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Title: Troubled Mind
Author: AlexandIsabel4ever
Disclaimer: I no own Roswell
Rating: PG- 13
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Summary: Challenge
1- Must be all couples M/L, A/I, M/M and any other couple you decide.

2- Okay now all of them must not know each other except (Liz and Michael because they are siblings) and if you choose to make any one else siblings also it's okay.

3- they are all sent to this sort of foster home (kind of like higher ground) because their parents died or whatever. They are all sent to this house in which they must live, it's kind of like a boarding school.

4- They all must meet for the first time and then you decided how the couples come together. Each person has to overcome whatever issue they have ( it must be bumpy at first)and you decided what, how and all that.

5- All characters must be very similar to the way they are on the show.

6- You can add any one else you choose
*Michael P.O.V.*

'Michael please don't go. If you get caught I'll never see you again...................'

'Mr. and Mrs. Parker we understand Michael has been through a lot the last couple of nights, but I can reasure you this place can help him. This program will keep Micheal in school, but he will still be able to walk free. If you have any questions just ask one of our counselors before you leave., but now I'm going to have Amy take you to Micheal's room.'
'Okay Mr. and Mrs. Parker, follow me, this way. You two really shouldn't worry. I'm gonna be Michael's counselor. I've done really well with the kids here. I'm not like Tess. She hates being here and keeps trying to get fired.'
'Oh Amy, we're not worried about Tess, we're worried Michael is going to try and run from here.'
'Oh I'm sorry. Well here's Michael's room. I'll leave you alone so you can talk.'

'Mom, dad what do you want?!' Michael glares as his parents sit in silence. He finishes unpacking and walks out the door saying, 'You said you'd help.....................'

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Sorry I haven't been able to post the rest of my fic. I'm really work on it. But my mom's computer has been down.

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*Liz P.O.V.* ("Thoughts")

"Dear diary its been two weeks sine Micheal has left. The house feels empty without him here. My parents are now watching my every move. For example, tonight I'm going to a party. I bet my dad is going to follow me. But hopefully my mom will stop him from leaving the house. I must go now I'm gonna be late for the party."

'Honk-Honk, Liz lets go we're going to be late!'
'Hold on Vanessa. Let me talk to my mom real quick,' "Please let my mom agree with me," 'Mom we need to talk.'
'What do you want to talk about?'
' We need to talk about dad. He can't keep following me around. I have a life.. And tonigt is important to me. You have to please keep him home!'
'Liz you have to understand him. He just doesn't want you to end up like Michael.'
'Please!!! He just doesn't trust me. But if he follows me tonight I can't guarantee how loving I'm going to be!
,' "How could she take his side. She's suppose to take my side on this kind of stuff," 'Vanessa lets go. I don't want to be here another minute longer!'
' Liz, I'm warning you now. Todd's new girlfriend is going to be at the party. Please don't do anything stupid.....

(Madonna's "Don't tell me" is playing)

'Liz get off the table! This isn't a strip club!'
'Vanessa, kiss my ass. I'm having fun. And you can't stop me!'
'God damn it Liz. You have gone to far this time!' Vanessa picks Liz up over her shoulder. But on the way out Liz sees Todd's new girlfriend Jamie.
'Vanessa put me down. I'll walk out. I promise.' As Liz got down she ran towards Jamie.
'You, BITCH! You took my man. I'm gonna fucking kill you!'
'No, Liz stop!' The next thing Vanessa knew was the sound of cop sirens coming to the front of the house....

*Max P.O.V* (Jeccyka=Jessica)

'Jeccyka, you have to trust me. We won't get caught. He has to die, he hurt you. I can't let that happen.'
'Max, I'm still afraid. If we're caught I-'
'If we're caught, you run your ass off. I'll distract everyone away from you. Everything will fall on me."


'Max Evans, you have a vistor!'

*Jeccyka P.O.V.*

"I can't believe I listened to him. I never should have ran. Now he's stuck here for god knows how long!"
'Jeccyka! What are you doing here? You realize you're taking a big risk just showing up here.'
'Max, I couldn't help it. I feel guilty for running. Why did you tell me to run!? And why did I listen?!'
'Jeccyka, listen to me. You shouldn't feel guilty. Plus, I'm only going to be here a coulple of more days. The judge has decided to send me to Colorado. This place called the Lakewood Heights.'
'Max, I don't trust these people. They've been known to do strange projects with in-mates.'
'Jeccyka, you have to trust me. I'l be just fine...'

Feedback would greatly be appreciated! TBC

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I'm so sorry it took me so long to get some more posted. But I had to write some of it all over again. I hope you enjoy what I have posted.*angel*
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*Isabel P.O.V.*

‘...He was my lifetime friend. I’ll never find a friend like him ever again. These are the words of Isabel A. Richards.’


‘Jesse, I know this idea is crazy but I have to do it. I have to take chances in life.’
‘Isabel bungi jumping is not the way to do it. That’s like commiting suicide!’ ‘Jesse I’m going th...’
‘Isabel come on. We’re leaving. By the way, who are you talking with?’
‘Mom, I’m talking to Jesse. Can’t you see him? He’s right over there.’
‘Isabel, sweetie, all I see is your desk. Are you sure you don’t want to stay home and get some rest?’
‘Mom, I’m fine. I know what I see. And I see Jesse over in my desk chair.’
‘Ok honey. Be by the car in 5 minutes.’
‘ Um... Isabel what was that all about?’
‘My mom believes I’m crazy. She’s trying to put me in an asylum!’
Downstairs Isabel’s mom, Cathy, discusses Isabel with her husband Keith. ‘Keith I’m worried about Isabel. She says that she sees Jesse in her room.’
‘Cathy, I found a place she can go. But its like a camp, only year around. I think it will do her good to get away from here....’

*Maria P.O.V.*

“I can’t handle this anymore. My mind is racing. I have to much pressure in my life. My father beats and rapes me and my mother does nothing. I think I’m gonna do it this time. No more holding back.”

(Creed’s “One Last Breath” begins to play)

Maria began to climb up into her window as her best friend Mark walks up.

*Mark P.O.V.*

“Oh my god! What the is she doing!” ‘ Maria, get down from there. Please don’t do this again.’
‘Mark go away! You can’t stop me. Not this time!’
‘Maria, please come and talk to me. I can help you!’
‘How? By telling me everything is going to be alright! You don’t understand what I’m going through!’
‘You’re right I can’t. But you can still talk to me. Plus I can get you out of here now.’ “Oh my........shit! Catch her catch her! I’m sorry I didn’t get here in time Maria.” ‘Maria stay with me you can’t die. I can get you away from your father.....’

*Alex P.O.V.*

‘Did you get the keys?’
‘No, you have to sneak in through a window. But the security was just boosted in the building. Alex I have a bad feeling about this.’
‘Dude, have faith. I’ve got this under control. I go in and hack into the system download the file and I’m out. It should only take about an hour.’
‘OK man, but if you get caught, I know nothing.’


“OK the password is.... oh shit what was the password? Now download file.”
‘Hey, what are you doing in here?!’
“Shit cancel.” ‘Nothing, I’m just working on a school project.’
‘Right. I need you to come with me.’

*Mr. Whitman P.O.V.*

‘Anne, where did Alex go? He’s not in his room.’
‘He said he was going to Thomas’ house for the night.’
‘I’ll get it.’
‘Is this your son?’
‘Ye-yes it is. What’s the problem?’
‘I caught your son at the school hacking into some government files. Now luckily he didn’t succesed, so I can’t take action.’
‘Thank you. Alex get in the house. And don’t even think about going to your room.’
‘Alex how could you. You promised me you would stop.’
‘Mom, please stop crying. I wasn’t hacking. It was for school.’
‘Don’t lie Alex. This is the last time. We’re sending you away. You are no longer welcome here....’

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I'm sorry I haven't updated this but I'm stuck. I hope to get more posted soon.*angel*
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Part 1

*Max P.O.V.*

“This is way to country for me. The trees and the damn birds. Chirping and the fucking sing-”
‘Max Evans. I’m happy your flight had a safe landing. My name is Amy. I’m your counselor here at Lakewood Heights.’
‘Whatever. Can I just go to my room. This place is way to cheery for me. I just want to sit in a room all to myself.’
‘Ok. Just follow me. You will be sharing a room with Michael and a newcomer. I don’t know who the newcomer is just yet.’
‘Thats great to know. NOT.’
‘Here we are. This is the room. Room number 5.’
‘Whatever. You can leave now.’ “What the hell are these people on?”
‘Who the hell are you?’
‘I’m Max. I’m guessing your Michael?’
‘What’s it to ya?’
‘Man don’t be an asshole. If I’m gonna be sharing a room with you, I’m not putting up with your shit!’
‘Chill out Max. So.. what are you here in *happy land* for?’
‘I attempted murder and the judge felt that I should come here.’
‘Dude I’m sorry. This place sucks.’
‘Yeah, I’ve been here 10 minutes and I wish I could have stayed in prison.’
‘Wait ‘till your here for 2 weeks. Its hell. The other kids are ok but, the counselors. Amy is extremly weird and Zane, well he’s ok but he has his moments.’
Max hears a bell begin to ring. ‘What’s that?’
‘That’s the bell for class. We still have school. Or did they not tell you?’
‘No, they didn’t.’
‘Well just follow me. Cuz if you miss a day they get pissed.’
‘So what kind of classes do take here?’
‘The usual. Math, science, history, english.’
‘What about electives?’
‘Well rock climbing and canoeing I guess count. But I’m probably failing cuz I don’t do that shit. They need some real sports like hockey. They don’t even let me watch it! Just becuz there’s some violence.’
‘Man I think you need to find something else to watch.’
‘Excuse me?! That’s like saying I’m going throw myself out the window!’
‘Sorry. So what classroom are we going to?’
‘It’s just rou-’
‘What? Man what?’
‘Hi Michael....

*Michael P.O.V.*

‘Liz? What are you doing here?’
‘Well I... I supposly kicked a girls ass at a party a couple nights ago. Vanessa told me I got really drunk.’
‘Liz! Why’d you do it? You promised me I wouldn’t see you until I got out of here.’ He looked around himself.
‘I’m so sorry Michael. But mom pissed me off. I...I. Ever since you left dad started following me around. I-I was just upset and I went to far.’ Liz started to cry.
‘Liz come here, don’t cry.’ He held her until she started to calm down.
‘Michael I need to take her to her room. And you need to go to class.’
‘Fine. Liz I’ll talk to you later. Meet me at lunch.’
‘Ok. Michael?’
‘Yeah’ I’m so sorry.’

*Isabel P.O.V*

“My parents decide I’m crazy and are driving me to some camp like place. I wish they would just understand me.” Isabel began to look out her passenger window. She noticed that the road turned into a dirt road and both sides of the road had trees everywhere. ‘Mom, where are we?’
‘We’re heading for a place called Lakewood Heights. Its a really nice place. I think....We think it will do you good.’
‘Do me good?! You taking me away from my home. Taking me away from all the people I love. I hardly think that’s going to do me good.’
‘Isabel we’re there’s no fighting us.’
‘Mr and Mrs. Richards, hi I’m Tess Harding. Mr. Richards we talked over the phone.’
‘Yes, I remember.’
‘I’m guessing this is Isabel?’
‘Yes I’m Isabel. Let me guess you’re my guardian?!’
‘No I’m not. I’m the owner of Lakewood. Isabel just follow me.’ “Great I’m stuck here with bitch of the year.”
‘Isabel...Isabel are you paying attention?’
‘Yeah I got it. No late nights. School everyday. Oh and I have a guidance meeting every meeting.’
‘Ok. Now Amy is going to show you around. Now your sharing a room with Liz Guerin. Liz is a bit upset right now. So she’s mostly going to be with her brother Michael. I suggest that you not try and get to close with her right now. Tomorrow you start class.’
‘Thank you Mrs. Harding.’ “My life in hell has just begun...”
As Isabel was being lead to her room she saw another guy being brought in.

*Alex P.O.V*

“So I wonder how long...WOW she’s hot! But why is she here?”
‘Alex you can close your mouth now.’
‘Oh sorry...wait my..mouth’
‘Yes. I saw the way you looked at her.’
Alex began to turn about 3 shades of red. ‘So, who is she?’
‘I don’t know. She must be new. Cuz see that lady there, walking with her?’
‘That’s Amy. She’s the counselor for the girls here.’
‘Come on we need to get you to your room before lunch.’
‘Why before lunch?’
‘Cuz you can get settled in. At lunch I’m going to take you to meet the guys your sharing a room with.’
‘Interesting. So what exactly do we do here? Like for fun?’
‘Well you have school from 10:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. Then you usually hang around and do whatever. The guys play basketball and the girls well they’re girls.’
‘You have no clue what girls are about do you?’
‘No but that’s beside the point.’ At that point the lunch bell began to ring. ‘Well I guess we better go find the guys.’
“I hope I see the tall blonde with the beautiful brown eyes.” Alex looked around hoping to see her. As he looked he felt suprised at how many people were at Lakewood.
‘Michael, Max.’
‘Hey Zane. Who’s that?’
‘This is Alex. He’ the other guy staying with you two.’
‘Well goody for us.’
‘Michael.’ Zane gave Michael a watch yourself type of look.
‘I’m Max by the way.’
‘Hey. Your not as sarcastic as Michael I hope.’
‘No I’m not. He’s just had a bit of a rough day.’
‘Maybe he shouldn’t take it out on other people. Right Michael?!’ Zane turned to Michael.
‘Yes Zane. Sorry Alex.’
‘Zane, Amy needs to talk to you.’
‘Ok, but I have a question for you. Are you the new girl Liz?’
‘No. I’m Isabel Richards. I just got here about an hour ago.’ Max looked over at Alex.
‘Dude your drooling.’
“Shit. I’m so embarassed.”
‘Ok. Well I’m gonna go now.’
‘Ok. Tell Amy I’ll be there in a minute.’
‘Zane you know who Liz is man. She’s my sister.’
‘I know. I did that on purpose.’
‘What for?’
‘Michael isn’t it obvious. He did that for Alex. He was drooling.’
‘Oh. Alex got it bad.’
‘Shut up Michael.’
‘Don’t get so defensive. It makes it worse.’
‘I don’t know what it is about her. And its not just her looks. She has pain written in her eyes....’