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The Fifth Element Prolouge-Part 20

Part 21

***May 27, On the Road, Between Las Cruces and Roswell***

Maria stared out of the back window of her Jetta as the beautiful desert scenery flew by. Michael was sitting in the front, driving the duo back to their home in Roswell. The radio was a low hum where Maria sat. Michael had tuned it to some sort of rock radio station, one that Maria cared not to listen too. Yet, the usual feisty girl did not put up an argument to switch to a pop station. She ignored the music, just as she tried to ignore their weekend in Las Cruces.

Maria was certain of one thing now. Alex was murdered; his death was not accidental as everyone once thought. She drummed her fingers on the stack of papers that sat beside her. The papers that were the translation of the ‘Destiny Book’, the papers that provided her aliens a way home. They were what Alex died for.

The past day had been hectic. After finding out that Alex hadn’t left his room, no excuse her, Maria thought, Ray hadn’t left his room for the duration of his stay in Las Cruces. Except when he would go to the computer lab, to work on this translation. Michael and Maria also learned how he would come day after day to work on it. And when finished, he sent it to Leana, his supposed Swedish girlfriend. The same Leana that Michael and Maria suspiciously chased during the Nelly Furtado concert.

Later that day, they managed to find her dorm, only to discover that Leana had been called away again. While Maria distracted the roommate, Michael went through the mail. She clearly remembered the out of place mortgage letter on an old, abandoned shack that they would later discover held the translation…and a bomb.

Her ‘knight-in-shining armor’, or as close as he would ever come to it, rescued her from the bomb. In a moment of quick thinking and reflexes, he harnessed his powers to telepathically throw the bomb out the window to a secluded area where it exploded. What scared Maria most was not the bomb, but the fact that it clearly wasn’t human, and set in there to destroy whomever would come after the translation.

Maria had expected Michael to be elated with the discovery of the translation. After all, it provided him with something he had spent years trying to find: a way home. Michael’s depressed, grumpy mood had actually been a shock. Why wasn’t he happy, Maria wondered.

Not being able to take the silence between them any more, Maria finally spoke. “Michael…”

He didn’t turn.

“Michael,” she repeated, a bit louder. “I know you. And I know when something’s bothering you.”

“Nothing’s bothering me Maria,” he replied under what sounded like gritted teeth.

Maria turned to stare out the window again. As the scenery and highway signs flew by, she spotted one that could be of interest. “Pull over,” she commanded. “I’m hungry and there’s a Mickey D’s in the next town.”

Michael sighed and shifted the red Jetta to the exit lane. This made Michael more questionable to Maria. Since when did he ever do anything she said without putting up a fight?

After five more minutes of silence, they reached the parking lot to the fast food chain. Michael quickly got out of the car, slamming the door in the process. As he was about to enter the restaurant, Maria grabbed his arm and pulled her boyfriend away from the door.

“I want to know what’s going on. And I want to know now,” she demanded, her usual friendly and open face set in a stern look. As she continued to speak, her sparkling brown eyes met Michael’s angry ones, causing the man to realize he couldn’t hide his feelings from her for long.

She dragged him away from the lot and McDonald’s towards a deserted area next door. To any onlooker, it would seem that this couple had had a fight. To their friends, if they were there, they would have known that this was the only way someone could ever get information out of a reluctant Michael.

Maria sat on a log in the clearing and patted next to her, gesturing for Michael to sit down. He did.
“Now, we’re all alone. You’ve been in a horrible mood since we found that translation. The translation that provides the one thing you have wanted all your life. How can you not be happy?”

Michael looked away. He didn’t want Maria to see the look on his face. It was the look of a heart breaking. Instead, he replied: “What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about you buddy. Since I’ve come to know you, you’ve always wanted a way to get back to your planet. Well, here you go. You have it. And my best friend died for it.” Maria could not help the bits of anger that came out of her voice as she spoke. “It doesn’t matter when you go back. It could be months or even years till then. But you do have a…”

Maria’s voice trailed as Michael turned to look at her. He grabbed her hands of her lap and placed them into his larger ones. It was a perfect fit. But despite this small sign of affection, Maria did not know what to say. Never had she seen Michael’s emotions so readable on his face.

“You don’t understand Maria. I don’t have months or years. I have weeks.” The words shocked Maria. She nodded, as if understanding, yet the only reason was for him to explain further.

“Why?” she asked in a small voice.

“Maxwell got Tess pregnant and it seems all of us have to pay for his mistakes. The baby can’t survive on Earth,” he explained, anger at his best friend evident.

Yet, Maria sensed that it was more than just anger. It was almost as if he felt sorry for someone as well. Maria knew it wasn’t Tess, Michael didn’t trust her much, and with him, someone makes a mistake, it’s that person’s problem. Therefore, that cancelled out Max as well.

“Michael…you don’t have to go.”

“I…I don’t want to. I have a family here on Earth, Maria,” his eyes lit up as his thoughts drifted away from Max to something else entirely. “You might say that all I wanted was a way home, but that’s not it. I wanted to go back to whatever planet I came from cause I thought I’d have a family there. But I don’t. There’s no one up there for me.” He smiled at her. “They’re all down here.”

“You mean Laurie?” she asked. Maria knew that she wasn’t included in Michael’s definition of family. What Michael felt for her wasn’t family love. It was a different type of love, like Max and Liz’s used to be. And unlike them, nothing would come between Michael and herself, ever.

“More than Laurie. God, Maria, I have a sister. And I…I don’t want to leave her.”

This made Maria more confused than ever. Who the heck could be his sister? She wondered. However, it seemed like the only way to find out would be to continue prompting Michael with questions.

“Do you know who she is? How do you know? That would mean your alien parents have to be here somewhere. Have you met them?” A thousand questions at once. More than Michael could handle. Quietly, he tried explaining in the best way he could. As much as he had not planned for this secret to come tumbling out, it did.

“My…my father died on Antar. My…my mother, Maria, I had a mother who loved me. Who came to Earth for me. She remarried here, to a human, they had a daughter, and then she was murdered by one of K’Var’s people. She lived in Roswell, and she would visit my pod so much. She really loved me.”

“Michael, do we know her?”

Michael nodded, his smile beaming. Whoever she was, Maria mustered; he must know her to love her this much already. She was happy for him, yet a bit hurt that she would have to share him with someone else besides Isabel and Max.

“Who is she?” Maria asked again. She moved closer besides him. With their hands still clasped together in addition to the close proximity, Maria could feel that happiness radiating off him. Much better than the sulky Michael she had since the discovery of the translation yesterday.

“She’s Liz.”

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Part 22

***Earlier in the Morning, Sunday***

Liz sighed and greeted the sunny, Arizona morning with a yawn. Unconsciously, she tossed her hair back as she stretched her arms out in the yawn. Her straight, brown hair looked tousled from tossing and turning in her sleep the night before. Once fully awake, she glanced around the room, surprised to see Ava in the bunk next to her. Why wasn’t she at her room in Grandma Claudia’s house?

The events of the previous day came rushing back to her. She was at the base, with Alex and her cousin. Alex, who was still alive, not dead like they all thought. Ava was here too, and it cheered the brunette greatly to see Tess’ lookalike. For some reason, it always puzzled Liz that her relationship with Ava was one of friendship, while that with Tess was of rivalry, daring to go as far as to say hatred. Pushing all feelings and thoughts aside, Liz bounced out of bed and walked over to her suitcase, lying open on Ava’s desk.

She stifled another yawn and in the process, almost knocked over a neon blue lava lamp. A sigh of relief escaped as the item fell in her hands and not the floor. Liz turned around to see if Ava was asleep, despite her actions. The mahogany colored sheets, outlining her petite frame hiding underneath, enveloped the punk girl’s body,. Liz smiled. At least some people could sleep late. She glanced at the watch. It was only 8:30. On a Sunday in Roswell, she would still be asleep at this time.

“Guess it’s all different now,” she muttered as she went about her task. Grabbing a red tank and a pair of stone wash jean cutoffs, as well as fresh underwear and her brush, Liz made her way into the adjoining bathroom.

Once inside, she dumped the clothes in a corner and walked over to the sink. As she wiped away the water previously dumped on her face, Liz studied the reflection in the mirror. She still looked the same. The deep brown pupils in almond shaped eyes, tanned skin and dark brown hair parted neatly in the middle. If this was so, why did I feel different, Liz wondered. If being the Fifth Element had been prophesized before she was even born, then why now did she feel…almost…superior in a way? Was it because she knew…or perhaps because she was nearing her eighteenth birthday? Or maybe it was-

“Enough with the maybes!” Liz reprimanded herself softly, wishing she would not spend so much time thinking about the recent discoveries.

Instead, she tried focusing on other events as she brushed her silky hair in a calming motion. Her mind drifted to the day before, her first day at the surprisingly large compound.

It wasn’t much like she expected. To tell the truth, Liz did not really know what she had expected as Alex drove her and Topaz to his home for the past weeks. The entrance looked a lot like a small home, but in actuality, was a garage. From there was a door that lead to an extension of the house, still above ground, but cloaked for some reason Liz didn’t quite get. There was another story to this impressive building, one that was underground, where a majority of the living quarters were.

Seeing Ava again had been nice, but meeting Serena had been more of a shock than anything to Liz. After helping Future Max alter their time line, Liz doubted that she would ever meet the Serena who helped a future version of herself figure out how to turn the Granolith into a time machine. Though Liz couldn’t be entirely sure if this was the same Serena that she would be friends with in another lifetime, this one certainly seemed nice. And her cousin seemed to really like her, which caused Liz to smile.

She and Chris spent the whole day on a tour of the area given be Ava and Serena. A lot of catching up occurred between the steps taken around the compound. Alex joined them mid-afternoon, after reporting in to General Mi’Ran. The General was too busy to talk to Liz then, probably wanting to discuss her ‘destiny’. She did not mind though. Instead, Liz spent the day with old…and new friends.

Today, however, she knew there was no escape from this discussion. It was until early though and Liz could hear Ava stirring in the other room. At least she could spend some time with people she knew before facing the inevitable.


Liz sighed. Alex had interrupted the desert picnic lunch they were having with Serena, Topaz, and Ava, letting her know that the General expected to meet her around four in the afternoon. All too quickly, the time in the in-between hours from lunch till now had flown by all too quickly for Liz. At the moment, she was standing in front of the door Alex claimed belonged to General Mi’Ran, hesitant about knocking. Though he, Serena, and Ava assured her that although this man was a major player in the rebellion on Antar, he was an easy person to talk to. Liz hoped that was right.

Choking down all her fears, Liz knocked on the door. She tucked one strand of her loose hair behind her ear in nervous habit when a voice told her to enter. Hesitantly, she opened the door a crack. Bracing herself, she widened the door and stepped in.

A smiling face looked up from his desk. The man was elderly, a surprise to Liz, for all the Antarians she had met had been young, with exception for Nasedo. His gray white hair was still thick across his head and his ears reminded her a bit of Max’s. What stuck Liz most about the General were his eyes. He had the second most beautiful eyes she had ever seen, next to Max’s. If eyes were the windows to the soul, like she believed, his would surely prove it. The amber eyes held a fighting spirit, one who had seen too many hardships, yet survived and had room to care.

“You must be Alex’s friend,” his deep voice was soothing to Liz’s anxiety. He smiled again and placed some papers down on his desk. Military plans, Liz guessed.

“I’m General Attok Mi’Ran. I’m sure you’ve heard all about me by now.” Liz had to smile. This man did not seem like the intimidating Antarian shapeshifters she knew, no thanks to Nasedo. In fact, he seemed quite the opposite. Liz was glad for that. “Come, sit down.”

The General gestured to a green plush seat behind his cluttered desk. It looked comfortable enough. Following the polite orders, Liz did sit. It was hard to feel ill-at-ease sitting in this chair, she thought. The Antarian studied her over and smiled, this time not with his face, but with his eyes.

“You remind me a lot of my niece. Kalla would’ve looked like you in her main human form, I am sure of it. And from what I’ve heard from Alex, you’re as self-sacrificing and loving as she ever was.” Mi’Ran spoke with the glint of memories in his face and words.

“My…mother…was your niece?” Liz asked, stumbling over the words of a reality still new to her.

“And I’m your great uncle. Again, from what I have heard from Alex, her son, your brother, resembles himself in his previous life a lot. Which, I’m afraid, happened to have been a younger version of me.”

Liz breathed a sigh of relief. Why hadn’t Alex ever told her that she the General was related to her? Then he would be able to answer all of her questions. Family, Liz had more family from her Antarian side than just Michael here, she thought with glee. She couldn’t wait to get a hold of a computer and e-mail Michael the good news. Would he flip…

“Alex is the only other soul who knows our relation,” General Mi’Ran spoke, interrupting Liz from her thoughts. “He did not tell you because you were already upset with your heritage. I understand your human father raised you with the belief that you were human. I can understand how the discovery could have scared you.”

Liz nodded.

“However, as much as I love you and your brother, you two are crucial to our mission. Without either of you, K’var will prevail. We cannot have that. Too many people have died trying to prevent that bleak version of the future. Alex almost was one of the many.”

“What do you mean? I thought that his ‘accident’ was fake. I’ve assumed so it was that he could come here.”

“He never told you?”

“Told me what?” Liz’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. The pit feeling in her stomach gave her the idea that the following would be something she would not want to hear. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as her great uncle began speaking again.

“You have never trusted Tess, correct?”

“Yeah…” Liz whispered, not quite getting the point.

“Good. Then Kalla has sheltered not all of your abilities. You are one of the few amongst our people who can see the ‘evil’ within others. Tess and Nasedo are two such examples. Tess would have killed Alex if we had not intercepted in time. She is never to be welcomed into your group. Ava is the rightful member of the Royal 4, not her.”

Liz had to remind herself to breathe at the relevation. She always knew not to trust Tess, something that Maria, Michael, and Isabel seemed to have started believing according to Michael’s report, but the fact that Tess was responsible for Alex’s ‘death’. And still loose in Roswell? Her anger and hatred at the blond alien had been nothing as it was now. The intensity scared Liz.

“I’ve…we…got to get back there. I won’t have her hurt any of my other friends.” Liz rose suddenly, heading towards the door. General Mi’Ran was faster.

He grabbed the hand that was reaching for the doorknob and pulled it away. He held it tight and looked into her eyes. “Liz, I know that you love your friends back in your home, but now is not the time to go back. You need to develop the small amount of powers you have now first. The immediate future is not going to be a happy one. You, Alex, Ava, Serena, and even Chris need to prepare. Learn to work together. I can’t let you go back yet.

“Trust your brother. He has a good head on his shoulders. So, do the rest of your friends, from what I have heard. I know Tess’ mind games are dangerous, but there is nothing we can do now. Please, trust me.”

Liz’s head bowed in defeat. She couldn’t go back home yet, but she could do everything in her power here to make sure Tess Harding would not win.

***Night Time, The Base’s Computer Lab***

They blazed a trail I dared to run
They built this world and I have come
I need another, like a brother
For a cryin’ shoulder
This could be the last time, you will
Stand by my side

Liz walked into the section of the lab she had Alex point out earlier today. After her meeting with General Mi’Ran, she had stole him from his normal business around the base to talk. They discussed everything the General had told her in confidence, including the Tess problem. Though Liz still wanted to go back, Alex reminded her that if he had felt Liz safe in Roswell with Tess around, then the others were safe. In the end, she had managed to get the location of the computer lab out of him. However, she did not have time to go till now, in the early night.

[I[I can feel my soul it’s bleeding, will you fly
With me this evening
Sober mind time now is gone, they carved my
Body not of stone
A pretty maze emptiness, I’ve said the hell
With all the rest

She flickered on the lights, happy that no one else was occupying the room at the moment. She wanted, needed to be alone. Walking over to the nearest I-Mac computer, she began the boot-up process. She twirled a pen in her hand until the computer screen was ready. Quickly, she logged onto the Internet, and then into the Hotmail account she had created when she and Michael agreed upon Internet communication.

To her surprise, there was a new mail message already waiting for her – from Michael. Quickly she opened it.

“Dear Liz,” the opening said. That was weird. Since when had Michael ever used any form of greeting in his letters? Never was the answer, Liz concluded all too quickly. She read the rest of the e-mail at a rapid pace.

I know I haven’t been the best of brothers to you, and regret that now, I’ll never have the chance to make it up. Maria convinced me to write this letter…this apology to you. Yeah, she knows. And she’s happy, surprisingly. What I have to say none of us like, but Maria said it was better to tell you than to just leave.

That’s exactly what I’m doing. Leaving. Max, Isabel, Tess, and I are leaving to our home planet at some on Tuesday. We are going to boot the Granolith up tomorrow. You were right, Alex was murdered. But he left us one last gift before he died – a way home. And we need to use it now, cause there have been complications. It’s not my right to tell you, but I doubt you’ll have a chance to talk to Maxwell ever again, so here goes nothing.

My former best friend got Tess pregnant. The baby’s going to die on Earth, so we need to leave. And as soon as possible. I’m sorry I never got to see you since we’ve found out. I love you.

-Your brother, always. Michael

Liz could not believe her eyes. How could this have happened? When had her life gotten so totally screwed up?

This could be the last time, you will
Stand by my side
I can feel my soul it’s bleeding, will you fly
With me tonight

This could be the last time, you will
Stand by my side
I can feel my soul it’s bleeding, will you fly
With me this evening

NOTE: Song used is “By My Side” by 3 Doors Down.

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Sorry I've taken much longer than promised to get the new part out. I've made sure it was long due to the delay. I've been really busy (and stressed out) cause of school. It's gotten to the point I have to drop an AP class cause it's just too much. Oh well. And I was bad on Saturday. Instead of writting, I was fixing up my Halloween costume for school (Crashdown Cafe uniform! *happy*), so I didn't finish this part till last night, when it was too late for me to post. So, here's the part, enjoy the story! Thanks Katie for keeping it alive all this time! FEEDBACK, PLEASE!!! I've got to get to school now...


Part 23

***Where We Left Michael and Maria***

“Liz? No. I have…I’ve known her for my whole life. I would’ve know, I would have. And there’s NOTHING that is even the slightest bit Czechoslovakian about her!”

Maria shook her head, blond curls bouncing with the nod. Okay, so Michael had a sister. She could cope with that…in time. It wasn’t so different from Laurie Dupree, his whatever relation she was. Was it? Maria wondered, still not quite believing it. She was able to handle the sister news until he said her name. Exactly. It was typical Michael to complicate everything by claiming that this sister is Liz? Her best friend, her Liz.

“What? Maria, Liz is part Antarian. We have the same mother,” Michael protested, not quite catching Maria’s old code word for alien. He let the words penetrate the momentary silence between them.

“Are you telling me that now it turns out that Mr. Parker married an alien? That is, if he’s even Liz’s real father. I guess you can’t ever tell anymore. You know something, this is too incredible, even for you.” She pointed accusingly.

In the midst of the tangent of words, Maria had stood and briskly walked away from Michael. Her hands rapidly moved up and down, a reflection of her distress. When Maria finally turned around, she was Michael still on the stump. His previous joyful expression now replaced with a hurt one looked similar to the faraway look he unconsciously wore when talking about his home planet. Maria’s heart broke when she saw him.

“Look, I had trouble believing it too at first.”

Whoa, wait a minute. He wasn’t the one who figured it out? Maria’s eyes narrowed.

“So you didn’t figure this…this plot twist out?” It took all of Maria’s self control not to freak out again. She was ready to outdo her performance that occurred when Liz originally told her that Max, Michael, and Isabel were aliens, almost two years ago.

“Liz did. She…” He was about to explain when Maria cut him off.

“You’ve been in contact with Liz?” All self-control had now vanished. Maria was in full rant mode. “And you haven’t even told me? God, Michael. She’s my only non-murdered best friend left. And she disappeared. It’s…”

A sob escaped and Maria broke into convulsions of tears. She had thought that within the past couple of weeks, she had calmed down quite considerably. But all the turmoil suddenly reappeared, leaving her shaking in her sobs.

Michael slowly inched towards Maria, not quite sure how to handle this. Seeing no other option, he wrapped his strong arms around her small back and clutched his on again/off again girlfriend tightly to his chest. Her tears soaked his shirt, but Michael did not care. He lovingly rubbed her back and dropped light kisses on the top of her head. She held him even tighter.

“You’ll be okay,” he whispered soothingly. “Everything will be okay. I promise…”

***The Granolith Chamber, 3:49 a.m.***

Max stood in the center of the Granolith Chamber. Isabel, Tess, and Michael stood around him, each a specific point of a triangle. A triangle of what though? Max wondered. Not friends. Michael and Isabel had not really been much of friends since Max started going out with Tess. Oh, they were there for the alien and Royal Four stuff, but other than that… They seemed to hate him, not so much Isabel any more, but Michael. And that puzzled Max. What had he done to Michael lately that would make him so angry?

Quietly, Max knelt on the floor and pulled the long purple crystal out of his navy blue Jansport backpack and placed it among side the stack of papers containing the instructions on working the Granolith. Michael had delivered both items to the Evans’ earlier that night. Almost immediately after his return, Max carried Tess to the jeep and the four aliens rode to the chamber. Now, they were going to set into action the process that would take them away from Earth…perhaps forever.

Max looked at the papers and the crystal key in his hand. “Thank you Alex,” he whispered, inaudible to anyone but himself.

He stood tall and faced the other three. He held the crystal in his palm. “This is the key that’ll take us…home. After we insert it, it will take twenty-four hours to prepare for the trip back to Antar. We have to be here by then; otherwise, it’s wasted. The Granolith can only do one mission, only one. After that, it’s no use. It is our only way home. Ready?”

Isabel shook her head and moved from her position to stand near Michael. She was pale; obviously upset with the prospect they were facing. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and allowed his almost sister to lean against his shoulder.

“This is too much, too fast,” she mumbled from her position. Michael grunted his agreement.

“We have no choice,” Max spoke in a no more questions tone.

“What about Leana?” Michael asked, helping Isabel to plea her case. “She’s already killed Alex. I’m not going to leave Maria or my…or Liz or anyone else here with her loose.”

“I’ll deal with her,” Max volunteered as Tess groaned and clutched her stomach again, sinking down to the floor of the Granolith.

With that, Max walked towards the control panel of the Granolith. He inserted the key into a specific section, casually, as if he had been doing this all his life. Suddenly, the dull silver room splashed in a whirlwind of light and colors. The v-shaped black void in the center of the chamber flushed with a golden light as the symbol representing their whirlwind galaxy appeared in the center. A circle of twenty-four gold dots surrounded it, each representing an hour of the day. As instantly as it appeared, the first circle disappeared, in a whoosh of sound. The countdown had begun…

Max stood transfixed at the symbol and the clock as Michael and Isabel walked slowly and depressively out of the Pod Chamber. Tess still sat in the corner, clutching her stomach in pain. All surroundings were lost to Max, as he became lost in thought. Twenty-four hours just wasn’t enough! His mind shouted. It wasn’t enough. No amount of time in the world would be enough for him to accomplish everything, for his last day on Earth. And without Liz…without Liz Max was lost.


Michael took Isabel’s hand as he helped her down the cliff their Pods were located on. Neither bothered to wait for Max and Isabel. Even though it was still early morning, both wanted to start their last day on Earth as soon as possible. And that meant not waiting around for their King…or his ‘bride.’ Isabel immediately let go of Michael as they reached level ground. She rushed towards the jeep, deeply upset. Then, as Michael neared closer, she turned around in such a rush; it almost caused Michael to loose his balance.

“I know where she is,” Isabel began in a rush of words characteristic of Maria, not the other blonde. “And maybe she’s still there. I can help you Michael. We can get to her before you leave. And maybe, cause she’s one of us… She can come with us! Michael, I can help!”

Michael grabbed Isabel forcefully by the shoulders to calm her hysterics. This whole trip-home business was getting to her. If only Michael somehow had stopped his freakin’ best friend from knocking up Tess, then this whole mess would not have occurred and none of them would be in the states they were in. Then Isabel, calm, collect Isabel, would not be a nervous, guilty wreck. And he and Maria wouldn’t be killing themselves over saying goodbye.

“Who are you talking about?”

“Liz,” Isabel replied, and then tried to pull away from Michael’s strong grip. “Kyle and I have been trying to find her, especially after I found out….”

“Found out what?” Michael growled. God, was anything secret from this girl?

“You know. That strange dream. Hate to break it to you Michael, but I didn’t stay in the back of the Crashdown. I heard everything. About you…Liz…Kalla…” The words came out more spiteful than Isabel meant. It was apparent by the hurt look on Michael’s face.

“Look, Michael, I screwed up back home…and here. But this is a chance for me to set things right. Liz is at her grandmother’s house in Alpine. I have a phone number. All you have to do is call and she can come back to Roswell before we leave. You don’t have to leave your sister behind, not if she’s Antarian. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind some female company on this trip, aside from Tess.”

Michael smiled. Max should realize how lucky he is to have a sister like Isabel. He let go of her shoulders and wrapped her in a tight hug instead, showing much more emotion than he was accustomed too. “Thanks Iz. You’re the best.”

***Max’s Room, Evans’ Household, 4:30 a.m.***

Max collapsed on his bed. He had barely stepped two steps inside of his room before falling on top of his nice, soft comforters, lying on his back. Using his feet so he would not have to sit up again, Max kicked his sneakers off. He rolled around on his side and reached over to turn on his pale blue lamp. The dim light cast an eerie glow, specifically reflecting off a silver frame resting on the top of his drawers. As if in a trance, he had picked himself off the bed and walked slowly over to the frame. He grabbed it gently, studying the photo intently, despite all the sleep that blurred his vision.

It was a picture of him and Liz right around the time of their second date, after the orb incident, when they were trying to return to normal. Alex and Maria had surprised them outside Senor Chow’s, claiming they were just going for a walk. Liz had known better. She knew that her two best friends had decided to see how the big date was going. Without them knowing, the devious duo had snapped a photograph of Max and Liz dancing, entranced with each other. He loved the photo so much he had gotten it framed.

Looking at it now pained the teen. How had his life strayed so far away from this perfect evening? Tears welled up in his eyes as he realized that he would not even be able to say goodbye to Liz, the girl who had once meant the world and beyond to him. Curling up in a fetal position, clutching the photo close to his heart, Max cried himself to sleep.


What on earth is going on in my heart?
Has it turned as cold as stone
Seems these days I don't feel anything
Less it cuts me right down to the bone
What on earth is going on in my heart?

Max stood in a swirl of deep crimson fog. He was standing outside the Crashdown. And there was a weeping sound. Coming from within? Unhesitant in this dreamscape, Max rushed inside to investigate. A girl’s body sat on one of the counter stools, surrounded by a deep amber aura blended into the fog. Her long, dark brown hair hid her face, but Max would have been able to recognize her even from miles away. Only because he could feel her.

“Liz?” he asked, and walked slowly towards her.

“Max?” She whirled around and hopped off the stool, blinking back tears fast. She pointed her finger in accusation and then her hands went flying up to her side in frustration. “How, how could you? After everything I have done for you? I trusted you. I gave you everything. I jumped off brides for you. I broke the law for you. I risked getting shot for you. God, I trusted you. And after everything… You go and sleep with her? God, with Tess? Max, how could you? God, I saved myself for you.”

It took Max a moment to realize what she was talking about. Tess. Somehow, even in a dream, Liz had found out. Then, her words sunk in. “Saved yourself for me? You slept with Kyle” Max roared. He was tired of everyone treating him like some villain, just for a couple of mistakes he made. Here she was, lying that she saved himself for him when she had slept with Kyle back in November. “What the hell are you talking about Liz?”

My oh my you know it just don't stop
It's in my mind I wanna tear it up
I've tried to fight it tried to turn it off
But it's not enough
It takes a lotta love

It takes a lotta love my friend
To keep your heart from freezing
To push on till the end
My oh my

“I didn’t,” Liz whispered softly, the hum of anger slowly subsiding. “It was a set up. I didn’t sleep with Kyle. But you, you broke my heart Max. God, did you break my heart.”

Max took another step closer. He was not afraid of Liz hitting him in retaliation. All he wanted to do now was make amends before he left planet tomorrow morning.
Cautiously, he grabbed Liz’s arm as she raised in explanation. Yet, unlike the last time he had grabbed her, he was carefully, and caring.

“Liz, there’s so much I want to apologize for. I really, really don’t know where to begin. You were right about Alex. He was murdered…cause of us. We’re…I’m responsible.”

“Max, I never blamed you for Alex’s death,” Liz spoke. At least now, she knew that the death wasn’t real. When she woke up, Max would be gone and Alex would be there to comfort her through this hard time. She doubted they would be able to stop Tess. The little hope she had in her was fleeting.

“I just wanted you to believe me. You had never doubted me till that one day. And it hurt,” she admitted.

“I’m sorry,” Max whispered.

What on earth is going on in my head
You know I used to be so sure
You know I used to be so definite
Thought I knew what love was for
I look around these days and I'm not so sure

The scenery suddenly changed. Now, Max and Liz were sitting outside the Crashdown in Max’s jeep. The crimson mist was now a sorrowful blue. The gentle hum of a song played in the distance. It hurt Max to look at Liz, but this was the last chance he would ever have. He looked in her deep brown eyes. They were still full of pain…pain placed there by him.

“I never thought it’d end up like this. I always thought that we would graduate together and I’d be able to give you my ring, a promise ring. But I’m not going to graduate, and I…” He dug into his coat pocket, surprised at what he found in there. It was a complete version of the pendant with the whirlwind galaxy symbol, a duplicate to the one Isabel had found at Atherton’s house.

“Liz, I want you to have this. This way you can always have a piece of where I’ll be. So I can always be close to your heart.” He opened her palm and placed it inside. He closed her hands tightly on top of it.

She shook her head in a sense of disgust. “After everything, this is all I have of you… I just…it’s too hard to believe…”

“I’m so sorry Liz. I really wish everything could have been different. I wish… I’m sorry…”

With that last comment, he leaned in to kiss her. Liz did not hold back. For one fleeting moment, Max was in heaven. Liz was in the arms she knew she wanted to be in for the rest of her life. Neither of them wanted to fall back down from the peak they had risen upon. The kiss ended all to quickly. Liz pulled away slowly, savoring every taste and feeling. Her eyes brimmed with tears, identical to Max’s.

My oh my you know it just don't stop
It's in my mind I wanna tear it up
I've tried to fight it tried to turn it off
But it's not enough
It takes a lotta love
It takes a lotta love my friend
To keep your heart from freezing
To push on till the end

“I guess this is it then. Our goodbye.” Max nodded in a sad agreement. She turned around to open the door of the dream jeep. Quietly, without looking back, she walked towards the front door of the Crashdown Café.

“One thing Max,” she said, turning around. Max’s eyes met her, answering with an ‘anything.’ “Do you…do you love her?”

“Not the way I love you.” Liz nodded and sadly turned the door to open the Crashdown and walked out of the dream, away from Max.

He was left in this horribly realistic dream world alone. The word echoed through his head. Alone… Not knowing what else to do, Max collapsed against the steering wheel, tears trickling down his face, loud sobs escaping for the rest of the dream.

My oh my you know I just can't win
I burn it down it comes right back again
What kinda world is this we're living in
Where you never win
It takes a lotta love
It takes a lotta love these days
To keep your heart from freezing
To keep your spirit free

***The General’s Base, outskirts of Alpine Arizona***

Liz woke up from the dream with tears wet on her face. It had seemed so real. Max had been so real. She looked around, readjusting to the darkness. Ava was in the other bed fast asleep. She glanced at the clock, not moving from her position. Only five a.m. When she reached with one hand to wipe the tears away, she was surprised to see the alien pendant in her hand. She clutched it close to her heart.

My oh my you know it just don't stop
It's in my mind I wanna tear it up
I've tried to fight it tried to turn it off
But it's not enough
It takes a lotta love
It takes a lotta love my friend
To keep your heart from freezing
To push on till the end
My oh my it just don't stop
My oh my it just don't stop
My oh my it just don't stop

NOTE: Song used was “My Oh My” by David Gray. I know this ending scene was very “Departure” reminiscent, but I believe that that episode was so well done, I can’t help but borrow scenes from it for the next part or so. I hope you all don’t mind and still enjoy the fic. Feedback, please?

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Well, enjoy the part and I hope to see you all soon! REMEMBER: Feedback makes me write faster! LOL!


From Part 8:

Continuing to dust the pool table with her hand, Liz caught view of something else. It was an old, mahogany chest. She left the table and walked over to its place in the corner. There were carvings of flowers: roses and daisies to be exact, bordering all the edges. Liz ran her fingers with in the crevices caused by the carvings. Suddenly, she lost view of the illuminated basement

FLASH: Grandma Claudia crying as she placed things into the chest. A metal box, photo albums, books, clothes, and letters.

FLASH: Liz’s father, Jeff Parker, coming down there and saying something to Claudia. He took a lock and sealed the chest, despite his mother’s pleas not to.

FLASH: Jeff throwing the key into a river, making it impossible for anyone to open it again.

Liz gasped as the images stopped flashing before her eyes. Breathing heavily, she looked around to see that she was still in the basement. “What the…” she wondered. Where had those flashes come from? The only time Liz ever received them was with Max. With Max…the thought echoed in her head.

“Oh my god.” Liz’s breath caught in her throat upon seeing that the chest was now open. She was positive it was still locked when she first found it. Liz carefully lifted the round lid up and leaned it against the wall. Inside the chest, Liz could see everything she saw her grandmother place in it in the flashes. The metal container, some clothes, a lot of photos… But what struck Liz as most curious was the black leather journal with the feather imprint on the cover. That was her journal. There seemed to be three letters and a photo sticking out of it.

“Liz, come on!” Topaz called from the stairwell. “What’s taking you so long down there?”

Topaz’s shouting snapped Liz out of her daze. Unaware, she grabbed one of the letters and photos. Placing the journal back in the chest, she slammed it shut. For some reason, she didn’t want anyone else to see it.

Part 24

***The Base, Alpine, Arizona, 8 AM, Sunday***

General Mi’Ran watched this brave group assemble in his office. They were so young, especially his niece, her best friend, and the princess. Yet, they were willing to fight for a cause that they knew little about. Such loyalty was rare these days. The five of them looked afraid, yet so brave. Even that bumbler, Chris, who knew and understood less than everyone else, had volunteered for the mission. The General didn’t want to send any of them on this quest, but with his three best agents: Leana, Zek, and Ran back in Las Cruces, he had no choice. There was no one else he would trust more with a task of this importance.

By now, each had taken a seat on opposite him. They sat more silently than usually. Liz especially seemed sad and lost in a world of her own thoughts. He prayed to the Gods that she would hold up and not suffer from a breakdown during the mission. The General leaned on to his desk a bit, to make talking easier and smiled sardonically. He cleared his throat to give out orders.

“Alex,” he spoke, the authoritative voice ending the silence of the room. “Ava?”

The two teens looked up. Alex’s face mirrored Liz’s lost yet determined look. Yet, his held another aspect as well, the joy of revenge. Ava, however, blocked all emotions; something growing up on the streets of New York City had taught her. They waited for the General to continue.

“The Granolith has been activated. While Zan and Tess may be eager to return to Antar, I have a feeling that Vilondra and Rath are not so, and reluctant to leave this planet. We will take advantage of their feelings, and sow seeds of doubt in their minds. We have to make sure that at least one of them will back out last minute, giving us more time to stop Tess before they leave.”

“Why can’t we just head them off?” Serena asked.

“Tess needs to be off the planet. If she remains, we will spend half the time in hiding. It’s hard enough with the Skins. Everything has to work out perfectly so Max, Isabel, and Michael remain.

“Alex, you are the person closest to Vilondra. She still grieves over your death. You and Ava will visit the princess when she is alone. With help of Ava’s mind warp, the two of you will make you seem as if you’re a ghost, or a figment of her imagination. Make sure to listen closely to Isabel, but before you ‘fade away’ make sure she feels doubtful about her past life.

“Serena, you and Chris will be dealing with Michael…”

“Wait, he’s my brother! I should go talk to him.” Liz protested, finally looking up from her lap. Her eyes still held sorrow, but now they were replaced by the determination of not letting her brother leave. The others looked at her, nodding their heads in agreement.

The General sighed. She was stubborn, much like his sister. “You have a more important role to play, Liz. As I was saying, Rath has only two reasons to remain on Earth, you,” he looked sternly at Liz, “and that bubbly human girl he is in love with. Chris and Serena will go to Roswell acting as tourists. Somehow, I don’t care how you two do it, you will convince Michael that loyalty towards family and love should come before his loyalty to Max. Got it?”

“Sir, yes sir!” Topaz mock saluted. This caused Ava, Liz, Alex, and Serena to break into nervous giggles.

“The what about me? Don’t tell me you’re going to make me sit here and wait for the others to return, just cause I’m to important for your war to risk. Uh uh, no way. I’m not going to remain in Roswell while the ones I love most risk their own lives!”

Liz stood up, her voice raising in octave with every word. Though she didn’t mean to become so angry with her uncle, all the stress and discoveries of the past few days had finally caught up with her. At the moment, Liz felt that she was going to burst if she didn’t do anything.

“And so you won’t. Liz, I’m sending you to Roswell as well. You’re going to have to find the two other humans in the group and convince them that Tess murdered Alex. This will have to be done after they leave for the Granolith, not before. If Tess knows we are on to her, she won’t leave planet till we are dead as well. Once you have convinced them of this, then the three of you will have to rush to the Granolith. Hopefully, you will get their before it’s too late.

“Liz, I also need you to project yourself to Zan, with Ava’s help. He has to be dissuaded from killing Leana. She has reported to me that Zan believes she is responsible for Alex's ‘death.’ Promise me you’ll do so.”

Liz mumbled a half-hearted promise. Content with their responses, the General dismissed the five friends to pack their bags and prepare for the trip to Roswell. They walked towards their respective rooms silently, until Liz spoke.

“You guys, how about we split up? I sorta have to go to my Grandmother’s house and pick something up,” Liz said quietly, not revealing what exactly she needed. “I don’t want to delay all of you. Alex, Ava, and I can go to her house and we’ll meet you two in Roswell later.”

“Fine with me, coz,” Topaz replied, giving Liz a well-needed hug. “Take care, won’t ya?”

“Of course I will. You be careful too, promise?” she whispered back. Seeing the exchange between cousins, Alex, Serena, and Ava continued on to their rooms, allowing them a few moments privacy for a good-bye.

“I’m not the one who has to go face an evil, crazy alien bimbo, am I? Look, all this might be crazy and weird, but I’m not that stupid. What we’ve become in is dangerous. I don’t want anyone hurt.”

“Trust me, I’m not going to get hurt,” Liz promised. She paused, fighting back tears and stepped away from her cousin, remembering a dream from the previous night. “Well, I’m not going to be hurt any more than I already am.”

Without saying anymore, Liz turned away and walked inside the room she shared with Ava.

***Grandma Claudia’s House***

Liz walked up the basement stairs slowly, careful not to loose her balance nor drop the mahogany chest she was struggling pushing up the stairs. Liz knew that she shouldn’t have left Alex and Ava in the car; certainly needing their help at the moment. But this was something Liz felt should be done on her own. The contents of the chest, at least the letters and pictures she had seen, had changed her life drastically. She didn’t know when she’d be coming back to Alpine and therefore, did not want to take any chance of leaving it behind.

When she finally pushed the chest to the top of the stairs, Liz let out a huge sigh of relief. She had succeeded in removing it from the dark basement corner that had been its resting-place for the past sixteen years. Not allowing more than a moment’s rest, Liz began to push the chest towards the front door. The sudden ringing of the telephone made her jump. Shouldn’t that line have been disconnected? She wondered. Certainly, no one would have any reason to call her late Grandmother’s home.

Deciding not to bother with it, Liz allowed the machine to pick up. She stopped all actions when she heard the unusually choked up voice that began to speak.

“Liz, I know you’re there. Isabel told me. I know you’ve gotten my e-mail too by now. Well, here’s the thing. Isabel told me I was wrong – yeah, she knows. I don’t have to leave you here. You’d probably be accepted among our people because, well, you ARE half Antarian. I don’t want you to remain on Earth, I want my family with me on Antar. Please, Liz. Hurry home to Roswell and meet us at the Granolith chamber as soon as you can. I…I know that you always haven’t been on best terms with us but…I need you Liz. You’re my sister, and I…I love you.”

Her heart stopped in her chest when Michael hung up. As if her life could get any worse, Michael was begging her to go to Antar with them. And what, watch Tess and Max bask in their love for the rest of her life? Liz thought irrationally. More than ever, she knew that they had to stop Tess.

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Thank you so much for making this story fun.

Sincerely, Jen*sad*
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Onto the fic now...

Part 25

***Roswell, New Mexico, 12 PM, Sunday***

The sun warmed the main street of Roswell, New Mexico. But, its bright sunshine did nothing to lighten the throbbing ache in Michael Guerin’s heart. A few hours ago, he and Max walked to the Crashdown, to see if Liz had been heard from lately. Michael, especially, was eager to know if she had called or given any hints of returning. Max couldn’t understand Michael’s insistence that Liz returned, somewhat not buying the “Maria really needs her if we’re leaving” excuse. However, Michael wasn’t ready to reveal that he wanted Liz to go back to Antar with them. Yet, despite wishful hopes on the part of both boys, no one had heard anything new.

After catching a quick bite to eat, Max had gone home to comfort Isabel. Although Isabel was extremely distraught at the idea of leaving, she had volunteered to go to Las Cruces with Max and deal with Leana. They would be gone for most of the day. Michael instead chose to hang around with Maria, Kyle, and to his distaste, Sean, for the remainder of the morning, until around noon, when the three humans decided to see a movie. Michael remained behind again, staying put at his small table, watching the tourists and citizen flock by and hoping to see Liz.

“Hey, dude!”

Michael looked up from the ground; his brooding interrupted. A tall, lanky, slightly darker than tan skinned man with curly black hair and deep brown almond eyes walked over to his table. Behind him, a beautiful Native American girl followed, tightly clutching his hand in one of her own. She had an extremely happy smile on her face, something that made Michael feel more pissed off than ever. If he wasn’t happy, he didn’t want anyone else to be.

“You from around here?” The man continued, pulling two extra chairs up to the table. He sat down in one. The girl sat in the other. Without waiting for a response from Michael, he carried on speaking.

“The name’s Chris. This is my fiancé, Serena. God, it’s great to finally meet someone from around here. Maybe you can help us. See, we’re supposed to meet my sister at some place called the Flying Pepperoni, and well, Rina and I are just about clueless when it comes to Roswell, New Mexico.”

The guy rambled so much like Maria would, never pausing once to catch her breath. Sometimes, her babble would annoy him, yet in some strange way, comfort him. God, why’d this guy have to go and remind him of her? Michael wondered. He was really beginning to have second thoughts about the whole leave Earth for Antar thing, a worry Michael two years ago would have laughed about.

“We’ve been looking all around town for someone to help us. Are people here really always this cold? See, Rina and I are eloping in a few hours, and we really want Beth, that’s my sister, to be there. Beth and I are the closest as two siblings can get, plus, she’s Rina’s best friend. Perfect, huh? Hey, do you have a sister?”

At last, a pause in the conversation, Michael thought. “Uh, yeah.” He muttered, barely audible.

“And I’m sure you love her more than anything. I can never think of parting from Beth. It was hard enough when she decided she wanted to move to Roswell and be an ufologist. Rina and I would call her up every night, remember dear?”

He turned to look at Serena, who smiled and nodded at him. She hadn’t said a single word since the couple had decided to make themselves at home at Michael’s table.

“But Rina and I, now that we’ve graduated from the University of New Mexico, have decided to stay in this wonderful state. We’re in the process of apartment hunting. Beth promised she’d try to find one during our honeymoon to Vegas. Hey, wanna see a picture of her?”

Again, without waiting for a response, Chris pulled out his wallet from a pocket inside his jacket. He flipped it over and pulled out a worn photograph of a girl who looked almost identical to Liz, but with a couple noticeable differences. He proudly showed the photo to Michael. “It was taken a couple years ago, but it’s my absolute favorite shot. Oh, and then there’s the one of Rina and Beth at our high school graduation. God, I love both of them so much.”

Chris searched around in his pockets for more photographs, occasionally asking Serena where they were, and if she had seen them lately. Michael hastily stood up, finally deciding what he needed to do before leaving. He needed to see Maria. To be with her one last time to remind himself that he really was making the right choice.

“The Flying Pepperoni is five blocks west. Later man.”

Michael talked rapidly as he began inching away from the table. In a couple of seconds, he had broken into a full out run. When he was out of sight, Serena and Chris broke into giggles and slapped each other with a high-five, congratulating each other repeatedly.


***Crosstones Graveyard, Roswell, 12 AM, Monday Morning***

Isabel sighed, her tear stricken face covered by both her hands. She had been here for the last hour or so, crying until the sun disappeared below the edge of the desert. Crying for herself, for Liz, Maria, and Kyle, for Max, for Michael, and more than anything, for Alex. Ales, whose grave she was sitting next to, an old tree stump being the only preferable seat aside from the ground his body lay in. Alex, her closest friend aside from Max and Michael. Alex, the guy whom she realized she loved way too late. Alex, whose murder would be left un-avenged.

She shook her head as the events of the day crossed her mind in an automatic fast forward. She and Max had gone to Las Cruces to prevent Leana from killing any more humans. But, as soon as Max was ready to fry the circuit system, creating a fire that would surely kill the supposed shapeshifter, Leana/Jennifer had pricked her finger on a needle and didn’t bother to use any powers to fix the mess. From their hiding place in the air vent, Isabel had seen the whole incident, and ultimately decided this wasn’t the girl they were looking for. When she had turned around to tell her brother so, she found him staring into space, looking as if he had seen a ghost. “Liz said she wasn’t it.” he whispered, the only words he’d speak to her until they got back to Roswell.

Whoever killed Alex was still out there. And Isabel was helpless to do anything about it. Max and Iz had driven home in silence from Las Cruces to arrive back in Roswell in time to have their last dinner with parents. At one point, Isabel had to excuse herself from the table cause the emotional pain of leaving them was too much. At least Max had let her record a video, alongside Max of course, explaining the truth to their parents. They would deliver it to Valenti before leaving for the Pod Chamber for good, later that night.

As soon as she and Max had finished the tape, Isabel said goodbye to Philip and Diane Evans one last time and then left her home to say goodbye to one last person. And so, for the last two hours, she had sat by Alex’s grave in silence, the only sound ever heard being her quiet weeping.

She sniffed in, trying to hold back the next wave of tears. She had some things she needed to tell Alex before meeting up with the others.

“Alex,” she spoke, looking directly at the tombstone. “I know…I know I didn’t always treat you fairly. But you were always there for me…even when I tried pushing you aside.” She spoke in between sobs. “I…I just couldn’t get attached. Didn’t you see? I was afraid. Cause… I never thought that it was possible that someone…someone could love me for me. But you did. You always did.

“I, I wish I could take back all those snide comments or remarks I made to you. I wish that I could realize what a great person you were before… God, why is it that we don’t really know how much someone means to us until we loose him?”

She tossed her hands up in the air as she stood, tears flowing from her eyes. She walked over to the edge of the stump where her bag was and pulled out a bouquet of orchids. She silently walked over to Alex’s tombstone and placed them in the center of his grave. “Maria mentioned they were your favorites,” she whispered softly to him.

“I know they don’t seem like much. But, if…if I had a chance to do it all again, I would’ve let you in. I wouldn’t have kept you at arm's length. I’m so sorry Alex.”

Isabel walked away from the grave back to the log. She paused for a moment, looking skyward. A shooting star shot across the sky and Isabel mentally made a wish, like she used to when she was younger. She blinked away a few more tears and then sat down, her eyes fixated on Alex’s grave.

“I always knew I could talk to you. You were like a sense of reason to me. And…oh Alex,” she sobbed, “I’m so afraid. To go back… Vilandra…she, she was horrible. She betrayed her family and friends, her people! I can’t go back to that… How are they going to see me? I’m…I’m a traitor, a horrible, horrible person.”

“Listen to me,” a voice said from behind as a hand touched Isabel’s shoulder. “I don’t care what Vilandra was like or who you were in a different life. You’re Isabel Amanda Evans now, someone I’ve had the honor of knowing. Someone who puts her friends and family before anything else.”

Isabel turned around quickly as soon as she recognized the voice. “Alex?” she asked hesitantly. He grinned at her. “Oh my god, Alex! It’s really you?” She threw himself into his arms.

“Well, as much as you want it to be me.” he replied, pulling her into a tight hug. “You haven’t let go of me…you need to do that Isabel.”

“I...I can’t. I don’t want to.” She spoke into his chest. Briefly, she glanced up at Alex’s face before burying her head back into his shirt. “I just, I wish we could go back to that night. Prom night.” They smiled simultaneously, remembering the event. “Before everything went wrong. I wish we could have one last dance.”

Remember how they always seemed to love
We had the force for ours but the earth was in a club
We’d steal out from under the stars
In these blankets and these robes of ours
We thought we’d fall
Not at all

As Alex stepped away from Isabel, the haunting echo of a familiar song played began to play in the background. He stood facing her, a small grin teasing his lips. Alex bowed, and Isabel laughed for the first time in days. When he rose, he looked her straight in the eyes. Extending his hand, he asked: “Milady, may I have this dance?”

All Isabel could do is nod as the tears threatened her eyes. Alex pulled her back to him, holding her close. Neither of them spoke while slowly dancing, only listening to the mysterious lyrics in the night.

So you're back on those treasured days
We were young in a world that was so tired
Though it's not what we wanted before
Even the saints had to crawl from the floor

It’s summer when the money’s gone
You’d sing all your little songs
Meant everything to me

And I’ll remember you
The things that we used to do
The reaching at the chosen goal
If it don't hurt you it won't hurt me

“Vilandra,” Alex whispered softly as they danced. Isabel looked at him in surprise. “Iz, don’t forget Vilandra. We learn from the past. It’s the only way you won’t be her…” His voice began to fade with the music as Isabel nodded, closed her eyes and continued dancing.

From a small cliff a few yards away, Ava and Alex sat watching the scene. Ava’s mindwarp of Alex had faded away. Isabel hadn’t noticed as she still danced as if Alex was there. Ava let go of Alex’s hand as they broke the connection that allowed her to project his image to Isabel.

“I miss her,” he said softly.

“I know.” Ava replied. “But as soon as theys finish the plan and stop that bitch Tess, you can gos to her.”

“Thanks Ava,” he whispered as he continued to watch Isabel dance. Ava couldn’t help but feel a pain of regret, wishing she had someone to care that much about her.

I remember how they tried to hold you down
And we climbed those towers and looked down upon our town
And everything we hoped would last
Always just becomes the past (it hurts)
Summers when the money was gone you'd sing
All your little songs that meant everything
To me

***Michael’s Apartment, Roswell, Same Night***

The doorbell rang, causing Michael to jump from his seat. He rushed to the living room, nearly tripping over the couch. He quickly struggled to straighten his appearance as he opened the front door. Michael smiled broadly, kissing Maria on the head as she entered his apartment.

“Michael,” she greeted. “What’s going on?”

Michael quickly closed the door to his apartment and walked to Maria. “Close your eyes. Please?”

“Okay,” she said simply, only wanting to be in Michael’s company before he left Earth. She closed her eyes but then covered them with her hands. She couldn’t help but smile as Michael’s strong hands gripped her shoulders, leading her out of the room. His eagerness seemed to be washing off him in yards, something Maria felt she’d never see.

“Okay, open them.”

Maria did as she was told. Her small smile turned into a grin as she saw the Scooby Doo plates and silverware and what seemed to be a home cooked Italian meal on Michael’s kitchen table. She turned around to face Michael, who had moved away from her to sit by the counter. He watched her every movement intently.

“Michael,” she breathed in. “You…you did this for me? All my…all my favorites. How?”

“I, uh,” Michael stood from where he was sitting to walk towards her. “I have a speech I made. Um, I don’t know if this is the right…”

“Shhh,” Maria said soothingly. “It’s okay. Tell me.”

Michael fumbled around with a small piece of scrap paper. Maria had never seen him this nervous. She couldn’t help but think he looked adorable. Don’t go there DeLuca, she scolded herself. It’ll only leave you with a broken heart. Yet, Maria could feel every inch of her heart quickly being claimed by Michael Guerin.

“Well, see, the reason I knew this…You know, that Italian’s your favorite food and that you love Scooby Doo…well, it’s because every time we, we’ve kissed, I’ve gotten flashes of your life….and I knew how you felt about certain things. And, remember last spring, when Max and Liz kept getting all those flashes from each other and you didn’t get any from me?” Maria nodded. “Well, it’s because I was closed off. I didn’t ever think anyone could care for me like you did. I also didn’t think that…that I could trust me with anyone.”

Tears had begun to stream down his face as he continued speaking, stepping a bit closer to Maria. “I…I have to leave tonight. But before I do… Maria, I want you to see me. I want you to know how much I love you.”

Before Maria had a chance to answer, he had put his hands on her face, locking his eyes with hers. Quickly, Maria was bombarded with images. Flashes of his abusive childhood with Hank, meeting Max and Isabel for the first time, knowing he wasn’t the only alien on Earth, discovering he had a sister. But, through it all, at the center of Michael’s universe was Maria.

Her heart skipped a beat and tears filled her eyes. Michael stepped back uncertain, but Maria stepped towards him. “Michael?” she whispered. “ I love you too.” With that, he raised her head to kiss her, their passion and love becoming more than either could possibly imagine as they gave themselves to each other for the first time.

***Michael’s Apartment…Later that Night***

Maria was sprawled across Michael’s couch, crying softly to herself. Michael had left a half-hour earlier to meet with the other aliens at the Pod Chamber. It had been the hardest goodbye Maria ever dealt with in her life. But, despite the fact that he was gone, she wasn’t ready to let go or leave the only place where she would be reminded of Michael any time soon.

A knock at the door startled Maria out of her reverie. She slowly got up from the couch and wiped her tear stained face. Another knock caused Maria to pick up her pace a tiny bit faster. She got to the door three knocks later. Not really caring, she opened it, to see a very frantic Liz standing right in front of her.

NOTE: Song used is “Perfect Memory” by Remy Zero. Hope you all enjoyed my Departure distortion…

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