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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 34

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: NC – 17

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

Ok, as always, I feel a little uneasy posting NC-17. But here it is ……. So enjoy and be gentle on the feedback!!!


“And Liz is happy with this?”
”And you’ll promise never to hurt her in any way?”
”I will do everything in my power to ensure Liz doesn’t experience hurt again.”
“Then I guess there’s nothing I can do. You’ve made it clear you and Liz are determined to get married regardless on what I say.” Jeff started. “So, ok, I’ll grant you my blessing to marry my daughter. But know this Max Evans, I’ll be watching you; don’t do anything to waiver my trust in you.” He added firmly.
“I won’t sir.” Max said, unable to hide the beaming smile that spread quickly across his face.

The next hurdle had been crossed, Liz had accepted his proposal, and now her father had given him their blessing. At that moment, Max wasn’t sure if life could get any better.


“Well I think that went well.” Max said, as they retired to her room that night.
“Yeah, my dad seemed to take the news well. I guess your negotiating skills in the boardroom came in handy huh? So how far did you have to go? Bargaining? Reasoning? Bribery?” Liz queried, half joking and half serious.

She didn’t want him to know, but she’d been dying to be a fly on the wall as Max withstood her father’s barrage. She was sure Jeff had given him a roasting, and watching Max in full flight always gave her an immense buzz, heating her body with sexual charges. Watching Max tear strips off perspective enemies was the perfect aphrodisiac.

“Ahh now that would be telling Ms Parker, and you of all people should know a craftsman never reveals the scars of battle.” He replied seductively, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her body flush with his.
“Well you’ve clearly won him round, and that deserves my praise.” She responded, looking at his tantalising lips only inches away from hers.

“Yeah, you’re dad was a breeze. Not sure about your mum though, she still seems a little wary of me.”
“Ah that’s not you Max, the tension you feel is directed all at me.” Liz countered.
“How so?”
“Well let’s just say my mother and I have not been the best of friends for quite some time.” Liz said ruefully.
”Wanna tell me about it?” Max asked, fully prepared to drop the matter if she didn’t want to.

“Ok, well my mother met my father at university where she was studying to be a lawyer. In her words she was planning to become qualified and then change the world for the better.”
”What happened?”
”Me actually.” Liz said simply. “Basically just before the end of their second year she fell pregnant. She had me because I guess it was the proper thing to do back then, even though she didn’t want kids. Terminating an unwanted pregnancy 26 years ago wasn’t as easy as it is now. Also my father has always wanted children so I guess he wouldn’t have wanted my mother not to have me. Instead she dropped out of Uni, had me and married my father, starting their new life together.”

“Ok, so she had you … that still doesn’t really explain why she resents you.”
“Well that’s easy, I have everything she never did.”
“Ok, you’re gonna have to explain that to me.” Max said, needing clarification.

“Well she was planning a huge, world changing career, but never got it. I, on the other hand, had a successful stint at Uni, walked away with top grades straight into a high-powered job. To my mother, I haven’t had to work for anything; instead all my success has been placed in my lap. Coupled with the fact I have everything she ever wanted and desired before I came along. I guess you can’t really blame her for holding a grudge.”
“Of course you can!” Max cried. “God Liz you’ve hardly had it easy any step of the way to your success. But just because you have what she didn’t is no right for her to hold it against you. You’re her daughter for goodness sake.”
“I’ve long since given up seeking her approval and forgiveness. Really Max, it doesn’t bother me one bit.” She reassured him.

The look in her eyes indicated to him that her words were sound. Clearly whatever her mother had inflicted over the years had long since been buried by Liz. Just one more reason to admire her strength and resilience.

“Well that explains your mother I guess.” He said, pausing for a moment. “Since you know your family, how about explaining your kid sister to me. I thought we were getting on famously over dinner, but then suddenly she went all silence. She’s hardly said a word to me since I finished with your father. Do you think I did something wrong? Did I offend her or treat her like a kid too much?” Max queried, worried he may have said something wrong.

He was used to women, Isabelle and his mother had warmed him in the ways of the female sex. But younger girls, young teenagers at the start of adulthood, well they were a mystery to Max now. Since he’d grown up from that stage he’d lost the touch he used to possess with youngsters and teenagers.

“Oh come on Max, please don’t tell me you don’t know why my sister turned on you like she did?” Liz said, raising her eyebrows as she stepped away slightly to see his true reaction.

“What? I don’t?” He responded sincerely, his brow furrowing. Obviously he’d missed something, not an every day occurrence for Max since reading people was what he did best.
“Oh Please! You can read anyone like an open book, always knowing what’s going on in people’s heads; it’s part of your armour. And you’re telling me you don’t know what’s up with Cali?”
“No, really Liz, I haven’t a clue what’s going on with her. If you know then tell me, please.” He pleaded, needing to know what he’d done wrong.

“It’s so obvious, Cali was flirting with you!”
“What?” He retorted at the ridiculous assumption on Liz’s part. There’s no way he would have missed a come on, even from an inexperienced young girl. Or would he? Were his senses so completely out of whack since he’d started dating Liz?

”Read the signs oh masterful one. The way she kept taking hold of your arm and how she kept calling herself Cali to sound more grown up. The way she tilted her head and batted cute little puppy dog eyes in your direction. It was so obvious Max I can’t believe you didn’t see it!” Liz exasperated.
“I didn’t.” He replied meekly, mentally kicking himself for not seeing what had been right in front of his eyes.

Yeap, dating Liz had obviously seriously dented his womanising skills, spotting a potential ‘hit on’ was normally second nature to him, but obviously not any more.

“So, that answers your question of why Cali went silent on you. She obviously wanted to win you over for herself, and you completely shattered that plan in spectacular fashion when you announce we’re getting married!” Liz grinned wickedly.

Despite the fact she loved her sister, sibling rivalry still ran strong between them. Their age gap didn’t matter, and neither did the fact Liz knew in her heart Cali wouldn’t have stood a chance with Max. The fact that she’d got one over on her little sister had a surprisingly warm feeling. It was much better than any admission from Cali that she approved of Max, Liz knew her little sister liked her new fiancé.

“I guess I was blinded by her innocence.” Max responded ruefully, making a mental note to never get sucked in by a young girl again.
“Just remember she may be young, but she’s not that innocent. She’s a sixteen-year-old girl just finding out the wonder of boys, but she’s not above flirting or seduction even if it is naïve advances.” Liz said with a flash of warning in her voice.

“Don’t worry babe, you’ve got no competition there I can assure you.” He said, stretching out a hand and pulling her into his body once more. “I’ve only got eyes for one spitfire round here.” He added, before descending on her inviting moist lips.

His affectionate name for his fiancée was swallowed up in the embrace with emphatic ease. Wrapping his arms around her back, he allowed one hand to travel up towards her inviting silk hair, the other drifting down to rest over her soft backside. The melding of his mouth to hers silenced a soft sigh omitted from Liz, their lips caressing in only the way two lovers could. The parting of her lips gave silent acceptance of his inevitable invasion. Taking the opportunity, he allowed his tongue to explore the intimate parts of the warm crevices of her delicate mouth. Touching, feeling and experiencing the softness and warmth of her insides.

Tilting her head back slightly, she allowed him further access, revelling in the sensations flooding her body with lightening speed. The giddy feeling that always took over when Max touched her was slowly becoming easier to control, but it still amazed Liz how her body could go from sane thoughts to incoherent mumblings in such a short space of time.

Hot little hands slipping into the waistband of his jeans and releasing his shirt to the cooling breeze of the room suddenly brought Max back to his senses. Here he was, a guest in her parents house, them sleeping barely a room a way and he was seducing their daughter with his wicked ways. What the hell was he thinking of? He’d barely won her father’s trust and he could shatter it just as quickly if Jeff happened to hear them or, worse still, walk in or.

The sudden pulling away of his body and quick loss of the warm heat radiating from his chest shook Liz back to reality. A pained expression was decorated over his face, a shocked and mightily surprised one matched on hers. Furrowing her brow, Liz tried to reason why he’d pulled away from her; he’d never done it before.

“Max?” She finally said, breaking the thick silence that had descended in the room.
“We can’t do this Liz.” He responded, sitting down on the edge of the bed and shoving a shaky hand through his chestnut hair. Dragging in a deep lungful of air he tried desperately to calm his racing heart and raging hormones.

“Which part, can’t marry me or can’t make love to me?” She queried curtly, her pride experiencing the full force of the battering it was taking at that moment. Being knocked back by Max Evans was definitely not something she was used to experiencing. Normally he’d run to the ends of the earth just to hold her hand or kiss her lips. What had changed?

“Liz this has nothing to do with marrying you.” He said, needing her to know it wasn’t about her …. it was him.
“I can’t make love to you Liz, not with your parents only a few feet away. Hell they don’t even know I’m gonna share your bed! The only way your father backed down is because he thinks I’m sleeping on your couch.” He gestured towards the sofa overloaded with a pillow and quilt.

“Max, ok, let’s get real here.” Liz started, walking over to the bed and sitting down next to him. “My dad’s not stupid ok. Yes he said you can stay here on the couch, but he can’t seriously think you’re not going to end up with me in your arms by tomorrow morning.”
“Liz …..” He started.
“No Max. This is my house, my room and in here what I say goes.” She informed, sounding just like she did in a boardroom. Forceful, strong and not ready for any nonsense.
“Liz ….”
“Please Max. My parents may mean well, but I am more than old enough to look after myself and take any rap that might come my way if my dad catches us.” She said, his wary expression indicating she hadn’t won him over just yet. “Oh come on Max, where’s your sense of adventure!” She cried jumping up from beside him.

“Liz please, I have adventure!” He grumbled. “I’m just not adventurous with the parental patrol on guard right outside the door! I’m too old to be dodging death stares and lectures from an overprotective father who hasn’t accepted his daughter has grown up yet.” He responded wearily, rubbing his eyes with his palms and trying to regain his composure.

“Well then, I guess I’ll just have to test your resolve then.” Liz replied huskily, a wickedly seductive glint decorating her sparkling brown eyes. She hadn’t planned this, and if she had Liz was sure she’d of talked herself out of it. Putting on a show, being centre stage, wasn’t her forte unless it involved a boardroom, several executives and a high powered project. But she needed Max in the worst way, and if this was the only means to break his resolve then so be it.

“Oh Liz, please don’t even try …………” He started, determined to ward her off, but was quickly cut short by her actions. Staring, open-mouthed, he watched Liz from the distance of the bed as she began her plan.

Seductive fingers slowly moulded over the tiny buttons of her burgundy red top. Slipping the pearly white fastenings through the holes one at a time, each one slowly exposing more and more of her creamy soft flesh that lay beneath. Finally removing the last confinements, Liz gently let the woollen material slip down her arms before allowing it to fall into a pool on the floor by her feet.

“Liz …..” His breath hitched, his eyes raking over her bare stomach and the bust she hid under a black silk bra. A twang of breaking resolve sounded out loud in his head, ringing in his ears as his blood heated up just by a simple look of her perfect body. Digging his fingers deep into the palm of his hand, he clenched his jaw tight. She was killing him, and she knew it!

Her warm hands moved slowly upwards, wrapping around her neck as she rolled it and exposed it’s glory to him, making him want to jump up and seize her flesh and run his hands through her velvet soft hair. Running her hands downward again she kneaded her breasts through the silk black bra, allowing soft gasps to escape past her lips to add effect to her show.

Still, using stealth strength, he remained routed to the bed, determined to remain in control. Composure was his middle name … she wasn’t going to get to him. Digging his finger nails in further, he felt pain from his hand as he almost drew blood. He’d hoped it would take his mind off of Liz’s impromptu strip, but he was wrong, the pain barely even registered on his brain’s radar.

Realising a little more seduction was necessary, Liz closed her eyes to half mast and lightly ran her hands down her neck, across her bust and stomach until she reached the waistband of her jeans. Hooking a finger under the waistband, she ran it over her stomach, all the while pretending he wasn’t in the room. It was her plan, her thought that he wouldn’t be able to resist her if he believed she was having fun on her own.

Wrapping fingers around her shiny jeans button, Liz quickly popped it open before gently, ever so slowly pulling down the golden zip holding her trousers up. The sound reverberated around the room; each moment of the zip being moved further down broke away part of his resolve. The look on his face was simply drool worthy; she was sure any moment now his tongue might just slip out from between his clenched lips like a panting dog.

She was killing him, and he knew it. His breath was now running in short, laboured hitches, that was when he actually remembered his body’s need to breath. Warmth that had started before he’d come to his senses was now a raging fire deep in the pit of his stomach. His skin felt prickly to touch, a bead of sweat from the self-control he was exerting slipped down his face. The tightness in his groin got infinitely worse as he watched her little hands slip inside her jeans and slowly start to edge them down her long, shapely legs.

Rubbing the palms of her hands back up each leg, she reached the top of her panties before pausing for a moment. Looking at him directly, she sucked in a breath before slipping two fingers underneath the silky material. His eyes practically popped out on the floor in front of her, and for a moment she wondered if he might just have a heart attack if she kept going. But she’d found the courage to get this far; she wasn’t about to stop now.

He was dying, of that Max was sure, the slow torture killing him with pain of his own desire for the beauty in the room. Watching Liz caress her own sweet body was too much for him, it should be his hands claiming her a voice screamed out.

“Oh to hell with resolve!” A rasping voice suddenly whispered fervently, jumping to his feet and covering the distance between them.

His large hands roughly slipping around her bare midriff suddenly brought Liz back down to earth, her plan had worked! Seizing her lips in a burning hot kiss, Max wrapped his arms around her waist and swiftly picked her up to carry her over to the large, inviting bed. Laying her down, he placed hands on her wrists before taking her lips once more. Force was evident this time, biting and sucking at her lips as if he couldn’t get enough.

“What happened to that self control Mr Evans?” Liz chuckled as his lips inflicted skimming kisses across her neck and shoulder blades. Seeing her laid out along the large bed, he growled a deep sound in his throat as he stared back at her nearly naked body.
“Don’t ever do that again!” He responded hoarsely, a flash of warning and desire filling his whiskey coloured eyes. “Not if you want to ever get up from this bed that is.” He added playfully as he quickly shed his shirt and undid the belt holding up his jeans.

Mmm, the thought of spending forever in bed with Max Evans had its endearing qualities, she couldn’t help but think. Loving him was like heaven to Liz, like nothing she’d ever experienced before. As his hands deftly unhooked the clasp to her bra, she wondered if this is how it would always be for them. Would he always find her hot and sexy, would a simple stare from her always manage to make him loose control? Feeling his large hands kneed her bare breast while his lips nipped at her jaw line, Liz knew he’d always have the same affect on her no matter what. His piercing eyes, sexy smile and toned body would always be able to send her mind spiralling out of control and her body melting to mush instantly.

Reaching down she quickly undid his jeans buttons and encouraged him to shed his remaining garments. Running her hands along his back she traced out the imprints of his rippling muscles, as if committing them forever to her memory.

His hands kneaded and moulded her body, touching her breasts and running his large palms across her stomach then back up to her neck. Dipping his head he kissed and nipped with his teeth at her jaw line and shoulder blades, covering every inch of her up body in primeval loving. There was little in his touch that signified patience, warmth and loving, but she knew it was there. This was a different Max to the one who had shared her body before though, and it intrigued her to know there was a man behind his reverent self control.

The roughness in his touch was because of her, Liz knew that. She’d wound him up with her teasing, so much so she was sure he would have snapped if he hadn’t given in. That or overheated, which ever had come first.

Normally he was so loving, caring and reserved when they made love, like he was treating her with kid gloves. As if he saw her as a china doll, or perhaps he felt she deserved to be loved tenderly. But this time she could sense a difference. It was like he’d tamed the animal inside all the times they’d made love, only now allowing it a free reign for once.

Slipping his fingers either side of her hips, he forcefully removed her remaining piece of clothing before dropping the scrap of black silk to the floor. Her body was free and open to him then, and she was dying for his touch. For a moment he leant back slightly on his heels, part in admiration for her beauty and part because of a need to regain control on his body. His emotions were running away with him, but he didn’t want to hurt her, he couldn’t maul her like a savage even if his desire wanted him to.

Feeling her soft fingers encase around his heat very nearly snapped that control though. Caressing him in a slow, tortured pace, he was sure she knew she was driving him insane. Stroke after stroke she took him closer to the brink, nearly breaking his control in the process.

Deciding she needed just a little of her own medicine, he followed her suit, dancing his fingers down her stomach towards the route of her very desire. Feeling the soft pads of his fingers lightly brushing over her sensitive area, Liz pushed her head backwards in to the pillow and instinctively arched her body towards him. She craved his touch, her body burning for his fingers to caress her heat. He mirrored her slow rhythm, tracing tiny circles over her passion charged body.

As his fingers ventured further, finding her warm pooled heat, the slow tortured pace she was inflicting on him soon became a thing of the past. Her mind was a blur as he stroked her heat, his fingers weaving their magic with ease. He took her higher, right to the verge, before removing his fingers to allow them to dance over her thighs. Starting all over again after what seemed like an age to her, he continued the torture once more.

This time though, as he kept up the laborious pace, she took him further in an effort to finally shatter the small remainder of his control. In mock frenzy they both took each other to the brink, before slowly things down only to start all over again. They were taunting and teasing each other, both writhing in agony and ecstasy all at the same time.

Finally, when he could take no more of the torment, he roughly pushed away her eager hands, before rising up on his strong forearms to loom over her tiny frame. Holding her chocolate eyes firmly with a predatory stare of his own, he lowered himself, swiftly taking her body, joining them as one with practiced ease.

A suck of breath and sexy growl was omitted from her as he gently pulled out before forcefully plunging deep inside. Neither were in any mood for slow, laborious paces, desire was too high for teasing games.

The heat in the already warm room got even hotter as they melded as one, both striving towards the end result. Passion drove them onwards, the pace upping further as they both headed rapidly towards fulfilment.

Dipping his head, he roughly claimed her lips once more, plundering them with force and passion. Blindly a voice cried he should slow down, take things slower to savour and ensure she was still with him. But control was a thing of the past for Max. Her impromptu teasing had pushed him to the brink, culminating in his body’s urgent need for a powerful and fulfilling release.

She was right with him though, matching his deep, commanding thrusts pace for pace, showing no signs of pain in his heat charged force. In fact, her face showed nothing but ecstasy and enjoyment, the same which he assumed was mirrored in his own features had he been able to see.

She could feel the heat in her body pooling in her stomach, racing her on towards completion. Her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist, taking him further, deeper inside. With each movement, each rocking of his perfect hips, he took her a step closer, nearer to the ultimate goal. His head was thrown backwards; eyes that were normally glued to her during lovemaking were staring into oblivion. For once she wasn’t the centre of his attention, and it was gratifying to know she could turn his mind to something else, even if it was for a very short time. He was human after all; he did have his own needs at the route of his heart like most.

“Oh god.” She exclaimed breathlessly as her release started to take control. Dropping his head he sealed his lips over hers, determined to make sure no sound would be omitted from either of them. He was too far gone to calm or relax, but his previous fears on her father still rang out in a dark distant part of his brain.

Spinning heads, heat charged bodies and passion in abundance. Reaching the top, they both blindly fell over the edge into the molten hot pool of oblivion. An explosion of passion, wave after wave of spine tingling, head spinning feelings washed over them both like an unrelenting tide wave of emotion. Cries of fulfilment and contentment were swallowed up in their kiss, but both knew they’d been there despite the lack of vocation.

Finally exhausted, Max collapsed on top of her, the energy to roll onto his side escaping him at first. He could feel her heaving chest beneath him, her racing heart matching his beat for beat. His back glistened with hot sweat, but he barely noticed, feeling anything at all was out of his reach at that moment.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, a small amount of strength returned to his now cooling body. Slipping his hands under her naked frame, Max turned them over so that he lay on his back with Liz sprawled adorably across his bare chest.

“God what did you do to me?” He whispered hoarsely, shocked by his thorough lack of control.
“I don’t know, but I’ll have to do it more often.” She smiled against his chest.”
”I didn’t …… hurt you did I?” He queried hesitantly.
“Not like you would have done if you hadn’t given in to my demands.” She responded, alleviating his fears. “Relax Max, I’m a grown woman not a porcelain doll.”
“God what did I do to deserve you?” He asked, kissing the top of her head with the last of his strength.
“Ditto.” She murmured before slowly slipping into a deep, relaxing sleep.

Her hand lying lazily over the top of his heart, Max finally gave into his body’s urgent requirement for sleep. Bending his head he lightly kissed her forehead before allowing the wash of dreams cascade over him.

He was in love, his woman in his arms, his life perfect, he was definitely in heaven, Max thought just before he slipped into his relaxing slumbers


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