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Title: Slumber Party with 'The Weirds'
Author: Me...Justine
Disclaimer: Own nothing
Category: M/L CC
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Isabel, Maria and Liz are popular.
Author's Note: Feedback Please. Had this idea long time ago. And decide to write it now.

Part 1

"So girls whose house tonight?" I asked.

We have this thing. Every week no matter what we have a slumber party.

"I think it's my house" Isabel said.

There's three of us.

Me, Liz and Isabel.

We usually have the party at my place or Liz's.

Cause we don't want to be with 'The Weirds'.

There people that are not up to out standard.

Social life yada yada.

We are the most popular girls. Way popular than Pam Troy.

Man. That girl is fake.

We're real.

"Are you sure Isabel?" Liz asked.

She's concern I tell ya.

'The Weirds'.

"We have to go to her house you know." I said.

We only went there once. We were lucky cause the 'The Weirds' weren't there.

"Yeah and I'm sure 'The Weirds' aren't there. They're probably doing their thing." Isabel said.

"O.k then" Liz said.

She agree.

We're all set.

"Pick you guys up at 5" Isabel said.


I wonder if Isabel feels kind of bad calling them 'The Weirds'.

I don't know if I do.


Or not.

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Author's Note:

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DreamingOfMax84, maxzhot, applebybehr, Lillie, Snow White, soppysophs - You guys just gotta find out who 'The Weirds' are. Thanks for the feedback! *happy* *big* *happy*

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Part 2

Please don't be home.Please don't be home.Please don't be home.

This is stupid.

Why did I have to say that they can stay at my house?

This is not good.

Why did Maria agree?

Why didn't Liz say nothing?

Oh well.

Too late now.

Got the girls already.

Please don't be home.

Don't they has some type of thing to do tonight?

You know like 'The Weirds' thing.

What do they do?

Don't know.

Don't care.

Doesn't matter. Just don't be home.


Cut this out.

Maria and Liz are talking about some movie they watch or something.

Hey what movie are we watching tonight?

"Hey girls, what movie we watching tonight?" I said.

"American Pie" Maria said


"Both of them." Liz said.

Even better.

"All right" I said.

We're almost there.

Around the corner.



This is not good.

So not very good.

The car is there.

More like 'The Weirds' Jeep.

I'm afraid.

"Umm...girls we um... have a problem" I said.

It's hard.

"What is it?" Maria asked.

"Bad news. They're home." I said.

The color from Liz face drain.

She's never pale.


Maria looks normal.

No expression.

"O.k." Maria said calmly.

"What?" Liz asked.

She has a big problem with 'The Weirds" really don't like them.

I guess.

"Sorry. Still on?" I asked.

We might have to go somewhere else.

But I want them to check out my room.

"Let's just go." Maria said.

Liz nodded. Doesn't look good.

"O.k." I said.

Please make this night O.k.

Nothing bad.

I wonder how 'The Weirds' will handle it.

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Note: Every part is a different person POV. Just to let you know.

Part 3

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.

I knew this was a bad idea.

They're home.

'The Weirds'

I don't really know who they are.

I don't know how Isabel brother looks like.

Or his friends.

All I know is that I Never Associate with them.


Well, this is it.

I'm gonna meet them.

Hopefully nothing wrong happens.

Maybe I won't even see them.

You never know.

I should ask Isabel who they are.


Now we're getting our stuff and we are going in.

"You guys ready?" Isabel asked.



"Yeah" I replied.

Maria just nodded her head.

I wonder if she's ok.

She seems cool.


Not a good word.

I just enter the house.

Evan's Resident.

Not bad.

Holy shit.

Big screen TV.

Really big.

Compare it to all the TV put together.

O.k. so not that big.

Can't wait till we watch American Pie.

It be great.

No sight of them.

That's good.

"Let's go check out my crib" Isabel said.

She's happy.

Finally get to check out the room.

We're walking up the stairs and we hear loud music.

Weird music.

'The Weirds' music.

Is that rock or something?

I hate rock.

It is not the thing.

Pop is.

Told you they're weird.


What else do they go?

Don't wanna know.

Nothing better happen.

Entering the room.


Got lots of stuff.

"O.k. so we change into our PJ's then we go down and watch the movie." Maria said.

"All right" We replied.

"Uh...Isabel who are 'The Weirds'? I asked.

I wonder if Maria knows.

"Yeah Isabel tell us about them." Maria said.

Guess she doesn't know.

"My brother Max is the one who stares and quiet, Michael is the messy hair guy who grunts way too much, and Alex is the one that has spiky hair with different color" Isabel said.

"Actually they're all quiet. And weird" She finished.


That was weird.

"O.k." I said.

"Yeah" Maria said.

I wonder how she is.

"So everyone ok?" Isabel asked.

I nodded.

So did Maria.

"Let's change" I said.

Hopefully we won't see them at all tonight.

It's going to be long night.

So we're all in out PJ's.

I'm wearing a blue tank top and shorts with pillows.

I like to sleep.

So I can dream.

We're all wearing the same thing except different colors and design.

Maria is wearing pink with teddy bears.

Isabel is wearing blue with stars and moons.

We got cute Pj's.

Don't ya think?

So we're walking down stairs and the music was off.

Maybe they went out.

No way.

They're here.

In the living room.

Watching the big screen TV.

I wonder what they are watching.


Weird stuff.

"Isabel?" I asked.

"I'll ask them" Isabel said.

Please be ok.

"Hey, um... we want to watch American Pie so you know....."Isabel said.

And you know what?

They stare.

I think I'm getting chills.


Maria doesn't look too good.

Isabel is fine.

Guess she's use to it.

"You guys can watch with us" She continued.


Please say no and leave.

One of them nodded their head.

I think it's her brother.

Cause he doesn't have messy hair or spiky hair with different colors.

"O.k girls" Isabel said.

I'm looking at her like she's crazy.

Maria just...just....don't know.

Never seen her like this before.

"Come on Liz" Isabel said.

"O.k." I squeak.

I really suck.

Well, I went to put the video in.

And guess what?

The only seat left was there.

Maria is sitting next to messy hair boy and on the other side is Isabel and on her side is colorful boy and the whole couch fills up.

How could they do this to me?

They give me an apologetic look.

This just get better and better.

The only seat is next to quiet boy or the carpet.

But the carpet makes my butt hurts.


Oh well.

It wouldn't be that bad right?

I sat down.

He stiffens.

I stiffens.

Maybe if I relax he will.

Or it'll be like this for the whole movie.

I wonder if they know what American Pie is?

You know they're weird.

So they probably watch something else right?

Ah screw it.

The movie is starting.

It really going to be a long night.

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In that last part. I didn't mean to offend anyone about the whole pop and rock thing. I like rock and pop is ok. So just want to let you know. Thanks for all the feedback!!!

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Part 4

''Max POV''

This is uncomfortable.

Really uncomfortable.

I'm stiff right now.

I got a person sitting next to me.

Not just anybody.


'They're' here.

I didn't think they would come here.

I know 'Iz' always have 'that party of hers'.

But not 'here'.

So why now?

We were all fine till they came down and ask to watch American Pie.

We are me, Michael and Alex.

And I said yes when Iz ask me.

And 'they' agree.

Why couldn't 'they' just stay in Iz room?

She has a TV too. Not as big as this one though.

But one thing good about it is that we love American Pie.

And of coarse 'they' don't know.

But we know.

That's why we all agree to watch it with them.

'Most people' would think that we don't know what the hell that is.

Actually all of them.

There's a lot of thing 'they' don't know.

Not even 'Iz'.

We are normal but people don't see it.

We just go with what they say.

So they can leave us alone.

We don't like to be bother.

Who likes to be bother anyway?

Like right now.

I'm trying to enjoy a movie and I got 'her' sitting next to me.

Of coarse I know who 'her' is.

They're really really really popular.

Everyone talks about them.

I listen.

We listen.

'Liz' she's sitting next to me.

I don't get why 'they' can't go out or something.

Don't they got boyfriends?

Guys who would die for them.

Oh wait. I remember they want to take a break from guys.

I was listening to Isabel conversation.

I know. I know. That's what little brothers do to their big sister.

But it's fun.

I'm still stiff.

Should I relax?

I think I should.


I just did.

Is it that awkward?

'She' relax.

Great now we both can enjoy the movie.

It's the part where Jim strips for Nadia.

Damn she's fine.

You know even though we are 'The Weirds' doesn't mean that we're gay. We are straight guys.

'She's laughing.

Really hard.

'She's practically falling of the couch.

Crap now she has her head on my lap.

'Her' shirt or whatever they call it rise up and shit. 'She' got a nice tummy.

Hell yeah. Nice tan tummy.

Damn. No.

I look at the TV.

That's right Nadia is fine and 'she' is not.


I can't help myself. I look at her again.

Sucks. 'Her' shirt whatever they call it is covering her tummy.

Really sucks.

At least there's still Nadia.

Nobody can know what I was thinking.

Not Iz. Especially not Michael and Alex.

And the rest of 'them'

Back to my old self that 'they' all know.
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Note: Here's a note for all my fics of why I didn't update them yet. You don't have to go to all my fics for the note it's all the same.

Slumber Party with 'The Weirds' - Next part gonna be Michael POV. The problem is I'm not sure what he thinks. So working on it. But I might add Alex POV in it too.

Fear - I know what's gonna happen next. But it's gonna be something unexpected. Depends on what you think. Just need to start typing it.

Living My Life - I'm halfway with Part 8 should be out soon. Michael is gonna be in it for some reason.

The Poser Game - For some damn reason this is just hard to write. Tried.But fail. Maybe I'll think of something.

Sorry for not posting

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Part 5

Michael POV


Just great.

We got the girls from 'Clueless' here.

Stupid. Fashion. Popular. And all that crap. 'Clueless'

O.k. so there not stupid.

But they act like those 'Clueless' girls.

Wait. How would I know they are like those 'Clueless' girls?

I don't watch that show.

I swear I don't watch sissy show.

O.k. so I admit it I saw one episode. Just one episode.

No need to tell anybody.

It's not funny.


Max got that 'girl' on him.

What the hell?

He's diggin' 'her' already?

People like us not suppose to like people like 'them.'

This is wrong.

I never agree to this.

I just wanted to watch the damn movie.

Without 'them.'

How the hell did we get into this?

God dammit.

I'm pissing myself off.

You know what? I'm leaving. I can't take this.

Even if it's American Pie.

I got off and left.

I think I'll play some nice music.

To calm me down.

I walked up the stairs. I think Alex got up too. He should.

I turn around and there he is.

"You ok man?" He asked.


"I can't believe she came here" Alex said coldly.

"How dare she after what she did to you"

Alex has this thing with his ex-best friend. Wasn't pretty.

"What do you want to listen to?"

"Anything to calm me down" Alex replied.

I put in Limp Bizkit 'It's just one of those days'.

"Where's Max?"

"He should be up" Alex said looking around for something.

"Hey guys" Max said.

"Sup with you?" Alex asked.

It better be a good damn reason.

"Nothing" he replied.

Nothing my ass.


"She came" Alex said.

We talked about 'she' and 'them'.

I think Alex is ok. But he still has anger in him. Hate.

"Let's not talk about it" Max said.

Alex nod his head.

"Why you say yes?"

Alex looked at him.

"My sis" he answered.

"Your sis and them gave us hell" Alex said calmly.

This is not going to be pretty.

"But we don't care" Max said.

That's right. We don't give damn.


"I still..." Alex said.

He's getting angry.

"Cut the crap"

"Let's practice."

We're in a band. A rock band.

"Yeah let's go" Alex said walking out the door.

We practice in our garage.

Our band name?

Not gonna tell you. And it's definitely not The Whits. That was the lamest one that Alex came up with.

-This part just suck and it's short. It took me that long and I came up with this. Sorry. I need help. I need a cool, rock, weird-ish band name for them*tongue*. So if you have any suggestion tell me. Cause I can't think of any. Thanks for the feedbacks and bumps.*happy* Next part will be Alex POV.

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I need help. Can anybody come up with some type of band name for 'The Weirds'? Something that is rock, cool, and kinda weird-ish.

Let's see the next part. Um...I didn't start on it yet. Sorry. I have this project. I have to draw a castle which it have to be a bird-dive-view. It's due on Monday. And my teacher gave us a month and 1/2 on it. But you know. I was lazy. Now I'm kind of panicking on it. But at least I kinda start on it. Then I realize that I kind of drew too big and I need a larger poster but who cares. I just need a castle by Monday.

Hopefully the next part will be out soon. I don't know what's gonna happen yet. On my other fic I'm working on it. And I might start a new one. Maybe. Anyway, Please help me. And thank you. Oh and sorry for the wait. Thanks for all the feedbacks!

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Um...Does sorry works? It's took me that long for this part. Um..Sorry. I was stuck. Didn't know what to write and I still don't know what to write so this is what I came up with. Really clever. Anyway read, give me feedbackandvote for the band names that you would like 'The Weirds' to have. Thank you all for giving feedbacks.*happy* Enjoy.*big*(Bet you guys skip this part.)*tongue*

Part 6

Alex POV

I can't believe she's here. She had the nerve to come here. I haven't been this close to her for a long time.

Doesn't she even think of what she did? How can she be a best friend? But no need to worry she's in good hands. With those people.

And now she's here. What kind of best friend does not talk to you for years and come so close to you? It's like nothing happen at all. It's like we don't even know each other.

I can't believe Max is even related to one of them. This is just so....


Me and Max plays the electric guitar and vocalist. Michael drummer.

We are one hell of a good band.

I think our practice will be loud maybe loud enough to make them leave. Just away from us.

Why are they even here? Why can't they go to their party with people who are worthy?

Worthy my ass.

We walked down the stairs and they're still watching the movie.

She turned around and I gave her a cold stare. Then she turned back to the tv.

"Which song?" Max asked.

"Why don't we do the newest song"

"We definitely need to practice that one." Michael said.

I nodded.

"1-2-3" Michael said.

I feel anger. All these years. All this time. And I thought I was over it.

Loud music can be comforting. This is what I need.


After 45 minutes of practicing Michael stop.

"We have to stop" he said. We're all sweating. It's hot in here.

"Alex you have to get over what Maria did" Max said matter-of-factly.

I grit my teeth.

"It's not easy to deal with the fact that my ex-best friend is out there having a blast with her fuckin' friend and not give a fuck about me, her ex-best friend."

"It was a long time ago. She didn't mean to leave you there when people were calling you a freak." Max said.

"Didn't me to? My ass. She just had to be accepted by the 'in crowd'."

"Let's go back up and cool" Michael said.


When we went up no one was there. At least I don't have to see their faces.

"Hey let's listen to the Metellica cd" Michael suggested.

He loves that band.

"Yeah sure"

"I'll go get us cherry coke and tabasco. And you Alex orange soda and tabasco." Max said walking to the kitchen.

The taste of orange soda and tabasco sauce is just priceless.

Band Names. Here are some band names people came up with. So please vote for the one you like. Thanks

Rotting Ivy
Twisted Steel
Morpheus Confusion
Black Ink
MAM - Max Alex Michael
We are the band
W.E.I.R.D. - We Exacerbate Intergalactic Rampant Damage
The Necrophiliacs
Children of the 'Shroom
Smashin' Wreck
The Weirds
King Thunder
Quantum Leap

Thanks to Nehal, WhosYrDaddy, NaturallySpazic, Aussie Tasha, Maria Alejandra, Lillie and izzylizard for coming up with band names for 'The Weirds'. Thanks a lot.*big*

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A bump for me.
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Clara picks Rotting Ivy, Twisted Steel, Black Ink.

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Part 7a

Maria- Point of View

God I knew this calmness thing isn't going to last.

I shouldn't of came.

He's still mad.

But I never meant to do anything. Sigh.

Damn it.

I need to get out of here.

"Hey, I was wondering why don't we go to that old soap factory?"

The old soap factory is a club where we party and club.

"I mean we never go there on Friday. We're always at some party."

"Wouldn't everybody be at the party then?" Liz asked.

She's always the logical one.

"There gotta be somebody there, Come on Iz"

"I don't know. I mean do you really want to go? It could be like disco night or something" Isabel said.

"Disco night is on Monday, Pop nights are on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. So it won't be Disco night probably something else good"

Convincing them is hard.

I need to get out of here.

"Please?" I beg.

"Fine" Liz said.

"All right." Isabel agreed, " You guys can wear my clothes"

"Cool" I replied.

I fix one problem.

Max- Point of View

We have a gig tonight. And I forgot.


Got 15 minutes to get ready.

Break the news.

"Hey guys, forgot to tell you we have a gig tonight at the old soap factory."


"And you didn't tell us early?" Alex said eyeing me.

I shook my head.

"How long?" Michael asked.

"15 Minutes"

"Let's move" he said.

Isabel- Point of View

I got the perfect clothes for us to wear.

"Here Liz this is yours" I said handing her the clothes.

It's a black skirt with a pink tank top. It'll be cute on her.

"Maria yours"

Cute aqua tube dress. Really cute on her.

"Now let's change"

What should I wear?

Something red.

Black leather mini skirt. And strapless red tank top.


We are going to party.

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feedbacks please?
posted on 23-Jun-2002 1:06:10 AM by aZNroSweLl anglgrl
what happen to all my readers?
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Final list of Band Names

Rotting Ivy
Twisted Steel
Black Ink
W.E.I.R.D. - We Exacerbate Intergalactic Rampant Damage
The Weirds
King Thunder

Most people like Black this is the final vote...

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Author's Note


I'm gonna put this story on hold since I'm working on Unhealthy Obsession and this new fic I'm writing. Oh and Fear got about couple parts left. I just don't know what to write. Sorry for not posting for so long. Writer's block yeah that's what it is. Thanks for all the feedbacks. Post as soon as I think of something.



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