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Title: Beyond What You Can See
Author: Ice Rose
E-mail: icerose101⊕
Catergory: M/L
Rating: PG-13 : R ???
Disclaimer: Nope, just my own little weird and twisted mind, but I won't get into that
Summary: Liz lives in a small mountain town and one day finds a homeless man, but that's all I'm gonna say.
Author's Note: K, I kinda messed up my first try at this, but I'm gonna take alittle bit from the first fic I tried, which I'm not writting anymore, but this I will try to update if people think is it...ummm...not total crap, but anyway. Tell me if it's bad, thanks!

Liz picked up yet another beer can that was floating around. The sun blazed down on her dark hair. Her hair stuck to the back of her neck. Her face glittered with beads of sweat. Each Saturday she would come down to the once beautiful river and clean it up. As a child she use to come here and watch the light bounce off the surface. It never stayed the same...the was always changing and bending. Always becoming something new, something different. She didn’t do that anymore, she didn’t have the dreams she once did. Her eyes drifted over the now trash surroundings; killing the trees and wildlife slowly. They then landed on a hump covered in ragged blankets. It looked almost like a person. The blankets were rising and falling in the soft melody of sleep. All Liz could see was a greasy dark haired head laying in the dirt. She approached and looked down and the stern faced young man...

Part 1
He was alive...right? God the scar looked terrible. It cut across his left cheek up to his ear. IT stood bold against his firm jaw. Deep and sorrowful. His face was hard and dirty, but sad in way. What was he doing? Was he homeless? What was he doing here? Why would he want to stay here?
Liz had never seen this man before, she knew she had to help him somehow, it was in her nature. She bent over him and lightly tapped him on his shoulder.
"Hey are you oka.." Liz was cut short as he lunged and grabbed her throat strait from the state of sleep. His eyes were wild, but for a brief moment they turned soft and wondered. He let her go, but huddled into a defensive state and eyed her coolly.
"Well, so much for trying to be nic-e..." She was still having a hard time breathing. Who the hell was this? Did he even talk? Max just glanced at her and looked around at his surroundings until his eyes landed on a small leather bound book that fell from the blankets. He snatched it up along with his rags and just went back to staring at her.
"Are you okay? Do you need somewhere to stay? Anything to eat?" She offered, but he just looked at Liz with questioning eyes, but tried to hide them with angry and cold ones. Then his stomach made a growling sound.
"I'll take that as a yes then. Come on...Oh, first I'm Liz. May I ask you your name or are you gonna just sit there and stare some more because I just wanted to help." She waved for him to come as she stood up. He just sat and looked at her. His dirty hair falling in front of his pain stricken amber eyes. He slowly stood trying to gather up his things. His green trench coat was covered in water and who new what else. His boots were caked in mud and rock. Hair...well she didn’t want to go into that. He stated to follow Liz down the narrow pass and through the trees. After seven minutes of walking with out talking they came up to what looked like the back of a same coffee shop.
"Come on, I'll get you some food and something new to wear. Kay? Well, come on." She waved him to come up to the patio with her, but he was hesitant. He didn't look like he really trusted anyone. Was he mute? Mentally slow? Whatever it was Liz knew she had to do something. She made her way into her best friend's coffee shop and came back wit ha sandwich and soda for the unknown. She had to call him something. Anything...
Liz looked up to see the man longingly stare and the food. She held it out to him, just to be received unsurely, still clutching the brown book for dear life. He backed up into the base of a tall pine, keeping his eyes on Liz. He sank down and started to chew hungrily, but he observred Liz throughout it all. Noting everything. Questioning if she could be trusted, or that’s what Liz thought. He looked lost and yet wondering under his stern gaze. He was a mystery, but he was also lonely and Liz knew it, but she didn't know him. God knew what was gonna happen when word got around town. There was gonna be hell to pay, but she knew she wouldn’t let what people thought of her get her down. Hell they’d done it for five years, why not stop now, now they could have even more fun with her. Liz sighed and just returned the man’s gaze while listening to the river rush about the rocks.
So??? Eh...tell me how bad it was, but I promiseif you think it’s okay I’ll post more soon. Thanks!


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Part 2
The sky was cast in a beautiful orange and purple mixture with huge storm clouds looking like giant waves. The mountains were in a silhouette and the breeze low. Liz just looked around her taking in the beautiful evening like she always did, but then her attention was back at the dark haired man curled into the tree. Looking so scare in his defense position. Her coffee had become cold as well as her skin, but she wouldn’t leave this man alone. Their gazes locked they had seemed to the entire evening. A few people had passed, not questioning him or her just keeping to their own low whispers and cool glances at Liz then the man. She could hear them sometimes, but she didn’t let them know she did.
“Oh, here we go I can’t believe...such a waste...yes” The people just kept to themselves though. Liz knew them, they were the people she despised, but she never talked back, she knew better.
What if this man could not talk? Would she have to name him? Give him to some government agency that wouldn’t do anything for him? What was she going to call him? He hadn’t said anything, yet he didn’t have to. She could read his eyes. So easily. He hadn’t come when she tried to get him into the coffee shop time after time. He was different. Almost like a lost little puppy. His skin lit up in the orange light. You could tell it was tan and hard, even under all the dirt.
“Anything happen? He go psycho yet? Kill anyone? You want me to hoes ‘em down? I know he might carry some kind of lice...” Maria looked at her friend then turned to glance at the ‘mystery’ man. Liz just gave a small laugh and turned back to him.
“Okay enough of this he’s coming inside. He can stay in the extra room upstairs, but he is not sleeping out here, he might attract the deer or something. But we are sure throwing that boy in the shower.” Maria made a beeline for the man and tried to grab his arm to get him inside.
“Maria no..” But it was to late. He had already grabbed his leather book and took to the trail, disappearing behind the trees. The night was falling quickly, Liz did the one thing she thought she would ever do again; she went after him. Liz ran blindly, only following the sound of his boots. Her shines and arms were being cut by branches and bushes. A low branch had caught on her pants as she was struggling she lost her footing. She was weightless. Nothing. The moon was there for a brief second, but gone. A coldness covered her body. Then complete darkness. The stars had turned black.....

First the blurred vision of a bright white disk came into view. The light was soft and claming. The night air seemed warm though. Liz blinked again and again trying to see. She couldn’t stop shaking. Her clothes hung heavy off her body. Hot tears flowed down her face and her head throbbed. She felt a hand rest against her forehead, gently smoothing her hair down, slowing taking the pain away. Liz turned her blurry eyes towards a dripping figure close to her bending down. She felt herself being lifted. The pain slowly ended as she drifted back into the unconscious.
The light was harsh now. Forcing her eyes open she looked around her room. HER ROOM!? Nothing had changed. Same clothes as yesterday, yet they were crinkled, but her head didn’t hurt at all. Her back had a sore in it, but all in all she was good.
“Hey sleepy head. You okay? You must have really taken a ran...what happened. I waited an hour then went looking for you. Don’t ever do that again. I almost called the cops..” Maria rushed into the room holding two hot cups. “Damn that was hot, and if you don’t drink it I swear I’ll beat you down once you get better.”
“Thanks, I’m okay what-” Liz’s first word were cut short.
“Oh my god Liz. You couldn’t even tell me you were home. Damn it. I heard you come up the late, but once I got into your room you were already asleep. God, I man, something could have happened, well what did happen? I mean remember when Alex had gone fishing, got lost then got the terrible wedgy that almost cost him his life. I mean-” Her babbling was cut short and her arms stopped flying through the air.
“Maria stop, breathe my friend breath. What did happen. I don’t remember anything. Someone carried me I think. How the hell did I get back here-” Then see felt it. She reached behind her and pulled out a little brown leather book.
So...go easy on me. Well thanks for the FB from before. Tell me if I could do anything to improve this!
Thanks again! -Peace