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Title -Meeting Again
Rated-R through NC-17
Catagory-M/L and some Mi/M, A/I oh and a lil M/T
Summery- Ok this takes place when their in their early 20s there will be flash backs but..this is AU...Max and Liz broke up right before they went to college and this first part is where they meet again..
Disclamer-I don't own nothing please don't sue
Part 1
Liz smiled as she looked through the baby clothes. She tured to her little 2year old daughter. "Do you like this one?" "Or this one to wear to Auntie Marias?" Liz asked her daughter holding up a pink dress and white shoes with a white hat. Then in her other hand a pair of black shorts and red shirt with white shoes.

Destiny Parker smiled a big smile and pointed to the shorts and red shirt. "Good choice," Liz said and put it on top of her daughters stroller. The mall on a afternoon Saturday was crowded. Liz went up to the cash register and paid for the out fit and walked out.

"Ok, should we go home? Or get something to eat?" Liz asked Destiny. "eat" Liz heard her say. Liz smiled and strolled torward the food court.

Liz gasped aloud as she saw someone familuar coming out of the lather store. Liz looked down at her beautiful daughter. She had dark brown hair and her fathers eyes. Liz smiled and walked over to where that familuar someone was.

"Max! Wow what a great surprise. Isabel didn't say anything about you coming back to town," Liz said keeping a fake smile on her face. She looked over on the other side of Max and saw and blonde bimbo, she had her arm around Max's waste. Liz could feel the fire burning in her stomach.

Max looked Liz up and down. "Wow. Um Liz? Damn long t-time no see," He stattered with his words. Liz smiled. "Whos your friend Max??" Liz asked bluntly. "I'm Tess, Tess Harding," The fake boob girl answered(lol sorry I had to do it)

"hwi mwax," Destiny said trying to make meaning with her words. Max looked down at the little girl with widden eyes and looked at Liz with a pale face. "Max this is Destiny, My daughter," Liz said proudly.

"H-Hi Destiny," Max said confused. "Well Max, we should get going we don't want to miss the dinner at your friends house," Tess said noticing the staring between the two.

"Oh your going to Michael and Marias tonite too??" Liz asked. "Yeah,"

"Great I am to. Well I guess I'll see you tonite Max. It was nice meeting you Bess," Liz said. "Say bye Destiny,"

"bwy destiny," she said

Liz giggled and left.*************

"Michael! The food is burning!" Maria yelled at her husban. 2Years they have been married and still in the greatest love but will fight alot.

"Yeah yeah yeah," Michael came into the kitchen.

Maria looked at the clock nervously. It was almost 6:30pm they still have 30mintues to get done.

A loud knock on the door broke her from her planning. Maria went to the door. But before she could open it the door opened with a nervous rack Liz and Destiny in her hand.

"You didn't tell me shit about Max coming!" Liz said. "Michael will you take Des to another room real quick," Liz said. Michael nodded knowing not to mess with Liz.

"Liz, I'm sorry it was a last mintue thing. He asked and we couldn't say no. Chill Liz everything will be fine," Maria asured Liz.

Liz sat down on the couch. "Liz its time you told him,"

Liz looked up at Maria like she was crazy. "Tell him he has a daughter," ********

TBC........Should I keep on going???

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Thanks so much for all the great feedback! I didn't think alot of people would like this fic
limegreenli-Tess didn't go to school with them. Destiny is just a name that I love and hoping to name one of my own. But Tess just met Liz

Again thank u so much for all the great feedback. If I get some more good feedback I might have another part tonight out or tomorrow. *wink*

Part2 (2 1/2 years ago. Prom night)WARNING******* NC17

"Liz!Liz! I can't go I can't do it. I mean we both know Michael what if he doesn't come or if he doesn't wear a suit? I can't handle this stress," Maria said sniffing her cinder oil. Liz smiled at her friend; she sat down next to Maria and grabbed her arm around her. "Do you love Michael??" Maria nodded. "Does he love you back?" Maria nodded again.

"Then hes going to be there," Liz smiled. Maria sniffled. "Thanks Liz," Maria hugged her best friend and went to the mirror to check her make-up. It was almost six and all six of them had reservation at a falsify restaurant just a little out of town.

"Maria you look gouges," Liz said looking at Maria's long red dress hugging Marisa curves a long slit in the back and the front coming down and hugging her breasts beautifully. She had her hair down with spiral curls.

"Ditto girlfriend," Maria smiled as she got her red shoes on.

Liz smiled, as she looked the mirror she was wearing a white dress and like Marias it was hugging her curves. The V-neck in the front going down almost to her belly button. The one strap around her neck. Liz also had her hair down curled.

'This is it. I hope I look ok,' Liz thought to herself but the doorbell knocked her out of her thoughts.

Liz and Maria looked at each other with excitement. Liz and Maria grabbed their stuff and went to the door. There stood 2 very handsome men. One smiling like he just one a million dollars and one looking like he was very uncomfortable. You guess who is who.

"You two ready to go??" Michael asked as he hid to the jeep. Max smiled and held his elbow arm out to Liz as Liz took it. Max leaned in and whispered in her ear. "You look absolutely breath taking," Liz blushed. ***********

"Finally you guys get here," Isabel complained as they sat down. Max pulled out Lizs chair. Liz smiled and sat down.

Michael sat down and grabbed for a menu. Maria frowned. Max smiled and pulled Maria's chair out for her. Maria kissed him on the cheek and sat.

They all talked amongst them self’s. Laughing and smiling. Soon they all were done and went to the dance.*************

4hours later
Liz laughed as she took off her shoes. "Here," Max said and swung her strong arms around her and picked her up. Liz screamed in excite ment. Liz wrapped her arms around her neck. "My parents aren't home tonight," Liz said smiling. Max stopped and looked at her. He smiled and kissed her.

The kiss was beautiful. Personate. They pulled back, both breathing hard.*********

"Max," Liz said as he pulled her shirt over her head. He kissed every open part of her skin. She wrapped her arms around him, then her legs around his waste. Max pulled her up and walked to the bed. His knees hit the bed and he slowly made sure to lay down with out hurting her.

Liz pulled on Maxs shirt pulling it off and tossing it to the floor. She unzipped his pants pushing them off with her feet. Max kissed Lizs soft lips. He could hear Liz moan in respond.

Maxs hands caressed her soft body unzipping her dress and throwing it to the floor. Max looked at Liz.

Liz could feel tears coming to her eyes. She could see how much he loved her in the dark pool of his brown eyes. One slipped away from her eye.

"What’s wrong sweetie?" He asked her. Liz smiled at him. "Nothing,"

Liz took a breath and started to pull on Maxs boxers. They fell to the floor. Max slid his strong hands behind her back and unclipped her bra. Taking it off, he sucked in a breath smiling to Liz to as beautiful she is.

“Your beautiful,” Max said. Liz smiled. Soon they were both undressed kissing each other tugging at each other’s lips. Liz moaned as Max started down her soft body. Taking in one of her soft breast and sucking softly.

Liz arched her chest into him mouth moaning aloud. “Max, Please I need you now,” Liz moaned in need. Max came up to her lips and kissed them as he slid a hand down to her pussy. Liz arched her hips moaning. Max smiled as he saw what he was doing to her. He slid a finger inside of her going in and out slowly. “Max Max please,” She moaned.

Max smiled and slowly he looked at Liz and lined his cock up with her pussy. Max looked deep into her eyes as he started to slide in. Max noticed her starting to wince and stopped. “Go on Max,” Liz said her eyes closing. “I don’t want to hurt you Liz,” He debated.

“Please Max,” Liz arched her hips making him go deeper past her barrier. Liz sucked in a breath and waited for the pain to go away. “You ok?” Max asked her. Liz nodded. Max started in and out of her letting her get the feeling of him. Liz moaned in more need. She thrusted her hips up to him. Max moaned going faster in and out of her. He moaned and slid one of his hands down to her clit and rubbed. Liz moaned louder and wrapped her hips around his hips going in and out.

“M-Max,” Liz screamed as she cumed. Max came after her. Breathing hard he didn’t let himself lose the connection they had at the moment.

After a few minutes their breathing went back to normal.

Max pulled Liz close to her. Liz closed her eyes as she felt his arms around her. “I love you Max,” Liz said. Max couldn’t speak. The 3 words hes always wanted to hear was said.

Liz could feel the tears come to her eyes at the long pause. ‘He doesn’t love me back,’ Liz started to pull away but Maxs arms just held her tighter. “I love you too Liz,”***********

2months later
Dear Journal,

It’s been 2 months since I lost my virginity. It was great the first month but I’ve been getting sick. That’s the problem. I think I’m pregnant. Max is going away in one week and If I am pregnant I really don’t think I can tell him. He’s going to college. I’m going to take a year off before I go. I don’t know why but going to college right away, I just don’t want to. I can’t tie Max down with a child. It will be a awful thing to do to him and he’ll never forgive me I know that for sure. I bought a pregnancy test today. I’m to afraid to do it yet. But I have to do it. Anyways I should go.
Love always,
Liz Parker[I/]********

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Part 3 (where I left off on part 2)
Liz sat on her bathroom edge, head in hands waiting.


Liz felt her stomach drop. She stood up slowly holding onto the edge making sure not to fall. She grabbed the pregnancy test and looked at it. Liz could feel it slip from her hands. Her knees buckled and she fell to the hard floor. Her shoulders shaking as she sobbed into her hands.**************

Max smiled as he stopped at the crashdown. He had 1 more week with Liz and he was going to make it worth her while. He walked into the Crashdown, and looked around for Liz.

His smile turned into a frown as he noticed Liz wasn't there. He spotted Maria and walked over to her.

"Hey Maria. Isn't Liz working today?" Max said.

Without looking at him she talked. "Umm no, didn't she call you, shes running some aarons for her dad. She told me to tell u that she is sorry about today but tomorrow will be all about u," Maria told him and walked to the back room.

Maria sat against the wall. "Liz babe you have to tell him," Liz looked to the ground.*******

Max walked to his mail box taking the mail out he saw one with his name on it.

Harvard University
Maxwell Evans

Max opened it with curiosity.
Dear Mr.Evans,
We are sorry to inform you but the Dean has increased the time needed to be at the University. You are needed here in 2 days, if not here we will refuse you.
Saff of Harvard************

Liz could feel the tears come to her eyes as she waited with Max and his family at the airport. Max could feel her stress and put an arm around her and pulled her closer. 'Nows the time Liz,'

"Max I need to talk to u, please," Liz said and got up with his hand and walked to a more private place. Max cupped her cheeks and smiled as he took in her beauty.

"Max-" She was cut off by the announcer "New Mexico, Roswell to Boston is aboarding at gate 17,"

"Max! Come on lets go you'll miss your flight," Mr.Evans yelled as he put his arm around his wife and started to walk.

"Baby what is it??" Max asked as they started to walk. Liz didn't say anything. She couldn't she felt like her world was coming to un end.

They got to the gate and the announcer came on calling the last call for this flight. "Max I'm-," Liz almost told him but the flight assistant interrupted her. "Mr. Evans the plane is about to leave,"

Liz looked down to the floor. Max put his hand under her chin and gave her a kiss. "I love you Liz, I'll call you and you can tell me then," He said and left.

"But-" he was gone before she could say anything.*************

Back to present time. Everyone is arriving

Liz sat in the bathroom. She remembered everything that had happened like it was yesterday. The awful letter that he wrote her. She put her hand to her pocket and pulled out a old piece of paper and read it
I am writing you this letter out of love. You know I love you very much and I would die for you, you know that. Thats why I think we need to take a break from eachother. I love you with all my heart. I'll see you in a year when u come out to start your year.
Liz wiped away the tears that slipped from her eyes. A smile knock made her look up. She opened her door and smiled as she saw her 2 yearold daughter coming in with food all over her mouth.

"Mummy mummy Mwax is here!" She said and grabbed her moms hand. Liz wiped away her tears and re-did a little bit of her make up and went out with her daughter.

"Their you are Liz," Maria said worried. "Where else would I be Maria," Liz smiled and winked at Maria. "Hey Max," Liz said and turned to Max.

"Bess," Liz nodded her head. Liz almost laughed as she saw Tess turn red. "Its Tess thank you," Tess said.

"Auntie ria I'm hungry," Destiny said pulling on Marias pants. "Ok sweetheart we're almost done," Maria smiled.

Max looked straight at Destiny. There was something familiar about her eyes that made him wander.

Liz smiled as the confused look on his face showed. The door opened with a Isabel and Alex. Destiny screamed and ran to Alex. "Uncle Awex!" jumping into his arms.

"Hey little one," He said.

"Auntie Izzy cwan I ask yous a qwestion," Destiny said. Isabel nodded. "Doesn't my daddy look like him??" Destiny pointed to Max.***********

TBC............Thank you all for the great great great feedback. I think I'll have a POV on Max soon. THANK U AGAIN

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Part 4
The whole room went silent staring at Destiny.

Max stared at Destiny for a moment then to Liz. His eyes went black as he looked at her. "Liz? Do you have something to tell me???"

Liz looked at Max. " You heard it for your self Maxwell Evans. You have a daughter," Liz said.

Tess gasped. "Bitch, Your lying. This is all your plan to get Max. Well you can't have him back you ugly slut hes mine!" Tess said her anger coming out as she grabbed onto Max's hand tight.

Liz felt the words sting but she didn't show it. "This is what I tried to tell u before u left Max. But u had to get on that plane when I was pregnant. You never even gave me a chance to tell u. Then you had to break up with me. Smart move Max, now u have missed 2 years of your own daughters life," Liz said. She walked over to Isabel and took Destiny from her arms. "Thanks Iz," Liz said, grabbed her purse and left.

The room stared at Max. "How could you Michael, Isabel??? Not tell me about this!" Max yelled with anger. "Max she made us promise not to tell you, But we knew you would have found out sooner or later," Isabel said.

Max could feel his blood boil with fury. He grabbed his jacket and left, getting into his truck and speeding away.

"Maybe we should have told him Michael," Maria said putting her arm around his back. "He knows now,"**********************
Tbc...ok ok I know very very short part but I need some ideas! please!!!
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Part 5

"Max, You can't just get up and leave Boston"
"Mom, I am moving back to Roswell. It will be nice to be near Isabel and Michael again"
"Ok Max if your sure. You'll be coming back to get all of your stuff right??"
"Of course Mom,"
"OK sweetie I'll see you in a week, I love you Max,"
"I love you to mom,"

Max walked up to the door step and knocked. He stepped back a foot and waited.

"Hey Max, Michael isn't her-" Before Maria could finish Max came inside.

"Tell me what has been going on. Right from the start Maria and don't leave anything out," Max said.*******

Max sat in down with his buger and fries at McDonalds place place inside watching the little kids.

"Daddy can I got pway??" Max over heard a little girl talking to her father. "After you eat a little bit then u can go play," The father said.

Max smiled...putting his face on the dad and Destiny on the little girl. He shook his head and concentrated on his buger. Suddenly he wasn't very hungry. He then put his head up and watched as the kids played, smiled, and what made them laugh taking in every detail.*******


Liz sighed as she heard her alarm go off. 6:30 am in the morning. She threw her legs over the side of the bed and walked into her bathroom. Rubbing her sleepy eyes she looked in the mirror . A flash of her prom night came to her mind. She could almost feel Max's arms around her. Liz sighed, her eyes filling her eyes.

"No Liz. You have to be strong," She said to herself. She sucked in a breath and wipped away her eyes. A little voice came into the bathroom. "Mummy, wheres daddy?" Destiny asked with a sleepy voice.

Liz bent down to her daughters hight. "Destiny, hunny your daddy and I aren't together so ur daddy won't be seeing u unless he comes to pick u up. But I don't think that will be for awhile," Liz said. She watched as her daughters lip quiver. "he no wike me?"

"No no its nothing like that baby. Your Daddy loves you very much. Hey you want to go to Auntie Marias and Uncle Michael today??" Destiny nodded. Liz hugged her daughter and kissed her forehead. 'I hope he loves me to,' Liz thought*****

Authors Note- I am sooo sorry for not having a part sooner but I have been so busy but I think I might catch up on my story... sorry for such the long wait and thanks for all the wanderful feedback

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Part 6
“So has Max called or anything????” Maria asked as she picked up a can of beans. Shopping was something that could get Liz’s mind off Max. Kinda. “Nope. I wouldn’t be surprise if he didn’t,” Liz said as she looked through the meats.

“Liz you have to give him a break. You didn’t tell him. How could have he known. I bet you for a fact if you told him at the gate at the airport he wouldn’t have gone,”

“Oh so your taking his side??” Liz said putting a hand on her hip.

“I’m not on anyones side. I’m just saying that he would have stayed and took care of you and Destiny,”

“Yeah I guess your right. You know before he had to leave and I knew that I was pregnant, I had a dream that me and Max were married and we were a happy family,” Liz said sadly.

“Its still not to late Liz,”

Liz sighed as she stopped and thought for a moment. Maybe it wasn’t to late for her, Destiny and Max to become a family. ‘But that’s if Max still loves me’

“ Liz give him a chance. He deserves a chance to be Destiny’s dad,”*********

“Do you think I should come over???”

“Yeah man. It will give u a chance to be with Destiny before Liz comes back,”

“Ok I will be there in a few,”

“Ok laterz,” Michael hung up the phone and turned to Destiny.

“Guess whos coming to see u??” Michael asked her.

Destiny put on a confused face and shrugged. “The easter bunny???” She asked. Michael chuckled. “Nope. Your daddy,”

A smile lit her face up and she jumped. “When when when???” She asked. “soon,”****

A knock at the door made Destiny jump. She ran to the door and tried to open it. She cried in frustration as she couldn’t open it. Michael picked her up so she could get a better grip and opened the door. Just as soon as the door open Destiny jumped into Max’s surprised arms.

Max looked up at Michael and Michael shrugged.

“Come play with me and Uncle Mikkie,” Destiny said as she grapped one of Maxs’ fingers and pulled him to the little table. “We’re playing tea party,” She said. Michael turned a disgusted face to Max and smiled. *******

“Would you like more tea daddy?” Destiny said and lifted up the tea cup. Max was seated on a little chair and was holding a baby tea cup. “Sure,”

She poured fake tea in his cup and watched as Max put it up to his lips and pretended to drink it.

“how about u uncle Mikkie??” she asked. She poured some in his cup.

The door bell rang saving Michael from drinking fake tea. He ran to the door and opened it. And to his surprise Liz and Maria walked in with groceries bags. “You could go out to the car and help Michael,” Maria said. Liz walked in after her and almost dropped her bags as she saw Max and Destiny at the little play table she bought Destiny.

Max jumped up off the chair and dusted himself off. “H-Hi Liz,” Max said nervously. “Hi,” Liz said and walked over to the kitchen table setting the food down. “Do you need any help??” Max asked Liz.

“No,” Liz said

Max looked down to his feet feeling stupid. “But you can when we get to my house to drop off my groceries,” Liz said with a little bit of a smile.*************


Authors note- Oh geez you guys thank u so so much for all the great Feed Back!!!! I’m hopping for a new part for you guys in the next few days…Thanks!!

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Part 7 a lil bit of NC-17

Max felt the tension in the jeep. Wondering if even a sharp knife could cut through it. He doubted it. He jumped out of the jeep, went to the back and grabbed some of her grocerises.

With Liz getting some of her stuff she was up to her apartment opening the door and setting the food on the dinner room table.Max walked through the door and looked at all the pictures of Destiny. He noticed that if he would have took a minute at the airport for her to say what she needed to say that his picture would also be there in the pictures with his daughter.

"You could just set those here," Liz said breaking him from his thoughts. Max nodded and sat them down on the table. "Shes beautful," Max said

Liz stopped in her tracks and turned to Max. He was staring at a picture of her and maria with Destiny. Liz looked to the ground. "Yeah she is,"

Max walked closer to the picture. "She has your eyes, and your long shinny hair and I think your nose," Max smiled

"She has your ears," Liz said it. 'Your ears' It rang in her ears as she looked at the picture.

"Yeah poor thing," Max laughed. Liz laughed. 'God it feels good to laugh' she thought.*******

"Then there was this time when Destiny and Michael were playing," Liz started. Max laughed. "Michael playing??" Max asked with amusement.

Liz laughed. "Yeah he makes a good Ken," Max chacked up laughing. "Yeah so me and maria come home from work. And here we see, Michael on the ground with Destiny, with her barbie play house. I guess he didn't hear the door so we come in quiet and we heard Michael ask in a pretty boy voice, 'Do you wanna go to eat,' I swear it was the most funniest thing I ever saw or heard," Liz laughed as she picture it in her head. Max grabbed at his stomach he was laughing so hard.

Liz looked at her watch. "Wow, we have been so busy getting caught up its almost midnite,"

Max nodded. "I should get going. the hotel I'm at is about 30miles out of town,"

Max grabbed his coat and headed to the door. He put his hand on the door nob and then took it off. "How come you didnt tell me Liz?"

Liz looked to the ground. "I tried Max, but, you were usually to busy to listen so once that letter came and we broke up, I didn't see the point," Liz said.

Max walked toward her. "I'm sorry Liz. I wish I could have known," Max said. "Don't blame yourself Max," Liz said.

And with out thinking Liz wrapped her arms around his waste. Max wrapped his arms around her back. Liz sighed into his chest. 'This feels so right' she thought. She looked up to him and went to her tipy toes and kissed his lips.

Max felt her soft lips touch his and he could feel a shock go through his body. His arms went around her shoulders bringing her closer to him.

She wrapped her legs around his waste kissing his lips down to his neck. Max walked them to what looked like Lizs room and dropping both of them to her bed. Liz went to the top of the bed. Max went up and took her mouth back into his. He started for her pants slippings them off and throwing them to the floor.

Liz relized what they were doing and gently moved away from Max. Both catching their breaths. Liz noticed how ready Max looked but looked down.

"I-I'm not ready for this yet Max," Liz admitted. Max nodded. "I'm sorry," Liz said. Max nodded. He looked at her gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow" Max said and left.

Liz lyed their for a moment thinking about what happened. "I'm not ready yet," Liz told herself. *************


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