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Title: Mr. Destiny
Author: Kat (AKA SweetCherryKat)
Couple: M/L Challenge Fic.
Summary: This is a challenge by SugarPlum17, it's on the discussion board if you'd like to read the challenge. Max is a shy man who is currently with Tess (yeah I know, EWWW!) he lives in a broken down home, owning a broken down car, getting fired from job after job. Max always wishes that he could go back to his high school days and save Liz Parker, the girl he secretly loved from afar, from drowning. Max meets Alex Whitman in a bar, and he's the man that might change Max's life for the better, and forever.
Rating: PG-13 now but it will probably go NC-17
Authors Note: I hope that you enjoy this >and I also hope I did some justice to the challenge!< Leave me feeback, good or bad, it makes me want to write more for you guys!

~Mr. Destiny~

Max Evans walked out of the office building; shoulders slumped and head down. He had done it again; he had gotten himself fired. As he walked to his beat up old Horizon who was on its last life, his thoughts briefly wandered back to better times. Times when he was younger than his 25 years of age, times that included Liz Parker. He had never really talked to her, or even been close to her, but he had watched her from afar as she grew into a great woman. He had also watched her die… he thinks again that he could have saved her and had a life with her instead of the wicked, demeaning, and demanding Tess, as he climbs into the car and pulls away from the office building.

He was just an assistant there. Answering phones, filing, nothing too major, but still he had gotten himself fired. Max wasn't all that surprised considering the fact that he was late almost everyday. It was hard to get up after a night of sleeping on the couch while Tess was in their bedroom cheating on him with the latest guy she had picked up. It was even harder to get the guy that she had just fucked out of the bathroom in the morning so that he could get ready for work.

Once he managed to get that accomplished, Tess always started a fight… right in front of the latest fuck. She liked to put him down when they were alone, but she loved it when there was an audience. Even if it was only an audience of one like in the mornings, or a few at a restaurant, or many at the grocery store. She always put him down, cutting him down to the now shy, self-conscience, insecure man he currently is.
As Max drove slowly down the busy streets lost in his thoughts, he was taunted by the latest argument (if it could even be called that considering the fact that Max had remained silent through most of it)…

"Well if it isn't Max. Finally decided to come home?" Tess said, ice blue eyes shooting a glare. This is how a lot of their arguments started.

"I was home all night Tess… I didn't want to, uh, disturb you so I slept on the couch."

"Disturb me from what exactly Max?"

He knew where she was going to go with this one.

"Your… uh, activities?"

"Are you calling me a slut Max?! Is that what you think I am!? Look at you Max. Such a little man you are. You can't hold a job, you've gotten us stuck in this hellhole, and yet I'm the slut. Can you believe this guy?" she asks the latest fuck who looks like he wants to get the hell out of there and fast, "He can't even fight for himself. Why don't you even try and fight Max?! Huh?!"

"Tess, you know I love you. I don't want to argue." Max says quietly.

"You're pathetic Max. You are pathetic! Now go to your little job and be the pathetic man you are." Tess glared at him again, the make up on her face smeared and overly done. With a flip of her dirty bleached hair she went back to the bedroom.

And so he had done just that. And now as he drove home he wondered again if she was right. He was pretty pathetic pining over a girl both he and Tess had left behind when they moved from New Mexico to New York. It had been Tess's idea to move out here, and Max had agreed. After all he did love her… didn't he?

Max's thoughts were cut short by a familiar sputtering sound coming from the engine of his small, almost dead car. Max pulls over to the side of the road and just what he expects to happen, happens. Smoke comes from the engine of the car, and there's a popping sound. The car has broken down yet again.

>At least it was a good week< Max thinks, >It only broke down 3 times<

Max slowly climbs out of the car and into the cold New York weather. It would have bothered him more if he had just stepped out of a heated car, but unfortunately his car also isn't heated.

As Max squints his eyes, looking hard through the darkening sky, he spotted his salvation. A pay phone just up the road. He trudges slowly towards it, in no hurry to return home to a broken down house where his trashy… I mean lovely girlfriend Tess is currently having sex in their bed with anyone but him.

Finally reaching his destination, Max is about to go in when he spots the bar behind it. Thinking that he didn't really want to go home and could use a drink, or two, maybe even three, he changes his course heading up the wooden walk to the bar entrance.

The bar itself is actually quite nice, in a smoky, trucker filled kind of way. At least there are no roaches, better than his home already! Max settles himself oh a stool with the words 'Pete's Pub' engraved on it.

"What can I get you?" Asks a gruff voice.

Max, being the shy person he is, doesn't even look into his eyes as he orders, "Anything with a lot of alcohol in it."

Around three minutes later a drink is plopped down in front of him. Taking a small sip Max grimaces. >It might taste bad, but at least it's better than the dirty water at home< Max thinks as he orders another. As the time passes he doesn't seem to notice and has already lost track of how many drinks he's had, but is still surprisingly fine.

By now he is just staring into space, twirling a half-full glass of golden liquid. So lost in his thoughts of his miserable life, make that miserable jobless life that he also doesn't notice someone plopping down next to him.

Max barely hears the guy next to him order, he only recalls hearing something about an orange soda with a twist. Max sighs, slumping his shoulders even more as thoughts of Liz Parker invade his mind once again.

"Something on your mind?" The man beside him asks.

Max glances up briefly to notice that the man next to him seems a little out of place, but from the look in his eyes, he doesn't feel out of place. The man's dressed in dark clothes, but his eyes hold a special light, almost making him seem magical in a way.

"You could say that." Max answers gloomily.

"Care to talk about it?" The man asked.

"I don't even know you, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear about it," replied Max his shyness coming out.

"I'm Alex Whitman. There now you know me," Alex said with a smile.

"I'm Max Evans."

"So what's got you so down Max?"

"I'm really sure you don't want to hear-"

"Oh, but I do," Alex replied seriously. If he didn't get Max to open up to him, he would fail what he had been sent here to do.

"Well… I just got fired from my job today," Max begins, already starting to feel his anger rise and Tess and why he was fired (usually he's really good at not getting angry at her), "The only reason I was fired was because my girlfriend Tess always made me late." Max frowns, thinking that she's all he can get and deserves.

"Made you late..?"

"Well, it was hard to get the guy she had slept with the night before out of the bathroom so I could get ready."

"Wait… this is your girlfriend right?" Alex asks, and gets answered by a nod from Max, "then why is she sleeping with other people?"

"I'm not sure… I mean I love her, I just wish that all those years ago I could have…" Max trails off, a blush covering his cheeks.


"Well back in high school I wish I could have… oh it's really not important. I'm sure I've already bored you enough… I should get going anyway," Max says glancing over at Alex.

"What do you wish you could have done in high school?" Alex pushes the subject.

"Well…in high school there was this girl…" Max begins, his eyes already glazing over while his mind drifts back, "Her name was Liz Parker, and she was beautiful… that doesn't even describe her. I don't even think there are words to describe her. I moved to Roswell when I was going into the third grade, I still remember the first time I saw her as I got off the bus the first day of school…from then on, I was in love with her. I never thought I could have her, and after what happened…" Max trails off again.

"What happened?" Alex asks, leaning towards Max.

"There was… an accident. Liz… drown. I was right there, walking over the bridge by the river and she got caught on something, or at least that's what the newspaper said. I could have jumped in and saved her, I could have done something, ANYTHING… but I didn't. And she drowned." After a pause Max shakes his head lightly and continues, "After the accident, Tess moved to Roswell, and she was interested in me and made me forget about Liz. Sure she could be…demanding… and after we moved here she started to sleep with other guys, but I loved her… I mean I still love her..."

"But you wish you could be with Liz," Alex finishes for him.

"What I want doesn't really matter. It's impossible," and with that Max shrugs on his worn jacket and begins walking out the door calling over his shoulder, "It was nice meeting you Alex." And then he's gone, walking back to the payphone and calling for a tow truck that he can't afford.

Arriving home, Max walks up his front lawn of mud instead of grass and enters the house, kicking roaches aside as he makes his way towards his bedroom. He can already hear noises from inside the room and as he opens the doors his suspicions are confirmed. He can see Tess with her back to him riding the random guy of the night.

Making his way to the couch he plops down, looking at the ceiling wishing the tears he can feel begin to sting his eyes away. Even after all this time, it still hurts to see the girl he thought he loved do that to him… as thoughts race through his head convincing him that he deserves what Tess is doing, and that it's fine, he falls asleep.

As morning comes, Max is awakened by the bright sunlight shining through the window. Opening his eyes slowly, they rake over the room. The go from the silk white curtains to the mahogany dresser and to the large paintings on the walls. His eyes open wide realizing that this isn't his room, and that he's no longer on his old couch at home, but in a king sized bed.

His eyes are drawn to something that is shining on his finger… a wedding ring. His eyes then travel up his arm only to find someone lying beneath it on the king-sized bed he seems to be lying in. It's a girl. A very naked girl.

Max, being very confused begins to climb out of bed, only to feel a hand grab his arm. As he looks down his eyes lock with a pair of dark doe brown eyes.

Max jumps completely out of the bed, ripping his arm out of her hand realizing who it is.

"L-Liz?" Max stutters, in complete shock.

TBC! ~What do you guys think?~

LOVE ALWAYS: Kat *big*

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Max stood frozen in place upon seeing her beautiful face once again.

Liz Parker.

Beautiful, wonderful, caring, dead, Liz Parker.

That's when Max remembered that Liz was indeed dead; she had been for many years.

"Max what is it? You're really starting to scare me," he heard Liz say as she hugged the sheets closer covering her exposed chest.

Max briefly remembers the night before, the bar, talking to… Alex Whitman, yeah that was his name.

>I really must be dreaming< Max thought, feeling a tightening in his chest making him wish he wasn't still asleep on the old couch instead of being in this dream world. >I must be dreaming this because of talking to Alex about… her. I'll just play along with it, and eventually wake up< Max sighed.

Oh how he wished this could be real.

"Everything's fine Liz… I just had a… a bad dream is all," Max replied with a small smile. >I wouldn't exactly call this a bad dream< he thought, his smile remaining on his lips.

"Ok… well if you're sure," Liz said as she climbed out of bed wrapping the white sheet around her and tying it, "I'll go make some breakfast, and you mister, you get in the shower! You know we have company coming over for lunch!" Liz smiled brightly at him as she stood in front of him. Then she reached up placing a sweet kiss on his lips, tracing her tongue gently and teasingly across his bottom lip.

"If you hurry up, maybe we can still have a little time alone," Liz said with a wink as she walked toward the door, blowing him a kiss before heading downstairs, the sheet trailing after her.

Max sighed heavily again once she was out of sight. This would definitely qualify as the best dream he had ever had, and it killed him to know that that's all it was… a dream, not reality.

Max walked into the bathroom only to notice that it was as beautiful as the bedroom. A big jacuzzi tub obviously built for two sat in one corner, with a double sink next to it, a wall of large mirrors above it. A shower sat in the other corner. Max reached in turning the water on.

>I bet that once the water hits me I'll be awake and in my own shower at home< Max thought, almost regretting turning on the 'dream water'.

Max slips the gold wedding band off of his finger, admiring it, wishing that this could be a reality.

Max quickly stripped off his black boxers and climbed slowly into the water, knowing that this could be it, the end of this wonderful dream. Shutting his eyes tight, knowing that he would wake up to his sad excuse for a house, with Tess having a morning fuck with either the same guy from last night, or maybe even the mailman. You just never knew with her.

But that's when the strange thing happened. Max opened his eyes expecting to be on a cold couch in his freezing, falling apart house. But instead when he opened his eyes he was still in the shower, the water raining down on his body.

Sticking his head outside the shower door, he saw that he was still in the beautiful bathroom.

That's when Max got the sinking feeling that maybe this wasn't a dream at all.

>This is crazy, it has to be a dream< Max thought feeling more and more confused by the second >My whole life with Tess couldn't have been just a nightmare, and this is my real life… could it? No it couldn't…<

After a quick scrub and rinse, Max stepped slowly out of the shower, wrapping a towel around his self. He was so deep in thought he didn't even realize that he had ended up back out in the bedroom.

The light shining off something on his dresser caught his eye. He walked over slowly, seeing the pictures in the silver picture frames. Pictures of him and Liz. Pictures of them at their wedding, feeding cake to each other. Graduation pictures of the both of them together graduating from high school… graduation… something Liz never experienced. Next to that picture there was a picture of him and Liz graduating from the University of New Mexico together.

"I don't understand this…I don't get this at all…" Max said with a crease in his forehead and a shake of his head.

Max almost jumped out of his skin when he saw two small arms circle around his waist.

"A little jumpy today aren't we Max?" Liz said with a small laugh.

Placing a gentle kiss oh his bare shoulder Liz spoke, "You should get dressed soon Max… I'm gonna hop in the shower. Maria and everyone will be over in a little bit, that was her that just called."

With that Liz grabbed her robe and disappeared into the bathroom.

Max sighed, trying to calm himself down. Feeling Liz that close, how he had only dreamed she would be someday. Max almost cried out at the thought that this was only a dream. That he would never get to wake up next to her like this morning, or to hear her voice, because in the reality Max knew, she was gone… dead.

But right now, she was very much alive to him, and she was bringing parts of him alive, more than Tess ever could. Max shook his head slightly, oh to see Liz Parker again, to get a chance to love her…

Max quickly throws on a pair of khaki pants and a dark blue pullover that he finds in the closet.

Once again his eyes are drawn back to the pictures that covered the dresser. Max reaches out and faintly brushes his hand across a picture of a laughing Liz with her hair fanned all around her, and then he feels it, almost as if it was a memory of his coming back to him.

The picture was taken when Max surprised Liz by taking her to the park for a picnic, after finding out she had a bad day. They were still in college then, and they had ended up wrestling on the blanket Max had laid out, until Max finally had her pinned. He grabbed the camera and took the picture looking down on her, her eyes sparkling. Max remembered that Liz had wanted to change the picture but Max had refused, saying it was one of his favorites… and it still was.

Max was shaken out of his state as the doorbell rang downstairs.

Liz poked her head out of the bathroom, "Max could you get that? I'll just be a second!"

"Sure, no problem."

"Oh, and Romeo?"

"Yes Juliet?" Max frowned slightly, as if he always knew that's what he called her. Another memory came crashing threw about the first time he called her that… it was after Maria had started calling him Romeo… Maria? She sounds familiar…

"You left your wedding ring in the bathroom… again," Liz smiled slightly, walking up to him and slipping it on his finger. Again? Then Max seemed to recall Liz scolding him lightly about forgetting it in the bathroom again and again…

Max faintly hears the doorbell ring downstairs… but he's suddenly too lost in her eyes. Those eyes, that have haunted him for years after her tragic death… such a beautiful shade of brown… so dark…

"Max… you really should get the um, the door, yeah the door…" Liz says her eyes being captivated by his.

"Right… the door…" Max says not making any move towards the door.

Liz pushes him slightly, "Right now Mr. Evans!"

"I'm going I'm going… relax Mrs. Evans!" Saying that seemed so familiar…
Max heads out the door, going down the stairs slowly twirling his wedding band around on his finger, frowning at it.

He finally pulls the door open.

"It's about time Max!" He hears a tall blonde girl says. A name flashes through his head upon hearing her voice… Isabel.

"Nice to see you too Iz."

"Is Liz upstairs?"

"Yeah… she'll be down in a-" but Max never got to finish his sentence. Isabel was already headed up the stairs.

"Well hello there Max Evans," Max turns towards the door again… the voice sounding awfully familiar. Another name flashes through his head… the name Alex.

"Hey Alex…"

TBC! Yeah I'm one of those cool cliffhanger girls.. go me.

Feedback... good or bad (yeah probably bad, I hate this part (or at least most of it) I dunno what's wrong with me.. heh)
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You guys are sooo awesome with the feedback!! I wanted to get this part out this morning (er afternoon.. kinda lol) I just want to say how happy I am that you guys are liking this challenge! ~especially sugarplum17 the challenge giver!~ LoL. I thought you might not like it! I probably wont be here tonight, so I thought you guys might like another part.. so here goes..


Max opens the door a bit further letting Alex in.

"What are you doing here?" Max asks suspiciously. It appeared to be none other that Alex Whitman, the man that he met in the bar.

"Max, I'm Isabel's fiancée… Liz's best friend? Your best friend for that matter!" Alex continues on after seeing the blank look on Max's face, "The memories aren't coming fast enough…" he mutters.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, nothing Max… so is everyone else gonna be here soon?"

Max eyes him even more suspiciously. He had heard exactly what he said; he just wanted to make sure he had heard him right. >Could this be the same Alex? How does he know about the memories…< Max wondered, getting more and more confused by the second.

Just as Max begins to shut the door he hears a female voice shout out "Max Evans open that door back up right now!" >Maria< Max thought realization dawning on him. As he opened the door to let her in his thoughts were confirmed. The reason the name Maria sounded so familiar is because it was. It was Liz's best friend in high school. And as Max poked his head out the door as she walked in, he saw his own best friend Michael coming in right after her.

Michael smirked at him as he passed Max couldn't help but smile. He hadn't spoken to Michael in years, and the reason for that was Tess. When Max and Tess got together senior year of high school, Michael had disapproved right from the beginning of the relationship Max and Tess had. Michael wouldn't even been near him if Tess was around, and since she was around all the time, Max and Michael drifted apart… best friends since third grade, just ended.

Max then closed the door with no more squealing girls. His head shot up when he heard Liz's laugh. He watches as she descended down the stairs her arm linked with Isabel's. She looked so beautiful… and that smile.

That's when he was overwhelmed with images of all of the bright and beautiful smiles Liz had given Max over the years… three years to be exact. Three years they had been married. In love right out of high school after Max saved Liz's life from drowning. They had went off to college together, University of New Mexico to be exact, and when Liz was 21 and Max was 22 they had gotten married… Michael was his best man.

His mind flashed back to times when Michael, Alex, and himself were together playing pool.

"You just remember Alex I was his best man!" Michael would say to his other best friend Alex.

"But certainly not the better man!" Alex jabbed back.

"What are you trying to say?"

"What you are conviently leaving out Micky-bear!" Alex said throwing in Maria's nickname for him.

"That was low man… just low," Michael said, taking defeat.

"Low, but true," Alex said back, "And besides, I wasn't Max's best friend at the time… only Liz's. Isn't that right Max?"

"You would have made the better best man Alex," Max said trying hard not to burst out laughing at the expression on Michael's face, and failing miserably.

Max remembered when this had happened… it had taken place a few months after the wedding, when Max could actually get dragged away from Liz… it was hard to leave her, but she had practically kicked him out telling him to go out with 'the boys'. He smiled at the memory of her looking adorable all frowning and commanding…

"Max? Hello? Anyone up there?" He heard Maria say waving a hand in front of his face.

Max's eyes seemed to come into focus to find everyone staring at him.

"Max are you ok? Maybe you should lye down," Liz said softly as she walked up to him placing her hand on his forehead, "You do feel a little warm. Do you think you're coming down with something?"

"No, no, Liz I'm fine," After seeing the unconvinced expression on her face he took her hand placing kisses along her knuckles, his senses being attacked by the sweet smell of strawberries, "I swear."

"When's the pizza gonna be here?" Michael asked breaking the sweet moment.

"God Michael, is that all you think about is your stomach?" Maria spat out, her spitfire personality coming up.

"No… I think about you too," Maria's eyes melted and the comment shut her up, "Your stomach that is… aren't you hungry?" Maria turned and glared at him, and Michael laughed.

"Break it up, back to your corners!" Alex laughed trying his best to be a serious referee.

"Why don't we go hang out in the living room? The pizza should be here soon," Liz said smirking at Michael.

Max was hit by another memory. They did this at least once every week. They would all get together and play pool, hang out, whatever… but it was always together… all of them. That's when Max realized that he felt as though there were people missing…

A half an hour later the living room was filled with laughter, jokes, and talk about old times back in high school. Max seemed to remember everything they were talking about… throwing in his own comments. It scared him slightly the fact that he didn't feel shy or self conscious here… and the fact that he knew deep down all of this was too real to be a dream.

Max was hit again by the feeling of having people missing. He was about to voice this when the doorbell rang.

"Must be the pizza, I'll get it!" Liz said, flying from her position next to Max to the door.

Max instantly missed her warmth. Through the entire time they were talking, Liz had snuggled up against him, and he has welcomed her with open arms. It felt so right…

"Look who FINALLY decided to show up!" Max heard Maria say, his head turning to look at the entrance of the living room.

There stood Liz, her arm linked through Tess's… Max saw Kyle walk up and wrap his arm around her as Liz came and sat back next to him.

This can't be good.



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You guys are so great with the feedback, it almost makes me tear up! lol ok ... maybe not tear up, but you're still great with the f/b!

As for the Tess thing.. Im going to apologize now, I didnt want to have to add her, but the challenge says Kyle has to be in it, and for the fic to go where I want it to, she needs to be there too! *Believe me I wish she didn't have to be!*

Ok now on with the fic! I would first like to say that yes yes yes I know it's short.. but that's only because I'm almost done with PART 5 too and it's got some very nice M/L lovin! *angel* I'd hope that'd make up for the shortness of PART 4!

Read on great f/b leavers!


Max couldn't take his eyes off Tess.

If this was indeed a dream WHY did she have to be in it? Why did she have to ruin everything for him… And Kyle. God what was he doing here? Max hated him since high school, mostly because he had been one of the lucky guys to date Liz. It literally killed him to see them walking down the halls together hand in hand smiling those special smiles for each other… it made him gag.

A memory quickly flashed before his eyes…

It was of Liz telling him about her break up with Kyle. About how they saw each other more of like brother and sister if anything… and she threw in the part about his crush on the new student Tess Harding.

Max breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe he didn't hate Kyle anymore.

But then there was Tess.
And here's the weird thing, there were no memories flashing through his head about her at all. He could only seem to recall the memories from his reality. Her verbal out lashes, her sleeping around tendencies, everything bad that she had ever done to him.

But what took the cake of freaking him out was the fact that Liz seemed really close to Tess, you could tell in just the way that they talked and joked around with each other.

He couldn't believe that his beautiful, caring Liz would be so close to someone as cruel and horrible as Tess. But the thing is, Tess didn't look so cruel and horrible snuggled up with Kyle, laughing with Liz, Maria, and Isabel as they made fun of Alex and Michael.

Max was just making himself more and more confused by the second. He sighed deciding that he was just going to enjoy himself and throw himself into the conversation.

And that's exactly what he did, with memories coming to him every time old times were brought up.

As the night got later and later, Liz drifted off to sleep to the warmth of Max's embrace as her friend chatted up a storm. As the morning hours approached, Max got up to say good bye to his friends after lying Liz down flat on the couch and putting a blanket over her.

As his friends headed out, Max noticed that Alex lingered in the doorway.

"Max?" Alex said to grab Max's attention. He didn't have to touch Max or anything, his voice alone was enough to grab Max's full attention, "This isn't a dream Max."

And in that instant Max knew for certain that this wasn't a dream at all, that this was perhaps his new reality. He also knew that Alex was someone who knew everything that was going on, and that in time, it would all be explained, a slow and unfolding truth.

Shutting the door behind him, Alex left, leaving Max a little less confused.

Glancing back into the living room his eyes rested on the angel sleeping on the deep red couch. He smiled slightly to himself.

He then went, gently lifting her up into his strong arms without much effort, and carried her upstairs, undressing her so gently as to not wake her.
As he lay in bed that night, his thoughts a little less frantic, with Liz curled up against him he thought to himself… >I could get use to this reality<.

TBC! M/L lovin comin up! ~probably NC-17 *just a warning*~ *bounce*
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Ok guys seriously dont hurt me! Im really sorry that I havent been back here to post, but before you pull out your guns and take aim, here me out.. I'm leaving this Wednesday morning at 5am on a plane to beautiful Florida for a lovely vacation. I've been seriously stressed with getting all of my work I'm going to have to together, and my teachers haven't been much help. I have high hopes that I'll have a pretty long part full of the M/L lovin we all want as soon as I can! Probably before I leave because I am taking my laptop with me to Florida, but I probably wont post too many parts during that weed and a half. ~Kat~

P.S. Sorry once again!!!

P.S.S. I probably wont post a part tonight, It's Duelle's bday, and she's having a party! I'm gonna go and have a stupid fun day hangin out with all my girls and my boyfriend. >That's right I'm now the proud of a boyfriend! lol!< Yes I realize I'm an idiot... *big*
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Ok you guys seriously suck... ok not really, infact I am in love with each and every one of you lil feedback leavers and faithful readers.. but now I just feel horrible. Ok good news first, then slightly bad news, followed by even better news.. sound good? Well you dont have much of a say lol so here goes..

Good News:
I am SOOOOO continuing this story

Bad News:
I've had horrible writters block... but guess who has got her muse back?

Even Better News:
You .... get a new part........... TONIGHT!

Wow, ok, now that that is outta the way, how have you all been?

::nervous smile followed by a nervous chuckly:: You guys are still gonna read this right? I dont have to pay you.......right?

heh. heh. heh.....


I love you all: Kat!
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Ahh, hello once again folks! I'm definitely going to dedicate this part to someone (my FIRST dedication EVER! lol) And it's gonna have to go out to DreamingOfMax84 ~Ria!!~ Girl... all I have to say is that this part is for you. You're actually the reason that I've been so into getting a new part out, your constant feedback and interest in this story is what has cut through my writers block.. at least that's what I'd like to think lol! I love ya!

Alright.. now on with the show.. oh yeah.. did I forget that this part was.. hmm.. nookie? >Hey be gently it's my first time writin it lol<

And now the moment you've all been waiting for.. well at least SOME of you *big*

Part 5 (Yeah I think that's it?):

Max had finally fallen asleep about the same time that Liz had woken up. She glanced around her, her gaze finally resting on the brightly shining digital clock. >What on Earth would make me wake up at this ungodly hour?< She thought with a small yawn.

She then realizes that there are a pair of strong, well muscled arms wrapped very tightly around her. She glance up at the face of the man she has been with for three years and still can't get over how handsom he is, how much he loves her...

She will always be grateful for him saving her life, and even more greatful for the love he has given her, it definitely gave meaning to the life he saved for her. She sighed contentedly... and then realized what had awoken her..

It was arousal.

Her thoughts drifted back to the dream filled with images of her Max... after all she had fallen asleep in his strong arms still carrying the feeling arousal from staring into his eyes yesterday afternoon.

As she glanced once again to his peaceful features, she felt her arousal grow. Sure, he looked so calm and adorable asleep, that she almost hated to wake him up, but figured that he wouldn't mind her method for this early wake-up call.

Liz shifted slightly under his arms determining how she could get in the position she wanted to be in.. and that was on top of him. She slid her body more towards his and he rolled slightly allowing her to lay on top of him. She admired his perfect chest and placed a small kiss at his collarbone. Feeling his arms loosen slightly she kissed and nibbled her way down towards his boxers.

To Liz, it was obvious that he was still asleep, but noticing the ever growing bulge forming in his boxers, she knew that he wouldn't be asleep much longer. As quickly as she could she pulled down his boxers throwing them quickly over her shoulder as she took in his naked sleeping as she stood on her knees to enjoy the view.

Quickly disposing of the tiny soft baby blue pajama's Max had slipped her into she began moving back up his body. She was already experiencing the familiar ache only Max seemed to cause. A moan escaped from her parted lips as she slid over his hard member that stood out tall and proud not pushing down on him just yet.

Max stirred suddenly beneath her causing him to brush between her folds again, eliciting another moan from Liz. Opening his eyes he became fully alert and aware of where he was... then to who was on top of him naked once again. >Oh yeah I could definitely get used to waking to a naked Liz...< Max's eyes slid tightly shut as Liz slid over him again as he shuddered at how wet she was against him.

"Liz-" It came out strangled as his eyes opened again to see Liz's beautiful chest fully exposed to him, and obviously aching for his touch. Max moved his hands slowly up Liz's thighs and up her curved hips to cup her breasts lightly.

Liz immidiately arched into his hands, thinking for the millionth time again what magical hands he had... He applied more pressure and ran his thumbs gently across her aching nipples that seemed to stand out even more. Every time he did this Liz slid against him slightly again, allowing her wet heat to arouse him even further.

"Mmm...Max..." Liz moaned out, and Max never heard a sweeter sound.

"Liz.." Max groaned out and the head of his erect penis moved to her opening. Max hands slipped back down to her hips and she finally slid down all the way down on him, her back arching, her head flying back causing her hair to brush against Max's legs.

Max had never been this aroused with anyone, and he knew he would never be aroused like this again...

As Liz began to move sliding up on her knees till he was almost completely out of her and then slamming down hard onto him, driving him deeper inside of her.. the deeper she got him the louder she moaned, small gasps of ear sucked in and pushed out of her lungs.

Max locked eyes with her before she threw her head back once again and ground into him.

Max felt that he was in heaven... Liz was wet, and warm, and it was purely erotic the way she rode him, her hair falling back, pure ecstasy etched clearly on her face. He had never felt anything like this before...

And that's when the flashes came again.. flashing faster and faster.. all of the times he and Liz had been intimate, enhancing what he was feeling for her right now...

Faster and faster every image of her being brought to climax, the look of love, ecstacy, and release gracing her features, made his balls tighten.

The flashes came to an end as Liz drove down on him one more time sending both herself and Max over the edge. Max muscles tightened as he emptied himself into her, only bringin on another orgasm from her as she felt the heat of it.

And Max saw the look of love, ecstacy, and release grace her features once again right infront of him.. he had never seen anything as beautiful as her at this moment...

Liz collapsed against his chest, unwilling to let him pull out of her just yet. She buried her face in his neck and her tongue sneaked out to sweep across his shining skin..

"mmmm'ornin Max.." She hummed out against his neck, making his eyes shut tight and making him swallow hard at the sensation of it...

Oh yes, he could definitely get used to this reality.


Ok really, that probably sucked like nothin else lol, but hey, first attempt at some nookie... who knows, maybe more attempts in the future? *angel*

***Once again, thank you DreamingOfMax84 ~Ria!~, for the inspiration that I needed so badly!***
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Psst... yes.. ova here!

BACK AGAIN!!! Ok ok, so you had a super long wait ::looks at glares:: heh. heh. heh. Lemme EXPLAIN the absence ok? geesh.. So yeah, I have exactly 16 days left until summer, 16 days filled with 30-60 min presentations, and finals, so cut me some slack >well just keep reading the fic!< I suck at managing my time >obviuosly< so heres the thing.. and an actual TRUE promise..

I can hardly believe that summer is approaching so quickly, but a promise I can always make >because I love the free time in summer< is that I will be writing a LOT! Meaning.. more parts of Mr. Destiny, and hey, I'm pickin up an old fic that hasn't been updated in... well too long >heh heh< it's called 'The Good Kind Of Trouble' it's a Zan/Liz fic so go and check it out, I should be updating it today as well..

So without further babbling about unimportant and boring things... here's the fic.

Oh wait wait.. I also wanted to thank everyone who left feedback >Infact, I'm writing this part right now just because of the big embarassing dopey grin it brought to my face< So DreamingOfMax84 >'Ria< (Annoying the hell outta me? Never! I live for the feedback babe!) This is for you, because I love you, and this is also dedicated to everyone else, because, ::tear:: I love you all too!!

The next morning Max could barely help the skip in his step, or the big dopey grin that adorned his face. How could he not be happy? He remembered all of the times that he and Liz had made love, and well then there was last night...

Max went down the stairs and into the kitchen to find Liz cooking over the stove, "Liz.. mmm smells good" Max smiled at her and wrapped his arms around her waist planting kisses on the skin of her neck and shoulders, biting softly at it as he hear her moan.

"Maxxx.." Liz said as a warning.


Liz shrugged him off (not without regret) as she took the pan of eggs off the stove setting it on the counter. Liz instantly missed Max's arms around her. She glanced over at him only to find that he was gazing at her in that way that just made her soul melt.. "Stop doing that" she scolded him with a small smile.

"Hmm?" he responded being broke out of his daydreaming.

"Looking at me like that"

"Like what? Like you're the only person I could ever love? Like you're the most beautiful person I have ever known inside and out? Like you're the only thing that could ever make my life complete?" Max responded.

"All of the above.." Liz smiled at him.

All of it was true too. Max couldn't get enough of her, especially after realizing that this was his reality now.. somehow.. someway, this was it for him. Gone were the evil slut white trash extrodinaire Tess, and in her place was this angel.. his true destiny.

Although Max knew that he shouldn't question something this wonderful that had been given to him, he couldn't help it. I mean, come on, how many people do you know that go to sleep with the worst life that they could imagine, and wake up in the perfect world, with the only true person that you knew was meant for you... not even enough people do that to count on one hand.. but he did.

"I'll never stop looking at you like that Liz" Max said truthfully.

"And I'll never get tired of it" Liz smiled over at him with a wink.

The more time that Max spent with her, the more he wanted to know the answer to his questions.. there were only two of them.

-How?- and -Why?-

::Think Max think... what was different from your daily life that happened the day before all of this started:: Max began going through the list of thing in his daily routine, as Liz set the table for breakfast. Hmm.. there was Tess sleeping around, him getting locked out of the bathroom, being late for work again , leading him to be fired, his car breaking down..

Again the question of 'How?' came up in his mind again.. how could a guy with the worst luck, finally have a complete change?

Then Max was struck by what had happened after the firing, and the breaking down of his shitty car.. two words, a name actually...

Alex Whitman.

From what Max remembered about the people he had met in this life so far, Alex was the best friend of his beautiful Liz and her spunky friend Maria... as Liz and Max got married, Alex became one of the closest friends Max ever had...

But what seemed so odd to Max, was that before he left his beginning reality to end up in this heaven, was seeing Alex Whitman, and telling him his problems... before then Max had never met Alex before in his life.. That's when Max's suspicion started..

::Maybe I shouldn't be questioning any of this at all. Maybe-:: but Max's thoughts were cut short as he felt warm lips attach to his neck. "What's on your mind?" Liz whispered in his ear. "How I ever got so lucky to have you" Max responded truthfully wanting to ravish her right then.

Liz sent him a brilliant smile and ushered him to his seat to eat.. but Max couldn't exactly concentrate on eating. For some reason Max found it very.. arousing.. watching the fork go in and out of Liz's mouth.

"Max, you do remember that you're going out tonight with Alex and Michael while I hang out with the girls right?"

Max didn't remember right away, but a flash quickly affirmed what she was saying. "Yeah.." ::The perfect time to get the answers I've been dying to find out:: Max thought to himself.. but then he realized that he'd be away from Liz, and he really didn't want that. Max opened his mouth to suggest that he stay here with the guys but Liz silenced him with her fork pointed at him "Dont even try it Maxwell Evans"

"Alright, alright, Elizabeth Evans"

"You better get ready Max, they're gonna be here soon to pick you up"

"Ony if you come and help me get ready Liz..." letting his arousal be known to his beautiful angel.

Already he could see her eyes darken and then get an evil glint as she quickly rose from her seat sprinting towards the stairs. "Only if you can catch me!!" Liz threw over her shoulder with a quick glance expecting to find Max still at the table, but only to discover that he was close behind her. Letting out a squeal she ran into there bathroom and sat on the edge of the jacuzzi tub.

Max ran in and stood by the doorframe. ::God she's so beautiful..:: Max couldn't help but think seeing her hair tosseled, cheeks rosy, and the amused sparkle in her eyes. Max slowly made his way over to the tub drinking her in with his eyes. He leaned over to her kissing her sweetly as he reached behind her turning on the water to the tub...

TBC? To nookie, or not to nookie... that'd be thee question.. *big*

I'd seriously love to stay and make it longer, but it's noon, and the Roswell Finale shows here at 1pm and I'm going to tape it >and plus I want to go and add another part to 'The Good Kind Of Trouble' my Zan and Liz fic<

Did I mention that you should all go and check that out? LOL. Ah well.. doot doot doo.. >>time for more shameless advertising<< Go check out 'The Good Kind Of Trouble'!!

Alright guys, be good feedback fairies, and I seriously love you all! -Kat-
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KARI!! You're stalkin? I've teached you well young grasshopper! You have successfully snatched the pebble from my hand, me soo proud..


Anyways, I know I know, get my ass back here and post riiiight? With nookie did you say?? >>hehe, I CANT HEAAAAAR YOUUUU!!!<< Alright, I'm gonna go and write some new parts, maybe one for here ::WINK WINK::

Love ya all!! ~Hmm.. oh yeah btw, next part dedication goes out to my new stalker Kari, and of course 'Ria my inspiration ::tear:: Ok, gettin emotional, gotta jet!~ Oh, and >geesh, you'd think I'd have said bye by now..< I'm adding a new part to 'The Good Kind Of Trouble' and see, I have this idea for a new fic.. wait.. noooooo.. crap no no no... I was in one of those annoying classes today and I got this super great idea for a fic, and ugh, I just lost it.. think Kat think... oh well, it'll come to me at the weirdest time! -Love- Kat
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Hey, I'm sorry everyone, 'Ria, Kari, JulietLiz.. but I'm giving this up. Infact I'm pretty sure I'm giving up writing in general, I suck at it anyway. This fic is up for grabs if anyone wants to see an end to it feel free to write it. Sorry again, I'm just not made to be a writer I guess, it was obviuosly just a waste of my time... I dont care who takes it to finish it, you dont even have to ask, just write.. no doubt you'll do better than I ever could. Enjoy. -Kat
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Ok so KitCat I'm addressing YOU first because look at the evilness you have begun.. take away 'Steps Of Faith'?!?! Over my dead, rotting, no even yet buried body ya dont! That was just low... I was seriously jaw-dropped! SHAME! And Kari! YOU! TAKE AWAY SNOWSTORM??!?!... Yeah well, then I'm popping your blow up Michael so hardee har har! And you sang for me.. well hmm.. I guess I could take that into consideration... What is this about a tea pot? I'm almost getting jealous ::smiles evily:: SING GIRL SING!

Ericka! Yeah in everyones world it's still up and going! And ok.. so I realize I suck.. and I've been a complete dork. All of you have been so encouraging and I let Miss Stupid (seriously, I need a new word.. I need a thesaurus... and I dont know how to spell, so can I have a dictionary too?) I mean, I helped this chick write papers for English class!! I GOT THIS CHICK AN A!!!

So I'm a dork, I've accepted that, and you should all too! But...

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Did I mention with a vengence... no? Left that out? Well shucks.

So.. who wants a new part tomorrow?

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Cath: PSYCHO! Hmm.. I like THAT word.. *err.. I mean not YOU, but HER* lol, wow, check out my big ego right? LoL! Thanks for the help with words.. Dim works, I like it! I'm happy to be back, truly happy.. and of course 'Steps Of Faith' helped bring me back.. you threatening that was low, taking away the story of my life? DOUBLE SHAME! Although, happy to say, my hair is now dark red again and I'm getting bright red added into it next week lol! Dont be a geek, be unique! (There... I guess that's my lame slogan!) OH! And BEAUTIFUL SINGING!

Kari: PSYCHO! Hehe, and I did mean that to you! (lol j/k you know I love my flying grasshopper!) And no no I dont think that I could ever pop your blow up Michael I gave you.. after all, this IS Michael.. I'd probably just steal him and have my devilish way with him.. wow getting side tracked right?! I love you! And I thank you for your singing, it made me want to write another poem for your fic The Snowstorm lol (yep, more of my crappy poetry alllll for you!)

Ericka: I LOVE YOU! 4 hours... er... can I get another 24 hour extention?!??!?! PLEASE! I'll give you money (like... a million dollars *moves the decimal so it only shows a penny* ok so that's better), blow up dolls, ANYTHING... but see, no new part tonight ::ducks from flying pennies:: Um see.. I have 3 days left of hell- um.. high school and of course, I have exams! Tomorrow is English and French... *I'm still peeved about the English one I should be exempt from.. stupid 96%.. if only I did better on that deciding paper...* and we all know I can't speak French (lol ok I can... but I got a B this semester ACK!) So.. please... PLEASE.. PLEASE lemme get you a brand spankin (ooh kinky) part out tomorrow.. maybe with nookie... like in the bathtub lol.

And I'm warning everyone in advance.. dunno if they'll be another part saturday cuz I'm going to my friend Jimmy's part to see their band Playin In Traffic play! *tongue*
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Ok.. hey guys.. dont kill me? lol, probably not the best way to start something off, but DONT WORRY I'm not bearing bad news or anything of the sort.. infact..

Cath: I believe you asked for.. a summary of a fic I might be writing.. hehe ::evil smile::


I realize that I havent been here, and believe me I feel incredibly guilty and very sorry... ::take pity on me!:: Ok, but soon, new parts.. new HAPPY, half angsty, truth found, parts ok?!?! OK

Now.. for that summary..

So I've been toying with this idea for a while, and I'm going to ask you guys if you think I should write it.. I already have part 1 done but I'm still unsure.

It's an AU fic, and Liz has a reputation for "getting around" but isn't put down for it (dont ask I cant explain right now my brain is mush *like Caths!*) Max has always been taken with her, and suddenly she is showing a lot of interest in him. Turns out, Maria and Isabel (Max's sisters) have paid Liz to keep Max off of their backs so they can have "fun" with their loveable boyfriends Michael and Alex.. this of course is because Max is too over-protective. But it turns out Liz has quite a secret about her reputation giving the story a twist.. the summary probably sounds lame.. but it's more interesting than that.. lol

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Ok and I AM BACK! lol!

Who wants a new part today? I have it written I'm just tweakin it a lil ok? You'll get it today I promise!

Oh and here's something to leave you with:


~Yes.. I mean it too.. I have like 3 more parts and then it's the END of Mr. Destiny... ok? OK. See.. I want to start other fics but I feel I need to finish this before I do anything, and that is why I havent posted anymore fics. So soon.. all will be explained and put to rest!~

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Hey CATH! Check it out.. its NOT 20 days later! lol.. wow, I'm so cool telling you that right? Ok, let the countdown begin! 3 more parts!

I would have posted it sooner but I've been enjoying the 90 degree weather and then I went to plant flowers at my grandmothers grave! Thanks for those who waited for the new part!

Ok now for dedication time.. *looks at people.. um eenie meenie minie mo...* Ok ok so Kari, Cath, Becca, Mermaidgirl, Abby, not_of_this_earth, Ericka, and of course Ria! Wow.. so y'all think you can split that between yourselves? tee-hee *tongue*! You've all been great with the feedback and really inspirational with all of it... and like Cath's sig. say's: A bump a day keeps the writers block away! And it's true.. so thank you all for the many... MANY bumps I got! *wink*!

And ready...


Part (Whichever this one is..):

Max smiled against Liz's lips nipping at them before finally moving back. He smiled that special smile only for her before turning away to grab the different scented bubbles she kept in there.

He felt her move behind him and kiss his shoulders on her tip-toes. "What are ya doin?" He turned around holding up two bottles.

"Ok.. now this is a very important decision: Raspberry or Lilac?"

Liz tried not to smile "Max.. you want to smell like a girl?" This got her a glare, "Touchy touchy about your femininity.." she mumbled, "Lilac."

"Now that wasn't so hard was it?" Max smiled at her enjoying the carefree feeling of their conversation.

"Not as hard as some things" Liz bit her lip and looked down. Max groaned while glancing at the bath. He almost fell to his knees and thanked God when he realized that it was almost full. Sending a glance to Liz he made his way over dropping an extremely generous amount of Lilac Bubbles into the tub. Setting in aside he slowly made his way over to Liz with an evil glint in his eye. He quickly peeled what little amount of clothes she had on and felt his boxers slide to the floor.

"Now time to get ready" Max managed to say to her before she was swept up in his strong arms and lowered into the tub straddling him.

"Well, if you insist on smelling like a girl I suppose I can help you out.." Liz trailed off as she grabbed her nearby pink puff. She began to slowly movie it up and down Max's chest bringing it as low as she could down his nicely formed abs without actually touching his ever growing erection. As she brushed against it slightly she felt Max bite onto her shoulder.

Liz kissed up to his ear licking at it and whispered, "Oops, did I do that to you?" She smiled as she moved her body closer to his so his hard erection brushed against her smoothly before he could answer.

"Now to wash your hair Max.." LIz trailed off as she pushed her hands down on his shoulders slightly causing him to slide down in the tub. She began to rub her hands through his hair and massaged his scalp with her fingers. She smiled as she heard him moan.

She began to get out of the tub.

"Where are you going?" Max moaned out.

"I helped you get ready didn't I?" Liz teased him knowing inside she had no intention of getting out of the tub. She gapsed as he heard him growl before lifting her back in and beneath him in the tub.

"Dont you think Liz that I should help you get ready for your day with the girls as well?" Max smiled evily at her before running his hands down her hips and moving slightly causing some of the water to slip over the edge. He picked up the puff and ran it over her shoulders and down between the valley of her breasts and stopping at her curls.

He dropped the puff and Liz saw it float to the top of the water. He replaced the puff with his hands moving in between her folds.

"Maxxx" Liz moaned out pressing her head into the back of the tub. Max smiled at her as he brought his mouth down on hers kissing her with passion that he showed with his tounge letting her know silently where he really wanted to put it but of course couldn't in the tub. Liz groaned as she realized this and as she felt Max slide a finger into her.

She let out a gasped sigh as he tore his lips away from her and latched them onto her neck that was left open to him as her head moved back over the side of the tub. In this position she also left her breasts out of the water, her nipples just begging for his mouth.. and he happily obliged. He slid another finger into her while stimulating her clit with his thumb. The sensations he was causing alone were enough to through her over the edge... but she was far from finished with him.

Liz grabbed Max's head just below the ears and dragged him up to her mouth kissing him breathless before bringing his ear down to her mouth so she could whisper words that were enough for him to drive him on, "I dont think we're quite ready yet... make love to me Max."

He brought his mouth to hers once again as he slid easily into her. They both swallowed eachothers moans. Max moved slowly within her moving almost all the way out before plunging deeply into her. "Faster Max" he heard her say over and over like a mantra.

Liz bent her legs at the knees bringing them up to the sides of Max's chest so he could drive in deeper. Max began kissing down her neck while taking her left breast in his hand and squeezing it slightly. Liz began whimpering underneath him begging him to go faster.. and finally he did.

He drove into her harder, deeper, and faster causing a small squeal to escape her every once in a while.. between moans of pleasure of course. Neither of them noticed the water along with bubbles that was being splashed over the edges of the tub. As Max's hips drove him one final time into her, hitting her just right her walls clamped tightly over him as she came, bringing just enough pressure around him to have him follow her.

The only thing that could be heard in the bathroom was the sound of the water dripping over the edge of the tub and the names 'Max' and 'Liz' that bounced off the walls and back to their ears... the words that they had screamed as they came.

The were still for a moment as they breathed deeply hoping to catch their breaths.

"I think now we're finally ready to get on with our day huh?" Max whispered to her as he chuckled slightly.

Liz only nodded before responding with, "You're welcome by the way" Liz giggled.

"Thank you Liz.. whatever would I have done without you?" Max kissed her softly on her slightly reddened lips.

"Well probably the same thing you did in high school when you thought about me right?"

Max feigned shock "How do you know about that?!"

Liz giggled pinching his oh so cute bottom and moving slightly underneath him, "You need to get ready"

"Oh are you gonna help me 'get ready' again?" Max asked looking hopeful.

"You're gonna kill us both you know that right?"

"Oh like you really mind?" Max replied but before Liz could respond Max brought his lips to hers in such a sweet kiss he felt her melt beneath him.

And thats how the stayed.. with Max eventually beneath Liz as she cuddled up to him until the water finally turned cold.

1 down, 2 to go!

*Gimme some nookie-credit.. that is only my second nookie part I've ever done ok!? LoL.. sorry if I'm a complete cornball!*

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*They didnt have Ice Cube so he got Vanilla Ice!* Ice Ice Baby!
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Oh my holy sheep! Thanks Ria for telling me.. argh, what, dont you people TELL me that my two is slightly retarded and didn't show for the 24!??!??!?!

LoL ok so then ending is gonna be neat though I swear.. like it explains everything and it's sort cool *It just came to me this one day on a Sunkist high!*

Ok and YES I am writing more fics! Infact I'm working on one right now.. ok.. so... two but shhh dont tell anyone! Thats the whole point of finishing up this one because it's kinda a big thing ya know? So when this one is finally ended, put to rest, slightly going through deteroration... there will be new fics from yours truly.. hopefully they wont SUCK!

Ok leaving now to go fix my error!

Oh wait.. before I go..

KARI! Bad Flying Grasshopper! You WORK babe.. like... *looks at time* now? But seriously I'm flattered... you.. stop working just for my fic?! I LOVE YOU!


CATH! Ha Ha! I'm cool cuz I updated *Feel proud* Feel free to deflate my ego trip any time!