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TITLE: On the spur of the moment
AUTHOR: Amie Griffin
E-MAIL: Care_Behr⊕
RATING: PG Through to NC-17
SUMMARY: I have no idea, what happens, happens.
SPOILERS:I really don't know.
DISCLAIMER: I don't on anything except my
FEEDBACK: Ya'll know the rule: NO FEEDBACK, NO STORY

Ok, So I Wanted to do a fic that was really outragous, so I thought I would type a fic where I just type as I go along, No planning just outbursts. So that's where the name come from. I will write the parts on the spur of the moment. The fic will be mostly M/L Cause I am such a dreamer but of course there will be other couples and characters mentioned. Some characters may come in who are not in Roswell but they will play a part... I don't know we will just have to see what happens..... So, whad
ya'll think??? I need opinions a.s.a.p so I know if ya'll want me to write this or not.

Lot's of Love as always

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Hmmmmn... I don't know.. I'll post my first outburst tommorrow, cause my mind is too chaotic at the moment... keep leaving your opinions though.
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Outburst 1

Liz Parker burst through the Crashdown's back door. Her eyes scanned
the cafe deeply. Her gaze locked on to her target and she strode straight towards his table....
Once she reached it, Maria, Liz's friend looked up. Her eyes were filled with... what Liz thought was fear. Maria looked opposite and exchanged looks with a laughing Max Evans, Liz's supposed Best Friend. Max looked up and the smile was instantly wiped from his face. Liz looked angry, really angry.
"Max, Can I have a word with you?" Liz asked through gritted teeth.
"You know what, I'm kinda eating here. Maybe later. Bye Liz".
"Max Evans, You either come talk to me or I swear I will make your life hell". Liz's face turned several shades
of red and Max cold practically see the
smoke fuming from Liz's ears.
"Ok. I guess..." He didn't finish. Liz grabbed his arm and dragged him across the cafe into a corner.

"He is so screwed". Michael snorted.
"What did he do?" Maria asked.
"You'll see" He simply said.

Meanwhile in the cosy little corner,
Max stood looking at his shoes.
"Max? just tell me why you did it" Liz said, her voice softer than before.
"I thought it may be a laugh" Max answered blushing.
"It may have been funny to you Max, but there is one small problem...." She
paused and took a deep breath before continuing.
"I'M NOT A LESBIEN!!!!" This came out a little louder than she had planned and soon the whole cafe were looking at her.
"WELL I'M NOT" She shouted to them.
"Liz, I'm sorry". Max answered trying not to laugh.
"I just wanted to... OWW!!!" He held
his face and the crowd of customers gasped at the red hand print on Max's face.
"This is soooo the end of our friendship Mr. Evans". With that Liz stomped out of the cafe without looking back.


lot's of love.

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MermaidGirl... Care to share some of those ideas??? I'd be really fascinated... Thanks for the feedback... I just wish that I had some from other people.... Once again my
mind is chaotic, maybe some fb will help cure it, maybe I'll post say at 8.o.clock... (English Time) so basically in 25 minutes.
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Outburst 2

Max knocked gently on the door. No reply. He knocked again and again. Suddenly, the door flew open, there stood Liz, tears streaming down her cheeks.
"Max, Go Away!!!" She screamed.
"Liz. Plaese. Let me in. I need to talk to you". He pleaded with her.
She shook her head violently. "No, please. just...... go!!" Max took a step forward and Liz took a step back.
That was it, all Liz knew was that she was about to fall flat on her face when she felt Max swoop her into his arms.
He placed her on the bed, and sat down beside her.
"Max, why?" she said sobbing.
"I don't know Liz, all I know is that I'm so sorry". He hugged her to him and she wrapped her arms around him.
"I don't get it Max, I've liked Kyle
forever, ansd when he finally asked me out, you told him I was... Gay?" Her sobs had gone now, but she was still sniffling a bit.
"I know Liz, it's just I know you can get sooo much better than Kyle Valenti. He just wants in your pants". Liz laughed a little and Max looked at her seriously.
"Liz, you are the most beautiful girl.... I mean woman I know and...."
"Max, are you hitting on me?" She asked, her eyes wide.
"NO WAY!!!" He shouted, then quickly looked away.
"I mean you're my best friend and I love you". She said.
"I love you too Liz". He said hugging her again.
"In more ways than one" He mumbled into her hair.

Lot's of love
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Why thank you.... There's more where this came from if you update caught in the act soon.... Next outburst will be up later if I get more fb!!!
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soppy you are such a ..... a ..... bumper!!! Thanks though.
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Ok I haven't had fb on this for a while... so.... I was wondering if you guys still want me to continue??? You tell me???
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OKAY. I left this a while but no-one seems to want more... Unless I get some
fb, I won't update no more. Now peeps, I'm not asking for lot's of fb (although I'd like it), I just want a couple of people to reply....
Lot's of love.
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"So... SpaceBoy, you gonna ask me out or what?" Maria asked, playing softly with Michael's hands.
"You? Maria, why would I wanna take you out?" Michael replied, stuffing a saturn ring in his mouth.
"Guerin! You better be joking! Or I'll take that saturn ring and shove it up your HEY MR PARKER!!!" Maria smiled sweetly as Jeff Parker walked past the booth. Michael snorted ad Maria narrowed her eyes.
"Calm down Maria, ok, I was joking. I'll take you out". He said with raised hands.
"Good.... You can pick me up at eight". She said sitting again.
Just then Liz and Max came walking through the Crashdown's back door. Maria gasped and Michael snorted again
when they took in Liz's appearance. Her
hair was mussed, her top was hanging loosely off her shoulder and her lip gloss was smudged all around her mouth,plus she was exetremly flushed. Maria stood again and glared at Max, then at Liz.
"Liz how could you? He's your bestfriend. And you! How could you take advantage of her? I'm disgraced at both of your behaviour. You do not. I repeat
DO NOT make out with your bestfriends".
She took in a deep breath of air after her outburst.
"Maria you're babbling, and anyway we were soooo not making out. I was upset and Max comforted me". Liz said.
"Is this true?" Maria asked Max. He just nodded. Michael, who had been silent the whole way through, turned to the group and said "Yeah sure". This earned a death glare from Max, which just caused Michael to burst out laughing. He started choking and the rest of the gang just stood laughing as
Isabel and Alex walked in. The walked over to the group, who had now calmed down. Isabel took one look at Liz and said, "Liz, who's the lucky man?" This sent them all off again, except for Max
and Liz.
"You wanna get out of here?" Liz asked him.
"Sure. You wanna go to my place to work on the biology assignment?" Max asked.
"OK Great. Lets go". They left the Crashdown, leaving their hysterical friends behind.

Max opened the jep door for Liz and went to get in the other side. He turned on the engine and started the small journey to the Evans' house.

Lot's of love.
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maia, I've come to the conclusion that you're a big naughty BUMPER... I love it though. GET WELL SOON!!!!!
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Max and Liz sat sprawled on his bedroom
floor, Biology books everywhere.

"It says here that we have to measure the number of breaths taken and the pulse rate of eachother in 1 minute, 3 minutes and 24 hours".

Liz looked at Max, and smiled shyly.

"It also says that these readings must be taken from the main pulse points. The wrist, neck and heart. It mentions here". She pointed to a paragraph. "The
instructions state that your partner must take the reults while the other is
lying flat".

Max looked at her then to his bed, then back to her face again.

"We could use the bed, it will be more comfortable then the floor".

"Sure". She said quietly.

"We should draw a table to record our results".

She nodded her head, and they set to work.


"Ok. So who's going to go first?" Max asked.

"How about you go first. I'll measure your wrist and then you can measure mine. We'll swap turns?" Liz said.

"Ok" Max replied, as he layed gently on his bed.

Liz took her stopwatch and gently placed her fingers in the correct position. She started it and smiled at Max as she waited for the minute to pass.


"Ok, So only the heart ones left to do". Liz said nervously.

"Yep". He said, equally nervous.

He got up from his seat and reluctantly
layed down again.

Liz got her stopwatch and placed her hand over his heart.

She started the watch and Max noticed her scrunch her face.

"What's wrong?" He asked, confused.

"Your tops to thick, I can't feel your heart".

Max looked at her warily, and then slowly took her hand, placing it under his shirt once again on his heart.

Liz gasped as her hand came in contact with his well toned chest but covered it well with a small cough.

She started the clock and counted the little thumps she could feel.

She smiled as she felt his heart rate quicken.


"So I guess I'll just lie down". Liz said.

Max nodded and watched her shift to get comfortable.

It was one of his dreams to have Liz in his bed, and here she was.

Max moved his hand to place it in position, then stopped.

"Maybe you should do yours?" he said, not making eye contact.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because If I do it. I'm gonna come in contact with your.... your...."


"Breasts". Max said blushing.

"Oh". Liz just said.

She sat up and an uncomfortable silence
filled the room.


Lot's of love.
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The silence reined on as the two teens sat, continuing to stare at eachother.

Finally Max stood up, he stuffed his hands into his pockets and started walking towards the window, when Liz stopped him.

"Max". She whispered.

He turned, slowly but steadily.

"Y-yeah Liz?" He asked.

Liz realised that if she had just thought for a second longer, than she probably wouldn't of said her next words.

It surprised her just as much him.

"Just do it!" She blurted out.

"W-what?" he asked.

It was too late now, she would have to go along with it.

"We're friends Max, R-right?" She stuttered.

"Yeah Friends" He emphazised the
last word.

"Then it will only be a friendly gesture. Y-you let me touch you". She said.

"That was alittle d-different Liz".

She smiled weakly, then layed down again.

"I'm all yours Max". She joked, not knowing what kind of effect that had on him.

He stepped towards her and stopped at the bed.

His hand hovered in mid air.

She grabbed his hand, placing it under her tank top, right between the valley of her breasts.

Liz realised that she really ought to start thinking things over.

"There, not too hard is it?" She asked,trying to control her rapid breathing.

"You have no idea". He mumbled.

They were both blushing as Max counted the little thumps he felt during the exetremly slow minute.

Once the minute finally passed Max removed his hand as fast as he could and Liz jumped up, straightening her top.

As Max, turned away, to hide the little
surprise he had in his pants, Liz started Fanning her face wildly.

What the hell was that all about? Liz thought.

Max finally composed himself and turned
back around cautiously.

Liz quickly stopped waving her hands about, but not before Max caught her out of the corner of his eye.

Could that have actually had the same effect on her as me? He thought, hope rising inside him.

His thoughts were broken by her sugary sweet voice.

"So, Y-yeah. uh...... M-movie?" She asked.



Lot's of love.
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ooooooooooh the movie.... Guys what movie do you guys think they should watch???
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As the two teens made their way down the stairs of the Evans' house, the atmosphere had lightened somewhat.

They walked into the living room and as
Max started to walk towards the video collection, Liz shoved him onto the couch.

"No waY Buddy, I know what happened last time you chose the movie, I had nightmares for a decade!" Liz said dramatically.

"The Exorcist wasn't that bad Liz and I think a decade is a little exaggerated". He replied rubbing his arm.

"I don't care". She looked briefly at the videos. "You can choose, Bring it on or...... Charlie's Angels".

"Chick Flicks?!?! ewwwwww can't we watch a skin flick Lizzie?" Max said, waggling his eyebrows.

"HELL NO!!!!" She screeched.

"Oh c'mon Liz. You can sit on my lap". He said.

"The only way I am sitting on your lap Max Evans is if you are wearing a santa's outfit".

"That can be arranged" Max grinned.

Liz giggled then held up two movies.

"Choose". She instructed.

"Erm.... I guess Charlie's Angels... I like to watch the girls thinking their all strong". He laughed.

"Oh Really?" Liz asked, stifling a laugh.

"Yeah, It's so obvious that if those guys wanted to they could kick those chicks asses!" He emphazised his point by throwing punches and making a noise similar to 'waaahaha'.

Liz giggled and then turned to Max.

"You should never underestimate the power of a woman". She said trying to flex her mucsles.

"Oh? Bring it on Baby!" He said.

"You don't want none of this". Liz said.

"Oh believe me I do". He grunted.

Then the phone rang.

"It might be Michael, tell him to come save your wussy ass". Liz voiced.

Max picked up the phone.


"Max honey, I need you to.... What's that noise?" Diane Evans asked.

Max glanced sideways only to see Liz cartwheeling around the living room squealing to the theme of Charlie's Angels.

"The Wrath of Liz". Max said casually.

Diane laughed.

"There's a grocerie list on the fridge coud you pick up the stuff on it tomorrow? Your father and I Still have 4 days at the stargazing convention".

"Sure mom. Listen I gotta go, looks like Liz has Hurt herself".

"Ok Son, Goodbye, love you".

"Love you too mom".

Max put the phone down and ran over to a howling Liz.

"Are you ok... Are you......". He didn't get to finish as Liz sprang from the ground and tackled him to the floor. She straddled his hips, efectively pinning him down as she whispered in his ear "Deception. You're going down Maxwell".



Lot's of love.

A special thanks to Michaela who gave me lot's of movie ideas. Thanx.
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Hey Soppy, I'm fine. U? I guess you'll have to just wait t see what happens with his Max jnr... hehehe

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As Liz sat, straddling Max, she really wasn't sure of her next move. Suddenly it clicked.

She brought her hands down and started to tickle his sides wildly.

Max started giggling and trying to escape, when he suddenly got an idea of
his own.

He flipped them over so that he was now
on top.

Liz immeadiately stopped laughing and gazed into his eyes.

"You're such a chicken Lizzie!" He whispered, more serious than jokingly, while looking at her lips.

"No, I'm not! I'll do anything to prove
I'm stronger than your mere muscles... that flex beneath your shirt... and twitch to my slightest touch". Liz breathed.

"Anything?" He asked warily.

"Anything" She stated.

He suddenly got off her and picked her up into his arms... He started heading for the stairs and Liz anticipated what
would happen next.

"Where are we going?" She voiced.

"To play one of Isabel's games".

Liz gasped then gulped hard.

"One of I-Isabel's g-games?"

"Yep. That will test your true strength". Max smiled inwardly to the thought of his sisters games.

"Oh I really don't think that's necessary" Liz said, trying to sound uneffected.

Max put Liz down on a cushion in his room, then headed to Isabel's.


Liz sat motionless, until the door opened once more and Max walked in holding a box of cards.

"Anyone up for a round of the dare game?" He asked, a twinkle in his eyes.

"Fine!" Liz exasperated. "Whatever".

Max sat down next to her, and set out the game.

The cards went into 3 piles ; soft , hard , and deadly.

They were set out in order of risque content.

After he'd finished, Max turned to face

"Wanna pick first?"

"Sure" Liz said as she picked up a 'soft' card.

She panicked as the words on the card stood out to her.




Lot's of love.
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Awwwwww thanks guys!!! To answer your questions... In this fic, Isabel could blow stronger than a hurricane!!! lmao!!! I really don't like Isawhore!!
I'm off to post the details of my role play... then I'm gonna write some more... Poolside, next I think!
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She looked at him, worry shining in her
sparkling eyes.

"Uh, maybe we should play something else?" She asked hopefully.

"Why?" He grinned. "Chicken?"

Liz had been insulted by Max many times in her life, but she couldn't stand him calling her chicken.

"Fine!" She sighed, throwing the card at him.

Max glanced at the instruction and his smile grew. He took off his watch at set the timer for 2 minutes. He then scooted over and sat directly infront of her.

"Well?" He asked, his voice husky.

She leaned forward and gently placed her lips on his. Max pressed a button on his watch and pulled back.

"I believe it said tongues". He stated.

"Ok" She whispered before kissing him again, alittle more forcibly.

He ran his hands up her arms and into her luxurious hair, he always wondered if it was as silky as it looked.

Liz, although she would't admit it, was actually enjoying the kiss and leaned in for better access.

Sensing her getting closer, Max put his hands on her waist and pulled her into his lap.

Their kiss became more passionate and their tongues acted out a thing Max had
been dying to do with Liz for years.

Her hands played with the hair at the nape of his neck whilst his roamed her back.

They briefly came up for air, eyes locked before they delved in for more.

Max felt a certain part of his anatomy rising to life and was shocked at the feel of Liz's core gently grinding into his now full erection.

Soft, frustrated whimpers escaped Liz and Max decided to try his luck.

He put his hands on the hem of her top and began to lift slowly.

Liz didn't stop him.

It had just passed her navel, when....

beepity beep, beepity beep.


ha ha Tricked ya.

Liz scrambled out of his lap and put some distance between them at the sound
of the alarm.

She mentally shook herself at the state
she was in.

She fixed her top and stole a glance at Max.

He raised his eyebrow as he panted out,"I believe it's my turn to pick".



Lot's of love.
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As you wish

With an evil glint in his eyes, Max bent down and reached for a hardcore card.

As he heard Liz's gasp he looked up.

Slowly saying each word he read, "Keep your hand in the other players pants for 2 minutes".

Max got a little worried as Liz approached him, he closed his eyes, expecting the slap he was expecting.

What he didn't expect was the distinct sound of a zipper being pulled down.

Opening his eyes carefully, he couldn't
believe the site before him.

Liz was sitting infront of him, her legs wide, holding open her pants.

"Do it Max" She whispered.

He once again set his clock and placed it beside him.

He gave her a comforting look as he gently put his hand inside her levis.

The only way it would fit, was if he cupped her through her panties, they gasped in sync.

Liz from the new feeling she was experiencing and Max from how wet he found her.

Her face contorted as he held as still
as he could.

Again, her hips started grinding softly, Max couldn't hold back, he pushed her panties aside and guided two
fingers into her.

She thrusted with the rythmn of his fingers, not taking her eyes away from his.

They carried on this way, until Max's watched beeped.

He began to remove his hand but she stopped him.

"Please Max.... Finish it". She begged.

He couldn't deny her anything, he started pumping faster whilst his thumb
rubbed over her swollen clit.

She cried his name hoarsely and collapsed into his arms, as her orgasm

"Thank... you" She sighed.

"Do you wanna stay over tonight? Go grocery shopping with me tomorrow?" He asked, hoping with all his heart she said yes.

"Sure". She replied, looking at him.

Max was shocked to see that she now was the one with the devilish glint in her eyes.

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