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Author: Liz
Title: And So We Meet Again... *Part 14*
Disclaimer: I'm 16, I don't own anything except a Dido cd, some old stuffed animals, and a yearbook. I have $16.05 in my bank account, please don't sue!
Summery: It's M/L just graduated out of high school, and it's completely AU. No Tess, Alex is alive and well, and Max and Liz never got together. But destiny is destiny, so don't you worry.

Part 14

Liz scanned the faces of her fellow passengers curiously, then looked down at her ticket for her assigned seat number. She sighed, remembering back to the last time she had boarded a plane in that same airport. Liz had never found out the reason why Max had wanted to talk to her so badly. All summer she’d been plagued with the memory replaying in her head like a broken record.

Liz had tried to get a hold of Max when she returned to Roswell, this past week. Maria had told her that Isabel and he had flown out to California to get her things settled into the dorms. So much for seeing him. Liz had bombarded Maria with questions, and one after the other her friend had shrugged them off, saying that she didn’t know, or that she needed to talk to Max to find out the answers. But how could she talk to Max when she was flying to Harvard of all places? The next time she would possibly see him was when she went home for Christmas. That is, if he decided to come home at all. Only time would tell.

She pushed her backpack a little higher on her shoulders, and swiped the faces of her fellow passengers again. Her heart stopped when she saw him. He was in the window seat on the left side, 4th set in. And...There was a woman sitting right beside him.

Liz approached tentatively, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. She gave the elderly woman a bright smile. "Hi, um, this is really inconvenient, I know, and I'm really sorry, but would you mind if we switched seats? Mine is up there," she pointed to the other side of the plane, a few rows up.

The woman smiled softly up at Liz, then glanced at the handsome boy occupying the seat beside hers. "Of course, dear," she replied with a wink and trace of mischief in her tone. Liz felt herself blush outwardly, and helped the woman out of her seat.

"Do you have a bag, or something that I could help you with?" Liz asked, gesturing above the seat to the overhead compartment. The woman shook her head.

"No, no, I've checked it all. Silly old woman like me, I'll bet it will end up in New York or Los Angeles. But I've got nothing small enough to stash in the overhead."

Liz smiled politely. "I'm Liz, by the way," she offered her hand out.

"Alice," said the woman, shaking it firmly. She winked at Liz again, and whispered "Have a nice flight, Liz," before crossing the aisle to take her new seat beside a middle-aged business man with brown, balding hair, and a dark navy suit.

Little did Liz know, but when she had said her name it had caught Max's attention. He looked over to see that seat beside him was vacant and the older woman was standing talking to a young girl. Not just any young girl---Liz. His mouth fell open and his heart lurched forward. What was she doing on this flight? How is anything so impossible and perfect possible? He hadn't seen her since that horrible day in the airport. He could barely imagine what she must think of him now. He didn't know where they stood. He was so uncertain...But the one question that he wanted to know the most was why was she on his plane?

Maybe he was dreaming. Thats it, this was all just a dream, his subconscious taunting him for being late that day. And soon he would jerk awake, forever regretting that day he let her leave him.

Liz smiled down at Max, and reached up to open the over head compartment. As she did, her purple tank top rid up her stomach, revealing the smooth expanse of flesh on her stomach. He had to fight the temptation to ravish her right there, to feel to silky perfect stretch of skin, or to mutter 'I love you's' in her ear. Instead he just gawked in silence. Praying that this dream would never end.

"You know, generally when someone you know so well sits beside you on a plane, you greet them with a 'hello,' or I don't know a hug. Some sort of greeting." Liz's words broke through his dumbfounded state. He saw her face twisted in frustration as she grunted and pushed hardly on the backpack she was trying to insert above them. "And then," she continued, "said person would generally offer to help the person--that they knew, to shove their bag into the overhead."

Max grinned. "Sorry," he mumbled, blushing in embarrassment. He would bet anything that Liz had no idea how completely sexy and adorable she was being at that very moment when she was acting all sassy. He rose up from the seat, and she stepped aside as he shoved the little yellow bag in with one heave.

"Thanks," she said softly. Liz was so close. He could feel the puff of warm breath as she talked.

"Sure," he replied, and slid back into his seat. Then it occurred to him. "Do you want the window seat?"

Her eyes widened as she shook her head. "Oh no, I'm actually," she looked down and started picking at the clear nail polish on her nails. "I'm kind of afraid of flying," she chuckled self-consciously. "Silly, huh?"

"No," he assured her. "You just have to get your mind off the fact. I can help."

A smile broke out across her perfect face, and her eyes lit up. "Thanks." There was a pause, and Max tore his eyes away from her to glance out the window casually. He was not going to let her know that just being in the same proximity of her was driving him insane. "So tell me, Max Evans, why are you on this plane?" She broke the silence. He loved the way she said his name. The way she pronounced it teasingly, her warm eyes shining. Just the way it rolled of her tongue. Those 3 syllables had never sounded so sweet. Except maybe when she was moaning it...Thoughts of that night crept back into his mind, but he brushed it away. This was no time to think about that.

"Harvard," he said certainly. "I'm going to Harvard." He felt the pride well up inside him, this was as close as he could get to showing off for her. He knew she was impressed by the way her eyebrows shot up, and an even bigger smile broke on her lips. "You?"

"Harvard," she replied meticulously. "I'm going to Harvard." Those were his words, verbatim. Max felt his stomach twist, as she continued. "I didn't know that you were going there! I always knew you were smart, but I didn't know you were that smar--what I mean is," she stopped, flustered. What was she doing? This was amazing! Max was going to her school...It was, just an awesome revelation. "I'm really glad that you're coming."

Max's eyes lowered to the floor, and he felt himself blush again. She was happy he was going. And he was more than happy. And then he remembered about how he had thought this encounter was a dream, and he knew it wasn't. This was phenomenally real…


Author's Note: Okay, so I hate making you guys wait, and I am trying to write, but it's hard when you've got to change your entire plot-line. But slowly and surely it's happening. I hope you all liked this!

I need a favour, can anyone tell me about the names of dorms, or streets or restaurants or anything at Harvard? I don't know anything since I'm from Canada, and never been there. Thanks!

Liz *who is eager for feedback since she lives by it*

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To let you all know, I've put the whole story on the repost board for you to enjoy! I've forgotten to get the link, so I'll go get that now.

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Here's the link to the rest of the story on the repost board:

And So We Meet Again...Parts 1-14


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soypet: Damn you for figuring out my entire plot! Hehe, when you first guessed it, I was like "ARGH!" Hehe...

Lizzybell: I'm so glad you liked my story! I adore sassy Liz because she reminds me so much of myself. I'm witty I guess, so thats pretty much me shining through because I've actually said that to someone. *L* It sucks you had to change 2 chapters, but sometimes it's neccessary, I guess. I will keep you in mind if I'm ever in a jam and need some help, or something. (believe me, I'll probably end up e-mailing you soon too *L*)

Cookieman1234: Stacey, I would be glad to e-mail you SOME of the original. I had the plane crash written but then I deleted it because it wasn't right. I do still have part 19 of the original because I love it dearly and have a feeling that I might be able to salvage it and use it again. So yeah, I'll e-mail it to you since you were the first to ask (the other girl who got it was one of my friends, in fact all my friends have read it *L*). So yeah, check your e-mail!

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Part 15

"That one’s mine," Liz said, pointing to a large black suitcase. "And those two."

"You don’t pack light," Max commented with a smile upon his face. He stepped forward and grunted as he raised the bags one by one. "Not heavy at all," he muttered, his face contorting slightly at the weight.

Liz laughed then, her big eyes shining. "You should have seen Alex carrying them in. He look like he was about to have a heart aneurysm. The rest of my stuff is being shipped sometime later this week."

Max nodded, "Me too." He set the last suitcase down, and looked up at Liz, his eyes soft. "It’s weird, you know. We’ve talked a little since school ended, and neither one of us knew that the other was going to be here."

"I know," she agreed, her voice wistful. "Maybe it’s destiny?"

Max raised his eyebrows, "Destiny?" He echoed, an unsure look across his face.

Liz laughed, "Yeah. Things like this don’t happen everyday."

Max nodded in agreement. "I guess not." He grunted as he set one of the large bags down, then looked around the airport distractedly. The whole plane ride had been a blast, they’d flirted and joked and laughed. Max had wished that it would never end, but then they landed and now were in the airport. And it really was up to him whether they’d even ever see each other again.

Liz bit her lip to keep from smiling, knowing that Max was cautious, she didn’t want to scare him away by smiling at his awkwardness. "Um," she started. "Thanks for the help with my bags. You know, I think the least I owe you is some coffee or something."

"Sounds good," Max agreed. "After all this back-breaking labor I could go for some coffee."

Liz smiled. "Great, and it’s on me." She turned around, searching the large building for a coffee shop. Spotting one, she pointed. "Over there."

"Airport coffee?"

"Hey," Liz said defensively. "Once you’ve had it, you can never go back. C’mon!" She cried, grabbing his hand and pulling it lightly.

Max felt her hand pull on his, but it really wasn’t even that. He looked down at her smooth, soft hand in his, it felt small and delicate. It was like a perfect fit in his. And it wasn’t even just that. It was the way that he felt tingles shoot through his entire body with even the slightest contact with her. He’d be a moron not to submit to this beautiful girl.

Max played a show by giving an exaggerated groan, and then lugging her suitcases, over to the café. What he did notice was that Liz hadn’t let go of his hand since she’d tugged on it. Not that he was complaining. They chose a table to sit at, it was a tall metallic blue with two tall matching metal chairs. A menu was placed strategically in the center on display.

"What can I getcha?" Said a waitress in a bored tone, coming up from the side of them as they took their seats. She was middle-aged wearing a ridiculous striped blue and white uniform. For a brief moment Liz missed the Crashdown and her horrible uniform. Once, when her and Maria were in the 7th grade they had decided that there was probably a café handbook out there that insisted upon ridiculous, embarrassing uniforms for all staff. Not that outlandish a concept, in fact. After all, how many places does one go to where the staff are actually wearing something good?

Liz thought for a moment. "French vanilla cappuccino, I guess," she decided with a nod.

"Coffee, please" Max ordered. "Black," he added.

Liz wrinkled her nose, her face twisting in distaste. "Black? How can you drink that?"

Max shrugged. "I like it," he admitted. Of course, what he didn’t tell her was that it really played off the tabasco sauce well creating a delicious treat for his taste buds. If he told her that, then most definitely she’d do more than just wrinkle her nose.

"Is that it?" Asked the waitress.

Max looked at Liz, and she nodded. "Yeah, thanks."

The waitress nodded, then studied the two. "Are you two newlyweds?" She asked, interest in her voice.

Liz watched Max’s face as his eyes widened in surprise. He started to speak, when Liz grabbed his hand off the counter and squeezed it. "Uh...Yeah," she said smiling. "We just eloped last night."

The waitress nodded, her eyes shining bright. "My, thats so romantic!" She exclaimed. "I thought you were. You both just look so happy, so right for each other, and in love."

"Well, we love each other very much," Max interjected, an amused smile across his lips.

The waitress sighed wistfully, then looked down at her order pad. "I’ll be right back," she promised, and then made her way back into the café.

As soon as she was gone Max and Liz burst into laughter. "I can’t believe we just did that!" Liz giggled. "And you! So serious!" She said, making a mock serious face. This only made Max laugh harder.

"Do you do that often?" He asked, his face sobering a bit.

"Nahh," Liz admitted. "It’s just something that I always wanted to try. Thanks for playing along."

He shook his head. "No problem." There was a pause until he spoke again. "Hey," he said softly, his eyes locking with hers. Liz felt her breath catch in her chest, as Max’s hand rose to her face, and slowly caressed it. She closed her eyes to his touch. And then it was gone, his warm hand had settled on the table she noticed as her eyes opened in confusion.

Max felt himself suddenly grow shy. He cleared his throat, and looked down at his shoes, then back up at her. "You had…A stray hair."

Liz blushed in embarrassment. As if he really was going to kiss you, Parker, Liz chided herself. Dream on. She tucked any remaining hair behind her ear, licking her lips unconsciously. Max was still so close to her…So close that she could feel the warm puff of his breath as he exhaled. Her heartbeat increased, and she leaned forward slowly, as if she had no control over herself.

Max brought his hand up again to her cheek, but this time there was no simple excuse. He brought his other hand up to cup her face lightly, stroking her face gently with his thumb, tracing her jaw line. He leaned into her mouth to give her a simple, sweet kiss.

And then he heard the scream, and saw Liz collapse in front of him, a pool of blood forming around her, as she stared up, her eyes wide with terror. Oh God…His brain screamed, NO!


Well...My friend had to go out, so I was stuck at home with nothing to do except homework, which I prefer to leave off until the very last minute possible. So, surprise, surprise! I wrote this in under and hour, and no one has read it yet since my beautiful beta people have lives and are never online anymore. *L* Anyway, this is my new twist, please say you like it! But if it sucks, let me know!

tabasco sauce: This pronto enough for you? *L*


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Part 16

"Liz!" he cried, jumping out of the chair to the floor beside her. Her expression was ghostly, pale and shocked. Her eyes flickered with confusion and pain. She let out panted gasps for air looking around frantically. "Liz," he whispered, hovering over her, trying to block the crowd from viewing her.

Max knew she was seriously injured. From the amount of blood around her body to the hole in her back. They was she was breathing was…Not right. It looked like a slick cut of a knife. It must have struck a major artery, maybe a lung. He scolded himself a million times over for not knowing the human anatomy as well as he could have. Who could of done this? To her? To his Liz—the sweetest girl on the face of the Earth! God dammit, Liz was dying!

"Oh my God," Liz said softly as her eyes rolled back into her head, the lids closing as she fell limp, her head collapsing onto the table. Max took her palm, looping his fingers with hers. He lifted her head up to try to divert attention away and brushed away a strand of her chocolate locks, which was matted to her face, leaning to place his trembling lips upon her damp forehead.

"Y-you’re okay, Liz," Max whispered down at her. His voice was thick with pain and agitation. He willed himself to believe it was true. To believe that the woman that he loved wasn’t lying unconscious before his eyes. "It’s nothing, really," he pleaded grief in his tone.

He caressed her smooth cheek with his thumb lightly, tracing the curve of her jaw, and squeezed her hand within his. "Please," he choked, closing his eyes tightly. "Please." A tear escaped his eye, breaking his fragile barrier. "Please, Liz!" He sobbed. "Wake up…"

Max lowered his face to her frail frame, burying it in her stomach, the sorrow overtaking him. He could feel the small intakes of breath she was taking, her chest rising slowly up and down. She was alive, at least. She had a pulse. He rose his head from her, and pulled her into his arms. And he felt her stir.

"Max..." Liz whispered thinly, her eyes fluttering open. "M-Max, I-I'm cold," she wheezed, letting out a small cough. Max gasped under his breath, to see the dead look that had overtaken her usually vibrant eyes, and the small defeated voice she had used. It was child-like, innocent.

"No," he whispered, shaking his head, trying to be strong for her. "No, Liz, you're going to be okay. Do you hear me? You'll be okay." His face was red, and twisted in pain. Not his own pain, he wasn't hurt compared to her. A tear fell down his cheek. "You'll be okay."

"I can't feel my legs," she sobbed softly. "I can..." her voice faded and he knew what he had to do. Max knew that this meant risking everything in his life. Everything in Isabel and Michael's lives. But how could he let Liz die? It was just an unacceptable situation.

"N-no, Liz, I'm going to help you," he breathed in her ear. He glanced around, to see if anyone was looking, and then he moved so he was basically covering her. "You've got to look at me." Liz's eyes started to flicker closed, and he brushed aside some hair from her face. "Look at me," he sobbed. "Please, just look at me!" His voice was urgent this time. He was not going to let her die.

Liz stared up at him, into his eyes, and he placed his hand over top of her bleeding wound. She winced slightly, letting out a hiss of pain, followed by a cough. As she coughed, blood spilled out of her mouth, and she knew it was her time. She cold. So dead already. She could see Max's eyes, those beautiful amber eyes staring down at her, so pained. So lost. And on the other hand she saw a light...A beautiful light beckoning for her, calling her name...If not in words then some way else.

Max felt himself go in. He knew her lungs were failing, she couldn't breath. He was losing her. And then he was in, he was one with her; he felt her pain and sadness. And love, for him...For her family and friends. And then the flashes started.

3 year old Liz dressing up in front of her mother's mirror; Liz at The Crashdown at 14, her first day, spilling milkshakes on the floor; her Grandma Claudia's lifeless body; a journal; Liz finger painting at 6; 12 year old Maria crying as Liz hugged her soothingly; the starry night sky; Liz dancing and singing at karoake night with Maria and Alex; summer camp at 10 years old; Max smiling shyly at her; a teddy bear named Freddie; Kissing Max; a science experiment gone wrong; meeting Alex in fifth grade; Liz and Max kissing again; her parents hugging her after she had run away when she was nine; graduation...

So many images flooded him, invading his head. He saw them all at once, yet they were distinct in his mind. He could feel the mixture of emotions and was swept away by the sense. It was if it was his own memories. His own minds.

"M-Max," she stammered, trying to sit up.

"Shh," he whispered. "Stay down, I'll explain everything later," he promised. He pulled a ketchup off their table, and dumped half the contents on her, breaking the bottle with his powers. "Just tell them you're okay when they come. That you dropped the ketchup bottle. Tell them you weren't hurt, please." His eyes were lost still, pleading.

She nodded, in confusion. She felt woozy. "Are you okay?"

He smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. "Yeah, I’m okay."

She bit her lip. "I'm scared Max," she confessed, tears sliding down her cheeks. Max inched forward, wrapping his arms around her, holding her wordlessly as she cried. And it didn’t matter if she had questions. Or, even if more than just her found out. Max would lay down his life for hers. Because thats what love was. And he loved her more…Than life itself. And Max was willing to risk it all, just so she could take one more breath, or spend one more day alive. Because it was her. It was Liz Parker.

Who would do this to her?


Stacey (aka cookieman1234) and Meli: Either of you notice that EXTREME simularities between this part and chapter 19 of the original *wink, wink* I just couldn't abandon that part! I love it so...*sighs*

Hope you like, and it eases your pain *L* Let me know!


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The identity of the stabber (thats improper English, I"m sure of it, but I'm with it) will be revealed all in due time. Heh, as always...

Mary OO8 is really smart. She realized that Liz was stabbed! *L* You people always read my mind...

Anyway..I'm tired, I'm writing an M&M upcoming part, and I might do an Alex and Isabel one since I love them dearly.

Thanks for all the feedback, guys, you make me want to write quicker!


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Nirvana: YOu got me! I totally ripped off Charmed there...*blush* How could I not, though? That was a horribly tragic episode. Plus, I did change it into my circumstances. I actually have taken lines from other shows, and Roswell and put them in this fic just for fun to see if anyone would spot them *L*

Guys, originally this was a Tess-free fic, but I don't know...I'm starting to play with the idea of her making a cameo hehe

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Everything will be explained all in due time. I swear. There's reasons why everything so far has happened, so please don't doubt the story! I'll explain later why no one really noticed her stabbed, and also why everything else has gone on....

I just came up with a wickedly sinister idea and can't wait to write it out, if I have time, that is. Tonight I'm going out, and I was out last night, but hopefully I'll have time.

Thnks for the feedback, you all spoil me!