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part 1

Liz Parker wandered reluctantly towards
Maria's back yard. Once there se slowly peered over the gate. Squeels of laughter
could be heard, and splashes of water reached fearfully close to her. Her eyes widened at the sight, there were so many people.
"I hate pool party's" Liz mumbled.
"Oh my god!!! Liz!!!" Maria yelled, climbing out the pool. She made her way over to Liz who had now entered the back yard.
"You made it!!!" She said a little too
excited. Maria threw her arms around Liz and gave her a brief hug.
"Yeah I made it, and your getting me wet already". Liz said a lot less excited. Maria took Liz's hand and led her towards the house.
"Go get changed in my room, I'll be in
the pool". With that Maria left and Liz went inside. After changing into her suit, Liz made her way outside again. Maria once again joined her by her side.
"I have some bad news" She said wrapping an arm around Liz.
"What?" Liz asked getting worried.
"Max. He's here". Liz's face turned pale white.


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p.s this fic is set 3 months after Liz walked away from Max in 'Destiny'.

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"Max. He's here". Liz's face turned pale white.

"Shit! I knew I shouldn't of come here, Maria, I gotta go". Liz turned to
run but she lost her balance, she felt herself falling towards the pool and she braced herself to be laughed at. She closed her eyes and waited. She was
surprised when she felt strong arms lift her bact to her feet. She turned around to thank her hero, but stopped when she saw who it was.
"Max!" She shouted.
"Hey Liz" He said grinning.
"Leave me alone Max!!" Liz pushed Max's bare chest and he fell backward into the pool. Liz was just about to laugh when he reached over the edge and grabbed her leg, pulling her into the warm pool. They looked at eachother for a few seconds under the water before
Liz used her legs to elevate her body to the surface. Max soon followed and soon both their upper bodies were out of the water. They continued staring at eachother, before Max reached forward and pushed a piece of stray hair behind her ear. Liz slapped his arm away
and looked at him coldly.
"What the hell is your problem?" She
practically screamed.
"I need to talk to you". Max said softly.
"So you threw me in the pool?" Liz asked sarcastically.
"You were gonna go away". She thought he sounded like a little boy who wanted his mommy.
"Max, it's been 3 months, you have to get over it". She pleaded.
"Liz, you broke up with me, I had no choice in the matter, besides, I still love you and I want you back". Liz thought she saw tears but she wasn't sure. She took a closer look and ......yep, he was crying.
"You have Tess now" She said, feeling herself get more emotional.
"Liz, why don't you get it? What we had, it kept me alive, Tess is killing me. Can you say BIMBO? I think you can".
Liz laughed and he smiled.
"I just need some time to think". Max
nodded and enjoyed the view as she climbed out of the pool.

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p.s Soppy this is 3 months after 'Destiny'
p.p.s A lot of people have been asking for longer parts. The thing is I have NTL Digital Internet (on digital tv) and after 1/2 the internet locks off, so I have to type as fas as I can in that time. And sometimes I don't get to type that much. But it's not my faultso sorry.

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Ok basically I think the *sad*'s are cute. and they are around poolside cause .... I dunno. waters blue. This fic is set 3 months after 'Destiny' so they are 17 (I think)

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Max nodded and enjoyed the view as she climbed out the pool

An hour later, Max found Liz laying face down on a lounger. It occured to him that she had no lotion on, so he approached her.
"Liz, put some lotion on, or you'll burn your beautiful skin". When he got no reply, he got worried. He noticed that she was knocked out and her back was red hot.
"Oh god, Liz!" he shouted, shaking her gently. Nothing. He picked her up and cuddled her into his arms. He walked to the edge of the pool and jumped in, taking Liz with him. She gasped and awoke instantly with fear in
her eyes. Max let out a sigh of relief,
but wished he hadn't when he saw her face.
"Why am I in the pool?" She asked confused.
"You had sun stroke so I put you in here". he said.
"Max! I was asleep". she yelled.
"Well sorry for caring so damn much about you!" He shouted back.
"Go Fuck a sheep!" She blurted out. Max raised his middle finger to her, and said.
"Sit on it". Liz gasped, then smiled wickidly.
"Lift my skirt, and insert!" Max's eyes widened, then he too grinned.
"Unzip my fly, and suck me dry!"
"You wish!" Liz retorted.
"Yeah I know I do". He murmured, not
knowing she had heard.


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p.s Sorry for the rhyming cusses, I couldn't resist.


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"Yeah I know I do" he murmured, not knowing that she had heard.

Liz walked slowly around the edge of the pool, she was wearing a red bikini and matching sarong. She heard a couple of whistles but just ignored them. When
she reached the steps leading to the pool, she sighed and slowly walked down them. She had started in the shallow end and waded down till the water reached her shoulder's. She lounged against the pool's wall and began to think.

Destiny shouldn't be decided by another species, it should just happen naturally. Why should I care what Max's "mom" thinks? She's not even here. She's on another planet!! How's she gonna know if Max and I are together? Screw it.... I love Max and I'm gonna be with him!"

She climbed back out of the pool and looked for Max. After 15 minutes she gave up. She went over to the DJ That Maria had hired and grabbed his microphone off him.
"Max Evans', if you hear me, Liz Parker, come to Maria's bedroom, I've thought about what we were talking about and I've made my descision.". With that Liz ran off into the house.

Max came walking out of Maria's house, he had just been to the bathroom and was heading towards the snacks.
"Hey Max" Kyle said. "Liz just made an announcement for you. She said she wanted to talk to you in Maria's room and..." Kyle was cut off as Max shoved him aay and ran off towards the house. Tess saw Max running towards her and got excited.
"Max! Are you coming to talk to me??" Imagine how surprised she was when Max stormed past her, knocking her into the pool.
"My Hair! My hair!! You bastard Max!!" Max didn't even turn around, he just kept running. He sprinted up the stairs and into Maria's room.

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Part 5

He sprinted up the stairs and into Maria's room.

Max burst into the room, only to find it empty. He let out a frustrated sigh and turned to call her name.
"Uh.... Liz?". It came out as more of a whimper. She was standing before him in nothing but a pale blue bath robe.
"I think we need to talk". She said calmly.
"Ye.... Yeah ok". He stuttered. Liz pointed to Maria's bed and he went and sat on it. She began to pace and Max was drawn to the little drops of water that were falling off her still soaked body.
"So I've been thinking about.... things". She stopped walking and looked directly into his eyes.
"About what?" He askd, already knowing the answer.
"About.... us" Liz whispered. Max just bowed his head, and prepared himself for the worst.
"It's just that so much has happened..... and....."
"Liz! We can start again, from the beginning". Max begged.
"That's the problem Max! I don't want to start from the beginning".
"Then what do you want?" He asked standing.
"You". She whispered, pulling him to her. They both simultaneously leaned forward. As their lips brushed, the door flew open, revealing a very drenched, pissed lookng Tess. Max and Liz seperated and watched carefully as Tess stalked over to Max.
"You! Look what you did to my hair!"
Tess held her hand to her head showing the masses of blonde knots.
"Tess, we're kinda busy here. So can you...." Max started, but was cut off when Tess slapped him.
"Right! That's it you deranged gerbil!!!! You want tangled hair? Here you go!" Liz screeched as she grabbed a
hand full of Tess's hair, and dragged her to the door.
"Don't you EVER touch my man again!"
She said throwing her ouside.
"He's not your man! he's my husband!" Tess whined. Liz slammed the door and locked it. She turned back to Max.
"Now, where were we?"

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Mmmmmm Her husband, I thik I miss something here

If you remember in 'Destiny' Max's mother told them that she had sent with
them his young bride.... They are not actually married. Hope that helps.

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"Now, where were we?"

Liz slowly approached Max, and just stood infront of him. She just looked at him until he brought his lips down to capture hers. As they kissed, Liz began to experience a series of flashes.

"Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now, my destiny is the same... It's you... I wanna be with you Liz... I love you".

"Can you just do that with everyone?
Make them see things that aren't even there?"
"Sometimes it's easier to do that, than to make someone see something that's right infront of her eyes".

"I can't make you do this".
"Max, you're not making me do anything. We choose our own destinies... Remember?"


Liz broke away from Max suddenly and
stared deeply into his eyes.
"Max, we can't.... your.... destiny". Max's eyes focused abruptly.
"Liz, no. Please. I thought you understood. I want you. Not... not her". Max cried. A tear slipped slowly down his cheek and Liz slowly brushed it away with her thumb.
"What about your mother? Your family? Your.... planet?" Liz was also weeping now.
"Liz, you're my family now". he said.
"Are you sure it will be ok?" she whispered.
"It won't be, unless I'm with you". He assured her.
"Ok". Max knew it was only one word,
but he suddenly got this strange feeling. Like his heart had started again. He slowly leaned in to kiss her again.
"I love you Liz".
"I love you too Max, over space and time". Max put his hand on her shoulder
and he felt an unfimiliar sensation. It
was like an electric spark. He realised
Liz had felt it too, As she was openly exploring his chest. He suddenly felt confident, and moved his hand to the tie of her robe.

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He suddenly felt confident and moved his hand to the tie of her robe.

He let his hand linger there for a moment, before he suddenly realised what he was doing. He moved his hands to cup her cheeks and she looke at him lovingly.
"I'm sorry, I just can't stop touching you". He whispered.
"I's ok Max, I feel it too". She replied. He moved his hands again and then froze, violently shaking his head.
"No Liz, we're moving too fast. We have to stop". He kissed her fiercely,"But I don't wanna stop". He breathed.
"Max, really it's fine. I'm yours, you have the right to touch what's yours". She smiled and he let out a small groan.
"You mean it?" he asked. She answered by lying down on the middle of the bed and pulling him down on top of her. She then slowly loosened the knot on her robe. She opened it slowly and he moaned louder. "Oh I mean it". She said. Max leaned in to kiss her sweet lips. The kiss soon became more heated,
but Max's hands remained at the side of Liz's body, lazily brushing her stomach. Liz's hands massaged Max's back, and he moaed softly. He brought his hands up her body and he came in contact with an obstructing piece of material. He looked down to where his hands were and noticed she was still wearing her red bikini, when she had undone her robe, he had been sure she was naked. He soon realised that it must have been his imagination playing tricks on him. He could fix that., he raised his hands to her shoulders and lifted her into a sitting position. He smiled gently at her, before moving his hands to the clasps of her bra. He struggled alittle before managing to unhook it. He kept complete eyecontact as he took each strap in hand, and gently dragged them down her arms. The top was drenched and when he finally got it off it seemed heavy. Max layed Liz down again and began to stare at her beauty. He then leant down and took her lips again.

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Yep, that's where all my fics come from, my dreams... I'LL try to make this last as long as possible just for you.... LOL.
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Part 8

He leant down and took her lips again

Liz moaned as Max attached his lips to her neck and began sucking there.

Max kissed his way down her throat onto
her chest, through the valley of her breasts, onto her flat stomach, past her navel and then his lips brushed the red bikini panties she was wearing.

He couldn't behr to stop tasting her skin, so he gently bit the side of the panties and pulled.

Liz giggled as Max let out a playful growl and then returned, level with her
eyes, with her panties in his mouth. He
quickly flinched his head, sending them flying.

Liz noticed for the first time how dark Max's eyes were and she moaned again.

Max kissed her earlobe and whispered huskily.

"I see London, I see France, Liz ain't got no underpants".

Liz giggled again, but gasped as she felt Max's hardness brush against her core.

Liz pushed Max's chest signalling for him to sit up. When he did, she pushed him farther back so he was lying down.

She then straddled his waist, her wet heat on his stomach.

Liz kissed him then lowered her head and gently sucked his erect nipple.

She then moved lower and placed her hands on the waistband of his shorts.

She lowered them, gasping at the site of her boyfriends rather large manhood.

"Max? I wanna do something for you, that I would never do for anyone but you..... ok?" She said, kinda shy.

"Sure Liz, but what are you gonna doooooooooo" Max moaned as Liz brought his hard erection to her swollen lips and let it enter her mouth.

"Oh God". He groaned.

As Liz started to move, it took all his control to say his next words.

"Liz, you really don't have to do that". He said, gripping the sheets.

Liz just looked up and continued sliding her lips over his manhood.

Max gripped harder, as he felt the edge nearing.

"Oh God Liz! I'm gonna....."

Then the world went black.

Lot's of love.
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part 9

He re-opened his eyes to see Liz grinning at him.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

"Oh I'm great Liz" He smiled.

"And thank you". He whispered.

"For what?" She said, confused.

"For what you just did for me. How can I repay you?" Max asked mischieveously.

"Oh I don't know.... Clean my room? no wait..... take me shopping?..... no... I know... Make love to me".

It was more of a statement than a question.

"Anything for my princess".

He gave her that special grin as he once again climbed on top of her.

"One problem". He stated.

"What?" Liz asked

"No protection". The disappointment was evident in his voice.

"Dressing table, 3rd drawer down". She replied calmly.

He opened the small chest of drawers and voila, behold the gift of condoms.

"Michael". Liz said as she noticed the wondering look on his face.

"Over share". Max Grimaced.

He opened the pack and was just about to roll one on when she stopped him.

"May I?" She voiced, pointing to the latex.

"Sure". He breathed.

She then used her slender fingers to sheath his manhood.

He climbed atop her once more and positioned himself at her welcoming entrance.

"Are you sure? Because if you aren't then you better say now, because once we do this you are mine..... forever and I..... Sweet jeezus!" He groaned as
Liz, bored with his little speech, thrusted hr hips upwards, successfully fully embedding him inside her.

"I'm sure" She whispered, wincing alittle.

"Bit late now". He breathed.

As Liz started shifting again Max realised she was ready to go.


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No sequel I'm afraid guys... I sorta dried up with this fic... as you can probably tell and I wanna devote all my time to my other fics... especially 'I'm always cumming' lol. Thanx anyways. I hope you will continue to read my other fics...