Title: Surprise
Rating: PG-13
Couple: Max & Liz
Disclaimer: all I own are thoughts of what I would do to Colin Hanks if I ever met him J
Summary: Takes place before Surprise

Max Evans stood outside Liz Parker’s window wearing nothing, hands over his crotch with a white-rose in his ass, calling out to Liz.
“Max, what are y……..” Liz trailed off seeing Max’ state of undress
“Hey Liz” Max said casually
“Max, what the hell are you doing?!!?!?!?!” Liz asked, eyes wide
“Getting you to notice me” Max replied a grin plastered across his face
“I, I notice you” Liz stuttered
“Can I come in?” Max asked sweetly
“Max” Liz started to say, but was cut off by Max
“Liz, please, it’s kinda cold out here” Max pleaded
“Fine, just, come in” Liz sighed & turned round not wanting to see ‘little-Max’. As soon as Max was in Liz’ room, he turned round & heard giggling, followed by…..
“Max, you know you have a rose in your butt, right?” Liz asked threw a fit of giggles
“Yeah, luckily one without thorns” Max said turning back around
“Max, what are you really doing here?” Liz asked sitting on her bed
“I’ll tell you if you take this rose outa my ass” Max said slightly wincing
“Why don’t you?” Liz challenged
“Because, I would have to move my hands, now unless you want to see my…” Max was cut off
“Ok, ok, ok I’ll do it” Liz said quickly
“Thanx” Max said turning round (again)
“There, now will you tell me?” Liz asked
“Man, you don’t relise what comfort is ‘til you have a rose stuck in your ass” Max said sitting next to Liz
“So are, you going to tell me?” Liz perused
“Oh, yeah, im doing this” Max replied pushing Liz back on her bed, lying on top of her, suffocating her with kisses. Until his lungs were begging for air
“Oh, that” Liz said in a daze
“You have to admit, we’re in love” Max said
“Max, I know that……” Liz trailed off staring at ‘not-so-little-Max’
“Liz?” Max asked seeing her eyes transfixed on a certain part of his anatomy
“So, your naked?” Liz asked
“Yeah, & im here to take your innocence, is that ok?” Max asked
“Liz, I love you, & I don’t know why I should be with Tess, I don’t love her, I don’t even know her, but I love you, & I know you better then you know yourself” Max said looking deeply into Liz’ eyes
“Then, you know that im gona say ‘make love to me Max’, right?” Liz said teary eyed

Yea, that’s right folks, Max & Liz cemented their relationship, all night love J