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Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Roswell, Nightfall or the characters. This is strictly for people to read and enjoy.

Category: CC, AU

Rating: PG-13

Summary: This is a crossover with Roswell and the movie Nightfall. The story is set on a planet called Aeon, which has been blessed with six suns and has never known night except during a cataclysm that happens once every 1,000 years. Our favorite Roswell gang are all aliens who were originally from Earth but were sent to be reborn on Aeon, where they are now living with little memory of their past lives. Now, with another cataclysm coming, the group must search harder than ever for the truth about their alien heritage and perhaps find a way home if they are to survive what’s coming….

Author’s note: You don’t have to know anything about the movie Nightfall to understand this story. All will be explained J. I’m going to be taking some liberties with the Watchers, who were evil religious zealots in the movie but in this story will be more like evil government agents (think Pierce). Maybe they’ll be evil religious zealot government agents ;). We’ll see.

Feedback: Please! J

Part 1

Ava reached her destination, a small town on the edge of the desert, and dismounted her horse. It had been a long journey, but well worth the effort. She had come here to study at the university. Ever since she was very young, she’d had a logical, scientifically-oriented mind that wanted to know and explore the world around her and beyond. Tucking a strand of her long, wavy dark hair behind her ears, she led her horse to a stable, where she could board it for as long as she needed.

That accomplished, she looked around for a place to eat. She spotted a nearby restaurant called the Crashdown. Ava had to grin at that. The name of the restaurant was a clear indication of the alien theme that prevailed in this town due to a supposed crash of an alien spaceship about 50 years ago, just a short distance out into the desert. Nobody knew for certain what actually happened, but there was a great deal of speculation and storytelling about the event. Her mother, who had grown up here, had told her all the stories. It was said that the crash heralded the worst cataclysm in Aeon’s history due to a slow infiltration of evil aliens into Aeonian society. If the aliens were adapted to night, they would have a major advantage over the planet’s natural inhabitants, who had never known the dark of night and were not mentally equipped to cope with it. People started to worry that aliens would take over the planet in the aftermath of the next cataclysm. Paranoia and a fascination with the idea of aliens had become rampant in the years since the crash, especially in this part of the world.

The last cataclysm had been nearly 1,000 years ago, which meant that the next one would happen very soon. It happened every 1,000 years. The Watchers, who were both religious and political leaders, believed that the cataclysm was God’s way of punishing the people of Aeon for sin. But Ava had a hard time accepting that explanation. Whatever the cataclysm was, it occurred with such regularity that it seemed to be more of a natural phenomenon than anything else. But what kind of natural phenomenon? Very little was known about what was going to happen. The only certainty was that in past cataclysms, most of the population had died and that there had been mass conflagrations. Ava regretted not being old enough to begin her studies at the university sooner, and she prayed that there was enough time left to find out what caused the cataclysm. If nothing else, maybe she could help figure out a way to preserve a record of the cataclysm so that next time, the people would understand what they were facing and be able to take precautions.

Shaking off these depressing thoughts, Ava stepped into the Crashdown. As she did, her eyes were immediately drawn to a gorgeous young man about her age with beautiful amber eyes and long brown hair that fell to his shoulders in waves. He was sitting at a table across from a petite blonde with curly hair. Ava found herself hoping that the blonde was not his girlfriend. The young man looked up and met her eyes briefly, and in that moment they both felt the most amazingly powerful connection. It was unlike anything either of them had ever experienced before. “I know him,” Ava thought to herself, stunned. She did not know how, but somehow he was familiar to her. The young man, thinking the same thing, gave her a lovely smile. She gave him a shy smile in return as they continued to gaze into each other’s eyes, unable to look away. Suddenly, the moment was interrupted when one of the waitresses, Alejandra, came over to Ava to seat her.

Zan turned to his companion. “Serena, I know her!” he exclaimed quietly. “Does she look familiar to you?” He still was reeling from the power of the connection he shared with the girl who had just walked in. He knew right away that she was his dream girl: petite and slender with silky dark hair that fell in soft waves to the middle of her back and the most beautiful brown eyes he’d ever seen. Not only that, he somehow knew her strong, brave, and gentle spirit.

Serena twirled a lock of her blond curls and glanced over at Ava, half amused and half worried. Zan was right; there was something familiar about her. She narrowed her blue eyes thoughtfully. What did it mean? Could she be like them? Serena nodded in reply, remaining quiet as she noticed that their friend Alejandra was leading the girl over to their section.

Alejandra, a slim girl just slightly taller than Ava with long golden hair and green eyes, smiled mischievously and introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Alejandra. I’ll be your waitress today. Follow me.” Having seen the soulful look between Ava and Zan, she purposely led Ava to a table near Zan’s. Zan had never paired off with anyone as the rest of their close-knit group of seven had, and he deserved some happiness. Being the leader of their group, he had taken on so much responsibility because of the secret they all shared. Alejandra had the feeling that this girl was just the one to make Zan happy. There was just something about her. “So, are you new in town?” she asked.

Ava nodded. “I just got here, actually. I’m going to be studying at the university. My name is Ava, by the way.”

Alejandra’s eyes lit up. This was too perfect! “Great to meet you, Ava. I’m so excited that you’ll be with us at the university! I’m a student there. So are my friends Zan and Serena over there,” she informed Ava. “Oh, and don’t worry; Zan is available,” She gave Ava a wink. Grinning at the blush that crept into Ava’s cheeks, Alejandra continued, “Ok, enough teasing. I’ll let you look over the menu here and be right back to take your order. Can I get you anything to drink while you decide what you want?” Ava placed her drink order, and Alejandra went over to Zan and Serena’s table.

“Hey, guys. What can I get you?” she asked them. Then, grinning impishly at Zan, she added, “Besides Ava over there.” She laughed as Zan blushed as red as Ava had earlier. Serena giggled. She had never seen Zan so embarrassed before. Normally, he was so cool and in control. Seeing him like this was just too funny.

Serena and Zan gave their food orders, and Serena asked quietly, “Alejandra, what do you think of this girl Ava? Does she seem familiar to you?” She was curious to know her friend’s impressions of the newcomer.

Alejandra shrugged. “Yeah, she does...I guess. I liked her right away, and that says a lot. You guys know me.” Alejandra was known for being very particular about her friends, but to those she called friends she was fiercely loyal and protective. Zan smiled, happy that his friend was accepting of Ava. That meant that the rest of the group would be more open to the idea of him getting to know someone outside the group.

“OK, so she’s earned the Alejandra seal of approval,” Serena observed dryly. Serena herself still remained skeptical and a little suspicious; it wasn’t like Zan to let his guard down so easily and put matters of the heart over the safety of the group. Zan so obviously wanted to get to know Ava, and Alejandra supported him on this. “But I’m still nervous. We don’t know anything about this girl, and yet you two clearly want her to be part of our group…”

“She told me that she’s going to be studying at the university with us, so we can find out all about her.” Alejandra informed them. Serena gave her a look that said this coincidence seemed to be a little too convenient, while Zan’s eyes lit up at this news. Alejandra continued, “And we all agree that she’s familiar. She might be one of us.”

Serena sighed. She was outnumbered, and she knew it. “Well, maybe she is one of us. And maybe she knows more about who we are and where we’re from than we do. I think we should tell the others what’s going on and have a group meeting to talk about this.”

The other two nodded. “In the meantime, you two could invite Ava to sit with you and get to know her,” Alejandra suggested with an impish grin for Zan’s benefit.

Not a bad idea, Zan thought. Not a bad idea at all.

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Thank you guys for the awesome feedback! Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I'll try to update this story more frequently if I can. Here's part 2:

Part 2

It had been a long, tiring day. After staying to chat with Zan, Serena, and Alejandra for awhile, Ava had headed over to the university to get settled in. A young woman named Illyra, the daughter of one of the professors at the university, briefly showed Ava to her room. Ava was excited to learn that her new friends from the Crashdown were also living in this section of the building. Illyra didn't stay around very long, saying something about meeting her friend Sheerin to go take a look at a nearby excavation site. She thought they might find evidence from the last cataclysm there. Illyra wanted to get there before the Watchers took over and ended up destroying the site. Normally, Ava would have loved to go along with them, but she felt like she would be intruding, and she was exhausted from her journey. All she wanted to do was sleep. Illyra invited Ava to have dinner with herself and Sheerin later that evening, and promised to tell Ava all about their discoveries. Once Ava was alone, she curled up on her bed and closed her eyes. She was so tired that the light of the suns shining brightly through her window didn't even bother her, and she soon drifted off to sleep...

"Max Evans is staring at you again," Maria told her, grinning impishly.

Liz rolled her eyes at her best friend. "No way!" she exlaimed. Why would her adorably hot, if somewhat shy, lab partner be staring at her? Secretly, of course, she hoped that was the case, and Maria knew it. Maria never let her forget it, either. Liz couldn't resist sneaking a glance over at Max, who was sitting in a nearby booth with his best friend, Michael. By that time, Max was pretending to be absorbed in conversation with Michael, so Liz never caught him looking at her.

"He's got it bad for you, chica," Maria teased, her green eyes sparkling. Could she be right? Unconsciously, Liz straightened her blue and silver waitress uniform and her antennae headband, earning a laugh from Maria. Liz ignored Maria's laughter and walked past her to go seat some customers who had just entered the Crashdown. The customers were obvious tourists, so Liz did her usual routine of showing them a doctored photograph with a UFO and telling them a bogus alien story. Liz loved playing up the Roswell alien theme to gullible tourists. It was so second nature that she didn't even have to think about it. Instead, she was fantasizing about telling Max how attracted she was to him. Not just on a physical level, but on a soul level. She'd been secretly in love with him from the moment she'd first seen him, back in third grade when she was getting off the bus one morning at school. Would she have the nerve to tell him how she felt? What would she say to him? More importantly, would he feel the same way?

With these thoughts on her mind. Liz went through the motions of waitressing, until she heard a loud argument breaking out behind her. She whirled to see what was going on and froze in terror when she saw that one of the unruly customers was waving a gun! The next thing she knew, Max was screaming her name. "Liz, no!" He ran from his booth and tackled her to the ground just as the gun went off in their direction. The ketchup bottle Liz was carrying slipped from her fingers and shattered on the floor, spattering her dress. Max held her in his arms, shielding her. He watched in relief as the gunman and his friend ran out of the Crashdown. Then he returned his attention to Liz. "Liz, Liz, open your eyes. You have to look at me," he commanded softly, worried as he saw the red stain on her dress. He didn't know if the stain was just ketchup--or blood.

Liz did a mental scan of her body and could find no injury. "I...I'm fine," Liz assured Max. She looked up into his warm amber eyes, and in that moment, their souls connected. Their connection was so deep that they could each feel what the other one was feeling, and could see images from each other's past. Liz was amazed to discover that, in Max's eyes, she was beautiful. Both of them knew that from then on, they didn't want to be apart. They belonged together.Their gazes stayed locked for a long moment, until Maria came rushing over.

"Oh, my God, Lizzie, are you all right?" Maria asked frantically, panicked for her best friend. Even cedar oil could not have helped calm her then. She sighed in relief as Max helped Liz stand, and Liz assured everyone that she wasn't hurt. Liz and Maria hugged, and afterward Max pulled her close.

"Oh, my God, Liz, I thought I was going to lose you," Max whispered to her as he held her tightly, his voice husky with emotion. Liz wrapped her arms around him in response. Neither of them knew that, had Max not intervened, the bullet would have struck Liz's heart and killed her...

Ava awoke from her dream with a gasp. It had been the most intense, vivid dream she'd ever had. Everything in the dream had been so familiar, and yet it had been set on a strange world quite unlike Aeon. Immediately, Ava knew that Zan had been Max, and Alejandra was Maria. "Was I Liz once?" Ava wondered. "Was that a past life?" It would certainly explain why her new friends had seemed so familiar. Ava laughed at herself for even thinking of something like that. It was so fanciful and unscientific. With a grin, she used that strange yet familiar phrase from her dream. "No way." It couldn't be. Could it?
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Part 3

Ava could not get the dream out of her mind, so she wrote it down--to the last detail--in her journal. As she wrote, she began to remember other things, like that when Max had saved her (well, Liz's) life, they had become inseparable. Three years later, they had married in a small chapel in a place called Las Vegas. She even remembered the name of the planet. It was called Earth, and it only had one sun. She could almost remember looking up at the stars at night. The night sky had been so beautiful. Most people that Ava knew were scared just thinking about being in darkness, but it had never bothered her. Could she somehow be adapted to it? Again Ava wondered if the dream had been a memory from a past life. Looking over what she had written, she could almost believe that. If only she could know for certain. Sighing heavily, she closed her journal and tucked it safely away in her closet, wrapped up in an old tunic. She couldn't afford to let anyone find and read that journal entry. Even though the University community and the Watchers had a strained, mistrustful relationship, it could be dangerous for her if anyone at the University read the entry and thought she was an alien.

Ava freshened up and left her room to go exploring before dinner. Alpha and Beta had set, leaving only four suns in the sky, so Ava knew that it would be dinnertime soon. She'd have just enough time to see what was going on around campus. She came to the atrium, an open, multilevel area. Ava noticed a cozy student lounge overlooking the main attraction, a beautiful waterfall. Zan, Alejandra, and Serenawere sitting there, along with four others. As she approached the group, her friends greeted her enthusiastically.

"Ava, come join us!" Alejandra invited, indicating a seat next to Zan. Ava smiled and took her seat, and Alejandra introduced her to the others. Rath was the strong-looking, dark haired guy sitting with Alejandra. He gave her a polite yet brusque greeting. Sid was the dark haired young man with the vibrant blue eyes cuddling with Serena. He turned out to be Alejandra's brother. Next, Ava met Zan's sister Vilandra, a tall and beautiful blond who appeared to be very cool and reserved on the surface, but there was an underlying warmth to her. She was sitting with a tall, thin, dark-haired young man named Colin. Ava could tell that Colin had a quick wit, a keen intelligence, and a great sense of humor. She liked him right away.

"It's nice to meet you all," Ava told her new friends. She felt that same sense of familiarity with the others as she had with Zan, Alejandra. and Serena. But once Ava smiled over at Zan and they looked into each other's eyes, everything else was forgotten. They shared a long, soulful glance until Vilandra surruptitiously cleared her throat and brought them back to reality. Blushing slightly, they both faced the group.

"So, where are you from?" Rath asked Ava, trying to sound casual. He, like the others, sensed there was something familiar about this girl, but he was still wary. He wasn't entirely happy that Zan was letting his guard down around her. Zan was their leader, and he needed to be more careful than that.

"Astoria Province," Ava replied. "What about you guys?"

Sid answered for the group. "We've all lived here pretty much our whole lives. It's a small, but fascinating town."

Ava laughed. "I've heard some of the stories. My mom is originally from here."

"So what brings you to the University?" Vilandra queried.

"Well, I've always loved studying science. The University was the next logical place for me to continue my studies. Especially now, with the cataclysm coming. I want to do some research, see if I can find anything that might tell us what this cataclysm is and what to expect. That way, we might be able to prepare and save lives."

Alejandra nodded thoughtfully. "Illyra's really been involved in that kind of research lately. I don't know if you've met her yet, but she's another student here. She and Sheerin snuck over to an excavation site to see if the Watchers had uncovered anything from the last cataclysm."

"I did meet Illyra," Ava told her. "She told me about the excavation site. I hope they got to it before the Watchers destroy it." She was really looking forward to hearing all about Illyra and Sheerin's discoveries.

"Maybe they don't actually destroy their excavation sites," Serena introjected. "There are all kinds of rumors about an underground cavern beneath their temple that houses all their finds, like all the lost technology they've discovered in caves and excavation sites."

Sid added, "And the so-called aliens they run their tests on. At least, that's the theory when people turn up missing around here." Ava noticed that the others looked a little uncomfortable at this statement.

Just then, Illyra and Sheerin arrived with dinner for the group. "You won't believe what we've found!" Illyra exclaimed, her brown eyes sparkling with excitement as she spread the meal out on the coffee table.

"You mean, what you found," Sheerin, Illyra's blonde companion, corrected. She began the story as everyone began to help themselves to the dinner. "Illyra and I went over to the site, and she ended up in an argument with a few of the Watchers. Especially their leader, Pierce. Oh, I can't stand him! Anyway, we were thrown out and told not to come back. But, of course Illyra wouldn't be stopped, so we snuck back after the Watchers had quit for the day." Sheerin wasn't as passionate about the find as Illyra, but she was curious enough to be talked into helping out her friend.

Illyra continued the story, "So while Sheerin kept watch, I went down into the site. I found at least ten skulls there, and all of them had a hole in the same spot. They had all been killed with some kind of weapon. I threw one of the skulls in my bag, and just as I was about to leave, I was nearly attacked by snakes! But a Watcher named Metron used some kind of mind-trick to scare the snakes, and he got me out of there."

Mind-trick? Zan and his group immediately looked at each other in astonishment. Did this Metron have powers like they did? In their astonishment, they failed to notice the same look of surprise on Ava's face. All were wondering how someone with powers like that could be living among the Watchers. Did he keep his mind-tricks a secret from them?

Sheerin sighed. "A Watcher? Oh, Illyra, you could really have gotten yourself into danger!"

"Sheerin, he's not like the others!" Illyra protested. "Anyway," she resumed her story," Sheerin and I ran tests on the one skull I was able to retrieve, and it looks like the skull dates back to the last cataclysm. This is evidence that people died because the darkness made them go crazy and kill each other!" The significance of this was not lost on the others. The danger from the cataclysm, then, was man-made.

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I would imagine that other people are wondering about the Ava/Liz thing , too. So to clarify...

As a dreamer, I always wanted Liz to have actually been the bride and true Queen on the show (I'll never forget how in Destiny, the camera panned to Liz just after the Mom-o-gram mentioned Zan's bride). Wishful dreaming, I know, but it would be really wonderful if Tess/dupe Ava were really just replacements for Liz and that it had really been Liz that was Zan's bride Ava back on Antar. Isn't that every dreamer's fantasy, to have Liz be the true fourth member of the royal four? So I reflected that in my story. I hope that clears up the confusion.

So, to sum up the names:

* Liz is named Ava (because she's the true bride *happy* )

* Max is named Zan (self-explanatory)

* Isabel is named Vilandra (again, no surprise here)

* Michael is named Rath (you get the idea)

* Tess is Serena (At least in this story, she's a friend)

* Maria is Alejandra (the name just seemed to fit)

* Kyle is Sid (Siddhartha, a.k.a Buddha *wink*)

* Alex is Colin (of course for the actor *happy*)

Just bumping this to get more readers and feedback ;). Also, I wanted to let everyone know that I'll update just as soon as I can, but this is a really hectic time of the semester, so I'm not sure when that'll be. Please bear with me! Thanks, guys *happy*

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Thanks, KEmperor *happy*. I decided to be bad and procrastinate a bit today, so I got a new part done. Here it is *happy*

Part 4

Not long after dinner, Illyra and Sheerin left to discuss the find with Illyra’s father. Illyra wanted to go back to the excavation site and retrieve another skull so that she could verify her results, and Sheerin was trying to talk her out of it

“Wow, that was totally amazing!” Alejandra commented. “Do you think Illyra’s theory is right?”
“It sounds plausible,” Ava replied. “I’d like to go to the library and see if there’s been anything written about the effect of darkness on the mind.”

Hearing that reminded Serena of something. “They say that some people go crazy just walking through the Tunnel of Darkness that they have every year at the Festival of Twilight.”

Vilandra snorted. “I think that’s just a publicity stunt.”

Alejandra was interested in reading up on the topic. It would be such a relief if the only danger during the cataclysm came from those who went crazy. Nobody in the group seemed to be bothered by darkness, so they would all be safe if they found a place away from others during the event. “I’m with you, chica,” she told Ava.

Ava gave her a stunned look. “Chica?” she repeated softly…it was the same nickname Maria had called her…Liz…by in her dream. How could Alejandra know that word? Unless…

Alejandra shrugged casually. “I don’t know…it just seemed to fit.” Then she saw the look on Ava’s face. “Ava, what is it?” The others, too, knew something was going on and looked to Ava to explain.

Ava felt put on the spot. A part of her always worried about others finding out her alien status, so she was reluctant to disclose her dream. But something told her that she had to take this risk. She had to find out for certain if these people were like her. “Ok, I had this dream earlier today,” Ava began. The group listened in shocked silence as Ava recounted the details of her dream.

“You’re one of us,” Vilandra marveled quietly when Ava had finished.

“No wonder you seemed so familiar,” Colin added.

“So Earth is the name of our planet,” Serena said in wonder. She closed her eyes and could almost picture the beautiful planet, as though from a distance. Of everyone in the group, she was the one who remembered most. But there was still so much information missing.

“Ava, can you tell us anything else that you remember?” Zan asked.

Ava blushed slightly, looking away. How could she tell him so soon that they had been married in that other life? She was just coming to grips herself with the fact that Earth and everything else from her dream had been real. She looked back up into his eyes, and he saw the truth there.

“We were married, weren’t we?” Zan asked. One of the few things he remembered about that life was that he had been very much in love and very happy. He’d even once had a flash of the wedding. He had waited all this life to find his soulmate and wife again, and the second he saw Ava for the first time in the Crashdown, he knew that it was she.

Ava nodded slowly, unable to speak. She had always known that her soulmate was out there somewhere, and finding him again was overwhelming. They continued to gaze intensely into each other’s eyes, neither one willing to break off the connection. Forgetting that the others were around, Zan leaned over and gently brushed her lips with his. The kiss deepened into something amazing and passionate, and suddenly they both began to experience flashes….

* Zan and the others walking to the University on their first day of classes *

* Zan waking up from a nightmare about a cataclysm on another world…*

* Ava and her friends celebrating their last day together with a party at her house the day before she left for the University. *

*Ava crying alone in her room after her brother Korin told her that he was going to be a Watcher*

* A young Zan and Vilandra playing together in the rain after Vilandra made it rain for him. *

* A young Ava finding an injured bird. At first crying with sadness, then calming down enough to heal it, and finally watching with joy as she released it from her hands to fly away into the sky.*

* A dark cave with seven children looking around, confused. Finding another little girl still asleep in a chamber and feeling sad at having to leave her there because she wouldn’t wake up yet. *

* A spaceship traveling through the stars…*

* The planet Earth, at first seen from a distance, and then from the perspective of standing on the ground, with the ground shaking beneath them and fire falling from the sky… *

“Oh, my God…” Zan and Ava both exclaimed softly as they pulled apart from their connection. “Did you see that?” There were tears in Ava’s eyes, and Zan reached over to wipe away those tears and brush a strand of her dark hair away from her face.

“What did you see?” Rath asked sharply. Somehow he knew that Zan and Ava had learned important information about their history.

“A cave out in the desert,” Zan replied, visibly shaken and trying to regain control of his emotions. “We need to go there and check it out. There might be something there that can tell us more about ourselves. Our ship might be there…”

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Just bumping to get more readers and feedback *angel*. I''ll try to uppdate this weekend.
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OK, I know that I've seriously neglected this story. It wasn't getting much feedback, which was a little discouraging. So if you like this story, please let me know! *happy* Also, it was getting toward the end of the semester and there was a ton of work to do. I still have things I need to finish up, but I'm procrastinating just a little, so I'll give you guys a new part *happy*. I've had a case of writer's block with this story, but starting a new one (Shattered) has helped. Ok, so here goes:

Part 5:

The eight of them set out into the desert toward the caves. Fortunately, they did not meet up with any of the ruthless desert-dwellers, who would murder for any reason at all, whether for fun or robbery. They did not want to risk exposing their powers, even in self-defense, if they could help it. Ava and Zan led the way, guided by their flash. "There it is!" Ava exclaimed in wonder as they finally reached their destination.

Inside the dark cave, they used their powers to light their way. Vilandra went over to one wall, where there were eight piles of what looked like belongings. There were strange clothes and other unidentifiable paraphernalia. Zan and Ava walked over to the back room and gasped when they saw what was inside. There were eight identical chambers, each of which once held a member of their group. "These are ours..." Zan commented, amazed by the discovery. Just then, they heard a strange sound...was that music? Vilandra, Alejandra and Serena called them back to see their discovery. Vilandra was sitting down next to a pile of belongings, her hand over a strange disc and using her powers to play it.

"You guys! Isn't this amazing!" Alejandra exclaimed excitedly. Somehow the words and the melody were familiar to all of them, but none of them knew what the words actually meant. They were in a strange language.

Serena walked around, exploring the room as the music played. Suddenly she stopped, spotting a book, and stooped down to pick it up. "Oh, my God..." she breathed in awe as she realized what the book was. It was about them, their history, and their planet. The book must have all the answers to everything they ever wanted to know about themselves! "Look at this," Serena displayed the book as she returned to where her friends were gathered around the belongings. There were gasps of surprise and delight from all the group membes. Serena sat down to show everyone the book, and Colin sat down beside her. He had noticed that the book was written in that same strange language that was on the cover of the disks, and he thought maybe he could recognize some patterns that would help him translate the writing. It would be a long task, he knew, but he was very eager to discover what knowlege the book held. As Serena thumbed through the book, they found a page with pictures of each of them as children and as they were now.

"God, how could they know what we would look like?" Vilandra wondered out loud. The group was stunned at that, and even more shocked that the pictures were grouped into pairings: Ava with Zan, Rath with Alejandra, Vilandra with Colin, and Serena with Sid.

"Whoever did this must've known an awful lot about us," Rath observed. The others nodded.

"We should take these things with us and get back," Zan suggested. It was getting late, and they all had an early class at Alpha's rise. Everybody collected the belongings from his or her pile and placed them into their bags, then the group headed back to the university. They were eager to go through their things--the music, the clothes, the books and pictures. Most importantly, they wanted to know what was in that book.

Meanwhile, back in Ava's room, there was an uninvited visitor. "Now, where would that journal of hers be?" he wondered. He had watched as Ava left with her friends to go out into the desert, and he was certain that his suspicions about her were right. And, knowing her, most of the answers he sought would be written down in that journal. Oh, yes, now he remembered. She always used to keep her journal wrapped up in some old piece of clothing in her closet, thinking it would be well-hidden. So he checked the closet, and sure enough, there it was. He couldn't help but chuckle. She hadn't changed a bit. He turned from the closet and left the room, knowing that she would be back soon...
posted on 6-May-2002 4:50:08 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Thanks for the feedback, Kemperor and Mary *happy*. I just wanted to answer the questions as best I can without giving too much away.

Ok, as far as the belongings....the gang doesn't know yet about Ava/Liz's snoop. But snoop or no snoop, with their powers they can always find a way to hide the stuff so that it won't be found (let's just say they're going to be smarter about it than burying all that important stuff outside somewhere like they do in the show). Besides, who could resist taking their stuff with them? ;) I couldn't imagine finding my things from a past life like that and just leaving it there. I'd be worrying too much that somebody would happen to find the cave and take the stuff, no matter how unlikely that might be. Does that make sense?

Now to answer the question about the snoop...he is from Ava's current life on Aeon. I don't want to give away too much, but I'll give you a hint: this person has already been mentioned in the story, so it is possible to make a guess at this point as to who it might be. I'll reveal the answer in the next part. Good luck guessing *happy*!