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Hi. First post here. I started writing a 'continuation' from the episode. I mean, two months of hiatus is too long. So, here we go. It's in script format, hope no one minds.

It's devided into 'Acts' so I can update more often. Enjoy



Disclaimer: Liz, Max, Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Kyle are the property of Jason Katmis and UPN.
Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Everything up until the end of 'Chant Down Babylon'.

My name is Liz Parker, and I’m finally going home.

Home? What does that mean, anyway? Is your ‘home’ the place you grew up in, and where all your friends are? Or is it the place you’re most comfortable?

If it’s the former, then my ‘home’ is more than likely somewhere filled with test tubes and books. I’m most comfortable when I’m using my head and thinking. There I’m in charge, and I can take control. Things have rules, and boundaries, and you can predict what’s going to happen next most of the time.

But even with all that, a place doesn’t feel like a home. No matter how good you are at using your head and thinking, it’s still just work.

A home is supposed to be a place where you feel safe. Your own personal security blanket, away from all your troubles. Where you can just lie back and forget about everything except just being you.

If that is true, I’m starting to doubt that I even have a home.

Liz sat in a bus that was heading back to Roswell. They were only a few miles away from town now, and the desert stretched far ahead of them.

She sat next to Max Evans, who seemed to be in his own little world as he endlessly stared out the window. Across the isle was Liz’s best friend, Maria Deluca. Maria was, as usual, the definition of eccentric.

MARIA: Well, back to reality, I guess.

Maria sighs.

MARIA: After spending the past two weeks in New York and Vermont, Roswell’s a huge letdown.

Across the isle, Liz Parker looked over at her friend.

LIZ: Oh, you love it here and you know it, Maria.

Next to Liz, Max continued to look out the window, completely oblivious to everything else. Max’s eyes scanned the desert, as the bus drove past.

Three years ago, Max Evans healed me from a fatal gunshot wound. He risked his life to save me, because he loved me. And I love him. But getting another chance at life didn’t come without a price.

I’m changing. The scientist in me wants to say that ‘my body is adjusting to accommodate a new environment I need to survive in’, but the only thing I feel is that something is happening to me I have no control over. I’m not dying, I know that now. I’m becoming like Max, and for some reason I don’t understand, it scares me.

However, it doesn’t scare me nearly as much as what Max is going through probably scares him. I almost died, while he actually did. Through some miracle I brought him back, but I don’t think he’s fully recovered yet. The one thought that scares me more than what’s happening to me is the possibility he never will.

LIZ: Max?

Liz tenderly put her hand on his shoulder.

LIZ: Are you ok?

Max slowly turns around to face her.

MAX: (quietly)Yeah, I…I don’t know…

Liz wraps her arms around him and holds him close. She rests her head against his shoulder, and Max kisses her forehead.

Outside, as the bus sped by, no one noticed it was being followed. Close behind was a bright red motorcycle.

It finally stopped, letting the bus continue on. The driver removed his helmet, and watched it drive out of sight.

He was somewhere between 18 and 21. He had brown, spiked hair and cold gleaming eyes. A malicious smile covered his face as he crossed his arms.

MAN: It begins.


Oh I am what I am
I do what I want
But I…
Can’t hide.

I won’t go
I won’t sleep
I can’t breathe
Until you’re resting here with me

I won’t leave
I can’t hide
I cannot be
Until you’re resting here…

I won’t go
I won’t sleep
I can’t breathe
Until you’re resting here with me

I won’t leave
I can’t hide
I cannot be
Until you’re resting here with me


Well, what do you think? Like it? Hate it? I know it's short, but the next act will be a lot longer. This is basically the 'teaser' before the credits start.


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Here's Act 2. It's about three times longer than Act 1, of course.

Here's the banner if anyone's interested in seeing it...



Cut to the Valenti house. Michael, Isabel, Kyle, Jessie, and Jim sat around it, having breakfast.

It had been a few days since Isabel was shot, she was doing better. There was still an awkward silence between the group however.

KYLE: Somebody’s gotta say it, and I guess it’s me again. What the heck are we going to do now?

ISABEL: What do you mean?

KYLE: The MetaChem guys know who you are. How long till they come after us. I hate to say it, but with Max…gone, someone has to take his place being in charge.

JESSIE: Listen to all of you. ‘In charge’? You’re acting like you’re fighting in some sort of war.

MICHAEL: I don’t know if you realize this, but we are.

JESSIE: You’re being dramatic.

MICHAEL: Guy’s on the inside for a few days, suddenly he can tell me what’s what?

Suddenly, Valenti stands up.

VALENTI: Both of you calm down. Jessie, I know this might still take some adjusting for you to understand all of this. You don’t have to be here if you don’t want to.

Jessie looks over at Isabel, then back at Valenti.

JESSIE: I want to.

Isabel turns to Kyle, a tear in her eye.

ISABEL: Do you realize what we’re doing? We’re basically here deciding who should ‘replace’ Max. He died less than a week ago, and we’re…don’t any of you realize he’s gone?

Jessie takes Isabel by the hand and squeezes it.

MICHAEL: The guy was my best friend, of course I miss him. But I’m freaking out, because we’re basically falling apart here. Max and Alex are dead, Liz and Maria are both in separate states. The only ones of us that are left from the beginning are me and Isabel. All I’m trying to do is keep a clear head.

Kyle looks over at Isabel and Jessie, and bites his lip.

KYLE: You know what? I’m going to get some air.

He stands up and heads out the back door.


Kyle roamed around the yard, lost in his thoughts.

KYLE: (muttering)What in Budda’s name is wrong with me? Number One, Isabel is my friend. Number Two, Isabel is married. Number three, she has this weird death curse on her. Oh, don’t forget the whole ‘alien’ thing. I have got to get a life.

Unknown to Kyle, three figures approached him from behind. However, they didn’t hear what he was saying.

LIZ: Hey Kyle.

Kyle smiled without turning around.

KYLE: Hey Liz. You’re back?

MARIA: Hey Kyle.

KYLE: Hey Maria.

MAX: Hey Kyle.

Kyle’s eyes went wide. There was no mistaking that voice.

Slowly he turned around, and saw Max Evans standing there. Max gives a mock wave.


Michael, Isabel, Jessie, and Valenti came running out of the house. They all saw Max standing there, clear as day. And alive.


Isabel ran up to him and swung her arms around him.

ISABEL: Valenti said that you…we thought you were…

MAX: I know. Uh, Iz, could you go easy on my ribs? I sort of fell out a window.

MARIA: Hey, don’t I get a hug?

Michael walks up to her, grinning like an idiot.

MICHAEL: I missed you.

Maria smiles.

MARIA: Same here, Spaceboy.

The two of them hug.

Max notices Jessie standing here with a serious look on his face.

MAX: Jessie, how are you?

Jessie doesn’t answer.

JESSIE: Don’t take this the wrong way, Max. But why aren’t you dead?

Max freezes, and doesn’t answer.

MICHAEL: He knows, Maxwell.

MAX: You told him?

MICHAEL: Isabel was shot, we didn’t have a choice.

Max nodded, indicating that he understood.

LIZ: How much does he know?

JESSIE: Enough.

Liz looked at Max, indicating she had a plan.

LIZ: Could I talk to you for a moment, Jessie?

Jessie nodded, and he and Liz walked off.

Valenti walked up to Max.

VALENTI: Uh, Max? I saw your body crumble into dust. From what I saw, you were dead.

MAX: I was.


A few moments later, inside the kitchen…

MAX: Weeler was made young again, as hard as that is to believe. The only difference is that I must have subconsciously altered his DNA. His face, his voice, even his fingerprints were an exact copy of my own.

ISABEL: That still doesn’t explain how…

MAX: How I’m back? My best guess is that my essence…my soul…was transferred to his body as well. At least that’s how it looked to me.

KYLE: Ok, that’s creepy. The guy was HOW old?

MAX: Not anymore. Like I said before, his body was now an exact duplicate of my own. My personality was submerged until I remembered Liz. My feelings for her, they kept me fighting.

MARIA: That’s so romantic.

MICHAEL: Yeah, whatever. So does that mean you could turn into Clayton at any time now?

Max shook his head.

MAX: When Clayton realized Liz was giving me strength, he became convinced that he could get rid of me by killing her. He brought us to Vermont, but Liz fought him back. We ended up falling out the window. Clayton died in the fall, and I would have as well. But Liz used her powers to heal me.

KYLE: Wow. Can you say ‘full circle’ here?

VALENTI: Now hold on a second. You said ‘Liz used her powers’…what powers?

The other five looked at each other nervously, before turning back towards Valenti.

KYLE: Ok dad, here’s the thing. Remember the whole thing with those alien clones last year? Well, one of them filled us in on a glitch in the alien super powers thing.

VALENTI: A ‘glitch’.

KYLE: Yeah. If Max someone from a fatal injury, you know…brings them back to life, he sort of passes on some powers to them. Anyone he brings back to life becomes like him, Michael, or Isabel.

Valenti’s mouth hung open for a moment.

VALENTI: I was shot when we were at MetaChem. Does that mean…?

MAX: We don’t know the statistics of the change. Liz just started to show signs of being like us a few weeks ago.

ISABEL: Not exactly, Max.

Max turns towards his sister, confused.

MICHAEL: That time you were in New York with Rath and Lonnie, she did something. Astral projection, they called it. Iz helped, but it was mostly her.

MAX: Astral projection. I…I saw Liz on the street, warning me. I thought I was hallucinating. That was actually her?


Kyle spoke up.

KYLE: Nothing’s happened to me yet, so I think you don’t have to worry for a while, dad.

Valenti walked out of the kitchen. Once facing the other way, a smile crept on his face.


Liz and Jessie walked up to the window of the Crashdown. There, she started to explain.

LIZ: It’s hard isn’t it? Accepting the truth about them?

Jessie nods.

JESSIE: Aliens. I know it, but it’s still hard to…

LIZ: Believe me, I know. This is actually where it all started.

JESSIE: Go on.

Liz took a deep breath and began her story.

LIZ: On September 18th 1999, I died. There were two people at the Crashdown who were arguing over money, then one of them pulled out a gun. It went off, and hit me in the stomach.

Jessie continued listening.

LIZ: Max ran up to me, and saw I was bleeding. Michael kept telling him to leave it be, but he didn’t listen. He used his powers to heal the bullet wound, and bring me back to life. A day later, he told me the secret. About himself, Michael, and Isabel being aliens. They didn’t know who they were or where they came from back then. But they were terrified that if anyone ever found out about them, the government might track them down and do god knows what. That’s where everything started.

JESSIE: If they were so scared of being discovered, why did Max risk their secret for you?

Liz blushed slightly.

LIZ: He was in love with me. He had been from the moment he saw me.

Jessie grinned.

JESSIE: A junior ‘Superman and Lois’, huh?

LIZ: Anyway…I told Maria, and later on Alex Whitman.

JESSIE: Wasn’t that Isabel’s boyfriend who died?

Liz nodded sadly.

JESSIE: He didn’t die from a car accident, did he?

LIZ: No.

JESSIE: I think I’m starting to understand why you keep all this a secret? So, no one else knows?

LIZ: Just me, Maria, Kyle, and his dad. And now you. They’re not bad people. Quite the opposite. Max is the kindest, gentlest, most caring and compassionate person I’ve ever met. And Michael and Isabel are good people. They’re just scared, thrown into a life they never asked for.

JESSIE: Yeah. Michael filled me in on the whole royal family aspect.

LIZ: Listen Jessie. I brought you here to make something clear to you. The moment you found out the truth, your life was put in danger. As long as you’re on the inside, you’re put under the same threats that they face every day of their lives. It’s a big risk to take.

Jessie thinks on this for a moment.

JESSIE: I want to ask you a question Liz. If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?

Liz shook her head.

LIZ: No, I wouldn’t. Everything me and Max have been through since…the good and the bad…I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

JESSIE: Then you’ve got my answer.

They shake hands, and Liz smiles.

LIZ: Welcome to the inside.

Jessie laughs.

LIZ: I’m going to go inside and let my parents know I’m back. Could you tell Max that I’ll see him tomorrow?

JESSIE: Will do.

Liz walks in the Crashdown and Jessie leaves.


Nighttime. Liz is sitting on her bed, writing in her journal when she hears a voice outside her window.

MAX: (off-screen)Liz?

She climbs off the bed and climbs out the window. Looking over the balcony, she sees Max standing on the street.

LIZ: Max?

MAX: Can I come up?

Liz nods and he starts to climb up to the balcony.

Once there, the two of them slowly walk towards each other.

MAX: I just wanted to see if you were all right. We didn’t have the chance to talk earlier, with the others so shocked and everything.

LIZ: Yeah, well, your brother coming back from the dead and showing up in someone’s yard would make a really awkward situation.

The both of them pause for a moment.

LIZ: I’m actually more concerned about you than I am me right now, Max.

Max looks at her, confused.

MAX: Concerned for me? Why?

LIZ: You almost died, Max. Come to think of it, you DID die. Don’t you find that the least bit unsettling?

Max looks at her, a little worried.

MAX: Do you? Do you find me unsettling now?

LIZ: No, of course not. That’s not what I meant. It’s just that, during the whole bus ride, you looked like you would shatter into a million pieces any minute.

Max looked her in the eyes, feeling a little guilty.

MAX: I was hoping no one noticed.

LIZ: Why?

MAX: I’m supposed to be a leader. Heck, I’m supposed to be a king. People can’t know that I’m…afraid. If I let people see that, they won’t trust me to take care of them.

Liz reached over and gave him a small kiss on the lips.

LIZ: I do.

Max couldn’t help but smile.

MAX: Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve someone like you. You’ve been through so much, both because of me and by me. How can anyone be that strong?

Liz doesn’t answer. She just blushes slightly.

Max touches the side of her face and tilts her head up to look at him. They can feel the other’s breath on their faces.

MAX: God, I love you so much.

Liz smiles.

LIZ: I love you too.

They kiss again, this time lingering longer. Liz wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

Finally, after a moment, they broke apart.

LIZ: You’d better go before my dad gets here. He’s a little mad.

Max looks confused.

MAX: I thought he was ok with me now.

LIZ: Oh, you’re not the problem. I am. Do you have any idea how much money that school in Vermont cost him?

Max chuckles.

MAX: I’ll see you at school tomorrow.

He gives her one last kiss before descending down the balcony again.

Liz watches him go, smiling. Then she heads back towards her room.


You like it? Just wait for act 3 to come out. You will not be dissapointed.
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I will tell you this much about the guy on the motorcycle...I didn't make him up.;) He exists in the Roswell universe. Who he is, however, is my little secret*big*

PS. Each chapter is in 5 acts, by the way. Just so you know how long this chapter will take.
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Here's Act 3:

Around twelve people sat at a board table in a window-view office. Outside, repairs were being done after the fire around a week back. MetaChem was rebuilding, but was not without it’s losses.

EXECUTIVE # 1: Are you sure they’re dead?

EXECUTIVE # 2: Positive. The police found Merris Weeler’s body at a library in Vermont. We’re just not sure who killed her.

EXECUTIVE # 1: Of course we know who killed her.

EXECUTIVE: No we don’t. Was it her husband, Clayton? Or was it Max Evans? From the report she gave us, the boss looks exactly like him.

FEMALE EXECUTIVE: Looked, you mean? We’ve seen the pictures of him getting off that bus in Roswell. It’s safe to assume that Clayton’s dead as well. Evans must have taken over.

The head of the group sighs. He then picks a large portfolio off the table.

EXECUTIVE # 1: I’m guessing who just proceed with ‘operation evolution’ then, correct?

FEMALE EXECUTIVE: I somehow doubt Mr. Gurin will be reporting for work ever again.

EXECUTIVE: Then we’ll just use those remains of Max’s body we collected from the dust. It must still have some strands of DNA left that we can use.

At that moment, the doors to the office burst open.

In enters the spiky-haired motorcyclist from earlier, now dressed in a gray business suit.

MAN: My, busy this morning aren’t we? Let me guess, stock talk, right?

He walks over to the head of the table.

EXECUTIVE # 1: Someone call security…

Before he can finish, the dark-haired stranger pulls him out of the chair by his collar and throws him to the floor.

EXECUTIVE # 1: Ahhh.

He then sits down in his chair and puts his feet on the table.

MAN: Consider this a corporate take-over. Your president and his only family are dead, so I’m taking over.

The man on the floor picks himself up and walks towards the stranger, taking a gun out of his pocket.

However, before he can do anything else, the stranger reacts. He lifts up his hand, and faces it towards the executive. A blast of invisible force hits him, causing him to fly against the nearest wall.

MAN: Anyone else have a problem with that?

Everyone in the room stares at him in shock.


The man simply smiles.

MAN: Nicholas.

He picks the portfolio up from the table and hands it to her.

NICHOLAS: I believe you have a full three pages on me in there somewhere.

She starts looking through the pages.

EXECUTIVE # 2: Our records show that Nicholas was a child.

NICHOLAS: Yeah, I was. Didn’t work for me. After that huge disaster at the summit in New York, I went for an upgrade.


NICHOLAS: Not important. What is important, however, is how we can help each other. Tell me, is Evans really dead?

The executive from earlier picks himself off the ground.

EXECUTIVE # 1: Not exactly. His body disintegrated, but he took over Clayton’s body.

NICHOLAS: But his body is gone, right?

He receives nods, then smiles.

NICHOLAS: This is better than I hoped. Now, what say I help you out with…what did you call it? Ah, yes…‘Operation Evolution’.


Cut to the Crashdown. Liz is in uniform, and begins waiting tables. She suddenly arrives at Kyle, who is going over a group of papers.

LIZ: Hey Kyle, what can I get you?

Kyle doesn’t even look up at her.

KYLE: Oh, just a coffee.

Liz looks at him, confused. Then she sees what he’s reading.

Next to the pile of pages was the destiny book.

LIZ: (whispering)Kyle, what the heck are you doing?

KYLE: Relax Liz. I cleared this with Michael first.

Liz double-checked the papers.

LIZ: Isn’t that…

KYLE: The translation Alex made? Yep. I’m going to try to understand this language by comparing the two. Maybe if someone can actually read this stuff then the next time some alien thing shows up, we’re not flying blind.

LIZ: When did you become ‘Mr. Studious’? You’re ruining my ‘dumb jock’ preconceptions.

KYLE: Says the gun-toting holdup girl?

Liz laughs, and turns around.

KYLE: This doesn’t make sense.

Liz turns back to face him.

LIZ: What doesn’t?

KYLE: This paragraph just cuts off. I was thinking it continued on the next page, but it goes on to talk about the granolith. It’s like something’s missing.

LIZ: It’s from a different planet, Kyle. Maybe they have different sentence structure than we do. Or maybe you mistranslated something.

KYLE: No, no…look.

He shows her Alex’s translation.

KYLE: See, look at that. Mindwarped or not, Alex would have redid the sentence structure so we could understand it. He had this huge attention to detail. There’s something missing.

LIZ: What?

KYLE: That’s the question of the hour, I guess.


Cut to the kitchen. Maria runs in, carrying a tray. She almost runs right into Liz, who is standing there.

LIZ: Maria! Careful.

MARIA: Ugh, I gotta warm these Will Smith’s up pronto.

Liz takes the trays and puts them on the counter. Then she lifts her hand over them. Her palm starts to faintly glow, as steam rises from the food.

MARIA: What are you doing!

Maria takes the tray away before Liz can finish.

LIZ: I thought you said they needed to be warmed up?

MARIA: Not like that.

Liz starts to become confused.

LIZ: Maria, Michael uses his powers on the food all the time. What’s the problem.

MARIA: Yeah, Michael does. Not you. Not like this. Could you at least pretend everything’s normal?

Liz looks at her, slightly hurt.

MARIA: I’m sorry. It’s just that…it weirds me out. You being all…whoosh…and all. You were like the only normal thing in my life, and now you’re not. It just takes some getting used to. You not being…normal.

LIZ: (muttering sadly)What’s so great about normal?

Maria looks at her.

MARIA: Did you say something?

LIZ: Just something Max told me. A long time ago. My shift’s almost over, so I’m gonna head out.

Liz removes the antennae barrette and leaves through the back door.

MARIA: Liz, I didn’t mean…

But she was already gone.


Cut to the Ramirez house. Jesse straightens his tie while looking in the mirror. Behind him, Isabel kisses him on the cheek.

ISABEL: Remember, Jesse, dad…

JESSE: Got you. No telling the boss about anything.

He turns and smiles at her.

JESSE: I hate to say this, but this is sort of fun.


JESSE: Yeah. I don’t know…maybe it’s just the rush of this cloak and dagger work. It feels exciting once you get past the lying.

ISABEL: I’m so sorry for not telling you, Jesse. It’s just that…

JESSE: No need. Liz Parker talked to me about everything last night. I think I understand things a bit better.

They pause a moment, then kiss.

JESSE: See you tonight.

Jesse arrives at the door just as Max appears at it.

JESSIE: Hey Max.

MAX: Hey.

Jesse leaves, as Max walks over to Isabel.

MAX: How’s he doing?

ISABEL: Oh, good. Liz talked to him apparently.

Max smiles.

MAX: Good.

ISABEL: So, how’s she doing?

MAX: What do you mean?

ISABEL: You know…

Isabel waved her hand over a couch cushion, turning it rainbow colored.

ISABEL: …that.

MAX: We haven’t exactly discussed it yet. My…experience at MetaChem…

ISABEL: ‘Experience’? You died. I thought you had actually…

MAX: I’m sorry you had to go through that, Iz. Believe me.

There is an uncomfortable silence for a moment before one of them speaks up.

ISABEL: Hey, could you do something with the TV? It gets static on channel four.

Max rolls his eyes and reaches behind the television.

MAX: And you can’t do this yourself because…?

ISABEL: I’m horrible with electronics. I’d probably put it together wrong.

Max presses the palm of his hand against the back of the TV. It starts to glow for a moment…

MAX: What?


A burst of light appears, causing Max to fall backwards. Smoke starts to rise out of the television screen.

ISABEL: But I wouldn’t blow it up!!! What is wrong with you.

Max begins staring at his hand in shock.

Arcs of green electricity start flowing around it. After a long moment, it dies down.

Isabel looks at his hand in shock.

ISABEL: Max? What just happened?

MAX: I don’t know.

ISABEL: I’ve…I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Max takes a deep breath.

MAX: I have.


Cut to the Valenti house. Michael is there, talking to Valenti.

VALENTI: I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. It’s dangerous.

MICHAEL: Psycho lady’s gone, so it’d be a good idea not to be suspicious, right? Besides, I might be able to dig something up. There’s just something going on there that bugs me.

Just then Liz enters.

LIZ: Hey, is Max here?


Michael picked a camera up from the table.

LIZ: There’s something Kyle found in the book that…

MICHAEL: Yeah, get back to me on that.

He then pulls on his jacket.

LIZ: Where are you going?


Liz’s eyes go wide.

LIZ: MetaChem? No. No Michael, that’s not really a good idea.

MICHAEL: You don’t say?

LIZ: They know what you are. What you all are.

Michael turns around to face her.

MICHAEL: Which is why I’m going back there to find out

LIZ: It’s too risky.

MICHAEL: Is it now?

LIZ: You’re putting everyone in danger. I understand being worried about what they know, but you have to talk to the other first.

MICHAEL: Correction, I’m putting me, Max, and Isabel in danger. Not you. Having powers doesn’t make you one of us, Liz. You’ll never be one of us, ok?

Liz is taken aback by what he’s saying. He turns around to leave, but Liz puts her hand on his shoulder and turns him back around.

LIZ: Don’t…

Michael roughly grabs her wrist and removes her hand.

MICHAEL: I’m starting to get why Max likes you so much. You both like to tell people what to do.

LIZ: What?

MICHAEL: Well, I’m not going to sit around waiting for someone to start picking us off one by one. Do you understand that?

Liz winces in pain.

LIZ: Let go. You’re hurting me…

MICHAEL: I’m through being pushed around. By you, by Max, by Maria…by anyone…

LIZ: Let…GO!

The second that Liz said ‘go’, a flash of green energy burst from her hand, hitting Michael.

He flew through the air, directly towards the window.


Outside, Kyle and Maria are headed towards the house when they see Michael crash through the window. Followed by Max and Isabel, who had just arrived.


She runs over to him, kneeling down to see if he’s all right.

Slowly, Liz looks out the window in shock. She goes through the door and starts to walk towards them.

LIZ: I…I didn’t mean…

Maria looks up at her friend, horrified.

MARIA: Just stay away from him!

A scared look appears in Liz’s eyes. She then ran towards the gate.

Max sees her leave and tries to go after her. However, Isabel grabs his arm.

ISABEL: Max! Just let her go.

Max looks at his sister defiantly.

MAX: Not this time. Not ever again.

Then he goes after Liz.
Hope you liked it.*happy*

posted on 6-Mar-2002 11:04:09 AM by Peter Parker
Oh, there's a reason why Michael and Maria are acting the way they are. All will be explained. You'll find out Michael's reasons in act 5. It'll take a bit longer to get to Maria's reasons, but I don't want to ruin the surprise.;)

Let's just say that not everything is what it appears to be.
posted on 10-Mar-2002 5:21:17 PM by Peter Parker
Here's act 4. Though I'm on vacation in North Carolina, I'm still writing away.

Only 1 act of this chapter left to do. This is where everything starts to take off.

Cut to Maideckizne Rocks, just outside of where the pod chamber used to be. She is looking up at the sky, the wind blowing through her hair.

Behind her, Max slowly walks across the desert.

MAX: Liz?

Liz takes a deep breath.

LIZ: Max, please, go away. I really want to be alone right now.

Max put his hand on her shoulder comfortably.

MAX: Right now, I think there’s a large difference between what you want and what you need.

Liz turned around to face him, their faces almost touching.

LIZ: And what do I need?

MAX: Someone to talk to.

At that exact second, Liz swung her arms around Max and held him close.

LIZ: (whispering)Is he okay?

MAX: I don’t know. I went right after you. I needed to see if you were all right. Why did you…?

Max put his hands in hers, and lifted them up. There, he saw a red mark on her wrist.

MAX: (surprised)You’re hurt. Did Michael…?

Liz nodded. Max began to get mad.

MAX: He’ll pay for this.

LIZ: No, Max. Don’t do anything to him. I think blasting him through a window did enough.

They pause for a moment, neither one saying anything.

LIZ: It hurts a little. Can you heal it?

MAX: No.

Liz becomes surprised.

LIZ: Why not?

MAX: My powers aren’t working right. I tried to fix a television, and ended up blowing it up. I…I can’t risk hurting you. But maybe you can do it yourself?

Liz seems unsure.

LIZ: I don’t know how.

MAX: Here…

Max touches her hand gently, almost as if it were made of glass. Slowly, he brought her hand over to her wrist.

MAX: All you have to do is feel it. Feel your skin, and then relax. Let the power flow.

He was whispering now. Liz could feel his warm breath on her face.

Her hand began to glow gently.

LIZ: I can feel it. It’s like…I can see my own molecules inside my head.

MAX: Good. Now, just push them gently back together. Like you’re putting together a complex puzzle. Be careful.

The light subsides, and Liz removes her hand. The red mark is completely gone.

Max smiles at her.

MAX: I knew you could do it.

LIZ: I just wish everything were that easy to fix.

Liz turned around and wrapped her arms around herself. Max moved close her, until his chin was just above her shoulder.

LIZ: Maria was horrified of me. My best friend is scared of me.

MAX: Liz, I’m sorry for doing this to you.

Liz shook her head.

LIZ: Don’t blame yourself for this, Max. When you healed me, you had no idea what would happen.

MAX: I should have, though. I had no right to bring you into this life. Of always hiding who you are, of looking over your shoulder every moment. You deserve better than this. You deserve better than me.

LIZ: This isn’t about us, Max. This is about me. I just know that sounds selfish when I say it out loud.

Both to them start to laugh.

LIZ: Just promise me you won’t pull away again. Right now, I need you more than ever.

Max leans in close to her and gently brushes her lips with his.

MAX: I promise.


Liz sees the television exploding at Jesse and Isabel’s


She looks at him, concerned.

LIZ: You said your powers aren’t working right?

MAX: Yeah, you saw…?

LIZ: The TV? Yeah. Any idea what’s happening?

MAX: Not a clue. Are you still ‘Liz Parker, science girl’?

Liz simply grinned.


Cut to the apartment above the Crashdown Café. Liz sat at her desk, preparing a microscope slide.

LIZ: Your powers were working fine until that thing with, Clayton. So, knowing that, my best guess is that the two are related. You altered Clayton’s body at a cellular level, so your DNA would be the logical place to start.

MAX: Ok.

Liz looks in the microscope, adjusting the focus.

LIZ: That’s strange…

Max looks over at her.

LIZ: Oh god, Max!

MAX: What what’s wrong?

LIZ: I think you’d better come see this.

Liz moves to the side and lets Max look in the microscope.

MAX: This isn’t my blood.

LIZ: Yes it is, Max.

Max looked up towards her, confusion reflected in his face.

LIZ: It’s human, Max. How is that even possible?

Max stood up, and paced across the room for a moment. Finally, he stopped and turned towards Liz.

MAX: Clayton Wheeler was human. When I was healing him, my subconscious somehow altered his body to resemble mine. The hair, the face, the fingerprints, even the voice. But the blood…it’s not a physical characteristic. I must have completely forgot…

LIZ: So when you took over, the blood stayed human. But you still have your powers?

MAX: Nasedo said that the powers weren’t alien, but evolved human.

LIZ: So you evolved Clayton’s body, but it’s not used to the powers. That’s why they’re out of control. Your body is still adjusting to them.

MAX: Yeah, just like yours were.

Max stared at his hand, taking it all in. Liz walked up to him, concerned.

LIZ: Max?

Max turned to face her.

MAX: My…my body’s completely human. The only thing that’s still ‘alien’ about me are memories I don’t even have access to.

LIZ: You know what this means, don’t you? No more royal seal in your head. No more king.

A shocked smile slowly appeared on his lips.

MAX: I’m free.


Cut to nighttime, at the rear entrance to MetaChem. Michael’s motorcycle halts to a stop a few feet away from the door. He climbs off and walks towards it.

MICHAEL: (muttering) Here goes nothing.

Michael puts his hand up against the lock and begins to concentrate. A small flash of light appears over it, and Michael pushes the door open.

Slowly, he creeps through the hallway. He hears voices coming from an office, so he halts in his tracks. He flattens himself against the wall and listened.

SCIENTIST # 1: An actual alien life form on earth? And he was working as one of our security guards. If I had known that, I probably would have gone up to front desk more often.

SCIENTIST # 2: You still have that DNA sample. We need it for ‘Operation Evolution’.

SCIENTIST # 1: Don’t worry, it’s up in lab B. The new boss said to lock it up good. That guy gives me the creeps.

SCIENTIST # 2: I’ve heard he’s one of them too.

SCIENTIST # 1: He’s an alien? Then why not use his blood?

SCIENTIST # 2: I don’t know. They guy’s not even twenty-one.

Leaning against the wall, Michael’s jaw started to hang open. Without making a single sound, he snuck past the door, and headed down the hallway.

He found an elevator, and rode it upward to the second floor.

MICHAEL: (whispering)Lab B.


Cut to Michael’s apartment. Max and Liz arrive, with Max still having a smile on his face. However, once inside, they see Kyle, Isabel, and Maria waiting there.

MAX: What’s going on?

Isabel walks up to him, and says mater-of-factly.

ISABEL: Michael’s gone.

Max’s smile disappears.

MAX: Gone? What do you mean ‘gone’?

KYLE: Liz, didn’t you tell him?

Max looks towards Liz, who now has a panicked look on her face.

LIZ: Oh no, I was so upset about what happened that I completely forgot.

MAX: Forgot what?

LIZ: Michael went back to MetaChem.

Max turns towards the others.


MARIA: I tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t listen. He’s going to destroy the evidence of you guys being aliens. That’s a good thing, right?

MAX: Not this soon. Definitely not going alone. He’s going to get himself killed.

Max turned around and went towards the door.

KYLE: Hold on, Max. Where are you going?

MAX: After him.

Liz runs after him.

LIZ: Max…

ISABEL: What, so they can kill you again?

MAX: They might still think I’m Clayton. That might give me an advantage. One that you wouldn’t have, Isabel. I’ll be careful.

Liz looks at him.

LIZ: I’m coming with you.

MAX: No. It’s too dangerous.

LIZ: Your powers aren’t even working, remember?

Kyle and Maria’s eyes go wide.

MARIA: (in shock)Powers aren’t working…?

KYLE: Whoa. When did this happen?

Max ignores their questions. He just continues to look at Liz, and took her hand..

MAX: I don’t want you to get hurt. It’s been happening too often lately. I have to do this alone. I’m sorry.

He kisses her forehead, and lets go of her hand. Then he leaves.

Liz watches the door for a moment, as a determined look comes over her face.

LIZ: (muttering)Not this time, Max.

She walked over to Kyle and grabbed him by the wrist. Then she stormed into the other room and shut the door.

KYLE: Hey! What gives?


Cut back to the Valenti house. Jim Valenti picks up a phone and dials a number.

VALENTI: Hey, is this the license bureau?


Cut to MetaChem. Max walks up to the main entrance, where he sees Michael’s motorcycle parked.

He gently pushes open the door, finding it open.

MAX: (sarcastically)Nice job, Michael.

He walks in, and takes the back stairs up to the third floor. Looking around, he creeps through the hallway, past and office. He doesn’t notice it start to open.

MAX: (whispering)Michael?


The camera pans down towards Max’s feet, and shows the floor below. Michael walks down the second floor’s hallway, and arrives at Lab B.

MICHAEL: Too easy.

He looks through the window in the door, and sees a security camera inside.

Michael then puts his hand up against the glass and uses his power. First the glass shatters, then the camera explodes. He then reaches inside and unlocks the door.

On a table, he sees dozens of containers saying ‘Michael Gurin’, one of which is a blood sample. He uses his power again, as each sample disintegrates into dust before his eyes.

Michael smiles in triumph, turning his attention to a nearby computer. It must have been left on.

He looks at it.

MICHAEL: What’s ‘Operation Evolution’?

He hits ‘Enter’ to see the next page. After reading it, panic fills his eyes.

MICHAEL: No way.

He continues to read, choice sentences caught his attention.

‘Alien powers are human-based’

‘Genetic re-configuration’

‘Subjects Liz Parker and Clayton Max/Max Evans are the missing link’

MICHAEL: This is not good.

Michael grabs a floppy disk off the desk and puts it in the computer. He copies the file, and ejects the disk.

MICHAEL: I gotta get this back to Max.

That was when he heard the gunshots.


Cut to the bedroom of Michael’s apartment.

Liz pulls Kyle inside and locks the door.

KYLE: If you’re planning on setting up something to upset Max like last time, forget it. Once was enough.

LIZ: Kyle, I need your help. And not like that.

KYLE: Got ya.

Liz took a deep breath.

LIZ: I need you to watch me. Make sure that, until I open my eyes again, no one disrupts me. No one touches me or tries to shake me out of it. Can you do that?

KYLE: I think so. Out of what?

LIZ: I’m going to try to astral project myself to MetaChem. Like what I did when Max was in New York.

KYLE: Don’t you need Isabel for that?

LIZ: I don’t think so. She was just an outlet last time because I couldn’t access my powers yet. Plus, it’s not that far away this time. I can’t ask Maria because she’s freaked out.

KYLE: Ok, how do we do this?

They both sit down on the floor, across from each other.

LIZ: Remember…no one snaps me out of this.

Liz closes her eyes and begins to relax her breathing.

KYLE: Ok, meditating I get. Relax your body. Clear your mind…

Liz can hardly hear him now. She feels her head begin to feel lighter, as the world around her starts to get fuzzy…

Then evaporates, as she was transported somewhere else…


Cut to MetaChem. Max is walking down the hallway, still looking for Michael.

MAX: (whispering)Michael?

Suddenly, Max heard footsteps behind him, just as he neared another set of stairs.

NICHOLAS: Hey Max! How ya been?

Max turns around and sees Nicholas…along with about ten armed guards.

MAX: Who are…?

Nicholas smirks.

NICHOLAS: Don’t recognize me, huh? Oh well…I guess you’ll never know.

Then Max heard a clicking sound as the guards loaded their weapons.

Coming soon...act 5
posted on 19-Mar-2002 12:24:02 AM by Peter Parker
Sorry for the's the final act...

When Liz opened her eyes, she immediately noticed things were different.

The yellowish-brown walls of Michael’s apartment had been replaced by cold, gray metal walls. Lights flashed on the walls, and she could hear clanging as footsteps ran down the halls.

Amazed by what had happened, she walked down the hallway, testing her theory.

LIZ: Let’s see…

She reached out to touch the wall…and saw her hand pass right through it.

Then jumped right through it.


Cut to another hallway. Liz jumped out of the wall, into another corridor.

LIZ: I’m intangible. I must be…I’m just mental energy right now. My senses work, but I can’t directly interact with what’s around me. My body’s still at Michael’s.

She continued wandering down the hall, poking her head through each one of the locked doors, peering inside.


Max put his hand in front of his, as a green flash filled the room, knocking the guards back a few feet.

Surprised himself, Max took off towards the stairwell.


The guards complied. Luckily, Max was already on his way down. The bullets narrowly missing him by inches.

NICHOLAS: Go after him. Shoot on site. I’m going to check out security and see if his friends are here.

Nicholas stormed off, as the guards went down the stairs after Max.


Michael heard footsteps coming down the stairwell. He put up his hand, preparing to use his power.

Then, he saw who it was.


Max, out of breath, ran over to him.

MAX: Michael…guards…

Understanding, Michael focused his power above the doorway. With a white-hot flash, the metal came loose and collapsed, blocking the door.

Then they started running down the hall.

MICHAEL: We got problems, Maxwell.

MAX: He knows us.

Michael looks at him, confused.

MICHAEL: Who does?

MAX: Someone at MetaChem. He doesn’t just know who we are, he knows us personally. I didn’t recognize him.

MICHAEL: I heard some of the eggheads say that the ‘new boss’ might be an alien. K’Var?

MAX: He didn’t say.

Michael tossed him the floppy disk from earlier.

MICHAEL: Here. You’re going to want to see this.


Liz had arrived at the penthouse, hearing a voice coming from the main office.

She phased through the door, seeing Nicholas staring at a group of computer screens.

NICHOLAS: Where are they?

On the screen, he sees Max and Michael walk into a storage room.

Smiling, Nicholas hits a button on the intercom.

NICHOLAS: They’re in storage area D. Kill them!


Liz attempted to cover her mouth, realizing that she just let him know she was there.


Nicholas turned around and saw her there.

He grinned.



Cut to the storage room. Max and Michael walk in, looking around.

Suddenly, they see something in the corner, labeled ‘high security’. It looks like a safety deposit box of some kind.

MICHAEL: Hold it! What would that be doing in a broom closet?

Michael walks up to the box and uses his power on it. It glows for a moment, before a hole melts into it.

Max reaches inside and pulls out a manila envelope. On it is the label ‘crash: 1947’.

MICHAEL: Open it!

Max doesn’t listen. He just turns to face Michael.

MAX: We have to get out of here. Where’s the quickest exit?

MICHAEL: I destroyed all the evidence. They can’t…

Max looked at him angrily.

MAX: That doesn’t make it any better, Michael. What were you thinking? Coming back here?

MICHAEL: I was thinking maybe I’d prefer actually doing something instead of sitting around Valenti’s waiting for one of these guys to come after us. Forgive me for wanting to fight back, Max…

MAX: (yelling)How?! By going off alone? By risking all our lives on some misguided vengeance scheme? BY THREATENING LIZ?

MICHAEL: I think sending me through a window means she can protect herself.

Michael’s attitude just makes Max angrier.

MAX: If you EVER so much as lay a hand on her again, I will take you down myself! Powers or no powers.

Michael is taken aback by the last comment.

MICHAEL: What do you mean ‘no powers’?


Cut back to the penthouse. Nicholas slowly walked towards Liz, as she stood her ground.

NICHOLAS: Liz, right? Liz…Porter?

LIZ: Parker.

NICHOLAS: Ah…Parker. I don’t think we’ve ever been properly introduced. The name’s Nicholas.

LIZ: That’s impossible. Nicholas couldn’t have been over twelve. The skin suits couldn’t grow older.

NICHOLAS: Now, at what point did I ever say I was a skin?

LIZ: You’re not, are you? That explains why Tess didn’t kill you with the others. You’re something else, aren’t you. A shape shifter of some kind?

NICHOLAS: Not exactly, but close enough. I have to say, I am impressed. You’re the first.

LIZ: The first what?

NICHOLAS: The first warrior. Do you remember what Nasedo said about Max’s powers?

LIZ: I know what you’re getting at. This is something to do with my alien powers, right?

Nicholas begins to laugh.

NICHOLAS: There’s nothing ‘alien’ about you, Ms. Parker. You are one hundred percent human. Just a little more advanced than others. The next step in your evolution. You’re the first, and definitely not the last.

LIZ: Those kids in Phoenix…

NICHOLAS: Just the beginning. Did you ever stop to wonder why we sent the royal family here, of every planet in the galaxy? As backwards as you humans might be, you have the potential to become the most powerful race in the cosmos.

LIZ: More powerful than Antarians, you mean? Your real bodies couldn’t even compete with ours on a genetic scale. That’s why you keep possessing people whenever you come here, right?

NICHOLAS: Smart, aren’t you? I have to wonder how many times Max survived because he had you coaching him?

Liz doesn’t answer, she just backs away.

NICHOLAS: Humans are unpredictable. However, given the right price, some will sell their souls.

LIZ: What are you going to do?

NICHOLAS: Well, here’s the thing. You won’t be able to do any more ‘coaching’ now. I can’t wait to see the look on Max’s face when his girl’s a vegetable.

With incredible speed, Nicholas reaches his fingers towards Liz’s skull. Liz, forgetting for a moment she’s intangible, looks on in horror.

Then, Nicholas’ jaw drops as his fingers go into Liz’s head.


Liz grins.

LIZ: You called me a ‘warrior’, remember?

Liz closed her eyes, beginning to concentrate…

…until her eyes glowed a bright green…

…and a current of energy shot through Nicholas, pushing him back.

LIZ: Ever since I found out about Max, I’ve been scared…

She focused the energy through her hand now.

LIZ: People like Pierce, and like you, trying to hurt Max…to kill him…and me, just because I wanted to be with him. People like Tess telling us we can’t be together… Well, this is where I stop running!

The blast becomes so intense that it knocks Nicholas out.

Momentarily surprised at what she’s done, Liz takes off running. She had to get to Max and Michael.


Cut back to the store room…

MICHAEL: So, that’s it then? You’re human?

Max took a deep breath.

MAX: Yeah, I am.

MICHAEL: And your powers…

MAX: Like I’m getting them for the first time.

MICHAEL: If you’re not like me anymore, then who the hell do you think you are bossing me around? You’re not even ‘Max’ anymore. Just his ghost.

Max was hurt by that, but he hid it.

MAX: I am one of you, Michael. So is Liz, and Kyle, and…

MICHAEL: Don’t say it…!

MAX: And Maria is too. This isn’t about ‘aliens’ and ‘humans’ anymore, Michael. Don’t you see that. It’s about us. All of us. We are in this together.

MICHAEL: Do not mention that name to me. Not now…

MAX: Maria. Maria. Maria…

Michael put up his hand, creating a force blast that sent Max flying to the ground.

Max picks himself off the ground, and grabs Michael by the wrists. Green energy begins to crackle around his hands.

Max punches him, then they struggle…

…until a blast of invisible force separates the two of them.

LIZ: Stop it! Both of you! Leave it until you get out of here.

They look up to see Liz standing there.

MAX: Liz?

MICHAEL: How did you?

Max runs up to her, but passes right through her.

MAX: What? How did?

LIZ: I’m astral projecting myself.

MAX: But…I felt something when I passed through you. Something…

LIZ: I don’t know. For some reason, I can still access my powers when I’m like this. Only they’re increased. A lot. There’s an exit past the left corridor.

All three begin running.


Cut back to Michael’s bedroom. Kyle watches Liz, worriedly, as she begins sweating. As if she’s struggling or something.

KYLE: Hold on there…


Cut to MetaChem. Max and Michael, followed by Liz, see an exit a few feet away.

MICHAEL: We’re home free.

But he doesn’t see a guard appear in the corridor, behind him, arming a gun.

Everything begins moving in slow motion, as the guard fires. Max turns and sees it…

MAX: Michael…NO!

Instinctively, Max reaches his hand out towards Michael…as a green shield forms around all three of them. The bullets deflect, until the guard’s weapon is empty.

Max stares in shock.

MAX: They’re back…they’re back…

Michael grabs him by the arm.

MICHAEL: Come on!

They race out the door, escaping into the night.


Back in Michael’s apartment, Liz slowly opens her eyes.

KYLE: Well?

LIZ: (quietly)They’re ok.

Kyle grins, as Liz sighs in relief.


Cut to the license bureau. Valenti sits at a table with an unidentified man.

MAN: You’re lucky that the right people gave the recommendation for you, Jim. Considering how you lost your previous job in the sheriff’s office, you’re very lucky.


MAN: Just sign here…

He slid Valenti a piece of paper, which he quickly signed.

On it were the words ‘this license permits Mr. James Valenti to operate as a private investigator within the state of New Mexico’


Cut to Michael’s apartment. Max puts the envelope they had found at MetaChem on the table, next to the disk.

Sitting around the table were Max, Liz, Michael, Isabel, Kyle, Jessie, and Valenti…all waiting for someone to speak.

LIZ: It was Nicholas. I know, I didn’t believe it either. He’s older…and he changed himself under his own power.

ISABEL: So he’s a shape shifter?

Liz shook her head.

LIZ: No…something else. Something more powerful. I wouldn’t have been able to even fight him if I hadn’t been there in astral form. My best guess is that, since I was just mental energy, it increased my powers. Sort of like how a blind person’s other senses are enhanced.

Michael opened up the envelope, and pulled something out. It was two sheets of copper. On them were holes in the sides, like on line paper. In the center of each one was an alien symbol.

The same one that was on the destiny book.

KYLE: Now that’s interesting…

Max turned towards Kyle, then Michael handed the ‘pages’ to him.

MAX: See what you can find out.

Kyle took them, and headed over to his bag, by the couch. Meanwhile, Max took the computer disk.

MAX: Let’s just see what this is.

Max opens up a laptop on the table, and inserts the disk in the drive. Meanwhile, Michael pulls Liz to the side.

MICHAEL: Hey, can I talk to you for a second?

LIZ: Is there something wrong?

Michael took a deep breath.

MICHAEL: Yeah…yeah there is. And it’s me.

Liz looked at him, confused.

MICHAEL: About before…I was messed up. Thinking Max was dead, it scared me. It really scared me. It just reminded me exactly what I was, and how much danger I’m in all the time. When I had Maria…it seemed worth it. Now, I don’t know…it’s like I don’t have anybody. Just me. And I hate that. So, if I took it out on you, I’m…I’m sorry.

Liz smiled.

MICHAEL: So…you really kicked Nicholas’ butt, huh?

LIZ: Of course.

MICHAEL: Wow! Beaten up by a girl…that guy’ll never, ever live that down.

Over at the table, Isabel gave Michael a dirty look

MICHAEL: I’m just saying….

MAX: Liz…you’d better come see this…

Liz, followed by Michael, walked over to Max’s computer, looking at the screen.

Liz’s eyes went wide as she saw what was on screen.

LIZ: That’s DNA sequencing.

ISABEL: Which means…?

LIZ: It’s…they’re genetically engineering people. Restructuring them.

MAX: It’s like what they do to chickens to make sure they grow bigger. The only difference is that, according to this, MetaChem is planning to do that to people. To change them.

VALENTI: Into what?

Max points to the screen.

MAX: Look at that…it’s cross-referencing Michael…to Liz…to their test-subject. An alien…

LIZ: …to a human with alien powers…

MICHAEL: To a human. That’s what they’re doing, isn’t it? They want to recreate what happened to Liz when you healed her scientifically, right?

ISABEL: (whispering)Oh my god…

Max turns to face them all.

MAX: Think of it this way. Imagine a soldier with our powers, but not our ethics or self-control. A living, breathing weapon.

JESSIE: Why stop there? Why not an entire army.

VALENTI: This is not good.

MICHAEL: I destroyed my blood sample. They can’t do it anymore, right. And they’d need Liz.

Max sighs.

MAX: Yeah, they can’t go through with it now. But Nicholas is in control now. They will come after us.

At that moment, Kyle comes running back in the room.

KYLE: Guys…you gotta see this…

They all walk up to him.

LIZ: What is it?

Kyle puts the destiny book on the table and opens it. Then he takes out the two copper pages.

He attaches the pages to the bindings in the book. Suddenly, the entire book begins to glow.

The new pages start to flow like liquid metal, reforming patterns and symbols and pictures onto it.

Liz noticed something…it was turned to the page with the faces of Max, Tess, Michael, and Isabel. The new page suddenly stopped forming…

…leaving four new faces on the opposite side. One of which looked very familiar.

LIZ: It’s…ME???

Kyle points to the three remaining faces.

KYLE: Yeah, and me…and Maria…and Alex Whitman.

MICHAEL: I’m lost here. What are you doing in the destiny book? You’re human. Well, you used to be.

Isabel takes a deep breath.

ISABEL: Alex is dead…why is he…?

KYLE: If I knew that, I’d tell you. All I know is this looks like Nasedo and Tess played us for chumps. Look…

He points to Max’s face, then to Liz’s. They are both on the same position of their respective pages. He then does the same to Michael and Maria’s faces.

KYLE: This whole thing makes sense now. Max is across from Liz, Michael is across from Maria, and Alex is…

MAX: Tess saw this. She knew!

KYLE: Four aliens…four humans. I don’t think this whole ‘giving me and Liz powers’ thing was an accident, Max. I think it was supposed to happen.

Max turns over the page, looking at a whole list of symbols.

KYLE: I’ll need some more time to translate it. But I’ve identified two symbols so far.

Kyle reaches over and points at two symbols.

KYLE: Human…and death.

Liz reaches over and grabs Max’s hand.

KYLE: One of us is going to die.

They all look at each other in silence, as the camera pans up.

Fade To Black

End Credits

Next: Kyle's powers begin to emerge, just as he discovers a prophesy that could mean the fate of the planet. But then a wild card gets thrown into the mix. One that no one ever expected to see again. Plus, what's going on with Maria? The answer will shock you.

Stay tuned for ‘Not even death…’

Hope you liked the first 'episode'. The next 'episode' is going to have two big surprises, as well as the return of Riverdog. I'll let you know when it's ready.

posted on 23-Mar-2002 1:54:37 AM by Peter Parker
Well, it's time for the next episode. Just a little info on what happens in this part:

-Liz learns more about the limits of her powers, and Max helps 'train' her
-Kyle makes a shocking discovery about himself, just as his powers start appearing
-Valenti gets a new job
-a familar face makes a bizarre comeback
-at the very end of act 5, we find out what is going on with Maria.
-we uncover what those missing two pages of the destiny book actually say

Remember, each episode is 5 acts long, with the first act being a little short. So here's act 1...

Not Even Death...
Act I

My name is Liz Parker. I’m 18 years old, a brunette, and a straight-A student. I work at my parent’s restaurant, and have a boyfriend who’s crazy about me.

Oh yeah, and I have super powers too.

Cut to the cafeteria, inside Roswell High. Liz is asleep at a table, alone. Her head is rested on an open textbook.

No, I can’t fly or see through walls. I’m not bullet proof and I can’t run faster than the speed of light. I can alter the molecular structure of anything I want. At least I could, if I could control it.

It’s not just me, either. Everyone on earth can do the sort of things I can. It’s just that our species hasn’t evolved far enough to use them.

But for me, all that changed on the day Max Evans…an alien…healed me. It started changing me…I started to become like him. And the strangest thing is, I’m starting to wonder whether or not that was necessary a bad thing.

Kyle walked up to the table.

KYLE: Hey Liz!

Liz’s head snapped up, eyes wide open in surprise.

LIZ: I’m awake!

Kyle just started to laugh.

KYLE: Hey, what’s this?

He picked up her notebook, looking over it.

LIZ: Just some research.

Kyle looked it over. It was one of those graphs you saw in museums. The ones that show the ape walking, becoming a caveman, and then eventually a human being. The only difference was that this one had a cut-and-pasted photograph of Max Evans at the end of it.

KYLE: Research, huh?

He hands the book back to her.

LIZ: Since you’re keeping so busy with the book, I thought I’d put some thought into how we’re changing. It’s not really ‘alien’ at all, when you think about it. Just another step in human evolution…one that we shouldn’t see for a few million years.

KYLE: And, thanks to Max, we got a little head start on the rest of the human race, huh? Does that make us X-Men?

Liz rolled her eyes.

LIZ: Pop culture references aside, you have the basic idea. A genetic advance, way before it’s time.

KYLE: And since you’re the first, that makes you the missing link, right?

LIZ: Nicholas called me ‘the first warrior’. That would suggest some sort of battle, right?

Kyle sighed, and sat down.

KYLE: I’m not going to lie to you, Liz. I’m finding out more about those last pages every day. And the more I find out, the more worried I get. Yeah, it’s almost like it’s predicting the future. And one of which involves one heck of a fight.

LIZ: Between who?

Kyle doesn’t answer.

KYLE: I’m working on that. By the way…thank you so much for putting clothes on your little cutout Max there.

Liz smirked suggestively.

LIZ: Believe me, I was tempted.

Kyle rubbed his temples.

KYLE: Ew-ew-ew-ew-ew! Thank you, Liz, for that lovely mental image that will haunt me for the rest of my days.

Liz couldn’t help but giggle, then decided to change the subject.

LIZ: There’s something else.

KYLE: What?

LIZ: These powers…I think there’s something about them that Max, Michael, Isabel, or even Tess never knew.

KYLE: Which is what exactly?

LIZ: It’s limits. Are there any? We basically have control over molecular structures, which means we can control molecules. Can you even begin to understand how much power that really is?

KYLE: I flunked biology, remember? Care to explain that in laymen’s terms?

Liz sighed.

LIZ: It’s the power to turn anything into anything else. But the others have just been using it as either a weapon or a first-aid kit or a toolbox. They never thought of it as a chemistry set. Simply put: why jump in a lake to save someone from drowning when you can just turn the lake into ice?

KYLE: Ok, now you’re starting to scare me.

LIZ: I’m studying different chemical formulas. I want to try something later.

KYLE: Yeah, ok. Though I got one question.

LIZ: Which is?

Kyle moved close to her.

KYLE: What happens to me when I finally…evolve? You looked like you were in pain when it first happened.

Liz doesn’t answer. Instead she just nods.

KYLE: I’m just…I don’t know…scared of it happening. Suddenly, I’m not going to be just me anymore. It’s one thing to be friends with people who can do out of this world things. But to do it yourself…I just don’t think I can handle it.

Liz smiled.

LIZ: I did.

KYLE: Yeah, but you’re you. Liz Parker. You’re one of the strongest people I know…if anyone can handle this, it’s you. It’s probably a dream come true, actually. You and Max always had this ‘we’re too different’ thing going on, right? Well, suddenly you’re almost the same. Me…I don’t have anything like that.

Liz touched his arm, trying to let him understand that she knew what he was going through. But then, something happened…


She saw a jumble of images from Kyle’s subconscious, which is usually normal. She must have accidentally connected with him when she touched him.

But then it started to get strange.

There was something else in there. Something that shouldn’t be there. A second presence…a second jumble of images not belonging to Kyle.


KYLE: Hey, you ok?

At first shocked, Liz quickly hid it.

LIZ: Yeah, just fine. Listen, I’m going to go meet Max. That ok?

KYLE: Yeah, sure. See you around.

Liz walked away, not letting Kyle see her worried face.


Oh I am what I am
I do what I want
But I…
Can’t hide.

I won’t go
I won’t sleep
I can’t breathe
Until you’re resting here with me

I won’t leave
I can’t hide
I cannot be
Until you’re resting here…

I won’t go
I won’t sleep
I can’t breathe
Until you’re resting here with me

I won’t leave
I can’t hide
I cannot be
Until you’re resting here with me

Act 2 coming soon
posted on 3-Apr-2002 1:59:47 AM by Peter Parker
Sorry for the delay ladies and gents. I just had to update one of my very early stories for another fandom(started almost 2 years ago). Plus, I wanted to make sure this part was perfect.

However, I've finally finished act 2. I hope it was worth the wait.


Disclaimer: Liz, Max, Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Kyle are the property of Jason Katmis and UPN.
Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Everything up until the end of 'Chant Down Babylon'.

Cut to pitch dark. You literally can not see anything.

V.O.(Riverdog): How do you feel?

V.O.(Max): Afraid.

V.O.(Riverdog): Of what?

V.O.(Max): Of me.

The screen clears. We see a close-up of Max’s face, his eyes clamped shut. As the camera angle widens, we can see him sitting in a tent, bare-chested and dressed in jeans. He’s sweating.

RIVERDOG: Why is that?

MAX: Because I can’t trust myself. To suddenly wake up, and not even recognizing your own body? Do you know what that’s like? I’m just scared that I may lose control. That I might hurt somebody.

Riverdog pauses, just staring at Max.

RIVERDOG: Someone, perhaps, like Liz?

Max tensed up at those words.

Riverdog stands up, and goes over to Max. He puts his hand on his shoulder.

RIVERDOG: We are done.

Max opens his eyes, and stands up. He grabs his shirt and jacket off the ground and follows Riverdog out of the tent.


Cut to outside the tent, on the reservation. Max pulls his shirt on.

RIVERDOG: There are no signs at all. It seems as if your thoughts were correct, Max.

MAX: Are you sure? Michael didn’t get sick until later on, remember?

RIVERDOG: But he became feverish almost immediately. From what I can see, you give no signs at all of being a visitor. You are a man of the earth now.

Max sighs.

MAX: I don’t know whether to be ecstatic or freaked out. I’ve spent my entire life being different, now suddenly I’m normal.

RIVERDOG: You are not ‘normal’ my friend. Not compared to the common man.

MAX: It’s just…it’s too much. I should have died, but instead I was cured?

RIVERDOG: Or reborn. Like a phoenix.

Max looks at him, confused.

MAX: What’s a phoenix?

RIVERDOG: A story. They say that the phoenix was a bird of immense proportions. Majestic…powerful…but was consumed by fire. However, because its purpose wasn’t complete, it rose from the ashes and lived again.

MAX: Like me?

Riverdog nodded.

RIVERDOG: ‘Rising from the ashes’ is not just being returned to life, it is about renewed life. A new purpose and power. What has always been your wish in life, Max?

MAX: To be normal. To be human.

RIVERDOG: And now you are one of us. The question is, how will you use that?

Max pulls on his jacket.

MAX: I’ll have to think about that. Thank you, again, for all your help.

Riverdog nods.

RIVERDOG: Go in peace, Max Evans. Never doubt that I will help you and your friends when you require my aid.

Max smiles, and heads towards his car.


Cut to the desert, Liz has her eyes closed, gently breathing.

MAX: I want you to clear your mind, Liz. Don’t think about anything else but me.

Max is behind her, whispering into her ear.

MAX: Think of your heart as a furnace…the source of your power. Our feelings control our powers, so that’s where the power comes from. Focus on it. Don’t try to force that energy out. Just let it flow out like water…

Suddenly, Liz’s hand gives off a faint green glow. In turn, Max’s hand begins to glow as well.

He puts his glowing hand in hers.

Without warning, the sand begins to move. It lifts lightly off the ground at first, then shoots into the air.

It circles around the two of them, standing together, like a giant cylinder. Circling around, yet never striking them.

LIZ: I’ve…never done anything like this before.

Max smiles.

MAX: Me neither.

Suddenly, the ground beneath them starts to rise up, lifting the two of them into the air. Afterwards, it solidifies, becoming a cylinder-shaped formation of rock-hard sand.

Both of their mouths hang open in awe.

LIZ: Did…did I just do that?

MAX: I think we did. For some reason, when I’m connected to you, it increases my powers. Something like this should take intense concentration…

LIZ: But it was simple. Just because it was the two of us working on it?

Max nodded.

Liz smirked

LIZ: How exactly do we get down from here?

MAX: To tell you the truth, I’m not so sure I want to…

Max reaches over and kisses her. They start kissing passionately.

LIZ: Max…suppose someone sees us…

MAX: So?

LIZ: So…a bizarre-shaped butte springing up in minutes in the middle of the desert seems a bit suspicious. Not to mention scientifically impossible.

Max chuckles, as their clasped hands start to glow again. The butte begins to transform back into loose sand slowly, starting from the bottom. Eventually, all trace of it is gone.

MAX: Better?

LIZ: Much.

Liz wraps her arms around his neck, and they continue kissing.

MAX: Mmmmm…I feel like I’m going to like ‘training’ you like this.

LIZ: Oh…so that’s what they’re calling it these days?

Max blushes at her forwardness.

LIZ: Uh…Max. I need to talk to you about something. Something serious.

Max looks at her intently, noticing the stress in her voice.

MAX: What’s wrong? Are you ok?

LIZ: Yeah, it’s not with me. It’s Kyle.

MAX: Kyle? Is he changing already?

LIZ: They might be, I don’t know. All I know is that I accidentally connected with him back at school, and something was wrong.

Max looks at her, confused.

MAX: ‘Wrong’ meaning…?

Liz took a deep breath before continuing.

LIZ: He was two people. I was connecting with Kyle, but I should sense two different personalities inside of him. Like he was two separate people or something?

Max’s expression became shocked.

MAX: Like he’s possessed?

LIZ: I don’t know, Max. That’s why I’m asking you. These powers are still new to me, so I thought maybe you would know something about it.

Max thinks about it for a moment.

MAX: I’ve never encountered something like that before. But he could be possessed by an alien, right?

LIZ: It could be K’Var.

MAX: Which is why we shouldn’t take any chances. I could try connecting with him and probe deeper. Find out more about who this is.

Liz shakes her head.

LIZ: No Max. I want to do it?

MAX: It could be dangerous. What if it is K’Var?

LIZ: Kyle didn’t even realize it happened last time. That might give me an advantage to find out what we need to without giving anything away.

Max kisses her.

MAX: Just promise me that you’ll be careful, ok?

Liz nods.

LIZ: Ok.


Cut to Kyle, sitting at his kitchen table, looking over some papers.

KYLE: Uh, dad?

Valenti peeks his head from around a corner.

VALENTI: Yeah, Kyle?

Kyle lifts up a paper for him to see.

KYLE: What’s this?

Jim smiles.

VALENTI: That would be my license.

KYLE: For what?

He takes it from Kyle.

VALENTI: My new job. I’m a freelancer.

Kyle gets up, following him.

KYLE: Hey, woah. Just hold it here, dad. A ‘freelancer’? You’re going to be a…

VALENTI: A ‘sheriff for hire’ you could call it. Specializing in our of the ordinary things that Hansen doesn’t want to touch.

KYLE: ‘Out of the ordinary’ meaning ‘alien’, right? You’re going to take on this stuff…

VALENTI: Not by myself. I want Max and the others to help. At least until my powers show up.

Kyle runs his hands through his hair, stressed out.

KYLE: Your powers?! Let me explain something to you dad…you’re not Angel. When those powers show up, we have to keep them a secret. Remember?

Jim turns around to face his son.

VALENTI: Look…Kyle. I understand how much this bothers you. But I am an adult, remember? One who spent most of his life learning how to protect people. Now, I’m not going to just sit around with the ability to help people and not use it the way that I know best. This…this is something I want to do.

With that he leaves.


In frustration, Kyle picks a book up off the shelf and throws it.

Then, it magically bursts into flames as it hits the wall. Kyle’s eyes go so wide they look as if they are going to burst.

KYLE: It’s hap-en-ing…


Cut to Liz’s room. She’s on her bed, writing in her journal.

Suddenly, she hears a tapping on her window. She looks up.

LIZ: Max?

She sees Kyle outside her window.

KYLE: Hey, Liz? I need help.

Liz puts away her journal, and walks towards the window.

She climbs outside, noticing Kyle’s nervous look.

LIZ: What’s up?

Kyle takes a deep breath.

KYLE: You know those powers I’m supposed to get? Well…I got them!

Liz looks at him, surprised.

LIZ: When? How?

KYLE: About twenty minutes ago. I set dad’s address book on fire. And…I’m freaking out.

LIZ: Kyle calm down. Just…relax.

KYLE: Can’t you do something. Transfer whatever control you have, or…

LIZ: It doesn’t work that way, Kyle. You have to learn to control it.

KYLE: Go in my head or something. There’s gotta be something you can do?

Liz almost refuses again, but stops herself.

LIZ: Ok…come here.

Kyle complies, walking up to Liz.

LIZ: Now, I want you to relax. Clear your head…

KYLE: Right…my consciousness is in a state of complete tranquility.

Liz looks at him disbelievingly.

KYLE: I’m relaxed, ok.

Liz closes her eyes, and starts to concentrate.



She sees Kyle a few years back, in the gym.


Kyle trips and busts his ankle.


Then she sees a few years later, a gun goes off…

VALENTI: KYLE! OH GOD…KYLE! Please…save him…

Max walks up to Kyle and heals him.


KYLE: Evans must have really pissed you off for you to resort to this.


Then she sees something else…the second presence again.

It quickly dissipates, showing Kyle again…kneeling in front of a statue.

KYLE: Kyle needs a woman. Kyle needs her badly.


He fantasizes about kissing Isabel.

Then it came again, the second presence…only more aware.


VOICE: Who’s Czechoslovakian?

Liz froze. Something about that voice sounded…familiar?


VOICE: Never say that again…




VOICE: There’s nothing left for you to warp…

Liz’s eyes went wide. There was no denying it…she knew who the other presence was.




Liz stumbled back, almost in shock. A look of terror on her face.

KYLE: Liz? What’s wrong? What did you see?

Kyle tries to approach her. Liz quickly picks herself up off the ground and backs away.

LIZ: I…Kyle…I gotta go see Max. Tell him what…

KYLE: What happened? Liz, you’re terrified…

LIZ: I’m fine, really…

KYLE: No…you’re not. You saw something bad, didn’t you? What’s wrong with me?

Liz takes a deep breath.

LIZ: Nothing…

KYLE: Like heck it’s nothing. What’s wrong with me?

LIZ: I gotta go.

Before he can stop her, Liz climbs down her balcony to street level and runs off.

Up on the roof, Kyle just watches her leave…more confused than ever.


I know...I'm evil leaving you hanging like that. Hope everyone is significantly intrigued by the latest development.

Stay tuned for act 3, cause that's when things go into high gear.

posted on 20-Apr-2002 11:32:41 PM by Peter Parker
Sorry for the delay. Anyway, here's act 3:



Disclaimer: Liz, Max, Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Kyle are the property of Jason Katmis and UPN. The song 'Beautiful Day' belongs to U2.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Everything up until the end of 'Chant Down Babylon'.

Cut to the UFO center. Brody is working on his laptop, while Max organizes one of the displays.

BRODY: You know, I’m really glad you’re you again Max.

Max looks at him curiously.

MAX: What do you mean?

BRODY: You know…getting arrested for armed robbery? Moving away from your parents. I was afraid I’d have to fire you. Again.

MAX: Technically we didn’t steal anything. It was…

BRODY: Just for a thrill, I know. Believe it or not, I did quite a few ‘thrilling’ stuff myself in my dad.

Max snickered.

MAX: You?

Brody smiled smugly.

BRODY: Surprised?

MAX: I never took you for a big risk taker before.

BRODY: I’m an entrepreneur, remember Evans? Risk is what we’re all about.

Max smiled, and went back to his work. After a moment, he was interrupted by a noise.

Liz Parker ran into the UFO center, straight into the display area.

LIZ: MAX! Max!

Brody sat up, surprised.

BRODY: Hey! We’re closed. Come back tomorrow, and we’ll be glad to…oh wait. You’re Max’s girlfriend, right?

Liz nods.

Max, seeing Liz, walks over to her.

MAX: Liz? What’s wrong?

LIZ: I have to talk to you, Max. In private.

Brody sighs.

BRODY: Look, I got a lot of work to do, so…could you just discuss it here? I don’t mind.

Liz looks worried, but then she has an idea.

She smiles at Max, then talks in a low, seductive voice.

LIZ: I just wanted to talk about last night, you know? I mean, the THINGS you did to me…

An extremely nervous look comes over Brody’s features.

BRODY: Um…whew…I…on second thought, I should just…

Without another word, he practically ran upstairs.

Max laughs.

MAX: So…what about last night…?

His mood quickly changes when he sees the look of seriousness in Liz’s eyes.

MAX: Something’s wrong, isn’t it?

Liz nods.

Together the two of them walk into a store room.

MAX: This is the only place without security cameras. Brody just installed them last week. We should be able to talk freely here.

Liz took a deep breath, then she began her story.

LIZ: I just got back from Kyle’s, Max. His powers just emerged, and he wanted me to connect with him to see if he was all right. I saw the other presence again. I know who it is!

MAX: Is it K’Var?

Liz turned to face him, tears in her eyes. He shakes her head.

LIZ: It’s Alex.

Max’s eyes go wide in complete horror. He stumbles back, his mind reeling.

MAX: That’s…that’s impossible. Alex is…

LIZ: Dead? Max, he’s alive. He’s alive inside Kyle’s mind.

MAX: Alex wasn’t an alien. It’s a trick…someone trying to make you think it’s Alex…

LIZ: Max, I know what I felt. Alex was one of my best friends, and I felt him. No one, alien or human, no matter how smart they were could fake that.

Max began to pace back and forth, trying to come to terms with what he just heard.

MAX: How is this possible?

LIZ: Look, you died too right? Maybe this is sort of the same thing.

MAX: I ‘died’ using my powers on Clayton. It’s not…

Suddenly, Max frozen as he came to a realization.

MAX: Wait! Alex didn’t die by any natural means. The car crash isn’t what killed him, and Tess didn’t outright slaughter him either. Her powers…her mind warp…killed him.

LIZ: And you died using your powers on Clayton, right? I see where this is going.

MAX: The same thing must have happened, only in reverse. Alex isn’t possessing Kyle, he’s just inhabiting his body. That’s why he didn’t say anything. He probably doesn’t have any control, just like I did at first when I was inside Clayton. But then shouldn’t he have been inside Tess, not Kyle?

LIZ: She mind warped Kyle after she killed Alex. Immediately after. Somehow, it must have transferred to him because it was so recent. It makes sense, when you consider that Tess’ powers were mind-based. The whole thing must have slipped immediately by her.

Max slumped down on a box, taking it all in.

MAX: Please tell me Kyle doesn’t know yet.

LIZ: No. When you took control, it killed Clayton. That means that, if Alex takes control…

MAX: …it’ll kill Kyle. And if Kyle knew, he’d try to get rid of Alex, killing him again.

Liz and Max look at each other, not knowing what to do.


Cut to the DeLuca house. Amy hears a knock on the door and opens it. Standing outside are Jim and Kyle.

VALENTI: Hello, Amy.

She smiles back.

AMY: Jimmy…nice of you to drop by.

Kyle looks at his father and snickers.

KYLE: ‘Jimmy’?

Valenti just ignores him.

VALENTI: Could I talk to you for a minute?

AMY: Sure.

Kyle rolls his eyes.

KYLE: I’m gonna go talk to Maria.

With that, he heads towards Maria’s room.


Cut to a laboratory outside Roswell. The former Eagle Rock military base. At one time, it was here that the government examined, and sometimes killed, alien life forms.

It’s ironic that it now serves as the top secret research facility for the now-defunct MetaChem corporation.

NICHOLAS: Here we are, gentlemen. The nerve center. Sorry for being so melodramatic. Years being devoted to sci-fi movies does that to you.

Nicholas, along with several of the former board members of MetaChem, stand in a cluster surrounding a glass tube in the middle of the room. The tube is filled with a dark green liquid. Even so, there is a dark shadow inside. There’s something solid contained within.

NICHOLAS: Now, this here is the secret weapon of ‘Operation Evolution’.

STACY: I thought we needed the Parker girl for that?

NICHOLAS: Oh, we do. But just for a DNA blueprint. This here…we couldn’t possibly succeed without this.

Another one of them speaks up.

RON: What about the others? The aliens?

NICHOLAS: There are three of them. Max, Michael, and Isabel. Along with the humans.

RON: Wasn’t there a forth one? Harding?

Nicholas grinned at his comment.

NICHOLAS: Tess. She wasn’t one of them. She was a plant.

STACY: A plant?

NICHOLAS: Working for me. Her job was to bring them back to our home planet, where people were waiting to execute them. She failed, of course. She tried to get back herself, the idiot.

STACY: Tried? You mean…there’s a spaceship on earth?

NICHOLAS: It was called the granolith, powered by the bio-energies of the hybrids. What Tess Harding didn’t know, however, was that it needed all four of them to work properly. It exploded the second it exited earth’s atmosphere.

RON: So she’s dead?

Nicholas shook his head again.

NICHOLAS: I’m not like Max and the others. I have powers you don’t even have names for. I couldn’t save her body, but I could at least salvage her mind. She’s a nomadic intelligence.

RON: Meaning?

NICHOLAS: Tess possesses people, it’s the only thing she can do since she no longer has a physical body. When I found her again, she was a school teacher.

STACY: Well, where is she now?

Nicholas smiles evilly.

NICHOLAS: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

And, inside the tube, something moves.

It’s a human hand.


KYLE: Maria? You here?

Kyle enters Maria DeLuca’s room, looking for her.

He sits down on her bed, and notices a guitar lying there. He looks at it and grins.

KYLE: Ladies and gentlemen, may I present a unique man. His name is Jim Valenti, former sheriff of Roswell. Now, what makes him so unique is, believe it or not, aliens. He knows them…they got him fired from his job. His new job is actually going out and looking for aliens as a alien PI. Heck, his boy Kyle’s turning into one, and so will he eventually. But not today…today he’s part of ‘Jim Valenti and the Kit Shickers’.

Kyle picks up the guitar and strums the strings once.

His listens to the sound, and then tries it again.

KYLE: Hey…easy.

He strums a few strings, until a melody begins to form. Then he begins to play, almost as if he’s been doing it his entire life.

Even though, up until this moment, he had never even picked up a guitar before.

Then he starts to sing:

The heart is a bloom
Shoots up through the stony ground
There's no room
No space to rent in this town
You're out of luck
And the reason that you had to care
The traffic is stuck
And you're not moving anywhere
You thought you'd found a friend
To take you out of this place
Someone you could lend a hand
In return for grace

It's a beautiful day - the sky falls
You feel like it's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away

You're on the road
But you've got no destination
You're in the mud
In the maze of her imagination
You love this town
Even if that doesn't ring true
You've been all over
And it's been all over you

It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away
It's a beautiful day

Suddenly, Kyle stops singing as he sees Maria standing in the doorway.

KYLE: Maria? Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there. I’ll…

He puts the guitar down.

MARIA: No, you’re really good. I didn’t know you could play.

Kyle smiles.

KYLE: Neither did I. That…that was Alex’s, right?

Maria nods.

MARIA: You can have it if you want.

Kyle looks at her, surprised.

KYLE: I thought you…uh, that is…

MARIA: I think he would have wanted you to have it.

Kyle smiles.

KYLE: Thanks.

Maria leaves, and Kyle looks at the guitar again. He smiles to himself.

But then something happens to him. He starts to convulse, falling to the floor. Not being able to control what’s happening to him, he tries to scream for help.

Nothing comes out of his mouth.

Suddenly, a flash of light envelopes his body, and then dies down.

From where we see, a hand rises up and grabs hold of the bed. An unseen figure rises to his feet and walks away.

KYLE: Ok, what the heck was that?

But something was wrong with Kyle’s voice. It sounded…different. Deeper.

He walked over to the mirror and received the shock of his life.

Staring back at him was Max Evans.


Cut to the kitchen. Maria cuts through, heading for the door.

MARIA: I’m heading for work, see you later mom.

She closes the door, not waiting for an answer.

Amy sighs, and turns towards the other person at the table…Jim Valenti.

AMY: So, let me see if I understand this: you want me to be your secretary?

VALENTI: Assistant.

AMY: Same difference.

Valenti laughs, looking at her.

VALENTI: So, are you in?

She looks at him for a moment.

AMY: I’ll think about it.

He stands up.

VALENTI: Well, I’m gonna go get Kyle and stop bothering you.

AMY: Actually, I like having you around.

Valenti smiles at her again, then heads towards Maria’s room.


Cut to inside Maria’s room. It’s dark, the lights are turned out.

Valenti walks in, looking for Kyle.

VALENTI: Kyle? Hey, son, I’ve got great news…

VOICE: And what do you want to tell me for? Suddenly family is very important to you or something?

Valenti turns around and sees his own father facing him.


He stumbles back, in shock.

VALENTI: Dad? How did you…?

VALENTI SR.: The voices…they’re in my head. Another voice…louder…louder…

Without warning, a bright light shimmered around the old man. When it fades, Kyle is standing in his place.

VALENTI: Kyle…Kyle? What happened just now?

KYLE: I didn’t want to, dad. I’m scared…I…what’s happening dad?

VALENTI: Your powers. Max heals, Isabel dream walks…everyone’s power must be different. You’re a shape shifter, that would explain…

KYLE: Just make it stop. Please…make it stop, sheriff.

Valenti’s eyes widen in surprise.

VALENTI: Sheriff? Kyle, I haven’t been sheriff since.. Just…just let me get Max on the phone and…


Before Valenti can say another word, an invisible force erupts from Kyle, knocking him to the ground.

KYLE: Not Max. He’ll bring her and she’ll hurt me again. Don’t want to be hurt again like that…

Kyle runs past him, into the living room. Then he quickly heads out the back door.

Once he’s gone, Amy DeLuca runs in and helps Valenti to his feet.

AMY: Were you arguing about something? Why did Kyle run out like that?

Valenti doesn’t answer. He just looks at her.

VALENTI: Could you get me a phone, Amy? I need to make a call.

To Be Continued…

NEXT: It’s Max and Liz on the trail of Kyle. They have to find him before he hurts himself, or someone else. But they’re not the only ones after him. Nicholas and the former MetaChem agency want Kyle as well. Who’ll get to him first? You’ll just have to wait and see.


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Hey Moonlit Jade,

I'm sorry if you don't understand some stuff. I'm on MSN at kryptonainwriter⊕ if you want me to clear something up(though there are certain things I can't clear up...I'm trying to keep an aura of mystery in this story ;))

Since I'm Canadian, I get the new Roswell ep in less than 24 hours*happy* YAY. Although, I've been getting a lot of emails about continuing an older Roswell story of mine, which I plan on working on. Either way, I'll try to get a new part done before next weekend.

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Ok people...I finally got act 4 done. Let me tell you, it's a doozy:

Hope everyone likes it. If not, then say so. I can still make changes before posting it on my site.

Not Even Death...
Act 4

Cut to Michael’s apartment. Liz is pacing back and forth, while Max sat on the couch.

LIZ: Chemical formulas.

MAX: What about them?

LIZ: Your powers, it’s something you never considered before. The chemical formulas.

Max’s eyes scanned over Liz’s form as she walked by. He smirked.

Liz stopped.

LIZ: Were you just checking me out?

Max looked at her innocently.

MAX: Me? Would it be a problem if I was?

Liz smiled at him for a moment.

LIZ: Please try to focus.

MAX: Focusing.

LIZ: Ok, your powers deal mainly with manipulating molecular structures, right?

MAX: Right.

LIZ: But whenever you’re in a fight, you just use force blasts and your shield. Or sometimes fire. That’s just raw power without any skill. It’s like using a Faberge egg to make an omelet.

Max thinks for a moment.

MAX: We’ve just tried to defend ourselves.

LIZ: Yes, but you could defend yourselves so much easier. You can basically make the periodic table sit up and do the tango. Why use your shield to deflect bullets when you can turn them into gas in mid-air?

MAX: Are you sure we can do that?

LIZ: Scientifically you should be able to, as long as you know what you’re doing. If Isabel can turn ketchup into mustard, she should be able to turn a solid into a gas.

MAX: This is quickly turning from a science lesson into combat strategies.

He stands up and walks over to her. Then, he says mockingly:

MAX: His royal highness hereby decrees that Elizabeth Parker shall now serve as official general in charge of evasive maneuvers. Her duties shall be to spend countless hours alone with the king…uh, practicing battle strategies.

He kisses her.

LIZ: (old English accent) Oh, my liege, that would imply repeating said maneuvers countless times.

She kisses him back.

MAX: We need to be in top form, you know. Practice makes perfect.

They two of them sit down on the couch and begin making out. After a few moments, Liz finally pulls away.

LIZ: All joking aside, Max, you will try this, right?

MAX: Of course. You’re going to, so I will. We’re in this together.

She smiles, and moves in to kiss him again. However, before their lips meet, the phone rings.

Sighing in frustration, Max picks it up.

MAX: Hello? Michael?!

MICHAEL: (on phone)Max? You gotta get over here. Kyle’s run off.

Liz looks over at Max.

LIZ: What is it? Max?

Max looks at her.

MAX: It’s Kyle. Something’s happened.

He goes back towards the phone.

MAX: Where’d he go?

MICHAEL: (on phone)Don’t know. Valenti said something about his powers showing up, shape shifting, and he freaked out. We got to find him before he hurts someone.

MAX: Or himself. Liz is with me, we’ll try and find him in town. You check around the area, maybe he didn’t get far. I’ll bring my cell phone along. If you find him, contact me immediately.

MICHAEL: (on phone) Just be careful, ok? Try not to hurt him.

Max hangs up the phone and turns to Liz.

MAX: It’s starting.


Cut to somewhere in the middle of Roswell, at a construction site. A bright flash of light goes off near the roof.

Max’s car pulls up to the site, and Liz points upwards.

LIZ: Max, I saw something.

MAX: What?

LIZ: A light.

Max looks at her.

MAX: It could just be workers.

LIZ: No, Max. It’s Kyle. I remember that light from when Nasedo used to shape shift. He’s up there.

The two of them walk into the site and head to the elevator. They enter it, pressing the up button.

One in the elevator, they hear noises from outside. Then voices.

MAX: You hear that?

Liz nods, and she hits the emergency stop. The two of them exit, looking down at the street.

Three black cars with dark windows pull up near Max’s car down below. Armed men exit them. Finally, Nicholas exits.

MAX: Is that…?

Liz nods.

LIZ: Nicholas. Version two.

Nicholas circles around Max’s car, sliding his hand over it.

NICHOLAS: (yelling) Nice wheels, Max. And the paintjob…how much you pay for this?

His hand glows.

NICHOLAS: Though personally, I prefer bikes.

He walks away from it. After a few moments, the car explodes in a burst of flame.

NICHOLAS: Consider that payback for your girlfriend knocking me across a room.

He turns to one of the men.

NICHOLAS: Kill Evans, bring me the girl and the shape shifter.

They nod in unison, almost zombie-like.

Up above, Max turns towards Liz.

MAX: Get up to the roof and get Kyle. Take out the elevator when you get there. I’ll distract them.

LIZ: How?

MAX: I’ll think of something.

Liz gets back in the elevator and heads upwards.

Max takes a deep breath, and looks towards the stairwell.

MAX: (muttering)Chemistry…

A smile appears on his face, as he raises his hand.


Two armed men enter the stairwell, finding themselves unable to go forward.

Nicholas walks up behind them.

NICHOLAS: What’s the holdup?

MAN: We cannot go forward.

Nicholas knocks on the barrier.

NICHOLAS: Inventive, I like that.

A flash of light appears from Nicholas’ hand, and the barrier disintegrates.

NICHOLAS: You can’t hide forever, Max!

Before the rest of the men exit the stairwell, a pair of hands grabs him from behind and pulls him back.

We see that it’s Max, as he pulls the unconscious man up to the next floor.

MAX: (muttering)One down, five to go.

Max turns him on his back and pauses. He notices something metallic lodged into the back of the man’s neck.

Max pulls it out, immediately placing his hand over the wound he removed it from.

Max examines the device. It’s round, about the size of a golf ball, only flat. At the edge, a sharp needle where it had attached into the neck. It also had some complicated machinery and alien markings adorning it.

Suddenly, the man began to groan.

MAN: Where…where am I? Hey, aren’t you Michael’s roommate?

Max looks at him for a moment.

MAX: You’re Steve, from MetaChem?

STEVE: Where is this? I…I was supposed to be…

Max directed him towards the stairs that led to ground level.

MAX: No time. Your bosses…I’d find another job soon, if I were you. Just get out of here. Fast.


MAX: Just trust me.

Steve left, as Max walked upwards to the next floor. Clutching the alien device in his hand.


Cut to the roof. Liz walks out of the elevator, looking around.

LIZ: Kyle?

She places her hand over the elevator controls, using her powers to short-circuit it.

LIZ: Kyle?!

She begins to search the rooftop for any sign of him.

Then she hears a soft breathing coming from a corner. She turns towards it and sees someone huddled there, trembling. His head is lowered, so she cannot see his face.

LIZ: Kyle, it’s me. It’s Liz. We have to get out of here.

She walks closer to him, slowly.

LIZ: Nicholas is here. I don’t know how long Max can…

Suddenly, she gasps in shock as the person in from of her looks at her.

Staring back at her is Alex Whitman.


Cut to the floor directly beneath her. Max walks up to the fuse box and touches it with one hand. With the other he clutches the device.

MAX: Hope this works.

He begins to concentrate, focusing his power.

Suddenly, a small white-blue light appears on his chest, slowly growing larger.

Then, in seconds, it expands. Eventually, in consumes the entire building.


Cut to another floor. Nicholas is still searching for Max when the light appears. The four armed men following him suddenly scream in pain and collapse to the ground.

NICHOLAS: What the hell?!

Nicholas walks over to one of them and turns it over. He has the exact same kind of device in the back of his neck that Steve had. Only the lights are all burnt out.

NICHOLAS: Damn it!

Nicholas runs towards the stairwell.

He runs upwards, arriving on the floor above.


Max is there. He slowly walks towards him.

MAX: Electromagnetic pulse. It knocks out any mechanical device in range. That was for my car.

Nicholas smirks, and advances towards him.

MAX: We know about operation evolution. You have to know that I’m not going to let it succeed, Nicholas.

Suddenly, a blast of force hit Max, throwing him across the floor.

NICHOLAS: And I’m supposed to be threatened? Oh please, Max. You know I’m too strong. Stronger than you, stronger than anyone.

Max raises his shield, but it was no use. Nicholas hits him with another force blast, throwing him to the edge of the floor.

He looks down at the street below, scrambling not to fall over.

Nicholas walks right up to him, grinning evilly.

NICHOLAS: This seems familiar. You on the ground, me about to deliver the final blow. Who would have thought I’d be here a second time.

Max begins to form the shield again.

NICHOLAS: That doesn’t work, Evans. Get a clue.

He looks at him.

MAX: Maybe…

The shield changes shape, wrapping itself around Max’s arm.

With one swift motion, Max swung his arm towards Nicholas’ face, punching him. Combined with the shield surrounding it, it was enough the throw him across the room.

Max scrambled for the stairwell, heading to the roof. Meanwhile, Nicholas pulled himself off the ground, his nose bleeding. He used his powers to heal it, and went after Max.


Gathering up her courage, Liz approached her old friend.

LIZ: Kyle?

She gets no response.

LIZ: (whispering)Alex?

He looks at her in response, then cowers. He tries to stay away from her.

LIZ: Alex…Alex, please. Let me help…

ALEX: No…no…don’t hurt me!

His voice was scattered and weak, like a child’s.

ALEX: You…you let her hurt me. You let her kill me.

LIZ: What? That was…?

Then suddenly she came to a realization. Shaking her head…refusing to believe it.

LIZ: What Tess did to you…you blame me for that?

ALEX: You hated…hated her! But you trusted her anyway. Didn’t protect me…

Liz stumbled away in horror, her mind reeling.

LIZ: No…no!

ALEX: Hurts. Hurts to think. Make it stop.

She kneels back down next to him.

LIZ: Kyle, listen to me. I know you’re in there. Help him…help him fix his mind. Tess damaged his brain, but not yours. It’s your body, and Alex only thinks it’s his.

‘Alex’ covers his ears with his hands.

ALEX: Nonono…NO!

A burst of energy pushes Liz backwards a few feet. Just as Max runs onto the roof.

MAX: Liz? Did you find him?

He doesn’t notice Nicholas sneaking up behind him, aiming a gun.


Max raised his shield, but Nicholas wasn’t aiming at Max…he was aiming at Liz.


She moved to the side to avoid the bullets, but her heel tripped on the side of the roof.

Then she lost her balance.


He ran towards her, knowing that he’d never make it in time.

Then the unexpected happened.

A strong hand grabbed Liz’s, saving her.

LIZ: Max?

Max looked on, surprised. A smile coming over his face.

MAX: I…oh my god!

Liz looked up at her savior…Alex Whitman. Not the scared timid one she saw a moment ago, but the smiling, warm, caring one from what felt like a lifetime ago.

ALEX: I wouldn’t recommend dying, Liz. Not my idea of fun.

Nicholas dropped his gun in shock.

NICHOLAS: You’re dead.

Before he could react, Max focused his power. Not on Nicholas, but on the floor beneath him.

The very floor which began to melt beneath his feet.

A second later, Nicholas fell. Crashing through floor after floor until he found himself in the basement.

Max smiled, satisfied with himself, and turned towards where Liz was being helped back up.

Once she was on her feet, Alex turned to her.

ALEX: New trick?

Liz didn’t answer. She just wrapped her arms around Alex and hugged him with all her strength. A tear falling down her cheek.

ALEX: Missed me, huh? Yeah, me too.

She let him go, as Max walked up to them. Max gave a concerned look.

MAX: Is Kyle…?

Alex shook his head, and then pointed at it with his index finger.

ALEX: He’s ok…right in here. A little pissed off but, let’s face it, who wouldn’t be. If I wasn’t so thrilled with, say, coming BACK FROM THE DEAD, I’d be freaking out.

MAX: Join the club.

The three of them laughed.

ALEX: Liz, about what I said before…

LIZ: Just…just leave it for another day. Let’s just get out of here before Nicholas comes to.

Alex’s eyes go wide.

ALEX: That was Nicholas? The little kid? Anything else I have to know?

Liz almost says something, but decides against it.

LIZ: Come on…we gotta go. You know… ‘promises to keep…’

ALEX: ‘…and miles to go before I sleep’, come on…it was a cool clue, wasn’t it?

MAX: Clue?

They both look at Max, who is completely in the dark.

LIZ: It was creative.

ALEX: Hey, you always liked Robert Frost.

The three of them head towards the stairwell, sidestepping the hold in the ground.

MAX: We better get back to Valenti’s. Let them know everything’s all right.

ALEX: Later. There’s someone I want to see first.

To Be Concluded…

Next: Who’s Alex going to see? Find out next, as we discover the fate of Kyle and Alex, as well as the exact reason for Maria’s strange behavior. Don’t miss act 5.

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Sorry for the's act 5.

It's short...but the content will more than make up for the length. I guarentee it.
Not Even Death
Act 5

Cut to the Rameriez house. Isabel is on the phone, talking to someone.

ISABEL: Then he’s ok? Thank god. Yeah, I’ll see you later.

She hangs up the phone and turns to Jessie.

ISABEL: That was Max. Kyle’s gonna be ok.

JESSIE: That’s a relief. How does this whole alien thing happen again?

ISABEL: If you’re dying, and Max brings you back to life, you get our powers.

Jessie shakes his head.


ISABEL: Yeah, I know. It’s just…

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Isabel sighs.

ISABEL: I’ll get it.

The two of them kiss, not realizing that someone is watching them from the window.

Alex’s smile fades, as his face falls upon seeing the sight before him. A soft glow begins to form around his body.

The second it fades, Isabel opens the door. Standing in front of her is Kyle Valenti.

ISABEL: Kyle? You’re ok.

She hugs him.

KYLE: Yeah..yeah I am. Touch and go for awhile but, hey…I can shape shift.

Isabel raised her eyebrows.

ISABEL: Like Nasedo?

He nods.

KYLE: A bit quieter, and not as much light to it. But I’m not complaining. Well, actually I am. I don’t want super powers.

She smiled.

ISABEL: Join the club.

They pause for a moment.

KYLE: Can we talk?

She nods, and shuts the door behind her. The two of then walk outside.

ISABEL: What’s up?

KYLE: It’s just that…those new pages in the book. It’s got me thinking about Alex a lot.

A look of sadness comes over her face.

ISABEL: Don’t take this the wrong way, but I try to avoid that. It hurts too much.

KYLE: Do you…miss him?

Isabel sighs.

ISABEL: More than I’ll ever admit to Jessie.

She smiles at the memory.

ISABEL: Alex was…he was the first person I ever really cared about. I know, that makes me sound a bit conceited, but it’s true. He taught me so much about who I was. You don’t forget someone like that. They stay with you…forever. And nothing can ever change that.

KYLE: Not even death?

She shakes her head.

ISABEL: I just wish that I would have had the chance to tell him how much I loved him.

KYLE: (quietly)He would have liked to hear you say that.

Isabel smiles.

ISABEL: Thanks for saying that.

KYLE: I’ll see you.

He turns around, and walks off into the night. Isabel just watches him.


Cut to a street in Roswell, still nighttime. Kyle walks a few blocks, until he stops under a lamppost. He looks up at the stars, sighing.

KYLE: Sorry, pal.

The a bright light surrounds him. Kyle’s features start to shift and mold.

Then, the light fades away, and Alex Whitman is standing in his place.

Tears begin to form in Alex’s eyes. He rests his head against the lamppost and starts sobbing.

MAX: (off screen)Alex?

Alex opens his eyes, as Max walks up behind him.

MAX: I’m sorry. Alex, I’m so sorry. This is my fault.

ALEX: Max, shut up.

MAX: I understand if you hate me.

ALEX: Will you just shut up, Max. Not everything is about you, you know? Not everything bad that happens to us is because we know you. So just quit with the self-hatred already.

Alex stood up and faced him.

MAX: But Tess killed you. I trusted her…

ALEX: And so did I. And so did everybody. Well, everybody except Liz. You can’t keep blaming yourself for everything. I trusted her, I paid the price.

Max shook his head.

MAX: I brought you into this life.

ALEX: And you think that you could have kept me out of it if you wanted to?

Max smiled.

MAX: So…you’re really you?

ALEX: Yeah, me and Kyle sort of have a deal. Kyle gets to live his life, because everyone thinks I’m dead. But when there’s alien stuff, I get control. I just need you to promise me one thing.

MAX: What?

ALEX: Don’t tell anyone I’m back. You and Liz know…no one else. Especially not Isabel.

Max looks surprised.

MAX: But…

ALEX: Promise you won’t tell her.

Max nods.

MAX: I promise.

ALEX: Thank you.

And with that, an aura of energy surrounds Alex Whitman. When it fades, Kyle is standing there.

KYLE: Hey. Did I miss anything?

Max bites his lip.

MAX: Kyle…

KYLE: Don’t, ok? Don’t think I’m pissed off about the whole possession thing. One of my best friends just came back from the dead giving up half my life is a small price.

MAX: It is?

KYLE: Yeah, it is. But if you and Liz ever keep something like this from me again, I’ll beat you up. I can do it too. I’ve got super powers.

Max laughs.

MAX: I’ll be sure to remember that.

KYLE: Yeah, you’d better. Now, let’s get me home before my dad starts to freak out.

They begin walking towards the Valenti’s.

MAX: About ‘giving up half your life’…?

KYLE: Oh please. You know I can’t stand that alien stuff, anyway.


Cut to the DeLuca place. Liz walks in, looking tired. Maria walks up to him.

LIZ: Hey Maria.

MARIA: Where the heck have you been? You look horrible.

Liz looked at her, a little confused and a little angry.

LIZ: Aren’t you going to ask if Kyle’s ok?

MARIA: Well, is he?

Liz pauses for a moment.

LIZ: He’s fine. Just a little scare for a moment.

MARIA: Well, good then.

Maria went to the stove, where a pot of tea was brewing.

Liz, not believing her best friend’s attitude, followed her.

LIZ: The guy’s from MetaChem were there, Maria. They could have killed him. He could have died…I could have died. Don’t you care about that?

MARIA: Of course I care.

LIZ: Well, you’re not acting like it.

Maria turned to face her.

MARIA: And how should I act? All accepting like you, I guess. Wow, look at me, I’m a superhero. Face it…you’ve become one of them, and you like it. You love being better than me because it means that there’s nothing between you and your precious Max…

LIZ: I’m not ‘better’ than you, Maria!

MARIA: Yes you are. You’ve evolved. The rest of us human beings are apes compared to you and Kyle now.

LIZ: Stop saying that.

MARIA: Why not, it’s true. If you wanted to, you could probably find a way to get rid of those powers. Riverdog, or Langly or someone could fix it. But you won’t, because you have that taste for power now, and you can’t go back to just being normal, can you. Normal is boring, normal is plain…well, normal is what I am. So I’m sorry if I’m not good enough to be your friend anymore.

Liz stared at her, heart shattering.

LIZ: Maria, don’t say that. Of course I…no matter what happens to me, you’re always going to be my best friend.

Maria looks at her.

MARIA: Really?

Liz nods. The two girls hug.

MARIA: Could you do something for me then?

LIZ: Name it.

MARIA: Give it up. Come back to me…away from them.

Liz backs away, surprised.

LIZ: Maria? I can’t.

MARIA: You can’t give up the powers, but you can give up the life. Just don’t use your powers. Stop going on these quests. That book of Kyle’s won’t come true if none of us are around to die…

LIZ: I can’t do that, Maria. As long as I’m with Max…

MARIA: Then don’t be with him.

A shocked look comes over Liz’s face.


MARIA: You heard me. Do with Max what I did with Michael. Cut him loose.

LIZ: I can’t believe I’m hearing this. You’re telling me that I have to break up with my boyfriend?! Just so you won’t feel alone?

MARIA: This isn’t for me, it’s for you. After all he’s done for you, after how he ruined your life…

LIZ: (yelling)The ONLY reason I’m even alive right now is because of him Maria. My life didn’t even really begin until the day I met him! He came back from the DEAD for me! And now your asking me to just forget all that?!

MARIA: Yes! You’ll be better off.

LIZ: I don’t believe you.

MARIA: He has a son out there, remember?

Tears started to form in Liz’s eyes as Maria’s words cut deep into her heart.

MARIA: Sooner or later, he’s going to go out looking for him again, and he’s going to find him. You don’t belong together, Liz. You never did!

Liz gave her a cold stare. It was the only thing she could do to keep from crying.

LIZ: Forget you, Maria!

She turned around and stormed out of the house. Slamming the door, a shot of green electricity shot from her hand, welding it shut.

Just then, Maria’s mother entered the kitchen, looking around.

AMY: Maria? Where’s Liz?

She tried to open the door, but it was wielded shut.

AMY: What’s wrong with the door. Honey, did you and Liz have a fight? I heard screaming.

MARIA: No, we didn’t. Everything’s fine, mom.

Amy didn’t believe her. She opened the window.

AMY: I heard arguing. Don’t let her go home mad, Maria. LIZ! LIZ!

However, Maria got a worried look on her face. Amy was about to ruin everything.

So she closed her eyes and began to concentrate.

In a moment, Amy’s eyes went zombie-like. Then, when Maria opened her eyes, Amy turned towards her.

AMY: Where’s Liz? Wasn’t she here a moment ago?

MARIA: Oh, she had to go home. Mr. Parker was expecting her.

Amy smiled.

AMY: Who left the window open?

She closed the window and walked off.

MARIA: (muttering)Thanks mom.

The camera did a close-up of Maria’s face, as she gave an impish smile. A sinister one.

As a soft glow comes from her eyes…her light blue eyes.

Fade To Black

End Credits


Is that a collective gasp I hear?

What a cliffhanger, huh? (insert maniacal laughter)

Anyway, in our next installment, a false accusation by a local detective lures Max, Liz, and the rest of the gang to New York City. Accompanied by Valenti, and his new position as a paranormal P.I., they may find themselves confronted by the past.

Meanwhile, ‘Maria’ pushes her plan into high gear…setting Kyle and Michael against each other. But there’s a wild card by the name of Alex that she doesn’t know about.

All that…and a fight that just had to happen.

Stay tuned for “I’ll Take Manhattan”

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Well, here's episode three. Now, this ep is going to be a little intense. So hang in there. A lot of things are going to be happening at once.

The Humanity Chronicles
Episode Three

I’ll Take Manhattan
Act I

I’m Liz Parker, and I’m what you’d call a creature of habit. It’s not like I’m not used to change. Everything changes. Everyone changes. Especially me.

It’s just that I expect to know how the people and things in my life are going to react to different stimuli. Like concrete variables that you know will always have the same reactions. So that you can predict and expect the same thing every time. Like a safety blanket.

Cut to the Crashdown Café. Liz brings Max his order, giving him a smile.

Her smile fades as she sees Maria exit the kitchen.

This isn’t really about me, though. It’s about Maria. She’s been my best friend since, like, forever. I’ve known her longer than I’ve known anyone, including Max. But lately, it’s been like I don’t know her at all.

Ever since that thing in Vermont, she’s been acting really weird. No, scratch that…she’s been acting weird all year. Dumping Michael after everything we’ve been through, and just writing off the ‘alien’ aspect of our lives to try and be normal. It’s like she’s turned into a completely new person, and I’ve just missed it.

MAX: Liz?

Liz snapped out of her reverie, looking towards Max.

MAX: You ok?

Liz sighed.

LIZ: Not really Max. It’s…it’s Maria. She said some things.

MAX: Like what?

Liz looked around to make sure no one else was watching. Then, she took Max’s hand in hers.

LIZ: I want to try something.


A quick jumble of images flashed through Max’s mind, showing Liz’s heated argument with Maria a few days earlier.


Max looked at her, curiously.

MAX: (quietly) That was…it was easier this time.

Liz smiled.

LIZ: Yeah, the more I use my powers, the easier it gets. I’m starting to even sense your feelings without even touching you.

MAX: You don’t think that she meant any of those things she said about us, right?

Liz looked downwards, her eyes filled with doubt.

MAX: (muttering) Why am I asking you that. I know for a fact that you believe she meant it.

LIZ: I’m…I’m scared, you know. Me and Maria never had a fight that intense before. She believed everything she said.

MAX: Just because she believed it, doesn’t make it true.

Liz smiled at him.

LIZ: I know.

She kisses him on the forehead and goes back to her work.

The second she leaves, Kyle enters the Crashdown. He makes a beeline towards Max and sits down across from him.

MAX: Hey Kyle.

KYLE: He’s evil. Pure, unadulterated evil. I’ve got proof.

Max raised his eyebrows.

MAX: Who?

KYLE: My proverbial ‘roommate’.

Kyle made air quotes while saying ‘roommate’. This caused Max to chuckle.

MAX: I take it you and Alex had a disagreement.

KYLE: Half my paycheck spent on comic books, Evans. Half!

Max held back more chuckling.

KYLE: Hey, this isn’t funny. Look, I get that he has to occupy himself since he can’t exactly socialize. One of the problems with being presumed dead. But what’s wrong with TV? I watch TV. All he has to do is tell me what he wants, and I’ll set the VCR, no problem.

MAX: Well…

Kyle cuts him off.

KYLE: The worst thing about it is this whole invasion of privacy thing. Alex sees everything that I see. He hears everything that I head…even think. I can never have sex again, you realize that? The ick factor is just too grotesque.

MAX: Too much information, Kyle.

Max starts laughing again, but his attention is soon averted. A middle-aged, mustached African-American walks into the Crashdown. He is followed by two other men, as they head straight towards Liz.

MAN: Liz Parker?

Liz, who is talking to her father just then, turns towards him.

LIZ: Hello. Can I help you with…

MAN: Detective Roland, Elizabeth. Can I ask the whereabouts of Max Evans from you?

Max gets up, walking over to Detective Roland.

MAX: I’m right here.

JEFF: What seems to be the trouble, officer?

Roland looks at first Max, then back to Liz.

ROLAND: I have a warrant for your arrest. Both of you!

Liz’s eyes go wide, and her mouth hangs open.

MAX: What?

Furious, Jeff steps forward, as the other two slap handcuffs on both Max and Liz.

JEFF: On what charge?!

The detective turns towards him.

ROLAND: Murder, Mr. Parker. The murder of Merris Wheeler.

Liz gives Max a horrified look.

Meanwhile, back in the corner, Maria is watching the entire scene take place.

MARIA: Oh, this is going to be good.

You know, sometimes you just have no idea what to expect, do you?

Maria walks into the bathroom, and looks in the mirror. She adjusts her lipstick.

The face of Tess Harding stares back at her.

No idea at all…


Oh I am what I am
I do what I want
But I…
Can’t hide.

I won’t go
I won’t sleep
I can’t breathe
Until you’re resting here with me

I won’t leave
I can’t hide
I cannot be
Until you’re resting here…

I won’t go
I won’t sleep
I can’t breathe
Until you’re resting here with me

I won’t leave
I can’t hide
I cannot be
Until you’re resting here with me


Next: Oh no, looks like the past has come back to haunt them. Yes, it has, but not in the way you think. The gang, with Valenti’s help, travel to New York City with Detective Roland to solve a mystery. There they run into an old friend…and someone who should be dead.

Speaking of dead people, Alex finds things become more complicated, as him and Kyle are pitted against Michael. The reason? A certain blonde ex of his.

PS. Thanks for bumping this up for me. I appreciate it.

posted on 3-Jun-2002 5:43:09 PM by Peter Parker
Just thought I'd mention that there's a slight possibility that this 'episode' will be extended to six acts instead of five. It's just that there is going to be so much happening. You'll probably hate me during some parts of this story;) However, hang in there. Because I like to write happy endings.

posted on 18-Jul-2002 1:02:57 AM by Peter Parker
Finally's act 2:
The Humanity Chronicles

I’ll Take Manhattan
Act 2

Cut to Max and Liz standing together…somber. A large barred door slams shut on them.

Outside the prison cell, Detective Roland is arguing with Sheriff Hanson.

HANSON: There has to be some mistake, Roland. I know these kids. They’d never hurt anyone.

ROLAND: Explain the incident at the convenience store in Iowa then, Sheriff.

Hanson sighs.

HANSON: That was an error in judgment. But no one was hurt. Nothing was even stolen. They wouldn’t kill anyone, Roland, it’s just not in them.

Detective Roland gives Hanson a cold stare. He walks up to him, angrily.

ROLAND: Sheriff Hanson, we have a dead body in our morgue. This body’s neck was snapped, and Max Evans’ fingerprints are on said neck. The body was found in Vermont, inside a library not to far from where Liz Parker, who happens to be Max’s girlfriend, was staying at the time. I’m not a very firm believer in coincidences.

Behind them in the cell, Liz looks over at Max. Her face shows confusion.

MAX: (whispering)Clayton.

She nods, as the two of them sit down on the bed. They have absolutely no idea what to do.


Cut to the outside of the Crashdown. The doors swing open, as a small group of people with a mission march outside. They are Michael Guirn, Isabel Evans-Ramirez, Jessie Ramirez, Maria DeLuca, Kyle Valenti, and the former sheriff Jim Valenti.

VALENTI: Anybody know how this happened?

KYLE: Not a clue, dad. Some detective just showed up and arrested them for killing some Wheeler woman.

Valenti turns to Michael and Isabel.

VALENTI: Did he?

MICHAEL: Clayton killed his wife while he was in control of Max’s body. Means he had his fingerprints.

ISABEL: And, since they were so close to Liz…

VALENTI: …she is considered an alibi because she ran. Damn.

Jessie sighs in frustration.

JESSIE: I can’t actually use mind control in my case without opening a large can of worms. Any ideas?

The group is silent.

ISABEL: We’ve got to get them out of there.

Michael’s fist begins to glow.

MICHAEL: I’ll get them out of there.

MARIA: (sarcastically)Oh, that’s smart.

Michael turns to her angrily.

MICHAEL: Did I ask your opinion?!

Maria stays silent.

VALENTI: No jailbreak, Michael. Not until we don’t have another choice.

Finally, they arrive at their destination. Valenti’s old office…where both the Evans and the Parkers are waiting for them.

MRS. EVANS: Isabel!

Isabel hugs her mother, while Jeff and Phillip go up to Valenti.

VALENTI: Now, both of you are going to have to trust me…


Cut to inside the police station. Max and Liz jump up as they see their friends and family arrive.

LIZ: Mom! Dad!

MAX: Mr. Parker, I promise I didn’t do anything.

Jeff looks him over for a minute, then joins Max’s father behind Valenti, who is talking to Hanson.

HANSON: Jim, you’re not supposed to be here. If the mayor finds out…

VALENTI: Already taken care of, Sheriff…

Valenti shows Hanson a card that he pulls out of his jacket pocket.

HANSON: Private Investigator?

VALENTI: Yeah, Jeff just hired me. I’m here to help his boy.

Hanson continues to stare at the card.

HANSON: Specializing in the paranormal?

VALENTI: This is Roswell, I need a hook. Besides, a pair of straight-A students being charged for a murder that they don’t even remember is pretty out there, isn’t it?

Hanson stares at him a moment, not sure what to think. However, he knows that he couldn’t stop Valenti. He backs away as Roland walks up to him.

ROLAND: Jim Valenti, correct? Detective Roland. I’ve heard stories about you and your father. It was a shame when I heard you had resigned. I had hoped to meet you in person.

They shake hands.

VALENTI: I wish it was under better circumstances, detective. These kids are my boy’s friends. They wouldn’t kill unless they had no choice. Is it possible Mrs. Wheeler attacked them? Threatened them with violence?

ROLAND: At that woman’s age? Highly unlikely.

VALENTI: Then it couldn’t have been them.

For some reason, Detective Roland pauses. Almost as if he’s considering the suggestion.

ROLAND: We have fingerprints on the body.

Suddenly, Roland’s cell phone begins to ring. He answers it.

ROLAND: Hello?

He listens to the other line for a moment, his eyes narrowing.

ROLAND: Ok, just keep me updates. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

He hangs up and turns to Hanson.

ROLAND: The kids are free to go.

Everyone, including Hanson, looks at him dumbfounded.


Cut to later on, inside the Evans’ house. Detective Roland walks into the living room, followed by Phillip, Jessie, Jeff, Valenti, Max, and Liz.

ROLAND: Please, Mr. Evans. I have work to do.

Phillip gives him a cold stare.

PHILLIP: Not until I get some answers.

MAX: Come on, dad, just let it go. I’m not in any trouble.

He doesn’t listen.

PHILLIP: You come to my town, arrest MY son, and then just say it was a misunderstanding. Bull! What’s really going on?

ROLAND: That’s privileged information…

PHILLIP: (angry)Don’t give me that crud. I’m a lawyer…I know the tricks you feds pull.

Liz’s eyes looks worried.

LIZ: (to Max)FBI?

Max takes her hand.

Sighing, Detective Roland looks towards Mr. Evans.

ROLAND: I’m not with the FBI, Phillip. NYPD.

VALENTI: New York? Isn’t this a bit out of your jurisdiction?

ROLAND: I was following a lead. A violent gang has recently sprung up in Manhattan. They’ve killed dozens of people in under a month, and so far only the leader has been photographed. Then his fingerprints showed up on a deceased woman in Vermont.

JEFF: Wait…I thought you said you found Max’s fingerprints?

He nods. Then he pulls a photograph out of his pocket and puts it on the table.

ROLAND: Take a look at this…

On the photograph is a New York subway. Standing on it is someone with spiked hair, and earring, and a cold look across his face.

Other than that, he looks exactly like Max.

ROLAND: This is the gang leader, my friends. He calls himself ‘Zan’.

MAX: (whispering)Zan?

JESSIE: He looks like Max. In a punk-rocker sort of way.

ROLAND: I thought it was Max. But Zan was sighted back in the city while I had him and Miss Parker here locked up. Whoever Zan is, he looks exactly like your son. He killed Mrs. Wheeler…he even has the same fingerprints.

PHILLIP: That’s impossible. How could…

Suddenly, Liz spoke up.

LIZ: Max was adopted. Mr. And Mrs. Evans found him and Isabel in the desert. Maybe Zan’s, like, a relative or something. Their real family?

PHILLIP: Like a twin?

Liz nods.

Everyone else in the room looks astonished. Everyone except Max, that is. He has a look of dread on his face.

ROLAND: I’m dreadfully sorry for this misunderstanding. Now, I’ve got to get back to New York, and…

But before he can finish.

MAX: I’m coming with you!

His father stares at him.


MAX: Dad, you heard everything. I…I might have a brother out there. My real family. I just have to know.

ROLAND: He’s a killer, kid. Are you sure you want to do this?

Max nods.

MAX: Positive.

Mr. Evans thinks for a minute.

PHILLIP: I don’t like the idea of you going alone.

VALENTI: He won’t be alone, Phil. You hired me to find out the truth, so I’ll see it all the way. You already paid me, after all.

PHILLIP: I…all right. But if things start to get dangerous, I want you back here immediately. And bring Isabel with you…Jessie, go with them.

Jessie nods.

Phillip turns to Valenti.

PHILLIP: Just bring them home safe, ok Jim?

VALENTI: I promise.


Cut to the Valenti house. Kyle is packing a suitcase when Maria walks into his room.

MARIA: Hey Kyle.

He looks up, surprised.

KYLE: Maria? I didn’t hear you come in?

She walks up to him.

MARIA: Where you headed?

KYLE: The big apple. Apparently Max was set up, and dad’s going after the real killer. Alien stuff, you know?

She smiles.

MARIA: Can I come?

He looks at her, dumbfounded.

KYLE: What happened to the ‘aliens ruined my life’ riff you were on?

She shrugs.

MARIA: Hey, I’m just curious. Besides, I didn’t get to see the sites too much.

KYLE: I don’t know. Max isn’t too thrilled at even the rest of us coming along. He wants to handle things himself, as usual.

MARIA: Yeah, I know. He’s the king, so he gets to give orders.

KYLE: Technically he’s not the king anymore. When he ‘died’ that star thing in his brain sort of disappeared.

Maria’s eyes go wide.

MARIA: A-are you sure? I mean, can that happen?

KYLE: Why so interested?

She doesn’t answer.

KYLE: Are you really sure you want to come along? I sort of have powers now, so I can defend myself. But if ‘Bizarro-Max’ starts frying people, you might get hurt.

She looks him in the eyes. Then she rests her hand on his chest.

MARIA: You’ll protect me…won’t you?

She traces his muscles with her finger.

KYLE: Uh…Maria?


Kyle begins to sweat uncomfortably.

KYLE: Are you…feeling ok?

MARIA: (whispering)Never…better…

At that precise moment, Michael walks towards Kyle’s room. He sees Maria pressed up against him, looking as if she’s about to kiss Kyle.

That’s when Kyle notices him.


Maria, still pressed against Kyle, turns to look at him.

MARIA: Oh, hey Michael. We going soon?

She leaves, walking past Michael.

MICHAEL: Yeah…yeah, we’re going.

His eyes narrow as he looks at Kyle.

KYLE: Look..Guirn…

MICHAEL: You know what? I really don’t need to hear anything from you right now!

Michael storms out.

Sighing, Kyle sits down on the bed.


Cut to the front of the Crashdown. Max and Liz are sitting in a truck, talking.

MAX: I don’t know how he’s still alive. Rath and Lonnie said he was dead.

LIZ: So were you, remember? Maybe you save some sort of failsafe to bring you back to life?

MAX: Maybe…

A moment of silence comes over them.

LIZ: This is the part in the conversation when you usually tell me not to come because it’ll put me in danger.

Max smiles at her.

MAX: Would it be any use?

LIZ: Nope.

They kiss.

Neither one notices Maria arrive, standing a few feet away. She stares at the two of them angrily. Her fist clenches.

MARIA: Hey guys.

They break off the kiss, and look at Maria. Both are unsure of what to say.

MARIA: I get we’re not really getting along lately. But I’m still technically in the ‘I know an alien club’, right?

She hops into the back seat.

The others arrive. Michael, Isabel, Kyle, Jessie, and Valenti all get into the truck.

VALENTI: Detective Rolland went ahead. He said he’ll meet the rest of us in New York.

JESSIE: So you actually know this ‘Zan’ guy? Who is he?

MAX: He’s me. Our home planet made a contingency plan, just in case we were killed or captured. Exact duplicates of me, Michael, Isabel, and Tess. They tried to kill me.

ISABEL: They’re also more vicious, too. They don’t think much about humans.

LIZ: Max, I just thought of something.

Max turns to her.

LIZ: When you ‘died’, you lost the royal seal.

JESSIE: ‘Royal seal’?

MICHAEL: A tattoo made out of stars implanted in his brain. It identifies him as king.

JESSIE: And it’s gone?

LIZ: Yeah, but what if it didn’t just disappear? What if it was transferred?

ISABEL: Like it would if Max died?

MAX: Which I did…

All of them become deadly silent.

A smile creeps onto Maria’s face.

ISABEL: Zan has the seal then? Max, if he’s anything like Rath or Lonnie…

MAX: We have to stop him.

The car pulls out, and they drive off.

To Be Continued…

Next: The gang arrives in New York, only to find that the dupes have been busy since they last saw them. Plus, an old friend shows up.

Meanwhile, Maria/Tess sets her plan into motion. What does it have to do with the dupes? And can anybody stop her?

posted on 18-Jul-2002 3:53:56 AM by Peter Parker
Suffice to say I have a plan.;)

By the way, there's been a slight change in plans. This part of the story is going to be changed into a two-parter, because way too many things happen in it to be contained in only five acts. I will say this much: a lot of things are going to be resolved when this is finished.

PS. Tomorrow I'm revamping my website, so it might be down for about an hour around 10 PM. It'll be worth it when you see the changes I'm making, though.

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Ok, my new and improved site is now up. Hope you like it:


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Ok, finally, here's act 3:

Cut to New York City. We see the skyline stretching across the water. People are hurrying through the streets, trying to get to work on time.

In a parking garage, a truck parks itself. The gang piles out.

JESSIE: You see, that’s why I always fly down here. The cost of parking in this town is astronomical.

KYLE: You could have stayed home, you know?

Jessie looks at Kyle, confused.

Liz sneaks a look at Max, then speaks up.

LIZ: Don’t mind him, he’s just a little wired from the trip.

KYLE: Uh, yeah Jessie. No hard feelings, right?

JESSIE: Nah. It’s cool

Kyle goes up to Max and Liz.

MAX: (whispering)Careful, ok?

KYLE: (whispering)Don’t tell me that, tell my ‘invisible friend’.

Liz sighs.

LIZ: (whispering) Alex, if you can hear me, try to control yourself. Unless you want us to fill the others in on you being here.

They turn back, as the others climb out of the car. Michael gives Kyle the ‘evil eye’.

KYLE: (muttering) Oh boy.

MAX: We’ll split up, it’ll be easier to find them that way. Those of you without powers, pair up with those who have them.

KYLE: I’ll go with Liz…I’m not fully integrated into the walking nightlight thing yet.

Max nods.

MICHAEL: You sure you want to do that, Maxwell? Let your girlfriend hand around, alone, with her ex?

MAX: I trust him.

Michael snickers.

MICHAEL: You don’t say?

Max looks at him suspiciously.

MICHAEL: Go ahead and play your little ‘team-up’ game. I’ll find them my way.

Michael storms off.

ISABEL: HEY! Just hold on a minute…

Max stops her.

MAX: Let him go. He’ll be back.

He turns to the others.

MAX: Maria, you go with Isabel and Jessie to the summit area. I’m going to meet up with Detective Roland with Valenti.

VALENTI: How will we keep in contact?

MAX: Liz.

LIZ: I’ll appear in astral form and tell you when to meet up.

Maria rolls her eyes.

MARIA: (muttering) ‘Astral form’…

MAX: Everyone be careful. If you find any of our duplicates, don’t confront them unless you have no choice. They’re a lot more dangerous that you would think.

They agree, and go their separate ways.


Cut to Liz and Kyle walking down the street.

LIZ: What was with you and Michael back there? I don’t think he’s acted that coldly to any of us since I first met him.

KYLE: Yeah…I sort of know why.

LIZ: Why?

KYLE: Maybe because of the fact that Maria kissed me right in front of him?

Liz’s eyes go wide.

LIZ: What? Maria KISSED you?

KYLE: I didn’t do anything, ok. I didn’t kiss back, I didn’t send any signals. It’s almost like she did it specifically to make Michael mad.

LIZ: That doesn’t sound like her. Then again, nothing she does lately makes any sense at all. It’s like she’s transformed into this entirely new, angry, malicious person.

Just then, Kyle ducks into an ally.

LIZ: What are you doing?

KYLE: A little tag team. See you later.

Kyle closes his eyes and begins to concentrate. Suddenly, his skin begins to glow as a miraculous transformation takes place. His features mold and change shape, until he becomes Alex Whitman once again.

Alex opens his eyes and looks at Liz.

ALEX: Please tell me we’re near a pizza place.

Liz smiles.


Cut to another street. Max is walking down the street with Valenti and Detective Rolland.

VALENTI: So tell us about this ‘Zan’ anyway. How long has he been doing this?

ROLLAND: No idea. He’s apparently been around awhile, but we didn’t hear anything about him until he and his gang went public.

MAX: Public?

ROLLAND: From the suspects we interrogated, they attempted some kind of hostile takeover over the Manhattan gangs. All of them.

VALENTI: All of them?

ROLLAND: Yeah, it sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But with the kind of firepower they have…

VALENTI: Firepower? These are kids, right. Where on earth did this ‘firepower’ come from?

A cold silence comes over the detective. He sneaks a look at Max.


ROLLAND: I don’t think the kid here should be hearing this.

VALENTI: Believe me, detective…anything you can tell me you can tell Max.

He pauses another moment.

ROLLAND: You’re not going to believe me. I can hardly believe it myself…but, the survivors said it came from them. That they made things explode just by pointing at them.

Valenti grins.

VALENTI: Sure they did.

ROLLAND: I know it sounds crazy, Jim. Hell, I was almost convinced they were doped up. But I’ve seen people scared for their lives. They’re not the best liars.

They stop at a door. It’s locked shut with a giant chain.

ROLLAND: And then there’s this. Mr. Valenti, I’ve heard stories about you. You’ve been known to deal with weirdness. The kind of stuff other people either ignore or won’t touch.

He takes out a key and unlocks it. The heavy chain falls to the ground.

ROLLAND: Whatever did this…I almost don’t want to find them.

They three of them walks into the building and look around. The sight that greets them is horrifying.


At least a dozen of them, spread out along the ground. There were debris everywhere, and the ground was charred in certain places.

MAX: I think I’m going to throw up…

ROLLAND: You wouldn’t be the first one, Mr. Evans. At least two guys from forensics did when they were here two days ago?

Max’s eyes immediately noticed a skeleton in the far corner. She shuddered.

VALENTI: How many times has this happened?

ROLLAND: Three counting this one. It’s almost like a calling card of some kind.

Max continues to stare.

VALENTI: Max? You ok?

Horrified by the needless loss of life, Max clenches his hand into a fist.

MAX: They have to be stopped.


Over at a newsstand, not far away, a mysterious individual takes a paper without paying for it. He then waves his hand over the remaining bundle, causing every single word on them to vanish.

He smiles, proud of himself.

He looks like Michael, at least the physical appearance. Other than that, his hair sticking straight up, in a psudo ‘Mohawk’. He was dressed in leather, and had piercings in certain parts of his face.

Then there was the grin. He had a constant grin on his face, as if laughing at a joke only he understood.

VOICE: That was unnecessarily cruel, Rath.

He turns towards him friend, annoyed beyond belief.

RATH: So? Don’t tell me you care?

VOICE: Of course not…I just think it’s juvenile to waste your power on practical jokes. We’re made for bigger and better things, remember?

Rath sighs.

RATH: Whatever, Zan. You the man.

Zan steps out of the shadows.

ZAN: That’s right…and don’t you forget it. Or maybe you’ll be the one in front of a truck. No…make that a steamroller. More effective.

Unlike Rath, Zan completely resembled his counterpart, Max Evans. The only noticeable difference being a tattoo on his left shoulder. He’s wearing a sleeveless motorcycle jacket.

ZAN: So…how do I look?

RATH: Like a geek.

Zan laughs.

ZAN: Believe me, it’s so worth it. In a few days, we’re shipping out of here. Like I said…bigger and better things.

RATH: You think Maximillion’s gonna like that?

ZAN: Who the hell cares. As if he could stop me.

Rath smirks, as they walk towards the subway entrance.

Just as they leave, Michael walks out of the ally behind. He narrows his eyes, and slowly follows behind.


Cut to a meeting room. The doorknob begins to glow, the falls off its hinges.

The door opens, and Isabel, Maria, and Jessie walk inside.

JESSIE: I have to admit, among all the new twists I expected married life to bring me…breaking and entering wasn’t one of them.

ISABEL: A necessary evil Jessie.

JESSIE: What’s so special about this office again?

ISABEL: About a year ago, there was a summit in this very room. The leaders from our solar system’s planets were here.

Jessie raises an eyebrow.

JESSIE: There were other aliens…inside an office building? What happened.

ISABEL: I…don’t know. Max didn’t really give us many details.

MARIA: Well, we’re not going to find anything here. Let’s go!

Maria leaves, and Jessie looks at his wife suspiciously.

JESSIE: Is there something wrong with her I don’t know about?

Isabel sighs.

ISABEL: It’s probably a Michael thing.

JESSIE: They fight a lot, huh?

Isabel laughs.

ISABEL: You don’t know the half of it. Fight, make out, fight, make out, fight, make out…it’s their thing.


Cut back to Roswell, specifically the MetaChem offices. The phone rings, and Nicholas picks it up.


MARIA: (on phone) Wow, listen to you. All grown up.

His eyes narrow.

NICHOLAS: Miss DeLuca. Now, to what do I owe this intrusion. You do realize I can trace your call.

MARIA: Go ahead. I’m at a pay phone in New York, Nick. Like we planned.

Nicholas raises his eyebrows.

NICHOLAS: Tess? Well, this is a surprise. How long have you…

MARIA: Long enough.

He grins.

NICHOLAS: Do they suspect you?

MARIA: Not a clue.

NICHOLAS: Perfect. Now, I want you to locate the king and report back to me. It’s important that we develop…closer relations. After all, you’re giving him the way to get back home, aren’t you?

MARIA: Like I’d forget a thing like that? It should be right where I left it. All I have to do now is find Zan…then leave this mud ball. In the meantime, let’s just say I’m causing some dissention in the ranks.

Nicholas grins

NICHOLAS: I like the way you think.


Cut to a small outside pizzeria. Liz watches Alex stuff slice after slice of pizza into his face.

LIZ: I’m stuck between scientific curiosity and utter disgust.

Alex wipes his mouth with a napkin.

ALEX: Sorry. It’s just that I haven’t really eaten anything in a long time. Not anything for me. My body gets nutrition when Kyle eats, but…

LIZ: Yeah, I know. It’s fascinating…

ALEX: That’s not what I call it.

He sighs.

LIZ: Look Alex, maybe you should tell somebody else.

ALEX: Yeah, sure Liz. I can see my dad believing I was brought back from the dead by alien intervention.

LIZ: Ok, so you can’t tell your parents. What about the others? Like Maria, or Isabel…


Liz is taken aback.

ALEX: (whispering) I’m sorry, Liz. But I can’t tell Isabel. Especially not her.

LIZ: Why not, Alex? She was in love with you. She’d want to know.

ALEX: She ‘was’, Liz. Past tense. Come on, you’ve seen her and that…that lawyer! She’s moved on. She’s happy now without me. I shouldn’t try to interfere with that.

Liz looks at him.

LIZ: You know what? I think you’re scared.

ALEX: Huh?

LIZ: You’re scared that you being alive might actually make her reconsider things with Jessie.

ALEX: I didn’t say that.

LIZ: You didn’t have to, Alex…

Before she can continue, however, they hear a commotion across the street at a produce stand.

OWNER: Hey! Stop, THEIF!

A wave of invisible force knocks the owner off his feet, as the shoplifter runs down the alley.

Liz and Alex stare at each other in shock, then get up from their seats. They take off after the culprit, chasing them down the alley.

LIZ: Alex, just in case…

ALEX: Right!

Once again, the bright flash of light appears around Alex, creating the startling transformation back into Kyle Valenti.

Just in time, too. Because a moment later they manage to corner the thief. They can’t see the face, because it’s covered by a hooded sweatshirt.

LIZ: Hold it right there!

KYLE: What she said!

THEIF: No, stay away! I don’t want them to find me.

Kyle’s eyes go wide.

KYLE: Hold on, Liz…that sounds just like…

LIZ: I know.

THEIF: They’ll kill me if they find me. They’ll kill you too.

Liz pauses, thinking about something.

KYLE: Yeah, like you couldn’t stop them if you wanted?

Kyle looks at the stranger angrily.

LIZ: Kyle, wait! It’s not who you think it is.

She turns back towards the person in the corner.

LIZ: We’re not going to hurt you. We’re your friends. It’s me…Liz. Remember? Liz Parker? From Roswell?


LIZ: It’s ok, Ava. We’re here now.

She removes the hood, to show someone who looks exactly like Tess. Only her hair is colored a bright pink.

AVA: What are you doing here?


Next: Ava’s back? Maria/Tess has a way to return to Antar? Just wait for the next chapter…which has a shock ending that you will not believe.

Hope you liked it. Be sure to send feedback.

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Disclaimer: Liz, Max, Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Kyle are the property of Jason Katmis and UPN.
Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Everything up until the end of 'Chant Down Babylon'.

Cut back to the alleyway. Liz Parker and Kyle Valenti slowly approach the girl, who gets to her feet.

AVA: Ava? It’s ok.

Kyle just stares at her.

KYLE: Um, Liz? Isn’t that Tess?

Liz turns to him and shakes her head.

LIZ: No, it isn’t. It is…but it isn’t.

Kyle still doesn’t understand.

LIZ: She’s Tess’ duplicate. Like how Zan is Max’s. She’s a friend.

Kyle crosses her arms.

KYLE: Yeah? Like Tess was our friend?

LIZ: Would you quit with the Michael impression already?

She turned to Ava.

LIZ: Don’t worry. We won’t hurt you.

Ava nods.

LIZ: We know Zan’s alive. That’s why we’re here. We brought Max and the others.

AVA: You shouldn’t have separated. It will make it easier for them to kill you.

LIZ: I’m a lot harder to kill than I used to be.

Ava smiled.

LIZ: Come with me…I’ll bring you to the others. You’ll be safe there.

Liz took her hand and led Ava out of the alley. Kyle followed, still shocked by her appearance.


Max and Jim quickly raced down the street. They are still shocked about what they’ve seen.

Suddenly, a ghostly appearance of Liz appeared in front of them.


Valenti stumbled back in shock.


LIZ: Sorry, Mr. Valenti. We found someone who can help us out. Meet us at Time Square.

Then she vanished.

VALENTI: I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that.

Max smiles.

MAX: I’m a little jealous.

Valenti gives him a strange look.

VALENTI: If you ask me, that’s a power she’s welcome to.


Later on, in the middle of Time Square. Crowds are rushing past, no one even noticing the other’s around them.

Especially not the little group of people who have gathered at a nearby coffee shop.

MAX: Has anyone seen Maria? She should have been here by now.

ISABEL: She got away from us. No sign of her.

MAX: Same with Michael.

Just then, Kyle and Liz arrive…with Ava it tow.

KYLE: And that surprises you?

Valenti looks at Ava wide-eyed.

VALENTI: Oh my god…

Kyle puts up his hands in difference.

KYLE: Woah, dad. Hold up. I know she looks like Tess, but apparently she isn’t. At least according to Liz.

MAX: The dupe? Liz, you shouldn’t have tried to subdue her by yourself…

LIZ: I didn’t have to, Max. Ava came under her own power. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

JESSIE: Wait a second. You mean she’s a clone of this Tess character? Like Zan’s a clone of Max?

ISABEL: Technically we’re all clones. Of people who were around back in 1945, then mixed with alien DNA.

JESSIE: Yeah sweetie, I get that. I just find it interesting. Max is good and his…dupe…is bad, so with Ava here it’s the other way around.

Everyone looks at Jessie.

LIZ: I never actually thought of it that way. It makes sense.

KYLE: Hey, how do we know the dupes are evil to begin with?

ISABEL: Maybe because they tried to kill my brother here last time?

KYLE: Well, yeah I know. But, I mean, how do we know Zan’s like that. Ava isn’t.

VALENTI: You wouldn’t be saying that, Kyle if you saw what I saw. That kid slaughtered people Humans. At least a dozen, then kept the corpses rotting in a warehouse. These were thugs. Not government agents after them, not other aliens…just ordinary people. Imagine if they put their sights on people other than criminals?

JESSIE: Someone with your powers? Going around killing people? That’s not something I want to see. We’ve got to report this to someone. Like the FBI, or…

MAX: No! That’s not an option!

Jessie looks at him, confused.

LIZ: You’re new at this, Jessie. There’s a part of the FBI called the special unit. They’ve been shut down, but it wouldn’t take much to get them started up again. Reporting Zan and the others would cause suspicion about the rest of us.

MAX: And that’s not a risk I’m willing to take. We’ll handle it ourselves.

AVA: He’s going to kill you, you know?

Everyone turned towards Ava.

AVA: He’s going to kill you all, just like he killed those humans. He’s different now.

LIZ: Different how?

She doesn’t say anything.

ISABEL: Ava…please…

LIZ: You told me Zan died. That Rath pushed him in front of a truck.

AVA: His powers. He healed himself from the inside. It took awhile, so that’s why he looked like he was dead. A few weeks ago he changed. Stars showed up on his forehead.

KYLE: Stars?

Max dipped his index finger into his coffee. Then he put drops of it on the tablecloth, creating five separate points in the shape of a ‘V’.

MAX: Do these stars look like this?

She looked at them, then nodded.

AVA: Yes, just like that.

Jessie looked at it.

JESSIE: What is it?

MAX: The royal seal.

KYLE: So, I guess this confirms that Zan has it now, huh?

AVA: After he got it, he started acting different. Angrier, rougher. He beat up Rath, threatening to kill him if he ever tried anything again. Then he went after those gangs.

MAX: What does he want?

Ava bites her lip.

AVA: He wants to go home. Back to where we come from. He’s found a ship.

ISABEL: What!?!

MAX: A ship? Are you sure?

She nods.

MAX: Good lord.

JESSIE: Am I missing something? Wouldn’t those duplicates leaving Earth be a good thing?

MAX: Why? So he can slaughter people on Antar instead? No one on our home planet has our powers. They’ll be just as helpless, if not more so because he’s king.

KYLE: I don’t mean to sound all pessimistic, but what’s to shop him from coming back to Earth with an entire armada?

Everyone looks at Kyle.

MAX: Then we have no choice. We need to make sure Zan doesn’t leave earth.

AVA: You can’t stop him…

MAX: I have to!


Cut to later on. Max and Liz walk down the street talking.

Then, out of nowhere, it begins to rain.

Liz notices a far-off look on Max’s face.

LIZ: Max? What is it?

MAX: I don’t think I can beat him Liz.

Liz looks at him.

LIZ: Of course you can.

MAX: How are you so sure. My powers don’t work the same way they used to. He had the seal. He has a ship…

LIZ: Stop that! Stop it right now, Max. You can’t afford to doubt yourself.

MAX: I’m just so scared. You weren’t with us back there…you didn’t see what he did to those people. What I did…

LIZ: Zan isn’t you.

MAX: Yes he is, don’t you see? He is me. He’s me in every way that matters. You heard what Ava said. That royal seal changed him. Just like it changed me.

He took a deep breath.

MAX: All my life I wanted to be normal. Nothing else. But the second I found out where I really came from, being normal was the very last thing on my mind. You know I’m right. Remember how I treated Isabel…how I treated you…

Gently, he brushes the side of her face with his hand.

MAX: That’s why I can’t stop him Liz. I won’t kill him…but I can’t take the seal back either. I just can’t. If I do, I’ll slowly turn into that monster.

LIZ: No you won’t, Max!

MAX: You can’t know that…

LIZ: Yes I can. I’ll admit, you’ve done some really stupid stuff. I mean, some really stupid stuff. You believe that’s because of the seal, then fine. But tell me: did the seal make you heal Brody’s daughter? Did it encourage you to help Valenti save that girl, or try to help Laurie Dupree? Did some alien thing cause you to want a ‘simple human’ to be your girlfriend again, and not take no for an answer…and hire a Mariachi band to play outside her window?

Through the raindrops, Liz could swear she saw him smile.

LIZ: The person who did all those wonderful things wasn’t Zan, king on Antar. It wasn’t some alien dictator. No, that was Max Evans. I’m not saying the seal didn’t effect you in some way. It probably did, and that theory makes a lot more sense than anything else. But beyond that, you still cared. That’s the kind of person you are, Max. The sweet, passionate, caring person I fell in love with.

He took a deep breath.

LIZ: I think…I think all the seal did was enhance what was already there. Like in that Jim Carey movie. If someone is shy, withdrawn, and a little controlling…then you get a cold control freak.

MAX: And if it’s someone like Zan?

LIZ: Then we’re all in big trouble. But you have something he doesn’t have, Max.

MAX: What?

LIZ: Friends. People you can count on, who’ll stand with you no matter what. Zan is only fighting for himself, while you have something to fight for. And you have me.

MAX: I don’t want to see you hurt.

LIZ: I don’t want to see YOU hurt. We’re stronger together than we are apart. Always have been…

MAX: Always will be?

She nods.

LIZ: Until the end of the world.

The two of them kiss, standing in the rain.

Liz remembers the last time they kissed in the rain, outside the Crashdown.

Then, in her minds eye, she remembers Tess watching them that day.

She shivers, and hold Max close.

MAX: What’s wrong? What is it?

LIZ: Just a bad feeling. Hold me?

Max nods, and hugs her.

Neither of them notice someone watching from a nearby alley. It’s Maria, watching the two of them embrace with hatred in her eyes. Her fists are clenched in rage.

MARIA: Of course…


Cut to a bar, on the other side of town. A biker is suddenly thrown through the front window. The glass cuts into his skin, causing him to bleed.

He lies there, groaning in pain. Before he can get up, however, Zan and Rath walk out of the bar.

RATH: Hey, check it out man! Dork’s still alive.

Zan smiles, and touches the injured man. His hand glows for a moment, his power flowing through it.

Instantaneously, the man starts to age at an accelerated rate. Until his body becomes nothing but bones, then finally dust.

The two of them walk away laughing.

RATH: Oh, too cool. How’d you do that?

ZAN: The exact reverse of healing. Instead of putting energy in, I take it out. The fact that it juices me up like a power drink is a added bonus.

They stop at a manhole. Rath points at it, causing the cover to fly off.

RATH: Shall we?

They climb down into the sewers.

Meanwhile, up above, people exit the bar.

MAN: Who were those guys?

Out of nowhere, Michael arrives. She moves past them, walking towards the sewer entrance.

MICHAEL: Dangerous, that’s what they are. Now, if you’ll excuse me.

With that, he leaps down the hole.


Cut to the sewers. Michael cautiously walks down the passageways, looking for his targets.

Finally, he sees them talking from a distance.

Michael reaches inside his jacket and pulls out a gun.

MICHAEL: Sorry, Max. But you don’t have what it takes.

He aims the gun at Zan’s head. However, before he can fire, a large lead pipe strikes the back of his own.

Michael falls to the ground, lying in the sewage water, unconscious.

Above him, holding the pipe, is Maria DeLuca.

MARIA: Sorry, Spaceboy. Doesn’t look like you do, either.

To Be Continued...


Next: The final act of this episode. Michael’s disappeared, but Maria rejoins the gang. Still, something doesn’t feel right. Liz intends to find out what it is, but will she be able to do anything about it?

posted on 3-Feb-2003 1:03:12 AM by Peter Parker
Here's act 5. It's short, but then again, act 5's are always short in this fic.*happy*

Cut to a hotel. Maria walks past her room, heading towards the stairwell.

She doesn’t notice two people watching her from the door, peering through the opening.

It’s Max and Liz.

MAX: I can’t seem to fine Michael anywhere. Max whispered. Usually when he’s acting all weird.

LIZ: She does too. I know.

Liz sighs.

LIZ: I’ll go talk to her, ok?

Max nods, and kisses her forehead.

MAX: Just be careful.

She smiles at him, then heads after Maria.


Cut to the roof of the hotel. It’s now raining.

Maria just stares out across the city, smiling.

Then, suddenly, she hears a voice call out from behind her.

LIZ: Maria?

She turns around to see Liz walking towards her.

MARIA: What do you want, freak?

Liz looks at her in shock.

LIZ: I don’t know what your problem is, Maria, and frankly I don’t care! But if you stay out here, you’ll catch pneumonia. Come inside!

Maria scoffs.

MARIA: Can’t a girl enjoy the view?

Liz crosses her arms angrily. She decides to go ahead and tell her.

LIZ: Michael’s missing! He’s disappeared and we don’t know where he is.


LIZ: So, you love him, Maria! Don’t even think of telling me you don’t, because I know you too well. You’re both crazy about each other.

MARIA: Maybe I finally wised up, Liz? Something you never did. I’ve had it!

LIZ: You know what, Maria? I’ve had it, too! I’ve had it with this attitude problem of yours. Stop being so selfish and think of other people! I need my friend back!

Maria laughs at her.

MARIA: Like you ever really cared for me in the first place?

Liz’s jaw drops, not believing what she’s saying.

MARIA: You see, I’ve figured it out. This whole alien thing…it’s not Michael’s fault. It’s not even Max’s…it’s yours. You’re the one who were stupid and got shot, you were the one who kept after Max even when he told you not to. You’re the one who brought me in on it…and Alex. Now he’s dead because of you! Because you wouldn’t give up your hopeless pursuit.

LIZ: Don’t you DARE blame that on me, Maria!

Suddenly, green energy appeared in Liz’s eyes. Her anger was affecting her powers.

MARIA: Look in the mirror ‘pal’! You’re a freak. A monster. Why would anybody want to be friends with you? I’m done!

She turns around in protest.

LIZ: Maria…

MARIA: You still don’t get it, do you? They don’t belong with normal humans…only their own kind. It was never meant to be. Just let it go!

LIZ: This isn’t you. Maria, you’re not making any sense…

Liz reaches for her.


Too late. Liz’s hand makes contact with Maria’s shoulder…and suddenly the connection is made.


Liz sees a hand reaching out of a pod.


She sees Max outside the Crashdown, standing in the rain.

MAX: I love Liz!


TESS: We’re meant to be together Max! Don’t you see? It’s destiny!


ALEX: There’s nothing left for you to mind warp.



TESS: It doesn’t matter now!

MAX: Life matters Tess! My life. Your life. HIS!


Slowly, Liz backs away. A look of horror in her eyes.

LIZ: (whispering) Oh my god…

Maria starts laughing. An evil, wicked laugh.

MARIA: What’s the matter, Liz? Not happy to see me?

Liz expression suddenly changes from one of horror…into one of rage.


Without another word, she flings herself directly at Maria. Her power erupting from her hands

She knocks Maria to the ground as they struggle.

MARIA: Let me go before I melt your brain like I did that useless friend of yours!

LIZ: JUST TRY IT! I’ll burn out every synapse in your head!

Maria starts to laugh again. Liz stops her by delivering a right cross across her jaw.

LIZ: Let her go! Damn you!

MARIA: I can’t…I’m stuck like this. Until I find another body to jump into!

LIZ: What do you want?

Maria smiles.

MARIA: You were in my head…you know what I want.

Liz took a deep breath as she realized what it was.

LIZ: Take it! Let her go and just do it!

Suddenly, a blast of energy explodes between the two of them. They’re flung to opposite sides of the roof.

Both girls lay suddenly still. Until, a moment later…

MARIA: Ugh…where…?

Maria gets up and sees Liz lying there.

MARIA: Oh god…LIZ?!

She runs over to her.

MARIA: Liz? Are you all right?

Liz grabs her arm…

…and suddenly a current of green energy flows into Maria, causing her to scream out.


She falls to the ground, unconscious.

LIZ: Oh, I’m just fine, Maria.

Liz opens her eyes…her light blue eyes…

LIZ: In fact, I’ve never been better.

She starts to chuckle, then walks over to the stairwell. Her laughter is heard as the screen goes black.

Next: Get ready for part 2 of 2, and episode I like to call ‘Doubles’.