’t have.” Max stopped when he heard the sound of her laughter. He just wished Maria would hit him or something quickly so he could go into the dinning room and see the girl whose voice sounded like music.

“Max, I’m sorry. This just means a lot to me.” Maria said, sadly.

“Hey I know. Ok. Come here.” He hugged Maria and she hugged him. “I’m sorry. I won’t do it again mother.”

Maria snorted and punched him lightly.

“Come on, let’s get some dinner, I want to hear what I’m missing.” Max said and both Max and Maria headed for the dinning room.

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*Author's Note*

*blushes* You guys are so sweet. I love all your feedback so far.

I know everyone is going to love this part. It's really cute and well... hehe, you'll see.

For disclaimer purposes I use the lyrics to 'All I Wanted' by Michelle Branch and ( time for dreamer flash backs ) 'Deep Inside of You' by Thrid Eye Blind.

Part 3

Dinner went as smoothly as Liz thought possible. They spent most of them time asking her questions. Much to Liz’s disappointment, Max said nothing to her. He was quite throughout the entire dinner.

Never the less, Liz had a great time. Maria’s friends and soon family had acted like she was part of the family and it was an incredible feeling. Something Liz knew she would miss as soon as the summer was over, but for the time being Liz planned to enjoy every moment. Which was why she was now in her room on the second floor unpacking, then she was going to change and they were all going to UFOnics.

“So Lizzie, now that I have you alone.” Maria shut the door and stood in front of it seductively, dressed in a fire red halter top and black leather pants.

“It’s time we discuss the illicit affair we’ve been having. I know you want this body, but, its taken.” Maria said dramatically, throwing herself against the door.

“Oh my.” Liz fanned herself as she too dramatically collapsed onto the bed, then she broke out into a burst of giggles as Maria jumped onto the bed with her.

“Kidding aside, do I look hot?” Maria asked standing up on the bed.

“If I was a guy I’d do nasty things that would make you scream my name.” Liz said in a husky voice.

“Elizabeth Parker, when did you get so dirty?” Maria asked in shock at how her pure best friend was acting.

“You’d be surprised what teaching college students does to you.”

“Ah.” Maria said in understanding and then jumped off the bed and started going through all the clothes that Liz had just put away.

“What am I going to have you wear that is going to make every guy in Roswell dreaming about you tonight?” Maria said out loud to herself.

“Maria Deluca.” Liz said crossing her arms. Of course, Maria ignored her and continued to look through the closet.

“Here.” Maria said as she reached in. “It’s perfect, its you.” Maria pulled out Liz’s tight black dress that she had bought awhile back. She bought it because she wanted to go to this new dance club in Boston. At last minute she chickened out, but she still had the dress.

Maria held the dress out in front of Liz for her to take it.

“You get in this, then I’m doing you’re make-up and pulling that beautiful hair of yours off your gorgeous shoulders. You’re going to make a killing, this town isn’t going to know what hit them.” Maria smiled and headed for the door.

“I’m just going to get a second and third opinion. You get that dress on and I’ll be back with reinforcements.” Maria flashed her a smiled and headed out, shutting the door behind her.

Liz looked at herself in the mirror.

“Liz Parker, this is exactly what you need, now don’t screw it up.”


Max, Michael, Alex and Kyle sat in the kitchen waiting on the girls. All of which had disappeared upstairs a while ago and had yet to come down.

“Leave it to Maria, makes all the plans and then runs late.” Michael said running his fingers idly on the table.

“Hey Evans, why are you tagging along? I thought you hated UFOnics?” Kyle asked trying to kill the idle chit-chat coming from Michael.

“You know how Maria is about when she’s going to be singing. Plus I haven’t gone the last two times and with Liz here…” Max didn’t even have to finish.

“Got it.”

Again, the silence settled on the men till they heard the sound of three sets of feet flying down the stairs.

Maria was the first one to pop her head in, followed by Isabel who was dressed in her usual leather pants and black leather halter-top, then by Chrissy who was in an orange sundress with her hair perfectly curled.

“Ok, gentlemen, please hold all your cat calls and applause until after Liz as turned a fair shade of red.”

“Maria!” Everyone heard Liz yell and then heard the sound of Liz walking down stairs.

“Oh come on Liz, you know you’re killer.” Maria disappeared and then when she reappeared she shoved Liz right into the kitchen in front of everyone. Including Max.

Max was sure his heart stopped right as she entered the kitchen. She was dressed in a black dress that seemed to hug all of her curves. Her hair was piled on top of her head, revealing her shoulders which were only covered by the single strap of the dress. The dress fell barely passed her knees and to finish it off she had a pair of black heal shoes the revealed just her toes which were painted a dark shade of purple.

“Liz you look very nice.” Alex said getting up and looping his arm around Isabel’s waist.

“Thank you Alex.” Liz replied blushing.

“Hey, you look great Liz. Now can we get going?” Michael said grabbing Maria and making his way to the door. Everyone pushed past Liz to go to the front door and she just sort of stood there.

“You look incredible.” She heard him whisper into her ear and Liz was sure she was going to melt as Max stood there and looked at her.

“You ready to go?” He asked, holding out his arm for her.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Was all she could respond, as she put a smile on her face and they headed out for the cars.


From the moment they had entered the club, Liz was on the dance floor. Maria had dragged her away from Max and now all the girls were in a little group moving to the beat of the music and the motion of the flashing multicolored lights.

Once you got past the fact that this club was alien themed, like everything in Roswell, it really wasn’t that bad and Liz was having the time of her life.

One of the nameless, fast moving songs ended and some guy got on stage bringing everyone’s attention to him.

“I know you all know what night it is.” There was a bunch of hollers coming from the ground. Liz was looking around trying to figure out where the guys had gone. Better yet, where Max had gone.

“Now, our normal performing Maria Deluca promised she would grace us with her presence.” The man said over dramatically. “But, she as a special treat for us. So would her friend Liz Parker please come on the stage.”

Liz felt all the color drain from her face as the girls started pulling her towards the stage.

“No way. Maria!” Liz had to scream over all the clapping.

“Come on Liz. It’ll be fun.” Maria said with a grin.

Maria and Isabel pulled her onto the stage and Chrissy gave her a ‘sorry’ look.

Before Liz knew what was happening she was standing in front of a crowed club. Maria was holding the microphone in front of her and one of the stage men was turning on the TV’s so Liz could see the lyrics.

“I know you love this one.” Maria whispered as soon as the soft beats of the music began to fill the club. Liz would remember to kill Maria later. Now all she had do to was not lose it while singing in front of all these people.


Max couldn’t stop watching her the entire time she was dancing. Just the way her body moved. He wanted to be right there with her, moving his body with her own.

The guys perched themselves at their usual table. A few of the single girls in Roswell would come by Max every so often to see if he wanted to dance. Max always was polite when he said no. Max didn’t dance, no one could get him to dance.

Except for now, all he could think about was dancing with her.

Max wasn’t even paying attention that the music had stopped until Liz was being pulled onto the stage. That’s when he realized what Maria had done. Maria was making Liz sing. Max felt bad for about a second, then he became selfish. He wanted to hear her sing.

“I wanted to be like you
I wanted everything
So I tried to be like you
And I got swept away.”

Max felt his heart begin to pump as her voice filled the club. Her had heard her voice before, but now hearing her sing. He could get use to hearing this.

“I didn't know that it was so cold
And you needed someone
to show you the way
So I took your hand and we figured out
That when the tide comes
I'd take you away”

Max was pretty sure he was seeing things, but he seemed like she kept looking in his direction. She would look away, but it looked like she was singing right to him.
He had never felt this way about a girl before. Ever. They way she looked, everything she did was causing things inside of him. Things he’d never felt before and he’d just met her. She hadn’t even been here a day and he already felt like he’d known her forever. Of course, all he wanted to do was listen to her. He wanted to know everything about her. Which was wrong and against everything, but he couldn’t help it.

“If you want to
I can save you
I can take you away from here
So lonely inside
So busy out there
And all you wanted
was somebody who cares”

Liz hated singing, but somehow she was enjoying it. She knew her voice was no where as good as Maria’s, but it was very uplifting to be on stage right now.

It only took her a moment to find Max and now she was having a hard time keeping her gaze away from him. All she wanted to do was sing to him. She tried walking around the stage, singing to Maria and to some guy in the front, but her eyes always fell back to Max.

“I'm sinking slowly
So hurry hold me
Your hand is all I have to keep me hanging on
Please can you tell me
So I can finally see
Where you go when you're gone"

What was it about Max? She didn’t understand it. She never felt this way about any person before. This sudden attraction that made every word she sang float to him. Like they were just for him. She had no idea what she was getting herself into, but she liked that fact that he was looking right at her.

“If you want to
I can save you
I can take you away from here
So lonely inside
So busy out there
And all you wanted
was somebody who cares”

Maria looked at Liz who was singing better than ever, but her gaze was focused at one part of the room.

Maria made a quick glanced and noted happily that Liz seemed to be singing to Max and Max was gladly watching her.

Maria then looked at Michael who was looking at her. Her smile widened. Michael could say whatever he wanted, but Maria was right. Max and Liz would be perfect for each other. Even if it was just a summer fling. Not that it could get any father anyway. No one was ready to let someone new in. Not yet at least.

“All you wanted was somebody who cares
If you need me you know I'll be there
Oh, yeah”

Max wanted to break away from her gaze, but he couldn’t the trance she had put him in was killer. She was driving him wild and he was enjoying it. Every second of it.

“If you want to
I can save you
I can take you away from here
So lonely inside
So busy out there
And all you wanted
was somebody who cares”

Max could sense that the song was coming to an end as she moved more along the stage, still hitting every lyric and every note like a professional singer. She probably got that from Maria. She probably got a lot of things from Maria. Max would remember to thank her later.

“Please can you tell me
So I can finally see
Where you go when you're gone”

Liz kept herself still in the middle of the stage has she finished out the last few notes, keeping her eyes closed. One way to keep from staring right at Max.

When the music finally finished, Liz heard the sounds of applause and Maria, Isabel and Chrissy came running on the stage to hug her and congratulate her.

They started to walk off stage, but Maria stayed on.

“My turn to sing, Liz, keep my fiancé warm for me.” Maria winked as she wanted to the middle of the stage.

A familiar slow song came on and all the girls walked towards the guys.

“You’ll have to dance with Michael.” Isabel said on their way over. “Max never dances.”

Liz felt slightly disappointed, but she would dance with Michael. He didn’t need to just sit there.

Isabel and Chrissy grabbed their significant others and headed to the dance floor.

Liz was trying her best to not look at Max. To not ask him to dance.

“Umm…” Liz walked over to Michael and before she got to ask him to dance Max cut her off.

“You want to dance Liz?” Liz was thrown off guard. She was pretty use Isabel said Max didn’t dance.

“I’d love to.”

When we met light was shed
Thoughts free flow you said you’ve got something
Deep inside of you

They walked out to the dance floor together and fell perfectly against each other. They started out a fair distance apart, but moving to the music.

A wind chime voice sounds, sway of your hips round rings true
It goes deep inside of you
These secret garden beams
Changed my life so it seems
Fall breeze blows outside, I don’t break stride
Thoughts are warm, and they go
Deep inside of you

Liz felt a little weird being this close to Max. She hardly knew him, but as they continued to move she moved herself a little closer to him, till his arms were completely wrapped around her waist and her head was resting on his chest.

And I never felt alone, till I met you

Friends say I’ve changed, I don’t listen cause I live to be
Deep inside of you

Max closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. He could smell her all around him and just having her that close to him was driving him crazy. He couldn’t remember a time when he’d actually enjoyed himself, but now he did. He didn’t think things could get better.

Slide of her dress, shouts in darkness
I’m so alive
I’m deep inside of you
You said boy make girl feel good
But still
Deep inside

Liz continued to move along with Max. She never noticed the looks that other were giving the two as the danced along with the music.

I’ve never felt alone
Till I met you
I’m alright on my own
And then I met you
And I’d know what to do if I just knew what’s coming

Max shot down every look he was given. He didn’t care what everyone else might be saying, having Liz near him was the best thing ever. She was changing him and it had only been her first day here. There was just something about her. Something that told him to hold her tighter and keep her as close to him as possible. That she was worth hanging on to.

I would change myself if I could
I’d walk with my people if I could find them
And I’d say that I’m sorry to you
I’m sorry to you
And I don’t wanna call you, but then I wanna call you
Cause I don’t wanna crush you but I feel like crushing you
And it’s true I took for granted you were with me
I breathe by your looks and you look right through me
But we were broke and didn’t know it
We were broke and didn’t know it
We were broke and didn’t know it
We were broke and didn’t know

Liz closed her eyes tighter to keep from letting her emotions slip. How could Max do this to her after one day? She felt like she could tell him anything and everything. That somehow he would understand.

Her arms were still around his neck and she kept them there as she pulled off his chest to look into his eyes. They were looking right into hers. She felt herself melting away.

Something’s gone you withdraw and I’m not strong like before
I was
Deep inside of you
I can go nowhere
I burn candles and stare at a ghost
Deep inside of you
And some great need in me
Starts to bleed
I’ve lost myself, there’s nothing left, it’s all gone

Max found himself looking into the most beautiful brown eyes he had ever seen. He was drawn to her and by some force he felt he had to kiss her. He didn’t know why, but he wanted to so bad. Needed to. So slowly he lowered his lips closer to hers.

Deep inside of you
Deep inside of you
Deep inside of you

Liz held her breath in anticipation and let her eyes flutter shut. Then the music stopped and she didn’t feel anything. She opened her eyes and he was looking right at her.

“Thanks for the dance.” He said in a whispered and walked back to the table.

Liz stood there alone, till Maria, Isabel and Chrissy came running up to her.

“I don’t believe it. Liz how did you convince him to dance with you?” Maria asked the question that was on all their minds.

Liz turned away from them to look at Max.

“I didn’t ask him. He asked me.”


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Part 4

It had been almost three days since Liz had come to Roswell. Things had been chaos from that day on. Maria had been going crazy looking through wedding catalogs and what not. She refused to go to any store till she had some sort of idea what she wanted.

Michael worked for this stock company that ran out of Roswell, but they needed him in Maryland of all places and he was going to be back that night.

Isabel was trying to get a degree in psychology at the local college and even though it was summer, she was taking extra classes to keep up with that. So she was only home at nights.

Alex worked for an internet started up company or something like that, Liz wasn’t really sure, she didn’t know that much about computers to begin with. He stayed locked in his room most of the day working.

Kyle and Chirssy only came by for dinner and if they were staying in Kyle’s room that night. Otherwise they were at Chirssy’s little apartment. They both worked during they day so weren’t home at all.

Liz assumed Max would have been around, but he kept getting phone calls to come to some sort of town meeting. Maria had explained to her that Max was very involved in things that went on in Roswell so he went to every town meeting there was.

That left Liz, alone, with Maria as Maria freaked over whether eggshell or pearl was a better color white.

“I don’t know, I mean the egg shell is nice, but. Liz help me here?” Liz was pretty sure Maria was starting to squeak.

“Maria, today is Friday. Michael gets back tonight, can we pleeeeeeeeease do something? I am begging of you. If I look at one more wedding book I am throwing it out the window.” Liz said jokingly, but she gave Maria a fake serious look.

“Ok. Ok.” Maria said putting up the defenses. “Umm… hmmm… where should we go?” Maria pretended to get lost in thought and then both girls jumped when they heard the door slam shut.

Maria turned to look at the entrance to the kitchen just as Max walked in. He looked really angry.

“Max, what happened?” Maria asked, almost forgetting Liz was in the room.

Max looked over at Liz first and the look made her shiver. Then he turned back to Maria.

“Nothing.” He said tonelessly.

“I don’t buy that. What happened?” Maria asked again.

“I told you nothing. Nothing happened.” Max said again, pushing the subject. Max didn’t look as angry as before, he looked a little more hurt than anything.

“When’s everyone going to be home?” Max asked filling up the silence.

“I don’t know. Soon I guess.” Maria added, trying to force the subject change.

“I want to go to the reservoir tomorrow. You know all of us.” Max made a motion with his hands and Maria nodded.

“Ok Max.” Max walked out of the room after Maria’s confirmation. Once he was out of ear shot she started talking again.

“Well, that was a little weird.”

“What was?” Liz asked, intrigued.

“Well, ever since we were kids we would go out to the reservoir. It was our own secret place, not too many people in Roswell ever went there.” Maria said leaning closer to Liz. “Anyway, a few years ago we all stopped going and only Max would go, it was like his own little place. There was some unspoken agreement that no one would go there but Max. It’s kind of weird that he wanted to go with everyone.” Maria finished up in a whispered and then leaned back.

“So how about tonight, you and I go into town and catch a movie. Just the two of us?” Maria said, quickly changing the subject.

“Sounds good.” Liz replied and then went back to the magazine Maria was looking at.

“I think pearl is the best, but I think eggshell will look better on you.”

“That’s what I thought.” Both girls laughed as Maria shut the magazine.


Liz was exhausted by the time she was back in her room. The first night she had been in it, it had been creepy. She was use to it now, but she was at the end of the long hallway. Closest person away was Max and he was at the other end of the hall. No one could hear her from up where she was.

Maria had called it a blessing, that way if she was a screamer, she wouldn’t wake up the whole house. Liz didn’t find that very amusing.

Liz pulled back the covers and climbed in. She knew the instant she hit the pillow she would be out. Somewhere in the back of her mind, like it had been all night, she was thinking about Max. About what had gotten him so upset when he got home.

She pushed the thoughts of that away to back when they had danced and then next thing she knew she was fast asleep.


His hands were like fire on her, not a good fire, not a fire of passion. A fire of pain.

She tried to scream out, but he kept forcing his hand over her mouth. Telling her, yelling at her that she wanted it and that she needed to be quiet.

His right hand was trying to undo her pants and she was trying to scream through his hand, everything was muffled and she felt like it was going in slow motion. Like it wasn’t really happening, but she knew it was.

Tears were coursing down her face and he was whispering something in her ear, something she couldn’t make out. Not that she wanted to.

Then she had an advantage. He moved his hand away from her mouth to undo the buttons on her shirt.

She then let out an inhuman cry for help. Begging someone or anyone to come and save her.


Liz sat straight up out of bed screaming and crying to find herself wrapped into someone’s arms.

It had happened again, she was so sure the nightmares were over again, but they weren’t. It had happened again and now here she was, probably in Maria’s arms crying like a child about her bad dream.

Liz picked that moment to realize it wasn’t Maria’s arms she was in. It wasn’t her best friends embrace that she was crying into. It was Max’s.

“Liz, its going to be ok.” He whispered into her ear. She wished she could have stopped crying, but she couldn’t. Max was rubbing his hands down her back and it was such a comfort to have somewhere there when this happened.

Liz tighten the grip she didn’t even know she had, had on Max. One last sob escaped from her and she began to calm down. Still holding onto him with everything she had.

A moment later Liz pulled back a little from Max to look at him. Embarrassment quickly swept over her.

“I’m sorry if I woke you up.” Liz whispered.

“I wasn’t a sleep so you have nothing to be sorry for.” He said brushing a strand of hair away from her face.

“Actually I was on my way downstairs for something to drink. How about I make us both hot chocolate?”

“That sounds really good right now.”


Liz clutched the cup of hot chocolate as tightly as she could while she took small sips of the warm liquid.

Her entire stomach was in knots. They were sitting in the kitchen in silence. Max wasn’t hounding her like Maria had after she had been woken up by Liz’s nightmares. Of course that had been so long ago and Maria had believed Liz when she said she didn’t remember. Liz hadn’t had them since that night. She had wanted them to be over, but here she was again, like a little child.

She knew her face had to still be a mess and she probably looked like a fool. Max didn’t have to do what he was doing, yet he was. He had been right there when she had woken up and had just been there for her. No person had ever just been there.

“I don’t usually do this.” Liz said breaking the silence, but still keeping her voice low to not completely ruin it.

“Do what?” Max asked. “Drink hot chocolate?” He had to suppress his smile.

“Not that.” Liz replied with a smile. “I mean, waking up in the middle of the night screaming.”


Silence settled around them again and Max was still watching her. He had been since he’d gotten her down stairs. She looked so small sitting in the kitchen. Small and helpless. He couldn’t not want to be there for her, to know what had scared her so much in her dreams that would make her scream that way.

“You don’t have to tell me Liz. You don’t-” Liz quickly cut him off before he could finish.

“I want to tell you. I don’t know why, but I do.” Liz took another sip of the drink and then put the cup on the table.

“I never even told Maria when she asked me. I use to have the same nightmare all the time the summer she came back here. It was right after our sophomore year. I lied to her then, but I never had the dream again, it was a blessing.”

Max leaned silently closer to her. Not wanting to scare her, but just to be near her. He wanted to be close to her.

“That whole summer and tonight, I dreamt that my ex-boyfriend Sean was trying to rape me in my dorm room at school.”

“Liz.” Max said her name in a near whisper. “Liz, people dream about things that don’t make sense all the time. You shouldn’t be ashamed of it.”

Liz tried to smile. She did try, he was trying to help so hard, but there was so much more to that.

“The thing is Max, that summer, my ex-boyfriend Sean, did try to rape me in my dorm room.” Liz wiped away the tear that had fallen down her face. She didn’t notice how white Max’s knuckles had turned as he griped onto the kitchen table.

“It was the end of the year. Michael had come out to visit Maria and I was still dating Sean. They both had seen how bad he was for me and convinced me that I needed to break up with him. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done. I knew the verbal abuse was there, but, you know. I thought I loved him and I thought he loved me. Any love was better than none, so when I finally ended it I was torn up.” Liz took a deep breath and tried to keep from crying.

“Maria wanted to stay with me that summer, but I told her I was fine. I flat out lied to her. Two weeks later I was dating Sean again.”

Max released the grip he had on the table and moved his chair even closer to Liz. He could almost feel his heart breaking listening to her story. Things like this should never happen to people like Liz. He knew she didn’t deserve the pain this jerk put her through.

“It wasn’t ok. The verbal abuse was still there, but he became so controlling. I never really saw it coming. Even when he told me he didn’t want me to be friends with Maria anymore. He told me she was hurting the love in our relationship.” Liz couldn’t repress her tears now. She had never told this story to anyone, she didn’t know how she was able to tell it to Max now, but it just felt right.

“I believed him. I just wanted love, I don’t know why I was being so naïve. But when he showed up in my room that night, everything hit hard. He wanted me and I didn’t and I couldn’t stop him he was just too strong.”

Max got out of his chair and knelt beside her, placing his arm around her shoulder to support her while she got everything out. He himself was torn from crying with her for what happened or going out and finding this Sean and beating him till he was dead.

“Somehow, I don’t know how, but my neighbor must have heard me screaming for him to stop. She busted into my room and he fled before he actually got a chance to ‘have me’. He called two weeks later trying to apologize, but I told him if he called again I would have him thrown in jail. I haven’t seen him since.”

“Two days later the nightmares started and almost three weeks after that Maria came home. I wanted to tell her so bad, but I was so afraid of how disappointed she would be in me. I just couldn’t disappoint her like that, I went back to him after she told me I shouldn’t.”

Max placed his fingers under her chin to make her turn and look at him.

“Liz, this is not your fault. You have no reason to feel that way. You thought he loved you and maybe in some way he did, but he didn’t know how to love you.”

Liz’s cries lessened as she listened to Max’s words.

“What he did was wrong Liz. He wanted something from you, something you didn’t want to give him and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. That is not your fault and you can’t blame yourself for that. Maybe that’s why you have these nightmares, because you keep blaming yourself for what he did wrong.”

Liz stared completely into his eyes and saw all the concern and worry that were there. He didn’t think she was a fool for going back to Sean, he didn’t think she was stupid for taking back someone who hurt her over and over again.

“Max, you are the first person I ever told this do. I never told anyone because I was afraid they would yell at me for going back to him when I knew he would hurt me, but you’re not yelling at me are you?” Liz kept staring into his eyes even when he stood up to pull his chair right next to hers.

“Let’s just say I know what its like to stay with someone even though you know its wrong. You feel like no matter how bad it is, that at least its something and something is better than nothing.”

If Liz had been standing she would have fallen over. Everything Max had just said was exactly what it was like for her with Sean. Every emotion or thought led right to what Max just said.

“What was her name?” Liz let the question hang in the air. She knew if he didn’t want to answer she wouldn’t push it, but at least she was offering him what he had just given her.

“Tess.” He finally said turning to look away from her.
“We started going out in high school. I never really liked her, but it just felt like she was the only one I was ever going to find. I had seen how Michael was with Maria and how Isabel was with Alex and I got jealous I guess. Tess showed up and it was better than nothing.”

“She was the complete opposite of me. Blond hair, fake everything, she was smart, but a different kind of smart. She didn’t like school work, but she always seemed to know everything, although she would never let on. She flirted with everything that walked and I’m pretty sure she was cheating on me then.”

“I didn’t go to college because of her. At least I didn’t go right away. She was living here with us and I think that’s why Maria went to BC instead of Las Cruces, she hated Tess so much. Everyone did, but I stayed immune to it. I knew she was cheating on me, but I never let it in. I thought she was the only one who was ever going to love me so I stayed with her.”

There was a long pause and on instinct Liz reached out and took Max’s hand as he collected his thoughts and emotions.

“I asked her to marry me. I don’t know why, it just came out at dinner one night. She was so happy, Maria swore she was never coming back to the house again if that meant Tess was going to be permanently living in the house. I don’t think any of them thought I was going to stay with Tess until that. Alex tried to talk to me about it and Michael tried to talk me out of it. I was just so miserable. I thought if we were married things would get better and I would feel what Michael and Maria have and what my sister and Alex have. That’s all I wanted.”

Liz squeezed his hand in comfort and he held it tightly as he continued.

“It was around this time that Kyle had come back to Roswell and he was in the process of moving in with us. I was passing the Tumbleweed Inn and I saw her and Kyle come out one of the rooms. That was when I ended it with her finally and she left Roswell.”

“Oh Max.” Liz placed her other hand on top of his and looked at his face, he still wasn’t meeting her eyes.

“Can you keep a secret?” Max asked finally looking at her, his face looked so worn from years of emotion and the loss of this Tess.

“Of course.” Liz said.

“I paid Kyle to sleep with Tess.”

“What?” Liz asked in shock. “Why would you do something like that?”

“I had never caught her before and I knew unless I caught her would I be able to break it off. Being with her was killing me. Kyle was desperate for money at the time. He had practically lost everything. I never told anyone I did that, Maria had been pissed for a while at Kyle, but I think it was all staged. I think she was trying to make me feel better. Everyone was glad it had happened because it got Tess out of my life. My only question is if I got rid of her why did things get worse?”

Liz had no answer for his question. It was rhetorical, she felt the same way. She got rid of Sean and yet she didn’t feel any better there was just an…

“The only thing is that when she was here I had something to fill my heart, now there’s emptiness.”

Liz closed her eyes and squeezed on his hand. He felt it too, that complete emptiness.

“I don’t understand it either, Max, but I think it gets better. I at least hope it gets better. I mean, you did go to college. You teach high school English. If you had stayed with her you might have never gotten to where you are.”

Max watched her as she spoke. She knew exactly what to say and probably didn’t even realize how perfect her words had been.

“You’re right.” Max said simply and stared right into her eyes. He wasn’t quite sure how much time had passed but the both ended up looking away.

“You know it’s getting late. I should probably get back to bed.” Liz said standing up and Max followed suit.

They walked upstairs silently and Max walked Liz down to her room.

“Thank you for listening Max. It meant a lot to me.”

“Same here.” Silence fell again, they really didn’t want to part from each other, being together had been so good for both their tortured souls.

“Well goodnight.” Max leaned forward and kissed Liz on the cheek, letting his lips linger on her soft skin a little longer than a normal cheek kiss would entail.

Before Liz could say her goodnight, Max was already down the hall and disappearing into his room.

Liz placed her hand softly on her cheek where he had kissed her, she could still feel little trembles running through her body as she grinned like a little school girl and headed into her room to sleep.

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Disclaimer issue. I used the song 'You Make Me Feel' by Jeremy Toback ( another dreamer flashback )

Part 5

“We’re leaving in 5 minutes so everybody better be ready!” Maria yelled upstairs.

Max was still sitting on his bed thinking about yesterday. Not only the ‘town meeting’ but his talk with Liz. He hadn’t known what had come over him, but he wanted to tell her about Tess. It was the weirdest feeling, like she would be the only one to understand what he went through.

Max grabbed his beach towel off the bed and his camera from his dresser. He headed down the hallway and stopped in front of Liz’s open bedroom door. She was sitting on her bed looking out the window.

“Liz?” He asked in a near whisper and watched her jump.

“Max, oh. I didn’t know anyone was there.” Liz said standing up. She was dressed in her yellow bikini, but had a pair of jean shorts on as well.

Liz had been sitting on her bed just thinking about last night. About Sean. Bringing him up had been more painful than she wanted to admit. The thing was though, that everything she thought about Sean, it lead right back to Max and how sweet he had been to her. Also, how open he had been. They had barely known each other, but now she felt like they had this trust, a trust neither one of them had ever had.

“I think Maria wants to get going so…” Max didn’t have to finish as Liz grabbed her hair clip, threw her hair up off her shoulders and walked towards her door.

“I’m ready.” She smiled and they both headed downstairs to where Maria was waiting impatiently.

“’Bout time.” Maria said tapping her foot, while Alex laughed passing her by carrying a cooler and balancing a bunch of towels on top of that.

“Hey Max, you think you could help me?” Alex asked, almost falling over.

“Sure.” Max walked passed Maria and grabbed some things from Alex. They both headed outside to finish loading up the car.

“This is going to be so much fun.” Maria squealed grabbing Liz by the arm and dragging her outside. The entire group with either standing there for packing up the car, except one person was missing.

“Kyle where’s Chrissy?” Maria asked.

“I have to go pick her up, she had to go ask Sheila for the day off.” Kyle replied.

“Oh fun.” Maria replied sarcastically.

“Well.” Alex clapped his hands together. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

“Hmm… there is no way we are all going to fit in my small baby.” Maria said rubbing her hands along her beat up Jetta.

“Max?” Maria said in her begging, innocent voice.

“What Maria?” He asked knowing no matter what she asked he would have to do it.

“Will you and Liz follow us in the jeep? There won’t be room for us all in the Jetta unless people start sitting on people’s laps and well-”

“Fine.” Max said cutting her off.

He ran inside to get his keys while Alex, Isabel, Michael and Maria piled into the Jetta and Kyle got into his car to go get Chrissy.

“Liz, we’ll meet you both there.” Maria yelled out the car window and then took off, leaving Liz standing outside by herself.

“Ready?” Max asked from behind her, startling her.

“You need to stop sneaking up on me.” Liz said playfully as the walked around to the other side of his house where his jeep was.

“Well, you need to stop being so jumpy.” He replied in an equally playful tone. Liz just rolled her eyes as he helped her into the jeep and then they both headed towards the reservoir.


The desert landscape that quickly transformed into more of a forest-filled area, swept past them both and the warm New Mexico air breezed through Liz’s hair as they traveled towards the reservoir. They weren’t too far ahead of Maria and the rest of the gang. She could see the Jetta in the near distance.

More the most part they had been quite. Liz was just taking in the scenery, every so often her glance would wander over to Max who was paying an awful lot of attention to the road in front of him.

Max was trying to pay attention to the road in front of him, but every so often his gaze was directed to the beautiful woman sitting next to him. His eyes would start on her face and slowly move down to her shoulders that were only covered by the strap of her red bikini top. He tried, unsuccessfully, to not look at her chest. He did once and nearly ran the jeep off the road. Then his gaze would travel to her legs. Her surprisingly pretty tan legs. He was sure the sun didn’t come out much in Boston and he sure hoped that she didn’t do that fake-bake crap that Tess use to do. It would ruin Liz’s perfect skin.

His thoughts went back to the road as he tried not to get them killed. All he really wanted to do was pull over and start kissing those soft lips of hers and run his hands on her incredible legs.

He was kicking himself for not kissing her. Max could see in her eyes that night that she had wanted him to kiss her and he hadn’t. He still didn’t know why he didn’t. Probably because he never let anything good happen to him and kissing Liz would be something good.

“Does the radio work?” Liz asked out of the blue.

“Yeah.” Max choked trying to get his brain to function back to normal and stop thinking about touching and kissing Liz.

Liz reached over, her arm brushing along Max’s hand that was positioned on the shift. She felt a slight tremor run through her whole body from the tip of her head to the bottom of her painted toenails. She chose to ignore that as she began flipping stations till she found a song she knew and loved.

Have you ever seen the Sunset Strip
Your dream down to the bone
We used to try
To live a deep dark life
But we were all alone

“I love this song.” Liz said sitting back in her seat.

Went to the Emerald City
To keep that dream alive
We saw gold
And a light bright life
But there was no sun inside

“Me too.” Max whispered, but Liz has heard him. They both turned to look at each other and their gazes locked.

You make me feel
Like falling down is falling up
You make me feel
Like loving you is just my luck
Just my luck

Max broke away from her gaze and tried to focus on the dirt road in front of him. He saw the turn to their spot coming ahead and saw the Jetta turn into it, but another idea popped into Max’s head as he tried to calm down his breathing.

Now we live up in the canyon
With the coyotes and the falling stars
And I've got you
When the day gets dark
To light my way

Liz turned to look ahead and tried to block out the feelings that went deep inside of her just by the look Max had shared with her.

She watched as the Jetta turned off the road and she watched as they sped past where everyone else had gone.

“Max, where are we going?” Liz asked nervously, looking behind her.

You make me feel
Like falling down is falling up
You make me feel
Like loving you is just my luck
You make me feel
Isn't that enough

“Not far up the road. We’ll meet back up with them in a bit. There was something I wanted to show you.” Max replied not looking at her.

“Ok.” Liz said.

With the century quickly slipping away
We try to find the balance
Let's divine a nursery rhyme
And turn it into practice
And let's let down our guard
So we can raise this love

Liz felt a little jump inside as her heart began to race a bit trying to figure out what Max wanted to show her. Her mind went crazy trying to figure out what he was thinking and if he felt the connection she had felt when they looked at each other just a moment before.

Her body went into over drive. She wasn’t use to these feelings that Max stirred up in her. It frightened her, but at the same time excited her. She liked being around Max and even though they barely knew each other, she felt like she had always known him and she wanted to know every little detail about his life and who he was.

You make me feel
Like falling down is falling up
You make me feel
Like loving you is just my perfect luck
You make me feel . . .
You make me feel . . .

Isn’t that enough.

Max pulled off to a little dirt road that if you didn’t know it was there you would never had seen it.

Liz began to feel nervous again, but was taken away by the beauty of this place. It was like they were in a forest, kind of like some of the ones back home, but it still had a desert feeling to it. Of course seeing trees like this was something she never expected to see in Roswell. It was a great change from cactus and sand.

Max pulled kept going for a little ways until they came to a small clearing. That’s when he stopped the car and Liz was pretty sure her heart stopped.

Liz looked around the clearing and was taken in by its beauty. She didn’t get out much in Boston or take in any of the scenery there anymore. It was breathtaking just to see the leaves that were now full of color and the fresh smell of summer in the air. It was definitely something she took for granted, often.

“When we were kids we were playing Hide and go Seek.” Max started and Liz turned her attention back to him.

“I walked over really far one time because Isabel had been making fun of me as usual and I was mad at everyone.”

“I stumbled upon this clearing and just sat here for awhile, just thinking.” Max climbed out of the jeep and went around to the other side to help Liz out.

“When I was in 9th grade I rode my bike out here. I had gotten so frustrated with Michael and Isabel and everyone else. I just needed a break, so I came out here. Not a single soul in Roswell knows about this place. Maria and everyone always assumed that when I disappeared it was always to the water where they are now, but I always came here.”

Liz followed Max was he talked and walked over to one of the trees, sitting next to him under its shade.

“It’s so peaceful here. It’s like when you sit here the world just forgets about you and nothing else exists.”

Liz had her full attention on Max, but he was looking off towards the sky, thinking.

“Max… I… Why did you bring me here?” Liz asked hesitantly.

“I… I actually don’t know. Something inside me told me that I could trust you with this place. That I could let you in.” He turned to look at her. “I mean, show you this place.”

Liz noticed something flash in his eyes, but she wasn’t sure what it was. She couldn’t put her finger on it.

“Well, this place is beautiful Max.” Liz said gazing over at the trees, not knowing that Max had his eyes completely on her.

“Thank you for bringing me here.”


“Where are they?” Isabel asked staring at the road they just came down.

“I don’t know, but it would be nice to have Max’s help.” Alex responded trying to get things out of the Jetta.

“They’re probably making out or something.” Michael shot up grabbing some towels from the back seat.

“Michael, that is so 11th grade. People don’t run off to make out.” Maria objected as she set up a lawn chair to lay on.

“Oh please, I never heard you complaining.” Michael said without thinking and wasn’t surprised when a bottle of suntan lotion hit him right in the back of the head.

“You barbaric, egotistical, male chauvinist, little-” Maria raged, but Michael cut her off.

“I love you honey.”

“I don’t you even start.” Maria put her sunglasses on and laid back on the chair taking in the heat of the sun, trying to cool off from Michael.

Michael just grinned as he pulled out some more stuff from the Jetta.


“Maybe we should head back.” Liz said starting to stand, but Max reached for her hand to stop her.

“No wait.”

Liz wasn’t quite sure she heard him speak. She wasn’t just of anything, just the warmth of Max’s hand touching her and his eyes looking into his.

She couldn’t speak so she nodded instead and continued to sit by him.

Max reluctantly removed his hand from Liz’s and gave himself a mental kick for doing something so stupid. She would want to know why he had wanted to stay and the only reason for that was so he could be alone with her.

“I just… I’m not ready to be back with everyone yet.” Max placed his hands by his sides and looked out at the trees, not wanting to look back at Liz.

It was then that his heart stopped as he felt her soft hand lay on top of his.

Max turned to look at her, but she was looking down at their hands, that were now intertwined.

“Do you ever think about Tess?” She asked still looking at their hands.

“Who?” Max choked out. Not a single word was registering in his head, except for Liz.

She gave a little giggle and scooted closer to him keeping her hand firmly in his as she turned to look up at him.

“Tess, you know, the girl you almost married.”

“Oh.” Max was still trying to find his voice. Finally, of course, he did.

“Sometimes I guess.” He replied. Honestly, he did think about Tess. A lot. That was until Liz came through the front door. Now he could barely remember what Tess looked like.

“I think about Sean a lot. Or I did. I would begin to fall asleep at night and remember when he would stay at the house, in my bed, and we would always take all the covers and never really wanted to be laying near me. Like the whole point of him staying was to get in my pants.” Liz gave a hated laugh.

“But since I’ve been here, it’s been harder and harder to think about Sean.”

Max was trying hard to read between her words. He didn’t know if she was silently thanking him for helping her with her dreams or if she meant something else. Something more.

“Max… I.” Liz didn’t know what to say. She felt like her heart was opening. She was so nervous having his hand locked with hers. Never did she think such a small touch her make her blood heat up and make her heart warm up. It was incredible.

“Shhh…” He silenced her by bringing his other hand up to her mouth. Placing one finger on her soft lips.

“Don’t speak.” Liz felt tears form behind her eyes, but they wouldn’t fall. They just stayed where they were, slightly blurring her vision on him in front of her.
Her eyes began to close has he lowered his head towards her, his lips towards her. Before they came into contact she heard his silent whisper.

“Somehow I just knew.”

Liz had no idea what that meant, but when Max’s lips brushed across hers all coherent thought was gone.

The kiss was quick before they both pulled apart from the jolt of it.

Max had kissed others before. Mostly just Tess, except for that one wild night where they all played spin the bottle, but nothing had ever sent such a charge through him before.

He stared at her for a moment before needing to kiss her again. To feel her lips against his again.

Liz didn’t protest when Max’s lips landed on hers again.

The kiss started out soft again, until Liz parted her lips softly causing a small bolt of pleasure to fly between them both. At this Liz would have jumped back in shock, but in a reflex Max’s lips parted and his tongue shot into her mouth.

Liz melded into this kiss and was absorbed by the power and feelings that were coursing through her veins. She thought the term ‘saw fireworks’ was something that was just in the movies, but this kiss went beyond fireworks if that was even possible.

It became more passionate as they leaned their bodies closer. Liz released the hold she had on Max’s hand and put both of her hands around Max’s head, bringing him closer to her.

Max’s hands went straight for her waist to bring her closer to him. He was sure his body temperature shot up to a thousand degrees, but if he died kissing Liz, he would die a happy man.

They continued to kiss, neither one of them wanting to break apart until finally they had to when air was necessary. They each took in big gulps of air while staring into each other’s eyes.

“That was incredible.” Liz said, her breathing still a little uneven.

“Yeah.” Max said, finding it hard to form whole sentences yet.

They sat there a little longer in silence, trying to catch their breath and just mostly looking at each other. Liz got lost in Max’s amber eyes. She had never seen eyes so soulful before and was pretty sure she could stare at them forever.

“If we don’t get to them soon they’re going to come looking for us.” Max finally said.

“Yeah.” Liz responded a little disappointed.

Max gave her one of his rare smiles and he stood and helped her off the ground. Their hands only parted when Max had to go around to the other side of the jeep to get in. Through the entire car ride their hands stay locked together as they made their way to where their friends were.


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Anyway, thanks for all the feedback. You guys are the best.

Part 6

“Well, look who decided to show up.” Maria said looking at Max and Liz from behind her dark sunglasses.

“I was starting to wonder if you’d both decided to ditch us or what?”

“I forgot my sun glasses.” Liz said quickly, standing next to Max.

“Hmmm… I swear I saw you with them.” Maria retorted.

“I know I did have them.” Liz explained. “But I couldn’t find them in the car so Max turned us around and we were part of the way back when I realized I did have them so then we headed back here.”

“Hence, we’re late.” Max added smiling at Liz.

Max and Liz didn’t want to lie to their friends, but with everything so new between them it seemed like the best idea. It also gave Max time to think of how he was going to explain the connection he had with Liz. He knew this wasn’t going to go over very well with everyone.

“Well, you’re here now.” Maria said looping her arm with Liz and pulling Liz away from Max.

Max suddenly left alone, he wanted Liz to be by his side.

“Hey Maxwell, the guys are playing football let’s go!” Michael yelled from near the water with Kyle and Alex.

He watched Liz sit down by Maria, Isabel and Chrissy and knew that she would be busy with Maria and all the girl gossip so he took off his shirt and ran down by the other guys to have a little fun.


“So where were you and Max really at?” Maria asked and suddenly all the girls were looking at her.

“I told you, we went to get my glasses.” Liz said hiding her lying eyes behind her sunglasses. Unfortunately for her it didn’t hide her blush.

“Bull.” Maria called her on it.

“You want to know what we were doing?”

“Yes!” All three girls said at once.

“We were talking.” Liz said simply. That was part true.

“About what?” Chrissy asked.

“My ex-boyfriend Sean.”

“Liz! You know not to speak of such a name in my presence.” Maria scolded.


“Who’s Sean?” Isabel asked.

“Liz’s evil ex-boyfriend from hell.” Maria stated aggravated. Liz half listened as Maria complained about what a jerk Sean was. Her attention was on the guys as they played football.

Liz had never been on into a guy’s body. She figured she didn’t look like some prize so who was she to judge? One look at Max’s bare upper chest and she was sold on his looks. She lowered her glasses slightly to get a better look. This move wasn’t missed by the other girls.

“You have a thing for Max.” Chrissy said looking over at Max and then back to Liz.

“No I don’t.” Liz said shaking her head.

“Oh yeah she does.” Isabel said backing up Chrissy.

“It doesn’t matter anyway.”

“And why the hell not?” Maria shot out.

“Maria, I go back to Boston at the end of the summer. Even if we were together, it would just be a summer fling.” Liz said looking away from the guys when Max turned and looked at her.

“So what’s wrong with that?” Maria asked and the question hung in the air. Each girl waiting for the answer.

Liz looked up and Max again and their eyes met for a brief moment.

“I think it’s already more than that.”


Half and hour later the guys were exhausted from the game and they all decided it was time for food.

Isabel and Alex sat together on the ground, Alex keeping a firm hold on Isabel.

Kyle and Michael were taking up to of the lounge chairs with Chrissy and Maria sitting on their laps.

That left Max and Liz, sitting on the ground near each other, but not too close. Liz was almost afraid to be near him right now. If she got to close she might not beable to keep her hands off each other.
Everyone else in the group noticed the tension between Max and Liz.

Maria was giving herself a silent pat on the back for the idea that just popped in her head.

“Hey Max.”

“What Maria?”

“Will you do me a huge favor?” Maria had that begging voice again that no one could resist.

“What is it?”

“You’re weak Evans.” Kyle said taking a bite of his sandwich, then receiving a hit in the back from Chrissy.

“Can you go into town tomorrow and bring Shelia my order for the wedding? She likes you a lot more than me.” Maria said looking over at Max.

“Sure. I can do that.”

“Goodie. You can bring Liz to. I barely got a chance to show her around town.” Maria felt the grip Michael had on her tighten. He knew what she was doing.

“Umm… sure. If Liz wants to go to town.” Max turned to look at Liz and her breath caught in her throat.

“Sure.” She replied, her throat a little dry.

“Yippe. I can’t wait till the wedding.” Maria kissed Michael on the nose and went back to her food.

Liz felt her insides start doing flip flops.

Spending the whole day in town with Max tomorrow. What will that mean for us?


A few hours later after eating, the guys playing some for football, the girls sunbathing and a water fight between the guys they all decided to head back. Once the cars were almost loaded Max pulled Maria aside.

“We have a problem.” Max whispered to her.

“You have feelings for my best friend?” Maria asked in a whisper. Already knowing where this was all going.

“It’s more than that Maria. Yes, I will admit to you I do feel things for Liz, but Maria, at the meeting yesterday. They all saw me dancing with her at UFOnics. They’re worried that I don’t know what I’m Maria.”

“So what’s the problem?” Maria asked, completely clueless as to what was going on in Max’s head.
“They’re right. I don’t know what I’m doing. Liz has only been here a few weeks and I feel all these things for her. Like I can trust her. Somehow I just know I can and I want to, but damn it Maria, this wasn’t suppose to happen.”

“What you weren’t supposed to fall in love?” Maria was frustrated with Max now as she pushed him further away from listening ears.

“Max, you can’t help who you fall for. You spent how many years thinking you could only love Tess because of everything, but that’s not true. Max, you’re heart doesn’t listen to logic. It doesn’t know that you are only supposed to be with someone in Roswell. Your heart seeks out the one the make is complete. It just happens that your heart says Liz and she’s a stranger. Max we’ll get through this ok?”

“Ok.” Max responded letting her words soak in.

“Max! Maria! Let’s go!” Michael yelled out to them.

Maria hugged Max quickly.

“Max, I really hope Liz is the one. I don’t think there is a better person out there for either one of you.” Maria kissed Max on the cheek and they both made there way to the cars.

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Anyway, here is the new part.

Part 7

Max pulled the jeep into the first free spot he found. He was having a hard time keeping his eyes off of Liz while she was looking around the small, nothing town of Roswell.

“Wow, I don’t know what I was expecting it to look like, but it looks…”

“Boring.” He said filling a word for her.

“No.” Liz said smiling at him. “I was going to say… well, I don’t know. It just feels like a small town. I can’t describe it. I mean, you’ve lived here you’re whole life, but me. I’ve always been in a big town. Well, I lived in a small town when I was younger, but I don’t remember being there.” Liz said sadly and Max noticed the change in her right away.

“What happened?” He asked with concern as they climbed out of the jeep. Without thinking about it he reached for her hand and held onto it while walking down the street.

“Well, I lived with my birth parents, Nancy and Jeff Parker. We lived in this really small town, but one night was I was about 6 they were killed. The only living relative I had was my Grandma Claudia, but she was always traveling. She wanted to take care of me, but she was stuck in Egypt on a dig. She was a paleontologist.”

Max continued to listen to her even though part of his brain was very aware of the whispers and looks they were getting. He was so glad Liz hadn’t noticed.

“She in trusted me to stay with some friends of my parents until she could get back to the states, but she died before she could get back. So they kept me, even though I don’t think they wanted me. The rest of my life I spent trying to get away from the big city. I didn’t feel right there. There was like this itching in the back of my head. One time I went back to the little town we lived in to pick up some things of my mother’s that the neighbor had kept. It took every bit of my strength to drive back to Boston. Back to people who all they wanted was for me to excel in school and go to college to be out of their hair.” Liz went silent after that. Max brought things out of her. Even if she didn’t want to tell him something he would just have to look at her and she would tell him everything.

“Liz, I’m sorry you had to go through that. Isabel and I were adopted as well. My parents just found us on the side of the road one night, but we’ve always had them. They were like real parents to us. Not only that, but living in Roswell is like having an extended family. I can’t even imagine living any other way.” Max replied

“That’s why being here feels so good I guess. I was meant to live in a small town.” Liz said as they continued to walk. It was then she noticed all the people who seemed to be looking at them.

“Max, is it just me or is everyone looking at us?” She whispered in his ear.

“It’s not you. I’m really sorry about that.” He whispered back and she just clutched his hand tighter and stood closer to him.

“They must all be wondering who the ‘stranger’ is that’s ‘stealing’ away their little Max.” She said jokingly.

Max couldn’t not laugh as they came in front of the flower shop. They entered and a woman in her about mid-40’s stood behind the counter.

“Well Max, it’s nice to see you.” Shelia said seeing Max walk in… with a girl?

“Hi Shelia, how’s Peggy-Ann doing?” Max asked, referring to Shelia’s 10 year-old daughter.

“Being a brat as always. What brings you to the shop?” Shelia asked, she was having a hard time not being nosy about who the girl was and what she was going holding Max’s hand.

“Maria as an order.” Max said putting down a piece of paper on the counter. “Oh would you just ask already.”

“Ask what?” Shelia said, faking confusion.

“You’re the town gossip and don’t even deny it. Now I can tell you want to ask about Liz. I have to say you are showing more restraint than normal.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Shelia said trying to busy herself around the counter.

“Oh! I hate you sometimes Max. Yes I want to know how the beautiful girl is that is hanging on your arm?” Shelia asked finally giving up on fighting it.

Liz tried to hide her blush, but was having a very hard time doing it.
“Shelia, this is Liz. She’s Maria’s friend from Boston.”

“Hi Liz. It’s nice to meet you.” Shelia said holding out her hand. Liz gladly shook it.

“It’s nice to meet you too.”

Silence fell as Shelia began to stare at the ceiling.


“OH! Are you two together or what? You’re both killing me here.”

Liz wasn’t sure how Max was going to respond. They had kissed, but they never really talked about a relationship. Not that there would be much of one. She was leaving at the end of the summer.

“Hey Liz, I need to talk to Shelia for a second, do you mind?”

“No.” Liz replied. He squeezed her hand and then let go as she went to wait out front of the store.

“Shelia, you have no keep your mouth shut for once. I would love to be dating Liz, but I have already been yelled at when I was at the town meeting.” Max told her.

“Why did they yell at you? Liz seems like a nice girl.”

“You know why? They all seem to think I’m just looking for a warm body to crawl into and that I’m going to tell her everything.” Max replied leaning on the counter.

“Max, you need to stop listening to those old fogies. I throw a little weight around this town. I’ll start spreading rumors about how cute Liz and you are and how good she is for you. Don’t worry Max. I’ve got you’re back.”

“Thanks Shelia.” Max leaned over the counter and kissed her on the cheek. “Take care of that little girl of yours.”

“Oh don’t worry I will.”

With that Max walked out of the store and back to Liz. Feeling better about the whole situation.

“Sorry about that Liz. I know that was a little awkward.”

“Just a little.” Liz replied.

“Why don’t we get some of Roswell’s best ice cream and talk?” He suggested.



5 minutes later Max and Liz were sitting in the park with ice cream from the local ice cream job.
“Melody makes the best ice cream in Roswell.” Max said trying to get closer to Liz.

“She’s a pretty big flirt too.” Liz pointed out.

“Only to me. She’s married and has two kids, but likes to pretend we’re having an affair.” Max said laughing.

“Listen Liz, what Shelia said back at the shop…” Max started, but Liz cut him off.

“Max, I don’t want to lie to you. I feel things for you, even over the short time we’ve been together, but… I’m leaving at the end of the summer and well… I’m scared. I kept thinking, about a summer fling, but I have a feeling if I was with you it would be more than that and I don’t want to get hurt when I leave.”

“Liz.” Max whispered brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. “I almost married Tess, but what I feel for you doesn’t even come close to what I thought I felt for her. I have the same fears you do. I’m afraid of getting too deep and have you leave and not look back. I’m afraid to be hurt again, but some where inside I know that even if at the end of the summer if we part, I’d never forgive myself for not trying.”

Liz took into a deep breath and looked into his deep amber eyes.

“So we should try it out and see what happens?”

“If you want.” Max responded.

“Yes, that’s what I want.” Max looked down into her eyes that were sparkling as she smiled. Max could resist. He brought his lips done onto hers and kissed her again. Never in his life had he felt that good and he just prayed it didn’t end.


“You bastard, are you trying to kill Max?” Shelia yelled into the phone.

“Look Shelia, we don’t want Max do be unhappy, but why does he have to be with some girl from the outside. It’s dangerous.” Brad replied back to her.

“I know that, you know what, but what if she’s different. This girl was so sweet and kind and she looked perfect from Max. You can’t take that away from him. He’s been through enough with having to deal with all of you over bearing people and with Tess. Max needs some happiness in his life and I’ll be damned if I let you take that away from him!” Shelia slammed the phone down and then threw it against the wall.

“What was that about?” Chrissy asked entering the back of the store.

“Max and Liz are together and those moronic town leaders are trying to keep them apart.” Shelia said looking in her purse for an aspirin.

“When did Max and Liz get together?” Chrissy asked in shock.

“Today I guess.” Shelia replied taking two of the pills. “You better get back to that arrangement for the Robinson’s or they’re going to go ballistic.

Chrissy ran back to work hoping she could get done and get back to the house to find out what had happened between Max and Liz and to let everyone else know what was going on with the town.

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I feel very evil now. I know you guys have a lot of questions as to what is going on in this town and I promise it will get explained. Just probably not for awhile, but hey. It keeps you reading.

BTW, I just wanted to say about the last part that if you have ever been to a small town then you know what Liz was feeling. I tried to put into words what its like to live in a big town and then go into a small town and what its like to live in one. I hope I pulled that off.

Now, on to the new part.

Disclaimer ( yea! more music ) 'Butterfly' by Crazy Town. Alas, no dreamer flashbacks here. Maybe in the next part *wink*

Part 8

“So where are they now?” Maria asked sitting at the kitchen table. Chrissy had called a family meeting the minute she got home from work. So there they all sat, Michael, Maria, Alex, Isabel, Kyle and Chrissy. Chrissy being the news to them that Max and Liz were now ‘together’.

“I don’t know.” Chrissy replied. “The last I heard is when Kelly saw them kissing in the park and then on the swings.”

“Great.” Michael said and got a smack in the back of the head.

“Ow. God Maria, what do you want me to say?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know what to say. I was hoping they’d end up together, but… Chrissy you said Shelia was yelling to Brad.”

“Yes.” Chrissy answered to Maria. “I guess Brad and some of the others think it’s dangerous for Max and Liz to be together.”

“This is ridiculous.” Isabel snapped. “Max and Liz can do whatever the hell they want. They are grown adults.”

“Yeah, but Isabel you’re forgetting one thing. Max is…” Before Alex could finish they heard the sound of laughter coming from the front door.

“So they were suppose to leave a fake snake on her desk.”

“Yeah, that was the plan, but the one guy never heard the ‘fake’ part and put a ‘real’ snake in her purse.”

“So what happened after that?”

“She opened her purse, screamed and threw it across the class into some girls hair.”

Both Max and Liz walk into the kitchen laughing hysterically. All eyes looked up at them.

“Well, looks like you two had a good afternoon.” Maria said as Max and Liz stopped laughing.

“Umm… yeah you can say that.” Liz replied smiling up at Max.

“Oh! I’m so happy for you too!” Maria jumped out of her chair to hug Liz and so did Isabel. Liz shot a confused look at Max.

“I told you Sheila was the town gossip.” Max said.

“Got it.” Liz replied smiling as she tried to break away from Maria and Isabel’s death grip.

“We are all so going out to UFOnics tonight.”

“Maria, I don’t know…” Chrissy started.

“No buts anyone. We’re going.”


The club was packed on the Saturday night. Liz didn’t think there were that many people who lived in Roswell.

Maria immediately bounced through the club dragging Michael with her.

Alex and Kyle had the same misfortune as Michael. And as soon as the hard pumping music came on they were dancing up long their girls.

Liz and Max decided to not go out into the crowd. Too many bodies. They had only been sitting at the table for 10 minutes when Maria stalked over to them.

“Oh no you don’t. You two are dancing.” Maria said grabbing Liz by the hand and Liz grabbed Max.

Come my lady
Come come my lady
You're my butterfly
Sugar baby

They were swallowed up in the mass of the crowd. Liz began to move to the music, losing Maria, but she had Max pressed against her.

Come my lady
Come come my lady
You're my butterfly
Sugar baby

Max wasn’t sure if he wanted to kill Maria or thank her. He hated dancing, especially fast dancing, but with the combination of the close proximity, the heart pounding music and having Liz moving against him. He would definitely thank Maria later.

Such a sexy, sexy pretty little thing
Fierce nipple pierce you got me sprung with your tongue ring
And I ain't gonna lie cause your loving gets me high
So to keep you by my side, there's nothing that I won't try
Butterflies in her eyes and the looks to kill
Time is passing I'm asking could this be real?
Cause I can't sleep, I can't hold still
The only thing I really know is she got sex appeal

Liz wrapped her arms around Max’s neck to keep him close to her. She noticed some of the other couples looking at them and she assumed they were all jealous. Most eligible bachelor in Roswell, and she had him.

They continued to sway to the music, immersed in the feel of each other and absorbed in each other’s gazes.

I can feel, too much is never enough
You're always there to lift me up when these times get rough
I was lost, now I'm found
Ever since you've been around
You're the women that I want
So yo I'm putting it down

“Hey you want to get out of here?” Liz asked looking at Max. They had only been at the club for a few minutes, but Liz had other things on her mind.


Come my lady
Come come my lady
You're my butterfly
Sugar baby

They stopped dancing and Max grabbed Liz by the hand to lead her through the mass of people.

Once outside the felt the chill. It wasn’t cold outside, but having been packed inside the club with hundreds of bodies, the 90 degree weather felt cooler.

The music could still be heard even though they were standing beside the jeep.

Come my lady
Yo my pretty baby
I'll make your legs shake
You make me go crazy

Come my lady
Come come my lady
You're my butterfly
Sugar baby

Come my lady
Yo my pretty baby
I'll make your legs shake
You make me go crazy

“I was starting to get claustrophobic.” Liz said fanning herself off.

“Yeah.” Max responded all though he wasn’t paying much attention to what she had been saying. He just keep noticing how short her skirt actually was.

I don't deserve you
Unless it's some kind of hidden message
To show me life is precious
Then I guess it's true
But to tell truth I really never knew till I met you
See I was lost and confused
Twisted and used up
Knew a better life existed but thought that I missed it

The next thing Liz knew she was pressed up against the jeep with Max kissing her. Not that she was complaining. They hadn’t kissed since the park and even that was just a gentle kiss. This was a kiss full of passion that went along with the music.

My lifestyle's wild, I was living like a wild child
Trapped on a short leash paroled the police files
So yo what's happening now?
I see the sun breaking in through dark clouds
And a vision of you, standing out in a crowd

Sarah and Pam walked by noticing the display that was going on at the jeep.

“God would you look at that. Max finally gets a girl and it would figure he’s get with some stranger.” Pam said annoyed.

“Oh, you’re just pissed because he turned you down after he broke it off with Tess. Grow up Pam.”

“Shut up Sarah. Let’s get inside. I don’t need to see the two of them doing it against his car.”

Come my lady
Come come my lady
You're my butterfly
Sugar baby

Come my lady
Yo my pretty baby
I'll make your legs shake
You make me go crazy

Come my lady
Come come my lady
You're my butterfly
Sugar baby

Come my lady
Yo my pretty baby
I'll make your legs shake
You make me go crazy

“Hey Isabel, have you seen Max or Liz?” Maria asked dancing over towards Isabel and Alex.

“No. Not since you dragged them onto the dance floor.” Isabel yelled over the music.

“They’re out front.” Sarah yelled over to them.

“You saw them.” Maria yelled back.

“Yeah. They were practically doing it against the car.”

Isabel and Maria exchanged a glance before breaking out of the dance to go see for themselves.

Hey sugar momma, come and dance with me
The smartest thing you ever did was take a chance with me
Whatever tickles your fancy
Girl it's me and you like Sid and Nancy
So sexy, almost evil
Talkin' about butterflies in my head
I used to think that happy endings were only in the books I read
But you made me feel alive when I was almost dead

“Hey, where are they going?” Chrissy yelled to Kyle noticing how Maria, Michael, Isabel and Alex were running of the exit.

“Probably to see the display going on out front.” Pam yelled over to them.

“What are you talking about?” Chrissy asked.

“Max and that chick he’s with going at it on the car. It was gross and very immature if you ask me.”

“Fuck off Pam. No one asked you.” Kyle yelled while pulling Chrissy toward the exit.

You filled that empty space with the love I used to chase
And as far as I can see it don't get better than this
So butterfly here is a song and it's sealed with a kiss
And a thank you miss

Max broke off the heated kiss to look at Liz. He didn’t know what had come over him in that moment, but loved it. He still had Liz plastered against the driver door on the jeep and her legs were wrapped around him.

“Maybe we should get out of here.” Liz said and Max nodded placing her back on her feet.

Come my lady
Come come my lady
You're my butterfly
Sugar baby

Come my lady
Yo my pretty baby
I'll make your legs shake
You make me go crazy
Max and Liz climbed into the jeep and began to take off. Not knowing that anyone had seen their actions in the parking lot.

“Where are we going?” Max asked.

“Let’s go back to the house. We need to talk.”

Come my lady
Come come my lady
You're my butterfly
Sugar baby

Come my lady
Yo my pretty baby
I'll make your legs shake
You make me go crazy

Maria and Isabel literally ran into Chrissy on their way out the front door. The got out there just in time to see Liz wrapped around Max and Max setting her back on the ground.

Come and dance with me
Come and dance with me
Come and dance with me
Come and dance with me
Uh huh, uh huh
Come and dance with me
Come and dance with me
Come and dance with me
Come and dance with me

Maria, Alex, Michael, Kyle, Isabel and Chrissy all watched as the jeep pulled away.

“Well. That was interesting. I wonder what they’re up to.” Maria said raising an eyebrow.

“Maria. That is disgusting. I really don’t need to be thinking about my brothers sex life.” Isabel said closing her eyes.

“You know maybe we should go after them to you know. Make sure they don’t do anything.” Chrissy said bringing in some reason.

“Chrissy as a point.” Alex backed up.

“Ugh, can’t we just let the two of them go at it. Everyone knows Max needs to get laid.” Michael again was whacked into the back of the head by Maria.

“Guerin you can be so vulgar sometimes.”

“I just tell it like it is.”


“Oh mature. Naming calling.”

“I just tell it like it is.”

“Oh would you two stop.” Isabel said cutting them off. “We better get home and make sure the two of them don’t do anything stupid.”

With that said, Maria, Michael, Isabel and Alex climbed into the Jetta while Kyle and Chrissy followed in their car.

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*Author's Note*

Ok guys. Don't get to use to this. I don't usually ever post two parts in one day, but I really felt like writing for this fic today.

The little conversation that Max and Liz have in this part was inspired by a conversation I myself had today, which was actually really interesting. The whole, what animal would you be question is a good topic starter for a deep conversation I swear.

Welcome to the new readers and sorry for some dissappointment with this part. No dreamer nookie....... yet *wink*

Part 9

Liz didn’t know what coming over her. The whole car ride she kept thinking about back in the parking lot. If they hadn’t stopped kissing when they did she wasn’t sure she could have been able to.

That’s what scared her. She barely knew Max, but she had such strong feelings for him. Feelings she didn’t understand. Her heart told her to keep going, but her mind told her to slow down. She was so confused. She didn’t know that Max was having the same inner battle. That he felt things for her that he himself couldn’t explain. They cared more for each other than they thought possible in their little time together.

The car ride home was shorter than Liz liked and she wished they had kept driving. They sat in silence before she had the nerve to speak.

“Max, what happened back in the parking lot?” She asked the question that was on both their minds.

“I don’t know. I didn’t mean to lose control on you like that. I didn’t hurt you did I?” Max asked with concern in his eyes. Liz had to smile at his worry.

“No. You didn’t. I’m just scared Max, I’ve never felt like this before and well… it scares me.”

“Why don’t we go inside?” Liz nodded at his suggestion and they both walked silently into the house.

“I’m just going to go change?” Liz said pointed up stairs.

“Ok. I’ll be in the living room.”

It was about five minutes later that Liz returned to Max, dressed in her pajamas. Liz sat next to him on he couch and turned to face him.

“Liz, what you said. You aren’t alone.” Max started, looking away from her gaze. “I’m scared to. I’ve barely known you and these feelings I have for you are so strong. I don’t want to scare you off. I just…” Max rubbed his forehead as he tried to find the words he was looking for.

Liz looked away, he felt just the way she did. He could lose control with her and was scared because they had just met.

“My favorite color is blue.” Liz said looking back up at him and his head shot up to look at her.

“I’ve never had a pet, but I want to have a dog someday. My favorite movie is Casablanca and my favorite food is Chinese food.”

Max looked at her like she was having a brain dysfunction, but then he realized what she was going. She was telling him about her.

“My favorite color is green.” Max started, following her lead.

“I had a goldfish named Spooky when I was growing up, but Michael killed it on accident. My favorite movie is Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and my favorite is Chinese as well.”

“Favorite book?”

“Anything. But mostly the classics and anything by Steinback.”

“That is a typical English teacher thing to say.” Liz said joking with him.

“What about you?”

“I don’t read much.” Liz replied. “Usually just bio books for class, and occasionally, Maria will make me read one of those trashy romance novels of hers.”

“She does that to you too?” Max laughed and Liz laughed with him.

“If you could be any animal what would it be an why?” Liz asked.

“Hmmm… tough question.” Max sat back a bit to think about it. “I guess a bird.”

“And why?” Liz inquired.

“Because, that way I could fly away whenever I want and go to places that most others can’t get to.”

Liz was slightly taken back by this answer. It was very deep and held a lot of meaning.

“What about you? What would you be?” He asked making sure attention didn’t stay on him.

“I think I would be a dolphin. They get to see a different part of the world that we don’t get to see. They see the entire ocean life and its beauty all while being one of the most intelligent being on Earth. It’s very impressive.”

Liz moved closer to Max till she was wrapped in his arms and resting in his lap with her head against his chest.

“If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?” Max asked and waited for her response.

“Right where I am.”

Max closed his eyes and kissed the top of her head.

“Same here.” He whispered just as the front door bust open. Maria, Isabel, Alex, Chrissy and Kyle ran in with Michael dragging behind him.

“Hey guys, sorry we left without saying anything.” Liz said looking up at them.

“What are you two doing?” Isabel asked in an accusing tone.

“Talking.” Max said irritated. “What the hell did you think we were doing?” Max snapped at her.

“Max.” Liz started to calm him down, but he ignored her and got up from the couch.

“You are all unbelievable. Outside right now!” Max ordered. Everyone headed out front except for Liz who Max asked to stay there and Michael. Max turned and glared at him.

“Hey, I didn’t want to come back here. Why do I have to go outside?”

Max didn’t answer him, he just shoved Michael out the front door and slammed it shut.

“Isn’t it bad enough that I have half the town trying to keep Liz and I from being together, but now my whole family is against me!” Max shouted at all of them.

“Max, you have it all wrong?” Chrissy tried to reason with him.

“Oh really?” Max said mockingly. “Tell me you didn’t all run back here to keep Liz and I from sleeping together.”

No one answered. Isabel and Maria just looked at the ground.

Max took in a deep breath and rubbed his face.

“Ok. Even if Liz and I were going to do that, you have no right to try and keep us from doing anything. Maria.” Maria looked up at him with a guilty face.

“Maria, you told me to trust my heart. I am. I trust Liz. So I want all of you to either except that Liz is going to be part of my life now or back off.”

“Max?” Max spun around and stood at the door. He didn’t know how long she had been standing there, but a hurt expression was on her face.

“Liz.” He turned to go over to her, but she put her hands up, stopping him.

“I’m going back to Boston.” She said simply and then walked back into the house, slamming the front door.

“Damn it! Liz!” He ran towards the house, but Maria stopped him.

“Wait. I think we all owe Liz an apology. Not you. Come one guys.” Maria said grabbing Michael, while everyone else followed. Max just stayed outside. He barely had Liz and now because of what he was he was losing her. She didn’t even know the truth and it was already tearing them apart.

Max went around to the back of the house and began to throw rocks at the garage in rage. He would never forgive anyone in Roswell if he lost Liz.


“Liz.” Maria whispered tapping on Liz’s door. They all could hear Liz crying on the other side, but Liz didn’t answer.

“Just give us a minute.” Maria said and then walked into Liz’s room, silently shutting the door behind her.

The room was in complete darkness and Maria could barely make Liz out, who laid crumbled on the floor crying.

“Why?” Liz asked through her tears. “Why don’t any of you want me to be with Max? Am I not good enough for him?” Liz demanded in panic.

“Liz. That’s not it at all.”

“Then what is it!?” Liz screamed getting up to stand in front of Maria. “Why is it that every time I find happiness it gets taken away from me? What they hell did I do to deserve this?!” Liz was crying again and fell into Liz’s arms, while Maria tried to comfort her.

“Liz. I think you and Max need each other. I really do. Things here are just so complicated. I can’t really explain it, but Liz. We support you and Max being together. It’s just going to take some getting use to. Please don’t leave Roswell yet. Max and I need you here and you need Max. I can see it in the way you both look at each other. Please don’t go.”

Liz hugged Maria tighter and closed her eyes.

“You better never forget how much you need me.” Maria snorted at Liz’s words.

“You forgive me?”



Liz walked around to the back of the house and found Max crouched on the ground. She noticed all the dents in the garage and all the rocks that had been thrown at it.

“Practicing for the baseball team?”

Her voice shocked him as he got up and came over to her.

“Are you leaving?” Max asked like a little child afraid that you were going to punish him.

“Not on your life.”

Liz was then brought into a crushing hug and she could swear she heard him softly crying as he held her tighter.

Liz just held on to him as tightly and knew in her heart that things weren’t going to be easy, but her and Max would make the best of it. She dedicated her heart to him in that moment as did he and after that there was no going back. In their hearts they knew then that they loved one each other and would never love another again.

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*Author's Note*

I am so sorry you guys. I have been really busy and I was having writers block on this story. It seems to have passed though.

I am having a really hard time writing again do to the fact that I am having to stand up for Max and Liz against some people who are very upset with them. Sigh... hopefully I can clear things up soon.

Anway, yes this part is kind of short. I realize that, but then next part is going to be longer so this is a transition.

Part 10



They both moaned each other’s names as Max returned his lips to Liz.

Liz loved the way Max kissed her, it was completely intoxicating. They had come into his room to talk and just sort of ended up on the bed. Not that either one of them was complaining.

Their relationship had been building for weeks. They were taking it slow, getting to know each other and spending time together. Liz was ready for more though, never in her life had she been with someone that she wanted to have a physical relationship with. It was over powering, but Liz trusted Max. She knew she loved him, but had yet to say the words. It was an unspoken truth between the two of them.

Liz arched up into Max instinctively, their lower bodies brushing together causing Liz to moan out.

Max broke the kiss to look down at her.

“I… I forgot. I was suppose to go out with Michael today.” Max stuttered climbing off of Liz.

“Oh.” Liz said a little dejected. “Well, I’m suppose to go into town with Maria to check on the flowers. The wedding is in a week after all.”

“Yeah.” Max said quickly. “I’ll see you later.” Max kissed her quickly and left the room.


“Maria, do you think Max finds me unattractive?”

Maria slammed hard on the brakes causing both herself and Liz to get near whiplash.

“Have you lost your mind?” Maria exclaimed trying to get the car going again, she was lucky their had been no one behind them.

“Max practically kisses the ground you walk on. We all know he loves you, everyone in town can see it. He thinks you’re gorgeous, why on earth would you think he found you unattractive?”

“Well…” Liz fumbled with her jean skirt as Maria pulled into a parking spot in front of the florist. “Earlier, Max and I were kissing and well… I wanted to be more than kissing and suddenly he had to go see Michael. I mean, I feel like he doesn’t want me… that way.” Liz said making a motion with her hands.

Maria studied Liz for a second and then it dawned on her what Liz meant.

“Oh Lizzie, I’m sure it isn’t that Max thinks you’re unattractive.”

“Then what is it? I mean.” Liz ran her hand through her hair as she tried to sort out her feelings and thoughts.

“Look Liz.” Maria turned to face Liz and Liz turned to face her. “Maybe Max is just nervous, I mean, you are like the first person he has ever really loved. Maybe he’s just scared. I think you should talk to him about it.”

“You’re right.” Liz said taking in Maria’s words.

“Now come on. We need to make sure these flowers are ready.”


“Ok Maxwell let me get this straight.” Michael lined up and took another shot at the basketball hoop. “You want to sleep with Liz, she wants to sleep with you… what was the problem again?”

Michael checked the ball to Max, who caught it and held it.

“Michael, are you brain dead? As much as I would love to make love to Liz I can’t.”

“And why the hell not?” Michael asked a little annoyed. “Performance problems?” Michael chuckled.

Max shoved the ball at him.

“In case you forgot, I haven’t exactly been very honest with Liz. Now unless you and the rest of the town wanting me to tell her the truth I can’t be with her.” Max walked over to the bench and sat down.

“Look Max.” Michael put the ball down and sat next to his friend.

“Liz is a really nice girl, the town as taken to her really well. Maybe you should tell her.”

“Now I know you’re crazy.” Max retorted.

“Max, what are you so afraid of? Everyone loves Liz. You love Liz.”

“That’s the problem.” Max said cutting Michael off. “What if I tell her and she leaves me?”

Michael went to reply to his question, but then stopped. He didn’t have an answer for Max. He didn’t think anyone did.


Liz and Maria spent all day in town getting things ready for the wedding. Liz couldn’t help but think about Max. What it would be like to marry him and spend the rest of her life with him?

“Hey Liz. Isabel and Chrissy are meeting us at the dress shop in 10 minutes. We need to get our butt in gear.”

“Coming.” Liz said running over to the car.

“So what kind of horrible bridesmaid dresses did you pick out for us?” Liz joked.

Maria snorted as she started the car.

“Just wait and see.”


“Don’t you love it?” Maria said eyeing the pink dress with all the puffy pink flowers on it.

“It’s lovely.” Chrissy said, cringing at the fakeness in her voice.

“Yeah.” Isabel backed up, her own voice coming off fake.

Liz tilted her head to the side to stare at the dress. It almost seemed to glow.

“I like the color.” Liz commented.

“You guys have to get fitted for your dresses while I get fitted for mine. This is great!” Maria exclaimed, giddily. She bounced away into the dressing room while the girls kept staring at the dress.

“I think it’s alive.” Chrissy said in a whisper and both Liz and Isabel broke out laughing.


Liz collapsed onto her bed closing her eyes. The last time she had had a headache this bad was back during finales of her last year in college. Liz never thought so much went into planning a wedding.

Liz felt a soft hand stroking her cheek and she sighed knowing that it was Max.

“Hmmm… that feels really good.” Liz said as Max started to rub her temples in slow circles.

“Rough day?” Max whispered.

Liz just nodded. It would hurt too much for her speak so Max continued to make soft circles on her pounding skin.

Liz sat up slightly to look at him, he was looking right at her and she smiled.

“Thank you.” Liz whispered afraid to speak to loudly.

“My pleasure.” He whispered back.

Liz yawning broke their moment and Max smiled tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.



“Ok.” Max kissed Liz on the forehead before getting up off her bed. “I’ll see you in the morning then.”

Liz felt a little rejected that he left her. She didn’t know what was causing her to feel like this, but she could sense something with Max. Like he was keeping something from her.

“You can’t hide forever Max.” Liz whispered to herself before getting ready for bed.

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*Author's Note*

So the secret is killing all of you. Don't you just love suspense. I do. I always love it. Makes things so much more interesting. Gives a story character. Well... enough of my rambling. Here's the new part.

Part 11

1 hour 21 minutes and 45 seconds until the wedding.

Liz was starting to go crazy. Maria had been throwing around orders to make sure everything was perfect. At one point she wanted to call off the whole wedding. Liz thought she was going to choke her.

On top of that Max had been avoiding her. Every free moment she had he’d be somewhere else. Liz had asked Michael once where Max was and he had told her he ran into town for something. That had been 2 hours ago.

A sigh escaped her lips as she looked around the small dressing room they were all in. Isabel was frankly trying to help Maria with the finishing touches on her dress, while Chrissy looked her over.

“What’s wrong?” Maria asked turning around to look at Liz.

“What?” Liz stammered. “Nothing… nothing’s wrong.”

“Something’s wrong?” Maria countered.

“I told you there’s nothing wrong.”

“Yes there is.” Maria, Chrissy and Isabel said at the same time.

Liz took a deep breath and looked at the girls. Her and Maria had always been close, but she felt this closeness with Isabel and Chrissy as well.

“Look the wedding is in less than 2 hours. First you marry Michael. Then I will talk. Agreed?”

“Agreed.” The three girls said and then they all began to giggle as they helped Maria with her dress.

45 minutes and 32 seconds until the wedding.

“Where the hell is Max?” Kyle asked, fixing his tie for the third time.

All the guys were piled into one of the dressing rooms, but Max had yet to show. The best man was no where to be found.

“I swore not to say anything.” Michael finally said and both Alex and Kyle stared at him.

“Max went to talk to some of the others in town. He wants to tell Liz and wanted permission from them first. He went like four hours ago and still isn’t back yet.” Michael told them.

“Should we be worried?” Alex asked. Michael just shrugged.

“I have no idea.”

They went back to fixing their tuxes when a very out of breath Max burst through the door.

“I’m… not late… am I?” He asked trying to catch his breath.

“No, but you better hurry and get ready.” Kyle told him.

No one bothered to ask Max anything. They couldn’t guess from his look whether he could tell Liz or not. He looked like he was on autopilot, but not a soul would comment. It was Michael and Maria’s day and whatever was to happen between Max and Liz would have to wait till later.

14 minutes and 22 seconds until the wedding.

“Hurry. Someone say something before I start hyperventilating. Where’s my cypress oil?” Maria was pacing around the waiting room in a panic. One of the people from the church went to get Maria her oil while Chrissy, Isabel and Liz did their best to calm her down.

“Maria. Maria. You have to focus.” Liz said griping Maria by the arms. “Everything is perfect, everything is ready. All you have to do is walk down that aisle and tell Michael what he already knows. How much you love him.” Liz kept her voice soft and soothing to calm the frantic Maria down.

“Ok. Ok. You’re right. You are always right.” Maria said sniffling a bit as tears formed in her eyes. “Come here you three.”

Maria pulled the girls into a hug and they all held on tight trying not to cry.

There was a knock on the door to bring them all apart.

“Ladies. It’s show time.” Alex said and all the girls wiped at their eyes.

“Ok. Let’s go.”


Max stood behind Michael as practically every person of town settled into the church. Max was trying hard to keep his attention the wedding, but he kept thinking back to the afternoon and how everything was changing from this moment on.

The music started up as the girls started their walk down the aisle. Chrissy first, followed by Isabel. His breath caught in his throat has Liz made her way down, slowly. Even in the horrible pink dresses, she still looked beautiful to him. He knew she always would look like that.

Their eyes met for a brief moment before she painfully looked away. Max knew he had been ignoring her, but he had means to explain everything to her later. Even if it meant he was going to lose her.

The music got louder and Max pushed his thoughts away from Liz.

Michael and Maria were about to be married.


Liz picked at her food as they sat at the long table at the reception. She kept stealing glances at Max and he was looking right at her. They were separated by Michael and Maria and Liz was thankful for it. She wasn’t sure she could have handled sitting next to Max.

Now it was time for the best man to give the toast.

“Well, I’m going to keep this short because I know you all want to get back to your eating. In 5th grade I made a bet with Michael. I bet him 4 jelly beans that he was going to marry Maria someday. He of course was insulted for me suggesting that he would ever marry her and took the bet. Obviously I was right and I’m holding him to those 4 jelly beans.” Max paused while everyone laughed and Maria smacked Michael in the back of the head playfully.

“Michael and Maria have both come a long way from the playground where he use to pull her hair and she use to call him ‘beetle breath’. They have found happiness in each other, so lets hope for many more years of happiness and playful banter. To Michael and Maria.”

“To Michael and Maria.” Everyone chanted. Liz kept her eyes on Max even as he sat back down. He was staring at his plate and she swore she saw a single tear fall down his face.


About 30 minutes and a few drinks later Maria was on the stage.

“Ok. Ok. Now, this is my wedding and I want to thank you all for coming. Mostly I want to thank my friends and family for helping me out so much. Mainly Liz. I dragged her out to no name Roswell for months and help me plan this wedding. Everyone give a big hand to Liz.”

Liz was in a place between embarrassed and angry as everyone started clapping for her.

“Ok. Now this song is for my friends. So all of you get on the dance floor.”

Some sappy long song came on and Liz watched as all different couples got up and started dancing.

“Liz?” She heard her name in a tentative whisper causing her to spin around to stare at Max.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” Liz saw fear etched in his face and reluctantly took his hand as he led them out back.

“What is it Max?” Liz wrapped her arms around herself at the sudden chill that was in the air.

“I wanted to apologize for ignoring you. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Max said slowly looking away from her.

“Yeah, but you did hurt me.” Liz snapped her angry finally showing.

“Liz.” Max looked up at her and was about to continue, but Liz stopped him.

“Max I know what this is about. I’m leaving in two weeks and you’re trying to break things easily. It was just a summer fling, no reason to really worry. We both knew it was going to end anyway. Now I should get back.”

Liz turned to leave, but before she got very fair Max grabbed her by the upper arm and spun her around, planting his lips on hers. She gave in quickly, kissing him back with the same amount of passion.

The kiss ended quickly and they were both staring at each other.

“To me this has been more than a ‘summer fling’ as you put it. I wish more than anything that you could stay here and never leave, but I know you have to and that’s why I have to tell you the truth. Before you leave I want to tell you everything and I know that what I am about to say is probably going to make me lose you forever, but I need you to know. I’ve never wanted to tell anyone before, but I do you. I trust you with my heart and my everything and I pray that you aren’t going to run from me.” Max poured his every emotion into that speech and Liz stared at him in shock. He cared about her as much as she did him and he was willing to give her everything. Even share his deepest….

“What is it Max?”

“I…” Max released Liz from the hold he had her in and looked at the ground.

“I’m an alien.”


What? Did you think I wasn't going to end it there? *wink*

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*Author's Note*

I know you all hate me for making you wait so long for this new part, but I was busy and the board was down for a day or so, so that was also a problem, but I am here with a new part. I hope it was worth the wait.

Part 12

“What?” Liz shook her head. She couldn’t have heard Max right. He had to have said something else. “You’re an… an alien.”

“Yeah.” Max said simply, afraid to look at her.

“How? I mean. That’s not possible.”

Liz’s mind was reeling. What he said wasn’t possible. Liz knew that, aliens didn’t exist, but somewhere inside of her she knew he was telling the truth and it didn’t scare her.

“I know it doesn’t make sense, but I’m telling the truth. The ship we were in crashed back in 1947. We were in these pod things. The people of Roswell found us and kept us safe so that the government wouldn’t take us away. When we finally ‘hatched’ we looked like normal kids. Ever since then the people of Roswell have been hiding our secret and keeping us save. We don’t let anyone in and we’re not here to hurt anyone. I don’t know where I come from or who I am, but I promise you I would give anything to be normal.”

Liz went into shock. Everything he said made perfect sense to her. The towns people had stared at her, whispered about her behind her back. The others hadn’t wanted her and Max to be together. It all made perfect sense.

“When you say we…”

“Michael, Isabel and… and Tess are the same as me. We’re the Roswell aliens.” Max looked up at her and then hung his head down in shame.

“So Maria and Alex are just ok with the fact that they married aliens?” Liz snapped.

“Yeah. The people of Roswell have known about us for so long that they don’t see us as creatures.” Max said sadly looking at her.

“I don’t know what to say Max. I mean, do you have like powers and are you like little green men or what?” Liz was practically shouting now and Max could hear the fear in her voice.

“Yes we have powers and no we aren’t green. We look as normal as you. Liz.” Max took in a deep breath trying to look at her even though it hurt. “All I want is for you to promise me you won’t tell anyone about us. The government could take us away and do god knows what to us. I don’t care what they do to me, but I would die if something ever happened to Isabel or Michael. And I know you care a lot about Maria so I know you would never do anything to take away her happiness. Michael makes her happy.”

Liz took in a deep breath trying to collect her thoughts. Aliens were living in plain sight and if the government could get a hold of them she knew what kind of pain they would be put through.

“I’m not going to say anything.” Liz whispered, but she knew he heard her.

“Thank you.” Max replied. He kept waiting for her to look up and smile that beautiful smile of hers and tell him that it was all ok and that she loved him and that they would be together forever. Then Max came out of his dream world and back to reality as she started to speak.

“I need to think about this for awhile.”

Before he had a chance to reply she was already walking in the other direction, away from him.

Well, what did you really expect? Her to welcome you with open arms?

Max reached for the keys in his pocket and walked over to the jeep. He needed time to think as did she.


“Hey. Where’s Max and Liz?” Maria asked, her arms wrapped tightly around Michael.

“I don’t know. They went outside a while ago, but I haven’t seen them since then.” Alex told her.

“Shit.” Michael mumbled as realization hit him.

“What?” Isabel asked.

“He told her.” Michael simply said.

“WHAT!” Isabel, Maria and Chrissy exclaimed at the same time.

“We should go find them.” Maria suggested and Isabel and Chrissy nodded agreeing with her.

“No.” Michael responded. “This was Max’s decision. Let him deal with it.”

The idea wasn’t the best one, but they all agreed to let it be and let Max and Liz handle it.


Max walked into his room throwing his tux jacket onto his desk chair.

Things use to be so simple for him, he knew he wasn’t meant for love and he had excepted it. Excepted that he was always going to be alone. Then he found Liz and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Max wasn’t stupid, he had seen the look in her face, he lost her and he wasn’t sure how he would ever recover from that. He wanted Liz so much it hurt, but he didn’t deserve her. He couldn’t be with her, Tess had been right all those years ago.

“So you’re breaking off the engagement.” Tess said in a mocking tone.

“Tess, you cheated on me with Kyle and god knows how many others. Why on earth would I marry you now?” Max snapped.

“Max.” Tess said softly stroking his cheek. “You’re smarter than that aren’t you?” Max looked at her confused as she slowly removed her hand from him.

“You’re an alien from another planet. You may be looking for some greater love, but it isn’t going to happen. Maria and the rest of them keep trying to convince you that you can have whatever you want, but you and I know better. They may have dumbly stumbled into love, but they aren’t us. They don’t know what we have.”

Tess stepped closer to Max pressing her body against his.

“Max. No human is every going to love you. I am the only person who can love you and who sees you as something other than a creature. So yeah I screwed up a few times, but Max, regardless of that. If you want love, marriage, intimacy then you are only going to find it with me. Everyone else is going to see you for the creature you are.”

Tess planted her lips against Max’s firmly, pressing her body completely against him. He resisted the urge to kiss her back. He was breaking up with her, not trying to make her stay.

“You can fight me now.” Tess said pulling away. “But we both know that I’m the only one for you. I’ll leave for now, but I’ll be back Max. Back when you realize you’re childish fantasies of being normal and finding a human girl to love you aren’t real. You may hate me, but I am the only person who will ever love you Max and I’ll be back when you realize that.” Tess finished harshly. She kissed him one last time before grabbing her bag and getting on the bus.

Max saw the picture of him and Liz sitting on his nightstand. He picked it up and threw it against the wall, watching as the glass in the frame shattered into millions of little glass shards.

His lamp was next as he threw it across the room in rage. He was a creature, a thing not worth the warmth of human love. Just for a moment he had felt what love was like with Liz and it was like a drug. Something he was addicted to, but he wasn’t worthy enough to have that kind of happiness. He didn’t deserve it.

Knocking his chair over as he moved, Max ran out of his room and down the hall. He found himself in Liz’s room and collapsed on her bed.

Why did I have to be this creature? Is life so unfair as to bring Liz into my world and then tell me I can’t have her?

Tears fell down his face as he clutched her pillow to his chest.

“I love you Liz.” He whispered as the tears continued to fall until finally he wore himself out and fell asleep.


Liz continued to walk in downtown Roswell. She had already put a small rip in her pink, puffy dress, but she didn’t seem to notice. She was on autopilot as she walked through the streets trying to think of how to handle the situation.

Is this some kind of sick joke fate is playing on me? I finally find the perfect guy to love and he isn’t human.

Liz stopped dead in her tracks at her last thought. She loved Max and he was the perfect person for her, but he was human. He may be an alien with superhuman powers, but he was as human as the next guy.

She had dated Sean for so long and he wasn’t human. He didn’t know how to treat her. He had been cold and abusive and she had given him everything.

Then there was Max. The sweetest guy she had ever met, a person who had been hurt in his own way, but was willing enough to open up to her. To love her and what had seen done. Walked away when he shared his most kept secret with her.

“Oh god! He must think I hate him.” Liz brought her hand to her face and felt like crying. Reality hit her as she remembered the way Max looked. He thought she thought he was a creature and he had let her walk away figuring she didn’t want to be with him anymore.

“What have I done?”

“Hey Liz.” Liz spun around when she saw Kyle’s dad sitting in his car, pulled up along side her. “Is everything ok?”

“No.” Liz replied honestly. “Can you give me a ride back to the house?”

“Of course.”


“Max!” Liz shouted as she ran through the front door. She knew he was home, she had seen the jeep parked out front. “Where are you?”

She ran upstairs to his room to find it in disarray. There was broken glass all over and his chair had been knocked over. Liz felt defeated, she head down towards her room to find Max curled up on her bed, sound asleep.

Relief flooded through her body after having found him, but upon looking at him she could see the despair on his face even in sleep. Her fingers grazed his cheek to brush away the tear tracks that ran along his smooth skin.

“I am so sorry Max. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” She whispered placing a soft kiss on her cheek.

“Was she right?” Max asked in a whisper. Liz was sure he was still asleep with the way he was breathing and his eyes still being shut tight.


“Tess. Was she right? Am I a creature that doesn’t deserve the warmth of human love?”

Liz looked down at him, his eyes still closed, afraid to see her answer. She brushed his bangs off his forehead and kissed him there.

“No Max. Tess was wrong.” His eyes slowly opened to look up at her.

“I love you Max. I love you so much and I’m so sorry I ran from him.” Tears fell from her eyes as she threw her arms around him. He held her tightly praying that it wasn’t a dream and that he could hold her forever.

“I love you too Liz. So very much.”

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I'm really sorry that its taking me so long to get out a new part. I have a really bad case of writers block on this story, but I am working on it. Slowly, but surely. I should have a new part out by the end of next week. Pending school doesn't kill me first.

Thank you guys for waiting on me. I will have a good part for you I promise. It will be well worth the wait.

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Thank you all for being so patient. I was having such writers block. It was terrible. I would open this fic up and just sit and stare at the screen for like 20 minutes before getting frustrated and just throwing a pen at the computer and leaving the room. *wink*

Well, after all that, I finally sat down today and refused to leave the room till the new part was done and ta-da! I did it.

Thanks for waiting for long for the new part. I hope it was worth the wait.

Part 13

Max just held Liz against his chest. He never wanted to let go of her. Her words had filled his heart in a way he never thought was possible for him. She was accepting what he was, that he was an alien and she still loved him no matter what.

Max moved on instinct, flipping them over so he was on top of her and she was laying on the bed with her head resting on her pillows.

“I feel like I’m dreaming.” Max said looking down into her eyes. A smile spread on her face as she looked up at him.

“I always feel like I’m dreaming when I’m with you. Like I’m going to wake up one morning and find out you weren’t real.” Liz responded.

“Well, I can tell you for a fact that I am very real.” Max joked. Liz let out a little giggle that was then muffled by his mouth taking hers, claiming hers.

Liz fell into his kiss. She never thought anything could ever be as his kiss. One kiss from Max and she was gone. Now it all made sense to her, he wasn’t entirely of this world.

She loved having him kiss her, they would fall into their own world every time his lips would brush hers. His tongue ran along the crease of her lips and Liz let out a sigh, allowing him to slip right into her mouth.

Little shivers ran down her spine as Liz wrapped her arms around Max’s neck to pull him closer. She needed to get him closer to her.

Max let his hands fall to her waist as he fell more on top of her. His hands got caught in a rough material and he broke the kiss to look at the pink dress she was in.

He brought his lips to her throat and kissed a trail up to her sensitive ear.

“You know you look like a cupcake in this dress.” He teased.

Liz laughed so hard she thought she was going to cry and Max laughed with her as he looked back into her eyes.

His hand went from her hip to her cheek to brush away the tear trailing down her smooth cheek. Liz noticed the change in him immediately. All laughter was gone and she could see this overwhelming desire in his amber eyes.

“Max.” His name escaped her lips. It was all she could say. Yet something as simple as his name conveyed everything he needed to know.

Max quickly climbed over the bed, pulling at Liz to stand up with him.

She looked up into his eyes and for a rare moment in her life she was nervous. Nervous of what he would think or what he would do. She knew he loved her, but would he love all of her?

Her eyes drifted shut and she went on feelings as Max’s untrained fingers danced around her back, till the rested on the small pink zipper of her dress. A gasp came from Liz’s parted lips as her breathing increased from just a small gesture of him dragging down the zipper on the dress.

Max watched her intently, everything about her was so beautiful. He pulled the zipper till it couldn’t go any farther, then he slipped his hands inside, brushing his fingers over the smooth silky skin of her bare back.

Another gasp came from Liz and a smile crossed Max’s face.

He could watch her forever. Every little move she made set his heart ablaze. His hands roamed her bare back and came to rest on her shoulders. Max placed his lips back on Liz’s in a heated kiss as he began to push her dress completely off her.

Liz wrapped her arms around Max’s neck as she stepped out of the pink fluffy dress that was now pooled at her feet. She knew she should feel embarrassed and a part of her was, to be plastered up against Max in just her bra and underwear, but when she felt his tongue run against the roof of her mouth, she left all embarrassment behind.

All the fear has left me now, I'm not frightened anymore.
It's my heart that pounds beneath my flesh.
It's my mouth that pushes out this breath
All the fear has left me now, I'm not frightened anymore.
It's my heart that pounds beneath my flesh.
It's my mouth that pushes out this breath

Max kept his hands on her back, holding her body close to his own. He continued to make love to her warm mouth. Everything seemed so perfect, the entire moment was perfect. He finally gasped and broke from their heated kiss when he felt Liz’s hands begin to undo the buttons on his shirt.

And if I shed a tear I won't cage it.
I won't fear love
And if I feel a rage I won't deny it.
I won't fear love.

Liz moved her eyes from her hands and to his eyes, over and over with each button she opened. As she finished with the last button her eyes focused on his perfect chest. This was the most she had ever seen of him before.

Her hands ran up the front of his chest to his shoulders, basking in the feel of his perfect body before she slid the shirt completely off him.

Max was having a hard time breathing as Liz continued to caress his chest with her beautiful hands. He closed his eyes and lived in the feel of her sweet torture on him. An idea came to him then and he opened his eyes to look around the room. Just as he knew would be, there were candles place in nearly every corner. Complements of Maria.

With a wave of his hand every candle in the room was alit and Liz’s eyes widened with tears.

Companion to our demons they will dance and we will play.
With chairs, candles and clothes making darkness in the day.
It will be easy to look in or out upstream or down without a thought


Max brought his hand up to Liz’s cheek to brush away the stray tear that had fallen down her face.

“I love you Liz.”

“I love you too.”

Max crashed his lips back to Liz’s as they blindly stumbled backwards. Liz fell onto the bed and Max fell beside her, never letting his lips tear away from hers.

And if I shed a tear I won't cage it.
I won't fear love
And if I feel a rage I won't deny it.
I won't fear love.

Liz let her emotions and desire lead her on. She had never gotten his far with any man and she could tell that Max had never gone this far with anyone either. He couldn’t, he had always kept himself alone. For the first time in their lives they were giving themselves completely to someone else.

Max ran his hands up and down Liz’s side and could feel her hands running along his back and shoulders. The feelings were completely overwhelming. His fingers ran into the clasp of her pink silk bra and he began to fumble with it, not wanting to remove his lips from hers to ask for help.

She did it for him. Liz broke the kiss allowing Max to trail his mouth down her throat, all while she reached in back to undo the bra. Once the clasp was undone she place her hands back on his smooth back and let him do the rest.

Peace in the struggle to find peace.
Comfort on the way to comfort

Max placed soft tender kisses from her neck to her shoulder as he slipped down one strap on her bra. Her skin was so soft and he loved the taste of it as she pushed the strap down her arms. More of her creamy skin was revealed to him and Max had to break the kiss to gasp. She was so breath taking.

Liz took in deep breaths. Her chest was rapidly rising and a flush had taken over her body as Max had stripped her near bare. She felt exposed only for a moment, till she saw the love in his eyes.

She watched him removed her bra completely, tossing it on the ground, and then he stared into her eyes.

“You are so beautiful.”

And if I shed a tear I won't cage it.
I won't fear love

“Max.” All Liz could do was moan as his hands came into contact with her breasts. She threw her head back on the pillow as another sigh escaped from her lips.

His lips crashed against hers again as their upper bare bodies came into complete contact. Max groaned against Liz’s lips as her tongue slipped into his fierce mouth. They were both on fire, hands were running everywhere, the intensity of the passion was more than they ever in their wildest dreams could have imagined.

And if I feel a rage I won't deny it.
I won't fear love. I won't fear love...

Liz could feel Max’s erection press against her as he climbed on top of her body. She slipped her hands down his chest until she came into contact with his dress pants and began to undo the button.

Max couldn’t contain his groan and broke away from the kiss. Liz took the opportunity and reached up to kiss his throat and down his chest as she lowered his zipper down.

Max took in a deep breath trying to get his body back under control. He nearly lost it when her small hands reached inside of his boxers and came into contact with his hard erection.


She smiled hearing him moan. Releasing him she used her hands and her foot to get his pants and boxers off of him. Now all the stood between them was her one undergarment.

Max took in a deep breath and before he let things get to out of hand, he reached back for his pants. Hating to leave her for a second, but he grabbed his wallet from his back pocket and removed the small condom from there. Placing it on the pillow next to Liz before kissing her again.

“Liz? Are you sure about this?” He asked.

Liz almost cried at his concern, she knew that if she wasn’t ready he would pull back. He could never take advantage of his and it made her love him all the more.

“Max I’m sure. I want you to make love to me.” That was all it took to bring his lips back to hers in a fiery kiss, full of all the passion he had been with holding the past weeks he had known her.

His hand slipped down her sides as she ran her nails along his back. He felt the material of her underwear and slid it down her leg till he was able to put it on the ground with the rest of their clothes.

It was now or never. Max asked silently one last time with his eyes if she was ready, her smile let him know it was true.

Max reached for the condom that was next to her and with shaking fingers he was able to place it on himself before completely letting their naked bodies touch. From forehead to toes, their skin touched.

Closing his eyes Max slowly began to slide into her. Liz gasped at the feel of Max beginning to enter her. It was the most incredible thing she had ever felt.

He continued to move slowly, his forehead still against hers, his breath mingling with hers. He moved until he reached her barrio, causing his eyes to open and look into hers.

The moment had come and Liz nodded slowly. Max then pushed all the way into her, breaking away at her barrio and causing them to both cry out. Liz felt pain, but it was quickly removed by the pleasure that shot through her at having Max buried completely inside of her.

Max braced his hands on either side of her and tried to control his breathing. He was finally inside of the one he loved and the emotions coursing through him were unimaginable. He could never describe it to anyone, even if they asked. He waited a moment till he was sure Liz was ready to continue before he pulled himself out of her and pushed back in.

They cried out again as their rhythm set in. Liz met Max with every downward thrust he made. Their lips locked together as did their hands while they began to climb to their peaks.

Together the crashed, crying out each others names in love and bonding their souls together for eternity.

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Hey guys. Sorry it took me so long to get the new part out. School got crazy, but hey its summer vacation now so I have plenty of time to write.

Part 14

Maria walked into the kitchen with her husband trailing behind her. They were all set for their honeymoon in Hawaii, but she had to come back to the house and check to see how Max and Liz were doing.

“Hey Isabel.” Maria said, seeing Isabel and Alex sitting at the kitchen table.

“Don’t you guys have a flight to catch?” Isabel asked.

“Yeah.” Michael replied. “But Maria refused to get started on our honeymoon until we came back her and checked on Max and Liz.”

“Any news?” Maria asked concern filling her eyes.

“I know Max is here.” Isabel told her. “His jeep is parked out front, but his bedroom was empty and kind of a mess. Liz’s bedroom door was shut, but I felt weird going in there. I didn’t know if she was here or what so I’ve just been waiting to see if one of them shows.”

Alex just nodded in agreement with his wife.

“Well, that’s not good enough.” Maria said as she walked out of the kitchen with determination. She stormed up the stairs till she stood in front of Liz’s room. Without even knocking she pushed open the door and gasped at the sight in front of her. Never in a million years would she have thought she would have found Max and Liz like that.

They were both asleep, cuddled close to each other. Maria could clearly see Max’s naked chest and could see parts of Liz’s bare back. It was plainly obvious with the way the clothes had been thrown across the room, that Max and Liz had taken their relationship a step farther.

Maria shut the door, as though to not wake the sleeping couple, and headed back down to the kitchen.

“Well?” Isabel was the first to ask.

“They’re fine.” Maria said with a grin on her face. “I’m sure they’ll be down soon. See you guys in a week.” Maria finished up as she grabbed Michael by the arm and dragged him out of the house.


Max blinked his eyes open. He felt someone heavy on him and then remembered what had happened that night.

Max moved his body slightly so he could look at Liz, she was still curled up against his side. She looked so beautiful while she slept, so content. Max didn’t think life could get any better as long as he was able to continue watching and loving Liz Parker.

“Morning.” Liz said with a yawn looking up at him.

“Morning.” Max said with a smile.

“How long have you been watching me?” Liz asked, feeling a little weird waking up to see Max had been watching her sleep.

“Not long, so don’t worry.” Max replied, kissing her on the nose.

Liz moved herself closer to Max and he held her tighter. She took in a deep breath and memorized the moment. Waking up in Max’s arms was how she wanted to start every morning. Sadness quickly filled Liz, but she tried to hide it.

“What’s wrong?” Max asked, sensing a change in her.

“I… nothing. Nothing’s wrong.” Liz replied looking up at him. Before Max had a chance to call her on it Liz was kissing him. She climbed on top of him straddling his hips as she continued to kiss him.

“I love you.” Liz whispered.

“I love you too.” Max replied before flipping them over so he was on top.


It was near lunchtime that Max and Liz finally came downstairs, showered and cleaned. When they got in the kitchen, Isabel was cooking lunch with Chrissy, while Alex and Kyle sat at the table and talked about sports.

“Well… look who finally came downstairs.” Isabel said eyeing her brother and Liz. “Lunch will be ready soon.” She said with a smile.

Liz took a seat next to Alex and Max sat next to her, keeping a tight hold on her hand under the table.

“Did Michael and Maria already leave?” Liz asked.

“Yes. Earlier this morning.” Alex replied.

Liz went silent, picking at an invisible object on the table.

“You’re doing it again. What’s wrong?” Max asked, he was completely in tune with her every emotion.

“Maria told me she was going to Hawaii for a week.” Liz said confusing everyone.

“Yeah. They’ll both be back next week.” Chrissy said, agreeing with her.

“I leave four days after they get back.” Liz felt Max squeeze her hand almost painfully. Everyone else went silent, not really sure what to say as they stared at Max and Liz.

Max and Liz kept their eyes locked on each other and tried as hard as they could to keep their sadness from showing.

“We’ll figure something out.” Max whispered to her, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

Isabel served lunch and they all ate in silence, not really sure what should be said, or what could possibly be done to keep Max and Liz from being separated.

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Thank you all for being so patient. I know this took me a really long time to write and I am really sorry about that. It was a combination of writers block and being really busy, but thank you all for sticking around. It means a lot to me to see you all waiting for this fic to come back.

Pull out the tissues on this one. You might need them.

Part 15

“I’m not going.” Liz said throwing her nearly packed suitcase on the floor.

“Liz, please don’t make this any harder for me.” Max replied picked her suitcase back up off the floor.

They had spent their week alone spending as much time together as possible. Doing everything they possibly could and falling more in love with each other as every day passed.

Max couldn’t go a minute without being near her, which was making this so hard on him. He wasn’t sure how he was going to be able to go on with his life without her near him every second.

It was on one of their talks out at the reservoir that they had figured out the plan. It had always been Liz’s dream to teach at Las Cruces, which wasn’t too far from where Max and the others lived now. She could apply to teach there starting in the spring semester. Which meant she would have to keep teaching in Boston for the fall semester.

Which sounded like a great plan. Except Liz had to spend the Fall semester away from Max.

“I’m sorry Max, but I just don’t think I can do this.”

Max sat down next to Liz on her bed so he could be closer to her.

“I know Liz. Believe me I know. I never thought it was possible for me to love someone and have someone love me back and now that I found that I don’t want to give you up, but there isn’t any other way. You can’t just abandon your job. Plus you need to apply to Las Cruces while you are there. This has to happen. So please.” He was begging now. He wouldn’t be able to be strong if she couldn’t be strong as well.

“I’m trying Max. I just don’t want to go back to that lonely apartment and wake up alone in the morning.” Liz said shifting closer to him, till she was wrapped in his embrace.

“I don’t want to wake up alone either.” He whispered kissing her forehead.

“Max. Liz. It’s time.” Maria said from the doorway.

As soon as Maria said the words she regretted them. Liz broke into tears and Max held her as tightly as possible, trying to keep himself in check for her sake.

“Just give us a minute.” Max said and Maria nodded. She walked back down the hallway and into the very quiet kitchen where everyone else was sitting.

“They’ll be down in a minute.” Maria told them and everyone nodded.

No one new what to say. Everyone was afraid to breath. This wasn’t what they expected to happen. Not that anyone regretted Liz coming and Max and her falling in love. They were just afraid of what was going to happen once she was gone.

Maria knew the house wouldn’t feel the same. Somehow Liz had become part of the family and with her gone everything would feel different. Like life itself was missing something. Missing her presence.

But they all agreed in silence, that no matter what they felt they were going to help Max through this. Make sure that he didn’t crawl into himself. They had to make sure he was going to be alright while Liz was gone.


Maria, Michael, Liz and Max sat at Liz’s terminal waiting for the plane. Maria was idly talking about her honeymoon with Michael and Liz just nodded every few minutes. Her mind was on Max as she held his hand tightly.

She was trying not to cry. She wanted to be strong. To show Max how brave she was and that she was going to make it through this. It wasn’t like it was forever. It was just for a few months.

Her and Max had it all planned out. They weren’t going to call each other for the first week, otherwise she might end up on the next plane right back to him. After the first week they would call each other once a week for about a month. After that they assumed they would be better accustomed to being apart and they could call each other more often.

Liz wouldn’t call Maria. Maria could call her, but Liz wouldn’t call the house looking for anyone in case Max answered. The plan seemed easy enough. Except Liz wasn’t sure she was going to make it without Max.

How did someone I met three month ago become so much a part of my life?

Liz asked herself that question and just by looking at Max she knew. He was her soul-mate. Simple as that. They were made to be together and Liz could never be with anyone other than him ever again. It would be impossible. He was the one she had been waiting for her whole life and she wasn’t ready to let him go.

As if he could read her thoughts, Max brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it before smiling down at her.

Liz smiled up at him, but her smile quickly faded.

Fight 493 flying to Boston your plane is now boarding. We are seating passengers in rows 30 through 16 to board at this time. Again that is Flight 493 to Boston now boarding through gate B-16.

“I’m the next round.” Liz said softly.

Max just nodded not really knowing what to say, but knowing soon she was going to be gone and he wasn’t sure how he was going to handle that.

We will now be seating rows 30 through the front now. That’s all rows boarding for Flight 493 to Boston through gate B-16.

They all stood up silently and walked towards her gate. Liz refused to let go of Max’s hand and he held onto it tightly, while she held her bag in her other hand.

Once they reached the gate Liz dropped her bag and let go of Max’s hand to hug Maria.

“Oh chica. It has been so much fun.” Maria said hugging her tightly and trying not to cry. “Thank you for all your help with the wedding. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“No Maria. Thank you.” Liz whispered in her ear. “Thank you for giving me the one thing I always wanted. If it wasn’t for you I never would have found him.”

Maria started crying at that. She couldn’t hold back any longer.

Liz pulled back from the hug and kissed Maria on the cheek before going and hugging Michael.

“You take care of her Michael.” Liz whispered to him.

“I promise.” Michael replied hugging her tighter.

Liz kissed him on the cheek and then wiped away at her tears. Michael placed his arm around Maria and held her as they both watched Liz turn to look at Max.

“I guess this is it.” Liz said looking at him.

“Yeah. 4 months won’t be that long.” Max said stepping closer to her.

“Yeah.” Liz said coming closer to him. “I’ll be home by Christmas.”

“I can’t to it.” Liz cried out and Max crushed her too him.

“Liz it’s going to be ok. We can to this.” Max pulled away from her slightly, cupping her face with his hands so she would look right at him.

“Thank you.”

“For what?” Liz asked through her tears.

“For everything. For walking through that door that day three months ago. For being you. For sharing your soul with me. For loving me. For accepting me. Just. Thank you for giving me life Liz. I love you.”

Before Liz even had a chance to reply he was kissing her. The last kiss they would have till she was living in Roswell again.

Liz could taste her tears on his lips. It was when he broke the kiss that she realized they weren’t her tears they were his. She kissed him again, with more passion this time. Just holding onto him and sending all her love through the kiss, praying that she could survive without him for all their time apart.

Finally boarding call for Flight 493 departing for Boston.

“I can’t do this Max.” Liz cried, clinging onto him with all she had.

“Yes you can.” Max said trying to give her strength. He kissed her one last time and then broke away pushing her towards the gate.

Liz didn’t dare turn around. She handed the flight attendant her ticket and clutched her bag to her chest.

She walked down the long path and onto the plane. She was working on autopilot and didn’t even realize she had found her seat until was she sitting in it.

Next to her was some little old lady who was looking at her with worry.

“You ok hun?”

Liz wiped at her eyes before shaking her head no.

“I just left my soul-mate behind.”


Max just stared at the door to the gate. He couldn’t move. He was frozen in his spot. The only sound he heard was the sound of the door closing and it seemed to be louder than anything he had ever heard in his entire life.

“Max? Come on. We need to go now.” Maria said, holding onto his arm.

He just nodded and instead of moving Maria threw her arms around him and hugged him. He hugged her as tightly as possible and cried. Wishing it was all a bad dream and that the love of his life hadn’t just gotten on that plane to not return for four months.

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*Author's Note*

Ok, this part is a little short, but it is kind of a transitional part. So don't be upset, the big part will be right after this one and I promise not to take too long to write it.

Part 16

Liz looked up from her books and notes and over to her open window. It was finally cooling down in Boston so she could keep her window open now. She was a ways from the ocean, but she could smell the hint of salt floating into her small apartment.

It had been almost a week since she left Roswell. There was a surreal feeling about being home for her. Everything seemed darker and gloomier. The apartment seemed lonelier and so much quieter than before she left. Her bed felt smaller and harder than the soft bed she had shared with Max for the short time they had been together. Her entire world was different.

She had returned home and was having a hard time falling back into her routine. Getting up in the morning seemed like more of a chore than it ever had before. And now has she sat at her desk working on the lesson plans for her students for the rest of the year, teaching didn’t seem as enjoyable as it had before.
Liz rubbed at her forehead and shut the book she was looking at. She finally finished all her lessons for the semester and felt a slight weight lifted off her shoulders. She wouldn’t have to worry about what she was going to be doing for her last semester at the school. It was all laid out in front of her on her small desk in her small apartment.

The application for Las Cruces had gone into the mail two days before. She was completely nervous. They never discussed what would happen if she couldn’t be a teacher at Las Cruces. It just didn’t really seem to come up. Liz was at a loss, she wanted to keep teaching, but she needed Max. If she didn’t get into Las Cruces she didn’t know what she was going to do.

Getting up from her desk, Liz walked over to the window. It was night now and the sky was clear giving her a perfect view of the stars. She took in a deep breath and tried to forget about where she was for the moment. She imagined Max being with her, standing right behind her and holding her. All her thoughts were completely thrown away when she looked at her watched and realized it was nearly midnight and she had to be up by six for the first day of classes.

Liz looked up at the stars one last time and saw the brightest star in the sky.

“Star light star bright. First star I see tonight. Wish I may, wish I might. Let Max and I be together again.”

With that she closed her eyes and then headed to bed.


Max looked out his bedroom window up at the stars. They seemed brighter than usual, but he knew that was impossible. They couldn’t be getting brighter, he was just tired and everything was looking differently.

He knew Maria had talked to Liz once she had gotten back to Boston, but that was it. Max really wanted to talk to her, but he was afraid that if he heard her voice he would just beg her to come back to Roswell, and that wasn’t a possibility.

They had to stick to the plan, as much as it was killing him. He wasn’t sure he was going to make it another day. His world seemed to fall apart without Liz there. Having never experienced love before it was hard to go from having something so incredible and then not have it at all. He felt like he was dying, but he had to keep myself together. He had to stay together, for Liz.

Tomorrow was his first day back to his old life. His dull, colorless life without Liz. He had to crawl out of his shell and go back to his job. He was dreading walking back in the halls of West Roswell and having to face all his students, but he was going to do it. Teaching was his life, aside of Liz and he wasn’t going to give it up.

Tomorrow was the beginning and after that it was only going to be for months till he saw her again.

Max looked up just in time to see a shooting star.

“I wish Liz could be here sooner than four months.”
Max walked away from the window and got into bed.


Max sat at his old desk that now had a picture of Liz on it. He had all these pictures of everyone else and now he had a picture of Liz to go with it. It looked a little too perfect on his desk.

“Hey Mr. Evans, have a good summer?” Paul Richards said walking into the classroom. Max had had Paul last semester and it looked like he was going to be having his favorite troublesome student again.

“Yes Paul I had a very interesting summer.” Max responded looking over his lesson plan.

“Yeah I heard all about you and the new chick. You must’ve had a great summer.” Paul said winking.

Max just ignored him. He knew the whole town knew about him and Liz, but he didn’t need to be discussing it with his students.

The final bell rang and all the students filed into his rooms taking whatever seat they could find.

“OK class. Don’t get too comfy because I’ll be changing your seats tomorrow.” Everyone groaned. “I’m Mr. Evans and I’ll be your Senior English teacher. I’ve had the pleasure of having some of you before and I’ve had the horrible experience of having some of you before.”

“Oh come on Mr. Evans. You love me.” Paul yelled from the back room.

The entire class erupted in a fit of laughter and Max just rolled his eyes.

“So for those of you who don’t know me. I’m an alien.” Everyone laughed again. “That’s right. I’m three feet tall and green and this is just my disguise. I can fly and I can turn people into toads.”

Max let the class laugh at that for a while before calming them back down again. “Now. I may be an alien, but I am still your English teacher and I intend this class to be hard. So you need to go to the bookstore and pick up your books by tomorrow.”

There was a loud groan heard from the back of the room.

“Now, does anyone have any questions before I continue.”

“I do!”

“What is it Paul?”

“What’s going on with you and that chick you were with?”

Max ignored his question and went on with the class. Trying to stop thinking about how much he missed Liz.

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*Author's Note*

Sorry its been so long. I went on a few vacations and then got busy. School is starting soon which really sucks.

This part is a little short, but they are going to get longer I promise.

Part 17

Liz never used to like the first day of school. When she was in high school she would always dread having to give up her summer freedom, but now that she was a teacher she always loved the first day. Being back in the classroom after the long summer away. The smell of the chalk and all the lab equipment. It was like heaven to her. Or it was.

Liz placed her briefcase on her desk and pulled out her lesson plan for that day. She turned around on the board and began to write down a list of all the books her students would need.

“Hey Ms. Parker. Did you have a good summer?”

Liz was so glad to see Erin. She had been her favorite student last semester and was going to really enjoy having her as her TA this semester.

“I did have a good summer. I really good summer.” Liz told her with a secret smile, before she went back to writing the book names on the board.

“Who is this?” Erin asked, noticing a picture in Liz’s briefcase. “He is gorgeous.”

Liz turned around and saw that Erin was looking at her picture of Max.

“That’s Max.” She told her simply.

“Max huh?” Erin looked at the picture again. “Ok come on Ms. Parker you can tell me. Who is ‘Max’?”

“A friend.”

Erin raised her eyebrow and Liz laughed.

“Ok more than a friend.” Liz placed the book list back in her briefcase and glanced at the picture of Max. “I know you’re young, but have you ever been in love, Erin?”

“Sadly no.”

“I am in love with Max.” Liz said taking the picture from her to stare at him for a moment. Then placing it on her desk. “I met him this summer when I was visiting a friend and I miss him so much. I mean, it was like love at first sight you know? We spent all summer together, going out to the local club, walking, talking, it was so incredible. I never met anyone who ever made me feel that way before.” Liz paused when she finally realized that she was talking to a student.

“That is so romantic, Ms. P. I can’t wait to fall in love.” Erin sighed and went over to her chair next to Liz’s desk where she would probably spend most of the class grading papers.

Liz was starting to get a slight headache and she kind of stumbled when she walked to then end of the desk. She reached into her purse and swallowed two aspirin just as her students started to fill into the class.

The classroom was looking a little blurry to Liz, but she rubbed her eyes and tried to focus. She didn’t know what was wrong with her.

“Welcome class… I am your teacher, Ms. Parker.” Liz grabbed the desk for support, She didn’t know what her problem was, but she needed to be holding onto something.

She shook her head and tried to clear out whatever was wrong and get herself pulled together.

“You need the following 5 books that are written on the board. This isn’t always the easiest class. There is a midterm and a final. Your grade will be made up of your labs, midterm, final and your final paper. Your final paper will be on any of the topics we discuss this semester, which you can find in all the books that you need to get. Erin will be your aide, treat her with respect. I’m calling class early, this is the only time I will ever let you leave early so enjoy it.”

Liz took a deep breath after she got all of that out. The class filed out of the room as quickly as possible. She was trying to concentrate on her breathing, when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Ms. Parker are you ok? You look a little pale.”

Liz slid down onto the floor and leaned against the desk.

“Do you want me to get someone? Should I call for an ambulance?” Liz could hear the panic in Erin’s voice.

“Go into my purse and grab my cell phone.” Liz could feel her own body temperature rising. “Look in my phone book for a Maria Guerin. Call that number and ask for Michael Guerin. Please.”

Erin did as Liz asked and was listening to the ringing tone.


“Umm… yeah can I talk to a Michael Guerin please?”

“This is him.”

“Oh umm…” Erin pulled the phone away and tried to hand it to Liz. Liz took the phone and held it to her ear.


“Liz is that you?”

Liz covered up the phone and looked up at Erin. “I’m going to be ok. Will you go to the office for me and tell them I am not feeling well and I will reschedule my classes later.”

“Sure.” Erin said and she got up off the floor and left. Liz waited until Erin was out of earshot and then she began to talk again.

“Michael something is wrong with me.”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know, but my head hurts and my vision is kind of blurred and it’s really hard to breath… I… I need Max.” She whispered the last part, holding the phone tighter to her ear.

“Ok… hang on. Do you think you can make it home alright?” Michael asked her. He turned and looked as Maria entered the kitchen and was giving him a weird look.

“I think so. My vision is ok again. I think I can make it home.” Liz said standing up. She wobbled on her feet again, but was able to get her balance.

“OK. You go home and then call us. Ok Liz?”

“That’s Liz!”

“Maria shut up!”

Liz smiled. She loved hearing them bicker. It was making her feel a little better.

“Michael, I just had to go to the school and pick up Max. He could barely see straight at school and nearly passed out in class.”

Michael almost dropped the phone in his hand.

“Liz… listen to me. Go home and pack. I am getting you on the next plane out here. Call me when you get home.”

Liz was having a hard time listening to Michael. Whatever was wrong with her was wrong with Max too. All she knew was that she needed back. She needed him so much it hurt and she needed to get back to him. That was all the mattered.

“I don’t know what the hell is going on, but you are coming back to us. Ok Liz?”

“Ok. I’m going to go home now. I’ll call you when I get there.”

Liz hung up and grabbed her purse. She didn’t bother to grab her lesson plan or anything. She didn’t know when she would be going back to work. Before she left she grabbed a piece of paper and left a note on top of all her lessons.


I don’t know when I am coming back, but here is my lesson plans for the semester. The class can basically run itself, but I need you to help. Just let them know when they have labs and if by any chance I am not back by midterm or final, just give them my tests, which are in the top drawer. I use the same test every year. I’ll call the office and make arrangements with the rest of my classes. I only have one other class besides this one so everything should be ok. Don’t worry either, I’m sure I’m going to be fine, but I need to be sure. Maybe I just need to take a semester off anyway. To feel better. Thank you for everything Erin, you are the best student and will make a great TA.

Elizabeth Parker

Liz headed for the door and turned off all the lights and then locked up the room. She needed to get back to Max and as soon as possible.

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*Author's Note*

If you are reading Fight The Future than you probably already know, but I also have a part almost finished for this fic, but I haven't been able to finish it, because I realized last night that I am dehyrated and I'm still trying to get better from that.

I should have a new part by then end of the week. I hope.

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*Author's Note*

My sincerest apologies for not updating sooner. I lost my muse. I had no insight in this fic and I didn't even know where to being or where to end. No of it made any sense, but it came back today for a very brief moment, in order for me to finally finish this fic and stop making all of you wait.

So here it is. Part 18 and the conclusion.

Part 18

Liz walked through the gate and she left like a huge weight had been lifted of her chest. The whole flight had been the most painful experience of her life. There was nothing she could compare it to. It was like dying, slowly and not being able to control anything. She was tempted to get a wheelchair because she had barely made it onto the airplane. Everything was so fuzzy in her mind and the world seemed to be spinning faster, making it hard to keep her balance straight.

Liz spotted Maria and Michael immediately. They were both standing there looking lost and frustrated. Maria was saying something to Michael and he was rubbing his forehead. A smile crossed Liz’s face, they were so perfect for each other.

“Lizzie!” Maria finally exclaimed when she noticed Liz come off the plane.

Maria ran up to Liz, with Michael right behind her and threw her arms around Liz. Hugging her as tightly as possible.

“Maria, I need air.” Liz joked, is a soft voice.

Maria stepped back to inspect Liz. She looked sick. Fatigue was written all over her face and there were bags under her eye, in the same way Max had looked.

“Oh Lizzie. We need to get you to Max.” Maria said, while putting her arm around Liz to support her. Michael took Liz’s bag and helped in supporting Liz while they walked to the parking garage.

“Do we know what’s wrong?” Liz asked, her voice still a little quiet and strained.

“No.” Michael replied honestly. “I don’t know what’s going on, but something just tells me that as soon as you and Max are back together you’ll be fine.”

Liz just nodded, she had the same feeling Michael did. Whatever it was that was making her sick was directly related to Max. Only Max could make her well again.


Isabel placed another cold wet cloth on Max’s burning forehead. In all the years they had been alive, never once had one of them been sick. Just seeing Max, looking that pale and feeling that terrible struck fear in her heart.

“Liz.” Max choked out.

Isabel felt her heart breaking. “Shhh… Max, Liz’ll be here soon.”

“Isabel.” Her brother turned to look at her through hooded lids. He was so weak he could barely keep his eyes open anymore. “If she doesn’t… doesn’t, tell Liz…. Love her.”

“No Max.” Isabel cried while grabbing his hand. “Max, listen to me damn it. You’re going to be fine. You’re going to hang on. Liz is going to be here and everything is going to be fine again.”

She looked into his eyes and saw how the normal light in them wasn’t present anymore. In fact she couldn’t remember the last time she had seen Max’s eyes glistening. Then she remembered. Liz.

“Max. Hold on for Liz.”

“I’ll… try.”


“Max!” Liz screamed out in the car. They were 20 minutes from the house, but something felt wrong. “Damn it Michael drive faster!” She screamed out again. Something was wrong and Max needed her, there was no time left.


“Max… Max! Look at me damn it!” Max opened his eyes barely looking at his sister. Faintly he could distinguish Alex, Kyle and Chrissy standing behind her. It was all so distant, like the whole world was slipping away, all he could see was his sister, and even that image began to blur. In his mind’s eye he could see Liz and she looked so beautiful, dressed in all white with a smile on her face. A smile that was solely for him. It gave him strength, but time was slipping away from him. All he had was that image to give him solace and pray for Liz to come soon.


Liz ran up the stairs as fast as she could. Her strength was fading, but she had to make it to Max. An inner drive inside of her was forcing her onward. She needed to be in Max’s arms. Needed a hold him.

Loosing her footing, she crashed onto the ground, hitting her head on the steps. Her ankle twisted and she yelped on in pain. Vaguely she could feel Michael helping her to stand and someone, who sounded like Alex’ yelling something in the hallway. It was all happening to fast. A glow came from her abdominal blinding everyone, but giving her the power to get back up and make her way to the bedroom.

Everything faded away. All Liz could see was Max. She fell onto the bed and his arms came around her. Tears were falling down her face, but she never felt them. Neither one of them felt a thing, or noticed a soul.

Except each other.


3 months passed after the near death of both Max and Liz. They had spent a month after it happened trying to figure out what had caused it. It was Liz missing her period that sent up the red flags. None of them had been pregnant before so they didn’t know how that would affect her. Their only conclusion was that because of Liz being pregnant and her closeness to Max, they needed to be together in order to survive. It seemed the only solution to the problem.

Liz rubbed her hand over her swollen stomach while Maria zipped up her dress. In one hand she touched her growing child. In the other hand she held the letter she had gotten earlier in the day. Her acceptance letter to teach at Las Cruces. She didn’t want to quit her job in Boston, but because of the pregnancy she was on maternal leave and then with the new job. She knew her colleagues would understand.

“Alright beautiful, spin around.” Liz turned to face her three friends. It was like dejavo all over again. Here they were, preparing for another wedding. This time it was hers.

“Perfect.” Maria said with a smile, admiring her handy work.

“You look incredible Liz.”

“Thank you Chrissy.” Liz replied.

“A little fat.” Maria joked and got a swat from Liz.

“This is it Liz.” Isabel said giving her a hug. “You get to marry my brother. Now you better take care of him.”

“I will.” Liz nodded, then started crying along with Isabel, soon followed by Maria and Chrissy.

“It’s time to start… oh brother.” Michael said seeing all the crying girls. “They’re all crying.” They heard Michael shout down the hallway.

“Come on Lizzie. You need to marry your soulmate.”


3 Years Later

“Liz Evans get your ass in gear!” Maria yelled upstairs.

“Maria keep your pants on!” Liz yelled back as she started walking downstairs with her three year old daughter in her arms.

“Now Celeste, you be good for grandma and grandpa.” Liz told her daughter, which only resulted in a giggle in response.

“Here.” Liz said handing her over to Max’s parents.

“Are we ready to do?” Max asked, standing behind Liz and slipping his arms around her waist.

“We are now.” Liz replied kissing him briefly. They both kissed their daughter goodbye and headed out to the jeep where everyone else was waiting.

“UFOnics here we come!” Maria exclaimed and they all climbed into their cars, except for Max and Liz.

“We’ll catch up.” Max yelled right before everyone else took off.

“You know, UFOnics is where I first fell in love with you.” Max told her honestly.

“Really Mr. Evans?”

“Yes Mrs. Evans.” He teased. “I heard you singing and it was like an angel was calling out to me. I knew I was never going to be with anyone other than you.”

“I love you Max.” Liz said kissing him.

“I love you too Liz. So very much.” They kissed one last time before getting into the jeep and heading to the club that had been come the hang out for all of them and would always hold a special place in all their hearts. The small club, in the small town, where a love like no other was formed.

The End.