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Title: Parallel Realities
Author: Jenn
Rating: R-NC-17
Disclaimer: I’ve got millions…lol…just about millions of fics floating on this board…so you all know that I don’t own anything related to Roswell. I only own my story idea.
Summary: This is the way my Season 3 would have played out. Yes there is a Tess…and a Baby…but have faith in me…I’ll fix this whole mess JK made and make it all better.

Part 1:

Liz looked around her room thinking about the nasty turn her life has taken. She was forbidden to see Max because they got arrested in Utah for armed robbery and her father was still going on and on about how Max Evans changed her, for the worse. He still was yelling in the other room, about how she used to care about school, and her future.

“All you care about now is Max Evans! Liz this has to stop. You are not to see him anymore, if you pass him in school, walk the other way, and he’s never to step foot into this restaurant again,” were her father’s final words on the matter.

Liz locked herself into her room after that conversation and hasn’t come out since. She hated how her father was trying to control her life. He has no idea what her life is like; he hasn’t been living the past two years trying to keep a secret that could destroy so many lives. Yet, he thinks he can tell her who she is allowed to see and associate with, he has no right to do that and this bout of control that he’s on will only drive her away.

It has been two months since that day she was arrested in Utah, but her father will not let the past lie. He brings it up constantly and Liz was beginning to get sick of it. She knew that she made a mistake and she was sorry for that but if she had to choose again she would chose the same thing. Max found the ship that day and even though they didn’t have it in their possession and the government moved it, they were one step closer to finding Max’s son.

Max’s son, Liz hated thinking about that because the child wasn’t hers. She had to deal with the fact that Max had a child with another woman, and not just any woman, but a backstabbing alien killer. She tried not to hold a grudge, after all she did push Max towards Tess, but she never imagined that he would do something like that. Yet despite it all she really did want to help Max find, and save his son.

Taking a deep breath Liz adjusted her antenna on her head and stepped into the Crashdown to begin her shift. It pained her to walk into the restaurant now because she knew that Max wouldn’t be sitting in his normal booth watching her work. It pained her that she couldn’t even talk to him in school because the teacher’s would report to her father that she and Max Evans had some type of contact. The one thing she needed more then air was being denied to her and she felt as if she was dying, a bit each day, and there was nothing she could do about it because her father wasn’t relenting on his decision to not let her see Max.

Maria smiled sadly as Liz passed her. She hated seeing her friend so upset, but there wasn’t anything she could do about it. Mr. Parker made his decision and he was hell bent on keeping Max and Liz apart. Still once in a while she was tempted to send Liz over to the UFO Center with Brody’s lunch just so she could see Max for a couple of minutes, but Mr. Parker was always around when it was time to bring Brody his lunch and he made sure it was Maria or one of the other waitresses who went over there.

Liz continued walking past Maria to the cash register. She needed to grab a new order pad before she started her shift. It was going to be another long day of not seeing Max and Liz didn’t think she had the energy to go though with it. It seemed that the days were getting longer and longer for Liz, and she barely had the energy to get though one day. School days were a little better because she and Max were in the same vicinity but she still felt ragged and run-down at the end of the day.

As if sensing he was being though about Max continued to walk towards the Crash. He knew he wasn’t allowed in there, Michael had told him, but he could just tell that Liz needed him and damn the consequences he was going to get to her. Her head whipped around as Max stepped onto the sidewalk in front of the restaurant and a small smile spread across her face. Max was coming towards her and that was the only thing that was registering in her mind.

Max walked right in not even pausing to think about what he was doing. He was moving on instinct, his brain was detached from the rest of his body. His legs continued to move as if on their own will and they carried him to Liz. Stopping in front of his angel he gazed upon her face, the face that had been denied him for two months. Two months of hell, that’s what he’d gone through not being allowed to see or speak to Liz, and it was time to put an end to this torture.

His hand moved on its own, cupping her cheek, and his thumb caressed her silky skin. This was heaven, pure heaven, and Max never wanted to leave again. He brought his lips down to hers and drank from her nectar. Liz moaned as Max’s mouth closed over hers, this is what she had been craving, this closeness with Max. She wrapped her arms around his neck pressing her body closer to his needing to feel his warmth, his strength, and his love.

“What the HELL is going on here!” Jeff Parker yelled stepping out of the back room.

The bellow broke both Max and Liz apart, each gasping for air. The patrons in the restaurant didn’t know what to do or what to expect so they tried to remain as quiet as possible. Maria looked ready to bolt and Michael came out of the kitchen waiting to see what Mr. Parker intended to do, and he needed to calm Maria down.

Michael wrapped his arms around Maria in hopes that she’d stop screaming but it wasn’t working. Liz looked over at them and as much as she wanted to rush to Maria’s side to calm her down she was not willing to leave Max’s embrace. She stared her father in the eye and calmly answered his question.

“Well, Max and I were just, we were just um…well you saw what happened I don’t need to tell you,” she replied enraging her father more.

He pinned Max with a look that could have killed an immortal man, “You are not allowed in here! GET OUT!”

“Mr. Parker,” Max began.

“I’m not speaking to you. You’ve ruined my daughter’s life, get out!” Jeff yelled.

Max took a step away from Liz, but she wrapped her arms around him tighter. He looked down into her face with a pleading look, asking her to let go. He didn’t want to anger her father any more, but Liz was not willing to give him up again. She had been though hell, and damn her father for trying to keep her miserable.

“Can’t you see what you are doing to me!” she yelled at her father. Turning towards Max she said, “I love you. I can’t bear to watch you walk away from me again. Now I understand how you felt those years ago when I though leaving you was the right thing to do, I know now that I was wrong. I’ve been wrong about a lot of things, things that I plan on making right soon, but please Max, don’t leave me again.”

The tears were streaming down her cheeks and it broke Max’s heart into a million pieces. He didn’t have the willpower to walk away from her especially now. He always hated to see Liz cry but for her to be crying because of him was something he couldn’t allow.

“I promise to never leave you. I love you too, so much. I’m sorry for hurting you, and these past two months have been torture for me. Worse then anything I’ve ever been though before,” Max told her passionately.

Jeff’s face went red. He could not believe that his daughter was openly defying him. Max Evans was trouble and he was not going to allow him to ruin Liz’s life.

“Liz, he is going to ruin you. You’ll be out of high school in a few months time and you’ll be going off to college. There you’ll meet new people and forget all about this, this, boy!” he yelled trying to get through the force Max put on his daughter.

“What are you talking about! There will never be anyone else! Don’t you see, Max is it, and I will not stand by and let you ruin the only thing that matters to me!” she said angrily.

Her father didn’t know what to say, he could see how much she meant ever word she said. The truth was pouring out of her eyes and it was a crushing blow to him. “I will leave dad. If you force this issue of separation once more I swear to you on my life that I will leave this house,” she told him seriously.

“NO!” Nancy Parker yelled from her position by the kitchen doors. She watched the whole scene play out and even though she didn’t want Liz to be with Max because of how much her baby girl had changed because of him, she couldn’t deny that they loved one another very much. And she was willing to allow them to be together if it meant that she wouldn’t lose her baby girl completely.

“God, they are so Romeo and Juliet,” Maria whispered to Michael. “I just hope this doesn’t end with a double suicide like the play did.”

“Not funny Maria!” Michael bit out. Yet he couldn’t deny the fact that this whole thing did seem like that stupid play. Max and Liz being forbidden to see one another. Their secret causing a HUGE rift in both their families, there were a lot of similarities.

“But Nancy,” Jeff began.

“No buts Jeff, I’m not losing Liz over this, I don’t care. Are you willing to lose her? Will you allow your stubbornness drive her away because if you do this she’ll never step foot in our house again!” Nancy yelled.

Jeff sat silently contemplating what his wife told him and realized that what she said was true. Even though he didn’t like Max Evans because of all the trouble he’s been causing for his daughter he did realize that if he forced them to be apart he’d just end up losing his daughter.

“Come on Max, let’s go somewhere and talk,” Liz said grabbing Max’s hand and walking out of the restaurant.

“Uh, Liz? Don’t you want to change?” he asked.

“No, we need to talk to much I don’t care about what I’m wearing,” Liz told him.

The two of them jumped into the convertible and headed out towards the desert. He knew that they needed this, alone time together because they’ve only been able to see one another in school or when Liz and Maria said that they were together. It sucked having to sneak around and Max hated doing it but in his opinion it was better to sneak around to see Liz then to not see her at all.

He pulled the convertible to a stop off the main highway about twenty miles from town. He didn’t want to go too far away just in case but he wanted to be far enough that if Mr. Parker decided to try and find them he’d have to drive a bit. Max climbed out of the car and walked around to the passenger side to help Liz out. He opened her door, offered her his hand, and assisted her to the ground. Before he let her say anything he pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her waist. Liz didn’t say anything she just wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tightly. This was were she belonged and there was no way on Earth, or Antar for that matter, she was going to give it up.

“Max we really have a lot of things to discuss so please don’t interrupt me until after I’ve told you everything. I hope you don’t hate me for this,” Liz started taking a deep breath to try and calm her frazzled nerves.

“Liz, I could never hate you, you know that. Whatever you have to tell me can’t be that bad,” Max said trying to assure her.

“Well, don’t make that assumption until after you hear what I have to tell you. You could possibly hate me for this,” she told him. “Ok, here it goes. You see last year in October you came to see me,” Liz began.

“Of course I did, that was when I was trying to win you back, when I was trying to make you see that I didn’t need my “so called” destiny,” Max said.

Liz sighed. “Max you said you’d let me tell you everything before you said anything. Anyway it wasn’t you, you, it was a version of you from 14 years in the future. Now I know this seems impossible and you are probably thinking it was some sort of shape shifter or something but it wasn’t. That’s what I thought at first too, but he knew things Max, things that didn’t happen yet. He knew you were going to come and sing to me, and he knew that you were going to throw up the red roses only to change them to white when you realized I liked white better then red. He told me that I needed to make you fall out of love with me. I had to make sure you followed your destiny because you see in the future we got married and drove Tess away. So I tried everything I could to make you fall out of love with me. I set up the meeting between you and Tess hoping that you’d look to her and not to me, but that didn’t work. So I came to your room and told you that I wouldn’t die for you, which was a lie, I’d be more then willing to die for you. After that didn’t work I was desperate and I was talking to Maria and she said something about Michael and Courtney, which gave me an idea. I staged the whole thing with Kyle and myself, I just didn’t know what else to do. You were going to be coming to my window the Gomez tickets, Future Max told me this, but in the other past we never made it to the concert, we consummated our relationship that day and we were inseparable from then on. Our closeness drove Tess to leave because she couldn’t handle that you weren’t following your destiny. After she left your enemies attacked and the three of you, Michael, Isabel, and yourself, weren’t strong enough to hold them at bay. Isabel died two weeks before your came back to tell me everything, and you held Michael dead in your arms 20 minutes before you left. Because of that I knew I had to make you fall out of love with me no matter how much it was going to hurt me. But I did that and Tess left anyway. So everything I did I did for nothing!” Liz explained.

“Liz, I’m not sure if I’m catching everything. Let me get this straight. A future version of myself came to you and said that he needed you to make me fall out of love with you?” Max asked.

“Yes because in the future the Earth was overtaken by your enemies and our cementing our bond drove Tess away and you needed her to complete the four square. Without her you, Michael, and Isabel weren’t strong enough to keep the enemy at bay,” Liz explained.

“Ok I got that but then the only thing I don’t understand is how could my future self not know that Tess was a traitor? How could he not know Nasedo betrayed us to the enemy forty years ago?” Max questioned.

“Well that is because in the other future Alex was alive. Tess never killed him so we didn’t find out that she was a traitor,” she said.

“All right that explains that. Why did you keep this a secret for so long? I knew deep within my heart that you never slept with Kyle and I’m sorry that I was so weak and succumbed to Tess’s charms,” he mumbled.

“Max I am hurt that you went to Tess but I can’t completely blame you. There are a lot of things about that night that we don’t know about. Besides that I’m just as much to blame, and I know this. It hurts me Max, that you shared yourself with Tess, but I wanted, no needed you to turn to her. It had to be done, and well you did it. I just guess I wasn’t ready for the consequences of my actions,” Liz told him.

“Liz, you can’t blame yourself. I mean yes you pushed me towards Tess, but I didn’t have to sleep with her,” he told her.

“I know that but this is Tess we are talking about here. I mean when she first came to Roswell she was messing with your head, maybe on that night she did it too. Where did you two, well you know?” Liz asked.

“The observation center. By the telescope, that’s where,” Max said. “Why do you want to know that?”

“Because I have a theory, I just don’t know if it’s plausible. We’ll have to check it out later. I should probably get back to the Crash now. I’m sure my father is livid that I left, but I swear if he tells me I can’t be with you again I’m leaving my house,” Liz confessed. “I can’t bear to be without you.”

“I can’t bear to be without you either, and I know I’ve said this before but I am sorry for what happened to us. You can say you had a part in it but I’m still to blame,” he said.

“Come on Max, we’ll talk about it later. Let’s get me back home,” Liz said climbing back into the car. Max entered the driver’s side and started the engine. He pulled a U-turn and headed back to Roswell.

They made it to the crash in no time flat and Liz started to get out of the car. “Meet me outside the alley tonight. We’ve got to go and test my theory. Pick me up at dusk,” Liz said kissing Max’s lips softly.

“I’ll be here I promise. I love you,” he told her.

“I love you too. Don’t be late.”

“I won’t.”

Max watched as Liz walked through the doors and headed back to her parents. He hated that knowing him has ruined Liz’s life and it may be selfish but deep down inside he would rather have Liz in his life, even if it was miserable, then live life without her. He knew that he shouldn’t feel this way but he couldn’t help it. He loved her too much to ever think of not having her with him, and damn the consequences to hell.

Max drove back to Michael’s to wait for dusk. He didn’t know what Liz had in that pretty little head of hers but he was dying to find out what her theory could possibly be. What did she hope to accomplish by going to the Observation center? What was she hoping to find? He didn’t know but he hoped that her theory was correct. He had a feeling that if it was he would understand why he slept with Tess instead of resisting her like he always did.

The door opened about an hour later and Michael walked in. “Well that was some scene you two put on in the Crash earlier.”

“Yeah I know. I’m sorry for disrupting the peace but I don’t know man, it was as if I knew that Liz needed me. I could sense it somehow,” Max told his friend.

“Yeah I figured. I could see it on your face and hell your emotions were running so high I could even feel them. Which is saying a lot because I usually can’t do things like that only you and Isabel can.”

“Was Mr. Parker really pissed when Liz and I left?

“Yeah but Mrs. Parker calmed him down a bit. He started yelling at Liz when she came back into the restaurant but he didn’t mention you two not being allowed to see one another. At least now while I was there anyway, he could have after I left.” “How’s Maria?”

“She’s doing a bit better now. She must have sniffed her oil for like an hour before she completely calmed down. It pains all of us to see you too so miserable, but the way Mr. Parker exploded it really got to Maria.”

“Man I’m really sorry about that. I’ll apologize to her as soon as I can but right now I’ve got to get to Liz’s. She made me promise to pick her up at dusk and it’s just about dusk now. I’ll talk to you later, I shouldn’t be too late.”

“Right. Have fun. Maria will probably be here when you get back. Her mom is out of town again and you know how Maria doesn’t like being in the house by herself.”

“Yeah I know. All right I’ll apologize to her when I get back. See you later.”

“Yeah later man.”

Max walked out of the apartment and headed to his car. It was times like these that he really missed Bob, but what could he do. They had to torch it since they hadn’t wanted any loose ends after leaving for Antar, but now the only problem was he wasn’t on Antar and Bob had been such a loyal friend. He was considering selling this thing and getting another jeep but he wasn’t all that sure about it.

Liz was waiting for him at the end of the ally when he pulled up. He opened the door for her and she jumped in. that’s what he loved so much about her, she was always punctual. “Hey.”

“Hey Max. Right on time, I like that.”

“Did your dad give you a hard time?”

“No. Well, he did when I got back but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Although neither him nor my mom have any idea that I’m out so if they find out I’m totally screwed, but I want to check this theory out as soon as possible.”

“That’s understandable, but I don’t want to cause any more problems between you and your dad Liz. Maybe we should do this tomorrow or something. You know give him some time to cool off.”

“Max, you don’t know my dad like I do. This isn’t just going to blow over and he’s not going to cool off. Not for a while anyway. Come on we’ve got to do this. By the time we get there and back he’ll be non the wiser.”

“All right but just remember I was the voice of reason on this one.”

“Noted. Now drive.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Max drove to the Observation Center using a little alien hocus pocus to miss all the lights. He wanted to get there and back before Liz’s dad noticed that she was missing. He didn’t need her father any more angry with him then he already was. He pulled into the first parking spot and climbed out of the car. Liz was about five steps ahead of him, which made him smile. She had gone into her ‘Scientist’ mode, that’s what he liked to call it. When she got so into something that nothing could break her concentration, nothing else mattered to her but finding the answer to a problem. He loved that about her.

“All right. Where abouts were you two?”

This was killing Liz. She really didn’t want to be at the scene of the crime but it was the only way to figure this out. She knew Max, and she knew his heart. She has ever since the day he saved her two years ago, and she knows that Max wouldn’t just sleep with someone if he didn’t love them. Not even for comfort.

“Ah, well I guess we were right about here. This is where I usually go when I’m upset. I just sit over here and think.”

Liz watched Max for any strange behaviors but so far nothing. “Maybe you should sit down or something, you know right on the spot.”

Max did as Liz asked. He would do anything she asked him to do even if he did feel funny about it. That didn’t matter to him the only thing that mattered was Liz’s happiness. Which is why he was so confused on how he could have slept with Tess. It just didn’t make any sense.

Max plopped down on the ground where he remembered waking up. He wasn’t sure what Liz was expecting to happen but he waited patiently for whatever it was to manifest itself. Liz watched Max’s hands closely. She needed to know if the whole thing was a mind warp, or well, if any of it was a mind warp. That was the only explanation she could come up with for why Max would sleep with Tess.

“Liz, what are we waiting for?” Max asked his fingers drumming against the ground.

“That!” Liz exclaimed pointing to his fingers.

“What?” He asked looking down. His eyes bugged out of his head as he noticed his fingers drumming. “What the hell?”

“First it was Maria’s mom, while she was holding the T-shirt from the UFO center, and then Kyle in his room by the mirror. They both were drumming their fingers and that’s when it clicked. Whenever a person got near an object that was around when Tess mind warped them their fingers would start to drum. Don’t you see Max! You were mind warped!”

“Yeah, but which part was mind warped? I mean Liz I have had contact with my son. I mean he connected with me, so it just doesn’t make any sense.”

“I know Max, I know. We’ve got to get to that part. I’m not saying that you didn’t have sex with Tess, but she probably tricked you into doing it or something. If she did then it makes everything different.”

“All right. Well what’s supposed to happen?” Max asked.

“I don’t know. Kyle all of a sudden just remembered. Oh wait! I had to force him to remember. You’ve got to try Max. Think back to that night and tell me everything that happened.”

Max nodded his head and began to think. He got a dazed look upon his face, much like Kyle did when he started remembering so Liz took this as a good sign.

“I drove the jeep here to think. I couldn’t understand why you kept lying to me and I needed to just get away. I hear a rustling to my left and I turn my head. ‘Liz? What are you doing here?’ ‘Max, I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. Please forgive me.’ ‘Why do you keep lying to me?’ ‘I thought it was the only way. The only way to protect all of you.’ ‘Then why are you here?’ ‘I’m here because I’m selfish. I can’t stay away from you, I’m sorry for being weak.’ And then we kiss. The flashes begin then and I knew it was really you. We made love right here on the floor. You fell asleep shortly after we made love and I watched you before slumber overtook me. I felt you stir in my arms and woke up. Tess is standing over you with her hand on your abdomen. ‘Tess! What the hell are you doing?’ ‘This should be MY son! How could you do this to me! To US!’ She keeps screaming about how I’ve betrayed her and how she won’t stand for it. She closes her eyes and somehow gets into my head. I pick you up and place you in the jeep driving back to your house. Tess and I carry you up the fire ladder and put you in your room. She places her hand over your womb again and you both begin to glow. We then drive back here and she tells me to undress, I do not even thinking and then she undresses and we fall asleep.”

Max shook his head as the memories come rushing back to him. The baby Tess took with her wasn’t hers. It was his and Liz’s. She stole their child that was why his son was dying not because of the atmosphere, but because he was in the wrong mother. He knew that his son survived though because he contacted him that night at the lake.

“Max,” Liz called the tears streaming down her cheeks. As Max was retelling the story the memories came flooding back to here too. Their first time was so magical under the stars, Tess had managed to make her forget that night and now that she remembered she knew from the very first that she was pregnant. “I knew right away that I was with child Max. I wanted to tell you but the need for sleep was too great. I think my body needed to adjust to the baby.”

“This is bad Liz, a lot worse then we imagined,” Max said seriously. “We’ve got to get the others together and tell them.”

“I know, and I hate to say this but we might even have to tell our parents. Maybe not now but soon. I mean if we do find our son then how are we going to explain him to our parents?” Liz asked.

“I don’t know but for right now I don’t want to think about that. Call Maria, she’ll tell Michael, and I’ll call Isabel and have her call Kyle. Tell everyone to meet at Michael’s apartment. We need to discuss this and any course of action as soon as possible,” Max said kissing Liz’s forehead.


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AN: Hey guys! Here's the next part. I hope that you like it!

Part 2:

They made their calls and jumped back into the car and headed back towards Roswell. Max pulled up in front of Michael’s and the two of them jumped out of the car. They walked hand in hand into the complex and knocked on the door.

It was thrown open moments later by an annoyed looking Michael. “What the hell is so all fired important?” he asked. “Hey Liz.”

“Hi Michael,” Liz laughed walking into the apartment. “We’ll tell you just as soon as everyone is here.”

“Everyone is here we were waiting on you two,” Maria said from the couch.

“Oh. Sorry we had to go and figure something out. I ah, I think everyone better sit down for this,” Max began clearing his throat.

Everyone looked around at one another curiously. Max and Liz hadn’t been this serious in a long time and the gang was worried. What could be all so important, and why did Liz look like she was about to cry?

“What’s going on Max?” Isabel asked nervously.

“Well, Liz and I just came from the Observation Center,” Max said.

“Why were you there?” Kyle asked interrupting.

“Well I think he was about to tell us and if you’d shut up and not ask questions we’d find out,” Maria snapped.

Liz looked at her best friend questioningly but said nothing. “We went there because I had a theory on why Max would have slept with Tess,” she said looking at everyone.

“Really? What kind of theory?” Michael asked.

“Well, I had a feeling that Tess mind warped him somehow and I just needed to know how and with what,” Liz explained.

“Yeah, so we went back there because that’s where I woke up with a very naked Tess in my arms,” Max replied shuddering.

“TMI MAX!” Maria and Isabel yelled.

“Sorry. Anyway Liz made me sit in the spot where I remembered waking up and she noticed my fingers tapping, which meant I was mind warped there. She said that both Kyle and Mrs. DeLuca tapped their fingers when they were close to something that was in the room they were mind warped in. So we probed my memories for what happened that night,” Max explained.

“This is all very interesting but can we just get to the juicy stuff?” Michael asked impatiently.

“God Michael can you be anymore rude?” Isabel asked.

“Probably,” he replied.

Max sighed at his friends impatient crude nature, but he wouldn’t be Michael if he wasn’t so Max just let it slide. “I know you want the abridged version Michael, but every thing we are telling you is important, so please for once in your life just be patient,” Max sighed again.

“Fine, so please continue, I’m sorry,” Michael told him.

“Right so I noticed Max’s fingers drumming on the ground,” Liz began again.

“Like me in my room that day?” interrupted Kyle.

“Yes, and that’s when I knew for certain that he was mind warped. Well like with Kyle, I forced Max to think back to that day and he remembered everything,” Liz continued.

“What do you mean everything?” Isabel asked.

“Well, I remembered going to the Observation Center to think about everything. I knew that Liz was lying to me about sleeping with Kyle, but I just couldn’t understand why she would do that,” Max said.

“Yeah I’ve been wondering the same thing,” Michael ground out looking at Liz.

“We’ll get to that later, this is more important,” Max said. “Anyway, I then remembered hearing a noise in the bushes and it was Liz. We talked and she asked me to forgive her for pushing me away. She said that a version of me from 14 years in the future came back to prevent Tess from leaving. Earth was taken over by our enemies, and with Tess gone we couldn’t defeat them. She said that my future self told her that both of you died, and right then and there she knew that she had to push me towards Tess,” Max continued.

“Oh my God! You did that for us?” Isabel asked with tears in her eyes.

“Yes. I was willing to give up my happiness to save all you all,” Liz told her smiling sadly. “But I was weak and I sought Max out. I followed him to the Observation Center and we ended up making love,” Liz told them her cheeks burning with embarrassment.

“Uh, but I thought you slept with Tess,” Kyle said confused.

“So did I. Liz and I made love and then fell asleep in one another’s arms. When I woke up Tess was standing over Liz’s body holding her hand over her abdomen,” Max told them. “I freaked out yelling at her asking what she was doing and she lost it. She started screaming at me telling me that the child Liz was carrying should have been hers.”

Maria gasped throwing her hands over her mouth. “Liz’s child? But, but…” Maria stammered.

“Yes I know,” Liz said squeezing Maria’s shoulder. “Tess mind warped Max and together they brought me back to my house. I had known right away that I was pregnant but I was so tired I couldn’t tell Max. The next day when I woke up I was a little sore and confused but I didn’t remember anything. I’m guessing that Tess warped me too making me forget about Max and I.”

“Tess stole our son that night and he wasn’t dying because of the atmosphere of Earth, he was sick because he was not inside his mother,” Max explained. “So Tess is on Antar right now with OUR son.”

“Man this is really heavy,” Michael mumbled.

“I’m like sort of an aunt?” Maria asked quietly, the news just beginning to register in her brain.

“Yes,” Liz laughed. “I’m very much upset that my son is on another planet, but this just means that we’ve got to search even harder for him.”

“Man, when you aliens have a problem, its always some major catastrophe,” Kyle said shaking his head. “I’ll tell my dad when I get home. Maybe he can help us decide what to do.”

“Thanks Kyle. Now I’m going to take Liz home before her parents really notice that she’s gone. I’m also afraid that if we find our son we are going to have to tell our parents,” Max told everyone.

Isabel blanched and Michael looked about ready to murder someone. “Max we can’t,” Michael said.

“Michael, we will have no choice. How are Liz and I going to be able to explain a son to our parents without telling them the truth?” Max asked.

“I don’t know at the moment but we’ll be able to come up with something,” Michael angrily said.

“Well if you can come up with a better idea than please be my guest and inform me but as of now we’ll have to tell them when the need arises,” Max said walking towards the door. “I’ll be back in a little bit.”

He and Liz walked back out to his car and slowly climbed in. “Well they took that a bit better then I was expecting,” Liz said quietly.

“Yeah I know. Well I knew Michael was going to be an ass about it but I was surprised at how well Maria and Isabel took everything,” Max told her picking up her hand and lacing his fingers with hers.

“Yeah well Maria already knew about Future Max. I told her because, well, I needed someone to tell. But as for Isabel, I guess it’s better knowing that her nephew is my son and not some psychotic alien killer’s,” Liz told him.

“Very true,” he replied starting the car and driving towards Liz’s house.

Max drove slowly back to Liz’s home. He was stalling and they both knew it. Neither one wanted to part from the other’s company yet. They had only just gotten back together and it had been so long since things were right between the two of them that they needed to make up for precious time.

“Are you working tomorrow?” Max asked breaking the silence.

“No. I actually have the day off. Are you working?” she retorted.

“No. Brody gave me the day off as well. It’s the first in a while actually,” Max told her smiling. “You want to do something?”

“Hell yes! I don’t care what my parents say, they are not keeping me home tomorrow. We can spend the whole day together! Lets meet up at like say nine in the morning and not come home until curfew,” she exclaimed excitedly.

“That sounds like a plan to me. The more time we can spend together the better,” he said kissing her knuckles.

From the moment they sat in the car they clasped hands not wanting to lose any physical contact. It felt good to Max to be able to hold Liz’s hand again, but it was even better with the added knowledge that nothing stood in their way anymore. There was no mistake of him sleeping with Tess, and no son that wasn’t his and Liz’s. Everything was right with the world, well everything that is, except that Tess had his son on a strange planet.

Just thinking thoughts like that made Max ill. He didn’t want to picture the kind of trouble his son could be in because of some psychotic alien on a power trip. Tess, just the mere thought of her could make Max sick, but add the fact that his infant son was in her care, and he was scared shitless.

He pulled to a stop at the end of the ally leading to Liz’s balcony turning off the ignition. He knew that it was time for them to part ways but it still felt too soon, almost like they had just met up minutes ago instead of hours ago.

Liz opened the door and started to climb out of the jeep only to be stopped by Max’s hand. He still hadn’t let go of her hand yet preventing her from exiting the car. She turned to look at him and witnessed the internal conflict playing itself out across his face. She could see his emotions clear as day he wasn’t trying to hide them. She witnessed his need to keep her with him followed by a frown when he came to the realization that he needed to let her go. Very slowly his fingers loosened their hold on her hand giving her the freedom to pull away completely. A freedom she didn’t take. Liz didn’t want to leave him either and witnessing his conflict hadn’t helped matters any. Liz sat back down in the passenger seat glancing every so often at Max.

“Tomorrow morning isn’t going to get here fast enough,” she whispered.

“I know,” he replied. “It’s so hard watching you leave me. I mean I knew it would never be easy but after everything that has happened, and everything that we’ve learned it’s just so much harder.”

“Yeah, I feel the same way. I hated walking away the first time, and then when I thought I actually lost you for good I was almost destroyed. Knowing you were going to leave for your home was one of the hardest things for me, but you stayed, and now, now that we know OUR son is out there I can’t bear to leave you. We deserve to be together and happy Max. Why is fate trying to ruin us?” Liz asked tearfully.

“I don’t know Liz. But I’ve heard somewhere that every relationship worth something has it’s many problems, and our relationship is definitely worth something. We just have added problems due to my otherworldly status,” he said brushing a stray hair away from her face.

She couldn’t help but laugh, yet it sounded like a small croak because she was crying as well. “It scares me to think that Tess Harding is taking care of our son Max. She’s mental,” Liz whispered through her tears.

“I have the same fears but we know that he is alive because he contacted me. Just remember that. I’ve got to figure out a way to find out where the government moved the ship. So far that’s the only lead we’ve got to finding our son. Our son! I love the sound of that. I will find him Liz, and I’ll move heaven and earth to bring him home,” Max vowed.

Liz wiped away her tears and smiled at her boyfriend. She didn’t think that she could possibly love him anymore then she already did, but he managed to prove her wrong yet again. “You are an amazing person Max Evans. Once we get our son back you will be the most wonderful father in the world,” she told him passionately.

“And you will be the perfect mother. I want you to marry me Liz, as soon as we graduate from High School. We’ll both be eighteen and our parent’s won’t be able to stop us,” he confessed. “I know we’re young but I’ve always known that you were it for me, even some queen from another planet wouldn’t do, it’s always been you Liz.”

A fresh wave of tears sprung to her eyes. “Of course I’ll marry you after Graduation. Maria and Isabel will be so excited. We’ll have to plan something over the next few months other then our rescue mission. I’ll have Maria and Isabel help me pick out dresses and well where are we going to get married?” Liz asked.

“I don’t know. Our best bet would probably be Vegas,” Max said seriously.

“The Elvis Chapel?” Liz asked laughing.

“Maybe,” Max replied smiling. “It worked for us in our other future.”

“Very true. Well if we have our parents blessing then we probably won’t need to elope to Vegas, but I highly doubt we’ll get approval from both parents,” Liz said seriously. “My dad will probably flip a new lid.”

“Yeah, that’s what worries me. I mean how are we ever going to explain my alien status to your parents when your father already hates my guts. Maybe Michael is right, we can’t tell them. We’ll just have to come up with something else to explain the baby,” Max said with worry running his hands through his hair messing it up.

Liz smoothed down Max’s now wild hair saying softly, “We’ll do whatever is necessary Max. I know that my parent’s would never turn you in because it would mean that I would be taken and tested as well, as well as their grandchild. My parent’s would never be able to live with themselves if they allowed that to happen.”

“I hope that you’re right. I don’t even care about what happens to me, it’s you, our son, and everyone else I’m worried about,” Max confessed.

“Well, I am worried more about you and our son then anyone else,” Liz told him. “Max, I remember how you were after the last time the government got their sick hands on you, I could never allow that to happen again.”

“It’s not going to so lets not think about it,” Max said kissing her cheek. “I hate having to let you go but you better get inside before they realize that you’re missing. It will give your dad one more reason to dislike me.”

“I know, I’ve got to go, I just don’t want to,” Liz whined. “I love you.”

“I love you too. So much,” he told her leaning in to capture her lips.

The kiss was soft and gentle. It was a kiss of love and promise a promise that forever more, no matter what, they would be together.

Liz got out of the car closing the door quietly. She took one last look at Max before running down the ally to the ladder leading up to her balcony. It was with a heavy heart that she climbed the rungs stepping over the wall to her balcony. Even though she knew that she was going to see Max in the morning this separation was no better then when it was forced upon them. She didn’t feel whole without Max at her side. This thought should have scared her, but it was actually comforting. Most people would see depending upon someone as much as she and Max depended upon each other as weak, but she saw it as a strength. When the two of them were together they could accomplish anything and when they were apart they got sloppy. Look at the mess that happened the previous year. She and Max weren’t together and Tess almost destroyed everything.

She climbed through her window dreading the next few hours until she could see Max again. Hours! Why when you want something so badly hours feel like years? Liz couldn’t help wondering this as she got changed into her bedclothes. She was excited that no one was sitting in her room when she snuck back in, that meant that her parents didn’t know she had gone out. She climbed into bed and got ready for another restless night, but she was asleep the moment her head hit the pillow.


Liz looked around at her surroundings trying to figure out exactly where she was. The place seemed familiar to her but she couldn’t quite place where she’d seen it. She walked around cautiously glancing in every direction just in case there was something there that could possibly harm her.

“Hello?” she called into the vast meadow before her.

There was no answer. She wasn’t worried, not in the least. This place reminded her of the Garden of Eden with all the trees and flowers. Well, it wasn’t like she’d ever seen the Garden of Eden but this is what she’d imagine it would look like.

A child’s giggle made it’s way over the breeze filtering through Liz’s ears. The child sounded so happy and carefree it made her smile. She had always loved children and seeing a happy child was the greatest pleasure in the world.

Curiosity got the better of her and she slowly made her way towards the child’s laugh. She wouldn’t disturb the child but she wanted to see what has made it so happy. She walked into a clearing and saw a little boy playing with a puppy. The boy was giggling and chasing the dog, which was carrying a stick.

“Come back Loki, come back,” the boy called as he chased the dog.

“Alex, please be careful, you’re mother would kill me if you got hurt,” a familiar voice called from her left.

I’m going insane, she thought. That sounded just like Max, and he called the boy Alex. Could that boy be my son?

“I sorry daddy. I prowmise to be careful,” Alex replied smiling at his father.

Liz walked further into the clearing trying to find Max. She knew that he had been there only moments before.

“MOMMY!” the boy exclaimed rushing towards Liz flinging himself into her arms.

“Oh Alex!” she cried clutching her son to her chest, tears streaming down her face.

“Don’t cry mommy,” Alex said wiping away her tears gently. He reminded her so much of Max when he did that.

“I’m sorry baby, I can’t help it. Mommy misses you so much,” Liz said trying to control herself.

“I know Mommy. I miss you too, but you and daddy will find me soon,” Alex told her. He sounded so sure that Liz could do nothing but trust him. She wondered how he knew but she wasn’t going to question it. Right now all she wanted to do was spend as much time with her son as possible.

Alex pulled away from Liz slightly and looked to his left. “DADDY!” he exclaimed launching himself into Max’s arms.

“Liz?” Max asked confused. She realized then that Max hadn’t truly been in this memory it was a projection of him from Alex so she would know him. Her son was so smart.

“Max, this is Alex, our son,” Liz said ruffling the boy’s hair.

“Mommy,” he whined.

“He sounds like you,” Max teased jumping out of the way of Liz’s hand.

Max sat down on the ground pulling Liz next to him. He was pleasantly surprised to find that when he fell into slumber he was able to share a dream with Liz. If he couldn’t hold her all night long, he’d take this as a very nice second.

Alex plopped down between his parents smiling. He missed them so much but he knew that they would find him soon. Something told him that they were closer then they realized, he just needed to make them see that.

“Where are you?” Alex asked them.

“What do you mean where are we?” Liz asked not understanding his question.

“Where do you live wright now?” he asked.

“Oh, we live on Earth in a town called Roswell,” Liz replied.

“Earth. What does Earth wook wike?” Alex asked.

“Well, it’s got a blue sky, most of the time, and where we live there is a lot of red sand,” Max explained. It was difficult to explain to a child what things looked like.

“That wooks a wot wike the pwace I is,” Alex said very proud of himself for hinting to his parents that he was closer to them then they realized.

Liz’s head shot up to Max’s. He was looking at her intently as well. Could Tess still be on Earth? They both wondered this. Could Alex mean that he was on Earth and not on Antar? It didn’t make sense, they saw the Granolith leave the rock formation. They watched it go.

Alex’s image began to flicker causing both Max and Liz to panic.

“Alex!” Liz cried out.

“It’s otay momma, I is just being waked up. I wove you!” he called as his image flickered from the meadow.

Liz broke down crying. Her baby, she got to see her son. Even though she was happy to know he was alive and well, she still was upset that he wasn’t with her. His name was Alex it fit him. She could tell that he was going to take after his namesake in every aspect. He definitely was kind like Alex was, and she could tell he was going to be funny too.

Max wrapped his arms around Liz holding her tightly. They both lay down on the grass enjoying the other’s embrace. It was very emotional seeing their son and neither wanted to be without the other so by silent mutual understanding they decided to stay in this dream educed world until they woke up in the morning.


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