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Title: A Future Untold
Disclaimer: You know the drill. I own nothing but the hope to dream that JK isn’t a complete dumbass.
Category: M/L, plus the rest of our gang
Rating: Lets go with R. Stay safe.
Summary: It’s been eight years since we last left our group. Much has changed, relationships have evolved, friendships ruined, hearts broken.
Author’s Note: Again, you know the drill. This is the third and final installment of my trilogy. It’s going to be a long haul from here. I don’t see this one ending quickly… but then again, when have any of my stories ended quickly?
One more thing, I know I haven't responded to any of the fb left from a Present Unseen, but I promise I'll do that either tonight or tomorrow.

You can find "A Past Forgotten" (the first part) here:
You can find "A Present Unseen" (the second part) here:

“Sometimes it's hard to move forward with your future until you can figure out your past.” – Topolsky, Roswell, “Monsters”

Part 1

“Listen baby, ain’t no mountain high, ain’t no valley low, ain’t no river wide enough, baby!”

“If you need me, call me, no matter where you are, no matter how far!”

“Don’t worry, baby!”

“Just call my name, I’ll be there in a hurry, you don’t have to worry!”

“Cause baby, there ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough, to keep me from gettin' to you babe!”

The room filled with manly chuckles and girlish giggles, two bodies flopping on to the nearest couch. The little girl grinned at her uncle, throwing herself against him in a tight hug.

“Oh, Uncle Kyle, I’m going to miss you!” Little Abby Parker cried, kissing her uncle’s cheek lovingly.

“I’m going to miss you too, kiddo,” Kyle replied, messing up Abby’s hair affectionately. “Don’t forget to drive your other uncle’s insane while I’m gone, okay? Your Aunt Maria too. Especially her.”

“Mmkay,” Abby replied, a smile never ceasing to leave her face. “You’re not allowed to forget to give Uncle Ben and Aunty Sandy a kiss for me either.” Abby leaned in closely, “And none of that mushy stuff for Aunty Sandy. Just a nice, plain kiss, all right?” Kyle chuckled again, nodding his agreement.

“Abby?” Liz called from the hallway. “Do you know where Uncle- oh. There you two are.” Liz smiled at the scene of Kyle and Abby sitting comfortably on the couch. Looking directly at Abby, she curled her finger at her. Obediently, Abby got up from her spot and walked over to her mother, nervously tucking a long strand of brown hair behind her ear. A habit she had picked up from her mother.

“Abby, you know you were supposed to put on your dress by now. Otherwise we’re going to be running late by the time daddy gets home. Then Aunty Maria, Uncle Michael and Uncle Alex are going to be sitting at the restaurant all alone. Uncle Kyle might end up missing his flight.” Liz kissed the top of her little angel’s head, and patted her bottom lightly. “Now c’mon, angel, get going.” Abby nodded and scurried up the stairs with energy only a seven year old could muster.

Liz sighed, and grinned at Kyle as he watched the little version of Liz dash from sight. She walked over to Kyle and plopped down next to him.

“I’m glad you came, Kyle,” Liz said, turning to him.

“Me too. Abby’s getting so big it’s amazing. I’m just disappointed that I can’t come out more often,” Kyle replied with a hint of sadness. Liz smiled and kissed his cheek kindly.

“Well, you know that you’re always welcomed here. So is everyone else out there in Refeno.” Kyle put an arm around Liz, and she leaned into his friendly embrace.

“Even Isabel?” Kyle asked, raising an eyebrow. Liz nodded.

“Even Isabel. Make sure she knows that.” Liz paused. “Kyle, you know that I’ve never had hard feeling towards her because of what- what happened. She deserves to meet her niece and I will never take that choice away from her.”

Kyle sighed, rubbing Liz’s shoulder tenderly. A lot of shit had gone down in the past few years.

“It’s sad. Abby has never met Isabel.” It was Liz’s turn to shrug.

“Like I said, it’s Isabel’s choice. And besides, Abby has too many aunts and uncles as it is,” Liz teased, poking his side. “I just might have to get rid of one of you so I can cut down my Christmas card list.” Kyle rolled his eyes.

“I didn’t even know you could send Christmas cards out here. I figured you’d be frozen by the time you reached the mailbox.”

“It’s not that bad. Our summers are decent.”

“Right. Minus thirty-three degrees Celsius is ‘not that bad’.” Kyle huffed. “I’ll keep my warmer winters AND warmer summers, thank you very much! Altike is NOT the place for me.”

“But then you could visit with me all the time, Uncle Kyle!” Abby said happily as she skipped down the stairs, fully dressed for an evening out.

“Well, maybe you should convince your mommy and daddy to move out to Refeno, the big city. We could go to a baseball game together.” Abby winkled her nose at the thought.

“But Uncle Kyle, I don’t like sports.” She made a dramatic wave of her hand, as if brushing off the thought. “They’re boring.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Kyle asked, raising an eyebrow to question her. Abby placed her hands firmly on her hips and nodded.

“Yes! That is so.” Moving her hip with exaggerated dramatics, something only Maria could teach her, she added, “My daddy even said so.”

“Well, your daddy-”

“Kyle!” Liz warned, giving him a pointed look.

“I was just going to say that her daddy doesn’t know everything.”

“Yes he does!” Abby exclaimed, jumping up and down in front of the room. “My daddy is so smart.” She smiled proudly before sticking her tongue out at Kyle. In response, Kyle just stuck his tongue out further.

Abby heard a car pull up in the driveway from outside the house. She grinned and forgetting her battle of tongues with Kyle, she ran to the front door, opening it so she could greet her father.

“MOMMY!” Abby yelled. “DADDY’S HOME!” Liz just smiled at her daughter’s enthusiasm. Getting up from the couch, she strolled her way towards the front door, greeting Abby’s father.

“Look, mommy, it’s daddy!” Abby giggled excitedly from her position in her father’s arms.

“Yes it is,” Liz replied, kissing Abby’s cheek.

To this day, Liz couldn’t believe how much Abby loved her father, and vice versa. If Liz weren’t so levelheaded, she would almost be jealous of the time they shared watching cartoons, playing mindless Nintendo games, and sharing secrets only a child with imaginative talent could conjure up.

“Hi honey,” Liz replied, giving the man a quick kiss on the lips. He smiled broadly and took a longing glance at her.

“Hi Liz,” he responded, giving her a secret smile. His secret smile.

Liz loved that smile. Only the beauty of his smile and the sight of her daughter could brighten any day, despite the curveballs life had thrown at her over the years.

“We better get going. Kyle’s in the living room, and his bags are all packed up,” Liz informed him. He nodded, putting his Abby down, but not without giving her a kiss on the forehead. Abby shined with a smile afterwards.

“I’m just going to put my briefcase away and then we can go.” Liz nodded, and he slipped by her. Greeting Kyle, he entered one of the rooms down the hall.

Kyle joined Liz and Abby in the front hall while Liz helped her put on her jacket.

Kyle stood for a moment, taking in the family aroma of his surroundings. Smiling at Liz, he said, “I’m happy for you.”

Surprised, she looked at him strangely. “Uh, thank you?” Kyle chuckled at her apparent surprise.

“I mean it. Even after all that happened, you’ve been able to find a comfortable life. You’re strong, Liz Parker. I admire it.” Liz, even more surprised by Kyle’s words, looked at him with warmth and kindness.

“Thank you, Kyle. But I didn’t do this by myself, I had the help of all you guys. Without the group and my little angel here, I don’t know where I’d be.” Kyle felt the words absorb into his mind, letting them register.

“Either way,” Kyle said, “we’re all here for you.” Kyle stole a peek at the door Abby’s father had slipped into. “I’m glad the two of you could finally find happiness.”

“Me too,” Liz replied, smiling. “I love him, and Abby absolutely adores him, like any daughter would.” Liz paused, letting the wonderful memories he had given her over the years wash through her.

“He’s a good man.”

Looking straight into Kyle’s eyes, she said with undisputable happiness, “Adam is a wonderful man. I don’t know what I would have done without him.”


“Indigo Elizabeth Guerin! If you drop another piece of food onto the floor, there will be no television for the rest of the week!”

“Sorry mommy.” The little girl dropped her head and stared at her feet underneath the table, which evidently could not reach the floor.

Maria Guerin rubbed her forehead, a tired wrinkle forming across her forehead. She didn’t mean to snap at her daughter, and Indigo’s quiet apology made her feel just a tad guiltier. Sure, she shouldn’t have been playing with the crackers that rested on the table, but the little girl was hungry. Maria certainly couldn’t blame her little sweetheart for that.

“I’m sorry, honey,” said Maria to her daughter. She put an arm around Indigo’s shoulders, pulling her close to her side. Placing a kiss on Indigo’s head, she replied, “Mommy’s just a little tired.”

Indigo gave a hefty sigh, and cuddled against her mother’s arm. “Where is everyone, mommy?” Maria’s little sweetheart looked up at her with her innocent, round brown eyes. Maria’s heart melted just a little bit more.

“I don’t know, baby,” Maria answered. “They must be late.” Indigo pouted, and made a characteristic snort.

“Daddy is always late. We need to buy him another watch.” Maria had to bite her lip so she wouldn’t laugh. Indigo was definitely her and Michael’s daughter.

“Daddy had to take care of some business, you know that, baby.” Maria ran her hand through her daughter’s hair, cherishing each strand as any mother would. As any mother that had gone through what had gone through would.

“Oh! Mommy! There’s Abby!” The little girl jumped at the sight of her best friend and cousin, a large grin appearing on her face. Indigo pulled the seat beside her out, patting the chair. “Abby! Come sit beside me.”

“Sorry we’re late,” Liz said a bit breathlessly. She was walking behind Abby, with Kyle and Adam trailing behind her. “Traffic was pretty horrible.”

“Don’t worry about it, chica!” Maria waved at Adam and Kyle, gesturing for them to sit down. “You seem kind of out of breath.” Liz rolled her eyes and nodded.

“Kyle was teasing Abby, stole her doll and ran off, so Abby went after him in the parking lot. Of course I had to chase them, telling Abby not to wrinkle her dress.” Liz sighed. “You’d think I have two children.” Liz stared pointedly at Kyle, who gave her a “what?” look.

Maria laughed at the two. Kyle would always have some growing up to do, but none of them would want it any either way. When push came to shove, Kyle had stuck with them and helped them in anyway he could.

“Well, I married one of my children,” Maria replied with a wave of her hand. “So lets not even debate about who has it worse.”

“Ah, and where is my doofus brother anyways?” Liz took a seat beside Abby, who was occupied with chatting to Indigo. Adam sat down beside Liz, soon placing a warm hand on her knee. Liz smiled at him before turning back to Maria.

“Your doofus brother is right here, Lizzie.” Liz turned behind her to see Michael standing behind her chair, trying his hardest to put on an angry face. Liz just smirked at him.

“Well, would you tell him to leave then? He’s kind of a party pooper.” Michael dropped his jaw in exaggerated hurt. Clutching his chest, he gaped at her.

“Ouch, that hurts.” Dropping his façade, he smiled at his sister and kissed her cheek.

Turning away from Liz, he crouched between Abby and Indigo’s chairs. “And how are my two favorite girls doing today?” Indigo and Abby both giggled, smiling at their lovable Michael.

“We’re good, Uncle Michael,” Abby replied politely. “How are you?”

“Good, good, munchkin.” Michael placed a kiss on both of the girls’ heads. He stood back up to take his seat beside Maria. He kissed his wife affectionately, before turning his attention to the rest of the table. Scanning all of the seats, he frowned at the empty one next to him. “Where’s Alex?”

“Slaving over a computer, probably,” answered Maria. She propped up one arm on the table and dropped her head into the palm of her hand. “That boy works so much. He spends his whole day at the school teaching computers or music with me, then spends the rest of the day doing freelance computer work. He’s going to end up working himself into an early death.”

“He needs something to do,” Adam said factually. “Something to keep him occupied.”

“There’s a difference between being occupied and being obsessed. Alex is obsessed with working his ass off. It’s not healthy,” Liz responded. She took Adam’s in hers, entwining their fingers in a lover’s grip.

“Mommy!” Abby gasped. “You said the… the bad word!” Liz scrunched her eyebrows up, unsure of what she had said.

“Tsk, tsk, mommy,” Kyle teased. “You said the-” Kyle lowered his voice to a whisper. “The… A-S-S word.” Liz covered her mouth in an “oops” form.

“I’m sorry, angel! I didn’t mean to say that.” Liz smiled at the young girl, kissing her head affectionately. She was just so adorable, even when she was picking up on her mother’s swearing.

“What did I tell you, chicapea?” Maria asked her niece.

“Do as my mommy says, not as she does.” Maria nodded in affirmation. Abby went back to giggling with Indigo.

“Exactly.” Maria ignored the glaring looks Liz was sending her. “Anyways, Liz was right. Alex is working way too much. It’s gotten worse and worse as the years grow on.”

“Do you blame him?” Kyle ridiculed quickly. “After everything that went down, I’d be hiding behind my work too if I were him.”

“What does that mean?” Maria stared at Kyle, a suspicious look on her face.

“Oh, c’mon Maria, don’t fake anything with me. Isabel hurt Alex pretty badly, and he hasn’t gotten over it. Not that I blame him or anything, but it’s the only logical reason why Alex is so involved in his work. I bet he feels guilty and work is his getaway.” Maria narrowed her eyes, the first sign of her growing temper. Anything surrounding Isabel was always a touchy subject for her.

“Well, if Isabel hadn’t been such a goddamn bit-”

“Maria!” Liz warned, with a quick side nod towards Indigo and Abby. They were both staring at the adults with their innocent eyes in curious question. Maria sighed, and rubbed her forehead trying to gain back her calm resolve.

“All I wanted to say was that Isabel was a something that rhymes with witch, and if anything, she should be the one who feels guilty, not Alex. She’s the one who deserves to be wallowing in self guilt.”

“Maria, that’s not fair,” Kyle remarked. A frown played on his face, and his eyes burrowed in unease. “She was going through stuff too. She lost her brother.”

A deafening silence fell over the table. The unmentionable had been mentioned. Kyle immediately recognized his mistake, but knew that nothing he had to say would be acceptable to the others. He felt guilty for saying it, especially in Liz’s presence. She of all people didn’t need to be reminded, but he had to say it. He didn’t want to pick sides in this eight yearlong battle, and he wasn’t going to.

“As far as I’m concerned,” Maria said tightly. “Isabel means nothing to me. I’m sorry that she lost her brother, but as I see it, she lost out on a lot more on her own, selfish accord.” She motioned towards the two children sitting beside her, trying to prove her point.

“Maria.” Michael’s quiet warning reverberated through the whole table, each member unsure of what to say.

“No, Michael, I will not stay quiet.” Maria looked straight ahead, right into Kyle’s eyes. “Isabel broke my best friend’s heart, distressed my other best friend when she was pregnant with her very own niece, didn’t even come to my wedding, and hasn’t made an effort to see my daughter in all these years. And those are just at the top of my list!” Kyle bowed his head in silent surrender. It was simply no use arguing with Maria, Kyle just would not win with her.

“Mommy?” Abby’s youthful voice sounded, and Liz turned to her.

“Yes, angel?” Liz replied, with a forced smile gracing her lips.

“Who’s Isabel?” The table fell completely silent again, and Liz quickly shot another glare at Maria.

“Abby, angel, I’ve told you about Isabel before. She’s your other daddy’s sister.” Liz smiled again at her daughter, not wanting her to be put at unease.

“Wouldn’t that make her my auntie?” Abby asked again in her innocent voice. Liz bit her lip and nodded.

“Yes, that would make Isabel your auntie.”

“Then why don’t I ever see her? And why does Auntie Maria hate her?”

“Oh darling,” Maria replied. She tried to lessen her widened eyes, and bring her voice to a calm state. “I don’t necessarily… hate Isabel.”

“But you don’t like her either?” Abby asked, confused.

“My mommy doesn’t like her,” Indigo piped up. “She thinks Aunt Isabel is a broom-bearing bit-”


“Sorry mommy.” Indigo slunk back in her chair, keeping quiet.

“Abby, honey, we’ll talk about this when we get home, all right?” Liz offered. She really didn’t want to have this conversation with everyone around. Liz would never lie or deny anything about her past to Abby, but she didn’t want the others opinions integrated into any decisions Abby made about her family. If Abby chose to not be fond of Isabel, Max or anyone else, Liz wanted Abby to form that opinion of her own.

“Why don’t we just enjoy our dinner tonight?” Adam suggested, trying to urge the group back into a calm mode. Everyone nodded, busily burying their noses into the menus while burying the rest of their memories away again, just like they had for the past eight years.


“…Would you like them in a house? Would you like them with a mouse?”


“Yes, angel?” Liz put the book down onto her lap, giving her daughter her full attention. Abby was comfortably lying in her bed, with her fluffy, pink comforter pull up underneath her chin. She stared up at her mother with incomparable admiration.

“Why doesn’t Indigo have two daddies?” Liz smiled at her daughter’s keen and persistent curiosity, despite how painful the questions could be.

Liz lied down beside her daughter, on top of the blankets. She wrapped one arm around Abby’s body and pulled her close into her side. “Well, angel, Indigo only has one daddy because Uncle Michael and Aunt Maria love only each other and Uncle Michael is biologically her father.” Abby wrinkled her nose in slight confusion. She was trying to figure everything out in her young mind.

“So I have two daddies because you don’t only love daddy?” Liz sighed. If the whole thing was confusing to her, how was she supposed to explain it to her daughter?

“Sort of. I loved your other daddy, Max, very much too. I still do, but some very adult things happened, and we couldn’t be together forever. We had you instead, and I ended up falling in love your daddy now.” Liz rubbed Abby’s head lovingly, gently placing a kiss on it.

“So do you love daddy?”

“Of course I do. Adam and I love each other very much.”

“But you love my other daddy too? My bilollical one.”

“Your biological dad. Yes, I love him.” Abby was silent for a moment, considering everything her mother had told her. How was it that she loved both of her daddies, if she was only with Adam?

“Where is he? My other daddy?”

Liz took one of Abby’s small hands into her own. Abby had grown so much since she was a little baby. Liz found everyday scarier, knowing one day her baby wouldn’t need her anymore because she was old enough to take of herself. The thought was beyond frightening.

“Honestly? I don’t know, honey. He’s somewhere out there.” Liz gestured upwards.

“You mean Antar?” Liz shrugged.

“I don’t know, angel.” Abby yawned, cuddling further into her mother’s side.

“Do you think he loves me?”

Liz took a sharp breath in, taken aback by Abby’s question. Tears began to sting her eyes, unsure how to answer that. Liz knew that deep down in her heart that Max would, without a doubt, love Abby whether he was light years away, or just a few inches. If only he had the chance to actually know her.

“Yes, baby, I think that wherever your daddy is, he is and always will be in love with you.”

Abby smiled to herself, knowing she was a lucky girl. Maybe she had lots of aunts and uncles, and two daddies, and her family wasn’t “normal”, but she was lucky. Really, how many girls could say they have two daddies? So what if she hasn’t even met her other daddy, Max. At least she knew that he loved her.

“Mommy,” Abby said with another jaw stretching yawn. “Tell me about him. Tell me about you and him.”

Liz curled both of her arms around her daughter, certain that Abby was on the brink of falling asleep. Kissing her forehead, Liz snuggled tightly with her little angel.

“Your daddy and I met lifetimes ago on a distant planet called Antar. He was the King and I was his Queen…”


Julie Brown paced the grimy, linoleum floor, her hands nervously balling up behind her back. After years of patient fight, and watching the hasty soldiers fall quickly, Julie should know by now that waiting was key to fighting a good battle. She nervously brought her hand up to her long hair, twisting it around her petite finger, a habit she had gained from humans.

He should have been back by now. It shouldn’t take this long. He was just supposed to get information and then leave. That was it. The only thing that could make him this late was if he had stopped by headquarters to report any new findings, but if that were the case, he would have picked her up first. Or he would have at least called.

The only other option that would make him late was if he is…

Julie shuddered, pushing the thought away. She couldn’t allow herself to think that way. He was much stronger than that. Their battles together had proven that to her. They had seen things that no soul should ever witness. They had smelt the scent of decaying bodies, and the aroma of burning flesh. They had seen innocent women and children’s lives sacrificed for purely selfish reasons. It was the purest form of life. Only the fittest survive. How sad the theory was, but how true.

But all of that didn’t matter right now. They had escaped that. Narrowly, but they still did. They were both given a new chance, a new life, and they were determined to make it up to the rest of their race for the whole of their lives if they had to. They would not waste this chance on more sacrifices, more threats, more suffering. They and millions of others had suffered enough.

Julie checked the clock again, finding that it had only moved a mere inch since her last check. Perhaps the clock was broken. Human technology tended to do that. Break.

Souls could break too.

But that was a topic for another day.

Julie took the clock down that was mounted on the wall, and checked its back. Everything seemed perfectly in order, and he had assured her that there were new batteries in there yesterday. Julie brought the clock up to her ear, listening to the continuous tick-tock of the hand. She sighed, knowing that nothing was wrong with the clock.

Julie went to place the clock back on the wall when she heard the front door of the apartment open. Forgetting the clock, she dropped it on the floor and ran towards the door. Throwing herself at the body that entered, she let out the breaths of relief she hadn’t realized she had been holding in. She felt the familiar arms go around her, and she sighed again in relief.

“It’s ok, I’m back,” the soft, male voice called into her ear.

“Thank god. I was so worried something had happened to you, Max.”

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Part 2

Max leaned his forehead against the cool pane of window, staring out into the busy world outside. No matter what happened in people’s lives, everything kept moving, lights kept glowing, cars kept polluting. What would people do if they knew they had to govern over everything? Would they do the same as he did? Would they make the same decisions he had? Would they bring the same fate he had brought to Antar? If only these people knew what it was like to literally hold the power of a world in the palm of your hand. They probably wouldn’t take life for granted. Taking a walk, or driving to work, or even just lying in bed wouldn’t just seem like a simple, everyday task anymore. It would mean so much more.

He wished he could change everything he done over the years. Perhaps starting with letting a doe eyed, brown haired beauty get absorbed into his life. No, that’s not true. Even now, he couldn’t imagine not having the memories of her love when he couldn’t actually be with her. Those memories were the only things that helped him hold on to life.

How he ever convinced himself to leave the safety of her love that night was beyond his comprehension. Max yearned for her so deep in his soul that it crushed his spirit little by little, knowing he could be holding her in his arms, kissing her to sleep, but he wasn’t by his own choice. It was his own damned fault that he couldn’t warm his heart by the simple caress of her. What was he thinking when he had walked out of the room that day? He would willing suffer the past eight years over and over again if he could just take back that one night.

And how did Liz react to that night? Max wondered with intense thought. Did she hate him? Of course she did. How could she not? Max would probably hate her if she left him… actually, no, that was a lie. Max could never hate Liz. It was inconceivable in his world, no matter what she had done to make him angered. Yet he stilled wondered what it would be like to wake up and discover that your love, your life source, was gone without a word. And a stupid note. A stupid, stupid, stupid note. Max hated that thing more than he hated his own life. That note was so demeaning, and incomparable to the amount of love he felt for her. That he still feels for her.

Max clenched his fist and banged it against the stable window. He felt it crack underneath his hands. He had to stop doing that. Even now, sometimes he couldn’t recognize his own strength.

“Another Liz fest?”

Max turned around to see Julie enter the room, her eyes prodding sympathetically into his. He just nodded and turned back to stare out the window. He wished he could be that dead, squished bug that was being wiped off of that old guy’s windshield in the parking lot.

“She’s all right, you know. Isabel said so.” Max nodded, not really paying attention to the words he was hearing. He didn’t even feel the petite hand that came upon his shoulder.

“Max, you can’t keep torturing yourself like this. We have to move on. We have to keep fighting or Earth will be just as doomed as Antar.”

“No!” Max shouted fiercely, swinging around to face her. “I won’t let that happen.”

“Then work with me here. Don’t push me out.” Max turned silent again, crossing his arms across his chest.

“She’s out there somewhere,” Max stated quietly, softly. “She’s out there and she’s probably happy. She probably moved on, and put me behind her.”

“Maybe it’s better this way, Max. Maybe it’s safer this way. For her, for you, and for everyone involved.” Max felt a barrage of tears confronting his eyes and he turned away. He couldn’t tear away whatever life Liz had finally made for herself over the years. Whether or not he yearned for her with all of his heart and soul didn’t matter. All that mattered was keeping Liz safe, and to do that, Max had to stay far away. Very, very far away, because everything that he touched turned to absolute dust.

Liz rubbed in the last remnants of her body lotion into her arms. She let out a long, wide yawn followed by a tall stretch with her hands reaching upwards. She rolled her head, trying to work out the weary kinks that resided in her neck. Liz lifted the covers off her bed and slipped underneath. Only the glow of her bedside lamp illuminated the room, and Liz opened the drawer of the desk on which the lamp sat. She took out the book that sat inside and propped herself up so she could find a comfortable reading position.

“A Teacher’s Guide to the Classroom,” Liz read out loud. She rubbed her eyes and stared at the cover. She probably had read every single teaching book there had been out there. It wasn’t her first career choice, but it was what she had to do to be able to take care of Abby. That was always, and forever will be, her top priority.

Liz left the book in her lap as she turned her head to look out the window. Liz liked to leave the curtains open in her and Adam’s bedroom. Adam thought it was because it added a bit more light to their bedroom, and Liz hated the darkness. But Liz actually knew it was because she could look up at the sky. So she could continue her never-ending search to see Antar.

Antar: the root of so many of her problems, the same problems that had turned her life upside down and inside out.

Liz always wondered what Antar was like. She wondered if Antar had summers like Earth, or maybe if it snowed only in some parts of the world like Earth. She wondered if her other half was still alive on Antar.

She wondered that every day of her life.

Liz rubbed her stomach, an unconscious habit she had gained from being pregnant with Abby. Even though she wasn’t pregnant now, her hand always seemed to drift to that part of her body, almost as if it knew that she was still missing something. Not just the presence of Abby within her womb, but something else. Someone else.

Dinner had been pretty stressful. Somehow every time that Kyle visited, a not-so-happy discussion would take place, usually concerning Isabel or Max or both. The fight, or rather, discussion, would take place near the start of dinner and leave the rest of the meal with a tense aftertaste. They all had their different takes and opinions on what occurred, but Maria and Kyle were usually the most vocal about it.

Liz closed her eyes, remembering the first few days after Max left. Those had been some of the most spirit abolishing days of her life.

~ Liz woke up with a permanent smile etched on her face. Certainly the birds must be singing today and sun shining. Perhaps she would make Max pancakes and tell him their wonderful news over breakfast. She could even make fresh orange juice. Max would like that, wouldn’t he? It would be like her practice run at being the perfect wife, and eventually, the perfect mother.

Oh, her parents would probably be angry with her when they find out as to where she had spent her night, but Liz didn’t care. Soon she would be telling them that she was going to be marrying her love and that what they thought didn’t matter.

Liz’s fuzzy mind became unclouded and she realized that a particular bundle of warmth was missing beside her. Her petite hand came to her eyes, and she tiredly rubbed away the sleep in them. Clutching the cover to her chest, Liz slowly rose to a sitting position and glanced around the room. Where was Max?

“Max?” She called out. Maybe he had decided to make her breakfast instead. Yes. Of course, that had to be it.

Then again, the unsettling feeling in her stomach was telling her otherwise.

Stumbling out of bed, Liz grabbed Max’s gray fleece robe that sat on a desk chair. She put it on, and knotted the tie around her stomach. She paused for a moment and smiled, rubbing her stomach. A little bundle of joy was in there. A bundle of joy that she and Max had made from just their love.

Liz slowly opened the door to the hallway and peeked out. The hallway seemed clear and the whole house sounded quiet. She knew that the Evans’ were away for a few days on a business trip, but she wasn’t sure where Isabel was. Although Liz was pretty sure that Isabel and Alex had probably ended up spending the night together. Liz knew that Alex was itching to talk to Isabel, and last night would have been the perfect opportunity.

“Max?” Liz called out again into the echoing hallway. “Max? Where are you?” Liz sighed and tiptoed down the staircase. She knew that no one was home, but the exceeding stillness of the house was kind of frightening.

“Come on, Max, honey,” Liz added. She smiled. If he wanted to play hide and go seek, fine. She could play those games.

“Maaaax,” Liz drawled. “I’m getting kind of lonely over here, and a little bit cold. Are you just going to leave me like this?” Liz added a touch of seduction to her voice and lowered the robe a tad so her bare shoulder was showing.

Liz wandered into the kitchen and found it empty. She burrowed her eyebrows in confusion. She was sure she would have found him there. She moved into the living room and found it empty as well. Liz then walked back into the kitchen and ventured into the back laundry room, her steps speeding up with each floor touch.

“Max? Where are you?” Liz asked a bit more urgently. “This isn’t funny anymore, Max. Where are you?” When Liz found the laundry room empty, she peeked out the back door. Everything in the backyard was quiet and still too.

Liz ran back to the kitchen, to the front room, which held the staircase. She dashed up the stairs, the flutter of her heart causing her to start gasping for breath.

“MAX! MAX? Where are you?”

Liz’s voice was scratchy now, and she was near hysterics. She stopped in the middle of the hall and tried to get a grip. He probably just had to run out to the store or something, maybe pick up some eggs. He wouldn’t just leave her… would he?

Liz slowly walked back into Max’s room, her eyes grazing over the room. She spotted what she was looking for and scurried towards the bedside table. Grabbing the portable phone, she quickly punched in some numbers.

“Hello! Hip and happy Guerin place!”

“Maria?” Liz’s soft voice trembled.

“Liz, honey? Is that you?” Liz sniffled a bit, relieved to hear a familiar voice.

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“Hey chica, what’s going on? You sound kind of upset. Wait, did you tell him? Oh man, did he say something? Do I need to get over there and kick his ass? You know I will! Oh man, tell Evans’ when I get my hands on his puny-”

“MARIA!” Liz screamed in the phone. She was not in any mood to hear Maria’s rants.

“Yes, babe?” Liz sighed at Maria’s quick change in emotions. One minute she could be bouncing off the walls, and the next she could be the most calm and collected person Liz had ever met.

“Have you or Michael seen Max?”

“What?” Maria asked, beyond confused.

“Max. I stayed at his place, and when I woke up, he wasn’t here. I was just wondering if you had heard from him.”

“I haven’t, but I’ll ask my spaceboy.” Liz heard Maria asking Michael, and then his mumbling “no” to her question.

“Sorry, chica, we haven’t seen him.” Liz let out a heavy sigh. Where could he have gone?

“Honey, don’t worry! He probably just had to go out or something. Did he leave a note?”

“Uh, I don’t know. I haven’t seen one.” Liz began to search through Max’s room. Maybe he had written her a note before he left and Liz just hadn’t seen it.

“Any note?” Maria asked, with a loud crunching. Liz figured she was probably eating something.

“Not yet,” Liz muttered. She looked around the bedside table and came up with nothing. She moved across the room, searching his computer desk. That would a logical place, right?

“OH!” Liz exclaimed. “I found a note.” She picked up the note with “Liz” scribbled neatly on the front. Her heart began to slow down, and she was relieved to realize that her frantic searching was all for nothing. She unfolded it and placed it in front of her, about to read it.

“Thanks, Maria, for your help. I’ll call you later, all right?”

“Nuh uh, chica! I want to hear the note. He probably wrote you a love poem and is out getting you roses or something. You’ve got to let me hear the words that your doofus brother probably couldn’t even look up in a dictionary.” Liz smiled at Maria’s comment. She was sure that was Michael grumbling in the background.

“All right, all right,” Liz replied. She looked back at the note.

“It’s kind of short,” Liz commented.

“So what? Just read!”

“My dearest Liz,

I love you more than life itself. I have loved you in a past lifetime, in this lifetime, and I know that if we ever get another chance, I will love you in our future lifetime. You are the air that I breathe, and to be without you is to suffocate.

But I must. This has nothing to do with you, my beauty. I need to fulfill a duty that was mine long before, and to ask you to commit to something like this is something I cannot do. People out there need me, and to refuse them would be denying a part of myself. I hope you know that no matter where I am, my heart will forever beat for you. I love you.

Your Max forever,
Max Evans.”

Liz dropped the receiver and the note on the floor, a loud thud sounding on the carpet floor. Her eyes were directed straight ahead, but soon flooding with a barrage of tears. Inside her whole body shook with an uncomfortable unease, while her outside was stone rigid.

“Oh my god…”~

Liz shuddered at the memory, and immediately wiped away the clutter of tears that had formed. She could still remember every detail of that morning, but oddly enough, it still felt blurry and undefined. Since then, a large, metal padlock had blocked her heart and mind, and she was unsure as to if anyone would ever be able to open it again.

Liz loved Adam, she knew that was for sure. He had been there for her during her darkest, most frightening hours. If it weren’t for him and Abby, Liz wasn’t sure where she would have ended up. Probably six feet under and stuck with a torturous eternity of endless nightmares.

But when Max left, a certain part of her simply shut down. It ended. It ceased to exist. Sure, she could function everyday with normal procedures. She could wake up every morning, shower and dress to be ready for another day of teaching high school science. She could come home and fix dinner for her family, then mark homework and exams. She could make love to Adam, and celebrate their daughter’s happy milestones in her life together.

She would never be able to feel fully again, though. She could never let herself fall so hard that breathing would need a reminder. Never again would she be able to look at the sky and just appreciate its natural beauty, because out there, somewhere, was a person who had given her dreams for a lifetime, and turned them to taunting nightmares within one crushing moment.

“Hey darling.” Liz looked up towards the doorway and there stood Adam. He had his briefcase in his hand and was wearing nothing but his robe with a pair of boxers underneath. He looked so undeniably adorable that Liz couldn’t help but smile at him.

Sure, Adam wasn’t Max, and Adam could never ever touch a certain part of her life, but they had both accepted that. Adam loved her for her, and cherished her like a precious piece. Liz couldn’t reject something like that, and she couldn’t lie either. She loved him too. She loved Adam for his humour, for his kindness, for his untidiness, for his intelligence, and for just him overall.

“Hi Adam, sweetie. You done with your work?” Adam nodded and dropped his briefcase on a stray chair that sat in the corner of the room. Taking off his robe, he draped it over the back of the chair and sauntered over to the bed. Liz pulled up the covers for him and he joined her.

Adam took one of Liz’s small hands into his own, and gazed lovingly into her eyes. “You look like you’ve been crying.” Liz looked away, and bowed her head down.

Adam opened his arms and pulled her into a tight embrace where she laid comfortably against his body and in his arms. With the softest tenderness he could conjure, he placed a gentle kiss on the top of Liz’s head.

“I love you,” Adam whispered into her hair. Liz smiled, although a little sad this time.

“I love you too,” Liz replied. She wrapped her arms around Adam’s waist, and soon fell fast asleep in this position.


Michael watched Maria’s sleeping form. He was having difficultly sleeping tonight, but it was not like it surprised him. These nights were usually predictable when conversations arose about Max.

Michael tucked a long strand of Maria’s golden hair behind her ear, not disturbing her resting soul at all. He leaned down and kissed her temple. She was just so beautiful to him, and he cherished her everyday. Of course, they continued their daily banters, but they both knew that underneath they were as much as in love as they had been when they were seventeen. Hell, they even had a child together. Who would have thought? Maria and Michael Guerin, raising a child together.

It hadn’t been all grin and giggles though. No, it had been tough all these years with having two children around, but then again, the most dangerous part had been right after Max had left. Maria hadn’t been pregnant then, though that didn’t mean it was any less difficult.

Liz had carried Abby for a year, one very long year. Maria only carried for six months. Abby and Indigo were born only days apart, each bearing remarkable similarities to their parents. Indigo is outspoken yet thoughtful like Maria, but artistic and sometimes brash like Michael. Abby is intelligent and friendly, like Liz, but shy and compassionate like her father. Well, like the Max they thought they knew once. Abby had some of Adam’s qualities as well, like her quiet, but quick thinking. And the love for her mother that they all shared.

A lot of the dinner tonight had been troubling. All memories about Max, and about the time he left were painful. Michael still found himself confused every once in a while. He knew that Max loved Liz, and that he was more than responsible, so why would he leave? Then again, Max didn’t know about Abby. It was still no excuse though. He shouldn’t have left in the first place.

And not only did Max leave Liz and Abby, but he left the rest of their group. Michael lost his best friend that day.

Michael sighed, and shook those memories out of his mind. They needed to focus on the future. They had done a lot of horrible, and impossible things to get to where they were today. And even now, the group was split horribly in half. Kyle, Isabel, Ben and Sandy lived on the other side of the country, while he, Maria, Adam, Alex and Liz lived here. Hell, it was better this way! As horrible as it sounds, it was. After the big blowout, Alex and Isabel couldn’t even stand to be in the same room together, and Maria was on the verge of ripping off any body part of Isabel’s she could get to.

Ben and Sandy felt lost after they found out Owen had left them as well. They were all planning to go back to Sunny Oaks, but when they woke up that same morning Max left, Owen was missing as well. They all had figured that he left with Max and Manika to Antar. Seeing not much reason to stay, they followed their regular plan to go to college out in Refeno. Kyle had his college scholarship out in Refeno as well, and proceeded with his plans too. Isabel had no inclination to stay so she left with them. She hadn’t been back since.

Actually, none of them had returned to Roswell for years. The only person left to visit was Diane Evans, but she soon moved out to Refeno to stay close to her only child left. Diane visited the rest of the group in Altike plenty of times during the year. She loved her grandchildren (Indigo considered her a grandmother) and she also shared a mother-daughter relationship with Liz, despite Isabel’s grumbling.

Michael grazed his callous fingers across Maria’s smooth, soft skin, framing her face with just his fingertips. He’d come to adore and love this face over and over again across the years. Not only had she given him the gift of a beautiful daughter, but the gift of her undying love and support. He wasn’t sure what he would do without the love of his life, and his past life. But that other life didn’t matter to them. They both said it was what they did with their future that mattered.

Michael scrunched his eyebrows as he noticed Maria’s expressions becoming increasingly distressed. He tried to smooth out her features, but her lips started to shape to let out small mewing noises. Michael became worried, knowing that any unease in Maria’s sleep meant troubles could be ahead. They had figured that out over the years, one of Maria’s developing gifts were her dreams.

Michael wiped at Maria’s forehead, a puddle of sweat slowly gathering there. He kissed her temple again, hoping it might relieve her of her restlessness.

A loud, deafening scream ripped from Maria’s throat suddenly, and her whole body jerked upwards with a frightening jolt. Maria’s breath came out harsh and rapid, her hand instinctively gripping Michael’s arm. Her eyes were wide with fear and anxiety, and sweat was still gathering on her forehead. Instead of screams, tiny cries began to come from Maria’s mouth.

“Hey, baby, it’s ok,” Michael soothed as he wrapped his strong arms around her rigid frame. Maria instantly found comfort in his warmth, and nestled herself firmly between his arms, although her initial panic was still residing in her. She felt the heat of Michael’s lips pressing against her skin, and her anxiety went down a notch.

“It’s all right, baby.” Maria just nodded and closed her eyes. Everything inside of her hoped he was right.

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Part 3

Liz yawned as she placed her briefcase on her desk. She heard the loud thump as it hit against hard plastic, but Liz paid no heed to it. She was tired, and probably a little high-strung today. She pitied all of the students she would have to teach today.

Abby was little more than a handful this morning. First she wouldn’t wear the clothes Adam had helped her pick out for the day, because she didn’t think the “colours brought out her eyes” anymore. (Liz reminded herself to lecture Maria about it later.) Then she wouldn’t eat the bowl of cereal Liz had poured for her because the cereal box hadn’t been completely closed, so the boogie monster could have “polluted” it already. And of course, they couldn’t even think about leaving the house until Liz had curled Abby’s hair to perfection, with her round bangs protruding with flawless bounce.

Liz heaved a sigh. She loved Abby more than life itself, but when it took longer for her seven year old daughter to prepare for school than her, she knew she had to draw a line somewhere. Even Liz just put her hair up in a ponytail to avoid waking up earlier than necessary. Then again, her daughter didn’t suffer the bouts of insomnia that she did, nor did she endure the torturous headaches that attacked Liz from time to time.

Liz sat down in her chair, and leaned over her desk with her elbows propped up. She placed her head in her hands and just stared absentmindedly at the back wall of her classroom.

She always went through these phases where memories of Max would just float to the surface. Liz wasn’t sure whether she should let herself be relieved by the constant remembrance of her once loved, or if she should scold herself for not letting go. She tend to pick the first choice, as letting go seemed to be a much bigger task than she could handle.

Despite how much heartbreak she had suffered over the loss of Max’s presence, Liz couldn’t deny that a special part of her would always belong to him, even though he may be thousands of light years away from her.

They had all learned to deal with what they had been given though. The months following Max, Owen and Manika’s departure had been some of the worst of all of their lives. They all had to experience horrid conditions that would otherwise leave others devastated and hopeless. Although, for a long while, they had been devastated and felt hopeless by their losses, and Liz had even felt guilty for everything the group had to endure.

Liz sighed again, a guilty wave washing over her like it always did when thoughts of the past arose. So much had happened, and been taken away, never to be returned again except in painful memories and remembrance. Forever Liz would feel the ultimate guilt for the adversity she had caused Mrs. Diane Evans, Max and Isabel’s mother. Not only had the group’s misfortunes led to the disappearance of her son, but the death of her husband and a life of frequently checking her rearview mirrors.

Abby adored Diane, and she was more than grateful to be able to have someone to call grandma. Liz had more than once expressed her deepest apologies for taking away Diane’s life, but she always received the same answer. With a reassuring hug, a twinkling smile, and a motherly kiss on the cheek, she was given the encouraging words, “You took nothing away from me, darling. You gave me a wonderful granddaughter, and for that, I should be forever grateful to you.”

Diane’s words and actions never calmed Liz.

“You too, huh?”

Liz lifted her head and watched as Alex and Maria filed into her classroom. She gave each a greeting nod.

“Me too what, Maria?” Liz asked. Maria sat on top of one of the desks, and Alex leaned in beside her.

“Tired.” Maria yawned for special effects, and Alex just rolled his eyes when she wasn’t looking. She hit him, giving him an evil glare. “I’m a mother, you know. I’ve got eyes in the back of my head.”

Liz smiled at her two friends, although the sides of her lips were drooping with sleepiness. Maria placed her hands behind her, gripping the desk so she could lean back slightly.

“So Principal Moo-cow sent me an e-mail. She wants to have a “discussion” with me, and I’ve been scheduled an “appointment” at noon. I am to be “prompt” and to bring my schedule with me,” Maria stated. She stuck out her tongue and pointed her finger towards her throat. “Moo-cow probably just wants to yell at me again, and take away some of my classes.”

“Why?” Alex asked. “What’d you do now?” Maria smacked his arm again.

“Nothing! I didn’t do anything. I’m a good music teacher, thank you very much!” Maria nodded her head in affirmation.

“I’m sure Principal Muncan just wants to discuss the curriculum. Or maybe they’re finally deciding to make an official music department for the school,” Liz offered through another yawn. “She might be asking you to head the department.” Maria huffed at her comment.

“Of course she would. Other than Alex, I’m the only music teacher! And even Alex teaches computers too.” Maria brought her arms back up, and crossed them over her chest. “So, chica, what’s with the big puddle of yawns coming from you?” Alex arched an eyebrow in interest also.

Liz flung a hand in the air, waving off the subject. “Just the usual.”

That was Maria and Alex’s cue to let the subject drop. Only when her eyes clouded and they didn’t receive an answer was when they knew they had to prod further. They both knew that they couldn’t push Liz with anything, and besides, they didn’t want to. Begging for information from Liz when she didn’t have any she wanted to share was something they had grown to learn to avoid.

An angry alien queen, especially when she was pregnant, was something everyone wanted to avoid.

“What about you? You look kind of dead today,” Liz commented towards Maria. Maria quickly brushed off the subject as well, not wanting to bring up anything.

Michael had told her last night that she had been wiggling around in her sleep, and becoming increasingly restless, then the shrieking scream entered his ears late in the night. He had figured that she had had a nightmare of some sort. Maria didn’t remember any of it. She didn’t even remember waking up during the night. Michael said she had fallen back asleep within a few minutes, but Maria honestly couldn’t remember waking up in the first place. They both decided to put their thoughts aside until something else arose.

“Did you ever think we’d end up here? Like this?” Alex’s quiet voice echoed into the room.

No longer were Maria and Liz disturbed by Alex’s quiet and subdue motions, as it had quickly become Alex’s way of life after Max’s departure. Well, more specifically, after Isabel’s big blowout with the group. The only moments any of them saw Alex relax and let himself just be again, was when he spent times with his favourite little nieces. It both melted and broke their hearts.

“I’ve imagined a lot of things in my life,” Maria replied, “but becoming a teacher was never one of them. But if you ask me if I have any regrets, I would tell you not at all, without a second thought. Indigo and Abby have always been our first priority, and we’ve always made our decisions that way. Even if I had to live in a rat-infested dumpster somewhere for the rest of my life, I would do it to insure my baby was safe.”

Liz nodded in solemn agreement. “Maria said it perfectly. I completely agree with her. Our children come first, above everything else. The lives we’ve chosen for ourselves have kept them safe, so I wouldn’t want to change a thing.” Liz glanced towards Alex, and raised an eyebrow. “What about you?”

“What do you mean, what about me?”

“Alex, you’re brilliant,” Maria stated with a dramatic movement of her hand. “You don’t need to be hanging around here. You could do so much in the world. Don’t you ever wish you were somewhere else? Someone else?” Alex shook his head profusely.

“No. Well, actually, being Bill Gates wouldn’t be so bad. Or maybe Brad Pitt.” Alex grinned, but Liz and Maria just rolled their eyes. “Nah, guys, this is where my whole life is. There is nowhere else that could offer me something that you guys couldn’t. I want to be here. With all of you.” Liz smiled at him, nodding her head appreciatively.

“Besides,” Alex added, “we’ve always stuck together. I’m not leaving now. We’ll always be best friends. You guys will have to put up with me for a very long time.” Maria immediately wrapped her arms around Alex’s neck, and pulled him close.

“We wouldn’t want it any other way, Alex.” Liz got up from her seat and joined them, throwing her arms around her best friends. Liz placed a kiss on Alex’s cheek.

Alex pulled away from the embrace, brushing his shirt. “Ladies, I must break away from the estrogen charged hug, unless I plan on losing all of my testosterone forever.”

Maria waved her hand in the air. “Testosterone, schmestosterone.”

“Right,” Alex said, eyeing Maria with joking suspicion.

“So where’s dinner tonight?” he asked.

“Michael said he’d be home early, so I’ll call him later. He can make us dinner tonight,” Maria said with a grin. Liz let out a feminine laugh.

“Man, I swear that Michael is your bitch.”

“Oh, he is.” Maria rubbed her hands together and grinned again.

“All right, ladies, I must prepare for my computer class. You know, some of my students are probably already in the lab, and trying to hack into the school’s system.” Alex rolled his eyes.

“You’re just going to go help them, aren’t you?” Maria accused him, pointing at him like she had just caught him in the cookie jar.

“Of course. What else would I do?” Alex smiled at her and walked out of the room.

Maria crossed her arms, staring at the spot that Alex had just been. She sighed, standing up from her spot on the desk, and said, “I worry about that boy.”

“Me too,” Liz replied. She sighed again, and walked back to her desk to begin her preparation for class. Maria shrugged, and waved to Liz before exiting out the door.


Isabel tossed her keys on table that sat beside her apartment door. Kicking off her high heels, she let out an exhausted yawn and stretched along with it. She dropped her briefcase beside the front door table, and padded down the hallway. Isabel kicked open her bedroom door, and just let her body flop onto her comfortable queen-sized bed, her body slightly bouncing as it hit.

What she wouldn’t give for a nice massage right now. Hell, right now she’d settle for a nice hot pack on her back, and maybe some soothing cream for feet. Damn, she was tired. Too bad the hot pack and the soothing cream were in the bathroom, which, of course, was much too far right now.

Isabel wondered where Kyle was. Maybe he’d come over and hang out with her. She didn’t really feel like being alone tonight, and Ben was at some sort of business dinner thing. He had asked her if she wanted to come along, but spending the whole day smiling at people you don’t really like, and then spending your free night doing the same thing didn’t sound all that enticing.

Then again, Kyle had just come home from his trip, so he was probably at home with Sandy. They were probably going at it like little bunnies, though they would never admit it. Hell, both her and Ben knew that Kyle and Sandy were on the “intimate” side, but they refused to admit. They even moved in together, but said they were just “friends”.

Of course, Ben and Sandy had been living together when they first moved out here to Refeno. Isabel had gotten her own place, and Kyle was living in the dorms while he was going to school. He moved in with Isabel afterwards for a few years, until him and Sandy figured it would be “easier for Ben to go to work if he lived with Isabel”. Isabel snorted. Whatever.

So Ben had moved in with Isabel, Kyle with Sandy, and they all went along their merry little lives, seeming as if nothing was wrong. But that was the way it was ever since they all had left Roswell for good. Well, Isabel had went back once to bring her mother out to Refeno and get her settled in the new city.

Isabel admired her mother immensely, and wished she could be like her one day. Diane was so strong, and never let the bad things in life get her down. Unlike Isabel. But that was another story for another day.

No, Diane didn’t spend her days moping around and pitying herself. It wasn’t like she was superhuman though, because Diane had her bad days, like everyone else. But she was able to pick herself up off the ground and get herself a job, her own apartment, and keep what little family she had left in touch.

Isabel groaned as she reached up towards her bedside table to check her phone messages. Why did it have to be so far? After repeated annoyance of the blinking red light, she finally inched her body up her bed and pushed on the button.

“Hello, you’ve reached Isabel Evans. I’m not available at the moment, but if you could please leave a name, number, and a message after the beep, I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.” BEEP.

Isabel groaned again. She sounded like such a loser.

“Isabel, honey? It’s mom. I know you’re at work, and that I probably should have tried your cell, but you know how much I despise interrupting you at work. I just wanted to check in with my darling daughter, and maybe see if she’d like to meet me for lunch tomorrow! I’m going for dinner with a few of my colleagues tonight, so just leave a message for me at home. Thanks honey! I’ll talk to you later.” BEEP.

“Izzy, it’s me, Kyle. I’m home, and thought I’d just let you know. I don’t have to go back to work until tomorrow, so I’m just sitting on my ass. Sandy said she’s going to come home early, so we’re just going to chill tonight. Maybe watch a movie. (Pause.) I know Ben’s out tonight, and you might not want to hang out by yourself. You know you’re always welcome over here. Just call us, and we’ll pop some extra popcorn. Just… call me, k? Later.” BEEP.

Isabel lay in the same position for minutes later. She just couldn’t find the energy to actually get up and move about. Work was always tiring. Isabel had long since given up any dream of being a model of any sort. Being in the spotlight constantly frightened her now, even years after everything had happened. No, now she was a well-established fashion writer, and had her own line of clothing. She was doing what she liked to do without having a camera constantly in her face. If she wasn’t pounding away on her laptop, she was fitting models for the next show, or dealing with boutiques that sold her clothing. The only thing that she could say about it was that it kept her busy.

Right then, it hit Isabel that Kyle had sounded worried about her. Like always. Kyle was constantly worrying over her, permanently convinced that she was going to do something “drastic”. Isabel rolled her eyes at the thought. Sure, she was pretty much stressed all the time, but she wasn’t stupid.

Things had been really tough over the years. She had done a lot of things she hadn’t wanted to do, and as time quickly crawled by, her regrets grew larger and larger. Even now, she was surprised by the amount of things she kept locked and stocked inside. But who could really blame her?

Ok. Bad question. Alex, for one, could blame her.

Isabel cringed at thought of him. She had really messed things up. Truly, and utterly, messed everything they had built for themselves. She knew that now, although her frustration and disability to believe her brother had left her completely blinded when she needed to focus the most. Isabel could still remember the day that changed her life forever…

~“I had a great time last night, Alex,” Isabel said, shyly. They stood at Isabel’s back door, facing each other, and holding each other’s hands. Neither was able to part, but both knew they would have to soon. Why couldn’t one of Isabel’s powers be to freeze time forever?

“Well, if I said I had a horrible time last night, I’d be a liar.” Isabel blushed at Alex’s comment, with his eyes boring lovingly into hers.

Last night had been… perfect. Isabel was going to have to remind herself to thank Maria later for forcing her out the door. Maybe Isabel would take her shopping or something. She would do anything to show how much she was grateful for Maria’s actions. Last night had been the final stepping-stone for her and Alex. They were not only best friends now, but lovers as well. And Alex had been so tender, and loving too. Always gentle, always asking her if she was all right, and always asking what she wanted. Isabel couldn’t have asked for a greater guy.

Isabel felt one of Alex’s loving hands come close to her cheek, and sweep a long strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. She smiled, blushing again. She was just a blushing fool. Then again, if Alex loved her that way, she wouldn’t change one bit. She nestled the side of her face against the smooth surface of his palm.

Isabel jumped, surprised, as the door swung open, nearly knocking her and Alex over. A frantic, teary-eyed Maria stood there, her mouth wide open, as if she were unsure of what to say.

“Maria?” Alex called to her. His eyebrows were burrowed in confusion, and he just stared at her. “Maria, what’s wrong?”

“I-I… oh god, Max… he’s…Liz…she’s… oh god…” Maria broke into a fit of tears, just about to fall to the ground. Alex rushed to her side, and she flopped into his arms, crying hysterically.

“Maria!” Isabel screamed. All that was running through her mind was hearing Max’s name, and then Liz’s name. “Maria! What happened? Where’s Max? Where’s Liz?”

Maria just continued to cry in Alex’s arms, clutching him close. Alex looked at Isabel with wide eyes, unsure of what was happening. Isabel let out an aggravated sigh and went inside the house. The adjoining kitchen was empty, and Isabel strained to hear if anyone else was in the house. Sure, Maria was a kook, but she had matured a lot over the past two years. Seeing her cry so violently wasn’t something that was seen often or without justifiable reason.

“Hello?” Isabel called out into the echoing house. She moved to the rest of the rooms on the main level and found no one. Maria couldn’t be by herself, so Isabel ventured upstairs to see if anyone was up there.

Isabel heard noises coming from Max’s room, so she quietly tiptoed towards it. She wasn’t sure what she would find in there, so it was better to be quiet and try not to interrupt anything. Pushing the door open, she peeked her head inside to see what was going on. Isabel was surprised to see Michael’s back towards her.

Deciding to make her presence known, she stepped into the room and cleared her throat. Michael turned his head, and Isabel saw that Liz was gathered in his arms. He was rocking her gently, and looked surprised when he saw Isabel. Liz’s head was lying against his chest, but it quickly jerked upwards at the sound of Isabel. Liz’s red eyes focused on Isabel, and let out an animalistic sound when she recognized who she was. She buried her face back into the cotton of Michael’s shirt.

“Guys?” Isabel asked quietly, almost sounding timid. What the hell was going on?

“Isabel, you better sit down,” Michael said softly. Isabel instantly tensed up, knowing that those words were never good. Especially if they were coming from Michael.

“What the hell is going on, Michael? Where is Max?” Another cry was heard from Liz’s small figure.

“Isabel…” Michael said quietly. He seemed to be battling his own demons, so Isabel decided to be patient. She wasn’t even sure if she was going to like what he had to say, and by the look of things, she wasn’t.

“Isabel, he’s gone,” Michael completed. Isabel just stared at him.

“What do you mean he’s gone? Max is gone? Gone where?” Isabel’s voice came out harsh, and tight.

“I mean he is gone. Max is gone. He left.” Liz just kept herself bundled in Michael’s arms as he tried to keep his voice level. He was really starting to fail.

Isabel felt her legs go weak. No, no no… Max was not gone. He wouldn’t leave her. He would not leave his own sister, his own blood. Max was honourable like that. He loved her. He wouldn’t do that.

“I don’t believe you,” Isabel replied, shakily. “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU! HE WOULDN’T LEAVE ME.” Isabel’s scream shattered the repulsive silence of the house.

“Isabel!” Michael voiced loudly. “Believe it! He left. He left you, he left me, he left Liz. He left all of us.” Michael pointed to a crumpled piece of paper that sat on Max’s desk. “Read that. It’s true.”

Isabel took the short steps, and grabbed the note roughly. She scanned its contents, not believing a word it said.

Until the end. The end where he signed it “Your Max forever, Max Evans”.

“Oh my god…” Isabel whispered. She felt herself lowering to the ground, not fully conscious when her bottom hit the floor. “Oh my god…”

Isabel shuddered at the memory. She still didn’t understand. She almost didn’t want to understand. All it did was infuriate her more, and that was the last thing she needed right now.

Isabel sighed, turning over onto her back. She definitely didn’t want to be alone tonight. She knew that Kyle and Sandy were going to be… busy, but Isabel didn’t want to be alone. Not tonight. Then again, she didn’t want to be alone any night.

Isabel glanced up at the clock, realizing that it read ten o’clock in large, bold numbers. They would still be up. They probably were done by now, and just lying in bed. If Isabel called now, they would be presentable by the time she got there. Maybe Kyle would go out and get them some ice cream. Or she could pick some up on the way over. Yeah, that’s what she’d do. Ice cream and her friends sounded really good right about now.

It’s too bad that Alex and Max sounded a hell of a lot better.

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Part 4

~“Sandy! I made you swear on your favourite purple sneakers that you would NEVER mention that again!” Adam said through chuckles.

“Well, it’s much too tempting not to mention how sexy you looked in your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas, complete with turtle feet slippers!” Sandy giggled. She was sprawled out on Adam’s couch, her head rested comfortably on Adam’s lap.

“Yeah, well, you wore Rainbow Brite jimmies for years, so don’t bring up something you’re not willing to fight against,” Adam threatened. His hand was idly rubbing Sandy’s forearm, and they were just sitting contentedly in the early hours of the morning. Well, it must have been early as they had yet to sleep and sun was already seeping into the cracks of the room.

“Don’t even go there!” she shrieked, covering her face with her hands. “How embarrassing.”

“Oh, come on, Sandy. You even had the belt! You loved that thing!” Adam laughed again as he saw the red creep up Sandy’s neck, and she began to blush over her cheeks.

“You’re mean, Adam!” Sandy stuck her tongue out at him. Adam just grinned at her. A peaceful silence fell over them, and each entered their own contemplative world. Sandy’s fingers found Adam’s unconsciously, and their hands became entwined with each other’s.

“Did you ever think about us?” Sandy asked quietly. Her eyes didn’t meet his, but Adam could still distinguish the quiet pain of reminiscing in them.

“How could I not?” Adam questioned back. “Sandy, you guys were like my family. You don’t know how much I wanted to run to you when I saw my house going up in flames… it was tough.” Adam paused, squeezing her hand, drawing strength from her. “Not just knowing my parents were dead, but knowing that I had to leave you guys too.”

“You didn’t have to,” Sandy pointed out. Adam cocked his head thoughtfully.

“No, I guess I didn’t.” Adam sighed. “Too bad I didn’t know we were a unit beforehand.” Adam’s eyes became downcast, and he seemed off in his own world again. Sandy reached up with her finger and lightly touched his cheek, seizing his attention.

“I think you knew, Adam. You knew in your heart. Your brain just had a hard time realizing it.” Sandy gazed up into Adam’s eyes, trying to pour her whole soul into him, trying to let him feel her soul. She had waited so long for this day. For the day she could finally just be with Adam again, whether or not they were just friends, or maybe, just maybe, something more.

“You’re right,” Adam replied softly. A small smile touched his lips. “I think I knew all along.” His eyes illustrated his double meaning, and Sandy felt her whole body soar to new heights. She began to pull her upper body up, her hand gripping Adam’s shirt tightly. Her arms circled his neck, and she just gazed into the warmth in his eyes..

“So many years…” Sandy whispered. Her lips were just a hair length away from his, her breath pouring on to his face with its warm texture. “So long…”

Adam wrapped one arm around her waist to keep her up, while his other hand trailed up towards her cheek, cupping it affectionately. This was so wrong. So very wrong. But so very right at the same time. He was in love with his brother’s girlfriend, his brother’s queen. He was in love with Liz, not Sandy. But he couldn’t fight this, couldn’t fight the attraction towards Sandy.

He knew that whatever happened with Sandy today was going to end in a very bad way. But for some insane reason, he just couldn’t pull away from the tempting draw of her glossy lips. Her sweet… alluring… glossy lips.

Sandy looked into Adam’s eyes, a slight smile teasing her lips. She leaned in towards his lips, but quickly diverted them. Instead, she left a kiss on his cheek, and began to trail quick kisses down to his chin, onwards to his neck.

Surprised by Sandy’s detour, he did the only thing he could. He closed his eyes and let himself just relish in her actions.

“Who knew that you were such a-” kiss “-strong-” kiss “-manly-” kiss “-leader-” kiss “-of the-” kiss “-Protector-” kiss “-Four-” kiss “-Square?” Sandy grinned teasingly at him.

Adam practically moaned at Sandy’s touch, overcome with the sensation just the slightest brush of her against him could create. Her lips were not only teasing him now, her hands were playing carefree on his body. Adam could not resist the urge to drag his rough fingers up her body, to her hair, and toy with the long, silky strands of it. He felt her lips melt against his suddenly, finally, pulling his whole body into the consciousness of her motions.

Sandy draped both of her arms around Adam’s neck, keeping his sculpted body tight against hers. With her lips firmly fastened to his, she smothered her warm form closer to his with no resistance from him. Instead she felt his hands beginning to wander down the length of her back and up the underside of her top. Periodically he would tease her, running just the feather of his fingertips against her fervent skin. Her entire soul shook with the shocking caress of his scalding fingers, burning her from the outside in.

“Oh, Adam…” Sandy moaned as Adam’s lips broke away from hers and made a sweltering path of kisses down her chin and down her throat. Adam paused there, taking his time to taste the whole sweet pleasure of Sandy’s soft skin. So soft… so tender…


Adam jumped at the voice clearing his throat. He jumped so much that Sandy rolled off his lap and onto a messy pile on the floor. His eyes became wide and round as he saw Ben staring at him and Sandy with a raised eyebrow. Ben jerked his chin towards Sandy, and Adam realized she was still lying on the floor.

“Sandy! I’m so sorry… I, uh…” Adam mumbled to her as he held out a hand to help her up. She just smiled weakly, her cheeks flushed with a deep red. She stood up with her hand firmly placed in his, and blushed even more so at the contact. She quickly regained her air of arrogance, and brushed out her wrinkled appearance.

“Was I-” Ben smirked, “interrupting something?”

Sandy narrowed her eyes at the sound of her brother’s voice, picking up on his amusement of the whole situation. She crossed her arms across her chest, and stared him directly in the eyes. Making a loud hissing sound, she told him, “Actually you were. So what the hell do you want?”

Ben made a surprised face, remembering there actually was a reason for being there. He quickly made a post-it in his mind that he had to grill both his sister and Adam about what happened later.

“Owen’s gone,” Ben stated flatly.

“WHAT?” Sandy screamed at him. Adam’s dropped jaw supported Sandy’s surprised outburst.

“What do you mean he’s gone?” Adam asked incredulously. “Weren’t you and Owen staying at Kyle’s last night?”

“Yeah, we were, but he was gone when I woke up. Kyle and I looked all over the place for Owen, but no luck. We called Max and Liz, but there was no answer. Kyle’s heading over there now. I thought I’d come and get you guys on the way over.” Ben shrugged nervously, trying to appear calm and collected. His fearful eyes told a different story.

“He’s not…” Sandy asked quietly, with a frightened expression on her face. She was already close to tears, and her body was shaking. Not again. She couldn’t go through all that again. She finally had her family back, and now this had to happen.

She just couldn’t do this all over again.

“No,” Ben drawled with a wrinkled face. “I can still feel him. The link is a bit weaker, but he’s still there. He probably went out for pancakes or something.” Ben laughed nervously. Neither Sandy nor Adam seemed convinced.

Adam jumped into motion and quickly grabbed his jacket that was lying on the floor. “C’mon, lets go. What are we waiting for?”~

Adam gripped the steering wheel tightly, his mind flooded with memory. Life had changed a great deal over the years. Some changes were better, some worse, but all haunting in their very own way. After Max, Owen and Manika’s disappearance, none of them could be the carefree teenagers they thought they could be. Life’s little difficulties just seemed to escalate, proving it to be more and more difficult to be happy.

Then again, how was one to be normal when one didn’t even know what normal was? Adam had faced journey after journey throughout the span of his life, yet it never took long to realize his priorities. Even before he and Liz became… intimate, her and Abby had always been Adam’s main concern. He shared an undeniable bond with his lover and their daughter.

Daughter. Who would have even though that he would have a daughter? In the biological sense of the word, he was everything but. Hell, he was technically her uncle, or at least, on Antar he would have been. But here on Earth, and here in his own heaven, he was her father. Her father. Adam was Abby’s father. Nothing sounded more beautiful to his ears. Well, Adam being Liz’s lover sounded just as good though.

Adam was surprised the day Abby decided that she wanted him as her father. Never in a million years could he have ever expected to be graced with such a privilege.

~Abby sat at the kitchen table, her petite legs swinging restlessly over the edge of her seat. Possessing a small figure like her mother, her feet were only able to touch the ground when she slouched, and her mom didn’t like her slouching. A plate of sliced apples sat in front of her and a glass of white milk stood proudly beside it. Abby picked at one of the apples, seemingly distracted and definitely preoccupied.

“Something wrong, dumpling?” Adam asked as he reached for a glass. Opening the fridge, he poured himself some apple juice. He put the carton back into the fridge and took a seat beside Abby. She eyed him carefully, analyzing him with a furrowed brow.

“You live here, right? With me and mommy,” Abby stated, rather than questioned, seriously. Adam smiled at her.

“You bet I do, dumpling. I’ve with you and your mom for the entirety of your life.”

“And you love mommy.” Adam grin became much larger just at the mention of him and Liz. He was such a hopeless fool when it came to Liz or Abby.

“Yes, I love your mommy. Very much so.” Adam took a sip of his juice to keep him from stretching his lips so much from the great big smile.

Abby propped her elbows up on the table and leaned her chin on the palms of her hands. Staring at Adam confused, she asked him, “Then why aren’t you my daddy?”

Adam spit out the apple juice that he had just inhaled and stared at Abby.


She knew about Max. Liz never told lies or hid the truth from Abby about Max. Abby knew that he was her father and about his non-human status. She knew the circumstances. Hell, he and Liz had repeatedly reminded her that changing the fur of the neighbor’s cat to neon pink wasn’t right, no matter how “pretty” it looked.

How was Adam supposed to explain to Abby why he wasn’t her father? Sure he could explain it to her in technical terms but telling her about the birds and bees wasn’t something he was willing to tell her about. Then again, he could tell her that whatever a boy offered for her to touch was poisonous, and that she should kick any boy that even mentioned sex to her. Adam knew it would keep Abby a virgin for a very long, long time. The thought made him happy. Extremely happy.

“Well, Abby, you know why, dumpling. Max is your daddy. You know who Max is.” Abby rolled her eyes.

“But Indigo’s daddy lives with her. He reads books to her before bedtime and makes dinner for everyone. And Uncle Michael loves Aunt Maria lots! You treat me the same way Uncle Michael treats Indigo! And you love mommy just as much as Uncle Michael loves Auntie Maria! So why can’t I call you daddy? Why doesn’t my daddy act like Uncle Michael?”

Adam took a deep breath. This really wasn’t a good conversation for him. It’s not like he could tell her just to accept it. A child’s mind just doesn’t work that way.

“There are different kinds of daddies, dumpling. Your daddy is still your daddy, no matter what. Uncle Michael is able to do all those things, whereas your dad can’t. So I’m helping you and your mommy out.” Adam smiled at her, hoping she wouldn’t question it further.

Adam really couldn’t express his own feelings towards Max in front of Abby. Adam thought he was a son of a bitch for leaving Liz, especially when she was pregnant, whether Max knew or not didn’t matter. Max had a responsibility to his girlfriend and his daughter, and he had an unbelievable fate to spend the rest of his life with a woman like Liz. Max threw that away. What was one man’s garbage was another man’s treasure.

And Liz and Abby were Adam’s treasures.

Abby became quiet and a very contemplative expression adorned her face. Adam held back a grin, watching as Abby’s young mind went to work right in front of him. Abby cocked her head again and looked at him with an utterly sincere gaze.

“I’m glad you’re here. I like you.” Abby flashed Adam an irresistible smile, and he chuckled at the sight.

“Well, I like you too, dumpling.” Abby sighed and rested her head back on her hands.

“I still wish you could be my daddy.” Abby bit her lip before looking up at Adam again. “Can’t I have two daddies?”~

Fatherhood had changed Adam a lot. Even before Abby officially declared him as her father, Adam had all the loyalty in the world to her. With just a slight grin from his daughter, Adam would bend over backwards and walk to China if she asked him too. Then again, the same went for Liz. Unquestioningly.

Adam turned his car into the Guerin’s driveway, already spotting Liz and Alex’s car. He was late. Abby was going to be mad, and definitely milk it for all it was worth. Adam quickly adjusted to the fact that he’d probably be making a stop at Toys ‘R Us tonight before returning home.

Pulling the keys out of the ignition, Adam unfastened his tie and threw it onto the seat beside him. He opened the door and stepped out of the vehicle, stuffing his car keys into the pockets of his pants. Already taking off his dress jacket, he slung it over his shoulder and walked up the pathway to the front door. Accustomed to entering the Guerin house on a regular basis, he entered without knocking. Smelling the enticing food from the kitchen, Adam threw his jacket onto the nearest chair and walked through the house towards the dining room.

“Daddy!” Abby screamed at the sight of her father. Jumping out of her seat at the dining table, she quickly made her way over to Adam, who already was crouching and had his arms open for her. Abby wrapped her little arms around his neck and hugged him tight as he lifted her up easily. Grinning charmingly, she kissed him softly on his cheek before giving him a sad pout.

“You’re late,” Abby whined. As if on cue, her bottom lip curled and stuck out. Adam’s heart melted, of course, and he kissed Abby’s forehead.

“I’m sorry, dumpling. Work held me back, and I couldn’t come here sooner to see my precious daughter. Could you ever forgive me? Please?” Adam begged playfully and somewhat pathetically. Abby put her index finger to the side of her chin, thinking over his apology.

“Weeeeell…” Abby drawled slowly. “I guess I can do that. But this time only!” Abby emphasized by pointing at him with a wagging finger. Adam smiled and nodded his head in immense gratitude.

“All right,” Adam said as he lowered Abby down. “There you go.” Abby went back to her spot at the dining table, sitting next to a bouncing Indigo.

“Hi Uncle Adam!” Indigo called cheerfully. Adam made his way over to his niece and gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

“Hey there, Indigo. How’s it going?” Adam asked.

“Good, good!” Indigo replied with enthusiasm. Through her charm and wit, Adam could recognize that Indigo was Maria and Michael’s daughter without a second thought.

“Where’s everyone else?” Adam asked, as he realized that no one else was in the room with the two girls. Indigo giggled and Abby soon followed.

“Daddy was barbequing steaks, but he got a phone call from work,” Indigo told him. “So mommy decided to help out and finish cooking the steaks.”

“But she burnt them!” Abby giggled. “Aunty Maria burnt them so bad that not even Uncle Michael would touch them! And Uncle Michael eats everything!

“Yeah!” Indigo added excitedly. “They were all black and crumbling and stuff.” Indigo covered her mouth, unable to stop the pouring laughter. “So daddy got mad because he had to put some new steaks on the grill, and mommy got mad at him for it!”

Adam raised an eyebrow. “Why did Maria get mad at him for putting new steaks on?”

Indigo shrugged her shoulders. “It’s mommy.”

Adam nodded his head, the reason obviously good enough.

It was Maria.

There didn’t need to be an explanation.

“Uncle Alex went out there to make sure they didn’t get too mad at each other,” Abby informed Adam. “Mommy is in the kitchen finishing the mashed potatoes. We’re hungry.” Abby and Indigo both rubbed their tummies dramatically. Adam chuckled again.

“All right, then I guess I better go check on her.”

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Part 4B

Adam left the two girls to their chatter and made his way to the next room. There, with her back towards him and leaning her stomach against the counter, stood Liz. With her sleeves rolled up and her hair hastily tossed into a ponytail, she was mashing the potatoes in a large bowl. Lost in a world of her own, she was humming to herself and bobbing her head along to the music.

Adam felt tingly all over his body just at the sight of Liz, even at her simplest times, she sent shivers throughout the course of his body. Making sure he was quiet, Adam slowly crept his way over to Liz’s side. Surprising her, he slowly wrapped his arms right around her waist and she jumped at his familiar touch. She instantly turned her head and was met with soft lips against her own. She softened her stance, and wrapped her arms around Adam’s neck, feeling the comfort of his body against hers.

Cutting the kiss short, Liz pulled her lips away from his.

“You’re late,” Liz said with an inquiring expression. Adam sighed and leaned his forehead against hers.

“I know, and I’m sorry. You’d think with the bad reputation lawyers have, I’d be a workless man.” Liz grinned at his comment, and went onto her tiptoes to kiss his nose before turning back to her potatoes.

Adam sighed dazedly, and he kept his arms firmly around Liz’s stomach. He leaned in and rested his chin on her shoulder, watching Liz intently mash the potatoes. Feeling slightly restless, he began to place light kisses along the length of her neck. Giggling and wiggling in his arms, she cried, “Stop it, Adam!”

Adam just grinned even more so, and his lips ventured upwards near her ear. His tender lips played with her earlobe in a teasing manner, and his arms kept pulling her closer to his chest. Her wiggling kept making her fervent body brush against his quickly hardening member, and soon quiet moans were whispered in her ear.

“Adam…” Liz whispered hotly to him.


Both Liz and Adam, shocked, turned to the loud voice of Michael, and he was glaring at them with an angry stare. Well, more like he was staring at Adam with an angry stare. Behind Michael, Maria was smirking and giving Liz a thumb up. Liz rolled her eyes, and covered her blushing face.

“I do not want to watch people having sex in my kitchen, much less having to watch my sister having sex in my kitchen!” Michael told them in a horror-stricken voice. Maria rolled her eyes at him and pushed him out to the dining room. She turned her head towards them, gave them a suspicious grin, and whispered to them, “Make it quick!”

Adam sighed and leaned his head against the back of Liz’s head.

“She really is a spunky woman, huh?”

Liz smiled at Adam’s comment, and replied back, “Yep. And we wouldn’t want her any other way.”


“I’ve got news!” Maria exclaimed loudly as she stood proudly from her seat. All eyes turned to stare at her and she beamed at them.

“So I went to my appointment with Principal Moo-Cow-”

“Muncan,” Liz interjected.

“Yeah, whatever,” Maria waved off. “Anyways, she sat me down in her office, and you were right, Liz!” An excited grin slashed across her face, and her eyes brightened immediately. “She asked me to head the ‘newly established music department’!” Maria began to jump up and down in excitement, clapping her hands elatedly.

“Oh, Maria!” Liz cried out. She jumped out of her seat and ran to her best friend’s side, eagerly throwing her arms around Maria’s neck. They hugged and chirped as if they were teenagers again, and the rest of the table yelled out their congratulations.

“I’m so happy for you!” Liz told Maria, grinning at her. Maria grinned back, but stepped away from the hug and held onto her best friend’s hand.

“That’s not all!” Maria squealed. “Alex, Liz and I are going to Refeno!”


Shocked, quiet faces stared at her, causing Maria to shrink away slightly. That certainly was not the reaction she was expecting.

“You’re what?” Michael asked incredulously.

“We’re going to Refeno. The school is sending us to a special teacher’s conference out there. All the department heads are going.” Maria glanced over to Liz and Alex to gauge their reactions, and both were still shocked.

“Maria…” Liz started hesitantly. She moved away Maria, her head bowed in deep thought. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” Liz moved behind Abby’s seat, placing a motherly hand on her shoulder. “I really don’t think that’s such a good idea.” Abby looked straight up at her mother and gave her a wide, toothy grin, which Liz happily returned.

“Maria,” Michael added, “It just doesn’t seem to be a good idea for us to be apart. All of us.” His hands were slowly clenching and unclenching, the obvious stress of this new situation playing different situations in his mind. All of which ended in a very, very, very bad way.

“Oh no!” Maria exclaimed angrily. She put her hands on her hips, and pointed her finger at the group. “We all have been working our butts off to make this life. We’ve poured every kind of energy we’ve ever had to getting to where we are. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I need a goddamn rest!”

“Mommy…” Indigo said in a warning tone that mimicked one of Michael’s when he was trying to calm her down.

“Maria, we can’t just get up and leave,” Alex added. “It doesn’t work like that. You know that.” Maria sighed in a frustrated manner, and threw her hands up in despair.

“You guys can sit around and wait for whatever you think is going to happen, but I’m still young! I want to live while I’m still young! It’ll just be a few days. Liz, Alex and I need a girlfriend trip! We haven’t had a girlfriend trip in way too long.”

Michael stood up, commenting harshly, “Well, maybe that’s because you’re a mother now!”

“Well, you’re a father now too! And still you go on your trips to Refeno to visit that bitch, Isabel!” Maria yelled at him.

“Guys!” Alex shouted over the horrible fierce looks Michael and Maria were shooting at each other. His voice became stern and strict. “Cool it! We can finish this conversation later.” Alex pointed to Maria and Michael’s empty seats, and they both hesitantly sat back down.

The table was overcome with cold silence, and no one dared to even speak a single syllable. Maria and Michael continued to fight with their eyes until a tiny voice piped up at the table, causing them to turn their full attention to it.

“Do you not want to be with me, mommy?” Indigo asked sadly, staring at her mom with her large puppy dog eyes. Maria instantly rushed to her daughter’s side, and crouched down to Indigo’s level.

“Of course not, baby!” Maria replied. Taking Indigo’s chin in her hand, Maria stared her straight in the eye and told her sternly, “Don’t you ever think that, baby. All right? I love you, and I love being with you! It’s just that sometimes-” Maria glared at Michael “-I need time away from daddy.”

Indigo lifted an eyebrow and eyed her father for a moment before leaning in, and telling her mother sympathetically, “I totally understand, mom.” Liz had to cover her mouth to stifle her laughter, which earned her a hard glare from her brother.

“We’ll talk about this later,” Michael repeated with a firm tone, causing both of the Guerin ladies to roll their eyes.


Adam grinned at the sleeping girl in the backseat of his car, watching as Abby clutched her new doll tightly. Her head was tilted slightly to the side, and a dazed expression occupied her face. Adam felt like such a proud father, and he wished he had a camera right that moment. To say it was a Kodak moment would be a large understatement.

Adam gently picked the tiny girl up in his arms and pulled her out of the car. He shut the door with the push of his hip and made his way up to his front door. Before even reaching into his pocket for his keys, the door opened and Liz was standing there. Adam paused for a moment, staring in awe at the wonderful woman that stood before him. He knew he was gawking when she began to blush underneath his stare and nervously tucked her hair behind her ear.

Adam loved that habit of hers. Hell, he loved everything about her.

“I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take you guys to get back from the toy store,” Liz said quietly, making sure she didn’t wake her daughter. She smiled at the small girl and kissed Abby’s forehead affectionately.

“Do you want me to tuck her in?” Liz asked Adam. He shook his head.

“No, it’s ok, I can do it.” Liz nodded and kissed Abby’s head once more before retreating to their bedroom. Adam sighed in a happy daze, and trekked down to Abby’s bedroom. Kicking the door open with his foot, he backed up until the back of his legs hit her bed. Turning around, he slowly lowered his daughter onto her bed, grinning proudly when he felt her small fists balling up his shirt tightly.

Once he finally settled her onto the bed, she instantly cuddled up to pillow and was neatly tucked in bed. Adam brought her blanket up to her chin to keep her warm, and leaned down to kiss her lovingly. He took once last glance at his daughter and strode out of the room, down the hall to his own. Stopping at the bedroom door, he pasued and peeked in. He sighed, again, with a happy daze as he watched Liz undressing for bed. He just couldn’t wipe that silly grin off his face.

Adam knew he had to cherish the time he right now, right here. Things never stayed stable, and he knew that for a fact. Although things had remained quiet for the past few years, he was just waiting for something to go wrong. The fact that things were so quiet truly frightened him to the core.

~ Adam’s whole body stopped in cold fear as he watched the scene in front of him. Everyone was on the verge of completely losing it, if they hadn’t already. Liz was sobbing uncontrollably into Michael’s arms, where she hadn’t moved from since Adam had arrived. Maria was rocking shakily on the couch seat, Alex’s arm around her shoulder. Isabel was off to the side, staring out the front window of her living room. Ben and Sandy stood behind the couch, both whispering fiercely with each other.

“What do you mean Max is gone? Do you really think Owen went with him?” Adam asked in a calm, reasonable voice.

“It means just that, Adam!” Isabel snapped. “Max is gone. Not here. Gone. And where else would Owen be? We all knew Manika was leaving this morning! Of course they all left together!” Isabel’s sizzling eyes stared Adam down, and she crossed her arms over her chest.

“Calm down, Isabel,” Maria said in a shaky voice. “We have to stick together on this.”

“Oh, sure, that’s easy for you to say,” Isabel muttered. “Your brother didn’t just leave you.”

Maria’s fists curled, and she stood up instantly, staring straight at Isabel, her eyes just as fiery. “No, and he didn’t just leave you either! He left all of us! So get over it, Isabel. Get over yourself.”

“Maria…” Alex warned quietly. He grabbed Maria’s hand and pulled her back down beside him. He knew not to push Isabel’s buttons, especially not right now. He had offered his girlfriend comfort, and she had shut him out. He wasn’t going to push her. It would only fire her up more.

“My baby…” Liz whispered in fright, the first words she had said since any of them had arrived.

“Shh, Lizzie,” Michael soothed, patting her hair. Her sobs had already quieted down to small whimpers. Her tiny body was still shaking from the immense downfall of tears that had taken place. She pulled away from Michael’s tight embrace and stared at him with her frightened eyes.

“My baby! What about my baby?” Liz cried with the glare of terror in her eyes.

“Liz, your baby will be fine,” Maria told her calmly. She and Alex moved over to Liz’s side and they both helped Michael calm her fears with reassuring hands and soothing murmurs.

Isabel, Ben, and Sandy, on the other hand, were looking at each other in confusion.

“What… baby?” Isabel asked tightly.

“Liz is pregnant,” Adam responded quickly. Isabel’s eyes bugged out and she nearly stumbled over.

“She’s WHAT?” Isabel screamed.

“She’s pregnant with Max’s baby,” Adam repeated. Isabel gripped the edge of the couch, unstable on her feet.

“Does he… does Max know?” Isabel asked with horrified eyes. Adam shook his head, and quickly rushed to Isabel’s side when he saw her starting to fall over.

“HOW COULD YOU BE PREGNANT?” Isabel screamed at the top of her lungs. “No, no… oh god, no… Max wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t leave me. He wouldn’t leave Liz pregnant…” Isabel began to shed tears again, crying against Adam.

“He didn’t know, Iz,” Adam said quietly. “We have to focus on what we’re going to do now. There’s no sense mulling over what we have no control over.” Isabel just nodded, a dazed look still inhabiting her face. Her whole life was crumbling in her hands, and there was no way for her to stop it.

“Liz,” Ben strained. He and Sandy had been quiet with the group until now, but his face looked torn just like the rest of the group’s. “You’re actually pregnant? With Max’s baby?” He saw Liz’s head nod through the three bodies surrounding her.

“This is bad, isn’t it?” Maria asked frightened.

“If they find out Max is gone, they’ll be coming for the baby,” Ben told them. A loud, sobbing gasp came from Liz, and immediately her hand reached for her stomach.

“No… oh please, no!”

“Who are ‘they’?” Michael asked violently. “Khivar’s dead!”

“‘They’ could be a number of people. It could Khivar’s leftover army, or the rest of his followers… or anyone else who has anything against the Royal Court. Liz, this isn’t safe. You and your baby are not safe here. People know where you are, people that would willingly hurt you and your baby.” Ben looked directly into Liz’s eyes, and she shuddered in absolute fear.

“What are you saying?” Alex asked slowly. “Are you saying… are you saying we should leave? Leave Roswell for good?”

“That’s crazy!” Maria cried. “That’s insane! We can’t leave.”

“You guys,” Liz replied quietly beside them, “don’t have to leave. But if Ben says there is even a chance of someone hurting my baby, I’m leaving. I can’t take a chance like that.”

“Liz, do you realize what you’re saying?” Isabel piped up. “You’re saying we should just run.”

“No, I’m saying I need to run. You don’t.”

“You’re not going anywhere without me,” Michael said quickly to her. He wrapped his arms tightly around her again, pulling her close. In a near whisper, he told her, “I finally found my family, and I’m not letting you go even if it means never seeing Roswell again.” Liz looked up at her brother with grateful eyes, and curled herself closer in his arms.

“And chica, don’t even think about leaving without me!” Maria stated loudly beside her.

“Do you even need to ask if I’m going or not?” Alex added, expressing in his eyes that he wouldn’t dare leave his two best friends.

Isabel on the other hand, was not pleased by the action.

“Alex, what about me?” Isabel whispered, harsh with a broken tone. Her hard, hurt eyes stared at him, and Alex looked back at her confused.

“Iz, you can stay or you can go,” Alex said firmly, “but wherever Liz and Maria goes, I follow.” Isabel bit her lip in hurt, and turned away. She was going to fight a losing battle, and she knew it.

The fact didn’t stop her from fighting though.

“If you leave me, then you can’t ever come back. I won’t let another person leave and hurt me.” Isabel turned back to the group, and she stared out the window. She heard the rustling of the couch behind her, knowing Alex was standing before the group.

“You’re comparing me to… Max?” Alex whispered, tainted with a wounded voice.

Alex stared at the flowing blonde hair of his girlfriend, the very same girl he had made love to the night before. The girl he was utterly in love with, and couldn’t even dream of a more perfect woman for him. The girl he had poured effort after effort into forming a relationship with, and dreamt of every night, hoping and praying for that next kiss.

And here she was, shutting away from him. All because he wanted, no, needed to be there for his best friend. The very same friend who was supposed to be Isabel’s friend as well.

No. He was not going to take this from her.

“I am NOTHING like Max!” Alex roared. “Don’t you ever compare me to him! He left us, all of us, not just you, Isabel! He weighed his decisions, and didn’t care about the people that loved him, so he made a choice. I’ve weighed my decisions, and I’ve already made my choice. My best friend needs me, and I’m going to be there for her. If you can’t accept that, or if you don’t think I’m worthy enough to be with you, then so be it! But don’t you ever-”

“Alex…” Maria whispered softly beside him. She pulled on his arm so he would look at her, and she told him, “Maybe this isn’t the right time to be discussing this.”

Alex’s burning eyes bore a hole into a Maria, before he made a slight nod. He pulled his arm away from Maria, and walked around her. Taking one last venomous glance at Isabel, he stomped out the back door. Every person in that room cringed as they heard a loud bang from the back door slamming.

“What do we do now?” Sandy said quietly into the room.

“We go,” Adam stated back. Sandy gazed at him, her eyebrows scrunched in muddled thoughts. He looked back at her, and she already knew what his decision was. He was going with Liz, whether Sandy went with him or not.

“I… I need to go get some things from my… my place. I want to see my parents before we leave,” Liz whispered quietly. Maria took her hand, patting it lightly.

“Of course, chica, we’ll go right now.” Maria looked up at Adam for a second before turning back to Liz. “We should probably leave as soon as possible.”

Maria stood up, and Michael and Liz soon followed her actions. With a sturdy arm around her shoulders, Michael led a shaking Liz out of the room and towards the front door. Maria stayed back for a few moments, and strolled over to Isabel’s still form, where she was facing the window.

Leaning in, Maria whispered to Isabel, “I knew you were selfish, but I didn’t know just how much. I swear to god, Isabel, if you hurt Liz or Alex, I will come after you. I may not have powers, but trust me when I say you better be damned scared.” With a quick pivot, Maria stomped out the front door as well.

Ben sighed, bringing a tired hand to his forehead. Rubbing the wrinkles, he sighed again and said, “I thought this was all over with.”

Adam piped up, saying sarcastically, “So did I. I guess it was too much to ask for, huh?”

“We don’t have to go,” Sandy whispered, keeping her head down as she said it. “They don’t need us, we can go back home.”

“No.” Both Adam and Ben replied to her in a firm manner. They shared a small smirk before turning back to Sandy.

“Just because Max is gone,” Ben continued, “it doesn’t mean our work is done. We’re the Royal Protectors, and we’re going to do just that. Protect our royals.” Sandy huffed loudly, and crossed her arms.

“I am not the soldier that was in that stupid life before, all right?” She replied harshly. “I don’t have to do anything. I will not let their stupid problems ruin MY life!”

Adam shook his head in disgust, and was ready to leave the house as well. He couldn’t stay there much longer before he completely exploded. He was generally a mellow guy, but his emotions were bouncing off the wall right now.

Talking to both Sandy and Isabel, he said in a strict tone, “I thought I had seen it all in my life, but I was proven wrong today. You two have to be the most selfish, most self-absorbed people to walk this universe. You can stay and live out your dream lives, but when you wake up in the morning, don’t blame me for the loneliness and emptiness you feel.”

Adam turned to walk out the door, but walked right into Kyle instead. They both stumbled for a moment before mumbling their apologies to each other.

“Where’s Liz?” Kyle asked urgently.

“She’s going home, and we’re leaving,” Adam replied. Kyle’s face turned a pale colour and he stared hard into Adam’s eyes.

“What do you mean you’re leaving?”

“We’re leaving Roswell. Max and Owen are gone, and we need to leave before someone finds Liz’s baby.”

“WHAT? Liz is pregnant?”

“Apparently,” Isabel shot out suddenly.

“Shut up, Isabel,” Adam replied coldly. Directing his words to Kyle again, he said, “What’s going on? Why are you looking for Liz?”

Kyle swallowed noisily, and his eyes held a sad expression. “It’s her parents.”~

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Yep. Another part. Well, half part. I figure it's better than nothing. It's really warm at my place, so I can't think right now. I'm just posting this, and uhm... yeah, enjoy. *happy* Thanks for the bumps, btw. ISLANDGIRL5, you made my life a lot easier. Gracias!

Part 5A

“Self defense classes,” Michael stated loudly from his propped up position on his and Maria’s bed. Maria popped her head out of their bathroom, and looked at him strangely.

“What are you talking about?” Maria asked, as she applied her nightly moisturizing lotion to her face.

“You and Liz. You’re going to take self defense classes.” Michael drew his arms back behind his head, giving himself a satisfied look.

“What? Why?” she asked incredulously. Shutting off the bathroom light, she made her way over to the bed and joined her husband. Instantly, Michael opened his arms for his wife and folded her closely to his chest.

“Refeno is a big city, and there’s lots of bad people there. I don’t trust those people. They’ll hurt you just so they can steal fifteen bucks from you for a bottle of liquor. And when they see you again, they’ll come after you and do… unimaginable things to you.” Michael shuddered at the thought of someone touching his wife and his sister, hurting them in ways he wouldn’t wish upon his greatest enemy.

“Michael, will you stop it?” Maria said with in an irritated tone. “You’re too old to be doing crack.”

“I am not doing crack,” Michael pouted. Maria just rolled her eyes at him.

“Michael,” she said, softer this time. “We’ll be fine. Alex will be with us, and we’ll probably end up hanging out with Kyle, Ben, and Sandy most of the time. We’re not even going for that long.” She placed a comforting hand on his bare chest, and looked up into his eyes. “Besides, if anything does happen to us, I highly doubt self defense will be useful, especially in an Czechoslovakian situation.”

Michael’s eyes widened, stricken by the thought. “You’re right!” Michael gasped. “Okay, that’s it. Either I’m coming with you or you’re not going at all!”

“MICHAEL!” Maria shouted. She pulled away from him, and pointed a strict finger at him. “If you don’t stop this, I swear I’ll tie you here until I get back and let Indigo stay with Adam and Abby! And when I get back, I might not even let you go!”

“Oh, feeling kinky?” Michael smirked. He was rewarded with a loud, painful hit to the head. Michael cowered and rubbed his sore spot gently, glaring at Maria.

“Michael,” Maria said, softer this time. She took her husband’s hands into her own, and kissed each hand affectionately. “We’re just going away for a few days, and we’ll be perfectly fine. Its all work orientated anyways. I promise we’ll be good.” Maria grinned. Michael raised an eyebrow.

“Why is it that when you say that, I’m just more scared?”

Maria rolled her eyes and leaned in to kiss her husband. He met her half way and soon their lips fused together in a passionate kiss. Michael’s arms came around Maria’s waist, enclosing her in a tight embrace. His hands stroked the length of her back, his fingers massaging her in ways that always sent tingles of desire up her spine. Maria pulled her lips away for a moment, and gave him a quick grin.

“Does that mean you’re ok with me going?” Maria asked with a hopeful smile.

Michael sighed. He didn’t like this. He didn’t like this one bit. He just had a very, very bad feeling about this.

But if he planned on getting any from his wife tonight, he decided it would better to just nod and smile.


~ Liz mindlessly walked along the sidewalk, just following wherever Michael and Maria were guiding her. Michael’s protective arm was around her shoulders, and Maria was gripping her hand in a suffocating grip, despite the way she was chattering on like a dog on a useless hunt for bones. Her voice was tight and almost squeaky, signifying her unease and nervousness. Liz, on the other hand, was deathly quiet.

Life was suddenly surreal to her. Each step just led her one moment closer to insanity; each breath in was just one last breath before she could rest in peace. She just wanted to see her parents one last time before she left everything she ever knew behind.

She should hate Max, shouldn’t she? She should hate him for leaving her, for not telling her. She should hate him for being a coward, for leaving her in the middle of the night, pregnant nonetheless. She should hate him for leaving her broken, and without half of a heart and without half of her soul. She should hate him for doing this to her, for giving her an uncertain future and even more uncertain future for their child.

But she couldn’t. Max was her love, her life, the air she breathed. And no matter what he had done, it would always be like this. Their souls were linked from one lifetime to another, and whether they wanted to deny it or not, they were only half of a whole by themselves. She wondered if she would soon die with only half of her heart.

So this was it. She was leaving Roswell. For good. It wasn’t how she imagined her life. Then again, nothing was how she imagined it. She never imagined being an alien, much less an alien queen from another lifetime. She never imagined finding her soul mate in high school. She never imagined being pregnant at such a young age. She never imagined leaving home without a college degree, never mind leaving without her parents’ knowledge.

How was she going to do it? Her parents. Her mother and father, the same people that raised her, fed her, played with her, supported her, encouraged her, loved her. She had done nothing but lie to them and used them for the past few years. Now she had to break their hearts by leaving them without a word, and with little hope of ever seeing them again. She could only hope she would be half the parents they were to her.

Liz touched her stomach fondly. She had a child growing inside of her. A little bundle of joy, someone Liz could focus her full love and attention on. Liz promised herself, and the small child inside of her, that she would devote every single breathing moment to making some sort of life for her child. She refused to let her baby live in fear for the rest of her or her born life, always checking the rearview mirrors, always wondering if that man who worked at the corner store was a FBI agent, or if the older lady who lived in the apartment above was actually an alien out to kill them.

No, her child would not live that way. Even if she had to do some ass kicking herself, her child would not live that way.

“Oh my god…”

Liz’s head jerked up at the sound of Maria’s loud gasp and shuddering whisper. Before she even realized it, they had reached the Crashdown.

And it was enraptured in a ring of terrorizing flames.

Liz felt Michael’s arms come around her as she stared at the sight before her. Her beloved restaurant and home were set ablaze, it’s blinding glow causing her to shrink into the comfort of Michael’s arms. Firemen were already surrounding the building as their fire hoses were aimed at the scorching fire, water gushing out. Despite the downpour, the fire raged on as the three members stood stone still.

The Crashdown blazed in a fiery embrace, its horrid image scorching into the memory of each of the onlookers. Hot, threatening flames roared high above the establishment, reaching out into the sky above with its long, pointy fingers. Smoke billowed about the area, its nasty toxins already traveling down with each breath Liz inhaled. Her whole body felt as if it were inside, melting along with her heart, her soul, her entire being.

“Oh god…” Liz whispered through streaming tears. Both Michael and Maria, standing beside Liz, remained eerily quiet as the scene continued in front of their very eyes.

Liz’s hand covered her mouth, and she was barely fighting the urge to lose whatever could be left in her stomach. Her home was burning. Her home that she had always known was burning down right in front of her. The home her parents had created and maintained from the time she was a child. Her parents.

“MOM! DAD!” Liz screamed as she ran towards the smoldering building. “NO! MOM! Please… oh god… dad…”

Michael had felt the violent jerk Liz gave as she pulled away from him and ran towards the building. Immediately Michael began to run after her, not even able to imagine the thoughts Liz could be conjuring up in her mind. He just knew he had to hold her back before she did something completely insane.

“LIZ! Stop!” Michael screamed at her, quickly gaining speed on the small, sobbing girl. “Come back!”

Liz ignored Michael’s words, letting her legs carry her as far as they could. She kept getting nearer and nearer to the Crashdown until she finally reached the barricade between the public and the raging fire. As she should have expected, a large, towering body of a firefighter held her small frame back, telling her to get back.

“No! That’s my home!” Liz screamed at the man, her eyes never ceasing to look away from the flames that were shooting from her home. “My parents! Where are my parents?” Liz screamed at the man. She grabbed his heavy coat, gripping it firmly in her fists.

“WHERE ARE THEY? WHERE ARE MY PARENTS?” Liz shrieked at him hysterically. Her eyes were drowning with tears, the fierce brokenness in them telling the man that she was on the brink of completely losing her sanity.

“I’m sorry, kid,” the firefighter replied. “They haven’t found anyone yet.”

“How long?” Liz yelled. “How long has the fire been going on?” Her fists gripped his jacket tighter.

“Just over twenty five minutes,” he replied. Liz cried in horror, both of her hands covering her mouth. More tears began to pour down her face, and she would have fallen to the ground if Michael hadn’t appeared behind her.

“Find them…” Liz cried to the man. “You have to find them! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GO FIND MY PARENTS!”

“Shh, Lizzie,” Michael whispered soothingly into her ear. “Just let the man do his job.” Liz began to cry desperately again, and she threw herself into Michael’s arms, hoping to just lose herself.

“Please… someone… just find them…”~

“Please… someone…. just find them…”

“Liz! LIZ!” Adam gripped Liz’s shoulders tightly, gently shaking her. “Wake up, Liz!”

Liz slowly began to gain consciousness again, though her eyes were wet with tears and her body was trembling with memory. Her gradually opening eyes connected with Adam’s overtly concerned ones. She felt Adam’s hand on her cheek, stroking it tenderly. Liz closed her eyes again, trying to shut out the memory of her dream.

“Hey,” Adam said quietly, “Are you all right?” Liz nodded mutely. Adam wrapped his strong, protective arms around her, and she graciously leaned in against him. Adam placed a small, reassuring kiss on her forehead, keeping a firm grasp around her.

“It was a bad dream, wasn’t it? You haven’t had one of those for a while,” he told her. “Was it your parents…?” Liz nodded again.

“Maybe I’m just stressed,” Liz whispered shakily. “I always get these dreams when I’m stressed.” Liz knew as soon as her words left her mouth that she was just trying to reassure herself, but she needed much more than words to calm herself.

“You need to relax, Liz,” Adam told her firmly. “Maybe this trip to Refeno will do you good.”

“Maybe,” Liz replied, her words still quivering.

A knock sounded at their bedroom door, and before they could answer, Abby’s small form appeared at the foot of Liz and Adam’s bed. She was gripping her stuffed bunny tightly, and she was crying profusely. Liz immediately opened her arms for her daughter, and Abby ran to them. Liz pulled her up onto the bed and wiped Abby’s tears from her face.

“It was… so hot…” Abby cried in her mother’s arms, hiccupping slightly. Liz threw a look at Adam before gazing back at her beautiful Abby.

“Angel,” Liz said to her daughter. “Did you go into mommy’s dream?” Abby nodded meekly, causing Liz to sigh.

“I’m sorry, mommy!” Abby cried again. “I just felt you… and you were all sad and stuff… and I wanted to make it better… but it was too hot… I didn’t know where I was…I wanted… I just wanted to make sure you were okay, mommy! I’m sorry!”

Liz kissed the crown on Abby’s head affectionately, and pulled her closer, drawing a comforting strength from her daughter. “It’s all right, baby.” Liz lied back down on her bed, pulling Abby up between her and Adam. “Since we’re all here, we might as well get some sleep together.” Both Abby and Adam nodded.

Liz’s hold on her daughter tightened slightly, and she was almost afraid that she was going to suffocate her daughter, but more afraid of not holding on tight enough. Something was coming; Liz could feel it. And Liz knew that not one of them was going to be able to stop it.

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Part 5B

Sandy stretched out lazily on Kyle’s bed, the bedspread just barely covering the top of her bare body. She giggled to herself as she rolled about on the bed. No matter how many times she and Kyle had made love on this very bed, it would always leave her extremely happy and satisfied. Well, more like Kyle would always leave her satisfied.

Kyle was a wonderful lover, to say the least. He touched her in ways no one had ever been able to, both physically and emotionally. Sandy rolled onto her stomach, leaning her chin on the top of her hands. A glowing smile was permanent on her face and she reveled in the glory in which she had fallen deeply into. It was unavoidable now, there was not one single way that she could deny this feeling that she felt. Every molecule inside of her was tingling in sensation that only proved what was staring her dead in the face.

Sandy loved Kyle.

And what was even more amazing?

Kyle loved her back.

How could he not? Kyle touched her with the sweetest softness and moved inside of her with a tenderness only a lover inspired with desire could promote. His lips always met hers in their delicious, gratifying manner, and his hands fell upon her with their silky grace. Sandy couldn’t remember when Kyle had first begun to touch her heart, but she knew it had been a glorious feeling ever since. Sandy wondered if Kyle knew about the magic he possessed and used successfully on her.

Unfortunately Sandy’s pleasurable moment ended abruptly as the telephone rang shrilly from the bedside table. Sandy sighed heavily, resistant to reach over and answer the phone. Whoever it was could wait, couldn’t they? They could always leave a message. Unless it was Kyle. Oh! What if it was Kyle? She couldn’t make him wait!

Sandy instantly sprung closer to the table and roughly reached for the phone, greeting in a breathless tone, “Hello?”

A sigh of relief swept into her ear from the receiver and Sandy scrunched her eyebrows. “Ben?”

“Thank god you’re home!” Ben exclaimed loudly into the phone. There was a slight touch of static, indicating that he was on his cell phone.

Sandy sighed again, and fell heavily back onto the bed. She brought the covers higher up, covering more of her chest. Talking to her brother sure ruined her sexy moment. “What is the crisis now, Ben?” Sandy asked sarcastically. She wasn’t in the mood to hear about whatever Ben was sure to tell her.

Ben was not affected by his sister’s princess tone though, as he had grown accustomed to it since childhood, although her lack of concern did irritate him. “Sandy, don’t patronize me.”

Sandy rolled her eyes, asking him in an obviously bored manner, “Aren’t you supposed to be working or something?”

“Sandy, shut up for a minute, all right?” Ben replied somewhat harshly. “I got a call from Liz this morning. Seems that Maria got some sort of promotion, and her, Alex and Maria are coming to Refeno for some sort of teacher conference thing. They’re coming. Here. They’re coming here.” Ben paused before repeating, “Liz, Maria and Alex are coming here to Refeno.”

Sandy felt her breath swiftly stop flowing from her mouth, a strangled cry caught in her throat. A hand came up to cover her mouth, and Ben could imagine the wide-eyed expression on her face. He knew that the once haughty appearance on her face was long gone now after revealing his news, as it usually disappeared when he needed her. Perhaps that was why he had an endless love for his sister and could deal with her offensive moods. He could count on her whenever he needed her.

“Oh god,” Sandy whispered. “Do you realize what that means?” A shaky breath was exhaled from her lips before she continued. “This is bad, Ben. This is very bad.”

Ben shook his head, understanding exactly what Sandy meant. His head lifted from its downwards position, watching the people who passed him on the street stealthily. He kept his one hand in his pocket and the other firmly planted on his cell phone. “It’s difficult enough trying to hide this whole thing from Isabel and Kyle. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like with the addition of Liz, Maria and Alex?”

“Maybe they won’t know!” Sandy replied frantically. “Maybe they’ll just come and then leave, and everyone will go home happy!” A desperate tone reverberated in her voice.

“Are you kidding me, Sandy?” Ben did a car check of the busy street before crossing quickly to the other side. “This city is big, but not that big. Not when it comes to them, especially Liz.” Ben sighed and added in a hard, sarcastic whisper, “She’s got the powerful mind powers thing, remember? Or did you seem to forget?”

“I know, I know,” Sandy responded, seemingly unaware of her brother’s sarcasm. “They can’t know, though. They just can’t.” Feeling the frustration build suddenly, she burst out, “I told you this would happen, Benjamin! I told you! I told you this would explode right in our faces!” Sandy brought her hand up into her rustled hair, scrunching it in balls of exasperation.

“I know, Sandy,” Ben replied in a soft tone. “I just never thought that Liz would be willing to come here with… you know, what happened with Isabel and all.” Ben sighed heavily again. “And Alex? I can’t imagine him coming here with even just the slightest chance of seeing her.”

“You do realize that if any of them see Isabel, it’ll all end really horribly.” Sandy dropped her head back against the billowy pillow. “And that’s just if they see Isabel.” Sandy closed her eyes, not wanting to imagine the horror that could occur during Maria, Alex and Liz’s trip.

“Sandy, what if they see-”

A loud beeping began to sound in Sandy’s ear, and she realized someone was trying to call her. Damn call waiting.

“Hold that thought, Ben,” Sandy told him before going to the other line.


“Hey gorgeous.” The husky, masculine voice flowed into Sandy’s ears, and she felt her heart rate begin to race. Her hands were already getting sweaty and she was sure a grin had instantly planted itself on her face.

Damn. She was acting like a fourteen year old.

“You know I am,” Sandy replied teasingly.

“Yes, yes I do. That I know for sure, and damn, you sure taste good too. I think I can still taste you in my mouth,” Kyle told her seductively. Sandy already felt a moistening in between the arch of her legs, and she let out a sexy breath.

“What are you trying to do to me?” Sandy asked with a mischievous grin on her face, her previous conversation completely leaving her mind.

“What do you want me to do to you?” Kyle answered immediately.

“Oh no! You are not playing this game when you’re so far away,” Sandy pouted. “It’s not fair to get me all riled up and leave me hanging.”

“Well, you know, I’m sure I’ve got a lunch break coming up sooner or later. I think I might have to have lunch at home today…” Kyle drawled out.

“Oh, you naughty little boy!” Sandy cried. “I guess I’ll just have to have lunch all prepared for you.”

“Mmm,” Kyle groaned. Oh, the wondrous things she could do to him!

“I’ll see you at lunch then?” Sandy asked teasingly. “Unless you’d rather have McDonald’s.”

“No way!” Kyle shouted out a bit too loudly. “I’m coming home at lunch, baby!”

“Well, coming is definitely a great way to put it,” Sandy murmured seductively.

“Oh god! Forget it! I’m coming home now!” Kyle was already standing up from his seat and throwing random things into his briefcase. He could hear the exquisite sound of Sandy’s laughter on the phone. Before he could bring himself to say goodbye, he paused. “Before I forget, I wanted to tell you!”

“Tell me what?” Sandy asked slightly confused.

“I got a call from Maria!” Kyle exclaimed. “She’s coming to visit with Liz and Alex! Isn’t that great? They are finally coming to visit!”

Sandy’s heart dropped suddenly, her earlier woes returning to her again. She hated lying to him, even if it was safer for him this way. She has already declared she loved him to herself, and lying to him like this could be destructible towards their growing relationship.

But she had a duty to fulfill, if not to her king, then to her brother.

“Yeah, Kyle. That’s wonderful.”

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Part 6

~ “Who do you really think it was?” Kyle whispered to Ben as they started piling makeshift luggage into the car that rested beside a rusting van.

“I don’t know,” Ben replied sadly. “But a fire killing people? Sounds too coincidental not to be connected to Khivar somehow.”

“But he’s dead.”

“I know,” sighed Ben. He wiped his forehead with the sleeve of his shirt, and stopped to take a breather. “Either way, we need to get everyone out of Roswell. Now.” Ben lifted another bag into the back of the navy colored vehicle.

“What about your parents?” Kyle asked quietly.

“They’re gone.” Ben shrugged half-heartedly. “Somewhere in Europe, I think. They should be safe there. I’m sure if they decided to come back, Liz could implant a thought in their minds to stay.”

“She can do that? Even when she’s this far away?” Kyle asked, astonished.

Ben eyed Kyle carefully before nodding. “Yeah, she can. I don’t think she realizes the extent of her powers.” Ben paused, before giving Kyle a serious look. “Especially with Max’s baby inside of her.”

“I hear you, man,” Kyle replied. “That shit is freaky.” Kyle shook his head. “This whole situation is freaky.”

Ben just shrugged before shutting the trunk of the car with a loud thump.

“The perks of being an alien.” Kyle smirked at Ben’s comment before making his way over to the van.

Ben glanced over to the considerable crowd next to the two vehicles, noting in his head as to who was whose parents. He cringed when he heard the loud, unmistakable Deluca screech.


Maria rolled her eyes at her mother’s histrionic behaviour, but knew she had to calm her before the rest of the Squad lost their minds.

“Mom, I’ll tell you, I swear, but just give me some time, all right? There are some things we need to take care of before -”

“Oh no, missy! You will be informing me right this moment.” Amy Deluca stamped her foot to prove her determined spirit. Maria huffed in irritation as she watched the rest of the Squad’s parents loading up into the car, and she couldn’t help but wish that her mother were as trusting of her as the others’ parents were.

“Mom,” Maria addressed her seriously. She placed both hands on Amy’s arms, and stared straight into her mother’s eyes. “I promise you that we will tell you everything that there is to tell, but not right now. The most important thing at this moment is to get everyone loaded into the cars and get the hell out of here.” Maria heaved a dramatic, almost tearful sigh. “I love you, mom. And I will tell you. We just don’t have time to right now. Just… trust me, okay?”

“Maria, I have a feeling this could be very dangerous and -”

Amy paused, staring back into her daughter’s face, which appeared to be eerily calm and collected. Amy sighed heavily. “Right. Trust you.”

Taking a long glance into Maria’s eyes, Amy witnessed the bare truthfulness in her daughter’s eyes, and she knew that it was her turn to let herself put whatever this was into Maria’s hands. So she just nodded simply to Maria, kissed her forehead with every single ounce of love she had in her body, and silently took her seat within the car.

“All in?” Maria nodded to Alex as he gave her a sympathetic smile, and closed the car door. She jumped when she heard the loud bang of the door slamming shut, and couldn’t shake the terrible tremor that accompanied the odd sensation. It was too loud, too significant, the noisy slamming of the door… somehow Maria knew that it meant more than she could comprehend at the moment. She had to fight vengefully to persuade herself from ripping the door back open.

“I’ll take care of her.”

Maria turned her eyes towards the gentle Sheriff, and she couldn’t help but smile softly at him. “You better,” she joked halfheartedly, “or I’m going to come after you.” Suddenly she found herself throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. “Take care, all right? Make sure you’re all safe.”

Valenti just returned the innocent embrace and winked at her. “As long as you keep my son in order.” She rolled her eyes and nodded at his request. Valenti put one hand on her shoulder and stared her right in the eye. “I know you all are good kids, so I trust you to take care of Kyle. I know whatever has got you kids scared is not just anything, so I’m just going to follow my instincts and wait until you’re sure you can reveal whatever it is that you’re hiding.”

Maria took comfort in his words, realizing that it had been a long time since she had been able to be free in her emotions with an adult. She felt the surge of restlessness to get to wherever they were going and expose the long, relentless history of theirs to their parents. She had grown weary of experiencing fear day in and day out. She simply wanted to wake up from this nightmare just once so she could let her mind lie at rest for a mere moment or two.

“So we’ll meet you there?” Alex asked the Sheriff as he finished his final check. Valenti nodded to the young man, and Alex waved to his father who was sitting in the back of the car. Valenti took his spot in the driver’s seat, and placed his key in the ignition. As Alex was making his way to the van, he heard one of the back windows of the car rolling down and a voice yelling out to him.

“Where’s my wife?” Phillip Evans demanded.

Alex whipped his head towards Mr. Evans head from where it stuck out from the window. Double-checking the occupants of the vehicle, he realized that Diane Evans really wasn’t there. He glanced up at the Evans’ house, and sighed.

“She’s probably just in washroom, Mr. Evans.” Alex checked the time on his watch. “Why don’t you guys get a head start, and Mrs. Evans can squeeze into the van with us?” Before Phillip could protest, Alex added, “You don’t need to worry about her. She’ll be completely safe with us. You guys better get moving, Valenti.” The sheriff was already making his way out of the driveway before Alex heard anymore protesting from Phillip.

Alex walked over to the opening of the van and peered his head in. The sight greeting his eyes was less than desired, and nothing could ease the trouble it caused his already restless mind. Liz lay in the back of the van, catatonic and completely enveloped in Michael’s embrace with Maria sitting beside them. Alex’s heart broke in small pieces, too emotional at the sight of his best friend to utter a word or flutter an eyelid. To lose a soul mate and both parents in one day – Alex couldn’t imagine it, nor did he want to. He wondered from where he would pull hope from if it were him – but it was not him, so he had no idea. All he knew was that his best friend needed his support, and there was nothing in the world that was going to stop him.

Including Isabel.

“Are we ready?”

Alex turned his head towards the advancing Adam.

“Almost. The van is all packed up, and we just need to load everyone into it. Oh, and Diane Evans is accompanying us. Valenti left with the car just a few moments ago.” When Adam raised any eyebrow as to why, Alex replied, “I figured it was best that they leave as soon as possible.” He sighed heavily. “Besides, Diane probably has the safest spot than the rest of our parents. She’ll be in a van full of aliens.”

“A – a – aliens?”

Alex didn’t even bother turning his head towards the figure he knew was there.

“Mrs. Evans, come on in, join us in the van full of aliens.” Alex hopped into the van and took a seat in the back. “We’re nice, I promise.”

“Aliens?” Diane repeated again, staring wide-eyed at Adam.

“Yep, aliens,” he replied nonchalantly. “Exciting, huh?” He cracked a trying grin, but the paling of her face proved his inappropriate teasing. “Why don’t you get into the van, Mrs. Evans? We’ll explain when we’re on the way, all right?”

“Aliens.” Diane just continued to stare at him. “Are you saying my children are… aliens?”

“That I am,” he told her seriously. “And because of that, we have to go. So into the van you go.” Adam practically pushed her into the van, not minding her as she stumbled dizzily into the roaring vehicle.

“PEOPLE,” Adam yelled loudly. “This is the last call! All in before I feel the urge to run you over. We need to get going. Now.” Sandy, Ben, Kyle and Isabel appeared at his side suddenly and climbed into the vehicle. Before he shut the door, Adam leaned towards Isabel and told her, “Your mom knows. We have to tell her the truth on the way there.” He slammed the door shut as Isabel’s face grew pale.

Adam smirked to himself, thinking silently to himself, ‘What a ride we’re in for.’


Kyle pulled his key out of the ignition, and placed the ticket on the top of the dashboard. Opening his car door and stepping out, he brushed off the crumbs from the donut he had devoured only minutes ago from his lap. Pressing a button on his car remote, he heard the quiet noise of the locking doors.

He quickly made his way into the substantially large building, ignoring the rude people who pushed past him. He made a stop in front of the bright monitors and checked the arrival times for flights coming in from Altike. Cursing, he saw that their flight had arrived early and they were probably waiting for him. He was already preparing himself for the long rant he was sure to hear from Maria about it.


He turned to see Liz speeding towards him with her suitcase trailing behind her. Maria and Alex weren’t too far behind, and luckily for him, Maria was chattering away on her cellphone, which would hopefully spare Kyle a few moments of sanity from her. He tenderly embraced Liz’s petite figure, feeling as if a part of him was somewhat whole again.

It was tiresome having to somehow balance his life. On one side was the part of the gang that resided in Altike, best friends he barely saw but talked to almost constantly. He had known Maria, Alex and Liz for a long time, and even dated Liz in high school. They were the friends he could never sacrifice because there was just so much there and would always be. On the other side of the spectrum were the people he saw everyday, the ones who had virtually become his intimate family. He watched sports with Ben on Sundays, and went out for lunch with Isabel on Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays.

And right smack dab in the middle was Sandy. His Sandy. The woman he had desperately fallen for… an alien nonetheless! He had not believed it possible, for him, Kyle Valenti, to open himself to someone, never mind her species. He couldn’t deny the deeply embedded emotions he held for Sandy. She was utterly… perfect. Beautiful, intelligent, caring, loyal, honest… he loved her.

Kyle Valenti loved Sandy Fisher. Sandy Fisher loved Kyle Valenti. Kyle and Sandy were in love. Sandy and Kyle were in love.

They had the relationship you loved to hate, but still wished for in spite of that.

Perhaps she was why Kyle put up with having to deal with the differing sides of his life spectrum. Whatever it was that Sandy did or said, it could just wipe away any unrest there was. When she glanced at him, he no longer felt the weight of the everlasting friction between Isabel and Liz, Maria and Alex. Especially Alex. But Kyle wasn’t going to get into that. He did not have the time or the patience.

It was still unsettling when he had heard of Maria, Alex and Liz’s trip to Refeno a few weeks back though. Kyle knew what possibly could occur during this trip

“Mr. Valenti! Looking good!” Liz smiled at him and began to inspect him with a careful eye as Maria continued to chatter on her phone. She let out a loud squeal and pointed to a spot on his neck. “You were with Sandy before you came to pick us up!”

Kyle quickly began to blush and rubbed his neck with embarrassment. “Wha – what are you talking about?”

Liz swiped her finger against Kyle’s neck and examined her fingertip. Holding her finger up, she said, “I think I have this colour.” Liz grinned while Alex burst into laughter.

“You were making out with your girlfriend while we sat here waiting for you?” Maria exclaimed as she flipped her cell phone close.

“Well, you were on the phone anyways,” Kyle retorted.

“Yes, well apparently Michael doesn’t know where we keep the toilet paper.” Maria rolled her eyes.

“More like he can’t stop having an insane conniption for long enough to allow us to enjoy our trip,” Alex piped in.

“That’s exactly it!” Maria gestured towards the doors so they could make their way out. “With Michael, it’s like taming a dog. He’s loyal, protective and kind of cute, but every once in a while, he gets so excited that he shits himself all over the carpet.”

“What a lovely image of my brother,” Liz said sardonically.

“It’s true,” Maria continued. “You can only handle him in so many ways. My favoured trick is to just pacify him. ‘Sure, honey, we’ll keep the pepper spray in our hands at all times.’ ‘Of course we won’t leave our hotel rooms unless absolutely necessary.’ ‘No, honey, we won’t drink at all.’” Maria cocked a silly grin.

“I must say I feel some sympathy for Michael,” Kyle replied. “It must suck to be led around on a leash. And surely not just by his wife but by Indigo as well.” He eyed Maria. “If she’s your kid, then there’s no way Michael could not be wrapped around her little finger.”

“Well, like mother like daughter.” Maria shrugged her shoulder. “Besides, I’m sure that Sandy has you wrapped quite well around her finger – and probably some other body parts as well.”

Kyle groaned. “No, she does not.”

“Oh, I bet she does,” Liz added. “You just don’t know it, right Maria?”

“You bet your bottom.” Maria nodded for extra agreement. “Speaking of Sandy, why didn’t she come with you?”

“She said she had something to do with Ben.” Kyle just shrugged unknowingly, and pointed towards his car. “She said she’d meet up with us later though.” Pressing a button on his car remote, the trunk of his car popped open.

As they began to load their luggage into the trunk, Maria slipped in beside Liz and whispered into her ear, “We better watch out for Alex. I think he’s more upset than he wants us to know.”

Liz nodded, knowing he had every right to be. She understood what coming to Refeno meant to Alex. The person he had once imagined sharing his entire life with was residing in Refeno, yet there was no possible way he would be meeting with her. Liz wasn’t even sure if he would want to. They had parted on much too complicated and hurt terms, and certainly the years of having no contact did not help matters.

Though his feelings for Isabel mustn’t have changed much. Liz knew firsthand that time couldn’t make a person forget or stop feeling. Love refused to work that way, despite how much Liz or Alex fought against it. They were both deviously chained to the emotions that had molded onto their hearts without permission. And for that, they were both suffering from the confinement of their restraints.

Although, Liz wasn’t sure whether she could handle being free either. Free from the memories that plagued her, the love she still knew she had for Max, and the dream life she was sure she still imagined of somewhere inside of her. It was as if her shackles brought her some twisted sense of comfort. She wouldn’t – couldn’t forget, therefore whatever reality would throw her, she could protect herself and even delude herself from its harshness.

Even now, she needed the comfort to shield herself from whatever she felt was going to be harming them soon. Liz was well aware of the coming danger, though she had no indications of what it could possibly bring. Since the time she had found out about their trip to Refeno, something kept tingling in the back of her mind and all it spelt out was danger. She felt the need to know what exactly was forthcoming, but at the same time, she didn’t want to know in fear of what it would bring.

“Hey, time to go,” Kyle told her, bringing Liz out of her thoughts. She smiled at him and nodded, slipping into the backseat of his car.

“Ladies and gentleman,” Kyle called out as he put his key into the ignition, “Welcome to Refeno!”


~ “He wouldn’t do that.”

Silence filled the van, no one neither agreeing nor disagreeing with Diane’s statement. Adam focused his attention on the road as he drove cautiously down the highway. He saw the other car, which Valenti was driving, not too far ahead and followed some distance behind.

“I know my son,” Diane replied in a hard, stubborn manner. “And he wouldn’t do that, he wouldn’t just leave.”

“Mom,” Isabel said quietly from where she sat beside Diane. She took her mother’s hand and looked at her, trying to appear as honest as possible. “That’s not all of it.”

Isabel glanced at the seat behind her, finding Liz sleeping restlessly in Michael’s arms and Maria and Alex were on either side of them. She couldn’t look at them for long for it only tore her heart and mind into smaller pieces. Would this ever be over? She was so sick of having to run of, having to hide who she was, of never being able to feel

Suddenly she felt a hand slip into her other hand, and Isabel smiled gratefully at the person beside her. Ben smiled back, offering whatever comfort he could.

“Mom, we’re aliens. We’re aliens from another life, where we were all royalty.” Isabel kept her sight on the floor, much too afraid to glance up and witness a look of horror on her mother’s face. “In our past lives, there was a Royal Court. Max was king and Liz was his queen, with Alex, Maria, Michael and I responsible for the general welfare of our kingdom. Adam was titled as Liz’s official royal protector. The seven of us made up the Royal Court so we could govern over our home planet, Antar, justly.”

“Before then,” Ben continued for her. Isabel smiled gratefully at him, and he just nodded. “Antar had been ruled by two families: the Antarian family and the Nalan family. The Antarian family was known distinctly for their warrior strength and power, whereas the Nalan family was respected for their mental and telepathy powers, especially in their women. Zan, Max’s name in his previous life, was the son of the Antarian family and Leandra, Liz’s former name, was the daughter of the Nalan family. The two children fell in love, much to the enjoyment of the royal families. It was a sensible arrangement for the two to marry, as the greatest powers on the planet would be united to rule.

“Terror struck the kingdom though, and the queen was murdered in a failed kidnapping by Khivar, an enemy who had been waiting quietly in the background. After Leandra’s death, the Royal Court fell apart and could no longer function effectively. It wasn’t difficult for Khivar to finish off the rest of the Court and take the throne, where he had been sitting until a few weeks ago.”

“A few weeks ago?” Diane asked in a strained voice.

“Yeah,” Alex replied quietly. “After our deaths, our essences were placed into pods and sent to Earth, with an extra three pods. Adam, Ben, Sandy and Owen would create the Protector Four-Square -”

“Owen is with Max now, right?” She asked.

“That’s what we think,” answered Adam. “The Protector Four-Square would serve to keep the Royal Court safe until they could return to Antar and take back the throne. We were also gifted with dreams so we could remember our past lives on Antar. There were two ships sent to Earth, one with the Royal Court and one with the Protector Four-Square with me issued as their leader. The first ship had been tampered with and it crashed in Roswell, but the second ship, we landed in Sunny Oaks. The distance between the groups had severely severed our bonds to each other, and our development suffered because of it.”

“Oh” was all Diane could say to that. She didn’t say much else but it was implied that she wanted to hear the rest.

“A couple of years ago Adam showed up in Roswell,” Maria pressed on. “There was another girl, Tess, who had appeared in Roswell but she turned out to be an evil bitch. And I swear that girl used store bought dye. I don’t think her curls were real either.” Maria shook her head sadly. “Evidently, when she had been on Antar, her name was Ava, she had been in cahoots with Khivar and was trying to whore herself to Zan, which never worked. Well, Tess felt threatened by Liz because she feared that Liz would be taking ‘her’ place again in this life, which she stupidly thought was beside Max. Adam, since he was Leandra’s protector on Antar, had felt a bond with Liz and felt the danger. Long story short, we blasted Tess’ ghetto booty.”

“Then the Royal Court paid us a visit in Sunny Oaks, where Ben and I were about a month ago. We thought both Adam and Owen were dead, but surprise! They weren’t.” Sandy’s tone was sarcastic. “We all united just as Khivar decided to pay us a visit from Antar, well, except for Owen. He had become a soldier for Khivar, waiting with his friend Manika for the day they could gather revenge on him.”

“Space beast -”

“Space beast?” Diance questioned Maria.

“Yeah, that’s what I called Khivar. Because he’s a beast. And he’s from space. So Space beast. Get it? Anyways, he kidnaps our Lizzie and Alex, but we save their ungrateful butts. Khivar is about to go all gung-ho on our asses, but Liz pulls a super preggo alien queen move, and kills him. Bam! And the bastard goes down.” Maria grinned proudly at the slumbering Liz.

Diane blinks, trying to decide whether she drank far too much with Phillip last night or if this was in fact true. Her children and each of their friends were
aliens. Aliens for heavens sake! Were those even real? Well, that’s what these kids were saying. And if she had been listening correctly, her son was alien royalty and his girlfriend was pregnant. With a baby. An alien baby nonetheless.

Oh dear lord, where was the vodka when she needed it?

“So Liz is pregnant with Max’s baby?”

“Yeah,” Michael answered incredibly softly, stroking the hair on Liz’s head. He laid a kiss on the crown of her head and couldn’t help but pull her sleeping body closer. “Max impregnated my sister, and then the selfish asshole left her by herself.” Michael’s voice was full of venom and he couldn’t contain the scorn that had grown for Max.

“Michael, you don’t know that!” Isabel defended quickly. “We don’t know what happened to Max. He didn’t know about the baby!”

“And that changes things?” Adam questioned angrily. “Max is supposed to be our leader, Isabel. Leaders don’t leave their group to fend for themselves.” His knuckles became white as he gripped the steering wheel tightly.

“No,” she replied quietly. She wanted to defend Max to them, but she knew it was a lost cause. For now.

“Wait,” Diane piped in, still reeling from the conversation that was taking place. “Michael, you’re Liz’s brother?”

“He was on Antar,” Sandy responded for him. “Adam was Max and Isabel’s brother too on Antar.”

“But Max and I didn’t quite take a liking to each other,” Adam stated sardonically.

“Well, just because -”

Suddenly a blinding white light burst a few yards in front of them, obstructing Adam’s driving view. He swerved the van to the side of the road, causing its occupants to jolt with the unexpected and overpowering shift. Slamming on the breaks, everyone lurched forward with a profuse force. Each member was still shielding his or her eyes from the inexplicably intense light.

“Everyone all right?” Adam yelled out loudly. He heard agreeable moans from behind him. Slowly he lowered his arm to catch a glimpse of what exactly had occurred. His face fell to the ground as the sight filled his eyes.

“Oh my god,” Sandy whispered at the scene.

“Is that…” Maria’s fearful voice trailed off as they were all revealed to the sight.

“NO!” Diane screamed as she ripped open the van door. “PHILLIP!”

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