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Title: There Are No Coincidences
Author: Jess aka stargazing*dreamer
Rating: PG
Summary: Max and his little sister are forced to leave there home in Tennessee when tragedy strikes, but he finds something in his new home he never thought he’d find. Love.
Disclaimer: Don’t own nothing ok? OK. *wink*
Author’s Note: I know I haven’t updated I Know You By Heart for like EVER, but damn writer’s block struck. :( Plus, when you got an idea, you can’t let it go! *big*

There Is No Coincidences- Prologue

“I accepted it, Max. I accepted it until you showed up on my doorstep.” Those words still echo through my mind. The words she –the love of my life- said to me. I never met anyone as brave and loving as her and I probably never will.

It all started one night back in my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. It seemed like a normal night… My parents were fighting, and taking it out on my little sister, Isabel. I never understood why they wouldn’t just leave her alone and take it out on me. I could handle it. I was trying to do my homework over the loud noise- shouting from my parents, grunting from the neighbours, and car alarms from down below. Science homework too…Not exactly my forte. Anyways, I heard a loud bang. I’ll always remember that sound…The most terrifying sound I ever heard. I quietly peeked around the corner and saw something that scarred me for life. I can still close my eyes and see it all again. My mother, lying on the floor, covered in blood, gasping for air, while my father stood above her, a enraged look on his face. Isabel lay beside mom, clutching her hand begging her to wake up. She didn’t. My father’s voice erupted the silence with a roar. “Get out of here! The both of you! Out! Forever!” Forever. He meant it too. I threw some necessities in me and Isabel’s backpacks, took all the money in the house including my father’s credit card, though knowing it would probably be maxed out, and ran away with my sister close behind. She didn’t object…She was just as scared as me, more considering she was only 8 years old. We ran to the bus station. I bought two tickets for us to the only place I knew we could go: Wilmington, North Carolina.


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I'm really sorry this is short guys! But I'm mega tired but I wanted to get this out. *happy* Thanks to everyone for the FB! *big* Mia- Thanks so much for pointing that out for me!! My english teacher would not be happy. *wink* Hey I'm only in grade 9! So ya gotta give me SOME credit right! LOL

Part 1

I have no idea how long me and Izzy rode on that bus. But the next thing I knew she was shaking my arm telling me she thought we were there. It was morning by then. I forgot how nice Wilmington was. So peaceful and inviting… I had been there quite a few times to visit my mom’s stepsister, Nancy Parker and her husband Jeff. This was before my parent’s starting fighting of course. We were dropped off on Dock Street. As I looked around I realized I had totally forgotten my way around this city. Sure it was small, but I hadn’t been there since I was 12 years old. That was 4 years ago…

“It’s pretty here.” Isabel said quietly. I saw the tears on her cheeks. She never got the chance to visit Nancy, Jeff or their daughter Liz.

Liz was the same age as me, with doe brown eyes and long chocolate hair. We were friends most of the time. Except when I would leave Wilmington. Then she would say I betrayed her by leaving her and not staying…I chuckle at the memory. As I look around me, I begin to remember. There across the street was the De Rosset House still standing proudly as the sun rised over it.

“This way.” I said softly to Isabel. I lead her down Dock Street towards Princess Drive where the Parkers lived. It took us about 5 minutes to get there, but I recognized the light yellow house right away. The pillars were still the same white, and the house was the same soft yellow. The screen door still had the rip in it that Liz accidentally made and I could see the our large climbing tree in the back.

“Who’s house is this?” Iz asked adjusting her back pack.

“Aunt Nancy, Uncle Jeff and Cousin Liz.” I explained.

“Are they really our aunt, uncle and cousin? Mommy never mentioned them.”

That was the first time I heard Isabel call Mom ‘Mommy’ in a long time. She said she was too old for it. “No, their not really our family.”

Isabel just nodded her head softly and took my hand. We walked slowly up to the house, and I knocked softly on the door. I knew it was early, but hopefully someone would be awake. It took awhile, but finally I saw someone approaching. It was Liz.

“Can I help- Max?” She said.

“Liz. Um, I know we should have, uh, called, but we…” I trailed off.

“No, it’s ok. Come in.” She said with a wary smile. She knew something was wrong.

“I’m Isabel.” My sister said shyly. She was always polite…Just like her mother –our mother-.

“Hi Isabel, I’m Liz. You look kinda tired, Isabel… Would you like to go lay down in my bed?”

“Yes, please.” Iz said without hesitation. I don’t blame her. The bus wasn’t exactly comfortable.

Liz smiled. “Upstairs, second door to the right.”

Isabel climbed the stairs and I followed Liz into the kitchen. She opened the cupboard and took out two mugs. “Coffee?”

I nodded my head. She poured us two cups of coffee, black for her, just sugar in mine. She remembered I like everything sweet.

“So, uh, Max, how are you?”

“My dad killed my mom last night.” I spat out. She pulled back shocked, her cup stopped in mid air.


“We stopped visiting because my mom and dad starting fighting…a lot. The other night he just…” I felt my throat tighten. “He lost it and he shot her.” It made it all more real to say it.

“Max I’m so sorry… Have you gone to the police?”

I shook my head. The thought never even occurred to me. I just wanted to leave.

“Max you have to go to the police. I know he’s your father, but…”

“No, Liz. It doesn’t matter…Can we stay here?”

“Of course you can. You and Isabel. But what are we going to tell my parents?” I hadn’t thought of that either.

“Car accident. They died in a car accident.”

“No, then my parents would have been informed. We could say…We could say that they just left. With no warning they left.”

I wasn’t happy about making my mother seem like a villain, but it would work. “Ok.” I said gulping. I looked into Liz’s eyes and saw tears gathering. She was so beautiful…Sunshine was pouring through the window behind her, making her seem like some sort of angel.

I cleared my throat obviously disturbed by the thought. “Can I uh, can I go lay down somewhere?”

Liz diverted her eyes and nodded. “Sure, um, the sofa’s not too bad. I’ll get you some pillows and a blanket.”

While Liz went upstairs to the linen closet, I glanced at the pictures on the fireplace in the living room. I smiled at the one of her and I. We were sitting by our climbing tree, out backs resting on its trunk, smiling slyly at each other. We had these smirks on our faces…

“Lucifer and Lucifina.” I suddenly heard Liz’s voice.

“What?” I asked puzzled.

“That’s what our moms would call us when we had that look on our faces. Remember?”

I smiled. “Yeah, I remember. The He and She Devil.”

Liz made the sofa up for me and I laid down with an exhausted sigh. “I’ll talk to my parents, don’t worry.”

I’m not sure what it was, but hearing Liz say “don’t worry” made me feel like everything might actually ok.

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ChaosTheory originally wrote:
I really like this fic too but why can't they tell Liz's parents that her freind was killed? They can't keep that a secret. Hurry back and update soon.

Hey there*happy*. Just wanted to clear something up.... It wasn't Liz's friend that was killed...It was Max and Iz's mother. Basically why Max doesn't want to go to the cops about her mother's murder is because he's afraid of his father. At least that's the direction I'm going in right now...He's afraid, and his father is still his FATHER. Does this make sense to anyone? *tongue* If anybody has some better suggestions, I would appreicate it. *big*


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Hey everyone! *big* Ok so in this part we go back and forth between Max and Liz's POVs. Also, I'm sorry this is short again, but my boyfriend's been having some family problems so I really want to be there for him. *sad* Thanks for the feedback.*happy*

Part 2

Afraid…So very afraid. I’ve never seen Max this scared before. In fact, I’ve never seen Max scared. Even when he fell off the tree in the back and broke his leg. I don’t know what to tell my parents though…I don’t want to lie to them, but when I suggested going to the police, it looked like Max was about ready to jump up and run out forever. I know there’s something he’s not telling me, but I don’t blame him. I should have kept in touch with him over the years… We were best friends. But when his parents said those things to my mom and dad…I…I just felt so hurt. There’s no use thinking about that now. Now I have to focus on helping Max and Isabel. I sit my parents down in the kitchen, and fumble nervously with the chain around my neck. It’s the necklace my brother, Michael, gave to me last Christmas. Not even Max knows about Michael. Michael left home with his real parents when I was only 4 years old. We still keep in touch occasionally…Not as often as I’d like though.

“Liz, what’s this about?” My mom asks breaking me out of my thoughts.

“It’s about the Evanses.” A silence falls upon the room.

“What about them?” My dad asks bitterly.

“Well, it’s actually about Max and Isabel. There here.”

“In North Carolina?” My mom presses.

“No, here in this house. They came this morning. You were still asleep. Max is in the living room and Isabel is in my room. Um, you see…Diane and Phillip they….” How exactly do I word this? “They left.”

“Left?” Dad repeated.

“Yes, left. A couple of nights ago. They just left Max and Isabel without anything. So, they came here. Were they closet thing they have to family, Dad.”

“Oh my gosh…” My mom covered her mouth with her hand. “Just left their children? I knew they had changed but…To abandon them?”

“We should call the police or social services…” My dad pondered out loud, rubbing his tired eyes.

“No!” I said a little to forcefully. “I mean, no. Dad, they weren’t happy there. You used to think of them as you children too, remember?”

My dad sighed and mom looked at him with a pleading and concerned look. “Ok.” He said. “But I don’t know how we can arrange this.”

I thanked my dad and went to check on Max. He was crying I could tell.


Over and over and again I could see my mother being shot and falling to the floor. Over and over I could see her look at me with this unforgettable look in her eyes. It replayed in my mind as I slept till I heard her soft voice tugging me away from the nightmare.

“Max?” Liz said softly again.

I opened my eyes to see her concerned face staring at me. “What happened to me, Liz?” I say hoarsely.

“I don’t know.” She says with a shake of her head. I barely noticed her lean down to hug me until I feel her tears on the back of my neck. I have no idea how much time passed until Isabel placed her hand on my arm.

“What’s gonna happen to us now, Max?” She asked as me and Liz pulled away from each other. I looked to Liz. What WAS going to happen to us now?

Liz wiped her tears a put a smile on her face. She turned to Isabel and said “You going to stay here with me and my mom and dad. Is that ok?”

Isabel shyly nods, not really sure of herself. “I miss Becca.”

“Who’s Becca?” Liz asks.

“Izzy’s best friend back home.” I answer for her.

Liz nods sympathetically. “Well, maybe you could be friends with Alex. He’s the same age as you. I baby-sit him sometimes.”

“Friends with a boy?” Isabel asks incredulously.

Me and Liz laugh. “Yeah, Iz. A BOY.” I tease.

“Don’t you know any girls my age, Liz?”

“Nope, sorry. But Maria is just gonna love you. She’s my boyfriend’s stepsister.”

Boyfriend? Liz has a boyfriend. Of course she does. “Who’s your boyfriend?” I can’t help but ask.

“Kyle Valenti. You remember him right?” Of course I do! That was the kid that used to put rubber spiders down Liz’s dress!

“Your going out with Kyle?” I say with a chuckle. I admit it, this light hearted talk is taking my mind off some things. It’s not that I didn’t love my mother, and my father at times for that matter, but they were never real parents. Not even my mom. She would drink all day and sleep all night.

“Yeah, why? Is it really that hard to believe?” Liz says with a mock glare.

“Liz you do remember how you used to run to me in the summer when Valenti would tease you right? I believe your words were ‘Help me Max! Beat him up! He’s calling me a beaver again!’ Ahh, the days when you had that huge gap in between your teeth…You really did look a beaver you know.”

Liz’s mouth opens in shock and a small laugh escapes Iz’s mouth. “Max Evans I swear to God I’m gonna-” She trails off as her parents come into the room.

“Hello Max, Isabel.” Nancy says with a smile.

“Hi.” Me and Isabel say softly. “Thank you for letting us stay here.” I say sincerely.

“Of course, Max. You’ve always been welcome here.” Jeff says placing a hand on my shoulder.

Were welcome here. We were never welcome at home. I see Isabel’s realized this too as she runs to Jeff and Nancy and hugs them. Liz takes my hand and leads me outside to the backyard. We sit down by our tree, our backs resting on its trunk.


“I missed you, Max.” I say gazing up at the perfect blue sky.

“I missed you too.” He says turning his face to look at me. I always know when he’s looking at me. I can feel it.

“4 years is such a long time…I tried to wait for you, but I couldn’t.” He knows what I’m talking about. He nods his head.

“I know. But I waited for you, Liz. I really did. Because I know there’s no one else like you.” He gets up from his place and walks around to the front. I watch him walk down the street until I can’t see him anymore.

I close my eyes, remembering that day when we were just 12 years old.

”So your really leaving?”

“Liz, I leave every summer you know that.”

“I know but now it’s different. Did all this really happen, Max?”

“Yeah, it did.” He tucks some hair behind my ear.

“How?” I ask already knowing the answer.

He leans down to my ear to whisper in it. “Destiny.”

I smiled. “But were 12, Max. Were not allowed to be in love.”

“Not allowed? That’s ridiculous. Come on Liz, you’ve never been one to play by the rules anyway.”

“Well, maybe I WANT to play by the rules now.”

“Is that what your heart wants?” He counters.

“No.” I answer breathlessly.

We lean into each other to kiss. The first time we ever kissed. A real kiss. Not like a kiss you’d expect two 12 year olds to share. But we were always different.

“Forever. We wait for each other forever.” Max says taking my face in his hands.

“There will never be anyone else.” I promise as he gently kisses my forehead.

“I love you.” He says finally.

“I love you too.” I reply sadly as he walks away.

I sob quietly to myself, pulling my knees up to my chest.


How could she? My head tells me that were just 2 kids who made a stupid promise, but my heart says the opposite. That we were soulmates, promising ourselves to only each other forever. I still feel it…The need for her. But obviously she no longer feels that for me.

“Yes, I do.” I hear her voice behind me. I turn my head to see her standing beside me. We both lean on the railing by the river.

“What do you?”

“Need you.” She answers.

“Maybe. Maybe not.”

She sighs. “Max, look into my eyes. There will always be a part of me that loves you but…Come on you know we both need to move on.” She’s right about everything.

We turn back to the water and stand with each in silence.