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Title: Caught In The Act
Rating: NC-17, mainly smut *happy*
Diclaimer: All I own are my thoughts of what I'd do to Colin Hanks if I ever met him *big*
Couple: Max & Liz, is there any other?
Summary: Post Balance, Liz whilst in the shower decides to, well you'll see..........
Authors Note: the author cant spell, anywho my first POV fic, so tell me what you think *happy*
~Liz bathroom~ ~Liz' POV~
So there I was in my shower(think over a bath) still feeling down in the dumps, all because Max broke up with me! I was listening to the radio, and after washing my hair, moved on to my body. I started to get a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach But nether-the-less ignored it. As I moved on to washing my breasts the feeling in my stomach grew, and I started pinching my nipples. My curiositly grew as I had never masterbated before, I decided to give it ago. I slowly moved my small hands down my petite body, until they reached their destination. As I slowly & carefully masterbated myself, I sat down, finding it gave me more room. As I neared my orgam I started moaning Max' name. I put my forehead on the edge of my bath, my hand quickly moving in & out of my soaking sexual organ. Max' name a shout on my lips as I had my very first orgam. I sat there for a moment calming my pounding heart. I stood up & re-conditioned my hair & finished washing my body.

BTW, as you can guess by the title Liz wasn't alone in her bathroom *big*

feedback needed for continuation



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im just gona say Max was there *happy* I should have the next part out by wednesday latest *happy*

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if you kill me, you'll never know how it turns out *happy* I'll post the next part later

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Max’ POV
So here I am at the foot of Liz’ balcony, ok I just gota climb up, ok, here I go.
“Liz” I softly call out expecting to see Liz writing in her journal, she isn’t there. I climb thru her window, & still I can’t find her. Wait did I just hear something? Yea I did, its Liz, what was that.
“M-Max” She lightly called, wait was she moaning, oh god what if she’s hurt. I hurry to where the noise is coming from her bathroom. I try the handle, shit locked, without thought I unlock the door, & what I find I not what I was expecting, Liz is sitting in her bath pleasuring herself. Oh God, I cant move, ok that’s a lie, a part of my body is moving, yeah straining in my pants as I watch. I can’t take my eyes off her, when I see her walking around school, its usually quite difficult not to stare, now it’s all I can do. God she looks beautiful, stupid here’s the girl of my dreams, the girl im in love with, getting herself off & all I can think is that she looks beautiful. It just clicked that she’s moaning my name MY name, & I’ve lost the power of movement & speech. OH SHIT! Wait did she just oh, god, she’s….
“MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She shouted out as her body went limp. Oh, god what should I do, oh, god, that’s it im gona go, shit I forgot I cant move great. She got back up finished washing her body & turned off her shower.
“Er, Liz” I say. Shit when did I get my voice back. She heard. I know because she was turning round & then stopped. Now I have the perfect view of her profile. Her ass is two round golden globes, her breasts are bigger then I thought. I knew she must be like an A or B cup, but now she looks like a C. He nipples are sticking out hard & im not sure but I think she stopped breathing, one word SHIT!


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OK this will be blunt:
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~Liz' Bathroom~Liz' POV~
"Er, Liz?" Oh God that was Max, oh god!
"Liz?" Just ignore him, I thought. I turned round, steeped out of my shower & picked up a from towel of the rack. I wrappaed the warm towle round my naked body, & went in to my room.
"Liz?" Oh God! Oh god he's following me, of course he is, he has to leave, of god he isn't leaving is he?
"Hi Max, how are you?" I ask casualy, oh God this isn't me, why arnt I nervous, or embaressed, I should be. I'm nervous when im in the same room as he is, & he caugt my......oh god how mutch did he see.
"Yeah, Max?"
"Your not embaressed?" He asks leaving against my bathroom-door frame.
"Before, I answer how mutch did you see?" I ask chewing on my bottom lip
"I, I, I walked, walked in whilst you were" He replies stuttering
"Why didnt you leave?" I ask, why am I digging a hole for myself, why?
"I dont know, I mean it my of been my, um, 'coz im a boy, a teenage boy, or an alien, or a teenage alien, or, or even a teenage boy alien, I, im sorry" He says looking down, oh god he looks like a 5year-old boy caught with chocolate all over his face, standing next to an an empty plate of biscuts (cookies, for all you americans).
"Why are you so guilty?" I ask, cant I just say 'please can you go?' NO!?!?!?!?
"Coz, I caught you, um, pleasuring yourself" He says, still looking down
"So?" I ask pulling my PJ bottoms up
"Im gona go" He says walking towards my window
"Bye Liz" he says not looking round
"Bye Max" I say back, but he's already out of my window. I put my PJ top on & do it up. I crawl under my covers, just laying there. About five minutes later, Max comes running thru my window..............


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ok, I write small parts, not as small as Amie's thow(sorry Amie) *happy*
HEY GRACIE! where you been ⊕ girl? we all miss you down ⊕ the dimension. :(
I'll post the next part tomorow, aw come'on its Friday, im relaxing from a stressful week! *happy*
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think my ego just imflated like Michael's did in Harvest *big* all I can sa y thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, SOOOOOOOOO mutch for all the fantastic fb, you guys all rule soooo mutch
I'll write nookie in the next part, promise *happy*

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'coz your a tease?
im serious thats my REAL age

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~Liz’ Balcony~ ~Max’ POV~
SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I caught Liz in the act, of pleasing herself. I can’t believe I perved on her. Oh god, I could be having sex with Liz, I don………I could be having sex with
I, im going in. I ran thru Liz’ window & jumped onto her bed & plastered kisses all over her face, whilst at the same time trying to loose all my clothes. Hey what can I say im a horny teenage alien J
“Max” I heard Liz moan. I did a double take & was surprised to see I was only in my boxers & Liz only in PJ pants. God she looks soo sweet. She locks eyes with me; I can fully see how naive she is. Her hands slowly wander to my hips & start tugging at my boxers.
“Not yet” I whisper in her ear.
She kisses me her lips moving over my face to nibble on the tops of my (sticky-outy) ears, then down to my neck & then she gently started sucking on my Adams-apple, causing me to moan. I stand up removing my boxers. Then ask her the all important question:
“Do you want the light on?” hey im wana be able to see, ok
“Um, do you?” she asks in a timid voice
“I, I want to um, see everything im doing to you” I say a smile evident in my voice. I see her gently nod, then her eyes move down my body & go wide at the sight of my erection.
She kneels on her bed & kisses me, her hands rapping round my penis.
“Liz” I choke out
“Yes” she asks an evil grin in her face
“Are you sure”
“Of course”
“Good” I cough
“Do you want to lie down?” Ok apparently im not the only horny teenager at the moment. I lie down on her bed, she’s still holding my manhood, gently stroking it.
“I think im in love with you Max Evans” She says looking at me innocently, her hands moving faster, ok she is DEFFINATLY gona have to wash these sheets.
“Ah, Liz” I moan, then suddenly she stops, aw I was enjoying that.
“Why did you stop?” I cant help the question escape my lips.
“Because I would rather do this”


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~Liz’ Room~ ~Liz’ POV~
“Because I would rather do this” Crap where did all this confidence come from? I slowly move down his body so im face-to-crotch with him, god he’s HUGE
“Liz, don’t” He says. I snap my head up, a hurt look in my eyes.
“I mean, I wana save it, if you know what I mean” He says earnestly. Ohhhhhhhhhh now I get it.
“Liz, I dont know what to exactly do, so im gona do what I know. If that makes sense?” Awwwwww he’s so cute
“It does,” I whisper. He lays me down, removes my PJ pants. He bows his head & starts suckling at my nipples.
“Mmmmmmmmmmm, MAXXXXX” I cant help but moan. I suddenly feel two of his fingers enter me.
“AHHHHHHH MAX” SHIT what is he doing to me?!??! I can feel the orgasm building up inside of me, I think he feels it to because his fingers are moving faster, harder inside of me & he’s gently biting down on my nipples
“MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I scream out as my orgasm hits HARD
“Liz I love you,” He says licking his fingers, I know I shouldn’t find that disturbing (AN, finger-lickin’-good LOL) but I do
“Make love to me Max” I whisper as his lips find a sensitive spot behind my ear.
“Anything for you” He says retrieving a condom from his wallet. Once the condom is on, he’s leaning over me, ready.

~Max’ POV~
Im about to make love to Liz, oh god! I gently push into her, stopping at her barrier.
“I can’t hurt you Liz,” I whisper into her ear
“You have to” She pleads, I gently push thru, claiming her as mine. As soon as it’s done I swipe my hand over her, to rid her of any pain. I slowly start to thrust in & out of her, her hips are moving up to meet mine. She’s softly moaning under me, I can feel the need for release building inside of me. I start to pound into Liz harder & faster urging her come. She opens her eyes looking dazed,
“Max, Im, im, oh god MMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!” She shouts out as her walls squeeze around me
“Ahhhhh, LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZ” I scream out falling on top of her. I flip us over so she’s lying on top of me.
“Hmmmm, I love you Max” She yawns. I kiss her forehead & know she’s already asleep. I also know that whatever happens we’ll be together & fight every battle together



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can I plug Amie's fics, coz she'a an ace author!

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