Title: Fixing a Broken Heart
Author: trinitystar1323
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: UPN owns Roswell, the characters, and situations. No infringement intended. Nothing is mine.
Summary: This fic takes place when Max is supposed to meet Liz at the ice rink in Samuel Rising. It follows along with the show until this point. It will follow along with the present storyline of the show, as well as the supposed future story lines, but some things will be different.
Category: purely Max/Liz.
Authors Notes:

The night air was cool as Liz carefully laced up her figure skates. It hit her skin like a rush of air, causing her cheeks to grow rosy and her skin to pale slightly. But she enjoyed the winter weather and the beautiful night too much to return home.

After all, it wasn’t often that it snowed in Roswell, New Mexico.

Liz was insistent on not letting anything or anyone ruin her night out. If Max were too occupied with Samuel then she would skate without him. And if the skies decided to let snow fall then she would live with it and skate anyway.

The last time she had skated was a little over a year ago. It was one of the few pastimes that she had always enjoyed.

She remembered seeing pictures of herself on the ice when she was only a baby, not even a year old. She couldn’t even walk, yet her mother had put on a pair of custom made skates and taught her to skate. It was the one thing she and her mother shared.

They both loved to skate.

When she was four she had started taking lessons. It had been hard and Liz could still remember coming home with bumps and bruises marring her legs and arms from falling on the ice. But she wouldn’t trade a single sprained ankle or bruised knee if it meant she didn’t know how to skate.

But she missed the old days. Liz especially missed her coach. He had been so kind. He had also taught her everything she knew.

At one point he had even said she was championship material. But then things had changed. Her parents didn’t have enough money anymore and she had had to stop taking lessons. Her coach had tried to help her out by lowering her fees, but it was still too expensive.

In the end she had had to quit.

To this day Liz regretted quitting. She hated quitting. The only thing quitting did was prove it had beat you.

After checking to make sure her laces were tightened and tied, Liz pushed herself up and began stretching.

“Liz?” The moment she heard her name, Liz whirled around. She hadn’t even heard anyone coming. She hadn’t even seen anyone join her. Hell, she hadn’t even heard anyone on the ice.

And yet, standing before her, skating around on the ice was one of her age-old friends.

For a moment Liz merely stared at her one time best friend. Before Alex or Maria had ever been in the picture, young Marcus had been her best friend.

That was until he moved.

Before he had moved, he and Liz had been like two peas in a pod. They had attended school together and played together. Marcus’ mother had often watched her when her own mother had been busy, and vice versa. They had been the best of playmates.

Marcus had even played tea party with her.

But in the third grade when his sister had gotten the chicken pox she had gotten really sick. The family had been worried and the next thing Liz knew Marcus was telling her that he was moving to Texas because his sister was so sick and the only person they could find that would be able to help his sister was in Texas.

It hadn’t made much sense to Liz back then, but later her mother explained everything much better. Not only was Marcus moving to Texas for his sister’s sake, but because his parents wanted to get him a better coach- someone who would make him a champion.

“Marcus!” Liz exclaimed. She jumped up and started toward her one time best friend. As soon as she hit the ice she felt her feet sliding out from underneath her, but Marcus reacted quickly, scooping her into his arms before she could fall.

The two twirled around on the ice, embracing each other as they both laughed and cried over their reunion. For Liz it was like a breath of fresh air. After losing Alex she had lost a piece of herself. But having Marcus back gave her hope. He had always been her first friend and in her heart she knew that he always would be her true best friend.

For Marcus he reveled in finally having one of his long time best friends back in his arms. It had been so long. Sure he had other friends on the tour, but none of them were true friends. They were his enemies according to his coach and parents. Also according to his coach and parents, Jesica was his best friend.

But no one could decide who was your best friend except for yourself.

“Oh my god, how have you been?” Liz asked once Marcus had finally put her down. She stared excitedly up at her one time best friend. He hadn’t changed one bit. He was still the handsome boy that she had always known. Only now he was a man. His dusty blonde hair was a little longer with a few wisps hanging in his eyes and his piercing blue eyes sparkled with life.

Of course one thing had changed. While he had always been in shape, that had been when he was only six or seven. Now he was eighteen and looked great. She could see his muscular form through his shirt. If she weren’t his best friend she might have been attracted to him. But what she and Marcus had had was better than any relationship could ever be.

Beside, she didn’t see Marcus that way. He was her best friend, not her boyfriend or love interest. Anyway, just because he had a killer body didn’t instantly mean that she would fall in love with him. She didn’t love Marcus in that way. She loved him in a deeper sense- just as she loved Alex and Maria.

For god sakes she had taken a bath with him and shared a bed with him! They were best friends. And nothing could ever beat that.

“Good… busy with touring and championships, but good. How about you? I mean, I heard about…” Marcus let his words hang for a moment. He didn’t want to upset Liz, especially when they were both in such jovial moods. Beside, this was their reunion, not their time to mourn.

“Alex. Yeah, I miss him, but he’s gone and I’m finally starting to accept that,” Liz lamented sadly. She still did miss Alex, but seeing Marcus did help to make things better. At that thought she smiled up at her friend. “Other than that, I’m okay. Sort of had a weird and hectic few years…”

“Yeah, tell me about it,” Marcus chuckled.

“I wish I could,” Liz blurted out. As soon as the words registered in her mind she clasped a hand over her mouth. How could she have been so stupid? Had she actually just said that out loud? Had she actually even believed she could or would tell Marcus everything that she had been through?

But already Liz knew that answer. Yes. Aside from the fact that she hadn’t seen him in years, Liz knew that she and Marcus were still best friends. And she was positive that he would understand and help her through everything, just as he always had.

Upon realizing this, a deep sorrow filled Liz. At one point Alex had replaced Marcus. Alex had known everything, well almost everything. He had helped her through her alien woes. And now he was dead.

With that thought in her head, Liz knew the truth. She wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. She would not bring Marcus into the mess that was now called her life. She would not get him killed.

“Liz? You there?” Marcus asked, waving his hand in front of her face.

“Huh, oh… yeah…sorry, I just sort of…”

“Spaced out,” the two laughed as they spoke together.


“Double jinx!” Their shouts reverberated throughout the plush man-made forest around them, as did their laughter. And soon both found themselves laughing and smiling just as they had when they were children. They had no worries or doubts. And for once it was just Liz and Marcus as they once had been.

Best friends.


Running through the thickets of the trees and bushes, Max fought to try and reach the ice rink. He knew he was late and he felt like a complete ass for standing Liz up as much as he had, but Samuel had been a supposed lead in finding his son.

How was he supposed to have known that Samuel was autistic and had just randomly chosen to speak? And that drawing. Max was just thankful for having Liz; otherwise he never would have figured out that young Samuel was tracing a mural from the Crashdown wall.

But still he had gotten his hopes up.

While the thought of finding his son scared him, Max also couldn’t help but yearn to locate his son and save him from Tess. He wasn’t sure he was ready to be a father, though he was more than sure that Liz would help him out. After all, she was always there for him and he was positive that she wouldn’t leave him once he found his son.

They loved each other and loved ones didn’t leave each other, right?

Continuing his journey towards the ice rink, Max suddenly stopped when he heard someone shriek.

Not just someone, he heard Liz shriek.

Quickening his speed, Max shoved at the tree branches and bushes which got in his way. He could feel his heart practically lurching out of his chest at the thought of someone or something hurting Liz. What if one of his enemies had gotten to her? Maybe someone was forcing her to do something she didn’t want to do.

Maybe it was Khivar or Nicholas or any of his other countless enemies.

“Marcus no!” Max heard Liz scream; though he believed he heard it more in a laughing tone. However he didn’t like the fact that Liz was with another guy and that she was screaming.

As soon as he reached the rink, Max abruptly stopped when he caught site of Liz; Liz in another man’s arms.

Max felt his heart sink as he watched the guy skate around with Liz firmly placed in his arms. She was laughing and smiling and it looked as though she was having the time of her life.

He hadn’t seen her that happy for a long time.

In fact, Max wasn’t sure he could remember the last time he had seen Liz as happy as she appeared to be right now.

“Come on, you know you want to,” Marcus egged Liz on. He started to put her down, but stopped when he saw her start to shake her head no.

Both were completely oblivious to the fact that Max was there.

“No, I don’t do that anymore. I haven’t done it for like ten years!” Liz exclaimed as she fought to be set free. However, no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t keep the smile off her face or the laughter out of her voice.

She also couldn’t help but think that it felt good to feel the way she did.

Max watched on wondering what this “it” was. And who was this guy?

“All the more reason to do it!” Marcus argued lightly. Again he teased Liz by starting to put her down only to snatch her up just before her feet touched the ice.

“I’d let go of me if I were you!” Liz suddenly threatened. She knew she wasn’t going to win unless she played dirty.

“And if I don’t?” Marcus said mockingly.

“If you don’t then… then… then Maria will come and beat you up!” Liz laughed at her preposterous statement, but Marcus seemed to understand, as did Liz. After all, Maria could easily talk Marcus to death. Maria could talk anyone into a coma.

“Oh, come on Liz! No boyfriend to come and pummel me? Or how about your father coming and shooting me?” Marcus asked teasingly. Unbeknowst to Liz and Marcus, Max waited on pins and needles for Liz’s answer.

And not even a second later he got it.

“No!” Liz squealed as Marcus tickled her. Her laughter died down when Marcus came to an abrupt stop.

“Wait one second. You’re telling me that you don’t have a boyfriend? How can that be? I mean, isn’t it a law that all Elizabeth Parker’s must have boyfriends?” Marcus asked incrediously, though the glint in his eye gave it all away.

And in a heart beat Liz once again answered. She didn’t even think as she answered. Instead, she spoke from her heart.

“No! Now let me down or I’ll pummel you!”

Max felt his heart sink and shatter. Liz had just told this guy, whom she obviously knew well, that she didn’t have a boyfriend. Why? Did she not see him as her boyfriend? Had he misinterpreted what they had? Did she like this guy better?

What was going on?

Little did Max know that Liz wasn’t even thinking. All she cared about at the moment was that she had her best friend back and that she was far happier then ever before.

His shoulders hunched over as he retreated, leaving Liz and her mystery guy alone. Max decided he needed to think, alone. He wasn’t sure what was going on, and if he came out and asked Liz right now than he was positive he wouldn’t get the answer he wanted.

Beside, he would talk with her tonight, when she was alone.

Back at the rink, Marcvus chuckled as Liz began playfully beating his chest.

“Okay, okay, I give,” Marcus said as he gave an exaggerated sigh. He hadn’t had this much fun since he had moved. It was good to have a real friend again.

A friend. That term had a nice ring to it.

Setting his friend down, Marcus smiled as he watched Liz get her bearings on the ice.

“Now, since I let you down, what do you say? One more time? For old time sakes?” Marcus pleaded. He put on his best pair of puppy dog eyes and did the best pout he could form.

And in a second he knew he had Liz eating out of the palm of his hands.

“Fine, but wipe that look off your face and don’t ever use it again,” Liz warned teasingly.

Smiling in victory, Marcus grabbed Liz’s hand and pulled her near him.

“The usual?” Marcus queried.

“The usual,” Liz agreed.

And a moment later Liz found herself laughing as she was being spun around the rink as she and Marcus began skating the first dance they had learned when they had first been paired as figure skating partners. It in the end, Liz was positive that it was one of the best times she had had all year.

Little did Liz know that her skating days with Marcus were only beginning.

Ok, first, I am working on a new part of China Doll, but I really wanted a friend fic; one where Liz can grow as well as succeed while having Max work towards repairing his relationship with Liz. Also, no worries about Marcus and Liz. Their relationship will always be friends and nothing more.

Now if you want me to continue than please say so, otherwise I won't bother.