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Hi here I am again
Sorry about the wait. A huge big thanks goes to those who where kind enough to answer my plea for help when my system crashed and I lost this story. Personal reasons have made me unable to get around to writing until this week. So enjoy and please please please feed back for this story is always needed and much loved

Wild Nights

Author CareBerh2

Disclaimer. I own Nothing of except lots of bills and money to the bank.

Rating. Not too sure about this but NC-17 as there will be sex.

Summary. What if the one that Zan was waiting for had already found him, couldn't stop watching him, and was there for him when he needed her most.

Authors note. This is my first story, so please be kind. This does start off with Zan but I promise it will get to roswell and all the people that we know and love. About my name I know how its spelt, little tip do not log on to something new when talking to a 2 year old strange things come out of your brain.

Spoilers Max in the City.

Six months she had been out of this life for six months, and yet she came back to this level to the freezing streets for one reason. To watch him. The deep hood of her parker protected her from the bitter wind and the keen eyes for the two men at the top of the alley. He was with Rath tonight, she could not see Ava or Lonnie, but that was not strange, The Four ran in a pack or separate, but never with any of the
other kids, never with anyone outside the four.

She shifted from one dark shadow to the next, the cold and despair that saturated the alley greeted her like an old friend and she excepted the embrace. She watched as Rath and Zan came deeper into the alley she could see what they had now, a basket ball. It stirred a memory but this was not the time or place to reminisce. The ball was on the ground now She watched as Zan bent down to pick up the ball, and then the ominisity that drove her to be here tonight became clear within truck head lights and a blaring horn.
She couldn't call out and some how she was not surprised when Rath did not either. She stood there in the dark, misery cloaking her, frozen and numb as the truck ran him down.

Or did it. The truck was almost on top of him when she saw a green glow, the truck was slowed and deflected slightly, far way enough not to hit him. The truck moved on past taking with it her paralysis. Her slight focus across the alley, Zan was lying in a pile of rubbish that had been a good 10 feet from where he had been. It had moved enough no to hit him she had been sure it had. She almost forgot about Rath, almost. He moved till he was just a few feet from Zan, he was joined by a tall shapely punk. Lonnie slide her arms around Raths and they kissed roughly, hands started to move tops and pants aside and she thought that they where going to have sex right there. But the kiss broke and the two turned to where Zan lay. She tried to hear what they were saying but the wind and the traffic drown it out. They never went to check the body, family, she thought bitterly you just got to love it. Rath slung his arm around Lonnie waist, pull her close, turned and walked out into the New York night

Part 2

Disclaimer and rating part 1

Authors note. Sorry but do not know how to write New York speak heck not even American I come from the other side of the Atlantic and have not a clue, so please am going to write Zan as normal as every one else OK?

Rath and Lonnie had gone for five minutes before Anna moved from the shadows to where the body lay. Nothing she saw made sense, but then what else was new. She moved closer to the pile of trash she needed to see him, there among the used newspapers and bags he layed sprawled. His left arm was at an odd angle and he had blood on his face and neck. Pain and breath locked in her chest and then was released, since when did blood flow out of bodies after the heart stopped beating. Anna closed her eyes it could be the light, it could be wishful thinking, it could be fucking true. She opened her eyes, it was true, Jesus Christ she thought and started jumping over garbage bags. She stumbled over the bags in her haste her lack of height not aiding her. When she reached his side, funny she thought the damage does not look so bad now. But she had to make sure, and that would mean she had to touch him. She had thought about touching him dreamt about it, but definitely not in this situation. Her hands where shaking from fear and anticipation, and she clenched them into fists. For fuck sake girl she told herself harshly the man is probably dying and your getting turned on by the thought of touching his neck get a bloody grip on your hormones. The tremble in her hand this time was less as she reached down to his throat, she could control this. Her finger tips make contact just below his jaw and her control was blown away, her eyes slid shut and her breath hitched. She felt electricity jump from his body to hers, every cell in her body hummed, ever nerve sparked and focused on the point where their skins touched. But the thing that was the most exciting, that made the hair on the back of her neck stand up was the thump thump that she felt underneath her finger tips, the STRONG HEALTH beat of a heart. Anna still had her eyes closed so she never noticed that her finger tips moved, never saw the bleeding cut at the curve of Zans throat until she touched his blood and things would never be the same.

Zan had felt the tickle at the back of his mind all night, he had thought it was Ava but he had sent her way, better that she not know what was going to go down to night. Safer for her if she thought him dead too. Best case scenario was that to night they would try and kill him, he reminded himself on the emphasis on the try part. No one knew about his shield, the extra powers that he had developed. Everyone had secrets in the group and they was his. A year ago things had begun to change Lonnie and Rath whispering, disappearing, getting money from nowhere. He had suspected, but his suspicions where confirmed when the two off them pushed the conference deal. The parts of the puzzle started to fall into place, but he had this nagging feeling that he had only half of the puzzle. It was then he began to practice his newer powers in one of the older tunnels, he had to be able to protect himself from anyone, especial his so called best friend and his sister.

In the quiet of the alley, Zan had discover the source of the brain tickle and he now waited to see if she would finish the job. His powers work on the wreckage that he allowed the truck to do, he winced at the pain in his shoulder, maybe he had let it do a little too much damage, but still. He wanted to know who she was, who she worked for? Kivar, had she been sent to complete the job that Nicholas knew Lonnie and Rath would botch. He heard her breath hitch and the trash beneath and around him begin to shift, it looked like she was ready to made her move. He lay as still as he could senses wide open to feel the draw of her power as she would try to kill him ready to through up his shield. He never felt a thing until she did make her move and it was not what he had been expected. A touch of silk fire and flesh at this throat, threw his eyes open wide. Jesus H Christ he thought she human. His eyes so keen in the glum of the alley watched the girl leaning over him taking his pulse. Her parker hood was pushed back exposing her face. Her dark hair was scraped back of her face. Her cheek where high and wide, her closed eyes almond shaped beneath high arched brows. Her small nose supported a pair of oval glasses. But it was her mouth that caught his focus, she was bitting her plump lower lip with a set of fine teeth, God he wanted her to stop doing it and have her let him do it. His chain of thought frozen Shit what the hell was he doing she could be the enemy she could be anyone and now he wanted to bit her lip for her. Zan was yanked back to the physical plane as he felt her finger tips move trailing fire after them and the pain of his repairing body faded, that had never ever happened ever, that he noticed. what he did not notice was where her fingers where about to touch until it was too late and every thing changed.

Part 3

Disclaimer part 1

Anna Rogers was five the first time that she remembered feeling emotions that where not hers. It was a simple thing, a thing that every little girl did. She wanted to tie a ribbon around her kittens neck and make her look pretty for her Nanna. she had been chasing Okie all that morning around the table under chairs and finial the cat stopped on top of the sofa and turn and stared at the small chubby Anna walking towards it. Anna remembered looking at the cat, through her brand new glasses, and was caught by its yellow gaze. She stopped. Anna felt her stomach move like when she went down in a lift and she what she was feeling came from Okie. Okie didn't want the ribbon, she wanted the tree in the yard out side, this is what the five year old Anna explained to her mother when she brought the cat into the kitchen to be let out. Okie had told her that she did not play with the ribbon. Her mother who gave the child as little attention as possible told the maid to let the cat out and Anna to tidy as her grandmother would be here soon. Anna's face fell she had wanted to tell her mother about the feelings the tickle in her head, but her mother had turn to talk to the chef. Anna told Nanna the story of Okie and the tickle that night Nanna listen and waited.

In the spilt second before Anna touched Zans blood she remembered that tickle with her long gone cat. She had been drifting on the sensation of touching his skin that he was alive, the pin picks that his beard made into her finger tips. A spilt second later an intense blue light knifed through the darkness of the alley looking as if lightening had struck within its narrow confines. Neither of the occupants of the alley saw this but they felt it. Gentle fingers met line of flowing blood and eyes snapped opened and locked with their counter part, the click was almost audible, adn they fell into each others souls. Anna felt herself in a rollercoaster looking at a life Zans life, seeing what he saw feeling what he felt, and some how she knew that he was seeing the same from her. She could feel the electricity that every one of her cells made as they carried out their functions. She did not move did not blink she would not could not break the connection with him and continued to fall into his wide and endless amber eyes. Zan breaking free of a sack, cold and scared images of Lonnie Rath and Ava children, teenagers, being left by one who promised to protect, memories of a past life, knowing that their where others out there like him. Anna could feel her heart speed up and her breathing increase, part of her mind that was still free wondered if this what an orgasm was like, she could feel something coming, she wanted it wanted the finish but this rollcoaster of emotions from Zan was such a rush, the flashes got faster and faster the emotion began seamless, one finial flash at the end of a spiraling coil of DNA and electricity roared through her body and into his. Then nothing, a drop back into normal space and reality becoming separate again from each other with such a speed that their ears rang and their mind cried out at the cruelty. Anna fell forward on Zans chest his arms automatically coming up to hold her, cradling her body against his own. Neither noticed that he was completely healed and the blood was gone. Their eyes where stilled locked neither could look away, their breaths came out in rough pants as they came back from inside the other. She became aware that she was nearly full stretched on his long hard body with the tingles that had started all over her body. Her breath was still labored but for a different reason now ' I think we should move before Lonnie and Rath come back'. Was that her voice that was so breathless. Amber eyes never blinked never moved from hers. The tingles started to increase, in about two minutes they would become full blown shivers, She licked her lips and that broke his gaze from her eyes and refocused it on her mouth scalding the skin with his eyes make that five seconds she thought. Never shifting his gaze from her mouth, 'Your right' he mummered 'But I can't get up until you do'. A slow crooked grin a knowing grin pull at this mouth and Anna heart skipped a beat. She froze for a second and then blushed and rolled to the side off this body, as she rolled she tried to convince herself that the hard lump that she felt was her mobile phone and not what she thought it was, and that slight moan was the wind defiantly the wind. She stood up on shaky legs, nerves took over and she pulled the elastic band out of her waist length curls and ran her hand nervously through it, taking one curl and twisting it round her finger all the while bitting her lower lip, trying to block Zan from her thoughts and sences. She had to get herself under control, she never turned around but every hair on her body stood up as Zan invaded her personal space. His breath tickled her neck, she cursed herself for being only five foot four and had to swallow three times and not look him in the face before she could speak. ' We'll be safe at my place' and started walking out of the alley never turning to see if Zan was following just knowing that he was.
For a few seconds he watched girl *Anna* he corrected himself walk up the alley jean clad hips swaying in time to the waist length black curls, then started to follow, catching up so he was at her side his hand moving to rest at small of her back, as if it was his right his place. As they reached the open street no one looked at the punk boy and the small girl, part of Zan expected something anything, it was that part that having trouble with the fact that the something that he had been looking for all his life was a human. For the first time Zan felt completely whole that he had a density and it was with a human girl.

Part 4

Diclaimer Part 1

Extra long

The telephone booth stood just of a road in the middle of the New Mexico desert, the silver box eluminated by head lights of a cherry red Mustang. A small petite figure sat on the hood of the car and waited, the desert wind playing with her short curles. The night was quiet, just the sound of the wind and the swuch of a nail file, it was fractured by the telephone. Unhurred the small figure came off the car and walked to the booth picking up the phone. 'About fucking time, what the hell where you doing fileing your nails' the voice at the end of the line shreaked, there was a lenghty pause ' As a matter of fact yes I was'. 'Never mind your body care have you done it' demanded the voice. 'You know if you hadn't tried that stupid stunt on the side walk the we wouldn't have needed this' the figure in the booth shot out. Don't lie to yourself this is your game play. Enough of this shit do you have the human ready?' ' Yeah hes ready give me a week then I'll send him your way, just you make sure that he gets the work done, hes my ticket home Vilondra' ' OUR ticket OUR ticket home and don't your fucking forget it Tess.' 'As if I could Sister-in-Law dearest, one week and then I'll send him to Las Cruse, you got everything set your end?' ' Don't worry about my end, worry about your own and supply the computer geek on time' and the line went dead. Tess hung up the phone and went out side into the gathering dawn, light was just beging to streak across the sky, pulling her leather jacket closer she walked over to Kyles car got in and started the engin. She pulled out onto the road that would take her back to Roswell, maybe she could go to the Crashdown for breakfast, an evil and malicious grin spread across her face and she pressed down harder on the excelorator.

Two nights later
Liz was convinced that she was living her own personal hell on earth. She lay back in the lounge chair on her balcony ever since Max had come back, his eyes, she knew that look, Max was thinking, thinking about her and that did not bode well for her, and save the world plan. She started to chew on her lower lip, his eyes were constantly touching her, and that shiver in science, well loved phantom fingers brushing the exposed nape of her neck, the hot sensation that had shot down her spine and straight to her womb. Max had done that from across a class room with Tess chatting beside him, she had automaticaly turned to him a reflex she would have forever and had got locked in his gaze, it had taken a book being droped for Max to blink and break the connection. Liz moaned and pulled her knees up to her chin and started to rock, his actions where not those of someone out of love, if they where then Max had been out of love with her for years.
She hated this mess, it went around and around in her head, she needed Max like she needed air, but she could not have him, everyone they loved would die, and now it looked as if he had made her into what ? She could not lie to herself anymore Ava had put a stop to that, she could feel surgers of power every time she was in the room with one of the podester. When Max was in the room she could feel every cell in her body humming, how air moved on her skin and was very concious of every movement of his body, she could practicely hear the sound of his clothes moving on his skin, his chest. Liz licked her lips that had suddenly gone dry and tried to slow the trip hammer pulse in her veins. There was movement from the room inside ' Lizzy, Honey I think you should come inside its 1 o' clock'. Liz turned to her father, ' Just a second Dad' Liz took one last look at the stars in the sky and blinked as the slow burn of tears started at the back of her eyes, but no more tears, she had carried out a queens duety to her king, even though he must never know it, what was done was done. She pulled herself out of the chair brushing a stray tear away and climbed into the bedroom. A few minuets later the light went out in the room. Amber eyes deep in the shadows of the alley below watched and waited.

Liz never heard the silent figure that entered the room she was too preoccupied with her dream. The figure stood at the end of her bed and watched as she kicked off the sheet and blanket, her tank top rode up her smooth tummy as she kept twisting in the bed arms pulling at her pillow at the sides of the bed. The cold from the open window made her nipples hardend and become prominent through the material, at this she started to moan and rub her legs together twisting even more, as if she was trying to find something. ' Max' she moaned and the sound of her own voice started her wake.
Liz was breathing in rasps trying to get her body in control it took four deep breaths before she realised that the hum in her body was not just a dream. Silence streched and lay between them to such a point she was ready to scream just to get rid of it, but it was he who spoke. ' You know I think that I've seen every emotion that you have, sad, happy, grief, pain.' Liz got out of bed, she had no idea where this converstation was going but she could not have Max talk to her in that whispering womb clenching way and remain in bed it was not good for her thermostate. She walked over to the wall far from the corner shadows where he was and leaned against it. She glanced at her clock and noted it was 3.30 in the morning ' What are you doing here Max'. He continued as if he never heard her... ' love for Alex, for Maria, for your parents, your grandmother. Caring for Isabel, Michael. And I've watched you kiss Kyle', with this statement she froze against the wall and he emerged from the shadows. Moonlight played on his face and features as he slowly walked toward her, a primitive part of Liz mind recognised it, she was being hunted and frozen from head to toe. She sucked in an unsteady but necessary breath as light travel over his chisled features, teased the toned muscle and skin of his chest as it slid in and out of view of the open leather jacket, painting the faded jeans slung low on his hips a lighter colour. She closed her eyes, blood throbbing so heavily in her veins that it felt like a drum, she felt his body heat envelope her, the soft thump as he braced his hands either side of her head and her body reacted. Here in a thin tank top and shorts she could not hide her reaction to his body, his heat, his smell. Her breasts felt heavy and tender and she could feel her pulse start to throb between her legs. She still refused to open her eyes as he started to whisper in her ear ' I've felt you kiss me Liz, I've felt your passion'. His breath was like fire on her skin she was trying to remember how to breath. The tip of his nose grazed the side of her neck and she unconciously let it fall back in surrender, inviting, allowing, as he still whispered. ' All that passion locked up for me' his heavy breath hit the hollow of her throat with the impact of a lightening bolt, electricity danced all over her body, her eyes flying wide open, concious throught shut down all she could feel was him, all she wanted to feel was him. He straightened up and caught her chin in his grip forcing her face up, and their eyes to meet ' Did you really think I would believe that you let all that passion out for Kyle?' his whisper was barley sound, the tone chastising. His thumb brushed gentily over her lip lightening fire as his skin touched hers. Her eyes never left his as he slowly lowered his head, only when his lips touched hers did she close her eyes again and willingly let Max lead her back into their fire that had been waiting five months, waiting their whole lives.

Part 5

Disclaimer part 1.

This part was a bit tricky to work on paper as it did in my mind
I hope that it is not too confusing and is liked as I worked quiet hard on it. Just to get the time line straight its now three days after the summit ended and Max to Kivar to feck off
...Straight continue from part 4

The same day, five hour ago, New York.

Zan scaned the interior of the hotel, looking down over his sun glasses. To all the world he looked like a rock star checking out the female tallent in the entrance while his assistant sorted out details with the manager. Really his senses were thrown wide open hoping to get some residual of what had happened at the summit. Zan gleared at the resceptionist who had been giving him a full body check with her eyes, caught the woman gave a come heither smile and turned back to her computer. Zan smiled to himself sometimes human where so predicitable and other times, he looked down at the petite raven haired woman with him, and other times, other times it was much better not trying to understand. Zan concentrated for a second on the line that Anna was spinning to the manager of the hotel, that even though it was 9.00 pm her client just had to see their ball room right now if he was going to rent it for a private party. This had been her idea, it had taken them almost a week since his accident for them to find out where the summit was, or rather had been. They had found out too late, but that just cofirmed his fears about the others, they were in danger, he now felt like truck should have hit him harder, he had no way of knowning that Lonnie and Rath had found out about the others, hell even he did not know where the others were how in the hell had they found out. Through Anna and the stars know who they where here, dressed to the part and with the attitude of a young rock star looking for a private function room and a long suffer personal assistant of a management team. Zan tried to through his senses even wider but all he got was residue left over, Lonnie, Rath, some other people, but there was this whisp that called to him, an echo of a bond that made sence but some how did not. Anna voice broke through his through train ' Sir they have agreed to show us the rooms now as you requested', Zan did not have to fake the royal nod that came without thinking. The manager smiled at him and Zan just looked at him cold, the smile faultered and the manager mumbled ' Right this way'. Anna followed the manager and Zan followed Anna. Zan ran his eyes over Annas figure in a way that would have had the resceptionist at the desk flinging herself over it. She wore heals for the first time since he had met her, three inches and they gave her natural rhythm a nice little sway. That in turn made the loose whispy cork screw curles from her bun bounce. Not to mention the way that red suit, the way it clung to her.....Zan realised that they had stoped and the manager was steping back to let Anna go in first, she nodded politly and Zan was just about to give the manager a sarcasit look whe he noticed how the manager looked at Anna. Something very primative from both man and alien was stirred up from inside Zan, HIS it hissed inside of him, ONLY HIS, and a low sound came from the back of his throat. Anna was well into the room and did not hear it, but the manager did and turned around. The manager had once seen a timber wolf in the zoo, hard amber eyes, a look that just flayed to the bone. ' Leave us' it wasn't a question, it wasn't a statement, it was an order that was growled low from the throat. Any hope that the manager had had of getting the petite woman out of that sexy red suit vanished in the brimstone fire that spat from the punk rock stars amber eyes. The manager swallowed once, twice, but his throat was still dry with a shakey nod and wild eyes he took off down the hall as if chased by the wolf he thought Zan was. As soon as the other male had left sense dulled slightly and Zan became aware of what had happened. Later he would deal with it later, he looked up and saw Anna just waiting as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He walked in through the door and it hit him everthing hit him. Pain unbarable emotional pain, like nothing he had every felt before, grief, sadness, love, jeasouly, hate, fear. Zan fell to his knees the emotions come thick and fast a colidiscope that he was struggling to control,the finial image before he passed out, he saw himself, but not himself, no beard, prepy clothes, no spikes, the mark of Antar on glowing on his forhead. Then behind him he saw others Rath and Lonnie and yet not, a tall dark hair boy loyality shining out of him, a small curvey blond with dark green eyes standing next to Rath. An older man with a star pinned to his chest and other boy beside him sharing features, , a father and son. But the one figure that stood out stood beside his otherself, beautiful petite, with long chocolate hair and big doe eyes her forhead and stomach were glowing as well with the Antarian but not to the same strength as with, Max, the name came from somewhere. Zan sensed something not complete, something not quite right, yet, and then he passed out, knowing that Anna was there to look after him.
'So where are we going?' as she gentily stroked his cheek as he came round, his hand came up and traped her finger tips milimeters from his lips, his eyes traping her gaze in the same way, 'Roswell' he mummered his breath searing her fingers, 'Roswell New Mexico'.

They had made their way back to Anna's apartment, well building, the first night that they had arrived and Anna causally mentioned that she owned the whole building Zan had said jokingly 'you loaded or what' the reply had been a simple 'yes'. He had never asked any other questions about money they had too many others to ask and answer. Zan was snaped back to reality with the sight of Anna bending over in a short red skirt to take off her shoes, he could feel his body stiring, suddenly she straightend up and whiped around shoes in hand. He was watching her that way again she could feel it. Claiming her and part of her was thrilled by it, wanted it needed it craved it so badly that she ached. But there was still the part of her that was afraid, it was stupid he had already been inside her head, but it had been brief and rushed, what would he see if he kissed her, her isolation, what had driven her to live on the streets, her pare.. Anna would not could not complete that thought, family where Nanna, friends and Zan that was it. She would not could not meet his eyes he would trap her again, and while the female in her knew that it was a matter of time and revealed in this knowledge the scared child hid. ' I've phoned Thomas, he‘s got us tickets to Roswell tomorrow, commerical flight low profile, it sounds as if these people are going to be watched' ' Yes they will be'. Zan replied making a move as if to step towards her and she turned walking to her bed room ' You know where everthing is Zan, we leave at 5.00am, I'm bushed see you in the morning', and the bedroom door snicked shut left Zan with thoughts and feelings that just would not leave him alone.

(think I have these times right if not sorry)
11.30 New York Time. 3.30 Roswell Time.

There was something that was boiling inside of him for the last half an hour that he had tried to control. He stood and looked at the mess of vanilia ice and Tobasco sauce. Ever since he went into that room emotions that were and yet were not his own. In a way he had failed, the enemies had found the king and the royal court he only hoped that they reached them in time, there was a traitor in the royal court and they had to be flushed out. Zan turned to take another mouthful of the sticky spicy mess when desire and need hit him like a freight train. *Liz* part of his mind whispered, and behind closed eyes he saw the brown haired girl again, then her image was over layed with Annas and the desire became stronger. Zan droped the bowel in the sink and moved to Anna's bedroom door no thought just emotion and reaction. Blood thunderd through his veins, want, take, have,claim, and he opened the door. Moonlight iluminated Anna as she stood and looked out over New York City ' You couldn't sleep either...' She stoped and breath froze in her throat slowly she turned to face Zan, everything that was female in her reacted to that look, she never had time to move even if she had wanted to, his hands where suddenly on her hips pulling her flat against his hard hot body, her involentary gasp was the opening that he needed and without a second wasted he lowered his mouth. Anna was plunged into a dark and sensual world that she had only dreamt about, his tongue was soft yet he took her mouth, his tongue stud clicking on her teeth. He teased and stroked her mouth letting his toungue show her what he wanted to do with the rest of her body. Her mouth answered in responce to the dance that he was demanding, her hips tilted and her arm wraped closer around his neck her nails raking in his hair. He growled low in his throat and she moaned in reply. His lips left her mouth and slowly moved over her cheek taking little nibbles until he reached her throat, her neck fell back and lower his head. He bit and soothed with his tongue, marking what was his. Then the pieces fell into place, this shadow emotions, as if he was connected to someone. He pulled away from Annas neck she moaned her reluctance at the loss of his lips. Somewhere in the New Mexico desert his twin, his king was claiming his mate, his queen and Zan was getting the cascade of emotions from him, Zan drew a deep breath he had wanted Anna like this but for them, just for them and for some reason he knew what to do. Annas head was clasped in his hands ' Anna, I need you to open your eyes' Brows crinkled in question, Zan had to do this and now the need to for them to do this was over powering. ' Open your eyes Anna please'. She could not ignore his plea, soft passion dazed hazel eyes opened and met burning amber and a connection was made.


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Hi am so so please that all of you remember my little story.
Here is some more, now please please please don't be angry with me but I have been twiking some of the parts that have been published before, no major plot changes, but just little things, so please please please let me know what you think.

Part 6

Now please please please behr with this part of the story. M/L ahead.

Disclaimer in part 1.

Hunger consumed and destroyed Liz Parker. It was aliving creature that dewelled inside her scratching and clawing at her, punishing her for denying the one thing it wanted, the drug that her body needed. Max Evans. Maria had been right when she said that she could not let Max go. In the time when most of Roswell was asleep she would admit it and give in to the need that drove her, here in her dreams it was safe to allow Max to kiss her, to allow the passion that he had so rightly claimed as his own rise and break free. This had to be a dream to allow herself to believe anything else was...
Soft gentle brushed kisses where thrown aside, each was consuming the other, mouths open wide as if trying to swallow the other whole so they would never loose this feeling again. Max‘s mouth was liquid fire that burned and soothed all at the same time, he took her mouth, no questions, no hesitation, his demand and his right, and she arched her neck back and surrendered giving freely all that he claimed, all she could not give in the waking hours. His hands came down from the wall and cuped her face, large strong hands, long blunt fingers brushing her cheeks, behind her ears her neck and the hollow of her throat. At that touch on her throat, his touch she gasped but he refused to surrender her mouth and her gasp drew in his breath, a low moan escaped her breathless throat, it was answered with a growel and his hands moved to her hips nothing but soft pink cotton seperated his skin from hers, she had to touch him and now.
Her hands that until now had been frozen to the wall reached up, and renched down his leather jacket. The movement so suprised Max that he broke from kissing her, his hands still gripping her hips, his jacket hanging from his elbows. The anatomical construction of a chest was fascinating and beautiful, the connection of muscle, bone and skin, Max was beyond that, she had thought about this, hell she was dreaming about it right now, only now she did not have to get him to cover up, now she could taste and explore, just one thing. 'Take it off'. A thrill and a shudder ran through Max as he became even more aroused and his jeans became that bit tighter. Her voice roughed silk and something inside Max that had recognised Liz at first sight stired again in recognition of her again, his mate. He hated to do it even for a second, but he lowerd his hands from her hips and the leather jacket slid off his arms. He stood there waiting. She raised her head and looked him straight in the eye,the gentle doe eyes gone, wide almost black flaming eyes looked back. Max felt fire shot through everyone of his nerves, he could not seem to get enough air into his lungs the air seemed to be burning him from the inside. Breathing stoped when Liz gentily leaned forward placed one hand on his hip for balance and placed her open mouth to the centre of his chest, and his arms closed around her tangling his hand in her hair. This had not been the plan, part of his brain argued what plan? All it had taken was for her to murmer his name like that in her sleep and....FUCK THE PLAN, he tightend his hands in her hair and yanked her way from the nipple she had begun to play with. He looked down into her face, that smile smug, primitively female,knowing what she did to him, what she drove him to. The male and the alien growled his hands found her hips again and pulled her up to his eye level. MINE hissed the both sides of his nature, and his mouth desended once again, claiming, marking, stating who she was to both side of himself. Liz could feel the change this time in the kiss, it seemed to reach inside herself, fusing, shifting, marking, and when the flashes began she knew she could no long deny that this was not real. Later, when both where alone, they would wonder why it took so long for the falshes to come. Maria would suggest that the connection so long out of use needed a sex jumpstart, Michael would suggest that they had been just too wraped up in each other to notice. Liz knew that she needed to stop this right now, but her body was in revolt, too long denyed, too addicted to Max. Somehow her leg hooked itself over Maxs hip, a second later his hands where cupping her ass and both her legs where wrapped around his hips, this brought her wetness directly against his arousal that had been poking her in the stomach from their first kiss tonight, when wet cotton and flesh met hot denim electricity filled the air and their bodies. The flashes where flying past behind closed eye lids but they where like a video that was used for background noise, they could be looked at later. On shaky legs Max walked them over to her bed, never breaking their kiss, sat down, Liz felt her quilt touch her heals and unwound her legs so that she was sitting astride him with her thighs gripping his hips, then she started to rock, she needed, she ached. Max broke from the kiss, if his brain did not explode, then his jeans would. He was having every wet dream and fantasy brought to life, part of him was demanding that he give in and complete what they had been doing, Liz was murmering in his ear as she rock up and down on his restrained member, yeah his body certainly agreed with that. But something else was telling him to wait, too dangerous, that part he did not understand, from what and from where was a question mark and at the minuite he was hanging on to control by a thread. Danger for Liz would not to be tollerated, she was his to protect, she started to moan harder and rock harder.
His body and part of his mind was scream he was crazy, finish this be a teenager for once in his life, but some part of himself had sensed danger to Liz if they continued this to its natural conclusion, Jesus he had to do something before she drove him completely out of control and out of their virginity. He gripped her hips and stilled her movements and turned them so she was stretched out below his body on the bed, they might not be able to complete this but he could do something to ease her and his demand to claim her. For a second he savoured how she looked spread out across her bed, hair fanned in all directions, lips dark and wet from their kisses. He would not think too closely now about the flashes that he had seen, what she had been asked to do, what she had done, for him, for all of them. Max pushed that back to the farest corner of his mind and with an unsteady wave of his hand she was naked and Max froze at the sight, his angel, no other word entered his mind.
Liz gazed up passion and desire filled her with a high that she knew she would come down off eventually, but the sight of a behr chested Max looking at her body made sure that it would not be any time soon, she would pay the piper when this was over and not a second before. She watched Max swallow once and then he came down to her waiting arms. But instead of the lust filled kissed, he gently kissed her forhead, then her eyes a chaste kiss on her lips and one at her breast bone, he had placed a kiss just above her belly button before she realised what he was going to do. She tried to get up, but his strong hand pinned her hips to the bed. ' Max no' she murmered meeting his eyes just before he decended to her wet centre ' Max yes ' he corrected and lowered his mouth to her waiting heat. At the first touch of his tongue, her hips tried to fly right off the bed, only his hand holding her prevented this. With his lips, tongue, and teeth, he sent her spiraling into a world of pleasure, moaning, incoherant and begging as she clutched her bed sheets, she could not be quiet even if she had needed to.
Max knew that she would not last long, she had been almost there when he had started, but her taste was adictive, sworling his tongue in her opening as far as it would go, stilling the violent movement of her hips with his hands, claiming his space within her, a token promise of what would be. Her sent, texture,taste was like a drug addition, her moans and pleas a high that he knew that he would never get tired of, would never give up or surrender. He growled low in this throat at the thought of someone trying to take her away from him, the vibration resonated all the way up Lizs body leaving her mouth as a horse scream.
She was going to die of this, he was killing her nerve by nerve with pleasure, she pulled her bed sheet tighter in her fists. Final Max gave in to her strangled please, he gentily took the stiff swollen bud between his lips and hummed. Liz felt the vibration of his humming start in her clit and violently travel all over her body, the vibration before with is growel had been a tickel, this, this was like nuclear explosion, things began to shift and realine inside Liz Parker, she never heard her self scream Maxs name, she never saw the sheets of her bed turn royal blue underneath her clenched fist, or a bright blue V of star like dots apear on her forehead and nether did Max. Feeling too much, on sensory overload she fell into a dark warm sea of pleasure and unconciousness, the last thing she heard was Max softly whispering 'I love you Liz Parker' and she sunk under the sea he had created.

Part 7

Here I hope is a part that will answer some of your question about Max/Zan connection and what Anna is (but not all, come on I have to have something to make a sort of plot).

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It was the flashes did not shock Anna out of her emotional daze, but deepened it, but she could not, would not pull away. She was greedy, and revaled in the fact that she was the first person to get this close to Zan, feel what he felt, saw what he saw, closer than any lovers could be, every cell in her body shuddered at the thoughts in his mind at the lovers he knew they would be. Pain, at what is sister and his friend had did, fear, for the twin that he called king, for himself for what he had to do, rage, at Kivar and Nicholas for taking the war down to this planet, and flames of desire, need, confusion and love, for her. Anna gasped tried to pull away the emotions too strong, but his grip on her face tightened and she fell even further. Images swirled about her, faces, knowledge, her instincts so long supressed taking over, the need to know him inside over powering herself preservation. In her desire she forgot, that while her skills where human his where not and he saw something that he was never ment to find. It was too late, Anna felt him open the door at the back of her mind, too late to stop him, and he saw.
Zan had always known that he had a connection to his otherself, his twin. One or two echos of emotion as he was growing up. But until he had walked into that hotel room he had never realised how strong it could possiable be. Maturity had made him and his twin strong, and his twin had subconciously reached out for him when they had opened the royal seal. The residual in the room had been enough to give a partial connect them, like a bad TV reception, only picking up hightned emotions, needs. Zan had started the connection with Anna for proctection, for himself and Max, he could feel the connection that Max was forming, and Zan knew that he had to form his own, to reasure himself a separate entitly from his twin, outside of the bond that he was starting in Roswell. Instinct had called and he had answered. Anna she had consumed his thoughts and life for the last week, he wanted to know her, needed to know her, from their brief connection in the alley, Zan had felt this pull to her like nothing else, his mind crying out for hers, he was also intreged, she had mental power similar to his own yet she was human. As the connection strenghten with Anna he felt the one with Max fade, before it went completely he sent an echo of the danger he had felt in the hotel room to Max and protection, then it disappeared completely.

Zan searched her mind, finding images of himself from two years ago, looking out at the rain from a doorway with Ava under his arm. The pangs of lonelyness, other images of himself and the other three as they lived on the streets, other street kids, Zan with his shirt off playing basket ball with Rath, the pangs of desire that she felt at the sight of him. A small red headed girl about their age, love that followed naturaly, a small old woman still with black cork screw hair, love, family. He felt her anger at what had happened to him, her acceptance that he was part alien, the passion and the fear that the sight of him made her feel. Zan stood in her mental plane and felt for the first time as if he was home he turned and with his minds eye admired the beauty that shone in her mind, her soul, he could trust her. But there was something that tugged at his brain, he turned around and saw the door, small, wooden, with a silver lock and handle on it. He had to open that door, gentil grasping the cool handle he turned the nob and opened the door.
Blackness engulfed her whole mental plane, as the doorway expanded. Fear, and hate on such a base level Zan had never felt before, the blackness was opressive yet he saw nothing until the lightneing flashes started, blood red lightening. Crack*A man with a twisted face coming towards her with a gun* Crack * A woman, half in and out if underwear that was being dyed by her own blood*Crack * Running from the man with the gun* Crack * Capture, white, rooms, white walls, neddles and drugs, rough hands, mourning, pain, confusion* Crack* Escape freedom, streets, no food, no neddles no man, Zan* Crack* Found, run, death, safe, Nanna..* NOOOO Zan was back in his own mind and own body, his breath labouring under the emotions that he felt and those left from Anna. She tore herself from his hold and move away her breath still labouring they rapid pants filled the silence of the room.
Zan got his breathing under control first, 'How long have you been an empath' 'Since I was five'. He paused, silence again filling in the spaces he wasn't shocked, after all the powers he possesd where part extensions of a human brains advanced developed abilities, it seemed logical that every now and then a human could be born able to tap into them too.
He stood and watched her, looking out at the night the only sign of nerves was the curl that she kept twisting around her finger, he would not ask if the nightmare he saw inside her was true, he already knew that it was and he thought that his life sucked. He came up to stand behind her, not touching but their body heat mixing in the breath of space there was between them. He opened his mouth to speak and she turned and placed a finger against his lips. ' Not now not now'. Tears slid silently down her face, her eyes wide and bright with a sea of emotions, Zan kept silent and nodded his asent to her requestion, but his eyes spoke to hers, NOT NOW BUT SOON, they would talk about what he had seen soon. He parted his lips slightly and his tongue flicked lightly at her finger tip. Her eyes closed, her breath and every cell in her body shuddered at the light contact and for a second time froze and then began again as she renched her finger away from his scalding lips and practical ran for the door. He turned and watched her, she paused at the closed door and met his eyes, their stare locked and held, until he saw the surrender and acceptance in her eyes and let her go, she slowly left her bedroom closing the door after her, leaving Zan surround by her smell, her presence, her things and that, while not now soon they would be lovers.

Maria had had enough of waiting for Liz in the car, they where going to be late for school, correction they were late for school. She had arrived on time ( for once and waited ), Maria had fixed her hair, thought about Alexs trip that he was about to take, and tried not to think about Michael. So here she was bounding up the steps to the Parker place when the first bell for homeroom was ringing. She pulled out her keyring and opened the door, the Parkers where away, again, and there was no way she was climbing up this fire escape in her new boots. ' Liz' Maria called out as she entered, no reply, she headed straight for the bed room, God knew that the Liz had a right to be depressed but.. Maria opened the door and walked into the darken room, the lump on her bed confirming her suspsions ' Liz Parker get up right now' ' Five minutes Maria' she replied muffled. Maria never took no for an answer, she strode over to the windows and yanked open the curtains, and was about to turn when something caught her eye. A single white rose, left on the inside of the window sill, a smile pulled at Maria mouths, Romeo had not given up on Juilet, just yet. She left the rose where it was for Liz to find and turned around to wake her up. When had Liz got royal blue bed sheets ?? ' Liz get up right now, you've already missed two classes'. Maria knew that this was cruel, but the lie worked Liz shot bolt upright and looked at the clock, and floped back on the bed. ' Very funny Maria'. ' I know, you have fifteen minutes, by the way like the new sheets great colour' Maria replied and walked out of the room, she never saw Liz‘s reaction to her compliment on the new bedclothes.

Part 8

Liz stood naked infront of her bath room mirror with her eyes closed, if she kept her eyes closed then it was not true, it did not haphappen. No it did not, she had a very strange, very intense dream about Max; she HAD put on her lavander nightdress before she went to bed and not her pink top and shorts, she HAD bought new blue bed sheets, her thoughts avoided what had been left on her window sill, and she did not absolutly DID NOT have a set of silver hand prints on her hips and a glowing hicky at the base of her neck. Maria banged on the door 'Five minutes Liz, come on hurry up'. At the sound of Marias voice her eyes shot open and reflection just confirmed all she wished not to be true, Liz was marked and branded, ownership of her body to one human hybrid, a sudden thrill of primitive female pride shot through her, he had been so out of control he marked her and she wondered absently if she had marked him. She sat down heavily on the toliet set, Dear God, what had he, she, they done. She groaned well the fortune teller had been right she had been satisfied, and he only used his hands and mouth. For a split second Liz remembered his hardness rubbing againist her through his jeans, her womb clenched involentary at the thought of taking him inside her of finishing what they had started last night, of... Her flight of fantasy came to a screching he hadn't last night, they hadn't last night, they where still techniquely virgo intactus. Virgin, so no bond, so Tess still in Roswell, World still spinning. This was savalagable, she could do this, she could, if she could pretend to sleep with Kyle, tell the other half of her soul that she did not want to die for him, then she could pretend that last night never happened, she would ignore Max, no matter how much her body protested, no matter how much the rational part of her brain tried to remind her of the flashs, and that he now knew Kyle was a lie.

She pulled on her jeans, covering the glowing hand prints that claimed that part of her, and again the primitive side of her stirred, knowing that just under her clothes her body bore his marks, her body reacting as it remembered how it received those marks. Liz grabed a hold of her imagination and shuved it in a mental box, finnished dressing and tried to forget. The only problem was that Liz had discovered that she skin had become super sensitive, her neck, her breasts, her hips, but most especially her thighs even more so between them. Every movement of her clothes on her body, caused an echo of last night, she paused and took a shuddering breath, stood and looked at herself in the mirror. The dark green of her polo neck flattered her skin, she had just twisted her long hair into a knot when the bathroom door flew open and Maria waltzed in. 'Good I thought that you where going to hyberbate in here, finish the makeup and lets go, we can just make about lunch, Michael just phoned, Max wants a meeting'. Maria was not disapointed with the reaction that she got to that statement, Liz had just touched her lips stick to her bottom lip, the tube sliped from Lizs grip and fell into the sink ' MmMax wants a meeting' Maria nodded smiling at her friend, she had seen the white rose placed in the glass of water, if she had her way, Liz would be Mrs Evans, the world would not end, Isabel would not die, and Michael would definetly not die, and Maria was very good at getting her way, they just had to manuver around the problem that was Tess. Maria was pulled out of her mental planning by the look on Lizs face, a look she had never seen before ' Liz, babe are you alright?' 'Fine Maria, I'm Just fine'. Liz had said that too quick she winced at the sound of her own voice, high and nervous. Maria did not for one minute by what she was say but went with the flow. ' Come on we'd better go, forget the lipstick, your lips look great as they are' . Maria grabbed Liz by the hand and pulled her out of the Parkers appartment and to the Jetta.

As soon as they entered the school the low hum that Liz had gotten used to since Max had come back from New York became stronger and stronger, by the time that they stepped out into the quad to meet the others every cell in her body was vibrating, she started to drag her steps, she would have come to a complete stop when Max looked up from their table if Maria had not been pulling her along. His eyes held hers for a second and then moved south over her body, she could feel the flaring heat from where his eyes brushed her, and at the back of her mind she could hear his voice whisper 'MINE' her nerves where about to go into melt down when Maria sat down on the bench opposit him and pull Liz down to sit beside her. Liz fixed her gaze to the centre of the table that was covered with snack food, tabasco sause and cherry coke cans, she could not look at him, it was difficult enough to listen to him. Michael and Isabel sat either side of Max clearly not happy, neither Alex Kyle or Tess was here. ' Where are the others I thought this was a meeting, demanded Michael'. 'We are after school, the quarry, we all have information that needs to be shared with the group'. Isabel and Michael glanced sharply at Max each for their own reasons, Max never noticed, his voice was quiet his gaze never shifted from Liz‘s bent head. Isabel realised this and looked over at Michael, who looked at Maria, Maria shrugged and they went back to watching Liz and Max, something was going on and she would bet her next pay check it had something to do with that flower. Max‘s words yanked Liz‘s fixed stare from the table to his eyes. He knows, that one thought echoed in her brain, Oh Fucking hell he knows, flight of fight took over for Liz and she chose to flight, but she had barely even rose from her seat when Max was behind her, her wrist in his grasp, sending fire in her veins ' Liz and I need to talk, see you at the quarry' and with that Max pulled her out of her seat and dragged her along back into the school building. The remaining three at the table watched the disapearing figures and looked at each other ' Ok what the hell was that all about' demanded Michael.


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Hi am back from the enforced break, Am so so sorry that I cannot count, yes part 9 was missing, so here are parts 9-11. Please please please give feed back. Things may be a bit slow as am back at university for my fourth and finial year. But do not worry this baby will be looked after and completed (Max and Zan won't let me abandon them)

from part 8

Max‘s words yanked Liz‘s fixed stare from the table to his eyes. He knows, that one thought echoed in her brain, Oh Fucking hell he knows, flight of fight took over for Liz and she chose to flight, but she had barely even rose from her seat when Max was behind her, her wrist in his grasp, sending fire in her veins ' Liz and I need to talk, see you at the quarry' and with that Max pulled her out of her seat and dragged her along back into the school building. The remaining three at the table watched the disapearing figures and looked at each other ' Ok what the hell was that all about' demanded Michael.

Part 9
Disclaimer part 1

The hall was empty as Max pulled Liz along, Liz did not even try to drage her heels just in case Max did something else, she would just bluff her way out of this, yes bluff she would bluff repeating it to herself, her brain asked who she was trying to convince. The argument that she was having with herself ended when Max opened the door of the eraser room pulled her inside, placed his hand over the lock and sealed it. Suddenly she found the pattern of the floor covering facination. But Max never spoke, the silence stretched and stretched, finial she looked up at him, funny how before she never had a problem with the air in the room all of a sudden it was as if the dust was clogging her lungs.

Max just stared at Liz‘s bent head, he had an idea that she would do this, hell he knew that she would do this, she had risked too much sacrificed too much for her too give up at this stage, Jesus he loved her even more for it. This had to be settled between them before he brought his suspisions to the rest of the group. He had made peace with Isabel, she was as much Vilondra and he was Zan, and Michael. Max flashed back to the conversation that he had with Michael this morning before class.

Max had waited outside Michaels' appartment leaning against the Jeep, parked next to Michaels bike. Michael came out his appartment block and stop when he caught sight of Max. Michael walked up to Max, the two men looked at each other 'Thank-you' Max said. Michael was for one baffuled, he rised an eyebrow ' I never thanked you for what you did for me, for Pierce'. Michaels face took on a shuttered look that had become too familiar during the summer, but Max continued 'I wanted to kill him, for what he did to me, what he showed me'. Michael looked at Max sharply he had never talked about what had been done to him in that room to any of them. But Max was staring far off and then he closed his eyes, took a slow breath, and continued. ' But I didn't have the strength, the drugs and all'. 'I realised that I had never said thank you for protecting me and Liz'. Max risked a glance at Michaels face, the bridge of their friendship starting to mend.

' So what brought all this on, New York ?' Michael watched as Maxs face shifted from unsure friend to resolved leader ' Yeah Michael, things happened there that we all need to talk about, the whole group'. Michael knew that he was talking about the humans as well, but there was something else in Maxs face 'What else Maxwell ?' Max turned to face Michael, it was eriey sometimes the roles that they fell into leader to solider 'Something Michael, I hope I'm wrong but if I'm not then..' Max broke off and then continued ' We need to discuss this with the group, we need everyones imput for this its too big too important, We'll meet today' Michael nodded he would find out, patients had never been his strong suit, but he was learning. ' I'll contact Maria'. Michael refused to look up to meet the knowning gaze that his friend had fixed on him, he threw his leg over his bike and only then dared to look at Max, Max was still smirking, Michael scowled at his best friends knowing look and took off in a cloud of dust for school. Max was brought back to the here and now by the soft breathless cough that came from Liz.

The breathlessness from the dust resulted in a small cough, she had noticed the distant look in Max‘s eyes for a second, but the small cough that she had tried to repress had leeked out and his attention was back on her in this room ten fold.
'You lied Liz'. She kept silent, mostly cause she argued with herself again that he was not specific about which lie, but his next sentence confused her ' You said you wouldn't die for me, but you did'. Max walked closer and closer completely invading her body space, his face milimeters from her bent head she could feel his breath stir the hair at the nape of her neck sending waves that enhaced the echos of last night, Liz desided that silence would be best, besides she doubted if she could speak at all, all she could do was wait and breath him in.
'You died for me, you willingly tore out your own heart, set flame to your dreams for the others, for the world…...for me'. He continued his voice not only vibrating the air outside but also the little that she managed to bring into her lungs, his voice a whisper, hushed 'You've sacrificed so much for me Liz Parker', his hand came up and tilted her chin so that her face was raised to him, but her eyes refused to meet his ' No king could ask for a more worthy or loyal queen'.

Her eyes flew to meet his, and suddenly jerked herself way from his grip, his body, somehow she found her voice deliberatly misunderstanding what he said she had to be strong, to fix this billions of lives, Isabel, Michael depended on this ' Tess will make a good queen, Max'. One stride of his long legs had the distance that she had put there irradicated and she found herself again for the second time in less than 24 hours pinned against a wall by Max Evans his voice growling in her ear. ' Do you think after last night that I would touch Tess, You came apart in my arms last night Liz, I could still taste you in my mouth this morning'. Liz had tried to fake indifference to his statement, but the last sentence sent flames of pink up her face, she avoided his gaze she had to try to save this.

She opened her mouth to deneigh again, but the words dryed and where blown away like ashes by the look in his eyes as she met his gaze capturing her claiming her. Max laid a finger to her open lips ' Don't you dare deny the best night of my life, don't you dare, cause I know you bare the proof '. One of his hands gentily held the back of her neck and with the other hand he ran his middle finger down the cente of the front of her polo neck to just above her breast, as if there was an invisiable zip that only he could operate the fabric parted revealing her smooth skin and the glowing love bit that he had placed there.

He didnot know exactly what he was doing when he marked her there last night, infact he had done it without thinking, it had been purly instinctive. A primative satisfaction went through him as he saw his mark, HIS mark on her neck stating ownership in the most basic of ways. The hunger to touch her spiked higher, sharper, faster than before he was six months starved and he gentily bent and kissed the spot again. Liz could not have held back the gasp or the shiver that he brought forth with the gentil brush of his lips and rasp of this tongue, the tickle of his hair at the rest of her throat. She automatically stretched her neck offering more, as her hands became unglued from her sides and buried them in his thick hair.
The erasure room became hot and thick both their breathing picked up as the sexual need that had consumed them last night entered the space between them even stronger. Max raised his head, ' Do I need to demonstrate the other places', his voice had droped an octave and his almost black gaze held hers he waited almost wanting her to deny it further so he could undress her and kiss those places again, both knew that this was no ideal threat, but she didn't. Liz could not do this anymore, this man could fry every nerve in her body with just one look, he knew that the show with Kyle had been a lie, he knew everything there was no point in lieing now. She mentally gave up an apology to Future Max and surrendered shaking her head. She really couldn't speak at this point, she had failed, Max had placed the lives of a whole planet in her hands and she had failed because she could control her hormones, the tears began to seep out and her hands sliped from his hair.

Ownership and victory flared in his eyes, and then he closed them, unless he wanted to consumate them in the eraser room he had to get a grip on his hormones. Emotions richette around his head and heart, the pain of the sacrific that she had made, the depth of his love and need for her, the need to claim her, but over laying that the desire to protect her that was getting stronger and so was his fear. His nightmares had taken a different twist since coming back from New York and what he had discovered last night had made them even worse. They had to talk.

Max opened his eyes again and carefully closed her top again, he did not dare touch her skin again otherwise he would completely loose control. When he had finished he gently placed a kiss on her forehead and pulled back to look at her, she was crying, and he pulled her back into his arms ' We can do this Liz, we will do this, so no one will die, and we will win'. He ran his hands up and down her back as she cried silent tears, ' You, we all ready changed the time line'. He felt her nodded against his chest but the tears still came. Max tightened his grip and his throat locked, his tone choked, 'I Love you Liz Parker, I'll always love you'. Liz lifted her head from his chest and looked at him, her eyes where red, her tears silver streaks on her face, her voice also hitched with emotions too deep ' I love you Max Evans, but we….. 'Hush no buts'. Something shining in his eyes, leadership, determination, the ghosts of pain, the boy was rapidily turning into a man. But there where other things, Liz could feel Max humming through their connection that was getting stronger, she could feel, fear, anger, and suspision not at her something else but she could not pin point it. She looked at him questioningly ' Liz I need to know something, I need to know everthing the future me said about Tess, everything Liz'.

Silence regined in the Jetta as Maria drove her and Isabel to the quarry, Max and Liz had been missing for the rest of the school day, Max had left a note in Isabels locker asking her to hitch a lift with Maria, and that he had contacted the others. Michael was on his motor bike behind them. As the pulled up to the quarry lake the jeep came into view and two figures that where already standing at near the edge of the cliff. Maria parked the car and got out, the strangest sentation decended on her one she was becoming familiar with, and what ever was going on something drastic was coming. Maria glanced at Isabel, the taller girls eyes mirrored her thoughts and she nooded at Maria, and both walked over to the other two. Michael parked his bike beside the Jetta and followed the girls, he had this feeling that something was going to happen and he didn't like it.

All three noted how close Max and Liz stood he slightly foreward from her, but close enough to be in the others body space. More questions where raised in the minds of the other three and they needed answers.
' Where are the others Max?' Isabel asked the question, ' Alex has to go to some meeting about his exchange trip'. Maria noticed the omition of the fourth podester and Kyle, but it was Michael who comminted on it 'And Tess'? Max‘s face changed for a split second his expression almost frightened Maria until Liz took Max‘s hand, he never turned to face her, but their fingers interlocked, his face relaxed and Max took a breath. She told him, he knows, when this meeting was over Miss Parker had some expaining to do yes sir she did thought Maria, but any other thought along that line was shattered by Max‘s next words echoing softly in the quiet of the quarry,'Tess is why we're here'.

Part 10

Disclaimer part 1

Quarry outside Roswell

Maxs voice fractured the silence again, 'We have all been lieing to each other for sometime now and it has to stop, lies to protect each other, each of us have had vailied reasons, but they have to stop, its tearing us apart as a group, its made us weak and we can't aford to be weak, we need to be a group, we need to be strong, I need us to be a group, I can't do this with out everyone of you. I might screw up and I probably will but I need everyone of you to help me, New York proved that to me, Copper Summit proved that to me, we need each other if we want to make it through this alive'.
The three looked at each other, this was not they had been expecting, but experience had taught them to expect any thing and everything.

Max pressed on he real didn't want to do this but he had to the quick he said it the quick and it would be done.

'Something happened in New York that caused me to have doubts, doubts about Tess, wht shes here and who her allegance is to' Isabel and Michael said nothing, it was Maria who spoke, ' What happen Max', He flashed a brief smile at his 'girlfriend' and started, he told them of how after Liz had saved him Tess was taken by Lonnie and Rath, how she escaped their mind probe and escaped unharmed. 'He didn't have to spell it out for them, Lonnie and Rath had proven themselves killers yet Tess had escaped, their power would be just as strong as their if not stronger as they where supposed to be more alien, yet how had she escaped, also there was the fact that no one, none of their enemies or anyone else had come near them since the conference. The whole thing was a lot more the just suspious.

'This doesn't mean that shes working with them Maxwell' stated Michael, ' Yeah I know Michael, but don't you think it was a little too neat the way she just entered our lives and we were faced with situation that left us no choice but to trust her' ' The same could be said for some of the people here Maxwell' Maria turn on Michael after this sentence 'Michael Guerin, we grew up in the same town, we've been sharing school and classes since you were hatched, we might not have been friends but we were aware of each other, just because some blond bimbo says she from the same planet as you does not mean that she is on your side'. Isabel broke Maria's angry rant but not the glaring match that she and Michael had entered into. ' How far back do you think it goes Max ?' Max looked at his sister and sighed this was difficult, difficult to admit that they might have all been used for 6 months, that they had possiably allowed a traitor into their midists ' Since the begining, since she arrived and Liz was kidnapped'. Isabel broke the gaze with her brother and looked out over the water she was begining to see how her brother had arrived at this conclusion, and she was wishing that she couldn't.

Michael broke his staring contest with Maria and looked at Max, suspisions that had been burried under the distress of what had happened with Pierce where begining to work their way through. Why had Nasdo taken Liz if he had wanted to draw out Pierce and the FBI? He would have known that Max would follow where ever he had Liz, that Max would have been in even more danger, there could have been other ways that the shape shifter could have reached the FBI, if they had been the FBI. Michael shook his head, he didn't want this train of thought, he didn't want these thoughts, but Max could be right, the pieces fitted, and he was right about the lying it had been tearing the group apart. Michael looked at his friend, his eyes where still unsure but there was a determination about him that had been lacking, the last time that Michael had seen it was when Liz had been kidnapped. Max was starting to become the leader that he had demanded, he just was leading in a direction that Michael realish the thought of going.
As the Max was leading, Michael started to think like a warrior, if Tess was a traitor she would be dangerous, Michael glanced at Maria who had her arms crossed and was glaring at him, she could hurt anyone of them. They where too vunerable, both from outside and from within, ignorant they had believed all that they had been told, that had to stop ' So what do we do Max, any of they could come knocking on the door at any time and if Tess is envolved'

'Theres nothing we can do but watch her again, and hope that she slips up' Things where not going as bad as Max had feared, they where listening to him and they weren't laughing, part of him had wished they had telling him that what he thought was nonsense and stupid, hearing the lack of denile from the others just compounded his fears and suspisons even more. Liz brushed her thumb over his nuckles as she felt his fear, her touch soothing the fears, their connection was getting stronger, something else that they would have to talk about and he squeezed her hand in responce, both of them united waiting for a responce from the others.

Isabel pulled her gaze from the water ' Max, Alex is leaving in two days'. ' Thats another thing, do we tell Alex?' The solider in Michael liked the thought of Alex so faraway, away from the danger that Tess could probably cause, one less he had to worry about one less he had to protect for the moment. Isabel wanted Alex to have fun his life had already been screwed up enough by knowing her, she want him to have at least one normal non alien related thing from high school to remember.

Liz and Maria looked at each other, the years of friendship allowed no need for words, both of them looked at Isabel and Max, and again at each other, Maria spoke ' Let him go, if this thing does blow up hes too far way for her to hurt'. Max looked at his sister who was staring at Maria and Liz, a sort of hope burried somewhere in her eyes ' Isabel, do you think that you can get him to show you how to work his equipment?'. She tore her thankful look from Liz and Maria and nodded at her brother, he was trusting her to do this, proving to her that he did not consider her Vilondra, she just wished that it had had nothing to do with traitors.

' Max what about Kyle and the Sherif' Maria asked, that was a sticky problem, if they told them would Tess find out, ' For the minute we tell them nothing, only if we need to' Max looked at each one in turn and each nodded a responce on that they where all agreed. Max knew that Kyle still was trying to ovoid him because of the bedroom scene and Liz had told Tess that she had slept with Kyle. She would not be suspious of a lack of conversation between them.

Michael looked at the small group ' So we're back to the watching Tess game again' he said, Max nodded in confirmation and his grip on Lizs hand tightned in a way they where back to square one, and the chess game was about to begin again.

Four days later.
Bus station at Las Cruse
11.05 pm

A tall thin young man handed the bus driver his ticket and waited, the driver glanced and the boy, young late teen, with dark red hair and green eyes, he noticed that the boy was wincing slightly, with white lines of pain around his mouth. The driver, a father of four boys, ask ' You ok kid ?' The boy looked startled by the question but recover quick, 'Yeah, fell off my skate board, still abit bruised' The driver chuckled and handed the ticket back to the boy and told him to take it easy, the boy nodded and made his way down to the back of the bus limping slightly and favouring his left side.

Ava calopsed into her seat and took deep breaths at the pain and racked her system, she had to keep the iliusion up until she reached Roswell, it was taking so much out of her, but she had to, she had to tell the others what she had seen, what was going on. She could feel the toxin that one of the Skins had given her race through her system, she knew that she would be dead soon, it was a terriable, yet caming thought she wondered briefly if Zan had felt this way when the truck hit him. But she had more important things to think, Lonnie would not suspect that she would run to the others, at least not for a while, she only hope that she reach them before all their time out


Disclaimer Part 1

A soft female snore sliped into the silence of the car Zan broke from his observation of the Roswell UFO museum and turn and looked at Anna, the moonlight that was playing tag with the clouds illumited her feartures turning her feautures a briliant ivory white bleaching way the freckles that he knew decorated her nose and face. She was beautiful, she had been sleeping alot since that night in her appartment, or rather trying to nightmare plagued her, since they had arrived and on the flight down, violent nightmares, she would only came down if he took her in his arms, not that she knew that. The first hour of their flight she had fallen asleep and started moaning, he had woken her and ask her what was wrong she had denied the nightmare and had fallen back to sleep. She had started to moan again her moving about had caused her head to slip from her chair and onto his chest, as soon as her body made contact with his she quieten down, her arms had crept up to his chest and she moved her head into a more comfortable possition and fell into a deep sleep. For remainder of the flight Zan had hardly dared to breath as she slept on him and left him in a perminate state of arousal, a state that he had become vastly familiar with.

She snored again, and he grinned he had to wake her, they had work to do or rather he had something he wanted her to do, while he wanted her to do agreat many things but later he state firmly to the parts of his nature that where screaming at him. He gentily leaned over and breathed in her sent, and he started to loose his focus, the need to claim and take was beatting at his head (and other parts) but real life and duty forced them back in their cages, for now. He daren't not kiss her after that so he gentily ran his finger over her mouth 'Zan' his name a whisper, a sigh, certainly not ment for the inside of a car. But he repeated the action just the same, her reaction was just the same, he could have done that all night just her hear her sigh his name but...' Anna wake up, Anna'. Slow and not silently Anna imeriged from the arms of sleep, her eyes still closed she tried to stretch as much as she could with in the confines of the car, it took her five seconds to remember why she was asleep in a car in the first place, and then she remembered.

They had arrived in Roswell just over a day ago, when the arrived at the airport, Zan had driven straight past Roswell and stoped in the town over. They had got some eqipment there, she had had Stephen send her the rest by Fed Exp. Only then had the driven back to Roswell and started this servailance, and Anna had to admit that things where not good in the land of Roswell. Trawling on the Internet before they had left New York had given them a place to start, anyway she had had to do something after that kiss in her bedroom. So that night she had looked any strange things within the last few years, she had found it a shooting that was not a shooting at the Crashdown Cafe.

The first morning here she had walked into the Crash Down cafe, and her cells started to humm. She was led to a table by a pretty long haired blond about her own age and she made her order, Zan had refused to come in just incase the Royal court where there, she had her breakfast before her and had just take a bit of mellon when the bell over the door went a tall boy and girl entered and Anna nearly choked on her mellon.

Anna brought herself back to the here and now and looked at her car companion. 'I need you to do something'. Anna never replied she mearly arched an eyebrow as her question mark 'We need a camera on Liz Parkers Balcony and ..' ' Don't even think it Zan'. Anna was drawing a line here. 'I refuse to invade that girls privacy of her bedroom, I can place the one on the balcony so that we can see the majority of the room, but that and only that'. Zan nodded he knew that she wouldn't agree he had just wanted to see what she would do.

Anna reached behind into the back seat to collect a small bag that looked more like a purse than anything else, and turned back to Zan ' You keep an eye on the Royals, I'll go and break the law' she fliped the mobile phone ' Let me know if they make a move, I should be finished pretty quick, but.. ' Zan nodded, he had this buring desire to kiss her before she got out of car, but he knew that if they started that they would be at it until next week, so he picked up the binoculars that he did not need, so that his hands had something to playing with rather than dragging her back into the car and his arms. Anna had other ideas and before he had had a chance to react she had leaned over and kissed his cheek, by the time he had moved his head her door was closed and she was a shadow in the night.

Anna loved the night, she felt more alive, better, safer at night. The night air of Roswell was tinted with the sorch of the desert from the day and like any night air anywhere it was soft.
She ran through the back alley behinded the parked car and down two streets, and stood before the fire escape to Liz Parkers balcony, as she put her hands on the rungs Anna felt a slight hum, travel up her arms and rest low in her stomach, she shook it off as nerves, Max Evans and the other Aliens would have been up to visit the girl this way, it was just residual emotion from them, or at least that was what she was telling herself as she climbed the fire escape.

Anna pulled herself over the edge and looked at Lizs balcony, she could see that the other girl loved it out here, she cast her gaze around the assortment of candles and fairy lights, she was careful not to touch anything that she did not have to Zan had a similar gift to her own, neither she no Zan wanted the others to find out about them until Zan knew what was going on. She looked around for a good place to put the camera, and maybe that was her down fall, Anna was so focus on looking for an all conceiling yet all revealing spot that she did not hear the figure behind her until a hand had clamped over her mouth and she was draged inside the open window her mental voice screaming Zans name.


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Part 12

Disclaimer part 1

Zan was trying not to think about Anna; he may as well have asked the earth to stop spinning. He fiddled with the binoculars some more, thought about putting on some music and decided against it, Jesus the woman had reduced his attention span to that of a kid. He flung his head back on the headrest and groaned. His head snapped back suddenly as he felt movement in the street.
He eyes tracked the figure to the doors of the museum, the green sign illuminating the features of Brody as he entered the building. Zans senses told him not a skin, but something, he saw that man in the room with..… Paralysis came quick and griped Zan as Anna mental scream ripped through him resulting in a tripwire response. He yanked the keys from the car sealed it and ran the route that Anna had taken less than 5 minutes before, the royals had the ability to protect themselves Anna did not.

Inside the museum Maria was running a count down to the real War of the Worlds, as Max and Liz stood toe to toe and argued. Now she knew that Max would never hurt.... well physical hurt Liz, but the two of them where just discovering how much they had changed in their time apart. Maria jumped as Liz's hand slapped down on the desk, and it looked as if the rest of Roswell where just about to discover it along with them. She had thought that the sexual tension that had consumed them both for the last year had been bad. It looked as if Alex was right, one of them or both was going to explode if the didn't do it.

Any normal person would have thought the clearing up of a small or in this case large misunderstanding between a couple would result in everything back to normal. Wrong. This was Roswell, a place that made Oz look sane. The couple in question was Alien/Human and just to put the cherry on top the alien was a king, which made the human a queen, and both liked getting their own way.

'I don't want you trying to use your powers until we know more about what's going on with Tess' Max's voice was loud and echoed off the interior of the museum. Fear drove his anger more than anything else, fear about Tess and others, what if the FBI found out about how Liz had changed, they where still a threat possibly an even bigger one as they had no idea what Nasado had really been doing all that time. The alien hunters, the FBI, the skins, Kivar their number one target might become Liz he couldn't live with that. The nightmare image had hounded his brain that night after he left her sleeping now replayed in his mind, he was in the white room only this time it was Liz strapped to that cold metal table, Liz bound hand and foot, his fear doubled and his demons started to brake loose. The instinct for her protection that had caused him to halt that night had been getting stronger and stronger he had to make her understand. But the need to touch her was driving him crazy, he ate, slept, breathed, hell even nightmared about Liz. She looked as if she was about to hit him, and he did think he had seen her look sexier, well full dressed

Liz's eyes narrowed her eyes at Max's tone and tried to get a hold on her temper. The past few days had been great between them, their connection was getting stronger, so much mental weight lifted had been lifted none of them had seen Tess very much both at school and the Crashdown. Yet Max had not touched her since that night in her bed room, part of her was glad she knew that they had fallen to fast too sure into that part of their relationship especially after what had happened. But the kisses had gotten more heated, fumbling touches and gentle brushes where now even a greater tease as her body knew what he could do to her and control sometimes seem the other side of sainthood.

She had told the truth back in September they couldn't go back, she had changed, and she needed to know how. These last six months had not been a picnic for either one of them for any of them, but Liz knew that not only where the aliens powers stronger they where all emotionally stronger, that unfortunately also included Max's control freak problem. If he thought just because they where back together, that because the sexual tension had been upped a notch or five he could walk all over her, well the King had another thing coming, screaming conscious loosing orgasms did not equal blind submission, he wanted her to be a queen, well she would be one. The mental rant over Liz straighten her shoulders and her voice became a hiss 'This has very little to do with Tess and we both know it Max so just stop it, if you think…'

Michael had just about lost his patience with this, not that he had a great deal to begin with. The meeting had begun well enough discussing how Max's and Liz's connection had been getting stronger, the lack of movement on the Tess situation, until Liz had brought up practicing her powers with the other aliens, testing, experimenting to see what she else was capable of, it was then that the tone had changed and was rapidly descending into a personal fight between Max and Liz. Privately he thought it was about time the two of them needed this, hell Max needed someone who would stand up to him, he may be the king but he did not need 'yes' men around him, make that a 'Yes' Queen. But they had more important things going on than acting out an edition on 'The Young and The Alien', and well he agreed with Liz.

Isabel looked at Maria and then over at Michael and a glance of a request and answer was issued back and forth. Michael could start and she would back him up and they would tag team Max as usually. A smile flitted as normal thought of ganging up on a bossy Max by both of them, and then she glared at him Isabel was just as sick of this as Michael and Maria. Besides she agreed with Liz.

Michael cut in on Liz 'Maxwell she needs to know what she can do, hell we need to know what she can do'. Isabel spoke up picking up where Michael left off ' He's right Max ' Isabel paused as Max dragged his eyes from Liz's face, and glared at both her and Michael, not to be put off she continued 'Max think about it, Tess already knows that Liz has started to develop powers, it would be suspious if we didn't work on them'.

Liz was not shocked at Isabel and Michael they had backed her up, both had come to see her separately the night that Max had told them what she had done. What had developed was a deeper understanding and respect on all sides and it was kinda nice to have back up at times like this. Michael merely lifted a sardonic eyebrow that was clearly stating that she shouldn't let this go to her head, and Liz suppressed the grin that wanted to answer. She looked at Isabel then, their relationship had changed even more, both where firm in the knowledge that they would give anything to protect Max. They where becoming more than friends a deeper bond developing, Liz had always looked at Maria and Alex as the brother and sister that she never had; now she had another one of each, Friday night was girls night and a new sister had to be invited. But first she had to deal with Max, maybe if she tried a different approach.

Max closed his eyes, against the others, against the outside world, he knew they where all right. But he wanted to keep Tess and Liz as far apart as he could, he wanted to keep Liz away from the danger this change would bring, hell he wanted to seal himself and Liz in the pod chamber and maybe never come out. Now there was a thought that should be explored. Max felt warm slender arms wrap around his waist and the warmth of her head on his chest causing his temperature to jump several points, and his body to tighten. He had a feeling that he was rarely going to win an argument with Liz if she could touch him, or look at him, and he was damn sure that she knew that.

A tiny part of Liz felt bit bad using the physical card and understood his fears, she just thought that he just could have been a bit better in expressing them. 'I'll never be alone with her Max, Michael and Isabel or you can be with me the whole time' He hated it when she used that voice, that 'this is completely logical voice'. They both knew that the danger of the FBI and all the others was just something that he would have to except, that aspect of his fear she left alone there was nothing they could do about it. The decision had been made long ago neither could live without the other and both accepted the risks.

He opened is eyes and looked down into hers, his anger dissipating but the fear remained combined with the banked desire, he gently brushed a strand of hair back from her cheek and Liz automatically leaning into his touch. 'Please Max I needed to know where this is going, we need to know'. His lips quirked of their own accord as she knowling repeated those words said so long ago. He slowing lowered his forehead to hers and nodded, the others breathed a sigh of relief. Max and Liz never broke their gaze 'I'll be fine Max, you can't wrap me in cotton wool', his eyes never wavered, never looked more serious, and burned brighter with passion 'I can try' he whispered.

'About time, if royal couple are quite finished' Michaels sarcasm cutting in to the cocoon that the lovers had immersed themselves in, dragging their gaze from each other Michael let out an exaggerated grunt that brought him a sharp glare from Maria and Max, 'Now can we down to business, Isabel what's the situation with the camera….' 'Hallo Brody', Maria voice was loud, cutting into Michael speech, and all eyes shot to the figure at the top of the stairs.

How long had he been there, what had he heard, Brody stopped at the sight of all the teens in the museum, he looked just as surprised to see them as they where to see him. 'Hi Maria, Evans what are you lot doing here so late'. The group breathed a collective sigh, if he had heard anything he would have immediately asked about it, but they had to find an excuse and quick,' Max lost his wallet, and he said this was the last place he remembered having it' Liz took over from Maria with the easy of long friendship and co partners in crime ' Yeah so we were all in the Crashdown and decided to come over and help him, this place being so big and all'.

The three aliens looked on as the humans yet again spun webs of lies for them, ' Oh, so did you find it?' Max was getting better thinking on his feet, necessity was the mother of invention, he reached into his back pocket and showed Brody the supposed missing wallet ' We were just about to leave when you showed up. Do you want me to lock up?' Max looked at his boss, Brody was still distracted, and gazed blankly at Max for a few seconds ' No Evans, I've some work to do I'll lock up, Goodnight ' and he walked to the back of the museum and into his office. Max just stared at the office he wondered if Brodys little unknown trip to New York done him any damage.

Liz's touch broke the thought ' Come on guys we can finish this at the Crashdown, my parents are at the movies tonight and its closed now' Liz griped his hand and the rest followed them, each hoping that they could resolve this meeting, none of them realising just how long this night was going to be.

Anna quickly looked around the dark room looking for help that the logical part of her brain told her was not there. She knew that shock was fading and panic replacing it. A shallow raw breath dragged her eyes back to the figure on the floor under her, crystalline blue eyes locked with her own and Anna knew that Ava was dying. ' Hold on Ava, Zan will be here in a few minutes, I'm sorry I hit you, please hold on'. When she had been grabbed from behind street fighting preservation kicked in and she had hit back, hard. How the hell had a this woman dragged her in that window she would never know, but she had more important things to thinks about .She cursed herself for letting the sick woman catch her offer guard, for being distracted, and where the bloody hell was Zan.

Anna started to get a deeper sicker fear in the pit of her stomach as she looked at the symptoms that the young alien was showing, symptoms that looked too …
Part of her was screaming that there was no way in hell what she was thinking was possible, Ava was a different species for a start, but…
Anna was praying that that voice was right, Oh God please let that voice be right.

Avas voice was shaky, as she broke though Anna's jumbled panic thoughts 'No time, no time, you have to help him, help them, tell them what I know'. She knew what Ava was asking. The more time that Anna spent with Zan the more she was using her gift, the stronger she was getting. A week ago the thought would have never entered her head, to touch another person, to let them into her mind, her thoughts. Now she never question, did not object the need to do this was instinctive, to help.
Anna gently lifted the limp hand of the other girl and placed it on her own cheek, laid down on the floor to face her, cupping Avas face with her own hand and opening the walls inside her mind allowing Ava to show her. Ava eyes widened suddenly as she slipped into the humans mind, she had never felt power like this, and this was no ordinary human. But this thought was pushed to the back of her mind along with the joy that Zan was still alive she had work to do. The last sound Anna heard was the clang of boots on the fire escape outside and after that all she felt was wrapped in a suffocating pain, a pain that was all to familiar.

The clouds had finally been blown from the sky starlight and moon lit the room, but the light from the two woman illuminated the room, both small and pale, one with hair bleached almost white by the moon light and the other with hair darker than the night sky. It was the light from their bodies that giving the room its unearthly glow, locked in a place far from their physical plane and yet both waiting for those who where about to find them.

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Part 13
Disclaimer part 1

Hope this is not unlucky for me.

Maria had just set foot inside the Crashdown when the feeling fell like a heavy weight into her stomach, her reaction was almost automatic and defiantly instinctive. Her whisper almost afraid to break the silence. 'Michael' Michael came up behind her and rested his hand at the nape of her neck, proctecting reassuring as they waited. 'I know'. The couple turned as one and looked as the others walked through the doors and paused. Every one of them could feel it, someone was in the building, or rather something was in the buildling.

If they had the time to step back and look at the situation and the roles they fell into the group would have freaked and how they all knew that something was wrong. But they didn't time. Max and Liz moved as one to stand beside Michael and Maria. Five pairs of eyes moving back and forth around the room in experience and knowledge that should have been beyond their years, knowing that just because they could see it did not mean it wasn't there.

The tension easy for a second as eyes communicated that the risk was not in the restaurant, it then jumped again as this elimnation left the rest of the building. Max and Liz locked eyes.
~Stay here~
~Don't even think it buster, and neither will Maria~
Max could have sworn that he had heard Lizs voice in his head, he grinned mentally he just knew her too well; he was second-guessing her responces. Part of him was glade as he remembered all to vividly what happened the last time that he had left Maria and Liz alone in the restaurant when Nicholas and the Skins had come to town. Maxs slow blink could have been viewed as an act of acceptance rather than the breaking of their gaze and they turned to the others. Without words commands where issued, objections made, overruled and a plan made within the group.

Isabel came and stood beside her brother as Michael went behind Maria and Liz. The soliders that events had demand that they become rather than any past memories came to the forfront. Max and Isabel lead the way through into the breakroom cautiously, carefully. Maria and Liz followed their eyes sweeping the room as they moved. Michael behinded them bringing up the rear his eye movements mirroring the girls. Max pushed open the door and fixed it open with his powers. Liz absently blessed the fact that her Dad had oiled the door the day previously. Max and Isabel sences full open looked around the room sweeping, searching for the intruder neither felt anything. Brother and sister shared a look and moved further into the room, Maria Liz and Michael following.

The group stood in the back room Max was just about to open the door to the kitchen when a loud thump from the upstairs was heard. Everyone froze, all eyes fixed to the ceiling. The seconds ticked off, two then five but there where no more sounds. The breath that they each had been hold was released in a collective whoosh. The silent planning began again. Three access to the apartment,and how to cover them.

With some glaring on the part of Max and Michael it was silent decided that Michael and Maria would come up Lizs fire escape, while Max Liz and Isabel would go up the back stairs. Michael didn't like it but agreed. With the reluctant nod from Michael Liz moved to her locker. For the first time in over five minutes a voice broke the silence that had enclosed the group. 'Liz' hissed Max her name a question and a demand to what the hell she was doing. Liz ignored the one worded question and pulled out of her locked two baseball bats. Walked over to Maria and handed one to her. Kepted the other in her own hand and went and stood beside Max.

Isabel looked at the smaller girl and lifted an eyebrow in question that her brother just didn't ask, as he knew he would get a rerun of the museum argument. Liz grinned wickedly at her and then looked at Maria. Maria returned Lizs looked with pride, just because they where human, or a bit more in Lizs case did not mean they had to go into this without protection. Her expression changed to a smirk as Maria glanced at Michael 'Close your mouth Space Boy' she said. Michael snaped out of his daze and opened his mouth in automatic response. He closed it again they where in the middle of a something battle they fight/flirt later.

He looked at Max, their girlfriends had turned into Amazons that where just lacking in the height department. Michaels look told Max that Liz Maria/Amazons were entirely Maxs fault, to be careful and that he had his back. Michael blinked turned grabed Marias free hand and moved careful to the backdoor. The two of them thanks to alien powers sliping silently out the heavy metal door and closing it behind them.

~And then there where three~ Max thought as he looked at Liz and Isabel.
Liz felt Maxs discomfort though their connection and she could have sworn she heard his voice. Shaking that aside as just the strength of emotions that he was sending, she clasped his hand in hers and gentily ran her thumb over his knuckles. Max felt as if a warm blanket had enclosed his heart as he felt Lizs comfort through their connection. Again he heard her voice in his head. ~I'm here~He could get use to this, his consciousness translating the emotions he felt from her into words, into her voice. It couldn't be any thing else. Max queezed her hand in reply and they broke the grip reluctantly.

Max moved infront of Liz and stood beside Isabel and a resolved hard edge settled over all three teenagers. Liz tightned her grip on her bat as Max started up the stairs leading the way and as always she and Isabel were right behind him.

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Part 14
Disclaimer Part 1

An old lover had come to Anna and was raping her body and mind with the easy of long practice. Pain. If entering Zans mind she had been blown by ecstasy then entering Avas mind was a trip back to a hell she thought she had left deep inside of herself. Pain ripped through Anna on a level that she had not felt in almost two years. Her mind struggled with, tried to mute it to seek what Ava was trying to show her, but the energy from the alien was coming too fast to strong it was ripping down walls that had taken years to build tearing down others that had never been touched. Sensations where coming so fast that every nerve on her body was on fire. Fuck she had to get control.

Locked deep inside herself Anna felt the air shift as Zan came into the room but he was too late, it had gone beyond the stage of his help when she had connected with Ava he would have to watch and wait. She had to do this. The pain was being pushed away her body was remembering how to-do this, its like riding a bike she thought darkly. With a snap that was audible to Anna she found herself standing infront of a door in the middle of a forest. She knew that Ava was behind it without moving the door opened.

Ava stood infront of the dark red ocean of her home planet, what ever she had expected it had not been this. The few times that she had connected to humans their minds had been cluttered and completely open. What had shocked her most was that the pain was almost gone, instead what was left was a nagging ache and Ava had a feeling that Anna was doing that. Anna. Ava liked the name, the second that she had touched the other girl she had felt a link. Ava knew that this was not her mind, the feel was different the air tasted of something else, Jesus how strong was this human that she could recreate this, show Ava this part of her past life.

Ava felt rather than heard a sound behind her and turned around, a wind suddenly sprung up and started to whip the coloured strains of her hair into her eyes. But this was ignored along with the dark threatening crimson clouds that came with the wind, the two women where solely focused on each other.

A wind whipped over the beach from the sea billowing the gowns that the woman wore their hair rippled into banners that flu behind them, both exotic and beautiful, both waiting.

'You've watched us for a long time'. Ava's words were a statement and not a question Anna did not answer. 'Who are you?' At that Anna smiled 'I am me' Ava looked out to the rolling sea 'You have blood on your hands you've killed to protect'. Again it was a statement, again Anna did not answer but coldness entered her face and Ava felt a pain slice inside her and then it was controlled to an echo again.

'We don't have time for this'. Anna came up behind her 'No we don't. Show me.' Gently Anna placed her hand on Avas shoulder and the scenes shifted and bleed into darkness.

The air was suffocating breathless, smelling of bodies unwashed for too long and Tai food. But the darkness was not complete there was a source of light, dim and muted but it was there. The first thing that Anna could make out was a figure infront of the light source or computer screen. Anna walked over to the figure her heart pausing for the split second that it took to recognise that the figure was breathing. As she reached the figure slumped in the chair head pillowed on his bent arms he was a sleep but it did not look restful. Even with the poor light Anna could make out the gauntness of his face the waxy paler of skin that clung to bones. Removing that he did look handsome long narrow face, a firm chin, large hands, and tall even with his bad position Anna could tell he was tall and about two steps from the grave.

'His name is Alex Whitman, he's a friend of the others in Roswell, he's in love with Isabel and he's being used by our enemy'.
'Betrayal'. Ava reply was loud in the quiet of the mind room as a door opened and the room was flooded with light.

'You stupid bitch I thought I told you to prepare him and you said that you had, does that look like he's fucking prepared for anything except the fucking grave'. Anna could id Lonnie's dulcet tones at a block and a half. The voice that answered was higher almost like Ava had swallowed some helium; better educated that Ava yes but fuck was it sharp. 'I did prepare him you stupid bitch, it the fucking human who cannot take it, his bodies too fucking weak. Anyway we just give him some of the doctors vitamins and he'll be ready to go again so calm down'.

Anna examined the two girls that had walked into the room, the smaller was obviously Ava's double, here was the traitor that Zan was looking for, Christ she had worse dress sense than Lonnie and Anna knew hookers that dressed better than Lonnie. It was when the third female entered the room than Anna froze.

'Here's Mr Whitman's medicine just what the doctor ordered'. The girl was tall, slender, had long blond hair and wide spaced blue eyes. Some who saw her from afar would have said that she was pretty until they saw her eyes. Cold. Dead. Something inside that should not grace this earth. Eyes that Anna knew matched the girls fathers in every respected.
Ava came up behind Anna aware that her companion had frozen when the other girl had entered the scene. ' I don't know her'. 'I do'. Anna's voice was dead. Zans' fight had just become hers as well.

As she watched Lauren inject the weak boy with the serum, mentally she timed the minutes hoping that for his sake Ava's memories were accurate. Eight days Nine at the most and then this poor boy would be the walking dead. 'I've seen enough, tell me where they are'. 'Las Cruis'. 'Thank you for doing this, I will not die in vain I have help'. Anna head shot up from the deep thought ' Your not going to die understand me'. 'Did she given you the poison and was it a deep violet colour'. Ava was made dumb by the orders that echoed through Anna's' voice, she merely nodded in reply 'Then I can save you, it will take time, be painful and on the assumption that our bodies chemistry is similar but I can help'. 'How?' Hope is a fragile and beautiful thing in all species and sometimes it needs very little to grow.

But Anna never answered, she ignored and drew up power, power that she had not unlocked for four years power that alert other people. 'I needed to see what's going on outside and make preparations, you need to sleep' 'No' Ava protest was loud and echoed in the beach that they found themselves back in ' Yes heal me but I needed to fight, the others are out there they have Zan they'll kill you, you need me.' Ava crossed her arms over her chest and looked at Anna with a smug sense. Anna ignored her and built up the power and the pressure took a deep breath and opened her eyes. Blue locked with eyes that were never one colour nor the other always changing, a swirling hazel, yet clear and unblinking. The gaze caught Ava; Anna took one step forward and again placed her hand on Avas shoulder. 'Sleep'. She murmured and Ava slumped in her arms and the world around them disappeared.

Anna's eyes shot open knowing that she was awakening into a hostile situation and that she had to think on her feet, even if her very cells where aching from the pain and she had taken the pain into her body and made it her own. Jesus where was the morphine in a nice drip-feed when you need one.

Now Zan knew that this situation could be better, mostly because it could not get any fucking worse. Well Kivar could walk in. But thinking those kind of thoughts at this moment in time was just tempting fate and Universe just a bit too much he thought.
A tiny part of him was proud and the other part was ashamed that the way that the head of the Kings personal guards, his personal bodyguard met him in the next life was to be pin to a wall by him and about to be killed. Possible future lover and ex-lover passed out on the floor in a mind-sharing trance. Yep things could definitely get better.

No one in the room was watching the figures on the floor but rather the interrogation that was happening between the two you men. Mirror images faced each other. One cold anger radiating of him in waves, surounded in a semi circle, a petite brunette to his right, and a tall blond to his left. The other looking resigned with concern hidden deep within in his eyes pined to a wall. It was the voice from the bodies on the floor that broke the tension in the room. 'Kill him and Alex Whitman dies'.
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Part 15

Disclaimer part 1

Liz looked at the figure on the floor that had just threatened her best friend. She watched with a sense of detachment as girl pushed herself up off the floor holding a fixed glare with Max. She knew before they had entered her room, she could feel the others, knew that there where aliens in her room. But she certainly had not expected this.

When they had entered the apartment it was quickly clear that the intruders where in her bedroom. For one brief second she wondered how many intergalactic incidents would be played out in her room and if she should start selling tickets. This thought must have showed on her face for a brief second, as she caught Max looking at her with a raised eyebrow and laughter lighting his eyes. She sent him a scowl, a moment of humour that then passed.

They had been just about to entered Liz's room when Michaels voice called out 'Max get in here NOW'. However Max was still cautious just because someone who sounded like Michael was calling him into the room did not mean that it was Michael. An again instruction without words passed between the three as the entered the room, what they saw was….

Max had been feeling weird all night now he knew the reason why. Is and Michael had told him how strange it was to see yourself a perfect mirror image of you except different. He never understood what they meant until now. Michael was standing over the unconscious body of Max's twin. Max looked at Michael the only reason he trust what he saw was Maria who was sending Michael patient pending DeLuca death glares. He must have dragged her up that fire escape, Max doubt that any shape shifter could imitate Michael and Maria nonverbal interaction.

'He's alive, but don't even try to get near those two'. Michael pointed to the two figures on the floor, one looked like Tess and the other was someone he had never seen before. 'They've got some kind of force field around them, think that’s what knocked Zan out'. Liz looked at Ava lying beside the other girl and she knew that they could not be separated. 'Their not in any danger'. The statement came unknowing from Liz, everyone looked at Liz, she could feel the weight of their questionnaire stare especially Max's and she raised her eyes to meet his. 'I don't know how, but we have to leave them'. All of them looked each other Max's gaze never moved from Liz's, but it was Isabel who broke the silence 'We had better check out your dupe Max and see what he has to say'. Isabel statement was punctuated by a groan from the corner.

Zan would have really like to get the number of what ever the hell hit him. Feelings outside his own were pulling him awake demanding attention that he just at the minute did not feel he was just ready to given them. The first clear thing that he remembered was Anna was in danger the next was that he was at the feet of the royal court that looked about two seconds from sending him back to Antar as space dust.

'Get up'. It was his voice only more educated a Roswell accent. It was the surprise more than anything that got him to his feet. Here was the Royal court, most of the people that he had seen in that dream in New York. But what was fucking eerie was Max. It was one thing to here about the King and to feel that he was out there but to see him up close a distorted reflection of himself was just strange more than that, but he knew that he had little time for this. Zan locked eyes with Max and never broke his gaze, as Zan had expected it was Michael who started. 'Who the hell are you and what are you doing here'.

Zan never answered Michael and just continued to look at Max. Liz came to sand on his right Isabel to his left, still their gazes never wavered. 'We were told your where dead'. 'You've been told a lot of things that doesn't mean their true'. Zan saw the ice enter Max's eyes and he took a step forward 'You could not be true, a husk, a shape shifter another clone that was know nothing about. Stangers make us nervous and experience has taught us to shoot first and then ask questions'.

'If you hurt him Alex will die, you need him, us to save him'. Broke through what Liz had been recalling. The girl was not threatening Alex but as far as they knew Alex was safe but then who was ever safe. ~Listen and then we'll act~ Liz felt Max tension easy a notch as if he had heard her. Part of her conscious realised that had been happening more often but this really was not the time to deal with it and it was store for future reference. The other problem was Isabel.

The blond reacted as group expected. Isabel drew herself up ever in a fighter, a princess and pierced the smaller girl with a look that would have sent the entire football team running for cover. 'Tell us what you know about Alex and we let you live'. For the first time in her life Isabel was met glare for glare and the girl never replied to Isabel but turned her attention to Zan.

'Sorry about this not exactly the kind of meeting you planned' It was taking all her strength not to fall on the floor and probably get them both killed.
'It could have been better darling but it could have been worse. Are you alright?' Anna didn't doubt that it could be worse but she had a feeling not by much. Burning amber asking question that echoed through her mind seeking answers more than those simple words could ever find. Anna was encased with Zan in a private world where a flick of an eyelid spoke a word; a smile could be a whole sentence. A smile, well someone somewhere might have called it a smile twisted Anna's mouth. 'Ava?' Anna mouth became flat and their eyes locked. He could see the amount of pain that she was trying to hold in, he could feel almost echoes on his skin reverberating from her body. But she wouldn't break, not infront of them, he suspected that maybe not even infront of him. With her eyes she told him more than the others would ever hear, the begging for the understanding that she had no choice. That she was truly sorry that the situation they where in, and she had something important to tell him. But what she spoke was 'She needs my help, I have friends to contact, they can help her'.

The group have been watching this little conversation Maria watched the little interaction with interest. It was like watching Max and Liz, communication without words, Maria watched people and since her introduction to the Pod Squad she had been getting better at it and she had a good feeling about these two certainly far better that than when the blond bombshell had teleported to Roswell. Maria decided that she would watch a bit more just because she had a good gut feeling did not mean that they could not be in league with Kivar or the other dupes. But Alex was mixed in this and if they had hurt one hair on his head. Liz and Max had also noticed the interaction and looked at each other. Now their word less conversation began.

Michael on the other hand also watched and was also thinking about the dupes, these two where an unknown and Michael HATED the unknown he could not plan and defiantly not protect with the unknown. Zan did look like a threat, he must have the same powers as Max and at what strength he wouldn't have had to hind from adults his whole life. That was another part that did not make sence; Zan did not make any kind of movement to defend him against them. Why? And what the hell had the girl done to Ava? Who the hell was she? And what the Fuck had she meant about Alex?

'Your not contacting anyone until we get answers sister. What the hell was that about Alex and what have you done to her that only you can help her ?' Michael now found himself pined by that gaze and was unnerved. Power was banked in those eyes 'If Max or Zan try to heal her they'll get infected too its like a poison. Alex is hurt'. Anna paused and watched the group as they absorded this. Emotions where coming off the group too strongly she had to hold up get this out so she continued ignoring the raw nerves and pain mental walls that where suddenly. 'Your going to need both Max and Zan to..' She broke off again the emotions in the room where coming to much ' Look we don't have time to piss around you want Ava and Alex to live than will…' Anna broke off as her mobile began to ring. Fuck Harry and Rena bang on time she thought. 'Don't answer that'. Michael let the sentence hang with the unspoken threat that was obvious to all. 'Or you'll what General' Anna shot back. She was tired and weak, she really wanted to crawl into bed with Zan and forget that the Universe existed for week and wanted a drink of Southern Comfort but none of those looked like it would appear within the next 48 hours so she was past the point of caring.

'Or I'll do this'. Michael opened his hand before any of the group could object it had started to glow. Max broke from the non-verbal conversation he had been having with Liz 'Michael don…' Max's voice trailed off as Anna was surrounded and encased by a familiar green glow. Max turned and looked at Zan, he had looked in to his own eyes they where pleading 'Let her answer the phone'. It was then that Max understood these people weren’t here to hurt them. Still locked with his mirror images gaze, which was a disconcerning thing, he gave the order ' Michael stop'. 'But Max' Max turned and looked into Michaels eyes 'There not going to hurt us' he stated 'Are you' he said looking past Michael to the girl encased by the green shield. Through the distorted air he saw her sake her head. Michael sighed and lowered his hand and just as quickly the shield snapped down and Zan and Anna spoke in unison 'Thank you'. Max simple nodded 'Answer your phone, and then we want a FULL explination'.


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Part 16
Disclaimer part 1

On the other side of an ocean, in a narrow street in Paris, in the bedroom of a first floor flat. If this had been any normal evening the occupants of this small cullutured flat would have been entwined almost into a single figure on the double bed in the shadow. But all was not peace and clam in that flat, a tall well-muscled man paced the room waiting for a phone to be answered. He was dressed only in jeans and warm evening breeze from the open window ruffled the hair at that brushed the nape of his neck. The only sign of tention was the shifting of his shoulder muscles and the stride that ate the length of his bedroom floor. As the phone clicked with the connection being complete the tention relaxed until the voice came over the wire and he froze and turned to face the bed in the shadows.
' Harry darling, how are you dearest heart?'
Harry locked eyes with the woman that was curled up in the centre of a large and very rumpled double bed. The tention tripled. Her voice, too happy, too loud, too gushy.
'Fine sugar how are you'. The woman scrabbled off the bed and joined Harry to stand in the middle of the bedroom, he turned the hand set of the phone so she could hear the reply.

'Baby, YOU just HAVE TO come to this party I'm at, its completey out of this world'.
Black eyebrows lifted over the rim of wireframed glasses and startiling green eyes locked with brown and slim deligate shoulders shrugged. 'Really. Anyone there we know?' There was a pause as the couple waited 'One or two, there is someone here who is just DYING to try that MINDBLOWING COCKTAIL that we made when we where younger'. 'Anyone we would be able to put a name to'. The answer was short 'Yes'. 'OK, when?' 'Great, the jet is at Charles De Gaul, it can pick you up in around 4 hours.' 'Ok, see you then and oh before I forget, ran into your old GIRLFRIEND Laurna. I think'. A tempest of emotions entered that bedroom as single name reaked havoc, the temperature in that warm bedroom reached freezing as hate and cold killing rage eminated from the two people there. It took less than 10 seconds for the converstation to begin again but for three people they relived 6 years of pain and torture.
'Is her family there?' 'Yeah, I think her Dad is here. They're hangin' out with some new FRIENDS, they'll be at the PARTY but not until LATER.' 'Ok, see you soon'.
The two figures froze as the felt something touch their minds, something that before had never been lacking in anyother phone call. But as quickly as the relief had been registraired terror began. She was weak, weaker than they had ever felt in 2 years and every kind and variation of emotion screaming so much so that even they felt pain. Their own minds rushed forward to embrace, to comfort, to help but the link wavered and then faded. A thin voice completey the opposite tone of that they heard before also wavered 'Harry, please'. 'I'm coming Anna I'm coming'. There was a sigh and the phone disconnected on the other end.

The couple stood and looked at the phone for a full minute and then with over exagurated care Harry put the phone down, gathered her into his arms and held her tight. Their breath was measure, their heart beat insinc but both could feel the panic racing through the other neither wanted to let go of the other for what was about to come. Harry could feel the gentil swell of her stomach, a fathers and victims rage grew and intertwined with protectiveness. For this to happen now was too much of a coincidence, he understood Anna's over exagurated speech, well some of it but others where a complete blank. She needed them; she wouldn't have asked if it wasn't so important. No she had found Laurna and the Doctor, Anna would have killed them and then told them. She would never take them into this unless she was desperate, unless she thought there was a risk to them and the baby as well.

Harry buried his nose in burning auburn curles of his wifes hair. 'I love you Serena Evans' more than her hair choked his voice. 'I love you Harry Evans' more than his shoulder muffled her voice. Serena lifted her face and locked eyes with her husband. SHE wasn't going to do this to them. THEY weren't going to do this. Harry and Anna and she where alive and they had time to remember that. Serena gentily threaded her fingers through his hair and pulled his lips down to meet hers. She would make time. Where as before their lovemaking had been gentil, long and passionate this was anything but. Passionate, yes always, but fuelled with the need to confirm that the other was still alive and in their arms. In the aftermath trying to catch their breath neither of them said that they had less than 1 hour of the 2 they had been given to reach D'Orly airport, the small family just held each other in the quite of the Paris moonlight.

Anna had during the phone called turned her back on the occupants of the room. As soon as she hung up she looked out the window and gripped the phone as if it was a lifeline. She hated that she had to ask this of them but she had no choice, she just had to make sure that they especial Serena was always protected she had to protect all of them. It was taking all herself will just not to collapse, she was feelin to much, too many emotions, and she wasn't real sure which ones where her own. Anna took a deep breath and started to focus on the movement of the lungs and diaphram. The simple natural movement of breathing suppling her body with air, trying to pushed out confusion out with every exhale and grasping at control with every inhale. Anna ignored everything out side that proved to be the problem. She never heard Michael demand to know what she was doing, demanding that she turned around and begin the explaination. What did brake through was when Michael touched her. Her ears vaguely registered that Zan yelled at Michael not to touch her. But the levels of emotions that pour from Michael into Anna through the connection of their touch over loaded nerves and a body that all ready had been badly battered. Darkness and numbness swallowed her, she never felt Michael catch her before she hit the floor.


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Part 17
Disclaimer part 1

In reply to some questions and queries. Harry and Serena are NOT realted to the Evans there are lots and lots of Evans in the world and I just want to show how commmon place some surnames could be.
Who the Doctor is and the relationship between all will be explained next time same bat channel. (showing my age arn't I).
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Oh p.s next chapter will have pissed off Zan and mucho explainations. promise.

Part 17
Disclaimer part 1

Remember this is a NC-17

*.Indicates dream.

******* Anna was hot very hot. She knew that she was in the jungle somewhere she could feel the humidity leave a film of moisture on her naked body. The skin on her back prickiled with the flowers she was lying on, she could smell their sent as her body crushed them, Vanilia Orchids and Oriential Lillies. But over all that she could smell him, he was nearby teasing her waiting for her to given in and call to him. She could feel her skin flame as his knowing and possessing gaze travelled slowly and leasurley down her exposed body. With his gaze alone moving oh so slowly back up from the plane of her torso to her nipples the flames licked higher and Anna moaned and moved her own hands to her heavy breasts trying to give herself some relief. But obvioulsy this had not been part of his game tonight, before her hands could even make contact with her own skin he was there his weight settled full onto her crushing her pushing her further into the bed of flowers releasing more of their perfume.

Anna moaned long and low at the back of her throat. She love taking all his weight on to her, she shifted with a slightly movement of her hips caused her stomach to rub against his cock that was cradling there. The moisture on their bodies from the humidity caused the sentation to feel as if he was already inside her, as he thrust against her she felt her womb leap as if it could reach through her skin and contract around him. Anna tried to move her hips again but they where stilled but his large broad hands. She finially opened her eyes and locking his gaze with her own and looked at her lover 'Zan, please'.

The heat and moisture in the air had flattened his spiky hair so if fell with a fringe into his eyes. Reaching up she pushed the hair back and cuped his cheek 'Please', She entreated again. His right hand moved and returned the guesture cupping her cheek. Anna could have could have fallen forever into his eyes, their buring heat become her sun supplying her soul with heat, warmth and light. His touch and taste became her souls nurishment, Anna licked her suddenly arid lips and at the minute her soul was starved. Her hand moved around to the nape of his neck where the heat was causing his hair to curl slightly and she tugged his head down to kiss her. He lowered his head at her willing but bypassed her lips. His breath was heavy and the whisper in her ear made every hair on her body to stand up 'Not yet'.

Zan knew how sentistive her skin was especial around her throat. The slow nipping with his teeth and the gentil soothing of his toungue as he moved down from her ear where driving her insane. The water in the air had already made her thighs wet but she knew it was different now; her own fluids where coating her thighs and she desperately wished and she could wrap her legs around his waist. She moved restlessly against him tring to find some way to.. when suddenly he pulled back from the attention of her throat. Still pinning her legs with his own he sliped his body down hers, as he move her mouth became dry waiting for him to gentil easy her knees apart and slip his cock so deeply inside her. But he continued to move until his lips where level with her breasts and then he paused.

'This time is for you, not for me, YOU need to let go'. His speech sent puffs of breath across already over stimulated nipples and they tightened even more until it was painful, ever nerve in her body felt like piano wire stretched too much. By this stage she almost didn't care and any objection that would have been voiced died when his lips enclosed her nipple took it into the warm cavern of his mouth and he sucked. Anna's head flue back pulling taunt her neck and arching her spine as she tried to push more of her breast into him mouth and her hands had already woven themselves into his hair making sure that he didn't move. He didn't neglect the other breast one of his hands pinched plucked and moulded the nipple gentily running his thumb nail over its sensitive tip as his fingers of his other hand drew glowing spirals that moved from her stomach south getting closer and closer to her delta leaving pins and needles in their wake.

Before his fingures reached her nest of curles she felt his knee nudge her legs apart. Again she expected him to move up and enter her, in the condition they where both in that’s all it would take. She could feel how much he wanted to, all through his administration his cock had been echoing her own pulse as it throbbed against her thigh. But it was his long blunt sensitive fingers that moved slowly past the curles and the puffy outer lips his thumb all but grazing her clit. Anna sucked breath into a dry mouth and informed him he was a tease. He lifted his head and locked eyes with her causing her heart to pause in beat. He slowly blink and still holding her gaze before he blew gentil across the nipple that had just left hot cave of his mouth and two of his fingers plunged inside her dripping passage similtaniously.

Anna forgot how to speak, there wasn't even enough air in her body to scream. For one hung second sense was removed from her body and with a tidile rush they returned all at once. She fell further into his eyes as the orgasm ripped through her body, ever nerve vibrated and shuddered. She could feel things move inside her mentally and physically rearranging shifting and only under his instruction did she breathe again in the process break eye contact with him.

Anna felt weak. She felt as when she had jumped off the high diving board at the age of eight. Her mouth and lips where still dry and her lungs and limbs burned, it was only when his arousal brushed her still quivering stomach did some of her strength return. She loupped heavy arms around his neck and pulled him mouth down to hers making sure that he took no detoures in the process. Her lips nipped his bottom lip and then his top she could feel his smile and she drew back. He had braced himself on his forarms and cupped her face smiling down at her. She cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow that he gentil brushed with a finger tip. 'Not tonight, you have to help the baby now'. Anna blinked she knew that 3 mintes ago he had blown her mind maybe she miss heard him. But Zan continued 'One day I promise to make love to you all night on a bed of flowers. But you have to save the baby you know what they will do to him'.

Anna's mind latched on to different parts of this sentence at different times. She was sent off into the stratosphere at the thought of making love to Zan all night on a bed of flowers. Her mind droped like lead and her body jumped when a thin high cry of a baby reached her ears, she looked around her and for the first time she noticed that it was night, but not night on planet Earth. Two pale lavander moons hung in the dark of a night sky that was completey unfamiliar. Again the cry pieced the quiet of the jungle, and that was another thing that was completely wrong jungles where anything but quiet again every hair on Anna's body stood up but not for a good reason and every instinct that she had was telling her to run to that cry. Zan sat up allowing Anna to do the same.

'Is it Serena baby?' Anna demanded, Zan shook his head, 'Is it ours?' she all but whispered a quick smile flitted across his face and again he shook his head. 'No you must save him, they want to use him and he isn't ready yet, he isn't even theirs. He's frightened of the monster and his needles'. Anna's eyes went wild as his meaning sunk in she turned to run and then paused and turned back. For a spilt second her heart lept never had there been a more tempting Adam as Zan lying naked aroused and on a bed of crushed flowers, he promised her. Then the cry came again and instincts that had been growing from the first cry burst forth, she pivoted on her heal and flue into the dense jungle.

Anna was following those instincts she had no idea where she was, what she was doing, where she was going or why. But she knew with everthing in her she HAD to find that baby, find him NOW and protect him. Anna jump over logs ran through streams that felt and looked like red jelly but she allowed none of this to stand in her way. Until cries got louder and she burst into a clearning. As soon as the infant saw her he stop and held out his arms. Anna crept forth slowly the hole time her gaze flicking around the crealing edge until she reached the little boy and picked him up holding him to her heat.

Large beautiful chocolate eyes fringed with long eyelash stared up at her and she was awarded a gummy grin. Anna couldn't help but smile in reply if this little boy kept smiling like that God help the girls when he grows up she thought. Anna had a feeling that she had seen those eyes before but she could remember where. He was wrapped in a silverly blue babys blanket with a spiral motif repeated all over like the babies eyes she knew this, but the information hovered out of her reach. It was only with the touch of cold metal against he skin that she was reminded that not only she was naked, had no supplies, but also that the baby had a pendent around his neck. The spirial design repeated again in silver on a black enamel background. Anna wihshed down she knew that this was important but she didn't know how. All of a sudden sound broke her thought and the baby began to move in her arms, again she locked eyes with the child and she knew who was coming they had to go and now. Using the babies blanket she tied him to her back and turn back into the jungle running, all the time her mind whispering protection.************

Anna sat bolt up right on Liz Parkers bed and tried to control her ragged breath. Her eyes ficked around her expecting to see jungle be naked and have a baby on her back. But she could not dismiss it as only a dream, it was too vivid too intense to be only a dream. She stored it for later discussion and looked at the people around her, or rather squinted as someone had off her glases. 'Here you go'. The voice was low pitched and flowing, Anna felt the metal and plastic put into her hand and the world came into focus sharply when she put them on. Anna whole world stalled and then started again as she looked at Liz Parker's deep chocolate brown eyes, eyes that oneday Anna knew a baby boy would share with his mother.


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Part 18

Disclaimer part 1

Ok here are some of the explinations that you all have been looking for. I sorry that I couldn't get them all into one part but it would just be too long.
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Part 18
~ indicates mental communication

OK it was official Zan was NOT in a good mood. In the last 15 minutes his heart had stopped dead twice. Once when he had seen Ava and Anna stretched out on the floor and when Anna had collapsed. Zan had been listening to the converstation that Anna had been having on the phone and he had been about to ask the others if they could get a pillow or something for Ava when the change in Anna voice pulled his view back to her, just in time to see Michael touch her. Again he reacted with out thinking, he couldn't remember moving from against the wall or pulling Anna out of Michael arms, he never heard the growel that had issued low in his throat that stoped both Max and Michael as they both recognised it. All he could think was to see if Anna was breathing that he had to check that she was breathing.

Zans' realtily, awareness of the room and the others only returned when he had heard her breath and felt her heart beat. He placed his arms underlegs and lifted her, her head supported by his sholder. He turned and faced the group with her in his arms. It was Max and Michael who read his expression and body language the best, but it was Liz who spoke 'You can put her on the bed'. Although Zan had Anna arranged on the bed before Liz had even finished.

The groups watched as a man that they had been told was dead and should not trust careful took off the girls' sneekers, and cover her with the blanket that lay at the bottom of Lizs bed. Michael and Max watched with understanding that what ever the relationship had been between Zan and Ava it had changed, this girl was as important to Zan as Liz was to Max and Max could feel this. He could almost feel what Zan was feeling the panic and the anger but buried underneath that was terror. It was almost like reliving the feeling that had consumed Max when Liz had been kidnapped. Max watched his dupe brush a curl that had sliped loose off her cheek and with his thumb continud to brush her cheek. Max knew that it was a completely unconscious jesture fulfilling a need that Zan had to touch her. But it was another eerie movement that echoed one that Max was too familiar with. Max knew that the gentilness of the gesture was at complete odds with what Max could feel. Anger that was not his own begining to boil, anger at himself and anger at Michael without thinking he had been about to turn on Michael when someone beat him too it.

'I told you NOT to touch her'. The voice was cold, calm, and to everyone in that room sounded exactly like Max. Michael looked already shaken from the whole incident and the lines around his mouth went a bit whiter but kept silent. Zan continued 'You had better hope Anna wakes up before something happens to your friend because she's the only one who knows where he is'. It was Lizs voice who broke the silence, 'Cann't you heal her'. A smile twited Zan's mouth, his thumb had never left Annas cheek and continued its brushing 'She's not physical hurt, her body just needs to rest'. All of them thought it but it was Isabel who gave it voice 'Well then you can just bring her out of it or we can'. The laugh chilled all of them and Zan looked at them with eyes that burned 'Princess, Anna has more mental walls that you've had hot dinners, what do you think knocked ME flat on my ass when you arrived here. You're not gona' to get inside her head unless she lets you in'. For the first time Max spoke locking eyes Zan seeing the rage held in check 'So we wait?' Zan nodded as his hand left Annas cheek 'We wait'.

Liz set a glass of water on the table by her bed. Zan was looking at Ava being very careful not to touch her, Maria had placed a pillow under Avas head and Liz had covered her with a light blanket. Zan was dividing his watch between the two unconscious girls, Isabel was watching Zan like a hawk and Michael and Maria where having a whispering converstation over in the corner. Liz again felt surge of electricity 10 seconds before Maxs hand decended onto the nape of her neck and with his thumb gentily brushed the delicate skin there. Liz had also noticed the geture that Zan had made to the girl who was sleeping in her bed and Liz wondered if it was an alien thing or an unconscious gesture that had been passed on from the human host of Zan and Max. Liz breath began to get laboured she knew that this gesture had started on Maxs part as a comfort but her body was still too starved of his touch and began to respond to it.

Max was heating every part of her from that one simple touch, she feel the electricity as flowed down her neck and into her chest, tickling and teasing the tips of her breasts. She closed her eyes and repressed a moan. The electric touch stayed there, it swirled around the nipples almost like invisible fingers, plucking, brushing, cupping, squeezing. Yet Maxs hand never moved from the nape of her neck. Liz wanted Maxs hands on her body so badly her breasts ached now almost painfully, her skin felt tight and she could feel the movement of her clothes caressing it, caressing her as she breathed in and out. Liz could feel the delicious heat begin to coil inside her and she could feel how wet she was getting. But Lizs mind struggled that this was a time of crisis, it was wrong, there where six other people in her room they shouldn't couldn't be doing this. Oh but they were. Lizs breath stoped as another current of electricity moved slowly and gentily teasingly down her belly and started to dart into the curles at its base. She could just stop the moan but she could not stop, did not want to stop the involuntary lift of her hips.

Liz knew that she should make Max stop but she didn't want to. She knew that the others had no idea what was going on that Max was making love to her with just a simple touch. She felt wicked and decadent that her boyfriend was doing this to her and no one in the room at any idea. ~How wicked to you want to be?~ Liz could almost hear Maxs teasing sensual tones, heavy and breathless in her head. Her womb clenched at just his imaged voice continued ~I want you to be wicked, will you let me be wicked~ and Liz didn't care as the current sliped further into her nest of curles teasing her outer lips.

'Liz, are you alright?' The question shattered into world that the two lovers had created and caused Max to jurk his hand off Lizs neck. Both Max and Liz surpressed groans, and both decided that Maria had been born with some internal alarm that warned her when Max and Liz where about to do something. Max clenched his fists at his side trying to get his body and the rest undercontrol. Need and passion clouded Max, what he really wanted to do was shove everyone out the door, shove Liz up against the door and…, and that when reality returned with a crash. What the hell had he been thinking, he hadn't ment to take it that far, they where in a room full of people. Max had felt how much she had liked it and then that thing about feeling wicked was that from him or her? All he had done was touch her and things just got out of control, they got out of control, Max glanced over at his sister and Zan. Isabel met him with a puzzled look but it was Zans eyes that shocked him. Zan knew, a look tinged with amusment and male commisteration that something had interrupted them and understanding. How the hell had Zan known, the sooner this girl Anna woke up the better.

'I'm fine Maria'. Liz finial opened her eyes and spoke to Maria even if her voice was husky. Liz had never wanted Maria and everyone to disappear more in her entire life than at that minute. Liz was saved from further inquires by the Deluca gestapo as Anna shot bolt upright in the bed panting and all thought of what happened a few seconds ago where put aside. Liz and Maria could see fear in her eyes, whereever she had been in her dreams, and she had been scared. For a second Liz wondered why the girl was squinting at her and then she remembered the glasses on the table and Liz handed them to her. The girl just stoped cold when Liz came into focus and stared. Liz stared back she could almost feel something almost a connection and then the moment was shattered when Zan reached for Annas arm yanking her off the bed.

Anna was wrapped in Zans arms and truth be told she wanted to stay there, the sleep had help rebuild some of her walls but mentally and emotionally she felt weak. His arms, his smell offered comfort and protection but they had explinations to give and her body was starting to remember that dream so she pushed way from him and turned and looked at the others. Her collapse had done something the open hostility was slightly removed now, but they still wanted answers, she just wondered how much she should tell and how much they could cope with.

'I take by your reaction to us that you've already met Lonnie and Rath' Zan was calmer now his tone light but he still had a grip on Anna. Max nodded. ' And things didn't go very well at the conference'. Zan continued, Max nodded again; he would let them give information before the group gave any. ' And considering that we're all still here and so is Earth I'll just assume that you didn't give Nicky boy the Granilith'. ' Who are you ?' It was Maxs turn to ask the questions. Zans looked into his own eyes 'I was sent to be a decoy and your personal bodyguard. I was to keep the skins and Kivar as far away from your set as possible, and by the reception and your reaction I've done a fuck poor job'.

Everyone blinked at him, ' Well can you think of a more effective bodyguard that one who looks exactly like the King' Zan demanded. Max it did make a sence to him, but he had been lied to before, and Max needed more information they all did. 'How do we know who you say you are and who is she'. Michael broke in and brought Zans hot angry glare back to him, Zan still hadn't for given him for Annas collapse. Anna started. 'SHE is called Anna and SHE saved his life'. Anna answered the question for Zan, she knew that he was still angry with Michael and she knew it wasn't Michaels fault. But she wasn't an object she had a name. Max smiled slightly at her outburst and again Anna stared. Something really screwed up was going on, that smile had clinched it, that baby had been no dream. The sooner she talked to Serena about it the better, because she would bet her next years pretax profits that Max and Liz did not have a baby, not yet anyway.

'So are you like them?' Maria asked dragging Anna back from the dream baby. Part of Anna found it mildly intresting that they where asking questions about her, yet Zan was the other alien, or where they going to interigate them separatly. ' No I'm human, I found Zan he was hurt and helped him then he asked me to come here and help him'. Anna refused to look at Zan they didn't talk about the instant conncetion that they had shared in that alley. 'Then did connect with Ava..?' Max tailed off. 'I'm an empathe when I connected to Ava, she showed me your friend Alex and then putting Ava to sleep I used a lot of energy so when Michael touched me it was too much my body shut down to protect itself'.

Zan felt rather than heard the omissions that Anna made in that speech, he knew that she had taken Avas pain and made it her own, he knew that she had done other things for him as well as for Ava, but it was her right to tell them what she wanted.
'What about Alex'. Demanded Isabel this converstation was taking much too long for her, Isabel was truly interested in what and who Zan said he was and about Anna as well but she needed to know about Alex. Anna got quiet and paused she didn't know how they would take this they didn't believe them yet, they could flat out say that she was lying and ignore it. But she felt they wouldn't do that, she could see it in all of them, and lives were on the line so she continued. 'Your friend Alex is being used by Ava's twin she with Lonnie and others, their making him translate something for them but Ava didn't see what so she couldn't show me. They're giving him drug to do this but he's going to need help these aren’t normal kinds of drugs'.

The group was quiet all of them where remembering the White Room, they where starting to believe them. 'What kind of drugs are they' demanded Liz she was afraid and enraged Tess was doing something to Alex, Alex who if they had told about their suspisons might have been safe. She would deal with self-blame and guilt later it had to be pushed aside. Liz was starting to believe them, she could feel what Anna and Zan were saying was the truth. The feelings and sentations that she had received when Tess and Nascido had arrive in Roswell where not present, everything within her was telling her to trust these people. But she had to have more information so she waited.

Anna paused again she could feel Zan standing behind her lending a quiet strength. 'A very dangerous kind'. Anna decided to keep this as basic as possible 'The drug over stimulated areas of the brain and glands, causing them to release 500x their usual amount of excreation, wearing them out until the person is nothing, their brain dead'. The tention in the group increased and so did hostility to the person giving the information. Michael looked at her 'You seem to know an awful lot about these drugs and the poison that Ava's been infected with, how the hell did you know it was poison'. Anna took a deep breath 'I know an awful lot because I know the people who are with your friend, who are giving Lonnie and the other girl the drugs to use, who infected Ava'.

'Well who are they' demanded Maria. Anna never relised how difficult it would be to say their names out loud. 'Doctor Peter Drax and his daughter Laurna'. Max had been quiet, he had been watching Anna's eyes her body lanaguage and it had struck a cord that Max wish he could refute, he wanted not ask the question but he spoke it almost without his own knowledge 'Who are they'. Anna had also look into Maxs eyes and saw with a vibrant flash something that had been her world for a long time. She closed her eyes maybe they would understand, she wouldn't insult Maxs intelligence by trying to avoid the question. She would tell them, they had to know what kind of people they where dealing with, if one of them had been take before it was even more dangerous. 'The good Doctor used to run a hospital for 'Special' young people in up state New York. The people that I've called are my friends, they where with me there, the Doctor and the staff used my friends and I as lab rats for these drugs'. Three other people in that room knew what Anna had left unspoken. Max closed his eyes and felt Liz grip his hand, Anna felt Zan place his hand at the base of her spine and gentily brush the skin there. Anna like Max had been used, she also had been tortured and now these people had Alex and where helping Tess.