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Summary: After “Chant Down Babylon” Liz, Max and Maria head back to Roswell and Liz worries about her future. Max now realizes how Liz needs to be treated and he suffers about his past actions, asking for Maria’s help about it. Will Michael and Maria get back together? Also, their parents are even more suspicious about Max, Isabel and Michael. Will they ever find out the truth? Stay tuned!

Rating: It will sure have some NC-17 content.

Dedication: I stopped writing and even reading a lot of fan fics after “Departure”. Some authors made me wanna do it all again. So, this is to Breathless, Kath7, leaving_normal, RosDeidre, Cookie2697 and some other writers I just can’t name all here. You guys don’t even know me, but your stories inspired me in such of a huge way that I just had to say something besides the usual THANK YOU!

Please, I would love to know what you guys are thinking about it... This is my view on the latest spoilers about the end of the show. Is it good? Bad? Please, leave some feedback and I’ll promise I’ll keep it updated as fast as I can.


Liz looked around her. She was absolutely going to miss Vermont, but she knew she didn’t belong there. As much as she wanted to be a normal teen, she just wasn’t feeling fully happy there, away from Max and the others. She missed her family and Roswell. She talked with her father some hours before and told him everything she could: that she wasn’t happy, and that she knew that it wasn’t the right choice, being there in Vermont away from all the things she loved the most. Jeff trusted his daughter. Liz was always so self- conscious and she always took the right choices. He decided to trust her another time. Besides, he missed his little girl way too much, and really wanted her near him, at least until the end of the year.

Eileen was still in her parents’ house for Spring Break and Liz was going to leave her a note to explain why was she leaving. Maria was asleep in her bed. Amy and Jeff talked and arranged the two girls a flight in the next morning, so they would come home even faster. Max arranged a seat for him also. Neither Amy or Jeff knew where Max was, and it would be a huge roblem for Liz if they ever found that out. The three of them were going back home in the first flight next morning, and they were glad about that. They were all worried about Isabel, and Michael was anxious to know how did Max came back.

Liz finished packing and went out of her room. She found Max outside of the dorm, under a tree, looking at the stars in the sky. Liz walked to him and noticed he was smiling.

“What are you smiling at?”- Liz asked him

“I don’t know. But maybe, something came to me about you. Once more, you saved me, once more, somehow, something up there made me be with you, made you save me from dying, from not being able to live. You’re a miracle in my life and I was wondering what did I ever do to deserve you...”- he told her while she sat right beside him.

“Max... It’s very simple. It’s just love, and you know it. Well, at least if you love me as you say you do, you would know. I just wanna be with you, live with you, be happy with you.”- Liz said

“You just gave me another reason to love you and want you even more in my life”- Max said and hugged her really tight. – “Although, there are some things we need to talk, some things you mentioned before you came here. And I think that nothing between us will ever work out if we don’t talk about it.”

“Max... Please, not now. I don’t think I can. I am sad, I am worried about our life in Roswell now, about our future with this search of your son always in our ways. It worries me, I can’t lie. But I love you, and I hope everything turns out to be fine. But, for now, let’s just stay here and watch the stars in the sky. Let’s just pretend that nothing happened and that nothing will ever come to our way. We deserve it, we can be happy, at least for one night. Tomorrow, we can worry about all the other things.”- Liz looked in his eyes, and cuddled with him, looking to the sky that brought him to her, almost 20 years ago.


-> So, what did you guys think about it? I have part one almost ready... Should I post it? I'm waiting fo your responses!!!

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I was so happy with the feedback when I came here and saw it! You guys really made my day! Thanks!!!

I am done with part one now, I am reviewing and correcting some typos. As soon as I am done, I'll post it.

Thanks again! I am anxious to write more and more...
Love to all!
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Cookie2697 originally wrote:
Great start *happy*

I do have a question thought ;) I got attracted like a beacon light to this because of "post-Chant Down Babylon"...I'm desperate to read some post-Chant Down Babylon fics so THANK YOU for that *happy* *happy* I AM curious how far into the spoilers you are going to go...but I guess I'll see as you write eh?

And thank you for the dedication...that made me feel really, really good *happy* It was really sweet of you and incredible to hear that doing what *I* love, writing, is doing something good for someone helping you get BACK to writing. That is awesome.

I pretend to go as far as possible with the spoilers. I have been reading everything I can about the previous eps, and I was curious about what's going to happen... I guess, you can say I am a real spoiled brat!!!
I'll try to be as real as possible to what we know.
Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me!

Hope to see you back for the next part!
Thanks for the coments! They were amazing! *wink*

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Author's Note: Another time, thanks for the great feedback. I really appreciated. This is the first part after the prologue. I hope you all like. I tried to mix some funny dialogues (specially between Maria and Max), and also, I tried to show Michael a little different: more nervous than usual, worried about the changes that are happening to him, etc...

Remember: This is a spoilerish story, so if you don't like spoilers, maybe you better not read it!

Have fun and please, feedback is always appreciated!

Part One

Maria, Liz and Max were at the airport, waiting for their flight to be called. Liz went to buy a book and some magazines for reading during the flight, so Maria and Max were having a cup of coffee and discussing what happened in Roswell when they were in Vermont while they waited for Liz.
“So, Jesse also knows about the checkoslovaquian secret now?”- Maria asked intrigued about how Isabel’s husband saved her from dying only a couple hours before.
“Yeah. And the funny things is that I guess, I am glad he does. Isabel always wanted to do it, even before the wedding, but me and Michael didn’t let her do it. Jesse saved our asses a dozen times, and how did we ever thanked him? Lying and lying. He doesn’t deserve it. I don´t know how will he respond to this whole thing, but now it´s too late to even think about it.” – Max said
“Michael told me he really freaked about when he found out the truth...” – Maria said in low tone of voice
“Well... I hope everything turns out to be fine by the time we get there. I don´t think I can handle any more problems right now. Things were just too complicated, I want some peace of mind for some time now. It´s enough having my parents in this constant search and the FBI as a constant threat, not mentioning Tess and my son...” – Max said with a worried face.
“Dude... your life kinda sucks right now huh?” – Maria mocked him and they both laughed. They saw Liz coming out of the bookstore with her magazines and books and coming in their direction.
“There she comes” – Max said as he spotted her coming – “Maria... Can I ask you something?”
“Please... Let´s not make Liz reminds my mistakes with Tess last year ok? I started to realize that every time I mentioned them, she got even more hurt than I thought, and I just can´t do it anymore” – Max said looking deeply in Maria´s green eyes.
“Yeah... Just don´t worry about it. You´re 100% right on doing this, and I´ll make sure she tries to forget it either ” – Maria said to Max and they saw Liz arriving in the table, and sitting between them.
“What were you two talking about?” – Liz asked
“About Jesse knowing the truth now... How will he handle the truth now? ” – Maria answered
“Well, Ria... I really hope he doesn´t behave like you did...” – Liz mocked her friend, making Max curious about that.
“What did she do besides wanting to deliver us to Valenti?” – Max asked
“LIZ PARKER SHUT UP RIGHT NOW!!!” – Maria said and tried to make Liz shut up.
“You will not make me shut up!!! What happened was that Maria ran away like a crazy person from my bedroom to the streets, yelling like a freak. It was hilarious!!!” – Liz said and they both saw Maria becoming embarassed for the first time since they met her...
“This one Michael will just have to know about...” – Max said and made Maria even more angry.
The three of them laughed relaxed and waited for their flght, which was called ten minutes later.

From her window in the airplane, Liz looked down to Vermont and realized that she wasn´t feeling sad. Actually, she was hopefull that this time her life was going to be easier and finally filled with peace. At least those were her feelings about the future in front of her. She felt that she was finally going to be happy...

Roswell – New Mexico
Few Hours Later...

Jeff, Nancy and Amy were running to the gate which Liz and Maria were coming out. Michael arrived with them. He knew that Max was coming with them, and he really wanted to see Maria. He missed her a lot, especially after the whole Isabel almost dying thing. He had never been so scared in his life. He still didn´t know what had happened to Max. Max tried to explain by phone but it seemed really confusing to him. To Michael, the most important thing, was that Max and Isabel were fine, and that Maria and Liz were coming back home.
“Hey Michael! You came to get Maria?” – Amy asked
“Yeah! Also, Maxwell is coming in the same flight. He took the spring break to go visit Liz in Vermont and the three of them met in there.” – Michael explained to Amy, which called Jeff and Nancy´s attention.
“Oh! Why is Liz coming back anyways?” – Amy asked Jeff
“She told me she wasn´t happy, that she belonged to Roswell, she missed her friends and family. I don´t know if I believe her after knowing that Max was there” – Jeff sounded disappointed and Michael noticed that.
“Mr Parker... I think that Max had no intention of bringing Liz back. I mean, he told me that he knew Liz wanted to get into a good college, and we all know that Roswell High is a good school, but we also know that Liz would be a lot better if she stayed there. Max knew this and he just wanted to go see her. He really wants to see her happy, and he would never do something to make her sad or unhappy. Liz might have her reasons to come back home, as Maria probably has hers also.” – Michael was trying to explain Liz, Maria and specially Max´s behavior. He sounded believable, and the parents appeared to be satisfied with what Michael just said.
“Look! There they come!” – Nancy said and waved to her daughter.
Liz saw them from far away, and saw that Michael was talking to her father, probably trying to explain why was Max there with her and Maria. She just expected that her father would be nice about the whole thing. She was way too tired to have an argument that moment...

“Hi Mom! Hi Dad! I missed you guys so much!!!” – Liz said while she hugged both her parents at the same time.
“We missed you too dear!!! It´s really good having you back!” – Jeff said and Liz could see that her father meant what he had just said.
“How´s everything in here? Did anything happen while I was away?” – Liz asked pretending she didn´t know what happened in Meta Chem just a few days ago.
“There was an attack in that industry Meta Chem. Nothing serious, but Michael will explain things in a better way since he worked there” – Jeff answered and noticed Max by Liz´s side – “Hey Max! Michael just told me you went to visit Liz for Spring Break. How was it there? Did you guys have a good time?”
“Mr Parker! How are you? Actually, we had really fun there. Me, Liz and Maria had a good time. The problem was that the campus was almost empty because of the spring break, so we just used the time to talk and walk around the campus” – Max said and it seemed like Jeff Parker was satisfied with the answer.
“Oh! That´s good. I hope that now school is the main thing in your lives, since there´s only a few months for graduation” – Jeff said and looked to Liz. She seemed a lot happier and healthier than a month before. She was even smiling. A month ago, Liz left him really worried. She looked sick and depressed. Now she was even more beautiful. She was looking just like Nancy when she was younger, except for the brown eyes, those were a memory of his father´s eyes. They were calming and they said way too much things about their feelings...
“So, shall we go now?”- Jeff asked the kids and they all started heading to the way out.
Michael promised to Maria to go to her house in next morning so they could talk and try to work things out between them again. Max went home with him, and promised Liz he would call her later. He was sure that he was going to be missing her already...
Liz went home with her parents, as Maria went with Amy. Life was finally starting to get normal again...

Some Time Later...
Michael’s Place
Isabel was still at Michael’s place and she was waiting for Max and Michael nervously. In the moment she saw the two of them arriving, she jumped out of bed and ran to them. Jesse was at work, and he had asked her to set up a meeting with all of them. He was confused about a lot of things, and he wanted to understand what was going on and what were the dangers in the future.

Isabel hugged Max as strong as she could, she was still weak from the shoot and all the blood she lost, but she had to feel her brother again. She had almost lost him, and he and Michael were the most precious things she had, since the other important thing in her life along with her parents, died a year ago.
“Max!!! Oh My God! How are you? What really happened? How did you come back?”- Isabel asked
“Hey Calm Down Iz! I am really fine. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I know that Liz brought me back. While I was dominated by Clayton’s spirit, I went to Vermont and tried to kill her and Maria. But, somehow, I managed to come out and warn her. We fought, and we started falling down from a window. When I saw Liz, she was almost hitting the floor, so I used my shield to protect her from the fall. I knew I had to kill the body Clayton was using, so, he died, and somehow, I think that Liz’s powers were what brought me back to life. She has really strong powers, you know? It was weird, but it felt good, seeing her face again. I was scared about her reaction after all of this. But she seems to be fine now.”- Max answered
“I just wish Jesse would take it fine like her. He’s been really weird lately. I don’t know what to do anymore. We are barely talking to each other anymore” – Isabel said – “He asked me to call a meeting with all of us. He’s confused and he said he wanted to get to know everything about us and our status on Earth.”
“Sure. Let’s just tell the others and we’ll let him know about the time and stuff. But you should calm down, Iz! He’ll find his way back to you. He just needs some time to adjust to this new reality” – Max said
“Yeah, you’re probably right, and I really need to sit down. I feel tired”- Isabel said and sat down in Michael’s couch.
‘You should rest Iz. It’s just been a few hours since the whole shooting thing. You lost a lot of blood and you were seriously hurt.”- Michael said, worried about her.
“Thanks Michael. I’ll lay down in here while we talk about what happened. Jesse will take me home tonight, so the couch will be yours again, Max”- Isabel said and laid down in Michael’s sofa.
“Let’s wait for him and talk with others about the meeting. I think that tomorrow morning will be good to everyone since we’re still in Spring Break, and we don’t have anything else to do.”- Michael said and Max and Isabel agreed with him.

Same Time, Liz’s House...

Liz was in her room, unpacking and listening some good music. She was singing, and it surprised Jeff when he came inside the room and saw Liz in such good mood and so happy again.
“Hey Lizzie! You’re unpacking already!”- Jeff said
“Yeah Dad! I just want to feel that this is my space again. I missed all of this so much...” – Liz said
“Liz... Can I ask you something?”- Jeff lowered the stereo and asked her in a low tone of voice.
“Sure dad. What do you wanna know?”- Liz answered
“What happened honey? What made you wanna come back home for real? I know you, and also I know that something must have happened to make you change your mind so fast. Please Lizzie, tell me what’s going on...”- Jeff asked Liz
“Dad...” – Liz didn’t know what to say. She wanted to tell the truth to her father. She trusted him in the same way she trusted Grandma Claudia, but she knew she shouldn’t tell him anything. It wasn’t her secret after all. But what was she going to tell him???

Same Day
Michael’s House

Michael woke up covered in sweat. He didn’t know what was happening to him. The nightmares were just becoming worse and worse. They were coming and going since the day Max almost died and Isabel was shot. He was feeling weird, disturbed. He had a huge headache and didn’t know why. He had never had headaches before. Actually he had only got sick once: that River Dog thing, two years ago.
He decided to go to Maria’s, instead of waking Max up late as it was night. Max was probably exhausted from the events that happened in the last days.
So, he got up from his bed, put his pants, an old flannel shirt, his coat and grabbed his bike keys. He opened the door and left, leaving an Max sleeping heavily in the couch.

Maria’s House

Michael knocked in Maria’s window and woke her up.
“What do you want at this time Michael? Did something happen to Max or Isabel?”- Maria asked
“No. This time it’s about me. Sorry to wake you up, but I need to talk to someone, and I just don’t want to wake Max up. He must be exhausted by the travel and the whole Clayton thing.”- Michael explained while Maria opened the window so he could come inside.
“Thanks”- Michael said
“Sure. But, what’s the problem? Are you sick or something?” – Maria asked
“I don’t know. Since the whole Isabel almost dying thing and the Max actually dying, I am having this horrible nightmares and headaches. I just can’t understand what’s happening and I’m worried. Please, Maria, can I stay here tonight? I don’t wanna go home”- Michael asked and Maria felt sorry for him.
“Yeah, sure. Just take off your shoes and come lay down with me. You know this bed pretty well spaceboy...”- Maria tried to mock him, but she noticed he was in a really bad shape. – “Ok. Let’s just go to sleep. I think that your main problem is stress. You just need a good night of sleep. You must be exhausted too... But you have to promise something to me...”- Maria said
“What?”- Michael asked
“We’ll talk to the others about it, ok? We can’t figure it out by ourselves and we need everyone on this. We’re a team for more than 3 years now, and if there’s one thing we should have learned after all this time, it’s that we can solve things faster when we work as a team” – Maria told him in a really tender voice, what made Michael feel loved. But what Maria didn’t know, was that it was exactly what he was needing that night... To feel loved and wanted.

To Be Continued....

I'll probably update this Monday morning. My house will be out of phone for repairs on the lines for the weekend, so no Internet... :(

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I just can't say how happy I am with all the feedback I got!
Thanks guys, REALLY!
All of you just rock, big time!

Anyways, I'll try to post the next part tonight or just tomorrow morning. Like I said before, my Internet at home is out of order so I am having to use the one at work, that's why I am being so late with you guys. I can't apologize enough...

About the questions...

Isabel is so tired because of the amount of blood she lost. She was shot several times, and my guess is that she is very tired because of it. Also, I was needing some time for a talk between Max, Michael and Isabel, and that was the perfect moment for it. Isabel won't be like this for too much time. Don't you guys forget that all that happened in the last part took place only one day after Liz, Maria and Max came back to Roswell from Vermont, which is also one day since Isabel was shot and healed by Michael. She will be 100% again in the next part, in which she'll be at her place already, with Jesse.

Thanks for the attention and I'll do my best to post it asap!