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CATEGORY: (AU) Mostly M/L, with other couples involved as well.
DISCLAIMER: I own none of the Roswell characters
RATING: Not more than PG13, if that
SUMMARY: Max and Liz meet in college. Liz and Tess are roommates. The rest will
be revealed as the story unfolds.

Chapter 3

Liz tutored Max into the wee hours of the morning, starting off with just general questions, trying to get a feel for his strengths and weaknesses. From what she could tell, though, Max was way ahead of some of the students in her classes who had been there the
entire semester. In her “professional opinion,” Max should be tutoring some of the other students, a determination for which she had mixed emotions. On the one hand, she was happy because he seemed to share her enthusiasm for science, as well as her intellect. On
the other hand, it meant Max would be caught up in no time, which meant in a very short time, he wouldn’t need her help. She didn’t know why, but that made her sad.

The next thing Liz knew, she realized she and Max had fallen asleep in the middle of their review of past assignments of the previous semester. She awakened to find herself lying on her bed with her spread covering her. She didn’t remember having gone to bed. And
when she awakened, the room seemed really quiet. So she silently got up to investigate.

She went into the front room to find Max lying on the sofa, still sleeping soundly. As she watched him sleeping, she felt her heart flutter. Not quite sure what caused this response, she promptly headed for the kitchen, partly to put water on for some tea, but mostly to gain control of the unexpected emotions she had felt as she saw Max sleeping on her sofa.

As she sat in the kitchen, waiting for her water to boil, she heard some movement in her living room. A moment later, Max was standing in the doorway of her kitchen. “I am so sorry I fell asleep here. I had no intention of imposing on you for this long.”

“Don’t worry about it. It was no problem, really.
“I’m heating some water for tea. Would you like to have some with me?”

“No. I’m fine. I really should be going. I haven’t even had time to get my things unpacked. I guess I was just so focused on trying to catch up with my classes.
“Listen, I know I’ve already imposed myself on you -- and I hope I don’t sound too unappreciative -- but would you be avaliable later today?”

Liz immediately felt shy at his question. Could it be he wanted to thank her by taking her out or something? But before she had time to fantasize too much, Max said in his next breath, “I’d really like to continue trying to catch up.”

Feeling extremely disappointed but trying with extreme difficulty not to show it, she responded nonchalantly, “I don’t think you need to worry. You’re already much further ahead than many of the students here.” She tried to speak with an air of indifference but wasn’t sure if she was succeeding.

Max didn’t know why, but at her response, he felt a sense of being let down. He knew she was right. By the way she had grilled him the previous night, he felt prepared for whatever assignments he’d need to make up. But somehow he’d really hoped she would
be available to help him with those assignments. He couldn’t explain it, but he had almost a yearning need to spend time with her. But from her tone of voice when she responded, he sensed she was trying to get rid of him. So after dwelling briefly on the disappointment he felt, he himself responded, “Yeah, after the grilling you gave me, I guess I feel at least semi-prepared. Thanks for taking the time on such short notice to
help me. I really appreciate it.”

“No problem. I’m sure you’ll do fine. Who knows. Maybe I’ll see you from time to time in the hallways between classes, “she said nonchalantly, although inside she ached, feeling that that would probably be the last time he’d knock himself out to talk to her. After all, she was just “the brain.” She was sure he’d be too surrounded by airheads and bimbos to even remember she existed, now that he’d gotten the help he needed.

As Max stood there hearing her comment, he thought he sensed the emotion of sadness from her. But her words didn’t correspond to that emotion. So he brushed it off, thinking perhaps his perception abilities needed some fine-tuning now that he was on Earth.

“Well, thanks again for your help, Liz,” he said, as he took Liz’s hand to shake it. As he did so, he again seemed to pick up the emotion of sadness, this time even more strongly. He stood there shaking her hand for several seconds before realizing it, and then quickly
let go. “I guess I’ll see you around,” he said as he headed toward her door. “Good-bye, Liz.” With that, he was gone.

Liz stood at her door for several seconds, trying to blink back the tears that were threatening to slide down her face. She couldn’t understand why she felt so sad, but
decided not to allow herself to dwell on it any longer. It was time in her life to come to terms with the fact that she would never be the kind of girl that someone like Max would take an interest in. The sooner she could accept that, the better off she’d be, and the sooner she could stop having pipe dreams about ever finding the love of her life.

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CATEGORY: (AU) Mostly M/L, with other couples involved as well.
DISCLAIMER: I own none of the Roswell characters
RATING: Not more than PG13, if that
SUMMARY: Max and Liz meet in college. Liz and Tess are roommates. The rest will be revealed as the story unfolds.

Chapter 4

Max didn’t have much time to dwell on the emptiness he felt after leaving Liz’s. He had to get his class schedule Monday, and he still hadn’t gotten settled in his dorm or gotten familiar with the surrounding area. So he spent the rest of the weekend getting settled and checking out the local town so as to feel some sense of familiarity, before having to focus on his classes Monday.

He went to a nearby cafe to eat breakfast on Sunday, after getting settled in as best he could. Once his order had been brought to him, he dove in, realizing how hungry he was.

As he was eating, a young woman came up to him and began speaking. “You’re new in
town, aren’t you?”

Max looked up from his food to see a beautiful young woman standing near his table. Realizing she’d been speaking to him, he gulped down what he’d just put into his mouth and said, “Yes, I am.”

“Are you here to attend the university?”

“Yes, I am.”

“That is so great. I’m going there as well. My name is Janice. What classes are you taking?”

“I’m majoring in chemistry and biology.”

“You’re not a geek, are you?”

“I’m not sure. What’s a geek?”

“You’re obviously not from around here.
“I mean you’re not just interested in school, are you? Surely, you’re planning to have some fun while you’re here as well. You know, like going to dances and parties?”

Max, not quite sure how to respond, asked, “Is being a geek such a bad thing?”

“It is around here. Surely, you don’t want the kind of reputation Liz Parker has?”

At the mention of Liz’s name, Max’s ears immediately perked up. Trying to act as casual as possible, he asked, “What kind of reputation is that?”

“Everyone in school refers to her as ‘the brain.’ If you’re interested in enjoying your stay, you’ll steer clear of her.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he said. But now he couldn’t help but wonder if the way Liz was viewed was based on fact or if it was just a facade Liz maintained out of fear. Part of him was dying of curiosity to know the answer. The other part was afraid to find out, for fear of letting down his own guard and expressing himself to the wrong people. For now, he’d just have to let things lie as they were.

Meanwhile, it struct him that he wouldn’t have to worry about keeping up his defenses with Janice. She didn’t strike him as one who looked very deeply below any surfaces for him to worry about her finding out his identity.

As he was contemplating these thoughts, Janice again spoke. “We’re having a dance this Saturday to get acquainted with any new additions to our university this semester. Would you like to come? You can be my date.

One thing Janice was not, Max observed, was shy. After thinking briefly, he responded, “Sure. Why not. Sounds like fun.”

“Great. Since you’re new in town, I’m appointing myself your official tour guide. If you like, we can meet here Friday night, and I’ll take you on a tour and show you where I live. Then you can pick me up Saturday.”

“Okay. That sounds fine. I’ll see you then.”

“Not if I see you in class first.”

“Yeah, that’s true. Okay. I’ll possibly see you in class, then.”

With that, Janice took off. She was aching to tell all her friends about he catch she’d be bringing to the dance.

The part of their conversation on Max’s mind, though, was about Liz. Janice’s opinion of her just didn’t sit right with him, but he didn’t know why.

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CATEGORY: (AU) Mostly M/L, with other couples involved as well.
DISCLAIMER: I own none of the Roswell characters
RATING: Not more than PG13, if that
SUMMARY: Max and Liz meet in college. Liz and Tess are roommates. The rest will
be revealed as the story unfolds.

Chapter 5

Monday finally arrived, and Liz slowly dragged herself out of bed. Tess had gotten back late the night before. So she hadn’t had a chance to ask Liz how things had gone with Max. Except for having cried off and on since Max had left Saturday morning, there wouldn’t have been much to tell anyway. And she certainly wasn’t planning to tell Tess that part. She couldn’t even understand it herself. She was just as happy to put her depressing weekend behind her and get back to her boring solitude of a life she led. It was with these thoughts in mind that she dragged herself from bed to get ready for what
promised to be one more in a string of weeks of her boring life.

Liz hadn’t realizsed how slow she’d been. By the time she arrived at school, the warning bell for tardiness had just gone off, which made her late for her very first class that morning. “Oh, well,” she thought to herself, “so much for being the same in a long list of
boring weeks.” She realized she’d just succeeded in setting herself up for a reprimand for her tardiness. The frame of mind she was in, though, at this point she was past caring. With that thought in mind, she prepared to face the “firing squad” for such inconsiderate

Liz’s tardiness did not go unnoticed by her classmates, one in particular, Janice.

With Liz arriving late, she didn’t have a chance to look around the room to see who else was there. If she had, she would have prayed to disappear on the spot. Of course, Janice wasn’t going to miss this golden opportunity to make her look bad, especially since she
had an audience of none other than Max Evans. Before she could act on her intentions, though, Liz was immediately called to the front of the room by her professor. “Liz, would you please come to my desk.”

“Here it comes,” Liz said to herself. “I didn’t even have a chance to sit and get comfortable.” As she got to the front and began trying to apologize, her professor held up
his hand and just held out a slip of paper for her to take. As she looked at it, she realized it was a request from the dean for her to come to his office. Trying not to feel any more embarrassed than she already felt, she quietly gathered up her things and left the class, all
the while not realizing her every movement was being observed.

As the door closed after Liz left, Janice began speaking, planning to again try to belittle Liz in front of Max. Once again, before she had a chance, she was interrupted by the professor.

“Max Evans, please come to my desk.” Not knowing what to expect, Max thought it a good idea to gather his things, just in case, which ended up being fortuitous, because he too was being called to the dean’s office.

Meanwhile, Liz had just arrived at the dean’s office and been asked to step in immediately. As she seated herself, she again began trying to apologize for her tardiness. But before she could, the dean interrupted her. “You weren’t called to my office for
somehing as trivial as that.”

“Oh?” Liz uttered, somewhat confused. “Why am I here, then?”

So Dean Brown began explaining. “We have a student who is behind in some classes, and we would like you to assist him in getting caught up.”

Concerned that he was speaking about some dumb jock who would expect her to do all his work, she began to protest.

“Before you try to get out of it, let me explain.” But before he could, there was a knock at his door. “That will be the young man I’d like you to tutor,” he said, as he went to open the door.

Liz’s jaw dropped when Max stepped in.

“Hi, Liz,” Max said quietly.

“Oh, you’ve met, I see. Well, that makes my task a little easier.”

“Well, we met briefly Friday night. Liz was kind enough to grill me in chemistry, for me to see how far behind I am in the class.”

“That’s even better.”

“Actually, Dean Brown, from what I could tell, Max won’t have any trouble getting caught up. I think you’re unnecessarily concerned about his need for a tutor.”

“Actually,” Dean Brown began, “I had something else in mind besides just basic tutoring. In order to really catch up, Max will need to conduct all the class experiments that were assigned last semester. And his results will be more official if he has someone to assist him. So that’s really what I’d like you to do, Liz. I realize you’ve already done all those experiments, but you’re the only student, we feel, who can assist Max without falling
behind yourself. As an incentive, we’d be willing to give extra credits toward your degree, which means you’d be able to graduate sooner, if that’s your wish.”

This was an option that had never occurred to Liz before, the possibility of getting away from people like Janice, who were always trying to put her down because of her hunger for learning. Not having to think too deeply before responding, she immediately gave her
answer. “Under those conditions, you’ve got yourself a tutor.”

“Great. I’ll go make the arrangements for you to have access to the lab whenever you need it. While I’m gone, you can get contact information from each other.” Without saying anything further, he left the room, leaving Max and Liz looking shyly toward each
other, neither knowing what to say next.

Finally, Max broke the silence, saying, “Thanks again, Liz, for helping me. I appreciate it more than you know. I hope I can repay your kindness some day.”

“In case you weren’t paying attention,” Liz said sarcastically, “I’m being repaid right now. It means I’ll be able to graduate early and leave this god forsaken place once and for all.”

Totally not expecting her caustic remark, Max couldn’t help but wonder what or who had hurt her so badly that she couldn’t leave the university quickly enough. Choosing instead to totally ignore her sarcasm, he decided on another option. “That may be so, but I’d still
like to show my appreciation. I’d really like to take you to dinner, if you’ll allow me.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Liz said, stunned at such an invitation.

“I know it’s not necessary, but I’d like to do it, all the same.”

Not knowing how to respond to such an invitation, Liz was speechless.

“May I assume from your silence that you don’t have an objections to my invitation?”

Liz was still speechless.

Without missing a beat, Max continued, “It’s settled, then. If you’re available this Saturday, I’d like to invite you to dinner.”

Liz, not wanting to seem too eager, regained her composure and was able to respond, “Let me check my calendar. I’ll let you know.”

“Fair enough. Can I get your phone number. I’ll call in a few days and just check -- that is, if I don’t see you before then.” With that, they exchanged phone numbers, with Liz making the excuse she’d need to call him to schedule their days for helping him get caught up with the experiments.