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From part 12.....


Max felt himself wake abruptly. Almost like the connection to the dream had been cut or severed quickly. He felt disoriented and scared. He looked around nervously. Michael was still driving. He said nothing as he tried to regain control of his senses. He just sort of watched out the window as the rest of the world rolled by. His emotions were flying all over the place.

He sat up straighter suddenly as feelings of nausea rushed over him.


She was close.

He could feel her.

Her essense.....their connection, it seemed to permeate through his entire being.

“Michael......where are we?”

“We’re almost past the state line. Why?” Michael was immediately concerned. Max looked tense and yet somewhat peaceful at the same time. Almost relieved.

“ I can feel her, Michael. She’s here.”

Chapter 13

For two weeks Max put of the meeting with Larek as he and Michael drove around, following Max’s connection to Liz. He could feel her energy...her life force radiating from her. He could feel their children’s presences as they grew in her womb. And he didn’t care if Larek had to wait a year...he was going to find his wife first.

But it was not to be. After endless days of driving in tense silence, Michael made the decision to stop. They’d been driving around in circles, Max’s senses were on overload. He could barely form a coherent sentence. Michael knew that the connection had grown weak after the first week of searching. Max was holding onto it by a thread.

“Maxwell....I think that we need to get to Larek. He might have information that we can use to help find Liz. isn’t getting us anywhere. We’re no closer than when we started,” Michael tried to reason.

He watched with no small amount of trepidation as Max contemplated his words. He looked almost....scared. He looked up and Michael could see the desperation in his friend’s eyes. “If we stop....I’ll lose the connection,” he said softly. “I can’t stand not being able to feel her, Michael. It will drive me crazy. I’m afraid that if we don’t keep looking, I’ll never get that connection back.”

Michael didn’t know how to respond. What did you say to someone who’s whole world revolved around the fate of one woman.

“I know this is hard, Max, but we’ve got to get back to the others. We’ve got strategy meetings to go to and Larek is anxious to meet with you. I think we’d have a better shot of find her if we use his resources. And if that doesn’t work....I’ll drive you across country, day and night, until you feel her again. This isn’t giving up, Max. It’s just trying another method.”

Max sat silently, looking out the window of the car. Finally he gave an almost imperceptible nod of his head. Michael took that as his answer. Before Max could change his mind, they were in route to Larek’s headquarters.


Liz sat alone in her room. Khivar had just left. He’d spent the last three hours tormenting Liz. Not physically, but rather with his words. He told her of the betrayal she committed daily. He told her that he would raise her child as his own and he would make sure that King Zan never had the chance to set eyes on his own son or daughter.

Even Liz’s steely determination was starting to wear thin. This facade of indifference that she put on daily was starting to deteriorate. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could pretend to be strong. Inside she was a wreck.

She was afraid for her children. Children that were daily sending out their love through their connection with her. Liz always felt hope when she felt that love. But she felt hopeless at the same time, because she knew that in order to protect the innocent lives in her womb, she would have to give in to Khivar. She knew that he would use this against her. He’d already used her love for Max....why not use the children that were a result of that love?

Her mind tried to find other outlets aside from the constant worry that tormented her. She thought about if he were with her, he’d be rejoicing in every new change from day to day as their children grew.

The last two weeks though...there had been something else....something that seemed to be calling to her. Her senses were so overwhelmed that she couldn’t figure out what it was. It almost felt like Max. Like he was trying to call to her through their connection. But her connection with the babies seemed to drown out anything else and she was sure that it was wishful thinking on her part.


The meeting with Larek ran like clockwork. Max sat there, stoically listening to any and all new information. They’d been correct to assume that the message Khivar had left with the dead bodies was to tell him about Liz and that she was pregnant. It had been sent to make him think that perhaps Khivar was the father of the child. To bait him...make him act irrationally.

Max had moved past that news was old and he was no longer going to worry about Khivar’s little games.

“We believe we’ve trace Khivar’s location. He’s been working with several of the dupes and as you’re aware, they aren’t exactly intelligent. The one known as Rath has been particularly careless. One of our agents was able to follow him after he was spotted leaving a liquor store. They were able to detain him and to access information regarding his current mission and location. Afterwards, they erased any memory of his detention and sent him on his way. We’re fairly certain that we can overtake Khivar in the compound he’s currently occupying.”

It was this information that finally made Max sit up and take notice. “You’re telling me that you know where Khivar is at this very moment?”

Larek nodded. “We’re waiting to act until we can make sure that our army is ready and we’ve developed a feasible plan of attack. We don’t want to be walking in to a trap.”

“Michael....” Max said jumping up from his seat to pace the room. “If we know where Khivar is that means that we know where Liz is....”

“Max, we have to focus on Khivar. If Liz is there, we’ll get to her, but not until we’ve taken care of him first. He’ll make sure of that. The only way to get her back safely is to get rid of him. We have to end this once and for all,” Michael told him. He could see the wheels in Max’s head turning. He knew that he wasn’t going to agree with whatever Max was currently coming up with.

“I won’t allow anything that can risk her Michael. She has to be included in the plans that we make, if only so that we avoid hurting her in anyway,” Max asserted. “You know that. She’s our first consideration because I’m not going to let anything happen to her. Got it?”

Both Larek and Michael nodded. They saw the look in Max’s eyes. They could see that this was not negotiable. Their plans for attack were going to revolve around Liz.

“We need to get the army ready. As soon as the plan is finalized I want it put into action,” Max told Larek.

“Of course,” Larek agreed. “I’ll see that this is the case.”

“Do you think that we should call the other’s Max?” Michael asked. He knew he shouldn’t have be, but he was thinking about Maria and how he really didn’t want her involved in any of this if she didn’t have to be. He wanted to make sure that she was safe.

“Yes. We’re going to need Isabel and Tess and I don’t want to leave the others vulnerable. Have them leave as soon as possible.”

Michael didn’t protest. He just gave a nod. Max was finally stepping into his role as leader and Michael knew enough not to question him anymore. He was making decisions that Michael would trust, because he could sense that Max was beginning to trust him again. It was only fair that he treated Max with the same respect that he was being afforded because he knew that he wasn’t going to let Max down this time.

“Michael....” Max said after a moment of thought, “I want you to help Larek with the army. Find out exactly how prepared they are at this point and keep me updated.”

With as many plans made as they possibly could at that point, Max dismissed Michael and Larek, leaving them to discuss things on their own. He was drained...physically and emotionally. He needed sleep. He’d had very little of it in the past two weeks because he’d been so afraid he’d lose his connection to Liz.

He took a quick shower, brushed his teeth and climbed into an unfamiliar bed. He lay there with his eyes closed for what seemed like hours. Unconsciously his mind reach out, searching for a familiar connection. At first he felt nothing...but slowly he became aware of two distinctly different and yet similar presences. It wasn’t Liz but ...he could sense that parts of her were intricately woven into the presences. And he could of himself...of the way Liz saw him, knew him and loved him. He knew that somehow he’d connected with his two unborn children. Suddenly he knew that Liz was okay....he knew that she would be fine even in Khivar’s clutches, because the babies would keep her safe and sane.


Liz had been sleeping a lot lately. And it wasn’t just to dream about Max. She was genuinely tired and she knew that it was because of the babies. Of course she wasn’t concerned. She could sense that they were happy and healthy. Aside from that, the doctor that Khivar had attending to her had assured her that it was perfectly normal. Liz doubted the competence of the doctor, though. He’d yet to notice that she was pregnant with not one, but two babies. This was probably a blessing of some sort because that meant that Khivar didn’t know either. And for some reason, she’d convinced herself that if he knew things would be very different. It was safer this way. That and Liz felt some sense of control from the fact that he had not completely invaded her privacy. She was able to keep some secrets. She wasn’t sure how long those secrets would keep though. She was getting The incompetent doctor had been unsure when Liz would deliver as Antarian pregnancies lasted a month. The combination of Human and Alien development could mean anything.


Khivar worked into the room and stared at the sleeping beauty before him. He’d come in for his evening visit just like very other day. And like every other day, he found her sleeping. He watched her face closely, looking for any signs that she might be dreaming or connecting with Max. There were none. She was probably sleeping this time because she was tired. When he’d questioned the doctor he’d mentioned that might happen.

Despite himself, Khivar was concerned for Liz. He grew more fond of her daily, admiring her unwaivering devotion to Max and her complete faith that Max would save her. He had no doubt that efforts to do so were being planned, but he knew he’d be ready. Max would come for Liz and meet his demise.

Khivar’s thoughts were broken when Liz began to stir. As she opened her eyes, he watched her body stiffen as if she was already aware of his presence. He felt a jolt of pain in his chest at that. She didn’t trust him. He wasn’t sure she ever would, but she wasn’t going to have a choice.

“Good. You’re awake. We’ve got some things to discuss.”

The guarded look returned to Liz’s eyes. She looked so lost and vulnerable suddenly.

Something inside him began to thaw a little.

“You must know that no harm will ever come to you Liz. In’s quite the opposite. One day you’re going to be royalty. Now before you protest....hear me out.”

Liz eyed him warily, wondering what he was going to say.

“I give you my word not to harm you or the child you’re carrying. It isn’t you that I have the vendetta against. It’s your lover that blocks my claim to the throne. Now you being pregnant with his child presented a bit of a problem at first. Because even with Max dead there was going to be an heir....a claim to the throne. After thinking it over though....I realized that this child isn’t a threat. You were not Max’s intended. Only a child with Ava would be considered the true heir. So I have a proposition.....”

Liz listened carefully, fighting back tears of hurt at the words he what he was telling her she had to do to save herself and her children.


“I can’t believe Michael. Who the hell does he think he is?” Maria ranted. “He just calls us up and expects us to jump at his command and I for one....”

“Maria,” Alex interrupted. “This isn’t about Michael. He was only doing what Max told him to. We’re following those orders so that we can help get Liz back.”

Maria opened her mouth to reply but closed it tightly before she could say anything. Alex was right. She was really just projecting all of her fear and anger and nervousness and Michael happened to be an available target.

Isabel was asleep in the back of the car as Alex continued to drive. Maria had been wide awake since they’d left their hiding place. It was unfortunate for both Alex and Isabel that Maria would not be sleeping any time soon, especially if they took into account the three cups of coffee and two cans of soda she’d ingested since they’d started out.

“So Alex.....let’s talk about something non-Alien for awhile. Like Sweden. What’s life like there?”

Alex smiled. “It’s a great place. Completely different from Roswell. I think that was a majority of the appeal at first. Then after awhile, I got sort of homesick. If I wouldn’t have met Leanna, I think that I would have moved back to the states awhile ago,” he admitted.

“So what happened with that?”

“Well...uh...she broke up with me because she said I had too many secrets. That I was keeping things from her. And she was right. But I couldn’t tell her I walked away. It was for the best. You can’t be in a relationship with someone who you can’t trust with all of your secrets....because then you’re keeping part of yourself locked away. It would have eventually made us miserable.” Alex’s voice trailed off.

Maria understood where Alex was coming from. After Michael...she’d tried to move on. But once a member of the ‘I know an Alien’ club....always a member. She couldn’t get away from it. It was always there, in the back of her head. And the thing was....she liked knowing something that others didn’t know...she liked being special because she did know. But Alex was couldn’t have a lasting relationship with someone if you had to keep a part of your life a secret.

“I’m sorry that things didn’t work out for you Alex,” she told her friend sincerely. “It must have been hard to be so far away from home when the break up happened. How did you deal with it?”

“I sort of became even more of an internet junkie, if you can imagine. I joined about a thousand chat rooms to keep my mind occupied,” he explained.

Isabel had been awake now for some time and had been listening quietly to their conversation with her eyes still closed. She’s heard the hurt in Alex’s voice when he’s talked about Leanna and she’d felt her own stab of pain. Alex was a wonderful guy, he should never have to hurt like that. She was also aware that this hurt had come about because he knew their secret and it would always be in the way of his happiness.

“......guitarman1947. Do you still use that as you screen name?’ve had that since jr. high. You need to branch out....mix things up,” Maria’s voice said.

Isabel’s eyes opened wide at that.

“You’re guitarman1947?” she asked, sitting up in the back seat. “Why didn’t you tell me it was you?”


Another long day of planning came and went while Max and Michael waited for the others to arrive. For the most part everything was ready. Their plan of attack had been finalized. The only problem....they needed more time to train the army. Physically, everyone that served under them was capable, but mentally they were no where near prepared.

And this was going to be a mental battle as much, if not more, than anything else. The enemy would go into their minds and strip down their defenses and once that was done....they strike with a physical blow. So they need to be strong enough to prevent that. They needed to make the mental attack work for them instead of against them.

It was killing Max to know that even though he knew Liz’s location...he couldn’t go to her. He couldn’t rescue her. Storming Khivar’s compound would only end up getting him killed and he would be no good to Liz or his children dead. He couldn’t protect them if he let himself fall into Khivar’s trap. Keeping Liz and the babies safe meant keeping himself away until they were all completely ready for whatever Khivar wanted to throw at them.

They had a plan. It was going to work. Max should have been feeling hopeful. But the emotional stress left Max exhausted. On that particular night he fell into bed and drifted off to sleep quickly only to be
greeted by a surprise.