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Summary: Max and Liz are good friends and so on, but Liz is well…you’ll find out in the prologue.

I got this idea from a Seven Mary Three song/video and from the Buffy episode Hush.

I had this idea for a while, and so whether I should continue writing is up to you guys. Don't want to write Part 1 if this sucks.



I’ve known her for practically six years. Isabelle and I know her for the least amount of time.

Throughout these six years, from the day I met her in the lunchroom to the day I saw her first perform on stage and to this moment, I’ve always wondered what she was thinking.

I always wonder what happened to her, but it’s never a topic. It’s something that has been buried under the rest of the bones in the ground.

Despite all that, she always has a smile.
She always has a mischievious glint in her eyes.
She has a glow on her cheeks.
She would fix or make clothes for you in a second.
She is always there for you with a hug, a smile, a kiss or a performance just for you.
Sometimes I wish I could be there for her more, but I can’t. She won’t let me into that part of her life.

We can never talk about what happened.

We can never talk about it because she can’t talk.

She hasn’t spoken for seven years.

You don’t know how much I want to hear my best friend’s voice just once in reality and not in my dreams.


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Part 1

“Max, Michael, what do you think you are doing? It’s dinner time soon.”

And our chocolate chip cookies are being snatched away from Grandpa.

“But it’s just one teeny, tiny cookie. It’s not even a cookie. It’s a crumb, Grandpa,” Michael is pathetic.

“Yeah,” I whine.

And, so am I.

“No, you’ll spoil your appetite.”

And Liz’s grandfather continues to believe we are those scrawny 11 year old boys as he places the cookie back into the cookie jar on top of the fridge. He thinks we won’t be tall enough to grab it.

But then again my appetite isn’t on my mind now as Liz waltzes by me and sits right next to me at the small dinner table in their small one floor brick house. She has this devilish look on her face. She communicates so well with her different emotions. I have all of them memorized. And this one is definitely up to no good. She sits between Michael and I. She looks down under the table and we look down with confusion as well. And she passes me a chocolate chip cookie and one to Michael. She turns to me and gives me a wink before standing up to help with dinner.

And this leads me into the first day I met her 6 years ago in elementary school, in the cafeteria.

Isabelle and I were new and the cafeteria was like the UN. Everyone had a part. Everyone was in a group. And we were the foreigners until I caught sight of a brown haired girl reading a book by herself. As she looked up to grab her Capri drink, she caught me staring at her. She gave me a wide, glowing smile. It was like a beam of sunshine.

“Come on, Is, let’s sit over there.”

As we approached, she moved her bag over to the other side for me to sit.

“Hi, I’m Max and this is Isabelle, my sister.”

She continued to smile. Before I could here who she was, a voice thundered over us.

“Well, look at who it is. Mute Parker. What’s the matter, don’t have your sidekick with you to talk for you?” His face began to gawk at her and he was smirking at her.

I do not get angry. But for a shy 11-year-old kid, I was fucking mad at the way this dumb ass, prison prone bully was talking to this girl.

Before I could get my puny ass up to attack him, someone else came and did it for me.

“Do you want your face in your ass again, Sanders?”

This guy looked at him with a menace I never saw before as he slams his right fist into his left hand repeatedly. I lost count after 50. I thought he could go for the part of Michael Myers. Just put a knife in his hands and there’s your scary movie.


And like a miracle, the bully left.

I watched this interaction in amazement because this kid was half the size of the bully. He was like a pimple compared to the jackass.

“Did he hurt you Liz?” He put his arm around her. She shook her head. Suddenly her frown became a smile when she looked up at a frightened Isabelle and I.

She tugged at his shirt and seemed to give him an open look. He nods at her and looks up at us.

“I’m Michael. And anyone who messes with Liz will have to deal with me.”

And now I really can’t help but think he’s like Michael Myers, but with a voice.

Liz hit him in the ribs.

I got the message loud and clear. I even felt like saying, “Sir, yes sir” and salute the damn guy.

I think the fact that I got the message made us best friends.
And if I didn’t get the message…I would have had a good look at my ass for the first time.

“Max and this is Isabelle.” I tried to be Mighty Max with this kid.

“Hi,” Isabelle said in a terrified voice. Of course nowadays, Isabelle makes Michael cower in fear.

This odd, awkward 6th grade experience bought us all together.

But that was the first time she gave me one of those famous, devilish winks of hers.

And that was the same moment I learned that Liz Parker would never be able to talk to me.


“Ow, that hurt.”

“Next time hit him harder Liz if he tries to steal dinner. Teach him a lesson,” Grandpa says indirectly to Michael who is agonizing over the loud slap he received from Liz. Wise words coming from a wise man.

And tough Guerin cries and whines. He’ll only do it around us. You’ll never see him do that with the basketball team in the locker rooms. The only reason why he’ll actually whine and cry in the locker room is when he’s comparing his masculinity if you know what I mean. “But you know I’m hungry. I had practice and I haven’t eaten all day…”

Blah, blah, blah.

And of course, Liz who is a sucker for our pathetic whines and cries, tends to his hand.

I’ve seen this a dozen times.

I watch as Liz rubs his hand and smiles and shakes her head at Michael.

Ok…like I said, I’ve seen this a dozen times. But every time I watch their interaction, it hurts. It may be the fact that Michael has known Liz all of his life. It may hurt because Michael has this access pass to Liz’s past life that I don’t.

It hurts to know that when Michael did something wrong, Michael heard her yell.

When Michael told a joke, he heard her laugh.

When Michael was upset, he heard her words of comfort.

It just hurts that Michael has heard her voice before and I haven’t.

It’s so weird because this hurt...I can't help but think it's something else as well...


shall I continue??

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Just had to respond. Umm...the whole michael/liz thing. You need not worry for'll just have to see.

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Part 2

I slide into my seat for health class next to Liz.
We all have class together.
Michael, Alex, Isabelle, Maria and Jen.

Ah…let me backtrack a little to Maria, Alex and Jen.

They form the other half of our circle.

Before we met them in junior high school, they were their only little group.

And we were our only little group.

And we had the dreadful physical education class for our freshman year.


Michael and I were sitting out for undisclosed reasons. I guess as we hit puberty, we became men. I think too many fights indicated that much.

But the rest were playing. They were on one team.

And I thought elementary school punks were bad. These were worse.

These are those losers who can’t seem to get over the fact of losing.

Once the game was over, one of them got hold of the ball and aimed it at Liz, who wasn’t paying attention.

Before Michael and I could do anything, we were watching the ball go in slow motion before our eyes towards Liz, who seemed paralyzed when she saw the ball.

But behold.

A skinny kid screamed in a high pitched, lame attempt macho voice and flew in front of Liz and took the hit.
And we all watched in fascination as the dodgeball bounced off his small body in one bounce.

We all call him Alex.

We all became friends, mostly because of Liz. Liz couldn’t bear the fact that Alex could be hurt. She made him soup and got her grandfather to bring her to his house everyday for like a week. It’s just so amazing how Liz is. It wasn’t a surprise that Alex, Maria, and Jen took such a great liking towards her.

I turn to Liz.

I ask, “Are you coming tonight?”

She thinks for a moment. She shakes her head. She flips through her binder to indicate how much schoolwork she has tonight and she also mouths to me, “Work.”

She works at our local library.

I nod, but I can’t help but feel upset.

I know she hates basketball. Not the sport per say, but being in such a big group with so many people shouting and cheering. I can’t help but think she hates it because she can’t join in; that she feels left out from everyone else.

I think Liz noticed I was a little upset, because she touches me and points to the back to Isabelle and Jen, who are dressed in their cheerleader outfits for tonight’s game.

Liz pretends to be a cheerleader and puts both of her fists up and down to show me that the rest of the group will be there cheering me on.

“Don’t worry, we have a new cheer just for you,” Jen says.

I smile.

I turn back to look at Liz, who winks at me and gestures her head towards Jen in a suggestive way. I groan, she smiles and goes back to reading her notes.

Liz has this whole theory that Jen likes me…a lot.

The possibility that Jen likes me doesn’t upset me; it’s the fact that Liz thinks so (I don’t see it however) that upsets me. What upsets me even more is the fact that she reminds me constantly that Jen likes me.

And it bugs the crap out of me for some reason, how she can mention it like that, like it’s nothing. Like now, she just goes back to reading her notes on how the male and female reproductive systems work.

Seriously, do I sound upset?

“Jen’s probably going to ask you out to the dance if you don’t.”
I pull my shirt off and put on my uniform.

“Why the fuck does everyone think that Jen likes me?”

“You must be blind. That girl has been in love with you for like forever. You’ve just been denying it.”

“Denying what?” Kyle intervenes.

“Nothing.” I say.

“That Jen is sooo in love with Max,” Michael does it in a girly, fluttering type of way.

“Everyone knows that,” Kyle says it like its old news and returns to his business of looking at himself and pumping himself up in front of the mirror and admiring what he sees before the game.

Why does everyone do that?
Say that Jen is in love with me, which she is not and go on with their menial tasks.

“Yeah what’s the big deal Max, it’s not like a shock that girls follow you like a puppy. You even tended to some of them. They just love those shy, yet player types.”

“Just fuck off you guys.” I hate being reminded how I seem to get involved with every girl in school.


“Max, do girls really compare when we hit the sacks?” Michael asks me in a serious, yet fearful voice.
“Max, what the hell is going on with you?”

I begin panting and wiping the sweat off my face. I feel like shit. I’ve missed about 6 valuable shots already.

“Guys, guys wait, let me handle this.” Michael takes me to the sidelines.

“Max, what’s the matter with you? You always have this game plan in your head,” Michael says to me in a rational voice.

“I don’t know. I just feel off.”

“I can see that. Just focus man. You’re the best player on the team.”

“Ok. Just give me a minute alone.”
As you can see, the new cheer designed for me isn’t working.
The stares from Jen is really bothering me now.

I scan the crowd who is still cheering like mad.
I see Alex trying to calm Maria’s yelling and booing towards the other team.
I continue to scan the crowd for some reason.
And all the way in the corner, in the back of the bleacher, I spot someone.

Everything else just seems to fade away.
Liz is of course the quietest and smallest one, yet she stands out to me the most.
She smiles at me and gives me a thumbs up.
She picks up a small sign that says, “GO MAX.”
And that small gesture compared to the rest of the cheers gets me focused.

I go back to the team and announce, “I’m ready.”

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Sheeijan: You must have ESP.

Thanks for the bumps.
Also when I say that Liz says, of course she isn't really saying it. Everyone can lip read like its second nature when it comes to Liz

Part 3

“Go, Max. Go Max.”

The chant continues as people put me down onto the floor as we enter the Crashdown for the big ho down.

All types of manly grunts are echoed throughout the restaurant.

There’s so much yelling and of course the cheerleaders are hooking up with their basketball flirts for the night.

Some will get laid.

Some will get hitched.

And I…well I’m trying to be a good boy and stay hitched.

Which is definitely something new for me.

It’s weird and it’s reeeaaaallly scary.

I must have turned away like 10 girls.

I’m not lying.

Seriously, I’m not.


Amongst all the cheering and craziness, I find Alex and Maria in the corner by the jukebox, debating over what song to play.

“Hey Max. Great game.”

It’s Jen.


I want to talk to Maria and Alex.

“Umm…do you want to go grab something to eat, somewhere not as rowdy?”
I am such a dick, that I lie.

“I actually can’t tonight. My parents are expecting me home tonight. Maybe sometime this week.”

Jen smiles brightly.

“That sounds great.”

And she walks away. Oh boy.

I inch closer to Maria and Alex. “Look my mother owns this place and since I work here, I’ll play what I want, and I want to here some Nine Inch Nails,” Maria yells to Alex.

“You want people to get depressed?”

“Well you can forget about playing some sappy ass song that Isabel likes.”

“Hey guys.”

“MAX!. Hey Max. Uh.” Alex shuffles as he nervously combs through his hair as he tries to ignore the fact that the name Isabelle was mentioned. Real discrete, Alex. So he changes the subject. “My man, great game. Must say, you had us scared there for a moment. I mean we can’t hang out with losers.”

I smirk and retort back, “Like I don’t already.”


“Do you know where Liz went?”

They look at each other weird and crack up. “Riiight, Max, like Liz would go to a game, let alone come to a rowdy wild house like this,” Maria says knowingly, shakes her head and continues over to putting money in the jukebox.

I, instead grab my jacket and head out the Crashdown.

“MAX, where the hell are you going?” Michael calls out to me.

“I’m really beat. I should head home.”

Michael smiles knowingly. “Suurrree. I completely understand. Go get em’.”

Oh my god. Has my reputation gone from Mr. Shy Guy to Mr. Sly Guy?

“No, Mic---“

“Tell me how it goes tomorrow.”

Fuck it. Let him think what he thinks.

I head out and I can still see him shaking his head and smiling.

Knock. Knock.

Before I give a third knock, Liz opens the door and looks at me shocked.

Hell, even I’m shocked.

She tilts her head, a sign of her thinking.

She opens her door more and moves to the side, allowing me to enter.

“No, I don’t want to come in….Can you come out… to get something to eat?”

She looks at me confused.

“It’s just that I’m starving for some Chinese food.”

Her look of confusion vanishes and she shakes her head and smiles.

She says ok and grabs her coat and keys and heads out with me.

And we walk side by side down the street, following the towers of street lights.

And for the first time in a long time, we were walking like those 11 year olds best friends.

And it dawned on me, how much our lives have become so divided.

How we’ve changed.

Or more…how I’ve changed.
“A smile will be worth more than a thousand words.” I put the fortune down and laugh. “That is so cheesy.”

Liz gives me a weird look and shrugs.

She cracks open her fortune cookie and reads it silently. She crumbles it and places it towards the side. She says to me, “Cheesy.”

I nod and laugh.

“I know, who comes up with this type of stuff?” I say as I eat a bite of my General Tso’s chicken. “You wanna bite?”

She shakes her head violently.

“Oh come on, it’s not that spicy.”

She continues to shake her head in a childish way.

She stops shaking her head. I, the master have conquered her weak spot.

I begin spinning my fork, with the chicken around in front of her face. I stop it and place it right in front of her face.

“Open up, Lizzie.”

She rolls her eyes and opens her mouth and takes the bite slowly.

I watch her do it. And as I watch her take the bite off my spoon, I feel somewhat of a stirring in my stomach.

She begins flapping her hand in front of her mouth.

I think it’s too hot for her.

She throws a fortune cookie at me.


Then she grabs some of the duck sauce packets and throws them at me.

“I give. I’m sorry. I’ll never make you eat hot stuff again.”

She’s satisfied as she wipes away some of the tears from her eyes.

She looks at me and then smiles at me.

I smile back at her.

I take a deep breath and ask her what I’ve been meaning to ask her. “Why were you at the game tonight?”

She looks and stares at me for a while. It’s a really deep, serious stare.
She then pumps her fists up and down like she did earlier today in class.
And I by some weird instinct, I grab both her fists and place them down on the table and return the deep stare.
“Thank you.”

And she does something, she hasn’t done in a long time.

She leans forward and kisses me on my forehead.

But this time, unlike 6 years ago, it feels different.

In a good way.

“Goodnight Liz.”

She waves to me goodnight and heads to her front door. But before she enters she turns around and gives me two thumbs up and runs into her house.

I must pull her away from Alex or else his dorkiness will permanently rub off on her.

I begin walking away to the street.

I pull out a tiny, crumbled piece of paper from my jacket pocket.

I unfold it and read Liz’s fortune, “Always there remain portions of our heart into which no one is able to enter, invite them as we may.”

I fold the fortune back up neatly and place it safely back in my pocket. I take one last long look at Liz’s house and walk away, thinking how this was one of the best days of my life.

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Part 4

I listen to her busily rummage through her books as I lean next her locker quietly.

She leans out and slams her locker. She immediately jumps back in a panicky way as she sees me grinning like an ass.

Just when she calms down by patting her chest, she shoves me by the shoulder.

“You know you love me.”

She huffs and turns away.

“Look what I got you.”

She turns her head a little sideways to maybe take a peak, but immediately turns back around sharply.

“Don’t you want to know what it is?”

She begins to walk away, avoiding my supposed bluff.

“California rolls.” She stops walking.

“And tuna rolls.”

She runs back to me and tries to grab it from me.

“Whoa there.” I hold the box of rolls high up in the air. I am a basketball player you know. She tries to jump up a little to reach for it, but I the king bring it higher up.

She crosses her hands across her chest and gives me her sad baby eyes look.

I faulter immediately. You would too if you were ever in the realm of her sad, puppy eyes look.

I drop my arm to bring the box of rolls down for her, but before she could grab it we are interrupted by Jen.

“Hey guys.”

Liz smiles brightly and hugs her tightly.
She then turns onto her serious face and begins examining the shirt Jen is wearing. Liz begins making sure the shirt is ok and that there are no flaws to them.

“Liz. The shirt is perfect. Everything you make is perfect.”

Liz waves her hand at the nonsense response. True modest style.

Liz is the best when it comes to making clothes. She can make anything and fix anything.

“So what were you guys talking about?” Jen directs the question at me, while smiling.

Liz grabs the rolls and hands them to Jen.
Liz says, “Max bought for you.”
Liz winks at Jen before running off to what looks like a sullen, drooping Alex.

I watch as Liz runs off and hooks arms with Alex and begins to sooth him.

I begin to feel a weird tugging in my chest as I continue to watch them walk down the hallway.
“Thanks. But I never tried California rolls.”

Think Max.

“Oh sorry. I was going to get something else to make up for that dinner you couldn’t have the other night, so I decided to get you an exotic lunch.”

She seems to like the answer…a lot.

“Well…then I have got to try some of them. Care to join me? It’s a big box.”

I try to hide my hesitancy and I try to forget my original plan.


Jen grabs my arm and leads me out to the courtyard, but I can’t help but look back in the direction Liz has went.


Practice finishes early today.
“Hey man you coming?” Shouts Steve.
“Yeah, I just have to get something from my locker. Meet you outside.”
Before I am ready to head out to my jeep, I hear music softly echoing down the hallways.

Piano music.

And that can only mean one thing.


The music that Liz generates from this organ of music is just so….

I don’t know.

I can’t even put it into words.

It’s so intense.

And the music coming from her fingers, it’s like I can hear her talk to us. I can hear all her feelings and emotions. It’s like she doesn’t have to physically talk to get her message across to us.

And the music that is coming out of the music room---

It’s dramatic, yet joyful.

I simply follow the sounds of the notes being played.

I reach the door and I peek inside through the crack.

I see Liz sitting there playing every key with such natural trepidation, with such emotions. Her fingers just simply glide over each key.

I became so entranced by her playing, that I didn’t even notice Alex sitting next to her with his bass, playing along with her.

Once they stop playing, I continue staying there, watching them.

Alex sighs deeply. “I don’t know anymore. Why do I even bother torturing myself? It’s obvious she doesn’t like me. She goes out with people who aren’t losers.”

Liz tousles his hair and gives him one big hug.

She makes him look at her and she says to him, “Not loser. The greatest friend she’ll ever have.”

Alex sighs again. “Yeah, friend.”

Liz says, “She’ll always have you.”

Alex thinks for a while.

“I hate it when you’re right.” Alex takes a deep breath. “Having her friendship IS the best thing in the world. I wouldn’t want to lose that for anything in the world.”

Liz smiles widely at Alex.

“How do you do that? Make me feel all better like that.”
Liz shrugs.

“You are the bestest and most amazing friend anyone could ever have…and you make me look cool.”

Liz shakes her head and drapes her hand over his shoulder and pushes him by the hip.

“Well this sudden revelation calls for ice cream. Let’s go eat some fudgey, brownie, chocolately ice cream, shall we?”

Liz crinkles her nose.

Alex laughs at her and says, “Ok, some nice plain ol’ Mr. Vanilla.”

They get up. I sneak out of the building before they can see me and I think about what Alex says…about the whole friendship thing.


“Uhgg.. Shit. Shit. Where the hell is my red tank top?”

I pass by Isabelle’s room to find her rummaging through her closet and then the drawers. I swear her closet needs its own zip code for all the crap she has stored in there.

“Big date tonight?”

“Yes. With Brian McKennith.”

“That big fat loser.” I say in mocked horror. “Oh, he’s sooo not right for you, girlfriend.” I love making fun of her. It’s so neat to see her pissed off at me.

She manages to give me the finger while searching through the mess. “Shut the fuck up Max. Not now.”

I walk into her room and pick up a red tank. “Why do you go around dating guys that are not right for you?” For once, I say this in a sincere, serious voice.

Isabelle stops what she’s doing. She walks over to me and takes the red tank from my hand and says, “Why do you?”

Good question.

The only thing…I don’t date guys.

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Part 5

“So Liz how’s the piano playing going along? Still practicing hard?”

Liz nods solemnly, but I seem to notice that she’s looking down.

She wants to avoid the topic.

Weird, I wonder why. Piano is her passion, besides reading her ass off.

My mother however continues to ask. “Well with talent like yours, don’t let it go to waste.”

I notice Liz shifting around in her seat as she continues to pick at her plate.

“I made a shot today.”

Everybody stops eating and shifts their eyes to me.

“What?” I say innocently.

So what, I’m a dweeb when it comes to basketball.

Isabelle being the smart ass says, “Mom, Max is drinking AGAIN.” She always manages to twist my words around. Sure I take a few shots here and there but I meant basketball shots this time.


I hear Isabelle smirk.

My dad can get into a rampage when he’s in the mood, especially around the dinner table. My dad also has a tendency to get into a rampage and repeat things in a loud, distinct, roaring voice. It’s a lawyer thing, I guess.

“Dad, she’s just---“

“My 17 year old son better not be drinking.”

“Honey. We have company.” My mom tries to interject by saying useless things as she places more chicken salad onto Liz’s plate.

“Yeah, well Isabelle was caught in the Eraser Room today during 3rd period.”

This is what you called 3rd grade sibling rivalry. We are sooo childish it’s so pathetic.

“AGAIN?!!?! My 17 year old daughter better not be in there doing what I think she’s doing.”

I smirk. Right…like she’s cleaning those erasers.

My eyes dart to Liz’s who has a glimmer in her eyes and I can tell she’s trying really hard not to smile. She’s seen this a million times at the dinner table and each time, they get more ridiculous.

She says to me, “Bad boy.”

This time I give her a wink.

“So what do you think I should wear for my date tomorrow?”

I can’t help but listen to what their topic will be today for their sleepover as I’m about to head to my room with my ice cream. I know, I know. That’s wrong Max. But I can’t help it for some reason. I feel like I want to know what is going on with Liz. And hey since she’s talking so loud anyway…

I peak through the door crack and I once again see Isabelle rummaging through all her clothes.

Liz is helping as well by examining through each item carefully.

“Oh, it’s with Brian again. I’ll dump him on our second date.”

Liz stops rummaging through the clothes. She seems to be struggling with something inside.

Isabelle seems to notice through some weird vibe that Liz is upset and she stops with what she is doing. She goes over to Liz and sits next to her and puts her hand over Liz’s shoulders. “What’s the matter Lizzie?”

Liz takes a deep breathe and takes a sheet of paper out of her jean pocket and looks at it for a while before handing the paper over to Isabelle.

Isabelle looks surprised.

“What is it?”

Liz gently nudges Isabelle by the hand to encourage her to open it.

Isabelle opens it and reads it thoroughly.

I begin to notice that she is tearing up as she brings her hands to her cheeks.

“Oh my god.” I can tell she wants to cry. “Did he write this?”

Liz nods.

“I can’t believe he wrote this. It’s beautiful.”

Liz takes the paper and turns it over for Isabelle to see.

Isabelle whispers, “He wrote this for me.”

Liz hugs Isabelle tightly as Isabelle lays her head on Liz’s shoulder.

And right about now, I am really curious as to what the hell all of this is about.

Who’s he and what the hell did he write for Isabelle? How does Liz know him? I’m going to find out who this person is and beat that person to a pulp.

So I get a little overprotective when it comes to her-----sometimes. Well only when it comes to weird people writing stuff for Isabelle. We don’t need a stalker now. We especially don’t need a stalker who knows Liz as well. That’s not good.

I walk away from the door and head to my room down the hallway.

I sit by my desk and I’m just itching to go there and read that piece of paper. Hmmm…maybe I’ll sneak in there the middle of the night and read it.


I’ll get caught.
Liz is quite a light sleeper.

I’m Isabelle’s older brother by 8 minutes, I should have the gosh darn right to know what the hell that was all about.

I head out again and I’m ready to march in there, but I become paralyzed, when I see Liz’s bare back.

I blink once and only once.

Oh shit.
Oh shit.

She’s half naked.

I’m a rational, well-balanced hormonal teenage boy who can keep everything in its right position and shape.


I remain glued to her and my eyes seem to finally take into the fact that there is a big scar on the back.

Now I’m hooked on the fact that I saw her naked back and I saw a big scar with that.

I walk back to my room, forgetting what my original intention was to begin with. Something about being a stalker….something like that.

This is baaaad.

Really baaaad.

And worse…my ice cream has already melted.

What the fuck is that?

I head over to my window and see what the hell that noise is from the backyard.

I can barely see through the dark and I stumble down the stairs to the kitchen to go to the backyard, not before getting a spatula for protection.

“Who’s there?”

“I have a spatula. Beware.”

I head closer to the figure.

It’s then that I notice it’s Liz on one of our old rickety swings that we would sit on when we were younger—Michael, Liz and I would sit on each of them and just race to see who would swing the highest.

“Liz? What are you doing out here at 3 in the morning?”

Liz just shrugs and she continues to just shuffle along the ground.


She seems to be so distracted….

And sad.

“What’s the matter Liz?”

She shakes her head.

I sit on the next swing and I can’t help thinking about that scar. How did she get it?

“You know you can tell my anything.”

She nods, but continues to be somewhere else.

“Race ya.’”

This apparently amuses her and distracts her from her thoughts. She turns to me and gives me the evil grin.

And we swing and swing for what seems like hours.

Like we did in the old days.

And by watching that wide smile, I know we’ll get through whatever it is she’s going through.

And I….I need to get over the fact that I saw more than I should have saw of Liz.

And maybe more of Liz’s past I never knew.
I did not get an ounce of sleep over the weekend.

I was thinking of my game this week.


That’s the only reason.

I’m about to head over to my locker when I catch Liz hiding by the corner taking sneak peaks at something.

I become fixated on her back.

Barenaked Liz.


Really, the game was in my mind all weekend.

I sneak up on her quietly.

“What are you looking at?”
She jumps and has this panicky face on, but she immediately forgets the fact that I scared her. She seems to be really into what she was looking at.

She grabs my arm and shoves me in front of her to see the other end of the hallway.

And I finally understand what has been going on.

I see Isabelle hugging Alex tightly around the neck in the midst of all the student rush.

I also notice that Isabelle is still clutching tightly to the piece of paper from the weekend.

“What’s going on?” I ask Liz as I watch Alex turn to give a big wide smile for Liz.

She turns me to and simply says, “Love.”


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Part 6

“What’s up with you and Alex?”

“None of your fucking business.”

“Well, I think it’s the whole school’s business at this point with your type of behavior.”

“Look just because you don’t have someone, don’t get all bitter on me.”

“I don’t need anyone.”

“Funny, it doesn’t look that way to me.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Your jealous.”

I smirk and I have to question her judgment. “You think I’m jealous of you?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Of what?”

Isabelle gets up from the kitchen seat and grabs a banana on her way out. “Open your eyes Max. Open your eyes.”

And with that she waltzes out here with that enigma in mind.

What the hell does that mean?

Since I have absolutely no life and no where to go, I as usual head over to the Crashdown for some heart attack food.

I see Michael and Liz at the usual booth, but they are sitting next to each other and Michael keeps whispering things into her ear.

I watch this interaction and become fully aware that it bugs the crap out of me.

So as mature as I am, I head over there and say in a loud voice, “Hey guys, what’s going on?”

They immediately unglue from each other and Michael looks like he’s just seen a ghost. “Nothing. You just scared the shit out of me.”

“Sorry there.” Of course I’m not.

I slid across from them. Meanwhile, I get to watch Michael slide his arm over Liz’s shoulder.


It’s only a brother sister kinda thing.
It’s only a brother sister kinda thing.

If I keep repeating it I’ll actually believe it.

“So are you ready for next weeks big game against Wharton?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Hey man whatever got you to play like you did the last game bring it along because we’re going to be home free with that kind of playing.”

I look at Liz. “I’ll do that.”

Liz smiles at me.

“Hey guys, what’s up?”

I look up to see Jen.

The world does not work with my time of course.

I see Liz nudge Michael’s ribs and suddenly Michael has this epiphany. “Oh nothing. Liz and I have to go and do uh…a big school project.”

“Since when do you do schoolwork, Michael?” I had to ask.

“No better time to start then now, right?”

Liz agrees with him by nodding A LOT.

Liz immediately gets up and Michael leads Liz away from the Crashdown---still with the arm around her shoulders.

“Mind if I keep you company then?”

I sigh inwardly. “No, of course not.”

“So Isabelle and Alex? Took them long enough.”


“Oh come on. They were two organisms ready to explode for some loving.”

The weird thing is that Isabelle’s annoying voice haunts me at this moment as I take a sip of my cherry coke.


Me jealous?

I hate it when she’s so fucking right.
I sit at the corner of the Crashdown for a while after Jen leaves. I suddenly notice Alex practically dancing into the Crashdown with a big ass smile on his face.

He happily orders his meal, like it’s his first happy meal.

And I continue to watch him. I watch my best friend as he attempts to make animal figurines with the colored straws.

Or is it a heart he’s making?

Ever since this Isabelle Alex thing, Alex has been avoiding me. It’s the whole brother protect sister thing I guess.
I knew he had the hots for Isabelle, but I never knew it could be. I just though all of us would remain friends forever---without something like this happening.
I slowly slide next to him.

I put my arm around him. My buuuuddddy. “Hey buuuuudddy.”

“Shit. Max. You scared the hell out of me.” He says this without looking at me. Technically he’s scared shit right about now. It could be the fact that’s he’s shaking like leaf.

“Buuuddddy. You and my sis, huh?” I squeeze his shoulders a little more and he’s paling up a bit more.


“Right. So I was going to tell you that I was going out with your sister.”

“Uh huh. Yeah, I kinda knew when the rest of the school knew. Why now?”

“Well technically, I didn’t make the move, your sis did…so.” He has this doofy grin on his face again as he says this.

I break his little dreamland.

“You better not hurt her. I may despise her, but she’s still my sis and if you---.”

“Max, you don’t have to worry about it. I’m not like any of those losers she’s dated. I would never hurt her like they would.”

Now that statement hurt a cord.

It’s like I should be following that advice or something.

“Don’t think of me as a wuss, as you already probably do, but I’ve been in love with your sister since the beginning of my existence man or at least about 8 years of it and I’ve watched her been with everyone, but me and it has hurt. I know the feeling and I have absolutely no intention of doing that to her.”


What’s up with that now?

Liz says love.

Alex says love.

Isabelle tells me I’m jealous.

Am I jealous because they are in love?

This is like weird logic that my brain is too small to handle right about now.

“I gotta go.”

I sit in my jeep for a while, simply staring away.

I pick up my cellphone and call.



“Well. Well. Mr. Hottie.”

“Are you parents home?”

“Are they ever?”
“Can I come over?”

“If it’s going to last more than a half an hour, sure thing.”

I hang up and I head over to Laura’s house.

Who the hell needs love?

So what if I’m one of those losers that Alex mentioned?

It’ll all be ok after I leave her house at night.




And the only thing that comes to my mind right now, at my state, is Liz’s back.



It’s going to be me, Laura, and Liz’s back.