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Title: That Special Touch
Author: Jessie a.k.a mermaidgirl
Rating: PG for now but it will be NC-17 *wink*
Disclaimer: If I owned Roswell Season Two would be a nightmare. They are owned by Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, and UPN.
Summary: M/L but you have to read it to find out what happens.

Dedication: To Phae, who helped me name this fic and encouraged me to run with my idea. To my “Roswell” family MAMA, Sarah, Izzy, and Gabe. Also to all “Roswell” fans. I hope you guys like it.

Liz Parker hastily walked down the hall to her dorm room. She still had a lot to do before graduation. Opening the door to her room, she saw all the packing she still had left. She was looking forward to graduation. She would be on her own and no longer Jeffery and Nancy Parker’s perfect daughter. No longer debutante of the year, prized student, accomplished horseback rider and musician. She was soon going to be Dr. Elizabeth Parker a professor of Microbiology at Harvard University and prospective Head of Microbiology. A dream she always wished would come true.

Liz’s dreams always perturbed her mother. Nancy Parker knew in education was important, but only because it was necessary of a girl of Liz’s breeding to be educated in certain affairs for discussion purposes only. Mrs. Parker was adamant Liz should do nothing, but marry a wealthy businessman and plan society parties. She never imagined Liz would pursue a career. Liz detested the life her mother wanted for her and she worked hard to prevent it from happening. Her whole childhood Liz was the idyllic daughter. She did everything asked of her and thrived on being perfect. Liz lived her life vicariously through her friend Maria Deluca who was anything but proper. She was born into the same privileged life as Liz, but unlike Liz, she shunned everything the life could offer her. Liz laughed at the memory of Maria’s introduction at cotillion when she slid down the banister. Liz never agreed with the idea of a “coming out” party. It was like holding an auction, but instead of objects, it was people on the auction block. Liz just agreed because it was important to her mother. She wished she could be like Maria, a free-sprit who lived by her own rules.

When Liz found out of her acceptance to Harvard University, she was thrilled. It was the chance to prove her independence. She never realized how right she was with that idea. When Liz’s parents discovered her plan, they were shocked. This was not apart of their plan for their shining star daughter. Their plan was for Liz to attend Vassar University and marry after graduation. Vassar. A school, which did not have the program, Liz was looking to pursue. She also learned they already picked out the man she was to marry. Sean DeLuca. Liz was furious when she learned of this plan. Sean might be her best friends cousin, but he was also a scoundrel. He praised himself on his intelligence and good looks. His smug attitude was very unattractive and Liz could never see herself married to him. When Liz voiced her displeasure in having to marry Sean, her father told her if she defied him, he would not support her when she attended Harvard. Liz decided that she was worth more then settling for the “highest bidder” and agreed that she would attend Harvard on her own. Despite her parents’ lack of support, one person did believe in her dreams, her grandmother Claudia Parker. She encouraged Liz to go to Harvard and told her that her parents would get over their disappointment and she was right. The Parker’s were pleased of their daughter’s accomplishments, but worried she would never marry.

Liz sighed and continued to pack. She did not want to end up alone. She just wanted someone who would appreciate her and value her opinions. She knew if she married anyone her parents chose for her, she would not get either.

Liz was sealing the last box when the phone next to her bed rang.

“Hello,” Liz answered.

“Hola, chica,” Maria said. Liz rolled her eyes. Ever since Maria went to Spain, every other word out of her mouth was in Spanish. Maria was currently a student at the University of Madrid where she was studying Spanish. Maria was a singer and she wanted to do albums in Spanish and in English. In order to do an album in Spanish Maria first had to learn the language.

“Hey, Maria. How is Madrid?”

“Fine, but that is not the reason I am calling.”

“Okay so why are you calling,” Liz asked.

“Well, I know you are graduating in May. How do you feel about a little vacation?”

“I don’t know Maria. I have a lot of work I need to get done.”

“Oh come on,” Maria begged. “Just one last vacation before you start your new job. You can think of it as a present. From me to you.”

“Well, okay,” Liz agreed, “where are we going.”

“To a spa. Where all your dreams come true,” Maria answered with a spark of mischief in her voice.

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Part 2

Liz could not believe Maria convinced her to go on this vacation. Liz only knew that they two of them were going to a spa. When Liz asked the name Maria just told her it was going to be a surprise. This idea worried Liz. She trusted Maria, but she also knew Maria. It was this thought that scared her. Liz looked at her watch for the fifth time. She knew Maria was already in New York because her plane was supposed to arrive last night. So where was she? It was typical for Maria to be late, but Liz was worried they would miss their flight.


Liz turned around to see Maria trying to make her way through the crowd. Liz notice Maria dyed her hair a darker shade of blonde. It looked almost red. It was also longer then before.

"Oh Lizzie," Maria exclaimed as she embraced her friend. "I have missed you so much."

"I've missed you, too."

"I am so sorry I am late. The traffic to the airport was horrible. I guess we better hurry before we miss our flight," said Maria.

"Yeah. By the way where are we going?" Liz asked.

"Well, I am not giving you all the details, but I can say you are going to love it," Maria answered with a twinkle in her eye.


[At the gate]

"Hawaii. We are going to Hawaii?" asked Liz.

"Yes," Maria answered. "You are not going to get anything out if me so don't try."

"Okay," Liz mumbled as she handed the flight attendant her ticket.

"Enjoy your flight," the attendant said cheerfully.


[Arriving in Honolulu]

"Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii," a young girl said as she put a lei over Liz's head.

"Thank you," said the girls.

"Lizzie, come on there is our car," Maria exclaimed pulling Liz behind her. Liz noted that the side of the car said "The Dreamer Spa: Where all your dreams come true." Liz wondered just what dreams of hers this place would make real.


After a long car and boat ride the two girls arrived on the private island that housed the spa. It was beautiful. The beaches were a beautiful sandy white and the water was crystal clear. Liz took in the smell of freshly cut pineapple and coconut. The place was breathtaking. The spa consisted three large buildings designed in classical Grecian architecture. She was beginning to think the vacation was a good idea after all.

Once the boat was docked, passengers made there way toward the exit. For some reason Liz was nervous. She felt as though someone was watching her. The feeling did not make her feel uncomfortable in fact the gaze-felt familiar. She looked around to see who was looking at her but saw no one. "How odd," she thought to herself. Liz brushed off the feeling and picked up her luggage.

On the beach, a pair of amber eyes was staring at her. "She is still beautiful," he thought to himself. He had a flashback of the first time he saw her.


She was standing between her mother and father at the Christmas party. She looked so angelic in her white dress. He noticed when she smiled her whole face lit up. He thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

:end flasback:

He could not believe he was seeing her again. He could not wait until he had a chance to talk to her. "I wonder if she will remember me," he thought.

Once Liz and Maria arrived on shore Liz took a closer look at the other guests and then at the employees she noticed something. All the other guests were female and all the employees were male.

"Maria, what have you done," Liz asked.

"I told you it was a place were your dreams would come true," Maria answered winking.


I will try to have a new part tomorrow. I know I am a tease, but this is payback to Gabe so blame him. LOL.

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For Disclaimer see part one. I want to add I never saw "Exit To Eden" I have an idea all mapped out for this fic and it will be quite a surprise. TRUST ME. LOL. I am working on part four right now and I might post it tonight. Leave feedback.

I want to thank mara is a dreamer, Ria, roswelluver, jassybee, katmcken, wayliz,
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Part 3

Liz gently ran a comb through her freshly washed hair thinking about their arrival to the spa last night. "A special spa indeed," Liz mumbled. After confronting Maria about the true nature of the spa, she learned it focused on the needs of a woman. The men were all handsome, muscular, and trained in the ways of satisfaction. At least that is what Maria told her. Liz was not sure about this it made her feel desperate. Liz continued to think about the night before and what transpired at dinner.


She was sitting next to Maria at one of the many tables in the dining room when she saw him. He was beautiful. He was tall and had dark brown hair. Since the employees of the spa were required to walk around shirtless Liz had a view of his chest. A perfect set of six-pack abs. Liz felt her breath start to quicken and she began to blush. She could not stop staring at him. She noticed the regal way he walked and talked to his coworkers. He seemed almost like royalty. Just then, the handsome stranger looked at her. Their eyes met and held. Liz blushed and quickly looked away. He caught her staring, but that was not what unnerved Liz. It was the fact that he seemed to be talking to her with his eyes. She had not felt that way in a long-time.

:end flashback:

"I wonder why he is working here," Liz thought as she looked around her room. "Then again why am I here?" she asked herself. She looked around her suite. It was elegantly decorated with lavender spreads and silk sheets on a canopy bed. French doors leading to a spacious balcony were covered with floor-length curtains in dark lavender. The bathroom had a sunken in tub with whirlpool jets and a stand-up shower. On the counter was a basket of massage oils, lotions, bath salts, and perfumes. Liz's mind drifted back to the handsome man of the night before and imagined what they could do in that spacious bathroom. "Elizabeth Claudia Parker, you stop that right now. You don't even know him," Liz privately berated herself.

Deciding to push her thoughts aside, she focused on getting dressed. She picked out a light-blue sundress and sandals. After adding some lip-gloss, she took one last look in the mirror before exiting her room.
She walked down the hall to Maria's suite and knocked on the door.

"WHAT," she heard Maria yell. She was obviously just waking up. Liz laughed. One good thing about Maria she was consistent.

"It's me Liz. Time to start this so-called adventure."

Maria threw open the door and ushered Liz inside.

"I will be just a minute," she said as she disappeared into the bathroom. Moments later she emerged in a bright red bikini and matching sarong. Liz's mouth dropped to the floor.

"Maria," Liz exclaimed.

"What," Maria answered with a smile. "I plan on going for a swim in one of the pools."

"Sure you do," Liz responded. "Come on I do not want to be late."


Liz and Maria made it downstairs just in time for breakfast. She noticed that many of the other women wore outfits similar to Maria's. She self-consciously looked down at her own apparel. Maybe she was overly dressed.

"You look beautiful," came a voice behind her. She quickly turned around only to meet the pair of amber eyes that haunted her since her arrival.

"Thank you," Liz responded blushing. She could not help but notice how his voice matched the rest of him. It was deep, husky, and undeniably sexy. "I feel as though I am over dressed."

"Not at all. Part of this experience is to make you feel comfortable. You don't have to do anything that makes you feel uneasy," he responded.

He set some fresh fruit on the table and walked away. Liz once again noticed the way he walked and asked herself for the second time that morning, "why is he working here."


After breakfast Liz, Maria, and the rest of the women were told to choose which activities were available.

"Oh Lizzie. Let's get a massage," Maria said.

"Well, umm...I guess we could," Liz said. She was nervous. Okay she was very nervous, but she promised herself she would take a plunge. This was the perfect place to do fulfill her promise.


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Edited by me: Thank you Ria. I don't know why I didn't notice before. See I am writing this under Word so I can save it so I cut and posted it here, but I didn't realize of my goof. LOL. Thank you for telling me. Part Four is almost done. You know I should be studying for midterms. LOL.

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For Disclaimer see part one.

Thanks, to all who have left feedback. I do not want to reveal to much because I happen to love fics that develop. Just be patient and remember I am a DREAMER.

Part 4

Liz and Maria stood in the lobby of the massage building waiting their turn after a strenuous morning. The early massages filled quickly and the earliest the two could get together was at 4:00 in the afternoon. They filled their day with a morning hike, where Maria complained most of the time. Liz was used to the exercise. She worked out every morning for an hour so the hike did not bother her. After the hike, Liz decided to take an aerobics class. Maria opted not to join her so she lounged by the pool instead. At lunch, they decided to lounge around the pool until it was time for their massage. Now it was 4:00 and they were patiently waiting their turns. Liz was nervous. She never had a massage given to her by a man much less men who looked like the ones on this island.

"Maria DeLuca," came a voice. Liz and Maria both looked up to see an attractive man with shoulder length brown hair looking at them.

"That is me," Maria answered.

Hello. I am Michael and I will be giving you your massage today. If you would just follow me."

"Bye, Liz. Enjoy your massage. I know I will enjoy mine," Maria said with a wink.

Liz sighed and picked up the magazine she was reading. When she heard a door open she looked up and there he was looking at her. The God who she could not stop thinking about.

"Liz Parker," he asked.

She was in shock. HE was giving her the massage. "Oh no," she thought. The very sight of him turned her to mush. How could she handle him touching her?

"Are you Liz Parker," he asked. Liz was still reveling in the fact that he was giving her the massage that she did not hear him calling her name.

"Yes, I am Liz," she answered.

"Good. I am Max and I will be providing you with your massage today. If you will just follow me."

As Liz gathered her things, he thought about what he asked her. He did not need to ask if she was Liz Parker he knew perfectly well. She did not know he knew her and it was not time to tell her who he really was, but he will eventually.


"Okay Liz," Max said. "Have you had a massage before."?

Liz could say nothing so she nodded.

"Good," he replied with a grin. "First, let's chose the oil we will use, okay." He walked over to a shelf and picked up a basket filled with different types of massage oils. Showing her the selections, she decided to go with the vanilla.

"Good choice," he said, "now for music." He handed her a card with several music choices on it.

"The 'Ocean Surf' sounds like a nice one," she answered.

"It is. There is something about the sound of waves crashing against the shore that puts a person to sleep," he said walking over to a drawer and getting out a lighter. He walked around the room lighting the candles in all the corners. Liz could not help but notice that the ambiance of the room was intimate. "Well he is going to see you naked and rub your body," she thought. Pretty intimate.

When he was done lighting the candles he turned to her.

"Okay, I am going to leave the room while you get ready. I want you to take off whatever you feel comfortable taking off, climb under the sheet, and then just push the button at the top of the bed," he instructed her.

Liz nodded and Max left the room. "Take off whatever is comfortable," she mumbled to herself. She took of her dress and looked down at her bra and underwear. She unhooked her bra and was about to climb under the sheet when she thought about how she was always safe and never did anything shocking. Well, she was going to prove she was no longer "Little Miss Perfect" and decided to take off her underwear too.

Once she was completely naked she climbed under the sheet and pushed the button next to her head. Max opened the door and entered the room.

"Okay let's get started," he said pushing the play button on the radio.
The sound of soft, gentle waves came out of the speakers.

When he was standing next to table, he reached for the top of the sheet. He put some oil in his hands and rubbed them together. Liz took a deep breath and prepared herself for the most erotic experience of her life.


Author's note: Aren't I a tease. LOL. I will try to post part five Saturday afternoon. Please leave feedback.

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Part 5

The moment Max's hands touched her Liz relaxed. His hands were like magic gently probing her flesh. She could not believe how this was feeling and he was just working on her low back. He began to move his hands upward toward her neck. When he reached her shoulder blades, his hands moved toward her sides close to her breast. "Oh My GOD," she thought her arousal increasing. The feelings he was invoking in her were exciting and scary all at the same time. She never thought she would feel this way. His hands moved in small circles in the area around her left breast testing its pliancy. Liz felt a moistness develop in the area between her thighs and her hands gripped the sheet covering her lower half. She bit down on her lip to prevent herself from groaning. Did he know just how much he was turning her on?

Liz grew increasingly excited as the massage continued. When he was thoroughly done with her back, he moved the sheet up to cover her butt. Her body was near complete exposure. He began massaging her legs starting at her feet and working his way up to her ankles. "His touch is amazing," she thought. He massaged her calves making sure any knots loosened. When he reached her knees Liz thought that he was finished with her legs so she was surprised to feel his hands on her hips. He worked in the same circular pattern making sure each knot disappeared until her reached her thighs. His gentle but firm touch was sending shock waves throughout her. If he went any closer to her aching center, she would explode. He did not stop. He kept moving higher up her inner thigh. Her grip on the sheet tightens. "Was he going to touch her where she needed him the most? Oh please Max, touch me," she thought. "I need him to touch me," she said to herself. As though he could feel her need he moved his fingers over to her sensitive folds. "This is not a normal massage," Liz told herself. Brushing his fingers gently over her clit caused Liz to release the moan she was trying to suppress. Max continued to weave his magic by inserting his fingers into her. He began to slowly move his fingers in and out of her aching center. With every movement of his fingers, Liz moaned an approving sigh. Liz felt her desire building. She needed release. She began moving her hips to move with Max's fingers. Max, shocked by her boldness moved his fingers faster and deeper. When Max used his thumb to put pressure on her, engorged nub Liz began to shake. She was close. So close. Finally, her satisfaction ripped through her eliciting a cry of his name to escape her lips. Liz clasped on the massage table. Fully spent. If his fingers felt that good she could only imagine what he was capable of doing with another appendage.

"I hope you enjoyed the massage," he said. "Please come again." He opened the door and exited the room. Liz was still panting and trying to regain her composure. She never had such an experience. She laughed to herself Maria was right this place did specialize in meeting the needs of women. She made a mental note to herself never to doubt Maria again.

When she had completed dressing Liz opened the door and walked down the hall. She was hoping to catch a glimpse of Max but he was nowhere to be found. Liz finally reached the waiting room where Maria was waiting for her.

"Well, chica how was the massage," Maria asked.

"It was...uh.... memorable. You were right Maria. I relived a lot of tension," Liz responded.

"Good. Now let's go eat," Maria said as she grabbed Liz arm and began their walk to the dining hall.

She was famished. Just not for food.


Max stood in the private bathroom after massaging Liz and the excitement was not one sided. The fact that his Dreamgirl laid naked on a table and he was massaged her seemed surreal to him. He often thought of her over the years. Sure, he dated girls, but none of them lived up to the beautiful, intelligent girl he met as a child. Friends often told him that his obsession was nothing but unrequited love for a childhood crush. Max knew they were mistaken he knew they could not possibly understand the connection no the addiction he had for Liz Parker. He had the need to possess her, complete her, and be one with her. He knew she was attracted to him as well, but did she ever think about him? Did he own her soul as she owned his? He knew she could not handle the truth about his identify. He changed so much since their last meeting. He would wait until they knew each other as adults before he revealed his identity to her.

tbc? Please leave feedback and let me know if I should continue

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For disclaimer see part one.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: MAMA!!!! You read my fic I feel so honored. I didn't tell you because I didn't feel it was worthy for someone of your magnitude. *happy* I feel fine after the accident. My leg swelled up from hitting the gearshift, but other than that I felt fine. I heard from my top choices and I have to decide before May 13 because that is the deadline.

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Part 6

Liz awoke the next morning feeling refreshed. She could still feel his hands on her. "Max," she whispered. She decided not to tell Maria about the massage. As she got dressed, she wondered what it would feel like to wake up in Max's arms. She felt so safe when he was near, and his hands. Oh his hands. They were like an angel's touch. Soft but strong. He made her feel so many emotions. Emotions she never felt. "Forget about him Liz. It is his job to make you feel that good. He is probably just trying to increase the amount of his tip," she mumbled to herself. Liz took a shower and prepared herself for the day. As she walked down to breakfast, she wondered what activity they planned for today. She knew if it were another hike or something, active she would once again go solo. No way would Maria join her. Liz was beginning to wonder why the spa had a reputation for "satisfying women." Other than the massage, everything was normal. ************************************** *****************

Entering the dining room Liz noticed something different. At each place there was a gift box tied with red ribbon. "Oh a gift." Liz thought. She loved to receive gifts. Wondering what was inside she began to undo the ribbon.

"You're not supposed to open it yet," said a voice behind her. She turned and lifted her gaze only to see Max the masseuse looking at her with his incredible eyes. They were deep amber, but it seemed there were so many layers. Liz studied them trying to separate each layer until she was completely engrossed in his eyes.

"Are you okay," Max asked touching her right shoulder gently. Liz blushed and looked away. "He probably thinks I am a freak," she said to herself.

"Ummmm yes. I was just taken by surprise," said Liz.

"Oh. I am sorry I startled you," he replied and began to walk away. Finally recollecting herself Liz remembered the box at her seat.

"Excuse me, Max. What is this?" Liz asked. Max turned around and smiled.

"You will just have to wait and see," he answered with a wink and continued to walk away. Liz watched as he joined the line of other men along the wall. He was so perfect. Everything about him was amazing. The way he looked at her made her feel so special. When he was massaging her, he was so attentive. It was almost as if he knew where and how to touch her. Liz was so into her memory she didn't realize that Maria and the other ladies at her table had already sat down.

"Liz!" Maria yelled.

"Oh, I'm sorry Maria," Liz said.

"Where were you? I said your name like 80 gazillion times," Maria said as she sat down. "I was just telling the others about the amazing massage I had yesterday. By the way you never told me how yours went."

Liz looked over at the line of men stopping her on Max. For the hundredth time that day she thought about the sensual massage, she received. Clearing her head, she replied "It was okay."

She didn't want to reveal to anyone the truth of the massage. It was too intimate. The touches and caresses from Max were what she imagined it would feel like to make love. It was precious and sacred. Although she just met Max, he ignited feelings in her that she never thought she would feel.

"Just 'Okay'?" asked Laura one of the women at her table. "Well who gave the massage?"

"Why do you need to know?" Liz asked a little to harshly. She did not want to share Max. Sure, it was his job to be attentive to all the women, but the thought of his hands on another women angered her. The thought that he might arouse feelings in another women as he did her made her sick to her stomach.

"I was just asking," Laura, said defensively. "If you weren't satisfied you weren't satisfied you should tell Catherine. She will talk to him about criteria of his job."

Maria watched the whole exchange with an amused look. She saw the look on Liz's face yesterday. She knew her friend was satisfied. What she didn't understand is why Liz chose not to talk about it. Maria never saw who massaged Liz, but could it be possible her friend was developing feelings for him. "That's absurd," Maria thought to herself. "Liz barely knows him." The look on Liz's face after Laura's last comment only caused Maria's speculation as to her friend's true feelings to grow. Liz looked furious.

Before Liz could respond Cal, the spa coordinator interrupted her.

"Attention ladies," said Cal. "Tonight is the night when all you fantasies come true. As you know on your applications to the spa, there was a questionnaire, which asked you to tell us your deepest desires. Tonight that questionnaire will be put to use. We took your answers as well as your preferences pertaining to looks and matched them with our fantasy bachelors," he said gesturing to the line of men. "Tonight you and your fantasy bachelor will begin the week long journey of fulfilling your deepest desires. You will learn more about yourself and what you want out of your life. As well as showing yourselves how you should be treated. In the box in front of you, there is a flower. Every flower is different. Find the man who is wearing the same flower on his lapel and begin your journey," Cal concluded.

Liz gazed at her box. "Oh lord," she thought. "What has Maria gotten me into this time." Liz took a deep breath before pulling on the ribbon of her box. She lifted the lid to see a small white rose lying inside on tissue paper. White roses were her favorite. She looked up at her flower, observed Maria's flower was a purple orchid, and Laura's was a sunflower.

"So we meet again," said a familiar voice from behind her. Liz knew that husky voice anywhere. It belonged to Max. Closing her eyes, she stood up and as she turned around, she prayed that he was her match. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at his lapel. Sure enough, a white rose boutonnière was in his left lapel. Her gazed continued up to his eyes where they locked. She found herself once again drowning in these amazing eyes.

"Why Liz you never told us you knew him," said Laura coming beside Liz and taking in the full view of Max and smiled appreciatively.

"Yes, I met Liz yesterday when I gave her a massage," Max answered never taking his eyes off Liz's.

"Oh, well then you should know you did an awful job. Liz was not satisfied," Laura said smugly.

Laura's comment broke Max and Liz's trance. Liz threw Laura a death glare before returning her gaze to Max. Once she did, she hated what she saw; Max's eyes no longer were on her, but instead were staring at the ground. He looked hurt. "Well, Miss Parker if you were unsatisfied with me I am sure they will be happy to find you another companion," said Max.

"I never said I wasn't satisfied Laura," Liz said harshly. "In fact I don't remember saying much of anything about my massage. I was satisfied just fine thank you. I just didn't wish to go into the details with you," she finished emphasizing the word you.

"Well, excuse me," said Laura turning away from the couple. "I guess I will just go find my own date."

Liz quickly turned back to Max who was grinning at her. Liz quickly realized she said all that right in front of him and blushed. Max cleared his throat and stepped closer to her. "So what do you say we start fulfilling some of those desires of yours," he said his husky voice returning.

Liz gasped. If he only knew.

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Part 7

After Laura left Max excused himself to the kitchen. Liz watched as he walked away and felt lucky to have him as her dream man. He met all the physical qualities she was looking for in a man, and she was looking forward to finding out if he met the intellectual and personality qualities as well. Sighing Liz thought of how her and her dream man would see the world together or even just having fun lounging around the house together. Basking in the pure joy of each other's company. The feeling of completeness she ached for, the feeling of belonging. She never felt she fit into the society world, where people are judged by how much they are monetary worth and not by their beliefs or character. Liz thought of her dream man, her soulmate who was out their waiting for her. She just hoped her search had ended.

Max was returning to Liz when he noticed the look in her eyes. She seemed far away almost in a trance. He longed to know what she was thinking to get such a look on her face. Liz's daydream was interrupted when she felt a hand on her arm. Startled she looked up to see Max.
"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you. Are you ready to go? Max asked. Liz looked down and noticed that Max was carrying a basket, which from the aroma she could tell was food. It smelled fabulous.

"Yes," she answered with a smile on her face. Max offered her his arm, which Liz took happily. 'He is such a gentleman,' she thought. *************************************** ******************************************************************

When Max and Liz exited the building she noticed most of the couples had disappeared. They were alone. Liz was both excited and nervous. How often do you get to get to be with your dream man? Still, the idea that he was paid to be just that sneaked its way into Liz's self-conscience however, Liz decided to put all of those feelings aside and just live in the moment. He was with her now and when she was older she could tell her kids about how she was once wild and had a marvelous time with a complete stranger. She was not going to ruin this for herself by feeding into her insecurities. Max led Liz to one of the paths she knew led to the waterfall. 'How romantic,' she thought. The other day on the tour Liz thought to herself how the waterfall would be a beautiful place to come with someone you love and at that moment she thought of Max. Whoa did she just say love and Max in the same thought? She barely knew this man, but her heart was not going to lie to her. She felt connected to him for some reason, almost as if she knew him. When he looked at her she got butterflies in stomach. She felt safe with him, in a way she never felt safe before. She felt as though she could trust him with her life and he would cherish her. Liz was so wrapped up in her thoughts of Max she missed when his hand came down and took her own. His thumb was now rubbing across her knuckles. It was almost as though he knew how nervous she was and wanted to relax her. Well, he was doing an awesome job.

"So how long have you worked here?," she asked breaking the comfortable silence.

"This is my first summer," he answered. "I didn't really want to work here, but my friend Michael convinced me it would be an adventure. Of course I think his type of adventure differs greatly from mine."

Liz laughed and Max smiled at her. It warmed him to know that he could make her laugh. Isn't that something women look for in a man, someone to make them laugh? Well if that was true, then his pursuit of a relationship with Liz was already off to a good start. The only problem is she didn't know he wanted a relationship. She also didn't know that he paid Josh to switch names with him. He had originally had that Laura person, but there was no way that he was going to allow some other guy to spend a romantic week with his dreamgirl. He only had week, a week in which he had to prove to Liz that they were meant to be together, before he revealed himself to her. He had to wonder though how she would react to his true identity. He just had to hope that she wasn't disappointed.

When they reached the waterfall Max set down the basket and pulled out a red checkered blanket and spread it out on the ground. He placed the basket in one corner then reached for her hand helping her down. Liz watched as he pulled each item out of the basket: fried chicken, egg salad, potato salad, curried carrot soup, a loaf of bread that was still warm, fresh fruit, and a small red velvet cake. There was so much to eat and they were all her favorites. Her mother hated her ‘simple tastes,’ she thought Liz should eat caviar and champagne. Unfortunately for Mrs. Parker, Liz had no interest in eating fish eggs and champagne gave her a funny feeling. Liz returned her thoughts to Max as he pulled out a bottle of sparkling white grape juice. Her favorite drink! Max fixed two plates and handed her one. They began eating in silence until Liz spoke up.

"So Max what did you do before you started to work here?"

"I'm a full-time student at Yale," he answered.

"Really?" Liz asked immediately interested. "What’s your major?"

"I have two of them actually. One is Business and the other is Law," Max answered.

‘Wow, a duel major,’ Liz thought. He must be intelligent. Smart and good-looking. "Why those two majors?" Liz asked.

"Well, I’m interested in law, the business major is for my father. He wants me to be successful."

"Wow, that’s great," Liz replied.

"What about you, Liz? What do you do?" Max asked. "Well, I’m student at Harvard. I want to be a Microbiologist," she answered. Beauty and brains a lethal combination, Max said to himself.

"So what do you want to do when you graduate?" he asked her trying to keep the conversation away from his personal life. If he revealed too much she would know he isn't what she thinks he is, but he didn't want to lie to her either.

"I'd like to do research and teach," she answered. "Harvard has this really great program where the professors can work on projects while they teach."

"Sounds like you have a plan," he said. "So what do you like to do for fun?"

"Well, that’s a tough question because I like to do a lot. Hmm let me see uh I love the outdoors and visiting museums. Doesn't matter what kind just as long as I can learn something."

"Me, too," Max said. "I love the outdoors. My friends from college and I go camping in the Adirondacks every summer. I have this plan to camp and hike in all of the countries National Parks. I know it’s an odd aspiration, but it is something I always wanted to do."

"I don't think it’s odd at all," Liz replied. "In fact I think it sounds fun. I’d like to try it as well maybe we could go together?" The words came out of her mouth before Liz could stop herself. Liz's eyes averted to the blanket. 'Oh lord,' she thought. Now he’s going to think I’m some obsessed girl who threw herself at the guy paid to date her.
"It would be my honor if you would accompany me," Max answered. "I would enjoy your company. Liz's eyes shot up to met his warm smile and eyes. She broke out into a smile. That smile, Max thought. It’s still the same. It lights up her entire face. I've missed that smile.

Liz cleared her throat and brushed her hair out of her face.

"So why are you working here and not at a lawyer's office or a business office?" she asked.

"Well, my friend Michael convinced me this would be a fun place to work and an easy way to make money," Max answered.

Liz looked at him repeating his words in her head, ‘an easy way to make money.’ He was just here for the money not to be with her. Well, she knew that, but still is put a weight on her heart. Max noticed Liz’s expression and wondered to himself what he said that made her smile fade. Their entire walk up to the waterfall and all through lunch Max had noticed the permanent smile on her face. It looked as though she was dreaming of something and then he would made her laugh and he took pride in being able to do so, but now, now she was looking as though she lost her best friend. Liz returned her attention to her food and quickly finished.

Once they finished eating Max and Liz quietly packed up their picnic lunch and walked back down the mountain. Liz hadn't said a word the whole time. Did he say something that made her unhappy? Max asked himself. Max thought back to their entire conversation until it dawned on him. 'Damn the line about the easy money,' he said to himself. He knew that coming to a spa like this wasn't her type of thing. She was too precious, too delicate, too naive to her charms. She didn't need to come to a spa like this to get satisfaction. Any man in his right mind would willingly fulfill any of her desires. Only she didn't seem to realize her charm, beauty, and elegance. He had to make things right. He had to make her feel desired. When they reached the door to her room Max turned her toward him.

"Elizabeth, I would love it if you would accompany me to dinner tonight," Max asked her. Liz raised her face to look at him.

"Of course, I’ll met you in the dining room." She began to turn toward her door when Max spoke again.

"Well, actually I was hoping you would agree to a private meal with me," said Max.

"You see we have kitchens in our cabins and I wanted to cook for you." Liz gasped. He wanted to cook for her? It was so romantic.

"I would love to," she answered. "Where’s your cabin?"

"I’ll pick you up at 6:30. I’d also love it if you would go horseback riding with me now. This island has some really beautiful places I would love to show you. There is this old plantation on the other side, I thought that since you loved history you would enjoy seeing it."

"It sounds like fun," Liz answered, "but I’m not really dressed to go horseback riding."

"That's okay you can change while I drop off the basket and change myself. I can meet you back here in a half hour," he concluded.


"Okay, so I’ll see you in a half hour. Parting is such sweet sorrow," Max said taking her hand in his and bringing it to his lips giving it a kiss. Then he turned and headed toward the elevator. Liz stood in the hall in shock. Oh My God!!!! I only have a half-an-hour to get ready. Liz took out her key and entered her room. She had to look especially good for Max and began getting ready.

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Part Eight

Liz surveyed her room. Her clothes were strewn all over the bed and chairs. "I have absolutely nothing to wear she thought," she thought. Maria!! She would be able to help and she took lessons when she was younger. Maybe she could give Liz a short synapses into the world of horseback riding. She quickly picked up the phone and dialed Maria's room number. "Oh please be there," Liz whispered to herself as the phone rang. On the third ring, Maria's sleepy voice answered the phone.

"Hello," said Maria's sleepy voice.

"Maria, thank god you are there. I need your help. I have a date with Max tonight and I have no idea what to wear."

"Hold on chica. Calm down. First, think about where he is taking you."

Well, actually I am having dinner in his room tonight," Liz answered blushing as she thought of having dinner in his cabin. Being near the room where the man of her fantasies slept, using the bathroom where he showered every morning, and using the silverware and glasses his beautiful mouth touched. She was starting to sound like an obsessed fan, but she couldn't help it. He invoked changes in her. With these thoughts, she could actually picture herself sleeping in the bed with him and sharing the shower with him. Oh, Lord. She was so infatuated with him that she was starting to think that her fantasies were real.

"Liz, are you there? LIZ!!!!!!," Maria screamed into the phone.

"Oh sorry Maria. I was thinking about what to wear," she lied.

"Yeah, sure you were," Maria said smirking. "Now about what you are going to wear. Let me bring over some of my dresses and I know that between our two wardrobes we will find something. I will be there in five minutes."

"Thanks Maria."

Once the two friends hung up Liz began to put her room back together. She picked up her dresses and placed them neatly back on their hangers and put them back in her closet. Looking at her watch, she noticed that she had less than twenty minutes to get ready. In twenty minutes, what could be the most memorable night of her life would begin. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

She opened the door and Maria walked in with an armful of clothes.

"Okay, you go take a shower and I will pick out something for you to wear."

Liz knew better then to argue with Maria when she was on a mission and Maria's mission was to make sure Liz looked stunning for her date that night.

Once Liz was done showering, she heard a knock on the door.

"Come in, Maria," said Liz.

"Okay, I found the perfect dress and I have the best ideas for your hair and make-up. You just have to trust me."

"Okay," said Liz with some hesitation. Maria's style was very different from hers, but she knew that she needed an edge and Maria was just the person to help her.

"First put on this robe. We don't want to get anything on the dress," Maria stated handing Liz a terrycloth robe.

Maria pulled out a chair for Liz and Liz sat down. Maria opened her make-up case. "I went and got this while you were in the shower." Maria pulled out a bottle of leave in conditioner and poured some into her hand. "This is the best hair treatment. It is heat activated." She stated as she started to apply the solution to Liz's hair. Maria then wrapped Liz's hair in a hair turban. "This will activate it." Maria went to work on Liz's make-up. She gently put some eye shadow on Liz's eyelids and then highlighted them with some eyeliner. She took an eyelash curler and shaped Liz's lashes. "You are so lucky Liz you don't need a lot of make-up. You have perfect skin." Liz would have smiled at Maria but Maria was outlining her lips now. Once Maria was done, she removed the hair turban. After applying some spray gel to Liz's hair Maria took out the diffuser and began to dry Liz's hair. After ten minutes, Liz's hair and makeup were done and Maria allowed Liz to see her reflection. Looking into the mirror, Liz was shocked. Was that really her? Her eyes seemed more alive but didn't appear to have make-up on them, her lips were glossy and seemed to pout, and her hair fell in soft waves shaping her face. She looked like a new person. She looked beautiful.

"Lover boy is going to pass out when he sees you," Maria said crossing her arms and smiling at Liz in the mirror.

"Lover boy?"

"My new nickname for Max. I have seen the way you look at him and I don't blame you. Go for girl. Who knows he might be the soul mate that you've been looking for."

See what Maria didn't know was that Liz already thought of Max as her soul mate. He was just what she was looking for only he didn't know it yet.

"Now you need to get dressed," Maria said as she left the bathroom.
Liz followed Maria into the bedroom. "First you out these on," Maria said holding up a black satin bra and matching panties. Liz only bought them because Maria dared her. She never really imagined wearing them. Maria went to the closet and pulled out a deep red, floor length, silk evening dress with a dipped front, open back, and a slit on the left side that went from the floor to mid-thigh. Overall, it was a sexy dress and Liz did not think she would be able to pull off.

"I don't know Maria. What if I look like an idiot?"

"Come on Liz. Why did you buy if you weren't going to wear it?"

"Actually, my mom bought."

"Okay then why did you bring it with you?"

Okay she had her there. Liz had no viable reason as to why she brought the dress on the trip other then she felt it would be necessary. Why did she have that feeling? Was her feeling to bring the dress the universe's way of telling her she would meet someone? Okay now she was starting to sound like Maria. The universe's way.... yeah right. It was just luck... right?

"By your response I will take it that you have no answer; therefore you have no reason not to wear the dress."

"Okay, I will wear it," Liz said grabbing the dress from Maria's hand. She went to the closet, picked out the matching shoes, and disappeared into her changing room.

Liz reappeared five minutes later and was attacked by Maria as she dabbed perfume on her. It was a vanilla scent and matched the scent of Liz's body wash. She was ready to go now all she needed was Max. Liz looked at the clock and noticed that it was 6:30pm. Wow!! She and Maria were actually able to pull it off, but where was Max. As if on cue, there was a knock at the door.

Liz smoothed out an imaginary wrinkle in her dress and answered the door. The sight of Max nearly knocked Liz off her feet. He was wearing a black dress shirt that had the first few buttons open and black dress pants. Liz looked him over. Boy did she get lucky. Her eyes traveled upward to meet his amused eyes. Liz felt her cheeks burning from embarrassment. He had noticed her appraisal. OH LORD!

"Good evening, Liz. You look beautiful. Absolutely stunning," Max said in a husky voice.

"Thank you Max. You look very handsome yourself."

Once again, their eyes meet and Liz was lost in the golden pools. She felt herself drowning and falling deeper into the abyss. Liz felt her knees begin to go weak and then...

"Excuse me guys. Boy is it hot in here. It must be from those looks you two are giving each other and I hate to break up the staring contest, but I have a date of my own to get ready for and in order to do that I need to be able to get to my own room."

Liz and Max blushed a deep crimson red. Then Max moved to the side to allow Maria to get by.

"Boy, after those looks I need a cold shower and a cigarette," Maria said winking.

"MARIA!!!," Liz exclaimed more embarrassed now then before. She just wanted to melt into the floor. Liz looked at Max and noticed he was blushing also.

"Sorry!!! Have fun tonight and don't do anything I wouldn't do Liz," Maria said giving Liz a wink.

Liz's eyes went to the floor and she and Max shared an uncomfortable silence until Max cleared his throat.

"So Liz. Are you ready to go?"

"Umm yeah. Let me just go get my purse and shawl."

Liz went to the bed and picked up her red purse and matching shawl.

"Okay, all ready let's go." Liz shut the door behind her and said a silent prayer. "Oh please let tonight be wonderful."


Max and Liz walked down the path to his cabin. She was bubbling with excitement. The night was warm and breezy and the wind making the palm trees sway blended with the sound of the waves crashing on the shore creating a romantic music. The smell of permeated the air.

"It feels so right," Liz thought. "I wonder if he feels the same way." Liz looked at him. He was so handsome and from her massage she knew he definitely knew how to touch a women, but his caresses not only told of his expertise but his gentleness. Liz also knew of his intelligence from earlier that day. He was definitely why was he working here? At a place where he was nothing, but an object. "Maybe he liked it," she silent berated herself.

"She looks so beautiful," Max, thought looking at Liz. "Perfect. Just as I remember. I wonder is she remembers me. Well, obviously she doesn't if she hasn't all ready." Max snuck another look at Liz and she was staring at him. "Oh those eyes," he thought. A man could drown in those eyes. He could drown in those eyes. Max felt himself getting excited and hoped Liz wouldn't notice.

The lights of the employee cabins stopped their staring contest. Max led Liz to his cabin and she noticed that it was a generous size cabin with a modest outside. Max unlocked the door and ushered Liz inside. If the outside was modest then the inside was lavish. The floors in the living room, dining room, and kitchen were all hardwood and had various braided rugs on them. The kitchen was divided from the living and dining areas by a bar. It was beautiful, but manly enough to suit a man such as Max.

"Dinner is already. I left it in the oven to keep warm. Why don't you have a seat," he said pulling out a chair at the dining table for Liz. She graciously accepted. Max went into the kitchen and noticed how he moved with such a fluid grace in the kitchen. He really was the perfect man. Liz felt her eyes begin to water. No, she couldn't cry.

"Excuse me, may I please use your bathroom," she asked.

"Of course. It is the first room on the right."


Liz walked down the hallway to the bathroom. Once inside she checked her make-up. Thank goodness, it did not smudge. Taking a tissue, she got it damp and blotted under her eyes. Good no evidence she was crying. He may not love her, but he was with her tonight and she could enjoy his company. Exiting the bathroom she noticed across the hall was a bedroom. HIS bedroom. Pushing the door gently examined the room. It held a four-poster king size bed with a beautiful quilt. The furniture was basically rustic and Liz thought it fit Max perfectly. She noticed that Max had his own bathroom and her curiosity got the better of her. Walking in the room, Liz was overwhelmed by the scent of Max's cologne. It was musky and manly. Just like him. Max was rather neat she noticed. Realizing how long she was gone she decided to head back to the dining room. She quietly left the room, gently shutting the door behind her.


"Where is she," thought Max. He hoped she was okay. He noticed the tears in her eyes as she left the room and hoped he hadn't upset her. It felt so right having her here. For a night, they were a couple, sharing a meal, in a house that could be their own. He wondered what it would be like to wake up next to her after a night of... better hold that thought Max. You still have to make it through dinner. Max stopped himself just in time because Liz just re-entered the room. She went over to her shawl and placed her purse with it. That was when Max noticed her dress. "Oh Lord help me," he thought. The dress she wore was backless and had a slit that went all the way up her left leg. It was a man's best friend and worst enemy at the same time. It was tortuous. All the exposed skin left him wanting to take her in his arms and ravish her right in front of the fireplace. He couldn't though. In her eyes, she barely knew him and there was no way he could just ravish her. He would make love to her. The sound of his name stopped his daydream.

"Max," Liz asked. "Are you okay? You seemed to be in another universe."

"Sorry. I was just thinking about dinner. I hope you like it."

"I am sure I will. What are we having?"

Max grinned to himself. He made her favorite. Herb and Garlic Spiced Oysters on the Half Shell, Spinach and Arugula Salad with Tomatoes and Oranges, Orange Roughy with Red Pepper Sauce, Asiago Garlic Orzo Pilaf
Rosemary Orange Green Beans, Rosy Wine Glazed Pears

"That is my favorite. Is there anyway I could help?"

No, I think I have it covered," he said as he spooned out the salad onto the plates. Placing bowl on the counter he took her left hand and brought it to his lips placing a gently kiss on its knuckles. "These hands are too precious to be used."

Liz felt herself holding her breath. He was so romantic.

"Why don't you sit down so I can serve you."

"Ok," she responded breathlessly.

Sitting down in the chair she was before max brought the Spinach and Arugula Salad with Tomatoes and Oranges over to the table and placed one of the plates in front of her. He then went over to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of red wine and it would go perfect with the dinner. He took a corkscrew out of the drawer and poured the wine into two wine glasses. Bringing one over to her, he waited while she tasted it.


"Good," Max replied. "I was hoping I made the right choice." He took a seat across from her.

Liz took a bite of the salad and was amazed at how good it tasted. Max could really cook.

"It is delicious. You really cook well."

"Thank you. I had really good teachers."

"Really. Who taught you?"

"Just an old friend. She really enjoyed cooking and she allowed me to be the taste tester"

Liz laughed. This was the way life was supposed to be: sitting and eating dinner with the one, you love talking with them, and enjoying each other's company. It may only be one night, but Liz was going to be sure that she enjoyed it to the fullest.

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