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This story is loosly based on the book of the same title by Jennifer Cruzie **bowing at her feet**. The rest all appeared from my dirty mind.*tongue*

Title: Welcome to Temptation

Summary: Liz is a freespirited girl from the wrong side of the tracks who while traveling with her sister breaks down near a small town named Temptation and meets the uptight son of the mayor, Maxwell Evans.


"Gotdammit Maria," Liz screamed as she jumped from the passenger side of the old run down Mustang they'd been travelling in. "I told you we needed more gas back in Evansville but no, 'We can make it Liz' " she said mocking Marias voice from earlier.

"Shut up," she shot back angrilly as she stepped back to look at the car with Liz as if that would make it work again. "Wheres the next town?" They both looked around until they saw an old beat up sign half off it's pole 20 steps away from them.

Liz jogged toward it and turned it back right side up. "2 miles from Temptation, the sweetest little town in the West. Great, like I need to be stuck in Pleasntville." Liz dropped the sign and looked down the deserted highway.

"Well big sis," she said in a syrupy sweet high pitched voice, "I think we better get walking."


"Vote Evans and you wont regret it," Maxwell called to all the passerbys. The Evans' had been the Mayors of Temptation pretty much since it's founding but every four years he was forced to pass out fliers and beg for the votes his father already had.

Besides he'd be mayor one day and he'd get his kids to pass out his fliers for him. "Hey Max,' the bubbly blond girl by the name of Tess said happily as she skipped around him. She was the same age as him, 17, but she acted more like 7 most of the time.

"It's Maxwell," he said curtly and turned away from her. There parents had been trying to get them together since forever but he didn't like her. It wasn't that she wasn't beautiful or sweet or thoughful, she was all of those things.

He just needed a girl with a backbone, someone who wouldn't just roll over to his will but fight with him. He wanted a girl who was passionate about the things she beleived in and didn't take shit from anyone. Tess just wasn't that girl.

The thing was though that as everyday passeed he began to beleive more deeply that there was no girl like that out there. "Excuse me," someone said from his side and as he looked at this out of towner he realized she must of been calling him for awhile.

She had long blond hair and big green eyes, beautiful but not his type, "maybe Micheal'll like her," he thought. "I asked if there was anyplace around here where we could stay." "We," he looked beyond her and saw the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen.

She was medium height, petitye with lush long brown hair and when she looked up at him and he saw those huge brown eyes, he was in love. "Who are you?" That was really rude and his father would probably kill him when he found put as he always did but right now he really didn't care.

She looked somewhat startled but smiled as if she got this reaction all the time and said, "Elizabeth Parker, newest resident of Hicksville and you?" Max suddenly felt anger welling up I him. Who was this girl to talk that way about his town and his people. "Maxwell Evans, the son of the mayor of Hicksville."


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Thanx for the replies guys!!!!!!!

Chapter one

God that gut went beat red when you made that ,'Hicksville' comment. It was utterly hilarious" Maris practically yelled as she and Liz walked around looking for somewhere to eat.

"Yeah, I got a little scared when he started screaming about town pride and how his dad was mayor and that one day he would be too, he went totally insane and who was that bimbo with him." "I think she'd float away if that one thouht in her escaped."

Maria nearly fell in the street at that and the driver honked and scrreamed out the window as he drove on. "Back to you," she screamed while flipping him off. Wow, this was just like home.

"Look," Liz said excitedly as she dragged Maria across the street to an old bookstore named "The Temptation." Liz wondered and not for the first time why every store here had to have Temptation in the name.

"Lets go in," she squeled, after all she'd done and experianced, she still yelled when she saw a bookstore. They were her true love.

"Whoa," Maria said, raiseing her hands and backing away. Bookstoresd may have been Liz's true love but they were Marias worst enemy.

"You know I hate these places, I'll go in.....," she looked around desperately,"there, that store over there." Liz looked toward the place and nodded her head as they parted ways.

Maxwell was still fuming as he let himself into the store to set for the opening. That girl was the most annoying beautiful person he'd ever seen. "Gotdammit," he cursed when he realized what adjective he'd used to describe her. "She wasn't that pretty antway."

The door was pushed open and she came in. "Wheres that girl you were with," he asked curtly, he hadn't had the exchange with her but she had laughed her ass off at him.

Maria rolled her eyes and sighed, "hey townie," she said with a false smile as she came and leaned on the couter in front of him. "Do you have a problem with me and my sister?"

Liz walked into the hush of the bookstore and immediately felt at home. They were always such cozey places, "May I help you?" She turned toward the male voice and a guy about her age with spiked hair. He was kinda cute. I bet Maeia'd like him she thought offhabdedly as she went up to the counter to shake his hand.

"I'm Liz Parker and you." "Micheal Guerin."